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This company is amazing the staff is great and very quick to help when a issue arises. Trust pilot helps you get a home loan and helps even when you have bad credit.
Best customer service ever my air conditioning stopped working and it’s been almost 90 degrees every day. I made one call and it was fixed within 24 hours.
Fabulous service! When our refrigerator went on the blink a month ago, we called and talked to Nancy in customer service. She was nice and got right to the point. We had to pay our small deductible (I think it was $75). The service person came out and said the problem was the "Thermistor" which i have never heard of but he said it's pretty common. We are back in business! He said the cost to replace one of these is about $200, so we feel like we are already coming out ahead!
It disgusts me to have to deal with businesses. Perhaps it shouldn't but everyone is always trying to sell you something. HSC cuts a lot of that out for me. They have the best contractors for my area in one spot. They know what my plan covers and ensures the work is done. I just upgraded my coverage. They are second to none.
The staff was absolutely professional from start to finish. They gave me all the information that I needed in order to find a company that I can trust and do business with in the long run.
I love the home warranty service club! Now that it is getting colder outside, I have less worry about repairing my old heater because I know it's covered.
very good site...i love it...very user friendely A home warranty is an insurance plan that protects homeowners from the high costs of repairing major home appliances and other systems.
This company has great customer service. I am treated with respect and assurance everytime. The company is highly reputable and makes sure that customer satisfaction is thier #1 priority.
I knew my kids were going to need someplace they could depend on being there after I was gone. We bought a small plot of land, built a few smaller homes on it and insured each of them in my children's names. Then we bought each property an HSC Comprehensive plan. My kids are grateful for the security and the coverage. We have a rental income until the kids need their homes and the security of knowing if something needs repaired, HSC is a phone call away.
Just one major repair in your home will pay for the great service that Home Service Club provides with their warranty and replacement service. After you join it only takes one call to get any product that is covered on your plan, back up and working. If it can't be fixed it will be replaced. I am a satisfied customer and have been for years.
The Home Service Club really is available anytime. When my A/C went out on July 4th (in the brutal Florida humidity) I thought I'd be leaving a message and suffering through for a couple days. That wasn't the case! Not only were they available to take my call, they had someone out that day. Thankfully it was not a huge repair and I was cool again by evening. With all the major things that could go wrong without warning, having The Home Service Club just a phone call away gives me great peace of mind.
I lost my dishwasher and was headed to the store to purchase a new one. My husband reminded me that we had a Home Service Club warranty and that he just paid the renewal. I pulled over and made the call instead of the trip to the store. Thanks, HSC.
When my parents told us to pick up HSC coverage I balked at them. When we heard it from an uncle too, we paused. It's not that we value our uncle over my parents, but more a matter of them being suggested 2ce within a few weeks of us closing on our home. We took their advice and picked up the comprehensive package. It seemed steep until we had to use it. I'm glad we listened and that we have HSC working with us.
My little cousin was over for the weekly family dinner. She helped clean up and didn’t understand what the difference was between a garbage disposal and a trash compactor. They both made noise to handle trash. She thought our disposal went into the trash bin. She knows better now and HSC was able to find a good contractor to come out and fix things. Thanks!
They were the best choice for me when choosing a company for home warranty! They explained everything and provided nothing short of what I expected.
Was amazed by how amazing they were. They we're so helpful with all my questions. Most people make you feel rushed into something. They take the time to explain everything so you understand.
I usually pull into a nice warm garage in the winter time. I broke my garage door opener. I called Home Service Club and they replaced it for me. It gave me very warm feelings about my HSC plan!
Being a first time homeowner, I wasn't sure what to look for (or expect) in a home warranty plan. In my consultation the staff was extremely thorough when explaining what they would cover and help me with. They were so friendly and covered every possible question I could think of which was so nice, not to mention their plans are affordable. Highly recommended!
Don't believe those other reviews. Took over 2 weeks to get AC man to my home. A week later they still hadn't called me so I called them. Compressor is out but they say because contract was only 6 months old it was a pre-existing condition despite the fact it worked fine when I got the contract. They only want to cover $1000, not the $2500 they should and say my out of pocket will be $4900. I called an AC company and they said they could install new Trane unit for $3900 complete. Do not get a warranty from these people, you will be sorry if you do.
We have a sump pump in the basement. It works overtime each time we have heavy rain. It finally gave out after years and years of use. It served us well but it was time for a new one. But I didn't have to pay for a new one, I have a warranty from Home Service Club!
I have on demand water for each bathroom. The water in the main bathroom's heating element must have stopped working. It was only days after the warranty ran out. I called HSC and they were able to replace the heating element. Good job! It is good to have hot water again.
I filed an emergency claim with Home Service Club Warranty for a leaking hot water heater on June 3, 2016. Eight (8) phone calls and three (3) online request over four (4) days no one contacted me about repairing/replacing the hot water heater that was flooding the basement. The water heater was leaking into the basement during this ridiculousness. To date I still have not received any communication from Home Service Club Warranty or a plumbing company to make the emergency repairs. I ended up replacing the hot water, repairing all the water damage and mold myself. If you are considering using this company - you have been Warned!
We recently purchased a home and the previous owner told us about Home Service Club. We took her advice and purchased a home warranty with them. A month later, we had an issue with the refrigerator. Submitting the claim was easy and it was done with just one phone call. A tech came out and checked the refrigerator, explaining that he needed to order some parts and have them replaced. He returned a few days later and did his repairs. The refrigerator has been working just fine since then!
I do not have a grease trap in my kitchen sink. Bad idea when you have a home deep fryer and a couple of teenage boys with a ton of friend staying over on weekends. inevitably the drain was clogged. It is a very good thing that we have a warranty plan with Home Service club. They are our fix-it heroes.
For once, I did good when I got the HSC policy. My washer needed repairing and they took care of it. They sent someone over and they fixed it. I am so glad that I have this warranty. Thank you.
When it came to cutting cost I wanted to eliminate our home warranty plan with Home Service Club. My wife insisted that we keep it even though we had not to used it the previous year. As luck would have it the week after we would have been without the contract we had to replace our kitchen range, and within a week the belt on the dryer wore out. I was glad my wife insisted that we keep the contract.
The Home Service Club is a great company. They always have amazing customer service and answer all questions. Truly helpful.
I highly recommend The Home Service Club for their generous coverage, flexible plan, and great customer service. I have no complaints to date and only good things to say about this top notch company.
It has been a while since I had problems in our home that weren't covered under warranty or insurance. When I did, I was surprised by needing the extra coverage. I am glad I let my wife talk me into buying some.
We are happy and using our factory sealed brand new kitchen aid dishwasher we received last week inplace of our old one. It was not that old even and we were originally frustrated that it needed to be replaced from a couple of issues that happened too early in its life, but warranty company came through as should and we're happy customers.
my oven wasn't working before the holidays and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to cook for my guest. when HSC said they would have someone out the next morning they did. it felt good to know I can still count on HSC to always have my back.
I was able to get a home warranty plan at a reasonable price .They were so helpful with all my questions and didn't make me feel rushed. Glad they took their time with me to explain everything. Definitely will recommend to my friends and family. Keep up the good work!!
My sister just bought her own house. I bought her a year warranty with HSC. If she’s written a review, I haven’t seen it, so I’m doing that for her. She needed to use her coverage because washer broke while she was preparing the nursery. It only took a few days and they were able to replace the part and get her back on track. Thanks for looking out for a new mom to be, HSC!
My cousin's best friend's boy friend bought an apartment building. He included a washer and dryer in the building for the residents. When it broke, he called this company about getting it repaired. When I asked why, he explained they know the people who do the work and he knows the plan he has covers what needs to be done at a rate he's happy with. I have picked up a similar plan and their customer service is almost as good as the sales job he did.
All went fine and had my dishwasher replaced thanks to these guys. My old one was very very old , looked terrible and started leaking. I spoke to a representative and ended up just sending them a few pictures with the dishwasher information. The lady told me she will bypass the repair man visit and just offered me to replace it. I have now a brand new dishwasher. Happy with the service!
Our furnace is not so new and but I was really upset that the motor just stopped working on one of the coldest days. I called to file a claim and the guy that they sent over to my house figured out the problem right away. It was that the belt on the motor broke. He said that he hadn't seen this kind of motor in a while but that he could repair the furnace by replacing the belt. He left for a short while to get the part that he needed. When he returned, he fixed the furnace. It is now running at capacity.
My cousin is a tough cookie, but when lightening in her local area fried all of her appliances at once, she crumbled. We both bought an HSC plan – the same plan actually – a few months before. I called them and walked through the scenario. Once they confirmed she was going to be able to get the support she needed, I called her and put her on the phone with the same customer service agent. I’m so grateful to them for making her rough day much easier.
My father once told me that my home owners insurance would only be so-so for coverage. He explained that there are significant limitations to what would be covered. I didn't listen to him very well the first dozen or so times he told me. When we ran into a fairly minor problem but I thought it would be covered, I learned how wrong I was. After the expensive repair, I picked up the HSC plan and have appreciated the better overall rates since.
It's hard navigating contractors and suppliers. It gets even more difficult when you don't know the difference between a washer and dryer repair man and the handyman who does carpentary. My HSC representative always knows what and who we need when things break, even when it's not covered. I am grateful for their plans and support in my home.
The central air system in my home is fairly old. One night when I returned home from work, I turned it on and there was a loud boom from the attic. Needless to say that it stopped working! I filed a claim. Samantha was very sympathetic and understanding of how badly I needed my AC to be working. A contactor came out and began doing his repairs. He explained how he needed to get some parts, which he already had in his truck. It took a few hours and now my central air system is working!
The home service club made sure me and my family was safe and had so much knowledge about home proaction .
My favorite doorbell chime broke. That might sound silly, but I'm a bit of a geek and the first time someone rings the doorbell and hears the Next Generation theme song play it is priceless. My doorbell is covered under my HSC plan and as such, it was back to shocking my visitors in no time. Also, I'm considering changing it to the Original Series next.
This is my first time filing a claim with The Home Service Club and it went far better than I thought it would! I needed them to repair my washing machine and I am pleasantly surprised that the contractor they sent not only arrived when he said he would but was quite professional as well. It took him a short time to make my washing machine work again.
The Home Service Club extended home warranty really came in handy this summer when our hot water heater went out. They sent a service tech to take a look. He was able to replace the pilot light and it is back on again. I paid a deductible and that is all. I am very happy with my extended home warranty.
My washing machine’s agitator was shattered. I called Home Service Club and filed a claim with them to have it repaired. The communication between myself and their agent went very smoothly I basically told her that a new agitator was needed. When their contractor arrived, the communication between the two of us went very smoothly as well. He actually had the agitator with him and he replaced it on the spot.
Helped us out a lot with our claims. The one we knew wasn't going to be covered they still helped us out and didnt have to. We have a new dryer and our air conditioner which was new in itself had a big repair. Good company we recommend.
A clogged drain with water halfway up the tub caused me to slip while I was taking a shower. It was the second time that it happened. I didn't want the third time to be a charm. I called Home Service Club with a service request for a plumber. They pulled so much hair out of the drain!
Home owners insurance has a lot of limitations you don't even know it has until you actually need help getting stuff taken care of. The washer machine was broken and well out of the manufacturers warrenty. Our standard coverage through HSC made up the gap. Thankfully, with a few phone calls things were sorted and accomplished without difficulty or unexpected problems.
Best customer service. my air conditioning stopped working and it’s been almost 90 degrees every day. I made one call and it was fixed within 24 hours.