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State Farm is unprofessional. They withdraw money out your account without your consent. They say "we use mail" but I wasn't in town. This is a horrible business... At least other sent text message about all action.

Last year 2018 I had purchased vehicle insurance with State Farm and everything was going okay. Until I hit a lumber on the highway. The next month after I had attempted to make a payment which was $100. While my payment didn’t go through I had been told my insurance went up to $200 just because some review they did. I told them I was not going to pay for that and the State Farm person told me I had to $240 in order for me to get out of the policy! I did not pay it cause that was outrageous and I’ve never been told that I had to pay in order to get out of the insurance before. (Unhappy customer)???

I have a wonderful relationship with insurer. Enough confidence it meets all my insurance needs. I have been with them for over 20 years. I would recommend State Farm to anyone who asks.

It's my deepest regret for not listening to another opinion about a particular State Farm agent and not choosing ANY other agent besides the womanizing, bigotry ridden, alcoholic, con artist that managed to persuade TWO different senior citizens into believing their long term life insurance policies were CANCELLED and "null and void" because the "last known payment" was not applied in time. When in fact, we investigated my mother's records and it was mailed on the same schedule that the other payments had been mailed for over 30 YEARS!!! 30 YEARS WITH THE LUFFMAN AGENCY JUST TO GET 25,000 DOLLARS STOLEN FROM MY SENIOR MOTHER'S HAND.

I have to say this outspoken, hot tempered character that has ruined State Farm's reputation with our family for good. They allow and promote this fraudulent behavior. They turned their backs on the most loyal customers to defend alarming corruption. He got that money somehow and anyone who thinks this agent is honorable is either completely unknowing about the potential dangers or, they're Trump voters and willing to donate their loved one's well being to keep from looking stupid for being loyal to someone that has them pistol whipped. Amen.

Got life insurance for about 1 year for my daughter. My daughter became unemployed and needed to cancel. We requested to cash it out. $68 was the amount of refund because that is what they told us. When the check arrived, a note was attached stating that the cancellation fee was $45. So the refund amounted to about $23. I had car insurance thru State Farm on 2 cars... my car and my 17 year old daughter's car. Only upon cancellation of the policies, we were informed that she was not insured even though I was paying insurance on her car. Wanda Skelton's state farm insurance in Warrensburg MO should be put out of business with the way they are allowed to operate. The office staff seldom follows thru on their word. Horrible insurance co!!!

I have had this ins. for over 35 yrs. My agents have always been there when I need them, whether for assistance or just for questions. The rate is low. I have borrowed against this plan in emergencies and have never been hassled about the repayment. They are fair and have a lot of knowledge about dealing with consumer needs. I would recommend this company to my friend and family for all their ins. needs. I have been a satisfied customer for as I said, 35 yrs.

I have been satisfied with the terms of the policy itself. The price for coverage was about average. The customer service has been good and my questions regarding policy issues are taken care of.

I have life insurance through my financial institution. It is taken out monthly and is very reasonable. Flyers are sent out quarterly to update the amount of life insurance which is also at a reasonable rate.

The rates are reasonable and they offer good customer service. They also have several payment options. I can also talk with a local agent or call the toll free number if I have questions.

I appreciate the professionalism and care they have shown towards myself and my family. They are like family to me themselves, and that goes a long way in 2015.

I've never had any problems with my life insurance company. Always been able to contact an agent when needed, have had all my questions answered and have been able to pay my premiums easily.

I've had life insurance since I was 2 years old because my parent were thoughtful enough to take it out when I was young. They are the best company because they contact me every year to see if I need more insurance.

State Farm is only a 10-minute walk from my home, so I feel connected in that I can always do transactions face-to-face with agents. Everyone is always friendly when I am in there in person.

I have not had to deal with them. I have a policy but have never had to use it obviously. I have never seen a salesman nor talked to a representative. I have thought about canceling it since I am only working Part time and our money is so tight. I could use the money elsewhere.

Never had a claim to file, but they are pleasant and helpful on the phone, and answer questions regarding policies, insuring new cars and cancelling policies on sold cars.

We have used this company for as long as I can remember. My parents used them when I was small and as I grew up and needed insurance for me and my family I naturally went with the same agent and company. As with the rest of my family they have always been there for all my needs and I honestly have never had a problem they didn't handle for me. I was quite surprised when our daughter and son wanted information for their families as they could get their insurance there also.

I just recently purchased life insurance. It was a very easy process. I am very satisfied with my experience. They were very informative and answered all my questions regarding term and whole.

I have had my current life insurance company for many years and although they do contact me from time to time about possibly changing/purchasing other types of coverage, for the most part I pay my premiums, get an annual report on the costs, dividends earned, etc. I know when/if needed, my final burial costs will be taken care of.

Never had any problems with this company. Always very helpful with any questions I may have. Very attentive when I would ask about added other members of my family.

Na, don't have now. Do not have a car anymore. Have life insurance with Globe Life for 7 years. Am happy with the company, thank you for points. Don't have much more to say but will not change companies!!!

I've found State Farm to be a very reliable, financially sound company that people can trust. The rates are competitive and the customer service is bar none.

My family and I have been with Statefarm for nearly 20 yrs. I have three children 15, 21, and 23 which all have Life policies. Two, Whole Life and one 10 Pay. With that being said my daughter's 10 pay has been paid and I still pay premium for the two whole life. About two weeks ago I visit with my agent to review all my policies and see what my family needs don't need. I found out that my daughter's TenPay policy had termed due to me surrendering the policy for $1500, I nor my husband was aware of it. So I tried to write another policy on her for $10,000, along with new life policies.

I received a phone call from my agent to call him back in reference to my child's policy. I returned the call with devastating news that my 15 yr old's policy was denied due to uncontrollable diabetes. You see both of my girls have Juvenile Diabetes. My question to Statefarm is what is the criteria for it be wrote. Statefarm states she needs two years as controlled an A1C of 7.5. My child has been newly diagnosed going on two years and dealing with hormones etc. My 15 yr old had a TenPay and Statefarm termed the policy for a $51.00 interest in Dec 2015, not a surrendered policy.

We have nothing nor knew about the cancellation, as a parent I know the risk of a policy for a child with diabetes. I asked the agent if any certified letter was sent with such an important policy about to be canceled. Statefarm agent stated they don't send certified letters on a policy for terminating a Paid Insurance Policy. Now Statefarm wants your business and will meet you anytime, anywhere to write a policy and collect money but not when you are about to lose a $10,000 dollar policy that was Paid up, rates will never change. I feel that Statefarm, my agent was not in the best interest for my family, my children, and our future.

My experience with my life insurance company was very pleasant and informative. The agent I dealt with showed genuine concern and made me feel as though she really cared. She ask me what I wanted to get off a policy and what exactly was I looking for. She also gave me some information that I knew nothing about. That helped me greatly to pick the right policy and terms to make sure my family would be taken care of and have nothing to worry about when the time comes. I was more than satisfied.

I have had this insurance for a couple decades. No problems with them. Worked with us to handle late premium dates as not to let our policy lapse. Have needed to make only one actual claim in these many years, and we had no issues of any kind.

State Farm has truly been there for me and my family. Our local agent has helped us when better than any stranger would over the internet or the phone, and we've used those in the past - they were terrible. Our local State Farm office has great customer service and they, too, along with our agent, are kind and considerate. Once thing I appreciate about our agent is that he doesn't try to force you to take insurance you don't need. He's always been straightforward with us and we trust him.

I just enrolled in my Insurance company for life Insurance. It was a easy process and the rates are fantastic. I received my policy in less than a week, and the questions asked were easy.

I am happy with it. The experience was simple and quick. After that I haven't really had to think anything else about it. Simple. There was no pressure. Just picked the amount that you wanted and sign on the dotted line.

I haven't had to deal with them yet on a claim. When my mom passed away her insurance which is the same as mine paid off in a quick and timely manner.

I have had a life insurance policy with my company since I was a young girl and my mother had a insurance man come to our home and she bought a policy. That was over 40 yrs. ago and it might be surprising to some that an insurance company is still in business. My policy was only for 5,000 and I am not sure if you can even get a policy this low today. I would give my company a very good rating for being consistent.

Very fulfilling, feel very secure with them in my corner. Never any pushing or trying to convince me to buy anything. Give me all the information I need to be covered and let me make my own decisions.

No big deal. It is what it is. I do what I have to do to be covered. I have had it for quite a while now. The person that wrote me up lives out of town. I had never heard of them until she sold me a small policy.

Been using for years and our local rep is helpful. We have 9 policies with this rep and he is very helpful and reviews our coverage from time to time to ensure we are getting the best rates possible.

Great service and positive response. Rates are competitive, and coverages are fairly priced. The response to a claim was handled in a quick and efficient manner.

My stepfather had State Farm Life Insurance. When he passed they were so easy to work with. All I had to do was bring in his death certificate and they cut me the check right then and there. I use them a lot for other insurance policies and they are my first choice.

I am very pleased with State farm for car insurance. They were very helpful in finding which insurance and how much was needed. We make monthly payments, as we have 5 cars between the 4 of us. By the time everything was figured we found out that we could get the same amount of car insurance as we had been paying and add the house insurance and pay about what we had been paying for just car insurance. My daughter had an accident and they settled the insurance quickly and fairly. Our agent checks on us frequently, but not too frequently to make sure that everything is going smoothly. It is easy to contact our agent if we have any questions and he is always helpful. At the risk of sounding like a commercial, we estimate that we save about $900 a year. I would recommend State Farm to anyone.

Always excellent service. My agent is always on top of what I need. I can update/change as needed, including beneficiaries. Great value. A reputable company with a long history in insurance.

I'm happy with my life insurance company. It is given to me through my work and in the case I pass then my child is named as the person that will take care of my needs.

Always been real helpful, never really had a problem. I do feel rates keep going up monthly. Possible need to search around. Otherwise happy w/ State Farm.

It's fine. I have no complaints. I get regular communication from them and get reports and updates periodically. I also get requests to vote on board member which I feel is not important so I ignore them. Other than that I do not have a heck of a lot to say other than it's hard to type one hundred and fifty words about something which could be summed up in many fewer words. I hear and see tv ads for many other companies such as Geico, Progressive, The Hartford. I like the Geico Gecko, the Hartford's deer symbol and Flo in the Progressive ads but in being satisfied with my present company, I could see absolutely no reason to change companies, even the ads are very good.

State Farm is an insurance I have had for a couple of decades. They have never been a problem, actually helping us when we couldn't pay our premiums on time. We only had one real claim in that time and had no issues negative.

Went to State Farm agent Rick ** who seemed like a good guy to get insurance with even though I've had issues with this "company" before. Went for a quote on Jan. 19, 2017. Was told, I would hear from him tomorrow. Meaning the 20th of Jan. NEVER heard anything from Rick. I even checked my voicemail numerous times. Last time, 15 min. ago. Just like State Farm. Do yourself a FAVOR, go ELSEWHERE for insurance. NOT State Farm!!!

State Farm has been a great company to work with. They were very helpful in explaining the different types of insurance offered and recommending the type that they felt would work best for my family and within our budget. Any time I've had a question or concerns regarding our life insurance, they have been able to answer and alleviate my concerns. I would definitely recommend State Farm to anyone looking for coverage.

Good company and thankfully I have had the opportunity to use it yet and hope not to anytime soon! The premiums are very reasonable and have never increased in 30 years.

I have not had any problems with auto or life insurance. Haven't had to file a claim with neither and cost are reasonable. I do not have any plans to change.

We used State Farm auto insurance in Colorado and LOVED our local rep. He was such a good guy. We had a tree limb fall on our car and he came to our home and we received a check within 3 days. We have since moved to OK and still have State Farm. We have not received the same stellar customer service, but stayed anyway.

Get it through work. Inexpensive. Haven't needed it yet. I don't have to deal with them. Just pay a cheap price for the amount of coverage I need. It's a good well-known company that I feel has the financial security to be around when I need them.

I have life insurance through my union. It is a 10,000 dollar policy. I have this so there will be money for my life end's means and not to impose any problems on my loved ones.

Have been with State Farm for over 10 years. Our agent is professional, personable, and caring. We have only had to make one claim over the years and when we did, it went so smoothly. It was a stress-free and easy transaction. We had a check and had in 48 hours. Our rates did not go up after this claim. In fact, our agent really looks out for us and is always trying to save us money and give us the best deal she can. I would definitely recommend this company to others.

State Farm has been instrumental in all aspects of my policies. No question or explanation is too great for a nice and bona fide answer. Keeps me inform of all and any updates that may affect me. Truly a strong and loyal company. Will definitely recommend to anyone in need of insurance.

My life insurance is a whole life policy with State Farm. I have not had any problems or complications or involvement with the company concerning the insurance. It's difficult for me to happy or unhappy with the company. The cost of the insurance is about average. The monthly cost adds up to approximately $1.00 for each year of my life.

I have life insurance through my work. I also have a small supplemental policy through State Farm. It is affordable and reasonable.

I have no problem with the company in general and I feel as if my policy is adequate for my needs. The branch staff though leave me wanting. I've had experience with two different branches in two different cities. Both times I've found the branch staff to be less helpful than they could be. Simple questions seem to throw them for a loop. And answers take a long time to come, I guess because everything needs to be cleared with the main office.

My insurance company makes my policies easy to understand. Their rates are competitive and the agents are very friendly and knowledgeable. I have been with this company for 10 years.

They are there to answer questions and guide you; however we never really know if it's a good deal or how it will work out in the end. It seems like you're getting a good deal, but you wonder if it's just how they're spinning it or if you should really be doing it another way such as Term Life instead of Whole Life etc.

They are priced right and have excellent customer service. We have never had a claim before. Not sure how well they will handle a claim. They are local to where we live and hear from them on a regular basis. They are trying to sell us other services, life insurance, retirement products.

It was easy to setup my policy and I have had no issues with it all. The prices is competitive, too, compared to other plans I have looked at. I have been happy with my insurance company for many years.

They have been great with the process of getting the insurance and any changes we have made with payments or insurance amounts and term times. We carry all of our policies through State Farm and even when we moved out of state I continue to keep our life insurance policies with the original office because they have always been so wonderful to us.

They helped me choose the coverage that was right for my family. They walked me through step by step so I was confident in my decisions. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family for their own coverage needs.

My insurance agent took the time to explain all of my options and all of their policies in detail. He helped me compare their rates to other companies before I made my final decision. I appreciated his attention to detail and his patience with me and my family.

Good insurance and kind of cheap. They keep you good. They call their customer and see everything is ok or they will come to your house. They get thing done right away. You can go into their office anytime you want to get thing right.

I have had great experience with the company. Their Flexible Policy options are great with several options! They also have wonderful online tools for quick quotes & several articles to educate their customers on policies. They may not be the cheapest company but personally I'd rather have more options & a wonderful payout history. I would recommend them to anyone.

State Farm has been my insurance company for 25 years. We had many accidents before our premium was increased. They are easy to contact and work with you.

I have had Life Insurance for the past 30 years together with my spouse and have had individual life insurance policies for each of our 3 children, whom are all grown. My father was an insurance agent with State Farm and started my spouse up as soon as we were married and when the grandkids were born, he purchased them each a policy. Later on in life, we borrowed on the kids policies and then let them run out. They were given the choice to take over the premium payments when old enough, but the 2 older ones refused and took out insurance with their companies they worked for. When my spouse lost his job and was waiting on his disability to start, we almost lost our house, so we borrowed on our policies, then making the payout less and now it is less than we originally purchased. State Farm was very helpful and explained our options. We are grateful that we had life insurance.

Keeps me informed of changes or important items, but does not bother me all the time. Meets with me at my convenience. Has time to take my phone calls, but is not intrusive. I can communicate by email.

I have used this insurance company for 30 plus years. Customer service is absolutely the best. Have had other insurance companies in the past that you couldn't get answers from or didn't return calls. Will stay with this company.

They have been very helpful and proactive with anything that I have needed. The customer service they have provided is very good. They respond to any questions within 24 hours which is ok with me.

Experience with this insurance has been great service. The service has proved to have what I be somewhat to be satisfactory. I would recommend this life to anyone. No complaints with the life insurance. Service starts on the first day of issuance. Can borrow from it when there is some equity.

I have been with State Farm Insurance for sixty years. I am pleased that I haven't had many occasions to need their assistance; but when it has been necessary they have helped me without question... and quickly.

Our life insurance is with New York life. Our experience with them has not been good. They have been confusing, pushy and deceitful. We are currently looking for a new life insurance company to switch to. Having life insurance should not be a financial burden or confusing and we believe there are life insurance policies that do and can provide a sense of security without it costing us a fortune or confusing us into choosing a package that is not needed for our situation.

I communicate through my State Farm agent. He helped me pick out my current program. I receive the bill from State Farm and pay it semi-annually. If I have concerns about my policy I would contact my local State Farm agent. He is a good guy and easy to talk with.

My life insurance is thru my school's union company. You need to belong to this union in order to qualify for this low-cost life insurance they offer us.

The representatives are always friendly and very helpful. Answers my questions and explains all that is needed. I have a multi car policy and they make sure we get all discounts available.

I am very pleased with State Farm & have been for over 10 years. The overall experience with my agent as well as his staff has been very outstanding! There hasn't been one time that I have called or made a visit to the office that I haven't been satisfied. They make sure that everything that I may inquire about is answered within the company. I feel like family with my agent and his staff. I have never had any disappointments with any claims on either one of my cars and all claims have been dealt with a quick response. I will recommend anyone to State Farm!

I have not really had any experience with them. They take money out of my check in a cafeteria plan and that is it. I do love the cafeteria plan because they take out all my insurance and 401k before they pull out taxes. So it works out pretty good and I am not left short changed.

State Farm is just like their commercials communicate. Like a good neighbor State Farm is there. I find this a true statement especially if I need their help. Always good results. Very good company that puts the customer FIRST!!!

I have been with State Farm just under a year. I met with an agent personally rather than just signing up online. I also have my Renter's Insurance with them. Their prices are competitive. I know friends that have been with them for years and have been very satisfied. I have had no claims with them.

The insurance plans are easy to understand and I like the representatives. They establish a trust with their clients and they are easy to reach. All insurance me and my family has is through State Farm, life, auto, renters, etc and they have never given us a reason to look elsewhere. I feel comfortable recommending them to friends and other family members.

State Farm has helped us get through some difficult times by suspending vehicles we didn't need at the moment or repairing broken windshields easily. The only downside is we think they are a bit expensive, but I guess you get what you pay for in quality.

My life insurance company benefits are affiliated with my former employer. Premiums are included in monthly deductions with my health insurance (secondary payor). So far I haven't yet had any direct interaction with life insurance since. Thankfully, I haven't had occasion to make a claim.

I have had my life insurance with Farmers for over 20 years and have been very pleased with what they have given me as an insured since I have been with them. They have not raised my premium so high that I could not handle them. I also have had State Farm in the past. I was very pleased with my agent at the time and he was a good friend until he quit writing for State Farm, at that time I changed over to Farmers and I have been very glad I did.

It is a little expensive. I love their customer service, but again the price is a little high. It would be great if they would do an average for all the people they have covered, but they don't.

I like my life insurance because I have it rolled up with my auto and renters. I can change it whenever I like. I have a lot of coverage for a good monthly rate.

I have had my insurance with State Farm over 22 years. They are terrific. I have cas, homeowners ride policy and they get back to me. They help me with everything.

Been with them a long times. Do not wish to change. My agent is always there to help my family to do all they can for me. I have been through some tough times in the past few years and they have done everything to keep me as a client. I would highly recommend State Farm as a very good company to deal with. Anyone who ask me about my insurance I would give them my agent's phone number and tell them to give them a call. My whole family uses them for their needs.

Just started with this company 2 months ago. Changed because of the cost and I am saving about $1000.00/year. The office is local and if needed can stop in or make an appointment.

I have had it since I was a teenager and it is a term life insurance. Therefore, it is inexpensive and I make money every year and it goes towards the policy. Most of the time it makes more than the coast of the yearly premium.

This is the best insurance company ever. They are there when I need them, have reasonable rates, and treat me well when I need them. They handle everything accurately and professionally, and kindly. Awesome people!

I have not had any issues with our life insurance company. A dear church friend works for one of the companies and through her she came to our house, set up our questionnaire, did our urine samples and made everything very pleasant.

Agent is the best. I have had State Farm Ins for over 20 years. 2 claims on the company. They were very nice and paid both claims. They have the lowest rates of all the big companies.

I still have Life insurance through a group plan which I always maintained after being retired for 7 years. It's a level term policy which is what I always wanted with no other companies in my portfolio. I am well beyond qualification anyway because of my age and some medical conditions. It's plenty for me and my wife.

I've been with State Farm for over 40 years. During this time, the service that I have received has been above average. The response time for a claim is excellent; the customer service is exemplary. Their offerings for me satisfies my needs for home, auto and life insurance.

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