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United Healthcare Dental Insurance
United Healthcare Dental Insurance

United Healthcare Dental Insurance Online Insurance Reviews

I chose United Healthcare Dental Insurance because my employer pays a portion. This makes it an easy choice with virtually no work on my end because we have someone who does the enrollment at my office. I trust my employer and their choices with insurance companies and offers through this company. I like that I pay nothing for standard cleanings and fillings but I wish that orthodontics and white fillings were fully covered. I feel like even on more than basic plans procedures are incredibly expensive. Also, it would be easier if there was an app with easy access to coverage and cost analysis for services provided.

United Healthcare Dental Insurance help me when I need to pay for something that is really expensive. It is something that is really good for me to have because then I will be able to not to worry about the payment plans. However, they do not help me all the time and a lot of times it takes forever for me to be able to get the payment that I need from them. Adds a lot of stress to my life which I do not need.

They have just put into place that any work that needs to be done needs to now be approved by one of their in house dentists - without seeing me & they will determine if the work is needed REALLY!!! My dentist is not going to do work unless it is necessary - this is the most asinine thing I have ever heard of. Bad enough they only cover $1500 which is nothing & most of the time they will only allow any major procedure once every 99 years. What the hell am I paying for - going to drop them soon & see if there is a better option. This is offered thru my employer, but most likely will purchase a new policy if I can find one on my own - not a happy camper!

It's about the money, delay, denial. Keep the money despite purported $2500/yr benefits. Worst dentists in network. Complaints unresolved; dental negligence, malpractice; actionable.

I absolutely love the policy because it offers free cleanings throughout the year, and the main factors that makes this insurance so amazing to me is that I always have a Decent co-pay, great customer service when asking about coverage and cost of co-pay, very reliable insurance! I have had great pleasure of being with this company. I am always taken care of with great co-pays. I have had the best experience with this insurance. Choosing this plan was easy and affordable, very simple. It was recommended to me by my mother, nothing but great comments from other family members as well.

I like that this company pays fair amount of payments without very big deductibles and not very big co-payments when you go in to have the work done at your appointment. My dentist would take it and it was easy to get my appointments. They always file my insurance and make it easy for me. But there were several that would not take it and the limit of coverage is so low. No matter what happens they will only pay so much of your dental payments and that they only pay for one cleaning per year.

I tried to find online on google search a good insurance with great recommendations from other customers. There were a lot of insurances I could choose from but the United Healthcare Dental stands completely out for me in every positive review I was reading, so I choosed this insurance for myself! I like the outstanding customer service from United Healthcare Dental! Very fast response all the time when I have questions or when I’m concerned about anything like the costs I will have a dentist appointment, we all know how expensive it could be without an insurance! I really like this company a lot. They take good care of their customers. The only thing I dislike a little bit was the online application to fill out. It was a very long list from all things they wanted to know, and I thought it was a insurance for my teeth.

Incompetent lying thieves. Endless phone transfers to people with no authority to accomplish anything. Crooks! Scammers! Elaborate phone system that goes around in circles and ends up nowhere. Idiots on the phone know nothing. Liars! Obfuscatory! Crooks! Every person that works for these thieves should be sterilized to keep them from corrupting the gene pool.

I love everything about the dental place that I have and the insurance that they offer. I like the rebates for check ups, which is a major plus and works out good for me. There's good cards for going to each check up for everyone in my household. They have friendly service and good people that work for the company. They have been very honest about everything to me and let me know how complicated some things might be. I have never had any problems with anything for having this dental service. Everything has been fixed for me and it was the best decision.

We are happy we have insurance. Otherwise, going to the dentist is just paying for pain. Wish the dentist and dental assistants would not talk to you when they have their hands in your mouth and you can't talk back to them.

I selected the insurance via paperwork that was delivered to me. I also spent ages on the phone trying to figure out what would be covered (hint:very little). It's not so much insurance as it is a discount. The work that I need is still too expensive. I guess the insurance makes it slightly less so - I suppose I like that aspect. But they don't actually pay for anything. I need extensive dental work done and there's just no way I can afford it even with insurance. Unfortunately, since I have the dental issues that I do, it makes it difficult for me to get a better job that would hopefully come with better dental insurance - vicious cycle.

United Healthcare Dental Insurance was great. The dentist gave me a trusting vibe and it was totally pain free with no hassle. My appointment was timely and the assistant was friendly. I complete their process online. I love the accessibility of online booking and selections that I can make. I don't have time to be on the phone and I can make an appointment easy while at work. But I want there to be as many payment plans as possible and I want to feel like I am making the right decision because I have a lot going on in my life that I need to take care of.

It was a very simple process, switching to UnitedHealthcare Dental. It was through the company that employs me. The policy was chosen to be the best for my family. It was quite a simple process which was done online. I really like how United Healthcare is willing to work with their customers. I also like how I can still go to the dentist that I have gone to for years, even when I had to switch to this insurance company. UnitedHealthcare Dental has good customer service and is an overall good company to have insurance through. They have always seemed to care about their customers and their interests. Perhaps they could be easier to get a hold of and contact, but even that isn't too bad.

I had a problem tooth. After three fillings it was more filling than tooth, and so sensitive that they had to split each operation into two sessions. The root was semi-exposed and eating and drinking hurt. My dentist and I tried everything to save the tooth, but nothing seemed to work. Eventually he suggested a crown to save it and to lessen the pain. I figured that since I was "lucky" enough to have insurance that covered crowns, I would be able to afford it. The crown worked perfectly and the pain vanished. I could eat and go to the dentist for cleanings without agony. Couldn't believe it.

Of course, United Healthcare denied the claim, stating that the extreme pain I had been in was not a justifiable reason to put in the crown. Fillings hadn't worked, but whatever soulless automaton makes the case and appeal decisions was more interested in stealing my money every month in return for nothing. They told me I was approved for just a filling even though the tooth was over 50% filling already, and that hadn't solved the problem. I count my lucky stars that my dentist was an honest enough person to finance the crown where my insurance wouldn't. He paid out of pocket -- at a higher amount than United -- to make sure I could afford the life-changing operation. The office staff there informed me that United is the only insurance company that denies procedures in these circumstances. The ONLY one.

Everything worked out, but United proved themselves to me as a cheap, uncaring company that would rather their clients live with debilitating pain than approve a simple crown I already more than paid for monthly. I'm stuck with them because of my employer, but if you have the ability, avoid United at all costs. They will abandon you when you need them the most.

United Healthcare Dental Insurance has good coverage, easy to deal with, accepted at a lot of dentists' offices. I completed my enrollment in person and some of it was online. I chose it through word of mouth and I feel that is the best way to decide certain things. Their customer service department is very pleasant as well and the cost is good. I am quite happy with them. This is by far the most user friendly dental insurance I have had in a very long time.

Middle-of-the-road level coverage (excluding the unusually generous dental implants benefits) that seems too costly -- The practice manager at my dentist's office recently suggested that it might cost me less money to drop the insurance and just pay my dental bills out of my own pocket. Typically, regardless of what service has been provided, my copays nearly inevitably are higher than Dental Dental's reimbursement payout. Basically, I'm paying significantly more per treatment than Delta Dental pays to my dentist.

United Healthcare Dental Insurance has a service that really does care about how I'm treated. They are easy to use, fast, quick, great customer service that is helpful, easy to understand policy that helps keep the cost down so I can always use it to receive a check up without having to worry about costs or care.

United Healthcare dental insurance was put on us by our employer. The process is very easy that was a plus, and we did not do it online but a rep comes to work twice a year. The cost was crazy. I paid them more money in a year than they covered. For instance last year I needed a crown they paid 200 of a 700 dollar bill. It really made me mad. I couldn't believe it.

They listen to me and I get sent to the right drs. and they have paid all of my claims. I recommend them to all of friends and family. I enjoy being able to talk to someone and I call, they are very helpful.

United Healthcare is a well known company. This insurance pays 100 percent of my 2 yearly cleanings which is a very big plus. I also insure my children with them. They also pay 100 percent of any x-rays I need. I like that this payment comes directly out of my paycheck. I also like that this company is located all over the United States and has offices here in my home state of Minnesota.

I choose my policy through my work. There was only one choice in my job of retail, so this was a very easy choice to make. I did it online so it was a very easy process. However, I wish that United Healthcare would pay more for root canals or even for simple cavities. I also wish that they had a different dental card. The operators should be a little more friendly and helpful also when you call.

I work for a dental office. My job is to submit, follow up on, and review dental insurance claims. Trust me, you DO NOT want United Healthcare dental coverage! They deny EVERY claim we send them. Recently they have started sending their claims to a third party and they separate the attachments that we send. (The xrays and pictures showing why procedures are needed). Then when the 3rd party gets the claim they send a letter saying they need the information so we have to email the information. Then they say they never received it and they deny the claim for that reason. When we have sent the information several times!

Then they refuse to send the denial which makes it impossible to appeal the denial! It's like they are trying everything possible to cheat the system! The sad part is in North Carolina where we are the retired teachers and state officials have this plan! So this company is taking the retirement benefits of some of our hard working, low paid government employees! SAD and Low of such a large company!

My issue began in March of 2018 when a bottom tooth broke after being filled. So my dentist requested a crown since the tooth is not able to be filled and a crown was necessary. This crown was denied 5 times and each time United Healthcare had a new reason. First time was a pre-authorization which was denied due to not enough information submitted for a root canal, which as I told the representative when I called I did not need a root canal only the crown. So the dentist office submitted another pre-authorization.

Second denial was because not enough cavity, cavity? Is what I told the representative on the second call, there will be no cavity in the images since my tooth was cleaned of cavity filled, and now broke. The representative now suggests I submit an appeal which I did. The response again was not enough cavity, which again I called to explain for a 3rd time. So I submit a second appeal, once more it is denied this time stating it was medically unnecessary, and they went further and told me the dentist told them it wasn't necessary.

Again I call United Healthcare to discuss this false information, the representative this time tells me she doesn't understand why I am being denied since I am covered for crowns. She goes further and tells me she will call my dentist's office to make sure they have what is needed on the next pre-authorization. She lets me know that as long as it is noted the crown is medically necessary and with details there should be no problem. Well, she was wrong. Here I am in June, this started in March, my tooth can break again at any time, I can't even chew on my right side without risking the tooth breaking more. Their response today, June 14th is Vague Information, denied again.

Something needs to be done regarding this company, they have lied and acted without morals or conscience regarding their patient's well being. Don't tell me it is not necessary to be able to chew without breaking your teeth even more being made to chew only on one side. And they are not only corrupt in the dental section, it goes into regular treatment by doctors where they are just as bad in general healthcare with doctors who act as if they don't have the time or care to treat you. Please look into this corrupt company.

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