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My son just got his license so we wanted to bundle the packages for the insurance together. I called some companies directly and I also tried an independent agent but the cost wasn’t good enough. The Trusted Choice agent gave me the best price and he was also very nice. He was great and I recommended him to somebody else. I will tell my friends to go for it if they ask. In the end, we're all looking to save some money since insurance is getting higher and higher.

TrustedChoice is easy to navigate, and they have a lot of options. If you're in the market for insurance, I would recommend it for sure.

I was looking to change my hurricane insurance because the price keeps going up and it's up to $800 a year. A lot of people were responding, but it was basically for homeowner’s and I’m looking for a supplemental hurricane. But I am still using Trusted Choice. I’m just waiting for someone to respond. However still, I would recommend Trusted Choice. I would tell friends to give them a call and see what they can do for them.

It was very easy to use the TrustedChoice tool and I used it on my iPad. I’m about to sign up for insurance myself and I’ve got that taken care of. I happened to be at my father's house last weekend and he got his ventures going on. I asked him how long has he been with his insurance company and he goes, “Oh, years.” I showed him several quotes that he could do better with so now he’s out searching too. We figured out he could save almost $1500. I wanted to go through an independent agent company because they can go anywhere.

It was time for my homeowner's insurance to be renewed. I dealt with independent agents before and I kinda like their modus operandi. I had a good experience with Trusted Choice. They gave me enough choices locally that I could pick from. It was all online. For what I needed, Trusted Choice was very good at what they did. The only thing was they limited to me the three providers. Four or five would probably have been better.

TrustedChoice’s customer service was the most responsive to the inquiry that I had, and I liked that. I communicated with the rep, Donna, mostly through email, and she was more than willing to be of assistance. TrustedChoice provided me with the quote, and they’re the company that I am most likely going with.

I develop taken pieces of land and I needed a general liability insurance policy. It was very specific to an industry and a very special type of insurance policy for builders, contractors and people who build buildings. I spent a whole week calling up other companies and I was able to get quotes from five of them. But none of them could offer me what I was looking for or directed me to the right place. Then, I went to Allstate and they didn't have any options for me, but they told me about TrustedChoice saying that they're an independent company that may be able to lead me to where I need to get the policy I wanted. And as soon as I came across TrustedChoice, I immediately found what I was looking for.

When I went to their website, I typed in what I needed and it gave me a list of the providers that would be able to help me with my policy. It also told me exactly the policy that they offered. So, I didn't have to call and ask them if they had that type of policy. But when I did call them, lo and behold, they did offer that type of policy. So, it was very easy for me to find a representative that could offer me a quote. I got the right quotes, too, from TrustedChoice's website. They were all over the place. Some were very high while some were moderate, and I got a low end quote that worked for me.

The agent selection process nearly came down to the quotes that they gave me. The agents were great and when I contacted the ones that were provided, they contacted me back. In the end, the one I selected was 100% accurate for the information that I provided. But I didn't see if there was a rating per se of the companies. Other than that, I liked because it gave me a lot of options. Everyone was responsive and responded back unlike some of the other companies that I would contact that would never return my call. I had a great experience with them and I got exactly what I needed. I would highly recommend them.

FIORENTINO ** INSURANCE AGENT UNION CITY NEW JERSEY - I was referred to this agent for a commercial insurance quote, I went to his office and explained exactly what coverage I needed and he gave me a quote for the specific coverage for my business. He gave me the amount I needed to put down and the monthly payments I was going to have on the specific insurance coverage, but when I received my policy from the insurance underwriter it was not at all what I had paid for. At this point in time I went to Fiorentino's office to explain the error, he stated that it was a mistake and that he would take care of the issue.

So he then gave me a certificate of insurance stating the insurance coverage that I had paid for and told me to show that to the companies I service until he fixed the issue with the insurance company directly, a week later I went to Fiorentino's office to find out the reason why the insurance still wasn't updated, then he stated that it was out of his hands and he wasn't going to fix the problem and to leave his office if I wasn't satisfied with his service.

So I called the insurance company and found out that they don't cover what I paid for and Fiorentino should have known that, so I ended up buying a bogus $14,432.00 policy that I can't use. BE AWARE. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS AGENT and if you do, have a professional review the policy and make sure he gives you copies of exactly what you agreed on for coverage and he will ask for cash pay in c.c, check and make sure you get a receipt. Fraudulent. Fraudulent. Fraudulent.

TrustedChoice is the insurance company for my car and it's a good company. Melissa was my agent and she was delightful and very helpful. They were very convenient and did everything in a timely manner. So, it was a good experience. I'd recommend TrustedChoice to others

My experience with TrustedChoice wasn't the greatest. However, I think I found the guy. I really didn't have much in the way of anybody and only one guy replied to my inquiry. That to me is fine though. The website is was easy enough to use. I was looking for an independent insurance agent and I put all the information in there. However, I was surprised I didn't get more calls or inquiries. I may go on with TrustedChoice and try again and see what happens. I'm trying to get a few bids on my stuff and would like to get some more proposals or ideas. All in all, a below average experience.

I wanted to see other insurance companies that were out there and TrustedChoice's website took me to the right place. They matched me with an insurance company that said they would be calling me. They did call me back and made a follow-up so my experience was pretty good. But the insurance company couldn’t offer what I was looking for. Still, I'd advise others to use if they are looking for an insurance quote.

I'm new to TrustedChoice. I've used it because I found out that it is the more secure company, especially the technology or fashion for my behalf. It is the best company for someone that is a sole proprietor. I was referred by another service company that I've talked to. From being on the website, I've learned that TrustedChoice has the coverage that I need. I want to get a permanent life insurance for myself, get myself started with an application, find out my cash value and the types of premium I would be paying monthly.

TrustedChoice was very helpful and gave me some information I was looking for. Their website was great. I just put in my information and it popped up with several different choices, so it was real simple and effective. It didn't take a lot of maneuvering. I used a couple of agents and they gave me quotes based on what the criteria that I explained to them. All in all, TrustedChoice is a good option.

I was looking for an insurance company that wouldn't try to charge me a whole lot of money, one that was going to be fair, and I went with the name Trusted. A lady from TrustedChoice called me back and gave me some information. She’s supposed to call me again but I never got a return call.

My company was decreasing the sewer backup. I saw on the internet and it was easy to use and navigate through. I’d recommend them.

I was looking for wind insurance and TrustedChoice gave me four wind pool providers on the Mississippi Gulf Coast area. I called each one of them and got quotes and the information I needed. That was easy and the website was very helpful.

I was gonna change my homeowners insurance carrier and got some quotes online from insurance companies. But I knew that there were some other companies out there that I would be interested in. I also felt more comfortable having an agent that had worked for multiple insurance companies, for different choices. So I Googled for independent insurance agents near me and found Trusted Choice. Their website was easy to navigate and their agent options were great and the company, that I chose, provided good service.

I was looking for a homeowners insurance with the best price and Trusted Choice was the one that came up with a quote. I just gave them what we had on the other policy and they came up with the same thing.

TrustedChoice seemed so legitimate and didn’t strike me as being sketchy that I never gave it a second thought. They gave me choices and I made the choice.

TrustedChoice is my brokerage company and they set me up with GEICO as my current insurance. I had USAA previously and had been with them for 17 years but they cancelled on me when I missed the date to pay my insurance when my mother passed away. I had to put out $1100 up in advance in order to get my good standing back. USAA cancelled both my house and car insurance. I was trying to get my house insured but because I was cancelled, I couldn't get anybody to insure me including GEICO. However, I went ahead and got car insurance.

My girlfriend and her husband have GEICO and they recommended it to me. I signed up with them since they were reasonable and would rather have them than not having insurance at all. I pursued calling GEICO until they called me back, and then I went ahead and got insurance. The people I talked to on the phone were nice. I worked with a guy and a girl. The guy explained to me a couple of times and I told him that I'm still lost, and young people nowadays don't have patience and get frustrated. Same goes with the girl I worked with, they made me feel like a military cattle. I liked using USAA since I normally got older people and established people in the company. But overall, my experience with TrustedChoice was okay.

I have used another independent insurance company and I don’t find TrustedChoice to be much different than others. I was trying to ascertain what was out there beyond the bigger name companies and to see what options I had. I was looking through the internet and an umbrella of other companies came up. Dealing with an insurance company per se is difficult and TrustedChoice didn’t strike me as particularly positive. I don’t think they are transparent and they don’t typically use layman’s terms. My experience with TrustedChoice would not encourage me to tell other people to use them.

I had MetLife and a friend of mine who worked for an independent agency called Bigeye has told me to do a search on Bing and it ended up going to the TrustedChoice site. Finding info on the site seemed easy enough. There were a lot of choices, which was good, and I was able to choose how I wanted to be contacted. I put in my email and got their "I thank you..." message. But sadly, I was disappointed that it didn’t get give me any calls or emails back even though there were a lot of choices. I was at that point a little dissatisfied so I didn’t go back, follow up, or do more. TrustedChoice needs to increase their name recognition so that people would realize that their website is driving us to all the independent agents. That’s the only way to spread word of mouth, because even if I would have gone to one of the agents or I would have told a friend to contact some agency, then that agency would have told them to go through TrustedChoice.

The insurance company that I had cancelled me because of late payments. I needed some insurance and by going through Homeowners Insurance, it's a way of giving me more choices. Their website is very user-friendly and they sent my name out to some companies who then called me. They explained to me what their company does and we went from there.

TrustedChoice was pretty much like any other insurance agent. The staff and agent were friendly. It was a pleasant experience and I would recommend them.

TrustedChoice's website is represented first by companies for free, then I needed to subscribe to see more information about these insurance companies. I learned about a few companies in Texas that I didn't know about before. I saw the names and researched them online myself, and then I called them.

My old insurance company was not being responsive to my questions so, I got frustrated. I Googled and TrustedChoice was the first one that came up. They called and their rep was super responsive and friendly on email and phone. The agents from TrustedChoice looked into the options closely.

I was looking for a casualty company so I called TrustedChoice's number and the person I talked to gave me a contact. And then through that contact, I called a few other people that could possibly help. Saint Martin got wrecked by the hurricane and nobody really wants to go in. It was a good experience to have a central intelligence within the insurance industry that could navigate us to companies that could provide service on what we’re looking for. It’s a good service.

I bought a new house, and I live on an island that’s by the water, and certain companies don’t insure if you're within a certain distance from the water. I was on the phone looking for insurance to solidify my loan process and secure my deal. I am satisfied with Trusted Choice. Continue to provide great service to Hawaii.

TrustedChoice's website is good. They gave me some quick and good references and the companies were reputable. However, I was in a precarious situation that impacted the majority of insurance carriers and I can't get covered by those individuals.

I called TrustedChoice to see if they could insure a property in Detroit that my girlfriend owns. They told me there was no one in the world that would insure a rental property in Detroit except one company. It took a couple of days to think about and lost $400. So if she already has insurance, she's better off sticking with that. But the reps were great and honest. The online process was easy. I called to get a quote and I had to type in my email address and name in order to get connected with somebody. They gave me a number, I got connected and I got all my questions answered. But then I got emails from outside sources trying to fix my problem when it was already fixed.

I was helping my son find a dental plan and TrustedChoice was one of the choices that came up. They had a number of different companies and offered everything we thought we needed. They had a special going on for a lot of deliveries and we took advantage of that to save us something. I called and talked to the reps and then, my son came over. We went back online and I showed him and then I called and talked to them and he answered questions and signed up.

TrustedChoice seemed good compared to the previous insurance agent company I've used. Navigating through their website is easy. The agent selection process was fine and I didn't have any difficulty.

I used to have First American and then I switched over to Select. I had been looking around at the time for a better home warranty although First American was really good, except for the price started going up than a lot of the other ones. They were really expensive on the service fees and didn't cover everything that my other one did. I was looking for full coverage and I was trying to find a third company that had a large amount and so that they can compare. The online process was simple and straightforward and I was able to compare and look at everything and come up with an idea of what would possibly be a good one if I decided I wanted to choose one and I decided not just to choose one. Everything worked just fine.

I didn't really care about Select's service. They were not very professional. My washer went bad and they were going to warranty it but then they said it was so old and they'd only give me a $100 for it. That didn't fix the problem. And then I thought about going to Trusted Choice and I thought they'd reach me up on that. They were expensive for the plan and with monthly, I would be paying $75 to $100 for service call fees. Nonetheless, Trusted Choice Homeowners Insurance would be good to use.

I was searching homeowner’s insurance and TrustedChoice was one of the sites that popped up. I tried their website, told them what I was looking for, grabbed the quote and they put me in contact with three other agencies but they weren’t able to provide. My situation for living is kind of unique, and nobody can provide insurance unless I go to the state. But my experience with TrustedChoice was convenient and I would tell my friends to try it.

I wasn’t quite happy with my previous insurance company. They didn’t offer some of the insurance I wanted and their insurance was a lot more expensive than that of other insurance providers. I thought I could get something better, price-wise, and I ran across a website that compared insurance rates. It showed two insurance companies in my area and recommended TrustedChoice. I tried TrustedChoice out to see what they could do for me and they did a good job. They did as good as they could and I would recommend them. They were very helpful and saved me money. There can’t be better insurance for less money.

It was extremely difficult to find insurance for my residence and I went through so many websites. The way I found all of my stuff was basically doing Google searches, forum searches and contacting other people. TrustedChoice helps but it couldn’t help me - it was assistive but I couldn’t use it because of the unique feature of my house. Everything can be very easily navigated and easy to assist me in what I was looking for but it just couldn’t find me what I needed.

The service from TrustedChoice was better compared to the previous company we had. I looked for an alternative other than an independent agent, and also somebody close. And so far, TrustedChoice worked out. We’re still working on it today, and I'm very satisfied.

Every year I search for homeowners insurance to make sure that I’m getting the best bang for my dollar. I went with an independent agent because if I go through them, I get that one-on-one instead of being just a number. I started online and when I started comparing, I sent out questions to the ones that I was interested in which ended up being about four of them. Mitch was the one that started the process and whenever I wasn't able to get a hold of him, Dave would either give me the answer or pass on my message to Mitch. When Mitch went on a cruise over the weekend, Dave forwarded the message that I wanted and Mitch got back to me while he was on the cruise. They got back to me on time, usually within a couple of hours or within the hour after sending an email or placing a call. They called me back with the information I was looking for. That's what led me to decide that Trusted Choice was the one I should go with.

They paid attention to detail instead of just giving me a quote and not worry whether I went with them or not and never called back. I started eliminating from four down to two and then to the one I ended up going with. The experience was great. I also got some flood insurance from Trusted Choice even though I'm not in a flood area. I've always had the insurance and the company that I was at before is the same, and through Trusted Choice and talking with them, I was able to keep the same rate from previous years instead of getting a 20% hike just because we had a hurricane or a few of them. I would tell my friends to give Trusted Choice a call. I’m the vice president for my office and I told my partner and my manager to make sure to give them a call when it was time for them to shop around. We all need homeowners insurance or flood insurance. I told them to make Trusted Choice one of the companies that they get a bit from and then go from there.

The person that I dealt with at Trusted Choice Homeowners Insurance was really nice, but it took too much time just sitting there for two hours. Other than that, the experience I had with them was okay.

I was dissatisfied with TrustedChoice because they never did anything for me. They told me that they gave my name out to about three companies but I never got a callback from any of them. The lady that I talked to helped me. I was looking for homeowner's insurance and was having a problem with the wiring in our home. She told me what I needed to do and more or less what it was going to cost because she had another client that went through the same thing. And as it turned out, the insurance company that we have accepts the AlumiConn, which is what we need to go with. I've been with People's Choice for 15-20 years and I'm going to stay with them. gave me multiple options other than the ones that I got locally. I used the information that I got and one of the insurance that they recommended is the one I'm signed up with right now. I find their website simple, user-friendly and very responsive to what I was asking for. The agent selection process was good and simple as well. I reached out to at least three of them and two people called back right away and the other one was late when I've already made my decision. I would tell others to try It helped me and I got a good referral.

Navigating through the TrustedChoice website was fine and I'm a computer illiterate. The agent selection process was fine as well. We went with the first number and started calling. We talked to the agent's secretary first and then made an appointment with him. He was in Evansville and my husband liked his voice. His attitude was fine and we liked him. We found the right agent in Evansville where we needed to, through TrustedChoice, and we were pleased with him.

I called a bunch of phone numbers that I found on the internet for manufactured home insurance and I found TrustedChoice. Their website was easy to use and the agent I spoke to was good. TrustedChoice has a good price and I was happy with the insurance.

I was moving to a new area and didn’t know where the insurance agents were, so I used TrustedChoice to find them. Navigating through their website was pretty easy and the process wasn't very long. I put in the ZIP code and the products I was shopping for like I wanted homeowners' insurance and up came a list of a couple of insurance agents and I gave them a call. The process worked fine for me.

I'm a customer and I'm also an agent of TrustedChoice. If you're looking for State Farm or Allstate, you should call them. But if you're looking for everyone else, then try TrustedChoice. State Farm and Allstate are captive insurance companies while TrustedChoice is a way to find independent agents as they have many companies to choose from. It's a form of competition.

But if you actually use TrustedChoice and pay them a monthly fee to list your agency, you should know that they never answer the phone which would be nice if they did. Once you're in it, you get some leads which is nice, but you can never contact them again. I had an insurance agency for 20 years and I used TrustedChoice and advertised with them. When I sold the agency, I could never get ahold of anybody to cancel my account. I ended up just taking them off my credit card and refusing the charges. They still never called me. On the whole though TrustedChoice is fine and it's a useful service.

I shopped around for independent insurance companies and TrustedChoice was on the internet, which was the reason I went them. However, I ended up getting traditional ones call me like Farm Bureau. One of them even seemed like it was a robocall and it was the same person every time so I just hang up. I used to be in the insurance business and I know that there are a ton of insurance companies out there other than the main ones, so I was disappointed with that.

I really like my policy with TrustedChoice. It's a pretty awesome insurance company. The agent touched base on the products in my homeowners' insurance. The people at TrustedChoice were professional and helpful. I even have a little house I'm fixing up as a rental and they wanted me to get a policy written on it. They just went above and beyond, just giving the options.

There's a couple of things I need to do and hopefully this week, they'll be fixed. I'm just going to send them pictures and that's all they need. They've already been out and been up on the roof and crawled around. They've been all over and they had also given suggestions like out back there are three steps and I need to put up a handrail for the insurance company. That way my house is safe.

I came about TrustedChoice through friends and recommendations, so I feel good about the way I did before reaching out to them myself. It was easy navigating through their site. They gave me a list of people that were brokers and so I selected one nearby and went through the process with them. They looked for insurance which I already had. I was seeing if I could save money, and the conclusion that we both came to was that the insurance provider that they never even mentioned in the search process, and who I already carry, is cheaper. So, it was not a fit for me that time but it made me feel good and I was already with a good company that gave me good insurance.

The only thing that anybody would be concerned with is privacy, sharing of information with a lot of different places and signing up for junk mail. TrustedChoice asked me if I'd like my information to be shared with a bunch of agents to which I selected "no". I didn't want five agents calling me and telling me they want my business. I received a couple of calls and a few emails but it has not been intense.

It's been a while since I used TrustedChoice. I looked into car and home insurances. I searched for top insurance brokers in Nashville and Zander ended up coming up in the end of results. And my former supervisor actually works over at the Nashville Zander. So I talked with him and I start with them. Once I called, they looked at a lot of different insurance companies that did the same thing with another broker. So they ended up giving me a previous price and I went with that when we have got all the details.

I thought TrustedChoice was an independent insurance company but they’re more like an insurance broker. That’s the first time I'd use somebody like that. Their website was decent; I’ve used better ones but theirs was a little better than average. I had a short conversation with their rep and she was very friendly and professional. Right now, we’re still on the process of reaching out to see who would provide the coverage we needed so that when we are ready for the insurance, I have the agents. I got two agents from TrustedChoice and they are to give me a third one. So if anyone's looking for something a little unique, TrustedChoice can find some of those additional resources.

I had an insurance on my home and someone called me saying that they had better insurance available for me and I could change it. I thought they were my advisor from my mortgage company, so, I said that I would. I did what they asked and everything seemed to be going through. Within days, I got a cancellation of insurance from the new company saying it wasn't close enough to a fire hydrant. I was scrambling because I had no insurance so I went to the Trusted Choice site. I saw that it looked like it might offer the most help in one place which was what I was looking for. It took them a little bit but they did find me some insurance. I switched and now, I have insurance again.

I was gonna purchase a property, so I started searching for homeowner's insurance. I found Trusted Choice online and their website was very easy to navigate. I liked their rate, but I couldn’t go through with the purchase of their homeowner's insurance because the deed was incorrect. So, we didn’t close, the contract fell through, and I ended up not using Trusted Choice as my insurance provider. Nevertheless, the experience that I had with them was good.

We had our insurance with an independent agent in Kansas for over 34 years. We relocated to Missouri because of a job change for me, but unfortunately, she did not carry coverage in Missouri so we looked for a new carrier. We really love working with our independent agent which is why we went with an independent agent here in the Saint Louis area. She knew about the Trusted Choice network and told us about it. I searched online for an agent and Trusted Choice's website worked really well. We received a follow-up phone call from someone in the company and we told him what we were looking for. Then, they sent out inquiries to several agents and those agents contacted us. One didn't follow through, but the other two provided us with great proposals and we ended up choosing one. It was a really easy process for us to shop for an agent.

I went through TrustedChoice's website and I spoke to certain people. They were fine and very helpful, however, they should hire more people. Right now, if you need to speak to someone on the phone right away, you get an answering service. It's a pain in the neck.

We have homeowners insurance through State Farm. I went to and gave my address, then they gave me some insurance companies to contact that would be able to help me. There were two or three local brick and mortar companies that I was able to call. They all returned my call and I had a level of interaction with them. I ended up not using any of their services and decided to use State Farm again and renewed our policy with them. The agent selection process at Trusted Choice was fine and it worked. They just required me to make the phone calls and get in touch with the people to give me the necessary information rather than going to their website. But I was able to make progress in a situation that I needed to handle.

I had gotten several quotes from insurance companies since I needed coverage, but I was looking for an independent quote and I found Trusted Choice. I used their tool but I wasn't able to find anything with it. My experience with Trusted Choice didn't end up working out for me, but it was okay.

I talked to a person who have used TrustedChoice and that's how I got to go with them. When I asked a question about insurance, they gave me the information I wanted.

I was trying to find a broker and it seemed like I was getting the wrong kind of people. I called the South Carolina Department of Insurance, and they recommended some insurance companies that weren't able to help me 'cause I was in a high-risk category for insurance and I have had so many claims within so many years. I went to TrustedChoice's website to get a phone number and it was fairly simple to navigate. They had a list of agents based on my zip code and they recommended some insurance companies. They were the resource for me to get to those independent contractors and I eventually got to the right one. Even though I still have to do the legwork and the calling because I have the personal information for the insurance companies to find out, they pointed me in the right direction. They were good enough for me to recommend it if I knew somebody that is in the situation I am in.

I was thinking that our insurance was getting expensive and had gone up a little bit so I checked with about five different companies to get some different bids and get an idea. We actually get excellent service from our insurance company. Only I thought we could save some money but as it turned out they were still a little better than other companies. is an insurance broker so they actually work with dozens of different companies to find the right policy. Usually they talk to you over the phone and kind of help you find what you’re looking for or they’ll communicate via email. The interesting thing about that is it can make a very big difference on the company itself. Another part of the puzzle that a lot of people don’t know about is that many big-name brand insurance companies that you would recognize like Farmers, and Nationwide and a few others actually have a second brand or in other words a different name. And they sell through brokers and we ended up with the broker that we called and got us a much better rate than we did directly to the insurance company years prior to that. They actually gave us a much better price through the subsidiary of the same company that we were already with back then. We found out that the company we’ve been with is extremely competitive in today’s market.

However, when I go to TrustedChoice's website I’m looking for answers and they can’t really give answers because they depend on the people they represent to provide those. In other words they want me to talk to the people that they represent to make an informed choice and I understand that but it wasn’t the information I was looking for.

I was hoping for some kind of a price guideline and a little bit more detail than the website provided but that would be my only negative in-put on it. But other than that I don’t remember anything being bad about the website. Other than the fact that, of course, I had to put in all the information without knowing who I was really giving the information to. In this age of stolen identities and everything else I don’t like to do that too much. But although there were things missing I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend TrustedChoice either.

I was looking for homeowner's insurance and was the website that appeared. I got a few insurance companies that coordinated with me on what needed to be done. I don’t have complaints about the agent selection process and I would tell my friends to hop on it if they were looking for the same stuff that I was. I was satisfied and it didn't stick out to me to be anything special but I didn't see anything to be bad either so, it's alright.

I knew about TrustedChoice, and I felt like it was a good place for my girlfriend to call because they had several companies that they represented. I was trying to get them find a car insurance and homeowners' insurance for my girlfriend. They said she was paying a very high-priced one with another insurance company and they told her to stick with it for a year and then call them back. And because she let her insurance lapse for one month, they said they couldn't write insurance on her, which was disappointing. The representative on the phone was very cordial and she checked my girlfriend's record but they could not help her at all. They seem very restricted, which is crazy. They were polite and they seem like they wish they could help us but they couldn't.

I was tired of Liberty Mutual raising the insurance willy-nilly all the time and for no reason. So, I asked other people and checked around and it was time to make a move or time to look. I thought I would go through and see who were in the independent agency companies and there were a couple in it I'm very familiar with and had a thing about independent agencies. Sometimes, especially depending on who they pick, they don’t have a lot of the advertising cost in it that a Liberty Mutual does.

Trusted Choice Homeowners Insurance gave me some ideas on who were those independent agents and once I found out who they were, I could do homework and see who they represent. It took a bit longer to do and I started doing Google searches. The experience of navigating thru Trusted Choice's website was okay. It gave me a bit of detail on each page and I saw which were good and saw their contacts and who are working for them. They gave enough information and good variety. I would probably go with the agency that they gave. I know people who are with these agencies that Trusted Choice recommended, people who are insured with them that tell me that I ought to move and that their agency saves them a lot of money.

I relocated and searched for homeowners insurance. I tried doing it myself but I wasn't coming up with very much that was satisfactory to me. I contacted Trusted Choice and they looked at various options and presented it to me. Everything with the agent went very smoothly. He was very polite and efficient. He knew exactly what we wanted and searched accordingly. The process took 3 hours and I was able to choose the one that I thought was best so it worked out for me. I'm happy that I did it that way and I'm satisfied so far.

I did a google search and I went to the website and from there, I ended up with Navigating through the website was easy. The agent selection process was fine. The agent selected was accurate to the information that I provided. I would recommend them to a friend.

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