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I am a 40 Year Veteran Full Time Financial Services Professional with a Professional Designation (C.L.U. / Chartered Life Underwriter) from The American College of Financial Services Professionals & I view Virtual Financial / Transamerica as the True Frontier in the Financial Services Industry & The Wave of the Future in the Financial Services. Every thing I see with Virtual Financial is World Class & I am extremely Blessed to be a Virtual Financial Representative for the remainder of my Financial Services Career!
The leadership and talent pool that has become the fabric of Virtual Financial is very unique in the Financial Services industry.Good people, great products and support are in place. I love working from home and conducting business with modern technology instead of driving to appointments and spending money on expensive leads as an independent agent. They provide all the support and tools needed to make money without all the other downside factors. It's the only way to go these days as an independent agent, light years ahead of other agencies.
I came from the traditional model of knee cap to knee cap sales. When I found out that there is a better way to do business I was all for it. What a terrific and productive use of your time and energy doing financial services from your own home office. The customer experience and producer experience is such a breeze. Once the traditional companies move into doing this they will all wonder why it took so long and why haven't we been doing this sooner. VF is doing it now, I'm enjoying it now. If you are thinking of coming aboard either as a client or representative do your homework but you'll see VF is the best in my opinion.
I love working for Virtual Financial, from home, building out my own virtual business, helping others build out theirs. I would, and do recommend Virtual Financial to everyone. More people should know that they have the option of having a great financial service business from home, or from anywhere with an internet connection. The lifestyle can't be beat!
Whether you are a seasoned financial professional or someone who aspires to owning their own business, Virtual Financial is there with full support and training. I knew nothing about the industry but through all of the online training, feel confident that I will be successful in the business. I will say matter how overwhelmed you may feel, they always have your back. The encouragement and support is unmatched...the products are fantastic...and I feel the company will be a household name in the not too distant future. If you are truly thinking about owning your own virtual business, this is the place to be!
Virtual Financial offers a unique opportunity for someone who is licensed or not licensed to learn the business, get licensed, get appointed with their carriers, train and work on building your agency. This can all be done virtually. You need a phone and an Internet connection. The leaders of this company lead by example and put the work in from the start to ensure a streamlined, very efficient and duplicateable process.
Virtual Financial is at the cutting edge of the transition of the financial services industry into the 21st century, and they have the financial backing of one of the strongest firms in the world. I built a team of 1200 agents in another marketing organization, but didn't have the support for the pure online model. Mike and Chris and the leaders of Virtual Financial, with major financial support from their partners and from Transamerica, have already created what I could only imagine at the other company. This is a very realistic opportunity for someone who appreciates the value of a proven system and can execute on a proven game plan to generate a mid 6 figure income within a year or two. Excellent virtual environment allows VF agents to work from anywhere there is a phone and internet connection. E-Applications and E-signatures extend your marketing area from your community, to the entire United States. Excellent IUL and Term Products with FULL Living Benefits. 40% advance on SUBMISSION, paydays twice a week. Full training on how to use screenshare technology to educate clients and close more business. Product and marketing training is outstanding. Great online marketing tools and advertising co-ops for lead generation. No wasted drive time. No face-to-face meetings needed at all. Downside: You must be SELF motivated and disciplined to succeed here because the FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY of the virtual lifestyle make it very easy to relax a bit too much on occasion.