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We were happy with the first time we dealt with SelectQuote as we searched for Life Insurance for myself. They were quick to respond to our questions and needs but the second time, a year later not so much. We then needed Life Insurance for my husband. For some reason there was a delay and we became a little anxious as our other policy was soon expiring. Eventually we were helped to find a policy to replace the old one but during the grace period of the old one. Other than that we have been satisfied so far.
From the initial phone call to the final approved life insurance policy, the experience was an excellent one. Customer service and follow-up were better than 5 stars. I highly recommend SelectQuote for any of your insurance needs.
Using Select Quote to find the right Insurance Company to issue a$750,000 Term policy, with fixed premium for the next 15 years, starting at my age now of 58 y/o was a good decision. I am sure that I could not have achieved this level of coverage for $204/mo. by soliciting the few Insurance Companies that I knew of on my own. Thank you select Quote!
The service was good. Guided timely and are in touch constantly
Communication was the biggest problem.
We are older and our current term policy was getting ready to expire. The new rates were double for less coverage!! So we went rate shopping with SelectQuote. Our new term policies are longer, LESS expensive than our original policy, and we have triple the coverage. It was a no-brainer to switch insurance companies and SelectQuote gave us the options. Very easy and we are very happy to have this behind us so we can enjoy life!
I am very happy with the policy I have taken out. Everyone was very helpful, polite, and professional. The only thing that I thought was a frustration, was the length of time it took to get approval. But overall worth the wait.
The company representative was knowledgable and responsive. The process went as was explained to me. My insurance was provided at a reasonable price as originally quoted.
The process was fairly easy, and SelectQuote’s communication frequency was excellent. For the most part, I was regularly kept apprised of our application progress. When things seemed to bog down with getting the medical history from our doctor, however, ... it was taking weeks, not days ... I had to get involved. If I hadn’t, I’m not sure how long it would have been before SelectQuote took the reigns and contacted my physician personally (or suggested that I did.) Not sure where the breakdown occurred, but I got the feeling I was simply getting pre-arranged, automated communications rather than anything that even slightly resembled personal service. Oh well, in the long run I did end up getting a good policy at a good price (which I know, because I shopped around). I would use them again, but would likely be more interactive sooner, if I sense any delays.
Select quote walked me through the transition process, kept me up to date with reminders and handled any questions I had with speed and professionalism. And they saved me over 30% on my policy. Great service and value.
Easily handled through phone and e-mail.
Great experience. Quick, easy, and relatively painless. Only negative was the service they use to do health history over the phone; They called promptly but the interviewer was clearly not medically trained.
I personally wanted to give thanks to Agent Jonathan Lombardi for all the great help and patience he gave me towards this difficult decision choosing a policy. I received from Agent Lombardi the best assistance and care. Yours Truly, Maria Klundt.
Everyone was helpful and took care of my needs.
Very proactive and advocated on my behalf to get me the best rate possible.
Select Quote was very easy to work with and very responsive. No complaints!
Excellent experience - all went extremely smoothly.
We needed to replace a very old and outdated policy. I did a bunch of online research and decided to go with SelectQuote. I worked with Todd Manes. He was very professional but also had a good sense of humor. I feel very confident that he is going to be working behind the scenes checking to make sure we are happy with our policy and to continue to make sure we are happy in the coming years. I will be checking their auto insurance soon as well!
Very impressed with the service, received a great policy at a rate lower than I had been paying.
Excellent & quick service!! There's no reason to go anywhere else!!
Everything was handled well
Overall, it was a good experience. The licensed agent we worked with was very prompt, efficient, and not too pushy. The comparison quotes helped narrow the decision.
It took such a long time to contract the life insurance. It was more than 6 month. I have never that bad experience before.
When I spoke with a representative, he was very knowledgeable, l started the process for insurance. I was informed throughout the process, and given expectations that were realistic to my situation.
I think this was a bait and switch program and was very disappointed
They worked with me to help me figure out what I needed at this time in my life.
Poor service. I had to follow up multiple times as your employees didn’t take initiative. My policy took a long time to put in place and several errors were made.
Highly recommended to those who need any kind of insurance . From the very first day that I applied for my TERM LIFE INSURANCE the staffs had been so supportive and assist me all the way to finish . My deepest thanks. More power to the company .
Very professional and thorough. Quickly found me Term Life Insurance that met my needs. Highly recommended.
Selectquote does a great job in keeping customers current on the insurance they are looking to secure while being timely on answering all questions to help in making good educated decisions. I have used Selectauote before and will use it again.
I already had a life insurance policy but wanted to price around as my policy increased every 5 years, and quite significantly as I age. At age 45 and non smoker, Select Quote got me a life insurance policy for more than twice the amount of my first policy from someone else, and at only $5 more per month BUT THE PRICE IS LOCKED FOR 20 YEARS. I went from $100,000 coverage for $63 to $250,000 for $68. So glad I made the call
Was satisfied with the plans provided and in their coordination of better premiums.
This is the second time my wife and I have gone through Select Quote for life insurance. Both times we received excellent customer service and were sold policies that met our needs exactly. Select Quote takes a long and tedious task and makes it quick and painless.
Very efficient and friendly. Would recommend to anyone
This company makes the process simple and I would recommend to others.
My experience with SelectQuote when making changes to my Life Insurance went very smoothly. Adjustments during the process were handled quickly and the final outcome met my needs perfectly.
I had to call customer service several times. They were very helpful and patient with me.
Relatively painless. A lot of paperwork and a little complicated getting the medical exam. The whole process took much longer than expected; ads make it appear much simpler. Long term - I got the requested coverage at a reasonable cost.
Good service, cost too much.
I appreciate the quick, easy process
After the initial setup my application was passed to a "assistant of X" and it all went downhill from there. As a first time life insurance policy holder, all the paperwork and numbers get really confusing. I needed something very specific written for beneficiary and was never told where to find the actual update as the document I was only able to review was the application. The assistant would email me back in all CAPS emphasizing certain words and it was an overall bad experience. I wrote back saying this isn't the way to get things done and would be happy to get on the phone to talk through things. The assistant passed my case along to another supervisor who did call me, but no one ever apologized to me for how I was treated. If I was able to get the same price for the policy elsewhere, I would have taken my business somewhere else.
good company with great attitude towards their customers. Helped me all along the way till the policy was in my hand.
Service was so great recommended to a coworker and they were able to find life insurance and purchased a policy.
Select Quote agent was responsive and answered our questions. The process was painless except for some minor miscommunication about scheduling a medical exam. Would recommend Select quote without hesitation.
The process was easy, great documentation and follow up by all parties.
I really enjoyed my customer experience. My representative answered all my questions before I even asked. Very friendly and easy process. I was kept informed throughout. Very pleased with everything.
Great experience. Thanks Randy & team!
Not only did I get a wide variety of policies compared for me, but I got a real human being that I spoke to on several occasions who was excellent at walking me through this process. After all, I only do this about once every 20 years...
Easy and efficient process with excellent prices
The entire experience was great. They got me better insurance where they could and even advised me to keep the good coverage I had. I highly recommend them.
Expeditious service, good guidance to customers. He entire process is well organized and flows well. The only perspective from the customer view point will be to have a focal point contact who will the only contact through out the process. I had as many as six different contacts to help me thru the process.
I am very satisfied with Select Quote.
The company's representatives were responsive, efficient and friendly professionals who helped me feel confident I got the best deal with a trusted life insurance company despite my pre-existing conditions.
Excellent experience, very user friendly. I compared the rate offered by SelectQuote to my own insurance company that I have worked with for over 20 years, and I was shocked. SelectQuote offered a much cheaper rate for the same amount of coverage from a very reputable company. Having served in the military for over 20 years has forced me look outside local insurance companies, as I have moved every two to three years. I needed a flexible, reputable, cost-effective, U.S. Wide and simply not in small town USA company, and that is what SelectQuote offers. SelectQuote has eased the pressure of retirement, thank you.
the rep was easy to work with and very responsive to phone/email. the rates offered were competitive and the application, medical screening, and acceptance processes were straightforward.
At first I was concerned about buying insurance like this, but after speaking with a very nice rep, she put all my concerns and fears to rest. Moving forward, the nurse that came to my home was very bright, trustworthy and kind. This whole experience was positive, easy and most importantly I got some very affordable insurance! I am a healthy 54 year old woman who was looking for some term insurance. I would recommend this company to anyone!
From beginning to end, the whole experience was great.
At first there was a little bump in the road..but they were very patient and kind with me.will definitely recommend
Thank you for you professionalism thru the entire process.
Quick and simple process... Thank you Select Quote
Everyone that I dealt with though the process was very helpful and nice. I tell everyone who is looking for insurance to check with SelectQuote.
Did the same as another broker would've
Treated me good, answered my questions well. Thank you for everything.
Tara Dustin was very helpful guiding me through the application process. She set up and changed my medical exam a couple of times, I was out of state for the first scheduled exam, she worked with me to get it set when I returned. Tara explained the process and answered all questions that I had and had a few recommendations for me to consider, I ended up taking a larger policy amount at a pretty good price. She kept me informed of the status of my application and the next steps that were to follow. Mike
very efficient service
I went with SelectQuote for life insurance only because of the cost of the insurance. I really liked how they were able to shop many different companies and quotes, quickly and efficiently and all at the same time and give me the best quote. This saved me lots of time. But, the sales representative was way too pushy. He was overbearing and it made it seem that the company was very hard up for business. He called my home several times to touch bases and get me to sign up and it really got annoying and troublesome. He would not take no for an answer. I also had problems with setting up the appointment and different nurses being assigned and not showing up.
From start to finish, the process took to long.
Representatives from Select Q were helpful and tried to find the best deals. But the screening and approval process was slow. They should have called to inform us that they have had no success in reaching physicians, they had the wrong contact information that was googled. But at the end was very happy with the rates and the good deal eventually that was given to us.
The new company motto should be "Life Insurance at the Speed of Smell"
Was a great help in finding a policy and walking through the process to get reviewed. I would have liked a little more communication after the application process and when I actually was approved. Overall I would use them again. It is actually the second time I used the for a 10 yr term policy.
It a better life insurance
Same as above. Peter & Kelly were excellent to talk to & very pleased with their help in getting this new policy in effect. Thank You.
Super helpful and extremely easy!
3 for 3! I was helped by Kimberly Haugen in the Customer Service department. The result was the same; great service by a friendly, informative agent. Keep up the good work of hiring excellent employees Select Quote!
Prompt, efficient and courteous service.
professional and very well organized. They have the process dialed in, so everything was completed quickly and easily!
They answered all my questions, they kept me very well informed of each phase in the process, very helpful every step of the way.
I had a good experience with Select Quote. My only rub was on my initial conversation with the Select Quote rep, I wasn't ready to pull the trigger and give my credit card information. I wanted to talk it over with my wife first. the rep got a little pushy and agitated that I wasn't closing the deal at that point. I ended up going with the plan after speaking with my wife, but I wanted that assurance before closing the deal. Other than that, I was happy with the experience. We will likely be using Select Quote for my wife's life insurance plan in the coming months
The sales rep was knowledgeable but after the medical exam everything was slow. The admin process to get underwritten was slow, with a severe lack of communication and requests for info from SelectQuote that was uncoordinated. I almost canceled my application after several weeks waiting. Even when my policy was live I was unaware. The transfer from individual to a trust and chasing a copy of my policy docs was under managed by SelectQuote. In the end I was told to talk with the insurance co. In future I will try to go direct.
I've used Select Quotes for three policies. They had the best rates from all of the major companies and moved the process along as quickly as possible. Very prompt and courteous communication. Would highly recommend to anyone.
Excellent customer service. I received multiple calls and emails to inform me of the progress of my application. I was never left wondering what was going on. I would recommend to anyone!
I can't recommend more.
I felt they wanted me to finish quickly in order for me to ensure I got my policy, but that they needed to make their year-end numbers (through comments made). Otherwise, it was a great experience
The experience of applying and getting the health exam was screwed up multiple times. So many errors that I'm unwilling to list them all. We have been insured finally, but the experience was a total disaster.
I started the process in March 31st, had the nurse visit and blood draw April 14th and Banner Life received my application April 15th. Things were going great but I did not get my policy until July 14th!! I found out that they had drug their feet paying for the requested medical file from my primary care. The problem is that no one seemed to know what was going on and I had to do a lot of leg work to figure it out. It was so frustrating. Anyway I finally got the policy at a good price.
Very helpful Great job
Easy to set up, friendly and professional services. Would recommend.
Although I am happy with the final result, the process to get there was quite frustrating. I had multiple phone calls that were not returned, and then when deadlines were imposed on me and I had questions, I had a hard time reaching someone to get those questions answered. When my final policy was mailed to me, it was mailed to the wrong address (they had the state wrong), and when I let them know that I had not received it, they acted like I had done something wrong. I found that email was the best way to communicate (fastest response). This process took a total of 11 months - although that is not entirely the fault of the SelectQuote reps - but it was very frustrating.
All of the members of selectquote were extremely helpful throughout the process and I would highly recommend to others.
Nurse that came to the house was very professional. I got the rate I was quoted.
Steve Hine did a great job walking me through the purchase/extension process. He made it easy with choices I could understand and compare. Thank you Steve. Jim Flood
Before trying SelectQuote, I had applied for life insurance with MetLife through my university's alumni program. The process was slow and painful (more than 3 months!). Finally, MetLife approved me at a higher rate than what I believed I should have received (my health has been, and is, excellent). Now frustrated, I restarted the process with SelectQuote; and yes, it really was as wonderful as they advertise! They kept in close contact throughout, and I was approved for life insurance with Prudential for significantly less money and in a matter of a few weeks. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
Impeccable customer service and assistance throughout the entire application, physical and acceptance process.
It was a pretty good experience. A little challenging with email communications, but it all worked out in the end. Seems to take quite a while for the whole process to obtain life insurance, however. I also would like my desire to have my name displayed as I prefer honored, but it wasn't. I go by my middle name and abbreviate my first name, but all the correspondence and the final documents came through using my first name and abbreviating my middle name.
I was looking for $300K of life insurance to replace a death benefit that was eliminated at work. I had the option of getting optional (renew yearly) through my employer (a major auto manufacturer). I decide to give Select quote a n inquiry. They were able to find me a 10 year term life policy from Banner Life for 15% less, and it is locked in for 10 years. The process was easy! After providing the application information. A called to schedule the qualification exam. They to my home for the qualification exam. She arrived early in the morning, so that I was not even delayed leaving for work. A few days later I was approved and insured.
Very easy to work with and the process was very quick and efficient
This company has a team of people helped walk me through this process seamlessly.
The entire process took longer than I anticipated but it was worth the wait. I received excellent, courteous, & professional service. I would highly recommend Select Quote & Larry Wise to my friends & family.
The agent made the process of obtaining this new coverage, an easy process, for someone 58 years old. Very glad I chose select quote.
I think you should let people know prior to testing the medical procedures they will have to go through in order to receive your insurance. It seemed a bit excessive I do understand you need to research a person's health. Overall the experience was okay