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Travelex Insurance Services Online Insurance Reviews

The order and delivery process was fast and rather easy. I compared coverage from four different services before I decided on Travelex, for price and customer reviews. I would recommend this to a friend. I purchased the Cancellation/Interruption/Delay and Medical Coverage. We haven't left for our trip, but I'm hoping to not need the coverage.

I have used your services in the past and I am very pleased with your benefits. I would definitely recommend your services to others. I write for the Maine Seniors Magazine and will have an opportunity to mention Travelex in an up-coming article.

I called because I need additional help to be sure I was filling out information online correctly. The lady that helped me stayed suggested that she stay on the line while I completed the form to make sure I had no additional questions.

Was very satisfied. Operator was concise and found my previous insurance, and was able to assist me without any problem. My request was handled to my complete satisfaction. Thank you. I am very happy with any and all services proved by your company.

We had a trip planned and my father was taken into the hospital for an emergency operation. We cancelled our trip and later filed for reimbursement through Travelex after getting his doctor to fill out the simple form.

It was extremely easy to order Travel insurance. We didn't have to use it while travelling abroad, thankfully, but it was very inexpensive, so not a waste of money. I was even able to order travel insurance for my husband after he'd already started his trip.

Top notch. You have this process very quick and easy. I have used you multiple times and I have always been more than satisfied. Your simple online entry forms and explanations of all important points of the product are complete and very helpful.

I used Travelex last year and had a claim which they processed and paid me without any issue as I had all my receipts. I am using them again for my current trip. The price is very fair. I recommend them for your Travel Insurance.

My trip will not be until mid-April/May. But the woman my daughter contacted was informative and courteous. She carefully explained the policy and answered all questions we had. I was pleased you cover seniors past 84. Travelex comes highly recommended.

I have only recently purchased trip insurance and it is for a trip we will take in the fall 2018. So, I can only comment on the pre-purchase and purchase experiences. Generally, I think your website provides useful disclosures about what's covered and what's not and provides clear differentiation of the various products you offer (basic, select, etc.). It was good to be able to download and read the policy before committing to purchase. Purchase process was straightforward. One of your strong assets needs more prominence on your website: the insurance is underwritten by Berkshire Hathaway. Insurance is only as good as the underlying insurer and Berkshire is the gold standard.

I have used Travelex many times. Fortunately, only need to make a claim once and it was well handled. The website is easy to use and the prices are reasonable. Plan to use Travelex whenever I travel in the future.

Although I believed I had purchased coverage, and a pending charge appeared on my credit card, and remains there, I never have received any confirmation of this from them in over week. So I have no way of knowing if I am covered or not.

I had a good experience with the agents that I have spoken to. All questions were answered and service was very professional. Suggestions were given to me that will be beneficial for my trip. I have used Travelex previously for many trips and would recommend it to anyone I know of who will be traveling.

I contacted Travelex to find out how to start a claim and all of the information I needed was very clearly shown on the webpage. When I called Travelex while in Germany to obtain this information, the agent on the line was also very helpful! I have already started referring my family and friends to Travelex for their travel insurance needs.

Cleveland Rocks trip: Paperwork easy to fill out. I miscalculated and sent overpayment. Company was great about promptly sending the refund and I didn't have to call. Excellent communications! I would happily refer this company to others. Thank you for your excellent service. Looking forward to working with you again.

I was very pleased with my conversation with your representative when purchasing my travel insurance. She answered my questions and asked me some pertinent questions. I feel reassured knowing that I have Travelex insurance for my trip in October. My 3 friends and I did not hesitate to purchase Travelex when we read about your coverage.

I have been trying to find out if our policy covers helicopter rescue. We will be in the Himalayas and will need this service. So far, the 24 hour phone number (outside of the US) on or off policy info is not 24 hour (7-8 M-F). The rep we’ve spoken to in email gave us no option for upgrading our coverage and certainly didn’t advise us on whether it was covered with or current plan. So far, I’ve gotten a claim form. That’s it. I need a bit more from my travel insurance company. Like a phone number to call or information about our coverage. You are the lifeline here. Please get back to us as soon as possible.

Website doesn't explain. 1. What country do you put down when traveling to multiple countries. 2. How to figure out medical expenses. Which option to pick.

3. Whether you are covered when traveling to multiple countries. 4. No explanation on how much to insure your trip. Premium goes up the more you insure.

5. No explanation what to do when you do have medical expenses.

I was pleased to have prompt service and was given good information about a variety of insurance possibilities. I thought the costs were very high for the select insurance but found the basic insurance inadequate for my needs. My last experience with Travelex was good so I am trying them again.

The person I spoke with was knowledgeable and courteous, the same as previous trips. However, I have not yet received the document in the mail as requested as I do not have a printer. Note I am scheduled to leave 12 May. It may be the US Mail as I have not yet received my updated passport!

I purchased an overall trip insurance policy through the same travel site where I bought my airline tickets. After some research, realized that perhaps I should buy a medical only supplemental policy (we're not spring chickens). Travelex is very highly regarded online. Rick Steves' site lists you as well. Thinking this would be expensive, I emailed the company and asked for a quote. What a wonder, the price is extremely reasonable for myself and my husband and will enhance my enjoyment of the trip. I spoke with Charlene on the phone and had the policy set up in no time - a great customer service experience! I would highly recommend Travelex.

The online insurance registration process was quick... Easy to follow. This is my 2nd time using your services. I would definitely recommend Travelex to anyone. The rates were much lower than others. I will plan on using this service in the future. Great!

Your website and customer service employees are all terrific. Unfortunately, my euros were delivered by UPS and UPS failed to leave a notification the currency would be redelivered at a local drop off center; requiring me to track the package.

First of all, getting rid of the yearly policies was a REALLY bad ideas for business travelers. Nevertheless, we went ahead and purchased a single policy for a roundtrip overseas business flight. For AD&D only. When his boss decided at the last minute to extend the trip from June 8th until June 15th... totally out of my husband's control... they told us there was NO WAY to amend the insurance. Really? So Travelex is happy to take your money for a Roundtrip flight... but Heaven forbid you need to amend your return trip home. We used to use them for years. Now we are DONE.

Easy to secure. Knowledgeable agents. Great attitudes! I can always rely on you guys to provide quick friendly assistance quickly and politely! Your prices are reasonable and fair and I can always count on you to be there when I call. Nothing more to say!

You came highly recommended by a friend but after filling out the info I never received a confirmation letter. Could you please send one? Hopefully we will not have to use it at all but if we do I am sure you will fulfill what you have outlined in your statements of what you will follow through with.

Highly professional service and easy to sign up. I have used before and was pleased with easy signup. Price was competitive with other providers of this type of insurance and that was important also. I have recommended to others in the past.

Process for hiring the insurance and entering the claim was smooth and fast. You should improve in providing a more accurate status for in-process claims. As soon as the documents are uploaded, the status showed as "In Progress" and it remained like for 12 days when the claim was paid. I believe you should show status as "Documents Received", "Documents Reviewed", "Claim In Process" and so on.

I had a problem with the website not accepting data. I contacted the help desk and in less than 24 hours had a personal reply. I sent the information and had a quote almost immediately and this was late in the evening. I have not made any claims as yet - that is good - but their service to date has been excellent.

Simply, easy and clear choices made this select very easy! The policy came quickly and was easy to read! I got it electronically within an hour. I had one question they answered promptly! I also used it to save on car rental insurance!

I have ordered from Travelex before - their website is very easy to navigate, and customer service reps really know their stuff. Accurate, easy to understand, friendly on the phone. Would recommend them for ordering a policy. No comment on their services when having issues - let's hope I don't!

The website was very clear, and the customer service representative I spoke with on the phone was very helpful. I did not need to make a claim, but the enrollment process was easy and I received my order confirmation almost immediately. My only issue is that plans don't cover the theft of property from an automobile, and travelers who take road trips often have no choice but to leave their belongings in their vehicles at times.

Using your online service is efficient but I have getting concerned about the cost of the insurance. It is partly due to my age (73) but I may not be able use your firm in the future if the cost becomes uncompetitive--which it is on the verge of doing.

My wife and I get travel insurance through you on all our overseas trips. It would be helpful if you allowed the creation of accounts on your site so we wouldn't have to re-enter all our information every time we buy insurance for a trip. That would also allow you to create a loyalty program that rewards your frequent customers.

Sign up was smooth and easy. We preferred reviews we read about people's claims experience with you over what we read about other companies. Rates were comparable. Of course, the proof is in what happens if we actually need to use the insurance. Wish us luck!

Flight Insurance only - Quick, easy and reasonably priced. Reputable Company and trusted worldwide. That is why I use Travelex. Assured of coverage and I have a peace of mind when flying that in the event, GOD forbid, at least I leave financial security to my Love ones. It's worth the purchase (security) even though people believe nothing will happen; I just think it's better to be safe for a few dollars than not.

We are planning a trip to Ireland and one of the most important aspects of planning is to ensure that you have proper and adequate travel insurance. In the course of searching out the best plan I found that Travelex received accolades from many sources. As a result, it was my first choice! Equally important when completing a transaction one wants to receive honest and beneficial comments from the company representative. I must say that I was very pleased with the way the Travelex staff assisted me in choosing the right plan for my wife and I. The name Travelex has a special place in my memory bank so, in the future, should I plan a trip, it'll be Travelex that I contact for insurance. Thank you!

I purchased Travelex insurance for my trip to South Africa and a few weeks before departure, I was diagnosed with Cellulitis. My doctor gave me orders to cancel my trip, as it wouldn't be safe for me to travel such a distance. I promptly cancelled my airline ticket, submitted a claim to Travelex with the documentation required, and within two weeks, I received a check fully reimbursing me for the cost of my ticket. It was a simple, easy process. Travelex came highly recommended to me by friends, but you only know how good a company really is after filing a claim. I was completely satisfied. I'll use Travelex insurance for all my future international trips.

I have purchased many Travelex policies in past years. Many time I have not purchase the trip cancellation part of the coverage. I did this by filling out all the information on the first page, then going to the second page and checking the box that said "delete trip cancellation." I attempted to do the same this time but could not find the box to check to delete the trip cancellation coverage. I looked everywhere, and filled out the form a few times to be sure I wasn't making a mistake. Finally, frustrated, I call an agent. He told me that the company had switched carriers last November and changed the way coverage was ordered, and that the checkbox was no longer used. He instructed me to enter one dollar as the cost of the trip, which I did and got the policy. I believe you should have explained this change on the first page of the application to keep from causing the frustration I had.

This is the fourth time I purchase insurance for a trip. The site is very easy to use. You never know when you need it. My friend got sick on our last cruise, and as you can imagen the cost was very high and the insurance covered it and paid within a reasonable timeframe.

Purchasing travel insurance with Travelex was so easy! The agent was extremely helpful and answered all my questions. My sister and I were going to be traveling together (Alaska cruise) so I purchased insurance for both of us and even that was easy! I would recommend Travelex to anyone that is traveling! Purchasing insurance is worth the peace of mind!

I have always used Travelex for my trip insurance, and I have had excellent service. I appreciate being able to apply and receive coverage online. I did have to cancel a trip a few years ago, and Travelex covered all of the expenses. I was very satisfied with the experience.

Obtaining a quote and purchase was easy. My trip is not until June. We will have to wait and see what happens if an issue should arise. I choose Travelex due to its high ratings and easy access. The policy details are clear.

I had peace of mind having this insurance, but had no reason for any claims. At my age I always have concerns for health issues that may occur, but the policy covered any event of illness and repatriation to my home country. It also provided for medical rescue. My baggage was lost in London but British Airways located and returned to my California home within 48 hours. Bags were intact and not damaged or pilfered.

I have been purchasing travel insurance through Travelex since 2010. I travel internationally at least once a year and I never leave home without it. I know that I would rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. It gives me peace of mind every time that I travel.

It was easy to book but what I wasn't sure when I booked was if I should include cruise excursions and dining plans in the amount of the itinerary or just use the base cost of the cruise. Other than that it was easy.

I have used Travelex for many years without having to make a claim. Last summer, my son got sick two days before a trip out of the country and was advised not to fly. I contacted the company immediately and filed a claim. The response was prompt and the time frame to obtain a resolution to the claim was of about two weeks. I dealt with another company in the past and it was a grueling experience to say the least even when a death certificate was sent to the company. Travelex on the other hand is prompt, transparent, professional and worth every penny. I highly recommend Travelex!

It was very simple to get the quote online, compare the coverages and purchase the desired coverage. Your website is very easy to navigate. The final documents are then sent to my email for me to save. Couldn't be any simpler than that.

Your website was easy to use and the plans were laid out in a logical fashion. The agent that I talked to was very helpful as well, explaining the differences in the plans, etc. I wish that I was able to purchase insurance for non US citizens as well since my daughter lives in the Republic of San Marino and will be joining us on this trip.

My first time taking out a travel insurance couldn’t have been more smooth. My bike bag and suitcase were both damaged when I landed back home. I took pictures and filled out the easy claim and mailed it all in. Within a few weeks I was reimbursed fully. I will always be taking out an insurance for when I travel with Travelex!

Always Good Service! Was a former travel consultant and recommended to my clients to use them usually. Many years ago (over 10 years ago) our trip to South Africa was interrupted because an airline was shut down and you took good care of us while we stranded in the middle of our trip.

My husband was not well enough to travel to an area that required extensive activity. We applied for a refund, and just received it with the help of Julius. However, your packet does not specify getting a letter of cancellation from the airline, which it should.

Easy to understand website and it was easy to sign up for the insurance. Medicare doesn't cover us when we are outside the United States, so it was nice to have health care coverage. We had no claim, but having the insurance gave us peace of mind when we were out of the country. We will buy again for our future trips.

I experienced kind and caring customer service representatives! I had to make a change to my policy and both representatives were informative and helpful in assisting me with picking out the policy that worked best for my upcoming vacation to Antarctica.

I use Travelex almost exclusively for my travel insurance needs. Sometimes I need a full package and other times just medical and minimal coverages. Their website is easy to use and to understand. Over the last couple years I’ve used them for trips to Egypt, Morocco and Ethiopia.

Glad to have the coverage. Thanks. So much for setting it up for us. We feel better about our plans now. You always put our minds at ease when we plan trips/vacations. I also learned you can set up coverage online.

I hope that I don't have to use your product! Your company got good reviews, and the purchasing experience was easy and straight-forward. I've purchased travel insurance from you before, and that was one reason I returned to Travelex for my upcoming trip. Thank you.

Have used your services many times. Your rates are fair and we have been lucky not to have had any issues with our travels in the past. Hopefully this continues with our latest policy in July 2018. Your website has been easy and quick to use. Will keep using your services in the future. Thank you.

Travel insurance for health outside the USA - Easily understood information provided on the phone. Well informed agent answered all questions. Clear concise information was given. Email confirmation arrived soon after purchase over the phone. Will use again when traveling outside the United States. Thanks for the good service.

Best travel insurance policy we have ever seen. You don't have to be dead yourself to qualify! And now we don't have to worry about missing the funerals of our parents who are now in their nineties. We were referred by friends who have had excellent service from Travelex. THANKS.

I found the policy to misleading; in reality there was no coverage for me even though my bag which was delayed 4 days--the luggage started out in the coverage period. Evidently since it was bound for my final destination, the coverage stopped at midnight of the coverage. The sundries etc that I was forced to buy--about $60-- had to be out of pocket. Policy is unclear for the consumer.

I did a lot of comparing before I purchased the Travelex Insurance policy for my upcoming trip. Not only did they offer the best price, but the policy had the best coverage limits in every category. The strongest competitor was Allianz Global Insurance, which I have always used in the past. However, I am now very pleased with the policy limits and price with Travelex. I will continue to use Travelex for future trips.

Now that I've aged out of MedJet and World Nomad travel insurance at age 70, I decided to choose Travelex based on reviews from several travel websites. Purchasing my policy was very easy and went without any glitches. Since I haven't actually taken my trip yet, and so haven't any experience with making a claim, I can't comment on that aspect of the service. But I feel like I have good coverage should anything go awry.

Easy to make the purchase. Will buy again in the next time we travel and will recommend to friends and families. Also the price is the best compare to the other competitors. Thanks for the opportunity to review your company. Once again great website.

Due to emergency surgery, my husband was not able to travel on the planned date. We submitted the information from the doctors and the extra cost incurred in changing the airline ticket. We were pleased with how rapidly the claim was settled and the check in the mail. Thank you!

Don't be caught off guard! Stay away from travel agency and their affiliate TRAVELEX for trip protection. When my trip was canceled, I had a problem to contact CheapFareGuru for details. On CheapGuru website, they advertising 24x7 Customer Support. However, they have just one representative answering phone calls from California. Average of answer waiting time - 40 to 60 min. Actual agency is somewhere in India and they are working in local time without advertising their phones nor faxes etc. TRAVELEX advertised trip insurance as "Trip Cancellation/Interruption - Total Covered Air Ticket Cost." Clear and simple.

However, when I contacted them about trip refund, representatives explained that full reimbursement will be applied only in case of extreme weather conditions or airline union strike. In both cases, I would need to send to TRAVELEX written and valid proof about strike or weather. Agency didn't explain if I should contact airline union for such confirmation, however representative just advised to me: "It is your responsibility to supply valid documentation." After I open case on TRAVELEX website and filled up theirs forms, they sent me a lot of pages with insurance policy explanations and restrictions with different companies logo: TRAVELEX (23 pages), TRANSAMERICA CASUALTY INSURANCE COMPANY (letter), STONEBRIDGE CASUALTY INSURANCE COMPANY (20 pages).

Predators. That is all I can say.

We found Travelex to be very easy to use over the internet. We have used them before and have had no issues or concerns with the company. We had to call them once and the person we talked to was very professional. Polite and answered our questions. I would recommend Travelex to anyone traveling.

I always purchase trip protection with Travelex Insurance Services whenever I had traveled outside the country. It includes everything I need, even trip cancellation. And also it has a good price deal. I like they add trip cancellation in the basic plan, in case customers need to cancel the trip.

I had minimal questions, using nice online application. However, I could not find answers to crucial questions... like 'what counts as final destination?' No answer on website, no chat window, I waited about an hour on telephone hold, and did get response to email a day or so later (too late, already bought product).

You ruined our first trip in 10 years. My wife's grandfather passed away 2 weeks after purchasing our coverage and five days prior to our trip. Our claim was denied because apparently I'm omnipotent and knew he was going to die. You took my money for the premiums and refused to pay. I have told my travel agent that recommended your company and plan to call every travel agency I can find over the next week to let them know how awful your company is and I'm not stopping there. Being old is not a pre-existing condition.

Not only did I find out I had cancer a month before I was to leave for Europe, the insurance I purchased from Transamerica Casualty Insurance Company through Travelex is refusing to pay the claim. A nurse that filled out form made a mistake on dates but it was subsequently corrected with a letter from the Dr. They are using the mistake to deny the claim. I even sent copy of biopsy. I later heard they do this type thing all the time. Careful dealing with this company.

We have purchased Travelex coverage before, and have been fortunate enough to not have needed to use it. But the information on the website, and capable assistance of the customer service representatives, make the purchase very simple. We did call in to confirm information and get a couple of questions answered, then made the purchase on the phone. All the necessary documentation quickly arrived by email.

I first purchase travel insurance for a trip abroad in the winter of 2017. I bought a Travelex for my child and I, and a different policy for my spouse. Unfortunately, my spouse became ill and we had to extend our stay. Postponing our return flights cost about $3,000. Fortunately, we had purchased insurance. Both insurance policies covered our expenses, but Travelex was far quicker in refunding us than the other policy. For that reason, I generally choose Travelex and I always buy travel insurance when traveling.

Making the claim was easy. Getting reimbursed was fast. The only thing that prevented me from giving a 5 star rating was I asked for a hospital and the one that was recommended to me had staff that did not speaking English. I should have been told to go to the University Hospital where the staff spoke English.

I had to consult a doctor for pain in a previously broken hip. After consulting a doctor for pain in a previously broken hip Travelex reimbursed me for the cost without any difficulty. Thank you for the prompt acknowledgment of the claim.

I was very content with Travelex Insurance, for the peace of mind to travel. I had a dental problem in Bogota and I was refunded immediately upon my return. Another time I got sick in Dubai and again when I returned I got paid right away. I always recommend Travelex to my friends. Thank you.

I bought 3 plans (for 3 different states). For the second plan the website shows the option of additional coverage's like medical evacuation (which it did not list as a choice for the first plan I bought), so I assumed none was included and bought additional only to find out that I was already plenty covered. I left feeling like you were not clear and because of that I bought more insurance than needed which frustrated me.

Your staff was very, very helpful. Very happy with the service and interaction with your staff. She answered all my questions and helped me purchase our travel insurance for our trip to Colorado. I was very pleased with your customer service.

We discovered that our browser auto-filled the same traveler name rather than the 2 names I submitted. I called Travelex expecting push back or issues, but they quickly made the change and sent back a revised doc. Very painless and the agent was great.

I rank Travelex among the best in coverage, cost, and service. Through the years of my using Travelex Insurance to provide insurance coverage for various trips, I have always been satisfied with our overall experience. I have recently purchased its coverage again for our 2020 family vacation celebration.

We didn't use it (very glad of it), but it offers us a peace of mind having it. It was an additional charge to our trip, compared with other it was not the most expensive, we chose it because it is one of Rick Steves's recommendations and because it was not the most expensive.

I've used Travelex several times before for travel insurance. I was pleased with my experience when I broke my arm in the middle of a bike trip and couldn't participate. The charts were easy to read and understand.

This is our second time using Travelex and the experience last time and so far this time have been great. We actually had to file a claim last time and that went smoothly and was handled very fairly and professionally.

It was easy to sign up for the travel insurance however the five star rating was based on that because I have had no experience with the insurance itself and hope that I do not need to use it. I would appreciate a list sent to me of coverages.

My travel agent recommended Travelex and told me that they were the best in the industry and that if I were to purchase travel insurance, which they highly recommended, that Travelex was the only company they would recommend. I did purchase travel insurance and unfortunately things did not work out as they were supposed to. I had an extremely unique situation and quite frankly was doubtful that Travelex would respond as I thought they should (as we've all heard those insurance stories!). Wow, did Travelex ever come through for me!! I could not be more pleased and totally agree with my travel agent.

Go with Travelex if you need travel insurance. They did not let me down. The speed that they responded and reacted was so amazing that I am still in awe. They treated me as a valued customer, listened, had empathy and solved the problem 100%. I could not be happier! Thank you Travelex. I am happy to be your spokesperson as you treated me and my situation with great respect.

No problems signing up for policy. Price seemed good in comparison to other company quotes. Website easy to use, policy brochure very convenient and easy to read and understand. This is all I intend to write on this review, will review again after my trip.

We have not had to process a claim so we cannot comment upon that issue which would be the most significant aspect of travel insurance. However, the process of evaluating and purchasing the insurance through the website and through telephone representatives was excellent.

Glad we didn't have to use it, but easy to purchase! The forms were easy to fill out, and I appreciate the price as well. I've used this on two trips now, and for a group of 2 travelers it's affordable. I tried to look at the cost for a larger group with two travelers in their 60's, and it was prohibitive. We'll still continue when just the two of us are traveling.

Easy to get a quote. Company was highly reviewed online. Online reviews changed our choice. Several questions quickly and expertly answered by agent over the phone. Only complaint is long waiting time on the phone for an agent. More than 10 minutes on the phone waiting.

Purchased by phone... no problem. But, they did not send me an email confirmation about this purchase. I wanted, and expected, an email confirmation. I used the phone because I had trouble with the online site. I couldn't find the "flight only" insurance we've always bought. Found the online site too complicated. It was too specialized. There should be a section for people who want the basic, no frills, flight insurance only coverage.

It was very easy to do this online. Before I purchased online, I had some questions. I spoke to a to lady (I think her name was Kelsey) on the phone and she was so helpful and kind to talk to. The price was most reasonable too.

It was not a problem to tell what I needed and none to get what I wanted. One of the easiest travel ins I bought and to get cancel any reason ins as well. There really is not any reason not to buy ins. through this company.

Whenever I travel internationally, about 5 x a year, Travelex goes with me! Your prices are reasonable and I appreciate being able to get a quote so easily. No long waits on hold! The peace of mind I feel using Travelex is priceless! Thank you!

The Travelex customer service person was very cheerful, knowledgeable and professional in answering my phone questions prior to ordering my policy. I have confidence that if needed, I will be in competent hands. Prior to my vacation I will probably have a few more questions.

No real problems, the purchase went relatively smoothly. I would prefer to have a lower cost option to not have travel costs reimbursed; just cover emergency services. I was able to get costs reimbursed once in the past and found it very difficult and extremely frustrating. As in, send in such and such papers, wait two weeks, get asked for something else, etc, etc.

This is great price for a basic travel insurance package from a highly respected and popular travel insurance company. I've shopped numerous other companies and the pricing was more expensive and some of the coverages not as good. This is the best bang for the buck!!

Travelex is our "GoTo" vacation insurance choice. Unfortunately we have had to report loss and damage and Travelex has always been fast and fair. We recommend Travelex to all that are planning to travel and will continue to refer Travelex going forward.

I used your insurance in the past, but I have not had to make a claim as of yet. The online experience was easy and your prices are very competitive. Also I based my choice on reviews I saw on the web.

I signed into your system multiple times and could not complete my order. Then when the system would work it would upgrade me from basic and charge me extra. Is this a scam to get money from people for an upgraded plan when they think they are getting the basic plan? This happened repeatedly.

I have been using Travelex travel insurance for almost 15 years and have used your website almost that whole time. I find the site easy to use and very straightforward. Never had any problems. You guys do a good job. Keep up the good work.

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