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I have been paying for this insurance for 10 years. First they were Monumental - 2008 to 2010, bought by or re-named Stonebridge - 2012 to 2016, bought or re-named to Transamerica - 2016 to 2018. I was paying on three policies, 2 accidental death and 1 health. I lost the original paperwork for the health policy, but recall that it paid $1,000 for an ambulance and a portion of emergency care. My husband was in a car accident, so we filed a claim for the ambulance and emergency care. Repeatedly requested a copy of the policy to review the benefits. Never received anything. They finally 6 months later sent us a check for $50.00. Total scam, wasted a lot of money on these policies. Do not buy insurance from this company!

Updated on 01/23/2019: I have been paying for a $50K life insurance policy for 26 years and have never missed a payment. About 2 years ago they told me that my premiums didn't support the cost of the policy and they would ask for arbitrary amounts. I paid the extra payments but would still receive cancellations due to nonpayment. I would send them proof of payment, the policy would be reinstated and then the same thing would happen again in a few months. When I called to complain about this practice they sent me an illustration stating that they were increasing my premium 1000% for the following month.

Now when I call customer service they hang up on me and refuse to connect me with a supervisor. I even tried calling the number to buy a policy just to get a live person but that is an auto-teller circle that never goes anywhere. At least I know that no one can buy new policies from them! This is the worst business of any kind that I have ever dealt with!!

Original Review: I have been making regular payments on my life insurance policy for 24 years and have never missed a payment. Last year they started asking for more money because they said the value of the policy doesn't support it. I paid the additional amount by the dates requested on 3 occasions. The last extra payment for $169.48 was paid on December 1, 2017. I have confirmed that they cashed the check. Today I received a letter saying that I missed the grace period and the policy is cancelled. No one is available to talk to me. This seems illegal. If they sold the policy too cheaply that is not my fault. I am going to speak to a lawyer that I work for and see if it's worth pursuing.

Transamerica provides quality life insurance and at the best rates I have found anywhere. I have been with Transamerica for over 20 years and when I upped my coverage about ten years ago, I received a discounted rate on the additional benefits that I added. I have shopped around for insurance and have always found that the rates I receive with Transamerica are the best rates for the coverage that I have in the business. I have had nothing but good interactions with the company and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone shopping for life insurance.

I’ve been a policyholder for almost four years. In June of this year I had to go short term disability and I was thankful I had this policy to fall back. In hindsight I should have done something else. From the start of filing the paperwork it’s been the ultimate nightmare. I can’t get anyone to ask my question, return phone calls or send out my payments. I don’t know where to turn. I’ve been told every excuse in the book. From I didn’t initial the paperwork the first time I filed on 6/10/17. So I fix that and faxed it back on 6/12/17. It was after they received paperwork. It would be a fifteen day processing period then the first payment would start and be sent out. By the second week of July I hadn’t received anything. So I called to see what the Status of my claim.

I was told my policy had canceled for non-payment. The funds are automatically drafted out of my checking account every month. So I had to send them in. Then they said it was their mistake and start reprocessing my claim. I received the first payment on 7/24/17. In August I received a check on 8/28/17. In September I didn’t receive anything. I would call and be told someone would return my call within 48 hrs. So I called again and told two different answers. The first was my claim was being delayed because the form they had requested from me that I completed were sent in too early. The second answer was that they pay their claims a month behind.

I asked why then, "Are we into the fourth month of this?" and I had only received two payments. I was told I had to speak with a manager. It’s now November 8th and have only received three payments. I was told on November 6th I would receive a status update the following day on Nov 7th yet no one has called. I've called three times today with leaving three voicemail.

Never buy any insurance from Transamerica. They went from illegally taking over $15000 from my 90-year old mother-in-law's checking account, which took over a month to get back and a half dozen calls and emails, to trying to get the policy to expire for non payment of premium when they were authorized to debit her checking account for monthly. Since her passing in January Transamerica has used every excuse possible to delay paying out a $500,000 death benefit. They claim they have 10 business days to review every email or shred of paper submitted and use all of it all the time.

They have managed to stall for 3 months using this tactic. When you call the claims department you can only get the first name of whoever answers the phone. If you ask to speak to a supervisor because you can't get a straight answer they cannot put you through to one. 60 minutes had an interesting story on Sunday, April 17 about insurance company misconduct. They were right on the mark when it came to Transamerica.

We lost the original life policy and have requested a copy of the policy with Transamerica. I sent in the form they asked for and have called the company 7 times now in a month & a half time frame. The customer rep first call said it had been mailed out. I called back 2 weeks later claiming I hadn't received it. They stated they mailed it and what happens to it after the post offices receives it is out of their hands. I call several more times, they state they will send another policy out again, and again, it never arrives.

By this time I am to the point I practically scream at the customer rep because I am so sick of them telling me it has been sent, it will be sent, it will be sent again. I get the same runaround. I wait for 1/2 hr to 45 minutes every time I call. A few times the service rep picks up and acts like they don't hear me, then hang up after I waited 45 minutes. I have asked to speak to a supervisor or anyone in charge but they can not give me anyone's number to call. They offer to have a supervisor call in a 48 hr. Time frame. No calls ever come.

It's also funny all these years we thought we were paying into a whole life $15,000 policy my husband had got at work, and now suddenly it is some type of policy that has a face value of $4,500. We can't find our original policy and that is why I am requesting a copy, but they WILL NOT SEND ONE. For years we never got a yearly update from them so we were under the assumption we had this $15,000 whole life policy. Suddenly this year we got a yearly invoice which alerted me that something wasn't jiving.

I am so aggravated that this company can get by with this. Isn't there anyone who monitors the insurance companies and makes sure they follow certain guidelines. The other reviews I've read about this company from others shows how rotten Transamerica is. I am thinking about pulling our money out and being done with them, that is, if I can get them to close the account and issue a check. I would advise everyone to not do business with this company.

My mother in law suffered a heart attack and was forced to retire. She tried to get in contact with Transamerica to start withdrawing her money. They refused to help her. My wife and I started to help her and again, no help. They said contact her HR department. Her HR department said that we had to contact Transamerica. Even the paperwork said to contact Transamerica. My mother in law has now passed away and we have been doing a back and forth with Transamerica. They keep sending paperwork every few months telling us that this is it. Only to get more paperwork requiring notarized signatures.

It's been almost a year since my wife and I got involved. Honestly I feel that this company is a scam. They keep coming up with excuses to delay paying out. The overall feeling is that they want to make it as hard as possible for people to withdraw in hopes that they give up. Seriously, how hard would it be to give us one list of what we need to do to get the money?

I'm writing in regards to my mom Rebecca ** long term health care. Policy number ** claim **. Mom was evaluated by TransAmerica's nurse Jan of 2016 when she was entering Canoe Brook Assisted Living. All repeated sent reports, faxes, transmissions were said to never arrive for around 3 months. Hours and hours on hold, multiple faxing of documents. Over 20 faxes of huge stacks of documents sent, were claimed to be never received. Finally, after months of stalling, they said they got them but then denied the claim.

After multiple phone calls refaxing and documentation it was determined we could appeal the denial in writing in April. So I did. Same issues. Claimed to not receive documentation. Needed more documentation. Didn't get Dr's letters or faxes. This went on for another 3 months without reimbursing us for her bills. I finally took off work a couple of days, rounded up copies of all documents about an inch and a half thick band, sent multiples copies to multiple addresses by registered mail requiring signature.

In July I believe, they finally sent another nurse to evaluate. Again hundred of wasted hours. Again Claims of not receiving documents. Dr's letters, nurse's notes. Wasted hours of mine and the facility. And the dr. It took a toll on my business, but I couldn't drop it. This is my mother. I spoke with a friend who had legal experience in such matters. He told me to record conversations, document all I spoke to, send all documents by certified mail demanding a signature, and to contact the insurance commissioner's office. I did. Immediately things changed: they started answering calls, receiving documents and within a short period of time they called saying they'd paid the claim.

They then sent a follow up letter explaining benefits left. The letter claimed 200 some days left. My calculations said 600 some days--almost 2 years a huge difference. They said the next nurse evaluation was to be Jan 2017 rather than a year away as her policy states. I called the agency again questioning how they arrived at their figures. The person on the line, Mimi, said that she found the error and I was right. She said we had 600 and some days remaining. Unfortunately there was no supervisor available to collaborate and validate as I requested. Two more hours wasted. She also agreed mom's policy allows for only yearly evaluation. And assured me the next one wouldn't be until July 2018. I asked for it in writing as well... She agreed and asked for an audit to be sent to me.

Unfortunately the letter I got dated Nov 7 didn't support what she told me. Rather it refuted everything she had told and said only 200 days remained and the next nurse evaluation would be in Dec. 2017. So I called TA again. The woman said she was assigned to find resolution. She was abrupt and discourteous. I went through entry days of each facility, exit days, rehabs, etc. Year by year. Month by month. She said asked where I got my dates. I said from the facilities and their bills. I documented everything. I could send her copies. They'd get back at me, they said abruptly. She got downright hostile when I asked about the reason for the nurse to come again before the year was up. I don't know why. I was very cordial.

Three days later she called finally. Left me a message that we did have the almost 2 years, I maintained, rather than the 200 days. But if I didn't comply with the nurse evaluation it could keep us from collecting benefits. Sounded much like a threat. So the nurse agency called and scheduled an appointment before the holiday. I put it off until after the holidays as I had family and business matters to attend to. Jan 2 6 pm is scheduled. They give no reason to make me and my almost 89 year old mom go through this again. And I dread losing 6 more months of my life to jumping through their hoops so that they can stall for more months not paying the claim. Canoe Brook was patient and helped us out the first 6 months, but I hate the thought of them wearing out of this company's shenanigans. I recommend NO ONE buy this insurance.

My employer switched from AFLAC to Transamerica and I am disgusted. My husband broke his leg and I sent paperwork in the day after his surgery. Every time I call Transamerica I get the runaround. They tell me something different every single time I call and STILL haven't paid... almost two months later. My husband is unable to work and we need this money. Transamerica certainly doesn't care. The last "customer service" agent I spoke to me straight told me that I was lying about what I said other agents had told me. Terrible customer service, terrible communication, terrible turnaround time, TERRIBLE COMPANY!

This is the worst company ever! My Account was sold to them. Do not understand why it would take over 40 phone calls and now at 2 months and still nothing has been resolved. The call agents are poorly trained and their supervisors make promises and cannot deliver. Their ratings are so low I would not recommend this company to anyone. Customer service should be their top priority and it is not. It starts with upper management and trickles down to the agents. This should of been a simple process with a check in hand within days. Please take my advice. Stay away from this company. They do not care. They only deliver excuses for answers.

I have disability insurance and have been off work for a year and my check use to come on the 14th of the month then the 23rd. Now I'm told paperwork won't be looked at until the 28th so I don't get a check for the month of July. I don't think the adjusters care that the check is all we have to pay the bills with. This really cause a hardship. Done borrow all I can borrow. I have no ideal. This company don't care. If I could return to work I would. The people who answer the phone talk so nice to you but the adjusters don't care about you.

I and my 3 siblings each received bills for loan interest $15.56 on a loan amount $210.23 or within 2 or 3 cents difference between all 3. The policies are one digit right behind each other. None of us have never had life insurance with TransAmerica or any of their affiliates. I believe this to be a scam and when I call, the customer service persons tell us to just pay the bill or our policy will be canceled. We don't care because this is not our insurance carrier. However, my fear and reason for posting this is that someone else might just pay it on behalf of their spouse or parent that they might be caring for and handling their finances. Please do not give your money to this company or their scammers. Go to a reputable insurance agent.

I've been with Transamerica since 2012, and I don't even know where to begin with my distaste for this disaster of a company. I realized after a review of my insurance policy by my bank that I was misled in how my premiums are calculated over time. Every 7 years my monthly cost was slated to jump astronomically, and I was never advised this upfront. Now I've been trying to cancel my policy, and I've been given the runaround every time I call. Not only do I have to wait an inordinately long time to get through to someone, but the person on the other end is typically so incompetent that I feel I could do their job better.

I've been lied to, given false promises, and I still don't have the cancellation paperwork that was supposed to have been mailed to me last week, yet I was able to receive not one but two pieces of correspondence from them in the same time frame. I'm utterly disgusted that a company with such shady business practices can even remain in business legally. Please take my advice and do not purchase life insurance from this company! You'll likely regret it like myself and so many others before me.

This is the worst life insurance company I have ever dealt with! My mother had insurance with Medical Mutual years ago. I'm talking back in the 50's when they came to collect at your home. She paid weekly and always had her money saved down to the penny. She passed away in July 2015 and when we turned over her policies to the funeral home, they stated one policy was good. I made numerous phone calls speaking with different reps which I received no satisfaction. Even though I had my certificate that it was paid because I could not show payments of this they would not pay out any money. My mother was 93 years old when she passed and this policy of $500.00 was paid years ago.

I also had 3 policies for a brother that passed in 2016. Because one of the policies did not have a beneficiary although the other two had me as being, they would not send a check for again $500.00. I have called for weeks concerning this policy and spoke to a rep. today just asking them to send the money to the funeral home to pay on my brother's funeral bill as it is still outstanding and they won't even do this. They say since he was married his wife will have to sign a form. Well guess what we can't locate her! If you have insurance with this company I would advise you to cash out what you have as soon as you can and run as fast from them as you can. They did nothing for me or my family. They should be sued!

I have a retirement account with Transamerica (chosen by employer, not my choice). They refused to mail me a statement. They say I have to call every few months and request they email it to me but refuse to mail it. The statement is insufficient. Some of my money is in regular 403B and some in Roth 403B. They do not specify on the statement what amount is regular and what amount Roth so I can't keep track of how much I have in each. I inquired about that and they said they would look into it but nothing was changed. Communication is poor. They only put out the minimum amount of information and do not give clear information about how the investments will be handled. Don't know why the government gives employers the ability to choose who will handle your hard earned money. My own investments are with TRowe Price and Vanguard. I get good service from them. Can't wait until I retire so I can remove my money from Transamerica.

My mom passed Sept 19. I submitted a death claim Oct 24th. Both customer service and claims were very helpful and said it would take 7-10 business days to review. I sent in the requested forms they asked for and today I received a check!! I don't know why there are so many complaints against Transamerica. My experience was amazing. They really came through at my roughest time of my life and I recommend them to everyone. It's important to read your policies and understand the terms of your policies. Transamerica is a great company and their actions speak louder than these negative reviews all because people assume and don't read and they don't understand their life insurance policies. It's not any fault of Transamerica. I truly thank them from the bottom of my heart.

I have a life insurance policy with this company that is about 25 years old. Three years ago they made me increase payment from 56 per month for life insurance with a savings plan to 70 per month for the insurance only. Payments were set up and paid by my banking institute monthly. Without prior notice, this month they sent me a "final notice-act now" with no explanation and a total due of 383.29. When I called the company to ask why, the automated system confirmed policy value and receipt of payment before letting me speak with someone who informed me that my policy was "upside down" and the cost of insurance had gone up leaving me currently $10 short also that if i didn't send them $383.29 by October 10th they would cancel the policy. She was not able to explain where the amount came from or why no prior notice was sent saying the cost would increase. Her only reason was that I was getting old.

I pay 54.00 per pay period for short term disability to have 2,600 no th in coverage. When plan was sold to us at work we were told for accidents we would be covered day 1 and for illness at day 7. I had an accident and tore my plantar fascia off the bottom of my foot. I work at a hospital and am required to be on my feet for 12 hour shifts. I went to my surgeon and was casted and taken off for min of 12 weeks as it's a very long recovery process. I had the physician fill out the ridiculous amount of paperwork required as well as my work, and my personal required paperwork. I submitted. They say they don't process for 14-21 working days and they absolutely don't.

After waiting the 21 working days I was denied because my Dr stated I could do sedentary work but had to be completely non-weight bearing. My work wrote a letter stating that they had no sedentary work and attached a copy of my job description. 21 more days pass and I get another denial saying I'm not disable and it's not their fault my job doesn't have any sedentary work for me. I then talked with Transamerica and was I informed that the only way they will pay is if Dr fills out all new paperwork stating I am completely disabled. I had that done and resubmitted and after 21 working days wait received a letter stating I was denied due to discretions in the physician's paperwork.

This company does everything in its power to never pay. They are a joke. I have done everything instructed to do 100% and they just keep denying. In the meantime my foot hasn't gotten better and I am facing surgery and I still have not been approved. I think this company takes premiums and denies until you give up so they don't have to pay. BTW I tried to cancel the insurance and they stated that with my employer we signed up for a year and cannot cancel my coverage unless I am terminated. So I'm out not getting paid but they are still collecting their 108.00 per month premium for absolutely no coverage.

PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF THIS PAIN AND AGONY AND NERVE RACKING STRESS AND DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM TRANSAMERICA. Also encourage you to read complaints about Transamerica. I'm far from the only one with the exact same issues. They obviously don't pay across the board on life and other services. It's all the same story. Buyers beware! This is fraudulent company taking advantage of people.

Mom bought W/L policies from JCP over the years. Transamerica bought JCP. Over the years changes in family required updated beneficiary, payment methods, addresses and eventually ownership. EVERY time I call it is a MINIMUM of 45 minutes to get a human. (Sometimes nearly two hours). EVERY thing they claim to mail takes weeks to get here, and then every form has some typo error or the wrong spelling or address - causing the process to start all over. Even when they email forms to you it takes 5-7 days???

Their latest issue is this: we made me the policy owner 7 years ago. They acknowledge that I am the owner but they screwed up the data entry in 2010 and have mom's 1931 birthday assigned to me. I discovered this in 2013, mailed them their form with my photo ID to correct it. They FAILED again. In 2017 I discovered their ongoing malfeasance and they insist I do their job for them a THIRD time. THIS IS BY FAR THE WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH and I urge all who read this to take your insurance needs elsewhere!

My Father Died recently. He had a $3,00.00 policy with TransAmerica. I called to report his death. I was told it would be 7 to 10 days to receive the claims form. Since I live out of state and would not be available to help my 92 yo blind Mother fill out the form. I asked the funeral home for an assignment to help pay for funeral expenses. They were told also the wait time to receive the claims form. They declined the assignment. The claims form arrived about 3 weeks after my initial call. Forms were filled out and additional documentation was sent immediately. To date the claim still has not been paid. All the other policies my Father had have paid out except this one. I don't understand the waiting time to send out the claims forms especially to the Funeral Home. They received my Fathers premium by automatic payment every month. I can't believe they don't own a fax machine.

I’m a Transamerica policyholder, I do have two policies. Accident and disability! I was in disability for five months and all the time every single month I sent my claim form to request my benefits. They always loses the form and never process a check on time for me! Customer service has always a story and the checks that I suppose to get every month never came! I was so disappointed because I relied on that benefit but all I received was documents to fill out and in fives months out of job all I received was 2 checks! I almost lose hopes on my home disabled and hungry! I will removed my money out of that company as soon as I returned work! Please do not invest money in that company! Worst experience ever! My money will be taken out of it.

I wish I can put zero stars. I went out on disability 8-8-16 and Transamerica has given me hell. I thought I’d have the additional 1000 a month but my claim gets denied then I have to send in paperwork and I get my money every three months. Smh. It’s sad I have two small children and I’m a single mother that additional money is for them. I put my claim in August so I can go back to school shopping for them. I didn’t receive the money until October. Now I’m told my claim is denied because after a year you have to be Totally Disabled. My year was 8-25-17 so I sent documents from 8-27-17 AFTER the year and my claim was still denied. I’m still out on Disability. I pray I can get through with them to get the money by Xmas for my children.

My wife was approved for adult day care benefits in June of 2018 after an evaluation from a nurse chosen by Transamerica. I enrolled my wife in daycare in July. I submitted a claim in August for the July expenses. Then the process of need proof of lost documents. (Not well defined at all.) And since Transamerica only communicates with US mail which for some reason takes 7-10 days to reach me we went back and forth on what was submitted, what was still outstanding and what crossed in the mail. I then submitted a billing statement for August.

During December we were still trying to get the appropriate information from the daycare provider (which I had to do since Transamerica does not talk to providers). This went on long enough for me to send in a Sept. billing statement and then discover that they were asking for information that according to my policy was not needed for a licensed facility. At the end of October I was told that they now had all of the information that they needed to review my claim. They said they would need up to 15 days to review. I then submitted my October billing statement.

Today, November 15th I called to find out the status. Everything is now approved, however all of my billing statements have to wait until they process Nov. 5th claims (the date considered that everything was approved.) However they are in the process of processing claims from Oct. 23rd. Doing some math this means they are weeks behind in processing claims and I won't probably see any money until mid. December.

So if you are planning to work with this company be advised that your initial claim will take at least 5 months or more. I don't know how long subsequent claims will take. Heaven forbid I move my wife to another center and have to through this torturous process again. I don't have a lot of confidence that they will process all of the billing statements I have sent. They did not seem to know that the billing statements existed when I called today. They did eventually find them but will the people who actually do the payments find them? I will know in mid December. I hope I don't have to call again to guide these people.

This company gives me all the information that I desire when I desire it. They have been very affordable so far and I would recommend this company to anyone.

For 21 YEARS, a large chunk of every paycheck I got went to them for a cancer policy. When I finally made a claim when I had a double mastectomy, they first claimed I wasn't insured, then that the policy wasn't in effect at the time of my surgery, etc., and kept stalling. When I proved that it was in effect, they finally made a payment for little more than I paid in premiums in ONE YEAR! My total documentation was for over fifty thousand. I did not expect that, as I made the choice to have the second breast removed, but I do expect half that! After all, they have collected about thirty thousand from me. They have only paid me two thousand, and that only after causing me a great deal of stress by first denying me several times!

I purchased the policy in March of 1987 and was told by the agent it was an investment for retirement. The premiums were $75. a quarter for a long time. A few years ago they were increased to $87.00 a quarter and now that I am 71 years old they were increased to over $400. a quarter. Not a retirement investment. Plus over all those years each time I sent in a check for the payment, they charged me $6.75 to cash the check. Pretty rotten as far as I am concerned.

It seems now that there is a possibility they might have to pay the face value of the policy which is $38,000. They keep sending me info on cashing in on the policy value trying to get me to either cash the policy or make the premiums so high I cannot afford it. I would never recommend buying life insurance except perhaps term insurance when a person is young. Seems like the easy answer is to increase premiums, instead of becoming more efficient. I have not had a social security increase for 3 of the last 4 yours. Very disappointment.

I am having the worst experience with Transamerica Life Ins. I have been paying on this policy for 30 years. They are billing an exorbitant amount for my life insurance. In 2016, they took all my cash value with no explanation as to why. Now when I get a bill from them which is supposed to be quarterly but I receive a bill 8 months out of the year. This month my premium was $263. I then received a notice that I have to pay $506 next month. Now that I am 69 years old, they are trying to get me to let my policy lapse because each bill I receive has "final notice" on it with a memo stating if I am even 1 day late. My policy will be canceled. Someone please contact me if you are having the same problem. Can we start a class action lawsuit? We live on social security alone so $506 means we can't eat or pay our electric bill next month. I almost had a second heart attack when I got that notice. Help!!!!

My mom passed June 2015 two months before her policy matured, so the company had to do an investigation. I understand the policy but, the lack of knowledge has really thrown me for a loop. I had to call and check the status three months in a roll, to be told the same thing, each time. I had to inform them each time they were doing their job wrong. They keep sending info to the wrong doctor. I took the time to get the correct information for them and even gave them a contact name and number. I was told by the supervisor that the hospital is a big company and they are having a hard time getting in contact with medical records (Really)!!! Thought that was a part of your job. I will never refer anyone to use Transamerica services.

Several months ago I was sent an email from Transamerica email telling me I needed to re-register my account. When I attempted to do so, I received an error stating that my information could not be validated with a number to call. I called this number last week and was on the phone for nearly an hour and was finally told the issue was resolved. After first being told the issue was that I needed to register my account using Internet Explorer (!!!). I was then told that the issue was that my name was in the system backward (first name as last name and vice versa). The person helping me explained that my name had been updated and that if I waited 24 hours I would be able to register. He also promised that he would personally call me the next day to ensure I was able to get into my account.

I have tried many times since this occasion to register my account and continue to receive the same message - that my information cannot be validated. I have tried calling and have been told wait times were 30 minutes plus to speak with someone -- after already spending hours on the phone trying to resolve this issue and after not receiving the promised phone call. I would like to make changes to my account and every day I cannot sign in is another day I am not making these changes, and not saving the appropriate amount for retirement.

After following all procedures for filing a claim from November 18th, I still have not been paid despite doing everything on my part that was required. Lack of communication on the part of Transamerica has held up this claim.

My mother was hit with a notification that her insurance would be cancelled if she did not increase her premiums pymts, which could be over $1,000/mo. I truly believe they just want her to cancel the policy, as she's 80 and they don't want to take any chances of paying off anytime soon. As this is all confusing to her, I got involved. Over 4 months and at least a dozen phone calls, they have told me different amounts to pay. Finally, I had several of their representatives tell me that all is paid up to date and my premium would be a set $150/mo. That seems high, but we can handle that.

Many seniors on a fixed income cannot. Now, making payments faithfully, I get a letter each month stating that my payments are not adequate and threaten to terminate if I don't pay the balance. Each time I call, I get different responses. One rep has told me to ignore the letter, which the company actually has record of him stating. Now, they're stating that I still owe the balance, but no one can tell me where they are getting that figure and what it is for. FRUSTRATED and want to SHUT THIS COMPANY DOWN! Taking advantage of people, especially elderly!

I find their policy hard to understand and wish I was able to better interpret how their life insurance policy would be settled in the event of my demise. However an attorney I am currently working with on a new will is helping me better understand the process my beneficiaries will go through. My personal situation changed as I now have a step child and I felt I needed to ensure the policy be accessible in a timely manner.

My mother got a policy for my step dad back in 2010 I believe and my dad passed away this past July 4th and we just received a letter stating that her claim is denied due to the fact that when they wrote up the policy they did not write her name correctly down so now they will not pay it out. I'm hoping there's something I can do about this but it looks like they're just going to take her money and say "to hell with you." I will never do business with this company ever. She did not write out the policy when they first did it. The guy who sold her the policy was writing all the information down. Did not ask her how to spell her name or anything. Her is Margaret and they have it.

I have been trying to resolve problems regarding payment billing and processing since Oct. 2017. Transamerica stopped sending me premium due notices, did not apply checks sent. Authorization to EFT premiums sent Jan. 2018, received confirmation EFT, but premiums not debited from my account even though I have letter from Transamerica that EFT was set up. Sent in all the information again in April, still not taking out of my account. All verified delivered to Transamerica certified mail. Email from Brian **, Consumer Affairs Compliance, has been supposedly researching since 6/8/18. I received letter dated 6/29/18 saying a copy of my authorization is enclosed. It was not enclosed. I have sent letter after letter certified mail with my requests, documented lies from Transamerica, conflicting information and the problems remain unresolved. Scammed and lied to.

Easy, inexpensive, life saving and very informational. They provide so many benefits to choose from, basically you can custom choose your plan. You have a very special person come to your house and they provide it all for you. The brochures are very detailed, the agents are very well informed and if there is anything you are interested in getting and they don't know about, they will find the answer for you and provide it to you very fast. I did some research before I did anything and found that it is one of the fastest growing and most complete organization with multiple options for anyone to choose from. I am very happy with them and I would recommend them to anyone who asked.

Many people on here are responding to low costs and nice service. That is all great with Transamerica. The problem is when you have a CLAIM and would like them to fulfill their obligation to pay. They keep telling you to call back in 5-7 days. Each week no updates. You are given the runaround. For me this was after paying on a policy for 14 years. I felt I deserved more transparency and answers. Only select this company if you want to deal with loopholes when it is time to pay.

Very professional and a great variety of products! Good customer service! Sat down with the reps and they were paying attention to my needs, which was very comforting especially with the topic that was being discussed.

My husband has had a life ins/di/hospital income with them since 1988. When it came time to submit request for the disability there was a lot of double talk and the benefits were never received. We even submitted in writing for policy information and received documents that were copied for either a manual or policy book. He has been requesting updated information as it's such an old policy. Recently requested the disability removed and request policy booklet; received signed request form & some sheet with basic info., requested cash values & coverage... nothing... Went to insurance dept and they backed them. Will look for another life insurance co.; concerned when need to submit death claim if we'll ever see the benefits.

So my 401K rollover check was sent out on March 7 to an incorrect address. I was first told that the process to cancel and re-cut the check would take 104 days from a customer service person. I then called back and contacted a different customer service person, who said that it would take 7-10 days to cancel and reinitiate the check. So which is it? Every process takes 1-3 days, cancel a check 1-3 days, cut a new check another 1-3 days, have the bank mail the check 1-3 days. Why is this process so difficult? If I called my bank right now, I could cancel a check and have a new out by COB. I understand they probably write a lot of checks, but the time length is to me, anyway, unacceptable. I hope to never be using their services again.

Company makes it impossible to keep payments up in a timely fashion. You have to wait two weeks after your last evaluation runs out and then file the paperwork. Additionally, my physician released me to return to work but I failed the corporate evaluation so my employer has me still totally disabled. The company refused to accept this - even though I had sent a copy of the letter from corporate. They insisted that my physician had to classify me as totally disabled. I was told it was "our corporate policy". Pray tell, since when does the insurance company have the right to refuse my claim when I am physically unable to perform my work function and my company says I cannot return to work. I have been out for over a year and am really sick and tired of these games!

This is a friendly insurance company with helpful recommendations as the years go by. In 1998 they called me and explained at that time I had insurance only to the age of 75. They walked me through various options and we came up with a remedy at a price I could afford. I would have never realised this if it was for the insurance company and their helpful informative ways.

My life insurance company was Monumental and then it changed to Transamerica. I haven't had any problems with them except maybe lack of communication really on my part to keep up with our account. They do send yearly statements out to me. They will get in touch to update us when we get a new agent and try to schedule a home visit to get acquainted with us.

Purchased life insurance on my husband many months ago. When he passed away I notified Transamerica. I have only received excuses from them for over 4 months. They even stole an extra month's premium from me. I still have not been paid the life insurance. Transamerica is the worst excuse for insurance. DO NOT buy insurance from Transamerica. They take your money and give you Nothing but Excuses. Next step may be taking them to court.

My wonderful father passed away in December 2018. He had faithfully paid his bi-yearly bill with Transamerica Life Insurance company for years until I took over as his Fiduciary/Payee/Attorney-In-Fact. Needless to say, that after I received my dad's official death certificate, I sent in all of the necessary documents that they requested of me. I had to call the company, asking what was the delay in payment. They shared with me that I needed to complete other documents, which I did. I recently received a letter from this fraudulent company asking me to complete the exact same forms. Another interesting fact was that they requested a copy of my dad's Obituary!! I have never heard of such a request in my life!! They were able to see from the Obituary, my dad's race/ethnicity.

I have contacted my personal lawyer and we are not only filing a personal lawsuit with this company, but are gathering information to file a class action lawsuit as well, and handing it over to the Attorney General's office and the State Attorney office in Washington, DC. We are requesting punitive damages, emotional stress, racism as being a factor as well. I have closed both insurance policies that I've had with this company for my husband and I and want everyone to know how crooked, illegal, miss-guiding, and fraudulent they are. PLEASE DO NOT EVER APPLY FOR ANY KIND OF INSURANCE WITH THIS COMPANY!!

My parents (both) have been paying premiums for over 20 years to Transamerica Insurance. My father is 87 and has Alzheimer's. Back at the end of August 2015 I started to open a claim for a home health care aide to come to my parents' home to help my father with his hygiene and other daily care needs. It is now mid December and the insurance company still has not approved a health care company.

Transamerica has doing everything possible to put up roadblocks to process this claim. Every call must go thru their 866 number. I probably have called at least 25-30 times since starting this process and never once as an agent answered the call. The typical call back time varies from 30 mins to 2 1/2 hours. When the call back comes if you are not available to catch the call you must start the dialing process all over again.

Transamerica agents do everything possible to slow the process down. The only answer I have ever received from them is "NO." This is their standard response. My parents have invested over $160,000 dollars with this company and this is the level of service they provide. If someone was to ask me for a recommendation I would say "Do Not use Transamerica Insurance." It is like throwing your money away.

My wife and I were with Transamerica for about 15 years and all seem to be good until my wife took out from her 401K about $6000 to invest with Transamerica. Our financial adviser Louis ** from Schaumburg Illinois took the check and that was it. Over a year went by and my wife wanted to follow up on her investment and to her surprise, Luis held on to the check, never invested it. WOW! Then my wife started reading all the bad reviews and couldn't believe all the bad ones which were about 99%. After an investigation she was awarded a small settlement. We decided to pull our money out and like all the other reviews, it's like pulling teeth from somebody that's running. Over a month and still no check. I'm very surprised that this company is still in business and even more surprised that the BBB isn't shutting them down. Invest in a bigger more reliable investment firm with good credentials and you won't lose any sleep.

Forms were sent by my agent that were signed by me to close an account. Instead of paying the amount due on the day received, Transamerica held up my payment stating that they couldn't verify my signature. Again, the forms signed by me and verified by my agent, and were sent directly from my agent to Transamerica. The Legal Affairs office sent me the forms that were originally signed by me and then updated again 10 years ago. The signatures are the same. Holding my payoff cost me over $1,400.00. The company is not resolving this issue.

They are giving me runarounds. It has been 10 days and I needed to withdraw money for emergency. I can't believe that they are in business. How can they run business like this? I will not recommend anyone to use them.

My grandmother passed in February. She had two paid up policies originally underwritten with Monumental Life. One was put on RPU in 2015 and the other was paid up in 1988. The policies were assigned to a Funeral Trust for payment of her final expenses. It is now July and there has been no progress or payment. We paid these policies faithfully during her life. The funeral home has been told various excuses such as the policies are not active and they should not have been assigned even though THEY accepted the assignments.

Whenever I call, they remind me that they are only working with the funeral home. The funeral home mentions they are not responding to them. Only yesterday were they connected with a supervisor in the contact center. Today I called and they refuse to transfer me to the claims manager. My loved one passed at age 102 and we were very close. Now I'm left with dealing with this and the pain of reliving her death daily as I cannot have closure until this issue is resolved. I've filed a complaint with the Department of Insurance.

I have been on disability since March and I moved to a different address. I have notified Transamerica over and over again about my new address and they still don't get it right. Not only the managers never want to take a call but the agents never say anything correct. David was the only helpful person who actually called me back last month to notify me. They got the address right but this month they sent my check once again to the wrong address. What can be so hard of changing an address? Jesus who hires this people?

‼️DO NOT USE TRANSAMERICA‼️ If I could give a 0 Star I would! I am so upset by the actions of Transamerica that I need to warn everyone! My grandmother used this as her life insurance... I tried for YEARS to contact them and NEVER got a response. They also NEVER tried to reach me! They turned the funds into the state unclaimed department and I had the check waiting to be mailed to me BUT Transamerica turned in the claim under only my grandmother's name and not the name of the trust so the state won’t release the funds... the state asked Transamerica to fix this issue which is very easy to do and it has been in ‘process’ for weeks! I don’t get it! THEY MADE A MISTAKE AND WON'T FIX IT!!!

To receive my retirement benefits they require the birth certificate of my wife be translated from Spanish at a courthouse and notarized by clerk of court. When I requested my 401k be rolled over they required my request be accompanied by a special seal from a bank officer. They are crooks.

I have seen all these negative reviews and am so thankful my experience has been so wonderful. I'm sorry for all who did not have positive experiences. My father passed away 12/26/2017. I knew he had taken out a small 5000 dollar policy in November of 2014 to help pay to lay him to rest one day. He also took out a 100,000 dollar policy. The 5000 policy would pay in full after 2 years of payments and the accidental would if his cause of death was accidental. He paid 33/month for the small policy and 6 for the accidental.

He started with Stonebridge but Transamerica bought them out at some point. His death happened to be accidental. We sent in the paperwork along with death certificate for the policies a day apart. One on January 23rd 2018 and the other on January 24th 2018. The approves 1 And cut the check on February 2nd 2018 and the 100k on February 8 2018. They never contacted me for any additional information. I was actually quite shocked to find out the other day both checks had already been mailed out.

They denied my reinstatement application because they don't want to pay for the accident claim but instead they will offer you for another policy on accident. The reinstatement dept are sucks, negative 0 to the customer service. I will not recommend this to any of my friends and family. Never will I get accident insurance to this company because they are not really for you. They just want your money but they are not going to take care of you when you needed them most.

I’ve had Transamerica INDEX UNIVERSAL LIFE policy for many years! Which is a permanent life insurance and cash accumulation savings account! And my savings account has been earning very high rate of return and I’m very happy with the service that my agent provides as well! I would recommend everyone to find a very good agent and apply for this type of account with Transamerica.

I have two term life policies that I got 15 years ago with Monumental. Unfortunately, Transamerica bought Monumental out. I really hate that. But, it is what it is. O.K., I had my insurance premiums coming out of bank automatically each month. In October of (2017) one of my policies went up. They never told me. Did not notify me of this at all. In November, I received a letter informing me that my insurance was not paid in October because it went up and I did not leave enough money in bank. O.K. I called in a payment for 3 months (October, November, December) 2017. I paid over phone. They said I was paid up until January (2018). I called in January to make my monthly payment on both policies and they tell me that I still owe $76.50 for 1 of the policies that was not paid.

I faxed them my bank statement for November that showed where they took out 3 months' premiums on both policies. I also had the confirmation numbers that I was given over the phone when I paid them. They say the payment was returned. There was more than enough money in that account. The payment was made successfully. My bank statement shows that clearly. The payment was returned in somebody's pocket. They gonna find my money. I am not letting them get away with stealing my money. They want me to pay the same premium twice. They are either stealing people's money or they have the most incompetent employees on the planet. I am going to find out which it is.

I do not care if I have to hire a lawyer for their **. I will. It is the principle of the matter. Not the $76.00 that they want me to pay again. Something has to be done about this insurance company. They can't keep scamming people. I see that I am not the only one that has a complaint against them. I have already reported them to the Better Business Bureau. I guess will give them until the end of the week. If they do not find out what happened to my payment, I am going to a lawyer with my proof of payment. They causing me stress, because I always pay my bills on time, and for someone to take my money and say I did not pay affects me in a negative way. All I know is that they will not get away with scamming me.

Theft of moneys from a whole life insurance policy bought 1989. Now that Transamerica has taken over the policy, all of a sudden they are saying I failed to pay my premium in 05/2001 which is not true. They have told me my policy is paid in full but I now owe $1660.93 in interest from a $50.15 premium they allege I missed 17 years ago. I am a senior and feel they are trying to steal my comfort. They never notified me and sent me a letter stating that they don't have proof that they did and are trying to hold me to the $1660.93 in interest.

I got a policy for my mother and her partner 8 years ago. My Mom passed away on 09-09-16 and I did a phone claim. I was told that it would be up to 30 days and they would let me know if there was additional information they needed from me. They thought it would be simple enough given that this was a small final expense policy and my mother was 80 years old. Well, that is not exactly how things went.

I had to resend information because apparently they didn't get it the first time. They confirmed they got a copy of the death certificate on Oct. 21 2016 - again I was told it would be 30 day. Then I call because the check is once again not here. I am told they are waiting for a claim form, which I did over the phone initially. I told them I didn't get a paper copy of a claim form. Come to find out it was sent to my mother's address. Ummm, why would you send a claim form for her death to her address and not mine? They are either criminally negligent or incompetent. In either case scenario I will let the insurance commissioner and the attorney general sort that out.

I have told this company numerous times I am no longer interested. Requested info and never got it but yet they keep calling and emailing me about setting up phone interview for Underwriting. My info needs to be deleted out of their system asap - I feel that my info (social security #) etc is not safe in their system. They also need to stop emailing and calling my number. I have told them this to no avail. Very unprofessional.

When my mother called to notify this company that my dad died on April 30, 2012 she was informed that her Life insurance policy was for accidental death, and that no money would be paid to her. This policy has been sold several times to different underwriters and the cover page on the policy in 2005 states that besides the AD&D they also had group term life insurance in the amount of $1000. After speaking with ** at Transamerica she informed me that when they took over the policy in Jan 2011 that was dropped. I asked her if they notified my 83 year old parents of this change and she said it was up to them to realize this when they read through the policy.

She also said that if it were her parents she would have read it for them. I informed her that I would have if I didn't live 1500 miles away. I don't know that I would have picked up on this when reading the policy either. I feel that this company was deceitful in the way they purchased this policy from ING and don't think that Senior citizens should be taken advantage of this way. They have been taking $24.41 directly out of my parents account for the past 15 years since they purchased this policy.

Transamerica has received payment since Jan 2011 totaling $366.15 for a policy they changed and my parents were unaware of the change. Basically they will continue to do this to people and you don't realize it until a loved one dies. I think that they should honor the $1000 Term Life since they didn't notify my parents of this, and have nothing in writing signed by them to prove otherwise. If nothing else they need to refund them the $366.15 they took out of their account.

I called to report the death of my father, gave them my current address and they mailed the claim forms to an old address. After waiting a week I called in again, the representative said she would print an address label and mail out the forms again. Waited another week and still no forms. Called in a 3rd time and representative emailed me the forms. I had asked about emailing the forms on the first call and the rep said they can't do that. Now they are paying the claim and it has been 8 days since the check was mailed, hasn't shown up. THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY EVER!!!

Transferred my company 401K to an IRA. Months passed and I could not get into the website and did not receive a statement. Markets were good and my other IRA was doing very well at one of their competitors. After months of emails and many calls on hold, I was finally able to get into my account to find a Negative return! I then tried to transfer my IRA to another investment firm. On Hold for 45 min, then sent multiple forms which require them to be Notarized... Meanwhile I am losing money. This company is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!

I purchased what I thought was whole life insurance while on active duty US Army by a Non-Commissioned Officers Associations (NCOA) started paying $100 per month, after 20 years everything changed, the policy was sold to Transamerica, sent me a letter stating more money needed for the monthly premium. I'm now paying $230 per month and just received a letter stating by 18 January 2017 I will have insufficient funds. First no one ever told me about my premium will increase to such a high amount. It seems that the money I'm paying just goes to expenses charges, and other costs, including commissions for agents. Unfortunately If I cancel, I will not be able to start a new policy. This scam is set to get seniors and military retires.

My employer switched to this company last year. The premiums were higher and benefits less. I tripped over my pet, fell and broke my ribs. Went to the doctor the next day. I was also diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection. Due to the fact the dr listed the upper respiratory infection 1st, the claim was denied. The dr report stated in black and white, patient complaining of rib pain. Patient states tripped over pet and fell. X-rays were done showing broke rib. These reports were sent as well. I appealed twice. Worst customer service I have ever received. Claim filed in August, we are now in December and I had to call to get the denied answer. No correspondence at all. Don't waste your money.

I had a policy that started out with Monumental Life Insurance. I never heard from my agent or anyone about the switch of the companies. I continued to pay my policy which when I got the policy 25 years ago, I was told that it would never go up. I never received letter or a phone call from anyone. Last month I made a payment of 176.00 I believe. Then a week later I received a letter that the policy had been cancelled. I contacted them. They told me that the cost of insurance had went up but they could not send me a bill with a different payment but because the cost of insurance going up and they did not notify me that my policy is in danger. They just canceled my policy without notice and also took all the cash that had built up in my savings saying because the insurance claimed went up without changing my premium that I owed them. Thank you very much.

I was a potential new customer to Transamerica. For the past 2 months I have tried to reach someone in that office and I never receive a answer. I called one day and someone finally picked up and I asked for a call back from a manager and as of today I have not received one. I called the office today and spoke with a Denee, who I left the message with before and she said she gave it to a Frank but he never returned my call. She was rude when I was trying to ask her additional questions. I am a business owner and I would never have anyone employed with my company like her. I would recommend no one to do business with them. Take your money to a company who will respect you and your hard earned money. I do look to tell as many people as possible to never do business with this company!!!

I called them on May 22nd this year to close my policy and was told it would take 10 to 14 days to receive my check. On June 15th I received a form letter dated May 29th telling me that the check would be mailed within 5 days. When I called them June 15th I was told it had been mailed June 8th. I called back June 16th and was told it mailed on May 29th and was advised to let them stop payment on the check. I waited until June 22nd to have them stop payment. On June 24th I was told it took 5 business days to stop payment and the new check would be rushed to me. When I said they needed to send it USPS Priority, they said I would have to pay for it and it would take 5 business days for it to be approved so I said no. The customer rep Ben said I would have the check by July 7th. On July 8th I was told it took 14 business days to do the stop payment and that the new check would take more time.

On July 14th I was told by Cassandra that it mailed out on July 13th and that it would take 5 to 7 business days to get 300 miles to me in Illinois. It has been 8 business days as of today and when I called customer service again and spoke with Jane, she said I needed to stop payment again. The supervisor Abigail will not call me back and I don't know what to do. I used to work in sales and know when I am being lied to. Our utilities will start shutting off tomorrow without my money. I feel they are fraudulent and will keep giving me the runaround because I cannot afford to sue them. Can you help?

I got my MRI done by end of January. I had being submitting claim after claim nothing seems to work. Always coming back requesting more information. Doctor's office made their refund already and I still waiting for Transamerica. Nobody seems to care. What is the point to spent so much time paying for a service I can't receive?

Haven't dealt with the company personally very much. But the coverage seems to be great and very affordable. I work for a very successful company with a lot of employees all around the world and that means a great deal to me. If the company wasn't one of the best for the dollar, then I am almost 100% sure that my company would have chosen a different company to handle or purchase life insurance for their employees.

I'm an independent insurance agent. It is true Transamerica is struggling to pay claims. This is because they are overwhelmed from taking over the Monumental Life and Commonwealth Life books of business. There is someone on here that claims something about a "pyramid scheme" involving lost money and Transamerica. This explanation was a flat-out lie. Policies like that DO NOT EXIST ANYWHERE. It is possible they were actually just scammed by someone.

Another claim, probably through ignorance: in all 50 states if an insured person passes away within the first two years of purchasing a policy, the insurance company is REQUIRED BY STATE LAW to pull the medical records to see if there are any material misstatements or flat-out lies on the application. Believe it or not, clients sometimes lie to insurance companies to see if they can get free money.

I'm not making an excuse for Transamerica; they are having an egregious problem with timely payment of claims and they are working to solve it. I have a client currently awaiting a claim to be paid so they can be paid for their burial expenses. AN idea: for those needing that money to pay for a burial, let the funeral home know. Show them the policy. You can even sign it over and the funeral home will await its money. Just let them know. All they want to know is that they are going to be paid.

This year February my husband was killed. I have the life insurance through Transamerica from my job, thinking this is a good choice because it's from my job it should be ok. Boy was I wrong. I put in the claim. No one was in touch with me. I had to keep calling every day to make sure they were given correct documents. Then after all the running around of calling them when there were suppose to call me back, I was told that that can't pay out a claim till the case is closed. This is a homicide case that never close. I have been put in the worst situation of my life where am behind in bills paying people back who help me buried my husband and a child that about to graduate high with fees.

My husband insurance paid out and all other insurance company pay out with no problems. Why do I have to fight with them when I already have to mourn my husband death with no closer. They have the case number as well as the Detective number where I have been out ruled as a person of interest. I paid them faithfully for a life insurance, and they need to pay out my claim. This is so very unfair to do to their clients at this time. And still no one is reaching out to me to solve this I see that they do this to all their clients.

My husband retired from the military so we decide to get a life insurance policy for him due to the fact that it would be too expensive to keep the one he had while he was active duty in the military. I had called a agent with Transamerica and got the policy that was best for him and his family, now mind you he is in perfect health. He was given a very good monthly premium for whole life. I had asked over and over to their company rep to have the premium taken out of his account monthly, all I kept hearing was, "We will get back to you on that." They never did.

Ok I got into a health issue after having the policy 10 years or 12 and miss a couple payments. We receive a letter saying the policy had to be reinstated, so I call and they tell me they are working on it, I call several time and got the runaround, then they tell me he can not be reinstated. This is what I think. After 12 years of paying a very low premium and his age now 59 they decided they wanted to drop him, I think they started dropping people that had low premiums and close to 60 years of age. All they had to do was keep their word on the policy he bought from them. Disrespect for a veteran, that's how I see it too. He has no health issues to this day. He has served his country 20 years and did a service for his country. This company kicked him to the curb and took 12 years of his money, and dropped him because of one mistake on my end. Rotten company. Be aware.

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