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I have accident forgiveness on my policy. I unfortunately got in an accident. My first at fault accident. Lucky for me I had accident forgiven. I was reassured that my premium will not go up, but about 3-4 months later my premium is increased. I called and the person helping me could not tell me why it went up. After talking to multiple departments, I was finally connected to a supervisor who informed me that it was not my policy and that everyone in my area code were having a price increase due increase risk or claims or something of that nature. However, my neighbor has USAA and when I checked with him there was no increase in his policy.

USAA used to be such an awesome company. They are HORRIBLE now. Do not even think about using them. I have been a customer for decades. I could count on one hand the number of claims I have filed in all those years. Recently, my car was damaged while I was out of town. When I filed the claim, USAA insisted that the cracked windshield was a separate incident, even though it was right in the corner where all of the other damage was, they wanted to insist that it could have happened some other way, and that if I didn't have security camera footage, then I had no proof. I am in shock.

They were horrible and evasive throughout the entire process. They sent an appraiser from another state, and he spent all of 5 minutes looking at my car and then the garage acted like they were afraid to write a supplement for the additional damage they found. It was such a horrible experience I am going to cancel and find another company, and I have been with them for over 30 years. I don't know what has happened to good business in this country. Everyone is out to cheat the customer, even the one company that I still thought was worth the money I pay them. Sad.

I have been with USAA for well over 20 years and when I added my son to my policy it went up over $1000.00 dollars which is terrible. I have contacted another well know agency and guess what my policy with the same coverage and the same three vehicles and adding my son (16) is giving me life. I do not understand what happened to loyalty with USAA, so with the new company I will stay. Thank you for looking out for your good members.

Went above and beyond to get my insurance with them. Treated me like a person, not a customer. I had previously had insurance with them when I was married, but not a lot of people were willing to work with me now that I am a single mother. They took a look and found out I could sign up just as myself, and I got a great rate!

USAA has done a very if not extremely poor job with customer service and repairs for insurance claims. A USAA insured customer knocked my outside mirror completely off my vehicle. The insured left a note admitting fault and contact info for whatever I needed. I texted the insured and he immediately gave his USAA policy number to process the claim. Two days after the incident I took my vehicle to the approved auto body repair center for an estimate of damages as requested. It was a matter of two weeks before I spoke with the claims adjuster in which the claims adjuster stated that she had to speak with the insured regarding the situation. I was confused what further measures needed to be discussed as the insured admitted to being at fault. The insured decided to say that he felt the mirror was not stable and/or it may have been glued on. This is incorrect.

The auto body shop never determined that it was a faulty installation or questionable stability of the mirror. I have followed up for three weeks since the accident and the claims adjuster has yet to return a single call as I have requested. The adjusters manager hasn't returned a call either. A manager I did speak with said that all of the information would be relayed to the case manager, but as of now USAA would not be accepting responsibility. USAA determined that the mirror was glued on prior to it being knocked off! This is unacceptable. USAA could not have made that determination based on pictures, and I was with the vehicle during the estimate in which time the individual doing the estimate never made that determination. The insured individual felt that way and has no evidence supporting his belief. In what day and age can someone admit to making a mistake in black and white on paper, offer their insurance info and not be liable because they lied to their insurance carrier so their premium wouldn't go up , and get away with it. That's the kind of principles USAA stands by.

The fact that someone took responsibility for their actions and now do not need to because of a false claim that has no evidence behind it is wrong! They are screwing me out of money to fix my car. They will not return calls, they are not available to talk when you call no matter what time during business hours you call. They ignore you in hopes that you will go away and screw you out of your hard earned money, instead of utilizing the insurance we as consumers are required to have.

I was the victim of hit-and-run incident on an installation 7 May 2014 and I called USAA at approximately 0800 to file my claim (I am currently under my father's policy for one of my vehicles because we share ownership of the car). When I got through to an Auto Insurance Claim representative, she introduced herself as "Selena" and said that she was going to start filing my claim. Shortly after we began exchanging information - she informed me that I was not insured. I asked how that could be because I was listed on the insurance cards that my father and I received less than a week to the incident happening. She replied that I was not listed as a driver, however could not effectively explain to me how someone helped me at USAA with an incident that happened earlier in the year where I was hit in the rear and there were no issues. She said that USAA made a mistake, and that I was a grown man and should have my own policy. She also said that if it were that easy, that everyone would be on their parent's insurance.

I finally found someone who would accept my claim due to the circumstances of my father being on vacation to Europe, and I need to get my car repaired due to its state of being undrivable. I found someone who helped me and they gave me a shop that would repair my car and a rental car. I received a call from Selena ** on 12 May 2014 at approximately 1145 as if she was some sort of bill collector and she immediately asked if I knew that I was uninsured driving a rental car. She said that she was going to personally contact Enterprise and tell them that I was an uninsured motorist. I went to Enterprise and dropped my car off and now I am left with no car until my car gets repaired. As soon as the repairs are complete and I pay my $500 deductible, I will be dropping all services with USAA and will be sure to tell all of my fellow Soldiers about my experience and the unprofessionalism of their representatives.

As a longtime (over 15 years) customer of USAA for a multitude of their product offerings, including Investment services, banking, credit cards and homeowner and auto insurance, I am qualified to comment about their flawed corporate culture and poor customer service all the way up to the Office of the President. Anyone who watches television must be familiar with USAA's commercial which runs incessantly (at least where I live in Los Angeles) propounding the message "We know what it means to serve." Unfortunately, my years of experience with USAA has shown that USAA does not know what it means to serve their customers/members.

When I challenged a representative in their insurance department that I had numerous experiences where their employees demonstrated that "they do not know what it means to serve" his priceless response was that he had served two tours of duty in the armed services and then hung up on me. Clearly, he was not familiar with USAAs commercial or their corporate slogan. I called the Office of the President to bring attention to the lack of common sense exhibited by their employee. They assured me that they would listen to the recorded call. While they agreed with my interpretation of their slogan's intended meaning that "USAA knows what it means to serve their members" and not only that "USAA knows what it means to serve in the military" they were unwilling to call out their employee for his rude and irrational limited misinterpretation of their slogan and his abrupt termination of my call. I only wish this was an isolated incidence, but it is not.

I have had misinformation and poor service from people in their claims department, credit card fraud department and banking, including by employees with the title of Director. To me it is more important to measure a company by how their respond to legitimate factual complaints about mistakes and errors in judgment of their employees and what they to mitigate or correct the error than that they made the mistake in the first place. But either measure, number of employee mistakes or actions of management to mitigate or correct the mistake, USAA has repeatedly failed with me and thousands of others who voice their issues on a variety of complaint blogs. Just Google “USAA complaints” and see for yourself.

I've been a loyal member of USAA over the past decade. I've always had my auto insurance payments automatically withdrawn and never thought to check for an increase, seeing as how USAA has/had the history of "supporting the troops". My insurance policy gradually increased over ten years until the point where I shopped around for a cheaper rate. I spoke with representatives on 3 occasions to gain understanding on the price spike. On the first 2 occasions, I was informed that my policy would cover my vehicles from the 15th of the previous month until the 15th of the current month and they were pretty nonchalant to my lack of understanding about the price spikes.

On the 14th of the month I decided to cancel my policy and suddenly the 3rd person is concerned. They tweaked my policy, but still didn't meet or beat my new policy with a different insurer. After about an hour on the phone, the representative realized I was at the point of no return. That's when he informed me that I owed $125 because I was given false information about being covered until the 15th when in actuality I was covered until the 27th. Therefore, I could've waited until the 27th of the month to start my new policy and save $125. After over a decade with one minor accident, they wouldn't work with me to resolve the misinformation.

Anyone searching for auto insurance should stay away from USAA. They will overbill and not provide an explanation. If you ask to speak to a supervisor they say a supervisor is unavailable. If you ask how to file an official complaint they give you the runaround. Not one representative, or "senior specialist" has been able to explain why my auto insurance has doubled ($1,200) and why they refuse to give me a credit for an error made on their part. Save yourself the stress and headache and choose a company who is much more professional and less likely to rob you of your hard earned money. It does not even matter if you are a prior service member. USAA representatives do not care.

I am a retired soldier out of the US Army. On Oct. 5, 2011, I was done packing up my house on base at Fort Knox Ky, and had a buddy over to help me load my 2001 Mustang GT that I have spent the last 2 years building. With over 50grand invested in this car, I wanted to be as careful as possible, hence the friend's assistance. As he and I were loading up my car onto the trailer I had rented from U-Haul, the front bumper got caught on the lip of the trailer. We tried to load this car 3 different ways. Out of options, we tried one last way, and it didn't work either. The front bumper was ripped off of the vehicle and was under the car. It ended up damaging the bumper, fender linings, fog lights, left headlight, the headlight/ radiator support mount, and my VIS Racing after market 3.5in Cowl Induction hood.

Now, this hood is a $1000.00 hood before freight shipping. When I put the hood on the car, I knew that if anything ever happened to it, USAA wouldn't pay for it unless it were specified in the policy. So I told them about the hood and every aftermarket part on the vehicle, which is pretty much the entire power and drive terrain. This particular vehicle was listed and insured as a recreational vehicle and not driven everyday. We loaded up the vehicle after pulling the bumper out from under it, and just went on with my trip. I stopped in Tennessee at my father's house, and unloaded the car there. I then notified USAA of the damage and told them what happened. They said no problem, not a big deal. I went ahead and moved my stuff to Texas back to my home of record, and a week later I came back up to Tn.

USAA told me that they only had one shop in the area, but I could take it anywhere. But they still wanted to send out a rep from an appraisal company to over look the car. About 3 days later the rep shows up, looks at the car which was on jack stands at the time because I had to reinstall the drive shaft. He spent about 5 minutes in total over looking the car, snapped some photos and was off. I paid to have the car towed to 7 different shops in Jackson Tn, and everyone of them were scared to mess with the hand woven carbon fiber hood. They preferred to replace it. I had no issues with this, but every shop really didn't want the liability of the job. So after about 2 weeks of looking, I found someone who was willing to do the work in his home shop. He is a certified body man, and comes very highly recommended.

He said no problem, and he would do it at half the cost of labor. USAA said it was a 4-day job, but as my body guy started the repairs, we both started getting the runaround for the hood. In the initial assessment written by their rep, it said on the very first page that the hood was after market and would need to be replaced. USAA did not pay me for the hood upfront. They said to try and have it repaired, mind you, they knew what every repair shop recommended, even theirs said the same thing about the hood. I have been in a rental car that USAA set me up with this entire time.

It is Dec. 10, 2011, my hood was finally paid for the next day, and it's going to take another 7-10 days freight delivery after I order it. Only they don't make that hood anymore, so now I have to figure something else out now. They informed me that I need to return my rental and that I owe on the car since my limit ran out on Nov. 26, 2011. A manager named Audrea from USAA told me to go get my car, and drive it with the damaged hood until the new one comes in. I asked her if she were out of her mind, and at this point I really hoped they were recording the phone call because that was the most insane thing I've ever heard of. I was not going to pick up my car until the new hood was delivered and installed. I got a call from Enterprise this morning and they informed me of my bill at this point.

I am a combat veteran from the Army and have been treated like the biggest pile of hot garbage by this company whose whole purpose is to support the military and their family. None of the formal complaints that I filed have gone anywhere, my car still is not fixed, and I got stuck with a $400.00 plus rental car bill at this point. This is all because they refused to pay for the hood from the beginning. I will not pick up my car until it is completely repaired, because if I do so, that eliminates USAA of any further responsibility. If this is how USAA treats a veteran, service member, or anyone else, I will never recommend them to anyone else. I am also canceling all insurance from them and both bank accounts. Stay away from this company at all cost!

USAA failed to correct my address in all areas when I changed my address in June 2016, resulting in being overcharged for insurance. When I just so happened to notice on their website yesterday, I contacted them. The address is correct on the mailing side, I canceled homeowner's insurance (because I sold that house), but did not realize they failed to update the "physical location" of where the vehicles were stored.

First I chatted online, then was told I had to call a specialist. I called and spoke to one person, had to be transfered to someone else, was not the right person, had to be transferred to someone else, then needed to speak to a senior specialist, then they had to speak to a manager. It took over 30 minutes. They refuse to refund the difference. I was supposed to have a manager call today at 1 pm, but that did not happen. I have had good experiences with USAA in the past and am very disappointed by this poor customer service. I am writing this review hoping that someone at USAA will notice and care enough to call me.

I had to pick help from the reps. I had to do my own investigating. The accident was not my fault, and the reps treated me rudely. I had to contact the other insurance by myself. They were awful. One time the two snarled at me telling me that the reason they would push me back is because I was very rude. I may have been but because I had tons the footwork myself.

For 40 years USAA has been there for me and my family. They are easy to deal with, always quick to respond and do great follow up work. Claim filed by phone. Their web site is easy to use and have never had a problem using it.

I have had USAA car insurance for many years and my experience with them has been good. The premiums have been fair and their customer service is very good. You have the ability to speak with a real person who you can understand. I filed a claim by telephone with this provider and it was an easy process. I have extended myself to recommend this company to others who may qualify for services.

I have been insured by USAA for over 40 years. They have always been responsive, expeditious and communicative in all aspects of claims filing and insurance details. Call to the central number at time of the accident was followed by them walking me through the process. I have had three claims in the last 10 years. Each was handled professionally and expeditiously. They were of different types - hitting a deer, being hit by another car, parking lot accident.

I was a USAA member for four years. We loved their car insurance and travel insurance as we never had any issues and great customer service. My husband and I went through a divorce and they just removed me from the policy. I had no idea, as my husband called to take me off completely. It was a pretty mean divorce and he did not tell me. He told me I still had car insurance. I had spoken to USAA a week before to sign up for a temporary policy where I would be covered on a car I was borrowing. They were going to send my insurance cards, which I never received. I had no idea my insurance had been cancelled, USAA did not call me to verify or anything. They thought it was perfectly normal to just completely remove a spouse on insurance policy without asking if I wanted my own policy.

This was an extremely difficult situation as I then had no car insurance for a couple of weeks and had no idea. This to me is the equivalent of taking someone off a bank account without permission. This company is horrible and I will never go back to them ever again. When I questioned one of the customer service ladies all she said was, "What would you have said?" That I need insurance you idiot. She then refused to talk to me about MY policy at all because my husband was the one who made the change. I cannot believe the level of customer service representatives they have working there. They are great if you have no complaints, but once you have an issue they are unwilling to do anything to help or to even think about the situation. A divorce is not a situation where you should just be allowed to completely remove the spouse without both people being notified. I literally received nothing regarding this change.

Be wary. I was rear-ended by someone with USAA auto insurance. They have treated me horribly, and when I contacted a lawyer, he said my only recourse was to sue the policyholder for the money and then the insurance company might have to pay. I have also read reviews online and would recommend another insurance company that will protect you from personal liability like they should and not get you sued by the wrong person.

USAA has a contractor providing roadside assistance, Agero—formerly the Cross Country Automotive. It contracts with towing companies all across America, allowing it to negotiate lower rates. Agero is the biggest roadside assistance provider in the industry (per a Popular Mechanics article: Who Really Provides Your Roadside Assistance?) I know this because I had plenty of time to do internet searches and read other USAA customer reviews and comments while trying to get a towing service to my husband stranded only 5 miles away.

Here's the "Service" provided to us by USAA's roadside assistance contractor AGERO: 5:56 PM Called USAA for their towing service, which we’ve paid for a few years and never used, and was transferred to Agero. " Press ‘1’ for first call." "Press ‘2’ to follow up on first call." (Not a good sign.) My husband’s key wouldn’t turn in the ignition so he was stuck 5 miles away at a local market. A woman took down the information and said I’d soon get a text to confirm the tow truck is on the way and estimated time of arrival. (No text came.)

6.49 PM called Agero again, and punched “2” since this was “if you are checking on the status of an earlier service request press ‘2’”. (They must get a lot of repeat calls to put this in their phone tree.) A man took the call, checked my "file" from the initial call and said he apologized and that the previous dispatch hadn’t been made and he’d call back personally after he did the dispatch himself to confirm that it had been done. (No phone call followed.) Got online to check reviews for USAA + towing while waiting. Not looking good.

7:09 PM called Agero again to check status on the tow truck's arrival. Pressed “2” since this was still another follow-up call on the initial request for a tow truck. Put on hold for a long time. More apologies, the woman said she had arranged with a tow company and they would be calling me with the tow truck company information and an estimated time of arrival. I asked for the name of the company and was told M&O tow company. (No phone call followed with an ETA.) 7:34 PM called Agero again to check on status of M&O tow company – since no phone call followed – another lady took the call and said the previous lady was on the phone nearby and she was still working on getting a tow company to come. That the previous tow company M&O isn’t coming. Call was switched to another lady, Evan, and she said she sees my file says Countrywide Towing is coming, with an estimated time of arrival of two hours. (End call/hold time 7:45 PM.)

NOTE: It took nearly 1 hour 45 minutes for a tow truck to finally be dispatched. And, apparently this is the only service this business provides. 1) Taking calls from people needing service, 2) calling a tow company to make the arrangements, and then 3) letting the customer know who is coming and when. That pretty much sums up what this business provides. You’d think they would be able to dispatch a tow truck quicker than 1 hour and 45 minutes.

7:44 PM voicemail left by Carl, the man above in the 7:09 PM conversation, he said it took him a while but he has made arrangements for a tow truck to come. (Found this voicemail message later after my husband got home.) 7:46 PM received text from Clark & Howard tow company, ETA 8:17 PM. 8:03 PM received automated phone call from Agero? (from Tennessee) that help is to arrive in 15 minutes. 8:14 PM received call from driver William with Countrywide Towing; he is in the area and will drive by to see if the other company has come. 8:21 PM Clark & Howard tow company hasn’t arrived, even though ETA was 8:17 PM.

8:29 PM Automated phone call from Tennessee to see if Clark & Howard tow company has arrived. “NO” – put on hold to await a customer service representative. 8:32 “experiencing high call volumes, this is the last message and we will continue to play music until an agent is available . . .” . . . some minutes later was speaking to their representative. At 8:37 we noted that Clark & Howard were now 20 minutes past their ETA and still hadn't shown up. My husband called and said that Countrywide had arrived. I went back to the rep and told him. I also mentioned to the representative that it took 1 hour 45 minutes for a tow truck to even be dispatched. He mentioned that their company takes over a million calls in order to provide excellent service. Wonder how many of those calls are repeated efforts to get just one tow truck actually dispatched. (I spent my time on hold listening to their torturous “hold music” making this log and will add this to the other unhappy consumer reports shared online.)

Note: My husband just got home, towed by Countrywide, and said the other company, Clark & Howard, also arrived after Countrywide.

You can't buy real deal homeowners insurance in Mississippi and USAA cancelled insurance on those insureds and left them stranded - their advertising is false and for them to wave the flag is insulting. So I visited my independent insurance agent and have a much better coverage for Property and Casualty (Auto & Homeowners) with A rated companies.

There are so many choices in life, it is hard to know what is the right one. When you have a company like USAA to rely on, it takes away that undercurrent of fear that you made a poor choice but you don't know why or what is better. The process of filing a claim is clear, fast, and uncomplicated. USAA is trustworthy and feels like it protects its customers. It feels like a privilege to have it as my insurance company.

I was recently involved in a accident where a USAA client backed into my vehicle with both my two year old child and I were completely caught off guard. This happened 10/16/18, I’ve never been involved in a accident before so today 10/18/18 I call to get an update. I asked the agent in claims pretty much what is the process and what exactly is happening from here. I’ve already spoken with my insurance company where I was informed we are waiting for USAA at this point.

When I called I was completely unsatisfied with the way I was handled on the call. The agents were very argumentative and had no sympathy for the situation at hand. They informed me that they were waiting on their client to make a statement, understandable. However, everything was presented in a very distasteful way. I hate that I even have to be involved with this company. I don’t see this claim going in a mannered way. Not sure if I should just get a lawyer and save myself the headache.

My husband and I both have USAA. They have been fairly easy to use. They help keep us up to date and contact us otherwise. Their online is user friendly. Overall I have nothing negative towards them. We will continue to use them.

USAA obviously hires IT people who used to work in Army Intel or at NORAD in missile launch security. Their website is ridiculous with several levels of logon requirements. If you make one mistake, you're routed to change your password and PIN by choices to send a temporary passcode to: 1) Your email already registered on their site. 2) Your cell. 3) Another registered communication target. However, after choosing one of these, you don't get a password ever sent. You then have to call a rep and waste about 27 minutes doing that.

USAA has failed to listen to any complaints by their members regarding LOGON challenges since 1988. USAA must believe they are controlling missiles instead of being a privately-operated insurance company. Big difference. Out of 1500 websites I use that require passwords (and the 257 passwords I store in encrypted passcode vaults to access those sites), USAA consistently fails LOGON attempts, and consistently wastes more of its members' time requiring assistance logging on. You could save even more, if their productivity efficiency wasn't wasted paying phone reps hours and hours each day just to help members logging on! Obviously, this company is run by flat-topped republicans with wax in their ears, holding in the few defective brain cells between them, who cannot handle change, new ideas, or listen to complaints by frustrated, highly-educated members.

I love USAA because they are less expensive than most insurance companies. If I have any questions regarding my benefits they explain it and always answer my questions. They are friendly and knowledgeable about any questions you may have. My experience with this company has been great so far and I plan to stay with them for a while. I believe that everyone who tries them will switch companies or give them a try for the first time. Their quotes are great and reasonable. I have two vehicles on my policy and I pay less than 300$ so I feel that's great having insurance in Louisiana.

In March of 2011 I was struck by a USAA insured motorist. My new car that I hadn't even made a first payment on was a complete loss. I sustained injuries to my back including the destabilization of a fusion that I was a mere 6 months post op from. It took USAA over 8 weeks to issue us a check reimbursing us for our loss of vehicle. I have had two additional back surgeries and face several more throughout my life. My husband and I have been sued for medical expenses and almost lost our home. We just tried mediation with USAA and walked out. They offered less than 1/3 of my total medical damages!!! They are trying to claim no responsibility because I already had a compromised back. Um, excuse me. If I have a broken leg and you kick my crutches out from under me causing further damage, YOU ARE AT FAULT USAA!!! It doesn't matter how compromised my back is, your driver hit me and was cited by the police at the scene. The results are that I will undergo more than a half dozen reparative surgeries in order to have quality of life. He paid his premiums for insurance, now pay up big biz!

My car was stolen while on vacation. USAA decided to investigate the theft of my car, they investigated for 3 weeks. When the investigation was over and I was cleared of the investigation they gave me the runaround about paying. My claim. They denied it after I was cleared and left to wait in Utah before I went back home to Florida. They didn't care about me or my car. This happen Jan 1 and it is Feb 4 and my car is sitting in the snow in Utah. My adjuster Jeff ** does return phone calls. You can only him by email. My Mercedes E 500 is under snow because they denied me. I'm getting a consumer lawyer who said he would definitely love to take my case after all the complaints he read on USAA. I'm a marine vet. And they are treating me like a criminal. If a lawyer reads this please contact me.

I've had USAA for over 14 years now (active-duty since 2002) and have had minor fender benders with satisfactory service. No issues with either car insurance nor checking/savings accounts. However, over the past year, I've been in 2 accidents, through no fault of my own with the second one that I couldn't fight and one that should've been under accident forgiveness.

Recently, I've submitted a negative review or two on USAA, regarding their insurance policy and some of their shoddy representatives. I've also almost submitted another claim for a non-accident recently because my front bumper fell off due to a non-accident but decided otherwise. Shortly after doing those things, I get a certified letter in the mail to one of my PO Boxes with no warning for a warning that I will be dropped from USAA insurance coverage in December, so I would have to find another insurance company. I've been a loyal USAA customer for over 14 years with hardly any accidents and other accounts in good standing all this time and then I get dropped. I have nothing but complaints for USAA because this is no way to reward loyal, long-standing customers.

I'm currently looking for another bank to conduct business with. I've already terminated my insurance policy with USAA early because that was beyond insulting and need a bank that stands by its loyal customers. So, basically, if you have NO accidents and NO issues to include bank overdrafts with your accounts, you have NO issues with USAA. Military or not, I feel that insurance with USAA was below expectations.

I've been with them for over 40 years and they have never ever let me down. I would go nowhere else because of the awesome service. They got excellent price too.

Back in October, 2015 I was parked at Walmart lot. After shopping and approaching my car, I realized someone has caused damage to my rear quarter panel of my car. I called the police and file a report. They and I could only speculate "hit-and-run"; no vehicle was found. After reviewing my USAA policy, I noted that the policy did not note "hit-and-run" on my collision clause definition. I argued with USAA about contract specific terms requirements, and they dictated that the clause was standard industry practice. I am preparing to sue USAA for breach of contract (vague and ambiguous).

In my legal research, I have learned that the insurance industry commonly practice vague and ambiguous wording in their contracts/policy so that the insurance can dictate any or all terms and conditions after the policy has been issued. And guess what, the Missouri State Insurance Division lets them get away with it. State insurance protection agency have no legal background and make no legal judgments.

So ask yourself, "Why is the taxpayer paying these state agency if they CANNOT DO NOTHING?" Of course, USAA attorneys know this and that is why this country's state law coerce insurance mandates and the insurance companies get rich. I am surprise other insurance companies allow USAA to endorse government soldiers, because they are just another bureaucratic commercial insurance company that take profits over coverage. Oh yeah, they tried to pie me off with a 23 dollar check. (What am I suppose to do with that, wash the damage off my car?)

Although my husband contacted USAA, I believe USAA is the BEST auto insurer. Especially after having Allstate for years and feeling as though they only care about their profit margin. I would NEVER recommend Allstate, but would suggest people consider USAA. They care about their veterans!

My husband's vehicle was in Boston where he has to work and he borrowed my car to go to a job interview in NJ. A client of USAA Auto insurance hit my vehicle and assumed total liability for the accident. No one from the USAA contacted me to give me information about anything. I took the car for an estimate at the Whitemarsh Collision INC. because they had done work on the car before. The car was in the shop on Monday and I picked up a rental.

The next Monday morning I called the shop and asked "what time could I pick up the car?" Around 3:30 pm I get a call back that the car will not be ready until Tuesday the next day. Approximately 4:30 pm the USAA Insurance company lady calls and starts harassing me saying "are you going to take the rental back today?" I told her "my car was not ready why would I take the rental back" and the Enterprise Car Rental closes at 6 pm. She said that I was then responsible for paying the extra day rental. I said "why was I responsible?" She said because I choose the shop and the work order was for five days. I was incredulous!

The USSA insurance company says it is not their responsibility to give the consumer information because I choose the shop. My insurance company AAA said they never heard of such a thing that the rental was covered until the car was ready. I called USAA multiple times and got my insurance to call also. They do not return calls, they disconnect you, say extension numbers you have already used are invalid and will not let you speak to a manager. They refuse to pay for the extra day rental and Whitemarsh Collision won't either. What kind of horrible world do we live in? The only person who was of any assistance was Chris from Enterprise Rental in Conshohocken.

The company is slow to respond, I called in a claim at the end of August and they did not accept responsibility for 30 days. Then they refused to pay for the rental car for the whole time. They did not make me whole. The adjuster was unreasonable and combative, make it the worst and most frustrating experience ever. Please don't use this company.

My husband has been a customer for almost 40 years; I've been one for almost 30. We've had one claim ever on our home and I don't recall ever having one on our vehicle. We had a total loss on a vehicle last summer. The vehicle had been in pristine condition and USAA would only take comparisons based on other similar vehicles. They refused to accept a letter from the dealer (who stated outright they were ripping us off) stating the excellent condition. When my husband spoke to one of the adjusters, her comment (after offering us another $50) was that it had scratches on it. Of course it did - it was totaled!

Shortly thereafter, we had an adjuster out after hail & high winds - he totaled our roof. Unfortunately, his written estimate didn't include the sheathing or the required plastic sheeting. My husband called & was told to send them a detailed invoice when we chose a roofer. (Because we own our home, there was no bank involved & a partial payment was issued to us.) When we finally received a broken down invoice, USAA decided they needed pictures. Naturally, this was after the roof was completed. Their adjuster's pictures weren't very good, so now they're putting it on us. This has been going on for over 2 months. Loyalty isn't worth anything with this company and their customer service is garbage. I've already started looking for a new company.

They can't fix anything or do anything without asking a million questions for security reasons and then it takes forever to reach a representative and none of the representatives are on point. They keep giving me false news and with my busy schedule I can never get to them till the next morning and all they do is keep thanking me for my service. I just want my problems fixed.

I was in an accident, I have USAA insurance and estimated at over $7500 in damages to a 3 month old brand new car. USAA sent out a 3rd party appraiser who agreed to the claim amount and USAA still will not approve of the amount and will not allow the body shop to start repairs. They want to send out a 2nd, 3rd party appraiser to look at the car which can take another week. It's been since September 21, now it's October 3rd. My auto body shop was told a completely different story from USAA. They also want the body shop to use aftermarket parts not certified Mazda parts. USAA insurance company is a scam. They are horrible.

I'm sorry that I have to give them a star, because if I could, I'd give them 0 stars. So unprofessional, so annoying. My car was parked outside my house. Nobody even driving it, when a driver insured by USAA hit my car. There's dozens of witnesses, and a police report, yet here I am a week later without a car because they can't determine who's "liable". I wasn't even in my car, and it was parked 100% legal. They told me to get a quote on my car so I did. They told me to get a police report, so I did. This is an absolute joke. They even tried telling me the guy wasn't liable due to a medical issue. I wouldn't use USAA even if they paid me to. I hope enough lawsuits put them into the ground. Also tried using "he may not have enough coverage." I use my car for work, and cannot work because they don't know how to run a business. I'm thinking about filing a lawsuit for the wages I'm missing out on while they all sit and ** behind their desks.

They are not the cheapest around... but good service. Quick response to any question. No problems when more damage was found after they made a payment to claim. Overall, it was a good experience.

This company is the worst! They don't even deserve a "one star rating." I was sitting in traffic and a clueless, old man BACKED INTO MY CAR! He was insured by USAA so I filed a claim through them before going to my insurance company. Two weeks after I filed my claim, I never heard from my assigned adjuster, Sandra **, so I contacted the customer service department. The customer service rep told me that USAA had everything they needed on their end and went ahead and cut me a check. Welp, 2 days later I (finally) hear from my assigned adjuster, informing me that the check had been voided and to destroy it when it arrived to my house because USAA still needed a copy of my police report.

OK- no big deal, right? WRONG! I send them a copy and even though their policy holder admitted in writing that he rolled backwards, they STILL denied my claim. I don't know if "Sandy" was just a sloppy insurance adjuster, or if all of their adjusters take up for their dishonest policy holders, but this company is a piece of **! Good luck to any outsider that has to file with them. Save yourself some time and go ahead and contact your attorney. You can, of course, file through your insurance company, but your rates will go up EVEN THOUGH you weren't at fault. This is the sorriest company I have ever had to deal with. All they care about is keeping their money.

When I was 1st rear ended by another car USAA said they would make me whole. I was in no way responsible for the accident. They sent me to an adjuster, who they then sent money to fix my car. Additional damage was found (all fixable) and less then the cost of totaling the car. USAA insists on totaling my car and will not budge. I cannot get another car in the same condition for what they are willing to give me. They do not take into account any of my equipment (new tires, brakes, trailer hitch, roof racks...) and they claim they don't have to look at my comparables, because they assume anyone selling a car on the island is making a profit! They are well under what my car would cost if I had sold it before the accident by at least $1000 to $2000. I'm fed up! I've been with them for over 20 years and this is the first claim!

I have been given several stories, by several representatives, and none add up. Additionally, when I want to know what is going on I have had to call them each time after waiting "48 hours" for them to respond to me... which they never do. We get no straight answers, and it's interesting to me the cost to fix my car is less than totaling it! The car only has 78,000 miles, which in Hawaii is golden. No engine problems, there is literally nothing wrong with the car. I had hoped to drive it for at least 10 more years. They give nothing to ship a car here, they use comparables from a completely different state, where AWD and 4x4's are not as valued as they are here... and we pay extra for uninsured and under insured motorists, yet they will not fix my car and will only total it! They have already said they will go after the other insurance company to pay the claim.

I feel they are playing games, because two of the cars in the accident were insured through Geico, who called and told me they didn't have the money to pay out the claims, since someone in another car had been injured. I'm not sure why I am being penalized for others, and why my insurance company isn't being fair with me, but I am reconsidering who I use and also logging a complaint with the Hawaii Insurance commission. This is just wrong all over!

My husband is military so we used USAA cause easier for us in military but not great insurance. Will switch to Farmers instead of USAA which was useless for what we needed. Easy to get and cheap but useless when needed.

This appears to be a bank trying to do business as an auto insurer. I have had multiple problems in trying to switch over to them from State Farm. I am now a poster child for State Farm again. I was insured for less than 30 days by USAA. The problems are too numerous to mention here, however, I can tell you they're incompetent. I woke up this morning to a $200 improper debit from my bank account, not the one with them, since they can't seem to get my direct deposit handled with the VA. Yes, they intend to put it back. My question is how many mistakes should we allow them within a months time as a new customer? No more.

I was hit by a USAA insured driver coming home from work at 11:30 pm. I was in a double turn lane on the outside lane. The USAA driver was on the inside lane and decided to make an immediate right into a parking lot. The USAA driver hit my right front fender. Since the Addison Police were too lazy to write a report, USAA took the work of their driver over mine. They will not talk to a witness who saw the accident. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. No calls back!!! Bad Attitude!!!

If you get into an accident with anyone that has USAA and they're at fault you need to hire a lawyer immediately and save yourself a massive headache. They are the biggest liars and disorganized idiots I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Someone covered with USAA rear ended our car and totaled it. From beginning to end we were lied to. Our first adjuster we were assigned to didn't even call us. Every attempt to contact him failed as he never responded to his voicemails. Three weeks go by and we get a new adjuster after I had to make almost 80 calls between my personal insurance, USAA, the repair shop, and USAA's third party adjuster company they went with.

USAA would tell me one thing and the rest of those involved would all tell me another thing. We finally got another adjuster who got things rolling again. I then got a call from the CEO's office saying that they would overnight the check to us and we would receive it in the next business day or two. I message the company via Facebook of all things and it was told to me that they had sent the check through regular 'ol USPS and that there was no tracking #. Here we are almost 6 weeks later and we finally got our check in the mail.

All the while they would extend our rental car by a week at the most. And every time it was extended our card was charged $50. A total of $150 was charged before we caught wind of it and froze the account. This whole process was to make us whole but we're still out money because of you shmucks. USAA lied about our repair shop not sending additional pictures, USAA lied about time frames, USAA lied about our rental car deposits, USAA lied about our check. Just do yourself a favor and hire a lawyer. We've learned our lesson.

It’s very easy to complete the information for claims, however the past few years it’s becoming more difficult to have follow through on their end. Instead of one claim rep, I’m increasingly confused communicating with 4. Communication is poor. August 2017 after I totalled my car, the process was simple and easy to complete the claims, get my rental, and check quickly. However in trying to communicate with reps I got thrown around a few people and ignored. I never knew whose word to take. They communicate with a chat email bot on website which records everything.

Beyond minor tap of bumper in private parking lot. Guy plus 4 witness said no damage. Didn't call police but USAA decide to pay man after he lied. Said everything is good. No damages. Usaa paid damages on a vehicle that didn't even have a scratch on it. 900.00 and they are going to make my insurance go up. My own insurance company didn't even stick up for me, they told me on the phone when I asked. How do you even know or assume it was my fault? There wasn't even a police report, USAA wasn't there. The other guy should have gotten failure to yield. How is it automatically my fault for pulling out parking spot. Either way guess what. No no no damage was done, not even scratch but they paid this guy anyway without even letting me know... Wow. I'm going to someone that will fight for me.

USAA has been my auto insurance provider for over 10 years and have been very good so far. I like the fact that they are easy to get a hold of and don't seem to mind the fact that my job takes me all over the country. The rates are competitive and service has been solid. I would give it 5 stars across the board, but did have some difficulty following a hit and run accident in which they said my rates would go up if I used the insurance to fix the damage the other driver did because I was unable to provide the insurance info from the other driver. (He drove off. I stayed. Jerk.) Other than that, pretty happy so far!

I have been insured with USAA auto for over four years. Last year I made a claim for repairs, only one repair, but was told that it would be created as four different accidents as they did not appear to be related. I was told to pay the deductible on each. After these repairs, I was laid off and moved insurance from USAA. USAA claimed that I had an outstanding balance for the remaining part of the year. Recently I decided to move back to USAA from my previous insurance company. I contacted USAA and was told by the customer service representative that they would cover me once the outstanding balance was paid, and once I paid six months premium in advance.

The representative told me the amount that would need to be paid for the premium and even sent a note confirming this. I was told that the documents and the premium notice would be online within a day. On trying to get this, I found that I was locked out of due to the unpaid premium. The premium was paid, but USAA said that it would take three days to reinstate the site access. Three days sounded a bit strange and funny enough, it is the time it takes for a payment to clear.

I went onto the website yesterday to pay the six months premium and could not find it. I called the customer service line and they said I would have to talk to their underwriting department. I was informed that the policy was declined due to the claims that had occurred, while I was with USAA. USAA continued to insure me as the payment of the outstanding premium indicated. The underwriting department claimed that the customer service representative should have checked the claims background before they quoted the six months premium. This is not my issue. I had an expectation of insurance, USAA took the money for the back payment and now they are backing out of the insurance. I could have accepted an increase in premium or change of coverage, but USAA say that they will not review this.

It seems to me that USAA misrepresented the expectation of policy issuance to get the back premium. I had thought that this was a company with integrity, that is what they say, but now realize that this is not the case. I had hoped to remain with USAA, but obviously they neither value the relationship and loyalty or the business.

I was in an accident and I got T-boned. There was no witness so no ticket was given to either driver. However, my USAA paid to fix the other car’s damage. When it came time to renew my insurance, they stated they were going to cancel my policy because of too many accidents. I was paying $147.09 amount and they told me in order to renew I would have to pay $1,000.00 a month. They suck.

Every time I have had to call USAA for anything, they have been actively helpful and sympathetic to my problems. I have never had to argue with them to get them to cover anything they claimed to, and the price I pay for insurance is better than any of the rest of my friends pay.

United Services Automobile Association (USAA) requires you to have served or your immediate family member to have served before you can get their auto insurance. Anyone, can join USAA Federal Savings Bank, USAA Investments, USAA this and that because they are separate companies. But, you have to have been a service member to acquire access to the insurance company. It's part of their charter.

No response - will not call you back. Managers laugh when you complain. The accident was very serious. I was not at fault. Their driver hit me while I was stopped at a light. I do not have a car to drive and they don't care. My car is 3 months old!

On March 2nd auto claim has been started with USAA. The driver who has USAA auto insurance was driving while intoxicated (alcohol) and hit my vehicle. Claim and repairs were smooth, however ran into an issue with rental. I received a call from the shop on March 21st that the vehicle repair was finished and to pick up the vehicle. But an hour later I receive a call that the shop was closing early due to severe snowstorm and was informed that I can pick up the vehicle the next day on 22nd. I had an 1 day out of state business trip and called USAA on 22nd requesting a 1 day extension, guaranteeing the return of rental on 23rd. The representative puts me on hold for about 5 minutes, and returns to CONFIRM the extension.

Today, March 23rd, I returned the rental, and Enterprise stated that USAA did not update the extension and once it is updated, I can get my deposit back. So out of concern I called USAA within 5 minute of returning the rental and the first representative stated that they will have it updated and should be fine. Few hours later, while I was at home, I receive a call from Enterprise stating that the extension was denied by USAA and would charge me from my deposit.

So I quickly called USAA to see what was happening, and the gentleman/representative told me something I have never heard before. That a voicemail was left to claim adjuster/supervisor and day after was reviewed and denied. And I stated that, I was not informed of this process and was given a confirmation on 22nd approx. 2:35pm. The guy kept stating "unfortunately, blah blah" instead of hearing my concern and issue and would not help me out or even attempt to review who confirmed it to me on 22nd, or offered any resolution/options.

Requested to speak with a supervisor and was told would take 24-48 hour, so would have to wait till next week Monday/Tuesday. 15 minute later, I called USAA around 7:25, waited 4 minute for a representative, and while trying to explain the situation as calmly as possible, she hangs up on me. So I called back only to realize they close at 7:30, and figured she hung up so she can leave, and not deal with my complaint. Extremely unprofessional, and deceitful. And as a victim of a drunk driver, the insurance made the situation even more of a hassle. Enterprise charged me 28$ for the 1 day that was supposed to be extended. Not a big amount, but the principle of this issue is what bothers me the most. How can you give someone a confirmation that it would be ok and was approved, and the day of, tell me something completely new. Glad I don't have USAA ever since I got out of Army.

In May 2011, I had an accident. USAA was my insurance. It was not my fault that the rear-end collision happened but they were horrible toward me. Ms. ** the adjuster went as far as blaming the military for my injuries. She demanded that I turn over all of my military medical records. This company is a sheep in wolf's clothing. How far will USAA go just to save a buck?

I have had USAA insurance for the past 30 years. They insure our automobiles and our home and personal property. They also provide renters' insurance for our daughter. This company has an outstanding reputation and I always speak very highly of this company. I recommend this company to anyone who qualifies to become a member.

They are friendly and responsive on the phone. We had someone hit our car and the claim was handled quickly and smoothly. This is a good company and a good service to veterans and their families.

Overall, the customer service with USAA is great. Their representatives are professional when you communicate with them on calls and the auto rates are great. Other than a few minor issues, USAA is the best option. My only wish is they would have more locations to better serve the needs of the military.

I've been w/ USAA for 28 years and they are getting the boot this week. It's actually a shame. This used to be a great company. In the last 10 years, the culture and the service have been destroyed. Nowadays it is almost impossible to get a human being on the phone and when you do, that person is a **. e.g. I had a broken windshield. USAA requires you to use Safelite. Safelite screws it up twice and USAA tells me that this "is not their problem".

E.g. a couple of years ago, my car is broken into and bunch of stuff was stolen. USAA's auto insurance policy doesn't cover personal property in the car because the state of Colorado's insurance laws don't require them to do this. So much for doing the right thing... They wanted me to file 2 separate claims with 2 separate deductibles. This is not the company it once was. Active duty guys. Don't buy the story. Go out on the open market and find a different company. These guys are scamming you. Fellow veterans, vote with your feet. Absent a chance in leadership and culture, this once great brand will continue to be subpar.

I'm very satisfied with this company. I have three vehicles and my house insured with this company and only became aware I was eligible 15 years ago. I formerly was with Nationwide and State Farm. With USAA the rates aren't always changing and seem to be the lowest. The people are pleasant and helpful when you call even if something happens when traveling out of state. It's very easy to file a claim and claims are settled fast. It is easy to make payments and make claims over the phone and the service is always very good. Sometimes they send me a membership check. My last claim was for an accident where I was at fault but my view was obstructed by a passenger. The adjuster gave me good advice and was very helpful. I had questions because several insurance companies were involved. She was always available when I called or quickly returned my call.

We filed a diminished value claim after $11,000.00 in damages to our new Subaru Outback and received a whopping $800.00 after being told our car had diminished in value of at least $4,000.00 by multiple appraisers. After contacting USAA multiple times no one returned phone calls, the typical delay tactic. Finally after getting a hold of someone in the appropriate department we were simply told the amount was nonnegotiable and there was nothing else they would do.

Our attorney has informed us otherwise and thanks to the way Miss ** talked to us we will be moving forward with litigation. This is our first and last experience with USAA. As a veteran I find the way this company markets itself to veterans and active duty to be sickening. Members of our military are honorable and try to do the right thing. It's too bad USAA will not follow those basic principles, a lot of heartache could be avoided. So be it, it may cost us every cent of the claim in court but it will cost USAA a lot more when I'm finished informing all of my fellow veterans and friends of the horrible treatment by USAA.

Our auto insurance company is a great company. We have been with this company for many years and have been very happy as their patrons. Their rates are reasonable and their coverage is outstanding. Filing claims with them is easy and they usually have a quick turnaround time. They are a very reliable company and I always feel that they have our back when we need them. Their customer service is wonderful and I always feel like I can contact them at any time of day with any question, big or small.

All those USAA ads on TV about how they help veterans - As a Vietnam vet draftee who has twice been denied a simple MasterCard, I'll tell you much differently. Also, I got one small traffic ticket and they slammed my car insurance with a huge surcharge for three years. Avoid these people and their lies.

My family has been a member of USAA for many years. My father, who was in the Air Force, was also a member and that was why I have continued with them. My father believed you could get the best rates and service with them. And I have over the years. Prices for insurance very competitive and usually lower than other companies. And when I filed a claim, USAA sent adjuster out quickly and had check soon after to pay for repair of my vehicle.

I had my vehicle checked at the dealership for a check engine light. The dealership informed me it was due to animals chewing up wires, creating a solenoid replacement at the tune of 1k. I obviously wasn't very happy and had to use a rental car. I made a claim to USAA and was pre approved for the claim over the phone prior to an appraiser being sent to inspect. For 5 days now I've been given the runaround by USAA, meanwhile I'm racking up 35 dollars a day in rental fees. I was given the wrong appraisal company info, adjuster not returning my calls and now the appraisal company taking their time with this assessment. My claim was basically put at the bottom of the pile because they aren't on the hook for the rental, so those who do have the coverage are being taken care of first so those fees are not incurred by USAA.

The appraisal was finally done yesterday, but I went in this morning to get the car which was done, only to find out the appraiser has given the ok yet. I'm beyond livid as I've been in a rental for a week for a repair that should've been done in one day and now my car sits at the dealership all repaired. I paid the bill in full, but yet I can't have my car. The adjuster says the usual bs, "I'm sorry blah blah blah." This company has offered me zero help in the matter and has been the worst customer service experience of my entire life. The adjuster even had the audacity to tell me I should add the rental coverage from here on out. Yes, let me continue this piss poor service of yours AND give you more money on top of it. Nope, I'll be canceling and going elsewhere. I haven't made a claim in probably 20+ years.

A liability insurance claim was filed July 2017, pertaining to an incident in which I was operating a borrowed a 2017 Ford Transit 350 from a private party, who had insurance on the vehicle. The claim adjuster, Sonia, contacted me and was given my statement of the details surrounding the incident. She stated that it might not be covered under my policy, due to the vehicle being considered a Rented Moving Van. I informed her that the vehicle is not rented, and that it was merely borrowed by me, from the private party. Therefore, I should be covered under my liability insurance due to me operating a borrowed vehicle from a private party, not by a money exchange for rental. She stated she understands my point and would look into it.

On August 9, 2017, I received a letter from private party insurance company stating my insurance company, USAA, had not responded to their requests for information. And stated I am therefore being notified of possible pending litigation in relation to the damage sustained in incident in July 2017. I immediately contacted USAA and notified them of development and they told me they had been in contact with private party insurance company and to not worry about the letter I received.

On October 27, 2017, I received a letter from USAA stating they are denying the liability claim for damage sustained from a July 2017 incident. I called USAA, and requested explanation of denial and why I had not been notified sooner. They repeatedly referred to the vehicle as a Penske moving truck, and that moving trucks are not covered, even though I was the operator. They stated that I am not covered to drive moving truck under my policy. I disagreed with them, and asked them if I was covered while operating a borrowed vehicle, and they responded only if it is less than 2000 lbs. They stated that they did not contact me due to them waiting on final estimate from private party insurance company before denying the claim. USAA had no reasonable explanation for my denial of claim and for the lack of notifications of updates on the claim over almost 3 months.

I am extremely disappointed and disgusted with USAA over the lack of communication and customer service rendered during this experience. I have been a member of USAA over 20 years, and am sad to say that they were not professional or courteous during this situation. I am therefore going to cancel my insurance with USAA soon, and do not recommend USAA for your insurance needs.

It is Mar 2012; I've paid (tens of thousands) for home and Auto Insurance through USAA for 11 years (since 1999). In this time, I filed very few claims; two for (minor) auto damage and one for food that was lost when my freezer went foul after a power outage of over three days. I've paid USAA a lot of money to cover my cars & home in case of damage, but I realize today, that it has all been a simple, but glaring scam on their part and a big joke on the consumer(me).

Unfortunately, you and I continue to allow this kind of fraud by voting politicians into office, who condone insurance fraud, ** they probably even profit from it. It isn't rocket science, so let me explain how they do it; the minute you file a claim for home damages (in my case due to severe weather/ice), the insurance company customer service person warns you by saying, well you know you have this big ($500) deductible, do you really want to do this? When you say of course, the damages are well over that amount, they will (reluctantly) send a person to your home to get an "estimate." This is just a smoke screen as the next step is that they call Stacie ** from the CO claims adjusters office to take on the claim and she will send an additional person (an engineer) to your house to find a reason for them not to pay you.

It is that plain and that simple. You pay for insurance (your entire life), without the insurance company sending an engineer to your house to make sure your porch or home (etc) should be covered, but when you try to file a claim so you can get your home repaired, they will send the engineer to your house to find a reason so they won't have to pay you. In my book of perceptions, this is what is known as a scam and/or fraud. They are saying they offer you (the military or prior military) a service of insurance to cover possible costs due to damage, and insurance is required (by law) if you get a loan to buy your home, but when you need them to follow through on their end of the deal, they will bail on you and laugh the whole time they are doing it.

Please, if you have USAA, don't think I am an exception to the rule. My daughters and her husband (retired LTC in the US Army) experienced the same thing and have since canceled them. They don't care if you cancel them either, because this is another scam. They have done their math, they know they can scam three people for every 1 person who drops them.

Please, do not listen to their BS and think that their lower monthly payments are a good thing, because when you need them the most (catastrophe etc), they will be there for only one reason and that is to ** you over. If you have been ripped off, you must write the insurance commissioner of the state and the governor so that they check each other out.

I called two different times and two different quotes. Do not give them any money until you have something in writing. Big liars. I don't just give my hard-earned money away. Liars, liars, liars. Their commercial is bs!

I was in a car accident on 12/13/16. My car was struck by an individual who is insured by USAA. The driver left the scene of the accident after providing expired insurance information, prior to the arrival of the police. I contacted USAA on 12/13/16 after a representative from my car insurance company provider (GEICO) provided me the contact information of Cory ** (1-800-531- 8722, ext. **). I left a voice message for Mr. ** on 12/13. However, I was never contacted by Mr. **. It wasn't until December 27th that USAA towed my car away. This was arranged by a Field Adjuster of USAA named Tyler **. I informed Mr. ** that my check engine light was on ever since my car was involved in a collision on 12/13/16. Mr. ** then had my vehicle towed away because he felt that my engine could be in jeopardy because my car was hit in the rear bumper and the exhaust pipe was damaged.

Mr ** stated that my car would be diagnosed to determine the reason why the check engine light was on. Waymon ** of Auto Nation in Lithia Springs, GA was informed about the potential engine issues on December 27th. On 1/5/17, I picked up my car from Auto Nation only to find that some of the paint had been chipped off my car and the check engine light still on. I've repeatedly asked Mr. **, Chris ** (USAA Supervisor of Waymon **) and Tyler ** to have my car diagnosed as promised. Mr ** told me that I would have to pay for the diagnosis fee if the check engine light is on due to an issue unrelated to the collision.

My last phone conversation about this issue was on 1/12/16 with Mr. ** who stated that he would contact Mr. ** about his promise to have my car diagnosed at no charge to me. Mr. ** called my cell phone on this same day. However, I was extremely busy at work and for the sake of consistency, I asked that Mr. ** please update me via email. Mr. ** has not contacted me via email. He refuses to communicate with me as asked. In the meantime, it has been one month and three days since my car was rear-ended and pushed into another vehicle and the check engine light is still on. I am afraid that there are greater issues with my car and USAA will not be held accountable.

I had to be responsible for a collision caused by some guy in a hurry. I pulled up to the stop sign, gave my signal and this guy drove beside me and the curb, starting his own turn lane. I looked toward one direction and then both of us went to turn. They kept stating Idaho statute which was meant for a single car turning and being close to the curb. That did not apply to a car already there and signaling to turn. Their logic does not apply to what happened. I felt they were treating like an idiot. I don't like being responsible for someone else's blunder. I felt USAA was completely out of line and I'm sorry I put my trust in them. I have had insurance with other companies but never felt as betrayed as I do with USAA. They let someone off the hook because he didn't want to wait his turn like everyone else.

The company is real bad when it comes to payout for the loss. Even though it is for sure the insured fault, they will drag the payout and they go arbitration and trying to get away as much as they could. All those time consuming they should pay out the loss. It will save their company money in long run. However, the company doesn't realize that and wonder why they are getting such a bad rating. I would stop anyone who trying to get insurance with USAA. "PLEASE DO NOT INSURE WITH USAA..." And if you ever get involve an accident with USAA insured person, GOOD LUCK!!!

I was in an accident with a USAA customer and the accident was not my fault. USAA took full liability for it. Due to the accident I lost my job because I couldn't do my job duties. They was low balling me with my settlement. If you ever get in an accident with someone with USAA, I feel sorry for you.

I'd give zero star if I could! USAA is a HORRIBLE payor in regards to PIP claims. They stop the payments for ongoing treatments despite of eligible benefit/coverage for PIP. SO unfortunate for all USAA insured that the company they are paying for doesn't cover for their medical expenses. Most PIP attorneys I have talked to know about USAA's awful payment procedure. This company is the worst of all. Honest opinion!

I decided to get another quote for my car insurance that I carry with USAA. I contacted GEICO and received a quote for more services that cost me over 2,000 less per year!! I was paying almost $4,000 per year for 3 cars which included a multi-car discount. I would suggest that anyone that carries car insurance with USAA compare prices with other companies. The USAA site does not allow you to write a review. Now I know why. Also, USAA was charging me for earthquake insurance, IN GEORGIA! When I ask about it I was told it was standard for all renters insurance which was a lie because GEICO did not charge me. AGAIN, check your auto insurance with USAA. You might be getting ripped off like me!!

I was hit by this person on a Monday. Nearly a week has gone by and I have not heard from them yet. She was issued a ticket for failure to yield. No I did not receive a ticket, but I did go to the hospital for injuries of my head and stomach. I called the company and was told -- had I not gotten the police and hospital involved this would have gone faster...They need to investigate the accident. How do you investigate without talking to both sides, the police, witnesses or look at the cars? Remote control???

I have had USAA auto insurance for the past 20 years. It has been a really great company to work with. Whenever I have moved, I just call them and they transfer my policy to my new state - very easy! Over the years I have had 4 claims on my vehicles - 1 involving a deer, 2 involving icy roads and 1 when someone hit my parked car. The contact with USAA has always been professional and caring. They have always made me feel like a part of a large family- saying I'm their customer just doesn't feel right.

They have been great keeping me up-to-date on the claims process, and are available by phone into the evening hours. During the past 20 years I have also had 2 kids who have gone through the process of getting their driver's licenses and becoming insured drivers. USAA has been great helping me get any discounts available to me and my family. Whenever I hear that someone has a family member in the military I ask if they are a USAA member, and recommend their products (especially auto insurance) if they are not already customers.

I have been a member of USAA for almost 40 years - home, auto, life policies; thousands in premiums and virtually no claims. But frankly, I've had it with them. This week a young woman called and she was verifying info about my auto insurance before renewal. I said okay and answered questions about mileage, etc. She then said, "What's your marital status? " I nicely said that I didn't think that was relevant to update my auto insurance file. Then she laughed and said, "I already know you're divorced from our records." I said goodbye and hung up.

It's not the first time in recent years, I've had awful customer service on the phone and I've often had to ask for supervisors - just to get bills sent to a new address or make corrections on policies. I also have concerns because I've heard that neighbors who had claims from wildfires said USAA was difficult in handling claims. Other insurance companies with local agents did a great job and come much more highly recommended. I'm in the process of getting quotes and moving on. I think they've gotten so big, they forgot their members who made them successful.

Their policy holder damaged my vehicle and they (USAA Auto Insurance) accepted full damages in writing and they refuse now to pay for that said damage to my vehicle! I was not cited and I was the innocent victim of their policy holder being cited for not being in control of a motor vehicle on the public highway.

I am ashamed of USAA and their claim to help veterans. Our truck was damaged very badly from a tree falling on it because of all the rain we had gotten from Hurricane Harvey. We know what liability only means. However this is an extreme situation! I thought, and was led to believe, that USAA helped veterans in need. Apparently not!!! Do not believe their tag line!!! Do not fall for their lies!!! You hear about how people help in times of need like this... but they have fallen way short! Don't expect them to help... AT ALL!

It looks like I was surprised and the settlement is about in line with the average of the values I found on my own. I was "bracing" myself for a really low ball settlement, but what is being offered does seem fair. "Not happy" that this whole thing had to happen, but at least I don't have to fight a low ball settlement. We're not all rich rock stars, so these things matter.

As a Veteran, it is good to know that there are still a company who appreciate our service and bend over backwards to help my every need. USAA Auto is friendly and knowledgeable. Always available to help on the phone. BEATS MY PREVIOUS COMPANY, THE AAA, BY 100%.

USAA is horrible, on the phone and for their coverage. 20 year customer had an accident that totaled my car. USAA not only never send an appraiser they are only offering 1/2 of the NADA value. I've never heard of such a thing. We pay for coverage to protect us and our investment. They don't believe that fair market is what they need to pay. Ridiculous.

This company is A1 when it comes to customer service. I have never had any issues with them. My quote was the cheapest I could find anywhere. I have never had to use their customer service via phone, so I cannot speak on that. However when calling to compare quotes they were super helpful and did not pressure me into getting their insurance.

The reason I am so content with my current auto insurance company, USAA, is that they offer really good discounts to veterans and also other discounts such as housing your car in a protected structure and multiple family member discounts. Their customer service is very helpful.

Just a month ago, while I stopped in traffic on an Interstate Highway due to an accident, I was rear ended by a USAA insured car driven by the 19 year old son of the insured. I was driving a sports car, with a stick shift, and when I saw traffic had stopped, I downshifted instead of jamming on my brakes and going into a skid. I was able to come to a complete halt with 6-8 feet between me and the preceding car, which incidentally, rear ended the car in front of her.

We had stopped a good 3-5 seconds before being hit, and driven forward several feet. USAA says that their insured says it was my fault so they refuse to deal with me. Their adjuster called me minutes before arriving without notice, while I was in a business meeting. The adjuster refused to reschedule the visit, and would not give any more notice than a half hour.

I made a personal visit to their offices in Virginia Beach, and they refused to talk to me. They did however refer me to one of their "Drive in Appraisal" shops. The police estimated my damage at $1,200.I estimated it at $1.500 and their shop arrogant as could be said it was only $452 in damage. A visit to two other body shops (one being another of USAA's drive in shops) said it was in excess of $1,500 and there was possible frame damage. This company should be investigated by the State Banking Commissioner for fraud, and incompetence. I rate them with a 1.

I have never had anyone talk to me the way this licensed insurance agent did. I called to get a quote for insurance and within 5 minutes of talking to the agent, I hung up on her because she was so rude. She talked to me as if I was a child, and I am in shock at how disrespectful this agent was when I was trying to give her my business. If this is any sign of how they do business then I want to warn everyone to not do business with them! P.S. their military discounts are a total scam! They are taking advantage of hard working, loyal Americans. DO NOT SIGN UP.

Service is always first rate. Phone calls are answered right away with a cheery voice. Questions are answered completely. They are always looking for ways to help you. Their rates are very reasonable. They are only open to service people, ex-service people, and their families.

I am in the midst of an auto claim at the present time. The details of my interactions with USAA are too numerous to report here but I can say that the opportunities to be disappointed by USAA Claim Adjusters equal my number of attempts to get clear answers and directions from them. Everyone is like Teflon at USAA. They take responsibility for nothing. Expect you to be their foot soldier in a business you know nothing about and then have the audacity to say they are cancelling your rental car though your vehicle repair is weeks from completion. I've escalated my case to some nondescript specialist in the Office of the CEO. Some shadowy figure named Dave left me a voice mail, again without any details regarding contact info, that someone would contact me in 2-3 days. It's been a week. No one has called.

This place is like mid to C-Suite level management at General Motors. Everything is designed to deflect responsibility away from the USAA person you are dealing with. You can't put your thumb on anyone to be responsible for anything. I'm starting a social media campaign that will continue until they assign someone who knows what they are doing to hold my hand through the completion of my claim and guarantee my car rental as well. It's been almost two months for an inconsequential rear-ender that caused greater mechanical damage. It's not my job to marshall my car through this process. It's theirs. But they want to put it all on your shoulders.

They have an adjuster who comes to look at your car. He's rude and intimidating and treated my service manager at the car dealership the same way. This, after he was a no-show to two appointments. Without ever a call or an "I'm sorry." Believe me, right now it's all about them. They don't care about you. This is a nightmare. I have migraines. It's 3AM here in California and I'm so upset I'm sitting up writing this. They've made me an insomniac and I'm getting sick. Look for me on YouTube for my rants. Search for USAA Worst Auto Insurance Experience Ever!

A little over 2 years ago I got rear-ended by a lady in an SUV with a big bumper guard. Over $7k in damages to my car that I had for less than a year. I had to take an ambulance to the ER due to neck pain. There was over 2 months missed work as I couldn't work on pain killers, physical therapy needed, etc. She borrowed her boyfriend's truck, apparently USAA was the insurer for their truck and my car.

My adjuster was fast to put her at 100% at fault. However they would not give me a rental until another USAA adjuster put the other driver at fault. My adjuster did have my car towed the following morning when I advised her it would run but appeared to be highly unsafe to do so on a public road. They took over 3 weeks to offer a rental and by that time my car was repaired; 3 weeks to fix. They offered to pay for the rental after I got my car back. That was not nice, especially on a clear cut case when I was low on money.

After 2 days of arguing for a rental, after the wreck, I had enough and lawyered up as I had a bad feeling about USAA not playing nice. That was a great call. The ER was wrong in their diagnosis and the spinal surgeon saw me twitching and knew what do. We spent about 1 year negotiating after I was at 100%. That was about 1 year recovery. In the end we had to file suit against everyone involved. 2 months before the first court date my attorney was in mediation USAA for another case. Apparently he had 3 cases with USAA. The issue got settled in mediation as USAA wanted to knock it out quick.. If you want anything actually done with USAA auto insurance claims be ready for a lawsuit and lawyer up early.

USAA is cheaper than most other insurers. They are very nice and try to help, but..... when it comes to something major expect a fight. I don't trust them that much. I would point out I had a totally different experience when helping an old neighbor with a USAA renter's insurance claim. A car drove into the complex and my elderly neighbor didn't have anywhere to go. The city deemed his apt unsafe. He was rather stubborn to say the least, retired colonel. I spoke to a very nice renter's insurance adjuster. Told them what happened, and linked them to the news article. It was on 5 news stations. It was a weekend but they understood an emergency situation. They saw the city notice on his door from the news video. The adjuster called him up and paid his hotel bill for 2.5 months and replaced broken items. I guess USAA is hit or miss. I have also had a good experience with USAA financial for my banking.

They sent a claims specialist and assessed the damage. USAA quickly paid for everything including my Physical Therapy. They are always very professional, helpful and ensures that my policy fits my needs. USAA is very good at asking how many miles you drive a year. I've been very happy with their interest in ensuring that I get all the possible discounts and benefits I qualify for by verifying where I live and work. I highly recommend USAA Insurance.

They argued to a payment arrangement with me and I made the payment as agreed the day of the payment my car hit a ditch covered by snow and damaged the bumper. USAA started processing the claim and said I was covered. Then a week later they came back and said they never agreed to the payment arrangement so my insurance had been canceled. I showed them my called log of the 30 minute call I made the week prior to the arrangement to their billing department. They say they didn't record the call so I never made the arrangement. But you took my payment and thanked me for making the payment as arranged? Then a week later pretend it was never made to deny coverage. USAA is the worst insurance company I've ever felt within my life. This is what they call respect to military families?

USAA Auto Insurance has good customer service and they have rebates issued based on how claims were against payments. I called and made the claim for an accident with my vehicle. I was in the military at the time, overseas in France. They sent a representative to examine the damage, processed the claim quickly, assisted me in finding a repair shop and issued a check within days. All of their representatives are courteous, polite and knowledgeable. They respond quickly and are available when you need them. I have never had any problem with them processing a claim and their rates are more than competitive. Their website is always available and can help you with information about your account(s). I use USAA for credit cards, mortgages and investments. I have been totally satisfied with all of my dealings with this company.

Made the BIG mistake of deleting current working automatic payment account for a different one, to pay for my auto insurance from USAA. They cannot verify the account until you login to their multi-level security account and request two deposits made to your account to verify it. USAA then (hopefully) sends you two different temporary deposits within 1-3 days. You then hope this has happened after three days; go to your local branch within 30 days (and also before the next billing date); obtain those deposit amounts; return to USAA website and enter your three levels of security login information; find the manage accounts feature; click on the non-verified account and enter the two values from your bank. Now hope and pray the verification posts, stating that it is verified.

I tried this three times with failure. This is just an example of unethical strong-arm business practice to coerce members to use USAA banking services instead of an outside bank, and they KNOW that. Then their website login is like they are running NORAD. Except the people at NORAD actually use encoded cards and fingerprint scanners (cheap and still the best). Why don't they just require a simple fingerprint from a $19 fingerprint reader available at any computer superstore which plugs into a USB port? I guarantee no one has ever hacked a fingerprint, which is why they are used for drug dispensers, like Pixis and by federal agencies.

No, let's just add 6 more levels of numbers, symbols, arbitrary shapes and sequences of things that can be hacked, and ten minutes of hassle for you to enter it as you look it up in your digital password keeper app. Then, good luck finding anything on their convoluted, multi-level website. I know they are located in a foreign country called Texas, but this is like going back to the 1980's. It's no wonder that their company is so archaic. Their CEO is a retired Army General good 'ol boy republican with (no doubt) dinosaur thinking (which also runs the rest of our country) and keeps America where they want it: At the bottom of the list with most everything. While smaller countries with more drive and fewer resources, do more with better-educated people, and fresh, innovative decision making. Just visit Europe or Israel. You will think you've returned to the wild west when you come back here.

My 2005 Nissan Xterra was vandalized while at a mechanic's garage. It was towed there, then driven when the repairs weren't right (less than 2 miles driven). I had forgotten to take my vehicle out of storage (I was in Afghanistan from 2012-2014), I was paying storage fees instead of regular fees, but THE CAR DID NOT WORK (new motor installed) and was only driven back and forth to the repair shop. I have been with USAA for about 15+ years, NO tickets, accidents, or claims, and 5 insured vehicles-- paying 1547.00 in premiums; and USAA wouldn't pay a claim of about 4,000.00 dollars. Can someone recommend me to a New Auto Insurer, asap!

Sitting in park, my daughter was hit by a lady covered by USAA. A police report was filed and she admitted responsibility. She did not contact her insurance so my insurance contacted USAA to get the ball rolling. The accident happened on December 22, 2011. I took my car for estimate on January 2, 2012 and finally was able to speak with adjuster to give my statement on January 11. He had not yet talked to his insured member. I received call from body shop that estimate was approved and took my car in on January 16 for repairs and picked up rental which USAA had not yet approved so I gave a credit card for rental to get home. The car was repaired with additional charges that were also approved by USAA on January 20. Body shop would not release car without check.

After many attempts to reach Frank the adjuster, she finally spoke with someone else who said a check was mailed. Five more days of car rental until I received the check for a total 12 days. USAA will only pay for five days of rental although they dragged their feet confirming the accident with their member and were the reason she couldn't get the car sooner. We're stuck with $200 plus unreimbursed charges for car rental that they refuse to pay. Frank was rude and yelled at my daughter on the phone regarding the car rental. They also didn't want to pay the taxes on the five days of rental.

USAA has been excellent! I have had since I was a teenager. I have been able to easily switch vehicles over the years and add my husband when we got married. Any issues I have ever had are resolved extremely fast.

25 Year Member Reports: USAA has CHANGED. BEWARE and ready to fight FRAUD! I have paid hefty premiums for auto, home, life, and umbrella policies to USAA for over 25 years. My family had a claim about 15 years ago and USAA faithfully took care of us. Things have changed. Recently, my car was hit from behind, nearly killing me. The driver, also insured with USAA, was speeding and didn't see my stopped car in the fast lane or the other 3 he totaled because he was looking down at his radio, more likely, he was texting. He hit my stopped compact car in excess of 75 mph, totaling my car and others around me. I was rushed to the emergency room and treated for multiple broken bones, hands, neck, back, ribs, legs, concussion, contusions, and other injuries, which eventually resulted in surgery, and wiped me out of work for over a year.

The very first thing USAA did was commit complete FRAUD in the adjustment of my vehicle. They hired an outside appraisal company, CCC One, who did an appraisal, which magically came back at nearly half the blue book value of my car. USAA tried to take advantage of my severe medical injuries and pushed me very hard to accept this settlement. I pushed back and eventually was able to secure a copy of the appraisal. I was shocked when I found out that the comparable vehicles which they used were salvage vehicles. Mine was a limited edition, registered show car that had been one of the most cherished in the local club for this vehicle. Mine was MINT new and had previously been one of the ones they keep inside the glass room next to the dealer sales desk. I explained this to USAA, but it didn't matter, they insisted that KBB was incorrect and the appraisal was the answer. I took the appraisal and ran each VIN number thru AutoFax where I discovered that they were salvage and flood vehicles. I sent the reports back to the USAA adjuster, who continued to insist that KBB was inaccurate.

I escalated this to management and even told them that I would accept the same make, model, mileage car on my driveway in lieu of their proposed settlement. There was not a single vehicle available nationwide at the price they were forcing on me. I reported the FRAUD and the manager agreed to have CCC One run the appraisal again. After much growling and threatening, I got the report and I once again found out they committed FRAUD. This time, they obscured the VIN numbers so that I could not run an AutoFax. I was able to locate the appraisal vehicles using dealership, mileage, year and color. I verified that each comparable was either a completely different vehicle than mine (like comparing a BMW base model hard top 325i to an M3 convertible) OR it was a vehicle that had been in a collision. It took me over 40 phone calls and letters to get the fair market value (still less than KBB) for my vehicle out of USAA. The process took nearly 6 months. They have never apologized for the FRAUD their hired gun, CCC One, committed.

Next up, I tried to collect from the at fault driver, a USAA insured. I sent the adjuster, who has a California minimum policy to offer me, receipts for medicals and lost wages exceeding 10 x the policy limit. It has been over a year and they refuse to send the payment. They keep asking for more information even though I have already proven special damages exceed 10x their policy. I have sent them a dozen letters and even accused the adjuster of extreme bad faith and still I have not received a penny. I am shocked that USAA would take this kind of risk (Google how to open an auto policy because of bad faith and check out California Insurance Code 790) just to have the time value of the miniscule and inevitable policy limit they owed.

Next, I submitted receipts for my copays and prescriptions to my medical payments group. Surely, I thought, they would reimburse me for my out of pocket expenses. This is straight forward, right? They hired a company called Auto Injury Solutions. Auto Injury Solutions has denied every single bill I have sent them, even a bill for $3.50 for pain medication 2 days after the accident. This company has sent me over 100 letters, each one stating a reason why they cannot pay the amount due. They claim to have hired independent doctors who believe that whiplash and neck injuries do not need to be treated by a Chiropractor. I have tried to reason with the med-pay adjuster and she simply refuses to send payment, even though I have sent her thousands of dollars in photocopied receipts. She asked me for my medical records, but she sent me a medical release that states USAA IS NOT HIPPA COMPLIANT. This means that USAA has no obligation to protect my medical history; that they can sell this information to life insurance and disability companies, who can then use it to deny or limit coverage.

God knows what USAA will do with my private medical information? Would you want your neighbor knowing that you had AIDS? Or your boss knowing that your daughter had an abortion? Or your school principal knowing that your kid was in drug rehab? I find it irreprehensible that USAA takes the position that they refuse to pay a single penny on med pay without full medical records, but they refuse to protect these records like every other insurance company does and is required to do under HIPPA.

So, as it stands now, I still have received not a single penny from USAA med pay. I have been thru surgeries, have had over a dozen cortisone injections and my ICD9 and CPT codes would fill a lined sheet of paper. I recently gave in and sent USAA a 50 page ledger from my medical insurance company showing every single treatment date and diagnosis. Guess what, they still refuse to reimburse me for even $4 in pain medication. Absolutely the most and ridiculous treatment I have ever experienced.

Next up: the wage earner feature of my policy, a feature that promises to pay a nominal amount of disability pay provided I am taken out of work due to an auto injury. Let me just make this short and sweet: I was denied. Yep. They refused to pay a penny until I fought them for months and months and months. Then, after months of fighting, they paid a single payment and stopped. I have sent them a continuous stream of nearly 30 FULL disability notes from orthopedic surgeons treating my bones, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and other injured body parts and USAA has turned a blind eye to all of this. I get on the phone, argue, scream, send letters to USAA threatening to contact the Insurance Commissioner, and hire a Lawyer. I get a single payment, then they stop.

Please, I am urging you to research USAA, research Auto Injury Solutions, and research CCC One. Look at the over sized premiums you are paying because you are not going to get the warm, cuddly, nice treatment your father used to get from USAA. I do not endorse any insurance company and I do not work for any insurance company. The above are the facts of my experience with USAA, after paying hefty premiums for as long as I can remember. USAA is the worst company I have ever done business with in my entire life, bar-none.

We have not had any problems with USAA, or have ever needed to contact them because of an accident. They are the least expensive of all the other auto insurance companies, and you can bundle house insurance with the auto insurance as well.

They are routinely accommodating and available to answer questions at all times. Fast claim response with fair treatment and do not raise rates as often or for the same reasons as other companies.

Good service on all claims and low prices. Eros are there when you need them and everything is handled smoothly and with little paperwork as possible. They have the best coverage and can make paperwork insurance cards and as easy as pie. I have my whole family with USAA and have care house and personal insurance with USAA because they are the best at everything.

I have been a customer of USAA for over 15 years and I have never had any problem with them. They always provide great customer service. I've only had a couple of claims with them and everything was also resolved to my satisfaction. They always kept me updated on the whole process and always provided results to my satisfaction. Even though my premium is a bit high, probably due to the fact that I have two daughters on my policy who are in their twenties, I would recommend them.

I have been a customer of USAA Auto Insurance for 37 years. About 18 months ago I noticed my 6 month renewal premiums were going up about $60.00 every 6 months. I have the same vehicles, no claims, same mileage, same address - basically nothing has changed whatsoever. I called and was given gobbledygook!! Customer Care Rep. #1. I would have to go see the State Department of Insurance for an answer... Customer Care Rep. #2 "Well your car's value changes each year", Customer Care Rep. #3 "Well maybe it's because there are more accidents in your area..."

I asked for a Supervisor to call me... that was two days ago no call. USAA has lost all credibility. They are charging me an additional $120 a year for auto insurance without any valid explanation. If I hadn't invested thousands of dollars on premiums over the last 30+ years I'd drop them like a hot potato. Thinking of auto insurance??? Look somewhere other than USAA.

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