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I haven't had insurance with State Farm for very long, but so far they've been very helpful and friendly. Their rates for the state minimum amount of insurance is also significantly lower for my car than the rates offered by Geico and Progressive.

I was rear ended by a policy holder with State farm. Contacted State Farm the following day to make a claim. It took almost a month for State Farm to accept liability. After that the battle really started. State Farm sent an adjuster about a week later. Adjuster was nice, he totaled my car. In a few days State Farm called and offered a settlement, but refused to pay for the rental car I had to obtain because they had not authorized the rental car. State Farm then demanded to pick up the car without payment and said they would mail a check at a later date, which I refused to do. Hire an attorney whenever you have to deal with this company since they will not provide acceptable customer service not handle their government mandated responsibilities. It's now been over two month since my car was totaled and they refuse to pay.

We have had State Farm for many years. They have always been very helpful to us when we needed to make any changes to our policy. They processed our recent claim on my husband's car very quickly. They are always ready and willing to help in any way they are needed to.

Coming out of midtown tunnel on Queens side my family Grandpa, 2 daughters, 2 granddaughters had a blowout on our right rear tire. Pulled aside on the expressway, and called the emergency assistance number on the State Farm insurance card. This is when the "sense of comfort" left all of us. Took 1/2 hour to finally navigate the taped responses to get to a customer service rep, where we again were subjected to repeating all of our statistics and being told they could not find our account.

After calling back with the identical info, but new Rep. was the asked questions like where we were. What town are we near. All delay tactics as if "on side of eastbound LIE at Midtown tunnel exit" was not enough to find us. We attempted to change the tire ourselves. Not a job for a 72 yr old grandpa with daughters on the side of the expressway in the dark. Luckily, we got assistance from another party and after about 1.5 hours were able to resume our journey. State Farm needs to get its act together!! Disgusted customer.

I lived in Dallas-Fort Worth for over 30 years, I had the State Farm agent all that time. No problems or issues. As of 6 months ago, I was transferred to the Bossier City, Louisiana area. As of this writing, I have had to send my homeowner's, life, and auto policies to Baton Rouge which is approximately 7 hours away. I have done this because of the unprofessional behavior of this agent and his office manager. I was told that IF I transferred in the area I lived in, they would go out of their way to tell every State Farm Agent my history here in Louisiana. We now have been hung up on here AGAIN because our life insurance has NOT been transferred to the new agent, the agent nor the office manager will speak to us. We now have late fees, policies not getting paid because we are being told that HEADQUARTERS is to blame. I would recommend to go with USAA or a more reputable company. Thank you.

State Farm has had the lowest rate available to me for quite a while, and it continues to drop every couple years. The last company I was with had increasing rates every time it renewed despite no changes and no accidents. It got really frustrating. My experience with State Farm has been just the opposite.

Been with State Farm for over 10 yrs. Never been happier with an Ins. Co. or Agent in Topeka, Ks. But we just moved out of state and have to find a new one provider. :( Hope to find one we like just as good.

I love my car insurance agency because they are always very friendly and helpful to talk to on the phone. The agents are personable and always try to get me the lowest rate possible. They are on your side through the entire process and put themselves in my shoes to better understand my situation.

They're the worst. No stars given from me. 2 month ago I got hit and run by a FedEx semi truck from behind. As I was pulling over off the ramp, the truck driver went straight. There's a few freeway choices to go from right after that offramp. I called State Farm and they told me, "Thank you for your $500 monthly payments, but we can't help you."

Yesterday I paid for a tow truck from them at 11:30 am. They messed up my phone number so when the tow truck driver called, they told him they didn't order a tow truck. I called them and told me they would get one on the way. They didn't. They said that since I canceled the truck driver didn't want the call. I told them they made the mistake (which they admitted to). Still waiting now at 4 pm, they finally get the idea to call a different tow truck company, which they were extremely busy. So they had a two hour wait, which I waited on, before the tow truck was about to get there, the shop which my car was in closed. No way to get my car now and I had paid the tow at 11:30 pm. They will definitely take my money promptly, but for them to help you even if you're paying for years, they sure take their time. Hopefully today they can get the car out, that's if the guy who owns the shop doesn't charge me extra for keeping the car an extra day.

My advice go with the cheapest insurance you can afford, get AAA because when you need help they all of a sudden make mistakes and forget you. But when it's time to pay they're on the dot and in a hurry to charge you. Insurance companies are scammers is but I figured that if I pay a little more it would mean I get more. Not the case, they are real nice and happy to take your money. When you need them, they all of a sudden become incompetent. They are???

My experience with State Farm automobile insurance overall has been a positive one. I have only had to file a claim once due to an accident that occurred about eighteen months ago. The agent I dealt with was very accommodating and helped me find a rental car the same day. They were also fairly quick on the evaluation of the damage done to my vehicle. I received an appraisal within ten days, and I received a quick payment for my total car. The agents I spoke were really helpful. When I had questions someone was always available to walk me through the process and make sure my concerns were addressed.

Just to let everybody know how bad State Farm is. I have been a loyal client of State Farm for about 20 years or so. I have no accidents or tickets. The one time I made a claim because somebody hit my car and mess up my hood and windshield. They told me it was two separate claims and is trying to get out of helping me. Also I'm the kind of person that never complains and don't even send my food back because not was messed up. But State Farm is the worse insurance company I could ever imagine and I will be canceling them and going to another insurance company. I wouldn't recommend State Farm to anybody.

My agent is ALWAYS AVAILABLE, KNOWLEDGEABLE, and I ESPECIALLY APPRECIATE his HONESTY. He has NEVER TRIED to PUSH PRODUCTS or certain coverage. I feel certain he gave us the best rate for the coverage we asked for. The few accidents we've been in over the past 25 years were handled quickly and fairly. I was impressed with the way it was handled. Their rates are competitive - not the cheapest, but customer service makes up for it. In 25 years we've never had reason to complain about State Farm.

I had an accident in April 2017. Someone backed into me as I was approaching a stop light after they overshot the intersection... State Farm said only body damage and minor issues. Paid for the repairs. FAST FORWARD... July, car feels funny but I'm told nothing is wrong... (Sometime between) Jul-Nov...called State Farm to come look at vehicle due to side mirror never being added to original estimate nor was fixed. Adjuster came out to place of work and said she recommends I go to a used parts shop and buy a replacement mirror because her boss will not allow her to approve it due to Camaro mirrors being high priced. YET...2 more adjusters came out to view issues. When I called about having after accident issues both deemed my vehicle nondrivable and approved transmission assembly to be repaired or replaced despite the fact 3k miles had been driven since the accident.

I was told by mechanics AND the adjuster the transmission may not be the entire issue but he could tell immediately that the accident caused damage that was not initially predicted and apologized for not catching the damage initially thusly preventing extensive damages. It was asked if the engine was assessed and I was told, "Let's look into one major issue at a time because to assess the engine it would need to be removed and completely broken down to examine internal components for extent of damage if damage did exist within engine due to accident." I agreed and transmission, intercooler, radiator, and some other parts were paid to be replaced completely. I was told I was all good to go... Both my mechanic and I took my Camaro for a test drive after months of dealing with State Farm. Not a block into drive car is still acting funny.

I call State Farm and report this. They say they need to look inside of engine and I'd need to cover the cost upfront and if engine did indeed need repair I'd be reimburse. So I handed over 1500.00 and authorize the breakdown of my beautiful engine. Different adjuster came out and I was told via phone it was not approved because they didn't see damage but more importantly because I had placed 3k miles on the vehicle since original repairs and technically I should feel lucky because my transmission should have never been approved! Yes these words came from my claim specialist. She stated mechanics never sent her reports in timely manner. I verified with shop and they assured me they sent report to State Farm when they sent the same copy to me. I called State Farm back and explained this to them and I was told by team member if I could email in the report. In which I did.

Then my claim specialist calls me and says report not complete. They want more of a breakdown and want original diagnostic codes from state authorized system to prove the engine light was on and why they even thought something was possibly wrong with the engine to cause the breakdown and inspection to be requested. The shop complied. After my claim handler got everything she needed including a video I drove an hour from home to take off the mechanic breaking down the issue in full and simplified so even I could understand the cause issue and effect.

She said she still would refuse to approve it because the shop took too long to respond with docs. (Keep in mind we just suffered thru Harvey. An extreme ice freeze that took the entire city off grid for a week...and a snowstorm Texas wasn't familiar with. I had a newborn child, and a home to repair due to mother nature so the engine was not a number one priority such as fixing leaks, roofs, furniture, and lives.) Well... Here it is Feb 2019 and my Camaro still sits exactly where it has been since 2017. I even questioned why it couldn't be approved since I was not at fault and the other insurance would be covering damages regardless since other driver admitted fault and 3 experts viewed my engine and all components of vehicle and deemed the engine damage due to unassessed initial damage both original mechanics and adjusters overlooked.

She stated they didn't know what they were talking about. She is an expert and she knows the 3k miles I drove solely caused engine issues and just because other insurance will be paying State Farm in full for cost State Farm is the one that has to wait for the agreement to be reached and the higher the damages cost the harder for approval it is since as she stated technically the vehicle should have been deemed a total loss because damage cost are more than amount I owed for vehicle. I asked to speak with supervisor and all he told me was, "I agree with whatever outcome she decides."

WOW... I then am told from the auto shop when they spoke with her she originally agreed to repair engine partly due to the fact that, (in her words) "let's get this thing fixed so I can close Ms. ** claim because that woman is nothing but trouble for me, send me the report and cost to repair and it should be approved within two weeks once I send my adjuster to verify vehicle is as report states then we will proceed to being done with Ms. **." Adjuster came and viewed Camaro and concurred with mechanics findings... Shortly after this verbal slander took place I was told about it and I proceeded to call my claim team and file a grievance. Was told she was on vacation and issue would be addressed then.

When she came back I was not apologized to for her statement, instead I was told... "I apologize but I will not be able to approve your claim now or ever due to adjuster not being able to verify there is any damage period. And all other reasons. You may speak with my supervisor but I've already discussed this claim with him and he fully supports me. Thank you for choosing State Farm. Goodbye." I after that gave up my fight. But I didn't forget it. I don't know what my rights are but I fully intend to exercise them. And I intend to make sure the claim handler answer for the behavior directed towards me.

I have had State Farm for my auto insurance almost 20+ years; on auto-pay (never late)... All those years not one ticket nor accidents. Last year, my husband had an accident and I got a less than 20 mph speeding ticket. Rates went up and we paid monthly then suddenly received a letter in the mail that State Farm was dropping us. This company is not loyal to long term customers whatsoever!

So here I am writing this review while I've been waiting for over 2 & a half hours for this tow truck. I can't believe how long this is taking and it's been back & forth phone calls constantly. I've had to turn my car off for fear of my battery dying on me. If I had any other options right now I would use them, I am going to learn how to change a damn tire myself so I never have to use this service again. I probably could have walked home by now. Not to mention missing work and my daughter having to be left with her grandma.

I understand the fact that there's traffic but when I call and you say 15 min EVERY 15 min obviously I'm going to get aggravated especially if you start to sound irritated that I'm calling. This is absolutely unacceptable and I don't know if they don't have enough tow truck drivers (JACK RABBIT TOWING) or what but to leave someone stranded for 3 hours is ludicrous. God forbid I had my daughter with me. State Farm has seriously let me down!!!

I've been with State Farm for about ten years and overall, I'm extremely happy with their coverage and the value I get for the money I pay. I've seen how bad some of my family member's plans are and I'm glad I've stuck it out with State Farm.

Every time I call they tell me something different. I just had a call with State Farm claims department. The claims agent was so rude with me. No help at all. I had to hang up on her because she started yelling. Then she calls me back and asks me if she's talking to ** and I say, "No. You are talking to **, the owner of the car" and she says, "Well I am calling the wrong number," and hanged up on me. Just in general State Farm is a ** service. After I finish this claim I am so done with them. Any recommendations?

On October 4, 2018, while driving my 2015 Toyota Corolla, I was struck by a driver, whose car was insured by State Farm. The details of this accident can be found detailed in Georgia State Patrol crash case **. This report finds the driver of the car insured by State Farm completely at fault for the accident. My car was totaled, which by the way it took over two months for State Farm to come to this conclusion.

My car was my business. I do ride-share for Uber and Lyft. It is how I have made my living for the last three years. I have not made a dime since the accident. I provided proof of my income including tax information. The claim specialist assigned to my claim, stated that my proof of income, "looked convoluted to her". She has twice told me I should have used the rental (that I had to give back over a month ago) to do ride share?!? Each time I told her that, I can't use a car rented in this fashion to do ride share, it's against the guidelines and may be illegal.

On Oct. 4th 2018, I had a legitimate way to make a income and support myself and help my children with their needs. Due to the accident, I lost that and have been struggling to get back on my feet. Accidents happen, it's a fact of life. But it is why we pay for insurance. The driver who hit me, I'm sure paid for the protection of insurance, in case it was ever needed. The minimum for liability and property damage in the state of Georgia is 25/50/25. That driver didn't pay State Farm for coverage for them to not hold up their end on the claim. I received a letter dated Oct 5, 2018 from State Farm saying "We have received notice of your loss", and how they have "remarkable claim services."

More than once at the start of this process, I was told State Farm takes total liability for the accident. So why after not being able to travel to my mother's for Thanksgiving, which was over a month after the accident, do I have to explain why I can't travel home for the upcoming holidays? It took 'til Nov the 11th for State Farm to get back to me about my injuries and loss of income. At which time they offered to pay the ambulance and ER bill and basically ignored my loss of business and income. Also in taking their offer I release State Farm from any other bills or complications and difficulties I may face in the future due to the accident that happen on Oct 4th of this year.

My claim specialist even said, "you should be healed by now, it was just soft tissue injuries" After I stated that I was in an accident that resulted in my car being totaled. I was in that car so yes I have injuries, pain and suffering. There is a whole industry built off litigation. It is built off the back and forth of Giant Insurance Company and Lawyers. It is a vicious cycle that plays out in commercials and billboards nationwide. It is a cycle I find myself like others held captive to.

We had State Farm for our homeowners insurance for over 25 years, paid all premiums on time, and never had a claim. Sometime after that period of time our house was hit by lightning & hail multiple times. We made 6 claims, 3 of which resulted in $0 dollar claims. After the second hail claim to replace our roof & a car, State Farm dropped us stating that “we were too high of a risk, & that we should take more precaution!” I wrote a letter to the CEO, which was intercepted by some overpaid middle manager, who called me and basically told me that I wasn’t going to speak with the overpaid CEO, and that they were dropping us, and to move on! CEO Michael Tipsord’s 2017 pay was $8.5 million! Poor guy.

So they love customers who pay year after year, but when you need their support for the services you’re paying them for, they drop you because now they have to pay. Money doesn’t seem to be a problem with the amount of advertising, and sponsorships they do to lure people to buy their products, but it is when a customer needs their support! I was fortunate to get coverage from Allstate at a lower price & have been a customer of theirs for close to 10 years. I would not recommend State Farm.

I use to always think that State Farm is a good company until one time I got involved in an accident where other vehicle sideswiped my vehicle and State Farm decided to hold me liable for it without doing any proper investigation. To me State Farm is a big scam company. I won’t recommend anybody to make a mistake going with State Farm because if you get in an accident they will make your life miserable.

I got a letter today, that State Farm is dropping my roadside assistance, because I made too many claims. Every time I made a claim I tried to get the vehicle fixed and still ended up getting a new one after dropping 2k for nothing. I guess it's ok now to drive your broken vehicle not knowing when it's going to break down on you and cause an accident. I'm really disappointed for how much money I spend every month on my policy, and now being treated as criminal. This is very wrong. Next thing you know my rate will be going up as well, which technically should be going down if you are a safe driver.

The coverage of this insurer was fine. However, on a yearly basis they kept raising the prices and adding more coverage for items that were not needed without asking me. I had to argue with them multiple times to fix wrong bills.

I have always had great service through State Farm, my agent is always super helpful. We processed a claim and it was put through very quickly and they gave us way more back on our claim than I thought they would. My agent is very interested in keeping close personal relations, my kids were pictured in our local paper once and she cut out the clipping and sent it to me. Little things like that matter to me and let me know she is interested in being a good agent.

State Farm have been a pretty solid company so far. The coverage is great, but realistically, the price is out of this world high. Other competitors really beat them on other fronts, and I'll likely switch to Progressive or something of that stature in the near future.

I know that I am in the polar vortex and that many cars were not working, but when I called at 1:30pm to get my car jumped (it was in my driveway) I was told that it would be 3 hours and I was okay with that. 3.5 hours later I was told that the guy might not be there until 7pm. I was okay with that. What I was not okay with was the customer service lady telling me to get a neighbor or friend to jump it (if it was that easy I would have done that in the first place), call the cops to have them jump it, and take a cab to work (who would then be there to get my car jumped?). At around 6:30pm they called me and said that maybe the original guy would come out but no one else was doing jumps that night. Then they decided it was appropriate to call me at almost 2:30am to reschedule.

I switched to State Farm last year from another major company and have never been happier about an insurance decision. Our agent worked with us to get a great deal when we bundled our home and auto insurance and we pay less for much better coverage with State Farm now.

I really like State Farm most of the time. But I recently have a really monotonous claims process with a hit and run someone did to my car. It was extremely frustrating and I wasn't able to get the process moving along fast enough because of some issue they were having with the phone lines. Other than that, it seemed decent and I’ve had them for a while.

So to be frank State Farm has some pretty decent insurance coverage for homes and otherwise. That said I have to say their auto insurance is a bit lacking. Mainly with the serious price hiking when you have a term of it solo from other things like homeowners insurance. Sadly, The General in my area has way better insurance for a solo driver like myself, so I will be dropping them like a hot potato come this spring.

I was in an accident on March 1, 2019 when a lady, insured by State Farm, was directly in front of me and decided to put her vehicle in reverse without looking. My children were in the car and we started screaming and honking the horn to try and get her attention. She continued to reverse and hit my car causing over $1000.00 in damages. I contacted her insurance company to make a claim because she did not appear concerned at the time. After State Farm contacted her, they tell me the claim went to the dispute department because she is saying my vehicle was moving at the time. This is a lie. I submitted my photos, a preliminary estimate of damages, a diagram of the accident scene, etc.

After having received no response from State Farm I contacted them. They said they have still not been able to reach their insured to take her statement. They said because there was no witness and no police report they would deny my claim because of lack of evidence. I now have to take the matter to conciliation court to try and sue this woman for the damages she did to my car. If you are looking for a shady insurance company that likes to screw over victims, then State Farm is for you. If you are looking for an honest insurance company that does the right thing, then I would shop elsewhere.

I was driving from leaving the Golden Coral and on my way home on December 19, 2019. It was raining lightly at times and I and their client were driving northbound on little blue parkway turning westbound onto 39th street. I was in my lane the farthest that I can get over and the other driver crossed over Into my lane and hit the right side of my front fender putting a crease it the top of the fender and tearing up the fender on the bottom portion of the fender. The driver had 2 females in the pickup; one in the passenger side and one in the rear seat.

When we exchanged information the passenger female wrote bogus information down; so, I walked in a police report the next day. That is when I found out the information was bogus. I turned it in as an uninsured motorist. I returned to the Police station the next day after that and the police found out the true contact information that I needed. I went to my Agency and they filed the claims. The total estimate is $783.-- And I have to pay the whole thing because my deductible. I have to pay as one of the females in the pickup claimed to be a witness and lied about them "not crossing over Into my lane; State Farm refused to pay the claim. So thanks pickup liars for sticking it to me and thanks State Farm for being a co-perpetrator in the scam. William** Independence, Missouri.

State Farm has TERRIBLE Claims service. My daughter was in an accident, the claims center called 3 times to get a statement and each time said it was the other driver's fault, she also had a witness. She was making a 3 point u-turn into a commercial driveway while another vehicle was stopped waiting for her parking spot. Impatient Drive #2, drove around the stopped car, crossing a double yellow line and T-BONED my daughter at appx 10-15 miles per hour.

The 2nd Driver & insurance contested. State Farm required we pay $1000 deductible, they claimed the vehicle was Totaled. We suffered a loss on the value & we Salvaged the car. State Farm Claims information was then sent to ARBITRATION. The Arbitrator ruled against my daughter. State Farm stated it because "she said U-TURN, rather than the 3 Point U-turn." Absolutely ridiculous! I was sitting with her and I know she said 3 Point U Turn. They try to get out of every claims. Now they are going to raise her insurance rates! SUCH A SCAM! THIEVES!

State Farm is now putting fake $0 claim marks on your customer's record if you have 2 claims on your record or feel they are paying too much for your not at fault accidents. Technical errors or deliberate? Many previous customer have had to go to other car insurance companies and pay over $300/month because $0 claims showing them to be false high risk drivers. Class action lawsuit for the lawyer who wants to find out canceled policies or customers who have any $0 claims on their record. This is good.

It is a little high but it is cheaper than most other insurance carriers in my area. I have the roadside assistance which is a lot better than other carriers. I had them when I first started driving and currently have them. If for some reason you break down and need to be towed you can be towed without having to pay up front and get reimbursed later. This works out great especially if you don’t have the money to be towed. You obviously already broke down so you are going to have to pay to get your car fixed so this definitely helps with that expense. Most carriers want you to pay this up front and get reimbursed. State Farm doesn’t do that.

Overall State Farm is doing a good job making sure we are getting what we deserve. I have experienced filing a claim twice with State Farm and both times the process had been decent. Even though it took some time for the representative to get to my claim it got the job done and I was able to get what I deserve. The price is also reasonable.

I have had a great experience for the 12 years I've had this insurance. I have been in multiple accidents, none of which were my fault, and every time my insurance was available right away to help me. One accident was so bad I even had to have my car replaced and they helped me every step of the way.

I started using them because they are who my mom and grandparents have used forever. Their customer service is amazing. I've been in 1 crash before and they took care of everything for me. I was expecting a lot of hassle since everyone always complains about insurance claims and whatnot when they wreck, but this was pretty painless for me. They were very helpful.

I have been a State Farm customer for about 20 years. In this time I have had a few accidents and never had any issues with filing my claims or receiving any money owed to me through the claim process. I have had nothing but superior service with my agent and have added and removed many things from my policy throughout the years with no issues. I would recommend State Farm to anybody looking for a reputable insurance company.

I filed my claim on September 14, 2018. My body shop sent the estimate four times to ASI who initially handles their claims now. They did nothing. The estimate was finally given to me in hopes that I, as the customer, would have better luck. Initially I did. I was told ASI had never been given the "assignment", but that they now had it. This was over a week ago. When I called on Nov. 19th I was told the adjuster would have it done by Wednesday the 21st. Then I was informed by the body shop on Tuesday that the adjuster was refusing to pay for a new quarter panel, but wanted dent work done instead. This would result in 18 to 24" of body filler, and many more hours of labor, which my body shop refused to accept as this is considered sub-par work for them. They cannot warranty such shoddy work. I emailed the adjuster and have yet to receive a response.

Today, Nov. 23, 2018 I called and the only manager available was in the claims dept. and she tried to tell me the dent could be repaired. If she's in claims, how is she qualified to assess the damage? She forwarded my complaint to the assigned adjuster and his boss. Needless to say I won't hear anything now before Monday. I was told Friday was a "holiday". It is Black Friday and this is NOT a nationally recognized holiday.

I am tired of fighting with these people. I have reached out to my local office for help, and on Monday I have a feeling I will be emailing their CEO as I don't see this going the way I need/want it to. A multi-billion dollar company is groveling over an $800.00 part. Unbelievable. I will be changing insurance plans as soon as I get this claim settled. No more State Farm for me and I would recommend any of you out there looking not to go with them either. They didn't used to be this way, but they have gone downhill tremendously in the last couple of years. I will also be reporting them to the insurance commissioner in my state.

Offers recommendations for everything related to cars and cycles. Bodywork and detail specialists who have been very good. Their advice online resource center helped me find a mechanic who did a thorough inspection and offered tires for a reasonable price.

In the 18 months, since I moved away from MS Gulf coast, I have been to see my SF agent 3 times over my car's physical address. SF is still charging me the higher rate associated with my old address, as no one at the "home" office has changed it, yet. Never mind my car is registered, with DMV, at my current physical address. I have watched my agent, on the phone, requesting this change as well as seeing her change this on her computer. Still, my insurance rate stays based on old physical address. Yes, SF owes me money for all those over payments, but if I can't trust them to change my car's physical address, how can I trust them to pay a claim? As far as I'm concerned, they've had 3 strikes, so they're out. After 6+ years, I'm changing my auto insurance.

Called for an emergency tow. Tiffany stated that I do not have that coverage while driving my son's car which is not on my policy. She also stated that my insurance is NOT active on any vehicle not on my policy. When I asked her to verify: She said that I do not have insurance coverage for accidents, damages, or emergencies on any vehicle that is not specifically on my policy. I've never heard of any auto insurance company that doesn't cover a customer at all times.

Mike ** State Farm Office in West Seneca, Ny is not a good office. This past summer they quoted me $126 per month for car insurance. The first checking account withdrawal was for $140, several months later the withdrawal was $164. They kept raising the price and made excuses. If you have to be insured by State Farm use John ** in Orchard Park, Ny.

I have been with State Farm for Auto Insurance for close to 40...yes that IS 40 years! In all this time they have had horrible customer service and claims departments but I suppose I have just been too lazy to switch. I see most all the reviews give 1 star so isn't that saying something to you State Farm!!! Are you paying attention!!! I think NOT! I just had an issue with my rates being raised $700.00 a year for the lack of one safe driving low mileage odometer reading. Paul ** and Dave ** in underwriting are horrible and refuse to lower my rates back down to what they were at 700.00 less after all my years of loyalty. This is HORRENDOUS disrespect!!! For the lack of just one odometer reading which they do now acknowledge they have and still they will NOT lower my rates back to where they were.

I AM INCENSED! EVERY company I have gotten a quote from has been far less than what State Farm is charging me now. So not only a lack of loyalty and good faith but plain outright robbery as they are not even coming close to matching the other new quotes from other companies. In addition over the years I have been involved in some incidents that State Farm deemed 100 percent NOT my fault and yet they were unable to collect the monies due from the other insurance at all or in some cases only half. WHY IS THIS? That is awful. They did not fight hard enough at all to get paid from the parties at fault!!! YES FINALLY I AM SWITCHING AWAY FROM STATE FARM! I do hope you all do as well. Just AWFUL!!!

Do you want dishonest people handling your claims? Sign up with State Farm! In order to get a refund for damages to my car, I submitted a police report which said, "The video showed Unit #2 stopping and unit #1 continued to back up and strike unit #2." (I'm unit #2. I stopped my vehicle and unit #1 struck my car). However, because the report says, 'stopping' they said that they can't grant my refund. I was angry, but I said okay. I'll get them video evidence. It took a couple of weeks for me to get this precious video evidence from the police. I said to myself, "they couldn't possibly have any argument against my claim now." Oh boy I was wrong. Now they're saying, that the video is unreadable... Unbelievable!

My daughter's car was backed into in a parking lot by a teenage driver. Both my daughter and the other driver have State Farm insurance. Police were called and a report filed by my daughter while the other driver left the scene so his statement was not made to law enforcement. After getting the runaround for 3 weeks today we heard that State Farm won't allow a claim to their other client's insurance because there was no visible damage to his car and he claims he never hit her. So basically my daughter picked someone out of a crowd, received his insurance card from him, then lied about how her car was damaged? Ok State Farm, ** you and your pitiful customer service, we will take our business elsewhere along with anyone else's business we can persuade. This claim was filed in Chattanooga, Tn. with agent David **. Do business here at your own risk.

I have used State Farm as my auto insurance since I was 17, and almost two decades later I still do. My agent who signed me up was excellent and I'm thankful he's still there. I use them for other policies and each claim I have filed has been a great experience, even though the situation is the worst.

My mother has been under this insurance plan since the 1980s. I got into an accident because the other driver did not check his blind-spot and came into my lane. I was a fairly new driver and this was my first accident. Furthermore, I didn't know what to do and did not ask the other driver for his insurance info. However, I had his license plate number but State Farm claimed that they could not locate him because it was a fake driver's plate??? I filed a search through DMV and was able to find the other driver and provided State Farm with the information. It was not a fake and I feel like they were too lazy to do the research.

Anyways, they finally sent a claim to the other party (according to the rep) but I still have not gotten any word back. It has been over 9 months. They have raised the monthly payment for my mother by a ton and even tried to kick my family out of our plan. I feel so wronged and unfair because my family must suffer because of the idiot that crashed into me. I thought my insurance was supposed to be on my side and try to help me, instead they try to scheme their way to steal their customers' money. Total scam of an insurance. We can't even switch to a different insurance plan if we wanted to because of my accident. Once our premium goes down then we will definitely switch to a different auto insurance company. Thanks State Farm for nothing!!!

I had State Farm for about 4 years and then renters' insurance as well. My payments automatically came out of my account every month so it was always on time and never late. After almost 3 years I was backing out of the driveway and hit my husband’s truck. I paid the $500 deductible to get the vehicles fixed and after 11 months they tried to raise my insurance almost $80. When I called about the issue and asked why after almost a year they were trying to increase my premium they stated because they review policies every 6 month. As I proceeded to say that I have been 11 months so if they were going to raise it why didn’t they raise it in the first six months after the accident happened. Their response was they weren’t sure and there was nothing they could do. I decided to go with another auto insurance company but I did keep my renters' insurance through State Farm.

A few months ago our vehicles got broken into in our own driveway and a piece of property was stolen worth over $3000. I called State Farm to see what I had to do to make a claim or even how much was covered under our renters' insurance. I was told that we only had $1500 covered for jewelry and that was the max. Even though we took a loss we file the claim and a few months later I got a phone call and the lady said that she was giving me a “courtesy” call to let me know that they were dropping me and not renewing my policy because I made the claim when our vehicles got broken into. She said that I would receive a letter in the mail but she wanted to let me know ahead of time before I received the letter (I assumed the letter would be coming in the mail SOON).

After over a week of not receiving a letter I honestly didn’t think anything else about it. Almost 2 months later I look at my bank statement and see that I was still being charged for November and December. When I spoke with someone at the agency she stated that she was the one that I spoke with and that she never said that she was sending the letter out in a few days. She said it was sent out in December 28th and that my policy went through February. I just told them that I didn’t want anything to do with State Farm. She said that she could credit back up to 30 days.

Why have an insurance company that is going to penalize you or even drop you because of the first time you use the insurance (which is what it’s there for)? They had no problem taking my money on the same date every month like clockwork. But the second I claim a penny of that back, they’re like, "Screw you". I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND STATE FARM TO MY WORST ENEMY. I would give it 0 stars if that was an option.

I have had State Farm Auto Insurance for about two years now. I switched to State Farm when my teenager got his driver's license. My previous insurance was going to go up too much for me, so I decided to comparison shop for a better rate. I ended up going with State Farm because the price was great, the coverage was too, and most important to me, the customer service was amazing! I am completely happy with my State Farm auto insurance and would highly recommend it to anyone!

I am happy with my insurance company. When I have called for roadside assistance, which thankfully is under my coverage, I was able to have help provided within an hour's timeframe. I am always able to speak with someone and get the answers I need. I also enjoy using their online services, especially in terms of paying my bill and viewing my coverage.

I have been with State Farm for a little over 7 years now, since my first car. Just last year I got into two wrecks because LIFE HAPPENS. 1 was deemed 50/50 at fault. So one wreck where I was at fault in 7 years calls for me to be dropped. WOW. Nothing prior to that but they sent me a letter saying they are dropping me. I called and complained about it and they didn't seem to care. I remember a commercial saying "tired of paying for insurance and getting dropped for using what you pay for?" They were talking about State Farm. I will bad mouth them to everyone I know. I have always paid them on time and I get dropped for being at fault for 1 and a half accidents in one year after almost 10 years. Makes sense.

I think State Farm is a great insurance agency. Every time I have a problem, I can just go meet my local agent and discuss the situation. I always leave with my questions answered. The other day I had gotten a flat, so I had to call over roadside service. It took them an hour to get to me but that's understandable.

State Farm has been great for me in the past. It's definitely not the cheapest insurance, but I know I'm always in good hands. I had a sudden cracked windshield early in the morning one day, and my agent was able to get it repaired same day! I've never heard of something being fixed in the same day as you turn in a claim. And the best part was, my rates didn't even go up because of it.

I called in for auto insurance quotes from Eddie ** State Farm Agent in Colorado. I was helped by Jose **. Asked for quotes for 2 of our Subaru cars. He got all the info. expecting to get the quotes right away, he said he'll have to run the numbers and call me back. 3 or 4 days later he calls me for the quotes, I didn't pick up as I didn't know the number, he left a voicemail for it. He just said to call him back as he has the quotes ready and still leaves me a voicemail 2, 3 weeks later.

What I'm writing about is how late they respond to the quotes! It should not take that long for insurance quotes, let alone 4 days of it. I called other insurance companies for quotes and they gave me numbers on the spot. I didn't have to wait days for it. State Farm lost my business on this, I'm never calling for any insurance from them ever again. And shouldn't they already know that if you don't answer or call them back, should they realize that the person already got insurance from someone else.

When my husband was hit by another driver, State Farm helped out right away. They found a place to repair it within 2 miles of my house and arranged for a rental while it was being fixed. Everything went as planned and the car was fixed. There were no unexpected additional fees beyond my deductible. Very happy with the customer service I received.

My family and I had State Farm for about a decade before we began getting into accidents which in turn they deemed us high-risk clients and canceled us. However in the process, we received many discounts of which, was signing for a life insurance policy that I didn't want or need. They breached the law by NOT disclosing that I would surrender the cash I have been paying for three years (amount does not exceed $1,000) had I canceled. The person that sold me the policy was not fluent in English and knew little to nothing about the product she was selling me.

The reason I signed was because they incentivized it telling me that I would receive a substantial discount. I've been paying $28 for the past three years and when I finally called to cancel, it unraveled into bitter feud I did not want from the beginning. This office in particular preys on unsuspecting people that know are not familiar with business/insurance vernacular and sell them on virtually anything.

When I finally got around to canceling, I received a letter in the mail completely contradicting the information I was told at their physical office. In the letter, I am told that the amount I've surrendered is $38.24 which couldn't be further from the truth, as I have had this policy for well over three years. They have deliberately falsified and retained vital information to refrain from paying me what is owed. I was also told I would received a check in the mail, however, not in the amount of $9.33. I am asking that the money I've paid them in the last couple of years be reimbursed in full.

I've been insured with State Farm for about 10 to 15 years now. I recently bought a used car but have had several electrical problems with it so it hasn't really been drove maybe 3 times in 6 months. Well when I bought the car I went ahead and paid 6 months in full from July 2018 to December 2018. Well around January 15, 2019 I received a letter about one of my other vehicles and I called them immediately. Amongst our conversation she happen to tell me that I didn't have coverage on my car I just bought in July! I was furious! She stated that State Farm sent out a letter back in December that the insurance was not going to be renewed after December. I asked the lady why didn't anyone try to call me or send an email? The lady replied with the same statement saying State Farm sent out a letter in December.

Now here it is there is no explanation as to why they are not giving me coverage and as of today I still don't have insurance on the vehicle and it's January 28th. The last time I spoke with this lady she said that she added insurance back on my car that was canceled on January 22nd. I just called the office and a different lady answered the phone and told me that I don't have coverage on that vehicle! What in the hell is going on with this agency? One person tells me one thing and another person tells me another thing!

Now keep in mind I've been with this company now for 10 plus years and this is how you're treated all of a sudden? Not a problem; I will take my business elsewhere. I'm sure another company would love to have $1,000 per month payments from me! State Farm is sure not for their customers, especially the ones that's been with them for years! Never again! Please be wise and take your business somewhere else cause eventually you will regret having State Farm as your agent!

I recently had my car broken into. They smashed a window and stole a travel bag I foolishly left in my car while shopping at what I was to learn by the responding police officer is a notoriously dangerous parking lot that the owners refuse to install security cameras in. State Farm's response was good. I had an appointment to repair the smashed window within 2 days. Although after filing the initial claim I was still unsure of who I needed to work with. That was not made clear to me by my local State Farm agent so there were a few unneeded back and forth attempts that I feel could have been avoided if my local agent had just told me to deal with their claims office. Also I didn't realize that even with full coverage on my car's policy only the comprehensive part applies to the replacement and or repairs to the car. No content coverage although my homeowner's policy would have covered the contents after the deductible.

I've had State Farm for 20+ years ever since I was able to drive. I have an excellent driving record and have had ZERO at fault accidents throughout 20 years. I've had three claims/accidents (2 minor claims, one major) throughout two years and State Farm drops me like a hot potato. This goes to show you the kind of company State Farm is. Sure, they have good rates, but that doesn't mean anything if they drop you when you need them.

A few times that I have had to contact State Farm Auto Insurance and it was dealt with quickly and easily. While they perhaps may give issues for harder claims I haven't had to contact them much so I don't have experience with that.

Another kid at high school hit my car my son was driving while it was parked. He had State Farm. Claim process went well with rental car set up for when my car was in repair shop. They totaled my car as damage was more than value. Claim process went downhill after they said they would mail me a check. Said I'd receive within 5 days. Now at 9 days and still no check. Car rental company calls me about when I'm taking my car into shop and need the rental. Apparently State Farm never notified them their services not needed. Still out a car and no reimbursement check!!

I was lucky but I did not need to make the claim. But communication with our agent is ok, he is a little bit pushy, but we can handle him. I am also thinking about switching from State Farm to some other company. We have there all our insurances and they are too pushy and give us a lot of phone calls, and emails.

By far the worst insurance company ever we had an accident and the other people had state farm and we have USAA and the accident was not our fault and even though there was an eyewitness and video of the accident and the other guy got a citation for the accident State Farm refused to accept fault. After weeks of arguing with the rudest insurance agents I have ever dealt with they finally accepted fault. And now months after the accident are claiming they never accepted fault and are not wanting to pay the doctor's Bills that were obtained due to the accident. So I'm appalled at State Farm's agents and how they can be so disrespectful and rude to the people that their customers injured. Hope this reaches someone important. Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day.

We've had State Farm for 10 years and have never made a claim. The only time I have called them was to see if they could reduce the price, but they said they couldn't. They are friendly on the phone and I make payments online, so I can't really say much about them.

We had State Farm insurance for years. Never had an accident! My son was T-boned by another person who was insured through another company! They took full responsibility but we were advised to go through our insurance and they would go after the other company! Biggest mistake!!! The accident happened in May 2018. We are still waiting to be paid back, the same year we had to put in two windshield repair claims and my husband bumped another car leaving nothing on either car! The lady my husband bumped worked for State Farm, she went into the system. Found my phone number (I wasn’t in the little fender bender so how would she have my number). That lady who had ZERO marks on her car claimed a medical injury (btw she’s insured by a different company, not the one she works for) after telling my husband that she was in an accident the week prior in her other vehicle which totaled that car!

State Farm didn’t listen to my husband's claim, didn’t take the picture we have of both the cars and paid her out! Meanwhile we have not been paid out for the accident caused by someone else, and State Farm canceled us stating we had too many claims in one year! They include windshield repairs against you! This is a terrible company and I would advise everyone to stay away from them!

I really like State Farm. I have had them for about 15 years. My friend is the owner and she is very good. You pay a little bit more than some of the other ones but their service is great. Plus it is a trusting company so you do not have to worry about them losing money.

I was a State Farm customer for several years. I never had a wreck, or anything to that sort. I get my renewal and it jumped up a lot per month. I called to see if they would do anything to help. They didn't, and so I went with a new company that saved over 20 bucks a month from their original lower price that I was paying. Then after I canceled they wanted to check and see if they could save me money. No thanks!

I've been with this insurer for over 30 years. The local agent is always helpful and friendly. If I need to contact the 800 number and get service, agents are knowledgeable and responsive. Claims processing is fast and they don't make you feel as if you have to beg them to get your car fixed.

I like my insurance company. The thing is though, I do not ever use my insurance and I wish I could just cancel the insurance. My car is old and I am paying way too much money per month for the insurance. If I was going to get into an accident, it would not even be covered. So, I am basically paying for the dumb Michigan law that makes everyone buy insurance. I must be their favorite customer. I am paying for nothing and it is way too much per month.

I have been a policyholder for over 20 years with car and home protection. I have not experienced any problems with questions/concerns around costs, fees and rates over the years. However, my insurance rates are much higher when I compared them to other smaller companies.

I was in a multi-car accident. I got rear ended after which I swerved to avoid the car in front of me. I have to say State Farm handled everything excellently. Very good communication, and explanation of what I need to do, what will happen next, etc. There was no hassle in getting my car fixed, they even made sure the repair place had a rental waiting for me when I got there. That's probably a standard thing, I am not sure. But I was pleased with their service overall.

I was rear-ended by a driver that caused my vehicle to be out of commission for days. I got the run-around from everyone I spoke with at State Farm and they were EXTREMELY RUDE. They did absolutely NOTHING to help the situation. Everyone knows when someone slams into the back of you and causes injuries severe enough for them to declare a “total loss” the individual was following too closely PERIOD. They did not take any action to repair my vehicle or help with my medical care although their insured caused me to suffer a concussion along with other injuries. I was passed from person to person, hung up on, overtalked, and I had to pay for and provide them with the accident report. They did not obtain. State Farm’s customer service is horrible and I pray that no one else has to go through this experience.

State Farm treats anyone filing a claim like dirt! I have been without a vehicle for a week now because their insured driver totaled my car but won’t return their phone calls so they can process the claim and start repairs - I don’t even have a rental yet! This company is a joke and I’m glad I left them years ago! Get a lawyer because you’ll need one!

My girlfriend, who is on the policy, was recently involved in an accident which all agree was the other driver's fault. Our car was totaled. We found a car, same make, model and year nearby, but didn't like the color. Our car had 100k miles and the other car had 130k miles. We ended up buying a newer car. The other car sold for $4,995.00. State Farm offered us $3,400.00 for our car. I sent them verification of that sale.

They are totally unresponsive and the local agent is worthless. At first they said we would have to deal with the other driver's insurance company. After getting them straightened out on that, we had to pay to get the police report for them. They never initiate a call, we always have to call them. They say they will call back, but never do. They said they base their reimbursement on wholesale car value. I said we are not a dealer, we have to pay retail price. Finally after calling back today they upped their offer to $4,300.00. They said all the cars they are finding are less. I said, "How many miles are on the cars, what is their condition? Send me your comparisons." No response.

I pay over $12,000.00 a year in premiums to these guys. I have been a customer since the early '80s. I've had problems with them settling claims in the past. It seems they are always trying to do as little as possible and pay as little as they can get away with. I would not recommend them to anyone. I plan to shop for a new company and cancel every policy with them. I've already told them and they don't seem to care. I would have given them zero stars, but that wasn't an option.

State Farm has friendly agents who will call on occasion just to see if you are getting the most out of their policy. They told me different ways I can save money as well as getting more coverage. Their claims department works quickly and efficiently and will also call to follow up as well.

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