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After 20 years of never filing a claim and paying expensive premiums for auto and home called for a porch roof leak. The appraiser came said the roof was over 5 years old. He was very rude but then gave us some hope when he took pictures of the damage. Later that month we got a letter in the mail they were canceling our insurance because there was chipped paint from our well maintained stucco home that they saw in the picture! Never wrote a review in my life but hopefully can help others from giving this company any opportunity to rip them off. We immediately got coverage with Triple A and it was less expensive and we have had no claims but they could not believe when they saw our home Travelers canceled us!

I switched to Travelers recently. I was told a outside inspection needed to be completed. The inspector harassed me on my cell phone via text messages demanding to come inside my home. After back and forth messages I asked him why he needed to come in to the house when we were told it was just an outside inspection. He said he gets paid more money if we let him in the house. I was appalled at that response and contacted Travelers to report this response and said he was very pushy. They apologized. Would you believe they sent the exact guy out to do the inspection? Then they decided to cancel our policy because "our current siding is stained" and there was debris in our driveway. Keep in mind his visit was just after a storm. Seems a little coincidental maybe even spiteful? Don't even bother calling to get explanations, you will just waste your time.

I am in SC taking care of my mother's home. She passed 2 years ago. I had thoughts of continuing the upkeep of her home and flower garden, once hailed by the local newspaper as flower garden of the month. The home is valued under 100,000 in the south, maybe 150-200,000 in Maryland. I moved into the home on May 24, 2015. The home while not at the value above has far more sentimental value to me because it belonged to my Mother. My family is not wealthy but we subsidized her expenses. Homeowners insurance and forced flood insurance totaled over 2,500. She was in her 80s when she was forced by Nationstar Mortgage company to get the flood insurance. When I came I had and maintain personal property insurance through Assurant Insurance Co... at times my electronic payment information says GEICO. I originally contracted with GEICO. The companies' relationship was never explained.

Come the flood on October 6, 2015. I called Nationstar and spoke with their representative who connected me to the claims department as we elected to have them purchase the flood insurance through their source at 1,500 per year. My story is very long, bottom line is that the first adjuster said that the WATER damage and mold infestation is not related to the flood. Of course I lived in the home since May and there was none of the damage present. If the home was infested with mold I would not have moved in. Not only did they say that the damage was not from the flood, they said bogus and fabricated statements.

One was that there was no movement of soil to indicate flooding. I gave the second adjuster a video that I filmed on August 30, 2015 months before the flood. The video was to show the pattern of water running onto the property during a normal rainstorm. I took it to show the City of Sumter so that they would fix the problem which existed years before the flood and at the time that the insurance policy was written. I am now convinced that there was no need for flood insurance. The Atlantic Ocean is 2 hours away, and the nearest ditch is a half block away. My family has lived in the area for over 75 years and there has never been a problem with water from the ditch. I have been speaking with a supervisor who said some pretty stupid and condescending things.

When I shared with her that I previously owned 6 homes, the last home valued a million dollars and that I fully understood how insurance works. I also explained that I lived in Annapolis, MD, a city that is predominantly water and no one is forced to have flood insurance. She said that she would get back to me in 2 days... it's passed 2 days. I am a senior citizen, living and breathing mold daily. The hardwood floors are buckling from the moisture seeping up from under the house. There is mold in my bedroom... green and black. Servpro measured 19% moisture in my mattress. The hot water heater is out because of the water coming through the roof. All of my clothing and shoes have mold, as well as the kitchen cabinets, and the odor is horrible. The water brought filth and possible feces from the sewer in the street near the house.

South Carolina was deemed in a state of emergency and my problems are very visible. I found out in my search that FEMA administers all flood insurance. They rushed to the aid of those who had no flood insurance with no questions. I personally know one person who had 4 ft. of wall from the floor up taken out, totally repaired, new furniture and appliances... no flood insurance. I have gone to the media and will continue contacting any place I feel will make the community aware of the treatment I and I am sure others are experiencing. If I am having these challenges dealing with this situation, I can only imagine the elderly, poor or those who just don't know what to do. I am thankful that my Mother does not have to deal with this issue. I have no doubt that if this insurance co told her that she wasn't covered she would just walk away to suffer in this unsafe environment.

I now understand why consumers don't trust insurance companies. I think that a class action suit might force GEICO to be proactive in selecting those companies they pass unsuspecting customers to. At the least we should be able to make the decision. Had I known that Travelers and Assurant were not GEICO and that GEICO SAYS that they are not related at all, I would not have insured with them... ever. I found this out from a GEICO executive who I was referred to by their CEO. Actually they can say what they want, however, when I dialed GEICO and asked for renter's insurance for my office space in DC, they transferred me... not once advising me that they were transferring me to another company. Please excuse grammatical or spelling errors, if I wordsmithed this, I would probably delete it.

My husband was in a car accident and injured by someone who had Travelers Insurance a few months ago. The person admitted fault and took full responsibility. The car was totaled. No one from the insurance company contacted him. So 5 days later we contacted them. They were extremely RUDE. Tried to get my husband to admit fault. Shady company! His vehicle was paid off, but medical bills, pain/suffering, and days missed work haven't been paid. They won't even return our phone calls (left 5 messages last week). This accident put us in a hardship and they could care less. We are considering hiring an attorney to help us since it's pretty clear they will not offer us a fair settlement and are in no rush. Terrible company!

Living in New Mexico hail and hail damage is a pretty rare occurrence; the last hail storm was in 2013 and I can't remember the once before that. I live in a historic neighborhood with Victorian houses. My little cottage has a very steep roof. Recently, after a windstorm I noticed that a shingle had blown off and I called a roofer to repair it. Nearly 70 years old with severe arthritis I wasn't about to climb on the roof myself. My roofer noticed some pretty serious hail damage and I called Travelers Insurance. A claims adjuster came out in a couple of days, climbed on the roof and verified that there was considerable hail damage and said that it was definitely covered and I would receive a check in about a week. Then a week later I received notification that Travelers was denying my claim as it incident had happened over a year ago and I only had a year to report it.

First of all, I did call them immediately upon my knowledge that there was damage. What did they expect? A woman nearly 70 years old climb up on her roof on a yearly basis to check for hail damage? Sorry, physically impossible! To add insult to injury not only did Traveler's refuse to honor my claim (although they cashed my premium checks quick enough) when I received my renewal notice they had greatly increased my rate!!! Several other neighbors with similar hail damage recently reported the damage to their insurance companies and there wasn't a problem with their coverage. They got their roofs replaced! Who didn't get coverage? Only Travelers clients!! Something's very wrong here. In my personal opinion, Travelers is preying upon senior citizens and I would highly recommend that if you have Travelers you consider cancelling them immediately and if you're looking for homeowners insurance look at any company that ISN'T Travelers!

BEEN WITH TRAVELERS HOMEOWNERS (2 properties) for 26 years... Had two claims, one in 2015 and one in 2017. Because of these claims they chose not to renew my policy. Seems illegal... I have paid them for one home premiums over 26 years totaling $213,200 and the claims totaled $27,000. One for water damage and one for a small fire in geothermal system. I would give them 0 stars and recommend homeowners do not go with Travelers. Find a more reputable company. There is no loyalty to customers. I have submitted a complaint to the State of Mass.!!!

We've had Travelers Home Insurance for years. We have a split level; the bottom level is carpeted. We made 2 claims to help us with water damage that was discovered pretty quickly-- this is not a mold/mildew issue. They cancelled us because we used the insurance. In 2013, the toilet tank downstairs cracked in the middle of the night. The next morning, the water was a few inches deep. We turned the water off, called Travelers, got a recovery specialist who vacuumed and used fans for a few days to make sure the water was out of the carpets.

In 2014, a pipe in the same bathroom cracked in the winter (unusually cold temperatures). This was discovered within the hour. We turned the water off & repeated the process. Why have insurance if they cancel you if you use it for relatively minor things? I feel that they set themselves up to take our money, but if you need services, watch out!

I had a claim and they quoted me one price. But when the guy wrote out the check it wasn't even half of the quote. I will never use Travelers again.

I recently discovered an issue with my roof. A mold specialist identified the issue as a leak, which was confirmed by my roofer as ice damming. I was provided letters from my roofer stating the installation was to specs and the roof was not covered in mold/wrought when replaced 7 yrs ago, and a letter from the shingle company explaining ice damming.

I contacted my assigned adjuster Rob ** with Travelers who sent out a contractor to assess the damages. While speaking with the adjuster he informed me ice damming would essentially collapse a roof which is contrary to the shingle company's explanation. The contractor incorrectly identified a range hood vent as a shower vent. I was then informed by the adjuster the damages were a result of moisture from my shower and therefore not covered. I requested the contractor re-assess the situation and I would turn on the fans to show it was a range hood vent (cooking grilled cheese clearly wouldn't cause 1/4 of my roof to leak, wrought and mold) and I offered to provide the documentation identifying the issue as a result of ice damming.

At this time I was informed the mold and wrought would not be covered. Please explain to me how ice damming is covered but the damages from the ice damming are not covered... or how a contractor who can't identify a range hood vent from a shower vent can determine my claim? Am I really to accept my claim was denied without an actual qualified person looking at the issue.

Updated on July 19, 2018: My latest conversation was this: Travelers cannot determine the cause of the damage. I advised the adjustor I had three subject matter experts identify the problem for them and provide documentation confirming ice damming. I advised no claim was submitted at the exact moment of ice damming as I do not conduct daily home inspections. While I recognise mold is not covered under my policy, water was absorbed into the attic through ice damming and the affected area was not fixed previously.

The adjustor stated this type of damage wouldn't occur from ice damming (but they can't identify the cause). According to Travelers, if ice damming caused water to enter into the attic everything would have dried up without damage. Therefore, the subject matter experts are wrong and there is an unidentified issue that magically appeared 21 yrs after the house was built but again not ice damming. Traveler's adjustors opinions apparently trump experts in determining your claim. As far as Travelers is concerned this incident is not covered.

My insurance is being cancelled by Travelers Insurance because of claims that I filed due to circumstances beyond my control - weather in Oklahoma, hail damage on roof, water damage under floor because of water lines leakage. Now, I can't find an insurance company to insure me. I am eighty years old, have lived in my home for 19 years, and cannot buy insurance in Oklahoma. What am I supposed to do? I’m hoping there is some organization here that can help me. If so, please send me information via email. Insurance cancels on 9/29/12. Please give this complaint immediate attention. Thank you.

I paid $200k for our home 12 years ago. We are thinking of selling and despite $70k in updates we'll be lucky to get $200-210k out of it. Travelers gave us a decent quote based on our current homeowners coverage, which is $325k. We switched over, made changes at the bank to escrow insurance through the mortgage payment, etc.

So now that we're all set they decide to send out an inspector to take pictures (we live modestly at best, with lots of Thrift Store furnishings). Travelers then determined our home is now worth $525k and by the way we owe them over $300 more that they decided this for us. Really?? Which puts them WAY over other quotes we received and we would have chosen these other companies instead had we known this kind of insurance deception. Now we have to cancel the Travelers' policy and start the process over. What a SCAM! How many unfortunate people do they nab with this treachery because those people don't want to have to search for another insurance provider? Well, I'm switching to another company!

I have been with Travelers for 10 years and had a great experience recently till I had 2 small claims for water damage. One for my water heater which happened about 2-3 years ago and another for a leak from my roof into my kitchen back in June. I get a call yesterday saying they are not renewing my coverage because of these 2 small claims happened within 3 years. Unless you have a huge claim I wouldn't put in any small claims. I had high marks for Travelers till now.

Most of our neighborhood will have their roof replaced and APPROVED by their insurance companies due to hail damages that occurred last February 2017. I had mine DENIED by Travelers two times (two adjusters came in on two separate occasions). Even with the presence of Roofing Contractors (by the way, they say that it differs with the guidelines of insurers). This only means that their guidelines are not homeowners friendly. Consider other options even if this insurer is cheaper because for the long term... you will be at the LOSING corner.

I am outraged by my experience over the past five months regarding Travelers. The claim is for damages caused by the explosion of a water heater in an upper unit in my condominium building. The uncontained water spillage resulted in serious damages to my apartment as well as to five other units. Whereas the condominium building’s master policy insurance assessed and partially settled some of the damages in two weeks, it took my Travelers insurance two weeks to simply show up and another five months to have a knowledgeable person contact me by telephone. And this only happened after I issued a complaint to a Traveler’s VP, Eric Nelson.

In addition to unacceptable customer service, including twice losing my receipts and contractors information, Travelers tried on several occasions to obtain the terms of the settlement with the condominium building’s master policy insurance from my building manager without asking me first. The manager refused to share this private information and advised Travelers to contact me. I do understand the need for Travelers to investigate the claims and support the efforts. However, I find the act of trying to secure clients’ private data from a third party unprofessional and unacceptable. I was outraged when Travelers replied: “This is a procedure often used by our insurance claim representatives, and considered natural part of the Investigation.”

I have been a loyal customer of Travelers Insurance for several years through my car and home owners’ insurance. I expect better quality service. Instead, I received poor quality services at a time when I needed them to deliver the service for which I paid. I trust this complaint will be investigated and remain open to answer any questions.

I live 900 feet from the great south bay on Long Island. My house was being lifted because of hurricane sandy. My general contractor hired a "rigger" to lift my house. The rigger lifted the house in January 2016, the house fell on Feb. 13th 2016. Our house was on the rigger's insurance policy (as an additional rider for lifting coverage). Guess what??? Travelers refused to pay the claim and now I am homeless and still paying a mortgage. Travelers insurance company stinks!!!

During hurricane Andrew, my king size water bed located on the third floor of my home broke. It flooded all three floors. The adjuster, who was harried because of the hurricane, was in and out of my home in 3 min. He was aware of the significant damage and the level of my furniture and accessories. He was more than fair and awarded me enough to fully restore my home.

I called in a claim in regards to my pool leaking, due to damage by the lawn mower, and Travelers would not cover it stating that it was erosion. This is definitely not the case because the pool isn't that old and the pool Liner was just replaced. I don't agree with them hiring their own specialist that they pay!!! How is the outcome fair!! Changing companies now!!!!

Requested a quote from Travelers, was given a quote changed due to what appear to be better pricing. The policy went into effect on 10/31/14. I received the first of two letters notifying me they were raising my auto premium by 333.00 a year due to a ticket that I had received three year prior while living in another state. Two weeks later I received a notice that they were increasing my homeowner's premium by 609.00 annually, due to high end customization found during a home inspection. These was a 25% increase in the premium and put my new annual premiums above the company I had changed from. This appears to be a bait and switch scene and should not be legal, but at a minimum is unethical. I will never use Travelers and am planning to immediately due to such deceitful practices. .

My parent's Home was broken into and we lost over $17,000 in Antiques, tools and other items. When we filed the claim, we were informed that due to Depreciation and our deductible that we would receive a grand total of $3,500 to compensate for the loss. So in all actuality the thieves were more honest than our insurance company. They came and took the items, we paid the Insurance Company monthly to cover losses, but then they come up with a formula that tells us what the antiques and working tools are worth today.

I recently had multiple leaks in my roof. I went through my insurance company to resolve this problem. To my surprise, they were very kind, helpful & efficient. This was my very first claim & to my surprise, the company acted very quickly and I had my new roof in a matter of around a week.

No problems. How can they be rated if I have never had any problems with them? It's good that I know that they are there for me, if I need them, do not really understand why I need to use one hundred words to describe my experience with Travelers Ins.

2 years ago we switched our homeowners and auto insurance to Travelers. Each year I will call around to see if I can obtain a cheaper rate on our auto or home. Travelers gave me a quote that lowered our homeowners even though our auto didn't change much at all. Shortly after making that switch, we received a letter in the mail indicating our policy would be dropped if we didn't replace our roof within 90 days. So I called Travelers and said, "We don't have a claim on our roof. Why are you going to cancel us?" I was told that an inspector had been out in our area and our roof appeared to have what looked like hail damage. REALLY? We've never had hail in our area.

I asked if the gentleman they sent out got on our roof and he said he did. REALLY AGAIN!! "Without us home, you're telling me a guy came out here, pulled a ladder off his vehicle and got on our roof?" I asked what the date was and then told the person on the phone, "Hold on." Came back on and said, "Our cameras on that date do not show a man using a ladder and getting on our roof. Would you like to know what I see? A guy in a white Prius sitting at the end of our driveway, taking notes and leaving. He sat there for a total of 4 minutes and 21 seconds. We don't have a claim with you to fix our roof and yet you want us to get a new one." I said, "If you feel that way I can shop around and find insurance with another company. We would move all our current insurances with you, including family members who made a switch as well."

I was then put on hold and told a few moments later that they would allow us to wait until next spring to replace the roof. How do you like that? A few minutes ago I was being told get a new roof or "we'll drop you," and now with proof and the threat of moving elsewhere they had a change of heart and would graciously extend to us till spring to replace our roof. We're moving on to another company. It makes a person really wonder, what if I actually had a claim? I think I'd be hearing, "Too bad for you!"

I gave Travelers Insurance 1 star, because there were no zeros. I bought homeowners insurance from Travelers. They lured me in with a good price. A few weeks later an insurance under-writer was running all over my private property taking pictures. I then got a notice that describing the exercise bike and garden pots on my porch as trash. I had 14 days to get rid of the stuff, make a number of other repairs and throw out the bricks I was saving to do my driveway. When I didn't get it done in time, Travelers cancelled my insurance and told my mortgage company. Stay away! This is insurance WITH a hassle. Bad faith company. They forgot they work you!

Ridiculous stalling period to send my refund. My money. Sold home Sept 4. Called them Sept 8. Inform me I would receive a refund of $1184. It takes 7-10 days. Ok fine. Called Back Sept 23, told me wait 30 days. If they stop payment it’ll take another 30 days. It’s Oct 2. No check.

This company is great. We lived in South Carolina and were in the process of relocation to North Carolina. We had purchased our house about five months before and were having a lot of updates inside. We came to NC to check on the updates and as we were coming down the street, we noticed some of the roof was gone, due to a storm the night before. I immediately called Travelers' 800 number and they had someone come out immediately to cover the roof since more rain was expected that night.

We needed liability ins. for our business. Travelers was said to be better in price but they never mailed our bill to us instead they sent it to a different address. When we went in to the ins agency they had our bill there. No phone calls, nothing. We found out then we weren't insured. How about that..... but when they decided to send a 60 dollar bill to collections which we never knew of they managed to find the right address. Businesses like travelers ins. are a big part of what's wrong with our economy and consumers credit. Just a BUNCH OF IDIOTS!!!

I have had my insurance with Dominion / Travelers since 2000 and I have never had a claim. This year we have been hit by terrible storms and I have exterior damage to my home and roof. I called my broker and was told to get someone to take a look and confirm that there was damage before I file a claim, I did so and I was told there is damage enough to warrant a claim. The appraiser for Travelers come out and says there are not cracks in my shingles and therefore it does not need to be replaced. Currently under review, it has been over a month since I filed the claim.

I unfortunately had an accident with a carpet cleaner and it took the color out of my carpet in several areas and a sofa. They will cover the carpet and the sofa but will not the areas that did not have direct damage so I will have a mismatched sofa set from a custom made set that cost over $5,000 and two bedrooms that are going to have mismatched carpet. Not impressed.

We are pretty happy with Travelers. Not only is it our homeowner's insurance, it's also our car insurance with a high deductible. We haven't had to use it yet, thank goodness, but when we do, I think they will treat us right. Our premium isn't too bad. We changed to Travelers about 2 1/2 to 3 years ago from MetLife and we are pretty happy with it. We know if we need it, it's there. When we switch to Travelers, I asked our independent insurance agent if we get a free umbrella, but unfortunately we don't. Our homeowner's insurance make me feel secure.

I call Travelers to make a claim in reference to I had mold on my lower level of my house (basement). This was in June. They told me to call a builder and see how much it would cost to refinish and get rid of the mold. This was in June 2015. In October 2015 a claims adjuster just got here. He walked in and stated, "You only got 5,000 worth of coverage, so if it's over 5000, you will have to pay for it yourself." Little did I know that the pipes had burst from the winter and that's what the mold resulted from. This guy wrote up the claim stating my mold comes from lack of taking care of my property. What people will do to stop payment. This is crazy. So now I am fighting with this crazy company which deserves to go out of business.

When benefit payout percentages were drastically reduced and when benefit payouts were stopped, claims manager NEVER sent out notices. Claimant found out of changes the hard way only when checks received were of reduced amounts and when checks stopped arriving all together. You would think that a notice would be sent out notifying the claimant of such changes THE DAY the changes came into effect... Or ideally before the changes come into effect so as to forewarn claimant as to impending changes so claimant can prepare for them. I would NEVER recommend Travelers Insurance to anyone nor to any business!!!

As far a value Travelers' great. Less expensive than the Hartford through AARP and others I compared with the same coverage. I have both car and homeowners insurance through this company.

I want my story to be told by the national TV Channels. We need to stop this racket! Probably many Minnesotans remember August 6th 2013 Hail - tennis size hail balls hitting cars and houses. Unfortunately my neighborhood was in a middle of it in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. The situation: 100% of my neighbors' constructions are long done: roofs, sidings, windows. My twin home neighbor waited for me till the last minute and even got extensions from his insurance on completing the work. He will be done in days with his house: roof, windows, sunroom, siding. 100s of neighbors are done too. Except me. The main difference - Travelers insurance Company.

I have had the Travelers Insurance for my home for over 9 years and paid the premium on-time. Recently, the toilet tank line bursted and flooded the entire upstairs and 1st floor. It ruined my entire kitchen, bathrooms, carpets, floors, dry walls and the garage. I immediately called the company and filed the claim. The adjuster Erick showed up with a Restoration company called Servpro. After looking at the damage, he sent immediately a denial letter stating that it bursted due to a wear and tear and the water damage is not covered in my policy. The pipe had no sign of any wear and tear. There were no water stain on the floor to prove their point, but they can get away from paying the claim if they say that it was due to wear and tear which means we did not take care of it so according to the rule, they don't have to pay for the claim. It's a company which will say and do anything to avoid paying any claim. So they will come up with made up stories.

If that was not enough, they even cancelled my policy saying that the "property is changed"??? The property had inside damage by water which had to be fixed, but again they want to get away by saying these specific words which could legally get them out of the hook. What a phony, fake, criminal organization who only knows how to take your money and the minute you file a claim, they will deny to pay for it and for sure will cancel it. It's called legal robbery!! I wish if I could give them ZERO star. Whoever have their policy should wake up and immediately change it to another reputable company before they fall victim to this horrendous company. It reminds me of a movie called Devil's Triangle of the 70's.

Water leaked into my living room through the ceiling during two very heavy thunderstorms. I called Travelers to inspect the damage, and the claims representative walked up on my roof to check things out. He came down and said "Lady, don't even think about filing a claim for this!" My deductible is 1% of my home's value, so I was thinking he was going to say, "Don't file because your deductible is higher than the claim," but that wasn't it at all. He said I had damage to the roof, "But that's called MAINTENANCE, and it's your dollar!". Since then, I've had two roofers inspect the roof and tell me I have extensive and evident hail damage, but Travelers won't pay. I have no idea under what circumstances they would consider covering a claim on my homeowner's. I'm ready to switch companies.

Their refuse to cover my content loss from a leaking roof that has been dry for the past five years. Hurricane winds and torrential rain tore loose shingles and damaged the roof causing excessive water damage from rainwater coming from the roof. They determined that my dry interior had to have been wet because a Google image from 2012 prior to a resale, showed loose shingles? So my damaged furnishings are not covered. Even though the roof hasn’t leaked since my occupancy in 2013?

It’s disgusting that they can get away with this. Yes, it’s an old roof, but it didn’t leak until the shingles were ripped off in high winds and it should be covered. Plus, I have mold remediation. The adjuster told me the mold was old on my beams and boxes and took a long time to grow? Mold grows in 24-48 hours and spreads rapidly. So what is he talking about? Do not use this company!!! Horrible experience. Pay money to insure my furnishings and they don’t cover the loss??

I was satisfied with the Travelers insurance that I had but the plan needed to be more detailed in the coverage options because much of the policy was very vague in nature and what I mean specifically was the items covered in an actual loss of fire, theft, acts of God and so on. The transparency was not there to make a more informed decision with initial choosing of the type of plan that would fit myself and my particular needs at the time. The area I was most satisfied was the cost which we paid on a yearly basis. I shopped around for several weeks and got quotes but Travelers had the best premium price overall, beating the other companies hands down!

I am happy with Travelers. It offers coverage better than I had at a better price, and was convenient to purchase online. Their first proposal exceeded the coverage I had and saved me 600 dollars a year. My agent and the company have been completely accommodating to fulfill my wishes and needs regarding my homeowners insurance. They were very patient to fully explain all aspects I asked about.

I was Onny Chibueze's customer during the period of time between Feb 2013 - Aug 2014 (at address A). Along that time, Chibueze performed their great services, well consulting and helpful handling my requirements. With them, I held an Automobile Policy #** for Vehicle I and Vehicle II (added since Apr 2014). Noted, I had no intention to purchase Homeowner Insurance but they still went ahead and took my money without my authorization.

However, as Aug 2014, I moved to new address B, I also transferred my agent from Onny Chibueze to AbleCo Insurance Agency. New agent made movement of creating new account, policy numbers for both Automobile and Homeowner Insurance (at this moment, I consciously and physically purchased homeowner insurance as requirement of my landlord). In the meantime, I contacted Onny to report all my cancellation associated to the old address. I have stayed with AbleCo since then until I moved again within the same complex, but different apt #. For now, AbleCo is still my entrusted agent with their perfect services and values.

Coincidentally, Onny Chibueze kept sending me billing, regardless my attempts of discontinuing all unwanted spendings. I called them, visited their office. In return, they promised that they would settle it, call me back when it done. The person made that promise was Ms. Gail **. Eventually, no phone call was made, nothing was changed and I had to report my banker about an unauthorized transaction. Then now, I have received a bill of my unpaid amount for unliving address without unwilling intent.

I am stuck with Travelers for homeowners and can't wait to drop them. I bought them for my home purchase settlement (2009) through AAA, which I had for auto emergency service. I got a good rate which convinced me of the decision to purchase their insurance. The rate was about $400/year, now it has been $904/year since I had a claim 5 years ago. We had a "100 year rain event" that wore out my sump pump and consequently the sump pit backed up into the basement. My wife had just moved in and had many things, including furniture, stored in the basement. What a mess. We filed and were paid only $5000; they said was the policy coverage limit. Since that date we have paid more than double, as mentioned, the premium and can't switch companies due to only ONE claim.

I called Travelers for info to save money and better afford this policy that I am stuck with, but little help. I then just called to find out what my refund from the annual premium payment would be when I cancel 2 months after renewal. They again can't give me the "short rate refund" amount. I want to know in advance if it will be cost effective to cancel and change COMPANIES after renewal or if the "refund" penalty is more than the savings. I was told that they can't calculate that; I had to wait till after the renewal. I told them that there are numerous "short rate refund" calculators online why can't you just tell me, I need to know if your company charges any other fees. The answer was, NO, can't give you that information. Again, no answers to logical questions.

The ONLY reason this is a one star rating is for our insurance adjuster. He was the BEST at helping us with our claims and getting us covered for what was needed. But now that our claim is about to close, we got a letter stating that they are dropping us because we filed a claim. What a jerk company. Seriously!!! Isn't that the purpose of having homeowners insurance? To use for when a bad thing happens to your home? But not drop a client because we use the money that we put into the company??? I'm so sorry my adjuster works for such a horrible company. Makes a nice man look evil like the company he works for. But he was the best. If I had to do it over again, I would not choose Travelers. I would have steered way far clear of them. I'm actually quite hurt (literally heartbroken) that a company would do something like this. I have a few choice words for them.

Travelers didn't inform me that the roof is only covered if it's 10 years or newer. The company they recommended even told me it's not fixable and they don't want to patch it. Travelers still told me they would only pay for a few shingles, not the drywall replacement, not the insulation replacement. The roof was inspected 1 year ago but now it's old and needs replaced but they won't help. Be careful and don't go with Travelers because they are cheaper. Huge headache and worst mistake I have made in regards to my home. They only cover new roofs and told me it won't do any good for a 2nd opinion. The adjuster was rude and creepy, made my wife uncomfortable. Horrible experience!!! Very convenient for the insurance company to not cover older roofs. What is insurance for then?

I filed a claim with them because I got rear-ended and this is the company that the other driver had (I have always had Mercury). I spoke to a CSR at the 800 number and after a preliminary conversation was told I would be contacted by an investigator. After a week of going back and forth with Tamika the investigator I get a call from another agent, Christina, who is from an office in my state asking me questions I had already gone over twice, once with the person at the 800 number and again with Tamika. There was NO HANDOFF from Tamika to Christina the adjuster and I had NO IDEA at this point that Travelers was having an issue reaching the person who hit me to get a statement or photos of their car - I just got a random call from the NEXT person who assumed 1) I knew who she was, 2) I knew that my case had been transferred and 3) that I knew what she was talking about.

So now I'm talking to a person who is 'local' to me which just meant their office happened to be in my state (I live in Southern California, she was in Central/North Cali) and Christina tells me the photos I provided to Tamika are dark and they can't see my car. I took the photos around 9am while at work on full sunlight on a beautiful California day... What exactly is dark Christina?

I had gotten an estimate from the body shop my dealership uses exclusively and provided this to Travelers. I spoke to a few other people from this insurance company and they all assured me I would have no issues and they would provide OEM parts. Long story short - they didn't and when I tried to remedy the issue with Christina and her Supervisor Justin from the Rancho Cordova office they REFUSED, and I mean flat out REFUSED to make it right. They showed zero ethical remorse for the fact I had been given bad information from another Travelers agent and told me 'it’s their policy' and that they weren't going to try and do anything. Overall, I was basically lied to, treated like I didn't matter as a customer, was ignored, dismissed and left having to deal with the consequences OF THEIR shortcomings on my new car.

I had 3 vehicles insured as well as my homeowners!!! NEVER MISSED A PAYMENT! I had my patio roof redone (which I paid for) and my garage roof done (from an old Farmers claim). My policy was up for renewal and they wanted pictures of my patio roof to verify it was completed EVEN THOUGH I never filed a claim with them! My son got on the roof and took pictures. I sent the pictures as instructed. I asked them if that was all they needed and would I be renewed. They said for me not worry that every was fine!

Well, I got a letter from my mortgage company saying my homeowners had not been renewed!!! I called Travelers and they told me it was not renewed on 8/15 because they wanted more proof that my roof was completed!!! I sent them receipts that I was paying for my roof monthly from the construction company!! They still did not renew. I NEVER FILED A CLAIM THE WHOLE TIME I HAD THEM!! DON'T USE THIS COMPANY. They're crooks.

On September 16th, 2014, I was home with my mother, our two dogs, and my little sister's lizards. I woke up from a nap and smelled smoke and heard what sounded like a large fire with wood cracking. I opened my door and all I saw was a large black pillar of smoke. Our house was on fire. While everyone got out, we lost everything. All of our clothes, food, medicine, scrapbooks, computers, everything was gone. Our community rallied around us however, our home insurance company treated us like trash from day one. They were never very genuine and most of the time treated us like we were inconveniencing them horribly, never mind the fact that we had just lost everything we owned and now do not have anywhere to go, no the poor people from travelers had to actually do their job, god forbid.

Thankfully we were paying travelers upwards of $2,000 a month for home insurance and after two months, and going through their designated agency (that was located in Illinois and not Connecticut) we were placed in a rental home that is too small for 5 people and two dogs. That was November, it is now February and the only work that has been done is the windows boarded up and the contents cleaned out. Both of which did not involve Travelers but our construction company and our private adjusters. Travelers has not done a thing after the fire.

Our adjusters are just now starting to even communicate with Travelers about rebuilding the house. With the estimated time of finishing being September 19th 2015, 3 days after the 1 year anniversary. That is just with the starting date of 6 days away which is not going to happen as the insurance company will not even return our or our adjusters calls and treat us like trash when we do finally get a hold of them.

The lack of kindness, empathy and sympathy really sit home when the insurance finally contacted my family on my birthday (yesterday) and told them, without any remorse, that the "project's" (OUR HOME) date of completion would now be 3 months later than originally planned. That was devastating to all of us and ruined the happy mood of celebrating my birthday. Honestly I would tell anyone that even mentions that they are buying a home not to even talk to anyone from travelers and tell them the story I have relayed here. We have lost EVERYTHING and they just treat us like trash time after time!

I wanted to change my current Liberty insurance company because the employee was extremely rude to me. I called Travelers to get a quote for 2 houses, a car, and an umbrella policy. Rebeka asked me why I had 2 houses and if I was selling my house and I told her yes but not soon. She said that Travelers does not offer insurance to people that will be selling their houses. I told her that I was still living in the house and that I wasn't moving for 6-12 months. However they told me that they did not want my business. I call her supervisor, Michelle, and she said the same. I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone.

I have never had an accident caused by me ever. I had a lady hit my car in Sewickley PA. Travelers Insurance never ever investigated it and you can ask Sewickley police department. They never paid a medical bill I had from being hit and hurt on McKnight road in Pittsburgh PA. They sent me a nonrenewal letter and now wherever I apply for insurance it’s very high for doing nothing wrong. No justice in America this time around. I have filed a complaint with the state of PA and they right to know. Let’s see if I get justice. If not you will see me on KDKA about this matter.

I have had Traveler's for both auto and home insurance for several years. My homeowner's policy premium has more than doubled in three years, starting in 2012, and I have never made a claim. I have shopped around for a better rate, and have found that in general, rates have risen across the board with all companies. Travelers tells me it is because of tornado and hail damage in other parts of the state (Tennessee), but this does not ring true. We have hail and a tornado in some part of the state almost every year but my rates never increased prior to 2012. I can only conclude they are hiding something - the increase is too large, from less than $600 a year, to more than $1,200. I can only wonder at what the poor people who made a claim have to pay.

My home was broken into right before Christmas. The people stole all my valuables. I called the cops, and because they ransacked my house, the pigs put vacant on my police report. I have a 2 family home with a tenant upstairs. I stay there when I feel like it, I didn't think that was a crime to go get laid. Apparently, I have to stay there every night. Anyway some moron adjuster is coming this week to "check on the damage". My stuff is gone so idk wtf he wants, but ok. They are also telling me they are canceling me. Yea ok.... I'm getting a lawyer if I need to. And I am calling the insurance commission. Idc how much it will cost me, I'll sue their **. Total scumbags. Paying on time since 00.

This insurance company covered everything we needed. We were able to repair water damage in our ceiling caused by leaky plumbing. Also we got a new roof because of hail damage. They were quick to respond and pay for repairs. Getting the payments for the roof repair to the right party was a little complicated but it was paid.

My office suffered water damage from a rainstorm. The rain entered my office through the roof while under replacement causing approximately $75,000.00 worth of damage. I suffered ceiling and wall damage, electrical damage, computer and equipment damage as well as loss of business. I have been paying premiums for 20 plus years and when I really needed Travelers, they refuse to pay anything. I spoke with supervisors and the Vice President of claims and they will not change their position and do the right thing and pay the claim. What a false sense of security. I would not want anyone else to go through this!

Put in a claim for roof repair after hail damage. Travelers will only replace the parts that are damaged, not whole roof. When I asked about the difference in color, they told me to buy a product and try to clean the shingles so they match. I asked about damage from cleaning shingles and they said they weren't responsible. I asked why they weren't clear about overtime for contractor, costs, etc. and they said they didn't care. They were only responsible for what the adjuster decided needed to be replaced. Extremely rude to me. Asked if we could get another estimate with new contractor and they said no. I said contractors wouldn't guarantee work for the replacement since it wasn't a total tear off and replace and they said no. They wouldn't have it re-inspected. These are the rudest people ever and I will do everything I can to make sure no one I know goes with them.

Rates keep climbing with no losses and the claims service is poor because the adjuster never pays you the amount it takes to complete repairs and overestimates the replacement cost of your dwelling so they can increase the premium.

Replace roof and repair ceiling. Claim was filed 9-3-15. As of today 10-13-15 Travelers will not pay for profit and overhead to Baxter Construction. The date to replace and repair has been moved weekly because they refuse to pay because it is subjective. They can pay what they want.

We purchased Travelers homeowners insurance and unfortunately had to file a claim this spring when part of our retaining wall collapsed. Our agent kept confusing us with other customers and would go weeks without contacting us; we had to keep calling for any communication from them. Not only did Travelers deny our claim, but they increased our rate all in one shot! Why would we pay more when they refused to help us when we needed it? No thanks. Definitely going elsewhere.

I had Travelers Auto Insurance for approximately 1.5 years. At my 6-month renewal at 1.5 years, I received a renewal quote that was over 20% higher than what I had been paying. I never had a claim, no tickets, nothing. I contacted them and was told, "The State of Florida said we could raise our rates so we did." I told them I was cancelling their insurance and finding someone else. I found another carrier, and Travelers sent me a form to fill out cancelling my insurance. I returned the form. Travelers billed my credit card they had on file from my previous payments after I cancelled their policy. I had my credit card company reverse the charge. I continued to get bills from Travelers, some which even said "$0 due" and "cancelled" on them.

Then I got a letter from a collection agency about 6 months after all of this because Travelers sent me to collections for approximately $600 for the premium on their renewal that I cancelled prior to the start date. I am getting phone calls from collection agents, and it's become a living ** dealing with this bureaucracy that Travelers has created for me due to their own lack of ability to adequately process a cancellation. My credit was perfect prior to this situation, and now I have collections on my credit report. I contacted the State Attorney General for help, and they don't handle such situations but suggested I contact a lawyer. I will have to sue this company now to get this off my record and stop the harassing phone calls. It is unbelievable.

Travelers screwed up my home insurance. I escrow with my mortgage company and they made me pay my own premium!!! They sent back three checks to the mortgage company because they simply do not know what they are doing!!!

I have had 2 homes and multiple cars insured with Travelers since 1998. I have never had any claims with them before. I had 3 separate home claims due to water-related damage, one in February, July & Nov. 2011. There was no one home when 2 of these incidents happened. Each time, I paid my $1000 deductible. I also had 2 vehicle claims in December 2011 with a $500 deductible each, one when my car was broken into, items stolen & damage done. The second was 2 weeks later when someone backed into my car in a private parking lot. It was ruled a "no fault" accident and I wouldn't have worried about it but I was trying to sell my vehicle and a big dent on the rear quarter panel wasn't a strong selling point. Travelers tried to cancel me and said I need someone to inspect the roof even though none of the claims involved the roof.

I had a contractor come in and inspect it and issue the letter they needed to continue covering me. I ended up selling my car in April 2012 & leased a new car. Travelers was way too high so I got auto insurance with someone else but left my home insured with Travelers. I thought everything was okay until I got home yesterday, October 23, 2012, and saw the letter from them saying they were not going to renew my policy and I had 30 days to find new insurance. The reason on the letter was due to the 3 claims on the home in 2011, even though I have never had any claims up until that point nor after. There was no contact number on the letter. It said to contact my agent and I had 30 days to send in a written request for additional information. I'm supposed to shop for insurance & write a letter requesting more info. It seems like they are hoping people won't bother & will just walk away.

I contacted my mortgage company to see when they mailed the last payment for insurance from my escrow account to Travelers. I was told they sent a check in January 2012 and it was returned. Then I asked why didn't my mortgage company or insurance company notify me in January that they had no intentions of renewing my policy. My mortgage company said that it was my insurance company's responsibility to notify me which they did, 30 days before it expires but they knew in January, 8 months prior to the letter I got yesterday that they were not going to renew due to the returned payment. This all seem super shady to me. There should be laws against them dropping you after a claim and not notifying you as soon as they know they are going to drop you. They never had any problems as long as they were getting my money and I didn't have any claims.

Remind me again why we have to have insurance - to give someone my hard-earned money as long as I don't have something beyond my control happen and actually have to file a claim? My mortgage company advised me that if I can't find someone to write a policy for me, they will do it but it will cost me about 3 times what my current policy cost. Why does this feel like a total violation? I fought for 2-1/2 years to get my home loan modified after going through a horrible, long & drawn out divorce so that I could continue to provide a stable home for my kids who have already been through so much (this is the only home they have known) and now this! If my insurance triples, my payments will be back to where they were before the modification and I will lose my home. This is horrible. Shame on the insurance companies that won't look at the big picture.

This is the worst insurance Company ever. They talk to you crazy mad that they have to pay you. Just want to take people money but don't want to compensate for injuries. Don't sign up for this company. They bad business.

The Connecticut Department of Insurance ruled in my favor and made Travelers cease their collection action.

We have had insurance with Traveler's for our home. This summer we had roof damage and had leaked in our daughter's bedroom. We had to replace the roof and turned it into insurance. Today, December 29 we got a letter that they are cancelling our coverage because of the claim. Thank you very much for nothing!

I am a registered nurse and eight year veteran who has been working for over forty years without filing any kind of claim. I recently injured my neck lifting a three hundred pound patient with the help of my can. I began to experience excruciating pain in my left axilla, scapula, and down my arm with numbness and tingling in my hand and last three fingers. I filed a report to my company which uses travelers insurance for their comp. insurance. I received a claim number and was assigned a rep. Who I called and explained my injury and circumstances to. He approved my claim and I started a conservative treatment of doctor prescribed physical therapy. After my first treatment another woman called me and stated she was taking over my claim. She interrogated me for about 10 minutes and then notified me that my claim was on hold for fourteen days until they could determine if my claim was valid.

I found out later that she said my symptoms were not consistent with what my physician wrote. I later tried to contact her and her message stated she was out of the office Mon. to Thursday. This lady also falsified the dates that she allegedly received my claim as verified by my rehab facility. I then contacted another rep. who was filling in for the absent rep. She listened to my story and spoke with my boss and stated that they again would approve my claim which shows that the second rep. was just trying to deny my claim without just cause. They continue to send me constant paperwork to fill out to repeat my story which I have told them several times already which I believe is an attempt to deny my claim at the first opportunity.

This is my first claim so I can't compare with other insurance companies but this has been the worst company to deal with in my life. I have since read the reviews of this company many of which are similar to my experience. I would highly recommend to all that you should steer clear of this company if possible or at least read the reviews before purchasing any of their insurance. Very unprofessional company who will do most anything to avoid paying a claim. I did not even miss a day of work and my only intention was to get a little physical therapy to help the healing process. Also have non-medical people making your medical decisions!! I will never deal with this company again!!! Buyer beware!!

Lost power, pipes frozen and burst, paid 100% to fix, nothing on personal items! Stolen property, paid 1500$ on 3890$. Wind storm, no power, subzero weather. I asked for 25% cost on a generator, "nope no way, but if your pipes break we will fix them, but not your personal items." They have offered to replace 12% of my food loss.

I worked for this company for a little over 3 years. It was on par with the Bataan Death March or the Black-hole of Calcutta. Travelers Insurance is hell bent on micromanaging their staff and impeding customer service and workflow. The top managers in the Atlanta, GA office know little with regard to their expertise and have no experience with managing people. One woman who has been there since the rapture is clueless when it comes to handling our customers with the only void in her personality that is more lacking is her ability to create morale and positive relationships. I was the top producing adjuster in AL one year with meeting company matrix and it took its toll. You cannot be an adjuster for this company unless you want to work 12 hours a day 6 days a week for little pay and zero congratulations.

Travelers Insurance care less about their customers than they do their staff. Drink that last sentence in. They want to work their adjusters to death then bring in new inexperienced adjusters who know nothing about coverages or writing an estimate for property damage. I work for a new carrier now and it is a pleasure to come to work. The management staff is geared toward positive reinforcement without screaming at their staff the way Travelers' supervisors do. The current company is tops in customers service and my team loves coming to work and going the extra mile for their supervisor and customers. Do yourself a favor and drop Travelers before you have a claim. Travelers could care less about your damage and payment.

Just spoke with an agent who insisted on talking over me. I let my insurance lapse because I got better home insurance from another company. This agent says I am still liable to pay outside of the policy dates. This does not sound correct. I paid for 1 year and 1 year only. Why are they paying for my policy outside the date. If there were some damage outside expired date I BET their excuse would be, "your policy is not paid up to date therefore we can not allow your claim."

I unfortunately had two windshield replacements in 2014 in the same month and one on another vehicle in 2012 due to cracks caused by rocks on the highway. I have been with Travelers for 15+ years with only one other claim on 2005. My renewal was denied. When I had the last windshield replacement, I called Travelers to make sure that this wouldn't affect my policy or prices - they assured me it wouldn't. Well, I must have talked to the wrong department because the underwriter said they had no proof of it. They said if I talked to the claims department, they don't know what affects policies. Is that my responsibility? I am very disappointed in this company. Does loyalty mean nothing? Already found another company with better coverage and less expensive. Completely disgruntled.

As with another reviewer, I had a water leak (early 2018) in a line in my third bathroom that I needed to file a claim for because the damage entailed: wall/ ceiling/baseboard removal and drying. The agent that I worked with did a great job in helping me through the process. That is not my issue. My issue comes with my premium getting raised over 50% because of this one claim. I've been with Travelers since 2012.

We have GEICO car insurance and we wanted to up our homeowner’s insurance in case anything ever happened to our custom home. GEICO contacted me about their offering of homeowner’s insurance and they connected us with Travelers Insurance. We are now paying three times the amount per year for our policy, but I believed this meant we would receive good coverage if needed. How wrong I was to believe that Travelers was a good insurance company! Our problem began when we decided to remove our older built-in refrigerator and decided to put in a Subzero. When the installer came out and removed the refrigerator, mold was found on the wall behind it. We never knew we had a water or mold issue because it was hidden by the refrigerator.

I immediately called Travelers Insurance as well as a remediation company. I was told over the phone that Travelers would cover up to $5000 for the remediation and that we had a $2500 deductible. We were fine with it. The Travelers claims adjuster I was assigned to was too lazy to come visit our property. Instead, he asked me if I had an iPhone and if I would download an app to my phone so he could virtually take pictures on his iPad via my phone. I complied. The remediation company then proceeded to do everything they needed to do, ripping out cabinets, drywall, etc. They did an excellent job.

A third party company came out after several days of clearing out the mold and all of it was gone. Days later I received a call from the Travelers adjuster stating that our claim was denied. He mentioned that "the mold on our brick flooring looked like it had been a while". I told him there was ZERO mold on our brick, and what he was looking at was actually painted brick that had black paint splats. The unprofessionalism and lack of care from Travelers Home Insurance astounds me. Do not choose them for your coverage!

We pay our Travelers home owners policy through Geico Insurance Agency. Recently they took the payment from my bank account twice, which caused an overdraft and fees after more than (2) weeks I finally got a check. I was first told the check would be cut in (48) hours, then by end of the first week.

On icy roads, my son started to slide. AS he was STILL sliding, the car behind him was following too close and ran in to him on his back end. The guy told the insurance, he had nowhere else to go and so they said it was 100% my son's fault. They never came out to see his car or even to see where it happened or anything. My husband called the adjuster that had called my son and asked him to call him to talk about it and he never returned the call. Then, they canceled our insurance, stating that accident and the fact that my husband had hit 3 deer within 14 months. HELLO, that is comprehensive out of our control. They didn't care, even though we had been with them 7 years - never paid late and never had any other claims, then that plus one more deer my son hit 5 years ago.

I have had hail damage to my roof and filed a claim with Travelers. The roof was inspected with my contractor present and denied for coverage. Your inspector said all hail damage was really "scuff marks". Silly on its face since no one has been on my roof but your inspectors. I have had a second contractor inspection that agreed with my first, obvious hail damage. Every house surrounding mine has been inspected and signed off on for hail damage. Most have already been replaced, the last being replaced this week. I will be filing complaints with the Illinois Department of Insurance, the Illinois Attorney General and the BBB. I'm also filing complaints against Roofing Consultants Ltd, as I and the contractors believe you have colluded to defraud me. The complaints include claims approved for all neighbors. I have also passed on this information to my insurance broker so they have insight into your practices.

Water heater broke Monday. Tuesday Travelers Homeowners Insurance inspector comes to my house and refused coverage stating water damage was long-term! BROKE THE DAY BEFORE!!! Policy canceled. Will never do business again.

Purchased new home and got a quote for homeowner's insurance from Travelers. They had the lowest quote and decided my home was worth roughly $450,000 for replacement. This was a little low but close. I signed up with their insurance and paid the premium. They sent out an inspector. After the inspection they decided my home would be almost $800k to replace. This more than doubled my premium. I asked how they arrived at that conclusion. They said the home was 1) 400 square feet larger than they thought, 2) had an updated roof - the roof is 25 years old so I don't know what they are talking about, and 3) was not a perfect square. I said "Ok, so you are telling me 400 sq feet and a supposedly fancy roof is worth $300,000?" They clearly gave me a low quote so I would sign up with them. NOW I'm once again looking for another homeowner's policy and will cancel with travelers. It is just a HUGE waste of my time.

Last month, I decided to use Travelers Insurance due to its low premium. Less than one month, I receive a letter stating that "your premium is going to increase and we are going to increase your dwelling coverage." I called the company and they stated that they will not insure my house unless the entire reconstruction cost was covered. This was nowhere in the documentation given to me before I signed up. After all the paperwork is done and I sign up with them, they now state that my premium will increase $150. Shouldn't the company have done its due diligence before selling me the coverage??? Now, I have to give them an additional $150 or look for another homeowner's policy. What a waste of time!! Should have kept my existing policy since it was much cheaper. BEWARE of Travelers Insurance!!!! I believe they low ball the quote in order for you to sign up and then afterwards increase the premium!!

I have had Travelers Insurance for my car for several years. I've always carried full coverage no matter how old the vehicle. I was involved in an accident on 1/6/14. Travelers sent an adjustor out immediately. I had a check for my car in under 2 weeks, a lot more than I thought I'd get for it. They handled my claims in a timely matter, advised me that I would get short term disability and handled it right away. I even have a claims processor calling me to see how I'm doing. He also advised me I had accident forgiveness, that my policy would not go up because of this accident since I'd been with them so long. I am very impressed with Travelers. I would recommend them to anybody and I have. I won't go anywhere else for my insurance.

In six years of having my home insurance policy, I have had two claims for water damage in the house not significant but nevertheless requiring the help of professional plumbers and builders to restore the damage and accordingly my policy fee has been increased every year not just by a few dollars but by hundreds of dollars. This year unbeknownst to us, we had an infestation of termites which had come up through those sealed front porches which are over dirt and into a window frame of the house and only showed up when they swarmed out.

Well, I didn't know that this was not covered on our policy but called them up and they stated they would send someone out to take a look. Well they knew very well that they did not cover that damage so why send someone. Anyway, that someone then proceeded to walk all around the perimeter of our home taking photographs of everything in site without my permission. She was caught taking photographs of our new kitchen and countertops, etc. through our kitchen windows and also took photos of the outside fences and roof and when challenged said it was standard procedure.

Now I have received a new policy which is $329 increased and a letter stating I must provide proof that I have had the work done on my house to repair the termite damage as well as provide proof that I had our water leaks repaired 6 years ago. Well, if they didn't cover the termite damage why must I provide proof that I fixed it? Anyway, I have been with Geico for 21 years with the cars and it was them who suggested Travelers when I bought this house but I will be cancelling this policy. Of course I was told that Georgia State had put up the rates too but I can't believe they put them up again this year by that amount of money.

This house insurance is becoming a scam and there needs to be an investigation into it. If the States are adding to our premiums then the companies need to start advising us on their documentation. And they also need to stop sending snooping agents to our homes to take photographs for their records. There may be many people who scam insurance companies but I am not one of them and have had few claims in my 67 years of life.

My garage fell down in a storm over a year ago and I am still fighting for my damaged property. I have been getting the classic Travelers run around.

1. Travelers Insurance Company, representing Mr. Jay ** and the City of Burlington, failed to negotiate fairly and reasonably for reparation regarding the “Personal Injury Claim” portion as set out in the plaintiff’s demand letter of the 30th of October 2011.

2. In September Mr. Jay ** of Travelers Insurance, who titles himself “Technical Specialist”, acting for the defendants, made an offer of $4,000 (over the phone) in respect of the Personal Injury portion of the claim **. The plaintiff agreed to Travelers sending the release forms and the offer they had made in writing, which they did on the 23rd of September. On receipt of the offer, it was extremely unclear as to just what the $4,000 related to, and a request was made in writing on the 23rd of September for clarification and a breakdown of the offer. On the 28th of September Mr. Jay ** called and left a message seeming to imply that he believed we had reached a verbal agreement of $4,000 when in actual fact our agreement was that he send the information regarding the offer of $4,000. On the 7th of October, the plaintiff again sent an email asking for a breakdown of the offer and also asking for acknowledgment of receipt of that email. On October 7th Mr. Jay ** again called on the phone and left a message asking the plaintiff to call him back. At this point the plaintiff emailed Mr. Jay ** and asked him to communicate anything of consequence in writing, as he sensed Jay’s reticence to set down anything clearly for the two interested parties to negotiate.

3. This request seemed to initiate a sever lack of response from Travelers Insurance, and the email of October 7th asking for a breakdown of the offer was resent on October 13th when Mr. Jay ** had again tried to call the plaintiff via the telephone.

4. On the 15th of October the plaintiff contacted another member of the Travelers Insurance Company, a Ms. H., who had previously assisted him with the “Property Damage” portion of his claim, to ask if she could send the name, address, and email address of Jay’s manager as he was not replying to the plaintiff’s communications. She did not reply.

5. Mr. Jay **, responding, sent a one sentence email two days later on the 17th of October, saying he would send something in writing confirming his previous settlement offer.

6. On the 28th of October the plaintiff received in the mail a short letter confirming the $4,000 offer, with no breakdown of any sort, along with associated release forms.

7. The plaintiff again emailed asking yet again for a breakdown and also resent the previous email requesting clarification. He also pointed out he had sent similar requests on the 23rd and 28th of September and also on the 7th and 13th of October.

8. Mr. Jay ** then responded on the 28th of October saying that $402 is for out of pocket medical expenses and the rest ($3,598) is for your pain and suffering.

9. The plaintiff immediately emailed back on the 28th October and informed Mr. Jay ** that this did not appear a fair and reasonable reparation for all the pain, discomfort, and disruption to his life, especially in the first 15 days following the accident.

10. Mr. Jay ** replied that he did not agree with the plaintiff’s valuations in an email of the 28th October.

11. On the 30th of October the plaintiff set out his claim for $6,402.00 in the form of a demand letter, outlining just what each aspect of the injuries he had suffered he believed was worthy of compensation with an associated amount and asked Mr. Jay ** to point out which aspects with associated amounts he believed were not reasonable. Plaintiff was asking him to respond within 7 business days.

12. On the 4th of November Mr. Jay ** emailed asking for documentation regarding the value of the damaged clothing/bedding and photographs of the scars incurred.

13. Photographs were submitted on the 4th of November along with explanations regarding damaged clothing/bedding.

14. On the 14th of November the Plaintiff made a request via email asking for a written update of the insurance company’s deliberations regarding the claims in the plaintiff’s demand letter.

15. On the 21st of November a further request was made asking Mr. Jay ** to reply to the plaintiff’s demand letter of the 30th of October and the email of the 14th of November; the request also stated that should they not reply within 48 hours, the plaintiff would be forced to submit summons papers to the court as it would appear that they were not negotiating in good faith and for any resolution to occur beyond that point, they would have to include legal costs on top of the amount outlined in the demand letter.

16. Mr. Jay ** did not reply to the letter of the 30th October or the 14th or 21st of November until Monday the 5th of December. He was making an offer in writing of $5050. It is interesting to note here, that up to this email, the subject title of Jay’s emails had usually been “Claim **”; however, the subject title now changed to for the first time to “** v City of Burlington.” The summons was sent out on the 1st of December and would certainly have been with Travelers’ before or on the 5th of December.

17. On Wednesday 7th of December Mr. Jay ** emailed the plaintiff saying he was now in receipt of the complaint filed against the City of Burlington, seeming to imply that he had sent his offer of December 5th before receiving the summons. But he is saying that the $5050 which he had offered on Monday was for more than the small claim amount of $5,000 and would the plaintiff now withdraw his complaint?

18. The plaintiff believes this is yet another example of the insurance company’s inability to negotiate in good faith and a cynical attempt to obfuscate and manipulate the situation so that they do not appear to be at fault, and to avoid the responsibility of $25.00 of the court submission fee of $75.00 to boot.

Mr. Jay ** of Travelers Insurance Company has done everything possible not to facilitate a reasonable, responsible negotiation throughout this negotiation. Not replying and refusing to be clear about all aspects of the process of reparation in this claim, forcing the claimant to use the Small Claims Court to get them to respond at all. This will probably result in the court only being able to force Travelers to pay the maximum of the Small Claims Court ($5,000) when the claim is for much more.

I filed my first claim w/ Travelers for a slab leak. The first thing the rep says is that the plumber overcharged me and of a $3850 plumbing bill they will only pay $800. I contacted a leak detection company to localize the leak and because I called and they didn't advised they weren't sure if they would cover the cost. I contacted Travelers before proceeding w/ the work to see what I should do. The rep told me to do what it takes to minimize the damage and that's what I did, now they are penalizing me for it.

It's disgusting to pay so much money for homeowner's insurance yet when you need them they do whatever it takes to minimize your claim. Travelers wrote me a check for $3400, $800 to go towards my $3850 plumbing bill (in which the rep claims I was overcharged b/c he says it shouldn't have costs that much to jackhammer the floor and reseal and level it). The funny thing is that he isn't a plumber - he's an insurance rep so how does he know what the costs will me. The balance is for me spending 2 hours sucking water out of my floor vents and the balance is to replace my entire kitchen floor tile, did I mention I paid $900 for a leak detection company to come out? This company has no value or concern for it's customers and this is the absolute last time they will have to worry about me. I will NEVER recommend this company to anyone.

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