Sun Life Financial Disability Insurance (formerly Assurant) Reviews

Sun Life Financial Disability Insurance (formerly Assurant)
Sun Life Financial Disability Insurance (formerly Assurant)

Sun Life Financial Disability Insurance (formerly Assurant) Online Insurance Reviews

Got tossed around like a ball talking to different associates all the time, and each one tells you something different. They are absolutely horrible with paperwork and either didn't send medical forms at all or sent them to the wrong doctor. I waited an enormous amount of time getting approved and eventually getting a check. I feel bad for any single person that would have to wait that long to feed their kids! I was sick, the absolute worst time of my life and Sun Life made it that much worse.

I purchased an insurance policy from them in early May towards the end of May. I needed to file a claim when my adjuster ** contacted me. He was rude and condescending and made his decision before phone ever hung up. At the time I bought my policy I disclose that I have had a previous claim with the different insurance company. I had another one I did not remember. Some years back, I had a brain aneurysm and a stroke and I was paralyzed for seven months and I have been on permanent disability since then. I even have someone else help take care of me because I forget to take my medications on a daily basis. I am currently a single mother trying to support a son on a very small disability income. In my time of most need they were nowhere to be found and hung me out to dry. I had some very basic necessities taken. I had one pair of underwear to use. My son’s contacts were taken.

They took our everyday things out of our car along with some other items. ** didn't seem to give a rat’s **, he sent it to underwriting and said my policy was canceled. I filed a complaint with GEICO whom I bought the policy through as well as the insurance commissioner for the state of Washington for several days I could not get a return phone call. This past Tuesday I received the news that not only were they not going to process the claim they were going to deny the insurance policy altogether.

I did not lie or withhold information at all. I apologize my memory is not what it used to be. However I did not choose to have a brain aneurysm and a stroke and I assure you I did not choose to be paralyzed for several months or live on disability. I am astonished that this is allowed to happen in this day and age. I sincerely hope that they take a look at this and help me if there's any way possible. I do not want to have to hire an attorney but I will. I also tried to reach his manager **. I placed 9 phone calls and not one was returned.

Was supposed to get 8 weeks for a C-section birth, but Assurant decided I had an "easy" job so they only approved me for 6 weeks (after the fact, of course). Then they have a 2 week wait period that they do not reimburse for. I paid months and months of premiums to only get reimbursed for 4 weeks rather than the 8 weeks I was led to believe I would get and that I financially prepared for. They left me in a financial mess.

My husband is very ill. He has Neurocognitive deficits and memory problems. He can longer do the high stress job of an Interventional Radiology Technologist. He did this for 30 years. They approved his claim for disability. But it is only 7 months after the initial review and they are doing another. The started the day after Thanksgiving ending on 12/26/2018. Holiday time real nice time for a review, NOT. This review was a nightmare.

They harassed us and his providers. They received the records requested from all providers within 2 weeks of requesting them. But they kept calling, writing threatening letters, to us and the providers saying they did not have the records when it was already proved that they did. Threatening to cut my Husband off because they did not have the records when they actually did. When the Sun Life rep called on the 6th anniversary of my son’s death to harass me about records she already had, she actually laughed about the death of my son. These people are not human. His providers have expressed to me they felt harassed by them.

They deal with many disability companies and said they have never been treated this way. Also, my husband was approved for SSDI on the first time and got a big check at the beginning of December. Most people have to appeal. It was because I worked my butt off to get this. This allowed Sun Life to get a big reimbursement check thanks to my hard work. You think they might thank me for this. No...just more harassment. Now they only have to pay my husband a little over 500 dollars a month, the rest now comes from SSDI. So why all the harassment SUN LIFE??? Over 500 dollars a month. You are despicable people.

I have a consult with a Disability Lawyer. We will discuss the recent harassment and the unnecessary stress they put on us at Christmas no less. The lawyer will act as a buffer. Write them a stern letter about consequences to them if they continue with the harassment. Heck maybe we will sue. They truly caused us mental, emotional, pain and suffering. My advice to others don’t let them run all over you. Tell them that harassing you is not acceptable and has legal ramifications.

Just as everyone else mentioned, I been asking for my $175.00 refund for over two months. Spoke to supervisor who offered to follow this until I received my refund. Still waiting and still having to call. I will cancel insurance and hope for the best. Unbelievable what these Companies get away with nowadays. This is theft in my opinion.

Assurant is so overwhelmed with taking in new business that they cannot effectively handle the customer load at all. You can spend hours and hours and days and days trying to get basic customer service but it has proven to be an impossible task.

I will not pay a disability claim that I purchased to protect a small loan. American Bankers paid for a few months, then advised the loan owners that my disability is preexisting. How could they pay for a short period and then determine that my illness is preexisting? Please reach out and advise via email. I have seen no good review on this company and will not stop until I get a resolution or payment. I am still paying the premiums for disability insurance that are included in this loan. I would like to know if there is a class action lawsuit on this company? What is my next move on this? Can you advise me in any way? Thank you for your consideration. The American Bankers Assurant company is the sister company with the company that I work for. Weird.

After the birth of my daughter I was disabled for a while. I attempted to activate my insurance that I had been paying for and they kept turning me down. My physician had even filled out all the required paperwork and yet I was still turned down. I wish I would have never purchased this scam. Because that is all it is, is a scam. Do not waste any money on this company, they will never do what they say they would when you first sign up!

Off work eff. 07/14 opened LTD disability claim in 12/15. Provided all medical records, workers compensation letter with latest updates. Now they want me to sign an affiliate to forfeit all my future benefits from my physical injury claim (loss of use of my body functions) for them to pay w/ cash benefits started effective 1/19/15 after surgery.

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