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We paid a higher premium to get a lower wait time on procedures. It took my dental office over an hour to confirm that I even had coverage because their online system stated that I was still in my waiting period (which I was not). After paying $500 into this company over a few short months they would not cover even 1 of the $900 procedure that I needed done (deep cleaning after removal of my braces). We had never even used our coverage with them.

Was unable to login to setup account and choose PCP 7 weeks after paying premium of $820 per month, which prevented me from using any insurance benefits. Called them regularly, but they always blamed the system and said to wait longer. Asked for prorated refund for the time I was denied services and they refused. When asked to speak to supervisor, got answering machine, and the answering machine message stated that they were 90 days backlogged in responding to messages - I should wait 90 more days. REALLY?

I moved from California to New Mexico and I have had United Health Care (UHC) for six years. To establish new primary care physician, I went to a local doctor and she ordered lab work. UHC denied the claim since "I did not go to emergency room or to an Urgent Care provider." We must pay the full amount rather than the negotiated rate paid by UHC. The office visit was $85 instead of $25 and the lab was $150 instead of $75. I was on the phone for over three hours, was transferred seven times, and finally talked to a rep who told me I was "just bring rude." When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was placed on hold for 10 minutes.

My husband passed away July 27, 2013 and I called AARP United Healthcare to cancel my part D. As a survivor, I would be covered. I called on 10/4/13 and told them. At that time my payments were being automatically deducted and were up to date. I received a bill for $70.20. I called them and the very curt and scripted representative said it was in the system as terminated, but they never received a dis-enrollment letter from me so they took it upon themselves to re-enroll me. I told her I never received such a letter. If I had, I surely would have sent it back. She said, "Well, we sent it," and was very emphatic about it. I refused to send the money and am sending letters regarding the bill and her attitude in dealing with the public. I have dealt with many people since my husband's death regarding his and my affairs, but I thank God she is a rarity in the harsh and unfeeling way she handled my problem. I have great sympathy for her.

I've gone in circles with UHC for the past month attempting to find a specific type of therapist in network in my large metro area. Apparently there are none but UHC continues to give me the names of two therapists, along with contact numbers, who do not exist. I've called the numbers (provided by UHC) for these supposed therapists, and the health care group on the phone tells me that these therapists are not employed by them. Furthermore, I can't even find these therapists on the Internet; it's like they simply don't exist. I got tired of calling UHC on the phone multiple times, so I finally sent an email, thinking that perhaps things might be more clear in writing.

In my email, I listed the full names of these nonexistent therapists and told UHC that these therapists do not exist, so what other therapists are in network? UHC's response: "Here are the therapists in your area in network : 1 Nonexistent therapist #1, and 2 Nonexistent therapist #2." (This was the response to my original concern where I provided the names of these nonexistent therapists and said that they don't exist!) I even suggested to UHC that it may be best for them to actually determine if providers are still practicing before providing such obsolete information to patients. UHC likely won't do that, though that idea makes too much sense!

I decided to try United Health Care because they seemed to offer the best policy. True the deductible was much lower than the other major insurer offered. I remembered my grandma had used them and liked them. That was before all the healthcare requirements. I applied and gave them the first payment info. I never heard from them - no insurance card, no bill, nothing. I tried to access their online site. It says I do not have access and I must call. No one could find my policy.

Today they said I never paid the premium. I said I gave info. They don't have it. They said they sent all the insurance information to my address. I said "Did you send it to (address)?" They said "That's not what we have." I said "That is my address." The girl argued with me. I asked if they had my address from last year, before I moved. "That was not it." I asked what they had. They said they couldn't tell me. I told them I never got any info. They said they sent it. I said "Not to me. You didn't!"

I was told to go to the affordable healthcare site and change my address. I said the aca had my correct address and could I change it now. I was told no, I HAD to do it on the affordable site. I would not be allowed to access their site and they could not change my address unless that site sent them the info. I cannot pay them online with no access. She refused my payment since my address is incorrect. I can't find out where they sent my info. I am ready to just give up on them and I haven't even gotten to the point of a doctor yet! This has been a nightmare!

Since being demoted to the United Health Care Community Plan in February, I have had nothing but trouble with their prescription coverage. First, they would not cover one of my daily prescriptions, the only one in its class that did not come with side effects that I already struggle with naturally. I just had to stop taking medication for that problem because I could not afford it out of pocket.

This week, I was unable to have a prescription for diabetic test strips filled. After three days of going back and forth with the pharmacy, the doctor's office and finally calling UHC, I found out that UHC would not fill the original script (that originated with their company policy not two months ago) until a month from now, but would be willing change the entire glucose monitoring system (meter and strips) and fill that script, instead. Tell me how that makes sense? Meanwhile, I haven't been able to test for two days. This insurance has been nothing but a headache and I can't wait do be done with it.

Months ago I was forced to change to United Health Care so I could keep my present PCP. Prior to the change I was with Aetna but I could not remain with Aetna because Multicultural was shut down. Now with UHC my co-pays are much higher and I am not able to easily get my lab results. With Lapcorp I used to get an email telling me that my results were available at a specific time and date. I would log in and my results were visible and printable. Now with UHC I have to drive 20 min one way to either my PCP or my nephrologist to get my results. This is ridiculous! The results are mine! I'm afraid that we will be changing providers as soon as possible.

Just read the complaint from the UHC insured where he was forced into purchasing drugs from an online company (Medco). I know of people who are fighting an issue concerning Medco and United forcing them too to purchase from Medco. United is a very rotten company and this is just the tip of the iceberg. United depends on business groups. What needs to be done is contacts any chamber of commerce and let them know they should inform companies of United's bad business practices. If you don't feel your complaint is prohibited disclosure, send a copy to your local news media as a News Release! We must draw attention to this very bad company. United give a very name to the Free Enterprise System.

I don't have United Health Care personally, but I am a healthcare provider who deals with them. I would drop out of their network in a heartbeat if it wasn't for some long term patients who would lose the ability to see me. My complaints are two fold: United pays less than half my rate (which is comparatively low) and half of what BCBS pays for the same service. The other is that I have to fight to get paid by them. For instance, I will receive an explanation of benefits denying a legitimate claim, with a misleading explanation as to why. In other words, they tell me my diagnosis code is invalid (when it isn't), so I resend the claim and have it denied again.

Then I call them (waiting on hold for long stretches, only to be told I have the wrong department) and when I finally speak to a live person, they can't fix the problem. So I'm denied again. Only after my FOURTH phone call (and waiting for the rep to research my claims for about 20 minutes) do I learn they want a newer version of a billing form. WHY they couldn't tell me that in the first place would be a mystery if I didn't think that denying claims for obscure reasons is a business model designed to make the provider give up trying to get paid. If you, as consumers, have noticed fewer providers accepting United insurance, this will go a long way to explain why.

I wonder why in 2018 this company can not send you information online to an e-mail if you wish. Or if you make payments send the payment to your e-mail. I have had all of my mail gone through open or whatever living in an apartment complex. I requested everything online but it seems they don't have the capability to do so. After I moved in one week I got 8 mailings of the identical same thing in each one. Then the following week 6 more. Then we wonder why are healthcare cost are so high or information is stole. Then they call and try asking a hundred questions so you can identify yourself. But how do we know who they are. My caller I.D. never shows UHC or are the numbers ever the same. I worked and paid taxes so my Medicare is not an entitlement. It was something I was made to pay and I still pay. This company should get with the present and us who prefer everything done in e-mails or billing should be done.

Our son is requiring residential treatment because of severe RAD along with multiple diagnoses related to living most of his life in an orphanage. He is just now making some progress after 60 days and now Optum is denying claims stating he doesn’t meet criteria for further treatment. He DOES meet THEIR medical necessity requirement, but we are learning that Optum will deny 97% of all behavioral claims after 60 days. It won’t matter to them what the patient needs or what the clinicians and psychiatrists report in peer to peer review. United and Optum will NOT meet the needs of the patient. They will line their pockets first while their clients suffer. Why is this allowed to happen in this country?

I've had so many claims screwed up, it is unbelievable. Anytime I'm owed a reimbursement, it takes forever. Typically I submit my claim, call 4 or 5 weeks later only to find that someone has screwed up and then it takes an additional 30 days for me to receive my funds. Trying to speak to an actual human is near impossible, and when you do, they have no idea what they are talking about. This is the worst company I have ever had to deal with. And to think, our health care is in their hands. ROFL!

Wrong info on the website. The Doctors are mostly, "We do not accept UHC thru Marketplace (Compass)," and UHC have them listed as cost efficient and in network doctors. There is no point calling the Representatives and ask for a Doctor. They also follow the incorrect info which we see on the web as well. Allergy and specialist (Child) is not possible to locate within the area (within 20 miles). I still do not know where to take my child for an allergy issue. They change contract with the Doctor and do not notify us and change to some different PCP without checking with the member. We had prescribed medicines for our Child and they were also not covered. UHC is expensive but a third class, poor service which an insurance can provide. Please a big NO to this provider. I am totally frustrated.

Constant runaround with ‘prior authorization’ claiming they only will cover ‘Drug A ER’ then deny at pharmacy... say will only cover ‘Drug B ER’ submit prescription. Denied again. They say, "No we only cover ‘Drug A non-ER’." Submit prescription and denied again. At this point I've been without ANY MEDICATION for over a week now. And people wonder why there’s a mental health crisis.

I had a procedure done out of network on August 25. The surgeon is well-known so he has a reputation to protect and uphold. He has a dedicated staff member to help patients with insurance reimbursement. My claim was submitted to UHC on September 8 electronically. I phoned UHC to inquire about the status of my claim on September 18. They said they had no claim for me. I quickly called my surgeon/provider's office and the woman in charge, who had already submitted the claim once, got on a call with them and re-sent the claim via fax. UHC suggested it would expedite matters rather than sending it via snail mail. I called again, they had difficulty finding the fax but finally did. They said it would take 30 days or less to process the claim... A $12,795 which I paid out of pocket.

I called again on October 1. They told me they'd just sent a letter to my provider on September 27th requesting additional information about medication that had been administered - they don't reimburse for medication, firstly. I had a spirited conversation with them asking why they waited more than a month after the surgery to request additional information. They had no excuse. They said it would be another 30 days from then. I phoned again at the beginning of the second week of October. I was transferred to a "patient advocate" who asked me to repeat the story for now the 9th time. I did. She said there was something "fraudulent" about the claim that was being investigated. She said the claim was for $39,000! I argued with her because I had a copy of what had been submitted to UHC right in front of me, which was for $12,795.

As my ire increased she made an effort and noticed that, hmmm, some of the claims seemed like duplicates. Long story short, some moron at UHC had opened a SECOND claim - yes, because they had requested it a second time from my surgeon's office. I spoke to the plan sponsor whose contact details I have because I sat with the group when UHC pitched to be our insurance provider. I was very opposed because of previous experiences with this disreputable company who said they would intervene.

It was finally determined that in fact UHC had made an enormous blunder - surprise, surprise. And then they said the claim was going immediately to the "pricing" department. This is a very simple task - they look at each item on the claim, check it against a code, and then determine how much (supposedly 70%) of that amount they will reimburse. In my case there was the surgical suite, the anesthesiologist's fees and the doctor's fees to be "priced" - three items. It is now November 9 and I have yet to see a penny from these thieves. But I continue to pursue the matter and assume I will ultimately be reimbursed. They have submitted a proposal to my company for a renewal contract, to which I have stamped a huge NO and will do everything in my power to boot them. The entire company is made up of illiterate buffoons.

I have an overactive bladder and fibromyalgia, I have to go to the doctor pay the expensive copay. I get a prescription for medicine, if doesn't work, after paying the high copay for the medicine, I have to go back to the doctor and pay another copay to get a script for another medicine and pray this one works. Well you find one that finally works, they pay for it, with a $50 copay. Well one day United Health Care says "we aren't paying for that medicine anymore!" So you have to start the vicious cycle over and over!

For both of my health problems they have done this to me! I call to ask why? "If this medicine finally work, why would you make me pay more money? You more money? I don't understand!" Their reply, they didn't tell us why, they just won't pay for it any longer! Just start over! They put me on hold, hung up on me, transferred me numerous times, didn't help me at all! I am so fed up with this company! It is through my employer is the only reason I keep it! Do not get United Health Care if you have a choice! They are basically worthless!

I have been on Testim 1% gel for 2 years and no matter what every time I need to complete the Prior Authorization it takes months. They have denied the claim and then send it to appeals group who you can't speak with no matter what. They have lied on multiple occasions and are rude and unhelpful. I am wanting to start a class action suit and have the government regulate them.

United Healthcare is by far the worst insurance company on the market. I have a medically complex 2 year old and they deny everything we ask for or make us jump through hours of hoops to get it. We pay over $1,000 a month for this plan and it covers NOTHING. I want to get a class action lawsuit together against them. My husband is an attorney. If anyone is interested, please feel free to contact me.

Company I work changed ins carrier to UNHCR and OptumRx... Very unhelpful. Could not get anyone to understand that I had prescriptions that needed to be transferred from previous health ins. Horrible service. Incompetence. I had to return to my physician and have new prescription sent. Automated answering service when calling UNHCR malfunctioned every time I called. Intake person stated that my insurance was terminated... On and on... Several days of calling, long holds on phone... And yes I have insurance. OptumRx is horrible!!

70 days ago I purchased a CPAP machine to replace an existing one that had quit working. UHC required a sleep study even though I had been dealing with apnea for over 20 years and had a sleep study previous. Had the sleep study, got the results and Rx and primary care referred me to local supplier. Supplier wanted my credit card information and I asked to pay my co-pay in advance rather than provide them with c.c. information. They said they couldn't do that. I went to two other suppliers in network and they all wanted the same info. I ultimately purchased the same new equipment from a supplier outside the network at less than half the price for cash.

I submitted for reimbursement and received a denial for the sales tax portion approximately 30 days later. I then called to ask about the cost of the machine reimbursement. I was told that I had apparently written down the wrong date on the reimbursement form so I needed to resubmit. Invoice and credit card statement showed the correct dates but this was a way to delay payment. I was assured then that as soon as I submitted the forms with the correct dates I would be reimbursed. So I resubmitted all documents again and waited 30 more days with no acknowledgment.

Called again and got a different customer service representative. She put me on hold for 5+ minutes then came back on to inform me that my claim had been denied for not having prior authorization. I asked her why I had not been notified and when had this been decided. She said the day before so I probably had not received it yet. Duh!

I argued that my Primary Care Physician had received authorization to send me to the supplier, the only difference being that I went outside the network so I wouldn't have to give my c.c. information and paid less than half what I would have had to in-network. She said their records indicate I did not have prior authorization, I could appeal the decision.

Don't let price alone determine what supplement plan you get to augment Medicare. Read the customer experience reviews. This company uses deceptive tactics to avoid paying. The device is covered in my plan, I jumped through all the hoops they required, then they say they don't have all the information. They attempt to wear you down with paperwork and delays in hopes you give up in frustration.

Company switched from BCBS to United Health Care. I have been taking certain medicines for years and able to stay healthy with Crohn's. Now I have to switch to other medicines and fail before I can get medicines I know work. A big THANK YOU to the folks at United Health Care for screwing over consumers. I think it's time to get new job that offers BCBS. They make you jump through too many hoops. Look folks I'm just trying to stay outta the hospitals. I do believe that costs a little more. LOL Thanks HR at CRANEMASTER for making the switch since you obviously have affiliation with them! FALSE statements like you'll definitely be able to keep your maintenance medications. What a joke.

We have UHC and it has been thru COBRA our primary insurance per years of service. We did not select Medicare B because our employer told us we did not need until off COBRA. UHC continued to pay as primary UNTIL we have claim of 21,000.00 for surgery. It then preauthorized and preapproved exact amounts with surgery team and with us, and agreed on copay of 1600.00, and then they paid the amount minus the 1600 to our surgeon and anesthesiologist offices.

Several weeks later they retracted and then billed us for 16,000.00 (sixteen thousand dollars) without indicated that this was because for first time without telling us they considered UHC secondary to Medicare B which we did not take on employers advice and on their history of coverage as well as their knowing we did not have B as we told them. So if you think preauthorization is helpful and your medical team gives you estimate and signed preauthorization and you sign and UHC signs, they will not honor it. They have in this case committed fraud in leading us to believe this surgery was paid, and would be, and that we were covered and authorized signed exact amounts out of pocket and now are forcing us to pay for shoulder surgery - we could have done after we got another insurance that honored their claims I.e., Group health etc.

I consider UHC to be not only a dishonorable insurance company, but one that will have no problem forcing back in time claims that were paid to be forced on client after the fact, after authorization, after office has confirmed they will pay and after surgery. There is no willingness to honor any statements or claims. WE do have attorney and we will appeal and the cost is on us, and buyer has to accept all harm done to them. Even our surgeons and anesthesiologists claimed this was unethical, wrong, and beyond what is the standard practice of any insurance. In fact anesthesiologist offered if appeal is not happening they will work with us to help. Not so with UHC that got us in this situation as we had many choices.

Do not sign up for any UHC if you want to trust in any way your insurance company. They have been dishonest and we are family that has had and honored many insurances over our careers that are multiple and have worked in many states. We are well versed in right and wrong and have had Aetna, Blue Cross and I can testify, they all honored their word.

I initially signed up for both Medicare Supplement and Prescription Drug program with United, since we're endorsed by AARP. I signed up early in December 2013 asking for the program to start on January 2014 since I was retiring from my job. When I signed up I told the agent from UHC that both me and my wife were moving from Virginia to Florida, which the agent replied "no problem" and we signed up for the program. On January 10 I received a call and several letters telling me that our coverage was being terminated and I had to apply again which I did, all of these took over 40 minutes of cell time to reapply. Two weeks later they called again and another 40 minutes of my cell time was used to reapply again.

Just 2 days ago they once again called which I blew a fuse and told them off. I am sorry that I chose UHC and will assure you that our membership in AARP will be reviewed by me as well as coverage with UHC when enrollment time comes in 2014. How's it that an association like AARP gets involved with the MORONS of UHC??? I have used most of my minutes speaking with these folks and I am not even sure that all is resolved with them. Please get involved and settle this issue. Thank you.

I am Chairman of Radiology at a noted University hospital. I am internationally known and have provided education and care for over 3 decades. I am well respected in my field. I am not saying this to brag. I am saying this to emphasize that I have many medical resources that the routine patient would never have. Regardless United Healthcare has been abysmal. I have terminal multiple myeloma and because of chemotherapy my immunity was knocked down to nothing. I got bilateral pneumonia which can kill me because I can't fight it. I need a certain drug to attempt to raise my immunity before the infection kills me. We submitted and made phone calls now for 7 days marked urgent. UHC has it listed as "pending". I may die from lack of attention and approval.

This is the second time in 3 months they have done this. It at best if I do OK has disrupted my chemotherapy because I cannot take it if immunosuppressed. My advice to all of you who do not have my resources is to choose an insurance company that is compassionate and patient friendly. This would not be UHC. They are miserable and uncaring. As a physician I treat everyone the way I would want me or my family treated. I wonder if the UHC execs would get this drug if it was life or death. I am seeking counsel at the very least and will try to change carriers at the executive counsel of the University.

DISGUSTED in you guys. Have 2 friends who are currently being denied coverage. One has cancer and the other has had a fractured hip since April and surgery still not scheduled. One of these friends is a RN and I am a RN of over 30 yrs. DISGUSTED!!! You guys should be ASHAMED of yourselves. STOP denying coverage that people have paid for!

Both my husband and I were told that we should sign up with Care Improvement Plan, an advantage plan. We were told we could see any doctor we chose, and could also go out of network. I called at least 30 doctors that the representative gave us. None would accept the plan. The company set me up with a doctor who was 25 miles away, and my husband was told to go to a DO. One rep told me to go to those doctors anyway. Even they would not accept us. I finally called Medicare and related what had occurred. They immediately let me out of the plan and got me signed up with Mutual of Omaha even though it was not in the sign-up period. My husband was not a candidate because he is a diabetic. Our family doctor somehow saw him by what method I do not know.

Over The Counter Essentials benefit dropped. I have been with UHC for several years. Until 2018, we have been given a quarterly benefit for over the counter items. I just tried to place my first order for 2018 but am told that my plan, Secure Horizons, no longer offers this benefit. I received no notification of this change from UHC. In addition they also greatly raised the cost of several of my medications. Stay away from this pathetic excuse for a healthcare company!

They are very helpful when you have a problem. They cover a lot of procedures that others have not addressed. They are good as long as you are inside their policies. Overall they are excellent.

UHC is all about the money/claims... We were only allowed 450 seconds to get the member off the phone. How can you properly help someone in that amount of time? You can't and it's made clear if your talk time isn't at goal, you will be terminated... I worked for them as a customer service rep. We, as agents, have no more info than you, the patient. I highly advise you try another company. I would never allow my loved one to have insurance with this company due to the lack of competency of the agents as well as supervisors. Also, be sure to read ALL fine print. And grievances generally stay within the center you call in to. Good luck, UHC members.

I've had so many poorly handled claims in 2016 it's almost funny. Like them telling me that I did NOT need a referral for chiropractic (I really did), then denying the claims. I needed to see a Massage Therapist. Again UHC told me that I did NOT need a referral. UHC denied these 2 claims saying that Massage Therapy was "excluded" under "Alternative Services". Yep, when I looked at their website, it did say it was excluded in that spot. But it also said it was covered for 10 visits/yr under "Rehabilitative Services," the same place where Chiropractic was listed. I sent them screenshots of both and asked them to tell me which was right. A few days later they added a new benefit category -- "Chiropractor/Spine/Back" and Massage Therapy was included, AND Massage was no longer listed in "Alternative Services Exclusions." Hmmm...

The major Whammo, however, was me accidentally discovering that my primary care provider (PCP) had been changed without my knowledge or consent on 9/1/16. I had just been in the hospital and was needing to follow up with my PCP on 9/5/16. I waited. If I had seen my PCP, there would not have been coverage!!! Oh, it could have happened so easily! My discovery took place on 9/6/16, and when I looked at UHC online, sure enough my doctor had disappeared from the list of providers covered. Even the whole facility my doctor works out of was missing.

I tried to work with UHC representatives. Their answer was "I don't know why this happened because I can't get a clear answer from OUR people -- I'll have to take this to my supervisor." Well, I decided enough was enough. I filed a complaint with the Insurance Commissioner. They have until November 2, 2016 to provide an adequate answer.

Today, when I called customer care services of UHC, the guy in the line was answering my questions very reluctantly, in a very lazy way as if he doesn't want to work there at all. I had some important questions which may be very trivial for him, but he should not treat me as a foolish guy. This is not the only time. I would like the human resources department there to train their employees, especially the persons in customer care services very well. Train them well to speak politely and charmingly. At least train them to pay some respect to the customers and their questions!

6-23 called and asked to change address for my Father-in-law. Was told to do a temporary change for 1 year. And was advised to take him to an urgent care facility. Urgent care referred us to a urologist. Urologist ordered surgery. United Healthcare would not authorize surgery. They were splitting hairs about wording temporary vs permanent address change. Urgent care vs primary dr. visit. After spending an entire day on phone with customer service, they gave the go ahead for surgery. They didn't send the authorization to the surgeon's office. So I had to call again. This time they tell me the lady I spoke to prior did not have the authority to give authorization. I had already had my husband leave work and take Dad to pre operation appointment. I have names and times of the calls. My father-in-law had paid for and never used the plan in 20+ years.

They put policy before patient care. This delayed his surgery. I had to cancel the plan and get a new one. Waited till August 1st so new plan could take effect with Humana. The amount of depression and stress this caused my whole family was unbelievable. All we wanted was to help my husband's Dad get better and to care for him during this rough time. I followed all the directions I was given by the insurance company. I have never experienced this poor of quality in customer service ever! They acted like being able to urinate was an elective surgery. And I should have just left my father-in-law to fend for himself in San Diego away from his family. When I asked how much the same plan here in Walnut Creek was, the price doubled! It really was all about the mighty dollar vs patient care. They just didn't want to pay it. They told me I could pay for it out of pocket. Maybe I should have and then hire an attorney. Just sad how we treat our seniors!

I enrolled my daughter in this health plan last year because it is the only plan the university offered. United Health plan did not send my daughter her ID card until four months after enrollment. In the meantime, we found out afterwards that all her medical claims not filed within 90 days will be denied. Since we did not get her ID on time and was not warned about this very unusual 90 days filing requirement ahead of time, we now have to pay her medical expenses out of our own pocket and UnitedHealthcare gained financially in a very unethical way. We also found out many students had run in the same problem. We also found out that UnitedHealthcare not only charge a higher premium than most, they also pay only 50% of your claims without any explanation. Please urge your school to avoid UnitedHealthcare.

This is the worst insurance ever!!! I had Spinal Surgery on Dec. 19, 2017, covered under BCBS and after Dec 31, 2017, United Health Care was now the insurance. All care continued from Surgery including PT and Dr visits were denied because I did not have a referral with United Health Care to see my surgeon and to continue PT. So I was expected to go back to my PCP after Dec 31, 2017 and get a referral to see the Surgeon and if they are out of network or in network, regardless of this pre-existing care, they WILL NOT PAY!! I have tons of uncovered bills and had to stop therapy because I could not afford to pay out of pocket.

United Healthcare with Medco, their pharmaceutical partner, have denied my doctor's orders for a prescription that has no generic. They refuse to give medical data behind the reason for the denial. This company is simply greedy.

I'm building a case against them and they are going to pay punitive damages for what I have been through trying to get treatment for my wife's cancer and their arbitrary and capricious enrollment issues that take away my privacy and 4th amendment constitutional right. There is never any continuity on claims or my continuous issues. They are like the Borg and have offices everywhere with flunkee agents that don't help. I'm looking for legal representation to take the case.

1st year with UnitedHealth Care. Annual eye checkup benefit states $20 co-pay indicating an "in network" provider be used. This I did and was charged $35 co-pay. Four calls to UHC resulted in misinformation and no resolution in the following: No mention in plan policy of the need for a "non-specialist" provider. No list of $20 co-pay annual exam providers (call center can't find and no list on website or in policy documents). No one could explain how to receive the $20 co-pay annual exam, other than call eye practitioners in my area and ask what their co-pay for UHC coverage would be. All I have to resolve this policy screw-up are apologies for not being able to help.

The agent and broker misrepresented my policy. I was told my policy was 80/20. I paid 20% of cost for care. I have had a lump in my breast, and the fee will be $5,000 deductible. And the Rx coverage was capped. This is not what the agent told me. I now have a hernia, and I can't get help and fear I could end up with a perforated bowel which is life-threatening. The agent is no longer with the broker, and the broker is no longer there either. They are missing in action. No one will do the right thing and fix the policy, so I can't have any care.

I was a Nursing student and worked 16 years at the same company. I am unemployed and can't start class. I am just stuck waiting for help, but no one can help me and I can't get in with a preexisting medical condition. So I have insurance that is stealing from me. That's is exactly how I feel about what they are doing. Their answer is agents and brokers always do that and you have to read the terms and conditions in the book that is 150 pages of rules that contradicts everything the agent said verbally. It's a racket, and they need to be stopped. Golden Rule United Health Care have the worst of criminals.

I cannot express how terrible and awful this company is. They denied my son's insulin for his Type 1 diabetes which he needs to live. I pay $900 a month thru work for this worthless pile of crap they call insurance. They say he needs too much so they won't cover it, WTH??? You cannot tell a Type 1 diabetic who needs insulin to survive that he can only use a certain amount when he needs to have 1 unit of insulin for every 7 carbs he eats. What the hell is wrong with our health care system???

I worked for Care Improvement Plus as an insurance agent for approximately three years. During this time, I sold and serviced many clients. About a year ago United Healthcare acquisition CIP. As the new owners, they stopped paying earned commissions to me. Yet, they still hold my clients on the books of business. They stated that it was due to a failed background check. I can understand not renewing my contract, but I don't understand not paying me Agreed for clients gained by my hard work and efforts. Just because I didn't pass background this year does not justify not paying me for business written years ago!

Customer service is amazing. They put me on hold and called for preapproval when I needed help asap. They are always pleasant, helpful and understanding. Best service ever from a healthcare provider in my life.

I used to thought United Health was an excellent awesome insurance. But now United Health proved me wrong. They're all for profit. Not caring about the needs of the people. I used to be covered. Now they need prior auth and it has no generic.

Canceled Deluxe rider @ 35.00 month on 12-27-13 through phone calls to Uhc, who connected me to their dental department. I told the rep that I did not wish to continue the rider into Jan. 2014. Rep said ok, no need to take further action, and I thought all was done. In Jan. 2014 I received a bill for 35.00 for the Jan. Payment. Promptly picked up phone and called UHC. They tried to say that I had not cancelled the Rider. They asked if I wanted to cancel and I explained that I had in Dec. 2013. They say no I did not, I say Yes I did. And so we go back and forth. I have made numerous phone calls to UHC - each time being transferred to about 5 different people and sometimes they conveniently drop the call. Each call takes 1-1.5 hours. I AM fed up and tired of dealing with their inefficiency, poor customer service, and cheating ways. Looking for a new provider.

UHC uses OptumRx for their mail-order drug provider. They (OptumRx) are the only option I have through UHC. OptumRx is HORRIBLE at service and fulfillment of prescriptions. If UHC cared about their customers they would provide an alternative to OptumRx for mail-order prescriptions. I contacted UHC and they basically said "tough" that's the choice. Thus my inference is UHC also could care less about customers problems. Based on my experience with both companies I would leave IF I had an alternative.

Bought a policy, in part, because of 2 providers shown as in-network and accepting new patients. Neither was available: one was not taking patients with my type of policy and the other did not accept any HMO. Wrote the company asking that the directory be corrected and suggested that including providers that did not accept policies was or at the very least, misleading. Got a reply saying that yes the doctors were in the directory and they were doing nothing about updating the directory. The author of the letter used a first name and initial. Too embarrassed to use her real name? Clearly the company knowingly misleads prospective customers. What happened to responsible behavior?

This is the worst company in health care history. After seeing these reviews I was crazy to sign up with them. I have been dealing with them from day one January 1st, trying to get a specialty prescription for Prolia, for osteoporosis. It is covered under my medical benefits so it should be easy right? One month later, I am STILL trying to get the phone back call from them asking me to authorize delivery to my doctor. I have called back a dozen times, which takes about 30 minutes a call starting with a foreign call center, to get to the right department -- the escalation team. Then, once you have someone helping, you can NEVER reach them again, so every time you call, you start with a non English Speaking call center, and it takes another 30 minutes to reach someone who tries to help but the result is always the same.

I still don't have the medicine. Right now, I would rather pay a higher price and have a health care provider that does what it is supposed to do: provide health care. I also have been denied for another medication which Cigna had no problem paying for the past year. If you are thinking of signing up with UHC, run for the hills... They are worthless and you will be sorry.

I signed up for United Healthcare in Alabama after disability caused me to resign my position in a hospital after 35+ years. After signing up... the nightmare began. I live on the Georgia/Alabama and my physicians are all in Georgia but I could not sign up for Georgia coverage even though my doctor is only 10 miles away. I am not able to drive, so all appointments have to be arranged with someone to drive me. So I made an appointment to see a doctor 30 miles away after being turned down by no less than 10 doctors on their so called plan because they no longer accepted UHC. I showed up for appointment, filled out 10 pages of paperwork, paid my co-pay and waited. I had informed receptionist I was being seen by a Pain Management Specialist in Atlanta, and she said "no problem." :)

I walked with my walker and mother-in-law (who drove from Florida to take me and try to get treatment for my ongoing debilitating back issues.) After getting x-rays, the doctor finally came in and informed me he could not treat me because it's their policy not to treat pain management patients. I told him I just need a primary to refer me for further evaluation because I did not wish to continue up to take medication and I wasn't asking for medication, but to be re-evaluated by specialists. It didn't matter, they would neither treat me nor refer me. I had to call the insurance company for another doctor. Spoke to insurance company again, going through the automated push 1... carousel. Finally got someone, explained situation, and he said he would find me a doctor or get an exception so I could go to Georgia. While on hold, guess what? I was disconnected.

I called back again, phone carousel, could not speak to previous person even though I had his name. She said they can't do that. Great. So for about the 19th time, I'm telling my story and I gave her my number in case we were disconnected and yes, we were. Called me back at 5:00 at which time all doctors' offices were closed. She told me they don't make exceptions so the other representative was incorrect for telling me this. Called them the next day and they finally found a doctor and I verified by three way call that they would see and treat me. Great! This is March 10 and appointments won't be until the 23rd. So asked where the nearest Urgent Care was that our plan covered... Almost 90 miles away.

Now I'm sitting in the car Friday in the parking lot in Carrollton, GA while my mother in law goes in and gets me groceries. I'm hurting so bad I cannot operate an electric scooter. She ask me if I had enough pain medication, and I said yes, I had more than enough to kill myself! So she puts me on hold, comes back and says she's going to transfer me to a help specialist and I said "great, thank you so much", and guess what, I get transferred back to the original phone carousel!!! When I finally got a person, I lost it! Needless to say the temper I had controlled all these weeks just exploded!

They put someone with an admitted bag of pills who has mentioned killing herself on hold for 23 minutes (yes I forgot that part) and then sends me back to the original phone recording. I asked him his name so I could leave it on my suicide note and he gave it to me! This is all the absolute truth. This is why my mother in law drove up here, to see me fall apart at the hands of United Healthcare.

So run, don't walk as fast as you can. They are so polite on the phone until I realized after all these calls that it was all scripted. So what am I going to do? See the doctor this Thursday, and if I'm not shown proper care and respect, I'll be packing my bags and moving back to Georgia and then they can help me to transfer my health care to Georgia. It will mean leaving my husband and my house of 15 years, but I really don't know what else to do. After caring for patients for over 35 years, I am left by the very system I put my life into.

My mom recently passed away, and in going through all her paperwork, I discovered that she had United Health Care as her insurance. I wish she would have told me this because I would have warned her not to use this company due to their horrible reputation. Anyway, I phoned UHC to let them know my mom had passed away and asked them to please cancel her account. They informed me that before they'd do this, I needed to provide them a copy of her Death Certificate (which I could easily do), and that I also needed to provide proof that I was the Executor of her "estate". I told them that I could send them a copy of her attorney prepared, legally done and notarized will, which states that I am her only child and that I was indeed the executor of her "estate". I also told them that my mom had no "estate" to speak of, considering that she had lived in a small rental unit and had no car, but they didn't care about this.

The woman I was speaking to informed me that UHC would NOT accept a copy of the will, and that if I wanted to cancel her account and stop their billing, I'd need to go to court and get either a "Letter of Testamentary" or a "Letter of Administration". My husband and I don't have the money to see an attorney or to pay for one of these documents. Because of this, UHC won't even close her account! My mom is deceased, and yet UHC wants to keep her account OPEN! These people are unbelievable! I can't stand UHC and I've already warned everyone I know not to do business with them. If you're a senior and you use this unconscionable company, your heirs are going to have nothing but trouble when you pass away! Do them a huge favor and get different health insurance. I can't believe AARP even sponsors this company!

United Healthcare denied coverage of test strips to test 8 times per day as requested by the doctor. Then, they rejected covering CGM supplies because they said they didn't have proof of frequent testing. This is absurd. How can you reject frequent testing and then reject because you don't have proof of frequent testing. They are in the business of taking money in premiums and saying no. Denying coverage for covered items. They are the worst. Awful company. Awful policies. Awful people who don't care about what it says is covered. They don't know what's going on.

If you are considering using them for coverage - DON'T. You will be angry, frustrated, and feel like you are wasting money. Be prepared to spend hours and hours on the phone and writing letters to get what is supposed to be covered. They need to be investigated for fraud - they say they cover things and then they don't. Unless you are prepared to fight for EVERYTHING you are paying for, DO NOT USE THEM.

This insurance is AARP approved for the elderly. Shame on them. The coverage is horrible and their prescription is even worse. Just found out I have a 210 dollar deductible on my prescription coverage. Needed Proair, 56.00 can't afford to get it. I have respiratory issues. Need a gel for my osteo in my knees, 199.00 can't afford it. Can't wait to rid myself of it in January. Blue Cross here I come.

I paid United Health Care their monthly payments on time. However they have not credited it to me and say they have not received. After call number 3, I was told to send my bank statement to them proving I made the payment and the date. After I did this, I called back to check on it five days later to be told they received the bank statement and It will take their research department up to 14 days.

Day 15, I sat on hold for two hours only to get the first rep that said they couldn't help me, to put me on hold 45 minutes for the second rep to tell me the same exact thing that I have been told for over two weeks. Now they have managed to stop paying my medical bills, stopped paying for my medicine, and told the pharmacy to tell me I was out of my grace period, a grace period they gave me after finally telling me they found the payment.

When I inquired about paying our medical bills they failed to pay, ** informed me that once the company, which has up to 14 more days, fixes it in the system I could call customer service and she is sure they will "work something out with me." Work something out? You got my money, on time. Gave you proof that you lost it, and they will work something out with me. I have not been on hold 21 minutes and still holding.

I asked for a manager she said, "I can give you the number I have for corporate." Yeah, just in case you are thinking it, it is not corporate. SURPRISE, she lied. So UNITED HEALTH CARE HAS RECEIVED MY MONEY ON TIME EVERY MONTH AND EVEN GAVE ME THE DATES OF WHEN THE MONEY WAS RECEIVED, YET THEY SAY I'M OUT OF MY GRACE PERIOD. Oh and yeah, there is no one to talk to because they pass the buck off to a poor internet computer problem or they are the wrong person but refuse to give you a higher up.

Could not be happier! Huge claim last year and paid fully and promptly. On the other hand, my experience with the companion dental plan, not so much! I've been trying for at least 6 weeks to get a "pre-authorization" for a procedure. The kindest words I can possibly have for the dental plan are that their system is broken!

United Health Care continuously stalls on their claims and tries to do everything to prevent paying claim to their customers. I have had several providers and they are by far the rudest and sleaziest of any medical insurance claims company. If you have them hound them every day and I advise taking them to court quickly. I submitted a legitimate receipt and documentation for FSA claim which should be easily approved. They denied the claim and more importantly they state that they process claims within 7 days but after 7 days they didn't even notify me or show it was denied.

Would rate UHC zero stars if it were possible. Their premiums are far too high. They are shady about hiding third-party fees. They aren't clear about what they will/will not cover and what the patient will be required to pay out-of-pocket. Their customer service wait time is excessively long. Their customer service representatives are unhelpful because they are not knowledgeable about their products/system. You just get a run-around of circle talk and absolutely no resolution. Be warned - avoid these crooks!

I was a member of the federal program (MDIPA) and I stayed with it much too long. For the most part, I received the care that I needed but the problem with getting referrals was a nightmare. I would not recommend them to anyone.

I was referred by my doctor to this UHC insurance company and so I filled out my application and paid for it with my debit card. Everything seemed fine. I did my app March 23, 2015... They took my money March 24, 2015 off my debit card and told me my coverage would begin April 1st 2015... and to call back that following Thursday and they would give me my numbers for the doctor and the pharmacy. So the following I called them and ever since then I've been on the phone with them for at least 4-6 hrs a day arguing because first they couldn't find my payment. Then they couldn't find my policy. Next they got my husband’s birthday wrong.

So then April 6th my husband had a doctors apt because he had a knee replacement done. So now he has to go monthly to a doctor and when the doctor tried to run his insurance with the numbers they gave him it said the policy wasn’t nowhere to be found and so he rescheduled it for the next day hoping he could get it fixed so he could get in soon to see his dr. So again the next day came around and again same thing - no insurance, not in the system, no payment found.

Then April 9th they called me finally saying I had a premium due again even though I just paid it March 24 2015 and haven't had insurance at all nor got to yet see my doctor. They wanted me to pay again after they tried to take it out without my knowledge but yet I had already cancelled my debit card because when they took my payment they took more than they were supposed to and I told them that day do not ever take anything else out of my account. I would pay my payment by check by mail.

So then here they are asking me for another payment after I’ve been on the phone for 7 days straight getting transferred from person to person, getting hung up on, and even at one time I was actually on the phone with 4 people - imagine that. This is the worst experience I’ve even in my life had so when they ask for another payment I just blew my top and told them they are nuts. They can either get my insurance active and then in 30 days I’ll pay another payment or I’d just get my money back and go somewhere else. So then after all that, today April 9th 2015, I finally got to speak with a supervisor who then gave me the same numbers I’ve been given several times, that my doctor has ran several times and they are again not active or in the system.

So supposedly they fixed it. So my husband made an appt. He went to his doctor appt and when he got there guess what, his insurance was not active. He had to pay cash for the visit and his medicine. They are now telling him they will reimburse him for all his cost and his doctor is now ordering an MRI and X-rays for his next visit which after reading all these I doubt we will be doing anything else with this company because I've never heard such crap... I've never had the run around in my life after giving someone almost $500 just for 1 month insurance. That’s highway robbery and I believe in fairness and I think your insurance is a huge scam because I'll never go to a doctor and get prescriptions and then have to turn around and have to get a diagnosis to have to send to the insurance company just so I can get my medicine filled.

If you say you're from the Philippines then you need to serve the Philippines because that’s not the way things work in the real world!!! I’m more than aggravated with y'all. I'd never recommend you to anyone and as a matter of fact I'd report you to the Better Business Bureau because this is complete fraud in every way. You charge someone’s account and 16 days later want another payment but yet you haven't even been covering them from the start because you don't have them in your system at all. But sure enough I have my payment number you gave me when you took my money out of my checking account which also has UHC listed as the receiver of it so really what’s going on? You're defrauding people and it’s not fair.

Someone needs to report this because its abuse in several ways. Then again my bank calls today and you tried to take another payment without my knowledge after I made it very clear to YOU not to do that because you took more than you was supposed to at first. So please just refund my money and I'll go back to my Blue Cross Blue Shield I've had for 27 years - much better, no fraudulent quirks in any kind of way!!! Thanks and look out to everyone.

They will rip you off any way they can and do not pay your money to **, whoever he is because that’s the one who not only lost my money, but also took more than he was supposed to and tried again today, and they sure kept me off the phone until today when they couldn't get their $488.62. This insurance is a fraud!!! Have a nice day and please read people’s comments before you purchase insurance anywhere else than where you're comfortable at because people will get you if you let them no matter how honest or good it sounds!!! Have a nice day. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!!!

I pay a lot for United Health Care and they will not allow me to choose my own Pharmacy! They FORCE me to use ONLY Optum and pay a higher price for my prescriptions to get my medications. Since I can't LIVE without taking my medications I have to pay through the nose. How can they get away with it? They are creating a nice little monopoly for Optum. Where is the government regulations on THAT? Unfair! I want to use my own pharmacy! They are going to drive local pharmacies out of business with these tactics! My pharmacy charges a fair price and I don't want to pay Optum more money!

My doctor wanted me to rent a traction device for my neck. I called UHC to see if it was covered and was told that 80% would be covered. Then I get a notice from device company saying the UHC doesn't allow claims - ever. When I called UHC, they told me I had to go through an appeals process and when I asked for the recording of the phone call in which I was told the item was covered, they said they'd only release it under court order. This is just the latest in a series of hassles working with UHC. Terrible company.

From February 2012 - February 2013, I was a full-time employee at United Behavioral Health, which is a part of United Health Care and which is all owned by the parent company Optum. During that time, I paid for dental and medical insurance for me, my husband and two daughters through my employer (at the time) United Healthcare. My husband also had (at the time and still does) Delta Dental through his employer (with my dental and medical being the primary).

On Friday, April 20, 2013, I received a letter of denial for the dates of service of 11/13/12 and 11/19/12 for dental services for my two daughters performed by Dr. William **'s office in San Pablo, California. When I phoned United Healthcare Dental to inquire about the denial letter, I was told that if I were to write a letter stating that my insurance is primary, then they will pay their portion of the claim (since there is coordination of benefits and my husband's insurance has already paid their portion). I don't think I should have to write a letter since they should have paid this claim months ago.

It seems United Healthcare has something going on. I scheduled for a procedure for my child. And a day or so before the day the provider informed me that upon approval for the procedure UHC claimed that the provider was not "in network" yet at the time of scheduling. They were "in network"? They almost have no specialty doctors "in network". Very frustrating when you have a child that needs to see a specialist. When they give you an "in network" doctor it's either a closed business or a doctor 50 miles away... They will not pay a doctors bill and claim that you were not covered then and when you call they say it was an error. Having UHC is as good as not having any insurance but worse since you have the extra expense of paying the premiums. We have to raise our voices and stop the mess!!!

United Health CARE STINKS!!! They have not PAID my caregiver for 2 MONTHS! What's going on, cannot get anyone to answer the phone, all lines are busy. What's going on? How do I get in touch with a supervisor???

In the last 3 days I've tried on numerous occasions to make contact with United Health Care, and every day I've been on hold over 1.5 hours and then get disconnected when they pick up. This is typical for United Health Care as I terminated my insurance with them a couple of years back due to poor customer service and I can only say it's gotten a lot worse than it was 3 years ago.

There are way too many insurance companies out there, however I find that the bigger they get the poorer the customer service and they have an I don't give a ** attitude towards the customers. For anyone thinking of using this company look at the reviews they get as everyone on here say basically the same thing. POOR SERVICE. DON'T GIVE A ** ATTITUDE. Look for other companies that will #1 answer the phone quickly, don't keep you on hold for hours on end, we all pay a lot of money for insurance and if I can get good customer service I don't care how big the company is. I'm taking my business elsewhere which I did.

I signed up for United health care in April 2015 and have had hell ever since. I am on an automated payment system but I constantly get invoices saying I have not paid. Today I went to pick up a prescription and was told it was denied for nonpayment. How could that be? It is on automated payment and I have overdraft so it cannot get denied. I can't take my payment because it is Saturday and when I called them no answer. I can't call on Monday because I have to work. I can't afford to stay home for an hour and sort thru all the ignorant representatives who don't know anything, getting transferred from one person to another... then getting cut off just to have to call again!! I don't have time for that! I have a new job! Also cannot call from work for the same reasons.

Online is worst!! I spent hours trying to get a new password but there have a very glitchy site-- lots of error messages! I put in all my info just as it is on my card and it says... you are not a member!! This is the worst health insurance for consumers. Please Consumer Affairs! Please help!! I am at my wits end with them. I cannot take my medicine because of United Health Care can't handle their bookkeeping and pay systems. And all this and paying $1500 per month for my family!!! Help!!!

It is normal to not get to speak to insurance companies, banks, etc. when we call, but a healthcare company? I would think answering phones for medical reasons would be important, and it is but only for the patient, I mean fools like me who went with these jokers. 10+ minutes on hold after being transferred after 12 minutes on hold.

Prior to signing with United Healthcare, my insurance broker & I both contacted UHC to confirm that the hospital where I had my mammogram done was in their network. We were both assured it was. I went to that hospital, had the mammogram & then received notice from UHC that the hospital was not in network & my claim was denied. I appealed & was denied again. I requested an external appeal & that was denied because my "problem" was administrative. So now I am responsible for a charge of $1677.10 for the mammogram. The hospital stated they could not help me with a discount because I had insurance. Yes, I had insurance but it denied the claim.

I am still fighting this since April & am probably facing a bad credit score because they sent me to collection. After posting of Facebook about my dissatisfaction with UHC, I was contacted immediately but again, nothing was done. I had a stroke last year & had to stop working for quite some time. I now only work one day a week & am expected to be able to pay this bill.

They are too expensive and not very helpful. You all confirmed that I should not even bother to proceed. I am curious however, if most of you purchased through the government health exchange or directly from the company, was it individual or group rate with your workplace? I purchased Blue Shield through Covered California and have had the same experiences and then some! I was turned over to collections through the chaos in addition to a variety of other battles.

At first my providers had contracted with them so I switched from my COBRA plan over to them but the doctors were just discovering that they were being reimbursed at a very low rate. Long story short, I had to go back and pay for all my received services although I paid my $300 monthly premiums simultaneously. I work in the public health sector as an educator and in policy/advocacy work. For many years I could not purchase insurance due to my pre-existing conditions. I nearly died from a diseased gallbladder until I traded my 3 part times jobs for one company.

By the time my benefits had kicked in the surgeon stated that he had never seen anything like it over his 32 year career. My children had pre-existing conditions as well and when they finally were accepted, I was charged a premium rate plus a half due to these benign health conditions! It was $981 a month for the two of them until the Affordable Healthcare Act prohibited the pre-existing condition clause for children on October 1, 2010, then it was dropped to $619 a month. My surgery cost me $8,500 out of pocket because my company only offered a high deductible plan with a 30% co-insurance until my out of pocket maximum was met.

Shame on these insurance companies for finding all the loopholes to side-step the new laws as they are implemented. They decided to jip the healthcare providers and punish the patients so that their insane profits did not take a hit. It is so frustrating that the ACA had to be negotiated down then had to be passed "as is" due to the opposition. Healthcare is a right not a privilege! My heart aches for all of you. These CEOs are heartless! Thankfully they finally took Blue Shields non-profit status away last year after they discovered the board members salaries and the surplus of funds that were stocked. It is absolutely insane!!!

My husband has been on a medication for two+ years under Cigna. Recently, I had the "bright idea" that we should be on the same plan to save financially with only one deductible, one OOP, etc. So, I switched him to my plan on UHC. My employer pays a portion of my premium, and even with their contribution, I still pay almost $800/month for our plan.

We went to get my husband's medicine refilled at our pharmacy (remember - he's been on this medicine for over two years) and UHC says "NO!" They told us the medicine was a PLAN EXCLUSION and we would have to start with another medicine and work our way up to the medicine that he'd already been on for over two years.

So our doctor called in the "starting" medicine that my husband had to try first. UHC/Optum came back with a PRIOR AUTHORIZATION REQUIREMENT and wouldn't fill the medicine without a prior authorization. So our doctor called UHC/Optum and completed the prior authorization. THEN UHC/OPTUM DENIED THAT MEDICINE??? They said my husband didn't need it because his levels were normal on his last blood test. But, his levels were normal because he'd been on his medication for over two years... what did they expect?

We are now at three appeals and four prior authorizations and IT'S STILL BEING DENIED????? I am going to contact an attorney and see if there's anything we can do to get help. The prescription is $500+ out-of-pocket and we cannot afford that. My husband's health is now declining and he's been without his medication for over a month while we've been fighting this battle.

I am the Director of Human Resources for my company and I am taking this to my Execs to let them know that if I'm having this kind of trouble with UHC, how must our employees be struggling?? This is ridiculous and I cannot imagine this is even acceptable to do to a human being. How can you just stop someone's medicine after two years of being on it and think this is okay? I am so disturbed and I cannot get UHC or Optum RX to help. They refuse to give me explanations, they refuse to help, they won't accept my urgent appeal requests, they've denied this medication and I just found out they denied three other medications that I have to be on for a health reason. This is insane and SOMEONE must STOP THEM????

Customer service is HORRIBLE, level of compassion is HORRIBLE, willingness to help is HORRIBLE and coverage is HORRIBLE. RUN, RUN, RUN the other way. DO NOT USE UHC/OPTUM for ANY of your healthcare needs.

United Healthcare has been a nightmare. We tried to follow all the rules by contacting them prior to receiving medical services and finding out exactly what our plan covered. The hospital where we received the medical services obtained the required pre-authorizations. The pre-authorizations were issued for so many days/sessions. We were told that we would owe a co-pay for each session and that United Healthcare would cover the rest. It should have been a straightforward process. By way of explanation, the treatment is considered to be an out-patient office visit. For each medical treatment, the hospital submits three claims. One for the doctor's consultation, one by the hospital itself for the actual treatment, and one claim by the anesthesiologist.

United Healthcare's first blunder was to treat the anesthesiologists as out-of-network, when, in fact, all of the anesthesiologists, but one, were in-network. UHC tried to apply the out-of-network deductible and out-of-network co-insurance. I had to call customer service. They changed the processing to in-network, but tried to charge in-network co-insurance, which they were not supposed to do. Second, they denied a claim, saying that we had other insurance. This was false, and I had to complain. Third, they improperly counted each of the three claims for each session as three different sessions. Thus, they were triple counting. They started denying claims, saying that we had exceeded the authorized limit, when we were nowhere close.

At this point, I complained to our state's Department of Insurance. Fortunately, the Department of Insurance has been very forceful with UHC, and has been making them correct their errors. If it weren't for the Department of Insurance, I'm not sure what I would do. I've made at least 20 calls to their customer service, bounced around from individual to individual, given bogus excuses, and each time told to wait 10 business days. I was given the run around until the Department of Insurance lowered the hammer on them.

I have been with United for over 2 years now. I haven't had many complaints until the past few months. It started when we made the mistake of changing our FSA to automatic payment instead of getting debit cards. They fail to make it clear that the auto payment ONLY applies to your health insurance, not vision, dental, etc. So when we have those expenses we now have to pay out of pocket and manually submit a claim for reimbursement.

I submitted a claim in December, didn't hear anything back for a few weeks so I called to check in on this. I was then told that it can take 4-6 weeks for claims that are mailed in to be processed and added into the system. I was told to check back. I called back in January and was told that there is still nothing in the system so I needed to send or fax it again. I do not have access to a fax so I asked if there was any way that I could submit online or email, I was told no. So I mailed it again. Called again in February and was told again that nothing had been processed and to call again later. Called again and was told that it was never received and to send AGAIN. Finally I had to find someone that could fax this for me. It was sent on March 21 and I received a confirmation from the fax company that 4 pages were sent and received.

My husband was speaking to someone on a different matter on April 3 and asked about the status of our reimbursement. He was then told that they only received 1 page so they could not pay out. It absolutely baffles me that NO ONE could be bothered to call or email us to let us know that what they received was incomplete and they needed us to fax again. They were just going to not pay it.

I have never had to spend hours and hours on the phone over a 3+ month period just to get reimbursed from our FSA. This is ridiculous. Every time I call whoever I get says that they can't help and need to transfer me to someone else, I then ask what number I should use to call back (since the one on our insurance card isn't correct apparently) and when I call the different number I get the same story. I have now sent our claim reimbursement form in the mail twice and faxed twice, it concerns me greatly that my information is getting lost and that I have to babysit this company to make sure that things get resolved. After just spending another hour on the phone and getting transferred 3 times I was finally told that my entire fax was received but that it will take them up to another 30 days to get the check to me. I'll believe it when I see it... It is April 11 and I have been working on this since December. It should not be this difficult.

On another aggravating note, we are part of a program that allows you to get "lower" premiums if you complete an annual wellness assessment. Great idea! Too bad United is not accountable for that paperwork either! Somehow my assessment paperwork was not entered into the system by the third party company that handles it. Out of all the hours I was on the phone with United trying to get my reimbursement, not one person mentioned to me or my husband that my wellness assessment was marked incomplete. They told me I needed to get my "well woman exam" and do my health coaching, but not the assessment. We just received an email that our premiums are going up $500 a year because this was not entered into their system.

I called and asked who I needed to resend the paperwork to but was told that "Sorry, it's too late. There is nothing we can do". They then told me to call the third party company that receives and enters the information, but when I asked if they found my paperwork with the date of October 2016 on it if everything would be taken care of, I was told no. So now we are paying even more to them each month. There is no sense of accountability whatsoever.

My biggest advice to anyone who goes with United is to babysit every single thing that you submit. Do not think that because you sent something direct to the company or you don't hear that there is a problem that everything is fine. They will not contact you if there are any problems with your claims or accounts, they just won't pay it or will charge you more. It would be hard for me to be any more disappointed.

I have had United in the past and recently returned and although I don't feel their service is any worse than other insurance. Their nepotistic relationship with the drug prescriptions program OptumRx, a subsidiary, leads me to strongly recommend you avoid this vendor if possible if you have to rely on the drug coverage of their coverage. If you have questions take the time to read the over 1,000 negative reviews of OptumRx on this site. OptumRx is a pariah that preys on those that need medicine and the symbiotic relationship, makes in my opinion, United just as compliant in price gouging on prescription drugs!

We signed up for United Healthcare for the first time this year. I called Member Services to select a primary care physician for her while she is away at school in a different state as well as set-up a primary physician for her when she is home on break. They said they would have to get their supervisor to select the doctor out of state and call me back. I did not get a call back but received a new card for her with a doctor we never heard of in our state. I called them back, explained the situation again and was told we could not have a primary in her school state and her home state.

When I asked to speak with the supervisor, I was told that there was no one available and they did not know when there would be someone available to call me back. So far, I am very unimpressed with the knowledge and customer service at Member Services of United Healthcare. I contacted the main office in Chicago and they were extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Just a tip for anyone else who tries to call Member Services with a question.

Terrible coverage. Multiple communications with "customer care" that proved futile as they seem to provide generic responses to any billing questions. Hardly any providers accept this coverage, especially in the holistic care field. This company is terrible and I hope my employer switches insurance providers.

We enrolled in the Silver Compass plan with UHC through the Marketplace starting Jan 2016. We have NEVER been late on paying our premiums and have always paid them BEFORE due date, but UHC keeps showing our acct online as terminated. Go to pick up Rx meds and was told our insurance was cancelled and that we had a new member ID number and some changes in coverage. WHAT??? Called UHC and after constant calls and speaking with everyone and their dog at UHC they decided that our account was mixed up with someone in TX that supposedly had the same name and birthday and birth year. We live in NC.

A couple of weeks later they claim to have it straightened out and yes, the member ID number and group number that we originally were issued is the correct one. Disregard the one given by phone to the pharmacist trying to get validation. Yearly checkup - won't pay for bloodwork even though the policy clearly states that it would. ENDLESS phone calls, no one knows what is going on. This denial of bloodwork claim payment is still being disputed.

I make UHC monthly payments online at their billing exchange website. Go to make my next month payment for June this morning and, you guessed it, it says account terminated. AGAIN call UHC, give them all pertinent info. Ask them if I can make my payment by phone as I wanted to be sure it was reflected as paid. Rep. says no. He doesn't want to do this. It will just make it more confusing for them while they are trying to straighten things out?? This is beyond absurd. So what's gonna happen if I go to the hospital and need immediate lifesaving treatment? Are they going to claim I don't have coverage even though I know that I have always made my payments on time and am current? I would NEVER NEVER recommend this insurance company to anyone. Poor to nonexistent customer service. Constant reasons to deny paying on claims submitted. A sham and a ripoff.

I underwent an hernia surgery on September 2, 2011 as my GYN made the determination on August 2, 2011 that I had an hernia and surgery was recommended. My United Healthcare insurance has a pre-existing clause through my company. This policy went into effect May 1, 2011. United Healthcare is refusing to pay any and all of my medical bills as documentation has clearly established this is not a pre-existing condition.

I'm suffering in pain. Two years ago I had surgery. Now there are complications causing a lot of pain. My surgeon needs a CT scan to proceed and I had one scheduled for today. Unfortunately, United Healthcare has not yet approved the CT scan so I lost my appointment and continue in pain. When the imaging center called to tell me my appointment was canceled, they said it was no surprise and it happens to everyone with United Healthcare.

This is modern America. You can have a job. You can pay an arm and a leg for top-tier insurance. But you can't get the medical care you need because it would cut into United Healthcare's $91.2 billion (with a "b") annual profit. Yes, that was UHC's 2017 annual profit. My pain is affecting my work, and my family life. My doctor and the radiology people are ready to help but UHC won't pay. If you have any choice, don't get United Healthcare! Their motto should be, "Profits Over People."

I have had several bad experiences with this company. I specialize in sleep disorders. The studies I request are capriciously denied, and UHC requires the physician to call, and often I must remain on hold for the better part of an hour. It can take them over a month to review a case for authorization for a study, and then, when it is denied, they will give a reason that suggests they did not read the documentation that they sent. The only way to overturn a denial is to have a "peer to peer" review, which means another wait for a phone call. I have a strong feeling that they deliberately create barriers to care, so that less tenacious requests will simply give up. I can't stand working with this company!

I have a AARP MedAdvantage policy from United Healthcare. When the provider I had been using for years (and the one UHC had been paying), without notice refused to do so. UHC gave me 5 other "In Network" providers. The first 4 or these refused to do business with UHC. Four different "Specialists" at UHC stated McKesson was in their network. What was really disheartening was that neither UHC or McKesson would tell the truth about why McKesson discontinued in the UHC network because each phone call resulted in a different reason. Some of them were hilarious. In fact to date I still do not know why!!! I am aware of another individual with the same coverage McKesson just sold products to.

I have been a member since January 2015 and have been unable to see a doctor. I was paid almost $500.00 per month, Jan. to Aug. total $4,000 then the premium change to $78.00 but still every doctor I called said they was no longer in their network.

My former employer changed my Medicare coverage from Aetna to UHC in January 2018. From that time all my submissions have been paid except for my chiropractor. Many phone calls, letters, still no solution.

I SUGGEST YOU KEEP AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. Retired in May 2016 and it all started with the sign up stage. Continues to this day (Sept). Coverage I think is competitive but they could be more competitive if they got more organized. I have a letter from them saying they were declining coverage. Weird as I already had the insurance card for 3 weeks! CONSTANT calls (3 per day sometimes) to my wife and I asking the same questions even though the answers were in the paperwork. Now in Sept., they are trying to get confirmation on "other" insurances I have never heard of and to confirm and date of retirement, street address and other information that has been given many many times in writing and verbally

These call I now consider harassment as if we don't comply, maybe we will lose coverage? So, we will be going elsewhere for our insurance coverage. I have no experience with other MediCare Insurance coverage and this might be "Normal" but it surely is unprofessional, disorganized and harassing and wasting my time nerves and money. Let's see what a letter to the President and the Board will do?

I started with UHC through Obamacare the beginning of this year and it's been a nightmare! I lost my family doctor whom I had been seeing for the past 10 years. They randomly put me up with another primary so I had to set up an appointment for an initial meeting with someone I didn't even like (I ended up having to wait for an hour to see him for 5 minutes). Also I lost my Pharmacy (CVS) and had to find a new pharmacy which is far and inconvenient for me.

A lot of medications UHC don't cover so I had to go back and forth with the prescribers to change to generics or alternatives. I almost lost my OBGY too but they ended up taking it but the hospital that my OBGY is in does not take it. Any specialist or physician's office I visit, I get told that UHC Compass is the WORST healthcare plan because they don't take it. Now I'm stuck with it till the end of the year. I cannot wait till the end of the year and switch over to another plan!

This is the worst company I have ever had to deal with. They refuse to cover my anti rejection drugs for my kidney transplant. They are looking for every way to not cover drugs that they list as covered when I enrolled in their medication plan. I have spent many hours on the phone trying to get this resolved. I had Humana for five years with very problems. They need to be exposed for what they are.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2017. I went on leave on January 17. Today is May 9th and I have yet to receive my benefit checks. I am now back to work. United Health has offered the worst service I have ever received in my life. Beware! I really want to bring awareness to the treatment I received.

United Healthcare collected premium after my insurance was cancelled and has not refunded the premium after multiple requests over this month. What are my options for recovering these dollars?

I've been plagued with lower back issues for many years and I've been using a pain management clinic for several years. In order to get to the bottom of the issue, I consulted an orthopedic surgeon. The doctor, after reviewing my MRI, said due to the nature of my condition that surgery wasn't an option. The MD suggested a spinal stimulator. After returning to my pain management clinic (they perform the stimulator procedure) they submitted the results to UHC. After a couple of months, I was informed the UHC approved the trial implant.

I had the procedure and to my amazement it worked great. Virtually no pain other than post-procedure discomfort. My pain management schedule the permanent a week later. Several days prior I called UHC to see that it had been approved. CS said one of the two had been and the final approval was with the Medical Director - that there shouldn't be any problems getting it approved. The afternoon before the procedure my doctor's office called to say that UHC wasn't going to approve the procedure and that I should call and find out why. They also said that they've never had a patient that was approved for trial that wasn't approved for the implant.

I called CS at UHC and got the runaround. When I asked why for the trial and not the permanent implant they said I didn't meet three "criteria's". When asked what they were nobody could tell me what they were. If I didn't meet three "criteria's" then why did they put me through the pain and expense of the trial. I feel as though UHC really screwed me over by "baiting" me with the positive results of the trial and denying me the permanent implant. There are several others where I work that have had similar negative experiences with UHC. I wouldn't recommend UHC to my worst enemy. They're just terrible.

In December 2014 went to apply for healthcare through UnitedHealthCare. I did not qualify for subsidy or tax credit cause my and husband's income was over the limits. New plan started January 1, 2015. Received my cards after premium was paid $250.25. Had a doctor's visit in late March and was given RX for a rash on face. Received a bill from doctor about 2 wks later stating the insurance refused to pay. (So meanwhile May's premium paid.) So I called them up April 13. The person I spoke with told me that someone called and cancelled my policy February 12 2015. Needless to say I paid for the whole claim out of pocket and paid premiums up to end of May 2015. Never a phone call or written letter in saying why am I continuing pay on the policy I don't have instead just taking my money.

So I called and requested refund for partial month of Feb. and the following months March, April & May. No they say I'm not entitled to it but, we will put in review for the month of May $250.25. I should get refund in about 3 wks. It will go for review and check will send out. I have received nothing!!! I have called multiple times and same thing is said - under review. Just called again today August 10, 2015 same thing - "We will call you and give updates to email". Same as I heard first day I called April 13, 2015. Just isn't right United Health Care is not entitled to my money but yet kept taking it.

I have been taking ** .625 for probably 30 odd years. I have tried not taking it and at my age of 73, I get serious burning, and cracking in my private parts. And I get very anxious and nervous. I am a very nervous person that has to control my nerves with some ** at time. I have serious tinnitus in my ears that ring so loud, it makes me crazy at time. But, I went to order my ** and the druggist told me that United Healthcare was denying or not covering this med. And I have gotten a ninety day supply for years with one free co pay that way. And now like with my ** they only give me a sixty-day supply, so I do not get the free copay for the third month. But, after they denied me, I called my dr's. office and they spoke with United. And they then okayed the pres. but, my first box I picked up they charged me $87.00 for a 28-day supply.

Then I went back today and they do not have both boxes so I have to go back Monday and pick them up. But, they are really bumming me out. I have been a retiree from Illinois Dept of Corrections for 23 yrs now, and started working for the state in 1964, so for what 49 yrs I have been fully covered and now, they are cutting back and charging more co-pays and just technicalities that are making me crazy. This is hard on a person as they get in their 70s and shame on you United Healthcare. I had Medicare since I turned 62, and then Cigna was my secondary. Now the state made us change to United Healthcare, so hopefully it will all work out, but at this time, I am very annoyed with them. And my ** is going to be $75.00 a month, unreal. I do not know if using like Walmart would make the co-pay less from my United Healthcare or not?

Seldom go to the doctor. But knew something was wrong. Went to doctor and had very high blood pressure and an abnormal EKG. Doctor scheduled a stress test for two days later. MyUHC denied the claim! Now I have to wait multiple days more with high BP, abnormal EKG, and now chest pains. Thanks for giving me something else to stress about. Decision probably made by some pinhead behind a computer with no knowledge at all of circumstances. If I have a heart attack prior to being approved - my family will own MyUHC.

Have been out of work for 4 months and UHC will not cover a 1/3 of the medicine I've been prescribed. Instead of letting the Drs. do their job, they tell the Dr. what medicine I need. I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND UHC TO ANY COMPANY EVER!!!

I had United Healthcare through my prior employer. I paid about $260 a month for medical care for my daughter and I. We had behavioral healthcare and medical healthcare and the deductible was $1000 per person. My daughter was having behavioral, mental and substance abuse problems and she needed help. She had a diagnosis from an outside agency and the recommendation was for long term in patient care. United Healthcare only provided two in patient clinics. Neither offered the help needed for her mental health. We found one within 20 miles of our home but it was only for the substance abuse portion. We went through the assessment process for the UH provided per the insurance requirements. The treatment facility found that she was eligible for substance abuse treatment (the only piece they could diagnose). They recommended in patient care. We now had two assessments recommending long term care; however the treatment facility (both that were in our network) only offered 28 - 30 day treatment programs.

United Healthcare denied payment. I read through my policy and found that she was eligible and had to appeal. After the first appeal, UH only approved three days of treatment even though the treatment program was 28 days. This was only approved after I spent hours on the phone with one of the representatives and contacted my employer. Unfortunately due to HIPPA, my company (who was covering 75% of the costs) couldn't get involved in an effective way. They kept having to defer me to the representative. For the next 21 days my daughter's treatment was reviewed every three days to determine whether or not she would still be eligible for treatment. Their reasoning? They didn't pay for programs, they only paid for what they deemed as necessary care.

My daughter was using methamphetamine, ecstasy, marijuana, alcohol, ** (no prescription), mushrooms and cigarettes and she was only 15 years old. She was running away from home to live on the streets, she was cutting her arms and her legs, she had dropped out of school, her friends were all addicts, she was attending raves, she had been arrested three times and on and on and on and even with two assessments United Healthcare denied treatment after 21 days. I went through the appeals process until I ran out of appeals. To get my daughter the care she needed, I paid nearly $4000 out of pocket to get her in treatment and when they denied payment for treatment I drained my savings account to continue care.

I couldn't believe that I was spending $5100 a year for health care and then even more on top of that to actually get the services we needed and when it was time to UH to pay up? They refused. One of the biggest problems we encountered is that UH uses the APA guidelines to determine care and their own internal guidelines to determine care. WA state where we live uses ASAM criteria for substance abuse which is different than the APA. The bigger issue is that the guidelines that UH uses are also internal guidelines which they won't share with you. UH is a company who strives to keep their stockholders happy not their customers. UH wants to take your money but that's really the end of the deal. They take your money and you pay for your medical costs.

I've learned since that UH denies payment as a regular practice. I'm appalled at the thought that we pay for medical insurance and it's hard to actually get coverage. Over the three years I was with UH, I paid them A LOT of money and I rarely met my deductible. When we actually needed our medical insurance, they did everything they could to deny my child treatment. Over the years, I paid them nearly $10k and for the first two years, they didn't pay a DIME to my doctors because the deductibles were so high it was all out of pocket. The final year I paid $8600 in healthcare costs and they paid about $6k. How in the world does that work? I would rather pay a penalty tax to our government than ever give UH another cent.

Their representatives are there to look out for the company's bottom line, not your medical needs. You pay in more than they will ever pay. It's not a good or even poor value for the money, the coverage is non-existent.

Bottom line, they are hard to reach. My employer chose this provider for employee health insurance. There's no way to email United Health Care or submit a message on their website. Support is not available weekends. When chat is offline, you can't use it to leave them a message. Their website has a feature where you enter your phone # and they'll call you back, but it's not working today, and maybe for longer than just today. You have to enter a subject (required field), but the field is missing, so you can't enter it.

They said a tax document was available if I logged in. It was in fact not there. This reduces members' trust in the company, and its credibility. It's not urgent to have the form, but it wastes members' time to say something is available and then as a member you take the time to log in and navigate to the right place only to find that last year's tax document is the only one there. They want your money but they don't do a good job of helping members with questions.

12/2/2015 - paid January 2016 premium of $160.83 with credit card (thinking I was being proactive for January). 12/30/2015 - got a letter saying United Health Care would be deducting January's premium on 1/4/16. I also called to verify that my January premium had been received, and cancelled automatic payments on my billing account (removed all bank info from account). I was told my customer service that I would not have January's premium deducted if I had already paid in full.

1/4/2016 - United Health Care WRONGFULLY took $160.83 from my bank account. I called to rectify the situation. I was told that an expedited refund would be processed within 3-5 business days. 1/11/2016 - Still no refund. I called UHC billing, and was told that my refund from 1/4/16 was not processed that same day and would be investigated, so my refund can now be expected by 1/13/16. My fingers are crossed that my refund will be received. This has been a nightmare and I've spent hours on the phone with them.

I saw my NP for a herniated disc and she is aware that this is a problem I've been battling since my 20s. I am now in my early 60s. The pain is horrible and I know it well from my history and times I needed surgery. My NP ordered an MRI and they promptly denied it. They insisted I have a month of physical therapy first, which I already know will help minimally at best. The PT clinic I was referred to seldom answers the phone or returns calls and they are a month out with appointments. Probably other people suffering, while United wrings as much money out of their pain as possible before they, too, can get the diagnostics they really need. Like I do. Dreadful, hardnosed company.

Three weeks ago I was diagnosed with Lung and Lymph Node Cancer. Needless, my family and I have been devastated. I have a very good Cancer Dr. but I would like a 2'nd opinion as to diagnosis and plan of treatment. My choice for that is Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa Fl. Yesterday I called Medicare Complete to be sure they were in my network and was told they were. I contacted Moffitt to get the appointment set up. I gave them the info they ask for and was told that as soon as my lung biopsy was complete to have my Dr. fax my records and they would call me with an appointment date. I felt good knowing I was getting a second opinion before starting Radiation and Chemo therapy. Not 5 minutes later, I received a call from Moffitt telling me they were not in the network for that company since Dec.1, 2013. I ask the cost out of pocket to see a Cancer Specialist one time and was told it would be $1,522.00. Which I can't afford.

I was given the wrong information by Medicare Complete, I wasted 2 hours or more of my life by being given the wrong information. I was so upset about their incompetency that I just sat and cried. I realize that things happen. But no one I spoke to at the ins.co could give me a valid reason why their records were not updated since December and here it is the middle of May. All I got was a run around from them. I ask for a supervisor and was left on the line fifteen minutes and then told the supervisor was still busy. I ask for the name and address of the CEO in my area and all I got was double talk and was never given a name and have been unable to find it myself. (Maybe you can help me with that? ) The customer service rep said she would find me another Cancer Dr. in their network. She gave me the name of several Drs. who are in the same office as my current Cancer Dr. Why would I want a second opinion from a Dr. in the same group??? That isn't even sensible to me! She then gave me the name of two others whose names I couldn't even pronounce. So, I can imagine how much I would understand their opinion.

Why would the largest health insurance company in the state of Florida not be able to keep their records up to date with the technology we have today? Their annual profits are staggering. And here I sit a little nobody, trying to fight this disease the best I can and being given the wrong information from a large uncaring conglomerate while they take a big chunk of my Social security every month and laugh all the way to an extravagant lifestyle and vacations in the Hamptons???

After a trainee conducted an interview and was told by her supervisor she had done it wrong, I was denied a repeat interview. My son who has attended his medical day care center for 10 years is being kicked out. He is ** with a heart and spine condition that must be monitored on a daily basis. I am in the appeal process but have been told it's useless.

I am no longer able to order my asthma inhaler through my regular pharmacy. United Healthcare has refused to allow me to do this saying that I must order through their online pharmacy. I have been very successful with this medication using it to regulate my asthma for over 5 years. It has been the only medication that works for me. Now the online pharmacy is telling me that one month's supply is $523.06. When I asked her if this was because of a particular deductible, of course she couldn't tell me and I had to talk to United Healthcare again - another convoluted call. I hate, hate, hate United HealthCare.

Please heed this advice. Do not under ANY circumstances enrol in this healthcare plan. Just today I went to get a script filled for a medication I have been taking for 5 yrs. I take it 3 times a day. There is danger if I suddenly stop taking it. So, I go to get filled and it is rejected because UHC says I missed a premium. I call UHC, tell them my premium is taken out of my account automatically, and my bank records show it has already been taken out for this month. They admit mistake is theirs, tell me they will have it fixed between 3-24 hrs.

I tell them this will not work as I have to take this medication everyday and there are physical ramifications if I don't. Customer rep tells me ok, she will put on hurry and it should be ready in 3 hrs. I call back after 4 1/2 hours tell them it is still not taken care of. Different rep this time called "Josh". I again explain the importance of this being filled today. He's says he understand and he will "escalate" again. And he says he will call Rx and call me back in exactly 1 hr. I'm sure you can all guess, he did not call me back.

So I call a third time, again a different rep answers. I ask for Josh, am told there is no way to reach Josh. I explain my situation for a third time. Again am offered to have them escalate it. No way. I am connected with supervisor "Bill". (I find it interesting that everyone I talk to, though they are obviously from a different country, they have very American names). I explain situation, tell him Rx will be closing in a couple hrs, that if I suffer symptoms from missing this dose I will hold them liable. Supervisor says he will take care of it, puts me on hold, comes back on says I can go pick up script. I say "are you sure? because I am leaving house to go to Rx right now." He says yes. He also says he will send me email, with apology I guess was never clear on that due to language barrier.

I drive 40 miles to Rx, and of course nothing has been fixed and they are closing in 15 minutes. I call customer service back and a recording tells me they are closed and to call back during business hours. So, I end up having to pay cash for script. What do you think the odds are I will get refund from UHC for the difference? This insurance company was willing to let me go through withdrawals rather than fix THEIR error in a timely basis. Stay far, far away. You can go on UHC complaint site to read roughly 700 more complaints on this company..

My employer gave me pretty much no choice but to go to United Health Care. Unfortunately I am on Medicare which means the Medicare Advantage Plan was selected for me. I was told my insurance would be really good because the Medicare Advantage Plan is a PPO. Yeah, right! A PPO is only of value if your doctor will still see you with it.

Shortly after the switch to United Health Care, I found myself filling out more forms in doctor’s office and signing more papers stating that if my insurance did not pay, I would. So when United Health Care denied claims and told me my obligation was $0 that wasn't exactly true because I'd already signed papers with the doctors stating I would still be obligated to pay. I don't blame the doctors though, they need to be paid for their services. Also, I have found that some of my doctors are completely opting out of Medicare which means I can't see them anymore at all but my husband still can. He is not on Medicare so his policy is an HMO.

Started with optum rx dipping into my bank account. I complained on this site, received A call from ** to try and straighten things out and she pulled another $10.00 out without my approval. I'm quite sure they have all conversations on tape so that my complaints are verifiable. The last time, (February) I ordered insulin (from Walmart, I no longer dealt with Optum rx), it went from $45.00 per vial to somewhere near $245.00. I with went A much lower dosage until my wife and I were able to transfer to Kaiser Permanante. What A difference in professionalism. We spent best part of A day going through various parts of Kaiser, which included A quick visit for an unending cough. Finally have A health care where the word CARE actually has meaning. Thanks.

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