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Excellent coverage for my dog. He has managed to get himself in some situations in his three young years. Broken hip, porcupine quills and a life threatening condition that he will have for life. I’m not sure that I would have been able to pay for his care without Trupanion. They literally saved his life!
Love this company. Been using them for two pets for 8 years. Highly recommended.
From the website page titled ‘What We Cover:’ “WHAT WE DON’T COVER: A Trupanion policy covers the medical treatment of all unexpected injuries and illnesses.” LIE. I called to inquire about our dog’s Cryptorchidism, and of course, NO ITS NOT COVERED. Are they calling my dogs condition and need for anesthetic, life-threatening, special surgery expected? You have falsely advertised and PROVEN YOURSELF AS BAD OR WORSE THAN ANY OTHER BS INSURANCE FOR PROFIT. SHAME ON YOU I’LL MAKE SURE YOU LOSE SUBSCRIBERS FOR PRESENTING A FALSE FRONT ABOUT YOUR CARING FULL COVERAGE THAT TURNS OUT TO BE A LIE. THANKS FOR NOTHING, LIARS! EDIT: I knew one was coming and I waited for a cheap response like yours. Probably a macro response, since my pets name not mentioned. My vet agreed you should cover. My vet at VCA (your partner) agreed you should cover. Expect a small claims lawsuit and my continued effort to send people to anyone but you as well as take any current customer away from you I can. I watched this review because I knew your bs response would be incoming. An un-dropped testicle, and the surgery required for it, is nothing like a regular neuter. Shame on you and your excuses to lie. It says ‘don’t worry no unexpected illnesses or injuries’. This is a full scale surgery not a neuter. For the rest of my life I’ll attempt to undermine your company in any way possible. You are liars >.< Also I’d like to point out my “in-network” vet said if we elected to let R.J. take the risk of letting the testicle actually become a tumor, ironically, it would then be covered for many more $1000s of dollars. I hope your policy makers (whoever makes you respond like you did) rot.
We signed up for Trupanion when our furry friend was just a pup. We submitted the occasional claim over the years and then almost cancelled it when he turned 10. The last four years of his life brought heart trouble, arthritis and finally kidney failure but through it all Trupanion was there, pretty much no questions asked! Watching him get old was hard but not being able to due to not being able to afford the vet bills would have been worse. Thank you Trupanion.
We are so very happy that we enrolled our dogs in Trupanion insurance. The company has been wonderfully supportive and has allowed us to treat our dogs extremely well. We could not have done so without Trupanion. In particular our Border Collie, Seamus, has had cancer and Trupanion has enabled us through their support to give him the very best of care. He would not be with us today if not for this insurance.
Your employees were very helpful with the long process I had with my dog's gallbladder surgery. Your checks came promptly after receiving the bills from my vet and any questions I had were answered right away. I am so very pleased with your compa Marion Peres
Trupanion was excellent when I made my claim for Harley. He needed both knees operated on as he could barely walk. They paid right away and when the surgeon needed a quote pre-approved they got right back to him. Very impressed!
Trupanion was quick to respond to our many claims over the past month. Thanks to them we were able to give the cares our dogs needed.
I thought about insurance for my dashound for the first year and a half of his life. I had checked out trupanion a couple of times and had decided to put money($50) into an account monthly instead. Frank was bit by a cat and I had to pay the bill ...cost me around $1500 for his bills and recovery. I had nowhere near the funds in his bank account to cover this. Finally decided to get coverage and an extra rider for rehab because doxies are famous for back issues. Around $50 a month was the cost. Forward 2 years and he went down with IVDD. He was paralyzed. I had $3000 in his bank account. My vet bill is over $11,000 to date. Frank had surgery and continues rehab for life. He is walking and running again. They cover his chiropractic care for prevention. Trupanion was and is here for us always. I'm forever thankful I got the insurance. Without them I would not have had the money to cover the costs and frank wouldn't be with me today.
Using Trupanion to help us care for our pets has been the best decision we've ever made, and I tell anyone who will listen! They truly care about our dogs and their well-being. Their representatives are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. Filing a claim is easy and they have paid all of our claims promptly. I can't imagine life without Trupanion:)
We were dealing with a very sick dog who had swallowed a sock. Trupanion helped us financially as they said they would and I had my refund within 3-4 days! Unheard of!! Highly recommend them to all pet owners. No run around or stalling at all! Highly professional and when they say something, they do it and stand behind their name and reputation.
We were leery of pet insurance of any kind. However, our vet's office directed us to Trupanion and, wow, are we ever glad they did. Reps couldn't be more helpful or kind. Claims are approved and paid out rapidly (now totalling near $10,000). We feel blessed to have been directed to Trupanion, and could not be happier with them in every way.
I've used Trupanion several times. They have always lived up to my expectations. Their response to my claims were excellent. I find comfort in knowing that if an injury or illness presents itself in the future I can count on Trupanion to cover a large portion of the expense.
My Kerry Blue Terrier has a protein deficiency, her body doesn't absorb the necessary amount of protein , she had to have an upper endoscopy, and is on chemo drugs, special low fat food, steroids, etc. Without Trupanion, I never would have been able to afford the care she needs without getting a loan, as her care and maintenance is very expensive. Trupanion is prompt to reimburse claims and very cooperative. Their customer service is top notch. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM WITHOUT RESERVATION.
Lillie had allergies. Trupanion has covered the testing & her monthly shots
Trupanion turns around claims quickly, covers many procedures and issues that arise from medical emergencies. The claims department is very responsive to emails and questions. All that and great customer service. I would recommend Trupanion to anyone.
Happy and have used my only complaint you do not cover enough of office visit my dog has melting eye ulcer and need returns costs @129.00 and goes 2 or 3 times a year but are not covered any way makes it hard even if first visit not covered but returning visits covered that would help also wish they collected from you first than billed us balance like human insurance
I have been using Trupanion since my dog was a pup 2 years ago. I have had to use Trupanion because Ziva needed surgery for torn cruciate ligaments bilateral hind legs. They were great for preapproval so I knew my cost before the surgery. I have been recommending Trupanion to people I meet when walking Ziva cause they ask what happened to my her due to her shaved legs.
Thank you, you made the back surgery that Ginger needed affordable for us.
Never a guessing game with Trupanion
My vet recommended this company. We were told we could get a 6 week free trial for our new puppy. This was on a Friday. We then got an email from Trupanion on the Monday saying we have 24 hours to activate the trial. I called immediately. To which we were told that the 24 hours applied to the time of the dogs vet visit, not the email. WHAT?!? Fine. Whatever. Let our vet know of what Trupanion had to say about that. Then a month later, we decided to call and ask a multitude of questions in regards to insuring our THREE ANIMALS. We had been taken by a pet insurance company in the past and wanted to full investigate that all possible "Loop hole" questions were formally answered. After about 5 minutes, it was clear I was annoying the customer service gentleman. And after about 10 minutes he blatantly laughed out loud regarding my questions about foreign body removal. I even informed him that we had already been taken by another company. That they were recommended by our vet. And that we wanted to ensure that all our questions were formally answered. Being so annoyed by his laughter and disregard to furry family members, I thanked him for his time and hung up. Two experiences. Two FAILS! Don't waste your time or money. They certainly don't take us seriously.
I was just a puppy a little over a year old when something happened to both my back legs. Sometimes when I was playing I had sharp pains in one or the other of my legs that caused me to cry out in pain and draw my leg up. The vet said I had bilateral luxating patella, which means my knee caps slipped out of place and pinched the nerves. I was scheduled for bilateral knee surgery. But a couple of days before my scheduled surgery I was playing with mom when something really, really painful happened and I went to my kennel for several hours because it hurt so bad. The vet said I had torn my ACL and that recovery from surgery was so complex he could do only one knee at a time. So I had surgery on one knee and was on "bed rest" for 8 weeks. I could not run, jump or play. My mom had to carry me up and down stairs. No sooner than I was feeling better, I had to have surgery on my other knee! It was awful to have two surgeries and not be able to play like a puppy for 4 months!!!! I am only glad my mom had Trupanion insurance for me. They were really nice and efficient about paying for my surgical expenses. The vet emailed my records one day; the next day Trupanion processed my claim and thanked my mom for taking care of me; and on the second day Trupanion said the check was in the mail and they were happy to be part of keeping me healthy! We were reimbursed almost the entire cost of my surgery both times. My mom seriously wanted to move her own health insurance to Trupanion!!! Thank you so much, Trupanion, for keeping me healthy and happy! Love, Blazen
I'm very thankful I choose Trupanion as the insurance company for my puppies. Everyone in the company are fabulous, caring and knowledgable. Thank you so much for making me feel good every time I call whether are for questions or concerns. You guys are the best from the bottom of my heart.
Love my pet insurance
The insurance has gotten a little Price-y in the past couple of years. I was paying a reasonable price for my dogs insurance now it's almost $100 a month.
Warning!!!!!!!!!!! This needs to be herd!!!!!! You would never know this information unless it happened to you!!! So I feel the need to share! If you have a pre existing condition prior to getting the insurance obviously it would not be covered. But here is the real kicker!!!!! If you have a new condition and if they “feel” there is a 1% chance that pre existing “could but not definitely be linked” guess what your not covered!!!!!! My example my cat had a slight heart murmur before I had let insurance, my vet said not to worry about it because it can can happen just from the stress of the visit. Well I end up getting pet insurance, and 5 years later my cat has heart failure. So I was told since there is a 1% chance the heart murmur could have cause but maybe not I was denined ! My very reputable cardiologist vet even wrote a letter and still no go! I did an appeals and that was a waste of time! Wish I could have given 0 stars
Trupanion has been a lifesaver with my dog Lexie, she has recently been diagnosed with IPMA, an autoimmune condition. The vet bill for a week in hospital and an MRI was over $7000 plus ongoing ventinary care for at least a year upto lifelong. Trupanion has paid for itself. The only thing I would change about my policy would be for required follow up appointments partially covered.
Whenever I submit a claim I receive courteous responses. I feel that the staff are truly animal lovers.
Trupanion has been a life saver to me. My dog has had several health issues, but thanks to Trupanion I was able to get him the treatment and surgeries he needed and now he’s doing awesome! I’m so grateful:). And their customer service is excellent!
I recommend Trupanion every time I run into someone with a puppy. We have a 4 year old dog who needed double knee surgery and he would have had to be put down without Trupanion because we never could have afforded the orthopedic surgery and he runs like the wind now. We also had a wonderful, young dog get lymphoma and Trupanion helped extend her life with several months of good quality time.
Very professional. Not only do they pay in a timely manner and cover exactly what is stated, the customer service reps are knowledgeable and very friendly. Thank you!
Compassionate, fast at processing and paying out. Using Trupanion was the best decision ever!
We have had Trupanion for our pets for quite a few years, because our pets are family. We could not be more pleased with the coverage and customer service. Several years ago, when one of our pets passed away, I removed her from our policy and a Trupanion representative called to make sure I was okay.. It's rare to get that kind of service anywhere. We will never be without pet insurance, and our pick will always be Trupanion!
Trupanion has been very supportive each time I have needed to file a claim or ask a question. I felt as though I was important to the people on the phone when I called. As many animal lovers, our fur friends are family and Trupanion made me feel as though they were in agreement with that. My claims were paid in a very timely manner.
Really great customer service. Although there was about a 30 minute wait on the phone, the help line connects you to a real person on the first try. The employees sound like they don't hate their jobs unlike most insurance employees. The plans are also easy to fit to your needs of if you want to pay more monthly for a lower deductible or less monthly for a higher deductible.
I am a customer of trupanion since 2010, not only I am very happy with this insurance, I do highly recommend it to all my friends and family because they have been always very responsive to my needs and claims. They pay 90% of my bills in less than two weeks, they care! They just increase my dog's coverage with water therapy and acupuncture therapies. Actually my lab just had a ACL operation and is right now under water therapy twice a week, trupanion is taking car of 90% of all my costs and I couldm't be happier!! 100% recommended!!
My labradoodle recently had major surgery (in excess of 5K). Trupanion was easy to deal with and quickly paid my claim per the terms of the contract- 90% after deductible. I don't usually write reviews, but I felt the excellent customer service at Trupanion deserved recognition. I always recommend pet insurance to my friends who have pets and will continue to mention how Trupanion did right by me.
Trupanion has the best customer service of all the times I have ever had to deal with any other companies. Hands down the best. Every time I have to call I am talked to like their best friend. They are soley focused on me. I can't say enough to do them justice. I tell everyone I know who might be interested in pet insurance. I talk about it at least every other day. I am so thankful I have my dogs insured with Trupanion - as I tell everyone: hopefully you never have to use it. If you never have to make a claim, you are paying for peace of mind. Peace of mind knowing if something does happen, you won't have to make decisions based on money.
Best thing ever. Trupanion paid out fast for my Bulldog puppy and saved me a ton of cash. Our pup needed a $12000 surgery and it was covered. My end was $1400. Thanks for the great service
I'm a veterinarian and have experience with many pet insurance companies, both for my own pets and for the pets of my clients. On a personal note, our beloved 3 year old dog contracted a serious infection, was hospitalized for 10 days, and tragically died of a blood clot to the brain when all other systems were on the mend. During this terrible time, it was comforting to know that we could make important care decisions without concerns about cost. Trupanion reimbursed us quickly for 90% of everything less the one time deductible and the small administrative fees. During a time of stress and ultimately grief, Trupanion came through. We experienced, and I hear from my clients, that Trupanion lacks the bureaucracy of other plans. The plan options are uncomplicated compared to others, and I take great comfort in knowing that the Plan's underwriter is owned by Trupanion. My last pet plan switched its underwriter, and suddenly our costs increased and we had a plan with less desirable coverage. I recommend Trupanion to my clients without reservation.
Our dog Beijing has had pancreatitis, and a heart murmur for a few years now, and in April was diagnosed with lymphoma. Trupanion has paid for just about everything. The checks are processed very quickly and once diagnosed they cover 90% of just about everything. I seriously don't think our dog would still be with us if it weren't for Trupanion as these conditions are very expensive to treat. We would not be able to afford the care she needs. Thank you Trupanion! Nicole, Joe & Ryan
Been there for my pets and I. Excellent company!
You offer the best price for 3 cats that I found... I can't give you 5 Stars until I know you will pay me for any possible future health issues with one of my cats one day.
Very easy claim process
Completed our case in a timely & professional manner. The communication was first rate. They kept us up to date every step a long the way. I would recommend them without hesitation.
We purchased insurance when our puppy was 4 months old, we had never had pet insurance before but our vet recommended it. It's something you never want to have to actually use. Then in a few months we found ourselves in a terrible situation and didn't even know if our puppy was going to live. Trupanion supported us with kindness and professionalism. Fortunately the expensive medical care that our puppy needed was covered and Trupanion stayed with us to make sure of that. I would highly recommend Trupanion to all pet owners, when you need assistance you can defiantly count on them. Thank you Trupanion
I highly recommend this company to any pet owner! Our dog needed a surprise knee surgery and the process was a breeze. This was our first claim so we were unsure how it would go...and we couldn't be happier.
When I first enrolled my dogs in Trupanion I thought it was a great company. I own a dog business and would tell my customers that they should have insurance for their dog and Trupanion is the best. Well, they are as long as you don't put in too many claims. When I first got her she had a very odd gait. My vet indicated this in her record. At 6 mos of age I had X rays done to see if there were any problems. The X rays showed nothing. At 1 year of age I had them done again. The surgeon that did the X rays said she suspected she would have hip dysplasia. At 2, more X rays, no change. We did them again when she was 3 at a different facility and it showed no hip dysplasia. Trupanion had already said that they would not cover anything to do with her hips because of her "odd gait" she had a pre existing condition. After having the last X Ray I decided to fight the ruling of pre existing hip dysplasia. They actually called the radiologist and got him to change his report. They also had their people look at the X rays she had done at 6 mos that showed no abnormalities and said that it did show hip dysplasia. She.She has now been diagnosed with an arthritic spine, a bulging disc and degenerative disc disease. Once again they are trying to say that this is a pre existing condition from the "odd gait". They are also now holding up her seizure claims. I have tried to get clarification as how the hip dysplasia(that she doesn't have) is causing the back problems. I can't get a straight answer. I have 2 other dogs that I've never put a claim in on. I'm not asking for anything other than what Trupanion advertises and promises.
I have gotten satisfactory results with every claim I have made. When I call with a question, the customer service people are very nice and helpful. This is the first time I have placed insurance on a pet and I am so glad I did!
Trupanion was wonderful during a very stressful time when my sweet golden retriever had emergency surgery for an abdominal mass they covered exactly what they had said 90 percent of actual charges, they were efficient and subsequent claims for ongoing treatment were approved within 12 hours. Because of Trupanion I can provide for Sasha for whatever she needs.
Trupanion was very supportive and at the beginning of the accident. They ensured my Pets and family were taken care of. Thank you Trupanion!
Prompt payment and excellent customer service.
Lizzie, our 13 year old Havanese has had a very difficult time walking for the last year or so. She had her back legs operated on and now her joints are inflamed with osteoarthritis. Thank G-d for the Trupanion team for insuring Lizzie for her stem cell and platelet transplants. She is now running again like a little puppy. I cannot say enough about the Trupanion team!
Trupanion really came through for us when our puppy was sick and needed to be operated on. Thank you!
I bought a policy for my new puppy through my vet and it was extremely easy to understand and the coverage made sense, I did not have insurance on my first fur kid and was not happy in his later years that I did not purchase when he was younger before he started having some health issues. The way I think about it, you are putting away when they are healthy for the probabibiluty/eventuality that your best friend will need the care some time in his life. Well sadly a few weeks later we found out our new buddy has a liver issue and required tests, surgery, meds and special food so the insurance has been a blessing. Trupanion has been extremely easy to work with and came through on all the claims in his illness after the deductible. I am recommending this companies plan to his breeder to recommend on all new pups and to all my friends. Great company
My Golden Retriever, Lizzie-Taylor, had a bleeding mass in her abdomen. It felt so wonderful to have been able to make the best medical choices for her without fearing the costs. Thank you, Trupanion, for what you do and for helping with Lizzie's ongoing medical care!
I really never thought I would have to use medical insurance for my dog Basil. Thankfully I have Trupanion. Truly amazing. After about $30K in medical expenses to date, I have never had to make tough decisions for her medical care, especially long term treatment for epilepsy. They pay my hospital directly and the whole process is incredibly easy! Thank you! Thank you!
Great service as always
We have 4 dogs insured through Trupanion and we are so thankful. Trupanion has saved us so much money over the years. I recommend all my friends get it as well. You need a referral program! haha
Our Sherman, cat, would not be with us if it wasn't for Trupanion. He was blocked by a kidney stone in his right kidney for quite some time and needed emergency surgery to have it removed. The best surgeon for this procedure in the U.S. is luckily only an hour from our house. But even with that great advantage of being so close, it didn't mean we'd have the money out of pocket to cover this surgery. With a very up and down case, as most kidney patients are, we went into surgery hoping for the best. He survived the surgery and is working on getting back to a new normal. If it wasn't for the help of Trupanion covering 90% of his surgery and stay at NC State, we would have no other choice to have turned the other way. I am eternally grateful for this insurance company and what it has offered to both the veterinarians on his case as well as piece of mind for me and my husband, knowing we're giving him the best chance! THANK YOU!
Extremely happy with Trupanion. I have a 14 month old rescue puppy. In her short life, she has needed 3 surgeries. Trupanion paid for all of them. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!
Excellent!! :)
Our puppy was unfortunately diagnosed with hip dysplasia at only 8 months old, after a day of hiking or just playing at the dog park he would look like he was a 14 year old dog and was in obvious discomfort just to stand up. Luckily we decided to get pet insurance as soon as we brought him home at 3 months old, just in case because you never know. Having insurance made a tough choice easy as the surgery and recovery from the total hip replacement he required to live a pain-free and active life cost approximately $20,000. Trupanion paid for the amount they said, 90% after our deductible. They would usually pay the vet directly or provide our reimbursement within days. They made a difficult issue easy to handle with respect to finances. Now our big puppy has two new hips, is fully recovered, and is able to enjoy swimming and hiking mountains with us without pain.
This insurance company has been terrific. Our dog is ill with cancer and the treatments have been hard on our family. Thank goodness, dealing with Trupanion has been easy and each claim has been processed very quickly. Extremely happy with the service and would highly recommend Trupanion to other pet owners.
Our 11 yr old chihuahua had problems that resulted in an MRI and spinal tap among other costs. It was our first claim for Polly so Trupanion had to get prior records but after 30 plus days, they paid their share of the costs. Glad I have this company, Polly is still undergoing treatment and everything should go smoothly with future costs.
Very pleasant staff. Compassionate and very helpful.
Why would anyone choose any insurer but Truepanion? The claims prices could not have been easier. The premiums are manageable. This is the best value pet insurance on the market.
Trupanion is amazing our 3 year old Chihuahua Tinkerbell was extremely sick over the New Year and had over a $3,000.00 bill from being in a 24 emergency animal hospital for 3 days. With having Trupanion after paying our deductible and 10% we only paid about $500.00 total. The claim was so easy to process and we were paid in such a short amount of time. My baby girl is all better and we thank Trupanion for easing our minds during a scary time hoping our baby girl would be ok. Our fur babies deserve the best care and treatment just like the rest of our family, thanks Trupanion for taking care of Tinkerbell!
Beat Pet insurance ever. Pay immediately!
We have had two pets insured under Trupanion and have found the representitives to be most helpful, understanding, and compassionate - and reimbursement payments come very quickly! It truly is a great company, and I frequently recommend it to friends.
a really bad experience with this Company, they didnt even cover for my pet's accident after a few month of enrollement because i didnt met the deductible and every invoice submitted was declined even an invoice of $9.00 for medicine that is for increase the apetite on dogs was declined and the reason was "because prexisting condition of gastritis" on thing has nothing to do with the other...thanks god i found a better provider! I DO NOT RECOMEND THIS COMPANY because they will give you any excuse to not approve your claim
Great customer service, great claims process 100% satisfied
You have been wonderful to work with. I have recommended u to everyone I know that has a pet. I tell them if u love your dog or cat, u need to get Trupanion Pet Ins. I fax my bills in to u and by late afternoon u let me know that u received them, and I usually get approval by the next day. Payment is then received within 10 days. Great service, employees are very helpful and pleasant. My dog will be cancer free for 2 years by October, which is consisted a miracle. thanks Janet Scherf
Great to work and quick
I am very satisfied. I pay the premiums and when I have a covered claim you pay it. I would ask nothing more than that. you do what you say you'll do. It doesn't take arguing or multiple calls, its just handled. yes I would recommend Trupanion. and do...
We could not say anything but the highest praise for trupanion. The professionalism ,effiecency, and accuracy of handling our claim was outstanding. This experience was much more than an insurance claim, we felt trupanion was a partner in the process of getting Dakota healthy. Their handling of the whole process was only surpassed by their heart felt concern for Dakota. I have been in the corporate world for 40 years and truly believe most organizations and human insurance companies could learn from trupanion what effiency and real customer service really looks like. Thank you and Dakota says a special Thank you
When I needed your support, your company was there. You helped me get through a very difficult situation (my Jenna was hit by a car). You were great! Thanks and keep up the great support.
I would highly recommend Trupanion to anyone who has a pet. We enrolled last year and Trupanion has already been invaluable in helping out with our 8-year-old dog's vet bills after he unexpectedly came down with pneumonia a few months ago. Even now that he's all better, I am happy we have Trupanion as it makes me feel like we will be able to take care of him no matter what surprises lie ahead. Everyone at Trupanion is kind and extremely responsive, and I've been recommending it to all my friends.
You have helped us focus on the health and quality of life for our two whippets, Enzo and Cooper, without financial worry. Thank you.
We have a great dane so I anticipated that if there was a medical emergency or situation, it was going to end up costing a lot. We've had our dane on Trupanion insurance since he was basically born and they've been great. We've been tackling a lick granuloma issue now for over a year and had we not had the insurance, we'd be living in a box somewhere... with our dane of course. Trupanion has been wonderful, caring and their service reps are very nice. I recommend them all the time to friends, family, acquaintances.
I heard great things about Trupanion and decided to try it out for my dog. Unfortunately, the rate increased from $39 when I started to two years later being $60. I received no notice of the rate increase, although the contract said I would receive it via email or mail. I decided to cancel and called Trupanion. They let me know it was canceled and a representative would be following up with me the next day. I never got a call and 10 days later I was sent an email asking me to confirm the cancellation. I missed the email (since it was not discussed as being the process) and was never cancelled. It is challenging to cancel and leaves a bad impression on an overall good system/ service. I am disappointed in the lack of follow through when attempting to cancel the plan.
It took a couple days to find what exactly was wrong with Lucy, she had broken a disc in her back and was getting paralyzed. Dogs don't cry out when in pain they sit and avoid human contact. We knew something was wrong because she let us pick her up but acted different, spent most of her time hiding. She had surgery on her back and is great. Without Trupanion it would not have been possible because of the financial cost. Trupanion continues to pay for her meds each month that she will probably take the rest of her life. You will never know when your dog will be hurt or sick and you will have to make that critical choice, if you love your pet you must have medical insurance for your loved pet.
Trupanion has been great so far!
And I expected a lot. Great customer service. Really easy way to submit claims, and rapid turnaround. Direct and helpful. I've never had a problem in more than 5 years of being with them. I'd be in debt if it not for Trupanion. I recommend everyone I meet that has a puppy to get pet insurance with them. They're great.
Was recommended to trupanion by my vet for a blind cat I had rescued. I brought the cat in 3 Days after I found him for a general wellness visit and was given a free thirty days which i then continued with. Thank goodness I only paid for a few months of coverage before an issue arose. Brought the cat in about 2 months after the policy started for straining to urinate. Claim was denied stating that it was considered a preexisting condition. This was due to a note that the vet tech had mistakenly put in my notes during the wellness visit saying that I had brought the cat into another clinic for the same issue over a MONTH prior to the wellness exam. I didn't even have the cat a month ago!! When I explained the mistake in the notes to the vet and the review team at trupanion they said there was nothing that could be done since it was now an "official part of his records". When i questioned that they would allow FALSE information to remain in a record by an unlicensed vet technician, and what if it had said that he was part rabbit? Would they also allow THAT to remain? They said it would be the same situation! Also any issues that COULD be deemed related to a possible uti in the next 18 months would now also be considered prexisting! Luckily I scraped enough money up to cover his treatment but I then went to cancel the took 72 hours to get a callback by a person who could cancel the policy. I then had to respond to an email writing I hadn't "changed my mind" and still wanted to cancel. I did it. I was supposed to get almost a whole month reimbursed as it had just charged me the $42 for the next month. I thought the next thing I would hear from trupanion was that the refund had posted. Wrong. I got an email saying they were trying to charge me another month and that my payment info needed to be updated! Spoke with a rep who offered to back date it to my original cancel date citing "spam filters" and that they never received my confirmation of cancellation email. So I did what he asked and sent another email to the address he provided. Got a confirmation Of cancelation for almost a month AFTER my cancel date. Bye bye refund??? Called back and was told by a different rep that if I couldn't provide PROOF that i had responded to them in the first cancellation confirmation email that there was nothing they were willing to do. Asked to speak to a manager and of course none was available so I'm waiting to get a call back...... All I've heard are horror stories about this company which with what I experienced first hand I can only believe are true. I can only be thankful I'm not one of the people who've paid in for years only to have this company find a way to leave them desperate with a sick pet and a pile of claim denials. What this company is doing to people trying to protect their pets is attrocious.
My dog Hilde has had a rough go of it lately. She has an auto-immune disorder that has caused multiple life threatening issues. I can't say enough about how good Trupanion has been processing claims quickly and easily. THANKS!
Wasn't sure they would cover the procedures the vet and I had decided on. All our friends thought we were crazy to spend this kind of money especially if we didn't know for sure we'd get coverage. The first attempt was only partially successful so we went to the next stage to try and save our beautiful 5 year old boys tooth. That failed as well so went to final attempt to save his tooth and Trupanion stayed the coarse. I have a dental background so knew each stage was something I'd do for myself and I would have paid what was needed but was thrilled to see they covered so much. It made going all out even sweeter. I'm glad they don't do what our human dental insurances do and decide the treatment, usually the one that is the leased expensive and not necessarily the best option. Even the vets office was surprised. I've told everyone how pleased we are with Trupanion and definitely recommend them. It is so worth the peace of mind knowing your Pet will be taken care of. Thank you Thank you!
I obtained Trupanion insurance when we first got our Golden Retriever puppy. Seven months later he has had absolutely horrific ear infections requiring total ear ablation in both ears. I have had no problems submitting claims. Everything was as I expected and I have already received my first check. This is an ongoing claim process. Whenever I've had to call with a question, they've been helpful and sympathetic.
I have my 2 chihuahuas covered with $0 deductible. Had to use Trupanion twice & both times got everything covered & on top of that so far every time I called everyone was so friendly, helpful and caring. They even called me to find out how my furbabies were doing after I had to file a claim. If you want pet insurance Trupanion is the best in my opinion. And to everyone who works for Trupanion A BIG THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOU ♡♡♡♡
Trupanion handled our very expensive claim with no hassle or delay. When there was a small glitch with a pre approval they phoned us twice to explain exactly what was going on. Positive experience during a very stressful time.
Received very fast payment after my dog, Teddy, had major surgery at $4000. Coverage was a major portion of this bill, thank goodness. Great company. Thank you.
Love the Trupanion! Customer service is fantastic and answered all of my questions and concerns. I often recommend to new and existing pet owners
Extremely easy to submit a request and the claim is usually paid within a week. Very satisfied with service we have received during multiple surgeries. They actually answer the phone and you get to speak to a very helpful person. Well done Trupanion.
The insurance that we have is not the cheapest. You could find another company that is but at the end of the day it is the claims service that matters the most. You guys have been superior with this respect. I email my claim submission. Your process it and direct deposit into my account. When our French Bulldog had to have emergency spinal surgery we were able to concentrate on what mattered and not worry about the bill. She means the world to us. Thank you for giving us the peace of mind we needed during this time.
I cannot recommend Trupanion enough. My Vet recommended them when I first brought in my new 5 month old puppy 4 years ago. I got Niish a Policy and for the first 4 years nothing. They did raise my Premium twice and I was getting ready to cancel when first Niish got allergies and they covered a $80 every two month Allergy shot 90% so that made it worth more to me. It also turns out a few months ago Niish was diagnosed with Severe Hip Dysplasia. Because of Trupanion I was able to get her the total hip replacement. There were a few complications and she had to go back for a follow up surgery a few days later and they covered that as well. All told what would have been over $10,000.00 in surgeries and I'm out of pocket only about $1,500 and when she's healed up Niish will have the quality of life a 4 year old active large breed should have. The vet Clinics and Surgery Center I used all took care of all the paperwork for me and Trupanion just approved everything. Amazing!
Great company fast with refunds. Glad we have this insurance
This has been a surprisingly easy and dependable process! The claims are easy to fill out and submit. There has been no hassle for reimbursement. Trupanion has exceeded my expectations in all area's of coverage. My puppy is on her way to a full and healthy life because of Trupanion's coverage for her treatment and surgery.
I have had Trupanion coverage for about 15 years. When I started out they were fantastic about claim coverage for my pets and their fee's were reasonable. There are pro's as they have evolved, quick reinbursement, easy for my vet to submit directly for payment, uploading invoice via their app etc. However, as our relationship with Trupanion has progressed, my rates have gone up steadily each year, about $5 per per pet per month. The claims are now picked apart, divided into multiple issues so you are paying your deductable for each issue, even if problems are related or diagnosis is still underway by your vet. We took our commatose dog to our vet at 5pm he was unresponsive, they could not care for him overnight, they did not have 24 hour care, he was transfered to overnight care, then in the morning transfered again to specialist for diagnosis. Each veternarian facility we paid our deductible again, as well as the "office visit", even though he had been transfered for the same issue the entire time. Each invoice has a new claim number even if it's all related to the same problem creating issues on payment becasue they do not throughly go through the notes to see if its an exsisting claim. They tell you once you sumbit the invoice if they have further questions they will contact the vet, NOT TRUE. They process as new deduct deductibles and "office" fees, if you have to appeal the case its painstakingly difficult. The follow up is terrible and you will be responsible to contact your vet for the necessary vet notes etc dispite their stating they will. We currently still have a claim in "appeal/review" since September, dispite my intervening and following up with both Trupanion and our treating vet, making sure Trupanion had all the details they needed to resolve. Their follow up is minimal with you. Bottom line, Trupanion does provide good coverage but over the years has nickle and dimed us for all they can, our rates have constantly gone up and their customer service and resolution is minimal at best with a few exceptions! You are better off going to a specialist with multiple capabilities opposed to going to your primary vet. Even if you are referred for further testing each facility you will have to pay their "evaluation" fee regardless your vet has sent you there for continued care. At this point we cannont change insurance for our one beloved dog as he will now have preexisiting issues/conditions for new pet insurance, but are in the process of seeking other coverage for our other pets and will not be back. Its sad Trupanion has raped us with constant coverage manipulation and yearly increases.
Trupanion insurance has enabled us to ensure that our pup, Belle, received the required care after being diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia. The claims process, direct billing and friendly staff have been fantastic over the past few months! I highly recommend Trupanion insurance to any pet owner!
Easy no hassle