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Superior Access Insurance Services, Inc. Online Insurance Reviews

I just signed up with you guys two weeks ago and I submit at least 10 account out of the 10 account I was be able to receive only 1 quote. Very disappointed.
Service is hit or miss. Sometimes I get really quick responses and at other times not so much. I will most likely look at moving my business elsewhere.
I submit several quotes and it take several days to a week before I heard back from them. The premium for homeowner policy is twice more than other carriers in my local area. I lose a lot of clients due to this slow quoting process and high premium from carriers they offer.
I understand the manpower behind to do the quotes. But at the same times, there should not be any membership.
I have had situations where we were given firm quotes only to have them pulled as they were not rated correctly. This is after presenting them to clients. Not a good situation.
I called to ask a question regarding the jewelry coverage on a homeowners quote and the underwriter cursed at me and let me know she was way to busy to have to answer the question. The worst service I have ever come across in a company.
A Professional, Timely, Personable and Courteous organization to do business with. Highly recommended.
the quoting part is easy I just think that a day later or more than 3 hours to respond to a quote is long and sometimes we tend to lose a customer due to the delay if response was faster maybe the productivity would be easier and faster
We feel like the underwriters/agents at S.A. don't take the time to go that extra step.
Service is pretty good, however some underwriters need more training.
You should list all exclusions or requirements before submit an application. I spend lots of time to fill out many applications and answer all requirement you have requested then you did not offer it because of this or that. Why waste our times since you don't have the coverage for it. I have requested the company to cancel the membership.
The training has been good, now I should put in into practice to see how it works. It would have been better if commercial Lines could be explained more in details since it is more complicated. It is an organized and well arranged system. The questions are fully responded.
Basically, I would send lot more business to Superior, if I had a better support. By support, I mean a beter understanding of underwriting and Sales support.
I was originally told that there would be over 120 lines of business with almost 0 rejections. I have had problems with the commercial side and since had 2 rejections for no company placement. Not to mention, a long turn around time for notification.
I have been a member for the past 6 months. Let me tell you that I have not been able to sell 1 auto policy because the rates I get with them are soooo high that no one in their right mind would buy the coverage. 2. They NEVER pay commission on time and you will be lucky to get it after a month or two AFTER you call and inquire as to why you have not received payment. Excuse 1. We don't see your agency name as the Broker of this account 2. We have not collected payment yet (after 90 days) 3. We don't show this policy in the system (oh we updated our system and it has glitches). Then try uploading files into their system. It won't accept anything over 10mb... You need to scan every 2-3 pages until the whole application is uploaded. And oh, ALWAYS check the EOI because they have bound policies with wrong effective dates (after putting you on hold for 45 minutes) they say they don't know what went wrong!!! In short... don't waste your money or time. Oh, incidentally, some of the carriers they boast about having are for their IN-HOUSE agents... for instance, you can't get an auto Progressive quote... With respect to the other auto carriers, they have to be monoline or carry high limits. If you ask me... don't waste your time with these people.
The only thing that bother me the most is the turnaround time. I can't use superior access for any of my escrow accounts. That is my main business. Escrow company demands last minute policies with quick turnaround.
I am a very new appointee with Superior Access & I don't know how competitive their carriers are going to be in my area. This is a fairly major concern of mine. They have some major nation-wide companies but in my experience some of the regional companies can sometimes do a better job than a national carrier. I just wonder if it is possible for them to look out at individual states & possibly find some more competitive situations for agents in various states. I know this is a leap but if possible, it could be great for all of us. Thanks for the chance to express our feelings.
I have a client. Personal lines and clue came back and client was rejected. Look at the report and see if it's correct before you loose a $10,000.00 a year P/L client. Two very important duplicates. Put client with another carrier. Now that's a shame.
I have had nothing but good experiences so far with superior access. The only difficulty I'm having, if you would consider it a difficulty is getting carriers for general contractors
If I could rate it 0 stars I would. The service they provide is horrible and they can't get service requests right after multiple attempts. They screw up policies at binding and make every excuse why it's the carriers fault. They will create more aggravation and grief for you than it's worth.
I had poor responses to my las two binds and a payment request receipt and have had to call at 24 hours after posting to the dash board. SAIS needs to live up to it's service commintment and stop cutting commissions.
So far, the premiums have not been competitive
Please be advise that this company has a great systems ,however need to get contract with more carriers in New York per example (Interboro ,Kingstone,TSI, Etc....
Great except very limited on companies to write through for NM. Rates are comparable but not competitive. Response time through email takes awhile.
It would be a LOT easier if there was a published guide to help agents navigate the quoting process better. That way we wouldn't have to call in whenever we have a question or problem.
I resent having to pay $110/month to SAIS when I have to do most of the work. Pyaing over $1200 a year is ridiculous. I would move my entire book of business if could do so. When I call SAIS, I do not get immediate results and I usually have to wait a day or two for a call back. In addition, here in California, I work past 5:00p. They seem to close at 4:00p because they're in another state. NOT ACCEPTABLE. I often can't even get through to a person when I call. For $110/month, I expect SUPERIOR customer service. I get poor to mediocre customer service. I would write a ton more business with SAIS if their customer service was like Verizon. Now they know customer service. I have been working with SAIS since the early 1990's, when they were known as AXA. Customer Service was excellent back in those days. Now it really bites. If I treated my clients the way you treat yours, I'd be out of business. Either charge me less (like nothing) or take lessons for those corporations that are successful with their customer experience.
The positive and helpful attitudes among the employees helps mitigate the effects of mistakes that are embarrassing and pretty frequent. Some of this is unavoidable through the MGA system of writing business - many hands are involved with the writing of a case. But glitches in the underwriting processes have causing embarrassing mistakes in premiums mis-quoted, bank-accounts double-drafted for initial premiums, policies being cancelled without the agents knowledge, etc. Also a better system for managing client data (personal info) would help make SA the only provider for independent agents. I think the new website is a step in that direction.
The commission levels are lower than other GA's and service level is average at best
Blake from superior access just called me 5 times in a row from different numbers to get me to re sign for superior access. Shows you how professional they are when I haven't used their service in at least 5 years.
I am age 70 and can be tech challenged at times. Sometimes when I try to get help from SAIS, I am being told to go to the Dashboard and navigating through that can be tedious at times. I am most familiar with the Personal Lines ratings, etc, but I need help with the Commercial Lines. Recently, I tried to get help with the rating for a new business and was told to go thru the Dashboard. Perhaps, someone can help me with this case for a New Solar Panel Cleaning business where the sole owner/worker and operator is age 68. He is presently and has been working with the city for over 25 years, as an inspector for this type of industry. He would like to get a quote for a Commercial General Liability Policy . The Business Name is SPOTLESS SOLAR CLEANING at 1301 Grovehill Dr, Riverside CA 92507. His Licanse # is 7230195. Can you rush me a quote with the necessary application forms , etc, for this case. Thank You, I. Michael D'Aguiar, SAIS Agt DAGI1.
We have been working with SAIS for about 4 years now and the service has not been exceptional. We have had a lot of trouble with the UW's not quoting exactly what we ask and not having enough knowledge with the carriers. One example just recently, I asked for a Landlord Hartford quote and there were coverages missing. When I asked the UW to get me a full quote they said they could not list the them bc it was a manual one. I had to call the carrier direct to get this info. Also the UW would not quote higher limits and said they were not able to. But Hartford was able to do so. We would appreciate faster more accurate Superior Service. Thank you, Bill Terry Insurance Agency
I have been with SAIS over 3 years now. Lately, I have noticed Personal Line firm quoting time is VERY SLOW. Last week, it took 3 business days, and I lost the client. (Submitted on Sunday, got a firm quote on Wednesday after called SAIS) Most recent case is that I submitted RENEWAL dec. page on auto with a firm quote request. After 2 business days, the answer from SAIS was that there is no proof of prior coverage. I do not know what is better proof than RENEWAL dec. page to proof prior coverage except LOE which takes at least a few days. SAIS UW said that the dec. page is showing future dates and can not be used as prior coverage proof. Of course it shows the future date.. that is why it's called RENEWAL dec. page. SAIS did great job for me and hate to break away from SAIS, but I may have to if SAIS is not keeping up. SAIS commercial line is OK still, FYI.
So Far I am pleased with your service and would make one comment, that you get a few more choices to buy leads from as I have not had a lot of success with All Web Leads. I am signed up with them for the extra discount, but not happy with their leads. Progressive is listed, as captive only, and wondering exactly how one can get access to quoting with them. Also wondering about some of the other companies out there, like 21 Century, AAA, AIG companies. I use to be captive with Metlife and they were sure more competitive. They are not now. Thanks for your service, Janet
Site is buggy, unable to run quotes easily. Can you close our account? No one called us and we get stuck on hold when we try to call you.
I have been in the Insurance Business since 1979 and I can honestly say the Team at Superior Access is second to none.
Love having the options to write business outside my current carrier. I know that our underwriters with Superior Access can see info such as DL number, ect when we either can't get the wife DL or what ever. Just wish that the could fill in the blanks when we are missing some of the info. Also wish that we could update our customer data base.
alwaye there to answer my call. Dashboard is user friendly... Easy to provide quotes
I would never recommend you even considering doing business with this company. Support is weak, very inexperience staff and you will have to work twice as hard trying to keep the new business due to Superior Acess multiple screw ups on a per polcy basis. Not worth the fees and thier carriers premiums is much higher than if you quoted yourself with the same carrier.