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My husband was diagnosed in March 2015 with CHF with less than 10% ejection rate. The Dr. told him at that time he needed to quit, however he is of the generation that keeps on working as he has a family to support, etc. He immediately cut back on things so that he could still manage working. We were waiting for the meds to take hold and see where things were at in 3 months. The Dr. was hoping for major improvement. Well 3 months came and new tests with not good results so again the Dr. told him to quit his job. At this time we decided that he should do just that. His employer suggested he start a paperwork for short term disability to get us through until we could figure things out. Well all the paperwork went in and he was denied. Funny, he wasn't going to be approved regardless from Unum.

The reasons they stated were: He continued to work after the first time the Dr. told him to quit. He didn't quit immediately after the 2nd time. (Sorry he gave a notice to employer, isn't that what professional practice requires??) Stated he was diagnosed after the paperwork got started which was in August. (No he was in the hospital in March twice, has never been diagnosed with anything previous, so NO pre-existing. That is probably what they were looking for so they wouldn't have to pay.) They state that because he is no longer an employee he is not covered. So I'm confused... Either way they were not going to cover him. Because sounds like he should still be working in order to get covered but yet if he does he's not covered either!!! This company needs to be sued!!! And shut down for good!

I have paid for Unum long term disability insurance for 6 years. I recently filed benefits. Was denied because they have a 180 day limit of which you have to file in. This was not in place when policy was purchased. They suck.

Don't get cancer and need treatment. I have paid for 4 years at my company and everything from the doctors, hospital, and everyone have been submitted. I started infusions last week and feel horrible. I would like to take my short term but they have denied my FMLA stating "I have only worked for the company for 7 months". REALLY!!! This company is a joke! No one ever responds or knows what is going on!!!

I injured my back (nerve damage L4 - L5). On 12/98, I was approved for long-term disability and was receiving my checks.

Then Unum sent me a letter stating my benefits are going to end. I contacted them and they told me their doctors said I was able to return to work.

At that time, I was on powerful medications and was entering a Stanford program to help manage the pain up to 6 weeks. I explained this to them but they didn't care. I told them I had MRI's nerve conduction study to show the damage. They still didn't care.

I tried hiring an attorney to take my case, but he failed to do anything. When I discovered this, I hired another attorney, who also took my case. But, when we went to court, the Judge said I failed to send a despondence within 30 days.

I feel they took advantage of my condition. The drugs I was on made it very hard to understand and stay focus on what needed to be done. To this day, I am unable to work and still on meds.

I bought this Hospital Indemnity Insurance through my company. Total waste of money. My child went in for Brain surgery for 3 days and they refused to pay. They said that her surgery was due to a pre-existing illness because she has Epilepsy, so for that reason they refused to pay. This set me back quite a bit because I had to take off of work to take care of her. They told me that I had to be with them for a year before they would consider paying. Actually they are just a ripoff but they continue to take my payments but no service.

My job uses Unum for short term disability! I have a claim on file since October due maternity. Now that I am on leave and have been since January 21 I am still waiting for payment! Talk to the case manager about my money being direct deposited. She keeps saying “that’s the plan” to release my payments this week! No yes or no. They hold on to your money as long as they can then when you get upset they hang up on you! This company is horrible. They hold on to your money and when you ask for it they hang up! I’ve been talking to someone from there almost every day for the last 3 weeks and every time it’s something different.

I went out to my mailbox today and there was a plain envelope there from Tennessee. So I opened it to find this check Dated July 2, 2018. In reading the computer printout, it stated: California Teachers Assn. dated October 2, 2000. That is the date of my Mother’s death. Why does it take 18 years to pay off a life insurance Claim??? I think these are corrupt pigs who stole most of this life insurance from me. No way to prove that because Mom's files have long since been dumped (what the insurance company was counting on!) DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE RATS!

My ex-wife died and had left me as her beneficiary on her death benefits through Unum, also my two children. At first, Unum called and let me know I was the beneficiary and everything was fine, they would send out paperwork. I have gone for 7 weeks so far of one lie after another, asking for bogus paperwork over and over again. They now do not know who the beneficiary is and no one can locate her paperwork she signed with CVS. They have put the mortuary through all kinds of nonsense and finally the mortuary paid to have my ex cremated for me and are still waiting for their money. They told me they have never had this much trouble with any company in 23 years of business.

Unum is a rip off company and should be put out of business. Even the employees that called me when I call back and was told they don't work for them or they have never heard of that person. These people are crooks and that it is obvious to all of us that have been involved in this.

I have had UNUM for about 17 years. During that time they miscalculated payments several times costing me thousands of dollars over an issue that I was unaware of. I was also cancelled during that time for a couple of years, when they decided on their own, without their doctors checking me out that I was able to work. Some young kid decided he could cancel it based on a medical record he did not read thoroughly. After a class action from the majority of states my case was reviewed and I was once again covered. For the past 10 years or so I get reviewed by them yearly via a questionnaire and release of medical records. No changes, won't be any changes, it's been 17 years.

The past few years they have decided that they should call me constantly and ask me the same questions the questionnaire asks and ask me questions about my health while they have the medical file in their possession. Part of my disability is caused by stress and my mental health is not the greatest this last year due to depression, and they continue to call and question me and stress me out. I finally decided to return their calls on Sunday and leave voicemail for them. I also let their calls go to voicemail. If you have a choice of ins companies....don't choose UNUM.

My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in May 2015. Applied for short term disability, provided all the correct paperwork, received ONE check and then UNUM denied him for anymore. He has been out of work for 5 weeks and will be out for longer due to multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, and doctor appointments.

I filed my LTD claim with UNUM in June of 2009, as I was facing another back surgery(#4)! The 2nd and 3rd left me with severe nerve damage to left side and increasing pain on right. I was informed by Unum in 2011 to file for SSID. I did and was retroactively paid in which UNUM wanted repaid for their overpay. I now pay 185 mo. Every 3 years they try to find a way to end the benefits. They have sent investigators, sent me to doctors, and sent an investigator to my home to take pics.

UNUM feels that I am capable of working 40 hrs., a 10lb limit, and to be able to change position as needed. They even suggest I be allowed to lie down for 45 min every 3 hours. Oh ok who's going to allow that?! Also, I take an insane amount of narcotics, nerve/epilepsy drugs, antidepressant, muscle relaxers, etc. How will I ever pass an employment us and at what point am I not a danger to others?! Also am facing more surgeries due to level 3 and 5 failing due to damage at 4 in lumbar spine! This is ridiculous for all of us to worry about this when we are doing well enough to try and take care of kids and house.

My daughter was in MICU for a week. My granddaughter has been in NICU for 3 weeks. I requested 1 week off. In order for me to get back to work I need the FMLA application approved. When I filed the application, Unum told me it would take a couple days and that I would be back to work the next Monday. It's been 3 weeks. Today I finally hear from them. They asked me if I started back work on the 7th. I reminded them I was waiting on the application to get approved. Then they acted like they remembered and told me that they were waiting on information from the hospital and for me to send them the paperwork back that they sent.

I never received a call or paperwork so I asked what address they had. They had the street address but forgot to put down the unit number. There's 420 units. Now I have to do their job, contact the doctor, gather information and wait for them to resend the paperwork. My family depends on my income. 3 weeks so far without pay and counting. I checked other reviews and it's really disappointing that my company would hire Unum to do anything especially when it's something so important.

I worked for a company based out of Massachusetts. My job and residence is in New York. I paid for short term disability to Unum out of my paycheck from my employer. My left knee failed and I had to have a total knee replacement and it ended my career. I am now on SSD. I had enough time to collect $600 per week for 13 weeks from Unum. Totaling $7800. They acknowledged that. When Unum sent for my medical file from my doctor, they focused in that I was prescribed the drug piroxicam. It is an anti-inflammatory. They said I was treated for the knee before and denied my claim due to a pre-existing condition. Such was not the case and I refuted that fact by submitting the evidence from my file that the medicine was prescribed years previous to relieve discomfort in my neck, shoulder and upper back. Unum still refused to pay the claim.

I contacted a lawyer that handles disability cases and was told it would cost me $3000 initially to prepare a case. I could not afford that. I contacted the New York State Attorney Generals Office, other NY agencies and the offices of US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Senator Chuck Schumer. They referred me to Mass. since my employer was based in Mass. I still have not gotten any satisfaction.

I bought Unum's Long Term Care Insurance in 2001. It provided the best benefits for a single person and had an affordable premium. Both the broker and the company guaranteed that the premium would never increase. Only 2096 of these policies were sold in the State of New York. Hardly enough sales to bankrupt Unum. Fast forward to 2015, when, tearfully, Unum contacted me and said the premium just had to go up 10%. It was disappointing, but I paid it. This was just a portent. This year, 2016, the premium went up again: 66%!!! I called the company who was very understanding, and, then, in the next breath informed me that it would increase another 48%. However, their literature says the second increase will not take effect for 3 years. Remains to be seen. They seem to be talking out of both sides of their mouth.

I bought LTC insurance because, as an early widow, I watched all of our assets eaten away by medical costs after my husband died. We had medical insurance but the patient's responsibility totaled over six figures. After retiring all of that debt and raising a family, I managed to buy a small home and start a savings account. I didn't want to lose it all again and die in penury. It's surprising to see how easily one can lose everything. LTC gave me some peace of mind, until now. Beware of 'no-increase' premiums. Seems Unum can break its promise to us but we can't stop paying their inflated premiums.

Was hurt 10/01 with back injury. Unum was my employers long term disability company. Surgery was failed after four weeks. Suffer from chronic back pain now for last 14 yrs. Have many herniated discs and DEGENERATIVE DISC DISORDER and have since injury. 02 Unum denied me. Said their nurses said I was able to work even though all my doctors and all of Ohios Workers Comp doctors said I was Totally and Permanently Disabled, Settled my claim, and sent me on my way.

Meanwhile Unum was being sued in a class action suit under Paul Revere. Got some paperwork awhile later then one day a call saying they had back pay from 02 and was okay for coverage now. That was probably 04-06. Then one day another call that I was off coverage. Had doctors send same paperwork and got back on. Have been offered a buy out twice and been denied coverage three times. I now have a lawyer trying to get benefits updated after he got me back on again. My monthly should have increased in July after my youngest graduated but has not. Every couple years they come after you with paperwork to see if anything has changed then they drop you if it has. Last time it was a new doctor that didn't know my back and different meds. If you have Unum, Good luck.

This client was employed with a company for over 10 years working many days sick. I’m typing this review for her because she has poor vision. However, UNUM finally awarded her benefits for 6 months, after 3, of her physicians signed off declaring her disabled to continue her benefits. This client went 2 years going to neurologist and other doctors being misdiagnosed. After a near death experience and vision loss and increased intracranial hypertension diagnosis that causes daily headaches. The headaches intensifies so badly that the client is unable to participate in daily activities because leaning forward, lying in bed, are a few of the things that makes the headache pain intensify. She has to have help with bathing because of frequent falls.

The client's vision is so bad she is unable to drive. She is unable to watch TV, interact with her kids. Her mom and other family members help with her activities of daily living and she has 2 small kids. She has applied for state level disability. Unum has notified her that a nonmedical representative will come to her home to interview her before further decisions and payments can be made. How can nonmedical personnel decide on medical decisions. An attorney will be present. This is ridiculous. She has always worked as a nurse and would love to return to work now but her condition is not going to allow it.

The worst company to deal with, they try to make you jump through hoops to keep "your own earned check." I am a above knee amputee on my left leg. I am awake sometimes 24hrs straight suffering from Residual Limb Syndrome, that leaves me completely worn out for days, on top of a severely malaligned right leg, with bone on bone in the knee as my medial plateau has disintegrated, plates and screws holding it all together. Neuropathy in my leg, foot and hands, Arthritis in my hands, leg and back/neck. An insulin dependent diabetic (5shots a day), Hypothyroidism and Gerd. I use a powerchair the majority of the time, yet Unum feels the need to make me recertify several times a year, these people are paid to knock as many people off their payout system as possible.

Know your rights people and don't let these heartless, no compassion crooks, push you around and cause you more stress!! As if being physically or mentally challenged isn't enough to deal with, lawyer up! I know how you all feel, as I just had to go to the Dr on 11/9/2016 to quote "re-certify"!! Then yesterday on 12/12/2016 I received a call from a new representative to say he is calling because I need to recertify! After explaining I was already forced to do that twice this year, (this is the 3rd). He said he wasn't going to argue with me? I said I feel I'm being harrassed for my disability and will be contacting an attorney. Call your disability advocate and your Attorney General for your state. I have enough trying to get through each day without them holding me hostage with what I've already earned and paid into! I have had enough. SPEAK UP PEOPLE and EXPOSE this ACTIVE HARASSMENT.

Updated on 12/27/2016: Right after I posted my review, they have stepped up my harassment, asking me for tax returns from 2011-13. I haven't made a dime. I tried a small home business as an independent distributor for a supplement company and never made a dime and if they checked on my order status they would see it was non-existent, as it didn't sell and I ended up getting stuck with the little I ordered. This company is a total joke and people should look elsewhere for their insurance needs of any kind.

They are known to troll people and try to get them so tired of trying to jump through hoops by making them recertify multiple times each year to keep their own earned benefits. Some get sick of it and say piss off and that is exactly what they are hoping for, to cause people to walk away from the aggravating, unneeded stress to people who already have enough challenges just dealing with their disabilities. Unum, YOU DISGUST ME and should be ashamed of your treatment of already hurting people. I see all the reviews of those who are feeling this Rotten Companies GREED. Get a Lawyer people... I Am.

Overpayment of my STD when I had my foot operated on 6/18/15. Why is it MY responsibility to know if there is an error in my payment? My sole purpose was to heal. I haven't had a payment since 8/11 and still waiting to "pay back" to UNUM what I owe them! It has been one angry email after another. My current rep won't even give me her extension number even though others have which I think is wrong.

IF YOU ARE A COMPANY looking for a STD and LTD to offer your employees... RUN! Don't use UNUM. My management has told me there are many, many horror stories and in hindsight they wish they never signed up with them! I have been without since August and it is now October. Tell me how to feed a family of four and pay to live on $0.00 a week due to THEIR negligence! I'm over it!

Unum has been a pain in the ** to work with. We call to open a claim, the doctor doesn't get information sent back quick enough then they deny the claim! My husband was involved in a very bad car accident - NO fault of his. He was hit by a drunk driver going 70 mph while parked waiting for our son to finish his saxophone lesson. I wouldn't go through Unum, but we have to or he will lose his job if he gets too many unexcused absences. I spend more time on the phone with the jerks at Unum than you could imagine.

I've been having issues receiving payments from Unum Insurance Company. Since 2007 they have been recouping income from me in regards to 3 payment of 1739.52 which Unum had sent. They had refused to remove the family disability, when I no longer had dependents for social security family in 2012 (Unum finally removed the 18-yr-old as receiving family income on their budget calculation). In 2009 I had lost workers comp payments. Appeal was put into the comp board and I won back payments in 2012 so comp gave me back payments for that time to 2014. I still was not receiving any payment from Unum due to a recoup, yet again Unum added an additional recoup amount to what they were already being recouping In 2007. I received the max in Social Security disability and workers comp from 2012-2014 and Unum was paying me the minimum balance of $173 which they had been recouping since 2007.

2014 Unum sent me a settlement offer and I declined the $16,000 minus $6000 overpayment they claimed I had owed, but in the same token they sent me a check for under $2000 a few days later because they claimed I was underpaid by them. So I cashed the check after I called Unum to make sure that it was not going to be an issue if the checked was cashed. I was told by Unum representative that it was my money owed to me from an underpayment by Unum and for me to go on and cash the check. Representative stated it was ok to cash the check (biggest mistake ever on my part because they used that as a reason to recoup). In 2014 I decided to settle. I decided to take the lump sum instead of the bi-weekly payments from workers comp. Unum sent me a letter stating that there was an overpaid by them. Mind you Unum is still only paying me the minimum amount $173. But the recoup payment was close to $10,000.

Today I received a call from Unum,. I was told by them that my settlement offer from workers comp which was a one-time payment of me forfeiting all future payments from workers comp and will never receive another payment from worker comp. Well Unum says that my settlement amount in 2014 was backpay from workers comp from 2012-2014. I asked the Unum representative how could my settlement be a backpayment, when I was getting a bi-weekly workers comp check from 2012-2014 and had not received any money from comp since 2014 to current. And how do I owe back several thousands of dollars when your company has only been paying me the minimum of $173 and has been recouping since 2007. In my case Unum has been recouping on a recoup so they don't have to pay me any benefits I'm entitled to.

Unum also told me today they are going to contact workers comp and they may have to go back 2012-2015 and I may owe them money. How is that possible? When In 2012 reinstatement of my works comp claim they gave me a 1-time backpay in 2012 to cover income lost and thereafter workers comp bi-weekly check until 2014 settlement. Unum has received all income verification documents in a timely manner of any changes in income from all parties, workers comp & myself included.

Had a hysterectomy. My doctor said that I could return to work 6 weeks post op with a 10lb lifting restriction. She also informed me that I would have this restriction for 3 months. My employer informed me that I couldn't return to work with any restrictions, being that I'm a physical therapist assistance, there would be nothing for me to do and I would definitely have to lift more than 10lbs. Unum refused to approve my claim. Not only did they refuse, my doctor had to fax forms to them several times before they processed the claim because they said they never got them. Come to find out, the papers were scanned into the wrong claim. I've had nothing but a complete bad experience with them. They have caused so much stress that I had to be put on medication for depression. Not how you help someone who's just had surgery and is in pain.

My husband had a massive stroke in 2014 and for 3 days they didn't know if he was going to live or die. He was in intensive care for a week, rehab for 2 months. He had brain damage, rendering him disabled for life. Social Security deemed him disabled immediately and he began receiving benefits immediately. The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT didn't balk at the doctors' reports. He can't feel his right side from the top of his head to the bottom of his toes. He is dominant right but now does everything left handed. I have to cut his food for him. I have to button his buttons. I had to buy him an electric shaver and sonic toothbrush because he cuts himself to pieces with a blade razor and cannot maneuver the toothbrush to brush his teeth the traditional way. His shoes are slip ons. I bought him a long handle shoe horn.

He can't carry on a conversation and simple instructions are lost and confuse him. He reads very slowly and can't comprehend what he reads so he's quit reading. He went from a decent salary as a pastor to minimum wage pay cleaning the dining room of a fast food restaurant 8 hours a week. He stays home and "cares" for our daughter who was in an automobile accident 11+ years ago, rendering her a quadriplegic. He sleeps a lot and watches TV practically nonstop. He can't do much of anything else.

His friends don't know how to interact with him anymore so they have stopped checking in. They're not bad people. They just don't know how to talk with someone who was once the smartest man they knew, their pastor, their Shepherd, their mentor, their rock, to someone who gets words mixed up, past tense mixed up with present, she where he should be used, stuttering because his brain gets stuck on how to get one word out, and just plain "checking out" in the middle of idle chat. His focus is nearly nonexistent and he walks like a 90 year old from constant neurological pain and the fact he can't feel his entire right side.

For nearly 2 decades he put in money into his disability insurance without quibble and faithfully. He didn't require a whole bunch of forms, fully answered questionnaires, insurance commissioner letters, or anything to make Unum prove they were actually a worthy insurance company he could trust sending money to every month. He didn't feel the need to send a private investigators out to drill the company execs to see if they were legit. They said they were a disability insurance provider, had valid credentials and all the right licensing to prove it so. Well now that it's time to tap into what he's invested in for so many years he's being treated like a criminal! Yes, a PI was sent out to take pictures and we sat down for nearly 3 hours and answered an unbelievably long questionnaire. They paid a private investigator to drive 2 hours to lay eyes on my husband who is lucky to be alive and functioning!

Hundreds of dollars on paperwork, PI, phone calls to doctors, therapists, and who knows who else to pay my husband $70.02 per month! I have spent countless hours putting together paperwork to send to them. Not to mention copying costs. My husband has signed so many releases which he has done willingly! We've got nothing to hide! He LOVED being a pastor and would give anything to be able to return to his former profession. Or to do anything other than minimal wage jobs that don't require training or computing or more than 2 step instructions! Now they want tax returns, pay stubs, W2s, 1099s, releases for speech therapy notes. Every 2 months it's something else! They are the WORST company and everyone needs to BE AWARE! I'm sure there's some people who are out there that rip off insurance companies but c'mon! It's been 3 years.

My husband is not going to get better. His BRAIN suffered massive damage. He put in $60 a month for nearly 2 decades. He's only getting $70 back and I don't know if he will for the next 2 decades. He'll be over 80! Yeah. I'll send the package of information. I'll copy my sensitive tax returns and send them to you (at MY cost) through US mail and PRAY it doesn't get lost or stolen! I mean, it's just our full names, social security numbers, address, W2s, employment history, signatures. You know. Everything a thief needs to steal one's identity. For our $70 per month. But I will not be silent about it.

EVERYONE is going great to know what a horrible company this is and I am advising everyone not to put their money and hopes and trust in any company associated with Unum. By the way, I've called Mallory back twice and she hasn't called me so if she's going to deny my husband's claim for no communication, I have proof I've called so don't even go there!

I had major back surgery in 2014 and still can't work. I had to retire early and now I get SS disability. I have had this insurance for about 30 years, and this is my only claim. I had to jump through hoops to get SS but this is stupid. The DR's and hospital have sent them everything they asked for and it's STILL not good enough! I called and asked them just what EXACTLY do they want?! Everything from 10/13/2014 to 12/2015. What really, OK! They are going to get about 300 pages and I'm leaving some out. I'm done. I'm also getting a Lawyer. This is nuts! I only get $1248 a month! I WILL NOT GET TAKEN! And neither should anyone else!

When my spouse bought long term care insurance nearly 20 years ago, she was guaranteed that rates would "never" increase. Her annual premium in 1999 was $1,963. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has allowed them to increase rates so that the annual premium is $2,799. Now they are allowing another 40% increase to $3,912 per year. My spouse is now 75 years old. This 40% increase is unconscionable given the number of years she has paid into the insurance plan. Social Security certainly isn't going to go up 40%. I simply do not understand why this is not treated as a legal breach of contract. Another case of Massachusetts failing to protect consumers and the elderly against predatory business practices.

I started my battle with heart disease in 2002, followed by kidney disease, which started stage 1 in 2005. In 2012, I lost the functions in my kidneys, which caused multiple unexpected surgeries, continuous Doctor/Emergency Room visits for back pains, uncontrollable high blood pressure, and fluid around my heart. My meds includes a daily regimen including a vitamin, (5) blood pressure meds, phosphorus meds, sleep / restless leg syndrome meds, and stool softeners (A MUST)! My doctor has insisted on meds for depression as well. My mental stability has been questioned due to financial stress caused by Unum and my Unum representative.

Unum has been receiving the same doctors' notes for a year with the same monthly tactics of telling me they need (MORE) medical records and doctors' notes. Instead of my Senior Disability Benefits Specialist calling my doctor directly for monthly needed paperwork, they would call me to do their job of getting in touch with my doctors every month. In return, they would hold my benefits hostage for months a time. Even after having my doctors' office fax paperwork requested and call my Unum caseworker personally, Unum still continues to play hardball tactics like sending letters requesting more doctors’ notes. Every call to Unum ends with “your claim is in review” for weeks at a time.

My livelihood depends on the little I receive in benefits considering having my benefits cut about 60% after being pushed to go back to work by Unum, not knowing that if I was to go back out on short-term disability, that my benefits would be reduced because in going back to work, I lost my full-time status because of my 3 times (a week) 6hr long Dialysis treatments. So, now it’s another full month of playing the wait game with them (Unum). I did file a formal complaint against my Senior Disability Benefits Specialist with her supervisor for not working diligently on my behalf, and two weeks later, still nothing to look forward to. I still haven't received benefits. I need help to fight the system.

I signed up for benefits through my employer. I signed up for the standard plus plan. Unum does not respond on time, does not pay on time. I gave them permission to obtain ALL the paperwork necessary for them to do their job, and I still have to recover and send them (pay out of my pocket exp) the information. Now I am receiving retaliation response because I turned them into my benefits main office and they were investigated.

I have been out of work since December of 2014. I have not received any pay from my employer since February. I was contacted by my employer who told me to apply for UNUM disability when I was told by my doctors that I would not be returning to work. I did so the first of MAY. I was told I would have a answer in 45 days. In 45 days I was told that UNUM needed more time to decide. I provided UNUM additional paperwork and so did my doctors. I have paid in to this disability insurance for 22 years and have yet to receive a decision from them and it is nearly Aug. I received a letter dated July 23 stating UNUM needed another 30 days. I have since gotten approval for a early disability retirement for my pension. Unum was supposed to be there for me to fill in the blanks financially until that occurred. So much for UNUM being there to pay the bills while that took place.

I wake up every morning hoping the water is still running, and the lights are still on. This insurance is nothing but a scam. I have contacted my employer and union and let them know. They have had several complaints and I will be a advocate for future contract negotiations through the union and my employer to not renew with UNUM. This is not a benefit to the employee if the benefit never comes. Unum has no intention of paying out to anyone. If they actually do pay, from what I've been reading it sounds like it comes with a lot of hassle, hidden agendas, and is short lived.

BUYER beware! This is not a good company and they have terrible customer service. When you call trying to get answers you get nothing but double talk. It's like I'm standing in a used car lot surrounded by car salesmen trying to sell me a Yugo disguised as a Ferrari. It all sounds good until you drive it off the lot. Take it from everyone in these posts, this insurance is a SCAM, SCAM, SCAM. 22 years of thinking I had a Ferrari parked in my garage and as soon as I finally drove it, the wheels fell right off!

I suffered brain damage and a "failed back" (pain despite 2 surgeries) and am disabled. My job was being an emergency physician. I can't do that with brain damage. Unum put me "on claim" without hesitation and is sending me payments very regularly. I would like them to direct deposit, and they won't do that, which is annoying and I took off one star for it. I read some of the other reviews, and honestly, as board-certified MD with 38 years of experience, many of these people are whining that their claim was denied, and then they identify their problems in their complaint, and they are truly and honestly NOT disabled, and I can see why Unum denied them, and I think Unum was right.

These folks at UNUM are trained to get rid of you. I have been reading all of your reviews. There is not one review I have read here that isn't true. I am 43 today and at 40 I had 4 heart attacks in 72 hours. Needless to say 2 days later I was on a cold table getting stents in my heart (widow maker 98% blockage and another was 75% blockage and so on). Went back to work a week later and worked 122 hours (bi-weekly). Yes the first heart attack took place at work on the clock.

1.5 yrs later I had a serious fall at work again on the clock and the week I was at my 68th hr (7 days) and haven't worked a day sense. Learned that I blew L1-S1 completely! NO RECOVERY. I out my std claim in for the fall and was denied for my heart attacks... HUM? Ok fine I'll wait the 90 days... pppdffttt... 5 months later I get approved for long term for L1-S1 and that was only after 3 doctors said wrote "can't not work" and 3 days a week of PT.

As my pain grew and grew more scans were done and learned that T-7-8-9 were also bulged and ready for rupture. Still no answer from UNUM. NONETHELESS a severely injured back doesn't rebuild discs or fix it's self it only gets worse... RIGHT? They finally agree that "ok you're hurt" after a med-tronics stem system implant was placed for lumbar drop foot and several other nerve issues were showing up that "ok we will pay for now"... the very day after my surgery a field visit was scheduled and I was forced to engage because UNUM SAID SO...

I got my every 6 week medical review via phone calls for 2 yrs. They paid yes but the work I had to do over the phone in between migraines wetting myself and just staying half alive... wait??? I don't work for them, they work for me... RIGHT??? WRONG ANSWER. You become a mouse and do their dirty work for them because you are responsible for all the paperwork they need... isn't that why I updated them with doc #'s and fax #'s and signed THE MILLION RELEASES was for them to get those with out me doing it?

Now to present day 12-3-16. I have learned my case manager Tracy S** is not my friend and is very VERY trained in her job. She had lies and lies and lies false statements and documents etc... once she was caught up with and I put her on the spot... I now get the old field visit from a rep that truly wants to help better understand my disabilities... pppdffttt... I call BS they are PI's hired by UNUM TO get you off of plan. My field visit was set up by UNUM long before I ever was told anything... they should give 30 days advanced notice... people who are sick have doc appts and don't feel good A LOT let alone the back pain and so forth. He has demanded I allow him in my home to take PI's of my home and me and my script bottles and I am to have a report ready of all my docs address # complete with fax # s... they have all that already... it's a scam to get you to do something that they say you can do... don't fall for it...

I will be recording the ENTIRE INTERVIEW and if he gets pushy and demands one DAMN thing from me he will be asked to leave... they already have all of your info... otherwise how would they know what to ask and do at the INTERVIEW... UNUM is not your friend. Thieves and liars... IF YOUR DOC SAYS NO WORK THEN NO WORK... STAND UP TO THESE PEOPLE. THEY ARE RIPPING OFF PEOPLE FOR MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF DOLLARS... based on lie and false reports.. Look it up. Read up on it. Please I beg you don't let them get to you... today I was so worked up over it all I had to drop nitro to get calmed down and the chest pain to stop... they are coming here to get in my face and get rid of me... please people know UNUM is no good...

While paying into the short term disability program for about six years I unfortunately had a tonic clonic seizure for the first time in my life due to stress. I was on bed rest for 3 weeks, could not move a muscle, was in pain medication (which makes it impossible to communicate with my staff or customers when it's strong and makes you sleep all day, had to be supervised 24:7 by family, supervised showers and my mother had to do regular bedside assistance for me to ensure I don't harm myself nor anyone else before my doctors put me on proper medication to figuring out what causes it.

The last week of April I was adjusting to the new medication due to its side effects making it impossible for me to work. I was looking for one month of pay from UNUM since that's what I have been paying into and they originally send me one week worth's pay. When I called in to check in the woman told me that she originally approved it but her manager went in to the system and ended up denying my claim stating I could have worked from home.

I immediately sent in an appeal with additional information from my doctor stating that working from home was revoked due to the amount of stress I encounter in my position. My neuro and regular doctor wanted to make sure I was not adding any other factors into my rehabilitation and wanted to make sure I was on proper medication before I returned to my job. Even after spelling it out for them and for them to disagree with a professional doctor is beyond disbelief! I have electroisa in my frontal lobe that are misfiring causing the seizure. Sounds like a disability to me but apparently UNUM thinks it was perfectly fine for me to go back to work the next day. Waste of money! This company is simply heartless. BTW they are also requesting that I pay back the original weeks worth of pay they sent me.

A person from UNUM came to my job in 2009 (I was working for the City Of Los Angeles). I purchased The Long Term Care Policy. This cost $66.00 a month that comes out of my paycheck/now pension. I asked questions about this policy for I had to take care of my husband dying of hep C. He could no longer take care of himself, and knowing him for 49 years I was not going to place him in a home. (I took 16 months off from work to care for him).

In Dec. 2013 I had surgery that I was placed in a coma. I came home seven weeks later. My new husband took care of me. My policy as I understood it, pays if you cannot bathe yourself, go to the toilet, incontinence, use a wheelchair. These were things I could not do for myself, then and in 2/15, I still have the incontinence, dressing myself and use a walker, and need help bathing. I waited the 90 days to file my claim.

From June of 2014 to Feb. of 2015 UNUM kept saying my claim is being reviewed. But I only need two of the five Daily Living activity to qualify. The policy would pay up to 8 years at 1800.00 a month. Kaiser had my disabled from 12/3/13 to 12/28/14. UNUM denied my claim. Stated as of 1/23/14, I could have taken care of myself. I had in home care from Kaiser that showed my husband how to left me, bath me etc.

I have had AFIB since 2011, I hired on with my current employer last June. In November of 2014 I was out for a week with heart surgery and getting a pacemaker installed, I was denied because I was not out long enough. Feb of 2015 I had shoulder surgery for an on the job accident that had happened with my previous employer. I was out for three weeks and came back to work early at the behest of my boss. It has been two months and they still have not made a decision as to whether I will receive disability or not. When I call there the computer takes your information and sends you through a phone tree. The last message says to check back frequently and hangs up on you! Not exactly the courtesy I deserve. They have no problem taking my money every week!

I had to go out for a major surgery and my company uses UNUM for their short term disability. I have never had such a horrible experience with a company. This is my first time ever going out on STD in my life and this company has badgered me, harassed me and made my recovery stressful. The doctor has specifically stated that the "full" recovery for this procedure is 6 weeks. The doctor has provided them with every document they need to support my claim.

Now, according to their "chart" my recovery is only allowed for 4 weeks and they just sprung thus surprise on me today, now I have less than a week left before I go back to work. My representative, Tracy is horrible. I can never get on touch with her, and when I opt out to a Tissot speak with someone, nobody knows what is going on. Thus company is deceitful and under no circumstances does your representative try to help you. I'm still on pain meds and cannot drive. Not only that but, since my surgery was on my stomach, it's still swollen and I cannot wear anything with a waistband for longer than 2 hours. But, according to their chart, I'm recovered and need to report back to work.

I'm not trying to work any system or take advantage in any way, but I do feel like they are trying to screw me and I have to "prove" that I'm not able to work. This company and every associate I have dealt with is horrible... Especially Tracy put of Portland,ME. When I asked to speak to her supervisor, she says she wasn't allowed to give put her information but I can call the 800 number and ask for Sheryl. Why would the supervisors isolate themselves like that? Or, why would Tracy lie? If you need rest in order to recover from anything, don't expect it when you deal with UNUM.

After paying into Unum long term disability for 22 years I was in an accident. Six months after making my first claim, they denied me. Apparently a sprained neck and a TBI do not qualify. So...the doctor can't release me back to work, work can't let me come back without doctor approval, yet Unum thinks I am ready to go back. If you are a company searching for this type of insurance for your employees or an individual seeking extra insurance DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER UNUM!! I'm joining the class action suit that has been filed against them for denying claims or discontinuing existing claims. HORRIBLE COMPANY TO DO BUSINESS WITH. RUN...

I was hospitalized 7/2015 for a ruptured colon. I had my Doctor fax Unum my Doctor notes right away. They had my policies all messed up, they first tried telling me I had no policy, for lack of payment. My payments are withdrawn automatically from my paycheck, so my HR had to talk to them and straighten all of this out. Then they told me I had coverage for $400 a month, then they told me I had coverage for $600 a month, in reality I had coverage for $2900 a month. By the time all of this was straightened out, it was October 2015, before I received my check. I had a planned surgery for this same illness, set for 11/5/2015, being off of work through 12/28/2015. They had all my paperwork and my Doctor notes. I did receive a check, mid December, for the 1st month I was off. I still haven't received my check for the month of December I was off.

I called them today 1/26/2016 to ask where my check was. They told me they mailed me a letter in December 2015 (I never received any letter) telling me, they need verification and Doctor notes, explaining why I was off. They had all of my info sent to them in July 2015 and October 2015, in preparation for this surgery. I pay them $200 a month for this coverage, and they put me through hoops to try and get my pay. Thanks to the delay in payments, my house payment, and car payments have been late, tanking my credit rating. I would not recommend anyone to get this awful "coverage". I believe it to be a big scam, and they should be penalized someway, for how they treat their customers. Worst insurance ever.

UNUM stopped paying on my approved disability claim after 8 years without justification. When I received SSDI benefits, they turned around and stopped paying my claim. They said I could return to my normal occupation. (What a joke).

When they sold me this Unum critical heart and cancer insurance if I had cancer or if I had a heart attack or needed heart it would pay so I could use it for out of pocket expenses. Don't waste your money on them. I had a rare surgery repositioning an artery which is found in about 5 percent of people. I had to have open heart to fix. Didn't get a dime from them. Couldn't even get their doctor to look at. Denied, denied. Don't waste your money on them. You will be denied too.

I had major stomach surgery 2 months ago and under my doctor's orders was scheduled to be out for 6 weeks. Unum paid my claim for 4 weeks and decided that they were not going to pay for my additional 2 weeks because I was able to go back to work. Who the hell do they think they are?? If my doctor says I need to be out, an insurance company, who does not know me or my circumstances has no right to deny my claim!!! I have just filed an appeal and I am waiting to hear back. If the claim is denied again, I am calling my attorney. Unum is an insurance company, not a team of surgeons who know what a patient needs. My company and I pay money into the insurance company for my STD... It's not their money!!

I am a retired physician living in a small town in Central Florida. I have lived and worked in this area for 30 years. I took out a disability policy 25 years ago with Unum to protect my family from financial hardship from an illness or accident that might cut my practice life short. I paid. Between $250-$300 per month for this coverage never dreaming that I might have to claim benefits due to mental illness. I fell victim to severe Bipolar Disease or Manic-Depressive Illness. This disorder initially manifested itself as bouts of severe depression but over the years the mania portion of the disease became more prominent resulting in problems with judgment, impulse control, self-medicating and social interaction.

I lost 3 highly compensated positions in my specialty in a 3 year period and I am now unhireable. I applied for Social Security Disability and also for benefits under my Unum policy. I was examined by a psychiatrist hired by the SS Adm. after my medical records were reviewed and was granted total disability shortly after my initial evaluation. I did not even need to obtain the services of an attorney. The government employed psychiatrist concurred with the opinion of my own personal psychiatrist that the date of my disability was 12/2011 and I received back benefits as well as benefits ongoing.

It was completely different with Unum however. I had to hire a disability attorney to deal with Unum's multiple, repetitive and redundant requests for medical records. They employed time wasting and confusing legal tactics to delay their determination and hold up the dispersal of my benefits for about a year and a half causing personal and financial strain on my family which was exactly what I was trying to avoid when I contracted with them some 25 years previously. Finally I began receiving monthly benefits but their determination of the date of my disability was 12/2013, a full 2 years later than established by both my personal psychiatrist and the government psychiatrist brought in by the SSA to evaluate my case.

In other words they were attempting to 'steal' 2 years of back benefits after employing underhanded legal tactics to unnecessarily delay dispersal of benefits from a claim that was well documented and valid as evidenced by both past records and recent evaluation by a government appointed psychiatrist. I received monthly benefits from Unum for a little over a year while my attorney continued to fight for the payment of past and overdue benefits, however we were forced to sue Unum in federal court because they continued to ignore the facts of the case and persisted in their tactics of redundant records requests and legal foot-dragging, to avoid their responsibility to pay the back benefits they clearly owe.

Finally, their latest and most reprehensible dirty trick occurred about 3 months ago when they summarily and without notification discontinued my monthly benefits. There had not been any change in my medical condition to prompt this. In fact, they did not even attempt to reevaluate my case by requesting a reexamination, they just stopped the benefits without a word of explanation to either me or my attorney. They had been forced to start paying my benefits, thus in essence agreeing with the SSA that my disability was valid, but now completely without cause they were illegally refusing to fulfill the contract they had signed with me 25 years previously.

My ongoing suit against them for the payment of back benefits is the logical explanation for why they would resort to such an unethical and, in my view, criminal act as the discontinuation of my disability benefits prematurely and without foundation. It appears they are attempting to "starve" me into submission since I have no other source of income other than SS Disability and I cannot work in my profession due to my disability. Unum is, in my opinion, has a corporate mindset and ongoing strategy to deny benefits to as many beneficiaries as possibly using every delaying and confusing legal maneuver possible. When that fails they do not appear to be above underhanded, dishonest and unethical tactics as well.

My case continues to be tied up in the court system while both myself and my family struggle on a daily basis to make ends meet on a fixed income. As a corporate entity Unum is shamelessly ignoring its responsibilities while illegally and unethically failing to abide by the contracts they make with hardworking and honest people to be there for them if disaster strikes. If you own a Unum policy I advise you to drop it if at all possible because if you should ever be unfortunate enough to request benefits you are sure to face a team of dedicated professionals - dedicated to denying those benefits you have paid for over the years that is. Dedicated to making sure that the contract you made with them and the promise they made to you is ignored, misrepresented and worthless.

Unum is the worst company I've ever dealt with. I paid for policy in good faith for years, when I needed them most, they failed. I have chronic kidney disease stage 4. Left my employment in May of 2015, received a few payments, then all of a sudden they send a questionnaire to a doctor I hadn't seen in awhile. Long story short, doctor wasn't aware of everything that was going on, sends in form, they didn't like the way it was written so denied me payments even though my main doctor submitted time and again what my illness was. So now until I hear from Social Security, I have no money at all. Stay far away from this company. They should be put out of business. Wish I had taken Aflac instead.

After having a major heart attack in 2008, I was placed on permanent disability by my physicians. After much paperwork and time, I started receiving benefits. Last year for no reason, the benefits stopped completely. I have tried contacting Unum hundreds of times, but always get a message machine or excuses. I have lost my house, my car, everything. My wife works but only brings in about $2,000 a month. We can't buy food or gas and she has to work to keep our heads above water. I cannot work at all due to major problems associated with my heart disease. We have been living with a relative but now they want us out. We have nowhere to go!

I am nine months pregnant. About 6 weeks ago, I began to have issues with my right hand. My job is all typing so this was a problem. The pain was constant. The ER said a sprain, my PCP just said keep it in the brace for 10 days. After 10 days, it was significantly worse. Went to Urgent Care and they diagnosed pregnancy induced carpal tunnel.

Later on the same week, I found out I have gestational diabetes on top of it. This is actually more of a cause and effect type thing just backwards as GD can cause the carpal tunnel. Few days later, losing the use of my right arm for helping me out of bed gets me in hospital with a bleed from straining to get up. All the while, I am in dire pain. I can only take ** and it doesn't touch the pain. I see a surgeon and tell him about my wrist and an unrelated lump under my arm. He cannot do the wrist. Lump needs surgery after my daughter is born. Carpal gets referred to orthopedic surgeon... at the earliest date of a month later.

Two more hospital visits, OB appointments are now monitoring me an hour every week. Working on my therapy for my perinatal depression. Now, I have carpal in both hands, which was a 50/50 shot anyways. Doc puts me on light bed rest for slightly elevated BP and the fact that my diet has to be very monitored and regulated. I also have informed UNUM of every thing that has put me in and out of the hospital. Today, they denied my short term disability. I haven't had money in almost 2 months. I am going to be homeless and car-less thanks to them. I have no one to borrow the money from.

I paid them to protect me well before this was ever an issue. Now, 3 weeks from being induced because of my GD, I have this to cope with. There is no help in the picture and all of this for what will be lucky to be 600 a month. I hope they like lawyers because not only did I insure against unplanned health problems but I insured against law problems too. I am an insurance agent. Not stupid.

My doctor put me off work for 3 weeks because of heart palpitations and the stress of my job. I was also put on blood pressure medication but we could not get it down. The claims expert informed me that I was not sick enough to stay off work. I asked him, "should I have ignored my doctor's request and gone to work?" He could not answer, but he did say that everyone gets stressed at work, but it should not have kept me off work. REALLY!!? Why am I paying into this plan?!! THIS IS CRAZY! I was waiting on this money to pay my bills. REALLY!??

I pay premiums to keep myself and family safe. When I was injured, Unum played a word war with my policy. When any one word was out of place, the investigation was stopped. When the situation was handled it would return to active status until another word would be found to be misspelled or inaccurate at which time investigation would be inactive until that was solved. It repeated itself for months on end. Unum would look for every reason possible to not pay a claim. How these people live with themselves is beyond me. I hope at some point, either one of their employees are a family provider for one of people that handled my case has an injury or death and has to suffer the humiliation I was subjected to. If you have a policy with Unum, do you and your family a huge favor and look elsewhere for insurance.

They are ONLY in business to MAKE money, not pay it out in claims. If you make one simple mistake on your forms they will throw it out, wasting a huge amount of time. They also harass you frequently after you are approved, making you and all your Doctors fill out tons of paperwork while they keep you stressed out that you are being cut off. Endless reviews, searching for anything they can use against you to stop the payments. And they are very cold about paying. The pay date is supposed to be the 21st. Last Christmas they wired it on the 28th, so I was broke at Christmas!! Most companies would have thought about that and made sure the payments were sent on time. If you need to make any claim with this ruthless company, you MUST hire an attorney or you will get nowhere. My attorney could not believe some of the things they tried to get out of paying. But he got it straightened out, and is still watching them during their reviews.

Anyone filed an appeal and UNUM denied twice and now states they can't reopen it? I received STD and LTD for 3 1/2 years and then last year they stopped my benefits due to my treating doctor not giving me the right restrictions. Now all that is corrected and UNUM states that my appeal can't be reopened. My attorney on my SSD claim is filing suit against them. Anyone that had filed suit with an attorney, how long did it take to get a response? And to get Unum to pay?

I had hand surgery on 4/25, and optimistically requested a return to work of 5/17 (3 weeks). I am still in a cast (Cannot grip steering wheel since my thumb is casted in an unstable position. Plus, I have not had any OT/PT. The doctor requested the leave be extended to 6/8, making the total time off work 6 weeks and one day. I am a secretary who not only types for a living (Full-time with one of the largest employers in this field), as well as perform other tasks - ALL of which require my thumb. If I need to come back earlier, one day, in order to make the total time off 6 weeks, I will do that. My cast will be taken off & a custom splint will be put 5/25. We set 6/8 as the VERY latest, and would see how the PT/OT progressed. If doing well, I would return sooner than 6/8.

THE PROBLEM is the requirements for medical records, which has gone to my doctor, who sent them, but Unum "Says" they still have not received them. The request and receipt of records has been the issue. My policy clearly states that, "If we have not received the additional information by June 30, 2017, your claim will remain closed." ARE THEY PURPOSELY DELAYING THE PROCESS IN ORDER TO KEEP THE CLAIM CLOSED? I BELIEVE SO.

Unum Provident was my long-term disability insurance carrier. I worked from 2001 to 2004 and paid them monthly premiums. I got disabled in 2004 due to Guillain-Barre syndrome. Unum started paying me monthly disability payments until my state disability got approved. Once I got my SSI approved, Unum demanded that I pay them over $22,000 back (the amount they paid me while my SSI was pending approval). I paid them the money back from the retro back-pay from SSI. My husband and I were counting on this money to help with bills. We ended up filing bankruptcy in the end. Our credit is now below average, which makes it very hard to any type of loan approvals. I need to know if I was obligated to repay Unum - or did I get ripped off? Thanks for any assistance you can give me.

It has been 110 days today that my husband filed for his long-term disability benefits and we still do not have a determination! This company drags their feet and seems to be in no hurry to process his claim. It's amazing how quickly they have processed taking his premium payments over the past 10 years out of his paycheck. When people are out of work, for an injury, illness, surgery etc, one would like to think that their disability insurance company would be there to help you, this is NOT the case with UNUM. This company has an average of 1 star and there is a reason for that!

I work for an international company. They are the short/long term disability carriers for my company. I have provided them access to my medical records from my doctor(s). They keep coming back requesting more and more from my doctor. I have come to the conclusion after two years that they are determined not to pay on my claim. How do you fight these people? I have complained to my company. See what happens. I doubt anything!

I purchased the LTC policy when I was 57. I am now 80 so I have paid many, many premiums since its inception. It was the best option, I was told, for a widow. The policy was $1900 per year. Three years ago, the policy increased and I now pay $3400 per year. This coming year it will increase to $4000. I was told that the cost would never increase. However, the cost can increase if the "class of insurance was allowed to increase by the state." I bought the policy in New York State. My experience is the same as Doris of Easthampton, MD. and, yes, that state had allowed the "class" to increase. That clause is in the written policy but was never mentioned by the representative. I now have my Series 6 & 7 license and understand these things better but that does not help with the much higher premium! I am just hoping that I will receive the benefits that are promised in the LTC policy.

This company is terrible; it's scam. They do not pay or they slow pay. I was out six weeks from work, never got a form to fill out until I got back to work. Never received a payment the entire time I was out on medical leave. Extremely disappointed with this company. Of course, it says a lot about the company that I work for having this company as a disability provider.

I purchased a life insurance policy for me, my husband and our children through Unum via payroll deduct. We were told we could take it with us if we ever decided to leave and that we needed to buy it right then (when they first came to our company) so that we wouldn't need to have medical tests, etc. I paid into it faithfully for 2 years. Today my employer notified us that due to Unum not paying claims for our hourly workers disability claims, we were switching to Aflac. All our policies would be guaranteed there. Well, no. Aflac wouldn't offer life insurance for my husband since in August of this year he was diagnosed with colon cancer. While I HOPE we don't need to use it, we now NEED desperately to have that policy.

I contacted Unum to set up a way to keep the policy and pay them as if I had left the company... You know, keep my policy and they told me that we aren't allowed to keep our policies unless we were with them 5 years and I was only with them 2! Wait?! So you sold it to us saying we could take it with us if we quit etc. but now refuse to let me keep it? So now I paid 2 years into a policy I can't keep (which was a lie) and Aflac who is taking over won't let me buy a policy because he has a preexisting condition now! I tried contacting another company and was told he will have to be cancer free for 5 years before they will even consider giving him a policy at a very high rate. (Colon cancer). He's only 45. I'm already beat up enough over the fact he's sick, trying to make sure he gets all the treatment he needs to get well and now the only insurance we had on him is gone? How can they do this?

I enrolled in a Unum accident insurance plan through my employee benefits because I was told it would cover nearly 100% of an off the work accident. When I had to file a claim, I called Unum for filling instructions and was told the same thing by the representative who answered the phone: "Just send us documentation for all the expenses you pay and we will reimburse it all." When the check came it was for less than 1/5th of our actual expenses that we submitted. It didn't even cover my yearly premiums. This policy is terrible and I wouldn't recommend it to my mother-in-law!!! Happily my employer allowed me to cancel it along with every other Unum policy that I was paying for.

On November 9th of 2016 I went in for my 3rd Acl surgery. These were not work related. At that time Unum was ok with the short term, constant phone calls and paperwork to get them to do their job, but it got done. I am a 50 year old woman working in a factory job where I need to be lifting metal from a range of 20 lbs to 150 lbs. I have work there for 13 plus years. For 13 plus years I have paid for out of my own pocket for long term, just in case. Will, on Tuesday my doctor would only let me go back to work (this is after my 90 days of short term) at light duty. My work place, which I knew this beforehand, after 90 days if I can't make medium restrictions, cannot hold my job and at that time, let me go and issued long term.

Today I get a phone call from a Unum representative, questioning me on my recovery and why I could not go back to work. I told her that it is not me, it is my doctor and my work, if they have nothing for me to do at light duty, so I cannot go back to work. So this very rude woman started to question me, she said, "Well we were checking out your Facebook and see that you are a very active person, and we seen you posted a picture of you zip lining on vacation." I laughed and said, "Why yes, you did and if you are so smart to check out my pictures on Facebook you should of checked out the date and seen that that picture was taken 4 years ago."

Then she goes, "That I seen you took a vacation in January, and I seen that you were swimming." First I said, "Well yes I did, it was a cruise, and if you look at the pictures you say you did, you will see a doctor issued brace that I wore, you also need to know it was not me so called SWIMMING, take a better look, it is my daughter, daughter in law, son's girlfriend, my sister in law and a close friend, who do you think took the pictures of them swimming?" She also questions hunting pictures that I had posted in my memories, from 2 to 3 years ago. She also question that I go to work out and questioned why I am not going to PT 3 times a week. I said that, "#1 my insurance reset at the first of the year and now it is out of pocket, so I cut it down to 1 time a week so I can afford it. #2, I go to work out because of me not doing PT 3 times a week, I need an Elliptical and a bike to use to get the strength back in my leg."

She was rude and downright demeaning, I told her before I ended the call that, "It is NOT me, NOT wanting to go back to work, it's work not having anything to fit my restrictions." Maybe she needs to be calling them and asking them why? I am a very active person and life does not stop. I knew that this would be happening and was proactive and have job interviews for jobs that I can do with my restrictions. I am just amazed at how they treat people, not everyone in this world is out to screw them. It makes me wonder, because there are people worse off than me, with worse health conditions and this is how they treat people. Wow.

My husband is chronically ill. We don't have a diagnosis. Unum is no longer paying his benefit because a Specialist is not completing his paperwork. His health insurance premium is due in a few weeks. I cannot afford his health insurance premium, house payment, car, etc. After reading others' experiences I am planning on filing grievances with his employer and UNUM. The employer needs a new disability insurance company. He was a valued employee and I am now motivated to inform them about UNUM and their practices. The employer needs to read these reviews on consumer reports.

We are going through the same thing as everyone else. This is a nightmare and any family that is dealing with an unknown illness should not have to go through this fear or anxiety. Form after form is being sent to doctors and have been completed by the primary doctor several times. A doctor said, "don't give up because that's how changes are made". I hope she's right.

I applied in January for my short term disability benefits. I have had two back surgeries four months apart, I have had a shoulder reconstruction and both knees have djd. I am on anxiety medication and anti-depressants due to the pain and health issues among heart problems. I applied for Short Term disability the first week of January. Unum has all my records. They still have not made a determination. I also applied for SSI at the same time knowing my physicians advised me that I will not be able to work again. Unum and SSI have had all of the exact same records and all of my five physicians, SSI had even a larger list. SSI I have already received a determination form and will be appealing, which is standard the first time as they only approve a few. Unum on the other hand has still not sent out a determination. This is for Short Term Disability and it is ridiculous. It is almost three full months, they have all the paperwork, and nothing.

After reading all of these other reviews I am sure they will send a denial. Apparently, I will need to have my attorney deal with them once I am denied. They claimed not to receive the paperwork from my one physician for last month’s visits. I went to my doctor, he allowed me to see the employee who handles his medical records and I watched her put the paperwork into the envelope, seal it and mail it to them. I also obtained a copy for myself and scanned it in and uploaded to my file myself on Unum's website way over ten days ago. Called and still they are reviewing, what can they possibly be still reviewing? It does not take three months to determine the outcome for a short term disability claim. They procrastinate and hold off as long as they can to prevent you from knowing if you are approved or not. No wonder so many people become homeless who become disabled.

If SSI can make a determination in less than two months, which has been appealed already and will probably be approved before Unum has even made a decision, it is pretty disgusting to me. I took Unum out via my employer and paid in to have this so that in the event I would need to ever stop working, I would be secure in having steady income until my SSI would kick in. Thank God, I have a husband who works and can support us right now. But if it was summer, we would have no income at all as he works for the School System as security. No paycheck all summer. To top it off, I now have been let go from my position from work, they did not have to keep the position open, so now I have no health benefits whatsoever, the Obama Care is expensive and ridiculous, because it is based on what we earned, not what we have now. Disgusted with Unum.

Updated on 08/21/2015: I went out in January 2015 on short term disability. It took Unum four months to finally pay me. Then they requested right after the first payment for more medical information. I continued to get it. Provided immediately, but struggled all the way to the beginning of July. In May, I discussed transitioning to long term the process is still going on. I have had no income since the end of June and Unum is once again dragging there feet. They said they needed information from one of one doctors. I made sure they received it.

I was just in an auto accident the end of July and I reported this to Unum since I now need fusions in my back. They are now requesting this information also, which I provided immediately. I am tired of this. Will they or won't they approve my long term disability? Ridiculous. Just make their decision so I know if I need to get my attorney involved or not. It is so stressful waiting on their decision. Never saw anything like this. SSDI reply quicker than Unum.

I had an 18-month policy with UNUM paid for through employee deductions. Before I became ill I knew nothing about this company or their practices. My illness was of a mental nature so my policy was limited to 18 months (something HR forgets to tell you). Most policies are limited to 24 months and that is when they want you gone!

The claim representative harassed me on a weekly basis, spending 30 mins or more asking questions like: How do I spend my day, do I watch television, who cleans my house and so on. I take a lot of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds so I could not even think straight. They not only harassed me but sent my therapist and psychiatrist weekly questions. The rep even faxed my one doctor a form saying, "Sign this so your patient can go back to work!" The physician phoned me at home asking if I told UNUM that I was going back to work. I told him no, he said it was very sneaky of UNUM to fax this form as he is a very busy doctor and does not have time to look over every single insurance form. My therapist told me she has never ever been sent so many forms to complete and she has been in practice for over 35 years!

Yesterday, after 24 months of disability I logged on the UNUM website, apparently my claim is closed with no denial letter or explanation. I called UNUM Carrie out of the ME office but she was not available, how convenient. I asked why I could not access my documentation online and a customer service rep said he did not know and that it was just a coincidence, really.

I am quite relieved about being denied, even though I have never received a formal denial. No more phone calls from Carrie, no more harassment, no more added anxiety. I am absolutely positive they receive incentive bonuses on how many cases they can deny. How do I know? I was a no-fault adjuster for 34 years... the only difference is I never harassed claimants to the point that UNUM does. No point in getting an attorney as I think it would cost more than UNUM pays me. I will however make an Insurance Department complaint about UNUM's practices as it borders on BAD FAITH.

I had surgery so they paid for my short term disability. In the process of applying I ask the main representative twice if I could apply for state disability also. The answer for both time are "go ahead." This is separated for EDD. NO MENTIONING ABOUT DEDUCTING the money from EDD whatsoever! Now they send a letter saying that they need to take the money back because of the overpayment. I mean I was out for surgery and had to support my whole family. How on earth do I have to money to pay them back now?! This is their fault not looking into the policy (which I asked so many times and they said they cannot mail a copy to me?! WTF?). I have contacted some attorney to see what they can do!

I have been dealing with this company for a few years on a Long Term Disability issue. The coverage was thru our union SO that's who I had to deal with. My most recent dissatisfied experience was this week when I received an email indicating a new message in my INBOX. I logged into to find a letter from UNUM indicating that back in May of 2014, a payment that was made to me was made using the wrong rate of calculation. In early 2015, they billed me for back pay I received from my employer and when I contested the amount, they had reduced the payback by $2300. In May of 2015, I sent them a copy of my new retirement amount/adjustment. So the letter I got was for the original $2300 that, according the person that called me, was calculated in error. I sent them the letter in May 2015. It is now March 2016 and on 3/28/16, they inform me that I owe them this money back.

It took them roughly 10 months to respond to my information that I provided. After expressing my dissatisfaction and telling them that it's outright ** that it takes this long to do something. If they had needed information, they would have been calling every day until they got it. But the letter I got said that the amount I owed was due to them by April 29, 2016. It took 10 months to look at my information and then they give me 30 days to come up with THEIR money or as the person on the phone told me "we have to protect our interests..." This company is worse than dealing with the government. I can't even begin to explain how many different people I have had to deal with since opening my claim and I can't wait until I get another letter from them stating that there was some error with calculation and they want their money back.

I firmly believe that their own rules are so complicated and jacked up that the people working there don't even know what rules they are to follow. When it comes to this one matter, I've dealt with 3 different people and there have been 3 different answers. They state they have the right to audit any claim at any time. So with that being said, if you think you're getting what you're supposed to get, think again. Chances are the people that are doing the math, can't do the math and you will end up paying something back in the end. I've dealt with many insurance companies over the years and this one has to be the worst I have ever had to deal with. Since it took them 11 months to get back to me, I guess in 6 months, when I get around to it, I might have time to get back to them regarding this matter. As long as I get back to them within the same time frame they afforded me, I'll be sure to return the favor.

Their letters never offer a full explanation other than they just offer dates and an amount that you owe them back. If they had taken action on my letter I provided in a REASONABLE amount of time, the person on the phone today would not have had to gone to get a hearing test after I was done. Stay clear of this company at all cost. The bottom line is this company sucks, they appear to care about you but as with any insurance company, they only care about one thing and that is how much they can get back out of you for their incompetence and how little they have to pay. You will probably have to fight for what is owed to you!! Nothing is timely. As I mentioned, their rules are so complicated that when I asked about a payment I was referred to a letter that stated I owed money back. Read your policy with this company.

Understand it as best as you can. Hell, the agents that sell this stuff probably don't even understand it since their own employees can't get their story straight. You have to do your own homework, as with any insurance policy. Know what you are entitled to, how you're going to get it, when you're going to get it and ask them to make sure that you are not being overpaid so in 10 months, you don't get that extra colonoscopy for the year from UNUM, in which you end up paying for!!! Remember, they are only quick when they need something from you. But when you need something from them, give it a few months and maybe you'll hear something. I would NOT AND NEVER WILL DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY EVER AGAIN!! EVEN IF MY EMPLOYER PAYS FOR IT.

My experience with Unum has been mixed. About 20 years ago, I had disability insurance that paid a sum for in hospital days. I was at MD Anderson for 31 days. The company paid my claim with no problem. Fast forward to 3 years ago. I filed disability because of complications from radiation damage for cancer treatment. For the past 2 years, my offset specialist has been bullying me to retire so Unum can reduce their monthly payment. I kept telling him that I was not eligible because of the Rule of 80, age plus years of service have to equal 80. He even went so far as to take money from my account as a way of forcing me to file!

Please understand that I could NOT file because not eligible. Once again money was taken even though I was just eligible on my birthday **. I did file on September 20th in Austin. Now he refuses to pay back the money they took in August even though I won't get my first check until November! I am overdrawn by $200 and have no gas and only $15 in cash. But they don’t care. Who bullies a 64 disabled school teacher? UNUM! This has caused so much stress and depression. I was hospitalized this weekend due to bleeding because of stress on my body. Shame on Unum! Learn the requirements of your various states retirement rules before you start messing with people’s money. Do your homework!

I was in the hospital for 2 weeks, 3 days in the ICU, due to brain swelling and a major cerebellar stroke. Right around the 4 months off work mark, I started getting harassed non-stop by this kid out of college who "represented Unum" up in Maine. He insisted I was fine enough to go back to work (never mind that my artery was still broken, and I risked another stroke or death). He called daily, was rude, kept insisting he (at age 23) knew enough about my condition, that he could tell I was fine. This was despite all doctors (neurologists, primary care, etc) insisting I stay off work to rest and recover. It is an evil insurance company. I was able to take another month off, turn fought with my doctors to go back to work. They relented reluctantly. I was tired of being harassed by UNUM. Looking back, I was nowhere near ready. I couldn't even divide 33/11 back then.

It really took me a full year to even two years to recover. In the meantime, as I tried to work with a brain injury, my supervisor was confused as to why I slurred, had word aphasia, memory lapses, and other cognitive issues. Unum is a horrible horrible place that pushes people off their payrolls when they are not qualified to go back to work. I had Hartford before Unum. They were awesome. When my husband graduates his residency program, we will use Hartford. Unum is evil.

I filed for my long-term coverage for a surgery I had in January 2013. I get nothing but the run around, asking for the same information over and over again. Apparently they don't like the medical certificate my doctor supplied them, stating I have a disability, so they once again, are asking for the same information to delay my payments. The best part about my claim is the 90-day wait period. They approved my claim for 88 days, but now need more information to go any further. My premium is due by the end of the month and there is no way I'm giving UNUM another cent! Do they not realize no money coming in means people working at UNUM will be let go? I hope my gal gets it because I can think of no one who deserves it more than she does!

My neurologist has not released me back to work. Even though this is the case, UNUM refuses to extend my Short Term Disability. While recovering from a stroke, I have to go back and forth with them answering questions just to get my disability payout. So now I am SOL!! I can't work and they're refusing to extend my payout!

To be fair to UNUM, I have to say, I had them through my employer for years (actually, still do), and when I became extremely ill (renal failure, needed transplant) they did actually pay. It was a lengthy application process, and they asked 1000 questions. I had to do a lot of work, but I am not sure it was more work than for any other insurance company, not having anything to compare to. It was less work for sure than SSDI, and they made the determination and paid faster.

Much like the people on this page, I had my many frustrations with UNUM, including that they wanted it both ways: When I was extremely ill, more than qualifying for the benefits, they omitted almost a YEAR of benefits, because they said I made too much in those years. So even though I was 100% disabled, because I still had income coming in from prior months' work, I was denied my benefits. Once my income dropped lower than their (very low) income cut off, they paid. It did not matter how sick I was, if any money was coming in.

HOWEVER, when it was time to go back to work, I was well enough to work a little, but was making very little to no $$ at all. At that point, then, it did not matter at all that I was able to bring in NO income, because I was "too well" to be at home on disability. So when it is to their advantage, it does not matter how sick you are, only how much you are making. When it is to their DISadvantage, it does not matter at all how much money you are making, only that you are not sick enough. It's a rigged system, but legal. And in spite of my frustration with them, they paid on time, they paid decently, and they included all appropriate quarters to figure my benefit. They did call every couple of weeks, but my caseworker was lovely and she never changed in the 2 years I got UNUM.

FYI BEWARE!! If you get SSDI benefits and do not let them know, they will come after you for any benefits they paid, if they were not figuring in the SSDI "income". When I lived in California and had disability, it was regardless of whether the state was paying as well or not. Here (Virginia), it is basically that they will only pay what SSDI does NOT. But, again, to be fair to the company, though they were on the cheap and out to pay as little as possible, they did indeed pay, and the income got me through two very, very difficult years. Without the $$ they paid, I would have lost my home.

Aunt was sold a policy as a quadriplegic. She paid the policy in full then they denied her coverage for preexisting conditions that she is a quadriplegic. She works for the State they offer this insurance. They knew she was a quadriplegic. She paid faithfully and now they give her benefits. Is anyone doing a class action or a lawsuit with similar conditions? Thank you.

If you value the reasons for disability ins. Do not use this co. History of illegal claim dismissal. Willful misrepresentation of court procedures. Total disregard for client, facts, medical precedent. This behavior spans decades, repeated violations. Documented. The only value a client has, is how much they can gain from you.

I was hit by a drunk driver 9/3/2015 and am just now trying to go back to work and this group of hateful people still have paid me less than 2% of what my policy provides. I have sold my car, my personal belongings and have gone up to five days in a row with no food because they do everything they can to not pay what they owe you. I have begged them for a check and they just don't care. And in case you didn't know, there is a secret website they use to upload your claim and communicate to anyone in the industry ANYTHING they want to without any regard to the truth or not.

My claim made it to that website and some person who has never met me, not spoke to me directly, attached his opinion to my claim that I was probably lying and the case was a fraud. So now I'm only a few weeks away from losing my home. Do they care I'm about to be homeless? No. Do they still think I'm lying? Probably. For your own sake, do not give these crooks one dollar of your money. And if you can, switch to any other company.

My STD & LTD benefits were provided by UNUM through my former employer, which happened to be a hospital. I had been injured in 2004 in a severe car accident and had ongoing issues. However, in 2008, doctors at the hospital where I worked gave me a spinal block, puncturing my dura & nerves in my lumbar causing serious complications and long-term damage. I became completely disabled immediately afterwards and was no longer able to work. I began receiving STD which eventually ran into LTD. Due to all of my medical issues, I was under the care of several well-respected specialists. UNUM harassed every one of my doctors. Constantly requesting forms to be completed over and over again. Then claiming that the forms were never faxed or sent.

They would misquote and twist my diagnosis and outright lie. All the while sending threatening and harassing letters, and phone calls to me. I filed a complaint with the PA State Insurance Commission and they backed off some, but the Insurance Commission sided with UNUM? In December 2010, I was awarded SSDI and, in January 2011, UNUM sent me a letter terminating my LTD stating that my conditions were self-reported with no substantiated medical proof. Huh? I was so tired of fighting them I just couldn't take anymore so I didn't appeal. However, I want to know if there's anything I can still do. It just infuriates me that they can take advantage of the people that they are paid to help when we're at our weakest.

I have multiple spine/back issues that have left me fully disabled for over 10 years. They include multi-level degenerative disks, herniations, spinal stenosis, osteoporosis, and 6 vertebrae fractures that healed poorly. I knew that patience was going to be needed as the process of my LTD claim with Unum got going. Yes, there are goldbrickers out there that make it difficult for honest people, so I played the game and did what I was instructed. Eventually, my claim was approved over a decade ago with the foreknowledge that even after 2 surgical procedures, 30 epidural steroid injections, 3 intra-disk injections and more physical therapy than the whole NFL, my condition would continue to deteriorate.

Well, on June 9, 2014 I was notified by Unum that their "doctors" had reviewed my file and determined that I can return to work, no examination required. I won't go into too much detail about what I cannot physically do because it will read like "War & Peace". I have had to give up all of my activities and other than the fact I am a single father of a 15 year old son, I have no social life. I'm in constant pain that obviously varies so my days range from tolerable to unbearable. I cannot sleep more than 1-2 hours at a time without waking in pain and I count myself lucky if I get 6 hours in a night. Both my primary M.D. and my surgeon agree that I cannot work due to my condition and have noted this in my charts plus have written letters of explanation. I'm in a process of appealing, but I haven't seen one red cent in 4 months.

I didn't choose Unum. I had coverage through my former employer. But I highly recommend to you if you are shopping for disability coverage.....LOOK ELSEWHERE!!!! Even when I was receiving my payments, I was constantly jumping through hoops that only Social Security can equal. I believe that Unum employees must get some sort of bonuses for each denied claim or the termination of an existing one. The tactic that they use is to cherry pick your medical records and take statements out of context, misconstrue data, and wrongly elaborate any statements you might make to them. I will offer this bit of advice to you if you have Unum. Only give them the info they ask for. Do NOT volunteer anything. They can and will use it against you. Sounds like Miranda Rights, doesn't it? Good luck to you.

I have been trying to receive my benefits due to injury. On 3 Sept. 2017 I was injured in my spinal column and have been out of work for over 4 months. My employer sent appropriate paperwork to get benefits started and Unum sent me forms. It took my employer several days to get me in to see their clinic although ER stated no return to work but needed to see ortho and MRI and follow up. The doctor said I could return to light duty without MRI then I had my MRI results came back with several herniated discs. I returned to ask doctor about treatment and made him knowledgeable that insurance company had no scheduled ortho and neither did they and was in severe pain. He decided upon reading results to take me out of work till ortho can see me for further review...

I'm still waiting till 29th of month to finally see doc in pain and barely mobile without mass assistance of extremely strong prescription meds. I sent all paperwork to Unum and I hadn't heard anything. Several weeks go by and next thing I know I get another paper packet so I call. They say, "Never received" so I faxed this time.

In this time frame I had spoke to several people whom said I would get paid usually within 5 days after papers received. I called to ask if they were received and told yes and as we were reviewing papers received I told rep about doctor at clinic refuse to fill out statement but had sent copy of last visit removing me till further review and I was told that should be plenty... She said she would have case manager call me back to discuss if they needed anything else when the case manager called me back.

She was reviewing the forms with me and then states, "Oh you were here at work. Well we don't cover that. That your insurance would only cover if you were hurt anywhere else basically." I said, "Excuse me ma'am. My company sent everything over who the insurance is through and deducted through my paychecks to you and I was told several times over the phone as soon as the paperwork was fully filled out that the claim would be processed" and I would be receiving payment pretty fast and then now I'm being told that my claim is being denied because it happened at work and my workman's comp is responsible for paying my money and they are not do anything.

So I asked to speak to her supervisor and her supervisor calls me claiming the same thing that the policy doesn't cover if you were hurt at work yet my employer themselves who is head of the workman's comp sent the paperwork over to them and had also told me that it would cover most likely only be additional one-third pay to go to at the 2/3 pay of workman's comp. Apparently the supervisor had claimed that she have spoke with my employer's office saying that I was upset my payout was only supposed to be for up to 13 weeks.

I have been out of work for over 18 weeks. They are due the full payout. I have met plenty of medical proof and have paid my benefit every week and was told that everything would be fine as soon as I receive the paperwork and then as soon as they receive the paperwork told me they were denying my claim and that I can appeal it but they weren't going to do anything about it. I told them I was going to let everybody I know that I work with the same thing about all this that I have been reading and I will make sure that everybody that I can pulls their benefits from them as well as I will be posting this all over social media. When I told the lady on the phone about that she said that she will be getting in touch with their Communications expert. Apparently going to try to block me from letting people know what this company has been doing to people.

I will be calling that state head insurance. I'm going to be calling an attorney and I could care less if I see a penny out of this and the attorney gets every bit of it. Unum needs to be shut down. They need to pay back the people they owe money for and CEOs need to go to jail actually. I actually read on another site on Facebook where the company was found to have a denial quota and that they were found guilty and fined millions of dollars and are still doing it today. They were told to review over 200,000 cases and go back and pay people back and have done not even 10% of that. The government continues to let them operate even though they know that this company is a total fraud. There will be media. There will be repercussions.

I may be only one person but through all these other post I see there are many and I have read places that there are class action suits against Unum. I encourage everybody on here to look up those class action suit and find your Justice. Let's shut them down people. This company should not exist any longer messing with the small man. It's total thievery.

We know that insurance companies ain't in the habit of wanting to pay most of the time but when people have every bit of their paperwork and have done everything they're supposed to do and have proof that they have been hurt and were sold a policy that insurance company should pay. That's what your insurance company is there for to have your back and any company that is selling insurance to their employees that they know is this bad and have such a bad rating might be a company you want to take a second look at keeping a career with because they obviously don't care if you were to get hurt you would be of no use to them any further.

My advice spread the word through any social media and through any internet site you can. I will be doing the same and I will be making as many phone calls as I can because I have nothing but time on my hands due to the fact I'm sitting here waiting to even start healing. I will try to do what I can for the rest of you that have been wronged.

I lost pay for over two week due to an unknowledgeable or under-trained specialist. She never calls the medical facility for reports. Neither does she contact the client to let them she hasn't received reports from a doctor or medical facility. She lets time go by and then you don't get. I got calls from my H.R. Dept. to inform me that Unum isn't paying me due to no medical info. I made sure the specialist dealt directly with the medical facility. After calling the medical facility I find out she already had the proper info needed and never contacted them. I had to play middle man the whole time. I'm in rehab and therapy. When does Unum make their employees work. Why am I running around making calls they should be on top of... We the consumers suffer constantly due to people and companies like this.

I was granted std and then ltd through Unum after many harassing phone calls, repeated monthly requests and I mean every month from my doctors stating why I could not continue working at my medical transcription job. They even had to go as far as stating patient (me) could not perform fine finger movements nor sit for longer than a half hour at a time. Because of all the harassment I found myself completely depressed with little to no motivation. They never payed on time, waited months in between checks during the std phase given the explanation that my case was being reviewed. What a joke of a company.

While waiting for LTD to be approved the rep called and told me I would only be getting a thousand dollars a month if LTD was approved. I told them I did not care how much the payment was, bottom line, I have moderate to severe RA and could not work, period. They really tried every tactic known to man to get out of paying me. Even saying after receiving doctor notes, "looks like your doctor is going along with you not returning to work." I cried many times on the phone to them and told them no one should be subjected to their threats and ongoing harassment. It is unbelievable and difficult beyond imagination to be as young as I am and unable to work let alone being continually harassed by Unum.

I actually took it upon myself to go to three different doctors, one internal medicine and two rheumatologists who all agreed and were willing to document my condition to the insurance company before I was ultimately approved for LTD and SSDI. It was the most excruciating process I have ever been through in my entire life. Yesterday Unum called to say that a field investigator wants to meet with me. I am ready with my witness in tow, a recorder device and my excuse to leave, after meeting in a public place, after 30 minutes stating I cannot sit any longer. The field investigator told me to bring my prescription bottles with me. I am researching that now. I read they are going to offer a ridiculous settlement at this mtg which I will respectfully decline and I read they will follow me the day before, the day of and the day after the mtg. What kind of people prey on the disabled? Unum does every step of the way. Shame on them!

I had heart surgery in 2010 and along with the poison I was forced to take it left me with severe back and leg pain that started the week after the surgery. The type of pain is like flu pain, lower joints and muscles. I am currently on a pain management med. It's been 5 months. They have been working on this claim but zero on both of them. The shoulder keeps me up all night, but I guess UNUM thinks you can work with no sleep for 4 month. Tuesday Nov. 8 I am going to see a shoulder specialist for an MRI. I have way too much pain for 8 weeks after the injury.

My rep on my insurance claim never calls me back. Cannot find out anything about my claim. Cannot get on to the website. The website is so poorly done I could not even register to find out about my claim. I'm so frustrated with this whole company is unreal. You can't even get ahold of the operator 'cause she's always busy and you get cut off. You cannot get ahold of this company. It's horrible. And when you're sick and, or recovering from a major surgery who wants to deal with this.

I was forced to sign-up for an individual disability policy with UNUM when I started my job in June 1999. I became disabled for a short time in 2005-2006. I let them know approximately 4 months later. I had no problems getting paid (minus the mandatory 90 day wait period). I was able to go back to work and I kept my policy. In 2007, I became permanently disabled. Again, after the 90 day waiting period, I have had no problems with UNUM. I did have to see a physician of their choosing (2007) along with my own physicians. What I have found with UNUM is as Follows: They like you to see specialists that are top of their field, like at a large university training facility. There is no disputing a physician who is top in their field. They like very detailed information. If you can't fill out your portion of the claim form similar to how a physician would, get help from someone (NOT an attorney!!!).

Make certain the physician fills out every single area on their form. If possible, review the form with them if at all possible. If you have several physicians (which is best), pick the one that is the most sympathetic and knows ALL of your medical issues. Most importantly, UNUM is a business. Their job is to keep their policy holders off of disability. They are running a "for profit" business. Make certain you have all of your paperwork completed and together before you submit your claim. Good luck and to everyone, hopefully better health in the future.

I was rear-ended at red lights 3 times in a one-week period, leaving me with spinal injuries that made me scarcely capable of doing Anything other than lying down for 2 months straight! I qualify for their long-term Disability payments but only requested 3 months worth because I can figure out a way to work now and only need to lie down in the middle of the day for about 30 minutes usually, glory to God! UNUM, however, made up false excuses to deny my claim and appeal. I could have bought my daughter braces with the money I wasted on monthly premiums! UNUM plays an immoral game. Don't sign up!

Shadiest most unreasonable Insurance company you will ever deal with. Try to work with them. Make every effort to get them all the info they say they need and DOCUMENT everything. An insurance company MUST act reasonably. When they continue to be unreasonable, file a complaint with your state's Department of Insurance. Let them handle it from there. They will decide if Unum handled your claim in accordance with strict federal and state laws and regulations. Unum preys on the ignorance of the their insureds. It's a disgusting business practice that needs to be stopped immediately!!! Shame on you Unum!

I was permanently disabled in the line of duty in 2014, I was forced to deal with UNUM because they are the third party insurance company for my private retirement fund Colorado PERA. I started to apply in 2016 because that's when my Work Comp case was at MMI and the WC Insurance company dumped me. The first thing I noticed was that they had denied coverage immediately without even receiving all of my medical records. I had to threaten my retirement company with an early withdrawal in order to receive my entitled 12 months of STD even though I was already permanently disabled. Once the STD started, I received weekly phone calls and check ins from UNUM which were more like threats to revoke coverage. They sent me a form that demands my signature which entails my permission to "Not seek legal counsel" for my disability. I refused to sign it, but I kept it in case I go to court.

They play good cop / bad cop with their phone calls trying to get you to crack under pressure. They will basically call you a liar without saying it and will continue to harass you using excuses ranging from "Preexisting conditions to outright laziness". The adjuster would tell me to lie on my employment applications and say that I wasn't disabled in order to get jobs that I wasn't qualified for so that I would be off of their case load.

I have only had to deal with them since late January and they are already threatening me with revocation of my benefits because I am simply not getting a job fast enough for them to save money. I truly believe that the only way to support my family is to drop UNUM and dump my retirement fund because they will never stop until I am off their case load. It's really sad that these companies we pay for are in fact damaging people's livelihood and that they are able to get away with it. It's safe to say that if these companies actually worked just as hard to actually help people instead of hurting them, the support system they advertise would actually work to some degree. Unfortunately, that's bad for business.

Where do I start? Unum is by far the worst outsourced company I have ever experienced. I've been out of work since June 8th 2018 and have yet to receive my first paycheck. Between the hundreds of documents that they need sent in to each Customer Service Rep telling you something different each time you call. Is it a training issue or what? But they don't even care about one's livelihood.

I recently filed a claim with UNUM. Last year I had a breakdown at work due to stress and have not return to work per doctor orders. UNUM keep pushing back paperwork and have not make a decision as of today, the word decision in my life to purchase this insurance.

Paid a premium for short/long term disability. Unum Provident said that they would expect payment for any overpayment given to me when I got my disability. Therefore, when it was started ,they expected to take the full amount. If that be the case, what did I get for the premium that I paid?

Now they have an attorney contacting me stating that I owe them $44,921.07 and that if not paid they are going to bring a judgement against me. I need to know if this is legal?

On Dec 10th I had a very bad case of vertigo which caused me to have an anxiety attack. I called my husband home from work to take me to the ER. I couldn't walk without help because of everything spinning. I was fine for a few days and went back to work and had another attack on Dec 20th, I was at work and called my doctor to see if I could come in. I go in and I tell him I have vertigo and everything is spinning, he tells me that I can't go to work like that, so he took me off work until Jan 18th.

I was still having the vertigo about every other day or so. I went back to my doctor on the 16th of Jan and told him that I was still having the vertigo and the anxiety attacks so he said he wanted to get to the bottom of this and took me off work until March 13th. I haven't received a check since I've been off from Unum, so I called and they said that they don't pay on mental disorders. I told the guy that vertigo is not a mental disorder and that I had never had panic attacks or anxiety attacks unroll I started having vertigo. He told me I could appeal it. I will appeal it once I get my letter.

I just think this is a way for them not to pay me. Vertigo is a condition that comes on without warning and it can cause panic attacks because you're so dizzy and can't control it. I need my money, I pay into this and it's not right. I didn't tell the doctor to take me off, he said he wanted to make sure there wasn't underlying problems, so I have to go to a cardiologist and wear a heart monitor and pray that it has nothing to do with my heart, but all this stress is uncalled for. I don't have a mental illness, I have VERTIGO that can cause anxiety and panicky attacks. There is a big difference.

This is my third short term disability claim. Unfortunately, I'm dealing with chronic back pain, shoulder pain. Stressed with doctors bills. They are not consistent. Don't pay them.

A word of advice: Don't buy life insurance from Unum. If you do, warn your family that upon your death, they'll be fighting tooth and nail with Unum over every single step of the process, since the company as a whole can't seem to do the work that they're paid their salaries to do. The only more incompetent grouping I've seen are politicians. I feel like I have to babysit them to get them to work. They've already lost paperwork, failed to contact us when they need information, and repeatedly keep making false promises regarding their timelines.

I've never written a negative review like this before... But this company deserves this, and you deserve to be warned. My mom passed away 5 months ago. I submitted the claim form and additional documentation as directed. After months of calling them and being redirected back to my mom's company's HR department, we just received a check for half of the amount that is listed in the employee handbook. Friend, these other people who have complained on this site are not telling stories. Beware of Unum.

The surgeon who did my total knee joint replacement stated that I required three months off work for recovery. Unum did pay the first month and a half, but now has stopped paying on my short term disability claim. Unum's representative, Karen **, stated, "That's too long," as though she knows better than my doctor how my knee is healing, and she also did not have enough information, even though the surgeon's office and the hospital's physical therapy department have both sent my records to her. Very frustrating, after I have faithfully paid my disability insurance premiums to Unum for many years. I filed a complaint with the Ohio Dept. of Insurance, but it is difficult to be optimistic.

Why can't insurance companies keep their part of the agreement?! I paid them for years, and now it is only fair that they pay what is rightfully due to me.

My doctor took me off of work for medical leave on 8/2/14. Two weeks before I knew that I was going to be off, I contacted UNUM to get the proper documentation that needed to be filled out in order to approve my leave. My doctor filled out all of the forms and I faxed them to UNUM. After about 10 days, they decide to say that they need additional documentation from my doctor (but never contacted me to let me know. I only found out when I called to check the status). I had my doctor send them the information that they needed. After another 15 days, it was almost time for me to go back to work. They stated that they have up to 14 business days to make a decision. With all of this, I was off of work for a whole 3 weeks with NO pay and was almost a month behind on all of my bills. Today is the last day that they have to make a decision (the 14th day) and when I called they said that they are "actively working on a decision as we speak". I will definitely be filing a complaint once the decision is made.

Worst mistake of my life was buying Provident/UNUM disability insurance. Even with an attorney from day one they only paid for three years. NY Atty General Spitzer forced then to re-examine closed claims and I received ten years back payments less the 40% attorney fees. Attorney also got 40% of the next five years of payments too. Was told to expect termination when atty. was gone at 18 year mark. A double bypass and a pair of artificial heart valves delayed that a couple more years. I'm now searching for my sixth doctor in twenty years who will not be intimidated by UNUM's thugs and never ending trick claim forms. The coverage was sold under the guise of "you can't trust Social Security Disability Insurance, but you can trust us!"

I have nothing bad to say about SSDI, they have been there for me with no problems. If the Insurance Agent who sold me the coverage had been truthful he would have said any attempt to retire on UNUM's dime would result in endless harassment and interference with your doctor/patient relationship. Your claim payments will be reduced by 40% due to necessary atty. fees. You would have gotten food stamps and fuel assistance at the 60% of policy pay rate but lawyers' fees are not deductible. UNUM never misses a chance to be nasty rude and evil. They have spent more money trying not to pay me than what they have paid me. I have seven more years before I'm 65 and coverage ends. I'm sure they will continue to harass me till then.

I suffered an injury at work at the end of July and was taken out of work August 9th of 2013. I submitted forms to Workmen's Compensation and my supplemental Unum Insurance policy. I was unable to return to work after my follow up appointment and the physician's office has on multiple occasions fax the appropriate paper work. I have left several unanswered messages, only to be told that they have no idea where the faxes went to. I started calling on a daily basis provided them with my information numerous times along with physician information and phone numbers. I was told that I could not receive benefits until they get the information from the doctor's office. It has been documented with dates and times that the office has sent the proper information.

I am still not working nor am I collecting the funds that this company collected premiums for years. I did not ask for the injury, by the way, a herniated disc was the injury along with a partial dislocation of 2 of my vertebrae. I faithfully paid premiums for years in hopes that if I were injured that I would still be able to feed my children. I am not sure how on earth companies can collect premiums and then when you need to use the benefits that I have paid for they get away without paying. I am currently still calling and trying to get copies of doctor's notes to be sent Certified mail so that they can't use the "We can't find your fax," excuse any longer. Of note, all other parties involved received their information on the first fax and provided services promptly.

I've lost count on how many times Unum has contacted me - contact included day of surgery, two days after surgery. Today I was called and had to wait on hold when I returned the call. I was asked if my return to work day was the day they provided - I said yes, I'll just use vacation time for the rest of my needed time off. I want to recuperate without the hassle.

I had a herniated disc in my neck and needed surgery in August 2015. I spoke with Unum weeks before my surgery, got all the paperwork needed, and had the claim filed before I even went out of work. When my 14-day waiting period was over, I immediately started receiving direct deposits. When my return date changed, it wasn't a problem at all and no delay in getting my deposits. They made an event that could have been very stressful, very simple and stress-free. I am so thankful that I opted into this extra coverage through my employer.

Back in 1999 I had benefits with UNUM through my employer. In June of that year I had a lengthy abdominal surgery. After 8 weeks I returned to work but had some unforeseen complications & had to have surgery again approx. 10 weeks later. My employer was self-insured so I received weekly checks the entire time without any problem. After the 2nd surgery I was unable to return to work due to nerve damage & chronic pain. In the beginning Unum claimed I had a pre-existing condition & had to wait 6 mos. before I would receive any benefits. Thankfully my hubby was working & even with the waiting period we were able to make do as best we could. In the meantime I applied for & was denied by SSI.

2 years later I finally received SSDI but UNUM required payback any benefits that I received during the 2 years, so I opted to just have them take what my monthly benefit was after deducting my monthly benefit from SSDI. So after it was eventually paid back I started receiving approx $115/monthly. For 14 years I received my monthly benefit and every 2 years was reassessed & approved. In 2013 I filled out my yearly assesment form & sent it in. Since becoming disabled I have had 9 more surgeries bringing my total to 28 & also have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, Vit D Deficiency, spinal stenosis & multilevel degenerative disk disease to name a few. I got a new caseworker who realized that UNUM had been underpaying me for years. They had not adjusted my monthly payments to reflect that my children were no longer minors.

After months of UNUM investigating I received a check for 20K. Then within 3 months they sent me a letter stating that they were denying my benefits that I could return to work. I appealed they sent me to their dr. Who reported that I was able to return to work full-time! So after 15 years on LTD UNUM decided I could work?!?!?

I spoke to a few attorneys to see if I had a case & a few said I did but they wanted a retainer upfront which I could not afford. I did find out that the dr. UNUM sent me to was the go to dr in my area that UNUM pays for them & always finds in their favor. I contacted an attorney (DarrasLaw) who are awesome! They went into arbitration with UNUM & facilitated a settlement. It's not for what the policy is worth but I'm happy with the outcome. I wouldn't recommend coverage of any type for my dog through UNUM!!! They have a long history of denying benefits, it's ridiculous. They even went so far as to try to use my Facebook posts in their reason for denying benefits!! Absolute ridiculous!!!

I had taken out a life insurance policy on my husband during open enrollment at my then employer. I was advised that his coverage was guaranteed for $50,000 with no medical questions asked. He unfortunately died from a heart attack. Initially Unum wanted me to open a bank account in New York so they could deposit the payment. I advised them I already had a bank account and they could deposit into that or send me a cashiers check. They responded that was not their policy. I then received a phone call from them asking all kinds of questions. One being was my husband receiving a disability check. When I told them he had been they responded that they don't pay for someone on disability until they are no longer disabled. I hired an attorney and Unum would never respond to his calls. Don't get scammed the way I did.

I thought I was in this all alone until I found these reviews. I too am on the roller coaster ride with them. I went two months before I received my benefit, in which I deserved. Now it has been six weeks this time and I am still waiting. I have been unable buy medicines that I desperately need. The very people that have accepted the responsibility to care for my well-being are the ones that are responsible for a good deal for my failing health. They need to be held accountable questionable business practices.

I established Unum Insurance through my employer in 2008-2011 and the both of them are very unethical. I enrolled in short-term disability insurance as well as long term disability insurance paying into the program for numerous of years and suffered an injury that I still have until this day. I was injured at work and this company gave me the run around about my insurance until the day I was wrongfully terminated. I asked for reimbursement and they refused. They are deceitful and in the business of making money off their consumers.

After chemo and radiation, I was feeling too sick to work and filed a claim. The representative was rude and condescending. She told me that I was just "tired" and that is not a disability. My claim was denied, but the process was so onerous that I didn't pursue it. I paid into my policy for 14 years and claimed next to nothing when I had a life-threatening illness. This is a terrible company and I suppose businesses purchase this for employees because of the low cost.

My mother is 93 and paid Unum's exorbitant premiums for at least two decades and is only now using their coverage for part-time caregivers. The contract speaks to how they compute the daily coverage rate but is silent on whether there is a maximum no. of days per month for which they will pay. They are refusing to pay for any addition day of coverage resulting from 31-day months. I have spoken to various claims people and supervisors and have more recently tried to speak to their legal department (or law firms). All I get is "you have no authority to contact them." They even refuse to give an address. If anyone has any ideas, short of filing a legal complaint, I'd welcome it. Thank you.

I started my short term in July 15 due to blacking out and fainting among other symptoms for unknown reasons at the time. During short term I had to fight continually for payment. I finally received my three months short term after they already sent me to long term. During the 6 months of long term I've seen many specialist and had small diagnosis and some treatments. Nothing has helped. I have low blood pressure and small nerve disease. My ANA level is showing a auto immune disease found in Jan. 16. During these 3 months I've had numerous tests come back negative until March 11 when they diagnosed the small nerve disease. They are sending me to another specialist because many of my test suggest Lupus.

On March 15 Unum closed my claim saying there's not enough evidence to support the claim and restrictions my doctor's put me on. (I can't even drive. I work in a warehouse that requires driving hi-lows and other machines.) 6 months I've jumped through hoops and paperwork and tests. Don't these idiots understand when diagnosing a disease it takes time and some tests will be positive and some will be negative? I plan to fight this decision. Filing an appeal and seeking an attorney. I have two kids to support on my own and had to go get State Assistance to feed my children, move in with a friend's mom, because these people don't give two ** about you or your family.

Long Term Disability - During open enrollment in 2018, on October 30th, I applied for long term disability coverage. The same day I faxed the completed eligibility of insurance forms and received a confirmation that the fax was received. In December I received an email stating that they needed my eligibility of insurance forms, I called and spoke with them and was told that they had the completed form but hadn’t reviewed them yet. In January, I again received an email stating that they needed my eligibility of insurance forms. I phoned them again and was informed that they did have the forms but hadn’t reviewed them yet.

On February 26, 2019 I logged into my employers benefit site and found a notice in red that the long term disability coverage was waived. I then contacted our benefit administrator. She looked into the issue and said she was informed that I hadn’t sent in my eligibility of insurance forms. I still had the forms as well as the original fax confirmation. That same evening (Feb. 26) I faxed all of that to Unum again including the original fax confirmation.

On the morning of February 27, 2019 I received an email from the benefits administrator stating that she was informed that I had been declined for medical reasons. Funny, that I could be denied when they supposedly had not received my eligibility of insurance forms. I then contacted Unum to ask why I was denied. The representative said she could not tell me, I was then put on hold to see if an underwriter could speak with me. An underwriter was available so I was transferred but had to leave a voice mail.

Short Term Disability - A claim was started as I was scheduled for hip replacement surgery on January 7, 2019. The claim was approved and I had no problems with receiving the weekly payments. On either January 29th or 30th I received a phone call from my assigned case manager. She wanted to know why I hadn’t returned to work and stated that they felt I should be back at work from their review of my job description. I found this interesting since I thought my doctor was in charge of my care and the determination of when I should return to work. In informed her that I was to see the doctor again on February 20th and that I anticipated he would release me to return to work on Monday February 25th. She informed me that was unacceptable and if I saw him on the 20th I needed to be back to work on the 21st.

During this entire conversation it is an understatement to say that she was snippy and condescending to me. I feel that since this is a service paid for by my employer, as the employee I am the customer by default and I shouldn’t have had to be disrespected on the phone by her. I did have my doctor appointment on the 20th and as anticipated he released me to return to work on Monday February 25th. I had been instructed by the case manager to call her after I saw the doctor to update her. Since I didn’t want to deal with her again after the way she behaved during our previous conversation I made it a point to call at lunch time in hopes that I would get her voice mail which it did. I also uploaded the return to work notice online.

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