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When travelling, I have always purchased trip insurance never expecting to use it. The trip I planned for our birthday in February this year had to be cancelled due to a health emergency. On January 17, 2018, I turned to my insurance provider, Trip Mate, to file a claim to be reimbursed for my travel expenses as soon as I cancelled my trip. I was immediately sent the claim information and all the necessary forms to complete for the claim. I returned all of the necessary forms via download on February 15. I was immediately sent an acknowledgement letter on February 15. I checked the claim status numerous times with no update shown.

On April 5, I called to check the status. I was told that they could not estimate how much longer it would take to process the claim and receive my refund. I was also told that they had all of the information needed to process my claim. It has been almost two weeks since that time. Trip Mate is either extremely inefficient or purposely delaying refunding the amount in hopes that I will forget about my claim. I assure them that I will not forget. They are holding on to my hard earned money. I will also do all I can to inform other potential customers of their deceitful practices. I have notified my travel agent who will no longer use Trip Mate for their clients. Additionally, my attorney is my next call.

I bought Cancel For Any Reason coverage from Tripmate on the recommendation of Pleasant Holidays, whose Hawaiian travel package I bought. My young grandson's subsequent illness made it impossible for our family to take this trip, so I called Pleasant Holidays and Tripmate to cancel. Pleasant Holidays refunded their portion of the trip cost promptly and with no delays, but I am in month four of delays and excuses with Tripmate, even though their own website substantiate that they have all the paperwork they need to process the claim. I will be filing a bad faith lawsuit against Tripmate if this claim is not paid in full by the end of October. Anyone wishing to join in this suit as a class action should feel welcome to contact me at **.

My wife and I worked with Tenon Tours for a trip to Ireland and England to celebrate 30 years of marriage. The trip of a lifetime. We were delayed leaving because of weather, flights canceled out of Norfolk. We lost the first day and a half and had to spend on a taxi and train in Ireland to catch up with tour. On the last day of the Irish part of the trip a family emergency caused us to leave early missing the last day in Ireland and all 6 days in England. Tenon Tours was little help getting back and the CIE people just reminded us we bought the tour from Tenon not them.

At least we knew we'd get a little back as we bought trip insurance from Trip Mate on the recommendation of Tenon Tours. Should have checked the web. They do not answer the phone, they do not return calls and the website is useless. 5 phone calls since we returned on April 12th. The local consumer agency should be there to close them down, and put everyone associated with the organization in jail for fraud. I have a new hobby, calling them every day to at least help others avoid a complete waste of a company.

I purchased travel insurance from them and my trip got delayed and got my suitcase damaged. They are very slow, and requested me same document over and over again. My travel was last summer but now in March, they still requesting me to submit same supporting documents! Not solved yet! It is wasting money and time. I strongly recommend not to buy this company's insurance.

My husband and I had to cancel our trip for medical reasons. We submitted all the paper work (3 times) and has been more than 2 months and we had not received any confirmation for our payment. Twice we had submitted medical reports from the hospital and a full package from the medical oncologist. Still no answer. Today, I called and got a recorder asking me to leave my phone number. I WILL NEVER USED THIS COMPANY IN THE FUTURE.

While on vacation at Couples Negril I became very ill & required medical attention which cost $870.00. When we returned home I completed and sent in the documentation to Trip Mate which they received on March 12 2018. I have called numerous times & am told the same thing that they are taking a long time to process claims. I have also contacted Couples and informed them of the terrible service this company has extended to me. This company is terrible, Do not book insurance thru them!!! Couples has lost a 4-time returning customer as a result of this!!! Today it is 7 weeks since Trip Mate received my paperwork!!!

I purchased airline ticket from CheapOair in Aug 2015 for a travel date of Nov 6th, 2015 and it was for my mother who lives in Africa, as she was supposed to join me in the U.S. Unfortunately, she changed her mind because she does not want to come in the winter time. I purchased insurance at the time in the event that anything happens such her refusal to come at this time. Now I am asking TRIP MATE for a reimbursement. They have unequivocally denied my claim because it's not a medical or emergency situation. I can't afford to lose $1,300 at this time just like that. "HELP."

I purchased this TripMate insurance for a trip to Brazil for myself and my spouse. Then the travel department issued a warning that there was an outbreak of yellow fever in Brazil. My doctor said don’t go. I purchased this insurance from the carrier: Fareportal, Inc. & its affiliates (dba. CheapOair). They did a small refund and transferred and stayed on the telephone with me to check the status. When I started to take issue with TripMate customer service the CheapOair really got irate with me. So I had to upload my claim in April on their site. In July I got a letter requesting I mail a paper claim, because what I uploaded was too small to read. Yesterday August 20th, I checked online. Nothing had been done since July. I will never book a trip on CheapOair and never purchase TripMate or its affiliates insurance ever again.

My experience with this company is the same as the reviews I have read: paid fee upfront for insurance, trip delayed due to weather which created expenses of lodging, loss of pre-paid travel and meals, etc. Calls to company have extremely long wait times, resulting in promises of immediate action such as "expediting" claim and return call by end of the week. Never happens. Surely someone has begun legal action against this company. Can anyone tell me the home state of the company and the status of any legal action. We should get together to sue for the money which was promised when we purchased the insurance.

Took Trip Mate Insurance on my flight from Sydney to London through CheapOair cost $79. The return leg of the flight was canceled by the airline. So I canceled that flight and booked an alternate flight a few days different to the first flight. Asked CheapOair to transfer my insurance to the new flight. The consultant was adamant I had to change it with Trip Mate. As I found out today Trip Mate do not cancel and alter insurance plans. Trip Mate can have the $79 for nothing, but I promise you this, I will NEVER deal with Trip Mate again. What a scam. I bought this policy in good faith. Totally disgusted.

We had booked a cruise through Grand Circle Cruise Line and they suggested we purchase trip insurance and the company they suggested was Trip Mate. We purchased the insurance for our $10,000 river cruise. We were to depart Miami Florida September 9th on Lufthansa Airlines however due to Hurricane Irma all flights were cancelled. Pretty cut and dry. We submitted all paperwork required by October and have heard nothing from Trip Mate Insurance. We have initiated several calls, wait time is terrible so they usually call back in about 6 hours. Same old story, processing, waiting for review, will be expedited, etc. We contacted Grand Circle for assistance and were told they cannot help (they need rethink that). Almost 3 months since claim was submitted and no movement. As I submit this I am waiting for a return call from a supervisor.

Booked a trip with Viking Ocean and had to cancel Jan 26th due to surgery for a trip in April. We cancelled many months prior to trip and received a prompt refund from Viking but have been getting the run around from Trip Mate even though they admit they have all of the information to give us a refund. I had a conference call with Viking and Trip Mate 2 weeks ago at which time they said they would send the money within 5 days. They continually say they will send the refund but have no explanation as to why it is being delayed.

I purchased travel insurance with Trip Mate/World Nomads underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. On December 27, 2017 for a volunteer trip to Ghana which I had planned for January 27, 2018 until Apri 22, 2018. Two days before I was due to leave I started having chest discomfort. I went to my doctor and he said he wanted to run further test to see what was happening with my heart. I called Trip Mate before I cancelled my trip and told them what my doctor had said. They never informed me that if I cancel my trip because I had not commenced my trip that I would not be able to fill a claim. What was I suppose to do? Go on my trip sick not knowing the extent of my illness?

This entire company is a scam, trip interruption should be just that not just a design to get people to believe that if they had to cancel their trip they can at least recover some of the expenses paid. Their other escape clause is their pre-existing statement which states that if the illness which caused the trip interruption happens 90 before the coverage starts the protection would not be in effect. What a bunch of hogwash. Again the entire company is a scam set up to take people's money by giving the false impression that they have some type of coverage if unexpected incidences occurred.

I purchase this Trip Mate Insurance the same day I purchased our trip. We were told that we could cancel at any time and get a voucher back but for cash back we would have to have a medical reason. I have not received my letter but I did call the company today, again, because I saw the claim was denied and the case is closed! I do have a medical reason and the doctor's certificate was sent along with the other required information. I need a total knee replacement on my left knee and an unable to walk long distances.

This trip, as well as many other trips requires a lot of walking. My doctor signed a disability slip from July 20th 2017 when I saw him through October 20th 2017. My trip should have started today, Sept. 15, 2017. I submitted the claim early July and have called a few times and checked online today and they said it was denied online. I did call the company and she said I have to wait for the letter. She also said it was about the medical disability and the time frame.

We were told by AAA we had to purchase it at the time we booked the Globus tour which we did. Obviously, I cannot take this trip and I don't understand why it was not approved. I did ask who the Archer was and actually they didn't want to give me any information but I did get her name and I wanted to know the qualifications for her to make such a decision. However that information was not available. We have traveled with Globus before and have always enjoyed our trips. Apparently now I have to do with written appeal. HELP!

Purchased this travel insurance hoping that it would cover me for cancellation and safety purposes but unfortunately it didn't do anything as it promised. Got my trip cancelled and informed them right away, submitted all the forms they requested, took them a month to respond only to deny my claim and didn't get a refund even a single cent from what I paid for. What upsets me more is the response of the agent that there's no need to get back to them neither ways to amend my request as it has already been reviewed. Upon checking, they also have the lowest and unsatisfactory customer review.

I was unable to travel due to an illness. I completed all the required documentation and saw my doctor who did the same. It has been 6 weeks since a claim was filed with Trip Mate and they have no information online about my claim!!!

My husband and I purchased a trip through Vermont Bicycle Tour (VBT) to Paris and Normandy leaving August 29 and returning September 14. We purchased the protection package offered through VBT when we signed up which was Trip Mate. On July 27, 2018 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Treatment needed to start quickly so the breast surgeon and oncologist advised against the trip. I emailed Jen ** at VBT who gave me the information on reporting a claim with Trip Mate. Trip Mate was contacted July 30 and claim forms requested. Claim forms were completed by me and overnighted to Trip Mate. Those forms were received by (per the Claim Status website) Trip Mate August 10, 2018. A copy of the pathology report was sent along with the claim form. There was no note or attachment for Physician Statement.

When there was no follow up from Trip Mate by the 28th of August, I phoned them and asked if any further documentation was required. The customer service person stated that from what she could tell, the underwriters had all the information necessary and would be getting back to me. On 9/12/18 I again phoned customer service to request status update. Their phone message while on hold, states that the goal for turn around on claims is 30 days. Since 30 days had passed, there should have been some word.

Customer service again told me that all documents were received for my claim. However, they were inundated with hurricane claims and backlogged. Claims were reviewed in order received. So I wasn't clear how the hurricane claims were impacting my paperwork. Then on 9/26/2018 I received notice that an Attending Physician Statement was needed to move forward with my claim. The customer service person told me that one was attached to the original email which was not true. My doctor completed the document and it was overnighted to Trip Mate. Received by them on 10/1/2018.

I phoned Customer Service again on 10/5/2018 and 10/19/2018. Received the hurricane excuse again. When I accused them of just waiting 30 days and then coming up with another item that is needed so the 30 day clock can start again, I was told, "We don't play those games." Customer service also told me that the 30 day turn around "Was just a goal." Finally, on 11/6/2018, I emailed Jen ** at VBT requesting assistance with settling my Trip Mate claim. Jen referred me to their Guest Services Manager, Mike ** who was my life saver and hero. Mike ** apparently followed up with Trip Mate because on 11/7/2018 I received a voice mail from Kyle ** at Trip Mate who stated that our claim was being resolved and the two refund checks would be issued.

Two weeks later after no checks were received, I phoned Kyle ** directly at the phone number (**) he left on my voice mail. He did not answer nor did he return my call that time or the next 3 times on 11/20 and 11/21/and 11/26 that I left him messages. So again on 11/27/2018 I phoned Trip Mate Customer Service and spoke with Victoria. She was the most helpful and "caring" person in Customer Service that had ever communicated with me. She tried calling Kyle ** but no answer. She then phoned her supervisor while I was on hold only to let me know that the checks were in the accounting office and would be issued as echecks.

"Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday, the checks would be delayed until end of the week." My answer was that we never should have been talking about Thanksgiving when the claim was sent in August. An email was sent by me to Mike ** at VBT to give him an update on the latest communication. Once before and again this correspondence, I encouraged Mike to have VBT partner with another travel protection package. Mike responded that he had a phone call scheduled with the Sr VP of Trip Mate for 11/28/2018 to try and understand what happened with this claim. Mike had been told by others that there were glitches with the accounting software at Trip Mate.

On 12/5/2018, I emailed Mike ** that no checks and no communication from Trip Mate had been received. He responded by 12/6/18 and said he was checking with Trip Mate to see what was going on and I could expect an apology from Trip Mate. There was a voice mail message from Debbie McCaffrey, Senior Vice President at Trip Mate on 12/6/2018 apologizing for the very long delay. They had some system issues. She would have the checks finalized "tomorrow" and send to my email address.

No checks were received by Friday the 7th of December although a Beverly did phone me on the 7th from Trip Mate to let me know that because of year end bookkeeping, the accounting office was backlogged. However, there should be echecks emailed by Monday or Tues the 10th or 11th of December. Nothing by 12/12/18 so I again emailed Mike ** at VBT who emailed Debbie McCaffrey again and copied me on the email. Both refund checks were emailed to my husband and myself that same day.

Mike ** is worth his weight in gold for helping us through this ordeal. VBT is a great tour company and I would not hesitate to used them again. However, I will seek out any other protection package than Trip Mate. In Debbie McCaffrey's email to me, she thanked me for my understanding. My response was that there was no way I understood how they could treat customers this way nor how they could remain in business.

Booked flight for 5 people for a wedding. Purchased Cancel for Any Reason Insurance. Wedding cancelled less than 2 weeks later. Immediately filed completed paperwork and claim. Then began the phone calls, the delays, the phone calls, the delays...on and on. Finally threatened BBB and they got the check out about 2 weeks later. Paperwork on contract states 14 days, took 3 months with a threat. Paid 75%. NEVER AGAIN. I typically don't write reviews, no time, but this one had to be written to warn others.

A total rip off. Purchased this travel insurance through Sandals. "CANCEL AT ANY TIME". We had to cancel our trip and not only lost the $218 for the insurance, we have also lost $400.00. Seems as though the only way you get a full refund is if you or your travel companion die or are hospitalized and you get a doctor's note. We cancelled our trip 5 months before going away. Have jumped through all Trip Mate's hoops, sent all forms and have called numerous times, but still no refund coming our way. This has put a bad taste in our mouth as far as Sandals goes also. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS INSURANCE!!!

I called to fill out travel claim form which their rep emailed me after completing to identifying info I gave her. The claim form said it had to be mailed & gave the address. I sent it certified on 1/25/17. On 2/9, I checked their website & there was no record of its receipt. The Post Office tracking said they had attempted delivery on 1/28 (a Sat), closed & it was delivered on 1/30. I called & spoke to a rep who searched & could find no record of it. She then gave me an email address. I said that's what I wanted to do to begin with. She asked if I had gotten the form by myself or via their phone rep. I said their rep & she said the rep should have given me the email address to file the claim. (IT should be on their forms.) I said I would scan it & email it & requested priority handling.

I sent all copies of the original claim & copies of the certified receipt & tracking record with it. I waited a few days & checked the status & now both the 1/30 claim & the 2/9 submission were showing as received without any activity done. On 2/21 I called & spoke to a rep who told me they had them & their standard for finalizing claim was 15 working days. I said this was the 15th day from the 1/30 original receipt date. She said they were running behind. I said I want it processed that day and asked for a supervisor who was unavailable but called me the next day (2/22) & told me she had good news that they were sending me $2776.00.

The claim history shows final payment entered 2/23, final payment printed 3/1. I received the check today 3/6 and it was postmarked 3/3. This is atrocious claim service. I will never insure with Trip Mate again and complained to Overseas Adventure Travel to stop using them. I hope they find another carrier. My airline claim was promptly handled by Allianz and the funds received weeks ago. It was filed the same day via email and handled timely.

TripMate is a scam. They just keep telling me that the check is in the mail. They never mailed it. They are just stalling the payment. "It has been mailed." They want me to wait now 30 days before rewriting a new check. I will never use this company in the future.

This company is more concerned with getting out of covering you than they are of working to cover you in a timely matter. Never, ever, ever purchase travel insurance, and run far away if that travel insurance is through Trip Mate. This company is nothing but a racket.

The last portion of my flight from JFK to Reagan DCA was cancelled by the American Airlines for no reason and they offered an alternative flight the following day that is more than 24 hours. I could not wait for the following day as I have appointment in the morning, so I drove from NY to Washington DC through Hertz Rent-A-Car. I filed the claim with the corresponding docs and it's been 2 months and no action from Trip Mate. The amount I claimed was much lesser than what I have spent as I did not keep some receipt from the restaurants but still Trip Mate failed to deliver their promises when they are advertising for their Insurance products. This is plain scam, don't buy it.

Do not buy anything from this company. I have been trying now for 8 weeks to get my money back for a canceled trip due to a medical problem that caused me to have to cancel my round trip. I have done everything they asked and still no refund. They lie and they call back at the oddest times. They tell you nothing but one excuse after another. I am going to the attorney's office. I have never seen anything like this. Do not buy insurance from these people!

I still am holding out hope that I will actually get my money back for my wife and I. I booked a trip to the Caribbean for our 2 year anniversary back in early spring 2017. We were scheduled to be at a Sandals resort the 2nd week of September 2017 for 10 days. Well, unfortunately the hurricanes put a stop to that. I monitored the entire time, & filed my claim 1 week before departure was even scheduled. With all that being said, I purchased this insurance when I purchased the trip too, knowing it was hurricane season! I filed it all online, made sure to do every step correctly.

Over 2 months later still no money back. They owe me over $5,000.00! The status since October 19th has showed "File to claims Department..." What does this mean!?!? When I click on my name, & also my wife, both show "Confirmed, Reserve posted". Again, what does this mean? Use statements that actually make sense to your customers!! I see others have gone through the same nightmare I have experienced. I do not understand how this company is represented and used by thousands of resorts around the world. They need to be held accountable! STAY AWAY FROM THEM AT ALL COSTS!!!

My wife and I were scheduled to take the Viking River Cruise on the Danube. All the needed preparations had been made. Unexpectedly 2 days before the trip I had a very severe arthritic attack making it impossible for me to take the trip and tour. I have to cancel. Fortunately, included in the tour package is the travel insurance with Trip Mate, Inc. Obtaining the refund was no problem. Without any reservation I can recommend Trip Mate Inc as a dependable travel insurance to friends.

I bought a plane ticket for my Mother. She was flying from Pensacola Alabama to Los Angeles California on 5-23-2016. My Mother was unable to come due to her feet started swelling. I purchased this ticket for my Mother on 4-19-2016. My Mother was seen by her physician regarding her feet swelling after 5-23-2016 which is more than a month after I purchased the ticket. I contacted Trip Mate and advised I cancelled the trip and I was requesting a refund. Trip Mate sent me the necessary paperwork to complete and for my Mothers physician to complete. The paperwork was completed by Trip Mate denied the claim stating my Mother was seen by her physician prior to her flight.

My Mother is 69 years of age and she has other medical conditions but her feet were not swelling prior to 4-19-2016 which is the date I purchased the ticket. I bought this ticket online through CheapOAir. I have purchased several tickets with insurance through CheapOAir in the past. I will never purchase any tickets or use Trip Mate as a travel insurance again. I will tell everyone I know regarding the bad customer service I received from Trip Mate as well as CheapOAir. I will be using South West from now on. Customer Service and Satisfaction goes a long way with me!!!

When I first called they said that most of the communication was through email. Then they told me they have a block number when they called and our phone blocked them. Why would any business want to use a block number when calling their clients and also now I am told that they really do not communicate by email. Every time I called claim is still under review and the only thing that would be covered is the cost of the wallet which I have no idea of the cost as it was bought many years ago. So we my husband and I only spent over 600 dollars for the Trip Mate travel insurance and received nothing. So for any person traveling do not buy from Trip Mate insurance.

I just got off the with phone the customer service supervisor for Tripmate. My companion and I went to Paris in August and of course the airline lost our luggage. I was fortunate enough, if you can say that, to receive my baggage 2 days later while my companion did not receive his until we returned home 7 days later. Of course during those days without luggage we purchased clothes (inexpensive). All of the documentation (i.e., receipts, credit card statements, airline claim paperwork) was submitted to Tripmate to substantiate our claim. After waiting for 30 days and not hearing from Tripmate I checked their website only to find my claim was still being processed.

Eventually I called Tripmate to find out what was holding up my claim. I was told that I needed additional documentation "proving when my luggage was received." I was told and I quote, "We are working on your behalf to get this information from the airline but your claim will not be processed until we get this information." At this point I am angry because we are going into the 8 weeks of processing time and I feel like I'm getting the runaround. If they would've stated that they needed this documentation, I would've made sure to get this information when my baggage arrived. Tripmate is unprofessional, unresponsive and fail to meet the minimum standard of adequate customer service.

After going back and forth with the supervisor, I requested to speak to her boss. I was told there was no one else and if I did find someone, they would state the same thing. That's why I got on the web to find out if there were other complaints regarding Tripmate and I see there are. I only wish I would have found out prior to purchasing the Tripmate insurance. If Tripmate thinks that I will be worn down and let this go they are sadly mistaken. I have no problem getting on a letter writing campaign and reporting them to the Better Business Bureau. I will make sure that travelers are well aware of the business practices of Tripmate so that they can be informed consumers. This was the first and last time that I will use TripMate.

I book my tickets through on May 10, 2015 to Detroit MI. My husband was just released from the Hospital after major illness which left him with blood clot in left leg and several wounds to maintain. At the time of release I was not informed that he should not travel by air due to this condition. I was informed about this after speaking with his doctors after May 10, 2015.

I called CheapOair to see if I could get a shorter flight and they informed me that they could not change the ticket. I would have to cancel the ticket which was non-refundable and told me to check with the Travel Insurance I purchased with the tickets. I called them that same day on May 14, they informed me that I would have to complete the forms that they would send me via email and before I could file a claim I would have to actually cancel the tickets I purchased from CheapOair. I called back on May 15 2015 and cancelled the tickets.

The claim form said that I would have to get the doctors to sign off as to why my husband could not travel and cancel the tickets. I had an appointment coming up to the Cardiovascular Dr. Who completed the forms and sent them in to Trip Mate. I sent a copy also with the forms to their claims department. My husband had acute pancreatitis and was hospitalized for 4 months straight and the form gave details of what doctors and hospitals he was in attendance. After review of my claim Trip Mate denied my claim.

We are retired on disability and only bought the insurance because of medical issues which might come up. Besides my husband I am on a pacemaker and have an appointment that interfered with the trip which was to be on July 21, 2015. My pre-assisting appointment which I cannot cancel for my pacemaker check is scheduled every 6 months. We cannot afford to lose the $452.00 we paid the tickets. The fact that my husband is not able to fly is not a preexisting condition, since we were not informed us this until after we booked the flight. This company is a rip-off of the elderly and economically poor people.

I purchased Trip Mate Insurance for a long overseas trip. I selected a pretty comprehensive plan as I knew I would be traveling for a while and in many different countries. I submitted two claims which were fully within the terms of the plan as to what the plan covers. Both claims took forever to process and it was an excruciating process to get a customer service person on the phone and receive any updates. What's even more infuriating is that both claims were denied for no good reason. It then took me another long process to appeal the decision, which was again denied. What a colossal waste of time, money and energy. I highly suggest you do not use their service.

We: me, my wife and daughter and her significant other were looking forward to seeing Cuba via Viking Cruise Line. We were told by our travel agent that none of the top rated insurance companies would cover trips to Cuba so we ended up with Trip Mate. We had to cancel the trip due to wife’s injury. Since filing the claim, we have gotten every dodge that is possible.

I purchased a ticket to go to Vegas this year and purchased insurance through Trip Mate. After the shooting happened in October, I did not feel comfortable traveling at the time, especially a month after the tragic incident happened. Trip Mate denied my claim, after two months of calling them to follow up on my claim. I’m not much of a traveler and I did not want to go to Vegas. My well being and safety meant nothing to this company. The worst customer service aside from my health insurance. You're on hold for 20 mins and automatically put on their call back list. I won’t recommend this insurer to anyone.

I planned trip to Israel. I have osteoarthritis of both hips and when I went to my dr. he said that I would not be able to do the walking that was required. So I cancelled the trip. I have been trying unsuccessfully since October to get a refund on the trip. I have provided the necessary physician’s statements and continue to call and only get customer service. Then two weeks later I received a note needing more physician’s information. These people are horrible, obviously I didn’t go on the trip as someone else took my room. I don’t understand why I can’t get my $4,000 back!!

I always buy Trip Insurance but have never had to use it until this past summer. Booked a trip to Greece and fell and was unable to travel. The claim was submitted mid August 2016 it is now 10/1816. I have had nothing but runarounds, no one can answer my questions asked for more documentation etc. BOTTOM LINE... They don't want to pay. I called and was told a check was "cut" 10/10/16 but unable to tell me when it would be mailed... "NOT IN THIS BATCH" to be mailed yet. It's up to accounting. Asked who could I talk to in accounting. Told that's not possible. They want your money but don't want to pay. Bottom line this is a claim filed three months ago, can't tell me when it will be mailed maybe by November but not a definite answer. What I need to do next? Go to the Media to get an answer? Do NOT USE THIS COMPANY... Very poor customer service.

I had a trip planned to England and Ireland and took out travel insurance with my travel agent. I did not question the reputation of the insurance carrier. Prior to the trip I had a health concern that resulted in me cancelling the trip. I have heart issues in the past, but have developed a new problem not related to my previous problem. I have never seen a worse run company that Trip Mate. They denied my claim based upon prior existing conditions after 10 weeks. During that time I repeated try to contact someone in the company and was never given anyone to talk to that could answer my questions. They never once contacted me or asked for additional information. I would warn anyone thinking of insuring their travel with this company to think twice about it. Find another more reputable company. They will look for anything they can to deny a claim.

We purchased insurance to cover our Grade 8 class' trip from Toronto to Boston. One child was ill and required hospitalization. We have completed the claims process, and the claim was approved on August 28th. Now it is November 21, and we are still getting the runaround on when the cheque will be written. This in spite of repeated claims on their voice recording that all claims will be processed within 90 days of receipt of all documentation. I agree with the other poster, buy your travel insurance from a reputable company - not this one!

When cancelling a Viking cruise, they told me that the insurance was not refundable, although we bought it so we could cancel for any reason. We are out of $1436.00. This company could not be found on any BBB website. Do not use this insurance company. We bought it without question because of the integrity of Viking cruises. We did not receive anything in writing that would alert us of the facts of cancellation of the trip. What a rip off.

In August of 2017 I developed a bacteria in my blood and was diagnosed with Endocarditis. The bacteria had attacked my aortic valve. On September 1st, 2017 I coded. After CPR was performed on me to get my heart started back, I was put on a ventilator for a week in which time my kidneys failed and had to go on dialysis and a piece of the vegetation from the bacteria broke off and went to my brain causing a stroke. Ultimately, on September 14th, 2017 I had open heart surgery to replace my aortic valve.

I was released from the hospital on September 21st. I was on at-home antibiotics through a port line 3x a day for 6 weeks, until October 23rd. I had a trip planned to Maui, Hawaii leaving October 11th and returning October 20th that was booked through Delta Vacations. I had taken travel insurance out through Delta Vacations with TripMate. I have contacted them numerous times concerning reimbursement with the answer from them that they are still processing it. I have provided medical records, doctor statements, proof of purchase, dates of admission/release from hospital, everything they have asked to make their decision, but still no refund.

I have read reviews on this company and they are not good at all. We have received full refunds from everybody for this trip except TripMate. They are a fraudulent company and take people's money and never intend to issue refunds. I will never use this company again and would highly recommend if you have to take travel insurance to make sure that it is not through TripMate. I spoke to them one last time and told them they had until 2/4/18 and I was reporting them. I will be contacting the Kansas Insurance Commission to report them. This company must be made to answer for all their sneaky, unfair, scheming, and downright thievery practices.

No communication - never spoke with anyone from the company. Horrible experience. Do your research and go with another company. They send you no updates - you have to do all the legwork - wait times on the telephone is very long.

The reason for my review is: to warn people how terrible, awful, frustrating, unreachable by phone, Trip Mate is. My advice: Don't do it! Bottomline... I got my MONEY 9 months after I submitted my claim... After calling, calling, calling, month after month. I finally called the underwriter, who called TripMate... And PRESTO! I got through to the claims examiner. Who said, and you will laugh, that the check was in the mail. My advice. #1. Fill out their form perfectly. #2.Get substantiated documents from your MD or hospital and enclose with your claim form. #3. Remember, it is their interest to not pay. Don’t give up and good luck.

We purchased trip insurance through Tripmate for a cost of over $350. We are unable to make the trip due to our home being destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. We were denied reimbursement, because the event didn't happen within 10 days of departure. Even the airlines weren't that cold-hearted. Stay away from these people if you are smart. They are only out to take your money!

Unfortunately, I did not do my research on this company when I booked a trip from TRAVELIVE and they offered travel insurance from TRIP MATE, so I hope this help someone. I took the insurance since I was four months pregnant and figured while in another country or if any emergency comes up I am covered..I WAS NEVER TOLD BY THE TRAVEL AGENCY TRAVELIVE agent ** that taking the insurance after the 20 day cut off from the 1st payment allow TRIP MATE to deny a claim as pre existing.

You do not get terms & conditions of the policy or the company they use until after payment of insurance. When I put my claim in it took them 4 months not the 15 days they claim to tell me PREGNANCY IS A PRE EXISTING CONDITION based on when I purchased the insurance. I had no idea pregnancy would be treated as an illness. I was given the runaround from TRIP MATE from November 14, 2014 to March 10, 2015, to be denied. Unfortunately, I had complications that were pregnancy related. I did not know I had any issues until I got pregnant which was 2 months after I booked my trip.

I was not told any important information about the policy I was getting from my travel agent ** for TRAVELIVE who by the way knew I was pregnant as we would have small talk about it. All I was informed was I had to get the insurance 15 days before the trip, which I did. Unfortunately, I began having complications right before I was suppose to travel.

On top of being crushed I could not go on my trip, ended up in the hospital now this company have the nerve to say they are not paying my claim since I had a PRE EXISTING CONDITION. LADIES STAY AWAY FROM DOING BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY WITH THEIR DISCRIMINATORY PRACTICES. I feel like all the progress women make there is always someone/something to remind us how far we need to go and TRIP MATE is one..

As many of you I wish I had read these reviews before. As soon as I arrived to US I completed the claim (May 14, 2018) and until now I have NO RESPONSE. Every time I call they say something new. The status of the claim on the system is not helpful at all and I always find myself calling them. I had to complete a claim form with another insurance company at the beginning of the year and I received the refund within 2 weeks. Now, this experience has become a nightmare!!

This is the absolute worst company ever. Don’t know how they sleep at night. Had a family vacation booked to Turks and Caicos with my children and parents. A few months before the trip my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. The doctors started her on treatment and were hopeful she would be able to take this vacation. As the trip was approaching in December the doctors informed us her cancer had spread and she would not be able to go. Trip Mate refuses our claim because they said she should have known she couldn’t go!!! Are you kidding me? We are hiring an attorney and will pursue this claim. Please don’t ever pay for this this insurance!!!

I brought my Mom along on my vacation. She flew from Jakarta, Indonesia to the Philippines, Manila and I flew from the States and we all met there and took off to another islands in the Philippines. Bought Trip Mate insurance for my Mom because it is recommended by CheapOair website. Due to Network Alignment by AirAsia (I don’t even know what it means), the Airline cancelled my Mom's flight and offer to fly her several days later. There is no way I am going to leave my Mom in a country (she does not speak English nor Tagalog). It will be heartless of me to do so... Therefore, I bought another ticket for her to fly back to Indonesia. When I submit the claims to Trip Mate it was denied and was told it was not covered... So what kind of travel insurance are they selling then? Please DO NOT Buy Trip Mate insurance and if you do have to buy please make sure you know what you are buying... This is just Terrible!

Wife and I just booked a land tour with one of the tour companies that uses Trip Mate as their travel insurance provider. Due to all the negative comments read at this website, we have decided to use another insurance company or just take the chance that nothing happens. I understand now how difficult it would be to get a claim paid from Trip Mate, or probably any other third party travel insurance company for that matter. I also see that there are 127 registered complaints with the BBB in Kansas City over the past three years and that is just from those who took the time to file a complaint. Thanks again for the heads-up!

My family planned a tripped to Europe for August 2015 and the six of us each purchased Trip Mate travel insurance within 10 days of booking. Purchasing the insurance at this time guaranteed pre-existing conditions were covered. Unfortunately we had to cancel the trip due to a pre-existing back condition I have. Trip Mate declined the claim because I had the condition prior to booking. Makes no sense and they are unwilling to listen. Even went through the appeal process and they still declined the claim. Highway robbery and I will be contacting the insurance commissioner and the BBB.

Because it's required to rate with a star, I had to click 1... but in all honesty, this company does not deserve even a star after my experience. I bought this insurance when I booked my ticket with Cheapoair online. I was flying from SFO to LA to Chengdu. Because of the weather condition in SFO, the initial trip was delayed for more than 2 hours; causing me to miss my connecting flight to Chengdu. The plane companies involved were washing their hands saying that it's not their responsibility that I missed the flight and to put me in another flight. In short, I have to buy new tickets (LA-Chengdu; Chengdu-SFO), among others.

When I came back, I filed a claim... only to encounter more problems: (a) it takes forever for a representative to answer the call; (b) their 15-day policy was not followed--I filed the claim last January; now it's already March; (c) after a long wait, I was told that they will refund the hotel (for a night stay in LA), but not the tickets I bought because of the delayed SFO flight and the missed LA-Chengdu flight. Honestly, it feels like I haven't been insured at all. Learning for the day: Trip Mate Insurance is NOT an Mate for any Trip. It doesn't insure you at all. Money wasted.

I have travelled the world with many great companies. My husband and I were to take a trip to Canada. As always, I purchased insurance through Globus' insurance company TRIPMATE. My husband was diagnosed with aggressive melanoma and we had to cancel the trip. I reported the immediately after cancelling That was June 24. It is January 3, 2018. I have heard nothing having repeatedly tried to contact them. I have been on hold on the phone seven separate times at a waiting period of at least 40 minutes apiece, and then was disconnected each time. I am owed $2891.17. I doubt we will ever see that money. Please BE AWARE.

Purchased this travel insurance hoping that it would cover me for cancellation and safety purposes but unfortunately it didn't do anything as it promised. Got my trip cancelled and informed them right away, submitted all the forms they requested, took them a month to respond only to deny my claim and didn't get a refund even a single cent from what I paid for. What upsets me more is the response of the agent that there's no need to get back to them neither ways to amend my request as it has already been reviewed. Upon checking, they also have the lowest and unsatisfactory customer review.

As a claims adjuster, I thought I had done my due diligence by checking recommendations on the insuremytrip website. Very good reviews. But meaningless, because most of the reviewers had never actually had to make a claim. I should have checked out this and other consumer website to get the true story. Like many others, I am waiting six weeks now and still no resolution. Their online claim status site is a joke. One line says our claim is denied and another says payment is forthcoming. Can't get a straight story on which one it is. Can never find out who is the actual claims handler, because I can't get connected to anyone past the telephone operator. Since I handle claims for a living, I know how to read a policy and confirm my coverage and I know how to provide complete documentation. That is irrelevant to these people; they simply are not in the business to pay claims.

This is the letter I wrote to the President of Trip Mate -- Dear Mr. Finkle: I am writing to express some concerns with some travel insurance that my husband and I purchased for a recent trip to Barbados back in February of this year from your company. First, I would like to take this opportunity to say that your organization does not deliver what you promise. Example number one: Our trip was February 18 through February 28th, 2017 and upon our return I immediately contacted Trip Mate to file a claim and was told I would have the issue resolved within 30 days and it took two months to receive my denial notice. Your very own LinkedIn page says that you offer a state of the art claims and handling department designed to specifically assist customers and to provide them with peace of mind knowing their vacation investment is protected.

Personally I don't believe the customer having to go online six weeks after the claim was filed to check on the status and then having to resort to calling customer service each week requesting to speak with a supervisor and rarely even getting to speak with a live person, as being very state-of-the-art. A better representation would be that your organization has chosen to join the ranks of those who hide behind the internet and focus on the almighty dollar instead of actually being customer focused and offering a service. I find it very disheartening that an upset customer does not have access to speaking with management if they so desire to share their concerns and ask relevant questions to their very own claim.

Being an honest individual seems to have hurt my claim versus protecting my investment, which is what most normal individuals purchase insurance for in the first place. On Tuesday, February 14th I visited an urgent care physician for diagnosis and medication for what I believed to be a urinary tract infection and was treated for such with a shot and prescriptions. The physician said I would be fine to go on my trip as planned originally and to continue taking all prescribed medications for the allotted time period, for which I followed his direction. By Friday of that week I was feeling 100 percent better and was getting excited for our getaway to Barbados, but a few days into the vacation, I started to feel worse and chose to visit the on-resort nurses office for assistance. The nurse and I agreed it would be best to have a doctor examine me and possibly provide additional or new medications to alleviate my discomfort and pain.

Medically speaking I don't know how Trip Mate could not be held responsible for refunding my $560 claim because there is no way to prove if this situation was a pre-existing condition or a brand new occurrence that manifested itself after my arrival to Barbados. If you recall, I was taking the medications as prescribed and felt 100% better within 3 days of visiting the doctor in the United States. Trip Mate chose to deny the claim because in their opinion the illness occurred before the plan was actually in effect; therefore they are not legally obligated to reimburse me for my out-of-pocket expenses from having to see a physician in Barbados. I beg to differ.

If your organization chooses to not reimburse me for my out of pocket expense for seeing a physician that is certainly your prerogative, but rest assured I will utilize every social media platform and go on local tv stations stating our differences of philosophy regarding this matter. Any normal human being would have not gotten on the airplane and went on vacation when ill. In fact, I would have thought it would be more expensive for Trip Mate to have to reschedule the resort, air fare and ground transportation for cancelling the trip. Your company is not even really out anything because of the two policies that were purchased for my husband and me.

The logic behind the denial simply does not make sense to me and being a woman of character and value persuades me to take necessary action into my own hands, warning consumers of your business practices especially after reading this sentence on your Linkedin profile, "we were the first company to make available provisions to waive the policy exclusion for pre-existing conditions through-out our product line." Professionally I see this situation as your company has no accountability or responsibility to consumers except to reach inside their wallets and take their hard earned money. Being hypocritical and racing to the nearest bank is what your company is all about and not focusing on the value your customers truly have on increasing your bottom line and profit margins if done honestly.

My girlfriend and I did a trip to Russia and on the way back the flight got cancelled because the airlines went bankruptcy. I did a claim back in October 2017 and I called several times but I always have to leave a message for them to call me. When they return the call all they say is that they have a lots of claims so there has been some delays and I keep getting the same story over and over again. I think this company is a FRAUD and everyone should report this company to the authorities.

We purchased travel insurance for cancellation ticket refund through & who serve as third party vendor to AMERICAN Airlines. The claim form is 9 pages long & required lot of documentation. We completed the form & it was received by Trip Mate on June 13th, and we were told it took 10 business days to process. Now it's almost 6 wks since they received the completed form and no day in sight to when it will be processed!!! Why would American Airlines allow a third party vendor to sell insurance to their customers when they do not honor their obligations??? THEIR LICENSE TO DO BUSINESS SHOULD be terminated!!

I had to cancel my trip to Dubai because I ruptured my Achilles tendon in a fall. I filled out the required forms, including the physicians statement, on January 30, 2017. I was informed that it would take three weeks to get my money back. I have called numerous times inquiring about my refund and I am consistently told that they are slightly behind. It has now been 10 weeks and I still do not have my money. I have had an opportunity to schedule two more trips and Trip Mate was recommended; however, I declined and will find another insurance company to do business with. I have informed my friends to do the same as well. The one star rating I gave them is being very generous. Thank you.

Viking Cruise line sold us expensive insurance policy before trip to Europe. This company is the only one they use, so no choice. We missed a connecting flight in Paris due to NYC weather conditions and tight connection times. We were delayed 5 hours and I ended up making many international phone calls. I filed a claim right away even before we left Europe. All the documentation was sent out and received after Christmas. I have called 3 times to ask the status of the claim and feel as if I am getting the runaround by them. It was supposed to have been done and now they are telling me "next week." How long does it take to "review?"

We missed our flight to Montego Bay Jamaica due to no fault of our own. When we arrived at Sandals Ochi we asked about the insurance because we booked through them, they told us we had to contact Trip Mate and we did. Well after a 2 month review they denied us stating that we needed to miss our flight by 3 hours minimum! That is ridiculous at best and a waste of our money! Even if it only costs you $1 save yourself the money because this insurance is worthless and not worth a penny! To add insult to injury it took them 2 months to come up with this excuse!

I have been a travel agent for many years. Never have I seen a company this poor. Clients have filed claim in March and have not been paid out on what should have been a very simple claim. They have submitted all supporting documents on more than one occasion and continue to be told it wasn't submitted, the doctor didn't sign etc. I always recommend trip insurance for my clients. I will NEVER, EVER recommend Trip Mate should one of my travel suppliers use them. I will ONLY offer Allianz insurance or other alternatives. As far as I am concerned Trip Mate stole my client's money. Why should I continue to promote travel protection when they do nothing to protect the client. I will do everything in my power to make sure my clients get paid and that Trip Mate will not do this to another consumer.

I filed a request for a trip refund for health reasons on June 10, 2015. The trip was with Grand Circle, purchased Aug 8/28/14. In October of 2014 I was diagnosed with a health condition that prevented my taking the trip. Trip Mate has still not paid my claim even though they say on their website that its final payment was "entered" on August 6 and final payment was "printed" on August 13, 2015. It has taken two calls on my behalf from Grand Circle to get any action out of them and I still don't have a check. Their phone is always busy. I was on hold for 30 minutes several times. They said to leave a message and they would phone back but they never did.

Updated on 09/23/2015: I finally got my travel refund after filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of Kansas City. I recommend that folks struggling with Trip Mate go right to the BBB for action. The company responded quickly as soon as the BBB contacted them on my behalf.

I purchased the ticket to from US to China (~$800) on Student Universe. I have been using SU to buy flight tickets all the time, and almost every time I purchased they default Trip Mate insurance along with the ticket. I also purchased Trip Mate this time. It seemed a good deal because the insurance, which cost $ 49.95, could cover my cancellation fee of $200. Unfortunately I had to change the flight date after two weeks from purchase. I called Student Universe first, they said they had to charge me with $200 if I cancel the flight, and asked me to file a claim with Trip Mate to cover the cancellation fee. I called Trip Mate and they told me VERY CLEARLY THAT THEY COULD COVER MY CANCELLATION FEE, and asked me to fill out a form and send it back to them.

I did everything I should do. After almost ONE MONTH, today I finally got their call and was told that they couldn't cover my fee because I canceled the flight not because I WAS HIJACKED, GOT SICK, OR GOT KILLED. I checked again their insurance document and finally found a tiny little paragraph about their coverage for trip cancellation. This is completely insane! I just want to post my bad bad experience with so that people who see this won't be tricked again by Trip Mate!

Do NOT, I say again, DO NOT use Trip Mate as your travel Insurance company!! They will ruin your trip. They look for EVERY loophole to get out of paying. We had a suitcase that was damaged on our trip by TSA. There was a hole in the corner of the suitcase. Clothes fell out, we lost valuable possessions. We didn't realize it until we got home and started unpacking the next day. We assessed our situation, figured out what happened and contacted Trip Mate. Lost and damaged property is covered in our policy however, Trip Mate began asking for all kinds of documentation, receipts for clothes and the suitcase, when the stuff was bought, where it was lost, did we contact the airline and to provide them with this documentation.

We spent forever getting this stuff together for them. We presented it to them. They said it wasn't good enough and they asked for more stuff, so we spent more time getting it for them, again it wasn't good enough. They did this to us a million times and then in the end when they ran out of stuff to ask for, they say "we're not covering it." This is a BS company. I am going to the BBB as well. I am warning everyone to stay away from them. I encourage you to not go with these people. If anything happens they will want NOTHING to do with you. They want you to pay them but as soon as they have to stick to their end of the bargain they do EVERYTHING in their power to avoid paying. DO NOT use Trip Mate.

My wife and I are very frequent travellers, at least every other month we are going somewhere and have used several travel insurance companies to include Allianz, Travel Guard, Visa, USAA, there was one we used from Hotwire, etc. None of them have EVER given us this much trouble. Trip Mate is a scam, they are greedy people. DO NOT mess with them. They have cost us about 300 dollars. I hope to cost them MUCH, MUCH more with the reviews I am about to blow up social media and the BBB with, but what's more, I am hoping to help you. I know the stresses of flying and a horrible travel insurance company you cannot count on is the last thing you need. Do not mess with Trip Mate. Thanks.

I booked a party of 6 people through in 2017 to fly from Cleveland, OH to New Orleans. We were heading for our cruise honeymoon with our adult children. CheapOair strongly urged my purchasing the travel insurance indicating it would pay for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING if for any reasons our trip was disrupted or cancelled.

The day before our departure, our airport was shut down due to a severe snow storm. Frantically, I tried all sources trying to get to New Orleans or we would have to cancel our cruise trip. One of our children and her spouse were already in New Orleans- AA (the flight that was our departure airline) kept cancelling our flights over the next 36 hours and we finally got overblown prices of airfares (for 6 people) to fly out of Columbus, Ohio (surprise!! AA ticketing agent indicated there weren't any flight in my state or nearby airport); Columbus airport is approx 2 hours away from Cleveland Hopkins.

We made the trip but the additional costs of airline tickets and layover sleeping in the airport overnight cost us 3x of the original airfare. I filed the claim with Trip Mate - assuming they would respond right away. After 15 days I didn't hear anything, I called. They told me, "O, your claim could not be processed because the reason code was not correct". Ok, so I refiled the claim with their customer services rep 15 days later. They also confirmed all things (forms, back documents) are in order.

Now the fun began. I didn't hear from them a couple of weeks, I called and was informed it would take about 30 days to finalize. 30 days later, I called, emailed, asking for status. They put me on hold for more than 45 days later. Then told me there were some receipts they would need. I told them EVERYTHING was emailed in with confirmation from Trip Mate that all information was in order. Now I was beginning to feel they were jerking my around. I called and was stone-walled by their customer service reps every single time. NOBODY EVER KNOWS what my claim status, nor could I speak with the person who would be processing it. This was March of 2018.

I went online to view their Facebook Page and personally messaged several complaints posted by people hosed by Trip Mate. This is their tactic - they make it so frustrated so you give up. After posting my complaint on their FB page, Jacklyn (no last name) called and we chatted. She said she was looking for a receipt for a hotel stay (she even said the amount) but she couldn't see it??? What she was looking at WAS the receipt. I re-sent the package of documents that I originally emailed to their email address. I called in again to check on the status, the customer service rep said they didn't receive anything and he said sometimes they had a little problems with transmission of data. Days later in August, I received a letter in mail from Trip Mate indicating they denied my claim!! A few days after that, Jacklyn called and left me a VM saying that my claim was now in the final review with their claim examiner.

I am saying this company is a thief!! I tried reaching out to CheapOair to see if they could help since they have recommended this garbage to all their customers. COA at first told me they could not do anything since it was a third party and not part of COA. After all the months of frustrations trying to resolve this with Trip Mate, I told COA they had moral obligation to look into the insurance company they had so urgently encouraging their customers to purchase. They told me they had tried reaching out to Trip Mate but Trip Mate wouldn't talk to them. O Yeah? How do you think your customers feel? They wouldn't talk to me either. Thanks for the heads-up on this!!

This is a sad thing for both companies, I must say. I have in the past booked expensive tickets through COA and I will no longer to do so. I am now just on the mission to tell my circles of friends and families who are frequent travelers not to purchase Trip Mate as Travel Insurance if they need it. I will also make sure I post my story on the any travel sites I can find. If you wish to go through CheapOair for ticketing, and purchase their travel insurance, make sure you inquire enough information as to who their travel insurance company is. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

I have read many poor reviews related to this company and I have come to the conclusion that many are lacking credibility. This company is forthcoming in every aspect. If you submit a legitimate claim you will have no problem. My claim was resolved in less then a month. Shame on all of those who write bad reviews when the problem lies with themselves.

I opened my claim in August 2017. I was to take a trip to Peru with my 80 yr old parents. They insisted on buying my travel insurance on 7/20/17 - just 5 days before our trip. Well I woke up on 7/23/17 with my sciatica nerve pinched so bad, not only did I miss the trip, I spent 3 months in physical therapy and intense pain. Trip Mate initially denied the claim in November because they said I saw my doctor the same day the trip to Peru started. I submitted hospital paperwork and a statement from my doctor saying I originally seemed medical help on 7/23/17. I knew they were concerned the injury happened so close to purchasing the trip insurance, however I had the paperwork to prove my case.

Since then it’s been one delay-or as my attorney stated - stonewalling - so they don’t have to pay the claim. A demand letter was sent and received by them on 8/21/18. I have also opened up a complaint with the Department of Consumer Affairs in Missouri - as well as a complaint with the Missouri Insurance Board. I encourage anyone who is having a hard time with them - do the same. They are anything BUT a professional organization.

Dealing with this company has been a nightmare - they took over 11 weeks to complete the claim and issued the check in name of a wrong person, then it has been 5 weeks already and they have not corrected the mistake. I am not sure how are they still in business. Customer service never knows anything and is never of any help. Most of them sound arrogant and insensitive. I will try to avoid them in the future at all costs!

Purchased Travel Insurance for $274. Got to Mexico without our bags on Monday, the bags showed up Thursday. We spent $122 to get a few items to bridge the gap until we received our bags. After submitting originals of all paperwork received from airlines, completed Trip Mate claim forms, receipts for goods as well as receipt for Trip Mate policy and full itinerary our Claim was denied. Tripmate's response was that Aero Mexico (airline) would not respond to Tripmate's email verifying the delayed luggage. Multiple calls to Tripmate requesting a manager call me back were not followed up with until my third request. After the frustration and treatment I received from Tripmate I would strongly urge everyone to avoid them at all costs. They are only good if you do not have a claim, but then why do you need them?

We were on a Viking River Cruise in China (August 2018). The first night, my husband got food poisoning. The ship's doctor treated him for the remaining 6 days on the ship. We submitted our claim to Trip Mate who has stalled, requested additional information, denied, reopened and stalled some more. We still have not been paid and it is the end of January 2019! Ridiculous! Don't EVER use this company for travel insurance when there are so many others to chose from. This is who Viking recommends but purchase your insurance elsewhere.

I paid for a trip to Italy in July 2014 through Globus who uses Tripmate for their insurer. I had had two knee surgeries and was concerned that my knee was not going to be healed by the trip which was to depart in September. I went in to the Globus office in Littleton, CO and talked with the travel agent in person. I mentioned my concern and she suggested that I purchase travel insurance so that I could get a refund if necessary. I ended up having to cancel because my knee was not healing. I had to have another surgery, this time on my foot because I was walking crooked and thus the reason for my knee not healing.

I had both my surgeon who performed both knee surgeries and the physician overseeing my physical therapy fill out the Attending Physicians Statement and was told that wasn't good enough and that my claim was being rejected and was given a travel voucher. Tomorrow, 11-13-14, I am having my surgeon who performed my foot surgery fill out the APS. I will be faxing this to Tripmate. They have sent me a travel voucher but I want my cash that I paid in good faith to this company. The travel voucher is only good at Globus or one of its affiliates. Makes me wonder if the two companies aren't in cahoots together. Hmmm, I say something smells. I am going to report this company to the Insurance Board in Missouri and I will be checking what other avenues I have to take if I do not get a cash refund.

I feel that three surgeries in less than one year is more than enough reason to obtain a full refund for having to cancel my trip. I feel very deceived by the travel agent that signed me up for this trip as well as Tripmate. Very deceptive practices and very poor customer service. I paid by check the full amount for the trip at the time I went into the office of Globus on July 25, 2014. Sylvia was my travel agent and I felt she should have been more informed and let me know that by purchasing trip insurance I would not necessarily receive my cash, but that was not the case. I was told to purchase the insurance in case my knee wasn't healed by trip time so that I could get a refund. I will let you know how this turns out. I noticed that this has a square asking whether I want an attorney to contact me about my complaint. Only if Tripmate has to pay!

We canceled our flight within 24 hours due to illness. We have submitted our Medical and doctor's report. There has been no communication except an acceptance of our documents online. This a very simple, straightforward claim and I have a feeling that this company is a sham and does not pay their claims. I will wait ten days and start the claim through the Insurance Commissioner.

Purchased the insurance in February with our vacation package for a trip in July. We were out of the country and unfortunately my husband fell ill. Upon returning I submitted a claim form along with all necessary documents. After two months of the runaround I was told that I needed to submit my claim to my MEDICAL insurance company and submit the EOB back to Trip Mate. I have submitted the EOB and I am still waiting to hear back from Trip Mate. Do NOT waste your money on this insurance. They will not pay you!!

After two and half months of follow-up with Trip Mate regarding my baggage delay claim, I received the claim amount of maximum $200. I am very happy with the final decision made by Trip Mate, yes they took a lot of time to come to a conclusion but result came in my favor. All I need to say that you just have to submit all documents properly as required for verification and do a regular follow-up with them. They are not fake but instead a genuine US-based insurance company. If you can't provide all documents for verification or any discrepancy found then don't expect a positive result. There will be high chance of your claim will get rejected.

So kudos to Trip Mate.

Their customer service sucks!!!! I paid for my premium in a timely manner for a policy that says you can cancel for any reason. I unfortunately due to illness that could have ended my life I was unable to travel. I sent them over 30 pages of documentation of the hospital stay, the claim form, doctor's statement, hospital bill, copy of invoice where I paid for the cruise and for the insurance. One month later I still don't have my money!!!! Viking River Cruises should partner with someone else because these people suck!!!!

After 10 years of using this company to insure my overseas travel (of which there has been plenty), I filed my first claim. Rejected on a technicality. My first mammogram ever came back with a lump. My dr was able to schedule me in for a biopsy the day before my trip. During my trip the biopsy site became Inflamed. In addition my cat was diagnosed with a terminal illness and I needed to rush home to say goodbye. Because I got the biopsy the day before my coverage started and cats aren’t people, none of my emergency expenses were covered. Zero. While I’m not an idiot and understand a cat isn’t a human, the mental stress of a dying cat and impending cancer results as well as the biopsy site infection sent me home. This is considered a preexisting condition.

A mammogram is a standard medical test required for all women over 40. The fact that the surprise last minute biopsy happened less than 24 hours before I left for my trip was a gift from my dr who squeezed me in but sadly the irritation and stress isn’t covered. I can honestly say I never thought such terrible circumstances wouldn't be covered. This company took months of back and forth and sent me the same letters over and over listing technicalities and justifications before finally rejecting my claim. They managed to make the worst week of my life even worse.

I will never use them again and I recommend no one else does either. Basic women’s health and extenuating family circumstances, even when they are a dying pet you’ve had for 15 years and not a human, are valid reasons to spend thousands of dollars to cancel a trip and miss my best friend’s wedding. If your company’s policies don't recognize that then you have lost all my business and the business of anyone I can influence. Shame on you.

Filed original claim on 1/21/18. Fell & injured my left knee before leaving to head down to the airport for my trip to Costa Rica. This was a travel purchase through Overseas Adventure Travels (OAT). They were of no help at all. Sent ER information regarding my injury on 1/21/18 . On 2/5/18 went to get MRI as suggested by my doctor and it was determined I had a fractured tibia. Numerous communications with the last being from Erick at Trip Mate @ 7:48 PM Pacific time on 5/16/18 indicating he would take care of this & get claim processed and to send MRI results. Obtained & sent to TM on 5/18/18. Today 6/1/18 no additional injury information except additional MRI information sent on 5/18/18 as requested from Eric at Trip Mate showing I had a fractured tibia. Almost as if this was the original injury information. Am now going on 5 months. On Hold with no answer for well over 1 hour.

I used the company recommended by OAT. I was unable to go on a booked trip because of an accident. It has been almost 3 months since I submitted all of the required documents and still have not received a check for the trip amount. Note that this company has terrible reviews and OAT still recommends them. What's up? Why would such a large company review such a bad company? Also this company does not reimburse for the cost of the policy. So OAT should recommend another company. Don't you think? I will follow up with them as well.

I had pneumonia and was unable to travel. I submitted all my documentation to Tripmate and it was approved November 26, 2018. I have called weekly asking where my refund is and when I can expect it. It is now JANUARY 9, 2019, A MONTH AND A HALF after approval and I still do not have my refund. I have contacted Overseas Adventure Travel to alert them of my problem with a refund. Should I ever receive a refund I will be very leery of traveling with OAT and never use TRIPMATE for travel insurance.

In August of 2017 my girlfriend and I booked a fairly costly trip to Spain. For the first time in my life I elected to purchase travel insurance through Tripmate. A week or two before the trip I received terrible news that my 29 year old brother had passed away. Given the tragic circumstances my girlfriend and I cancelled the trip and cancelled prior to the trip departure date. After 4 1/2 months of back and forth transcripts and sending death certificates to these idiots, this disgusting insurance company DENIED our claim for reimbursement. My immediate family member passes away and you deny the claim!?! I have hired professional legal services and will be pursuing legally so these scumbags do not get away with these disgusting immoral acts. These people are the bottom of the bottom and their terrible reviews support this.

This is insurance company is a scam. I sent them pages of information with travel warnings from the US Embassy and from nationwide news and headlines that issues warnings for tourists in Mexico due to growing violence toward tourists in Mexico. The cartel and drug wars have been on the rise over the year. There were ferry bombings and tourist being shot. They have yet to refund my payments. It has been several months and still no payment. Stay away from this company!

My mom had planned a trip to Israel with a friend. A month after paying her deposit, her speech was slurring, we thought she had a mini stroke. It took doctors time to figure out what was wrong - my mom was diagnosed with ALS. Mom wrote letters & Trip Mate denied her appeal. They told us they needed the money for research. We sent medical records as asked. Trip Mate also said she had pre existing condition - all lies. I wish they would do the right thing and also give her friends money back, which is also $800.00. I think I will get the ALS Association on this as well. Trip Mate needs to do the right thing. My mom could use this to pay her medical bills. Please any help would be appreciated!

$218 for trip insurance was a total rip off. I had to cancel a Sandals+airfare reservation for a medical reason and not only did I not get my money back, they said they were keeping the airline portion of the refund. KEEPING IT. So they made money on the trip insurance but also were keeping the airline REFUND??? I would definitely never use this company. They are hooked up with Sandals so shop around. There are many on the internet.

This is the most deceitful insurance company I have ever dealt with -- reaching them is difficult and when you do you are given a different answer from every person you speak with. I spent many hours documenting a claim because I was told that was what I needed to do by one person and just found out that not one penny will be covered. Time for a lawyer.

I took Trip Mate to cover a car rental on a trip to Barbados in July 2018 and unfortunately I had an accident that cost me US$5400.00. I immediately filed a claim with Trip Mate and to this date October 10th, 2018 I have had no resolution to the matter. Everytime I call the agent says give them another week. Yesterday they said give them two weeks. They promise a 30 day turnaround time but it is now almost 90 days. They never contact you to update you on the progress but tout their service like it's the best. I believe that it is a sham and I plan on filing a complaint with the American insurance regulators and then a lawsuit against Trip Mate and Fareportal if my claim is not settled by end of October 2018.

I had a dental emergency requiring a root canal in Poland. The trip was stopped for 3 days. Cost of root canal $500. Claim denied after a 6 month period of letters sent back and forth requesting more and more information. The website is useless and simply shows letters and file entries of when letters or information requested. Totally worthless insurance. Don't buy this crap. Excuses for delays was the hurricanes in the USA.

Booked a trip in April 2014 to Atlantis for 4 people. In September 2014 my son was told that he needed surgery probably in December 2014 when the the trip was scheduled. He got doctor's notes and we filed a claim in October but I had to call several times for it to be reviewed. It took about one month for a review after someone expedited the claim. He actually had surgery on November 26 and would be recuperating in December. I called on November 26 at about 10 am and was told that a supervisor would get back to me in 24-48 hours but that the office was closed for Thanksgiving on Thursday and Friday. It is now Monday and still no supervisor. And I was told that they did not have a doctor's note which they did explaining the need for surgery.

No one wants to cancel a vacation because of the need for surgery. We paid $100 per person for this insurance. Who needs this aggravation on top of medical problems? Shame on this insurance company. The accreditation to act as an insurance company should be reviewed by the insurance board. Look at all of the complaints against Tripmate.

I had my first claim with these guys after buying their insurance for years. My wife developed serious pneumonia and we had to cancel. I provided them all info, Dr statement, everything. Keep getting the runaround. I was told it would be adjudicated in 15 Business days. At day 23 I was told it was expedited and I would get a call in two days. No call. I called next day and am being put on hold and then passed around and put on hold again. I think this place is running a scam. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE.

TripMate is fantastic - if you don't have any type of emergency or cancellation. I purchased insurance through TripMate for a month-long trip to Bhutan, India and Nepal. Just before our departure date my mother became ill and passed away. I had to cancel our trip one week before the departure date. I filed all of the required documentation with TripMate and they acknowledged receipt on 11/02/0218. It is now 01/24/2019 and I am still awaiting a refund of my money - approximately $17,000. I have called their customer service number several times and no one can explain to me what the issue is. I was told there was an "accounting problem" in December, but no one can tell me what the "problem" was.

This company is endorsed by OAT (Overseas Adventure Travel) so I hold them responsible as well. This is such a misappropriation of my money and a blatantly dishonest practice. How can a company take your money in 30 seconds but it takes over three months to return it? I've filed complaints with the State's Attorney's Office as well as the Better Business Bureau, and still no refund yet. It is totally unacceptable! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!

I wish I could rate less than 1 star! Trip was with Smart Tours to S. Africa with my wife and grandson - a graduation gift for graduating University. A week before the trip my wife was diagnosed with cancer and had to start treatment immediately. I filed a claim. Whenever you call Trip Mate there is a long wait on the phone. Half an hour or an hour is not unusual. By this time you are very upset - I cannot imagine working there!!! EVERY TIME I was told the claim is in the final stages. It was not of course. The claim was for the trip and was over $11,000.

I called Smart Tours to complain about their ins co. They were marvelous and sent us $7,000 even though their contract stated that they did not have to because of the short notice. So Trip Mate was off the hook for the whole $11,000. But still they delayed. Every time I heard it is being finalized. Once they said the check has been signed and you should have it in 3 days. That was weeks or months ago. Today I was told again that the check was ready to be mailed, but it had missed the post!!! The paper work they require is huge. And we e-mailed it twice, and I copied it and mailed it in the post too. They asked for more. We sent it.

Then after "it is being finalized" for about the 15th time we discovered that they had contacted more of my wife's doctors - doubtless looking for one willing to say whatever it was they wanted to hear! It has been 4 months now and about to go into the 5th month. The stress of my wife's cancer is horrendous, but they don't care about that. Obviously they hope you will give up, and I might have, but we need the money to pay for doctors, operations, hospitals. Any further trips, and we travel a lot, will not be with any company that uses Trip Mate. But right now we need to get her cured. Please God.

My husband and I purchased TripMate travel insurance for our May 2018 trip on a Viking River Cruise. Our trip was interrupted when my husband had a medical emergency. We called Viking rep right away and the incident was filed. Then our nightmare began working with TripMate which is still ongoing. Over time the correct documents were sent upon their request. We are seeking reimbursement for the unused portion of our trip. You call and a recording defers you to someone calling you back within 24 hours. This could be in the middle of the night depending on the time zone. Each time you talk to a rep you cannot get an answer on the status of your claim. Our claim was entered on May 5, 2018 and to date no information from TripMate.

I purchased travel insurance because the airline I chose did not offer any refund or change policy. A few days prior to my flight to France I went into the hospital with what appeared to be a heart attack (it was not fortunately). I was released from the hospital the morning of the day I was to fly with the caution from the hospital that flying was not a good idea for 5 days. (I had had an angiogram and there was risk of bleeding from the artery that had been used to insert a catheter into my heart).

I filed all the requested paperwork with Trip Mate and heard nothing from them for about a month. When I called them they said that the original ticket seller "CheapOAir" had not responded to their request for documentation of the purchase of insurance... I asked when they would follow up and they said that they wait a month to re-request info. A very long time in my estimation. I called CheapOAir and they sent the requested information by email within minutes that I forwarded to Trip Mate. I was then told by Darcie at Trip Mate that she would forward this info to her examiner and get back to me that afternoon. I have now waited another week and have called repeatedly to ask Darcie the outcome of her work. She now never takes my calls and has never called back. I have now asked American Express to reverse the charges due to the lack of performance of all parties on the selling side.

I am planning to study abroad in Ghana in the fall. I bought my ticket through student universe and was offered insurance in case I would need to cancel or change my trip, or if the airport lost my bags. It seemed like a great idea so I paid the extra $50. I found out three weeks after buying the ticket that my housing situation had changed by one week, and going to a country I've never been to, I just wanted to change my flight by a week. I called student universe and they informed me that I would have to pay all these huge and expensive fees, but that my insurance should reimburse me, so I called to fill out a claim.

The woman that I first spoke to at Trip Mate very rudely told me multiple times that I should have gotten "cancel for any reason" insurance (which was never once offered to me before I was told I should have gotten it), and that my specific policy would do nothing for me, but that I could call back tomorrow and speak with a person from the claims department. I called again the next morning and was eventually transferred to speak with a woman from the claims department, who told me that if I filed the claim I would still get nothing. I explained to her that it says in my policy it's covered if I need to "travel via alternate travel," but somehow she got that it still was not.

Apparently having no housing in a foreign country is not considered a good enough reason to move a flight. I was definitely tricked into feeling secure by buying the insurance, when in reality it was a huge waste of my money. The paperwork and people I spoke to were very vague and unclear, but were eager to point out how they would do absolutely nothing for me. Not only did I waste the money for my plane ticket now, I also wasted the money on the insurance because it had been more than 14 days so there are no refunds and was not helpful. I will never buy travel insurance through Trip Mate ever again.

I booked a trip to New Zealand and cancelled because of emergency hernia surgery. I submitted all of their paperwork in January. They wouldn't communicate with me other than through some cryptic messages on their website in the claim status log. They supposedly needed to verify that I had not received a refund from the Travel Supplier. This verification process took 4 months. They could have asked the Travel Supplier and received a response in 4 minutes!! To my surprise, I actually did receive a check from Trip Mate approximately 4 months after my surgery. They are not a Total Scam... But you may wake up a few times at 3 a.m. wondering if you'll ever see a penny from Trip Mate. Don't give up - you may get lucky.

We are elderly travelers who assumed that ill health would be adequate reason to cancel a trip four months before scheduled departure. We submitted a 5 page claim form to TripMate requesting reimbursement of airfare deposit, including a doctor's signature indicating an ongoing health condition. TripMate refused to issue a refund.

Trip Mate is the absolutely worst company ever in the history of the world. My fiancé died while on vacation and this company treated me like crap and delayed the claim for an year. I submitted the death certificate and receipts and they tied me up in a never ending process. The government should investigate this wicked company.

Well I'm not glad I'm joining the group of unhappy clients. I don't know how many unhappy customers it takes for some type of legal action to take place. It sure looks like some lawyer or legal service should look into this company. I am like everybody else on this list. Told to check back, being reviewed, "We have your paperwork and now we can't find your claim." Please have someone look into this company. Stop them from selling a service they are not providing. DO NOT BUY if you do see if you can claim it on your taxes as a donation because you will get nothing in return. I hope whoever received my money get what they desire answer to a HIGHER POWER.

The claim that I made with TripMate insurance is finally settled - The TripMate e-check arrived online in the full amount (of the limit) of the claim. I am now a happy camper and would have given TripMate 5 stars, but gave 4 instead because of the following: 1) Documentation required for claim is excessive. You must save EVERYTHING about your trip, your expenses, plane tickets, hotel/places stayed, police reports, hospital reports, witnesses, etc. This took me the better part of a day to collect, scan, and submit these records to the TripMate online claim form.

2) Claim I.D. number changes excessively. You start your claim with your Plan # and your Trip Insurance #, then receive a claim # WHICH CHANGES as they email you or when you check the status of the claim online. My claim number changed 3 times. 3) Wait time excessive for claim e-check payment. After all of my required documentation was received by TripMate, I still has an almost 2 month wait for the e-check. My insurance agent guy does not understand the wait time that TripMate uses to pay a claim. His company settles well-documented claims within weeks, not months.

Will I use TripMate insurance again on a future trip? Definitely yes. TripMate insurance is an excellent value. They cover things that other trip companies do not at a very reasonable price. Now that I know the rules of the TripMate claim process, I will be better prepared if I require it again. Knowing how the "claim-game" is played by TripMate gives me a better understanding of the process, and yes, patience is a virtue.

I bought plane tickets insuring with Tripmate on 9/11/15. On 9/15/15, I was diagnosed with cancer and had to schedule emergency surgery on 10/05/15 that required 6 weeks convalescence. I contacted Trip Mate within 24 hours of finding out to start the process of canceling our trip. Our trip was scheduled for the end of November.

Not only did they require the pathology report, they required my surgeon write TWO different letters detailing his surgery and the convalescence, my FMLA paperwork from my employer, and all previous medical records from the VA Medical Center that I normally use to determine if I had any pre-existing illnesses that could disqualify me from getting my flipping refund. Too much! It's not right that I had to give them ALL of my previous medical records to get back my money. This company is a sham. In fact, they should probably be reported for invading their clients' medical records for undue cause. Do not use. Do not use! I will never see my $2,500.00. Never.

I purchased a celebratory flight with my brother and cousin to travel to Europe. One month after the purchase I had an infection develop that prohibited me from flying for an extended length of time. I followed the process for starting a claim with Trip Mate and provided all the necessary and required documents. Four months later it was determined that Trip Mate felt that I did meet the qualifications for a cash refund and issued a travel voucher despite the fact that I cannot fly (which was listed on the paperwork my doctor filled out).

After discussing with a Trip Mate rep, I was told that it was not possible for anyone to reconsider my case, and that I must now go through an appeal process (which is still not a guarantee). How is this fair practice? There is discrimination in Trip Mate for pre-existing conditions, and they feel that they do not need to express why. The worst part of the experience was having their representative tell me that I should have known that I could get sick because of all of the surgeries I have had (which you the doctor had to tell them, as required by their form). How is that right?? How could they judge me?? I may not be well, but I was clear to fly prior to getting sick. No matter what, I do not and will not recommend this company to anyone. They have no regard for people, Trip Mate just wants your money.

Trip Mate is the WORST company I have ever dealt with. We sent in all the documentation required on 10/11/18 and it's now 12/11/18. We STILL do not have an answer from this horrible company. NEVER AGAIN will I deal with them and I will NEVER go through Viking Cruises, either, if this is the kind of company they partner with for travel insurance. I cannot get a cogent answer from anyone at Trip Mate even if I am able to reach them by phone - which is a rare occurrence. Supposedly, our vouchers were printed on 11/15/18 and mailed to us on 11/30/18. The area code for Trip Mate is in Missouri. We are in the Northeast.

First of all, why did it take 15 days to mail printed vouchers? Second of all, we were told, SPECIFICALLY, that we would have them early this week since they were mailed on 11/30/18 (15 days after they were printed!). I still DO NOT have the vouchers in hand. On top of that, I found out the amount of the vouchers from Viking Cruises. Trip Mate DID NOT give us the full amount we were due. Fool me once, shame on me. You won't fool me twice. I will NEVER, EVER, EVER do business with Trip Mate OR Viking Cruises again. Don't be a fool and do business with either of these companies, either.

There are reliable travel insurance companies but AVOID THIS ONE! My Flight in February was canceled. There was a blizzard and the entire airport closed down. I have all the documentation. It is now June 7 and NO REFUND YET!! They have stonewalled me for four months! Online: "We are unable to locate your claim." Telephone? Wait time 15 minutes, I waited, and then -- nobody! Have spent endless amount of time on this and now must spend more time filling out forms at Better Business Bureau. When will they shut this operation down??

I purchased a policy through Trip Assure for my daughter-in-law's plane ticket to Scotland. Because she was not sure about getting off from work, I purchased "Cancel for any Reason" insurance. This is pricier than regular insurance, and it only pays 75% of the original purchase, which I understood. We knew she would not be able to go about a week before the flight so I started the claim process after calling the airline and cancelling the non-refundable flight. This was the end of June.

After 5 months of calls and getting the runaround from the insurance company, my claim was denied. They said the flight was never cancelled, and I had called the airline several times to be sure it was on record as cancelled. The airline told me numerous times that while they do not issue written cancellations, the insurance company need only call them for verification, and that all insurance companies know this. My word against the insurance company's and all they said I could do was put in an appeal. Appeal for what? Cancel For any reason! Fortunately, the airline has felt sorry for me after all I have been through dealing with this insurance company, and they worked out an acceptable arrangement with this unused ticket. As far as I am concerned, this company is fraudulent, and I will never purchase from them again.