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I filed a medical claim as my fiance with cancer had an awful reaction to a new treatment. We've been traveling a couple of times a year since her diagnosis 3 years ago. In this case it had nothing to do with her cancer but simply the inability to travel because of unexpected complications related to treatment. GET THIS: I haven't even heard back yet and with every fiber of my being I know I will be denied. This is simply based on the ridiculous service and extremely tricky claims process.

Trust me, I've all my ducks in a row. Talking to them, they just ooze with "screw you". My only recourse will be to contact my senator and AG. I'm so sure this doesn't end well that if they reimburse my 800 bucks I'll donate 100 to Dana Farber. Don't use them! Norwegian Cruises has already switched insurers because of the scams they run. These are the same ** who held extravagant parties after us, the taxpayers bailed them out in 09.

When booking on Frontier Airlines website, it offered trip insurance for $10.95. It did not lay out the basics of coverage, but typically these policies would cover cancellation for a variety of good reasons. The reservation came to my email and in it, it included a reference to Travel Guard Insurance and listed a policy number. After being injured and unable to travel, I cancelled then found the Travel Guard company on the internet. When attempting to file a claim online, the website said the policy number was not valid, and so I had to call in. I get told that isn't my actual policy number. It took almost 60 minutes of talking to people in a foreign and domestic call center to get my 'actual' policy number.

I believe this is designed to discourage claims because nobody is that incompetent. Finally I was given a claim number. Filing the claim online was equally tedious and now 2 hours of my day is shot, and from reading the other reviews I don't even expect to be paid. Once that does not occur, then I'll begin to involve others, but for now I needed to post this warning to consumers.

Hello all. I wanted to share my experience with travel insurance companies. Recently I purchased Travel Guard medical insurance policy, had an operation abroad and submitted a claim 4 months ago, still waiting to be paid as at the time they did not organize things directly with the hospital. Every time I call they say "We are reviewing the claim" and asked for the same documents several times. Now they say that some investigators will go to the hospital and that would delay 60 to 90 more days. THAT IS NOT WHY I GOT INSURANCE! The insurance is supposed to cover you in cases like that.... But no, NEVER use Travel Guard!!! If somebody can help me let me know as I really need these money.

Report your grievances to the Dept. of Insurance for whatever state the adjuster is working out of and the adjuster's company is located. I purchased this AIG Travel which I purchased thru Expedia. This was my first time purchasing this insurance but had used other travel insurance companies in the past that were great. I bought this thru Expedia because it was convenient, but I came to regret it. I feel Expedia needs to do better as well vetting the products that they allow to be sold on their site.

My mother went into the hospital prior to my trip and was so sick she subsequently had to go to Hospice and died on 03.15.2018. This company didn't care. They were SO very busy trying to deny this claim for preexisting conditions and kept asking for what they know was HIPPA PROTECTED MEDICAL INFO. No sympathy so while I'm dealing with everything that goes along with someone dying on top of the fact that I was This Wonderful Person My Mom's caregiver NOT POA this so called company is requesting Physician's forms and medical records from a non insured person.

If that is their gimmick then that should be plainly stated when buying: "We deny for preexisting medical conditions," versus, "We cover illness for family including parents." They had the right one this time. I filed a complaint with the WI OFFICE OF THE COMMISSIONER OF INSURANCE (OCI) or this state's version of Dept. of Insurance (DOI). My claim was paid and this is what I would recommend to anyone. This company has a pattern of doing business and handling claims that is questionable to say the least.

We purchased AIG Travel Insurance while booking a cabin in Tenn. My father pass away and left us with unexpected bills. We tried to cancel our vacation but we were denied from AIG Travel. We still don't know why it was denied. I do not recommend AIG for anything.

I booked a flight for my family leaving Managua Nicaragua because the government was/is killing its citizens and any persons speaking against. I called AIG to ask IF I purchased a travel policy with my situation, would I get a refund. The US Embassy put out an email saying not to travel on my date because there would most likely be violent protest and counter violence by the National Police. I filed my claim and was denied. The reason for denial was that the US doesn't consider the airport closing as "Terrorist Activity." Even though more than one reason was met according to the DOC all reasons deemed denied. This refund money would have gone to buy food for Nicaraguans in dire need. AIG has stolen our money and therefore taken food from the needy.

Don't let the name Travel Guard fool you. This insurance is not designed to protect you but rather it's designed to prevent you from receiving any kind of compensation from a change of plans in regard to your travel. I bought ticket from 3 different airlines and 2 different hotels. I got travel protection for them all. It was only the Travel Guard insurance that would not let me collect for my change of plans. I learned my lesson, and hopefully this review will prevent you from the pain that I experienced. People get insurance for a reason.

Purchased their trip insurance plan since my wife was pregnant, in case something wrong would happen. Weeks before we took the flight, doctors told us not to take the plane because of a placenta previa. Filed a claim, gave them more documents/proofs than needed. A week later, we got a simple email saying the claim was denied, that you need to lose the baby to get your money back! Amazing! To summarize, amazing insurance, amazing people! Just kidding. Never ever go with them. Pure and simple scam.

I hate to be that person but I wish I could give this less than one star! This company is a SCAM and I would NOT recommend it to anyone. It's a complete waste of time, money and your sanity. The only way they refund you for anything is pretty much if you show documented proof that you or someone you're immediately related to you dies around your trip dates. Otherwise all they do is have customer service talk you around in circles essentially explaining to you in different ways how you're screwed. It's a waste of money and more trouble than it's worth. If you want your trip truly covered, do some research first and go with a legitimate company. This Travel Guard company is complete joke and now I'm out over $600 with no way to get new plane tickets to my sister's wedding.

The reason we needed to change flights was simply because we moved states and needed to fly out of a different airport. Easy enough, right? We were told that any travel changes or cancellations would be covered, no problem. So I called and they said that would be no problem, all I had to do was call the airline and make sure everything went through to them. The airline then told me that any changes have to be made through Travel Guard. So I called Travel Guard back and they told me that now they suddenly wouldn't be able to switch the flights because our reasons for switching weren't covered in the policy requirements -- we would have to cancel our flights through the airline and then submit a claim to see if we even could get a refund.

I looked over our policy and saw that "trip cancelation" was covered so I requested that our flights just be canceled altogether so we could book new flights out of a new airport. They then told me that that wouldn't be covered either because our reasons for wanting to cancel weren't covered under the policy requirements either. I asked if there was anything I could possibly do and they straight up told me, "No, I'm sorry." So thanks for nothing, Travel Guard!

I book flight. I purchase the travel insurance from Travel Guard, member of AIG, and should refund the cancellation trip for any emergency and that what happened I cancel my trip because family emergency, and call and talk with MR. Michele **. He was extremely rude and and willing to help my out and he said that there's no refund for the money I paid for the insurance, and there no refund for the ticket. I really don't advise any one use Travel Guard, member of AIG.

When the insurance is offered on Expedia - no terms or restrictions are even provided. However, right on the home page of the website is specifically states you can count on them even if you need to cancel due to work reasons. We had to cancel as we own our business and it's caring for LIVE ANIMALS and lost much staff and could not leave them unattended. They denied the claim stating cancelling due to work is not covered. I am attaching a pic of the website indicating we can count on them - even due to cancelling for work issues. They should be ashamed of themselves.

I purchased travel insurance for my flight that I was planning on taking in November. Still nearly a month away yet the travel was in order to visit a friend of mine that is no longer going to be living there. I tried to first explain this to the booking agency that I bought both the flight and insurance through, but I also sat on hold being passed around to people from Travel Guard for nearly 2 hours. I have been informed that simply because the place I was going in pretty much no longer there is absolutely no reason to refund my INSURED purchase.

This company is about as useful as purchasing a 2-year service plan on a $10 toaster. It's a waste of money plain and simple. Some of the worst people I have ever had to try to work with that repeat a statement instead of actually answering questions. They really should change every answer to something along the lines of "We do not care what is happening, we are not refunding anything for you. Tough luck sucker." At least that would be more honest than the load of crap they sell.

I scheduled a round-trip flight to California and decided to buy the Travel Guard insurance in case I needed to cancel since I bought tickets way in advance. Well, the day before I was supposed to fly to California the major fire broke out right where I was traveling to. I was told not to come to the area because the area was being evacuated. Expedia and Delta declined a refund and they gave me the number to call Travel Guard. I filed a claim and was declined. Why do we buy insurance if they are just going to decline automatically? This company is a total rip-off.

Tried to cancel airline tickets. Although I had paid for the tickets and insurance which read 100% trip cancellation. I bought the tickets through Expedia and there was only one link to travel insurance which was Travel Guard. I purchased the insurance. Due to unforeseen circumstances both passengers had to cancel. Travel Guard would not credit my account, nor would Expedia, or the credit card company. My next step is a letter and documentation to the State Attorney General's Office. I suggest you all do the same. The more complaints that are received and documented, hopefully, will shut this place down and fine them big time.

The Worst travel Insurance company in US. Please buyers, beware! Please don't waste your money. They are scams, deceivers. I bought a ticket with them and they sent me a receipt of confirmation. Because of job related problem, I cancelled the trip on month ahead. After I filed the claim, they called me and said that they do not cover this problem and no way to refund me. My wife and I lost both our money. They will mislead you. I warned you but you can anyway waste your money.

I purchased travel insurance from AIG through the airline I bought a ticket from. I needed to cancel the trip a month in advance because work obligations disallowed me to leave. I attempted to file a claim and was denied. I expected this. What I did not expect was after some rigorous research, I found that the majority of people who purchased travel insurance from this company were denied claims though they had much more legitimate reasons to cancel their respective travel plans than I. Natural disasters, family emergencies, illness, etc. The list goes on yet claims weren’t paid to these poor people.

Further investigation yielded some information regarding those people who left positive reviews about this company. The vast majority of those reviewers never filed claims with this company. They stated that purchasing AIG insurance prior to their trips made them “feel safe” but no legitimate claims were ever rendered. This leads me to believe that AIG doesn’t pay claims. And collects money from the uninformed banking on never making a payout. It’s almost impressive how horrible this company is. Stay far away. Shame on AIG.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! The whole point of getting insurance is to have protection for your trip. I ended up having to cancel for work reasons. This is the first time ever having to cancel a trip for any reason. I followed the prompts to correctly submit my claim. It asked for a notarized letter from my employer and documents to support my claim. It's been two weeks and I've heard nothing so I called today. They said they mailed me a letter and called me. Both of which never happened. Today they say I'm unable to get compensation for my claim because using it for work is not covered. How misleading!!! I feel like I've been scammed.

I bought a policy and wanted to cancel it within a few days. I was told I cannot unless I go through Expedia! Really? I am on the phone with Travel Guard with my confirmation email and I'm told to go back to Expedia to cancel an insurance policy. Something smells.

When I purchased the travel insurance it did not advise what the "covered" reasons for canceling would be on the site that I was using. I did not even know the name of the company until after I agreed to purchase the ins. Once it was purchased and I actually needed to use it, of course they refuse to pay, stating not a covered reason. I will be contacting my state insurance bureau.

Was supposed to go on our honeymoon to Puerto Rico on September 28 - October 3rd. Bought insurance because we knew it was hurricane season. Shortly after hurricane Maria, we canceled our trip for obvious reason. Submitted the claim and sent in all the paperwork. Got denied because the flight we had booked still went out and the hotel never closed. Our hotel was used for workers, and even though it didn't close, it didn't have power. Airport may have been open, but there was no way to get to our hotel from the airport. Most of the island is STILL out of power and roads are completely flooded. It's not even safe for tourism right now. This company is just a bunch of thieves.

I would give this company 0 stars if I could. They take forever to get back to you about a claim that you filed, and when they do get back to you they decide they can't cover you. I got insurance so I would have a fallback plan if anything happened. There is very few things they will cover and within that group you have to meet specific requirements that no one will meet. I will NEVER use them again. Their whole company is a JOKE.

Do yourself a favour and save the money. You will not get paid out. It is just a total rip off. They will make you jump through many hoops and after a while they will tell you that you did not qualify because of some bogus rule.

I would like to give this company no stars. What good is insurance if it does not protect the one thing it is suppose to protect? I booked my trip through Orbitz. I received the confirmation of the insurance which has 100% trip cancellation. I’ve always purchased the insurance because I am in the military but never had to use it until now. I now have a military exercise that I have to attend during the week of travel. Found this out over 3 weeks in advance so I cancelled the plan tickets and filed the claim. Now I am being told that it will be reviewed but my reason does not justify the cancellation. Why is the only option offered during the time of purchase and why send information stating 100% trip cancellation if this is not the case?

Will take care of you while in the hospital but will not reimburse when it comes time to pay up on airfare. Flew my fiance over to be by my side and paid my hospital bill but as I already had a ticket to return home when I was well I bought her ticket for much less than the original ticket through AIG. Will not reimburse even though they didn't have to pay my ticket, didn't have to pay food, didn't have to pay anything else. All I asked was for the flight back to be reimbursed. NOPE! They were just going to leave my fiance over there. Good job sticking your clients with the bill, AIG!

My husband and I were invited to go on a trip with friends back in July of 2017 with an actual trip date in November 2017. After reviewing all flights I found the best from my location was with Spirit as one of their daily flights is to Puerto Rico from Myrtle Beach SC. This was a pretty expensive trip planned and paid for months in advance so I made sure to purchase Spirit's travel insurance which is through AIG Travel Guard Insurance. It cost $65.00 and would give me peace of mind, so I thought. Well this was before Hurricane Irma and then Maria came through and hit the islands hard. Puerto Rico made it through the first one but Maria made it a point not to leave anything standing. Pretty much no island left and definitely no resort left.

I put in a claim with the travel insurance and submitted it. It took a couple of weeks for them to call and I received a call from the claims agent who told me that I did not have insurance for a named peril so they would not be reimbursing me. I told her I was very dissatisfied with that decision and wanted a supervisor to contact me. About a week later a supervisor did contact me and when she realized how dissatisfied I was she simply re-spouted the reasons that I had already been told were satisfactory for a claim to be paid and mine wasn't a valid one. So here is a lesson that all of you should learn, if you want to purchase travel insurance to give you peace of mind, think twice. The insurance is only good if you don't have to use it. What better reason could there be than for your destination to have been devastated and your resort closed indefinitely to put a claim in. Nope they don't cover it!!! So don't buy it!!!

DO NOT DO IT!!! Their cancellation requirements are UNBELIEVABLE! My friend, who I was traveling to visit died. I am not a family member, so I really do not have access to her death certificate. That is required, along with the cause and date of death, to complete the claim. It is a total waste of money. Their main objective is to take your money and never give it back.

I purchased the TOTAL Protection Plan. The plan clearly states that if the insured cancels the trip they will be reimbursed. It does go on to say "OR" if unable to continue a trip due to illness... It does not say "If the insured cancels the trip AND/OR is not able to continue due to illness..." I understood that if I cancelled the trip I would be refunded. If I used the ticket and was "UNable to continue due to medical issues I would get my money back also". They denied my claim. And they sent me a website to back it up...that said "Satisfaction Guaranteed". This company sells insurance under the term "TOTAL Protection" when it is actually bogus statement to instill false security and steal your money!

Hi! My situation is similar to Meredith's. I had purchased a one-way ticket and needed to extend my trip. Since I had purchased Travel Guard/AIG insurance I thought it wouldn't be any big deal. Again - just changing the flight - not cancelling. The reason I changed my flight had to do with my mother receiving chemotherapy. The insurance adjuster had the gall to ask me to obtain a doctor's note proving that my mother had received this. Are you kidding me? I'm supposed to ask my sick mother to reach out to her doctor to get a note? Isn't that against HIPAA laws? When you purchase insurance it shouldn't matter if you stub your toe and don't want to fly - that's why we bought the insurance. No reimbursement was given. What a SCAM!

What a waste of money!!! I had to cancel a flight and hotel due to a mechanical issue with a truck I was to deliver to Florida that broke down in Georgia. I tried canceling the hotel Sleep Inn & Suites Wildwood, FL and no one would even answer the phone. I left a voicemail asking for a callback, no callback. Really poor customer service. Then I contacted Spirit Airlines to cancel the flight and was told to submit a claim with AIG as I have travel insurance. Because I booked through Travelocity, AIG wouldn't help, told me to go directly to Travelocity. After 1 hour on the phone, they said no refund and to contact AIG directly. AIG - said NO REFUND as well. BOTH COMPANIES ARE WORTHLESS AND I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN.

I booked a cruise to Alaska with a travel companion to assist with my medical issues of bilateral para neuropathy and ataxia. I required her to assist me with navigating stairs and curbs as well as assisting with balance issues causing potential falls. My travel companion cancelled due to her mother's ill health and resulting hospice care. I am unable to travel without this needed assistance.

When I contacted Travel Guard for reimbursement. They had me complete and submit payment forms, medical forms and bank statements proving travel costs and expenses. I faxed these completed forms and medical statements twice and mailed forms through the postal service once. I spoke with "claims" managers multiple times (phone # 1-715-295-1113). They kept asking me to submit more proof of my medical condition and treatments I received. The most recent medical treatment information, I faxed to them 9 days ago. So far, I have received no response. I am still waiting to be reimbursed for a legitimate claim.

This is the worst insurance company. I had a physician note stating I cannot travel and they denied my claim for flights. Why bother paying for the insurance?! I used Trip Mate for my actual vacation and got my full refund back. DO NOT USE AIG TRAVEL GUARD. They do not want to help you at all. Terrible customer service (they were so nasty on the phone!!), scam!!! Stay away!!! Awful company & I will never ever recommend!

Purchased this insurance for an upcoming trip I am making to Florida, for my Son's Graduation from Pilot School in the Air Force. His Captain changed the graduation date, due to the facility wasn't available. I had to purchase new tickets for a week earlier. I filed the claim, and they told me that this doesn't fall under their terms. No one was sick. What a bunch of BS. This is a change out of my control, this is due to a change within the United States Air Force. They don't care. I requested a refund for the insurance and was told no. Unless you are sick at the day of flight, don't bother wasting money. Why buy insurance when it covers nothing. This is a scam. They shouldn't be allowed to get away with this!

I purchased this travel insurance through Expedia. The ad stated: "3 reasons you may need to cancel" and listed "work obligations" as one of the 3 reasons. This is false, when I called to cancel due to work obligations, I was told I was ineligible for a refund. This company uses false advertising to collect major profits at the expense of their customers. I'm very disappointed and will be sure to let all of my followers know. Furthermore, I will never use this company again for personal or work transactions.

If there was a 0 I would review 0. I understand insurance well, and understand that sometimes insurance doesn't cover certain events. I'm at a loss for the benefit of TravelGuard travel insurance. I purchased Travelguard through the Expedia website upon being prompted at checkout. Given that I was traveling to a third world country I thought it would be prudent to have certain coverages. Upon Haiti entering into civil unrest, riots, and violence the state department issued a "no travel" warning and extracted all of its personnel. Airport access was blocked by burning cars and violent protest. This is AIG's idea of travel insurance cancellation is not a covered event.

Nor is an earthquake, flood, fire, volcano, hurricane, etc. They will however allow for cancellation if my home (3000 miles away) is uninhabitable, not the country I am actually in, just the one I left? Furthermore, they offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. However, that guarantee is only valid for 15 days after purchase. Given the speed at which they review claims, the guarantee period has long passed by the time you can decide if you are completely satisfied. So now limited funds to go back to Haiti to finish work for orphans... Well done AIG. Well done. Enjoy that ivory tower.

I paid for trip insurance through AIG when I booked a flight to NY to take my 6 year old son to visit his family. After I booked the trip, my son was taken away from his mother by the courts and full custody was given to me. This situation was made worse for him since he has ADHD and was recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Needless to say, it was not the best time to travel and I contacted AIG to use my insurance policy. They told me to send in documentation, which I did. Then AIG promptly denied me. I will never use AIG again for anything and will warn everybody I know about their poor customer relations and business practices.

Too bad there's not a negative star rating. DO NOT EVER buy travel insurance with AIG/Travel Guard - United Airlines should kick these scammers to the curb. I purchased AIG/Travel Guard travel insurance offered on the United Airlines site with my one-way ticket from Boston to Los Angeles on 11/17/18. Due to a family illness I was forced to change - NOT cancel - my departure date. Same flight, but departing just two days later. United charged me a change (not cancellation) fee of $200, and an airfare difference of $95, telling me that normally they would waive the change fee as a courtesy, but since I had purchased travel insurance they had to charge both, and that they would be refunded. Dream on, United.

After submitting all medical documentation and airline invoices, Travel Guard only covered the $200 change fee as a "trip cancellation benefit" - even though the trip was NOT cancelled - my ticket with the new departure date had the same United confirmation number, and my receipt clearly lists it as a "change fee." Travel Guard refused to pay the fare increase, which is actually covered under "Trip Interruption Benefits" as an "increase in transportation expense[s]."

The reason? AIG's claims adjuster claimed that was because I had a one-way ticket - even though there's nothing in the insurance policy that states that one-way tickets are subject to lesser or limited coverage than round-trip ones, regardless of whether the trip is cancelled or interrupted. There's actually nothing in the policy that mentions one-way tickets at all (other than the fact that coverage ends at the destination). Needless to say, I've filed a complaint with the MA insurance commissioner - this is fraud, and they don't even care that it's so blatant.

We bought the travel insurance from Vayama when I bought my plane tickets. From what it looks like, it promised 100 percent refund if we canceled the trip before 48 hours beforehand. It didn’t did not specify only some conditions or reasons, could we get 100 percent back in the heading. We could not guarantee we could take the days off, so we paid 150 dollars just in case we needed to cancel. From their customer service, it sounds like they are affiliate with Vayama, meaning they only provide insurance for them. I called in to the customer service line and after 48 minutes of waiting, I was able to speak to a customer representative. I also called the Vayama representatives that if I were to cancel, the cancellation fee should be paid by the insurance company. (The cancellation fee was 780 dollars to cancel all three tickets). I spoke to the representative from the Travel Guard about the cancellation fee and he said they could be filed under the claim.

He also said since being unable to take off work doesn’t constitute as a valid reason for 100% refund, I would only get max of 75%. After a few days, I also emailed them to confirm they would pay for cancellation fee before I went ahead in canceling the tickets, however the respond I got back was different than what the representative told me. The email said they don’t cover the cancellation fee only the trip cost. Since the cancellation fee is incredibly high and we would only get 75% of the trip cost, we would be losing 1200. Considering we only paid 1500 for the 3 tickets in total, this is a complete waste. I would never purchase insurance for this company ever again and I regret not searching up this scam of a company.

Travel Guard a total joke. Recently my wife I bought a vacation package to Cabo and purchased Travel Guard travel Insurance. The morning we were to leave we learned a hurricane was approaching and travel advisories/warnings had been issued for the Cabo area. So we decided it was better to cancel our trip instead of traveling into a hurricane. Made a claim with Travel Guard only to be informed that our claim was denied because no flights were cancelled and we were not evacuated. So I guess it’s better to fly into a hurricane and possibly lose your life just so you can meet Travel Guards definition for inclement weather. Don’t buy Travel Guard, they will find any excuse to deny your claim.

My wife and I had planned to travel to Houston, TX in September 2018. We had purchased a flight cancellation plan from Travel Guard (AIG) for a United Airlines flight that we had booked through While we were on our trip, our 4 year-old son was going to be being watched by his grandmother in North Carolina. Unfortunately, 3 days prior to leaving for our trip, our home was projected to be in the path of Hurricane Florence, which on the day of cancellation was a Category 4-5 hurricane.

We determined that it was not safe to leave our son in North Carolina with his grandparents while we traveled to Texas. If something were to happen, we would have no way to reach him in a timely manner. We were able to get full refunds for both of the hotels that we had booked for our trip, even though one of them had said that our hotel room was non-refundable. They were very understanding of the situation, that we would be separated from our son during a hurricane. The process of cancelling the flight was poorly handled by the representative from Travelocity, who told me to first call Travel Guard and see what they said. After talking to a representative from Travel Guard, I was told that I had a good reason for cancelling our flight, but that she was not a claims adjuster and could not make any assessment as to whether or not we would be reimbursed.

We then spoke to Travelocity again, where the agent said she had spoken with representatives from United Airlines, and that because the flight was not yet cancelled, there was nothing that could be done on the end of United Airlines. I informed the Travelocity representative that the Travel Guard rep said there was no way to guarantee that a cancellation claim would be paid until the flight was cancelled and an actual claim was filed with Travel Guard. We had no choice but to cancel the flight and file a claim with Travel Guard. It was disappointing how little the Travelocity rep understood about Travel Guard, given the travel insurance was purchased on the Travelocity website.

Understanding that we cancelled because there would be no way to reach our son from Houston, Texas if anything happened to him as a result of Hurricane Florence in North Carolina, the Travel Guard claims adjuster replied with the following: "We value you as a customer and appreciate your business; however, we must inform you that there is no coverage under the policy for the claim presented. According to the information provided, you filed a claim because your trip was cancelled or interrupted due to the hurricane. Unfortunately, this reason does not fall within one of the named, covered perils on the policy."

We then contacted Travelocity, who ultimately said there was nothing that they could do. Ultimately, we lost over $800 between the cost of the travel insurance and the costs of the flights, which could not be recouped. Our family obviously won't do business with Travelocity, Expedia, or AIG/Travel Guard again. We wish that we had seen this website and read the reviews before purchasing travel insurance from AIG/Travel Guard.

This is totally scam fraud... you won't get anything. I purchase 100% coverage ending up with nothing. Claim denied. Only cover in case of death so I have to die to get trip cancellation covered. This scam company need to be closed down. Our government let scammers running businesses like this. Shame on you. 5 stars. Fake reviews won't help you. Going viral with this till you close down.

Trip to Canada. Rental car was backed into while we were shopping. Called rental company. They said, "When you return the car just file a claim. There is no out of pocket expense." The rental company charged us $1,000 anyway. We filed our claim, sent in all the paperwork. Called every week! Sometimes 3 times a week! The insurance adjuster Gloria ** never called back. We were told she would call us.

After Jan. and Feb they just sent a nice email stating the paperwork was not complete and we can reopen the claim. WE sent in all the required paperwork. Never received another notice that is wasn't correct. Every time we called in they said everything was in our file and didn't know why the claim had not been paid. This is the worst travel insurance ever! So we are going to have to pay for car damage of 3,660.77 and the 1,000.00. Expedia if this company does not pay claims why do you do business with them? AIG should be investigated and shut down!

I purchased two tickets for a round trip flight from Myrtle Beach to St Louis for a wedding on Sep 27-Oct 2 through Travelocity, and purchased trip insurance through their selected provider, AIG Insurance. Hurricane Florence hit North and South Carolina in early September, and while we fortunately had no initial damage, we live near the Intracoastal Waterway and about 10 days after the hurricane, flooding from rivers in North Carolina had reached record levels and thousands of homes in our area were flooded. On 9/26 the water had risen to reach the foundation of our house, was still rising, and we were subject to a mandatory evacuation order in our neighborhood for flooding danger.

We obviously cancelled our trip, and I filed a claim with AIG for what I assumed would be covered. I will be the first to admit that I never read the policy terms when purchasing the insurance, but would have assumed the policy covered cancellation when events outside of your control occur. In fact, I learned that the policy I purchased states that a valid reason for payout is if the insured's primary residence was made uninhabitable or INACCESSIBLE due to natural disaster. When I contacted the agent, they told me that since my house had not sustained damage (the water, thankfully, did not breach the foundation), it was not uninhabitable.

When I stated that we were under mandatory evacuation and therefore the house was INACCESSIBLE, they told me that mandatory evacuation was not covered by the policy. When I asked them to define, then, what INACCESSIBLE meant, they just continued to say mandatory evacuation was not covered. To me, this is unconscionable and an act of very bad faith. They never questioned the documentation I sent them showing the evacuation zones or the state of the house which was surrounded by flood waters, but continued to say that mandatory evacuation was not covered and was not what was meant by inaccessible. Although the total amount covered was only $541.20, it is extremely frustrating that I was denied coverage. I would also recommend to your readers that although the purchase price of travel insurance is relative low, to take a few minutes to read the policies and how restrictive they are relative to payout.

March 13 18 - I purchased travel insurance for air and hotel for April 1st thru the 4th. The insurance was from Expedia to Travel Guard to AIG. Because of the reported weather condition expected at the time of the visit, I cancelled the trip. I reported on my claim that due to the expected rain and wind, and that my daughter had a severe cold it was not a good time for the trip. I cancelled the airplane, the hotel did not allow cancellation or changes. My reason on the cancellation/refund form was due to the weather. I recently received a request for medical form to be completed by my doctor. What, for bad weather...If AIG does not allow weather as a reason for a cancellation why is it stated on the form reason for cancellation.

This insurance (run by AIG) is a total scam. We purchased it with our trip through Travelocity recently and were prodded to buy it, mentioning that we would receive "peace of mind" and "protection" for any unforeseen events. We were flying to see a friend with terminal cancer. Days before our flight departed, he died. We did not make the trip out and filed this insurance claim, filling out the extensive paperwork, including copies of the obituary. Within one week it was denied; they said something about it not qualifying because it wasn't "immediate family".

Garbage policy. Will not give you peace of mind. I would always opt not to get this; it's just a waste of $50-odd dollars. Also, the flights that we ended up not taking; I called them and they gave us a travel credit (to be used in the future) anyway. Even better, the hotels and rental car refunded us completely since we called them right away and had not yet used the services. Stay away from Travelgard AIG insurance. SCAM!

I was misled by incompetent agents while inquiring whether or not I would be covered under a situation involving my boyfriend's military responsibilities. I wanted to book a campsite for a festival taking place upstate New York and was directed to call the Travel Guard agency to get more information on coverage, since the festival ticket/camping booking agency did NOT offer any refunds.

When I called Travel Guard I explained that I wanted to book a campsite at the festival before it sold out, but I was unsure if I would be able to attend since my boyfriend is Active National Guard and did not yet receive his Drill Schedule for the month we intended to travel. The woman I spoke to (Cal) responded to me by stating that as long as my boyfriend was able to prove he was called to duty (no specified information as to what does or does not qualify as "duty" was provided) within 7 days notice, the lodging fee for the campsite would be reimbursed under the $18 premium. She explained that I needed to book the campsite first, and then call back to purchase & apply the insurance. I had her set up a quote in Travel Guard's system, ended the call, and called the other agency to book the campsite.

When I called Travel Guard back, I spoke with a different associate who checked the policy and advised that my boyfriend's situation would in fact, NOT be covered since he would not be DEPLOYED under his circumstance. The failure to provide me with the correct information regarding the terms & conditions of the policy during my initial conversation with the agency caused me to book a campsite under the false pretenses that I would be covered should my boyfriend be called to drill.

The agent I spoke to said they would pull the recorded phone call conversation I had with the first representative, and make a decision whether or not I was misinformed, but did not hesitate to ask if I would like to go ahead and first purchase the insurance for $18. The associate's response & utter disregard to my distress further supports the illegitimacy of this business - why would I purchase the insurance before they came to a conclusion of whether or not I was covered?? Furthermore, the associate suggested I dispute the purchase of the campsite with my credit card provider, which was horrible advice since the festival ticket/campsite booking agency was entirely transparent with communicating their terms & conditions of sale (No Refunds/Exchanges whatsoever).

Upon their "review" of the call, Travel Guard contacted me to tell me that they determined I was not given any false information. When I stated that I did not agree with this conclusion, the associate advised that the first representative I spoke to "does not know military terminology" therefore, "she would not be able to accurately make a determination as far as my coverage under the policy". This explanation is completely absurd - there is no excuse for why a customer should be told they are covered under a policy after explaining their situation in explicit detail and asking as many questions as I did, when in actuality, they are not covered according to the bogus fine print. The associate should have CHECKED the policy requirements after I told her SEVERAL times my boyfriend is in the National Guard and made reference to his Drill Schedule countless times as well.

As if it was not enough that I was given false information to begin with, the fact that this business was unable to recognize and rectify it, and, instead, determined I was NOT misinformed, is unconscionable - they should not be allowed to further scam people out of their money. I would never use or recommend this agency to anyone.

Desired outcome: Proper training of Travel Guard associates to accurately determine customers' coverage eligibility. Proper training of Travel Guard representatives to adequately & justly resolve problems that should arise due to the provision of apparent false information given by their agency. Outside review of recorded conversations (between Travel Guard and prospective customers) to prevent biased deliberation and outcome.

I purchased this, indeed I have done so many times before, when purchasing a ticket on Expedia. Due to an acute illness, I could not catch the scheduled flight. By the time that I would have been able to see a physician, the symptoms had abated. In order to provide Travel Guard/AIG with medical documentation, I would have had to require my family physician to commit fraud.

Their email reply contains the sentence: “Sickness” means an illness or disease diagnosed or treated by a Physician. For most acute conditions this is not possible, especially when one is located in circumstances where immediate visits to physicians are not possible. Note that their ad on Expedia includes the following: Get up to 100% flight refund if you're sick and can't travel. This is useless for most illnesses, because for most illnesses there is no need for diagnosis or treatment by a physician. And, even if one were able to immediately seek diagnosis or treatment, in the US costs tend to be prohibitive for most conditions.

So my advice to those of you who use Expedia to book your tickets, do not waste $35 USD on the purchase of their "Total Protection Plan", as it is just a scam whereby they can accumulate large numbers of small purchases and actually deliver payment on an infinitesimally small number. Caveat Emptor: My advice to anyone who sees this on Expedia: "Protect your flight Recommended Avoid change fees. Protect your trip. Required Total Protection Plan. Top 3 benefits of travel protection. Get up to: 100% flight refund if you're sick and can't travel. $1,000 for lost baggage, including laptop, phone or camera. $15,000 for emergency medical transportation." Ignore this. It is a scam. It is specifically designed to increase their income by deception. Never, under any circumstances, give them even one dollar of your money.

This is a warning to travelers with pre-existing medical conditions about Travel Guard | AIG Property Casualty, 3300 Business Park Drive, Stevens Point, WI 54482). It has "policies" to reject trip cancellation claims that may be legal but do not align with the service they are suppose to be providing. Others may have similar policies. The best way for travelers to avoid this happening to them is to find an insurance company that provides "cancel for any reason" policy. Decide for yourself whether TRAVEL GUARD insurance policies are "legal theft" - below is how they used their policies to reject my $7,300 trip cancellation claim...

I had lymphoma in remission for over 5 years - TRAVEL GUARD labeled that a "pre-existing medical condition." Then they rejected my travel cancellation claim by using medical visits and tests that occurred BEFORE the disease was found and BEFORE a treatment was decided on. They called the prior visits and tests "treatment" and called the cancer that was in remission a "pre-existing" disease. Question: How is it possible to "treat" a disease before it is found? Below is their policy justification:

"This (TRAVEL GUARD) plan does not cover any loss caused by or resulting from: (t) PRE-EXISTING MEDICAL CONDITION EXCLUSION: The Insurer will not pay for any Loss or expense incurred as the result of an Injury, Sickness or other condition of an Insured, Traveling Companion, Business Partner, or Family Member which, within the 60-day period immediately preceding and including the Insured's coverage effective date: (a) first manifested itself, worsened or became acute or had symptoms which would have prompted a reasonable person to seek diagnosis, care or treatment; (b) for which care or treatment was given or recommended by a Physician; (c) required taking prescription drugs or medicines, unless the condition for which the drugs or medicines are taken remains controlled without any change in the required prescription drugs or medicines. "

In my case, they ignored the medical definition of treatment and also ignored the following: 1.) The oncologist formal letter confirming no cancer was known to be active before the insurance started. 2) The accepted medical definition of "treatment". TRAVEL GUARD defines the medical office exams/tests are medical treatments - treatments that occurred before the disease was found? Since when do exploratory medical visits and tests cure disease? How can anyone identify a treatment before you know the disease to cure?

3.) TRAVEL GUARD also ignores that pre-existing medical conditions, medical visits, and tests do not cause trip cancellations. Only unexpected treatments can (not always) cause vacation cancellations. In my case, chemo caused the cancellation. Had it been radiation, the trip would not have been cancelled. In summary, anyone with a pre-existing medical condition MUST avoid insurance companies that use prior medical visits/tests, performed while no disease is known, to reject vacation cancellation claims.

My wife was diagnosed with cancer, so I purchased Travel Guard Insurance 1 month prior our cruise departure in the case we will not be able to go - due to her starting cancer therapy etc. Sure enough the therapy started on our departure date Oct. 5 I purchased tickets 3 months prior departure. Well I supply all the info dr. diagnoses. Then Travel Guard told me they will not refund my money for the trip because of preexisting condition. Their 20 page agreement stipulate that simply put it "preexisting sickness is not meet conditions to get your money back". If I bought Insurance before I purchased the tickets they would reimburse my money. How stupid and primitive is that. Disappointed with crocks. AS a info cruise was $2800 and Insurance was $250 anyway.

I broke my foot when traveling. I sent in the receipts 2 months ago and I still don't have a check. I talked to them once and they said it's being processed. I called again and on hold for an hour. When I check the status online it says I don't exist.

Do not purchase hotel insurance through Expedia. As so many others have stated, they do not pay even if you have a legitimate reason. I purchased a hotel room in Tampa so I could be by my mother's side during a serious surgery. A week before the surgery, the doctors said my mother was too sick to operate on. It two adjusters MONTHS to sort the claim. In the end, they didn't pay a penny. Total scam! Do not pay for the hotel insurance!

We recently planned a trip through a travel agent and regrettably could not go to a family member being sick. We had the most incredible time trying desperately to get our money refunded with the travel insurance that we purchased through AIG... It was horrific! They rejected our claim several times and they were extremely non-responsive to our repeated phone calls trying to settle this claim. We had to literally jump over hurdle over hurdle trying to get them to pay. The phone representatives acted like they could care less and gave an attitude of total "non-caring".

I would never EVER do business with this sketchy business again. They were a nightmare and it came when our family was already dealing with major life stresses. People should know how bad this AIG Insurance is. They do not care a thing about you.. just getting your money... then doing everything in their power to NOT pay up when they NEED TO. Buyer Beware!

I bought TG insurance for a trip 3 months in advance. My doctor told me I would be fine to travel by the date in question. As it happened, I took a turn for the worse and was unable to go. The person who handled my claim was rude, cold and stated that since I had “pre-existing” condition, I could not be reimbursed for the tickets. I guess the insurance would be great if you are 25 and in perfect health. But if you are older like me and have diabetes, arthritis or cardiac issues, etc- don’t waste your money.

I had to cancel 2 consecutive trips, one insured by AIG/Travel Guard, the other with Allianz. After filling out all of the required paperwork from their website for AIG and faxing to the company, they send me a letter telling me to fill everything out again. One of the things they want is another detailed account of my condition from the doctor. I'm sure he will be happy about that. Don't use this company. Allianz is much easier to deal with, I settled with them a month ago, but am still messing around with AIG/Travel Guard.

Travel Guard AIG offers flight insurance to consumer without honoring their policy. I was one of those consumer. I live on a fixed income and tried to protect my trip investment buying insurance through this company. Needless to say I received no refund. Along with countless other victims I feel we the consumers need to file a class action lawsuit to closed this company down and be refunded that monies due us. This company is a predator, and continues to use little people like us to become wealthy. They NEED TO BE STOPPED!!!

I would award AIG Travel Guard zero stars if possible. The absolute worse! Purchased full travel insurance through Expedia three months prior to a trip to Mexico. When you purchase the plan, you are not provided with the terms of coverage; only promises of full coverage for trip cancellation, interruption, etc... As luck would have it, our return flight to New England was cancelled due to a Nor'easter which had shut down all the airports. Consequently, we had to pay for additional nights of lodging, which isn't cheap during the spring break season. Our claim for expenses incurred as a result of this interruption was denied by AIG because "cancellations due to weather" are not covered. Their advertising is deceptive and misleading, at best.

I purchased this policy as part of my United Airlines ticket. I ended up changing the return leg of my flight. I called Travel Guard, and they said I had to log into their website and make the change online. Why? When I never purchased the policy on their website? Fine. I logged into the website and made the changes. I received a confirmation email that it would take up to TWO BUSINESS DAYS to process my request. The customer service rep never mentioned a waiting period. When I heard back regarding my date change, I was told that they would decline my request as the request was not received within 24 hours. Ridiculous. I should have been told this when I called. You feel a little remorse when a policy is unused. But when you don't even get the opportunity to find out whether or not your policy could have been useful? There is no better definition of "waste of money."

Just like the subject mentions, SCAM. Advertisement is absolutely false. I purchased the most expensive insurance choice I had for my travels, and was to get refunded 100%. That did not happen. I was out a good 4/500 dollars. These people will ask for tons of "proof", make you call a few times and still will not honor their promise. STAY AWAY!

BEWARE! I booked flights through Expedia, and was happy to pay the additional $42 dollars for "100% Cancellation" insurance. As you can guess I needed to cancel my flights. I followed the online instructions and supplied the necessary documentation. After 2 weeks I emailed asking if they needed additional documents as it was taking longer than I expected. My claim agent responded and let me know it would be handled in the order it was received. Like 99.9% of all the other reviewers I was emailed a denial letter. I called to get an explanation, short of dying yourself or being in a natural disaster in which makes your home uninhabitable you are screwed. I explained my frustration and said, "I bet you guys rarely refund anybody's claims" She just laughed and said "Yep." I'm currently out $657.00.

What a shame. Paid for insurance. Got sick, got the forms. Signed by the doctor, Attached required documents. Was waiting for the payment but got this requests for about 20 different documents. I don't believe that anyone would spend days to get these documents for possibly refund $300. I guess that's how they make the big money - not paying back anything.

Required Documents: AUTHORIZATION OF RELEASE OF INFORMATION - The ill party should sign and date the release of information form included with the claim form. BLOCK OUT ACCOUNT INFORMATION - Please be sure to block out all financial account and credit card numbers on any documentation you submit. DATE OF BIRTH DOCUMENT - Please provide a copy of documentation proving the name, address, and date of birth of the insured named on the claim form . Examples include driver's license, identification card, etc.

ORIGINAL RECEIPTS - MEDICAL EXPENSES - Please provide the original receipts for the medical expenses incurred. OTHER INSURANCE INFORMATION - Please provide a copy of the front and back of any Group, Retiree, Extended Healthcare Plan, Other Medical Insurance, or Travel Accident Insurance cards. PROOF OF FOLLOW-UP CARE - Statement from doctor indicating reason for medical treatment and proof of all follow up care. PROOF OF PAYMENT Copy of the canceled check, cash receipt, or credit card statement verifying your payment for the medical expense incurred. PROOF OF THE REASON FOR THE CLAIM - Please provide a statement from a doctor indicating the reason for medical treatment if the bill/receipt does not provide the reason for treatment.

AIRLINE E-TICKET DISCLAIMER - FOR YOUR INFORMATION (READ ONLY) - Most airline e-tickets can be used up to one year from the original date of issue with a change fee. By claiming your e-tickets with us, you are stating that you have not used or exchanged these tickets and will not use these tickets in the future. Insurance is underwritten by National Union Fire Insurance Company. The Policy will contain reductions, limitations, exclusions and termination provisions. All coverages may not be available in all states. Claims Department P.O. Box 47 Stevens Point, WI 54481 -0047

AIRLINE TICKET AUTHORIZATION FORM - AIG Claims Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of AIG and provides claims administration for Travelguard travel insurance products. Please complete the enclosed airline ticket authorization form. COPY OF NEW/REVISED AIRLINE TICKET INCURRED DURING THE TRIP - Please provide a copy of the new/revised airline ticket. If traveling by means other than air, please provide proof of the new travel date; such as bus/train ticket, car rental contract, proof of early/late departure from the resort or hotel, etc.

COPY OF PAYMENT FOR ADDITIONAL AIR FARE - Copy of canceled check, cash receipt, or credit card statement showing payment for additional airfare. INVOICE/BOOKING CONFIRMATION WITH TRIP COSTS - A copy of the trip invoice along with a copy of the cancelled check, cash receipt or credit card statement for each payment made OR the paid invoice that documents the amounts and dates of each payment. ITINERARY OUTLINING TRIP - The printed description of where you were to be on each day of your trip.

ORIGINAL AIRLINE TICKETS IF NON-REFUNDABLE - If you were issued e-tickets please provide the e-ticket passenger receipt. If you booked over the internet please provide the printed ticket confirmation sheet that includes the ticket numbers. TRAVEL DELAY REASONABLE ADDITIONAL EXPENSES - Please provide the original receipts for the additional expenses incurred or if no receipts are available a list of expenses incurred that provides the amount paid and the date of the payment and what the payment was for.

My plane ticket cost $1,034.60 and $75 for insurance. I canceled because the person I was going to see got pneumonia. I cancelled my flight and they said, "Too bad! You're not getting your money back." Then they informed me that I needed a signed doctor's paper for the person I was going to see.

I bought insurance for a cruise. I was then called to active duty military orders for the days of the trip, so I had to cancel. AIG would not reimburse me a dime because military obligations are not covered in their policy.

I purchased travel for my son as he was returning to college. Two days prior to the trip he became ill with the flu. Based on a fever, chills, and cough he was advised not to travel. As a result, he did not fly. I was not worried as the doctor provided us with a medical note. I was informed by AIG that the note was not sufficient and they would need the doctor to complete a lengthy questionnaire and they also would need access to his medical records. What!!! The majority of colds and the flu are treated via the phone and advice nurse. Additionally, the note has been verified as authentic and you need access to his private medical records. The service is a complete ripoff! Don't waste your money!

Paid for trip insurance through Expedia and it was unfortunately through AIG Travel. After my flights were cancelled and I couldn't stay in the hotel room that I had booked and insured I filled out and sent in all the appropriate paperwork. A couple weeks later I was informed that they would not be covering my claim because they don't cover weather related incidents. Expedia and AIG should be ashamed of the fact that they proclaim 100% coverage! When in fact the only things they cover are ALREADY COVERED BY THE AIRLINES THEMSELVES! AIG is a complete waste of money because they will only give you back what the airlines/travel companies will be returning to you anyways. DO NOT buy their travel insurance. Do what I have always done before (and regrettably didn't do this time because I assumed it was the same) and go with World Nomads, they cover everything and are very easy to deal with.

I booked a flight to Costa Rica thru Expedia to get some dental work performed. I took out a AIG Travel Guard flight insurance plan for 70 dollars. Well I have to stay longer in Costa Rica and had to cancel my flight. I contacted AIG. Told them what happened and the customer service representative Brenda ** wanted documentation to support my claims. I went to my dentist who wrote a letter stating my condition of having to stay later and AIG said they would review it. My policy cover sheet states trip cancellation would be 100% covered, so I thought I would be all set.

AIG sent me a letter stating because the trip was to receive medical treatment. Even my documentation which the representative requested from the doctor was not good enough now. They denied me because the plan does not cover traveling for securing medical treatment. Now because of this decision I am out of $541.00. AIG does not honor their contracts or value the commitment to your customers. I have contacted NBC30 consumer complaint division and will contact the Attorney General of the State of Connecticut also.

Why buy travel insurance if the company doesn't stand behind their policy? Please, please don't line the pockets of this company with your hard earned dollars. I did. My trip for 3 was delayed due to the airline being grounded. Beyond my control, obviously. I had already reserved a vacation home at the travel destination and arranged to meet my oldest son at the airport in Florida. I reserved a car (got charged $$ to change the reservation) for myself and to pick up my son at our meeting place...the airport. He was stranded with no ride, no accommodations because I had no flight until the following evening. I called AIG. They arranged new flights for my 2 younger boys and me to fly out on the original departure date. Different airline, different departure city but worth the 2 hour drive to ensure my oldest son wasn't sleeping on a park bench somewhere. I was told it would be covered by my travel insurance policy.

Surprise, I got screwed for the replacement tickets at well over 1,000 since I bought them the same day we traveled. This fly by night company had an excuse for every argument to avoid any liability to cover this interrupted trip. I had and still have all supporting documentation. I hate this company and wish them to go bankrupt and perhaps they willing people do their due diligence before buying worthless coverage from them, like I did. I considered legal action but my research has led me to believe it would be fruitless. This company needs to be more clear upfront with what they do and do not cover. It's ridiculous and extremely poor business practice.

I bought the travel insurance from Travel Guard for a flight to Germany for last March. Because of an illness in the family and they were expected to go home so I wanted to change my flight to later date, which I did change and was charged $300 to change flight and the so called insurance would not refund my money without the Dr in Germany filling out several pages on this patient. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

This plan was offered to me through ORBITZ. I know $23.00 for a Cancellation Plan doesn't sound like much, but times that by all the suckers these bandits rob every day with no plans on reimbursing and you'll know what kind of a scam they're running. First jump through all the silly hoops to start your claim, then wait for them to examine it, then, drum roll please... denied. Do yourself a favor and purchase a ticket that allows you to cancel, it's a little more but the rewards are no frustration or disappointment, and now you can take that 23 bucks and have some lunch, or a couple of drinks!

I wish I had read review before purchasing AIG Flight Insurance. It is obviously a scam. It was advertised on Expedia stating that in terms of cancellation, I would be reimbursed fully. I paid 180 dollars for the insurance and I fell sick at the airport on the day of departure and I had to cancel the trip. AIG has refused to reimbursed me stating that the policy does not affect sickness arising from pregnancy (because I am pregnant). Even though I sent my doctors report, stating I was advised to cancel trip due to high-risk pregnancy. I would not advise anybody to pay for this, they would find every means to deny your claim.

I hope this stops a few people from purchasing AIG Travel Guard Insurance so they can spend that money on something useful. This company is a fraud as far as I'm concerned as I purchased travel insurance for my trip this month (September 2018) and had to cancel due to business. I am self employed and my very largest client needed my services the same time as I had booked my trip. AND because I enjoy having a place to live (rather than living under a bridge) I accommodated my client by telling them I would be there for them.

I submitted a claim to recover the $264 I paid for the ticket and received an email from them saying that was not a good excuse for canceling my trip. If I was sick, dead or someone in my family was dead then I guess it would have qualified!!! I would NEVER use this company again. They are quick to take your money but won't pay your claim.

I purchased coverage for a trip to Cancun February 8-16, 2018. A week prior I became aware that my sister who was suffering from terminal cancer would likely expire during the time of our trip. I called an AIG phone agent a day before the trip and advised her (Cindy **) that my wife and I were cancelling our trip so I could spend time with my dying sister, I was with her on the day she passed (11 February, 2018). When I was talking to the agent I was told me I could cancel the policy or file a claim. Not being a position to spend time studying the matter, I choose fail a claim, although I protested that I should be able to due either when I had the time to investigate.

Subsequently, I found that our airline will reimburse the cost of an otherwise non-refundable E-Ticket. I asked AIG for a policy refund in lieu of filing a claim for the airfare and they have denied this request twice. The policy cost was $197.00 and the airfare $772.62. I suspect their decision is legal but their policies are misleading and dishonest.

I booked a room for my clients and mind you they have the money to spend on a nice accommodations. They went for a small vacation and after spending over 1500.00 in hotel fees not including the insurance from AIG Travel Insurance and the food and beverage tabs, the hotel was booked with construction workers trying to help rebuild the coastal area. Not a problem. The problems was after traveling over 4 1/2 hours and being detoured and finally making it to the hotel they just wanted to get some dinner and go to bed. When they got ready for bed they heard a bunch of commotion from outside their room and the room beside them. They checked and it was several fights and drinking and someone had already called the police. They came. The place quieted down and shortly after that it started again.

They contacted the front desk and they said nothing could be done. What, What do you mean nothing could be done. These are construction workers working here to fix our towns. Annnddd. They paid for their rooms at full price with no discounts, not like the workers, which is not a problem mind you, but really. They tried to sleep but it continued on and on. And soon it was so bad that they could hear one cussing on his phone outside their door about him being in a gang and that they did not want to mess with him etc... The room next to them they could hear the fighting in as if it were coming through the wall on their heads.

My client has heart problems and had gotten away for the relaxation due to stress at home and wanted to have some time to find some peace and quiet and just unwind. This did not happen. They are an older couple and when they walked out they notice the guy who was on the phone outside their door had an ankle monitor on. They went back in their room and contacted me to try and find another room. They tried to get their money back due to not being able to sleep, being scared to death not knowing what was going to happen with the fighting and gang talking or if there was going to be a shooting or something. It cause my client to start having chest pains.

I tried everything to find a room for them that night and had no luck, but was able to find one in another town an hour away for the next day. So between her not sleeping and having to stay awake all night scared to death her chest pains got worse. She ended up at the hospital and was treated. They were able to make it to the next hotel and had no problems whatsoever and enjoyed the remaining of their vacation.

When we contacted AIG and explained what happened and in detail what all went on, their response was, "I am sorry, but this does not meet our protection plan." Really. Really. What part of protection did this not cover. My client suffered due to the negligence of the hotel and feared for their safety. They were going to go and sleep in their car, but due to not having a bathroom it was not visible. They lost out over 1500.00 plus the cost of the insurance that did not protect them, plus gas to travel another hour away plus another hotel fee for 6 days and a hospital visit. I am so disappointed with AIG and I would not ever use them again. I will look for any other kind of insurance company, but never AIG again. They really sucked.

To anyone wondering if trip insurance is worth it. From my experience ABSOLUTELY not! I purchased it in January 2018, in February 2018 I discovered a medical reason why I 100% would not be able to travel. I provided my medical records and a Dr. note stating I would not be able to travel during my scheduled trip and I was denied a refund. I lost my tickets and all my money because the only thing AIG covers is death. Do not waste your money on AIG/Travel Guard Insurance!

Unfortunately due to a job loss I had to cancel a trip but luckily had pre-purchased trip insurance. My insurance agent granted my claim after a month of back and forth and sending every document and letter I possibly could, only for him to send my check to a random address across the country. Upon contacting him and him saying he sent a "correct" check to my address that has been on every form I've sent thus far, the check arrived STILL with the incorrect address from across the country.

After speaking with him he now says my claims cannot be processed until further proof of my no longer having a job and despite speaking with numerous people from that specific business regarding my employment and the correct manager to address, he continues to make excuses as to why he cannot process my claim. It has been almost 4 months now and I am still going back and forth. This has completely defeated the purpose of getting the insurance in the first place and to be honest I don't know how this man still has a job.

I booked a flight through Expedia and purchased the "Travel Guard" policy because I knew it was possible I would need to cancel this flight plan. When they say, "... for whatever reason..." DO NOT BELIEVE THEM! I called and tried to do the 'honorable' thing as soon as I knew my situation. Not having to deal with this situation before, my first question was "Where do I start?" Through option offering it was suggested I first cancel the Travel Guard policy while we are on the phone together, then I was to call Expedia to cancel the flight through Expedia - "... we can't do that for you here..." So I contact Expedia next... Nope, nothing applies... It's cancel completely and lose all money or take a credit OR just don't show up and then file a claim (of which I'm sure these phone notes would be a rash on their screen for approval and I would be denied).

Ok so before doing that I call back to AIG to "reverse" that which they recommended and did 45 minutes ago... NOPE! "Cannot reverse and re-instate policy. AND BTW: your reason for canceling is invalid for compensation." WTF??! So now I'm out $657.00 for flight PLUS whatever the car rental is going to screw me for! WHY do we always have to do things illegitimately (LIE about it) then file for claim??! And we wonder WHY there is no accountability in Corporate America or Politics!

They want me to consider others that will read this but they didn't consider refunding my money in January after I had submitted all the required documents. Because of my husband's medical condition I could not leave him. I canceled my Seattle flight in December. It is now March and I am still waiting on a refund when I am told I will receive one. Because I changed address in January, I will bite the bullet for that time. From then to now is a little much. My husband passed five days before Christmas. I have heard nothing but words of untruth which led me to file with the Better Business Bureau.

I hope the next person will consider my review of this company when searching for travel insurance. It is not worth the ink in which it is written. Just a bunch of mumble jumble jailhouse lawyer words. Saying one thing, meaning something else. My original claim was around 13 December 2018. My travel date was 22 December, my husband passed 20 December. He was scheduled to be released from the hospital 21 December.

I booked a hotel through Expedia and saw this ad from Travel Guard claiming that it protect against any last minutes cancellation. Since I was not certain that I can 100% make the trip, I bought the policy. Later on, I had to cancel the trip due to work requirement. When I file the claim, they quickly rejected my claim by saying that they only pay if I was sick or I was going to be fired. When I pointed to them that their ad claiming that they protect against any last minutes cancellation, they bring up the fine print which nobody will ever read. What's a scam.

We canceled the travel to go overseas because my wife got pregnant and her doctor advised her not to travel. It’s risky, we had a letter from the doctor saying that it a risk on her and the baby to travel, they denied the claim. I am so stupid. I have been buying travel insurance all the time, I learned my Lesson. I will never buy travel insurance. It waste of money. I advise not to do so, they make you fill out tons of paperwork and in the end you do not get reimbursed, next stop BBB. After that the media people need to know. I will not rest until they go out of business.

I’ve purchased Travel Guard thru Expedia. For $100, I will have insurance, just in case I needed to cancel for any reason...I would get my full refund - SO THEY PROMISED!! So my mom passed away 5 days before my trip. I called to cancel my trip and the person I spoke to on the phone gave me an email address to send my “explanation of Reasoning for this cancellation.” So I tried that email and it was incorrect! So Second phone call I made, I Complain that they had given me a wrong email address so the lady on the phone gave me a different email address where I can send my complaint to. I tried that email address and Again...that was incorrect!

So now I called back for the 3rd time and they gave me a different email address. So I sent in my docs verifying why I had to cancel. I sent in my moms death certificate and the purchase flight itinerary. I waited and waited for 2 weeks for a response. No response! So now this is my 4th time calling them back! Spoke to a gentleman on the phone and he said the email address I sent it to was “INCORRECT.” Shocker!!! He then asked me information to start a claim because apparently the last 3 phone representative had asked or suggested to start a claim for me. But had given me all false email addresses, and didn’t care enough to file a claim for me! It literally took me 4 phone calls, lots of headaches to try to get someone who knows what they're doing!

So basically after the last 4th call, they send me forms after forms to fill out to file for a refund/credit. I said screw this, I’m tired dealing with this false company! So I went directly to Delta Air -again...and threatened them because this is ludicrous and they finally gave me a refund (flight credits) to. Never will I purchase travel insurance thru a third party nor would I book thru Delta again!

My wife became pregnant before a trip to Cancun and with the Zika epidemic still present. Our doctor's and nurse advised against travel due to harm to the mother and/or unborn child. So of course, we didn't want to take any chances and have complications due to this travel. What is the point of the insurance if it's not going to cover when the unexpected happens. Never again!

We purchased this insurance for our Oct 2016 trip to the Bahamas. During the days leading up to our departure Hurricane Matthew formed and became a category 5 Hurricane heading directly towards the Bahamas. The night before we were supposed to leave (we had a 6 a.m. flight) we sat in our hotel room watching the news and weather channel. EVERY forecast predicted a direct hit for the island. We called the hotel whom stated they were making evacuation plans, we called the airlines whom said flights were cancelled, delayed, rerouted on Sunday - we were leaving Saturday.

We spent 45 minutes on the phone with an AIG TRAVEL GUARD rep who stated that if we did not feel safe going then we should put in a claim for coverage but there was no guarantee. We took the safe choice and decided to not go and put in a claim. We did not see the logic in knowingly going to a place where we knew there would be a category 5 hurricane. Sure enough, on Wednesday the week we were to be there, the island was hit, people were evacuated and flights were cancelled and backed up for days. We counted our blessings we did not go. AIG has refused to refund us anything because we did not go and get evacuated.

They said our flight was Saturday so we could have made it to the island. They said, if we went and then got evacuated they would cover. So they said we had to go knowing the storm was headed to the island and wait for something to actually happen. We disputed the denial and the second denial came and this time they said they were not paying because by not going on our trip, our insurance was cancelled the day we were supposed to leave. That is news to us! It was AIG who told us not to go if we felt unsafe and to put in a claim - and now AIG is saying our insurance was cancelled? Our policy says our insurance is good for 30 days from the end of the trip to make claims. Nobody told us our insurance was cancelled - not when I called for information and not when I made the first claim. Don't use AIG. They write policies with all these loopholes to get out of paying their customers.

I was in need of emergency medical assistance for a sprained knee in Israel... total amount was $204 USD. I submitted to AIG, was told to submit to my US insurance company. AIG knows that neither Medicare nor supplemental covers overseas medical care - that's why we (have to) buy the travel insurance. 3 times I wrote back with this information; AIG responded with "Sometimes supplemental will pay overseas claims." NOT! After everyone's time is wasted by my submitting to Medicare and Blue Shield, AIG will have to pay. They just string you along hoping you will not take the time to follow up. Sorry AIG, this time you are messing with the wrong sister! I will not use AIG again.

I bought travel insurance for a trip I was taking for the Christmas holidays. The day before I was suppose to leave, I received a court summons that I had to go to court on the day I would be out of town. I then cancelled the trip and started a claim using Travel Guard. I turned in all the requested documents (court summons) and my claim was denied because my adjuster thinks that I knew that I had to go to court and should have booked the trip which a total LIE. The court summons that I received even says the day I received (the day before the flight) it. Travel Guard is a waste of money!!!

My wife and I purchased flights to Europe and purchased AIG's travel insurance. After booking our flights, we found out we're pregnant and then two different OB doctors told us to cancel the trip due to risks of the pregnancy. Despite providing requested documentation and letters from both doctors, our claim was denied. To be clear, we had to cancel our trip on 2 doctors orders for the health of the baby and our claim was denied. Furthermore, our Claims Adjustor didn't even have the professional courtesy to call me back after repeated messages. AIG is a disgusting company, don't waste your money with them.

I looked over every single review on this site and I must concur. AIG Travel Guard is a scam. Beware!!! I purchased Platinum Insurance Protection for a cruise I was taking. While on the ship I had an allergic reaction and saw the ship's doctor. Upon return I filed a claim with AIG. Big surprise they are declining the claim because they want my primary insurance to pay first. They claim that they are "excess" insurance coverage even though that was not disclosed at time of purchase. My primary insurance company is unable to process because the ship's doctor did not provide the proper medical/procedure/diagnosis codes. Norwegian will not provide the codes. Back to the Travel Protection Insurance. This is a complete scam. You would be better just throwing your money away.

Just like other reviewers said... You won't be able to get any coverage from them unless there is a natural disaster or you are dying. I purchased a plan on Expedia for my husband trip, which was a birthday gift for him, and when I got this plan I thought I'm getting hassle and obligation free gift... If he didn't like the idea I thought, I will return it... But Nope! that's not what it was. Very very disappointed in Travel Guard and especially Expedia for promoting them.

THIS AIG TRAVEL GUARD INSURANCE IS A SCAM! if you buy it, while booking a trip via a travel site, AIG makes look like you will get a full refund if for any reason, if you have to cancel your trip. THIS IS NOT THE CASE! I had to cancel my trip, and filed a claim, which was denied. Reason: Because my reason to cancel the trip does not fall in their Policy Perils. But, wait, I was NOT provided these Perils at the TIME OF PURCHASE! But, AIG continues to say they did provided them to me. All I got from the beginning was an email receipt, with instructions to file a claim if I need to. I have rebutted the claim, complained with BBB and the Insurance Commission in my state, and NOTHING gets resolved! AIG Travel Guard continues to "Play" the "Insurance Gimmicks" with my dispute.

What they allegedly claim they sent to me as a response to this case, is the same original denial verbiage verbatim to my claim I have received over and over! AIG Travel not only responded the same way to the BBB complaint, but also to my state Insurance Commission, to whom I also have filed a complaint with. Again, the issue: AIG Travel did not provide me with details of their Policy Perils at the time of purchase of the airline ticket. ONLY, after I made the purchase, I was sent a receipt email which have links to file a claim if necessary in case of a flight cancellation.

AIG Travel has never ACKNOWLEDGED their DECEPTIVE PRACTICE, and naturally, they never will. As a consumer, I have been ripped off by the GIANT Insurance Corporation AIG, as they have done in the past, just looked up their history. I'm not the ONLY consumer that has had this experience with AIG Travel Guard. As a Federal employee, veteran and consumer, I will continue to push to EXPOSE AIG Travel Guard deceptive practices. I already understand that I will never see my claim paid, or resolved by AIG Travel, but at least I will try to educate other consumers, that may want to purchase this WORTHLESS INSURANCE, not to waste their monies by basically giving it away to AIG Travel Guard!

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