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I had been on LTD for almost 2 years. Without warning on Valentine's Day 2013, I received a letter stating I was terminated. I suffer from PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, migraines and other medical issues. First, they had my medical issues as primary, which is incorrect; it is the psychological issues. I was brutally and viciously assaulted, strangled to unconsciousness, and locked in the trunk of my car. He had stalked me for 2 weeks before kidnapping me. So what does Hartford do? Stalk me and my family, minor children included, for 2 days and videotape us. They have nothing on tape other than me spending the day with my family at a science center and walking on the beach.

As long as I am with my husband, I feel safe, even though I still have to take my **. I have always stated this. Due to this video and they stated that because of my work history and age, I could work, so they terminated my disability. My benefits? $1,000 a month. What they have done to me? We can't pay all of our bills so we have collection agencies calling nonstop, which had caused my anxiety and panic attacks to go through the roof. And thanks to them stalking me, I now go out of my house even less and when I do, I have to be with someone at all times as much as possible. If I cannot, I have to take double the ** and am petrified until I get home. I cannot afford an attorney so I have to appeal on my own.

They don't care how they hurt or Treat people. I was nearly killed at work because the company said there were no underground power lines and there were and I struck a 13,500 volt feeder. They have denied treatment ordered by doctors and constantly.

My initial short term disability leave was for anxiety, panic, and mania induced by issues at my job, and was set to expire on 11/18 so I was directed by my therapist to submit an extension request by 11/4 - I did. Unfortunately, he was traveling so he didn't submit his required paperwork until 11/15. The packet my therapist sent in was 25 pages regarding my mental health issues, medication changes ordered by my psychiatrist, and information from our therapy sessions. You can imagine my surprise when I received a phone call from the clinician reviewing my request on 12/3 asking for even more information, including a request to sign a release at my psychiatrist's office so she can have my records from him, too.

On 12/7, she contacted my therapist again and asked MORE questions and I still have no decision. I live paycheck to paycheck. I haven't received any income since 11/18. My mom had to pay my rent. My meds run out in 4 days and I have no money to refill them. I have $40 to my name and haven't paid my utility bills, bought groceries, paid my car (or put gas in it), to say nothing of my credit cards. Why is this woman treating my request as though it's coming out of her pocket?!? I've told both her and my rep that I have no income and my bills are not getting paid - the reaction was not sympathetic at all. I'm at a loss. It feels like she's looking for something to deny my extension, and I really need this time. I don't know where to turn.

I was placed on LTD in June 2013 following a shoulder surgery. I had complications with the surgery which ended with frozen shoulder. I was re-operated on in Oct. 2013 to release the shoulder and again with immediate PT it became frozen again. The reason the shoulder was not healing was due to a autoimmune disease that caused problems with my shoulder healing. I continued to remain on LTD while the disease was being treated to see if it would help the frozen shoulder. I was contacted by a case manager in July of 2014 seeking info about my condition. Information was also obtained from my doctor to keep my benefits going.

My benefits were scheduled to expire August 31, 2014 and I contacted the Hartford to find out what my status was. I was told that I had a new claim adjuster and she stated that I met disability status according to medical records and that I would continue with benefits for another 6 months. Jessica ** told me that I would not hear from her for another 6 months and my benefits would continue. Well, on 9/2 I was told by Jessica ** that my benefits were being terminated even though I met the definition of disability medically, the Hartford believed that since I worked 28 hours a week that I could work with my condition and the doctors' assessment didn't matter. I was told that my benefits terminated on 8/27/14 and a letter was sent out to inform me.

Well, as of today 9/11/2014 I have not received a formal letter telling me that my benefits are terminated. It is not surprising since you only have a set amount of time to appeal the decision. I have only worked 28 hours since 2009 and have received LTD twice since that time. This is just a ploy to end my benefits! This is a HORRIBLE company that mistreats employees.

As of 08/27/2013, Hartford Disability denied my long term disability claim. I have been out of work since 05/13/2013. I have received short term disability through 08/12/2013. I suffer from moderate to severe pain chronic pain due to Fibromyalgia and because of this, I'm also suffering from Depression. My treating physician advised me to file for Social Security Disability because I can no longer work. I filed for Social Security Disability on 07/31/2013. I have not heard anything yet on their decision.

On 08/27/2013, I called Hartford on my Long Term Disability status and was informed that I have been denied due to their 3rd Party Review determination. "Objective Medical Does Not Support Long Term Disability" and "That I could work as a Secretary". My treating physician and psychiatric doctor both submitted medical documentation to Hartford that I cannot work due to my condition. I don't understand how a 3rd party review through Hartford can decide that I can work. My treating physician has treated me for years! And a 3rd party review has denied my long term claim who has never treated or spoken to me. Most likely, this 3rd party review spent less than 5 minutes reviewing medical documentation that was submitted to Hartford. How can my 2 doctors indicate that I cannot work, and then Hartford makes decision from their 3rd party review that I'm not disabled and can work. I have worked for the same company for 25 years.

I'm disgusted at Hartford. I have paid my premium every week coming directly out of my paycheck to pay for STD and LTD / Hartford. And this is how Hartford treats you! DENYING YOUR LONG TERM DISABILITY CLAIM! Even though you have MEDICAL EVIDENCE by both my treating doctors regarding my condition, which was submitted to Hartford, only to be denied. I'm stressed out and extremely fatigued and hurting. I guess Hartford is trying to starve me to get me back to work. They are a rip off and their 3rd party review obviously takes too many coffee breaks. Their 3rd party review probably did not even read the medical evidence submitted to them; if so, did not read with the good eye. Hartford is cruel and a company like Hartford should be shut down forever! They like taking your money. THAT' S ALL!!!!!!!

The entire experience has been nothing but a headache to put it mildly. From the beginning, I have had nothing but miscommunication and lack of professionalism. First of all, my claim was never originally processed. I was told this was due to being "short staffed," which unfortunately is not my problem. When I am short staffed at work, which is often, there are no excuses for not doing my job. In the 12 weeks of my disability, I was able to personally speak to my "claims handler" 1 time. Due to the fact that my claim was not originally processed, I had to call repeatedly and leave numerous messages that were never returned. The most frustrating part is that no one could help me except for my claims handler who never returned any of my 20 voicemails, therefore putting me in the nonsense circle.

The one and only time I had the pleasure of speaking to my claims handler, she was condescending, unprofessional and hung up on me for no reason other than I said it was unacceptable for her to not return my calls and that being short staffed is no excuse. I did leave her boss a few voicemails that were shockingly not returned either, until I threatened legal action to his superior. I did receive a call after that incident. Bottom line, I had a very stressful recovery because of all of the hoopla I was put though and I would never recommend this company to anyone.

It is frustrating when you pay into short or long term disability for many years, and all you get from Hartford is their nurses being rude and acting like they are Doctors. I would never deal with Hartford again. How do they get away with misusing and ripping off their customers, and misrepresenting you to what is rightfully yours? Hartford likes to deny you on their own diagnoses when, in fact, they don't know what they are talking about. Bottom line is, Hartford likes taking your money in but will find excuses not to pay out. That's not good, and I would not recommend this company to anyone.

After 4 months of sending repeated faxes ourselves and from 2 of my husband's doctors offices, Hartford decided to deny his short term disability claim. We are filing a complaint with the Insurance Commissioner's Office and the Mass. Attorney General's Consumer Complaints Office as well as appealing Hartford's worthless denial. My husband was paid for only 1 week, $276 then they said another doctor (neuro) needed to send them paperwork instead even though his PCP followed his entire case. This company should be out of business!!!

I just had my field interview with Hartford who was a former police officer. First never let them in your house. Do the interview in a public park. Beware they will tape the interview. Also they won't tell you they are video taping you at the interview. Never sit the entire interview. In fact get up and stand at least 2-3 to stretch legs. Keep in mind if you claim you are in pain you better have the medication to prove it. They will request a pharmacy list for the entire year. They are sneaky with the questions like what do you do all day? First answer every day is different so I really can't give an answer, due to pain level and taking naps. Never say you do any housework or cook or clean. They will act like your friend but remember the field rep job is to get you cut off from disability.

Do you take your garbage out how much can you lift? Can you lift a gallon of milk? You have to be careful because if you do take your garbage out they might have you on video. Never let them take your picture either. Also don't sign anything, there is 2 forms. Hartford has one, is a release on your finances which they gave no right to. Tell them you will only sign the medical release form.

Don't sign anything during the interview, tell them you need to read it and will mail it back to them. Don't let the interview go longer than 30/45 minutes. Tell them you are getting tired. One last tip when they start the recording they will ask you if it is ok, tell them you do object to the taping however you are forced to do it because of your policy. When he starts also tell them you are on heavy pain medication during the interview in case you make a mistake. Be smart, like some days I can do more than others, I just never know. I think they are going to cut mine off. Remember to bring someone with you and you also record the conversation.

My brother has post traumatic stress disorder. He has been off work 2 and a half months. His doctors are treating him. 3 different doctors send Hartford the same info. He was an underground foreman for second largest coal company in America. He has not 20% of his normal life back yet and Hartford is already playing starving game. His fmla will run out shortly. He has already lost a lot. His wife and some family members couldn't handle his depression and anger outburst he dealt with for the past year. Then July 2014 a guy that worked for him got his fingers cut off and feeling responsible, sent my brother into bad place mentally. He is trying to get back normal. 3 different nerve pills and therapist twice a week and Hartford thinks starvation will do the trick. Their Hitler tactics I am sure has caused people to help themselves end it all.

I was hurt at work, the Hartford started paying. I have been informed now though, that I have to pay them back with any retro I might get from SSDI. How is that right? What was the money coming out of my check every week for? I could have just taken out a 14,000 loan and not had to go through all the crap I've had to go through with them.

I was run over by one of Hartford’s insured. I sustained brain injury, no personal injury. They didn't pay all of the medical bills.

I purchased thru my employer a buy in program for which I thought was for 40% not covered by my employer which pays me 60%. First off, I only received $250.00 per week until I went back to work. Second, I asked for a copy of the contract that I signed stating I would only accept the 250.00 per week and no one can find it, my HR or Hartford. Third, when Hartford made direct deposits into my checking account for the $250.00, are they required to send you a pay stub or any documentation to prove where and when and how it was calculated? If anyone has info on this, please help me out.

This is probably the worst insurance company I have ever dealt with in my life. They deny your claim from the beginning. Then you need to send them doctors notes and why you are disabled. You do that at least a dozen times, until they accept your information. My current payment is 5 days overdue. You never know when the payment will be deposited, so you can't set up automatic payments. They are the worst.

I have been on long term disability since 2014. I don't know what I would have done without it. Sure they demand a lot, but they send my money on time every month. Sure they are a little difficult at times, but, they are just people trying to do their jobs. I am sure they have to deal with upset people all day. Thank you Hartford for being there for me.

Do NOT ENROLL into this company. They are a RIPOFF!!! Customer Service in the claims department is horrible. You will never get to speak to anyone on the phone. You will also speak to their Voicemail... If you leave a message you will not get a call back until 4 weeks later. Maybe by that time you will be back at work!!!

I have sent in so much stuff and my rep. keeps saying that I filed for my heart, now I am telling them about the memory loss. The memory loss was all a part of the claim. Then they say the Dr. did not give me my walking limitation so that is why they denied me. What does walking and standing have to do with my brain issue? I am so confused. They still have not paid me or started to pay me. The rep. have always acts like she will help me but always acts like I am telling her something new. I still can think, but I cannot focus or concentrate for long periods or figure out things to run my business as I did before. I think the wait so long so I will cancel them, and then they can say I have no coverage. Help, if anyone has a good Michigan lawyer.

I got injured 1/7/13. After testimonies, court cases, hearing the judge ruled in my favor. I have 4 ligaments and dislocation in my right foot. I can't work anymore because I can't stand for long periods of times. I can't wear a normal shoe (I have a brace holding my right foot together). 4 doctors including the state of California doctor said I need surgery. Long story short still no surgery due to Hartford not complying with a California judge's order.

So I am still pursuing them legally. I am still in a brace. I still cannot work. They have ruined my life. I lost everything - my apartment, my belongings (because I had to move and I had to give up my furniture & belongings due to no room). I am so much in debt it's not even funny. My ankle gets worse and worse everyday. I might have liver and stomach damage due to all the medicine that I have to double up on everyday to deal with my ankle pain. My employer gave my position to someone else. I wouldn't recommend this insurance co to my worst enemy. I hope that the governments forces them to pay for damages they have done to people and revoke their licenses. They should not be in business.

I have been dealing with The Hartford for 3 years now. At first of course, it started on short term, when it was exhausted I submitted for LTD. I had absolutely no problems with any of the steps I had to take. I had a well-educated representative and made sure to submit all records requested by them. That is the large part of this company that I found to be the hardest, although it was just a call to all my doctors. I recently won SS disability also, so I will continue to receive benefits from The Hartford until 2028, as long as I'm still disabled. There was a new description of what disability is when applying and continuing for benefits, and if you are able to sit at a desk, stand for 30 mins at a time, lift 10 lbs, etc.

You basically have to be bedridden and not able to do anything under their provisions, and I just happen to fall under them. I will tell you that there is no use applying for LTD if you haven't applied for SS disability. And then you need an attorney, otherwise you'll waste your time. I'm sorry to hear so many of you are upset or disgusted with this insurance company, but I have had been treated great and had no problems along the way. They need paperwork, paperwork, and more paperwork from every doctor you go to this will validate your disability, and also call them everyday until you get every thing they need like I did. Unfortunately, we are our own advocate, and if you don't do it yourself, no one else will. Good luck to all of you in the future.

I was attacked at work by one of my grooming clients back on February 20 2018. I now have a permanent condition called CRPS. There is no cure for what I have only pain management. I'm supposed to get surgery to put in a spinal stimulation device to help ease my pain that gets so bad. I can't function or take care of my kids without help from family let alone do my job since it affects my left arm and hand because I was tired of the no phone calls the countless emails. I got an attorney to make sure I was taken care of.

Well since I'm not playing by their rules they have denied to approve any meds for pain and procedures I need to get done before my surgery. I'm struggling everyday just to somewhat be normal. I was supposed to get an psychologist's evaluation and because it was the wrong kind of evaluation I figured they didn't need it. Now I get nothing til they get it. Even though my doctor said they need a new different one and that one doesn't matter. So tell me why they want that evaluation so bad even if the doctor said it's the wrong evaluation. They can't use it. That they think it's ok to make me suffer with unbelievable pain every second of every day.

Hartford was good for the short term. Long term has been awful. It is a struggle to get the information that they require every year. And It has been 13 years of me being disabled and they still require extensive medical records and reports from the multitudes of Drs and specialist I see every year. I have gotten worse and worse physically and the paperwork is redundant and irritating for me so I can only imagine how inconvenient it is for the medical staff to gather and send off. (I see about 15 providers yearly.)

When my care providers do not submit their portions of the paperwork that Hartford requires I get threatened with having my insurance claim cut off. I provide my portions every year in a timely manner. I do not control the Drs and nurses responsible for submitting the forms from the Dr. The staff has never once been kind or understanding. They are often curt and hard nosed. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the issues I have had dealing with the staff. I get social security because I am completely disabled and getting worse constantly. The government doesn't treat me as bad as Hartford does.

I submitted a short term disability claim with the Hartford whom my employer has a group policy with for its employees. I have a seizure disorder and had a seizure resulting in a trip in an ambulance to a local hospital. Apparently The Hartford has no medical staff review of the claims. Why? I have been out of work for over 6 weeks, yet The Hartford informed me that there is nothing in my claim substantiating my claim. Anyone who suffers from seizures (grand mal) knows that you don't wake up the next morning as if nothing happened, and you are in perfect health.

My claim has been denied and due to the time off of work I no longer receive payroll and therefore my medical benefits (as well as other regular payroll deductions - including medical insurance) have to be paid out of pocket. With no "supportive assistance" I am unable to "Relax and Stay Positive" as The Hartford's marketing documents say. I have requested my employer to withdraw future contributions coming out of my payroll to this BS company. They willingly take your money, but don't dare ask for proactive, helpful consideration. I have had to dip into my retirement savings to get me through this very difficult period for my household. Thank God for Fidelity companies... Shame on The Hartford!

For the record I agree with other reviews on this site saying that it is next to impossible to reach The Hartford's staff 'working' on my claim. Also, I doubt that they make an active effort to follow-up on any information provided to them by physicians. For example, I have been told that they make requests to physicians for their documentation relating to the claim. My physician informed me that no such request has been received in his office since I filed the claim 5 weeks ago. I proactively had the physician's office fax the info into The Hartford without their express request, yet even with this information, The Hartford has made it apparent that they have not read the material, yet they tell me that the claim is unsubstantiated.

If you are an employer seeking a disability insurance policy for your group of employees, I would look elsewhere if you are interested in truly seeking a company that is compassionate, professional and displays some medical expertise in the review of submitted claims. Sick employees are only made sicker dealing with The Hartford due to the unnecessary emotional and financial stress this company creates for claimants. Truly a shame!

I was approved for short term disability fairly quickly, and I’ve had to use it before, so I wasn’t expecting the nightmare that has followed. In a month I have only received about 20% of the pay I am entitled to. My first couple of deposits were way less than they should be, but I figured it would eventually even out. I was having problems with their website, so until I finally got the third person I spoke to to fix it, I couldn’t see how they were offsetting my pay by 80% because apparently they just assume I’m getting some sort of pay from somewhere else. My claim rep is the absolute worst! I’ve called multiple times, and left multiple messages, and the only two times I’ve talked to her, she answered the phone probably by accident. Not one of my messages have been called back, not one thing she said has happened.

It’s been well over a month now, and I’ve not received 80% of the money I’m owed, and it doesn’t look like she’s doing anything about it. Finally I got her supervisor's extension, but guess what...he’s off for two weeks! There’s literally no one to get any help from, no one to speak to, no one to get any answers from! I’d give this company zero stars if that was possible.

After 2 years, my long term disability claim was terminated by The Hartford. My illness has not improved and my treating physicians confirmed my inability to work on numerous occasions. The Hartford even had surveillance done for 4 days which showed nothing and supported my claim. Since the surveillance was consistent with the multiple diagnosis and my doctors all supported my claim, the Hartford looked for yet another way to terminate me. They sent me to an 82 year old doctor, who they paid a clearing firm, MCN (also corrupt) over $1,500 for one visit. I also found documentation online that showed when investigated about the relationship between MCN, the Hartford and independent doctors contracted, the Hartford chose to pay a fine vs. revealing the internal documentation that would prove the corruption.

The independent "examination" consisted of their doctor drilling me about my work history, and the doctor talking about himself and his family. Within 30 days of seeing "their" doctor, I was terminated. I requested my file from Hartford. I was told it would be sent 12/12. After multiple requests and finally telling them I was reporting them to governing bodies, I finally received my file the end of March and my time to appeal ends next month. The report from the independent doctor is absurd, unprofessional and states bizarre information that doesn't even pertain to me.

In the meantime, I am trying to support my family on nothing. My house is in foreclosure and the only reason we eat is because of food stamps. I've lost everything even though I worked for a company that paid premiums for 10 years. It's blatant corruption and the misconduct needs to be addressed. The people they have wrongfully terminated need to unite somehow. It's sad how they continually mistreat people.

For years I had been deducted the Hartford premiums, when I became disabled due to accident, they had me going thru hoops trying to discourage me from filing, once they couldn’t, they referred me to their advocating groups BECAREFUL, they work for them, they’re trying to shake you off, this way, or to pay even less than what they’re obligated to do. Don’t waste your money, walk from this garbage, RUN, with your hard earn money elsewhere while you can.

Diagnosed with 3 autoimmune disorders, 2 spontaneous fractures, over a year of IV therapies, multiple surgeries, limited use of hands, was in multiple hard casts for foot/ankle almost a year, see approx 10 regular Drs. On long term disability, constant threats, impossible requests for forms to be filled out which require at least $40 each or separate office visit just to have Dr fill out (that they won't pay for), focuses only on the one dr that won't fill them out, refuses any additional records from any other Dr I have.

So I have to obtain my own records and only has a fax # to send documents to so I have to pay to fax records, then when I do, rep more than once has stated 1 page comes through black (of course it's always the one page he needs), then forces me to resend everything since I don't know which page didn't come through, then uses that as excuse to cancel me every Dec (not sure why right before Xmas and maybe end of year helps their bonus?) and holds pay with no warning, calls and sends the cancellation letters after he has held my pay.

I was forced by Hartford to sign up for social security to collect my long term disability, was approved by SS on first application and informed Hartford so they could hold that amt from my LTD pay. Then, that wasn't good enough because Hartford has "different criteria than social security" and then they state the policy terms are changing so they will determine if you can do any job not your original field and the work doesn't have to be available to you, and they determine that with no medical background. No matter what you do, no matter how sick you are, the harassment never ends.

Have only had LTD benefits for 14 months and have had to file 3 complaints with state insurance dept. in order to get copy of my policy and get my pay released. My advice is find out what state your group policy is issued (if issued by your employer) and continue to FILE COMPLAINTS WITH THAT STATE AND YOUR STATE INSURANCE DEPTS if applicable. Make sure and attach all documents with your complaint. They are the only ones who can help. If they get enough complaints on how horrible they treat sick people, threatening and holding paychecks, embarrassments, maybe they will get in trouble. This company should be ashamed of themselves. Considering they only deal with the very sick for LTD benefits, they are true evil snakes.

I was diagnosed with Tracheal Stenosis in August of 2017. I had emergency surgery, resulting in time lost from work. I submitted a claim to the Hartford, first of all no one ever answers the phone! I left countless messages! You are lucky if you ever hear back from them! I received a payment on that claim in December 2017! I returned back to work on Sept 18, 2017!! I had to have another surgery on December 22, 2017 again resulting in more time off of work. It is March and I still have not received a payment. I have called almost daily, I have left countless voicemails, I am sent faxes asking for someone who knows what they are doing to call me back, that still hasn't happened. I am beyond frustrated, not only do we have to deal with illness we shouldn't have this extra stress! I AM SHOCKED THEY HAVEN'T HAD A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT YET.

First let me say that I have no personal axe to grind. I'm a mental health professional. I have a client who had a legitimate short-term disability claim. They jerked me around, saying they never got things, saying they needed my notes after having given them everything they asked for, etc. This company added so much stress to my acutely mentally ill client that they are probably complicit in her delayed recovery. And she hasn't received one dime from them because they suddenly "need more information", pushing her to more financial desperation. Shame on this company. They should be investigated by an ethics board.

I had disability insurance with Hartford thru my work. I have severe Crohn's Disease and also had a stroke leaving my right arm and leg in a semi-paralyzed state. After my employer would not accept my restrictions in returning to work, I was placed on SSI. Hartford just informed me that I no longer qualified for the difference they made up in my pay scale despite my doctors and the doctor they sent me to for a eval. Let me quote from their doctor and their letter < Dr. ** states significant improvement to the point where you are walking and working again is guarded although over time there will be some improvement in your overall condition. Really? it has been almost 3 years and it hasn't happened yet.

My husband injured himself-twice-at work last year, lower back. He filed a worker's comp claim- his employer uses The Hartford. The claim rep sent him a whole packet of information about coverage on medication, which doctors to see, etc. We contact this rep- Heather **- and ask when his benefits start. Several times we were told to re-submit his claim forms, as she did not have them. We got nowhere.

After about the third visit to the ER five months later, we got fed up and contacted an attorney, who is absolutely wonderful and was able to get my husband treatment OUTSIDE of the Hartford. He too was being told by the claim rep-now we have a new one, Tanya **- that they never received the paperwork I faxed to them several times.

Unfortunately my husband has gotten worse and is need of surgery, most likely a fusion. We were told this by the attorney's doctor, and by the Independent Medical Exam doctor- who was assigned to our case by the Hartford. While the case is slowly progressing through the IL worker's comp court, my husband has been out of work for almost two months, money is getting very tight, and I have to watch him suffer every day.

He can barely walk. He can no longer live a normal life. We don't know when his surgery will finally get approved. Every day I have to watch him suffer because this money-grubbing dumpster fire of a company made every excuse possible to not help us. My husband is not a pill-popping abuser of the system looking for a handout. He is genuinely hurt, and we are both hurt by this experience. Never will I ever refer anyone to this company. Rest assured I will be contacting the Illinois Dept of Insurance, even if the case settles in our favor.

Not only do they only pay you at 60% of your regular pay, they also send an investigator who will video tape, record and follow you to see if your claim is valid. Even after I was approved for SSD, I had an investigator, Robert **, harass me constantly about coming to my home to go over my medical history and he requested my personal information in regards to my past medical history. I paid into the Hartford to ensure that I had coverage when out of work and I did not appreciate being treated like some type of con artist, when every medical condition I had or am dealing with was validated by my Neurosurgeon. I will not speak to The Hartford ever again without legal counsel present.

I have a cervical and lumbar disease along which has caused several other complications. I have been out of work since12/09. Having LTD with Hartford has been a total nightmare from the beginning to now. At initial filing, I ended up having to hire an attorney. Although, medical information was sent to Hartford from at least 3 doctors stating my conditions, my disabilities, my restrictions, and etc., they still forced me to have other exams that were outrageously expensive. This went on for a year and finally after intentional harassment, high levels of stress, etc., they finally approved my claim in 2011.

However, now, they are saying they are denying it again as of 03/15/2012. I know the reason they do this to a lot of people. They try and make them stop the people from pursuing their benefits. This should be illegal and they should be held accountable.

I will do everything in my power to continue to fight for my benefits and research everything I can to find out if I can sue them for intentional harassment. If anybody wants to file a class action lawsuit against them, please let me know. Send me a fax at ** with your contact information, with the reason you want to file the class actions and I will be glad to talk to you. To everyone that has filed a complaint, don't give up, that's what they want!

The Hartford & its “handlers” are the worst Company/people I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I have been approved for short term disability since Nov 3rd 2017. To date 1/19/2018 I have received 6 weeks' worth of payment. Do the math. Ridiculous.

This company is the worst! I am glad that I found this forum, it’s true, they never return phone calls. I never asked for taxes to be taken out of my weekly payment but they were taking them out anyways (I needed the full amount to survive while I was out for the 6 weeks). When I inquired as to why my payment was lower than my previous claim from a year ago, they said that I requested taxes being taken out. I never requested that state and federal taxes be taken out when I initiated my claim but somewhere, someone decided that they should.

When I did reach my “handler” she acted like she could care less. I requested that my initial phone call be found and listened to because you know our phone calls are supposedly recorded for training purposes. I also asked for my handlers supervisor to call me. That was last week. I left messages with both the handler and the supervisor and still no return calls. Because I wanted them stop taking taxes out of my check they have stopped paying me and have not returned my calls. I, like all of you, am totally on board with any class action lawsuit, the Hartford stinks.

I have paid an extra amount for a buy up of 10% and have been denied that amount because the company says it is a pre existing condition! I made my first claim of any kind in October of this year. Every week that I have been off work I have either had to have my doctor fax paperwork of some sort or I have had to call the Hartford about either my claim being stopped (by them not my doctor) or about why my check was a different amount (always lower) than it had been. The whole process has been a nightmare. I feel right now that I would rather be on my deathbed than have to ever deal with them... and you can be very sure that next year at signup time for my company I will NOT pay for the extra buy up because they will always say it is a preexisting condition so they do not have to pay you. Worst company ever... wish that there was a way I could get my company to change to the duck!!!

I am entitled to 50% of my pay with my short term disability. The Hartford is taking their time paying benefits owed to me. They approve my claim a week at a time and constantly require additional paperwork filled out by my doctor, which now costs me $25.00 each instance. My condition is not something that would change from week to week. This month, instead of the $1,500 I am due; I have been paid less than $300.00. Each time I call, I am told that is the way it works.

I have been on LTD with the Hartford for about a month now. I had been told and saw so many posts on the internet about how difficult the Hartford is to work with. I can adamantly say that is NOT the case for me. I was on STD with the Hartford until that ran out and I started the process for LTD. Every single step of the way the claims adjustors returned calls promptly - or answered the calls when they were available. Each one of them took the time to explain the process, what would happen next and were so compassionate. I don't know what I would have done without the caring people at the Hartford. Yes, there a lot of forms and information needed from your health care providers but I can't imagine a review of these documents isn't necessary throughout the process and ongoing. It is so comforting to have the Hartford while I am disabled. Can't say enough good about them.

I paid weekly premiums to The Hartford Insurance for six years, for Long-Term Disability Insurance. I stopped working due to recurring injuries summer 2010. Hartford Life approved my claim 10/2015 for Long-Term Disability until 09/2024. Now, over four years later, as my condition has increasingly gotten worse, Hartford Life just terminated my claim. They say I longer fit the "definition of disability". Although the organization Hartford Life forced me to apply to (Social Security Disability) still rate me as disabled and unemployable. Hartford Life Insurance Company has profited by the Insurance Motto: Accept as many small premiums as possible. Build a profitable company by denying claims. It works for them.

I have been on LTD since 2007 with Hartford. To my surprise they approved my LTD even after 2 years, saying I met the standard of any job. They haven't paid me in over 5 years because I refused to send my SSD check to them. I thought they would cancel me anyway, so why give them the money for a policy I had been paying for over 20 years. I have complied with every request they have giving me. They just called me and want to do a face to face meeting with me. I'm puzzled by this since why can't they do it over the phone? Anyone have any idea why they want a face to face meeting? I'm sure it's some tactic to cancel my policy. Anyone thoughts would help. Thanks.

Why are companies allowed to rip people off and cause undue stress and anxiety? Why is the Hartford still allowed to maintain a business license? The company tells you one thing and then makes up a new rule while you try to figure out the current puzzle. I've been LTD for about a year. Got them the paperwork they needed every time. Last year they decided the doctor I was seeing was not qualified and I needed to find an MD. I was 7 months pregnant with twins and had limited mobility and already worried about complications. I spoke to the rep who was the 3rd or 4th one I had had. He was by far the most insensitive. All he had to say was per policy and we sent you letters. On top of everything else, I had been searching for a doctor who not only accepted my insurance, dealt with LTD and was able to see me prior to my due date. No luck.

I let the rep know again that I have been searching and was not able to locate anyone and that I would keep searching. My o.b. send paperwork to them for disability after delivery which lasted until the end of February. February 29th they discontinued my benefits. I saw a doctor in March and notified them that the doctor needed the forms from them. James ** (the rep), said he would send them. A couple weeks went by and I called both the doctor and Hartford to check the status. The doctor had not received the forms. At no point during any of the multiple calls did James mentioned that the doctor had to be seen prior to them cutting off my benefits. Which makes no sense, because if I had seen the doctor prior to my benefits being stopped they shouldn't have been stopped. I just wish people in this kind of business would be held to a higher standard than they are.

In 2009, I worked as a Case Manager for a homeless facility in the Bronx. During a conference held with another resident, my client became violent due to being mentally unstable for not taking his medication and injured me on the right shoulder. I then attempted to obtain medical treatment and the organization did not want to pay for the doctor visit. I then, attempted to be seen by one of their providers on the list supplied and the doctor referred me to an Orthopedic Surgeon in the Bronx. I continued to work at the facility with so much pain while taking physical therapy and the organization did not even let me leave early to attend to my medical needs. Once I was examined by the Orthopedic Surgeon, it was advised I request for an MRI which took at least a month to be approved by the Hartford Insurance Compensation.

Once the MRI was performed, it was advised that surgery needed to be done on my right shoulder. In January of 2009, the surgery was performed and three anchors were placed to hold up my shoulder then stitched in place. After going through Hartford for physical therapy approval, I was denied which delayed my recovery in which another surgery had to be performed due to scar tissue. So, I have had two shoulder surgeries and three years out of work and every month, the surgeon requests for physical therapy to continue. The Hartford Insurance informed the clinic that I no longer need it again, and again. Then, by the time I returned to physical therapy, my shoulder had to begin the whole process again for the physical therapy. The Hartford Insurance then recommended an independent examination by a doctor who has only examined you once and decided that no physical therapy was needed without knowing the facts. Not only that, but the report issued to the court has the wrong account of the medical examination conducted.

Hartford Insurance has denied medication, physical therapy, and medical care for over three years. To top it off, my compensation check is now reduced to the lowest rate possible since nurses who do not know the physical well being of the individual denied one to continue physical therapy. As I continue to fight at the courts for transportation that was never given as well, I continue to suffer at the hands of the Hartford Insurance. In my opinion, the government should have more compensation laws that protect the rights of those in need since I can understand that many individuals falsely inform insurance companies of the injuries when not injured at all. But what about those who are really injured and suffer the mistakes of others? Where do we stand?

I was bitten by an insect and had a terrible allergic reaction. I was hospitalized twice and was out of work from July 13 to October 13. I was suffering from shortness of breath and my pcp sent me to a specialist to find the problem. First The Hartford tells me my coverage was not effective but they had no problem accepting my payments. Then me and my dr faxed my records to them many times. For some reason they didn’t get them so we mailed them. Then it was they didn't know I was hospitalized twice. They are crooks and should be stopped. They have no problem taking my money but when I need them I can’t get what I need. All I get is excuses. I would rather have no insurance than to deal with a low down company and their heartless cheating employees. I employ anyone thinking of getting coverage with them - DON’T!!!!

Applied/joined Hartford around Jun 14. Requested to pay premium yearly and rep approved. Declaration Page/Insurance Cards state Expire date is Jun 15. Discovered by accident around Apr 15, client was cancelled. Hartford said premiums were not paid in December - True. VISA was only charged for 6 months instead of agreed on yearly premium. Client received no mail from Hartford that premium was due. Client not allowed to pay balance BEFORE the expired date. Client credit rating is over 800 on all three major Sources. Client had Car Insurance for 40 years - never cancelled.

I have been off work since April 7, 2012. I developed severe rash and severely infected ulcer on my leg above ankle. It was so painful and swollen I could hardly walk. I went to ER; they did blood work and gave me pain pills, sent me home and follow up with family doctor. My family doctor put me off work and on antibiotics. This went on for a month, so I saw a vein specialist. He recommended surgery on the veins. I had the surgery and 2 days later, developed blood clot. My family doctor said I would not be able to work anymore. So I drew STD until Oct. when it ran out. I applied for LTD in Aug. so it would kick in when STD ran out. Boy, was that a joke! After weeks of nothing but aggravation from Hartford, I was denied because Hartford said my condition is preexisting. So now I have no funds coming in. I have no insurance! But Hartford took their premium out of my STD every week until it ran out. I have no family and no one to help me! I was depending on Hartford to see me through. I absolutely will not recommend Hartford to anyone. They are rude and do not care about the people that keep them in business! Thanks, Hartford!

I was an employee who worked in Human Resources for a company that had approximately 2000 employees. At open enrollment I always encouraged our employees to choose STD as well as LTD. For that I am truly sorry. My doctor took me off work as of November 2012. I did receive my STD after many problems with Hartford. (They never received any information from my doctors etc.) Once my STD was exhausted my LTD went into effect for a short time. It was discontinued for all the reasons other complaints on this site were made. Hartford continued to harass my physicians' for additional information. Hartford already knew everything. They wanted a "peer review" with my doctors.

If doctors had to have peer reviews to Hartford for every patient, they wouldn't have time to treat any of them. It is amazing to me how "their independent physicians" can make any decisions on a person's ability to work without seeing or meeting them. I don't see how that is even legal. I do hope someone will start a class action suit against Hartford. If their company works the way most companies do, the executives from the CEO down get bonuses on the money they have saved by the denials that should have been paid to the employees that paid in their hard earned money.

I had foot surgery in November 2014 to repair a misaligned toe as a result of a previous surgery. The procedure involved realigning the bones in my toe and placing a pin through the top of it. A very painful surgery. In order for it to heal properly the Podiatrist placed me off work for from Nov 22 through Dec 30. It was restricted at this time from placing weight on the foot and to keep it raised for proper blood flow. I was allowed to go back to work on December 31 with special conditions of being on my feet for 15 minutes or less per hour.

From November 22 through Dec 30, I received only ONE payment in the amount of $270. I have repeatedly called the Hartford. I have sent them my Work Status reports with the diagnosis from the Physician, and they keep telling me that they need the actual doctor's notes from my medical records in order to make additional payments. This is the same documentation used by the State of California, and other insurance companies to pay claims, but it is not good enough for the HartfordAtWork. I keep getting the run around and they have continuously denied my short-term disability claim for the time that I was off work (22 Nov-30 Dec), saying that my surgery does not qualify for their disability.

I am mentally exhausted from dealing with them. I realize that this is only about 5.5 weeks of payments and if I have to get an attorney, they will then have to pay my attorney fees. It doesn't make any sense. Why are they putting so much effort into denying a claim that is only worth about $1200? This is ridiculous! Their time spent denying the claim is worth more than that!

The Hartford claims rep claims that he has been in contact with my provider Kaiser Permanente of California and they refuse to provide him with notes from my medical records. (Notes??? The diagnosis is written on the Work Status report, why do they require additional notes? Under HIPPA, I don't think they are required to provide any more than that without written consent, which the Hartford has never requested from me). It is not rocket science, surgery that required weight bearing restrictions for proper healing should be enough.

As of 15 January 2015, I plan on faxing about 50 pages of documentation to the Hartford and flooding their fax machine with pictures of my foot, work status reports, and surgery orders, doctors follow up report etc. I hope they have a wonderful time reading all this. I would not recommend the Hartford for short, long term, earthquake, auto, home, or any other type of insurance at this point and as soon as I get my finances in order I will be cancelling all of the policies I have with them. Over $5000 in policy coverage. (The Hartford is denying a $1200 short-term disability worth losing $5000 in additional coverage? What a great decision). I expect that if they won't pay on a $1200 disability claim, I would hate to deal with the Hartford on my home, auto, or earthquake policies. What's is wrong with this company? Consumer's stay away from the Hartford... Run and run fast.

I hope I don't have to get an attorney over this...this is stressing me out. I'm really glad the holidays are over, because my finances were really stressful during this time. The Hartford needs to get their act together. No one should have to deal with this type of treatment.

Poor communication regarding problems receiving updated medical: I have been on leave since June 2012 for cardiac problems and fungal infection to right lung that caused 2.5-inch abscess. The infection did not respond to oral drug therapy and progressed. As a result, I had VATS procedure to remove part of my right lobe. After one month of treatment in Arizona and progression of illness, I decided to come to Wisconsin for surgery and care as my family is here. This is when my problems began with Hartford. Despite multiple requests to have written correspondence delivered to my temporary address and phone correspondence to my cell, they continued to call number in as and send updates there. This caused delays in my response for updated medical. Once aware of situation, I frequently called Hartford with updates on plan of care. My doctor submitted paperwork once, but they had wrong fax # on letterhead so they didn't get it. I figured this out after doctor told me they submitted multiple times, yet Hartford denied receipt. I called and asked rep. Michelle for fax # that didn't match one provided.

I called before surgery and they still hadn't received medical update but she assured me she would do update. I provided and forwarded them to employer. I also updated my manager. I was relieved to hear they would update status with work and was aware I would need medical update for payment. I asked Hartford to resubmit all forms to my doctor on 10/24/12 two days before surgery. Michelle said, "I will call if we don't get a response.” No call and I figured things resolved. Wrong! I got a letter one week post partial right lobectomy that my employer has started separation process. I am fighting a postoperative infection and am desperate to maintain position and disability. I am so weak and don't have the energy for this with current health issues. I am waiting to hear back from my attorney.

I slipped on black ice in Dec of 2016 and landed directly on concrete, on my right knee. My Dr knew immediately from my x-ray I shattered all my cartilage. I've been following up consistently, providing medical documentation, and appointment updates. My knee locked completely and almost sent me down a flight of stairs, I went for a follow up this past August and the x-ray revealed I essentially have 'scraps' of cartilage floating around and I know have 3 bone spurs and am 2mm away from being complete bone on bone. I am 28, healthy, good shape, and my knee has become increasingly worsening. Due to the lack of cartilage my x-rays are black other than where the spurs are, they have attempted injections and then requested an MRI be completed as the locking can cause MCL or ACL damage.

My MRI was requested on 9/27/2018. Constant follow up, consistently told it was pending, and then based on my physician needing the MRI to see what options are left I cancelled a follow up. My 'case manager' no longer existed, extension was gone and I was transferred to a 'case supervisor,' whom indicated that I apparently am showing a new injury. She stated denial info from my auth was sent to my physician and myself on 10/10/2018 ; neither the office or myself were notified, the woman was extremely rude and stated my physician 'needed to do their job' and disconnected our call. I now have to pursue legal action as my knee is about 3x larger than my left and my physician's office confirmed and recommended a company because 'nothing made sense' and that a caseworker cannot make medical determinations. DO NOT WORK WITH THIS COMPANY.

Due to chronic D.D.D. and debilitating juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (since age 5) I recently had to file a claim with The Hartford long-term disability insurance. I cannot praise their professional, courteous and expeditious handling of my claim enough! The first phone call I received after filing my claim was from my personal rep., Joseph **. He left me feeling valued and appreciated!! And, EVERY phone call from him, or someone else from The Hartford, was the same way – it left me feeling valued and appreciated!

This was SO UNLIKE other phone calls I'd received from another insurance company when filing for a short-term disability. The rep. was disrespectful and rude! Almost everything I told her about my pain, or my mobile limitations, etc., she questioned or doubted. Without fail her phone calls ended with me feeling defeated, unbelieved, hopeless, and persecuted. So, when an insurance company comes along which has treated me with the utmost respect and dignity I MUST speak out! The Hartford has done that from day 1. I can't thank them enough, or say enough to give them the credit they deserve for their professional and expeditious handling of my long-term disability claim!! Thank you, thank you, thank you The Hartford!!

Hartford has lied and harassed us over and over again. Never paying the percentage my wife paid for. We have lost our home, and now my wife is just over 70 lbs at 29 years old and she is on hospice. No one will even help us fight Hartford.

First off I completely agree with the last review for this company. Everyone needs to do their research on this company before they sign up for any type of insurance because you will regret signing up with them. In my situation I signed up for short term disability and I was denied my claim because I'm pregnant. I am taking this issue to my lawyer because the Hartford cannot provide me with any document that states pregnancy would be a pre-existing condition that would affect my insurance. And I had also received a call from an agent saying I was approved and they would send payment as soon as possible once I get a signature from my doctor. This company is a disaster. Do not get involved with them!

The Hartford is a ripoff. They have no morals or concern about you being out of work. They lie countless times. They ask for documents and say it's not what they need. "More detail" they say. The more you send the more they need and it's never enough. Endless lines of BS.

I have been on LTD with AIDS for 16 years. There was a takeover of my policy and my benefits were canceled for nervous mental within 3 months. But they stopped payment for failure to provide proof of loss after 4 months first. They were restarted and they canceled again on Christmas Eve. After 2 heart stents and a 60ml blood clot in my heart 6 weeks earlier, they faxed for medical records but asked your doctor for notes. The doctor is confused about why you keep asking for the medical records. He has sent notes 3 times already. He says the patient is confused and your LTD is limited to 1 year. Your medical records are used against you.

I was held at gunpoint by special agents at 2AM in my own home. Hartford said I was a meth user when the meth was a medication filled at a pharmacy owned by the plan sponsor. Ask for your records, put everything against the law in a letter and send it to them. If the information is not in your appeal, it will not be heard in ERISA court. ERISA is only to get your money back or ask questions for the greater good. Anything fraudulent sent in the mail to you is mail fraud. Take them into local court for anything you can. They have to pay their own way as to not hurt the plan. It is their fiduciary duty not to injure the plan. Mental illness is never covered by LTD, so The Hartford will harass you so being nervous mental is the main illness, as opposed to a coma. You have to be under the care of a medical professional who can legally treat your medical condition and take prescribed meds.

I have been a state employee for 26 years, paying into short and long term disability. I have filed one other claim which you never paid out since it did not meet the requirement. I was admitted to the hospital since I lost my eye sight. I not only lost my eye sight but I have been dizzy, feeling ill. Pain in my eyes is indescribable, headache. I have been through extensive blood work, MRI, CT scan, etc. trying to get to the source of the problem. I spent my first three weeks home from the hospital on bed not able to tend to myself better yet my children and husband. I received two payments for $60 each from disability. I have been in the doctors and on medications that well exceeded this amount.

I took out this additional insurance to cover the cost in the event of a mishap like this. I have been in contact with the insurance company regularly and they claim my doctor's notes are not sufficient enough. The doctor has stated optic neuritis which is the diagnosis. I cannot drive and they are still not accepting this as a claim. I am sick by this insurance company. I should not have to be making phone calls and leg work when I cannot even take care of myself. I will be looking into alternatives instead of using this company. I also plan on getting an attorney to follow up with this matter. You have no idea how upset I am with Hartford. I have two hospital visits, neurologists, primary doctor, ophthalmologist, EENT specialist all to back up my claim. I intend to fight this to the fullest and I will never recommend you to anyone .

I was placed on short term disability following my employers required annual physical. I was given an application for LTD through Hartford. After being accepted they required that I apply for Social Security disability benefits. After being finally approved for them I paid back Hartford the back pay from Social Sec. 37K. They sent me a letter dated four days before they got the money and I received it three days after. It said that I could do any number of jobs and that I needed to go back to work. They were supposed to pay the difference between Social Security and 60% of my pre-disability wages until retirement.

Despite two doctors saying otherwise I was supposed to be able to go get a job. One was that I could be a skip tracer. Dog The Bounty hunter limping along on my cane get real. They got their money from the government because I am disabled. Then they say I can go back to work. Smells corrupt to me and should be illegal. Write your elected congress people, I have.

I was out of work on short term disability for several health reasons. One was panic disorder, another was chronic pain from fibromyalgia, neck pain from spinal stenosis and degenerative arthritis, as well as low back pain. I was being treated with physical therapy for 3 months, which was extended by my neurologist for another 3 months. They denied my claim based on the anxiety diagnosis alone.

The Hartford totally ignored the other diagnoses & never sent a form to my neurologist nor to my physical therapist. During the process I tried to reach my claims manager, she never answered her calls. When I tried to leave a message, her voice mail's reply was "This voice box is not taking messages, goodbye" & then hung up on. I would call back and have to speak to someone else. I spoke with 5 different people and got 3 different excuses. Now I have to file an appeal. I will be hiring an attorney to file the appeal for me. This company has no intentions of paying any claims.

I worked as an executive pharmaceutical representative for over 14 years, the last seven with GlaxoSmithKline. My company (GSK) carried long term disability insurance with The Hartford Insurance Company. I had an accident that destroyed all the cartilages in my left knee which makes me unable to stand, walk, or sit for any extended amount of time. My left knee swells very quickly and I am unable to even perform the basic functions of being a single mother taking care of two children, i.e., cooking, cleaning, washing, performing necessary errands etc.

I was originally approved for the LTD by The Hartford on 1/01/2010 for the first 24 month which by the policy language meant that I was unable to perform the basic duties of my job as a pharmaceutical representative. Considering my injury, this was a no brainer. As also stated on the policy, in order to continue to receive benefits for LTD, after 24 months I must also show that I continue to be disabled and unable to perform the duties of any job for which I have the education or experience to do and make 80% of my pre disability salary.

During this evaluation period, I provided The Hartford with several letters from my attending orthopedic surgeon, my last primary doctor, a second opinion orthopedic specialist and a GI doctor. They advised me in writing in the fall of 2011 that my claim had been approved and that my benefits would continue as long as I continue to meet the definition of disability.

There is one very important note, in August of 2010, without prior warning or letter, The Hartford suddenly terminated my benefits, stating that they had their doctor (no idea who) had a conversation with my surgeon who determined that I was no longer disabled and was approved to return to my work duties. I immediately spoke with my surgeon who told me he had never had such conversation, that in fact The Hartford was lying and that he was not surprised since most insurances commit these injustices to not have to pay out disability benefits.

I followed the rules of the appeal which was finally approved in February of 2011 and my pay was reinstated and the back pay was also sent. Unfortunately, during these six months I had no income whatsoever, and was forced to borrow to be able to exist until my company pension (which was the only income I had available) could be sent to me. In other words, I had to withdraw my retirement pension because The Hartford acted in bad faith, lied and forced me to have no choice but to take this money in order to pay bills, food, utilities, car, gas etc. I also fell significantly behind my mortgage which is now in the process of foreclosure, although I have also requested a loan modification and have paid a lawyer to assist me with this.

Although, I was approved as stated previously to continue to receive benefits under the terms of the policy until 2026 as long as I continue to be disabled, The Hartford is making me check in with them on a monthly basis to find out if I have made any income from a consulting job I decided to take to see if I could supplement my income from my disability which is 70% of what I used to make when I was able to work.

In addition to having the company I consult for notify them in writing that no commissions have been paid to then release by monthly check, I have also received a letter stating that they have requested medical information from my primary doctor which has not been sent to them, and therefore might affect receiving my disability benefits.

I feel that The Hartford is constantly holding a knife over my head, and that they purposely make you feel that there is no security involved in you receiving your disability payments. I have expressed to my analyst that I have been suffering from anxiety and depression due to this situation, and due to the fact that my whole life has been turned upside down by my accident. I tried to see a therapist to be able to discuss my feelings, but due to economic issues I was unable to continue to pay $100.00 per session.

Now she too, has been asked to send any medical information she has for me to The Hartford. I have done everything The Hartford has asked of me including filing a third time for SS benefits with a company The Hartford referred to me, and is being paid by them on my behalf. I was also told that any benefits paid to me, any back pay benefits are owed to The Hartford and must be sent to them upon receipt to my checking account.

Again, I had no problem with this, and gave my permission for this withdrawal when and if I do get the SS approval for disability. What I want to know is can a company like The Hartford continue to cause emotional anxiety and distress to me, which not only has added to the depression I have due to the accident and inability to work and perform other functions of my life, but also the constant fear of being left with no income when I have no other means of providing food, and shelter for myself and my children.

I see this as Goliath taking full advantage of their size and influence to keep the money we paid them in good faith to provide us with insurance in case of anything like this happening. I want to know if there is any legal course that can be taken against them for acting in bad faith, for lying, for their continuous harassment, and emotional stress on people like me that truly has a legitimate disability and claim.

I worked for Publix Supermarket - the best company in the world. I worked as a Customer Service Staff and Administrative Coordinator (making sure new associates had all their proper paperwork, explaining the great company that they had joined, etc). Unfortunately I signed them up with the Hartford Disability Ins., telling them the importance of having the insurance because you'll never know what could happen to you and you'll have this wonderful insurance to fall back on. I was trained to tell the associates that if you pay your premiums and if you are out of work due to an illness, the Hartford would kick in immediately and pay you 66% of your check. The last year I was at the company doing open enrollment, I signed up almost every associate proudly.

Three years into my job at Publix, I had started experiencing joint issues in my both knees and in my right ankle. After months of unbearable pain, I made an appointment to see an orthopedic specialist. After examinations and numerous x-rays, the doctor diagnosed me with Degenerative Joint Disease. He then shocked me with this and I quote, "You will need surgery on your ankle because you also have Tarsal Coalition. You will be out of work for 6 to 9 months and if you have any questions, ask my nurse." Then the doctor walked out the room. Looking like a deer in headlights, I burst into tears and ran out of his office and never went back. I got a copy of my medical records from that unprofessional doctor, took them to my medical doctor (Dr. **), cried to him and told him to explain this diagnosis to me.

At that time I had started experiencing tremendous pain and swelling in both knees, both feet and ankles. Before seeing Dr. **, I had even gone to a podiatrist doctor, who put my right ankle in a case to keep it stabilized. That podiatrist ordered even more exams of both feet, ankles and knees from all views. He concluded also that I had DJD, Tarsal Coalition and because my job requires that I stand 8 hours a day, I needed to find another career. Now back to my medical doctor (Dr. **) because I was armed with all the medical records and x-ray that I brought him from the two previous doctors. He also made me an appointment an Arthritis Specialist and I had all types of lab work to rule out certain arthritis. The specialist diagnose me with Osthearthritis, Degenerative Joint Disease, bone spears in my right angle, DJD in both feet, Tarsal Coalition in my right feet, and arthritis in both shoulders.

After the Arthritis Specialist sent her findings back to my medical doctor (Dr. **), we found an orthopedic surgeon to perform a left knee replacement and repair a torn meniscus. I could not perform my job because of the terrible pain. I could not even drive to work before my surgery. I cried everyday I got off work and daily task at home was done by my husband. I decided I could not live like this any more. On about 1/23/10, I had my left knee replaced and repaired my torn meniscus. Because I had Hartford Disability Insurance, I knew it would be tough financially but after 90 days, I would receive my Hartford Disability pay.

Well people, on the 87th day, I got a letter from the Hartford Disability Insurance telling me that I can go back to work and they had denied my claim! I called my doctor's office crying uncontrollable. I told them my knee is swollen; I'm still in therapy; I'm still on a walker; and still taking narcotics, why did you call the insurance company that I can go back to work? The doctor's office said that, "You can't go back to work." I told the the disability insurance. They said that I can go back and they will not be paying me any money. The doctor's office said that Hartford asked them one question and it was, and I quote, "Does she have an infection?" They said, "No, Mrs. ** does not have an infection." I called Hartford back and told them I need my money, I can't pay my bills, I need my medicine and I have no money. I was crying like a baby.

The Hartford employee, Nance, said in a very nasty tone, "Look on that last page. If you have a problem with our decision, appeal it." Cluck. That was the phone hanging up. Not only did I have my left knee replaced on 1/10, I had my right shoulder operated on 8/19/10 (the day I lost my insurance). I went from paying about $90.00 a month while I was an employee with the company, but when they terminated me from the company (8/19/10), I had to go under COBRA health insurance and it was over $300.00 a month. Now Hartford Disability Ins. is paying me nothing. I had 180 to appeal or I would lose everything. Now I was suffering not only with all my other illnesses (Degenerative Joint Disease, Osthearthritis, Tarsal Coalition in my right foot, Arthritis in both shoulders), I'm now getting prepared for a second knee replacement on my right knee on 2/11. But now I am suffering from severe depression, terrible panic attacks, sleeplessness and high blood pressure. All of these illnesses brought on by the Hartford Disability Insurance company.

During all this pressure, I sent Hartford every medical record I had. They had to give me my back pay. I almost lost my mind! And I thought that is what Hartford Disability Ins. wanted me to do. I swear at one time I wanted to end it all, but God was holding me. I was never able to go back to a wonderful company, Publix. Hartford Disability Ins. almost made me lose everything I had. My parent had to go in their retirement to help me. My brother did the same. My husband suffered tremendously and my daughters paid bills for us because we were almost homeless. I had to pay all my family and friends back and I am still paying medical bills.

But the worst thing of all is my panic attacks are still with me. I suffer severe depression on a daily basis. I cry when I think about what Hartford Disability Ins. put me through. Because of Hartford, I'm scared of people. I am on depression medicine, sleeping pills and I will always have a fear that I lost the person that trusted and believed that there was good in all people. After a long battle, I finally got my Social Security Disability. The Hartford Disability Insurance informed me that I owe them over $30,000.00. Why? I almost lost my sense because of how Hartford Disability Ins. treated me. The only thing I have now is sense and God. That insurance almost bankrupt my parents, seniors and my daughter almost had to drop out of college. I bet the Hartford president and his associates sleep sound at night. Well guess what Hartford Disability Insurance company? I don't!

Horrible service. Been paying into short term disability insurance for years. Injured myself and had to do business with The Hartford. After giving all requested information they somehow could not establish contact with my physician and ordered me to do their footwork in establishing this connection or my claim would be closed. Well I'm glad I can contribute to their paychecks and do some of their work for them to. If only I had another choice.

The Hartford at work has gone out of their way to drag their feet. It is excuse after excuse as to why my disability benefits are being held up. I have to call the MD almost weekly requesting "missing" information, "missing" forms ... Seriously, the MD's office is not that moronic. When my case is finished, I will seriously file a consumer complaint through the state licensing agency where they conduct business. It is bad enough that a person isn't well enough to work, but to have to put up with the load of crap this company has dished out is horrible.

-10. This "md" is a paid prostitute for Hartford Disability insurance company. He never examined me. He says I can work 8 hrs after observing tape 5 min out 5 min back of me walking without limp. He ignores 3 MD's who have examined me. He ignores CT Mylogram and CT scan information. He is guilty of medical malpractice!

I'm currently on LTD with The Hartford, and so far The Hartford is paying me every week 75% of my pay. Now the bad news. I recently had my left foot amputated due to osteomyelitis from impaling my foot on a rusty nail from mowing lawn. I have basic and voluntary AD&D totaling $222,000. Of course The Hartford denied my claim because my amputation was just below the ankle and of course The Hartford only pays out if the severance was above the ankle. I have 3 1/2" of foot and can barely walk without aid of walker. My insurance won't pay for a prosthetic, only a filler. The Hartford refuses to prorate my injury. Normal pay out would be 50% if it was above ankle. 11 other insurance companies pay out a prorated fee depending on the severance but The Hartford sucks. I will never be able to work full time as a nurse and all I asked from them was at least 30%. I currently have an attorney who specializes in insurance denials and that law firm knows Hartford well. Hartford worst company but unfortunately that's who my employer uses. I will win 3 times what I'm Asking for.

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. They lost my medical records because they spelled my name wrong and had the wrong claim number on my paperwork they had submitted to my physician. Fortunately the receptionist at the physician's office noticed the error. Their error, but they refused to expedite claim. They apologized, but I will have to wait. Their apology doesn't pay the bills. Poor service!

I had STD with Hartford, we have to pay for this ourselves. All of a sudden they closed my claim over a month ago, stopped payments. When I call to see what the problem is they send more forms to have filled out at my cost and still no payments.

If I could give 0/5 stars, I would. I was injured and my parents filed my claim. I was unable to stand for more than 10 minutes per day. They DENIED my claim. It took the help of a few attorneys/friends/family to get my claim approved. Approx 2 years they cut me off for while they "make a decision", (the decision process takes 6 months without payments) have been fighting for the last two years WITHOUT ANY PAYMENTS. THEY USE ERISA LAW TO PREVENT YOU FROM BEING ABLE TO INCLUDE ALL INFORMATION SHOULD YOU DECIDE TO TAKE IT TO COURT.

Do not send in an appeal without having an attorney. Their ERISA appeal process is designed to prevent you from taking them to court. I am disabled and homeless now, thank you Hartford. Their employees tend to read paragraphs of responses and "Talk over you". They are very rude and condescending. I had told one of their employees, "What are you doing? Why are you working for the Hartford? You are better than this."

I will be 100 % fair in my assessment of The Hartford at Work. They paid me for a couple years, but without me ever understanding, The Hartford is denying full and promised LTD benefits. I believe they scam individuals who seek to cover themselves in case of disability. They did me, and their failure to pay as the LTD was sold me has forced me into bankruptcy... So much for trying to plan and do the right thing.

Since I found this Consumer Affair website, I have read many complaints and heart breaking situations that clients has gone or still dealing with because of unfair practices by the Hartford Disability Insurance Company. It brought back so many horrible emotions that I dealt with and are still dealing with. The bottom line is that we all believe that we had taken out an insurance policy that would be there for us if we ever needed it. In the end, I came to a realization that the Hartford Disability Insurance was not really an insurance company. It was a loan company pretending to be an insurance company. We paid premiums for the poor service we got. Why would you have to pay back money to an insurance company for services our premiums paid for? Hartford never kept their word at all (in my case).

My long-term disability did not start after 90 days after my surgery like they advertised. Hartford was cruel when they knew a patient who has a total knee replacement and a torn meniscus alone with other medical issues could not go back to work standing on a cement floor. How heartless could Hartford be, not just to my situations but to many other clients of theirs that was in horrible ordeals? When I signed up for this disability insurance, I was told I would get 66% of my pay after 90 day of my illness. Then in the end after having to appeal the denied claim and not getting any of my benefits until months later with broken spirits and untrusting of the Hartford Insurance Company, I was told that I was only suppose to get $200 month? Who would buy a policy like that? I had medicine that cost $200 a bottle.

After getting my Social Security, Hartford told me since I did not sign up to get the $200 a month. That is why I owed them money ($30,000)! Whatever happens to getting 66% of my regular pay? I was never told anything about $200 a month. I never would have gotten this company disability insurance and Hartford never said anything about my Social Security back pay would belong to them. This sounds like a loan company and not a disability company. I have accepted the fact that I have an illness that is never going to get better. What Hartford added on top of my illness, which included severe depression for making me and my family suffer, I could not pay my bills, I cut medicine in half to make it last longer( high blood pressure meds). Because of what Hartford had me suffering, I developed panic attacks. I never had panic attacks until Hartford made me appeal for a claim and I was penniless. I was ashamed to even go to the doctors because I did not have money to pay them.

Hartford made me lose myself esteem. To get by, I had to take money from my elderly parents and disable brother and even my daughter paid our bills. I could not contribute and my husband cried because he did not want to take money from our daughters, but you do what you have to do when Hartford did not care about their clients well being. I have never been the same since I let the Hartford disability insurance come into my life. I am very sorry for what the people that I read about are going through. The sad thing is we all have similar events that had happened to us. Who is the common denominator? Yes, the Hartford Disability Insurance. I would even cry when I show the Hartford commercials on TV. After my AARP expire, because they are associated with the Hartford, I will no longer be a member with AARP. The Hartford Associate, Nancy, who handled my case, was very heartless. The Hartford Disability Insurance should change the name to the Heartless Disability Insurance Company.

Mr. President of Hartford, do you really know how cruel your associates handle clients who are hurting and truly need what was promised to some very ill clients? Mr. President of Hartford Disability Insurance, while I was suffering because of what the Hartford Disability Insurance put me through, I wanted the pain to end but God is with me. Even if I still have painful days, life is worth living. Had I given up and ended it all, I would not be here to see the gift that God has given my daughter and son-law, the gift of a new baby. Today, I wake up and say my favorite Prayer: I can do all things though Christ that strengthens me. Mr. President of Hartford, it is not always about taking money. It's about giving your clients what is rightfully theirs.

Hartford Disability needs to make some serious changes. I don't have a job anymore and I loved Publix. I don't have money but I try to live a truthful life and that is more than money can buy. I will continue to pray for the clients that I am reading about because this is America and people who have paid their premiums faithfully should not have to suffer and be financially ruined while already battling illnesses because the Hartford Disability Insurance Company is choosing money over the client livelihood. I wake up some nights crying and my husband say, "It's okay, honey. It's just a dream." When you have gone through what is happening to us with the Hartford Disability Insurance Company, it's not a dream; it's a nightmare!

The Department of Insurance and Justice under title II Disability Act is being notified immediately. The insurance company fails to provide a claim form when they are the underwriting company. They have 14 days to process a claim form, but they first have to provide a claim form to you. Then what? It has been since the end of March 2013. It is now May 2, 2013 and no claim form yet.

60 Minutes, Dateline NBC, 20/20, Fox News Channel… it's time The Hartford get some free advertising… time to let the world know what an unethical rip-off they are. They are NOT an insurance company, The Hartford is a "loan" company under the guise of being an insurance company!

The Hartford is telling me I have to give them my Social Security Disability Benefits!!! They want me to pay back to them the disability payments they paid to me, PLUS they want me to pay to them a lump sum that my two children will receive from my Social Security account as "Dependent's Benefits". I received monthly disability benefits from The Hartford, then when I was approved for Social Security benefits The Hartford wants THAT money too!

I know from the line of work I was in for many years (television news) that going to the media to expose unethical businesses can yield far more results than fighting a mis-justice on your own or even with an expensive attorney. Let's get together and bring The Hartford to the attention of network news magazine shows… and Fox news. The Hartford has to be STOPPED!!!

I PURCHASED upgraded coverage from my employer to the maximum level for short and long term disability from the Hartford. Upon having a serious medical issue which almost took my life resulting in several hospital stays I unfortunately have to use this policy. Upon my first filing for short term coverage I immediately ran into faxes not being received. My doctor initially indicated the minimum time was 8 months yet not only were faxes not received again and again I have to resubmit the same paperwork every month.

Now having transitioned into long term disability I am again having the issue of Hartford claiming no faxes have been received even though my doctor's office has sent them 4 separate times. Not until emailing did they acknowledge receipt. I was told it would take 5 day after receipt to process yet it has been almost 12 business days and still nothing. I have heard by my doctor this is common with Hartford. It has been over 2 months since last payment and my family and I are suffering and stuck.

Starting your claims is simple, answer questions, etc., but while dealing with breast cancer and all the appointments, I had received a call from my breast cancer (one doing the surgery) assistant all upset that The Hartford was asking "illegal questions" that she could not answer or she would lose her job! Asking about pre-existing condition of mine (our company said he had a clause on our contract with them, no pre-existing is needed), they had questioned the wrong doctor in their office and not my doctor at the time of my surgery (breast doctor). I needed a claim for a doctor (breast reconstruction doctor) that I had been seeing. I asked The Hartford, "Why are you doing this to their office that has several doctors within the office? Why couldn't they wait for my doctor? And what questions did you ask this doctor?"

My own company sent me to their liaison and I was told to write a letter, then The Hartford noted I would have to get a court order to get info. I sought legal advice and the attorney noted that if I was not suing them, I did not need a court order. They violated my privacy by asking questions I did not know to the wrong doctor, by asking pre-existing questions when our contact noted if not have to have and avoiding me, the customer, telling me that they needed a court order to see my file. It would have cost me like $500.00-$1,000.000 in court costs just to see my file and notes that The Hartford had in their files. I have since warned everyone in my office that it is not worth it to file a claim with this insurance company.

I've been on disability since May 1st 2018 for my back. Last month my dr extended it and faxed all the paperwork to the Hartford. I received notification via text that they received it and I called to see if anything else was required. They told me "No, they had everything they needed" and I specifically asked "if you do, will you let me know?" and they said "yes". Four weeks later still no payments so I called and now my claim rep doesn't return the call. I finally call and talk to someone else who put me thru to my rep directly who then tells me that they "didn't get the required paperwork".

I know this is a lie because my doctor showed me what was faxed. But "now they have the paperwork they need and she was going to review it that day". And PROMISED to call me that night. Needless to say, she never did. I called the next day, once again calling to speak to someone human and not a machine. The woman told me my claim had been approved and payment was pending and I should have it by Wednesday. Wednesday came and nothing so I call again and I'm told I will definitely have the money by Friday. Well, I get NO text telling me that payment is pending.

I am in a panic. I am a single person, self providing. I have no one who can loan me money. I call today, Thursday, and I am told my claim is approved but "there is a hold on the money". No reason is given so I ask for a supervisor and SURPRISE!! I get her voicemail. No callback today. Tomorrow is Friday so I will call again but not only can I not pay bills like electric, house, car, I can't even afford my meds. Worst company ever!!

I signed up this year for short term disability insurance, it has been coming out of my paycheck for the last 2 months. I got the paperwork from them and was told to fill out a health survey, so I did. I get a reply back saying I was declined due to height and weight and depression. Ok, I have had depression for most of my life, I take pills to manage it, I have NEVER missed a day of work due to it. Also, height and weight? I lift weights, but they don't take that into account, they just assume you are fat and deny you. Of course, I will probably never see that money they stole from me also.

Applied for Short Term Disability, was denied, appealed it, and was approved for about 4 weeks because I had some vacation pay that was counted. I then applied for Long Term Disability, they approved it for 4 days and closed the claim. They said that there was no documentation to support. WOW, I requested the paperwork that they had reviewed, it came ups, and the box weighed 8 pounds.

I have read other reviews and the ongoing requests for paperwork. And phone calls to the providers is excessive and the doctors just get frustrated. I think this is one of Hartford's tactics, to get them frustrated and they don't respond anymore. Or just don't have anything new to report because nothing has changed. I also think the comments about Hartford sending to several peer reviews. I think the doctors don't review the records completely. I have found several discrepancy from one document to the other. Any suggestions for moving forward, maybe just get the attorney involved now?

While checking to see if The Hartford has a history of doing the same thing as to me, I noted it was pervasive, not just occasionally that Claims Department rescinded or changed doctor/patient plans of Return to Work/retroactively closing a claim and demanding repayment; saying "Our decision based on Dr reports" and others items that have nothing to do with me. i.e. "keeping my license current" and much more. I called the Dr's office to see if he/they made the statements claimed by The Hartford reps and the written and verbal record refutes The Hartford written/verbal statements. After reviewing Consumer Affairs reviews - I believe The Hartford-Disability Claims Department is/has been dishonest with policyholders in their climate of culture where many claims are closed retroactively after a patient/doctor/ability agree on a Return to Work date, such as happened with me last month.

The harm and cost is substantial to the already health/ability of claimant and the damage and/or sabotage, to the client (as in my case), will possibly thwart all attempts at re-employment by forcing an attempt to work prior to recovery (per the Dr). The Hartford thus causing failed employment and inability to be employable in the future. This culture problem cost everyone!!! When a company is too big to be held accountable to the public it will cost everyone.

I had heart surgery in April and have not received a payment since. They keep saying they are waiting on my medical records. When in fact my medical records are waiting for them to get off their ** and pay for it. I call everyday and get a different story and never any straight answers. Most shady ** ever and will not recommend them to my worst enemy. In the meanwhile I have lost my home and is homeless because of their carelessness. Thanks for nothing.

I was receiving short-term and then long-term benefits from Hartford for 2 years and on January 10th I was told that my benefits were terminated because my attending physician didn't fill out the proper paperwork and return it to Hartford in 5 days. But the reason that he didn't was because Hartford sent the paperwork to the wrong address for the last three months that Hartford needed filled out and I only found out through my lawyer and they won't reinstate my benefits because of this (something that they caused and won't take the blame for it) but I know that I'm not the only one that this has happened to.

This has taken a heavy burden on me and my family, totally changed our lives in a way that's indescribable. It should be against the law for them to do things of this sort and probably worse than this to anyone and their families and not be held accountable for this type of behavior. They should pay dearly or someone should be held accountable and lose their jobs for such an act or correct their mistake and take responsibility for what has happened. Like I said it's really tearing my family apart and the only thing they can say is wait on an appeal which could take up to 180 days. If they can't make a decision by then, they will make one in 45 days. I'm just praying that we still be living and still a family. Lord y'all pray for us. AMEN!!! SURE WISH I COULD FILE A LAWSUIT AGAINST HARTFORD!

I have been off of work since February 1 for a swollen ankle. When my orthopedic sent notes, he wrote “swollen leg/ankle pain.” So they said they have to wait for a lot of doctors to send medical records to make sure it wasn’t pre-existing. They denied me because all my doctors and hospitals didn’t send the records in time. Well, now that my MRI showed sprain, the doctor said I have tendonitis from sprain and I am now going to physical therapy. They still didn’t approve my short-term disability claim. A sprain can’t be a pre-existing injury. I am at risk for losing my medical benefits because I now have income to pay for them since February 1. Can you please help?

I just found out that this insurance began withdrawing $126 per quarter since December 2013 for a disability insurance that I never signed up. They have withdrawn all of my saving and I have a bank charge of Overwithdrawn. I requested my bank, Fort Belvoir Federal Credit Union, to stop it immediately, but they said that they could not do that. The bank advised me to call the insurance company.

I followed their advice and call the insurance company (in Mar 2015) to immediately cancel the policy. Today, I received a letter from their group to have a cancellation effective in Jun 2015. This means they will continue to withdraw my saving. What should I do to stop it? Where is the right place/gov't office for me to send a complaint? Please help!

I purchased inland marine coverage for my restoration equipment. My restoration equipment was stolen and I filed a claim. An adjuster and investigator came to location of theft. Immediately they made me feel uncomfortable with questions that to me didn't make sense. I ended meeting by telling them to call my attorney. They left. I then about a week later got a letter from Hartford saying that my claim was denied and they were canceling my policy from the first day I bought it. Then they sent me my premium back.

This was a loss I could not sustain. I lost nearly 650,000.00 of equipment. I turned to my agent and they too agreed that I should be paid. We are now trying to work with Hartford attorney to get settlement. I ask if anyone out there has heard of such a thing? If every insurance company cancelled when you have claim who would buy insurance? I'm fighting this until the end. I have no choice. I'm out of business thanks to Hartford. You buy insurance to avoid this. I feel I have been wronged in the biggest way.

I received a letter from The Hartford that stated that as of 4/19/13, I will no longer receive long term disability payments from them. That date is my one year anniversary of when I started receiving benefits and they state that, in the second year, the standards change and that I would now be able to work some jobs. Nothing has changed as far as my health goes and it is worse if anything.

I was injured at work. I reported it. I went to the ED, MRI showed Cervical Disc problems from C3-C7. I requested treatment and benefits according to my state guidelines. There was no response. I hired an attorney. The judge confirmed I had a true injury according to the IME and my personal MD. 12 hearings/ emails/letters and 6 months later, I finally received my 1st medical treatment and some back pay, not all of it. I have questions and my attorney have asked Hartford for simple answers, which I have every right under my state guidelines.

Now due to the time lapse, my injury has caused more medical problems. Yes I am upset. I have worked hard as a nurse for 34 years, never had an injury. Hartford, yes, is a business, this I understand. However this is inexcusable business practice. I have read other posts here and I feel so much for the frustration! If Hartford would care to call me and discuss this, please do. I am contacting as many people as I can to find out what can be done so no one will have to go through this same problem as I did. Employers, please read the complaints before you purchase a policy with this company and use your own judgment!

I paid into long-term disability for 17 yrs. In 2013 I had a tragic accident. I broke my neck at C-2, and crushed T6 and T8. This brought my life crashing down. I am on pain medication 24/7. I have severe balance issues and severe depression. The Hartford has taken excellent care of me. At one point they even covered the cost to have my medical information sent when I didn't have the money. I can't say enough about the service they have provided to me. Without this help, I don't think I could have made it this far. I highly recommend this company to employers and individual clients.

My wife went out on short term disability for having a child. They state that you get 6 weeks of short term disability effective the day of birth. The thing that gets you is that first you have to go through a 30 day elimination period where you don't get paid benefits but counts towards your 6 weeks (so at best you get a little less than 2 weeks). Also, because she is a teacher, she didn't get paid for most of the days after the elimination period. At the end of her disability coverage, she received a total of $275 for her six weeks of disability (needless to say, we are in a big hole that we are trying to dig ourselves out of).

I have been on long term disability benefits since 2006 after I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and then Fibromyalgia. At first it was easy to work with them, but after the two year mark when they do their "are you completely and totally disabled review," I had to obtain an attorney. They told me I was no longer disabled. After my attorney appealed their decision, they changed their mind and approved my LTD benefits. You see, they want to shake me off of their disability because when I became disabled, I was at the height of my career and make an absurd amount of money so they have to pay me the 66% of that pay. They are currently doing another review and calling doctors that I have not seen in years for information. Anything they can do to find something to deny my claim.

I have also been getting paid the third Friday of the month since I first became disabled. Apparently, they changed their payment policy without notification! When I called them on it, they told me it just happened. I was getting paid like that, but it was based on how many days were in the month, etc. No notification! I got paid a week late this month because they changed policy and they claim it's always been this way. I'm calling again today and if I don't get a good response on my review, here comes the attorney again! I hate having to pay for an attorney, but that is the only way they will pay out your benefits.

I feel very sorry for all the pain everyone here has had to go through with The Hartford Group! We should get pain and suffering payments for everything we have to go through. And they need to start paying out attorney fees when you appeal and win! It's costly to make them do what they are supposed to do. Please, if you are having problems with this company, hire an attorney. Let them do all the work so you don't have to get stressed out by this company! Good luck to all!

Crushed my foot in 2014. They started paying weekly benefits then stopped. They wanted letters. I got them big run around. My boss pays through the roof. Had to have hardware removed. Out two months not one dime. Bill piling up. They keep telling my lawyer they released payment. They are full of **.

For years, I have paid into disability insurance with 'The Hartford' through my employer. When I needed them & was out on medical leave, all I got from them was a hard time, excessive requests for more and more paperwork and proof and denial after denial on benefits. Don't waste your hard earned money paying for this benefit because it isn't.

My initial call - SO many personal questions! Like an FBI interrogation my doctors don’t ask all those questions. They lead aka LIE you to believe a claim will process and the questions are necessary to process your claim to payout while on disability. LIES. After all the questions and constant form request sent to my surgeon office so how it was deem I wasn’t eligible for payment. However, no reimbursement for the money I PAY OUT OF MY POCKET FOR FORMS COMPLETED BY MD OFFICES. HARTFORD cost me!! I would never recommend Hartford for any insurance. I wish my employer wouldn’t use Hartford but I think they probably save companies a lot of $$$. Crooks. Shame on you Hartford. Hartford would like one to think they are the only way to take time off for medical reason. Sorry MD notes still mean something! Maybe check with your legal department before you catch a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!

I had to leave my job several months ago due to health reasons. The Hartford handled my claim for disability. These people made it impossible to receive even a cent -- they put me and my doctors through endless rounds of phone conversations and forms to be filled out. It went on like this for several months until finally one of my doctors said that somebody from the company had called her up and been really nasty; she said that I might have to a lawyer. At that point I just walked away from it because I couldn't afford a lawyer. I never received the disability. I think the way the Hartford handled this was unethical and shameful. If you are an employer considering getting insurance from this company, I advise you to find a different company!

It is currently day before Thanksgiving. My claim has been "Under Review" for the past week or so now. They have all paperwork that is needed. This claim is just an extension, of a previous claim. I have been expecting to get payment from them since last week. Since this has not been paid yet, I am not going to be able to put food on my family's table for Thanksgiving. I had to borrow money just to get my sick son some medicine for his cough. I am getting nowhere with them. The only response I'm getting is wait another 5 business days. Now, since banks are closed until next week, I won't have money available to cover basic needs. The Hartford does not seem to care. I have been contacting them daily begging them to tell me if they need additional information and get same response. Which is, someone will contact you in 5 days. I am going to plead with my employer to find other benefits providers.

This company practices in victimizing a disabled person with the unprofessional intimidation approach. I lost just about everything. But hey, they finally sent the last payment they owed me about two weeks ago. A payment I should have received in July 2010. Too bad the bills and life can't do the same as this company I paid my hard-earned money to in the case something happens to me. The children who suffer as a result of the Hartford Company's bad practices will remember this, I promise you that.

I first went out on disability in November of 2015 for a tear in my shoulder, and was out for 5 months on short term disability. Every single time the doctor put me out I had multiple problems with this company. Miscommunication was one of my main problems with them. The Hartford is absolutely horrible at sending and receiving fax papers. It was almost like I had to hold a baby’s hand thru every transaction. I've never dealt with such a horrible company in my 36 years on this planet. Yes they were that terrible!!! I don't recommend this company to anyone with an injury for short or long term disability. They're a low budget company that has no consideration for their clients. Worst company ever, save yourself the headache and go to another company because these guys have no clue what they are doing. I'm surprised they are still in business!!!

I became very ill June 2014 and was out of work under doctor's care. I received short term disability and when it was time to convert to long term, The Hartford was doing anything to hold out on paying. I had no fund to purchase medication and pay for monthly doctor office visits. My doctor became very concerned as well as myself because of my illness and I need my medication. They are bad for business and caused me to relapse because I ran out of medication. I will never deal with this company and I will certainly blog about them every chance I get. Hope they go out of business.

Maternity - I had a C-section then got a hernia and they will only pay me for 6 weeks not 8. But they pay people who fake disability for years! I think it’s **!

Went out on short term disability April 26, 2018. Took weeks for approval then my pay stopped every 3 or 4 weeks before restarting again 3-4 weeks later, leaving me without any pay at all for month at a time. When pay was sent it would only last 3-4 weeks before stopping again to get more of the same dang paperwork & info that always required being faxed 3 or 4 times before Hartford would admit to receiving it, even though Dr's office had confirmed receipts showing the faxes were sent successfully.

I'm single & no one to turn to for financial help... Hence, the whole purpose for having "protection" of my income if I ever did become to sick or hurt to work. The representative assigned to my case at Hartford was nice enough, and seemed caring. I honestly believe it was her that I owe thanks to for being paid at all, as most of decisions at Hartford are made by people who have never seen or spoken to people they pass their judgment & opinions on about their medical conditions. I was forced to miss appointments with specialists who required $150-400.00 cash upfront before I could be seen by them & had to wait 2-3 months for the privilege of even having an appointment, of course the appointment times ALWAYS ended up falling in the 3rd or 4th week that Hartford had left me without any income.

I was struggling badly, but Im to the point of wanting to just go to sleep & not wake up anymore, since my std ended in mid October, and the BS game playing, procrastination and deliberate knit picking trying to find every excuse possible to delay the process, I've had no income at all since a $250 check from Hartford mid October, it's December 31st and Im bringing in the new year with almost nothing to eat,no natural gas for heat, knowing my power will be shut off first thing in morning Jan 2nd, only have power today because of a holiday, Ive had no medicine for my pain or severe depression for over a month, cant see the dr bc Ive no way to pay them, will be 4 months behind in rent as of tomorrow and about to be in the streets, all while barely able to get up and bathe, cook or do much for myself, can barely make it out of the house to medical appointments to the two offices that still agree to see me without money, but can do nothing to help me get my meds. I'm almost out of my thyroid meds.

Long story short, I made huge mistake in "Trusting The Hartford" to protect me financially in disabling illness, because Hartford has been provided with everything I can possibly give them but somebody I have never spoken to or seen in my life, nor have they laid eyes on me to see the state I'm in, decided today to deny my claim based on lacking medical info, but they have my records from 5 doctors, who all seem to agree on my inability to work.

I expressed my hopelessness and desire to give up & die to the online chat Rep at Hartford, about 2 hours later, a local sheriff's deputy in my state & county was knocking at my door because Hartford sent them to see if I had killed myself. The whole lot of them should be put in prison, they're conniving & crooked thieves, selling false hope & protection they do everything they can to get out of delivering when it's legitimately needed.

How in the hell is it reasonable to expect someone to wait even one month, much less several without an income? How is it income protection when it's a process that leaves a person homeless, hungry & hopeless, and even sicker than they started out, as they hang on for months not knowing what in the hell is to become of them, especially when some jerk decides to deny a very sick person basically just because, since there really isn't a legit or valid reason, then they run out to celebrate New Year's Eve? Why is it people have to suffer like this and lose everything, have to end up in court and it take months & months to get what the hell Hartford sold to them and promised to protect them if they ever got too sick or hurt to work? How is this legal? What is wrong with this picture? It's fraud!

I’m currently about out on maternity leave due to high risk pregnancy. I was originally set my leave for February 6 but unfortunately my doctor wants to induce me today. My doctor didn’t advise me of my actual date until the week before, and wanted me to get some rest since my job was putting more stress on me than normal. I call and got my noticed faxed to them the same day for my dates to change. Spoke to one representative and was advised that an analysis would give me a call to change the dates with 24 hours.

Well! Those 24 hours plus more passed and then this Tuesday I get a call from my job saying I was a no call no show, and I asked, "Did Hartford send over the request for the dates to be change?" and they stated no. I then called Hartford right after, and spoke with another representative, and he stated no action was made yet but he will resend it back to the analysis to be fix ASAP. Will be calling again to get more updates since there is not any online. VERY DISAPPOINTED I HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS WHILE I'M IN THE HOSPITAL!

I started out on short term disability which eventually ended. And I was then on long term disability and was found unable to return to work and not able to work at all. I was told I had to apply for Social Security Disability. I had to pay a representative. Today, I got a call from The Hartford asking for their share. I paid a premium for coverage. Now I have to pay them back? I was awarded backpay from SSD OF $25,010. $6,000 was paid to my rep before I even got any payment. I still haven't! Now I'm told I have to pay tax if backpay amount is more than $25,000. Yup, it is $10.00 over. Something smells rotten!!! Now The Hartford gets money back. I pay taxes on whole amount and I could end up owing more money and not getting any! Is this really legal???? The judge found me disabled by 24 diagnoses. I have been in this process since short term to permanent disability for 3 1/2 years. The whole process seems rigged!!!!

My husband fell and was injured outside work. Went on std for 3 months during the months he wanted to work but his job did not offered modified. On the 3rd month he developed a lump on his right thigh and by March turn out to be cancer. He applied for Social Security Disability and went on LTD. The Hartford said he was not disabled enough for life insurance waiver. My husband died. How? Disabled. Did he had to be? He did not get any of the benefit that he should of received and myself been on disability has worsen my health to the point that I wish I was dead. I already suffer from PTSD and take mess and on top of that I have several injuries that prevent me from working. These people are liars and scammed my husband intentionally. Thank you.

Hartford is repeatedly calling and sending letters to me saying that they have not received documentation from a certain doctor. The nurse at the doctor's office says they have sent them repeatedly. I went and picked their records and mailed them myself before Christmas. They claimed they never received those. They are threatening to deny my claim because they have not received the documentation. In hindsight, I should have sent the papers registered mail. I had a heart attack Jan. 8th. I called and spoke with nurse case manager who claimed she had called me and I wouldn't return her call. Not true. I told her I was very sick and felt this was very close to harassment. It actually is, I think. I am going to resend papers certified mail. Just wanted to let everyone know how they operate. They are making me crazy from the stress and anger.

Hartford has turned me over to on "professional" ad nauseum. I have been told I was sent one letter after another. I am in the process of moving and found one. This was sent while my wife was suffering a horrible death in the hospital and I was spending almost every night with her. I have made their inane and greedy interview with SSA. Thanks for your "compassion" you liars and leeches. I now have less than 900.00 to live on, surrendered my insurance and my physicians will no longer see me. I hope you teach your staff to do their jobs and I hope you're expected to desert your loved ones as they lay dying. You disgust me and my attorney.