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I live in Metropolitan Atlanta and Clark Howard recommends buying TripInsurance whenever we travel, so I do that. I really like the method that TripInsurance uses to compare the prices and coverage of different policies. Right policy for whatever my needs might be for any particular trip, which can vary from one trip to another. The one experience that I had with customer service was when I needed to get a copy of my policy before a trip. I sent an email on a Saturday and had a response email on Sunday with the copy of the policy. I thought that was very speedy response especially for a weekend. provide excellent service, and they're honest and thorough. I've purchased four or five policies over the last three years for various trips and I have a policy that's currently in effect for a trip that I'm going on later this month. So every time I get ready to travel, I always go on and look it up and get coverage for me and my family. It's an excellent company, and I definitely would recommend it to anyone in need of such insurance. Thank goodness I have never had to submit a claim. I came close one time when there was a big thunderstorm at the Atlantic Airport and our plane was delayed for five hours and then we had a misconnection going to Europe. But it all turned out fine.

We do not go on the trip for which we bought insurance until Feb. 20, 2016. We do enjoy the frequent emails from Dan Skilken that have useful information.

We compared products and policies that would best suit our budget and chose because of the price. We had no problems enrolling and on the trip so the experience was fine.

Even though we did not have to use the insurance policy. Our minds were at ease knowing we had a good policy to cover us during our cruise. We will purchase the same policy for our next cruise.

I buy travel insurance mostly because I'm a senior & if I travel outside the United States, I wouldn't be covered. I also buy it because I live in the Northeast & you never know what the weather will be -- it could cancel or delay my travel. I also have family & if anyone gets sick, I need to be able to cancel my trip & recoup my expenses. I almost had to cancel this last vacation because my son got a serious infection after triple bypass surgery. Thank God I didn't need it but felt reassured that I had it in case I had to interrupt my trip & return home. It was worth the money-- EVEN THOUGH I DIDN'T NEED IT.

A friend recommended TripInsurance to me. I haven't had to use the claims yet, but I'm happy with the experience so far.

We had a good cruise with no problems, but travel insurance was a must even though not needed.

The web site is easy to navigate. Insurance rates are broken to different categories to cover your exact travel program. Covers land, air and cruises. Excellent protection.

I have just recommended to ANOTHER friend. I have used them on 3 trips now and find the array of choices in insurance very helpful in choosing what I want. My sister, who is much younger than I appreciated the breakdown by age for the cost. In addition, another friend of mine had to cancel on the Italy trip 3 of us were taking, and her insurance through reimbursed her fairly and somewhat quickly. I am recently insured for a trip to Croatia. I find the advisories the emails to me very helpful. Overall the insurance is a fair price, individualized and does work when you need it to.

Last fall I purchased travel insurance with I found the company to be highly professional and very prompt in their response to my follow-up questions. I have no complaints about them and do plan on using them again in the future. Highly recommended. covers everything that the other companies cover, and is efficient and cost-effective. I got my response from their customer service in hours. I was set up with insurance really quickly and didn't have to wait for anything.

I got the TripInsurance because I was going to Jerusalem and it was the recommendation from the church I work for. The experience was painless and seamless. I didn’t have to think about it.

Fortunately I have never had to file a claim during/after my travels. I will continue to use every time I leave the country to ensure my family is completely covered if medical attention is needed. Our needs have changed over the years and I enjoy the ability to comparison shop at one site to meet those needs.

Getting TripInsurance for our upcoming trip has been good. I looked at different products and considering the coverage TripInsurance offers, their price compares very well relative to others.

I had a great experience with purchasing this travel protection.

The staff was great to work with. Prompt replies to my emails and phone calls. We are now all booked with 13 students and with us for our trip in April. We are now more relaxed having the insurance.

Good services. Daily update info. needed for my trip. zeros in on the type of insurance needed for a specific trip, then provides comparison insurance and prices - all in one place.

I got the best deal from We normally go on a cruise about every year and I always get my insurance from them. I use the same website as before so I could compare products and pick out the best one that meets my needs. Once done, I purchase it online, download the documents, print them off and they're good to go.

The price was reasonable for the coverage received. As I didn't need to make a claim I can't really comment on the service involved with the policy.

I have been trying to contact this company by phone for three days and left my number for a call back with no response. If they are this bad to make contact for insurance information how bad would they be if you had a claim? This is surely one bad insurance company. Buyers be aware of this company

We purchased a travel insurance as a precaution in case we needed to cancel if something came up, and chose because they offered everything we needed. I felt confident that if I needed to use them, I'd be able to in those circumstances and emergencies which may come up. Their 24/7 e-Travel Alerts lets me know what's happening.

The insurance of the agency I was traveling with was too high. I went online and looked for a cheaper one that had similar coverage and got TripInsurance. I came back from the trip and there were no problems so I considered it a success. I probably would do it again with them, but I hadn’t had to file a claim so I don’t know how good it is except what’s in writing.

The underwriter of the insurance had been putting me off for a month on my claim. Dan got involved for me and had things settled in a week. I took out the insurance for baggage and never guessed I would need it for a hospital stay while in Mazatlan. It was a good move on my part getting insurance with them.

The company had on call international monitoring my situation. They spoke to the hospital and they even decorated info from the hospital. They got all that. When it comes to respond to its obligations, try every means possible not to pay the claim. It is over a year now since the claim is pending even though proofs have been provided. So, made my situation worse. ** place to seek peace of mind when it comes for travel.

When we had to cancel our trip due to airline strike by Lufthansa, you were extremely helpful at the onset of our claim and all thru it. You answered all our questions and got back to us in a timely manner. We have used you numerous amounts of time and will recommend you.

I've purchased from TripInsurance online a few times. They have some of the best plans that covered most of what I was looking for and I had struggled to find another kind of aggregate site.

We’re getting ready to take a trip to Israel with our church and the website recommended to get an insurance. We went on it and Tripinsurance had the things that we were looking for at the same price as others. That’s why we got it.

We were going on a cruise and thought it would be worth having some insurance just in case something strange happened. We bought it from TripInsurance sometime in advance before it got to the point where we couldn't refund our money. The buying and sign-up process were easy plus the price was reasonable for what you got. But until you need it, you'd never know how good anything is.

We initially compared products to get the right policy for our budget and we found that has satisfactory prices. The comparison tools that we used were very helpful to identify just what we needed. Their customer service is excellent and I've already recommended them to friends.

I recommend, the price is right and it's nice to have comparison in shopping and several options.

Thankfully I didn't have to use this but I really liked the updates on airport conditions and flight status. Would definitely use again.

Thanks for the feeling of safety in planning trips that your company provides. My health is good, and so is my age -- so one never knows what may happen and the reassurance that all I've paid in is covered if something happens to prevent my traveling. Weather is often a problem when I plan winter trips and again am reassured about the safety of my money. So far, no problems so I've never really had to test your procedures, but am hopeful you're as good as your word. Again, thank you!

Instead of using the insurance provided by the cruises we take, we usually try to find our own because I feel like they’d be for us instead of for the cruise line. Trip Insurance usually gives several options like good, better, best and so we get to choose which ones of those I believe fits our class. I've called and talked to some of their reps and they were helpful. Their customer service reps were good, answered our questions at least, and told us to call back anytime. Their prices, compared to others, are within the range of what we look for. Sometimes, the cruise lines or the travel places we've used don’t cover quite as much as what we can get with Trip Insurance.

The experience with customer service is very good. I have recommended to a friend. It's a very good website and well-designed. It helps making the decision very easy. The prices seemed better than the other places I have shopped.

With TripInsurance, I like the convenience of doing the registration online and then calling them to confirm and finalizing it. I prefer to work with somebody that I'm actually talking to than to book something online if I'm not clear on it. Calling in just makes it easier for me. It was originally recommended to me by my travel agent, who also helped me pick the right policy for me. I had tried AAA and their rates were much higher and compared to TripInsurance, I don’t think AAA's coverage was any better.

I utilized TripInsurance's complimentary 24/7 e-travel alert but I only used them for two trips. Maybe I did it wrong but as soon as I booked the trip, there was bad weather in the area even though I wasn’t there yet. I would get the weather alerts and everything so I quit using it. I've used TripInsurance a few times and I would be using them again shortly.

We repeatedly sent paperwork for our claim. This company insists they never received it, but we have electronic PROOF of successful fax transmission. They are doing everything possible to avoid processing our claim. This is just another delay tactic.

I searched the internet for good coverage at a good price and found My wife and I used them twice before and never had the need to file a claim; this last trip we did. We missed a flight connection and arrived a day late at our destination. We had booked a non-refundable room rate and were charged for the unused night.

Upon our return home I contacted TripInsurance and talked to a rep who took my information and sent me the correct forms to fill out. I contacted them again to make sure I had all my forms filled correctly and the correct receipts. Unlike a travel insurance company I used previously that told me not to highlight anything and do not enter any extra explanations, the rep at TripInsurance encouraged me to highlight and add explanations to help them process the claim faster and more efficiently. I felt so much better. Within 5 weeks I had a check in hand for my hotel expense. TripInsurance will be the only company I ever use.

I've gone on two trips where I used TripInsurance and they were both fine. I've seen through advertisements and I decided to have them because the group I was going with required it. They have the best price compared to other places. Also, because they gave me more options to eliminate facets of the coverage so that I could get the cheapest deal and still be covered but with other providers I have to buy a whole package.

Required to purchase trip insurance. Company suggested a provider/company. I did my own research and selected the product I did because of coverage and price.

Our Nationwide trip insurance was comprehensive. We received several travel alerts regarding India's fuel embargo of Nepal, which helped us consider alternative travel options should they become necessary. I would strongly recommend this insurance for peace of mind.

We've purchased trip insurance several times from Our questions were answered promptly. Luckily, we have never had to use the insurance for our trips. The true test would be how problems/reimbursements are handled. We went with this independent company after having an issue with insurance purchased through the trip provider, Globus. Plane never came, called immediately. Luckily we also called our credit card about the final payment and we did receive that back but lost the deposit and other money despite not our fault. Globus and their insurance co just gave us the runaround. is pretty easy to use and it's understandable. It provides comparable plans, and I’ve used it for so many years. We had TripInsurance bought for a group in the past and we had to contact customer service because we had to cancel trip. We got insurance back and instructions how to get flight refund. Everything went fine. That's why we continue to use it.

I was travelling with an 81-year-old woman and I was afraid she wouldn’t be able to make it. My sister told me about TripInsurance and she said to go on it and that's what I did. The price that we got there was fine, so we didn’t look around. I signed up online and the reps were knowledgeable and courteous.

I went to on the computer but we’ve had it for a couple of trips. They pretty much covered what we wanted covered. We usually get it timed ahead since we never know when we might fall or break our legs. I also get their complementary alerts on the computer and mobile phone all the time.

We went to Europe and a house cost can be significant without a local insurance, so it was a good idea to have one and TripInsurance seemed like a reasonable choice compared to the prices of the other places I considered. In my experience, it wasn't very painful to have the documents printed out and go through the procedure of acquiring it, and that's a good point. Luckily too, we didn't have to use it.

I have absolutely no complaints with Trip Insurance. We bought it from them before and it was great.

TripInsurance seems to have better coverage for a better price than some of the other companies. I did everything on the internet and I had a problem because one of the last trips we did, I booked it a little over two years out and the calendar on the website wouldn't go that far. The chat wasn't open so I sent a message and they sent a message to me back saying how I could get it to go beyond the two-year calendar.

We were able to compare prices and found what we were looking for with We didn't have any difficulty getting the travel insurance. Based on my purchasing experience and the plans offered, I would recommend them to a friend.

TripInsurance's website is thorough - it gives users a lot of options and is easy to use. The paperwork is sent right to one's email. Fortunately, I haven't used it but as far as purchasing, it's great.'s price was cheaper and more reasonable compared to other companies. I purchased and paid for the policy online and would recommend it.

The prices were very affordable for It was very easy to get and got all my papers right away. I would recommend them but the only issue I can’t be 100% sure is because I didn’t have to use the insurance. So I don’t know how they deal though I wish I had the time to have done with them again on my recent trip because I’m having issues. But it was a last minute trip and when I purchased the tickets, I just did whatever the airline offered which was the biggest mistake.

I buy trip insurance for every trip we take. The difference between this company and every other trip insurance company is their travel alerts to every location on our itinerary and the helpful shorts on various travel subjects. I have never heard from any of the other trip insurance companies before, during or after. The only reason I did not give this company a 5 star is the price. It is more expensive than some of the others.

I’ve known about TripInsurance for a long time and I’ve used them several times including the time when we went on a cruise. We always travel and we always make sure we insure ourselves. We do it with them because they were much reasonable. They give us the best coverage for the price. was recommended by BajaAirVentures for our trip to swim with whale sharks in Mexico. It was my first experience with Trip Insurance. I was delighted with the information provided on your website. It was easy to understand and very clear on how to obtain the coverage we desired. Best of all, there was no confusion or small print on what would or would not be covered. Prices seemed reasonable. I have already recommended your company to a friend and will not hesitate to use you again should the need arise.

TripInsurance was the fallback in case something happened on the trip that we took in October. By using their website, reviewing all of the features that were available and by recommendations of friends who have used them also, I felt comfortable in going ahead and making the arrangements and purchased the insurance for our trip. Fabulous. We didn't need to use it, but I was very happy that it was there in case there was a problem.

Trip Insurance is so easy to purchase, coverage is easy to understand, and peace of mind is great!

Went on Transatlantic trip and got ill. Ended up in hospital out of the country for 12 days or so and the process to get treatment for myself and all of the necessary information so that wife could take of things there and at home was first class. The people at were thoughtful, caring and understood the stress involved. Upon returning, claims handled professionally and fast. I recommend to anyone going anywhere and to anyone that listens!

Service and getting the insurance was fine. Have not had to make a claim.

What we found most enlightening was the many "updates" of travel information prior to our departure. They were most helpful in the final planning of our trip to Peru. We did NOT experience any disruptions during our trip but we did carry our documents with us just in case. My wife and I felt secure and protected on our trip and we would recommend this company for your travel needs.

The online purchase was quick and easy but when it comes to claims, it takes forever.

Responses prompt. No use was made of insurance.

TripInsurance was recommended by Cruise Radio and their prices were good. It's really easy to get and makes me feel better whenever I travel. I would recommend it.

My overall experience with TripInsurance has been excellent. I would recommend them to a friend.

I thought I had everything covered when I talked with, later received e-mail concerning coverage I wanted to purchase. I could not get anywhere with the agents when I questioned some of the things they required after my return trip was completed. I requested a copy of the conversations recorded, only to have my request ignored or refused. This is not the kind of help or cooperation I expect from their company. I no longer trust them. Contact me if interested.

Quick, good rates and effective! Will use the service again and highly recommend to family and friends!!

I’ve used TripInsurance before. I had a good experience. I went online, signed up, and everything just went through although I have never had to settle a claim with them. I would definitely recommend them.

I read an article that listed a whole bunch of different sites you can go on to get travel insurance. I scanned a lot of them and was listed as good, very good, and excellent. Their prices were good compared to the others I looked at. Their customer service was good, too. One lady was very good but she wasn't excellent like the first one I talked to, needs a little bit more enthusiasm and more willing to answer.

I had elderly parents and thought that something might happen to them. I wanted peace of mind so I purchased a travel insurance from I mailed a claim once, but I didn't have satisfactory results from the claim because I wasn't covered for what I was asking for. Yet, overall, I'm satisfied with them.

I cannot get it to work online. But the people who help me on the phone are wonderful. It is so nice to talk to a real person.

I always avail of a travel insurance if I have a long or costly trip. I've been doing it for probably over a decade now and I've compared costs between, Squaremouth and others. TripInsurance typically has better prices on almost the same policies. TripInsurance customer service representatives are very pleasant to deal with. No hassle. I have also recommended to a friend. He found it very easy and got both of us a really good policy for next year's trip at a fair price. was recommended to us by the individuals who organized our cruise. We then purchased the insurance just in case something goes wrong with the cruise and the flights because you don’t get refunds if there’s a snowstorm. Everything was so positive as far as the convenience in the signup, the feedback and the comparisons on the website. It was easy to negotiate and to navigate. Everything worked out.

Augusta to Atlanta to Denver, rented car and went to Estes Park for a week. Had trip insurance just in case we experienced any problems during our trip. Did not use it, but it was worth the expense just for peace of mind knowing that potentially expensive unexpected problems would be covered by insurance if necessary. TripInsurance was easy to get, relatively inexpensive and worth the trouble even if not needed.

Dealing with was a very unpleasant experience - one I plan to never repeat. Because of illness my husband and I were forced to cancel a trip we had insured with We filed a valid and fully documented claim which we had every reason to expect to be promptly processed. Every time I called to check on the status of the claim I heard a series of weak and vague excuses - "It's being reviewed", "We're very busy right now", "Your file is on the top", "Maybe next week." Finally I became convinced that was stalling simply because they did not want to pay the claim.

It appears I was probably right because after hearing yet another preposterous excuse I expressed my frustration and anger and said it was time to involve my attorney. Suddenly all the issues evaporated and the claim was approved that afternoon. received our claim on October 6, 2015 and we did not receive payment until January 2, 2016. Almost three full months! And at no time was there any question about the validity of the claim or requests for additional documentation. How long much longer would we have had to wait if I had not threatened legal action? So yes, we did get our money, but no, we will never again do business with this company. I refuse to support an organization like this.

Travel agents and the cruise lines charge so much that I thought of exploring on my own years back. presents four policies per level and we go from there. I would recommend them for their pricing. I’ve been using them for years. When I'm happy with something, I keep going back to it.

I had been using since 2008 and was able to compare the products to pick the right policy for my budget, it's very easy. The customer service was great and answered my questions though this past time, I had to call them and get information because we waited before purchasing it. We also had an event before and so I've always come back to use their policy. It's reliable and dependable form of insurance so people should not travel outside of their country without it. They've provided great products since.

I am an extremely unhappy camper to put it politely. As stated in my original claim I insured for $2,200 which very adequately covered my costs as I knew them at the time of my application as no plans had been made for my travel in England and could not therefore include them in my coverage request. My reasoning was that if there was any reason to make a claim I would be satisfied with the $2,200 as stated in your Satisfaction Guarantee.

This reads "If you have insured for less than your total costs for your covered trip that are subject to cancellation penalties or restrictions: 1) The maximum benefit will be limited to the amount you purchased and the maximum benefit for Trip Interruption will be 150% of the amount of coverage you purchased. That statement reads as though I would be eligible to the amount of coverage. 2) There will be no coverage for Any Reason Benefit. If there is no coverage for any reason, what is it you are selling and why should I buy it? I think your stated terms are misleading and I would not advise anybody to purchase your insurance.

My husband and I went back to Vietnam to visit my father. We booked a tour, but my father wasn't feeling well. The night we were supposed to go to Korea, he was in the hospital and his health was declining. So we cancelled our trip. He passed away that night. Upon our return, we spoke to our agent, and they were compassionate about our situation and issued us a full refund. We are very grateful for their service. We will use them in the future and recommend to our friends and family.

Trip Insurance offers better pricing compared to others. The website is beautiful and ordering was easy. I never had the chance to actually use the insurance, which is a good thing.

The departure date of our trip was 8/3/2015 and the return date was 8/14/2015. On the Purchase Confirmation/Declarations issued by the United Fire Insurance Company, the trip dates covered in the plan are 8/3/2015 to 8/14/2015. Our returning flight home on 8/14/2015 was being delayed by the airline for more than 12 hours. We were rescheduled by the airline to the next available flight out home on 8/15/2015. While being stranded at the airport, we had incurred expense for meals. United States Fire Insurance Company denied our Travel Delay Claim for additional meal expenses on the reason that the meal expenses incurred for 8/14 and 8/15 are not covered. We do not understand why it is so since 8/14/2015 is part of the trip dates and for 8/15/2015, we were still in travel status due to the delay caused by the airline. We feel our claim has been improperly denied.

Dealing with Trip Insurance customer team: I have no complaints. However choice of insurance providers leave HUGE margin to what can be expected when claims are submitted. Unfortunately, customer service, which represents specific insurance provider is always unresponsive, to the point, you can never get them to respond to your inquiries or answer in timely matter. It's hugely disappointing, as apparently using "middle man" like Trip Insurance gives providers excuse of treating you - not as customer, only like a bank providing money to purchase insurance. When it comes to pay outs it looks like it is almost impossible task to reason with selected insurance providers, as they try to juggle policy wording left and right not to pay your claim money. Therefore I would have to discourage anyone who is thinking about purchasing insurance through this website to become a "valued customer". Guarantee is: you definitely won't be valued in any way.

I don't always purchase travel insurance, but we occasionally travel overseas for work so it's a reasonable work expense and the best way to protect our time and investment that we're spending to go all the way over there. I did an online comparison by reading some reviews and the one that I purchased from TripInsurance was the best coverage for the best price. When I called, I got excellent customer service. They were very helpful guiding me through what I might need to claim if I needed to claim anything. The policies are very long and confusing, but as long as they're willing to answer the phone and answer questions, it's great. It was a very easy experience and they gave me confidence in spending all that money.

Our experience was great. The process was simple and the options were very clear. When I did call with a question the representative was very helpful and gave me all of my options. I will use them again!

I wasn't happy because I didn't my money back in which was happened in Spain ($140) and you refused it.

I always buy travel insurance and it's easy to buy something with the mobile carriers so I got I looked at others too but if I were to compare their prices, it wouldn't be the same if I go directly to each company website as it wasn't discounted. So it was more efficient to buy something in the apps that the companies deal with. Overall, it's easy and efficient.

I've been traveling extensively for the past 30 years, and decided I needed to purchase travel insurance. Everybody that I've talked to at TripInsurance was so helpful and non-partial. It's really good that they've included the fire company in the package. It's expensive but it's really comprehensive and they laid out all of the different insurance companies to go to.

The travel agent recommended that we get travel insurance. It was a very expensive river cruise trip and she said if we didn't want to buy it from the company, we should definitely buy insurance from another and told me about Tripinsurance. I looked at every trip insurance thing I could find online and I liked theirs the best. The prices were either comparable or less than the other companies. We have a claim in right now and we will be arguing it. We started it on the phone, finished it online, then sent them all the paperwork. They're not denying it but it's what they're covering and what they're not covering that's become an issue.

I do a lot of traveling and I always worry about some accident happening in some foreign country. So I want the evacuation types of things. I googled for trip insurance and ended up with I liked their website and what they had to say. I called their customer service, talked to them about it and they were very helpful. It was a positive experience and I'm very satisfied. Their price must have been very good because I chose to go this way. Although it was a bit more than what I wanted to spend but looking at everybody else's trip insurance, it was probably the best I could do. I have recommended it to other people.

We bought a travel insurance online for a trip in 2016 from Tripinsurance. They covered the things that we were most concerned about and did it at a better cost than the other websites we looked at. We'd definitely recommend it to a friend and in fact, we did recommend it to my sister.

Felt secure and safe knowing we was protected on our cruise. Everything was simple and a print of our contract. Very affordable. Thanks. Will purchase again. is great. I feel confident with them so I’ve been using them a lot. Compared to other travel insurance provider, their price is better and the way they set it up. When I had a question about the policy, I called customer service and they responded quickly and that's important to me. has the best price and they handled my claim very quickly. Everything went fine with their claims representative and customer service. I also got to use their free 24/7 e-travel alerts.

I am a travel agent and I'm always searching for insurance that will work best for a client. My thinking is if some clients don't have the fund or the additional money to pay for about $150 worth of insurance per person, I offer them as an alternative. I also use TripInsurance myself and I don't have anything negative with them at this point, but I need to get more in-depth with how it works.

I always purchase trip insurance before traveling overseas. I teach a travel class and advise my students to do so as well. I think it best to use a website, like that lets you compare different carriers and benefits. Fortunately, I have rarely had to use travel insurance.

Received a speedy refund for trip delayed by severe snowstorm. No hassles, no delay and courteous treatment.

I always use I have always found them to be the best based on overall coverage you get for the price you pay. In addition, they keep you informed by email on any conditions that may impact your trip. They also periodically send very informative and helpful trip-related articles - I've actually filed several away in case I want to refer back to them in the future. I would most definitely (and have) recommend them to anyone.

We wanted to make sure we had travel insurance in the event something should've happened, and our trip was rather expensive. We set up everything online, and the prices with were reasonable for what we're looking to cover.

Insurance not used thankfully. Shopping experience is so simple. Other sites presented way too many options at higher prices. Turns out your coverage is identical to that offered by tour companies at 25% of cost. They must be reselling same insurance as everything looked the same. Have referred to others and will continue using in future.

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