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No lengthy application process, fast service and to the point.
I had been on the phone for one hour been hanged up twice after waiting it says Good Bye. I finally put a claim and this woman LISA put there a wrong date that I never told her when I noticed my problem with the A/C cant get anybody on the phone, I even sent an e mail no answer. Thinking on cancelling
I love the value and coverage hope to do more business in future
This company steals your money I signed up February 17 before reading there reviews only the find out there is nothing trustworthy or good about this company i waited on my welcome agreement for 3 weeks and never received them so i decided to cancel being i had 30 days to cancel and get my money back (that was a lie) i have call to canceled mailed letter and now Im going to court to get my money back i have been hung up on phone calls have not been returned put on hold forever and nothing have been resolve so to everyone please don't give them your money
I am happy, with all the information I received regarding. The insurance
Looked up BBB reviews over 400 complaints asked for my money back got the run around
very poor customer service I've ever seen. and if you cancel your service tgey still rip you off if you are put on call waiting, good luck if you get anyone before an hour
I have received your email verifying my information. I have received a policy number in this email. I have yet to receive a policy which would detail my coverage or tell me how to file a claim should I have one. I am beginning to think it does not exist. The young man who sold me the policy indicated that there would be a paper copy in the mail within a couple weeks. It's now nearly 2 months and still nothing. Nice. Very comforting to know you are right there with me.. No stars.
Just bought a coverage for kitchen appliances. I tried to contact customer service about unclear details in agreement. Spent 45 minutes waiting. I was "goodbyed" 3 times. No luck to reach customer service. I cancelled the coverage same day after reading multiple complains. Will see how many years it will take to get my money back.
My husband and I filed a claim with Stanley almost 2 months ago after our oven stopped working. We have yet to get service for the oven per our contract agreement (warranty). We have submitted at minimum 5 service request online, spoken with several customer service rep's who promise follow-up, left hanging on the customer service line for over 30 minutes with a final disconnection, and inability to subsequently reach anyone by phone again. Promises of a return call after leaving a message has been to no avail. When we have reached someone to actually speak with us they on one occasion reported that a service technician did attempt to reach us to set up a appointment. This technician was very rude to my husband. I would not recommend these people to my worse enemy!
Have tried for more than a week to get someone to repair my washing machine. Got a notice it was assigned and if no action call. Called three times a day and never get to talk to anyone. Send three e-mails and got no response. Have filed with Better Business Bureau of New Jersey. STAY AWAY FROM THIS ONE!!!!
It is too early for me to establish an opinion at this time.
My first claim and they tell me it's "not" covered under the "Gold plan" when I specifically inquired about it when I purchased the policy and paid the premium. And that I have to "add" this item to the plan, when the covered item of are on same line -- now they claim these 2 are "separate" items under the policy! Otherwise, I just want to cancel the policy and all of my paid premium returned. They better have their "conversations recorded for quality control" as they state and be able to have the playback available for me to listen to also, not just be available for their "internal review" -- otherwise, we know that Stanley will just say whatever is in their favor about the recorded information/conversation of "covered or non-covered" items just so they do NOT honor my (or any other policy holders') claim. Ridiculous - guess all home warranty plans are equally bad -- promise you everything is covered when policy is written, and then, decline any claim that is opened/filed in the future regardless of what is on the policy/agreement. And good luck in getting to a live-person, and if you do, you'll get disconnected while they put you "on hold" to research, connect to another person such as supervisor, etc. Sad and unethical, horrible business practices! Hope the BBB is reviewing these TrustPilot and similar rating websites, and able to help us, consumers or "victims" of these type of businesses.
Not very good
Thank you again for the multiple answers to my questions regarding the terms of the policy contract
Please cancel my account (SP173259). No one would return my calls. After Reviewing my policy I realized this was not what I requested. I was misled .
Well, this will actually be my first month with the service. But I am really looking forward to a great relationship with the company.
everything sounds better than AHS but I just got it
Ive been contacting you guy's to cancelled my policy since 2 weeks, they just keep transferring my called to the agent, and never answer the phone, never buy this policy they are pain, and no respect to the customer they want only your money, ive never get my money back from them , they wont ever care,
I'm not happy with no service I spoke to sell rep on 9/6/2014 I decided to cancel I call again on 9/8/2014 no return call no good business
I called the 1-888 number on July 7th for central air malfunctioning in my home, and as I write this on July 24th, NO SERVICE PROVIDER HAS CONTACTED ME OR SHOWN UP AT MY HOME. In addition, I have placed numerous calls, to the 1-888 number and the results have been primarily non-responsive. I want my money back.
When I was called back after placing a request on the Internet, the company resident with whom I spoke was terrific. He explained all my options, was honest and forthright and I am very pleased with my experience with Stanley thus far!
George was very courteous and quickly guided me to the best deal/
Bad service, don't buy it. I have it for 3 years and every time I'm going to use it there is a problem and no service is given
Any time i have service call, i get service after making repeated calls and taking minimum one week to get some response not the service. Even for necessity like HVAC in summer. This company needs to upgrade their skills and customer service. For payment collections they can call every day but not when time for service.
I have 3 policies with them and had 5 claims so far. They have not serviced single. Their customer care # is non functional, communication is zero. After hundreds of mail, what I have is a single 'threat' email. That is right, you will not find a single company who wish to serve customers, sending threat email to customers. DO NOT EVEN THINK OF BUSINESS WITH THEM!
I have called numerous times to have my garbage disposal fixed. I waited each time almost an hour on the phone either to be disconnected or several actually getting through. I was given the name of a plumber that would be out. After several days I called the plumber who had neither heard about me or Stanley. I tried again and was told the same thing. Now I am going to call a plumber myself to get it replaced as it now leaks. I wish there were a way to keep them from ripping off more people who purchase a non-existent warranty from this company.
Sales rep did a fantastic job; very knowledgeable and professional. Did not try to sell me what I did not need showing me that this company has hired an honest man. Most companies try to sell you what you do not need and I hate that. Only problem I am having thus far is that I have called the billing department 2 days now (got an email to call them the day I signed up, not sure why since the funds were taken from my account), left return call message and no one has call me back yet. That is my only concern.
this is a great company to deal with I love the way they deal with you and they are so good at what they do. Eric was all me and my wife needed to talk to and we were ready to buy into our new great plan u cant go wrong with stanley
Poor customer service,can never reach anyone by phone,nrver got reimbursement on repairs.
It is a plan I feel as a single person and a women I would not want to be without. If something goes wrong I can just call pay my small deposit and it is fix no worries!! Every women or single person needs to get this plan!!
I called asking to cancel a police of a car, for 3 times I asked them if everything was ok and my card will not be charged, but my card was charged. I have called 12 times trying to talk with somebody about this, 10 times a was disconnect by the telephone system saying there to busy to take my call ask me to call later, 2 times they keeping transfer to somebody until the call is disconnected.
Company is a scam!!! They did not honor the service that was promised and charged a $75 administrative fee, that was not earlier disclosed upon signing up for the service. Buyer beware, this company should be shutdown!!
no one ever returns the calls.
I signed up for Stanley Warranty in July and spoke with a sales agent who was insistent that Stanley was the better company and to sign up for a discount rate. I explained to the sales rep I had not moved into the residence yet, he stated there is a 30 day grace. They withdrew $50 from my account in July and in Aug. I have not yet moved into the residence as of the end of Aug. I called Stanley in hopes to have those two payments go towards Sept and Oct, since I had not moved into the residence yet. I spoke w/several cust srv reps and a supervisor, NO resolution and NO call back. I was told they would need to review the phone records that myself and the sales rep had on that day. Needless to say I am not satisfied with Stanley Warranty. Bad customer service and followup. If I put a claim in will it take this long for my claim to be handled? Not the best way to start off with a new customer.
Can someone please call me back. I signed up for a 2 year warranty coverage
Get, you'll be glad you did.
When speaking to the Stanley rep, I told her of my need to keep the cost of the home warranty down, but still cover the things I needed to cover in my home. She made the contract work for me, within my budget. It is covering more than I had expected or anticipated. I am thrilled to be a part of the community!
just plain and simple horrible customer service
Stanley Safe Club has a very capable and friendly staff. They explain everything in simple but accurate terms customers can understand. I find their warranty packages to be reasonably priced with good coverage.
I Called Stanley Warrenty to inquire about started up a home Warrenty protection plan with this firm. I specifically stated I was currently under another home warrenty company and that my current home Warrenty just took the payment out of my account, so therefore I could not start up with Stanley Warrenty until the following month. I spoke with Craig and he shared me me that it's a 30 Day waiting period so my contract would not start until March 15th but the first payment would be withdrawn on 2/15/15. Which I ok the 49.99 pmt to be wIthdrawn. I send in two letters to Stanley Warrenty stipulating that I do not want to conduct business with them and a Service representative as well as a letter was emailed to me requestioning my routing number as well as my checking number again. So I submitted that on the on line form they sent me which they didn't take it out of the account I supplied they took it out of my account that I did not ok. Then I had a manager call me and say I understand you want to cancel your contract with us. I stated yes. He proceed to ask me why and I said I don't like the un professionalism of your form. Your not on the same page now all of a sudden I can mail in a check every month and I would be on the prefered mailing list and I still said No thank you. So he said you need to submit a one line letter stipulating that you want to cancel which I haven't even used thete service but I had to pay the 49.99 for the 1 month in advance fee. He proceeded to tell me I had to pay 75.00 and that of I don't pay the 75.00 I was going to be in collections. I told he to send me to collection and he was very very rude and hung up the phone in my face. The customer service that works for American home shield is very rude and very un professional. I WILL NEVER EVER DO BUSINESS WITH YOU NOR RECOMMEND ANYONE TO YOUR FIRM. I WILL NOT PAY 75.00 CONCELLATION FEE BECAUSE I haven't even started using nor is the 30 day waiting period has passed. I am going to seek this issue thar I have to the Better Business Bureau requestioninv my payment back that I paid because I never used their firm. I am very very upset and I will not stop until I get satisfaction.
It has been a month and we have not received any paperwork, tried vallg for three days now and cannot get to a supervisor Tried to cancel service today and they will not do it even thought they said we could cancel by the 16 September Sounds like a fraudulent company will put in dispute with my bank Horrible company Quick to call for setup but no customer service, could just imagine what would happen if we had a claim
Hi how are you i love my daycare and going to school learning about children it is fun doing this job
Hope the service is as good as the sales pitch. Salesman did a good job of selling and explaining