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The General Auto Insurance Online Insurance Reviews

It is really nice working with the people at The General. The people there are very nice and easy to work with. They make it feel personal instead of dealing with automated machines all of the time. They are very outgoing and we had proof of insurance immediately. We have 2 vehicles and a motorcycle insured through them. It has an affordable rate and I can chose my due date. They worked very well with us even with previous traffic violations on our records.

However, I do not like the annoying phone calls that my husband and I receive constantly if we are a little late on our payments. I could understand at least one reminder but after that it becomes really irritating and affects our daily lives. Especially when they continuously contact my husband at his work and I have three children that take up my time so I cannot keep running to my phone every time it rings. But even with the annoying reminders I still give their business a 10 out of 10.

I was with them for a few years when I’d heard of a LA passed that stated rates would lower for those people driving fewer miles. When I asked they said doesn’t apply. This year with basic aoto my rates went from 59.69 to 104.29 for the same with no changes on my part. It’s a bogus law he quoted me when confronted. I now gave better coverage for 42 a month. They are a rip off.

After nearly 2 years of paying premiums, I was in auto accident. No fault, ice on roadway. There was about $8100 of damage to my 2011 KIA. Car is well worth repairing. The General continually tries to only pay $4500. The Adjuster turned in quote for 8100, but they keep saying only paying 4500. The accident was 12/26/2015. Today is 1/13/16 they only pay 20 a day for car rental, so I am paying 7 $7.+ a day because the rental place doesn't have a car that cheap. Think twice and go somewhere else before you sign on the line with The General.

It's very affordable and I love how easy it is to adjust the policy or add a car or person. Paying is also a joy, fast and easy online. I love the digital insurance card I have on my phone or can pull up anywhere. Makes it hard to forget proof of insurance. However, I'd make the web page pop more because it seem rather dull. I'd also make it a tiny bit easier to reset a forgotten password and work some kinks out of the text notices on bills. I don't like that I sometimes don't get them until I have lapsed. Overall it was pretty simple to go online, get a quote with my cars and personal record taken into factor. Me and my husband are on the same policy.

I really enjoy using the General insurance. I have been with them a long time and wouldn't think of switching at this time unless something very different came about. It covers all my needs. It's also cost-effective and allows me online access to my insurance card very easily. However, I do wish for something new that would set insurances apart since they all seem to have very basic needs and I find them to be less competitive when it comes to renewals. Also I do wish that there would be a better website for claims for roadside assistance because I do have the coverage but it's so poor that I also have AAA and wait time on claims and using roadside assistance especially during a holiday.

I like that you can go on one website and get a quote from multiple companies. It was very simple just answering some online questions and a quick chat with an agent but what I do not like is the fact when you put in your information you get spammed by so many companies that it is aggravating. I will not go with a company who calls me without my permission.

I subscribed to a policy on the website, which was not approved because of some reason about other people that may drive my vehicle. I am the only person that drives my car. I spent two hours on the phone with a representative explaining how I just wanted coverage for me. I thought everything was good. They cancelled my policy because apparently no one that works there is capable of understanding that I am the only driver of the vehicle. This is a phone call that should take approximately 2 minutes, but since it is impossible to get a person to understand something this simple, they decided to just cancel me. I had no idea that it could be difficult to say I was the only one driving this car. It should not take 4-5 hours of my time to speak to a person and explain this.

Unfortunately, cheap auto insurance apparently involves hiring employees that don't seem to have any education, care, or any form of intelligence at all. I have not been given any citations, and there is no reason for them to think that someone else is driving my vehicle. How can a company be so inept, is beyond me. Then again, I probably should have known because they apparently use interns and recent 3d grads to make their advertisements. The General, I would like someone to contact me that has just enough sense for me to tell you again that I am the only driver of this car. What is so difficult? You realize by hiring idiots, just because it saves you $2 an hour, doesn't economically make sense, when it takes 2 hours to have someone understand this. I am the ONLY driver of my car. You have people working for you that seem to fail at understanding 8 words.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, even out of desperation. It is absurd that somehow these people have found a way to be worse than Comcast. Is there some contest going on, that I am not aware of? I can't even imagine what it would be like to try to file a claim with them. I can almost guarantee that they would fight tooth and nail, to ensure you are screwed as much as possible. If someone from The General reads this. I am the ONLY person that drives my car. I can't dumb that down a single bit further. If my policy is cancelled, I would like all of my money back. They seem to be competent taking payments, but that is about it.

Use this company only if you require a piece of paper that prevents you from being arrested because you lack insurance. I would also recommend you start praying you never get into an accident or someone else hits you. This is the payday and title loan company of the insurance world. You aren't paying for anything aside from the insurance that you could show police a printed piece of paper insuring you don't go to jail. Thanks The General.

First off, I got rear-ended while at a stop light. The person who hit me was a insured person of General Auto Insurance. My truck don't look all that bad considering, but underneath it has a cracked and a bent frame now, got a vibration to it, and something bent popped my tire from rubbing on it, and to top it off, my seat belt does not function right now (worked fine previously). When I reported this, was told I would be placed on hold while they got me a claim number, then hung up on me, made a second attempt, same thing happened again, but not till the person on the other end IN THE CLAIMS DEPT told me "not sure why they transferred you to me, I'm claims", "click", hung up, wow, I thought.

So I called my insurance company, who did a courtesy call to the General Insurance company. A hour later they called back and said they got to the point to get a claim number, then just never got back on the phone, lol. So I tried again today, and finally got to the point to get the claim number, adjuster's name, even got her on the phone. After taking a report, she let me know that there was no record of me or anyone else making a claim or a call, lol, flat out LIES!! After all said and done she said a adjuster would be with me shortly, so I said I needed a rental car, then her tone changed, not sure if it was on their insurance for me to get one, told her it doesn't matter. I had a safe driving vehicle until he hit me, and then said, "We have to investigate this first". REALLY!! What's there to investigate, your driver rear-ended me!

This is one of the cheapest auto insurance carriers which is nice being a college student. We all know when a car accident happens, it affects your life in one way or another. This company makes life 10 times more stressful. It's been well over a month and I'm still waiting for funds for my car to be fixed. They are not your friends. They treat us customers like criminals and do whatever they can to give you the least possible. Whatever you tell them is considered a load of crap. In short, save yourself the headache. Go with any other insurance company, pay the extra $50 or $60 downpayment and never deal with these crooks.

I was rear ended by a woman carrying this insurance. I was sitting at a stop light at the time, and the accident was clearly her fault. Despite having a police report, this company refuses to help me. They determined I had no loss from the accident. I have a damaged bumper and two very expensive car seats that need to be replaced! How is that no loss? I am contacting an attorney to help decide what to do next.

I was looking for insurance because I bought a new car. So I called the General and the first time I called they told me $148.00 on the 1st Car I was going to buy. So I paid it. Well 2 days later I changed mind and return that car for lots of reasons. So on the 2nd car I called to have them transfer the insurance onto the new car. They told me they overcharged me so my next month's payment would only be $78.00.

So now they are adding my new car on and they ask me If there is any other drivers in the house. I said "Yes my daughter but she has her own car and own insurance" and they are telling me Wisconsin passed a law saying anyone living in the house has to be added to my insurance. While I have check this out with the police, the court house, several lawyer and no such law has been passed. I am so pissed off right now. I am on disability. I only get 1,172.00 a month and one of the things I hate the most in life is liars. So for all the people out there Don't trust this company.

The General had the most affordable policy I found and purchasing was very simple. The processing to set up a policy was explained well for each question asked. My policy was confirmed and I was able to print a proof of insurance after completing my purchase. The price for coverage was within my range. No hidden fees or extra requirements were ever thrown at me while my policy was in effect. Anytime I had a question or issue my emails were answer quickly and always thorough. However, everything is online or over the phone. I would rather know that if there was any problems that needed attention right away I could go to a local office and speak to someone face to face and they don't have that option in Colorado.

After looking and comparing auto insurances, I decided that I want to be with The General Auto Insurance because of the good price. It was convincing and appealing! Then I like the customer service, which is friendly, nice, open, and helpful. We get a discount and we are appreciated as customer as well.

They are always there to answer any questions. I can pay by check, online or by phone. Never have I had a accident, so I do not know how fast they process a claim & I hope do not have to find out.

I have The General Auto Insurance as of current and back in November I hit a deer. So I make a claim and everything is good. Joe ** (the adjuster) calls me back and they send a check for 3 thousand something dollars which is two thousand cheaper than the car shop's quote. I get a call from the car shop telling me my quote had used parts on it which they do not make for my car. I have a Cadillac CTS-V. So no problem. He calls them and I call them. Joe ** didn’t call him back for two weeks and when he tried to get ahold of his supervisor he was told it’s not in his hands. So this repairman had been fighting with them for two weeks to get my car fixed.

Now I’m really ticked off. I’ve been without a car for two going on three months now and my so called adjuster has fallen off the face of the earth and won’t call back. Not only that, the places that they quoted for the “used” parts aren’t there and they don’t have used parts for my car!! So now I’ve been paying 408 dollars a month for “car insurance” that can’t seem to understand the fact that my car needs new parts. I called Mr. ** yesterday within his “work hours” which are 10 am to 5 pm (ridiculous, I know!) Pacific time and still haven’t had a callback. The general also said they will not make any payments for aftermarket parts which is the next option since no used parts, until my car is in the shop and broken down ready to be repaired, but if they do that I’ll be waiting months for my car and who knows if they’ll even pay!!

Do not get The General Auto Insurance and be blinded by their low payments which is the reason why I chose them. They are a hassle to work with. My car still isn’t fixed, still no callback. I’ve been paying 408 dollars a month for a little over 1 year and they will not work with me or my choice of shop to get my car fixed. Now I thought when you paid for services that you get said services. I will be calling today and talking to whoever I can to get this done and if not then I hope they give me back my money since they can’t fix my car and I can move on to better, real car insurance. Bottom line: don’t use The General for car insurance, they are insurance brokers who rip people off like me.

I got what seemed to be a good quote from them. After two months of paying, I got a better quote from a different company. Two days after paying a bill, I cancelled the insurance and started a policy for the better company. I thought I would get some kind of refund. Instead, they tried to sue me. The General sucks.

I went online to get my policy and it was nice, quick and easy! There were a few times I had to call and clarify some things but they were very helpful which make the process even easier. They are very friendly too. They always answer all my questions and I am never on hold for more than 5 to 10 min. The only thing I may change is the process in getting an actual person to speak with. The "press 1,3,5" can get pretty time consuming but all in all they are very great! Their prices are affordable and still gets you plenty of coverage! They even helped me with adding a second vehicle to the claim! They are amazing.

They added my brother to my policy without my consent. Colorado State auto insurance regulations state they can't do so. They rejected my refusal of consent letter after taking my payment. They say they added him because he lived with me. He never lived with me. He overnighted on Thursday night to get to school Friday morning. He had been overnighting since early December which is when he wrecked his car. Classes also ended in late December.

I provided my lease and its terms which he is not listed on. I provided our school schedule which shows class was 1 day a week for 3 hours. I provided his car info and auto insurance info which lists his living address. I wrote the removal letter denying my consent for him to be added as instructed to have him removed. I called in several times and requested he not be added and if so he be removed. I also sent in a copy of the Colorado State auto insurance regulations. I also contacted the Colorado insurance board. They still added him and insist I pay for him.

They lapsed my insurance and said the only way to reinstate it is to pay for him. They also say that's the only way to remove him. They also sent this all to collections saying I owe them. How do I owe you for something you did without my consent and against state regulations. How do I owe you for something that I provided all proof and documentation of but you rejected trying to be greedy. I will never do business with them again or tell others to. You only get 1 star because I have to. If it was up to me you would get none.

The General was easy to obtain online, it was affordable and I got an instant card for proof of insurance emailed to me every month, it was nice not having to work about whether or not I had the actual card. My overall experience with The General was great and it's the best experience I've had with an insurance company.

My son is-was insurance by the General Ins. Co. He owns a Ford pickup truck. His truck somehow rolled down our driveway (no one was in the truck) and ran into our jeep smashing in the drivers side door, rocker panel and door post causing over a $1000.00 in damage. My son call to report the damage and was told someone would call him back the next day. (Of course that did not happen) I told him to call them and find out what was going on. He talked to a lady at ext. ** at the General and while talking to her the subject of vandalism came up. He said it could have been vandalism. He was then told he was not insured for vandalism so they would not pay the damages on our Jeep. Now, so you know, no one saw or heard anything!!! Only GOD known how his truck hit our Jeep.

After spending almost 2 hours on the phone being put on hold, disconnected, so I would have to start all over again and telling the few people I got to talk to it was not Vandalisms. (The lady at ext. ** would not answer her phone nor anyone else in that department.) I was told by some lady that finally answered the phone that someone would call us the next day. They did call the next morning and told my wife that my son said it could have been vandalism so they would not pay for the damages to our Jeep. They said we could go after the owner of the truck, sue our son who has stage 4 colon cancer. I THINK NOT! Thank God it was our car that stopped his truck not a stranger's car. They would sue him for what little he has and came after my wife and I for the rest of the money. So please think before getting car or any insurance from the General Ins Co.!

Please don't get the General Auto Insurance. They don't stand behind their word. I never was covered from the start and I report a claim and had full coverage and my car wasn't fixed so I changed over to liberty and plus they overcharged me. I am one dissatisfied customer, never again..

They said I couldn't start a new policy and then wouldn't add the coverage and kept trying to get me to sign docs that weren't even what I wanted nor was it the state minimum. They refused to work with me and said they couldn't advise me. The whole time eating up the money. In the end they charged me way more than even their quote or any other company would have for now of the coverage I needed. Same coverage as I had on an owned vehicle for one that was financed. This was them finagling a way to get more money. I paid $168 for a nothing policy that was $38 originally.

Recently got full coverage with low deductible and paid $80+ approx. Their quote was $90. I paid the $168. Then they said it would be $189 month and $500 ded. Ridiculous. They caused me so much stress. They shouldn't be in business. They were rude and made a simple situation become a nightmare. Since I'm on a fixed income also I only had so many options. They were the worst I've ever dealt with. Absolutely no care for customers other than to get the money whatever it takes!!!

My vehicle was totaled by their client and I'm past 30 days waiting. I have just experience the worst customer service from claims supervisor Mr. **. They never returned calls and I've left several messages for more than 4 employees.

It was an easy online process to purchase the insurance. Everything was a quick fill in answers and they helped fill in blanks on driving history. Inexpensive, easy access on the website to make any and all changes to my policy. Policy was able to be customized and I was able to change my due date to work with my finances. However, I'm not able to dedicate where my car gets towed away to after an accident. I wish they would take home locations into account when it comes to towing locations. Also, payments take 3 or 4 days to show up on the website when checking for it.

I was hit by a driver who is insured through them on 02/03/2015. They totaled my Jeep and were cited at fault on scene by the officer. After a month of them avoiding me I filed the vehicle claim with my insurance (State Farm) and was paid within a week. Now today is 06/02/2015 and I have $16,000 in hospital bills that they still have not paid! I have given them every paper they have asked for and still nothing! Their driver was 100% at fault, they just don't want to pay. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with, they never call back, never e-mail back and if you do get them on the phone they just backpedal. Wish I could give negative stars! STAY AWAY!!!

I enjoyed my time with The General. Their prices in regards to a person who has recent accidents are excellent, and they do not treat you differently for such events. Customer service representatives are quick and courteous. However, the liability coverage has less than ideal options as far as accidents while on the plan. They should have a build your own option much like Progressive insurance company does. I did find a better rate with another company recently and decided to switch. I do however enjoy customer service representatives from the General much more than my current company.

I started my policy on December 8th and paid my start fee to initiate my policy. Then on the 27th of December I had to pay again for what I thought was going to take me through to February. That is what I was informed anyway. I paid my second premium on the 17th. I was involved in an accident on the 18th, I filed my claim. I received a letter in January that my policy would be canceled on the nineteenth of January. I was paid until February. They told me that there wouldn't be a refund for the 21 days that I had already paid for. Then the icing on the cake. In addition to not being refunded for the 21 days of coverage that I didn't receive, in February they send me a bill for almost 400 dollars after my policy was canceled by their own company. The general should be Gomer Pyle. A half wit that wants to screw you.

The General auto insurance is easy to purchase. When I first purchased my insurance it was only covering me and 1 vehicle. Then I added my husband and another vehicle through the app which is easy to use and make changes in it. I'm able to add drivers and vehicles with ease and downloadable insurance cards can be saved to my phone or printed. But auto pay doesn't work very well and I never had a payment got through when it was supposed to. It makes it really hard to keep track of my bank account. Also app updates all the time and during the update you cannot access your insurance information. But overall, I love The General. They have friendly customer service.

I had to trouble with getting insurance through The General. It was very easy and I did it right over the phone and had insurance right away that day. I like they are cheap and affordable. They gave me my policy number right away then sent me my cards in the mail. If you want cheaper insurance and over the phone customer service same day service and immediate auto insurance then go with The General. They are easy to get a hold of and help with whatever problem you need.

My story is exactly like the complaint from Andrew dated May 20, 2016. The exact same thing happened to me. Can this be real? Is this company a scam? When I read his complaint, it was like I had written it. Now I know I'm not the only person. I'm sure there are many people who are experiencing this treatment from this company. Customer service was horrible! Something has to be done. I have never been treated so poorly from an insurance company. How dare they add someone on to my policy that has nothing to do with me. I told them no one drives my car but me. This is a nightmare!

I started a policy 3 months ago. When I signed up, asked if another drivers in household would be on policy. I stated 'no' and started policy. 3 months later I get my monthly reminder that a payment is due and they add that driver that I stated would not be on policy. Then when I talk to customer service (which is a joke) they claim that they sent a letter that would add said driver if I don't respond. (I am on paperless, so why send a letter?) They ask to prove that said driver is insured (which I can prove) but I feel it was their mistake and should fix it. They are asking to pay for the time said driver was on policy, but I will not pay as it is their fault for adding said driver. I will NEVER do business with General again and if anyone does, it will be at your own risk!

Purchasing a policy was very simple at The GENERAL. I just went on online at their website, punched in my info and a matter of mins I had a quote and a policy. It was that simple and even though I had an accident they still gave me a fair and low price . The only feature I like about The General is the affordability and their willingness to give a policy to those who otherwise wouldn't be able to get. Customer service is bad and the people are not too friendly. they have taken money out of my account without telling me. My account was almost overdrawn from them taken the total price of the policy instead of the monthly payment I signed up for.

My husband got only PIP insurance so that he could borrow his mother's car while we found a new one. It was like $70/month, which is insane but we went with it. We got a car and attempted to change the policy. It increased to $272!!! A $200 increase to cover a car that we OWN? We said "no", and found that GEICO would give the exact same coverage for only $69/month. I do NOT understand why they claim to be cheap! I made an account to specifically complain about them, since their crappy TV ads (that look like a high school TV production class made) are so misleading! Don't bother!!!

Also, we forgot the password so tried to get a password reset email sent to us. We tried it literally 7 times and never received ONE email. The customer service rep (Vickie, she was actually really helpful) tried to send it to us from her end and it never came through. They basically said "we can't help you", making it extremely inconvenient and annoying to pay the bill or print cards or anything! I have no idea why the emails never came through but they didn't. Not happy with them at all. I have zero good things to say about them. The worst.

I was having my car repaired and it was going to take about a month. The repair person lent me a car. It was registered to him but the insurance was in my name. DMV never should have processed it that way yet this co. took my money and it was never insured. I drove around for almost three months with no insurance. Clause & clause was the broker. Now they have me in collections for the balance of something I never received. Stay away from both the broker and the general insurance company neither. Know what they're doing! I'm NEVER going to pay the difference, do what you have to and so will I. Tell everyone who'll listen how bad you are. I've already talked three people out of doing business with both companies.

I recently got my renewal notice from them. I was shocked. Renewal fee was through the roof. My monthly payment went up 15%. This with no claims, no accidents, and no citations. It didn't take me long to change insurers.

I went through about the same thing as another poster. I cancelled this insurance prior to renewal. I have been sent to collections now stating I never cancelled. The collections company has called me at 5:30 a.m. basically trying to extort me. Said if I don't pay then it will be put on my credit report. I finally told them to do so in order to dispute it. They are now harassing friends and family members even after giving them updated address information. If you have to force people to buy your insurance you are not worth it.

I got car insurance with The General in June 2017. In August 2017 my car was stolen in another city. I called, put in my claim and I spoke with my adjuster one time and was not able to reach her until 4 days later? During that time I had other adjusters helping me. When I finally talked to my adjuster she told me an investigator would be in touch with me to come out and talk with me. So the investigator came out two days later to my home and treated me like a criminal. On the first 48 she kept proceeding to tell me she retired from the police station in the area my car was stolen 15 years ago?? Prior to her coming to my home I was getting a lot of mail from The General that has very big bold letters about fraud and the letter was only a one sentenced letter but the bold fraud print was a few sentences.

I thought it was odd and I felt as if they were trying to say something. Anyhow when the investigator was at my home she record our convo and then it ended and she turned the recorder off when she did she said to me that she did a thorough background check on me and the people that I was involved with at the time and she told me my background had nothing really on it and she said to me "Do you want to lose everything over a few bucks???" How she got to this was because the people who helped me out as far as picking me up and taking me to the police station didn't want any parts in this so I didn't give her correct names of them. Their first names were correct but not last names. However I did give them the right phone numbers to these people. They just didn't want their name involved and I don't know why.

But the sad part is because of that she was saying we were all lying. It freaked me out so bad I just gave up and told her to cancel it out. It was an option she gave me as she was leaving. She was so sarcastic and non caring. She asked where I worked, how long I been there? She wanted my bank account info? And my phone records? I can't get my phone records At all cause it's prepaid and she couldn't get them either? At this time she already calling me a liar??? The way she put it all out there as if I was nothing??? I was so scared because of how she was saying "Oh this person is your ex" and "Oh this use to be his car" and so forth and so on? Then she proceeds to say that I knew the lady who I bought the car from?? And I don't know her at all???! It's just a big mess because they didn't want their name in it.

This lady was so sarcastic and she was more worried about my ex. She also told me while in my house that she tried calling the 2 people who I was with that day and she said she cant get in touch with them but they said she never called or left messages. Anyhow I'm out of 2,500. Damn!!! Hundred dollars and my car is just gone in the wind?? This is the worst thing that can happen to someone... But wait after she was so sarcastic she's leaving my home going down porch steps and say but you always can cancel this case and we are done or proceed on and deal with the consequences??? Then she is outside taking pictures of cars in my driveway. She kept circling the corner smirking and laughing. At this time I gave up and I really think that was her goal.

Now I feel lost and sad. I'm mad at friends who didn't want to be involved and at the same time I was thinking to go on with the case but this lady was so mean I felt that she would of made my case a nightmare cause she has that power. Never go with General. THEY DON'T CARE AT ALL ABOUT ANYTHING. She made me so nervous to the point I couldn't think right. I COULDN'T REMEMBER THE DAY OF LOST OR ANYTHING WHICH MADE HER FEEL SHE GOT OVER ON ME MORE! JUST SAD.

The General was so easy to use and quick to sign up. I had gotten previous quotes from other companies and The General had exactly the coverage I needed at a really good price. I decided to try and I had my proof of insurance that day. Overall I had a great experience.

My overall experience with The General was excellent. I am completely satisfied. I am a happy customer and will continue to use their services if I purchase an additional vehicle. It was an easy call to set everything up. Finding the right policy for me was easy and staff made the experience fast and painless. I love their app. I will definitely refer this company to family and friends. The only thing is I have yet to receive my cards in the mail after almost a month.

The refund policies of this company are horrendous. Never will I ever use them again. I paid my monthly premium and used on 10 days worth, I cancelled because I got much better rates with Progressive... And they said, "the remaining $67 was applied to fees," etc... Screw that... I WILL CONTINUE TO FILE COMPLAINTS UNTIL THEY REFUND MY MONEY.

Though true The General is fair with their low rate insurance their claims adjusters are low rate as well. Me and my mother-in-law got into a wreck June 15, 2018 Friday. It took till Monday for the adjuster, Rita ** to look at the damages and Tuesday till I could get a rental car. Here it is Thursday the 28th and I have called her at least 7 times, no callbacks, left several messages and still NOTHING. I had no idea what was going on nor if they were going to say if my van was totaled or can be fixed so I know if I can find another car or not.

I called again today to try and talk to her and got told she's been on vacation and won't return till Monday July 1st. I was pissed. Not only was I being ignored she's went on vacation this past Tuesday till 1st and no one bothered telling me nor even tried to get me another adjuster to help. As far as I'm concerned I'll have to keep The General till my claim is taken care of then I'm finding a company that actually cares about their clients and their already stressful situations.

First off, a payment due date is the day it is due, not the day you are canceled for nonpayment, this is ridiculous!! And second, my due date is today, I made a payment yesterday and when I logged in this morning, it states that I was cancelled due to nonpayment, I even have the confirmation email, this company is the worst and I will be shopping for other insurance.

The insurance company was great, the customer service always helped me when I needed it. Though I'm on satisfied because it was a little pricey. I love my car and everything about it and when I wrecked they did raise it up to where I couldn't afford it and it sucked because I love my car and I just loved it but someone just had to crash into me because they weren't paying attention and my insurance couldn't understand that not everyone is perfect.

And I'm only 20 and so they were like "you are young lets jack up all your insurance for you because you got your ID when you were 18 and not 16 like everyone else" but my parents were like "nah you're okay you can get it at 18 and it will be fine." They never thought about my insurance being more and then I got a coupe because it looked cool as ** and they were like "oh you're in a sports car" and I'm like "no I'm not, what do you mean," only because it's 2 doors and not 4 so yeah that sucks as well. It's a Honda Civic like lol that's not even a sports car **.

Their representatives are very pleasant to deal with and easy to understand. I like the fact that you could access your policy on your phone and it is good for somebody that is on a fixed income but they do offer to take it directly out of your banking account. It makes it affordable for people who have to have full coverage but are on a fixed income. However, when you have to file a claim they are right on it but they give you so many numbers that it's hard for the doctor's office for their computers. Furthermore, they only due 6 mos policies at a time. Even though the same vehicles that are on the policy the premium goes up never decrease. They tell me that it's the state that I live in is why the premiums keep going up.

Apparently, the State of California doesn't require Uninsured Motorist insurance to pay when the situation is a hit and run. I was rear-ended the other day and the other driver just kept on going. I was never able to get a license number or any information on the vehicle or the driver, so The General thinks it's okay NOT to pay for the damage to my rear bumper, and the State of California Department of Insurance seems to back them up in this. California law doesn't require them to pay for hit-and-run property damage.

I am working with the local police department to see if we can identify any damaged vehicles that stopped at the stoplight about three blocks ahead of where the accident occurred, which is a major, busy intersection where they are likely to have cameras. I am also working with my state legislator to see about changing the law. Still, I am angry that this isn't covered.

They do not tell you that they charge you 20 dollars to send you a bill. Charge you for someone living with you that doesn't even drive. They are robbers of your money. They are not worth your time or your money. I'm going to switch companies. They don't care about you. They say as low as 35. I drive a 72 model car and charging me $94 for liability and that's outrageous and will not be screwed over.

This has been the worst customer experience of our lives. Bob was supposed to handle our total loss claim from back in Dec. Said it'll take 2-4 wks and not to worry about the next car payment because it would be handled by then. He lied flat out and proceeded to drag this out for 4 long months. On top of that I tried to report him to a supervisor for his bungling of this and all the supervisor did was defend him and try to spin it like somehow we were in the wrong. Now I've had to make 3 payments on a car that was totaled in Dec and I have a family to provide for so I can't afford to keep paying for his lazy screw-up. Along with everything else he won't call the lien holder and work with them, tells me he can't get in touch, and I have to do his work for him. This is so beyond lazy and incompetent that my mind is blown that he still has a job. If I performed this poorly at work I'd be let go instantly.

I have State Farm insurance and a lady that just had open heart surgery rear ended me. I have had the most horrible time with the representative. She has an attitude and always saying it is none of her concern. I had problems with one of my checks trying to go to Bank of America to cash it to get my car fixed. The check was scanned as fraud and I asked her to reissue another check and she asked why I was cashing the check anyway and that there was nothing she could do. Eventually I did get another check and the bank had to type it in. I did speak to a corporate woman and she was very nice.

I work with the public and if I had her attitude I would have been out the door. I'm trying to figure out how in the world she still employed. It has now came to the time for my payout and she said they can not give me no more than $300. And that is including my $130 medical bill that has not been paid. She said their company does not pay the insurance company. I have to pay them myself with the $300, so therefore I am getting a total of $170 for pain and suffering. And she didn't say anything about my lost wages for being out 1 day of work.

I am so thankful for State Farm. I never thought I would love them so much after having a hassle with this insurance company. That does not include any of my lost wages. She said because there was minimal damage to my car there is nothing else she could do. That lady hit the hell out of my car and they replace the bumper on my car. I was still hurt and still hurt sometimes and I bit my lip when she hit me.

I've been there for 4 months now and I have never dealt with so many issues. The phone number on my agents email was wrong, they don't contact you when important account changes happen (unless you count paper mail which is slow and annoying to deal with). The people on the phones are alright at best and I've had nothing but issues trying to resolve simple things like annual mileage, the reply time on the email side is...well I'm at 10 days right now, then it took me a while to find a contact number (after I called the number on the email signature it took me to some other company where the lady explained that "this happens all the time because they give the wrong numbers out").

The other issue I have is that if you are late on a payment (not late but past due, where you have a grace period) they immediately send out account cancellation notices which take a week to arrive, so you call to figure out what happens and they say, "Oh it's all resolved it's just old paper mail" but...of course the phone number is incorrect so I have to go find it online first after trying and failing once.

I switched from AAA just because it was pricey but it's totally worth it. I asked a manager to contact me from the general and I have not heard back. I can only imagine the going through claims. Don't bother with them. The price may be attractive but it's not really worth the headaches. One star for service for those reasons. Value gets a two for just being somewhat less expensive (although it really isn't they just charge you 12 months instead of 10 at a time). Coverage...well they keep almost canceling me for things like insufficient mileage letters (which isn't all their fault) but they don't inform me of this problem except for paper mail which takes a week.

I had the insurance immediately with one phone call. I was able to get insurance while I waited in the vehicle registration office. Two days later the gardener's lawn mower threw up a pebble and it shattered one of our windows. Our claim was immediately approved and our window was replaced within 2 days. It was a Godsend! I can easily pay our bills online on their secure website. The only downside so far is that I continue to get email notices saying my policy will be canceled if payment isn't received at such and such date. It will give me this message 2 weeks in advance. I always pay on time so this is annoying. It would be better if they just sent out notices that said "payment will be due". Saying "canceled" is extreme even if true. Just saying. Overall though I have been having a good experience.

Long story short was stuck in a FLOOD with 3 small children 7, 4, 2. Never encountered such terror! THE GENERAL denied our claim and injury. Now we lost our means of living. Car, jobs, no income and losing home! Phones were damaged too.

The price is nice so The General fits in our budget. Plus it was easy to get signed up for it. However, I don't like the aftermarket parts offered to replace any that have been damaged.

I lived in Arizona and moved to Iowa. When I tried to tell The General that I moved, they said they don't provide insurance in Iowa and that they could connect me with a affiliate company or cancel my policy but you can't cancel over the phone which is strange because you start a policy over the phone. You have to cancel online which I tried to do but when I submitted the information on the Web page, it wouldn't do anything. So exhausted of all avenues known to me. I figured they would just cancel policy when payment was not received like they state in every email they send before a payment is due. Now three months later, I get a collections bill for $49. If I Want To Pay Over The Phone Or Online, It's A $10 Convenience fee. So $59 for what I called customer service and was told that what I should have done was clicked the contacts box in the website. I thought that was what I was doing when I called them. Completely ridiculous. I'm glad I never had a claim. I can only imagine what that would have been like.

After reading all the negative reviews I was expecting the worse! Omg was. I wrong. I bought my car from Hertz Cr sales in Mesquite TX. The experience with the General was great! My premium was $173 a month for full coverage. Now after 6 months I renewed my insurance with the General and my premium actually has gone down to $154 a month. Everyone has a different experience. Mine was great. The website is easy and online payments are also very easy.

Well I needed an sr22 bond, and I was searching around comparing prices and The General was my best option. The policy was only $50 dollars a month. It was a no headache process. I gave The General my general information that pertained to obtaining the sr22, and they explained the policy details, and answered the questions I asked. Gave them my payment info and had a sr22 emailed to me soon after.

My son had an accident in my car the night before Thanksgiving. From the wreck we could tell it was totaled. The insurance company had to go through their steps before they decided that it was totaled out which was 3 weeks later. Here it is the beginning of March and we STILL have yet to receive a check for the payment for the totaled out vehicle. No return phone calls from anyone. Needless to say we have gone to another insurance company. Besides the bad customer service I was tired of them sending me a termination notice on the 20th of every month when my bill wasn't due until the 10th!

"DO NOT GO TO THE GENERAL"!!! I first did an online quote as I just moved from the San Francisco Bay Area (which is high car crime capital of America). I own a 2013 Chevy Cruze LT (Turbo). I just moved to Spokane Washington, in a pretty affluent area, no crime, etc. The quote I paid in the SF Bay Area was about $150.00, no frills or perks. When I contacted the General to get a quote for my Washington insurance, was $146.00, I said, "you know what, ok I will give it a try." This was supposedly a discount with proof of previous insurance. So I sent him my previous insurance cards.

I then got a new bill stating it would be $189.00. I called them and they NEVER told me that my insurance cards weren't good enough and they needed a "letter of experience" from my insurance company showing I had at least six months of coverage. I also asked them to include 10K for personal coverage for myself. They promised me once they get this, they would go back and discount my insurance. Well, I get my broker to contact my insurer, and he sends the letter over to the General. I look online today, to see the so called insurance discount and giving me the basic coverage 10K coverage... GET READY... My rate was $171.00... LMAO!

I immediately went to Esurance, which is a GREAT place to go. They quoted me $108 and included the personal insurance included of 10K and for 9 dollars more. I got car rental up to $60 a day for 45 days and tow for all $117 per month! A savings of over $60. Esurance is the way to go... STAY AWAY FROM "THE GENERAL AT ALL COST!"

The General is BY FAR the WORST insurance company I have ever experienced in my life. On May 1st 2017, I was hit by a tractor trailer who fled the scene. I had PHOTOS of the vehicle, their license plate number and the name of the company who hit me but The General was convinced I had fabricated the claim and I am still mirrorless on my driver's side, while they "investigate" me for "fraud". I was asked multiple inappropriate questions by the company such as "why do you have two vehicles", "why is your truck so big" and was then told that while they investigate, I should drive my other car because "you have two. Drive your other"...

I traded the second car in for another vehicle and it took them more than a month to put Insurance on it because I had opened my policy two years ago with a Blue Unlimited Wrangler and had just purchased a Black Unlimited Rubicon... which they were convinced was the same Jeep. They didn't even have similar VINs but I was again being investigated because they thought it was the "same" Jeep and I'd been hiding it, uninsured. I've since received a ticket for no Insurance because my company refused to just add a vehicle without having receipts, bills of sale and all the dealership documentation. I've purchased a vehicle every 6 months to a year for 8 years and have never had such a difficult time.

These people are too stupid to function. Save yourself the headache and search, search, search for insurance even if you're "high risk". There are options out there that do not include The General! Today is June 21 and The General has YET to clear up my "fraud" investigation or give me any information. They also, have not followed up about adding my new vehicle to the policy that I have been trying to add for almost a month now. This is insane... Don't waste your time.

On April 23, I drove my 2006 BMW 325i through water about 6 in deep. The engine died. The car was pushed to a parking lot and later towed to Quality BMW's contracted body shop for the original estimate and later towed to my preferred mechanic's shop. The mechanic estimated the cost to repair $4500. I made a claim on 4/25 with my insurance company, The General. Jason **, a claims representative, contacted me and advised me to have the car towed to their yard - I was not happy. I did not know at the time, the yard is 70 miles away. The appraiser looked at the car on 5/12 and called me to ask if water gotten inside the car because she couldn't see any evidence of water damage.

On 5/22, almost a month after I made the claim, Jason called to say the car was a total loss. I was upset and confused as to why they would total it since the mechanic estimated it at $4500 to repair it. That was below the 70% of the value of the car. I said I didn't accept that the car was a total loss. I was referred to Joanne, a total loss adjuster. I left several messages for her that day with no response. At that point, I was so distraught, I found the location of the car from the insurance customer service. I called the yard to inform them I had the title in hand and was coming to pick the car up. They refuse to release it to me until the insurance company gave them permission.

After finally contacting Joanne the following day, I sent her the estimate for the repairs. She sent it to a Superior to look at. She told me she would call me as soon as she had info for me. In an email she said Jason would call me by noon and if he didn't I should call his supervisor. The email stated a teardown of the vehicle would need to be completed. I called the supervisor and left a message on the following Tuesday. He did not return my call. Please note, the estimate of the General's repair list included the replacement of interior jetting, cleaning and deodorizing of carpet, seat tracks cleaned and lube, seat belts inspected and lube etc. The only water that got in that car was from my soaking feet! I have rubber mats! I have invested over $1500 in rental car fees.

On June 6, 2014, I told the insurance company I wanted a second appraisal on my car damage. I wanted my car taken back to my mechanic for a second opinion. I did not agree with their estimate for damages to the inside of my car. They said they would release the car but I would have to have it towed back to the mechanics at my expense. Again, their yard is 70 miles away from me. I did have the car tow back to the mechanic I started with. Because the original motor was not available from the first estimate the new estimate of the cost of repair at $4800.00. Finding no damages to the inside of the car.

An auto detailer shop also confirmed that carpet has not been cleaned and there is no water damage to the inside of the car or inside the trunk as stated in the insurance estimate. Also said they could provide a statement detailing this. They had no explanation as to why the insurance company or the insurance adjuster would claim there was any damage to the inside of the car. Perhaps foul play or an incompetent adjuster. Regardless the insurance company should be responsible for the incorrect estimate. The price they gave me for my car if it was totaled is not a fair value of the car for this region. There are no other cars in the 2006 year range, in my car's condition, that I can replace it with. Either way I'm being cheated.

I had my car repaired, at my cost and it has been on the road since June. I have had no problems with it. It is running strong. The Permanent General wants to wrongly total that car. I feel they are trying to take advantage of me by not listening to my complaints. They say there's nothing they can do for me. Stated that the body shop and the repair shop or giving the estimates that are not complete because they don't include the damage done to the inside of the car. I can no longer deal with them.

We signed up online very quick and didn't take long at all. Spoke with an agent on the phone to finalize things and it was easy and they were helpful. Then quickly received an email with all important information. We very much enjoyed setting up our insurance. The online options were easy to use as well and bill paying is simple. Would recommend The General to others.

I am very dissatisfied with the policy pro rate cancellation. I have spoken with the customer support representative at 6:45pm on 2/1/2016, and she guided me to upload the proof of insurance with the other company which I am insured currently from the date I have cancelled my policy with 'The General Insurance'. I am uploaded those documents in an email. I cancelled my insurance policy the very next day I started it (at that time I was insured with the other insurance company).

I think the amount of 123$ which I paid is for the whole one month insurance and I feel there would be no such insurance policy charging the whole 123$ for a single day, and I feel I will be morally and legally satisfied by giving me the refund of remaining money after the 10% cancellation fee as mentioned by your customer service representative in the live chat and phone call. I will be waiting for my refund and I also sent the proof of insurance with the other company while I was insured with 'The General Insurance' and the date I requested to cancel the policy. Thanks.

I bought car insurance with The General insurance company on 9-22-2014. I got a better quote with my homeowners insurance so on the 9-29-2014 I canceled insurance with The general and as of 10-31-14 I have still not received refund due to me. I have received letters from them confirming the cancellation from them, but I figure by now they have had plenty of time to send my refund.

Permanent General Insurance Lack of Professionalism - After having an accident with one of their customers, I find that they think it's always 50/50 liability and their reps are argumentative and defiant. If it's your customer's fault, take care of it.

If you need car insurance The General is definitely NOT THE WAY TO GO!!! I bought an insurance policy at the very end of December and made my billing date for the 15th of every month. That means that the initial starting fee I paid should have been good for one month & my next payment should have been due February 15th. That is how it's supposed to work but not a The General! They wanted me to pay a starting fee then my bill for the month 15 days later. So before January 15th I requested a refund for the starting fee and requested to cancel my policy and a lady told me I would get a refund and cancel my policy and by giving her my drivers license #, she wouldn't need a signature.

Weeks letter they sent documents asking for a signature for cancellation. I signed it and sent it back. Never received a refund and I still continue to get emails regarding my past due bill. I called yesterday and a lady told me I didn't get a refund because they couldn't read my signature. WHAT THE **?! It's a signature!!! Then she told me she would email me the documents to sign and email back when I find that the next day they sent me an email saying they couldn't do anything about my request because I sent the document to the wrong email? Um these people are full of **.

I was rear-ended by one of their insureds. I had just bought the car and didn't even have my new plates yet. The driver got out of the car, admitting that he was speeding and it was his fault. The police officer gave me their information to file the claim. I called and gave their claims dept. and gave them all the info that the police officer provided me. I was told I would get a callback from the adjuster within 24 hours. I had to call everyday to get any response (3 weeks). At this point, they are denying the claiming because they don't have enough proof that I was rear-ended, despite me sending photos and a repair estimate from their "preferred shop" that there was rear-end damage to my vehicle and front end damage to their vehicle. I now have to file a claim with my insurance.

I don't have a very good driving record and The General gave me a pretty good rate. I had just purchased a used car and went with The General's policy. After ONE week the transmission failed in my new (used) car so I took it back to the dealer and called The General to cancel. After 3 weeks of checking my credit card statement I still had not received a refund although I had received two letters of cancellation in the mail. I called them and the customer service rep informed me that I was owed a refund of $101 and should be receiving the check in under two weeks.

I paid $350 for the first month of coverage and because I only had the policy for 7 days I figured I would get almost all of my money back. WRONG! They had a fee for everything imaginable, although there was nothing about any fees in the policy. I wouldn't recommend The General to my worst enemy and would strongly recommend you go with someone else, even if it costs a little more.

Good customer service and very helpful with questions. However, can be a pain to get a human on the phone. Recording is slow, and after that it is very difficult to get a real person on the line. But once you get a real person on the line, buying a policy is easy and stress-free. Inexpensive, not quick to "punish" me for being late on a payment and helpful when I need it. I'm just hoping I will never have to use it and see how good their response is.

My overall experience has been good. They have worked with me and helped get my payments down low because, I have a lot of points, on my license. As a young driver I can pay every 3 months and I like that I am able to get my license unsuspended. However I totaled a car using them and they didn’t cover anything but I had full coverage and rental car. And I wasn’t able to get a rental because my age but they give me the ability to have my license again with a sr22. The General Auto Insurance was good that they will insure me when others won't.

I got the anonymous quote online and decided to purchase a policy, so I call and get a very snippy female rep on the phone who insisted that I had to divulge personal information about my parents (who live with me but have their own car and insurance), in order to purchase a policy. This is not only unnecessary, but it is highly unethical! Every other insurance agency was satisfied with knowing that my parents had their own vehicle and insurance, but not The General. I told the snarky woman that I was not comfortable with divulging information about others and this call is over - you just blew this sale, and I hung up. Makes me wonder what they are doing with all that unnecessary information that they are collecting on people who don't even have any insurance policies through them. Now that I have read many reviews on The General, I am glad I refused to do business with them. NO STARS!!

I had General for 2 years. I'll start with "my mistake" on being less than a week late on 2 payments in a row through the span of my business with them. Unfortunate, but understandable reasoning. I am someone who needs paper billing in order to stay on top of things. During a move, I had updated my information with them online. I'm always very tedious when it comes to my billing so I'd be shocked to find out that I went out of my way to select e-billing when I'm always careful to be sure it's mail... But whatever. So after the second bill to my new address was never sent, I called them (nightmare) to verify they will start to mail my bills again. Good as gravy... Nope. They jacked up my rate 2 months later. I called and they said it was because I was previously late on those two bills. Zero incidents, accidents or claims of any kind. But okay, I was 24 so like everything else, I bit the bullet.

Maybe my rate will go down by the time I turn 25, or I'll take one of these 17 companies up on their offers. My Birthday rolls around, and my good friend leaves me a note on my General bill saying "Happy birthday, I paid off the rest of your premium" I was elated! Almost $400 I don't have to worry about for a few months! It was a sweet gesture. Until I got a letter in the mail stating my bill was late and will be cancelled by the next week. Okay. My friend confirms there's money in the account but The General didn't take it out. Oh great, another excuse for them to jack up my rate. So I call. The nice lady said the payment didn't go through and that she could try it again. We verified the account information and give it a try! She said it would post in 2-3 business days. Great! I call a few days later to check on the status. Hopefully, this puppies paid off and no more worries!!!

Nope, the new lady said the previous lady was misinformed so when she ran the payment a second time and it did not go through, I was no longer able to have General Insurance now or ever again. WHAT?! $400 isn't anything for my friend to pay, he had it, I saw it in his account while we tried to figure it out. But because YOUR employee was misinformed, I no longer have any insurance and you won't accept the money in full to pay off your minimal garbage coverage for someone with no accident history?! So she leaves it at "Sorry, have a nice day..." I was so livid yet speechless.

I could have paid the premium or monthly at any point throughout this. Had I of known everything would be terminated if she tried to run the payment, I would have gone a different route. But honestly a blessing in disguise. I made a long time coming switch to Nationwide, got literally triple the coverage for an even smaller premium. Paid off in full! Thank you Nationwide!!! Screw you General... NEVER GET GENERAL INSURANCE!!!

I have been very satisfied with The General. Have had this company for years. I have a low rate. Anytime I have a question the customer service is always friendly and helpful. I will recommend this company to friends and family.

I'll be brief and to the point. I provided this company with my information multiple times, which you would think would ensure accuracy. This was not the case here. My sister and mother were supposed to be included in my policy, but they were never added, only their vehicles were included. When I provided their information for the third time since the initial call, the following month my premium had increased by $200. When I called to ask for an explanation on the increase, I was informed they had never actually been added to the policy, meaning they were paying part of the bill for months, but were never actually covered under the policy; and we had no idea because we thought providing their names, birth dates and license numbers meant they were added to the policy from the start. Silly us!

When I spoke to a manager after the third issue I had with them, she made no attempt to offer me any sort of solution and was more than happy to process my cancellation. I guess The General has so many happy customers, they don't really need another one. Although that would be easier to believe if this site wasn't flooded with negative reviews and 1-star ratings (only because you can't give no stars). Conclusion, save yourself the headache and waste of time and find a different insurance company. There's plenty of much better options out there for us.

The rates were comparable and purchasing the insurance was very easy. I was able to do everything I needed online. Everything went fast and smooth. I was satisfied with The General overall and would recommend them to friends or family if they were looking for auto insurance with decent rates.

Getting the insurance was fairly easy and getting a quote wasn't hard either. I like the easy online pay and get everything instantly. Download and print all your insurance cards and monthly bills as well... Good customer support as they seem to work with people on things pretty great. But although they were the cheapest they're still extremely hard on a person's wallet. Their website also tends to crash almost every other day which gets very annoying. I also dislike its layout. And they will take money out before your due date causing overdraft fees. They need more discounts and a easier pay schedule and down payment as well. Also needs more insurance coverage for owners with classic cars. Such as they need full coverage for them.

I used to have The General Auto Insurance. I was at a small accident that I hit another car and the insurance doesn't want to pay his claim. So now I have to pay him out of my pocket then what is the insurance for? Please get a different insurance.

I was rear ended by a customer of the General Ins Co. My car was totaled and they wasted no time getting my car and the title but 1 month later I still have Not received my settlement check. The General paid me for 8 days of a rental car. The adjustor stated they only have to provide a rental up to the time I accept their settlement offer. So I have had no vehicle, no check to get another vehicle for A month now and no rental car!!! So if you want to purchase poor quality ins and really screw the person you hit if you Cause an accident then purchase the general ins. Next time I will go through my amazing ins co and then let them deal with that crappy ins co. I'm planning on filing a personal injury claim as I was injured in the accident but I may need to retain a lawyer for that!!!

The General Auto Insurance is cost efficient and fits into my budget. Also the grace period is generous when my payments are late. They also have great customer service. They have one of the only automated systems that dont piss me off. I'm satisfied but concerned there are better options. They're not the best coverage out there and the reviews aren't the best. I feel I may be missing out on a better deal. But fortunately I haven't had to make any claims yet. I hope if I do in the future, I want to feel secure that I'll be covered.

I started a policy. 9 days into it I got a cancellation notice. Called and they couldn't figure it out. Rude woman, I got rude also. Wrote on Facebook. Said they wanted my info. Then they blocked me before I could send it. Another lady I talked to figured out that a customer punched the wrong number in when cancelling. It was mine. I was not happy to be treated like that. First woman said 50 more bucks to restart, I said no. Cancelled now, with another company. Don't mess with them. They can't fix their mistakes. They are rude. Overpriced.

I use The General. They have been great. I have been with them for 1.5 years. Originally, I tried 2 other Insurance Companies but their quotes were outrageously high. The General was very competitive and fair. I signed up online and it was very easy. I then called them to ask some questions pertaining to my situation. I have yet to file a claim but so far so good.

I was able to easily get the policy online, on my own time without having to worry about "business hours". Most insurance companies have the online option, but when I shopped around I found the General to be the most convenient. I can also manage my policy easily and they have great prices as well. However, it can be time consuming, trying to reach a live person on the phone. When I did get through, I felt like I was inconveniencing them. The customer service agent who answered acted like they were in a hurry to get me off the phone. Customer service is very important to me. But my overall experience has been a good one, and I would absolutely recommend The General, in spite of the cranky agent.

Found that The General was finally offered in my state and that it was cheapest. Ordered insurance and printed instant proof of insurance. I like that I can buy online after getting an anonymous quote. Don’t have to give personal information unless you decide to buy. But customer service is lousy. Hard to speak with anyone. Should have more discounts. Also, phone representatives should be available 24/7. Other than that, it’s perfect.

The General uses an independent claims adjuster and he agreed that the claim damage on a customer's car was related to the accident and our auto body shop should put in for a supplement. We did this and then repaired the car. We released the car and when we called because we hadn't received a supplement check, The General informed us that they denied the claim. We are out $905.98 on this supplement.

My son was in an accident with someone who was insured by the general. They pulled across a 4 lane intersection right in front of my son from a side road. The general has fought us tooth and nail refusing to pay the claim. My son's car was totaled and it's been over a month of phone calls and they have not compensated him for his loss of vehicle or for a rental car. After a month they finally said they would not pay the claim because if he's even 1% liable they don't have to pay the claim. These people are dishonest and do not intend to ever pay claims. We have a police report and a signed witness stating that their client was entirely at fault.

The General Auto Insurance gives you extra time to pay, online services, letters in the mail to help you if you are late. It is easy to change, access, pay, inquire and update policy as well. However, they should postpone payment, have a separate payment and cheaper too. Also, there should be discount opportunities and not charge for every people in the household even if they don't fit in the car. Better customer service and barge expensive late fee as well. They are terrible and expensive.

I called on the 14th of April to get a quote on auto insurance. The quote that they gave me was good. I paid the down payment and they sent me a policy showing my payments to be a certain amount and then when I received my bill which was to my email, (paperless) which I elected to have was totally different, $78 more than what they told me what I signed up for. Then when I called them they tell me that there's a policy fee involved and then there's an installation fee that if I didn't pay the bill within the same month I paid them the month's bill then they charged me $8 to send the bill out, again which I liked it paperless but they send the bill out anyway if you don't pay again that same month for the following month. The General Auto Insurance is deceptive. The company told me they sent a letter to me informing me of the increase on April 15th, I wish. Today is May 5th and I have not received anything from them.

Customer Service is horrible. The moment you start questioning anything that they do, they get extremely rude, and hateful. I asked to speak to supervisor, then got a half ** explanation from the supervisor, all while this supervisor is being extremely rude. I asked to speak to her boss, she refused to transfer me. I told her she was extremely rude, and her customer service was horrible, she said she didn't care, and still would not transfer me to her boss. The whole reason for the call was that I paid a bill, website account said I was current, 2 weeks later get a letter in the mail saying that I have until the 20th to pay almost $400 or my policy would be canceled. No one in their call center was helpful at all, and like I said the supervisor and the rep were extremely rude, and constantly tried to talk over you.

I had the general insurance for a year. The first year I had no issues. By the end of the first year all of a sudden my rates increased from 197.00 to 264.00. I sent an email asking about the change and they replied back saying the rates in my area increased. I gave them the benefit of doubt understanding that could be possible. Well 2 months later and my rates increased yet again. This time to 312.00 a month. Now I am upset and wanting answers because now my insurance is more than my car payment and the rates keep changing without notification other than the amount being debited from my banking account. So I give them a call, same damn excuse, rates changed. I just canceled because it's just ridiculous to believe that rates would change that much and to be that high.

I had an easy experience purchasing on The General Auto Insurance. They have online bill pay and customization. It is easy to pay your bill every month and easy to understand. It's also available whenever we need to check and can make more than the minimum payment if we want. We haven't had any issues with their website since becoming members last year. I also like that they have the cheapest rates than anywhere else in Michigan for my husband and I. We have no history of accidents or violations and still had a large premium elsewhere. However, The General has no renters insurance available. If they could offer it in the future, I would definitely be interested.

My wife was hit by some idiot playing on his phone (he admitted it was his fault to the police). Unfortunately for us, he had "The General Auto Insurance." My guess is that it stands for "Generally the worst auto insurance you can get," but maybe it means "You are generally insane if you even consider these jokers to be a legitimate company." Two weeks later and we are still fighting with them to pay for a rental car while her undrivable car is in the shop. On top of this, they told her that the body shop must have her repairs done in three days... are you kidding? Body shops working on one car at a time can barely get something done in five days.

This is the most ridiculous company out there and it is criminal for them to call themselves an insurance company. Our insurance company has had to call them over a dozen times, but they still won't even call them back. We have had to go through supervisors to even get Anything done! My wife has been so stressed by all of this. The idiot that hit her didn't even have damage to his car so he is getting away free as a bird while my wife (one of the safest drivers I know) has been on the phone multiple times a day dealing with his mistake. Companies like "The General" should not even be in business, but I guess there is always someone willing to pay for the cheapest crap insurance they can get just to say they have insurance. Run away from these crooks.

Was a little short on funds and needed insurance that was affordable. Decided on The General. Got to pick due date and decided on the 20th of each month. This was a couple of months ago. Easy online bill pay so never late but every month since opening account they send an email on the 1st saying my account is under intent to cancel. Why would they send that? I thought. My bill due date I picked was the 20th? So I called and they said that it's just something they're required by law to do. Don't worry about it. I'm still wondering if they are doing this. Why give you option for when bill due?

I searched and looked everywhere for price rates and quotes and The General was the best insurance company for me. I like the price, the coverage, nice and understanding people, and they do a really good job, fast response. But I really would like to have lower monthly payments and I would love if they would give out no accident checks like other insurance companies do. Other than that I wouldn't change a thing because I really like my insurance company better than any other.

It was affordable and they were reliable. I would recommend them to my friends and family. They have people working for them that are friendly and know how to help with whatever problems or questions you might have.

This will be an honest review. I went ahead and bought a policy with the General as they seemed to offer a decent quote for my premium. Please do not let the price fool you. They have the worst customer service and adjusters you can imagine. After a wreck, the General's adjusters are lazy and unprofessional. Leave a voice mail on Monday and expect a return on Friday, if you're lucky. Anyway, my latest experience has been the worst. I called to change my address, and without explaining the repercussions or effects on my policy, they increased my premium by $45. You call customer service; they argue with you instead of work with you. One supervisor had to be worst of them all. She speaks at the same time with you and refuses to give you a chance to voice your concern. Please, if you can just look for better offers around, even the extra amount you pay is worth it than going through this excuse of an insurance company. Thanks.

It was cheap and easy. Easy to sign up, get proof and maintain. Easy to make payments. Easy to make changes to the policy if needed.

These people are cons... I took out a policy and paid a down payment of over $100, just to have them cancel me (my driving record is very good!) 6 days later. I assumed I would receive a refund of something but instead I got a bill for another $114! Lmao!! Good luck collecting that General???

I canceled my insurance in November. It was two months later I still have not received payment from them overcharging me last month. Ask yourself what would happen if your auto insurance payment was two months late? I called three times, was hung up on twice. I still have not received the money that is owed to me. Worst customer service ever!!!

Very easy, simple and fast to set up my insurance. I went online, typed in my vehicles and which type of insurance I wanted. Got a quote, started it up right then and got my cards in the next few mins whereas other companies take a Ton of time on the phone. I also like how I didn't have to talk on the phone to anyone at all, that super nice for someone with anxiety. Plus, it's extremely easy to pay online and is pretty cheap. However, I hate how they send out a notice of cancellation two weeks before the payment is even due. It's very frustrating and nerve wracking to get that in the mail and go into panic mode thinking I've forgotten to pay the insurance.

The process of purchasing my auto insurance policy from The General was daunting. I had to go through several quotes and deal with several websites. Each time I went to a new site or did a price comparison, I had to enter my information over and over again and that was an awful experience. If there was a website that truly meant what they said when they tell you that you will only enter your information once, I hope they mean it. Their price is comparable to others in the market. It is cheaper than most of its competitors.

On the other hand, customer service in The General is shotty. I do not like how they handle claims and I have had to file one claim since I started holding a policy with the company and ever since then I still have not heard of what the outcome is in the situation. It almost feels as if they just do not care about their customers and that makes me want to change companies. I am searching for a company that is better equipped to deal with these situations

The commercial shown here in Hawaii and the information shown in reality is not as simple. It is advertised you can get insurance as little as 20 down and you can get your insurance card same day. It's misleading in a sense because you cannot only pay 20 and get proof of insurance. It'll cost more than twenty dollars down and a printer is necessary.

I accidentally got the wrong insurance site. I wanted to renew my policy with Direct General, not the people. I paid the first down and one week later, before I got anything in the mail, I faxed, emailed and called to cancel the policy. Today, I received a bill for $76.36. For what? I paid more than one month when I paid. I called and was told by James it was for not cancelling by writing.

OMG! Who writes today? Even the IRS accepts email and faxes. I got his supervisor who then changed the story and said it was a penalty for cancelling. Nowhere does it say when you order that if you cancel the first month, you have to pay a penalty. When I told him that he said it is on the papers you receive with your policy two weeks later. That is fraud to me. Hidden fee charges.

The General is a very easy company to deal with and I wouldn't use another company. You're given instant proof of insurance and you can choose your own payment date. I'm very happy with their cost, their overall ease of the website, and being able to chat with a representative while you're on the website and if you're new to the company. But I'd change the fact that choosing your own due date makes your payment cost more whereas using their chosen due date the payment is somewhat affordable. I also wish some payments were a little cheaper.

Took 1 month to get the adjuster (2 of them) to finally submit a claim. They rejected it, another 2 weeks to get started. By this time rental car coverage gone. Then issued a payment check made out to us AND the loan holder. Took another 2 weeks of the body shop and them going back and forth and wasn't even the full amount. ANOTHER 2 weeks for the second check to be processed. You cannot get anyone on the phone. The body shop had to call 20 times to get someone. So after 3 MONTHS we are finally picking up the car. WORST CAR INSURANCE EVER!!! NOT PROFESSIONAL!

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