Transamerica Medicare Supplemental Insurance Reviews

Transamerica Medicare Supplemental Insurance
Transamerica Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Transamerica Medicare Supplemental Insurance Online Insurance Reviews

The features of this insurance is good. It pays for most of my medicine and doctor visits. The premium is high. You have to meet your yearly deductible to be able to afford your medicine. The insurance offerings covers just about everything you need... However the more you get or choose to have, the more you will pay monthly. The customer service I've had to call a few times. I get some bills that are really high and they didn't seem to care... I wasn't suppose to pay a deductible and was never reimbursed. The value is great. You get what you pay for. I get to choose my doctor and which ones I want to visit. I get my medical needs met and really can't complain.

I really needed this service. I was out of work and out of insurance, and I had a kidney stone. Without medicaid, I'd have been super screwed. They gave me insurance that I didn't have, and it was really needed. Their customer service was absolutely fantastic. Always answered every question I had easy and simply. I was really really happy with everyone I spoke to. The value was fantastic. It was medicaid, so it was free.

They cover my bills pay for my prescriptions and allow me to go to well check up appointments. They are the reason I stay healthy and Alive for that matter. They cover all of my medical expenses in every shape or form. I don't have to worry at all when I get a sore throat or a stuffed up nose because I can just run straight to the emergency room. I don't actually have to get in touch with them all that often, only when I need to confirm something or get a new card sent out and they call occasionally to check up on me and my service. They are very friendly. Having peace of mind about your health is the best feeling in the world knowing you are covered no matter what. Knowing you won't go in debt staying healthy is an amazing feeling.

It helps with some of the extra medical expenses that I might have. I just don't want to worry my family if I needed more money to cover my medical expenses. They are good with the payouts that I do need. They respond very fast and they do care about your privacy. They make sure that only you and other people you allow to see any of the plans you have gotten from them. It is always good to have some backup plan just in case something happens. So the premiums are good for what they are.

It paid for some test and medications but a lot of prior approvals and hoops to jump through to see a specialist. But the prescription plan helped a lot as a supplemental insurance. I was happy with it. The insurance company paid for a lot of refills and provided somewhat helpful customer service. It was a hassle switching doctors but I guess that is to be expected with any insurance company. The customer service was in a nutshell like dealing with a bunch of kids. We can't get this done or we need prior approval. When a doctor writes a prescription that means he wants you to take that medication. Why do I need a letter from the doctor saying he wants me to take it. The insurance helped my life greatly. I would probably be easier without it. I would not have been able to pay for doctors visits and medications so I would not have the quality of life I have had for the last few years.

If you purchase a Medigap policy then you are a senior, right. If you start a new policy with a different company because it is less expensive be very sure that TRANSAMERICA is notified 3 WEEKS before your new Company starts coverage. TRANSAMERICA was notified on 12-19-2016, and the policy was paid to 12-31-2016 via FAX to billing. On 1-6-2017 they ACHed a payment for the 2017 rate from the account we notified to stop automatic payment. They said they had to have a "Statement" from bank to refund. They had to have verification they were paid on that account listed with Policy. I took said information from account online, printed it and asked the bank if "amounts" for balance should be sent or blacked out. Black out as told by bank. It was faxed in and upon calling to check they received. Was told that would not do. HAD to have full statement... So back to bank and bank said they do not need statement. They had received payment.

I Stopped payment and blocked any ability to debit to that account! They can pay back but not debit! I believe they thought they could use a 87 year old money for 30-60 days before refunding. I would have then asked for the INTEREST for holding money. This is a form of using Elderly customers' money any way you look at it. It was a Medigap policy. They were notified on 12-19-2016 and the policy was paid to 12-31-2016. Please do not deal with a company that has a "policy" to USE elderly (money or a form of mental abuse). They have a motive to return funds 30 to 60 days. If you print a statement from the bank, fax it to them and WAIT for a return on money. They were notified in advance (12-19-2016) not to take (ACH withdraw) and took it out anyway (1-6-2017) with the increase to Policy Rate as the policy was paid through the policy period on the notice. Also with phone communication the person referred to this 87 yr old by policy # (really).

It all sounds good on paper but really it makes no sense at all. The whole thing is a scam, features? What features? Nothing is featured. There was nothing worth offering except that supposed to be if you go to the doctor they pay you, but you have to fight with claim service. It's ridiculous. Everyone was very nice but like I said all and all the thing is useless but the people are nice. It's not their fault their job is a sham. All of it was "free" so I guess it's a good value if someone explains the whole process correctly but that honestly is very doubtful so good luck with that.

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