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Kaitlyn is great to work with. In spite of my schedule and difficult connections she made it work.
My agent , Brittany was very courteous and was great on the follow through with information and the signing up process. She answered all my questions and was willing to really explain any questions I had, courteously and efficiently, till all my questions were answered and understood. I was just calling for a quote to start, but ended up signing up because of the great quote she gave me and her professional and quick response. Thank you, Brittany. I look forward to working with you. Holly Kane
I really thought I was getting the lowest available rate on my car insurance but to my surprise i wasn't. They helped me get better coverage at a lower premium, for that I am happy. 15632898
I was checking rates online then got a call from them. The young man Joshua D. was very patient and thorough in finding a plan that met exceeded my current coverage. I felt he really wanted to get me what I needed not add things I didn't. After our conversation I felt confident that I made the right choice in contacting them. We now have more coverage for less money. Confirmation # is: 14648869
I was very happy with my experience. They went out of their way to get me the best possible price and answer my questions. Plus they saved me a lot of money by bundling my auto with my homeowners insurance. Thanks - #14716546
Little waiting time before call back. Little or no waiting on line. Prompt and courteous through out. Came up with a good quote fast. Answered all questions. I bought my policy and saved a few hundred dollars. I think you will be happy, too. Confirmation # is: 14650461
The agent was very concern and very helpful with our coverage. Very polite and really knew his job, and showed and help us with saving on our policy, and made it easy to join Hartford auto.
Great insurance company. always helpful. They always answer and are very professional
Fabulous! Good Job....
I will definitely recommend Hartford to my friends. You guys saved me a lot of money with a quality Insurance .The Gentle man I spoke to was very knowledgeable of his product, very patience with me, my too many questions and my beautiful African Ascent. Thank you Hartford Insurance.
Consultant Sarah Baker was professional, patient, and resourceful in working with us to bundle vehicles and residences into one package that saved us a lot of money. To achieve this with an A+ rated company such as The Hartford brings a great deal of satisfaction and comfort to us, knowing that our insurance needs are adequately met. We can sleep good at night and use the excess money that we were paying to another carrier to schedule another Caribbean cruise. Confirmation number:12345450.
Allen explained everything clearly. Confirmation # 14885075
The consultant Pamela Mims told me my coverage would begin June 1 with the first payment taken out of my account on 5/31. She asked if that was ok, I said fine. When I called back to cancel policy and say with Liberty Mutual because they would also take one more payment out and I couldn't afford that, I was told by another person, Laura that the Hartford policy was written up to start JULY 1 and the first was scheduled to come out on MAY 19!!!!! I submitted the signed cancellation sent by Laura and she is the one who told me the information given to me by Pamela Mims was incorrect. I asked for the payment to be stopped and was told it could not be stopped. I NEVER authorized for payment to come out on May 19 and cannot understand WHY that was scheduled for a policy that wasn't going into effect until July 1! This payment coming out on Monday the 19th is going to put me in a HUGE bind and I am extremely unhappy with this experience with Hartford Auto and will NEVER attempt it again. My homeowners insurance has been with Hartford for years and that has been fine, but am sorry I ever made that call yesterday about the auto insurance. It wasn't even going to save me that much.
Hartford is a well known company . The quote process was very quick and easy to complete.
I was insured by Hartford and thinking that I can get a better "deal" I switched to others Ins. Co. no way///// Hartford are the best//////
They saved money by changing companies both on auto insurance and home insurance.
The representative I spoke with was very courteous I enjoyed talking to him he was very helpful he answered all my questions and listened to some of my stories about my car. I'm glad I called Hartford and I feel like I got the best rate. Thank you
I was totally amazed at how fast the transaction was and how knowledgeable the representative was. Confirmation # 14729317
Matt was very understanding,kind,patient and answered all our questions. We will highly recommend Matt to all our friends He got us a much lower rate than what we had before. If you are paying too much for your insurance do yourself a favor and call Matt, you want regret it!!!!!
I knew that I needed to save money on my homeowners and my auto insurance. I did just that. A helpful and witty agent guided me thru the process and I saved a lot of money! Thank you Hartford!
The agent was extremely patient and helpful. My former agent never returned my phone calls to answer questions. I could not get a hold of the agent. It was wonderful to have someone who was thorough and helpful. I was appreciate the savings.
I was so tired of another insurance company I had had for years when living on the east coast. Recently, I moved out to CA and have had to many problems with the same company, so my landlord told me about Hartford Insurance company. I have to say, even though there was a lot of waiting on the phone, the service was great. I unfortunately, have forgotten the young lady's name. She was very professional and friendly. I hope this good service continues. That would be a great relieve. 14932967
Usually if I see an 800 #, I don't pick up, but for some reason I did. My old insurance company had just increased by homeowners by $250. Not only did they give me a great deal on my homeowner's, but they also reduced my car insurance! Andrew Young was a big help, patient and very knowledgeable. I would recommend Harfordauto to everyone.