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Shelter Auto Insurance

Shelter Auto Insurance Online Insurance Reviews

Friendly and helpful. When my husband had a wreck they were fair in their assessment of the value of the vehicle. We had a good experience with working with them. They also don't run your credit when applying for insurance, which I think more companies should do.

I have been a customer of Shelter since I started driving at the age of 18, and I have continued to do so for over 30 years. My 3 sons have insurance through Shelter as well. They have the best rates and excellent coverage. I wouldn't change insurance companies for anything!!

The company Shelter Insurance is affordable, and gives a wide range of products for use. Also because they have local offices they are able to respond to the needs of customers in a reasonable time. My dealings have been limited with the company. However there has been no issues with them and their reputation is quite solid.

Horrible service. I was hit by a non insured driver. The adjuster was easy to get in touch with. The claims department never returned my calls or emails. This is going on 5 months. They don’t care about returning my deductible or customer service.

I have had an overall great experience with Shelter Insurance. I use them for both my home and auto. I have reasonable rates and they do offer some discounts. I did wish they offered more of a percentage off with their discounts plus a wider variety.

I was recently rear ended by someone that carries Shelter Insurance. The body shop is calling me saying I have to pay a percentage of the part because Shelter has a Betterment Clause. I was hit, I have to take time off of work, I am without my car and my car is now depreciated and I have to pay? What!!! My advice, don't get Shelter Insurance and don't go through Shelter if you are hit with someone that has it!

I have secured my business and cars with Shelter, at the beginning when I had my local agent it was super easy to request a COI but now that my agent no longer works with Shelter I have to call customer service. Calling Shelter's customer service to request a COI has been a total dislike and a frustration to me. I had to call three times to get a COI with the address and the correct name of my company, the three times they sent it incorrectly. I called for the fourth time and it turned out that they had already closed the office for that day, and I had to tell my client that was waiting for the COI that I would not have it ready for that day. Shelter, the person who attended me was totally incompetent. This made me think about looking for another company with better agents.

I was a proud Shelter insurance customer for 24 years! Yes 24 years of loyal service and lots of referrals in that time. I had the best agent Ray **. When he retired I was juggled through agents and my rates continually went up. When trying to add my teenage son things got worse. My agent couldn't communicate to me in terms that I could understand always pdf files and insurance garble with lots of different amounts everywhere. Then I got hit with an increase with 3 days notice to pay it. Needless to say after 24 years I canceled all 3 car ins policies and they didn't bat an eye.

As of today I have also canceled my homeowners where I found out I was getting barely any coverage anyway. The sales rep called me and told me that if he made exceptions for me that he would have to it for everyone. So your loyal service to them means NOTHING AT ALL! He then advised me to think hard before canceling my life ins policies with them... Shelter is money hungry crooks and your loyalty to their company is equal to the guy who just signed up. Poorest customer service ever. They are getting as greedy as the water and electric companies. DO NOT GET SHELTER!

This is the most arbitrary and least professional Insurance company ever. Seems like they go out of their way to lose your business. I own several rental houses. At first they take a policy then cancel it because “it looks like it has asbestos” from some picture they have. They don’t seem to bother to check! I will be taking all my business somewhere else. My agent is awesome but the company sucks!

I live in Lexington, KY. My agent is Barry **. This is the worst mistake I have ever made in my life. He is very rude and disrespectful. He don't take responsibility for his mistakes. Gave this agent my bank information so that my payments could come out of my account every month. To find out he didn't add my bank account information so this could be debit out of my bank! So now I have to pay an extra $107 on top of my insurance which made it $278 and they changed my insurance payment date due to his mistake in error.

Instead of confessing to his mistake he then gets to yelling at me and say it's not to say whose fault it is then started laughing (IT IS WHAT IT IS). He don't return your phone calls 99.9% of time. You have to call over and over again. He is never in his office always in the car or doing other activities. Never know who are or what is going on with your insurance. I will be contacting the insurance company to get another agent within my area! WARNING DO NOT AND DO NOT GO TO THIS AGENT!

Shelter Auto Insurance is okay - it's the local secretary who really takes care of the local client and tells ideas to save money, and who to call locally for problems.

I've been with shield of Shelter for over 10 years. They are very friendly and easy to work with and easy to reach when you need them. I was hit in a hit and run accident and they took care of everything and my rates did not increase. I'm extremely satisfied with their auto and home and life insurance policies.

The staff has always been helpful and proactive. They got involved to help resolve the claim. My agent is on top of things and makes suggestions as needed and that includes ways to lower costs if need be.

I just wanted to let y'all know Jamie ** and Brian ** have been such a pleasure to work with on my auto claim. They called me back quick and got things done fast. I would recommend Shelter to anyone. Thank you Jamie and Brian for the outstanding job you two have done.

LOVE Josh **. Go to him for anything. As a clueless young woman who recently had to figure out many things on my own, Josh has made it as easy as anyone could. Josh as a person is a kind soul and very happy to help. He understands my busy working college student schedule and we text all the time! Whether is simple questions or something I have concerns about. He is a very helpful, funny, and happy to help kind of man. If I could have Josh deal with every aspect of my life it would be bliss. He remembers details and it kinda feels like you're talking to a friend when you're on the phone with him. I appreciate Josh and all the things he has helped me with.

I have been with this company for 17 years. My agent just retired last year and since then I have been given agent, after agent, after agent. Each time the agent changes my charges change and most recently they couldn't even find my coverage for one of my cars. I am sad to see a great company go down the drain. I highly suggest you seek other insurance companies.

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