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My mom bought a policy 30 years ago. It gave her comfort that she'd be taken care of in her old age. At 88, with advanced scoliosis, failure to thrive, periods of confusion and several falls they are denying her claim. They say she doesn't meet criteria of needing care and they don't want to reimburse me the close to $9000.00 I've paid out of pocket as they stall or to pay for future care even though we've never missed a payment and are currently still paying premiums. They have stalled for 3 month, constantly insisting they are not getting the 68 pages of faxed documentation sent countless times by fax attention different contacts on documented dates as had the facility. I've then followed with a phone call to verify they got it. I have to wait several days each time before they can report they didn't get it.

I finally overnighted it, certified mail from the facility and separately on the advice of council. And they were finally forced to admit they got it. They are understaffed so each of the calls trying to verify they got it required me to be on hold for 45 minutes to 6 hours. Each time I've moved mom to another facility we've had similar issues. My guess is they get out of countless claims by making it virtually impossible to collect. And making the appeals so difficult folks give up. If you are seeking a company to make your old age more comfortable and has your best interest at heart, I'd steer clear of this company because the legal council I've spoken with say they have a reputation for doing so repeatedly defrauding seniors out of what is rightly theirs.

My Parents have paid expensive premiums for 20 yrs and always paid the lump sum full amount of premium on time every year. Now, when my dad needs the policy reimbursement for a licensed, state approved Assisted Living facility, they make it impossible to get a reimbursement payment. We have completed ALL the requirements, approvals, interviews and observed their instructions (per their written letters) to date.

We paid the first 90 days out of pocket, when in all reality ends up to be 120 days (because you pay in advance and then get reimbursed 30 days later), due to their constant and neglectful documentation in letters that have little bearing on any timeline agreed to in the policy. They say their customer service department does not talk to the claims department or the billing (payment) department. The customer service people are friendly but seem to be ill trained as every time we speak to them we get a different story.

We have NEVER seen an organization so inept and blatantly ignorant to a senior citizen's needs. My father had a brain tumor, If he didn't have a family working on this issue for hours and hours a week he would never get his claim processed. They say they process their claims in 10-15 business days (as stated in their written documentation) processing time is actually 30 days. We have had only one and a half months of claims that have been reimbursed. We are still waiting for 2 months of payments.

I can only assume that their inefficiency in processing their claim and their incompetence in losing faxes and asking for forms multiple time is by plan to frustrate and delay payments. Not to mention, there is never a resolution for the amount of time one waits to get a resolution, payment, or valid reasoning to the delay. When you call you receive a message that they are experiencing heavy call volume and "your call is important to us" then you stay on hold for up to 2 hours. So your call isn't really that important to them! Once we did get a message after being on hold for an hour that they would call us back. They did but then you still wait on hold for another 15 minutes.

I could not imagine any senior citizen trying to deal with this company. I find it to be highly disrespectful, EXTREMELY poor business ethics and downright criminal to their policyholders and family trying to help. I would NEVER recommend Transamerica to anyone, EVER, for ANY insurance policy. Shame on you, Transamerica!

I had been paying a premium every month for a policy for my mother for 18 years and when the monthly premium went up to $580 per month I called the company and chose the option to stop premium payment and just keep cash value of the policy. I was advised on the phone and per the rate increase notice that this was an option. Now I need to use the policy and they will not send an up-to-date copy of the policy. I have asked 3 times. I tried to register on their website but the "Register" button on the site links nowhere. It's fake. If I had kept the money I had been paying them every year I would be in much better shape. I will have to hire a lawyer now to deal with them.

My husband was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer almost 9 months ago. Transamerica has been asking us to submit forms EVERY month to determine his eligibility for disability in spite of the doctor's repeated information on the claim form that he can never return to work. He has been given 1-2 years to live and we would like to focus on keeping him alive for as long as possible, not fighting to pay bills. Like other people who have been complaining, my husband paid into this policy for years and now that he is trying to get paid it's been a real struggle.

MTA is no better. He has been an employee of New York City Transit for over 20 years and yet, we haven't received consistent disability payments from them. He submitted (for the 2nd or 3rd time, no less) a request for his 60% supplemental pay at the end of June and still no payment!! Then MTA has the nerve to send us a letter stating if he doesn't file for retirement within a year, they will terminate him with no benefits. I'm at my wits' end right now. Looking for legal recourse if this doesn't change soon. I'm tired.

Customer service is terrible. No one has an answer or explanation on the claim that was filed in September. Two and a half months later, they denied the claim and we have been trying to resolve the issue ever since. They are SLOW to take ANY action regarding the appeal and dragging this out. Meanwhile, my father's care costs $7200 a month and we have stressed the financial urgency of getting the claim approved. We have jumped through hoops to provide every piece of documentation (stacks of paperwork!) for them, as requested, and I have had to call every week to stay on them. Hoping we don't have to get the insurance commissioner involved, but from the other reviews, I don't have much hope.

Like everyone else, my family member needed medical help that she paid premiums for over twenty years. Transamerica does honor their policy agreements and the customer service reps are VERY nice and understanding. However, they delay paying claims as much as they can, and do not have enough staff to answer the phones. They used to allow you to leave your phone number and they would call you back. Now, it is not uncommon to wait, on hold, for almost two hours. That is inexcusable. What is this where they only pay claims one day a month? It is obvious that their administration does not care.

Decent customer service. Not the most friendly of customer service but not horrible. Sometimes difficult to get thru to a real person. Other than that it's ok. Simple and easy to understand - I didn't have any trouble finding exactly what fit me and my family needs were met easy. Wish it had a more affordable option. I would recommend this company to friends and family and have before because it's a company that I trust and believe has a good foundation of trust with all of its customers. The value is alright. I wish it was more affordable but like I said before sometimes you have to pay more for better and this is the best I have found so far.

Transamerica is the worse insurance provider I have ever dealt with. My parent paid into this policy for years. My mother is now in an assisted living facility. You literally have to call them every month at least once to get paid regardless how you well and timely you provide the information. It's amazing that every time I call they say "your check is being processed and it will mail the next business day" and when I remind them of what their commitment to me was last month they say "that was inaccurate information". The care facility is really good about faxing them the invoices when they need to be sent and it still doesn't help. My mom has been there going on 7 months and I have had to call every month at least once to get anything from them. It's as close to a scam as you can get.

Transamerica Long Term Care is the worst experience that I have ever had in my entire life. She has had a triple bypass, intestine polyps section removed, hip replacement, and hand surgery. It was my mother's policy that was sold to her by my brother years ago. She has wasted thousands of dollars in premiums. The final decision without question was to let the policy lapse. After four months of just submitting the claim, and the claim being denied, then resubmitting and no response. Do not purchase anything from these low life characters. You will also find that it is not worth having, even if they paid. Took brother out of her will, and I want to share. He still thinks it is great. He lost everything he put into his policy, and his wife. The company he had went broke, and just think of the countless people he has sold this to. Go State Insurance Commission.

My mother paid every increasing LTC insurance premiums for ~15 years. Now at age 93 she just now entered into assisted living. Transamerica considers assisted living to be community care for which she is entitled to only 50% of the benefit that they would pay for total nursing care. Also, the rental portion is excluded. Okay, I understand all that... However, she is required to continue to pay 100% of the quarterly premiums. I would have thought the premium would have been reduced to cover insurance for nursing care since her claim was approved. Instead, at the same time that her claim was approved, she received notice that her premiums are going up: "This is the first of (three or four) rate increases that will be applied to your policy over the next (three or four) years." At the beginning of year three, her premiums will be 175% of her current premium. Unbelievable!

Trying to get my mother's claim for benefits approved was a nightmare. Every week I had to send more records, care notes, invoices, and documentation. Somehow a 90 day elimination period lasted 200 days sitting on hold for hours just to see if they received a fax! Just a nightmare. I waited 11 months just to receive a denial letter from them, stating that my mother with dementia had not validated her need for care! Insane! She has paid premiums for this policy for 23 years! I am GRATEFUL I called a company to appeal the denial and get my mother her owed benefits. If it wasn't for ClaimJockey dealing with the insurance company and getting an approval, I don't know what I would have done. Sold my house I guess!

They just want your money! I was enrolled with payroll deductions for Long Term Care Insurance until I retired. I chose to continue my plan by paying, out of my meager pension, a year's premium to avoid the increased cost of breaking up payments. I soon received notice that only HALF of my $1400 payment would be applied to this year, to cover back payments from over 18 months, (that's right, a year and a half) ago, they claim my employer never paid. Now they want an additional $750 or they will cancel my coverage, and keep the $1400 I already sent them. Thieves!

My mother is 91 years old and recently experienced a severe heart attack. They use outside contractor to deny eligibility and then stall you by requesting additional information from very busy doctor. They are careful to say eligibility is still being reviewed. My mother is a retired teacher who taught for 45 years and made payments for decades for a long term care policy. She is been in assisted living facility for two months with no help from her long term care policy. This should be investigated.

I called a few weeks prior to stop having funds transferred into my 401k. I provided all the basic details name, date of birth, address and such. I was told that when I left my employer I could call in and cash out my savings account. Today when I called to withdrawal the 401k, I was told my birth date did not match and that my account would be put on a legal hold until I faxed a copy of my driver's license to them. When I asked about how I was able to make financially impacting decisions before, I was told they were unsure and that they could try to have the call pulled if, and it was a very big if, it had been recorded. I called a lawyer and made a formal complaint to the BBB.

Minus zero would be the rating I would give. Simply getting through to CS or Claims can take 20-30 minutes. Not one time did I reach anyone who could answer all of my questions... Normally, the conversation ended with, "I'll get back with you" or "I can find that out & call you back." Even cancelling the policy is difficult.

Please note that I have 36 years in the insurance industry & much knowledge of insurance products including LTC.

After sending a certified letter (return receipt requested) directly addressed to a "claims supervisor" - I received no response. In October of 2018, I began making call to CS. Again on November 30th & January 30th. Each time I was seeking answers & contemplating the cancellation of my husband's policy. There is much more I could add. This has been a very frustrating experience. Finally, on 2/5/19 - I reached someone to cancel my policy. My husband passed away on 2/1/19. To this very date... I do not know if my husband qualified for any benefits under the policy we purchased 17 years ago.

Hi my name is Mary Ann **, I'm an employee for MTA. I have had Transamerica for the past 19 years. When I signed up for transamarica I was told that if I had a baby or became disabled I would be covered for two years. First I signed up to receive $1350 per month. Then in 12/11 Transamerica contacted me and told me they were going to increase my payout payments to $1500 per month. On 2/18/12 I had a car accident and I'm unable to work. When they sent me a check for $1350, I informed them that they were the one who changed it to $1500. Needless to say they NEVER gave me the $1500. They only paid $1350. I went back to work and had a reinsured.

They informed me it was a new injury, then they stated it was not. Now they are telling me that after 6 month I must apply for social security to continue to receive $1350 per month. They are only paying me $1012 per month and they stated I must wait until I receive an answer from social security before they can start paying me $1350 per month. They informed me it's in the policy. THEY DO NOT INFORM YOU OF ALL THE INFORMATION BEFORE YOU SIGN UP. THEY HAVE NO PROBLEM TAKING YOUR MONEY BUT THEY HAVE A PROBLEM PAYING YOU!!!! !

Easy to contact and professional agents. Very willing to clearly explain benefits and answer questions for me. Also very good at helping me file the proper paperwork to start benefits administration. If and when I am disabled, they will pay 60 percent of my annual base salary for a period of one month up to 40 years until I die or live to social security. My insurance coverage is good for any and all accidental injuries that keep me from being able to perform my job. I must be off work for 30 days before my benefits begin. My monthly premiums are pretty low and are easily worth the protection that is afforded my family and myself. Additionally, the side benefits from the policy are a bonus to anything provided by other vendors.

The "long term care" products sold by this company are a total rip off. The company is all sales and marketing and no service or payments. Be sure you read beyond the fine print. After paying $15k a year for over 10 years, their product is basically worthless, and they will not pay.

They have been paying for my mother-in-law's long term care for 2 years and now claim she’s not eligible any longer. When I called them I was told they were missing some paperwork. Each time I fax the requested documents they claim to not receive all of them. This has happened 4 times. Now they want a death certificate of her spouse. This has happened when the spouse died 2 years ago. They look for every reason under the sun to not pay benefits. They have to be throwing documents out and then claim they are “missing”. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS!!

I've been told housekeeping services weren't covered. I found out they are in my mother's policy then they told me the services had to be supplied by a licensed company but there weren't any in her area. My mother's policy covers unlicensed people. Now I've been waiting three weeks to hear back from them about the claim I opened. My parents paid tens of thousands of dollars in premiums and can't get a penny back when my mother needs it. After reading over my mother's policy and seeing how much they paid in premiums I will never get a long term policy. They are a big ripoff of older people and should be outlawed. It's a disgrace that companies prey on elderly people like my parents.

My mother and stepfather are having the same exact issues that all of you are having about trying to get claims reimbursed for money that our parents are paying out of their small saving because they thought they had Long Term Care but are having so much trouble getting their claims paid. We have been trying to work with Transamerica for 1 year now to get my mom reimbursed for all the money she has had to pay out to an assisted living facility for my stepfather. They say they never received the paperwork, or they received the paperwork but it was filled out wrong, or your request is being processed, or you should receive your check in about a week. The latest is now, "We believe the assisted living faculty you have your husband in is really a nursing home and those do not qualify!". It is not and they now have told my mother she would have to open a dispute case to challenge them and it is going to take about 3 months!

These people at Transamerica should be put in prison. My parents have never missed a payment for their two policies and it states that if they ever did their policies would be canceled! We should all get together and start a class action lawsuit. My Name is David ** and my email is **. I have filed an online report to Ken Paxton's office the attorney general for TX. Transamerica is financially taking advantage of the elderly. My mother has been calling my brother and I crying from frustration and stress because she doesn't know what to do. It really is criminal! Something needs to be done.

If I could give this company less stars, I would. If I could give them a negative 1000, I would. They are the worst company that I've ever had to deal with. My Mother purchased long term care insurance in 1992. She has paid on this continually over all these years, (over $35,000!) and now when she is living in an assisted living facility, they are denying her claim for the second time. She has met all their criteria, her doctor agreed that she can't live on her own. They sent out a "nurse" to evaluate her and give her a "test" to determine her mental state. She can't drive, can't fix her own meals, can't manage her finances at all, can't remember to take her medication, can't remember the date or day of the week, can't remember who the president of the United States is or even which county she lives in.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Even proving all this, they still say she doesn't qualify. We are now getting an attorney involved, contacting the Insurance Commissioner and I'm going to make sure I review this company in every place that I can to warn others not to be fooled into getting this insurance. They are crooks that steal money from the elderly that are just trying to keep their loved ones from having to pay for them as they get older. DO NOT GET THIS INSURANCE FROM THIS COMPANY - TRANSAMERICA!!!

We started my dad's claim in Dec 2016. Now April we still don't have a check. Not only is the wait time for each call unacceptable (over an hour) every time there is one more piece of paper they need. It takes over 3 weeks for them to process every piece of paper they get. They are doing everything possible to delay the payment. In the meantime they still are taking their premiums every month while my folks are paying the outlandish assisted living fees. They have been making premiums for many years and this is their first claim. I assume TRANSAMERICA is trying to delaying in hopes they die and then they can deny the claim. These delay tactics are inexcusable and cruel to elderly consumers. They are thrilled to take the money and promise to be there for you but hmmm where are they now?

It feels like they actually care about me. They listen to my problems and help me the best they can. They are always patient and understanding with me. It's written in easy to understand phrases and words. It is fair and concise. And explains to me exactly what they do and do not do. Their help line is always willing to help me with any questions I have on it. I have had no problems that they do not cover. Their rates are fair and within my budget. I get a letter regularly telling me how much my part of the payment is, and how much it cost all together. Again, it fits well within my budget. It covers all my expenses and leaves me with peace of mind that I won't end up paying too much for my care.

Transamerica does everything possible to avoid paying claims. They put you through hell to qualify for assisted living. Then once you qualify they never pay the claim within the ten days they promise. They have two hour hold times on their phones and question every invoice sent in. They insist on speaking to the bookkeeper knowing they will never get a call back because of the wait times.

The payments from Sally's policy were being paid when the amount claimed was for a small amount. When I was providing about 90% of the care the policy paid for a sitter 12 hours a week, split among 3 days. I had my own health crisis and was in ER and ICU for several days, then transferred to standard hospital bed. During that episode Sally had 3 caregivers for round the clock care. I have just received notice that Transamerica will not pay 60% of the claim because the care received exceeds the amount of care approved. In reading the other reviews on this site I am struck by the division between good and bad reviews. The good reviews reference treatment during the purchase phase of doing business with the insurance company. The bad reviews are from people trying collect benefits due them from their policy. I wonder how well the company will fare in a jury trial over their denial of benefits practices.

My husband and I are 63 years old, and recently applied for Long Term Care Insurance through Transamerica. He was approved. I was denied due to "osteoarthritis and physical therapy." As a healthcare provider I am stunned. I dare say that anyone our age will show some degree of OA/degenerative joint space narrowing on any imagining study. In addition, I frequently refer patients to PT for conditions which will ultimately strengthen joints and muscles, ultimately hoping they wouldn't develop problems down the road requiring long term care. Once again I am saddened by big industry/insurance denying services unless someone is totally fit and healthy, decreasing the likelihood of them needing to pay claims. I have no doubt why these companies get wealthy while denying coverage for totally lame reasons unfounded by any scientific credibility and research. Find your insurance elsewhere.

If I could give this company a zero star rating I would. My father has had his long term care policy for 20 years. He has paid thousands of dollars in premiums over the years. In May he moved from senior living to assisted living due to his Parkinson’s. With that move came a large increase in rent that he can’t afford. I filed a claim with Transamerica for payment from his policy. The claim was denied. They said he did not meet their requirements for assisted living. I gathered additional information from his doctors and senior living complex and wrote a letter of appeal. This appeal began in early November and has yet to be resolved. I have called them at least 4 times stating the doctor had not received the form.

Here is what I have experienced: wait time is almost always 30-45 minutes on hold no matter when you call. They had the wrong fax number and when I corrected it they told me it would take 5-7 business days for the fax to be sent. A request had to be sent to another department. 5-7 days for a fax - really? Today is the 9th business day. Another 45 minute wait and the fax had not been sent. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, there were none available and a request had to be sent for a callback. This has been one of the most frustrating things I have tried to navigate. I have spent hours trying to resolve this. There is not an elderly person who could navigate this system.

I believe it is set up so people will give up and leave $225,000 on the table. My dad has also seen his premiums raised last year, again in 2019 and 2020. He can agree to reduce the value of his policy and pay less. I think they hope he won’t be able to pay the premiums and will let his policy elapse. I would not recommend Transamerica long term care policy to anyone. I will now be contacting a lawyer to see what we might be able to do to assist my dad in receiving the money that is his. Just one more thing - I have never written a review like this. I am so upset by this entire process that I am in tears as I write.

I have had a long-term care insurance policy for 16 years with Transamerica. Fortunately, I have not had to used it. I expected they would periodically raise my premiums and I have had an average of 15% annual increases over the past 16 years. As I am about to turn 70, they are increasing my premiums so it will be difficult to keep the policy. By 2020, my premium will be 90% higher than today. I feel like this has been a bait and switch. I have been paying premiums for 16 years and just when I may need it, they price it so I have to let it go. The only options they have given me is to either drop the policy or decrease the benefits.

So all these years I have been counting on this policy to take care of me and now it won't be there. Sounds like a scam to me! I called the company and found out the only way to get this information to them is either by phone or a letter. They have no way to email the company so unless I send a certified letter, I have no record of what I sent to them. In this day and age, not having a way to electronically contact the company seems suspicious. The customer service person was horrible and I had to talk to 4 different people only to end up with someone that could only reduce my benefits. This is not customer service.

After reading these reviews I am scared to death that my claim that was filed in August 2017 will be denied. I have been calling every week since October for updates and now calling every other day. I get the same answer, under review, should know in 7-10 days. That's been the answer since early December. Requested callbacks from supervisor and told that it could take up to 72 hours for a callback. Premiums for this policy have been paid since 1994. Received notice that premiums were increasing and offered to lower the benefits in lieu of paying the higher premium. Really?

My mother purchased a policy from this company 20 years ago. She really couldn't afford it but did without many things in her life just to pay for this policy. She said she just didn't ever want to be a burden on her family if she were to become ill. She paid in over $80,000.00. She fell and broke her hip 7 months ago and had to go live at a rehab center for almost 3 months. When she was released she then found out she had stomach cancer, she lasted for 3 months and died a horrible death. This company has denied every single claim we have filed. All that money she paid has been for not.

This is such a crime, how is this even possible in the United States of America. Is this how you treat the elderly? I personally am so ashamed of how this country treats these wonderful people and their family. This company is just unbelievable. I can only hope that the CEO's of this company go to that special place. If my mom hadn't already died. This would have surely killed her. I wouldn't recommend this insurance on my worst enemy. So disappointed that this could ever happened to any elderly citizen!

My mother purchased a policy from this company 20 years ago she really couldn't afford it but did without many things in her life just to pay for this policy. She said she just didn't ever want to be a burden on her family if she were to become ill. She paid in over $80,000.00. She fell and broke her hip 7 months ago and had to go live at a rehab center for almost 3 months. When she was released she then found out she had stomach cancer, she lasted for 3 months and died a horrible death. This company has denied every single claim we have filed. All that money she paid has been for not. This is such a crime, how is this even possible in the United States of America. Is this how you treat the elderly? I personally am so ashamed of how this country treats these wonderful people and there family. This company is just unbelievable. I can only hope that the CEO's of this company go to that special place. If my mom hadn't already died. This would have surely killed her. I wouldn't recomended this insurance on my worst enemy. So dissapointed that this could ever happened to any elderly citizen!

The customer service was fantastic by far. The only thing I can say is that they were so helpful. Any questions I had they were there to answer and help. Overall I had such a wonderful and inviting experience. The policy options were so pleasant. I wouldn't change them for anything. Everything was very concise and thorough. It describe what was expected and was easy to follow. My coverage is fantastic. I would recommend to anyone. This is great and I feel like I have great coverage and can go anywhere with anything. The coverage is completely what I need. The value is completely worth the money. The only thing that was disappointing was that more people don't have it. The value is worth every penny. I am covered with everything and value is key.

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