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My husband's dying wish was for me to address our aging roof. Surely, after 19 years, through many storms and hurricanes in Texas, this roof had suffered sufficient damage to need replacement. The adjuster came and went without discussing his findings. My husband was very sick from his chemo treatment and I paid little attention to the process. My husband died shortly thereafter. Consequently, I was told that less than $1200 of damage was found, far less than my deductible. Are there any remaining honest insurers on this planet?

I was denied a payment for break in. I was denied because I had not told them about some sterling silver I had purchased in 1942 and its worth had gone up and it had a high dollar value. I now need a copy of that denial and they won't send another copy.

I found their auto rates to be competitive, but they slammed me on home rates in my combined policy. Started out great, but... I would like to know how any insurance company can justify increasing rates on a homeowner's policy by 20% four years in a row. I have filed no claims, or had any losses. In 2013 I paid $654.00. In 2014 I paid $780.00. In 2015 I paid $855.00. And now in 2016 they raised it to 1,104.00. So, it was goodbye to The Hartford. I'd had enough.

We were away for an extended time, 3-4 months. During that time a raccoon got in by breaking through a vaulted ceiling and proceeded to ransack every room in the small house before breaking away the tub surround in two places and leaving through one. Our claim was denied entirely. No blood, no entrance point, no exit point were the reasons given despite the obvious damages AND FOOTPRINTS in the bathroom sink, on the toilet seat and in the tub. It is a small wonder Hartford has a 1 star rating.

This company is just downright heartless. My father recently passed and his accounts frozen and a payment was missed so the policy was cancelled (It was on auto pay). We called to notify them of his passing and found this out. They refused to reinstate the policy and said she must wait 1 year before she is reconsidered. They have never been late on a payment and how cruel is it to treat a person this way when they are grieving a loss.

No problems with them and they give the most for the price. Their reps are very good and their web site is easy to follow. There are no hidden stuff and the cost is the cheapest on the market. And cannot find anything better and I check all the time.

On July 9th 2017 filed a claim with the Hartford. They gave me a claim number then I was told that they could not get an adjuster out to look at my roof until the 31st of July. When he did come it was a joke for what he did and the report that he wrote. I had Hartford for over 20 years and their service is the very worst. They do not care about the customer. All they want is for you to pay your premium and do not call us for a claim. I am going to the State Insurance Exam. In Mt. And tell them they need to investigate them and have them banned from selling Insurance in the State of Mt. If you are considering insurance please do no use The Hartford.

I feel they have my best interest at heart. I have never had any problems with them from the first day till now. The amount I pay it perfect for my budget. The customer service department is so good. They are friendly, make me feel like they are part of my family and enjoy my phone calls and questions. I have always been able to get in touch with them at any time.

Hartford insurance has always treated me more than just another customer to them. All of the representatives for the company have taken the time to know you on a more warm and personal level not just another money maker for their company. The local agents all know me and my family and even remember our dogs. Our Hartford rep even took the time to send my son a Birthday and also a Get Well Soon card in the mail and is almost like part of our family.

Wow the Hartford!! The Hartford insurance company never wants to PAY A CLAIM EVER! They train their employees to shut down, over talk, bully low income homeowners who have legitimate claims. I have a basement with sewage in it and they are denying my claim before they even send an adjuster out. John handling my claim from afar has every excuse scripted!! I am 84 years old, my home is paid for, I never have filed a claim. And my basement is destroyed!! I have a tv station coming to my home because this racist crap must be exposed!! I am filing a claim with the insurance commission, I have read my policy and I have coverage! Let's expose these crooked people and get them shut down!! Thanks. This is not right and I will fight to the end!!

I'm a 74 years old widow, and these agents seem to think I'm stupid. Eleven months after reporting leak with mildew and mold, this claim is still not settled. When I complain, Hartford sends me back to the same supervisor who didn't fix the problem the first time.

I had business interruption insurance with The Hartford for several years in a few locations. The 1st time I had a claim they found a fine print basis to deny coverage because they claimed that they found a newspaper article saying that the power outage that shut down my business was caused by flooding of a local river that knocked out a substation. I canceled the policies and have self insured ever since.

If you don't have a claim, this is the best insurance company in the world. They sweet talk you and tell you how great you are. Don't believe a word of it. After more than 20 years with Hartford, thru AARP, my wife and I have never been so humiliated nor mistreated and abused than by the reps of this company. They lie and cheat in order to mitigate their liability. After discovering mold in our wall, we put in a claim. They sent a rep quickly but we didn't hear anything for several weeks but then on a Friday evening at about 4PM, Hartford called and told us that we need to vacate our home, grab a few things and go to the Marriott Hotel in Woodland Hills.

We were stuck in this hotel for 5 weeks, then moved to an apartment for a total of 5 months with nothing but the clothing on our backs. They consistently did not return phone calls or emails. When they did, they were rude and impersonal treating us as if we were the enemy. They ended up paying us far less than the damages we incurred. We had to pay out of pocket expenses exceeding $20,000. If that isn't bad enough, they tripled our renewal rates and increased our deductible. How AARP can keep referring people to these monsters is beyond reason. They should all be ashamed of themselves.

If you have had any issues with the claims department, please submit them to the Department of Insurance. I spoke with someone there this week and she told me that if a company has more than 10 claims, they will need to set up an assessment/review of the company. Based on the hundreds of complaints I have seen on Hartford, I'm sure we can all pull together and make the public aware of their unethical business practice. Thank you.

HOLD IT: if you are have insurance with Hartford or thinking about getting insurance, check it out. We have had insurance with them for years. After reviewing their rates with another local famous insurance co we find they have been ripping us off for tons of premiums. Would you believe almost twice the amount of what another co are charging for the exact same coverage, I called them and the guy on the other end says that the way it is, well that's not the way it is, we are canceling May 1st and saving enough to eat out for a year. Good luck No-hart Ford go broke ins. So now I'm checking the auto insurance.

Avoid The Hartford if you value your sanity! The Hartford has to be the worst company that I have ever dealt with. My local agent switched us to The Hartford without prior knowledge or our approval on January 1, 2012. The rates were absurd, but it was too late to switch due to my escrow account already paying out before we even were given a quote. In the beginning of October 2012, we received a notice from The Hartford that they had randomly inspected our home and that due to slight curling of the shingles, our home was declared a hazard. We were given 2 weeks to have a roofing contractor to come evaluate and repair our roof and provide evidence that the work had been completed; otherwise, our policy would be cancelled. We hired a roofer and he said that we had hail and slight wind damage and should file a claim.

By the time a claim's representative came out to inspect the roof, the 2 week deadline had passed and I notified the underwriting department of our progress. My roofer quoted a $4,800 price to replace the roof. The Hartford sent a check for $870 and once the roof was completed and evidence provided, sent another $2,600. So we were bullied into this new roof, to replace a non-leaking 14 year old shingled roof. Fast forward to the end of November and what happens? We receive a non-renewal notice from The Hartford due to not repairing the hazardous roof! Phone calls were made and nobody within their arrogant staff was willing to even listen to our problem and certainly not try to find a solution to the main concern of non-renewal due to hazards showing up on our file as we go to find a new policy holder.

It took me calling them out on Facebook to even get an employee to listen, but they still didn't get this garbage removed from our file, just the standard hired "apologizing and butt kissing" employee. I want to save anybody considering The Hartford from the stress and maddening situations that come with being their customer. I will be airing my grievances on any forum possible as well as contacting the Insurance Commission about their shoddy practices.

Had them for over twenty years. Use to be good. Rates have skyrocketed the past 5 years. They even charge more than what some state laws allow. Horrible customer service. We moved in August, 75 items damaged or lost. They told us for 7 weeks our personal property was covered, sent adjuster to our home. Then when they got the bill said we were not covered. AARP should not be endorsing this company. They do not care about senior consumers.

I would never choose Hartford again for any kind of insurance. They used to be a good company but not anymore. They were going to raise my homeowner’s policy for no reason at all. I could not afford the increase as I live on SS. I have never had a claim. Anyway, I received a quote in the mail from them. So I bit on it. They turned me down because I burn coal once in a while. My primary heat is a heat pump. I just today received a letter from them saying the reason they could not insure me my primary heat was not centralized. Just **! I would not sign up with them under any conditions.

We had a flood in our home which significantly impacted 3 rooms in our home. They sent an appraiser who prepared a ridiculously low estimate. The Hartford finally agreed the appraisal was flawed. We obtained 5 contractor estimates and the Hartford agreed to pay for the lowest cost contractor, therefore selecting who we used. While repairs were being made, additional damage was uncovered and we notified The Hartford as instructed, supplying photos and videos for each item.

A rude female supervisor got involved and said she would not replace our front door although this item was already approved because it was significantly more than they had estimated, lied and then bullied us by saying she would send another appraiser and possible give us less money and not approve anything else unless we pulled back our request to replace our existing front door. She said we were upgrading our home, which is ridiculous! We have no doors in our house that lock (garage doors and front door trashed). They have stopped responding to all emails and calls and still have not sent our "depreciated monies." They are holding ransom! Does anyone know who to turn to to get The Hartford fined for their behavior?

I wish I did not have to give the Hartford a star at all. We recently moved to Rosharon Texas for a job that my husband took on. We were forced into taking a house because the business was too lazy to help us find a much better home. They needed him to start ASAP so they helped dump the Uhaul so we could return that the same day we got the house. Anyway, the house was totally redone on the inside so there was no real concern that there was a problem.

Well we were sorely wrong about that, my husband became sick about a month of living in this home. Then our animals started getting ill, and then I became ill as well. Never mind the business my husband went to work for decided that they would not help us after we found out what the problem was. We had a large amount of black mold growing everywhere in this home. It was under the beautiful remodel. So since his business would not help we turned to our insurance company... you know the one we had been paying premiums for. And best of all they had a clause in the policy to cover mold!!! YAY right? No we had to find a broken pipe in a wall that had been remodeled?

They had a leak company to come find the leak with their equipment... yay. They spend their time sitting outside holding a chicken and playing with a hose. Now here is some brilliance!!! While the adjuster is sitting in an air conditioned office in Arizona he has sent in people who could not find their way out of a wet paper bag! So I listen to this adjuster twice and I stayed calm and after these guys were at the house I let him know what a complete moron he is. We begged this guy to find a way to help us because he had a clause that would help cover our loss right? No they couldn't find a broken pipe in a house that had been totally remodeled inside. The mold was being created by the environment. We were living in hot and wet.

My husband and I actually had lived closer to the water and never had mold before. We lived in the canals on the water and we never had mold so what the heck where did this come from. We figure it had to be pre-existing and was probably there way before we ever were. We found out after we ended up abandoning everything we owned, became homeless, and ended up literally losing everything, that the Hartford does not like paying out claims. AARP is certainly backing the wrong horse.

My husband started reading all of the feedback and it is clear that the company loves our payments every month but should anything happen they will not pay off. They won't (by the ads I have seen) kick you off the insurance due to having an accident but they don't pay off either. So why bother having that kind of insurance. We got the final bill for our renter's insurance, are you freaking serious? They want the money but they don't want to help us out? Whatever!!! DO NOT BUY HARTFORD INSURANCE. It is a total waste of time and it isn't that cheap.

I called the Hartford company about a leak in my roof. They sent out their claims rep, who inspected the roof and the three rooms affected by the water damage. He told me the repairs did not meet my deductible of $3,000.00. I had another company look at the roof and they said the repairs that were needed could not be accomplished without a complete roof replacement. He explained the roof repairs would not match the existing old roof and would look really bad. I contacted the Hartford company rep. He would not return my calls so I called the home office to explain the issue, still never received a call from my rep.

Three months went by, no resolution. I repeatedly called and still, no return call or visit from the rep. I could not even get the repair cost report from my rep. I had to replace my roof to protect my house. I turned them into the Texas state insurance board. They explained that I would need to get another appraiser and fight using arbitration. Why can't they just do their job and resolve these issues without causing so many problems? All they needed to do was meet with the contractor and resolve my issue. The lack of resolution and poor appraiser performance is just another case where they have your money, they could care less about about being accountable to the policy holder.

I'm very happy with our current insurance. We haven't filed a claim in a long time, but last time we did it was fine.

Rates are very affordable, have more than enough coverage for the rate paid. Have never filed a claim, so can't comment relative to claims service. Overall, very pleased in dealings with company.

My home was hit by Hail 4/4/14 and I filed a claim with Hartford online as suggested by my insurance broker. All went well and an adjuster was assigned. He sent a field service writer to assess damages, no problem there. He quit and it took 2 weeks to receive damage report, another 2 weeks to receive partial check which we held on to until we were ready to have work done, approximately 45 days. Had problems depositing check but was more of a bank issue. After check was deposited for 7 days and we wrote checks on it Hartford cancelled it, leaving us short in our checking thus costing us overdraft fees. I spoke with my now new adjuster and her supervisor who promised me I would have my check in 2 days. She would send it 2nd day air. I wanted direct deposit but she said direct deposit would take 72 hours so I said mail it. 13 days later, 5 emails, 3 calls and 2 emails saying it's in the mail. NO CHECK. Beware.

Hail storm destroyed roofs in 150 house subdivision. My 19-year old roof was one of about 10 that were not replaced. Hartford said it was not damaged. Roof inspector said it was 95% damaged. House was up for sale - insurance dropped me for having vacant home - no further help. I dropped 6 policies with Hartford because of horrible service.

Home fire Dec 2015. Home to date, August 2016 - ZERO resolution. Consistently, the rudest, most dismissive customer service ever experienced. No matter how good your records are and what proof you have... you the customer, are not who Hartford is concerned with helping. Full replacement value on my home. In brief, from loss to July 1, we sat in our damaged home, in unhealthy conditions (finally determined by an environmental hygienist in August 2016 at my insistence to have home evaluated) unable to use heat or a/c from date of loss until I called and insisted they find & provide us housing elsewhere. IT WAS NEVER OFFERED until I mentioned retaining an atty.

Our claims person flat out lied and fabricated a start date for our rebuild without ever contacting our chosen contractor to advise he won bid so he booked other jobs subsequently pushing our rebuild out an additional 6 weeks. This caused us to exhaust our $33,000 housing allowance before work has even started!!! That's the brief description of part of the disaster. The point being that even when their own employees lie and cause the paying customer to lose housing... they take zero ownership, admit zero fault!!! We are now living in our filthy, smoke damaged home in the middle of summer (high 90s to low 100s) with no a/c. My mother has severe asthma and our other family member had to undergo a partial foot amputation during this fiasco and is now living in the home post surgery, within an environment potentially loaded with debris and unhealthful particles from the fire many months ago.

Hartford never sent any service to clean our home, our air ducts, or to make certain environment was safe for us. They did an asbestos test... that was it!!! We still sit in our hope awaiting resolution which at this point looks like a legal turn for us. DO NOT insure your home through The Hartford. The only thing consistent with this company is that they train their people to keep the client in the corner by being rude, dismissive, and pushy. They are trained to steam roll their customers and they do so with surgical precision. There are other big issues to note but those are being considered legally so I am not mentioning. One star rating only because that is the least you can give. They deserve ZERO.

They were supposed to enroll me in auto pay, but they didn't and after one missed payment, they cancelled and banned me. I had been a great customer for a year and a half with zero claims and no trouble at all. However, I recently switched my Hartford plan from a local agent to their headquarter office. But, the stupid agent I spoke to, didn't enroll me in auto pay, and after one missed payment, they cancelled my account, refused to enroll me again, and pretty much banned me from their company. So now, I don't have insurance on my house and have to go searching again. This is absolutely horrible, unethical, and unprofessional. Who does business like this? It's disgusting.

Hurricane Irene caused a 20ft tree to fall and damage my home, 2 cars, and a pick-up truck on 8/28/11. The falling of the tree caused the power lines and phone lines to disconnect from the home. The tree almost caught fire when PEPCO flipped the switch to reconnect power to the other homes. The adjuster did not inspect the property until 9/7/11 because of the rains. My son and I were unable to remain in the home as there was no power, and PEPCO would not reconnect the lines until electrical work was complete.

Hartford stated that I would have to pay for the tree cutting and removal, the electrician, the contractor, the loss of use expenses, and then submit them for reimbursement. The total cost thus far is almost $8,000 and I have yet to receive one penny from Hartford after submitting receipts and paid invoices as instructed. My funds are down to $32 and I can no longer afford the hotel we were staying in. I now have two beyond repair/used refrigerators infested with maggots and rats as there is still no power and the house is warm; a great location for infestation. These appliances should be replaced since the reason they are unusable is because Hartford has not processed the paperwork or paid for the work to be done so my son and I can move back into our home.

They underpay claims. We are still waiting for the final adjuster’s report and payment for a flood claim after more than 6 months. Hartford won’t talk to us, the Public Adjuster or contractors.

This company is a scam. I have 92 year old lady stays with me - bathroom floor is gone mushroom growing. Have filed 3 different time and still no help. This is a company stealing money from people who think this a legitimate business. Since you don't help with claims give me my ** money back.

My mother's home was robbed by several individuals. Unfortunately, one of those individuals was her grandson who had been staying with her. She and I went on vacation and returned home to find that all appliances such as fridge, stove, freezer, etc. and as well as bedroom furniture, living room furniture, and almost every other item of value had been stolen. The police were called, and her grandson was a named suspect who has now been arrested for this horrible crime against his own grandmother. He is being charged with felony theft of $10,000-$59,000. In the eyes of the law he committed a crime but according to The Hartford, since he was staying in her home, her homeowner's policy will not cover anything at all on this claim.

We had a leak in the house. Called and the person is not courteous or helpful. In a short few minutes, she decided the error is ours and 1/2 the claim is tossed. Wow, to be able to see across the nation and rule out claim damage. And I thought we had left Allstate.

I submitted a homeowner's claim to the Hartford on 6/10/16. Today is 10/2/16 and I just received an estimate last week, almost 4 months since the start of the claim but not yet in writing, a task that would take about another 10 days. A leak was discovered right outside of our Master Bedroom and Bath due to a faulty sprinkler head. Apparently, the mold that grew was because of the leak. The adjuster for this claim was changed 3 times, from one adjuster to another and another.

On a Friday evening at 5 PM we received a call from the 1st Hartford adjuster telling us to grab some clothing and get out of the house. No explanation, just "get out". Thus began a 4 month escapade like none we've ever experienced before. We lived at the Woodland Hills Hilton for 4 weeks, my wife who is undergoing chemo treatments for her 6th recurrence of Ovarian Cancer and me in the same room. Very inconvenient living in one room when one of the residents is so sick. It makes for a living hell. I informed the Hartford of the inconvenience but they were completely unmoved. It seemed to us, to mean, "don't ask questions, just stay where we put you and we'll do what we need to do at our speed and convenience. Your problems are your problems and don't bother us with them. Your claim will be handled as we see fit".

After 4 weeks at the Hilton, they put us in a very nice apartment for the remainder of the time. After waiting 4 months to find out what we needed to do and how much it would cost us, they left us 3 weeks to mitigate the damage. I am 78 years old and am no match for the young trained adjusters that raked us over the coals. They ignored most of my phone calls and most of my emails. Trying to get information about the claim and the progress being made with the claim were next to sheer folly. Emails and phone calls were ignored on multiple occasions. We felt entirely alone with no support and felt completely abandoned by the Hartford... We just wanted to go back home, nothing more. The cost for the repair of the damage came to almost $35,000. The payment from Hartford was for a little less than $15,000. All the rest came out of our pockets.

When I called them after realizing that 3 weeks wasn't enough time to get all this work done, they told us that was our problem. We asked for 10 more days at the apartment before the house would be ready to be occupied and they just said "No". No amount of pleading could change their mind. They claimed that the repair would take 2 weeks, leaving us one week to move back home. The rudeness and disrespect shown by the adjusters was a shock. I have never done business with a customer service department that ignored phone calls and emails as regularly as the Hartford. Their behavior was despicable as was their attitudes.

I have been a Hartford policy holder, both Homeowner's and Automobile, for more than 25 years. If you learn anything from this review it should be, do not trust the Hartford to have your back because when the chips are down, they don't have your "back". The only backs they are interested in covering are their own. They let you sway in the wind while they're smiling for ripping off another Senior Citizen. In addition, the phone call that caused us to leave the house on a Friday evening with no warning, we were told that we would be paid $80 per day for food. Of course, they denied telling me that was so. When they called to tell us to get out, I put the phone on speaker and those people present in my home heard those words as well.

I am so disappointed with their lack of urgency to get this problem mitigated that I would like to take the ** to court. If I had the energy and/or if my wife wasn't so sick, the ending of this story would be different but for the reasons stated above, we just don't have the resources nor the strength to pursue a law suit.

I filed a claim with my homeowner's insurance company in November 2011. It is now almost May 2012 and I still have no answer to the claim of responsibility. They use stall tactics and lies to keep you waiting. The Hartford is a bad faith insurance company. The claims agent just keeps sending form letters saying he is waiting for reports and has never provided me with even one document as to any engineer's findings. Everything is a big secret and hidden and lied about and they refuse to accept responsibility that they are obligated to cover costs of repairs for my home.

I got 3 insurance policies via AARP with The Hartford: Home, Business and Auto. Never made a claim on any! But when a fire was caused by hired HVAC workers (who accept full responsibility), on 5/2, The Hartford wrote me letters of non renewal for business and home on 6/25, effective 8/8/17. I've exhausted EVERY possibility to find homeowner’s insurance, but CANNOT be covered because The Hartford is leaving me with an OPEN CLAIM and repairs in progress. Unfathomable.

No issues, never have filed a claim to have interaction with them so can't really respond as my insurance is paid thru my mortgage. So I have no real interaction with them.

This company provides several options to insure a quality product. The company also seems to use agents that are well informed of the product they represent.

If you have a claim Hartford is a good company. They pay promptly and there is no long time lag. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for insurance.

I had a leak on the side of the house from the recent storms. I called Hartford; they sent an adjuster to check it out. Next thing I know, three industrial machines, removal of my ceiling tiles and insulation. The adjuster told me to sign - said the form was a formality, not to worry about it. I became suspicious when he wanted to rip out the whole ceiling and floor. I had no leak. It had dried up. I refused the industrial machines. The adjuster told me they were to stay, and said he was authorized by Hartford to bring them in. I called Hartford, called the adjuster (Servpro) to get the machines out of my house. I had stopped the man from removing all but two ceiling tiles. Next thing I know, I received a phone call from two angry men from Hartford ordering me to pay the adjuster $750.00 for the machines and for the removal of my ceiling tiles. They then sent me a bill. I got took... I got used... being alone... and a senior, the men took advantage of me.

They said I was responsible for the bill because I signed an authorization form, which the guy told me not to read, and said it was just a formality just to say that they were here. I called repeatedly to the company and to the adjuster. They would not pick up the machines. They refused to fix the damage caused by them. I had my neighbor put them on my patio. I had to pay out of my own pocket to fix the problem which turned out to be a lose flashing on the roof. Hartford and Servpro are a bunch of crooks. They were looking for money. You never want to do business with them. They blamed everything on to me, said it was my responsibility. I have cancelled my policy and have gone with another homeowners insurance company. What a bunch of crooks. They are still after me for the money. I have complaint letters to the proper authorities and let them know what crooks they are. I also sent them photos of the damage that they caused which they refused to fix. They want their money. I refused to pay. I never saw a bill. I was never quoted. And I still have the hole in the ceiling.

The Hartford canceled my HO policy for a 5/18/18 water damage claim. Notice was dated 8/23/18, which was not sent by either snail mail hard copy or by email. Learned of it by happenstance 9/01/18 when I received email notification that my auto policy premium was due, logged into my online account and only then saw the Cancellation Notice of the HO policy stating coverage ends 10/02/18. SHABBY AND UNDERHANDED! STAY AWAY!

Those of you who are looking for a peace of mind insurance carrier, do not waste your time evaluating Hartford. This company is the most unethical insurance carrier that should be known for their highly deceptive business practices. I have been with the company for 3 years and just filed my first claim for storm damage caused to my roof. After submitting the claim, the claim rep never notified me that he would be coming out for the inspection - he came over unannounced so I never had a chance to discuss the damages with him.

Immediately after the inspection, I received a letter stating no damage was found. I later learned from my contractor that he never went up on the 2nd level where there was even more storm damage. When I asked the claim rep if he evaluated the 2nd level, he lied and said yes. Since this inspection, I have contacted another contractor for a 2nd opinion. They wrote up the inspection with the same damage from wind and hail - gutters, shingles and roof needed replacement. They also mentioned there was no sign of anyone inspecting the 2nd level - no visible test marks indicating no one inspected the area.

I have spent well over a month trying to get some sort of remedy from Hartford. All they continue to do is lie and ignore their customer issue. I have escalated this issue to the Claims Manager and they are singing the same tune - they don't want to pay the claim. Basically, with this insurance carrier, you might as well not have insurance because they will not be there to support you with any replacement. I am seeking other Hartford customers who have experienced the same level of dissatisfaction with this company - let's come together and get a class action suit against this unethical, fraudulent company! They should not be doing business in this industry!

Smoke damage to Marion Swanson apartment - On February 28 my mother's neighbor set her apartment on fire using gasoline, that's the apartment right above my mom's. These apartment are over 60 years old lead paint and asbestos. So you get an idea of what type of toxic smoke damage we are talking about. The Hartford kept telling my mom they go far and beyond which is a total lie. The agent has not reimbursed for receipts over a month ago turned in. Also had emailed and had my mother itemized all her belongings which was 20 Pages 200 items and a smoked no electricity apartment. Her agent has been very argumentative unprofessional and uncooperative. My mother on SSI was unable to get a hotel at the time of the accident due to financial situation. The agent said they would only be able to reimburse her. She is on a fixed income and since it was the first all bills were paid.

Thank Jesus that the apartment she lived in was able to get her into a vacant apartment 4 days later with not so much as a toothbrush to her name. I was able to purchase a bed, a couch and Essentials to start this journey of recovery no thanks to the Hartford. Today is March 26th and The Hartford has been one of the worst experience my 70 year old mother has to deal with. The Hartford agent dealing with my mom's claim is very discouraging. I can only hope if you read this that you pick any other insurance company than The Hartford. I would give them zero Stars. They don't even deserve one star for they are not. Their service during this time of crisis has been less than satisfying. I will be telling everyone that I see, that I blog, that I talk to about their poor, poor, poor performance and accountability during this time.

We had a puff back in the home last April and Hartford was fantastic. We were put in the Marriott Residence for approximately 5 wks. Hartford was so accommodating & went above and beyond for our family. They replaced all the carpets in 5 rooms plus hallway, had house painted inside & gave us reimbursement for curtains and draperies. I am sooo happy with Hartford.

Raise in homeowner premium - It seems that Hartford uses an independent company to tell them where my fire coverage comes from. My rating has increased from a 5 to 9 because they say I live in Jefferson Township which is 8 miles from my home, when in reality I live in Madison Township and have 2 fire departments which are my first responders and are 2 and 4 miles away. I have taken my time to make repeated calls to Hartford and even had the administrator of my village send a letter to Hartford to no avail. I am seeking a new auto and homeowners insurance and will look into whether or not I want to affiliate myself with AARP. Your response is anxiously awaited.

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