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I was a member of USAA for 12 years and had only filed about 3 claims total with them during that time. I recently tried to file a claim for a broken laptop computer and my account was labeled as fraudulent and they were attempting to close my policy. The only reason my account was labeled as fraudulent was because my computer was broken the same day I took out extra coverage. I understand that; that looked suspicious, but it happens and it did happen. I went along with the investigation that took place, because I had nothing to hide. However, I became annoyed with the investigation and decided to close my claim and replaced my computer with my own funds. However, I received a phone call the next day stating my claim would not be closed because it appeared I was making a fraudulent claim.

What USAA was using as proof was a wrong date given by my friend. However, the kicker to this story is even after I submitted a sworn statement from my friend correcting her date of my incident, along with my phone records, and a list of dates given by me, my account still remained in a fraudulent status with USAA. It became apparent to me that no matter how much proof I gave showing my claim was not an attempt at fraud, that USAA was determined to label it as such. In my opinion USAA is not a company designed for the military because when it comes right down to it, their customers are nothing more than a number to them. They are not there to help anyone but themselves. My biggest regret is only that it took me so long to realize it.

I’m a veteran living on Social Security. I had heard good things about USAA and have to admit that I didn’t read my insurance policies (2 auto policies and a home policy), nearly as well as I should have. I have a perfect driving record and exceptional credit rating. My premiums seemed high to me but I thought they were probably in line with most companies. After all, they tout themselves as being military friendly and family oriented. NOT!!! My first clue of what USAA had become was: I live in a hail prone zone and 2-3 years prior I had installed a new Class IV impact resistant roof, (which is much more expensive than a normal roof), in hopes of preventing future roof damage.

All insurance companies that I know of offer substantial discounts for impact resistant roofs. USAA offered a similar discount, but ONLY if I signed an affidavit that basically said they would not cover any damage that was cosmetic. (In other words they’d only cover it if my roof leaked no matter what it looked like.)

This didn’t seem right to me, so after confirming the requirement for me to sign their paperwork I, (without signing their affidavit), started checking my policies more closely.

My findings? Both my house and auto policies cost hundreds of dollars each more than other major companies. The worst part is that the COVERAGE was absolutely HORRIBLE! The company that I changed to (at a several hundred dollar savings), won’t even let their agents write a policy with coverage as bad as the one USAA recommended! USAA, while charging their clients hundreds of dollars MORE, all the while touting how wonderful they are to veterans and military personnel and their families is absolutely deceitful and shameful!

In talking to previously long term USAA clients, the company wasn’t always like this but something changed around 3 years ago. I believe they may have taken a similar “3 D” policy (Dispute, Deny, Delay), that some other questionable (major) insurance companies have recently adopted. This practice heavily inflates the company’s bottom line by reducing their payouts. This is achieved by underestimating replacement costs, inflating depreciation of property, denying claim damage, disputing claim damage and costs, and delaying verbal and written correspondence and checks regarding ANYTHING other than the original unreasonable estimates they present.

A very high percentage of clients either think there is nothing they can do (sometimes correctly so), or they just plain get frustrated and give up trying to get a fair settlement. Great way to make huge profits huh??? To be fair, almost everyone that I talked to at USAA was friendly and easy to work with. It’s the overall company policies that I have a problem with.

My deceased husband thought USAA was the greatest thing in the world for its members. He would be sad and mad to know how they have taken advantage of us (and others, I'm sure). We were paying four times the amount on our home insurance as compared to our neighbors for the same coverage. I accidentally realized this when my mortgage payment was going to be raised $300 per month due to an increase in 2013 homeowner's insurance. Lo and behold, when I called to speak with a representative at USAA and mentioned that I'm shopping around and would most likely be leaving after 60 years because of the high rate, they suddenly found that there were some credits that I should be taking that would reduce my premiums by 15-20% per year.

That's all well and good for now, but their not giving me any refund on all the excess premiums I've paid (which is at least $10,000 for the last 13 years) because I wasn't informed by them. Our mistake was we thought USAA was there for their members and did the best possible, which is why I refinanced the house through them and have always carried my car insurance with them - even though I know it's a little on the high side. I learned a valuable lesson the hard way and lost faith in USAA.

I've been a customer of USAA for 35 years. I sold my condo in October, 2016 and put all of my furniture and items in storage for 4 months. When I sold my condo I contacted USAA and explained my items would be in storage until I bought and renovated the place I was buying. On November 8th, 2016 I bought a townhouse. I contacted USAA for homeowners insurance but also told them my furniture and personal belongings would be in storage indefinitely. The moving company required that everything in storage be covered by insurance. I trusted that USAA had provided me with the correct insurance to cover both my townhouse but my items in storage. On February 1st, 2017 I physically had my items from storage moved to my new residence. Unfortunately there were a number of items broken and not delivered. The moving company had 120 days per their contract to find my items.

Unfortunately after 60 days they sent me a check for $132.00 at 60 cents a pound for the items packed and broken by them. I was advised to contact my insurance carrier as the items were not found. When I contacted USAA I was told by several individuals that my renters insurance was cancelled when I purchased my homeowners insurance and since they only keep messages for 90 days they had no record of what my phone call consisted of and therefore they would not reimburse me for the items that were not delivered. I was very disappointed in the way this was handled. Their decision to pay nothing was based on their inability to have my phone call tape available. Nice customer service from a company that I've been a customer of for the past 35 years. Thank You USAA.

I had some water damage, I called USAA to check coverage, the agent told me to get a quote first, before I file a claim, since it may be less than my deductible. I did, and it was. I wanted to check rates of other companies since my premiums have gone up year after year. I was told USAA turn me into LEXUS NEXUS, for filing a claim, which I did NOT, regardless other companies won't give you a quote with a claim within a certain time frame. I spoke with a Joe **, about my situation and all he would do was send me an email, stating ZERO was paid on my claim, but again there is a claim!!! The company I switched my car insurance to, was trying to reach him and called 5 days straight and left 5 messages! He is unwilling to remove the Claim report with Lexus Nexus, and I feel I am being held hostage. I will leave USAA as soon as I possibly can, he is arrogant and unwilling to be helpful.

Our power lines were struck by lightning and the lightning also arched over to a tree in our backyard. The tree was killed as well as many electronics in our home were affected losing a lot of wireless functions. USAA made the whole process of attempting a claim next to impossible. We had to prove that all the electronics were damaged by the lightning as well as they only allowed $500 towards for the removal of a very large tree when the cheapest company we could find to remove it was $1200. I asked them how do we prove the electronics were lightning damaged but they gave no suggestions. They made it so difficult we gave up on making a claim. Not sure what the point of HO insurance is if we can't make a reasonable claim.

Our insurance has doubled from last year. When talking to agent, we were told it's because of high claims in the area. We have not filed a claim. Even neighbor's house across street who burned partially did not have that happened.

Where to begin? After 43 years as a loyal customer, it's time to pull the plug. The fact that USAA advertises continuously while service and responsiveness deteriorate dictates they are in the business of volume, not quality. After a succession of problems from HELOC computations, auto claim, and homeowner policy errors, I have no choice but to move my business elsewhere (over $3k in annual premiums plus $350k on deposit). Nothing stays the same. From a once great company to an also-ran.

I received a letter about 1.5 months ago from USAA stating a home inspection was needed. I PCS'd 2.5 years ago after being reactivated to the military and have leased out my home. Last year, I received the same letter from USAA and when I said it would be too intrusive to a new set tenants that were just in the process of moving in, they said a drive by would be sufficient. Then we got this letter again, this time, an inspector contracted by USAA called a month and a half later and told us the inspection would take 2-3 hours! I was taken aback by the length and unknown reason for this inspection. He said the time was due to the level of detailed information USAA was requesting, i.e. interior picture documentation, interior measurements and determination of structure construction, etc.

It sounded to me like all the things that were available on the original home appraisal and tax records, and building cost estimates are readily available to track changes from the original insurance estimate. So, I asked the inspector to also be provided a copy of what he sends to USAA. He replied, "Sorry, I work for USAA. You'll have to contact them about that." This sounds very intrusive to ask of my tenant, especially since I do not know what the purpose of the inspection is. I have been a customer of USAA for more than 30 years. During this time, the company had earned my trust and loyalty, so I tried to be cooperative. I also come from a long military family background where our combined experience with the company is over 150 years. So trying to be cooperative, yet suspicious, I asked the inspector to put this in an email to me with some proposed dates and I would send his email along with a scanned copy of USAA's letter and a cover requesting support from my tenant, so this inspection could be coordinated and accomplished.

Our discussion took place around 5PM and he sent me an email shortly afterward that evening, but stated now that his calendar had booked up, that he only had one day and one time available. We put him in touch with our tenant directly, who asked for the inspection to be rescheduled to 1st week of August instead of 3rd weekend of July as they are traveling out of town during that time. The inspector said, "Sorry that won't do, we must get in contact with USAA." My tenant owns a large business and has multiple insurance policies and called this out to me, stating he has never ran across this before. Makes you think the insurance company is casing out the house.

I called USAA, said I am not doing anything differently and this inspection comes out of the blue for an unknown reason. Then, I commented on the length of time this would take and the inspector's inflexibility, and requested this be rescheduled. Still, I asked them why. I understand that when you purchase a home, an insurance inspection makes sense to appropriately document for coverage purchases and to get an idea of replacement costs etc., even a drive by occasionally to check the condition. But really, 4 years after purchase? They would know if anything was wrong, a claim would exist. I told them that I do a thorough walk through inspection with my tenants, including pictures and written checklists that we both signed during beginning and end of leases.

The current tenants have only been in the house for ~3 months and I would be happy to share this formally documented information. I have owned ~5 homes, last one for 10 years and have never had this issue. Something has changed at USAA. I am highly suspicious of a hidden agenda, rate increase, dropping insurance, finding something they could exclude in the future, let your imagination take you there. The USAA agent hesitated, thinking of what to say, then told me that our home values have increased and this inspection is to adequately check the value of our home. This is counter intuitive in today's economic, employment and housing environment. I have had 2 appraisals on my home and track current values. In fact, my current resident is a builder, leasing our home while building his own custom home 2 doors down in my neighborhood.

I live in an exclusive manned gated community. I can answer the question directly. I am satisfied with my current level of coverage and believe I am adequately insured for the replacement value of my home. I have an inside track to what is being built in the neighborhood. I feel that USAA is using bullying tactics that show a mistrust of current long term customers and I hate to say it, but this is making me think of going elsewhere for my auto and home insurance needs and encouraging the same from brothers, sisters, father and children. This tactic will inherently backfire and cost USAA far more in company brand equity and customer loyalty (affecting the bottom line) more than they realize.

The competitors a.k.a. Geico and others have ramped up marketing campaigns and sponsorships, targeting USAA customers at practically every major military event and is nipping at their heels. Once customer and the brand loyalty is lost, kiss it goodbye. The piss off factor is large, especially if as I suspect, the true hidden agenda is only one-sided - raise my rates to increase company revenues with no value added proposition. My question is, what do I get out of this for the ** pain? I am finding it difficult to make excuses to my current tenants for the behavior of my insurance company. I'm waiting to see what they'll come back with for rescheduling and the "why" again.

We have been with USAA for over 50 years and I cannot say enough about them. They are reliable, honest, trustworthy and willing to discuss issues with my husband and me. We also have our car insurance with them.

16 years with USAA home insurance. 3 different homes. 1 claim ever. We bought a new house and spoke to USAA and received a quote, and proceeded with them as our carrier. Upon inspecting our bank account we noticed a deposit from USSA. We thought it was a refund from our old house. We had just bought a new home. At no time were we notified by mail, phone or email did we receive the following information... you will be cancelled if you don't submit to a home inspection. So we were cancelled, unaware we had no home insurance for 15 days before we realized it.

The customer service I spoke to initially was so rude and implied that we should be more responsible and read our mail. We did not get mail, they claimed they sent a certified letter, but could not prove it. I am not sure what is going on, but The WORST company ever. We got some different insurance and closed all accounts. They do not care about veterans. They are shifty at best and should be exposed and should be prosecuted!

Although I have never made a claim, I feel confident USAA would do the right thing for me. Their rates are competitive with other insurance companies. Their website is easy to use and allows one to view their policy information and to make changes.

I have been a member of USAA for 56 years. During that time I used my home insurance twice. I called today to discuss roof damage due to high winds. I was treated very rudely by an extremely condescending woman who interrupted me constantly. It was clear she had no desire to help me, she just wanted off the phone as soon as possible. For a company that advertises service to the military and their families I am shocked by the duplicity. After a lifetime, I am now looking for a different insurance company. They clearly have no regard for long term policy holders.

I have never had a problem with USAA, I have never had to contact them for any reason. They are less expensive than any other homeowners insurance, and they accept bundling.

I have for many of years been paying for House and Car insurance. In January 2015 had a incident with my two dogs got out of yard and when a woman was walking her dogs. I know it sounds real bad and it kind of looked bad! But they were really more jumping and holding the dog then biting the other dog, no blood but, still very scary. I pulled my dogs off, asked the lady if she was hurt. She said the thought she may have broken a finger, I told her I was so very sorry. A man came over and they walked away.

Not long after that a man pulled up, then soon my husband and then the police! So cut this shorter the police ask me what happened then went to the women's house to get her statement and check the damage. The police and the women's husband come back. The husband tells me he's take his wife to the hospital and the dog to the vet and will I pay for the bills, I reply of course I'll take care of and gave him the info he needed. He left. I got a ticket to go to court for the incident. Just so you all know I knew it was all my fault and I was horrified about the whole incident and I owned up to it. A couple weeks later I went to court and to my amazement my case was excused with no fines, I don't know why it just was.

I had been keeping my eye out for hospital and vet bills in the mail but, nothing then, a letter for an attorney came! The lawyer informed to call my homeowner insurance to get in touch with him. So I did USAA claims dept. The gentlemen asked me about the incident, told me not to worry, he said that's what insurance is for and that he'd take care of everything and if he needed anything else he'd call me back. I hadn't hear anything for weeks then, last week I got a call from USAA that my policy came for review and that they noticed that I had put in a claim in January 2015 and want to know what happened.

So I told her the story, she said she would talk to the panel and give me a callback. In 5 minutes she called back with the news that USAA will not be renewing my policy! I am not saying I'm not at fault but is this not why we have insurance! This is the first time I put in a claim. In the 8 years that I have had my dogs they have never been out of our fenced in yard! And though I take the blame for this it was a repairman that had left the gate open! I just didn't think to check it! That's why I blame myself! USAA should be ashamed the first time and they canceled my policy all those years they took my money and felt protected! My dogs have never ever hurt anyone before this incident.

I felt compelled to write this so people know that if they decide to give your hard earned money to USAA this can happen to you as well! Insurance is to protect you not leave you on the streets, as this incident may well do to my husband age 75 and me age 60 for we may not be able to afford homeowners insurance. 40 years my husband served our country. I swear I have loved our country all the days of my life but, since last week I have never been so very scared every minute of the day and am so uncertain of our future.

A few weeks ago a storm ripped off chunks of my roof, letting water in and flooding my upstairs master bedroom and downstairs bedroom. When the adjuster finally came out 3-4 days later, and then told my wife (I work on the road) that the holes in my roof would not be covered and that particle board was more than sufficient repairs. Absolutely ZERO communication from our rep. Treated rudely like I was bothering them when I called. Just find out what was going on. On top of the "sufficient repairs" the contractor did it also rains inside my house now! What joy! I am receiving 1000 dollars to refloor, reroof and reinsulate my home. Thanks USAA. You're the best!!!

We filed a claim for hail damage to our roof. Our roof was quite old and we were concerned there would be more damage due to age rather than hail. On the phone, the agent clearly explained the process and what they would be looking for. An inspector came within a week of filing our claim. The primary damage was found to be caused by the hailstorm. Thankfully, we received a check for replacement within just a couple weeks.

As with so many of the other complaints on this page, I have been a loyal USAA member since I was 16. I am now 50. I have had two claims on my insurance both happen to be this year. The first resulted in the company that USAA sent to my home recommending a new roof for my home. After approximately, 2 months and 3 more visits from people USAA sent the claim was denied. During this time another problem occurred that I was told not to tie to the original claim but to start a new claim. It took a month for them to deny this claim.

This was denied because the damage occurred over time even though I was blind to the damage and the fact that I told them about this during the first claim was used as a reason even though they told me to do that. Needless to say, my business with USAA is finished and I am pursuing legal options. With the recent complaints I see on this page, I am wondering if there is a class action complaint in the future.

My husband and I had our policy together. I was considering a separation and had called usaa asking for a rate should a separation happen. The rep divorced us on their end and raised our rates as single without my authorization or confirmation of such. We've been paying separate premiums for over two years. We want to cancel with usaa and they won't let us - we have to go through separation and divorce to do this according to them. Why are they denying our right to cancel our policies? We have filed complaints and promised a call back by mgrs which never happen. Still waiting after two weeks.

I'm writing for my father. He has USAA homeowner's insurance. Over two months ago, he had a hose break in his kitchen. The water impacted the kitchen and the rooms below. At first, USAA seemed to be responding well. He was given a choice of whether to go with USAA's preferred abatement provider or a contractor of my father's choosing. My father decided to go with his own contractor. USAA sent out an independent adjuster who wrote up the initial estimate. The adjuster, upon my father's request, gave him abatement contractor names to clean up the flood mess. When the abatement contractor reviewed the damage, he thought that there might be hazardous materials present and said that testing needed to be performed prior to removing the soaked materials.

An environmental testing firm, independent (per Colorado law) of the abatement contractor, collected samples and had them analyzed. The samples did come back positive. In the meantime, USAA switched adjusters a couple of times and when we finally reached our current adjuster, we kept asking him for an updated adjuster's estimate which should include removal of the hazardous materials. We've never received that estimate. The new adjuster said he thought the abatement contractor's bid was too high and he wanted another bid so he sent out USAA's preferred contractor to bid on the job. The original abatement contractor revised his bid as well. The USAA adjuster then asked my father which company he wanted to use. My father responded that he wanted to the adjuster's estimate. There's been no response since then. We are at an impasse as we don't know what USAA will cover or how much.

We have been members for almost 25 years and we have had major issues with our home and I SAW has denied everything every time. We have water that came in our basement (minimal). They said they will not cover it. We have a leak from our flashing causing our floor hoist to start rotting away. They said they will not cover. Do they cover anything?? We have been loyal but they have never been loyal to us. Their customer service department does not want to help. We were affected by hurricane Micheal and all the nasty representative would say is, "I know. We don't cover that." They are running a awful business and to not look after our Military members is very very upsetting! I think after 25 years it's time to go looking. I would not recommend them to a DOG! BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY. IF YOU FILE A CLAIM 8 TIMES OUT OF 10 THEY DENY IT!

Daughter in Air Force was renting apartment and had renter's insurance through USAA. A stalker broke into her apartment stealing spare vehicle keys, clothes, personal papers, spiking laptop's power cord with a metal pin (to start fire or electrocute her) and opened up the water heater's drain spigot and created a flood. TV, laptop, DVDs were all left alone. Downstairs renter got flooded out, too. Property manager was alerted to water and they used a pass key to get into her apartment to turn it off. Daughter was alerted, police report filed, needless to say - she was freaked out by all this. She immediately notified USAA. USAA denied the $1800 damage bill submitted by the property company!

USAA stated that it was the property owner's responsibility to file on their insurance. Daughter got stuck with this bill! She was the victim here - thrice over stalker, property owner and then USAA! REALLY screwed up her credit rating because the property owners didn't tell her that USAA denied it until it was already sent to bill collection agency. What a bunch of ** for an active duty enlisted person to go through.

My 2013 homeowners policy was released on 1 April 2013 for the 2013-2014 policy. USAA decided for me that I needed more coverage and increased my coverage which obviously increased my premium. On 2 April 2013 I updated my policy to the old coverage and it reduced the premium to its previous amount. On 2 Feb 2014 my wife (I am currently deployed) received a notice from my escrow company stating that my escrow account would run out of money due to an increase in insurance.

I contacted USAA through their website several times after my wife could not get anyone to listen her on the phone. I sent messages in and got 4 different replies from 4 different people. In 2 back to back messages I received a credit of $400 but in the next it was $62. After going back and forth with specific dates and policy amounts the policy change on 4/2/2013 disappeared from my documents on the website. Luckily I printed them.

So here I am deployed and trying to get help from USAA and all I get them fighting me tooth and nail. USAA got to be too big of a company and they are now more worried about their commercials and profit line to be concerned with the service member. I have been with them for 21 years and my wife has been with them for 27 years but it is time to move on. When I get this all straightened out I will update this post.

I am renting my house in Colorado. When I decided to rent the house and contacted USAA I had to change my policy to a Renter's insurance. The cost increased even though the coverage didn't cover my personal items (guns, jewelry, etc). The way I understood I was covered if the renter's skipped out. Due to it being a loss of income. I contacted USAA today and was told only the damage to the house is covered. Last month the check bounced and this month the renter's skipped out. No damage to the house but damage to my pocket. I had to pay more for insurance for less coverage. Not happy with USAA.

After 23+ years with USAA, no homeowners claims until 3 years ago, not one late payment, they dropped our homeowners insurance. We had 3 claims within the past 3 years. The first one was in 2010, for roof damage (water leakage in the ceiling). Second in 2011, claim on food replacement during a long power outage and lastly in 2012, for a laptop stolen from our home.

We called and asked them to reconsider by looking at our history as loyal customers for the past 20+ years with no claims. After calling every week, for over a month, we finally got a call back from the head of the claims adjustment department. We were told that our history past the last 3 years was not considered; they were under no obligation to warn us when filing small claims that there was a possibility that we would be dropped and that the reason they can offer such low rates was because they had very few claims.

I pleaded with them to reconsider and reinstate us based on our history and if we had known that we would be penalized, we would not have made those small claims and put our policy in jeopardy. I asked them have a little compassion for those they claim to support. All was to no avail. It was a very emotional conversation without any respect or sympathy for our situation.

In the end, never have I been so frustrated, humiliated and hurt over this realization: USAA, a company we were faithful to because of its claims to support and uphold those who serve our country are no different than any other company out to gain a profit. That when given a chance to show compassion and correct a wrong, will choose not to support those they claim to honor.

In Oct. '64, I began driving (on my father's USAA policy). When I was commissioned in 1970, I followed in my father's footsteps - I choose USAA. For the next 47 years, I was bombarded by USAA's incessant advertising. Basically the gist was always the same - "Don't worry soldier - wherever you are, we will ALWAYS protect you!!" I always believed their story. Then 2 weeks ago, all hell broke loose in our lives. We are now retired, and have been living in our brand new home for 18 months. An overhead, 400-pound wooden beam snapped loose. The only thing keeping it from crashing to the floor (and killing us) was a single sheet of sheetrock. I immediately filed a claim with USAA. Long story short - the claim WAS REJECTED!! "Sorry, sir - your accident was a result of shoddy workmanship, BY THE BUILDER. We comply with NM law - the blame rests with the builder. You might try going through your builder."

All fine and well, EXCEPT 18 months ago, the builder quit building homes, folded his tent and faded into the dark fog of night. Yep - he's a real dirt bag!! One of those builders. Now, here we stand, within months of age 70. We have never been in trouble with the law; never bounced a check and NEVER had any financial issues (our FICO score is currently 766). Yet we are now looking at filing bankruptcy. Our meager financial savings will be instantly depleted - they could NEVER cover the repair costs.

USAA's attitude is straight-forward - sorry buddy, but we operate by The Book - OUR book. It would be one thing if we had lived our lives as financial deadbeats, but that is not the case. We have ALWAYS lived frugal lives. LOOK what that got us!!! Now, every time I see one of those USAA commercials on TV, I must turn off the TV. That jingle about "being for the warriors and their families" makes me want to throw up. With a clear conscience, I CANNOT recommend USAA to today's young members of the force. Believe me - they aren't going to protect you and your family.

I have a rental house that insurance has climbed from $700 per month to $1213 per month over 5 years. Every year, my premium goes up. So I have tried my best to figure out what I can do to lower the premium. The house is 1396 sq ft with new homes being sold for $93-$96 per sq ft. I understand rebuild includes tearing down and clearing off the lot of all debris. But they are covering the dwelling for $162k which is $116.00 per sq ft. I could only sell my house for $125k-$130k at the most. I asked to lower my dwelling coverage to $140k, two times now.

My personal homes dwelling is only covered for $100 per sq ft and is 10 times nicer than my rental property and 15 minutes away from the rental. Yet my rental is valued at $116 per sq ft. I believe tearing down my 2800 sq ft house and clearing would cost more than tearing down a 1396 sq ft house. It doesn't make sense! The main problem is that they won't let me lower it. They argue with me every time. This time the customer representative stopped talking to me all together. It's my home, my choice and they won't allow me to lower it. I will be making a change, terrible customer service.

USAA will cancel my policy the end of Dec 2013, due to using it 4 times within the last three years. Yet, one of those times was because I reported it and not because I file the claim. I am 33.5 year veteran retired. I am on a fixed income. I am unable to work anywhere due to battle injuries. This is causing me undue stress. I have researched other homeowners policies. They consider me a risk. The quotes that I am receiving actually doubles what USAA costs are. The Underwriter manager stated that they have subsidiary insurance companies that would take my policy. I called three USAA representatives and was turned down by their subsidiaries. At no time was there any notification that my homeowner's insurance policy would not be renewed due to use. I never miss any payments. The is an abomination to all veterans. In the past, I have placed all my confidence in this company, by placing all my insurance needs under them. Be very careful, what looks good on the outside is not necessarily good on the inside. One of the agents stated that USAA is an insurance company for disastrous destruction to your home and not everyday fixes. USAA states that they do not owe any of its policy holders any warnings of probable cancellation, due to use.

Been with USAA for 49 years. As a lark, I asked for quotes from other companies for HO. The two quotes that I got were within $100 of each other. BOTH WERE $4900 LESS THAN USAA. Exact same coverage. That's a lot of money. Two claims in thirty years, one for a robbery and one for storm damage. Should I pay USAA $7300 or another company $2500 for the same coverage? DUH.

I am being told by e-mail by Yoland ** that the ice damage to my roof is "wear". The roof was put on this home in 2002 and I was informed that this roof is good for 50 years. The previous owner and inspection report; when I purchased this home three years ago, support the roof was in good condition and there were no visible interior water leaks. Furthermore, USAA would not have financed my home if the roof was worn out and leaking. The professional roofer indicated it is ice damage.

Now I am supposed to have heard from your USAA adjuster for a week now. Meanwhile the home will continue to have water damage, when it rains. Is this how USAA has come to treat the loyal 25+ years customers? The roof metal is ripped, bent, paint has been stripped in spots, screws have been ripped out and more. This is not "WEAR". I have called Yolanda ** and her voicemail says "She is out of the office indefinitely and do not bother leaving a message". THIS IS RIDICULOUS.

Ever since this company opened up its membership outside of veterans and their families, it's been downhill. Service is terrible, prices are horrific and just not the same company anymore. When I bought my house in 2009, homeowners insurance was $450 with USAA. After five years, $1193 and they continue to make excuses by blaming it on the State of TN. Everyone who has USAA should switch to Navy Federal Credit Union because they are what USAA use to be. This is what happens when greed takes over a company.

I had hail damage to my house a few years ago. It was only a few months after switching my homeowner's insurance to USAA. They answered the phone promptly, were very professional, and streamlined the process, and paid for the damage. A few of my neighbors had trouble with other insurance companies paying for their damage. I did not. So, if they are a little more expensive than some of the other insurance companies, you get what you pay for. As far as the complaints on this website, if I have a problem with USAA, I will be back on this website with a complaint. Until then, I will remain their customer.

I have used USAA for over 10 years. They are always helpful and very knowledgeable. Their customer service is awesome. I have used one other insurance company and was not as pleased.

I called because my rate more than doubled. They stated that they valued my home at 2.5 times the value. I am the one who built the home. I have the spread sheets. There is not a home in this neighborhood that sold or is listed at that outrageous amount. The Wealth Management Home Insurance woman I spoke with was sassy and I am shopping now. I saw the other complaints and I do not know why I thought it would not happen to me. I am a Wealth Management Client and even that service has dropped over the last three years.

We made one claim and it was handled quickly and USAA Homeowners gave us some good advice on how to stop another. We get a rebate every year in December. Also, we are family like we were in the US army.

It is with deepest dismay that I feel compelled to write this review of USAA. I have been a loyal member of USAA for more than 34 years. I've prided myself in being a valued customer. I've often been asked, over the years, to participate in surveys, in which I've been asked what it would take for me to change insurance companies. Always, I prided myself, and USAA, in reporting that I never wanted to change insurance providers. I WAS THAT happy. I must have spoken too soon, or perhaps my high regard for USAA was at least in large measure attributable to the fact that I have never filed a claim for any of my property. I am a careful person. I take care of my things, my car, my household goods, my personal and family possessions. I feel this is the duty of anyone, and certainly anyone holding property insurance.

Imagine my surprise, if you can, after selling my home several years ago, and purchasing Renters insurance, plus Valuable Personal Property insurance - to discover that USAA doesn't actually cover anything. Because I am someone who derives some satisfaction out of knowing where I've failed (since I like to know what to avoid next time and avoid future mistakes), I surveyed everything I could on the USAA website, to see if perhaps I'd misunderstood. Sure enough, according to their website, USAA covers everything!!! Or certainly, they want you, the customer, or potential customer, to believe it's so! It ISN'T so.

The test of your insurance, isn't whether the representatives are friendly and helpful, or whether they say they'll take care of you; nor is it the company's supposedly good reputation, which doesn't exist anymore. The test of a good insurance policy is whether your policy actually covers what you thought you were buying when you forked over your money. You won't know until something happens, if your policy will actually cover anything until you file a claim. Your insurance company will either pay your claim, or they won't. If they don't, they should have a very good reason. What I discovered is that despite my following all their instructions, being a very careful and conscientious customer, paying premiums month after month on multiple policies for years, none of my losses - on anything, of any kind - are covered. How convenient!

A better form of insurance for me would have been to pay one of my friends or relatives $50 per month for years, in hopes they'd help me out if I really needed it; and in fact, most friends and relatives would do this anyway, and gasp at the thought of accepting money for it. And most strangers would be more helpful than USAA. What happened after years of being an honored and loyal customer, to warrant my need for USAA to actually come through on its promises? In my case, it was a torrential storm that swept through the entire area, breaking all records. It went on for days. It was in the national news. Power went out, electrical lines were down, high winds, hail, flash floods -- historic records for rainfall were broken that had been set 118 years ago, in 1898.

The storm continued for days. It was scary and inconvenient, especially being without power. But I was safe and dry. Or so I thought. On around Day 4 of the storm, everything changed. Tons of rain started pouring into my house. It was observed to have entered through the ceiling in the Master closet. (I have since learned that rain probably entered through a broken skylight, damaged by hail.) The closet looked like the inside of a shower with all the spigots turned on, except no shower I've seen, except in a locker room, puts out that much water. The floor and carpet were supersaturated. Water leached laterally through the carpet and pad, all the way to the bathroom entrance, across the master bedroom, covering one-half the length of the entire upstairs suite. Everything in the closet was soaked.

Hearing noises downstairs, I hurried down the staircase, and my worries were confirmed. Water was pouring through the ceiling of the first floor from the second level above. Everything was drenched. And the water was not clean. It was muddy, and left sediment on all the surfaces where it fell. My couch, loveseat, artwork, everything was drenched. There were 2 inches of water under my couch. Water standing on my coffee table, and sitting on my leather dining room chairs. My piano is right there. And wet.

But that is not all. Water was also coming up from below the surface of the brick flooring, on the ground floor. Water was actually seeping into the living room, dining room, and kitchen from spaces between bricks that comprise the ground level floor surfaces, although there are no observable spaces between the bricks -- but water finds its way from areas of greater concentration to lesser concentration. So, water was coming into the first floor from both above, and below. (Exactly how it entered through the floor I'm not certain, but there must be spaces between the foundation and the brick pavers, although the property owner denies this, for some reason - possibly because it is a violation of building codes?)

I have photos of all this. I contacted the property owner immediately. She lives in another state. I also contacted USAA immediately. The property owner, who is a customer of MetLife, did nothing. She said she was sorry. She said she'd pay for me to go to a hotel, but she didn't. She said she'd pay the exorbitant cost of ServiceMaster to run their equipment 24/7, but she didn't. I've been left holding the bag. And USAA said they'd pay for these things, but they haven't. They conveniently denied my claim.

In my first call to USAA, while this disaster was taking place, the USAA representative said they'd contact someone in my area and that I'd receive a phone call in 24-48 hours. No one called. I heard from no one. They also told me I'd need to submit a complete list of damaged items, with photographs. A complete report, with lots of detail. And I should do it ASAP. By this time, my computer, printer, and office equipment were in water, and everything needed to be unplugged.

I was able to convince the property owner that some mitigation company should be called. My things were soaking wet, and I didn't know what to do. She eventually go on that, and it wasn't until about a week later that I learned that her call to ServiceMaster was for the purpose of preserving HER property, and not mine. They eventually boxed up the contents of my closet, and sealed it tightly, whereafter I learned just last week, that all of my clothing is covered in mold and rotten or stained. So, it's been kind of hard to inventory all of it, until now.

Meanwhile, USAA denied my claim anyway, based on a lot of inaccurate information they willingly solicited by anyone and everyone who had something to gain by giving inaccurate information (such as unlicensed adjusters), without actually inspecting the property, assessing the damage, or identifying the source of water entry, while totally denying everything I submitted, which is factual. I also have photos, eye witnesses, and evidence that contradicts her story she provided to USAA. Yet, USAA is denying my claim anyway.

Now, they're encouraging me to start all over and file a Valuable Personal Property claim. I don't want to do that because I feel that if I do, it will allow them to close out my claim on my Renters policy, and I don't feel they've performed honorably or within the standard of care established expected or established within the industry. I expect if I file a VPP claim, they will deny that, as well. Most of my damaged property is unscheduled. I feel they should do due diligence and attend to this claim.

You can stop reading if you get the gist of this. The rest are details. Yes, I am interested in filing a court action. Yes, if this can be settled by the state insurance commissioner, that would be easier and better. But I'm doubtful it will be successful. Yes, I am open and receptive to any and all suggestions. I am really in need of qualified guidance.

Here are some details: A WEEK after placing my initial call to USAA, I received a call from someone from a construction company. They said they'd been contacted by USAA, and they'd send someone out. We set up a time, they said they'd bring a team. No team came. A fella showed up alone about an hour late, he was dispatched to the wrong address. I had corrected my address at least three times with USAA, but they never seem to actually correct my address. The fella said he didn't know what he was supposed to do. He said he'd never done anything like this before. He walked around, talked a lot about who knows what, and left.

The next day, another guy called and said he was coming the following day. He was even worse. He took pictures, insulted me and my belongings, lied, and told me to lie about where water was coming in. He said I'd better not tell USAA that water came in from below the floor, or my claim would be denied. I explained water came in from above AND below.

He never inspected the roof. He didn't even look at it. I offered to show him photos of the water coming in. He wouldn't look at the actual photos I have, of the water entering. It turns out, he wasn't even a licensed adjustor. He has no license of any kind registered in the state. Neither did the first guy. How does USAA decide which unqualified, untrained, unlicensed person they will dispatch to come and photograph my personal belongings and ask me personal questions? I have no idea.

Before I had a chance to find out that the guy wasn't even licensed, I'd already heard from USAA, informing me that based on that knucklehead's so called report, they were denying my claim. I also learned that the first guy they sent out was also not licensed. I told USAA that he wasn't qualified, he didn't do anything; he lied to me about my policy, and told me to lie to USAA about where water was coming in, and I wanted them to know this! I told them from the get go, that if I file a claim, any claim - it will be ACCURATE. I don't care if it doesn't jive with their expectations. If they want to know how and where water is coming in, I will tell them what I saw. I will show them photos. I have witnesses. It happened more than once. If the source of water doesn't jive with their expectations or protocol or algorithm, that is a problem outside of my domain. I'm here to tell the truth. I have tried.

For some reason, the property owner does not openly accept or admit that water came up from between the bricks. But her sons have seen it, and we discussed it when it first happened a couple of years earlier. Maybe something about building code violations? But should I be expected to cover for her if that is indeed the case? I don't think so. And yet USAA seems very happy and willing to fully accept all of the property owner's inaccurate and deceptive statements when it helps them to deny my claim.

The property owner told USAA that water entered the residence because of leaves, based on the fact that the property owner refused to call a licensed contractor to come out and actually inspect or repair the premises, and instead called upon her elderly mother who lives locally, to find someone; and her elderly mother found an unlicensed, unbonded, unqualified, physically impaired, medically fragile person who calls himself a handyman. The fella came out and fiddled around, cleaned up the leaves, and said leaves on the roof caused the damage. He did some "repairs". The owner asked ServiceMaster to come out. They removed the walls and ceilings in the closet. The handyman returned a few weeks later to replace the walls and ceilings. But guess what. Water came pouring in again 2 weeks later when it rained, because the problem wasn't caused by leaves, and he never fixed the actual problem.

Regardless, neither USAA nor the owner will budge from their totally inaccurate, made-up story that all of this damage was caused by leaves, despite the fact that no qualified person, no contractor or any individual has ever inspected the roof to assess and identify the source of damage. Last week, the same handyman replaced the skylight at the request of the owner, and reported that it was damaged and has holes in it. This is consistent with hail damage, and we did receive hail when all this happened. Yet, despite the fact that we know there was hail, high wind, and the skylight was damaged, for some reason, the owner sticks to her story that leaves caused the damage. And USAA is perfectly fine with this. It allows them to reject my claim and give me the runaround.

The fact that there was no standing water when either of the fake adjustors showed up a week later than promised can be attributed to the fact that they showed up a week later than promised. It's not my fault that USAA reneged on their agreement to have someone come out in 24-48 hours. It seems USAA is working for the property owner, but I am USAA's customer, not the property owner. The property owner is a customer of MetLife. The property owner has not been honest with MetLife about the source of damage. Yet, USAA prefers to go with her story, despite the fact that she has never seen the damage, lives in a different state, and refused to comply with USAA's (and my) repeated requests to provide a report by a qualified contractor.

I could say more, but this is long enough. I feel for the many people who have spent time and countless hours attempting to resolve their own issues with USAA. I feel badly for them. Many have served our country. They deserve to be treated better. My father-in-law led the Normandy invasion. He earned many medals and awards. He was a decorated Army officer. My father was a navigator in the Air Force, and flew night missions over Borneo. What does USAA do to honor their memory, their legacy? I realize that isn't their responsibility - it is ours. However, I have read so many stories by family members who are suffering because of USAA's negligence, and I didn't want my own situation to be left outside in the cold. If anything I can offer helps others stay out of this kind of situation, I'm willing to help.

I proudly boasted of my allegiance to USAA for many years. Those days are over. They need to be called out for their deplorable practices. Too many people, and too many lives are at risk due to their lack of accountability. I am seeking other insurance, and hope there is some class action suit that can help others attain some measure of justice. I'm sorry this is so long. I hope the moderators of this site will feel comfortable editing my entry to make it shorter. Thank you.

Member with USAA for 38 yrs. Insured our new house in 2006 in Hawaii, hurricane insurance is required for mortgage. Premiums kept going up and after talking to USAA reps, all had same response (why is your hurricane insurance so high). Turns out they are 300% more expensive than any insurer in Hawaii. I have been overcharged app. 21000.00. USAA response was (TS). Agents listened but USAA policy is let the buyer beware. I currently am seeking legal counsel. Look elsewhere for your insurance needs, they have lost my trust.

I've been with USAA for insurance for over 26 years - starting as a second lieutenant in the US Army. I have seen the steady decline in their support to customers, ending with my recent homeowner claim. Much of my roof was damaged over the winter to the point of leaking. I filed a claim and scheduled the repair. USAA only wants to do things electronically and their electronic systems all suck. After remaining silent for over a month, despite multiple attempts to get a live agent on the phone, I got the electronic notification from USAA that they would not pay the claim. If you are a young service member - do NOT BUY USAA's hype. They do not support you any better than another insurance company... They are frauds.

I phoned the USAA Homeowners Insurance customer service to inquire as to why my homeowners insurance rates have nearly tripled since 2009, going from just over $500 per year to more than $1400 last year. I was given the same song and dance I get from them on any other rate increase; the increases were due to the high number of losses in my area and the future anticipated losses. I asked the customer rep if USAA was going to refund me the excess premiums I paid if the anticipated losses did not occur. You know what the answer was.

I then asked the customer service rep where I could obtain copies of the loss information they submitted to the Alabama Insurance Commission for the past five years to justify the rate increases and he told me they were public records and I could get them from the state insurance commission website. I went there and, of course, nothing was found. I sent an email to the USAA homeowners insurance division asking for that information. I received an email back from Mr. ** which stated the information I requested was proprietary and USAA could not release it to me.

I can't believe that USAA can submit rate insurance requests to the state insurance commission any time they want to and that information be confidential. Seems to me they are making it proprietary for a reason; so they can squeeze every penny out of their policyholders and we won't know that they are just sticking it to us year after year. In the meantime, USAA annual profits are at an all time high and we continue to pay more for insurance. Go figure! Time for a new insurance company!

USAA has always been most helpful and returns a bonus at the end of the year. I have never had any complaints about them and have used them for my insurance needs for many years. To be a member, you must have been in the military or child of a member.

USAA is prompt with claim responses, customer service is clear & knowledgeable when helping customers, thorough with updates, offers good money saving suggestions.

My husband and I have been members and customers of USAA for over 10 years, we have had to file our first homeowner insurance claim and could not be more disappointed in our experience or with USAA. We were hit by a terrible hail storm in June 2018. Terrible damage to our property, vehicles, and community. We called and filed a claim and it went downhill from there. The adjuster they sent out didn't spend more than 15-20 minutes at our home. He missed a tremendous amount of damage! I called USAA and told them this and they said "Don't be alarmed, anything missed just have your contractor submit supplemental bids and we will take care of it." Following my complaint I was called by a man that worked for quality at USAA, he came out and spent 2+ hrs at my home. He advised me that he was not an adjuster, but all his notes and pics would be sent over to the original adjuster and it would be revised and approved. Yay!!! Or so I thought...

The original adjuster still proved to be incompetent even when his job was done for him! I called USAA again and was told "just have your contractor submit his supplemental bids and we will take care of it." So that's what we did. It has been 6 months! We have had 5 adjusters from USAA in our home. We are on subfloors and concrete floors, have busted out windows, no insulation in over half our house, our contractor fronted the money to put in a working furnace for us and it's December!!

And USAA has been investigating our claim for a month now. All this could have been avoided if the original adjuster had done his job correctly! I would like to end this review with advice for any USAA current or new or about to be customers; when dealing with any and I mean any USAA personnel record it!! Video, voice, have witnesses, call USAA when someone from their office shows up and when they leave. To cover you and your investments record record record! We have been mistreated and unfairly interrogated and have had our words twisted against us, I wish I would have known to record any interactions with USAA.

VETERANS BEWARE!!! I wouldn't give them a single star if that was an option. USAA Insurance - Despite the "WE CARE" About our Veterans - like me, present with their commercials we are all flooded with, when it comes time to file a claim in good faith, they will screw you, and basically call you a liar. 2 months ago, we had severe weather tear the roof off of my rental house, and had 2 additional events of rain and wind which destroyed the upper bedroom and all of its contents. I had a local handyman come and remove the destroyed bed, bedding, dresser's, TV, electronics, carpet, etc. and haul it off as it was rain-soaked and filthy as the entire ceiling collapsed onto all of the room.

I contacted USAA the following day regarding the damaged property and went over it all with the rep. over the phone. I was then told that I would hear back. A couple of weeks go by and now I am being asked for receipts and pictures of what I had. Really? Who takes pictures of all the things you may have in every room?

Anyway, I sent several pictures (what I had anyway) along with a detailed list of what it was that was damaged. A couple of weeks go by and I get a call that "they" USAA is willing to send me a check for $2,500.00 and proceeds to tell me what I had. - Magic list that didn't come from me. I paused and asked what about the other items? I was told "based on what I sent" that was all they were "prepared" to cover. I then asked about the pictures I had and the list of items that I sent to their email complaint/claim department. No answer - she had not received it. I resent it all yet again along with pictures that I found that matched what I had - and stated as well.

2 weeks go by and I get a call from an extremely rude and heavy smoker while we talk about what I had. I was asked leading questions about my claim and what I had. I explained that the pictures I had sent and the pictures I sent that "looked exactly like what I had". I was then told that she had found those same pictures on the internet. I replied I don't know exactly where they came from - could have come from my computer, etc, I again repeated that they were pictures of what I had had and lost - NOT the exact pictures from my home.

Then I was told this would have to go to yet another manager. 2 weeks go by and I get another phone call about they had decided to deny my claim as I was lying to them in effect. No answer. I explained again over the phone that the pictures were of an "exact match' (news people call this file) to what I had - NOT the pictures of what I had in my home - merely an accurate example of what was lost. They did not even attempt to talk to the men that removed and hauled off the damaged items. So now I am being told basically that I am lying about what I had - (committing fraudulent claim) and they are denying the entire claim, despite evidence to the contrary. Do not do business with this "Veteran" service - they are no better than the rest of the thieves out there.

We had bad hail storm. I called up USAA not knowing if we had any damage or not. They had an inspector at our house two days later at the appointed time. We had minor damage and I had a deposit in my account three days later. Most of neighbors were still waiting on someone to just come and look at their roofs. My father started with USAA back in 1961 while serving in the Air Force. I received my membership from him in 1980 and when I joined the Air Force in 1984, they updated me to a non-dependent membership. 30 years later, both my daughter joined the Air Force as a Doctor and has just updated her membership to a non-dependent. We check other insurances every few years but not one has come close to the insurance we have for the price we pay. USAA has always done the right thing for me and my family for all of our cars and our house.

I suffered water damage due to faulty piping, wiring, etc. by the stupid contractors of the "Ranch Subdivision" here in Byram, MS. We have had USAA for about eight years. At that time, our house was robbed, didn't file a claim, had a fender bender, didn't file a claim.

Now last month, I woke up to water covering my ankles in my bedroom and everywhere else in the house except my kids' room. I placed a claim. Lord, they wanted me to get the plumber out first, then water remediation, then contractors. Well, it didn't go that route at all because of miscommunication by the representatives. It is now July 28, 2011 and I just got the plumbing fixed, and the remediation company will be out.

Oh, mind you, they sent the adjuster out on the last week--three weeks after the damage. My son has asthma. They didn't want to put me up in a hotel; I had to call every two days begging for monies to be allocated for hotel stays. I ended up spending all my savings in this tight economy on hotels (which they ended up paying seven days later). I had to spend another 1300 on plumbing myself.

Now the adjuster, Ms **, had the nastiest attitude I've ever seen. Some of my personal items were damaged such as couches, clothes, etc. I was told to take my clothes to the dry cleaner to see if they could be salvaged. Same thing with my couches. I was floored simply because of the length of time that all these items were exposed to the moisture.

I'm very disappointed, still living in a home that has an odor, just got water back a day ago, and living like a refugee. The only adjuster who was understanding and nice was Ms. **. She was initially my claims point of contact. It's a shame that we pay years on a "possibility" that something may happen, but when it's time to report a problem, you face hell and attitudes. I don't know what else to say but I will be investigating other insurance companies before I leap and say yes to one that "supposedly" caters to the military and their families.

During snowmageddon in Georgia, 2014 huge tree limbs fell on my house, poking a hole through the roof of the house as well as severely denting and putting several holes in my patio roof and breaking a support leg. I immediately called USAA, and filed my claim. I sent all the necessary estimates to them within 2 weeks of the damage. This is month five (5) of having a tarp over my roof and patio. My claims adjuster - Jamie ** has never contacted me. I'm very familiar with her voice mail.

Today I call and bypass Jamie's line to speak to another representative who informs me I'll be receiving a $71.00 check. REALLY! Guess I'll purchase 5 more tarps. Apparently my deductible went up somewhere between 2007 and now. Really considering someone else. It's not so much the deductible as it is NO personal communication from your claims adjuster. Swamped or not, I thought USAA was better than this.

Great for deposit accounts, bad for insurance. My wife and I have been with USAA for many years with their banking products and loved them, so when we bought our house we naturally chose them as our insurance company. Needless to say, that seems to have been a mistake. Our roof was damaged over the winter due the massive wind storms we had, so we got ahold of a contractor who told us our whole roof should be replaced. The bulk of the damage was in one area, but there was minor damage across the whole roof that could lead to bigger problems later.

We filed our claim over two months ago and are still waiting. During this time we've had several more heavy wind/rain storms. USAA sent an adjuster from North Carolina (we live in Ohio), who not only told us to get ten more years out of our roof (we literally have shingles that are warping and barely still attached and our gutters are so full of shingle grit that they are pulling away from the house), but also told our contractors they should do something that's illegal under our state's building codes. I fully understand that a contractor will usually push for what will get them the most money, but after seeing the pictures of our roof, we were inclined to agree with their decision.

I am incredibly disappointed with a company I used to be proud to be a customer of. We'd already had to raise our deductible because they jacked up the rates in our area and now we just seem to be getting the runaround on our claim. These guys were awesome when they only had deposit accounts, but I would steer clear of their insurance. Multiple other customers of our contractor have already gotten their roofs fully replaced while we're forced to sit and watch as our roof gets worse then fret about having to repair those parts individually as they deteriorate (which will cost a ton). This is our first and only claim and most likely our last year with USAA insurance.

USAA waves the Red White & Blue. That is their marketing ploy. The representatives that answer the phone are all very pleasant and make you feel special. Don't be fooled like we were. They make you feel wonderful right up until the time you have a claim. When it comes to paying claims they are horrible. We had an auto claim that is now over 5 months old and they have still not paid for the loss. We had a homeowners claim that is now over 5 months old and they have not paid that either. Worst insurance company we've ever had. Luckily were in a financial position that we can afford an attorney to pursue USAA and are doing so.

I have been a USAA member for over 25 years. My dad service in the US Army. I have had very few claims (maybe 2-3 within the last 25 years). In Apr we had heavy snow and my gutter was hanging. Called USAA. Figured repairs may be above my $500 deductible. They sent a company out and then sent their claims adjuster out. I was told I had to replace my roof.

First off the damage was to my gutter not my roof. Let me stop for a minute and explain that when I bought my house they were not concerned about the age of my roof - and I have had no other issues (when they insured me that did not come to take pictures of my house nothing - just make your payment and that is it). OK I can say that I had already had it in my budget to do a new roof. Needless to say I had the roof replaced in Apr and provide them a copy of the receipt.

Found out yesterday 10/31 from my mortgage company that I no longer had insurance - so I called upload a copy of the contract but that was not enough. They want picture. What the heck is going on with USAA. I have no idea what is going on with them but I am not a criminal - yet I have been treated like one. By the way the company that replace my roof and gutters stated that my roof was old but the gutter was due to the snow. I am not sure. Needless to say I am moving to State Farm.

There is no better company than USAA. The service people are extremely polite and efficient. They always follow through when they say they will. They have good marketing ideas and are not pushy about their products and are never impatient on the phone. I have been a member for over 40 years and I seriously think there is no better company! I would highly recommend them to anyone who is eligible to join.

So I currently lost my job and have been displaced from my home in Virginia due to mandatory evacuations brought on by a hurricane. I am also currently going through a divorce and in the position where I have to short sell my house. I've been with USAA for over 9 years now and have my homeowner's insurance through them. Whenever I called to ask if my policy was up to date they started asking me general questions. They asked me if I was currently living at the residence and I told them no because I had evacuated the area. Then they started asking me more in depth questions so I asked what the questions were for. The Representative's demeanor changed and she became very short telling me that the house is now considered vacant and they were underwriting my policy!

She also informed me that my house may not be covered due to damages from the hurricane since it's now considered vacant! I told her I didn't want to answer any more questions and I wanted to talk to her supervisor. Her response was to tell me that everything I had said to her was recorded and she would be sending it in for further review and if necessary they would take legal action against me. Once her supervisor got on the phone and I explained to her that I was an evacuee and exactly what her representative said she started to backpedal immediately and apologized and said I was still fully covered. The whole situation really damaged my faith in the company and even to this point I'm not a hundred percent sure if something were to happen to my home that it would still be covered.

I have been a loyal customer to USAA for approximately 20 years. I insure 6 auto's, 2 homes, and have one mortgage payment with them. On Dec 25, 2014 I receive a call from a police officer at my rental home in Maryland stating that it had been broken into and the robber had stolen all the copper pipe in my 2,800sq ft. home and the whole bottom floor was under 4 inches of water. I promptly called USAA Christmas day on the emergency line and they took down all my information and directed me to call a company like SERVPRO. They would need to pull the water out of the house and secure the property since 2 doors had been broken. I immediately called SERVPRO and they recalled a response team from their homes on Christmas day to come to rescue my home. I was called by a USAA adjuster a day later to tape a statement from myself on what had happened. I provided approximately 10 minutes of testimony and the adjuster said "ok I'm going to turn off the tape now and review your policy." One minute later he stated that my policy had a clause that since my home had been vacant for more than 30 days they would deny my claim.

I immediately called SERVPRO and spoke to the owner and asked his advice and if he could please give me an estimate what the clean up and damage would cost me. He stated that clean-up would be approximately $15K and rebuild of home would range between $60K to $100K. So I called USAA back to get a better understanding that just maybe they were overlooking something since I pay every month religiously on the due date. Well surprisingly enough I received a denial of claim letter two days later. Thanks to USAA and the crook that took my copper pipes, it looks as though I have no other option than to foreclose on my home. What ever happened to Ethics and Integrity?

I was hopeful that if the time ever came that I needed to file a claim from my homeowners policy that USAA would take care of me under difficult circumstances. This was not the case. I had water damage that had started before I purchased the home in a upstairs bathroom but only became aware of it when it leaked through my ceiling below. My claim was denied with very little assistance and an incorrect observation from the adjuster. I'm highly disappointed that after paying in the neighborhood of $35,000 dollars year to date on this policy that this is what it comes to. Enjoy the free cash. No wonder insurance company CEO's are some of the highest paid.

Indiana has a lot of rain February 2018. My basement got hit with water coming up from the floor the sump pump could not keep up, because I used the verbiage flood they won’t cover my damage. There was no flooding. I don’t live in a flood zone. My sump pump could not keep up. Guess what with never filing a claim they won’t cover this so they have taken my money for years. What is the insurance for crooks!!!

My husband and I have been insured by USAA for over 40 years. Our homeowners' insurance rebuild cost has been $680,000 for the last several years. This year when our renewal policy arrived, we received a letter from USAA telling us they were now using Xactware to estimate rebuild cost, and based on their program, our rebuild cost would be $486,000. Our building is continuing to build in our community and homes like ours are selling in the high $800,000 to $900,000 so we know that our home cannot be duplicated for less than $680,000. We asked USAA to show us an explanation for our prior rebuild cost and their new estimated rebuild cost so they sent a representative from a company, Mueller, to look at our home, take photos and provide them a report.

Based on the Mueller report, they revised their estimated rebuild cost to $536,000. We called again after receiving the most recent rebuild estimate and again asked for an explanation. The representative we talked with, Alex, was most polite and professional and explained USAA estimates are based on the average cost of rebuilding in our community using their Xactware Software program and they would choose the person or company to rebuild our home in the event of a catastrophic event. We would not be able to choose our former builder to replicate our home. This was brand new information to us and we have not yet determined whether other insurance companies have the same protocol - Using a software program to estimate cost and choosing the building rather than allowing the homeowner to choose the building.

But we certainly found this information unsettling in view of our annual cost of over $2000 for our homeowners' policy and the escalating USAA homeowners insurance cost we have encountered in recent years. After over 40 years with USAA, we have gathered our declarations pages from all of our insurance coverage currently provided by USAA and sending them for quotes from other insurance companies. If you have homeowners' coverage with USAA, I would encourage to inquire about the details - How they estimate coverage and whether you or USAA would choose your new building in the event of a catastrophic event.

It makes me sad to write this review as, in past years, we have had excellent service from USAA. I would advise others to shop before choosing USAA. The customer service has definitely declined in the last 5 to 8 years. Although customer representatives are polite, they have not been properly trained to answer customer questions - Not the fault of the representative, but the fault of USAA for inadequate training before putting a representative on the phones.

I had been a USAA member and premium-paying policy holder for nearly 58 years, when, in February 2016, I filed a claim, for the very first time under my homeowner's policy, because of water intrusion into a bedroom and USAA-covered sun room addition to my townhouse condo in Alexandria, Virginia. The claim was handled in such an incredibly inept, cavalier, and callous manner that I felt compelled to complain, first to the adjuster, **, and, when that failed, to his superior, **, who supported Mr. ** in dismissing my complaint and denying my, under these circumstances, more than justified request for waiver of the deductible, ostensibly because he had not read my complaint and completely misconstrued my motivation as simple unhappiness with delays I experienced in having the claim processed.

I then asked Mr.** to refer my complaint to the national level of the organization for review and confirm the referral. He did call me and stated that he had instead referred it to his superior, ** In a subsequent phone call initiated my Mr. **, I asked him to communicate the results of his review for the record via USAA's online claims communications system. Mr. ** failed to respond further. I then decided that I had no choice but to send a formal complaint directly to the chairman of USAA, with "cc" to its president and CEO. Not even a written acknowledgment! Here is my response to Mr. **, posted in USAA's claims communication system, which summarizes the core issues motivating me.

A verbatim copy of that response was included in my letter to USAA's chairman as well: "That, Mr. **, is not a satisfactory response. You incorrectly concluded that my "main" complaint was the amount of time it has taken to resolve this claim. No, Mr. **, that is not the principal issue at all. Rather it is the incredibly inept handling of the claim, beginning with the inability of the two USAA-directed contractors correctly to diagnose the cause and point of entry of the water intrusion into my home and their obvious, and perhaps directed, focus on irrelevant perceived defects in the construction of my townhouse condo, followed by the initial denial of the claim by your staff for the wrong reasons, the subsequent unhelpful, uninformed, arbitrary, often contradictory and incorrect messages generated by your subordinates, and the customer-averse, not to say openly hostile, atmosphere that permeated nearly all the exchanges posted on this board.

How could you possibly miss, or deny, the essential crux of the problem here? Even ** (the adjuster) acknowledged the terrible manner in which this claim was handled and apologized for it, but refused to take any action to make amends and you are simply reconfirming that, at USAA, incredibly and inexcusably sad customer service has become the norm and that USAA has, in fact, lost its way." When I failed to receive any sort of response from, or on behalf of the USAA chairman or president/CEO, I finally decided, after 58 years, to vote with my feet and take my business and insurance premiums elsewhere. I discovered, to my regret, that I should have taken that step years ago, if not because of unacceptably poor customer service, then for economic reasons alone.

My new homeowner's and auto policies, with competing insurance companies, for precisely the same coverage limits, will save me $272.00 per six-month period on the auto policy, and $60.00 a year on the homeowner's policy. But, again, my motivation for finally cutting my ties to USAA was not financial but abysmally dismal customer service. USAA has grown so large that it is unable effectively and efficiently to manage itself. As it grew from a small automobile insurance company, that was founded by military officers to serve the needs of other military officers, into a giant financial services conglomerate, it completely abandoned its founding principle and sacrificed its member/customer-focus to the maximization of its profits, and the customer be damned. Yes, USAA, you have truly lost your way. Good-bye!

If you ask them if something is covered by your homeowner's policy, they'll force you to submit a claim to get an answer. Then, even if you abandon the claim, they'll report it to all the insurance claim history aggregators, causing you endless problems and extra cost any time you go to buy insurance in the future. Even though the claim was abandoned and they never paid out a cent.

So I've been a member with USAA insurance since I was 18 years old. I'm 35 now. I have car and renter's insurance with them. I moved into my apartment in March 2016. My apartment has flooded about 5-6 times since I've lived here. After hurricane Matthew which I had personal items damaged my apartment got flooded at least another 3 times. Two of which my television and stereo system was shorted out and some other things. I of course made my claim with USAA on November 25th or so for my television and stereo system. I heard nothing except one representative would tell me one person was working on my claim then another person said "oh no it's this person."

Flash forward. Mind you my claim never got settled. December 30th, it flooded again... My television shorted out again. I made a claim. They called my apartment complex manager who of course to cover her own but said "oh I only know of the one time." Again my representative says it's another representative I have to talk to until now it's January 2017 and now a special investigator unit is handling my claim. Not only did one female representative talk to me so gruffly I thought I had done something wrong. But the special investigator comes out and grills me about my situations. Asked where I worked. Asked twice when I started working there. Now mind you I've had pneumonia and severe bronchitis for over a month and been on all kinds of medicine and been running really high fevers. But even now today January 7th 2017 I go to go into my app for the insurance website and of course I'm blocked from seeing my claims.

On top of that I go to the online website try to look at my claims and of course I get to wondering... Do they think I'm defrauding them?? So of course the curious over-thinker I am I click on insurance fraud on the website to make sure I haven't overstepped any boundaries. All I can think is this special investigator kept asking me if he pulled up my phone records would it show I called the office or this person or that person. So of course now my anxiety is running high because now I'm thinking “oh my gosh what if he's hacking into my phone?” Because now I can't go on the insurance app... and I'm of course freaking out.

Well now I'm really upset! This apartment complex manager knew my apartment flooded every time it rained and only chose to put in the system I called once or twice... I have black mold around my windows from the water. And half the time I just yelled out to a passing maintenance team member and they would come with their steam cleaner vacuum to remove the water. I'm so upset I've been a member of USAA for so long and I'm looked at as a criminal!! How dare you turn a bad situation where I am getting messed over by the apartment complex and turn it on me!! How dare you when I am literally so sick I'm doing great to even be coherent enough to post the pictures and send in the documentation you need. I trusted you USAA well now I do not and I will make sure I tell everyone!!

I've only dealt with USAA for over 30 years. I called recently to find out why my rates were going up. The agent helped and reviewed my policy. My premium was reduced by $200! I've never had any problems. The few times I've filed a claim, it was completed in 48 hours.

I decided I was switching to their insurance cause I had heard nothing but good things about them. Well it took 3 times of sending documents cause they tell me they can't see them (funny I can see everything on them). Then I keep getting letters telling me to send more documents, come to find out they didn't share documents with department that did military verification. Been locked out of their website and mobile app cause I won't give them a cellphone number so they can send me a text message to verify me every time I call, didn't know it was a requirement to have a cellphone? And every time I talk to these people they have a tone to their voice like I am the problem!! I won't do business with them again.

I have been a customer of USAA for years. No claims ever. I thought I could trust USAA compared to other insurance carriers. Well, I filed my first claim for water damage, leaky pipe in the wall. USAA told me my policy don't cover this, don't cover that. Well, when I signed up for the policy I remember talking to the rep about water damage and she assured me the rider/addendum would be included with my policy. I never received a copy of the policy when it was started as they mailed it to the wrong address (go figure). Plus my deductible is higher than my yearly premium. How lucky for them. They didn't cover anything but hey they did offer to send a plumber at their expense. I'm sure I'll be billed somehow on the back end. Long story short, don't trust insurance carriers. They're all the same. USAA what a shame and disservice to military families.

My husband, who is a 20+ year veteran, and I have had auto and homeowners insurance with USAA since 2009. I have a very serious problem with the constant premium increase on the homeowner's policy. I built my home in 2009. Since initially become insured in 2009 until today 2016, my premium has more than doubled. I have NOT any claims at all. The first 3 years remained consistent with an increase of $100 on the 3rd renewal. From year 4 & 5 had a $200 increase each year, year 6 had a $450 increase for 1 renewal and year 7 had a $640 single increase.

I've continually questioned the increase but no one knows. With the cost of living and cost of labor and materials, I expect a slight increase annually, but to more than double over the life of 7 years of extremely high. I have a second home that is almost 50 years old and only 1/3 the size of the above mentioned and that police is $800 annually less than the larger home with the same consistent increase in the rates. They always have the same scripted answer but can never explain how the value of my home decrease with age and market changes each year. Everything is based on their internal model of billing which my personal property valued is 1/2 the value to replace my home. They never send any to you home to even appraise or value anything.

As far as they know, my home may be completely empty, but I still pay the outrageous personal property value. I tried to negotiate the value of my personal items by providing receipt but was told, the coverage is a percentage of the replacement value of my home. This is a really bad experience and they never offer to make amends or have the home appraised. They claim to provide better service for military personnel but they are an independent company. Very poor service and you can never speak to anyone higher than customer service. I'm actively searching for another insurer.

While on vacation my hot water heater in a closed cabinet in the kitchen leaked. USAA claim adjuster came out as soon as I got back, set up a contractor to dry out the area and then approved claim for whole new kitchen. The process was wonderfully easy and quick. Color me impressed. I couldn’t be happier with them.

I have had USAA since I was 16 and I am now 58. I had one claim for household in 1987 because of a fire. Fortunately we had "replacement value" which means they give you what it cost to replace that particular item. We still have "replacement value" but there have changed the way they pay you. You have to go out and buy almost the exact same item, send them a receipt and then they pay you what they think the item should be worth which is seldom what it costs to replace it. We had a burglary last year and I have turned them in to the Attorney General 4 times already because of their BS. We had a large crystal from "The Cave of the Swords" in Mexico, pictures, etc. which was about 24 inches long and about 10 pounds. Their value? $66, which is what you can buy a finger thin 7 inch crystal on Ebay for. They are nothing but crooks. I am searching for someplace to join a class action lawsuit against USAA for their "Replacement Cost" policy which only serves to help them from paying you for your claim.

During the first week in August, I began to activate the various utilities to my new home each being fully independent of each other and each charging deposits and fees. On 8 August, I activated the water supply to the residence and that afternoon, an H2O (water company) employee arrived to turn on the water to the house. On 17 August 2011 at 8:24am, I was contacted by H2O with an urgent message that said my home was reported by a neighbor as having water cascading continuously from the second floor of the residence. I informed them I was still living in Tacoma, Washington and that I needed them to turn off the source of water to the residence and they immediately complied. On 17 August, I purchased plane tickets for a close friend who traveled to the newly purchased residence to inspect the damage, report the loss to my insurance carrier (USAA) and report back what had happened.

On 17 August 2011 at 11:57pm, my friend arrived at the residence. On 18 August, I contacted USAA who assigned the case an adjuster known only to us as Mike **. In five days, Mike never once contacted us, responded to any messages left for him nor was available in any way and in fact, I still have never had any contact with that agent. On 18 August, USAA dispatched Steamatic out of Tempe, Arizona to begin clean up operations to the residence. On 19 August, I packed a 20-foot U-Haul with all our possessions and began the drive to my new residence in Arizona. On 20 August 2011 at 10:16pm, I arrived at the residence late at night and immediately inspected the damage to the residence. The entire floor to the master bedroom, closet and bathroom was removed. The walls up to about six inches were removed in those same areas. Large industrial fans were running to dry out the damage. In the garage, the two-car garage door was damaged. Most of the interior drywall was removed and fine dust insulation filled the air everywhere throughout the residence.

The temperature that day was a whopping 115 degrees in the shade. We moved our belongings inside the downstairs of the residence and tried to reside there but we had no way to prepare food, no water until the 22 August, no water filtration system had yet been installed, and we could not escape the miserable heat because the home was exposed to the outside air. At one point that day, the heat from the garage door exceeded 125 degrees in the garage rising and entering the house. These conditions persisted throughout most of the claim only subsiding around mid November. On 22 August, after numerous attempts to contact an agent of the insurance company, USAA, I finally contacted a person back east who promised to have a local agent call.

A person, who would only identify herself only as Terry, said she was from the non public Phoenix Office of USAA. After explaining to her the deplorable living conditions as explained above and explaining that the policy requires I get her (USAA) permission to live in a motel or other housing, I asked her if we were eligible to stay in a motel until such time as the conditions were improved. She hesitated then replied that if we could cook food and a room of the house was inhabitable then we were not eligible to stay in any other accommodations. I again repeated the conditions we were living in and added that we were coughing up our lungs, in a manner of speaking, due to a heavy layer of unsettling insulation dust floating everywhere throughout the house. She again repeated her exact same statement as above getting more and more agitated with me as I persisted. I then asked her if she thinks the living conditions I have described to her (as stated above) we are currently living in meet the criteria as inhabitable and she hesitated and then said yes. I implored her to think of what it is like to live in such conditions and she said, "It's nothing personal." I explained that we needed someone to begin repairs and she set up a contractor after explaining it was much easier to do things that way.

On 24 August, I received a call from Crowley Construction and a request to come out to the residence and begin work right away. The next morning (25 August), I met Jim and his son, Dan, and measurements were taken and information gathered and I explained USAA needed to know the cause of the water damage. It was at this point that I began to realize that the owner, Jim **, was senile. He couldn't remember things, couldn't dial his phone correctly and was having trouble discussing general issues. Out of politeness, I said nothing but was very concerned hoping that his son was the primary party on this job. We also discussed the purchase of a new set of appliances as we were being forced to live in the house under these conditions. We were assured that we had nothing to worry about and that they would ensure our new appliances were protected. Amidst the work, we had the new appliances delivered and installed a washer dryer combo and a refrigerator. I explained to Dan ** that we were having troubles flushing toilets and that the drains were not draining properly and he said he would send out a plumber to inspect the cause.

A few days later, the plumber arrives to inspect the hot water heater. We explained the issues with poor flushing toilets and poor draining sinks and to our surprise were literally told us we needed better toilets. The workers were arriving at our residence unannounced and entering in the early hours of the day. The part of the house that was being worked on was never isolated from the rest of the house despite numerous requests and demands to by us. As a result, we were under constant debris fallout long after the workday was done. It was at this point I asked an Crowley why the workers felt as if they could do as they please in my home and he responded by telling me that they have never had people living in the home that needed this level of work before. Several additional requests to USAA to move to a more suitable living condition were denied so I requested a new adjuster be assigned the case. I was reassigned to David ** out of the Texas office. I was repeatedly told that I was not a priority and would be dealt with on occasion because there was an approaching hurricane on the south east coast and it needed their full undivided attention.

At one point, I could hear shouting coming from the laundry room. As I approached, I could see and hear an employee and my ex-wife yelling at each other. As I stopped the yelling and asked what was going on, my ex-wife turned to me in tears and mumbling something, pointed to the pile of wood and debris that had dropped from the ceiling above on top of her new appliances. Crowley Construction assured me that a trained specialist would eventually be sent to inspect the appliances and it was never done. After the initial assurance that wouldn't happen fell through, I expected nothing. At one point, David ** needed to have Crowley Construction contact him so I told Jim, the owner. He was in a terrible senile moment and unable to dial the phone properly and David was short with me until I explained the situation. I was constantly having to explain what needed to be done on the job to the constant new unsupervised workers each day to the point of frustration. I demanded a solution to this with David ** (assigned adjuster) and he set up a three way call between Crowley Construction, David and myself that only ended in me shouting, "...either put me on payroll or do your own damn job. I'm sick and tired of doing it for you!" Nothing changed. There was a 3/4 circle about 5 feet wide in the bathroom floor. The supervisor asked if he could leave it that way and I replied no. This caused tremendous tension. A security sensor was broken off on a window.

On 30 August, my ex-wife was upstairs taking a shower when suddenly a loud bang and a couple of booms startled me. A short time later, sewage and water and all manner of foul things were bursting and spewing forth from every hole in the house and a few places even in the walls. I called Crowley Construction who dispatched their plumber (same man as before). He arrived and declared there might be foul play, that sometimes people who lose their homes will sabotage a sewer line out of spite and that he would dispatch a specialist he knows to look in the line with a special camera to see what the problem might be. Not wanting to wait, I immediately went outside to the sewer access port and opened it. To my shocking amazement, out floats a red tag with the words printed in white: Property of Johnson Utilities. Do not remove under penalty of law.

I called the utility company, took pictures and notified the plumber. Jose, the utility worker, arrived at our house within minutes of my call, removed his plug (under tremendous force) in front of four witnesses and we could all hear the surge of sewage empty into the line. Damage to the downstairs of the home was extensive. That evening, the insurance company, USAA, was notified of all the circumstances. I was told it would be better to proceed by letting the insurance company pursue the utility company but not a word was mentioned of the devastating effects of filling two claims in such a short period of time. On 31 August, Steamatic of Phoenix was again dispatched to my home and conducted several days of clean up and removal. I had also decided this day that due to the poor treatment of the residents by workers, the damage to our appliances, the poor communications and the inept misinformation on the part of the plumber that got us in this mess in the first place, it was time to derail and part company with Crowley Construction.

I notified David ** who informed me he was also glad to end the ties with them and that he had an excellent company in mind called VBS whom he could get us in touch with. On one occasion, all the belongings we had were moved to the garage so painting could be done with the promise that everything would be restored. I had to restore everything without any help. No tack boards were removed throughout the home despite charging USAA for it. When I questioned it, I was scolded by a site manager. We were left to replace our own appliances and the garage was never pressure washed as bid and promised. After not having received a call from VBS Construction for over a week after they were notified by USAA of the contract, on 8 September 2011, I called Mike ** from VBS and asked him to come out to the residence to measure and write up an estimate.

Later that same day, he arrived, introduced himself and conducted his measurements. While he was doing this, I ran him through the list of mistakes made by Crowley Construction. Among the top priorities I over emphasized was care for the appliances and respect for the people residing here. He reassured me this would not be a problem and said he would email me a copy of the bid the next day and departed with his information. On 12 September after not having had any contact with VBS Construction, I called Mike ** to inquire about the bid and he stated he had been behind due to a flood of work related issues but did not go into any kind of detail. Mike then stated he would get a copy of the bid emailed to me and several days later I received it. VBS was hiring local workers, sending them out to the residence to work with little or no instructions. As a result, we were doing their job by briefing the workers on what had been accomplished and what needed to be accomplished. The workers were playing music from their large radios (boom boxes) without regard to the residents resulting in hostile attitudes and clashes.

As a result of the clashes, workers were asked not to return. At one point early on in the restoration process with VBS, a project manager was even confrontational with me. I asked Mike that he not return and a new project manager was assigned to our home restoration. Both Mike ** and Melissa ** arrived at the house a few days later apologetic offering movie tickets as an apology. The new project manager arrived upset early one morning demanding I show him what needed to be done, flipping haphazardly through the bid house plans explaining in an obvious upset voice that he now had to do his job on the other side of Phoenix and the job of the manager that just quit. Several times, we woke to workers staring in our room at us sleeping. It was uneasy and on one incident, I filed a written complaint with VBS.

On October 4th, 2011, I received a call from Cody ** of Champion Garage Doors stating he would need access into my garage the next day about 7am. I explained that I was currently staying in Mesa at a motel and that I'd be certain to be there at the residence at 7am to let him install his door. On 5 October 2011 at 7am, I arrived at the residence and no one was there. I was hanging around the house when at about 9am, I received a typical call of lost workers whose bosses had never informed them where to go. I drove out to meet the workers (carpet layers) and found them in a local school parking lot and they followed me back to the house and began setting up operations to conduct their installations. It was at that moment that I realized the garage door installer had not arrived yet so I called him.

When he answered the phone, I asked him why he had not showed up at the site yet and he said in a real nasty tone that he was at a friend's house and that it was none of my business. I replied that I had waited from 7am and asked him if he had ever heard of an invention called the telephone and why he had not used it to at least let me know. With that, he became enraged, explaining his friend's garage door situation. With that, I told him he was not coming out to my house, that I would find a different company that understands common courtesy. He said **. A few minutes later, he arrived agitated and upset. He first encountered a carpet layer demanding that they move their carpet from the driveway because he had garage doors to install. As he was doing that, I cut off his conversation and explained I was the home owner and he turned and got in my face. Much taller than I, he stared down at me and asked me what my problem was. I explained that I had been here since 7am on his account and he didn't even have the decency to call when he didn't show up. He yelled something about his brother's garage door. I explained that all he needed to do was pick up the phone and then I reminded him that he is not installing his door in my house.

With that, he attempted to become intimidating, got back in my face and yelled that this is his job site. He was hired to install the door and it was going in. At that point, I explained that he needed to get off my property and he refused so I told him I was going to get a can of mace that would help him understand he needed to leave so he slowly backed off the property. He sat in his truck in front of the house for about a half hour on the phone and I was busy notifying VBS of the incident to ensure his garage door would not be installed in my home and talking to neighbors who said they were there if I needed them. On Oct 9th, I filed a complaint with the BBB over the incident. In his response dated 18 October, Mr. ** confesses, "Jim called me right back and told me that he would figure out another way to get this job done so that another altercation would not be had. I then had another garage door installer complete the job on 10/7/11 without incident due to another project manager having to be present to keep the homeowner from attacking the other contractors."

First, I had never attacked anyone and second Mike at VBS reassured me that they were hiring a different door company to install the door and that they told Mr. ** he was finished. Both obviously stone cold lies that I angrily confronted Mike with. At that point, he was angry with Mr. ** apparently for exposing him and I demanded the garage door be removed and soon after it was and a new one was installed with a different company some time later. I was constantly calling VBS to get things corrected like sharp wood trim pieces jetting out, improper angles that needed repair, no tack boards being removed although it was bid to have them removed, lesser quality lighting fixtures being installed, inferior carpet being installed, glue all over the floors, doors and walls all causing new managers to be assigned and more aggravation with foul attitudes.

At one point, we confronted a worker because he stood on top of our washer putting a dent in it. When I confronted Mike about it, he found it to be humorous while we did not. The refrigerator door had received a dent in the front during the flooring installation process as well and VBS was notified. The workers dumped their paint and cleaned out their brushes on our plants and all over our backyard leaving things that way. All too often, workers would drive right up on the grass, running over plants and such. We had a so-called electrician arrive who shocked himself off the latter enough times. We honestly thought we were going to need to dial 911 to save his life. He left burn marks on fixture ceilings and wired the garage so poorly we couldn't shut off the lights and the door bell quit working. I complained to David **, my adjuster with USAA insurance, but all he did was talk over me, put us on 3-way calling and listen to us argue or as he was fond of doing, ask me ill gained questions about VBS or employees of VBS and then informed me they had been listening on the other end of the line all along. There was a constant demand I kept making of the employees to clean up after themselves especially in the toilet that went unheeded. The broken security sensor on the bedroom window still has yet to be replaced. A garage door was wired wrong and the small garage door leaks water in the garage because an aluminum flange at the bottom of the door was never installed.

In the middle of the Christmas holiday while our house was full of guests, USAA and VBS both wanted their carpet pulled from the entire home. It was only after I raised a lot of fuss about how that was going to look real bad and make conditions very difficult that they both agreed to wait. It was at this point I decided to "cash out" the issue and attempt to complete the remaining tasks on my own. After notifying my adjuster, he told VBS to write it up and submit it. After receiving a copy of both revised bids, I attempted to discuss them with my adjuster and it aggravated him so I had to ask for a new adjuster. On 5 January 2012, I called several insurance companies to see what they had listed on file about my claims. To my amazement, all it said they were shown closed and paid. Later that day, I received a rather disturbing call from a man I could barely understand, who said he literally just moved in from Michigan and who had so much noise on his phone. I could not understand him. When he called back, he was hitting his own phone buttons so much it wasn't any easier. I simply told him he had no idea of conditions in Arizona, was coming in on a very bad situation I'd bet he had not been properly briefed on and I was in no mood to deal with it.

Currently, I have issues with Insurance not being available because I have filed two indoor claims within a 10-year period or some such nonsense. You think USAA would have let me know this was going to be an issue. As it is, I'm a hostage to them now. There is also the issue about USAA not pursuing a lawsuit against the faulty utility company as promised. They simply asked the utility company to pay and when the utility company responded no, USAA dropped the case. I am trying to get USAA to drop my auto insurance rates to the $93 premium they promised. Not only am I paying far more than that but it shows no end in sight and the payments are all over the place (inconsistent).

I was given a quote for my homeowners policy of 775.99 by two agents at USAA. I accepted the quote. We called my mortgage company and they took the information from the agent and paid them; this was on Jan 9, 2014 and this evening (Jan 14, 2014) USAA called me for me to call them. They told me they found out about a claim I made in Aug 2012 with my previous company and why I did not tell them which I did but the agent did not put it on the policy. The old company did not pay out on it because the damage was less than my 1000.00 deductible and the cost was only around 30.00.

Then USAA agent told me my rate would be increased to 901.00 because of the frame of my house which is wood. They had that information when they gave me the quote. They were on my county's property appraisal website so she knew my house frame was wood. Now they will not honor the quote they gave me after getting paid and issuing the policy!! And trying to give me the run around about getting my money back so I can get more insurance!!

I am a disabled veteran who is totally and permanent disabled and only paid once a month. I do not have the money to get anymore insurance even if I wait until the 1st of Feb and my mortgage company will only pay once a year for insurance. So I have no choice but to have a gap in coverage until I get my money back from them!! I need help if anybody know what to do!! Thank you!!

I love USAA. I have all of my insurance through them. Which is why I am so disturbed that they wrote a 17,000.00 3 party check to a roofing company with the wrong mortgage on it and proven that the signature is a fraud. Bank should not have cashed it yet they refuse to take care of the problem.

Several months ago my wife noticed some jewelry missing. We both dismissed it as being misplaced. Then as time went on, she noticed more and more jewelry gone. She made several calls to her mom and her sisters to see if she had left them at their house. They called back and said they couldn't find them. The only conclusion was that someone stole them. She filed a police report and made a claim to USAA. Months later we found out the claim was denied. Reason: no forced entry, and no suspect. I did a little bit of research and found that 33% of home burglaries are not forced entries, and only 13% are solved by police.

So by my calculations, the only way USAA will pay a claim for any home burglary is if it happens on the second Tuesday of the 13th month - never. I've been with USAA for 40 years. They used to treat loyal customers with respect, but now they really don't care if you're a customer or not. I guess they only care about maintaining their multi-million dollar Gulfstream.

I've had insurance with AAA, Allstate, State Farm and none of them compare to USAA. We only had 1 problem and that was with trying to get in touch with a mortgage broker, the insurance people have always been fantastic.

USAA is our homeowners insurance company and while we, luckily, have required little interaction with them, it was very easy to acquire the insurance and at a reasonable rate. We also use USAA for some of our banking needs and insurance of our wedding jewelry. They have excellent customer service with employees that are always helpful, confident, and kind. Any issues we have had have always been easily resolved with either an e-mail or phone call. USAA is an excellent financial institution.

We are former customers of USAA and sang their praises until we filed a claim. Before the claim, whenever we called in with questions, the reps were always very friendly and helpful. But when it comes to honoring what they say over the phone all bets are off. Most calls are not recorded so it will be your word against the rep's word and USAA will always side with the rep. We were told that items were covered over the phone that truly weren't in our policy. We were never sent the full policy (only the summary pages) so make sure you request it and comb through it carefully (every other company will send you a copy of the full policy). We had a huge service failure that made it to the CEO's office. In the end they sided with the rep. (Why would she admit to a mistake when the call was never recorded?) They wouldn't even take the blame for never sending us a copy of the policy. (How is that not illegal?)

Also, before they estimated the value of our home for the policy they temporarily insured us for the purchase price of our home (which includes land!) When (on their timeline) THEY decided on the value of our structure and the contents (which was obviously lower than the purchase price) they never gave us credit for the extra amount we paid to insure land (no other insurance company does this). This should have been a huge red flag. We now use CHUBB which will always side with the customer. Do your homework before going with USAA.

Their claims process is easy and helpful. When we had a claim due to storm damage, they even reimbursed us for the lost food that was spoiled due to a power outage exceeding 24 hours.

I have been a USAA customer for many years. I have said many wonderful things and have felt 100% supported, until now. I have been out of my home for 27 days due to a water leak from the unit above me. I filed a claim immediately, have done everything right and have been the one to initiate all communication and have had to fight daily to accomplish anything with this claim. They could easily take my deductible, which I am happy to pay, cover the claim and get me back into my home quickly and use their internal department to fight the other insurance company, which by the way, is the responsible party. It’s a simple fix that USAA is making very difficult. I have not been treated courteously, compassionately or respectfully. I have requested a change in claim staff and have yet to receive a call from anyone including a quality control department. I just continue to fight alone while being displaced out of my home. I am so very disappointed in USAA.

I have had USAA for 10 years without 1 claim. A fuse blew on our hot tub causing the power to go out in during the cold of winter. The water inside froze and ruined the motor. USAA denied the claim because they do not cover claims due to freezing. Although the real cause was the fuse blew. After months of trying, and a $150 inspection, they denied the claim. Can't tell you how disappointed I am in their lack of service. I will be switching my Auto and Home Insurance.

I had to make a claim on my homeowner's insurance on my recent deployment. I was traveling to some fairly remote areas and wasn't always able to contact USAA or my contractors. USAA made everything as easy for me as they possibly could and it continued when I returned stateside and repairs were ongoing. Thanks to the loss of use coverage, USAA took over billing at my hotel the day I checked in, so my only out of cost expense for this large claim was my deductible. The settlements for each segment of the claim were handled promptly, as were all of my questions and concerns. I can't thank USAA enough for making this as stress-free as possible.

We have not filed any claims to date but always helpful with questions and they ensure policy is up to date at all times through surveys, calls, emails, regular mail, etc. This ensures our policy will always protect us fully as we need.

Working with USAA was great. Unlike our previous insurance company, USAA made us feel like we were more than just a policy number and premium payment.

I have been with USAA since I joined the military. Started with just insurance and then recently got banking services. I had a claim one day after changing my property insurance over and it was a nightmare. After filing the claim and being contacted by a "investigator" I knew something was not right. I sent in pictures and all information required BUT because I couldn't meet with her my claim was never processed.

Not only that she would call so much that it was very harassing. I contacted her supervisor who didn't care at all that I was letting her know that I was being harassed and even so it made no difference. So here we are in July and I am being told that all of my accounts will be closed due to them saying I had made a false claim, back in April even after telling them that the lady wasn't even doing the claim since I couldn't meet with her. Needless to say I am having a hard time and USAA has yet to care at all. After me getting my credit card and they took the money since the account is being closed before it's supposed to EVEN though that was on them and not me. I surely have had it up to the max with USAA.

Run as fast as you can. USAA Homeowners Insurance does not have its customer in high regard. They work hard to NOT COVER THEIR CUSTOMERS. We have water damage from a faulty drain? Faulty tub? Causing ceiling damage in our 2 storey house. Possible mold damage causing illnesses. Turned in claim a month and a half ago. Cannot get a return phone call. Then suddenly tonight we do get a call telling us hardly anything is covered. And $2000 deductible. I was talked down to. Felt disrespected. My family has served this country... This is just business to them and their business is avoiding helping and assisting their customers. They are without integrity. And really are about making you the consumer bear ALL FINANCIAL BURDEN. Horrible experience. Please do not use USAA INSURANCES...

I felt the need to write a review concerning USAA. They are always advertising how great they are. Had one claim last year with home insurance. No communication whatsoever with me after writing them twenty times. I hired a public adjuster still couldn't get a call back. After 9 months they informed us out of 75000 they will give us 10000. So I am suing them. I have every piece of documentation they need but they didn't follow thru with anything. They said because I bought the things with business checks which they knew the first day when they received the documentations and it's my business. I can buy with any checks I want.

CHEATED OUT OF MY SERVICE!! I had valuable personal property stolen. When I tried to make a claim, USAA said "You are not covered because we canceled your service." I would like to have known my services were canceled but I was on a military deployment. I never received a certified letter, no email, no phone calls, nothing. I presumed USAA would take care of a 8-year customer but they like to keep my money and not back their promise. USAA said they will take care of me if I paid the overdue amount, and reinstated my policy. So I did. I paid what I needed to, and reinstated my policy on 15 SEP 2015, which is when I got back from my deployment. However because the valuable personal property was stolen on 14 SEP 2015; before my reinstated policy, USAA said "You are not covered" and they will not do anything to cover the loss.

So I am wondering, WHY did you tell me you would cover the loss, then LIE to me, and my wife? I submitted my complaint to the Better Business Bureau, and USAA said "I am responding to your submission regarding personal property coverage for your claims. Garrett **, of our staff, completed another thorough review of your concerns; however, there has been no change in our coverage decision."

Good prices. Good service. Website is easy to use to make any changes that I need to make. Bills are available online. Payments are automatic. I have no complaints.

I have been a member of USAA going on 18 years and I can tell you that their service has dropped considerably. It is not 2015 and I am in the process of switching banks and do not wish to do any more business with this bank. It was founded to serve us military members and their persona is to help those who serve, what a gimmick!!!

We had a valve break in April 2016 leaking post toilet water throughout our home. USAA was quick to send out a mitigation company, however the company they sent did not do a good job. By the end of May we had some new smells in our home. At first USAA directed us to resolve the issue with the contractor they sent. The contractor came at the beginning of June told us they needed USAA's approval but would get back to us. By July we hired a contractor to assist us and USAA required a report from them to authorize looking for mold. Mold was found and USAA required an additional leak test in order to cover the mold claiming it could not have been from the original claim. The test came back showing we had no leaks and we finally had authorization to remove the mold from the home. The entire time that mold was being worked on I was told my family had to live in the home despite having the loss of use clause in my policy.

By the end of August it was clear that the mold was extensive and impacted all restrooms. At this point we moved out of our home. Our adjuster had still never been to the property. I had attempted to reach her supervisor but she was the acting supervisor for over a two week period. USAA would not give me a number to anyone other that the adjuster and their supervisor. My requests for a new adjuster were also denied. Finally at the end of September our adjuster showed up. Met with me, the contractor and our abatement company representative. We had a full quote for her a few days after the meeting as was requested. However, our adjuster took a vacation after the meeting prior to completing her work. The individual she said would continue work on the claim was not available and her supervisor is not an adjuster and was unable to pick up the work.

When she arrived back on October 20th she sent an email which stated she was waiting for information. I called to ask what she needed and she told me nothing that she just had to finish processing her estimate. Later that week I had to provide her all the same information that was provided 4 weeks earlier. The adjuster then stated she was still waiting for a report from the abatement company despite the fact the company had provided all requested information previously. When we finally received an estimate it was unrealistic. In fact she had lowered the allotment for the floors she previously approved for the USAA preferred contractor by over $2 a square foot. Other material and labor costs did not take into account the contractors quote where he had sourced specific materials.

An example of the ridiculous adjusting is that for a rebuilt kitchen in San Diego which is down to the frame (without appliances) they offered just over $9K. I have not been able to find any contractor to meet the pricing. Furthermore USAA uses a adjusting program that provides average costs yet it does not offer standard deviations. After calling the company that makes the program it is clear their material cost methodology is rather strong (but doesn’t always factor well for waste based on patching etc. ); however their labor cost methodology is not actually based on real jobs or actual work orders for an area. USAA advised me. I had been paid enough to get me back in my home even though the check required mortgage company endorsement. My mortgage company will not endorsed without a signed contract covering the scope of the payment. My adjuster told me that is an issue with the mortgage company.

Here I am without additional approval for alternative housing beyond the end of the month and no way to get back in my home. The last correspondence from the adjuster stated that she needed per sq. ft. or linear foot quotes for labor from the quote received 8 weeks prior rather than per job numbers. My contractor explained that my adjuster has required more than any other adjuster they have worked with. My adjuster also mentioned in her last correspondence that if I want to get a lawyer to let her know. I shouldn’t need to hire a lawyer to deal with my insurance company and me and my kids should not be homeless for the holidays because USAA is not paying for us to be out of our home and we have the coverage.

Me and my friend are in the process of purchasing our first home and we were told by our realtor that we would have to get Homeowners Insurance and pay 12 months up front for Escrow. My friend said that he wanted to get a quote from USAA because he has an auto policy with them and figured it would be cheaper if he could bundle them. So he called and had me on as a 3rd party. We gave the information about the home and the representative that we spoke to said because I didn't have a policy with them (even though my stepmother's father did, my stepmother does, my father does and my brother does). I would be listed on the policy but I would not be able to make any changes or do anything without my friend approving before hand.

I said to the representative that it doesn't sound right. If my name is on the deed and the mortgage and I own 50% of the home, I should be able to have the right to my part in the home owners policy. She responded saying, "The only way you can have a say with the policy is if you two are married or your friend gives you power of attorney". Now to me, asking a friend to give you power of attorney over them for a home owners policy is the most, absolute ridiculous thing I've ever heard of!

When I spoke to a broker for home owners and Liberty Mutual, both of them said the same thing that it is crazy that I would either need to marry or get power of attorney over my friend to be able to do anything on a joint policy. When I called them back to find out why, the guy I spoke to couldn't give me a reason except "That's the way it's written. We can't change our policy" I just responded "Then we aren't going to use your policy. That's just the most ridiculous and craziest thing I've ever heard!" So be sure that if you look to this company for home owners insurance, that you either marry the person you move in with or get a power of attorney over them. Judging by other reviews on here, I would just avoid this company all together!

USAA does not stand behind their product. I was then USAA a customer and signed up to to their lower prices. When I had a claim they sent a woman by the name of vera who was very inapt and insisted that she did not smell dampness in my house. By the time she actually looked at the claim which took several months my home smell like mold. She insisted that there was no mold in there and sent her contractor in there who agreed with her. We were forced to bring other professionals in who confirmed that there was mold in the house. They had to tear down my floors planned my entire first floor of ceramic tile is my walls creating a huge mess.

USAA would not stand behind many of the problems or the promises that they had in their contract and drag their feet over a year and a half to actually pay us and still to this day three years later I am still waiting for some of my funds. USAA would not put us up in alternate housing and close my son and I breathing problems Due to exposure of the irritants coming from the rift of ceramics in my 4000 square-foot house. I find USAA to be responsible. I need to threaten them to get anything done. They are callous. When of the house need to be cleaned and literally every wall is covered in dust and dirt as well ceilings and the ventilation Johnathan ** as well as your next represented denied us not only housing elsewhere but also cleaning. They were forced against the wall by Service Master company that was unrelated to the company. USAA is irresponsible and not worth even utilizing.

We really like USAA. They always call in a Natural Disaster. They are caring about their customers and making sure they are safe. They make sure we have all we need and that all claims are taken care of promptly. The price is reasonable and family members can be added at no cost. They have perk, apps, incentives, discounts etc. USAA has apps you can use to manage your account/accounts as well. Highly recommend USAA.

I really like the service with my insurance company. I always reach someone when I call. They have the lowest quotes. I enjoy all services to my insurance company.

Please avoid USAA Homeowners Insurance. Consider the following: In 2013, we had wind damage to the houses in our neighborhood. This affected many roofs. Many homeowners insurers replaced their entire roof, including my neighbor's. I had a roof inspector inspect my roof and recommended a full roof replacement. USAA hired THEIR OWN INSPECTOR who concluded that only half of my roof was damaged and therefore, only half the roof would be paid for. After a $5k deductible, they offered me a check in the amount of $2k plus, which I refused.

So, in spite of the fact that my direct neighbors had full roof replacement and my roofing inspector concluded same, they dug in their heels on their position. I refused their inadequate offer. Fast forward to 2015. Hail storm. This time my roof inspector and THEIR ROOF INSPECTOR recommended an entire roof replacement. So what do you think happened? USAA said that because we didn't act on the 2013 claim, the statute of limitations ran out and they were not responsible to fix that half of the roof!! So, although the entire roof is in need of replacement, they will only replace half the roof gain, but charge double the deductible ($5,000) because the incidents happened in 2 separate years! UGH. Let's unite as consumers and stop this type of abuse from "member based" companies like USAA HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE.

Two years ago USAA allowed a woman to charge 625 times on my 92 year old mother's account and write bad checks of $11,000.00 leaving a balance when she died of $16,000... total of $27,000. The woman who did it went to prison and USAA sent my dead mother a 1099 for "debt forgiveness" when she did not pay the $16,000, instead of the thief. I kept them informed throughout the entire legal process. Now because I was a complaining customer, they conveniently "LOST" my elevation certificate on my home after 25 years and my insurance, on a townhouse, which could not move, went from less than $600 to $6,000.00.

I called to cancel the policy and yesterday discovered the jerk on the phone did not do it and my mortgage company paid it. I am on a fixed income and the extra $500 a month meant I was going to lose my home. I am sure because I was confrontational they decided to pay me back. I will take every opportunity to let people know what this company has done to take advantage of someone.

At the beginning of last year (2016) Louisiana had a very wet and stormy year. In May, I was letting my dogs out before work and found a shingle from my roof on the ground. Called USAA, started the claim, seemed easy enough. Adjuster came out and looked over everything, and said that I would get a report shortly. Got the report, they were going to reroof my house, less my deductible, but was quoted WAY low. Had a roofer come out and take a look, which his quote was right at double what USAA claimed. I started to get a little worried, but USAA agreed to it, and sent another check. I had to leave for 6 weeks for training, and didn't want my wife left alone to deal with it. Worked it out with the roofer that we would get it all done in September. Notified USAA of that, and they had no issue.

September comes, work is starting. There's more that needs done that wasn't able to be seen until the old roof was removed. Now, the total invoice is nearly 3 times what USAA (under) quoted. They said everything would be covered, with the exception of some wood repairs (rotten wood) on my carport, which I was expecting anyways. They have received every quote, document everything in a timely manner, and here I am in January waiting on a final check to be able to pay the remainder of the charges from the roofer. After almost 14 years with them... I will be shopping for coverage elsewhere, which will mean I will close every account I have with them. They are not about "helping the military" at all. Maybe at one point, but definitely not anymore.

I have been with USAA for over 15 years, and they are dropping me from their services. Last summer (June/July 2016), I was unemployed and found an opportunity through Craigslist to put a Rockstar energy logo on my truck for a source of income. They would send me a check and I would keep some money for myself and the rest would go to the designer. Turns out it was a scam and after three days, the money from the check disappeared from my account. I told USAA immediately, but now they are dropping me from their services completely. The letter they sent to me told me I should have waited longer to make sure the funds were available. Since they lost money as well, they would rather drop me than attempt to make any investigation into the fraud in the first place.

I thought USAA was beyond the corporatism that we see in today's society. Rather than investigate the origin of the fraud, they instead send the victim, me, a letter stating to be more cautious. Good job, USAA; you impugn the victim and protect the bottom line of your accounts rather than showing a measure of concern for your clients. This is shameful.

I had some water damage behind the siding due to bad window install when the house was first built in 2009. It is or possibly caused some damage to the structure of the home. So the adjuster from USAA says the damage has to be sudden and accidental. I explained that's when I noticed the damage a little before I got the roof replaced and it started leaking after the roof had been replaced. The initial person who took the claim kept asking me when it did I notice the damage and when I mentioned the time frame and they got quiet but still wanted to do an inspection so I cannot claim the damage in the future.

Just for that I am looking for a new insurance company USAA or I guess most policies are deceiving. I may have significant damage to my home and to find out my insurance doesn't cover it. Their was no need to even see an adjuster and they always bring an apprentice with them because they know it's **. When you lose don't lose the lesson sudden and accidental. Their homeowner's insurance is not worth it in my opinion, maybe their auto insurance.

We switched to USAA, 6 years ago after a terrible experience with Liberty Mutual (overcharging us by over $1000 per year, after 10 years of loyalty!). We've been VERY happy, but my further-eye-opener was working the past year with a Restoration company..... I witnessed first-hand how all the other Insurance companies deal with customers when claims and 'disasters' occur - from total loss fire to water damage issues under $5k. It was CRYSTAL CLEAR that USAA was the BEST when it came to how they treat their customers by miles compared to ALL the other companies.

Further - every year I double check rates and USAA is ALWAYS comparable rates..... The real kicker is when you look at coverage amounts AND covered events PLUS deductibles. You'll be shocked at how fair USAA is and how much coverage they give compared to other companies. Cant believe I didn't really know about them all these years as a veteran! So glad to have an insurance company which I KNOW HAS MY BACK!

We are a military retired family. Have a house in OK which most companies will not recommend. USAA covers and has for years. One incident when part of the roof was blown off a few years ago. They had an adjuster there the same day - got a contractor and the roof was fixed within days. Great service.

Our home in September of 2016 suffered major water damage when our area received 15 inches of rain in a very short period of time causing our bathroom ceiling to collapse and water damage to other areas of our home as well. USAA was contacted and a contractor came and did emergency repairs which left our bathroom ceiling removed. We were assigned a preferred contractor by USAA that came and submitted what work need to be done to affect repairs to USAA Shortly thereafter hurricane Matthew came through our area and caused additional water damage. We were in constant contact with USAA and the contractor trying to get our house repaired and basically nothing happened, one excuse after another.

Finally in January of 2017 with no repairs done and after a conference call between us, the contractor and USAA we had enough and told USAA to fire them and get another contractor. Little did we know was a keyword for USAA to "cash us out." They did not even tell us that it was now our issue to deal with and we did not even know we were now to find our own contractor and get them to do the repairs. We found out that it was our problem sometime later when we asked what was going on with getting us a contractor and were told we were "cashed out" and then told us what that meant. We informed USAA that was not what we wanted but we're told it was now our issue to deal with.

We then found a contractor and had them submit a bid to them and they responded with no they would cover our roof damage, the bid had nothing to do with roof damage and they basically just blew off the bid and we were still living with no bathroom ceiling now for six months and other water damage to our home. During this time we were dealing with many different "Storm Team" members and had no assigned adjuster. In March of 2017 a tornado came through our neighborhood and caused additional major damage to our home. USAA was contacted and they sent a preferred contractor to do emergency repairs and then assigned that contractor to do the repairs to our home. Since we still had the damage from September not repaired we asked that preferred contractor if they would also do those repairs and they also submitted a bid for that as well and USAA accepted that bid as well.

We were finally assigned an adjuster to contact and work on our behalf. During the time working with her to get us packed out of our home and find us a place to live she was caught lying to us, her supervisor as well as the company trying to locate a place for us to live while repairs were being done. We were then assigned a new adjuster. We were given three choices to stay, two hotels One of which was total filthy and an unfurnished apartment that our furniture would not even fit into. We chose to stay in the third choice. Our house was packed out except for the kitchen dishes and cooking utensils. An engineer was brought in to inspect our home for structural soundness and damage. He noted some areas in the framing that required repair as well as cracks and nail pops throughout the home.

He was unable to determine new versus any old and the adjuster then made the decision to repair them all and told the contractor that was what he was to do as well as repair the other damage. Work began and we were almost at our home daily and seeing that the contractor was not making the repairs as required but taking shortcuts. We contacted our adjuster and the contractor asking that we all walk through so we could show everyone and discuss. That never happened. We finally convinced our adjuster to walk through and he became so angry with the poor work and work that he did not authorize. He left the house very angry and even recommended we fire the contractor numerous times. We informed that under no circumstances were we going to cash out and inherit the mess and that we were confident USAA would make it right.

To make a long story short the contractor was not made to do it right was even told to do the work in the kitchen which only made it worse in there. We continually tried to get the adjuster to come look at the poor workmanship to no avail. During this time USAA transferred our adjuster to Washington DC area 3-4 hours away. We had also during this ask him directly who was he an advocate for, us or the contractor as he was more worried about the rating to give them vice correct repairs to our home, at this time we also contacted his supervisor and expressed our concerns and issues. Finally they scheduled a walk through with another local adjuster as ours could not make it there. She was appalled at the work and left the home without even completing the walkthrough as she also had to be somewhere else and would submit her finding to our adjuster and his supervisor.

We never saw the whole list and it appeared to us that they allowed the contractor to decide what they would and would not address. Some work was done but original damage kept showing back up, cracks in walls, water stains in the ceilings and poor workmanship. Mind you we kept telling our adjuster and his supervisor of this the whole time and it appeared that they just kept blowing it off. They scheduled what USAA called a "final walkthrough", again our adjuster, 3-4 fours away had another adjuster go through, numerous issues were pointed out and again not all were addressed and they had the contractor make some minor repairs but again did not address all the original damage showing back up, some they just sprayed "popcorn" over the cracks.

The ceiling is painted tan and the popcorn is white and they just left it that way and you can still see the cracks. We were informed that our house was now fixed and inhabitable and were going to move our household items back in. They did and told us to provide them a list of they that we were not happy with and they would determine what would be addressed and that we were to move back into our home. During the time that the contractor was in our home doing repairs, they dropped our ceiling fan and told our adjuster it just fell, he agreed with us that it could not have, they broke a window, tried to blame us, but over eight USAA representatives never noted a broken window. Broke our bathtub drain dumping cleanup over their drywall and paint brush cleaning, caused a leak from our refrigerator they were using after we had emptied, isolated the water, and turned off and they turned it all back on and were using unauthorized.

Tripped the GFI circuit breaker when they broke and outlet connected to that circuit causing the freezer in the garage to turn off and all the food to thaw out and start rotting. (We were the ones who discovered it and I was the one who verified the GFI circuit had tripped but the contractor told our adjuster that the plug was not seated all the way in which was the very first thing I checked and it was). Damaged the front of my restored 1975 corvette in the garage opening the freezer door into it, they cut most of the cable TV cables, all the internet cables, a good number of my alarm cables at the window sensors as well as the line going to the phone which was also cut, after the home items were returned I then tried to turn the AC on as it was off because we had pointed out to our adjuster.

The one time he went to the house, that the contractor was spraying sealer, popcorn and paint and it was being sucked into the intake and showed him how the filter had become so clogged it sucked up into the vent and all that being sprayed into the air handling unit, the air handling unit would run but the compressor would not turn on. We informed the adjuster and had an AC repair company come to troubleshoot. They found that the contractors had cut all the wires from the air handling to the compressor, the intake coils clogged with dirt, debris and paint. He contacted them and they are to doing cleaning and fix the wiring. (They have stated that they are unsure if it will work or not and we are waiting to get on the schedule.) Our adjuster and his supervisor have said that we are not authorizing us to stay here while those repairs are being made because he told them to fix it.

The temperature in this area has begun to drop into the 40's at night, my wife is handicapped and stated that he authorized cleaning and repairs to either pay to stay here or move into the home with no heat. This is very condensed version of all that has gone on. In short we still have no ceiling in our bathroom, many of the damages from the 15 inches of rain, hurricane and tornado are still there, never repaired or showing back up because they were not repaired correctly and many other poor workmanship issues that have been told them many, many times. USAA (our adjuster as well as his supervisor) will not return any phone calls have stated they have no other contractors that can repair any of our concerns and that we are “cashed out”:, which we stated we do not want to do.

Now we are being forced into a home with no heat and cannot cook and eat until all the items in the kitchen are cleaned which we cannot find anyone that will just do that area and he has stated he gave us money and it's not his problem anymore. We feel hopeless, stranded and abandoned by our insurance company (USAA). It is sad that they are more concerned with grading the contractor than making them do things correctly and when they continually damage and break items they appear to side with the contractor and we had to firmly tell them that the contractors is lying and prove why. We are trying to find an attorney to help us with this mess. All we ever wanted was our home repaired and done correctly, support from our insurance company and get normalcy back into our lives. It is now over a year and have no ceiling in my bathroom, no heat and being forced into my home, very, very sad.

I am a disabled veteran. A 100 percent disabled veteran. On February 28, 2016 a car ran into my house demolishing my kitchen. I thought I'd be well taken care of because I had USAA, the insurance for veterans. Man, was I mistaken. USAA been absolutely horrible, adversarial, demeaning, uncaring, difficult, and downright rude during this entire process. The first claim adjuster was so rude I asked that she be removed. The field adjuster was then sent out to my house with sole intent of nickling and diming, and haggling me down to where he thought my claim should be in value, and to attempt to compel me to use their contractors. It has been over a month now and there have still been no work started at my house. USAA would have you believe this is my fault, but it's not. They sent out their contractor, and when I informed them that I'd be seeking my own contractors, that's when the trouble started.

BEWARE OF USAA. They will take your premiums, but when it's time to pay, they will turn on you. I even elevated my claim to the CEO's office, thinking I would get better treatment, but that had no effect on USAA. I do not even get a phone call. They only communicate with me via email. I've never been more frustrated than this in my life. I feel like I'm all alone with no one to help me.

Temporary housing was supposed to be set up for me because there is a hole in my house and we have had rodents or animals get into the house during the night. The temporary housing unit found shelter for us, but it was declined because they were told we need to stay in the same vicinity that we currently live in. The place that was approved was in a gang infested area that I refused to be relocated to. We are still living in the house that I boarded up to keep the rodents/animals out of. I am fighting tears every day through this entire process. My daughter is seeing medical professionals for stress disorder associated with the incident.

USAA has always been very easy to work with. When I did have a claim they paid quickly and I was able to get a contractor hired and working within days. Following Katrina USAA had assessors on scene to help their customers. My only complaint is that USAA no longer writes Wind policies.

We had a claim on our roof for hail damage. They processed it so fast, and we had the money in the bank well before we expected. They fully covered the cost, although we opted to upgrade at our own expense. And that was entirely fair.

Do not get on with a insurance company without them certifying your roof was properly installed. It is an exclusion in most policies if "improper installation- some of the nails in the wrong place", so they use that to deny your claim. Expert roofers supercertified by the material supplier will sell you a lifetime installation warranty for about $600 if everything meets the suppliers criteria, hold on to it. I have gone to watch some roofers and the little guys on the roof are not that consistent in how they drive the nails, that is the insurance company out.

My parents were 60 year USAA members and paid premiums on the house for 40 years. My mother died and a month later we had a terrible wind/hail storm that damaged the roof and took down telephone poles and power out for days. We file a claim for my mothers estate. My sister has USAA also and they fixed her a new roof no problem. The same roofer says mom's roof is much worse. USAA hires a third party company out of Atlanta who says the roof is not damaged. We disagree and hire a public adjuster and request a second adjuster so USAA forks out for an Engineer who meets with our public adjuster and the engineer makes a report that a certain number of nails are out of place and therefore improper installation and the claim is denied. I have called several public adjusters and gotten similar answers. It is a new scam by many Insurance Companies to get out of paying roof claims.

If you want to pick an auto insurance company go to 8 different collision centers and ask how the various insurance companies fix the customers cars. If you want a homeowners policy call five or six public adjusters who get complaints from consumers and see what companies are reasonably honest. The interesting thing was that they had the least amount of complaints, ie no claims against Texas Farm Bureau. I am a 44 year member of USAA and I don't want this to happen to me or my children so I am in the process of looking elsewhere.

USAA has changed. Even the life insurance ripped off the members about 2005.When I retired from the Air Force in 1990, I bought a usaa life policy instead of VGLI because USAA also had a decreasing tail benefit at the level premium after the 30 years was up all the way to 90 like the VGLI. It was the series three policy. This meant you could continue level premium after the 30 year policy and the benefit would drop all the way to 90 or 100 I have forgotten which. USAA decided that was not a good deal and initiated series five policies around 2004 and said at the end of the policy term not only would the benefit drop but the premium would go up and was shown to really go up to unaffordable levels unless by some chance you were going to die in a year or two and it was worth it to keep paying the double or triple premium for a year or two. If I had realized that would happen I should have split and bought both the usaa and the VGLI.

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