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After working ten years in a state job and paying premiums to The Standard for peace of mind, a safety net, a benefit just in case something was to go wrong. I have found out the hard way that has been the biggest joke of my life. The Standard Insurance Company is none of that. What they are is an unreal nightmare that continues happening. I did not have STD so I had to wait 180 days for my LTD benefits to start. Then twenty days before my first check I received a letter stating that they was reviewing my claim and it may delay my check up to 45 days. I called my "Benefits Specialist" to ask her what was going on. She could not give me a straight up answer. Anyway my check did come and then the letters started. Some of the letters made no sense and some required my signature. I called to tell them I was not signing the papers and they said it was in my former employees policy that I had to.

I told them I have the policy and I did not see anything like that. She said she would send me a copy of it, which I never received and they never received a signed paper from me. Nothing else was said about it. Despite my physical and now mental conditions, the letters and phone calls continued on a regular basis - it has always been something with them. They will not get it for customer service of the year award. I had one "Benefits Specialist" that had no answers for me, then I had that was a robot for Standard. I believe she had the answers she was suppose to say written down in front of her and now I have one that contradicts himself in the same phone call. Now he will not answer or return my phone calls.

They closed my case and said I was able to work eight days before the check was suppose to be deposited. Without being notified that they was reviewing my case, they closed it. So I requested a review and got all my doctors reports and got denied again. Now they have it before a "Administrative Review Unit" whatever that is. I have gotten him everything he has told me to get and Wednesday before Thanksgiving in a phone call he informed me that the updated work status that my PCP wrote would not be enough - that it would have been better coming from a specialist.

I have been sick since 13 August 2014. I vomited for 28 days straight, lost 25 pounds and now I have so much going wrong with me. I have no idea what has happened to me. I am in the process of going to new doctors. I am still vomiting just not every day now. I am being put on oxygen. I have been in the hospital. But none of that matters to Standard. I was told "Did I not understand that I was entitled to my benefits till 2028 and did I not understand that Standard would go bankrupt if they paid claims like mine." I am like "What". They have put us in a financially bad position that may involve us filing bankruptcy. Wonder if The Standard cares about us?

The answer to that is a big fat "No". So my advice is that if you have The Standard STD or LTD you have nothing. If you have filed a claim with The Standard get a lawyer, you will need him. I have left two messages with my "Standard Benefits Specialist" no call back yet. I have written on this website to let people know just how The Standard is. I have written a letter to my State Senator. I have an appointment with a lawyer tomorrow. I plan to file a complaint with my State Attorney General. If you are thinking about buying the insurance with The Standard, please think again and look into your options.

Ms. Katie ** states in her response to my claim "Benefit decisions are made objectively and according to the terms of the applicable policy."

1. The Standard denies that I have a short term disability policy which I can upload.
2. The Standard had the results of my claim on 9/12/18 via email and stated they would not release the results. (Stall and Deny).
3. The Standard never requested information from the medical professionals identified and would not accept follow up documentation.
4. The standard was hostile and aggressive in their denials and stall tactics, increasing after being notified of Jewish religious holiday observances.

5. In an encrypted email which was sent to me and printed before deletion, Ms. ** admits to not communicating.

Ms. **, Heidi ** and others engaged in egregious violations of consumer rights which jeopardize the health and safety of myself and others due to my condition and restrictions. By willfully and knowingly following these illegal activities, they, and The Standard can be held civilly and criminally liable should there be adverse effects to the illegal practices. (Regardless of what they me told by their chain of command). Knowingly following illegal practices is a crime. The Standard, and those identified engaged in stall and deny tactics as well as Title 5 Racial and Religious Discrimination which puts people’s lives in physical danger.

I worked for my current employer for a year when I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I was so glad that I opted for the short and long term disability insurance. Boy, did I learn a lesson. I contacted the insurance company before I went on leave figuring that I could expedite things and to get all of my ducks in a row. I was handed over to the man that was in charge of my short term disability claim. He turned out to be a nice guy. He did, however, inform me that I would receive short-term disability for four weeks upon which time I would be handed over to the Long-Term disability department. I thought that to be odd since I was only going to be out for seven weeks.

All things considered, the short-term paid off well. I got four checks and then a letter came from long-term disability saying that they needed to investigate because they suspected that my colon cancer may be a pre-existing condition. So I filled out the permission form for them to get information from my current provider. Next I received a request to sign a permission form for a previous provider group. Bear in mind, this was happening in May of 2017 and they wanted the information from January 01, 2016. I sent in the permission form. Next I received a permission form request for a pharmacy that we used and a week later they wanted a permission form for a pharmacy that I used maybe twice. Also bear in mind that I was never seen for any cancer related issue before this year, ever.

So the next thing that happened is that I received a letter saying that they were still "investigating" my claim, so I called the adjuster who told me that it could still take "several weeks" to make a determination. The next letter that I received was one telling me that they were also investigating my life insurance, who it happens is offered from The Standard Insurance Company. The letter said that my life insurance might be dropped, or at the very least I would be responsible for paying for it in whole by myself.

So, today, which is August 02, I get two more letters, both telling me that they need more information. Although the adjuster told me that he had received all of the information from my current provider, the letter stated that they have never received that information. I was also told that they have never received information from that one pharmacy that I used a couple of times. They are basically requiring me to call these entities to provide the information to them.

I've had it. I'm not quitting my quest. I am going to send out a mass mailing to everyone in my workplace to ask if they've been screwed over by The Standard. There are two women on my unit who have had various bad experiences so there must be many more who can testify that they've been shafted. I'm doing this to pressure my employer to get a new insurance company. This is going to be hard because I work for a state entity. I'm also going to contact my state and federal legislators to ask for help. This has worked in the past for other concerns that I've had about impropriety in government and/or insurance companies.

The thing is that companies like The Standard do things like this to people to make them so frustrated that they just give up and move on. I'm not that way, I'll see this through to the end. I'm working again and I can afford to be a fly in their ointment and a burr under their saddle. They've messed with the wrong person this time.

This is the worst company to deal with in your time of need. I got my Short Term Disability no problem. I started working on my Long Term Disability weeks before the ST was to run out. I spent over 2 1/2 weeks trying to figure out what was going on with my long-term disability. I spoke to somebody and they said that that I had to fill out a separate form from the one that they got - which is what they included in the packet. I signed the form and they sent it to my Doctor who said it was not HIPAA compliant. Every time I speak to somebody different they say they don't have any information on it. I was also told that my records go to another company that they outsource for this. Now it's three weeks without a check and they're still screwing around. Now I'm at the point where I have no money still and a hurricane is coming. I can't go anywhere because I don't have a cent to my name. They don't give a crap!

The Standard requires you to have paperwork filled out by your doctor and in every month The Standard states they have not received it. My doctor faxed it twice, I called and they still have not received it even though the transmission states it has. Correct fax number but they don't seem to get the faxes causing a delay in my payment!! It takes a representative to be in a three-way call with your doctor's office in the line, The Standard rep, and myself, then my doctor's office faxed over the paperwork and Ebola, The Standard rep gets the fax. Don't deal with this company. It has the worst customer service EVER!!!

In processing my claim from short-term to long-term disability they took over three months. Was told that the extension of my long-term disability when it would be reviewed was not going to be an issue and that likely they would be hoping to get my long-term disability changed over to SSDI. Instead I get a letter on August 31 that on August 31 they are denying my long-term disability claim. I have had over 60 doctor appointment in less than a year and they reviewed less than 10 of those doctors appointments. Did not care That the Neuromuscular neurologist said that trying to work would make my condition worse and that my condition was going to take months to years to get better. As a single mom with three kids they could not care less about anyone.

I finally had to admit I was disabled and had to leave a job I loved. First, I filed STD with the Standard in March of 2013. It took them until May to deny me of STD. They say due to my records. I say due to my doctor placing permanently on their STD forms. I have filed for LTD now and feel like it is unfair paper chase and it is hard when you are ill, sore, tired and on narcotics every day to try to fight them when you feel overwhelmed with their paperwork. I think they are just doing this to pass time and deny me. I know I need to find an attorney quickly.

I have been dealing with The Standard Insurance Company for almost 2 years now. It was fine the 1st year but when I started getting my Social Security Disability things went to hell. The Standard started sending me over payment notices. I had no problem paying back what Social Security back paid. I did that, then The Standard Insurance wanted a mother $1000.00. So I paid that even though the letter stated my overpayment would not be more than what I was awarded from Social Security.

Then I called The Standard to ask if it was ok to roll over my retirement into a IRA. I was told that it was fine as long as I sent prof showing I did not keep it. Then about 9 months later I get a letter stating they wanted $780.00 for me rolling it over. Then a week later I get a letter stating they would be taking anywhere from $200.00-$300.00 out of my checks each month as a penalty. They are still subtracting $350.00 too much from my Social Security.

Just today I got another letter saying I have a overpayment of $395.00 for the month of February. I am confused because I did not even get a check from them. When I went to have my taxes done we couldn’t do them because The Standard Insurance W-2 shows I paid into them more than they paid me. When my tax lady call The Standard Insurance the guy kind of laughed and said (wow I don’t know what to tell you). We asked if there could of been a mistake and he said no that the W-2 was correct. I am suppose to be getting 90% of my wages but with them taking more than they should I only have my Social Security to live on. I wish something could be done as I paid into this for many years thinking it would ease the worries if I ever got sick, well here I am worried. How I am going to keep coming up with money every month to pay them back on their so called overpayments. It sickens me that they can get by with this.

In May of 2016 my doctor took me off work and I filed a claim for short term through my job. On June 20th 2016 I was approved for short term disability through the company that I had been paying through my job. I had constant stopping and delaying of payments due to needing records every month even though my doctor stated and I explained wouldn't even review me to be able to go back to work until Feb of 2017. Still they stopped and delayed my payments for weeks to request and receive the same records over and over again.

In the middle of September information started to be requested to transition from short term to long term as my short term was scheduled to end October 31st 2016. On October 4th 2016 I received a letter stating all necessary info has been received and can now begin the review of my long term claim. I called and was confirmed "yes everything was received". October 10th I received a letter stating "we cannot make a final decision on your claim until we get addition info". I sent all forms asked of me, and was told I need to be excluded from any pre-existing conditions between the time of January 02, 2016 through March 31, 2016 to be approved. After here the case turned for the worse. I would call weekly to check in on the status but was told I could talk to only my analyst. She never answered and not only that she never returned my calls.

On Oct 31st I received a letter stating In order to complete my investigation, I must analyze all pertinent medical, vocational, and financial info and additional info that is needed has been requested. Since then I have received forms needed 3 1/2 weeks after the date of the letter, and only after calling multiple times and leaving messages of what is the hold up. And the response of "hmmm not sure what happened there. It was suppose to be with you last check, it was just resent recently." No returned phone calls. And an explanation by both a letter, analyst, and a supervisor, in December that only one more record is needed to finalize my claim. The office takes up to 30 days to process record requests so I could understand a partial delay. But when I called the office and explained that The Standard told me they sent the request over 5 weeks ago, the office informed me that they had just receive the request 1 week prior to me calling.

The Standard company lied! The records were sent to The Standard on Jan 4th of 2017. Mind you this case started in September of 2016. And 2 days later I received a call from the company Release point that the standard works with and was informed. I need to resign a release for the medical office because The Standard accidentally requested records from the wrong date, as well as they need records from my pharmacy. How can they do this? This is clearly being done to purposely stall my claim. They knew who my pharmacy was for months and those records should have been requested, and how do you request the wrong date of records. It was suppose to be January 2016 through April 2016. They requested October 2016. And now they are requesting records from January 2015 to current.

I informed them I did not start seeing the doctor until May 2016 so they are requesting non-existing records and no possibility for preexisting condition. And this can be confirmed by the doctor's office via phone call as I signed a release form. It is January 12th 2017. And nothing is being done. Worst company filled with lies!!!

My experience with Standard has been very disappointing. I have been a customer for approximately 20 years. During that time I have never missed a premium payment. Then, I became disabled with M.S. Honestly, this illness has been devastating to my business and to my income. I have submitted claims twice and this company (Standard) seems to be going out of its way to find reasons to deny the claim.

However, I do not understand the reason for the denial because Standard will not provide me with the basis for the denial. If it has attempted to advise me it is not specific enough to do any good! I still "work" because if I didn't, then I would go bankrupt! This company, which has gladly taken my premium for years, is creating quite a problem because if I stop work, thinking that Standard will fulfill its obligation to me, I have no way to believe it will pay for my disability. This company has operated in "bad faith" regarding my claim and I am now going to do something about it! THIS REALLY IS A TERRIBLE COMPANY!

I just checked the system using my social security number and was told that a $50 check was mailed November 27th last one October 27th. I have yet to receive any money from them. I also got a W2 for years of checks being mailed that I have not received or had knowledge of to now. Who can I contact to find out where and who these checks are being mailed to. I called the agency. They said they were sending me to the carrier of the case and she has yet to get back to me and then they tried to tell me that this check that I'm listening to on the automated system was for December. I said if it was for December it would tell me the last check I received was for December but this isn't it December. Today is December when I call was for November.

Oregon Educators Benefit Board (OEBB) members, look very, very carefully at the Standard Insurance contract before you pay premiums for long term disability insurance. You have a false sense of security with this company. Contract: You must be under the ongoing care of a physician in the appropriate specialty AS DETERMINED BY US during the benefit waiting period (usually 60 days). Except - no one will contact you during those 60 days to tell you who they consider "appropriate."

My claim was dismissed because they disagreed with my choice of physician and they refused to have a specialist review the claim. I have a complex endocrinology disease and they used a "Board Certified Internist" who couldn't even define the disease properly. My requests for a proper review were denied. In addition, look at the pre-existing disease clause. Obamacare didn't eliminate this for this form of insurance. If you have ever seen a doctor of any kind for your condition - or even self-treated for the condition - you will be denied long term disability. You have the right to purchase a policy separate from OEBB.

I would strongly, strongly urge you not to purchase long term disability from the Standard. Their job is to collect premiums and deny your claims. The poor customer service, disrespectful and demeaning benefits analyst, and the poor handling of my claim were shocking. Don't waste your hard-earned dollars on this company.

I was in a car accident and got a severe concussion that took me months to recover from. Applying for State disability required help from my HR office because I couldn't do it myself. State disability wasn't going to get to me in time for me to pay rent, so HR told me to call Standard Insurance to see if they could help. Standard said they could send me a check right away. I told them all I needed was enough money to pay my rent ($1500). They said the check may involve an overpayment, so I may have to pay some of it back. My rep told me she'd let me know if there was an overpayment as soon as I sent her the state disability determination, which I faxed to her within the week. In the meantime, she sent me several different checks even after she got the EDD info.

I never heard back from her and she gave me NO idea what to expect. In the meantime, the state disability checks were also sent in several different payments. I had a tremendous amount of medical expenses and paperwork to keep up with and it was hard to keep track of it all for me because of my mental limitations. I had no one around to keep track of it for me. After several months on disability, I got a letter saying that I owed Standard $6,500+ based on an incorrect EDD rate. I called them to let them know that they made a mistake and that's when I found out that they'd make the correction but that I'd probably owe $5,500+.

When I got upset the woman was surprised saying she told me that there would probably be an overpayment. I told her that I understood that but that I had NO idea it would be that much!! I tried to explain to her that I was barely keeping up with my basic expenses. I tried to explain to her that her job as a customer service person was to keep me informed as she said she would. I'm back to work but I had to wait a whole month to get paid and trying to catch up financially with all the income that I lost from the injury while still paying medical bills. I also had to send Standard the last 2 checks from the state. I still owe $1500 of the $5,600 that I had to pay back and I'm struggling while trying to keep up with my medical bills. I will never pay money for that insurance again! It wasn't worth the headache for the few hundred $$ they gave me!! Why they consider this a "benefit" I will never understand.

I was in a car accident in early February of 2013. The person in the other car was 16 years of age and hit me at over 40 mph when I was at a complete stop. About 3 to 4 weeks later lost my job because they said I was a liability. Went to the ER right after the accident due to what they told me as whiplash but the head pain never went away. As the months went on the head pain increased to more than I can bare and so did the neck pain, shoulder pain and upper back pain due to the accident. About 2-3 months later Doctors finally figured out that I have TMJ Due to the accident. Not just a simple TMJ of your jaw popping out centimeter I am talking about severe enough to cause me pain 24 hr a day 7 days a week. If I even miss a day of my meds I am at a pain of over a 10. The pills don't cure the pain it just masks it.

The Standard has denied my case to do lack of info as they state and also told me that TMJ is not disabling enough to not work. They also stated that because I had migraines in the past that was another subject of denial. I have had migraines since I was 6 year of age and have a family history of it. I beg to differ on everything that they stated. Anybody that take Hydros, Flexeril on a daily basis is not fit to drive and or take care of another human being. So my lawyers will be handling this. I have enough pain and stress to deal with without adding this to the pile. I hope my complaint helps others to make the discussion and hire a lawyer. You will not get anywhere with them if you don't.

I have been fighting with The Standard since December of 2012. They sent me a LTD denial letter in June 2013. I cannot believe that they are forcing me to hire an attorney, who will get 40%, to get money rightfully due to me. I am disabled with bipolar II and believe me I do not want to be sick and am working very hard with my doctors to find the right combination of drugs. The Standard has done nothing for me but delay after delay and then a denial. The doctors have found me unfit for "my own occupation" (took a few Google searches for a proper definition. One that the Standard seems to understand as they have broadened that definition to fit their needs. I have been forced to take money from my 401k as well as used ALL my savings. I am hoping something happens so I do not lose my home.

I've paid into disability insurance for many years. I've never needed it, thankfully, until recently. I had a sudden health scare. I was running fevers, coughing up blood, severe fatigue, and scans found lesions all over my body. I missed so much work due to my tests, doctor's visits, fatigue and fevers. The short-term went through right away. When the insurance had to convert to long-term is when the problems began.

I'm feeling better now and returning to work but am still fighting the payments due me to this point. Although I've been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, backed up by labs and tests, I'm still being denied. I've filled out (and my docs) the same paperwork half a dozen times and 6 months later am still getting notices that say they're still deciding. 6 months without a paycheck. What was the purpose of paying into this all those years? They're trying to wear me down. This is unethical!

It's only fair to follow up that the agent I am currently working with has spoken with my provider and myself multiple times since my first review and the service is greatly improved. I think this improvement has more to do with the individual professionalism and skill of the agent and perhaps not so much with the standard operating procedures of The Standard, but there you have it. I will continue to update these reviews as my claim proceeds.

It takes real gall to call yourself the Standard when you don't pay the people's claims. Sad thing is it's the injured and sick they are hurting. I'd looking in on how to pursue a class action lawsuit against this sorry company. I would appreciate any help or information in this endeavor. Maybe as group we can work together and get something done.

After I lost the benefits that came with my job, I looked to Standard Insurance for health coverage. While they were initially helpful, they kept bundling life insurance from a company called Phoenix with my policy despite my protests (I was already covered through State Farm). They signed me up for Phoenix anyway, and I had to contact Phoenix a few times to receive a refund. This situation marred what had been a fairly easy process of finding cheap health insurance.

I had some questions about the ending of my STD leading up to LTD and called into their offices and got Lisa on the phone. During our conversation she overspoke to me - talked over me - wouldn’t let me ask any questions - was militant - belligerent - rude and abrasive. During the end after I let her run her tangent for over 15 minutes and disrespecting me I asked to speak to her supervisor and she HUNG UP ON ME. I complained to her supervisor Karen and now I am getting denial information in the mail about my LIFE INSURANCE after I had requested Karen to assign my claim to someone else - I feel like I am being DISCRIMINATED.

I was a teacher for over 20 years and contracted with the standard to buy disability insurance. I developed rheumatoid arthritis, and after 12 years I could no longer keep working. I applied for disability, which they did pay out the first two years. However, after that they decided that I could do all different kinds of work, like as a customer service rep, despite the fact that I remain crippled by rheumatoid arthritis and cannot stand or sit for more than a few minutes. Although I never saw a single one of their doctors, they denied my disability claim. We will beginning litigation next year sometime. If you need disability insurance, go elsewhere. If you’re foolish enough to choose this company, make sure to get a good attorney. You’re going to need it.

I have been disable since 5/16 and I applied for disability through The Standard. My employee has a group policy and I purchased additional coverage. Have been paying for 20 years or more... At first after a few minor setback with "I am waiting for info from your employer." for example GROUP POLICY NUMBER... Like they did not already have it. So I made a call and put them on a 3 way. Ok so I thought I can focus on getting better... No every time I looked up they needed more info. No one could give you any info, one representative told me perhaps I should not continue to go to the doctor due to my claim was not approved. THE BIGGEST NIGHTMARE IS LONG TERM DISABILITY.

The analyst have been reviewing my paperwork since 12/28/16. I faxed and called several times for her to tell me laughing in my face I must add, she not sure and a outside person need to look at my claim. This person called my doctor's office stated that the info and x-rays were not readable. I took a copy to my doctor, he called and called no answer, I explained that my medical coverage depends on her approval... I just received a letter on 2/18/17 (a day before my birthday. What a present), that I needed to request a formal review in writing after about 60 days of just holding it.. p.s. you only have 180 days. Which I was lead to believed that all my physician had to do was to complete the Attending Physician Form that was enclosed.

Now my employer is sending me bills that I have to pay almost $400 for coverage to continue my PT... Wow. I also have HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE and anxiety disorder which I also was being treated for. My question how can I pay for the coverage when they won't pay my claim and had they approved my claim I would be covered? Sincerely totally stressed out and in a lot of pain.

The definition of Bad Faith is intentional dishonest act by not fulfilling legal or contractual obligations, misleading another, entering into agreement without the intention or means to fulfill it, or violating basic standards of honesty in dealing with others. Bad Faith is the best way I know how to describe The Standard. My 35 years as a Software Engineer and having to think logically is what has helped me to document the bad faith acts The Standard has done to me over the months that I think a lawyer will take my case. Allowing a company to make promises and then not carry thru on their promises, the company should not be allowed to stay in business. Their dishonesty is not just to me but others as well. Looks like DISHONESTY is their company policy.

I have Fibromyalgia 1990s. Since that time I've also developed chronic pain, peripheral neuropathy, depression, migraines, and memory loss. While some of these are associated with the Fibromyalgia, others aren't. I really loved my job but there were days I would go to work in so much pain I could barely perform my daily task whether it was writing new code, troubleshooting, answering the phone, attend meetings or just sitting at my desk. All this became unbearable that I finally could no longer get up and go to work. Today, there are most days I can't get out of bed and my husband does of everything now.

I purchased The Standard insurance thru work should I ever be out of work for an illness but now that I am out of work they do not want to pay. I was told by The Standard that I do not have short term disability but when I receive letters from them, it states they have denied my short term disability and then I call and they tell me they will have me an answer next week and when next week comes they don't have an answer or they call me on 10/7 and say, "I sent you a letter but I don't think you have had time to get it but you should have an answer by next week", and when you get the letter it is dated 9/26 and the letter is post marked 10/7 and you get it on 10/10. This is just an example of their lies that you get over and over and over again. Is this BAD FAITH or what? I NEED HELP. I am out of money.

The Standard is quick enough to take your premium, but they are experts at saving money by denying claims. (Hmm, taking money, not providing what was promised, sounds like theft, doesn't it?). Talk about kicking someone while they are down: out with a disability, no money, as the Standard refuses to pay what they owe. If you hire an attorney to try to collect, the money will end up in legal fees.

I have been working for my employer since 2014 and added The Standard's short and long term disability to my benefits package. The premium has voluntarily been deducted from my paychecks. In July 2017 I became disoriented and dizzy on a regular basis. Since I was unable to drive or complete my tasks at work I sought assistance from my regular doctor along with two neurologists, a rheumatologist, a neuropsychologist, and a gastrointestinal doctor within the last seven months; all the while unable to work. I have had MRI scans, CT scans, and numerous blood tests, all of which were provided to The Standard.

The Standard paid a $1600.00 benefit for July through September. I requested an extension of benefits and, although my health had changed and the doctors were still searching for a diagnosis, my claim was denied. I requested a review of the decision in early November 2017 and continued to provide The Standard with all medical documentation. I have been informed today 3/29/2018 that my claim will remain closed and denied. Although the doctors have been, until now, unable to diagnose an exact illness of the symptoms I am experiencing I still am unable to drive and work. I am confused as to why I was paid with no diagnosis at the beginning of my claim but denied benefits from then on when there's been no change in symptoms. I believe this is an unethical practice and have found this to be a pattern of this company. They're happy to take your premium, but don't stand behind the individual paying it.

I have been paying on a $500.000.00 Accidental Death and Dismemberment Policy for MANY years. I fell and damaged my left eye and lost usable eyesight in that eye (20/600 range). Because I 'can see two fingers stuck in front of my face', my second claim was denied. They "lost" my first claim even though I have a return receipt proving they received it. This organization has proven to me that they are beyond unfair, unprofessional and unhelpful.

I went on LTD following an industrial injury. The Standard sent me a check for over $7,000 that I did not think was correct. After calling them and verifying that I had that amount coming I cashed it and paid tax on it. The following year they contacted me demanding I pay it back ASAP. I could not recover the lost tax as you need to go long form and my tax man could not recover any of it. The Standard's mistake cost me thousands in taxes for payment I had to return. They didn't so much as apologize.

I was taken off work by my doctor for PTSD, major depression, anxiety and stress disorder. At first the standard approved the claim. When my off work was extended after losing my friends and coworkers in a terrorist attack, they said they needed more information and would contact my medical provider. They did not actually contact the doctor, as the doctor had no record of them doing so. When I called to find out what was going on, they said, oh, well we are faxing it now. Mind you this was 3 weeks they made me wait for "review." I had to coordinate the paperwork they needed for my claim. Over a month went by without a payment. around the end of December they finally paid a claim.

My doctor has continued to extend my off work and the process started all over again. Around 01/11/2016, (a month later) they paid one more part of the claim. Now they are saying they again need more paperwork to continue to extend and that they would contact dr. They did not contact him. I had to call and call and they finally fax the request and failed to include the HIPPA release form, which they had on file. After I call to find out what is going on, they resend the request with the release.

The doctor fills out what they want and now they are saying that although my doctor included more information, their internal reviewer who has never met me or talked to me and is designed to find a way to deny people's claims, overrides my actual doctor's assessment that I cannot return to my work as an officer at this time. They have failed to follow up timely with my doctor. They have failed to submit release forms to obtain the records they needed. They have failed to conduct their business in a moral manner. They have lied about requesting information from my doctor and are very unclear about what information they need so that they can randomly deny whatever claim they don't want to pay.

I retired several years ago and the company for which I had worked ran my pension through this group. Despite the fact that my pension payment is due to me on the 12th of each month, The Standard generally mails it on the 25th of the month. Now excuse me if I'm wrong, but if my insurance payment is but a few days late I'm hit with a late charge. Yet, The Standard mails my payment 13 days late each and every month without penalty. How is that? When I called them they informed me that all pension checks were done in a mass mailing on that date (the 25th). The second time I called about this they hung up on me. The Standard is definitely BELOW STANDARD in my mind!!

I have to ask other people who have had experienced these folks. I have literally sent in everything they sent to me and gave them info they needed. They are the worse to deal with!!! Every time I call I get someone different who has no clue and I explain it over and over as if I'm starting over. Then they just out of nowhere stopped my checks, with no notice at all. So now I'm screwed on paying my bills with the money I worked for since I was 16 years old, is that even allowed? Can they stop my check without giving me any notice? And since I have not a penny to my name, my phone was cut off and usually the automated system will call me to let me know if my check went out. Does the automated system generate a check? Maybe I didn't get it because of my phone being cut off? Can someone please help.

I purchased group LTD insurance from The Standard like a lot of people have through their employer's ERISA based LTD plan. I have a legitimate claim backed up by doctor's statements and years of ongoing medical evidence. My disability is also backed by numerous tests and MRIs. Unfortunately, the Standard denied my claim for LTD benefits. Do yourself a favor and purchase an individual LTD policy from another insurer and you should be fine. What I suspect the problem is with Group, ERISA based LTD plans is that the companies insuring the masses have learned to work the laws and administrative judge system to their advantage because you cannot sue for damages.

They know this and you pay dearly for it with your good credit, finances and sanity. Please do not buy anything from this company. You will be sorry you did in the long run if you actually need to rely on the insurance they advertise as your saving grace. It is not and they probably won't pay unless you hire the right attorneys. I am not an attorney, but your best shot is a well known name from Hollywood, FL. Good Luck. Also, stay away from The Hartford. I hear they are actually worse if that is even possible.

I had hail damage to the roof of our home and when I received the estimate the company depreciated our roof as they said we have an ACV policy and need an RCV policy to receive the replacement cost. None of this is mentioned when you sign up. However when you need it you get "you need to add coverage." Next none of the damages to the interior of the house are covered as they say this is all due to a poorly built roof that has a valley above the garage. 3 of the rooms with additional damage are upstairs above the "valley". I was then told it was condensation that caused the issue. I told the adjuster that the towel I placed on the window ledge was ringing wet after the last rain and the carpet below was wet as well. He said I should get additional coverage after I called his bluff twice. Very dissatisfied.

I recently had AUS surgery. Surgery was scheduled for early Oct 2015 follow-up in 6 weeks. At follow-up there was still considerable swelling and pain, so my physician suggested returning to work the week of 11-22-2015. The Standard insisted all paperwork be mailed to them and my employer HAD to be called in order return to work. The paperwork was returned by mail to them. Mysteriously they have no copy of that letter??? Not what I'm seeing in front of me. My steps:


I would not recommend the Standard Ins. for any employer or individual because they bypass their policy provisions by conveniently using an internal decision making panel to deny covered claims. The policy that Standard Ins. Company has issued as provided by Bio-Rad Corporation for which I was employed, stated that it will supplement my income during my disability in such a manner that whatever percentage the state disability pays they will add to it so that I would receive a total 100% of my salary during my temporary disability period for up to six months. Standard Ins. accepted my disability status and supplemented my income for three months and after that they stopped payments without any notice. I provided letters from my doctors and I also provided them all the treatment records from the doctors' offices since my disability period started.

After three months into disability my doctors continued to report that I am disabled and not fit to go back to work, but I was refused any further payments from Standard Ins. as they only base their decision solely on their internal panel of decision makers no matter what my health status is claimed to be by my doctors.

I spoke several times with the agent that was assigned to my case and asked if they could provide a reason for the payment stoppage. Since they had accepted to pay me based on my doctors' reports and records for the first three months, and since my doctors continued to find me unfit to return back to work after the first three months of disability I asked the agent to provide the reason that changed their mind to stop payments for the next three months as their policy promised to do.

In a lengthy phone conversation the Standard Ins. agent did not provide any specific reason other than saying that their approval panel denied further payments. The conversation with the agent was extremely unpleasant as it was repeatedly full of sighs and unwillingness to help. Asked him to have his manager call me. His manager called and said that he cannot provide any further help on the matter as their panel had decided to deny further payments and that there is nothing he could do about it. When I asked him if I could speak with any of their deciding panel members he said that is not possible. Please do not patronize Standard Ins. as they are not reliable and will do their best not to pay for benefits they promise.

I purchased both Short-Term Disability and Long-Term Disability policies in good faith and shortly after excitedly starting my new job. I was enrolled in these policies without any lapses for more than two years. My employer had many administrative problems and those problems caused many of the workers to seek treatment for a variety of medical conditions including stress and depression and work-related PTSD, being required to do, perform unethical and dangerous business practices sometimes endangering patient safety as well as employee safety.

I sought treatment from a Medical Doctor regarding my situation. I explained to him that there were safety issues and physical threats as well as dangerous working conditions as the temperature had reached 89 degrees without any ventilation and without windows and working in a security controlled records department. I was also required to perform an increasing workload that was previously performed by 4 full-time employees. I was feeling very overwhelmed and stressed and under a lot of pressure by Administration that was constantly requesting me to complete the ever increasing amount of work and to complete management tasks that took me away from my desk to attend hours of meetings while still completing all of the work and some of the work was patient related information. I was the only employee running and working in a vital to patient safety department that was previously staffed by 4 employees.

I had sought treatment by a medical doctor and explained to him my increasing concerns for my health and well-being. My Doctor felt that I needed to be treated and he put me on disability and he completed claim forms for both Short-Term and when eligible for Long-Term disability paperwork. I have gotten nothing but a run-around. (It appears by reading the comments, that many other people that have filed claims also have had the same treatment). In August of 2016, I filed a claim for Short-Term Disability with a company named, "The Standard". The Standard said they received the claim information, then they said they needed me to send it again (First one was sent certified mail and received by them) and then they said it was being reviewed, then reviewed again, then again, through several levels of reviewers.

Then more information was requested and more information was sent it to them and they were reviewing more information all the while saying that I have a "Claim". I have correct claim numbers and information and that it will be processed promptly. And then after 9 months, I was told I have been requesting my claim from the "Wrong company". I was told that my claim should have been processed through a company called "The Reliance Standard".

As a consumer, paying my premiums through payroll deduction in a timely manner, expecting a product in the form of an insurance policy, that has been fully paid for, I would expect that this would be a simple and clear transaction and that "The Standard" should honor their responsibility as the recipient of the premiums and they have benefited from the payment of these premiums. But it appears that there is a problem with the handling and mishandling of the confidential patient and employee information.

According to the reviews on the Consumer Affairs website, multiple copies of the same information has been requested by the Insurance company. I am requesting a prompt resolution and payment of my claim for Short-Term and Long-Term Disability benefits as all information has been sent to both companies and it appears that they don't have a problem with delaying their payments to the detriment of me the consumer that purchased their product for the protection of myself and my family.

I don't understand why people worried about government spending. Don't put a lid on what some insurance companies are doing, like The Standard. Basically anyone seriously sick and in pain doesn't have time to peruse lawsuits. The Standard hires a company like Allsup to constantly nag its policy holder for information to get the policy holder transferred to Social Security Disability.

The company that you were employed with is complacent in this as it brings down their rates. Then The Standard sends you paperwork so that any money coming to you OR your children (even though they told me my children's money wouldn't be effected) must be turned over to them. IN ESSENCE: You pay your premium and The Standard never has to pay a cent. It really needs to be stopped. When you work for a large company, they don't provide you with a copy of your policy.

I am going to file with BBB as well. My employer stopped me from working because I have a disability. The Standard gave me 2 weeks pay and then stopped my STD, I got a confirmation & denial letter in 2 pages. They said they would stop my payments if 1. I returned to work (no) 2. Dr. note saying I can return to work. (no) 3. Medical records. I have gave them 3 years of medical records and confirmation of my disease. To me, I lost my job and they won't pay after I have gave them all the information they have asked. This is cruel in my opinion, I have caught my employee representative in lies, saying "they didn't receive records" when I myself had sent them. Heartless company, when you need them the most.

I had a torn rotator cuff and post traumatic stress due to an injury at work. It took a long time to get a proper diagnosis and surgery. I asked for supplemental income during the time post surgery. The Standard kept putting off payment. The first reason for denial was... I could have returned to work the day after rotator cuff surgery (It was my right arm). The next appeal was... I wasn't working 15 hours a week. I was not employed; therefore didn't qualify for supplemental payment. (I worked for the same employer for 35 years and used up my sick leave waiting for surgery. I received a partial paycheck until I decided to retire.) During that time The Standard was being taken out of my paycheck. This company is horrible. They take your money and screw with you when you're at the most vulnerable.

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