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It use to be the older you and your car get the cheaper the rates are... not the case here. I've been with this company for years and happy at the rates I was paying for 2 cars. I've noticed rates were not dropping. Just earlier this year I get my renewal notice and I went from paying $1200 full coverage for the year to $900 for 6 months (full year payment no longer available). No accidents... no tickets. I called and spoke to a rep and their reason for the increase was due to how much the company has had to pay out on claims. Looks like I'm gonna have to take my business elsewhere!

I've had Wawanesa for 3 years - I joined because my family member had great experiences with them and talked wonders about them so I gave them a try. First year was great - competitive quotes, easy to contact online and quickly called me to finish up the policy. In less than 3 hours I was all setup. I had no issues and filed no claims my first year. Second year my rate went down for the full year premium by about 400 dollars so I was happy. Great company that rewarded its customer for not crashing or getting tickets. Now it's my third year and I get a renewal that is almost the same price as my 1-year policy except now for only 6 months. Not once have I ever crashed, nor had tickets, nor I filed a claim, AND I'm an experienced driver.

I decided to log on to my account to see if I could get a better price - the website was down for 2 days until I decided to call. 2 days later I call them and I'm placed on hold for AN HOUR before I can finally talk to a human. Customer service rep was nice but of no help. She said I qualified for the loyalty discount, the experienced driver discount, and she checked my profile and said I haven't had any tickets/accidents - which is all true. SO WHY ARE YOU GUYS RAISING MY PREMIUM BY ALMOST 50%?!? The rep said she couldn't do anything so I asked to speak to a supervisor and she said I would have to be put on hold and I agreed. Five minutes into being put on hold I realize that they should be begging me for my money not the other way around. I'm done with Wawanesa - poor rates, poor customer service, poor management. They don't care about their customers. NO THANKS. I'm taking my hard-earned money elsewhere.

For the last 3 days I have been unable to get hold of anyone at Wawanesa. I don't even know if they are still in business. I hope that nothing happens to my car since I still have a policy with that company. I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone.

Just got renewal premium up 300%??? No accidents. Been with them over 15 years. Over $6000 premium yr now. Last year $2000. And the new 6 mo prem bs, and new easy statement bs. They must be swimming in money, rip offs.

I have a policy change I need to make but forget about these guys ever answering a phone when you need them, yesterday hours on the phone, today I call the moment they are suppose to open 8 am. Wait over 1 hour, no callback, call again, still waiting 1 hour 15 minutes, no response to emails, very bad. They get enough money. They could hire more people to answer their freakin phones!!!

I am just waiting for Wawanesa customer service to answer my phone for over one and half hour. The situation exist for longer time. Last month I was waiting for 35 minutes. It is frustrating. Wawanesa used to answer much earlier. I have Wawanesa homeowner policy and auto for many years. Otherwise Wawanesa is a very good company, they should have more options available on-line.

It appears you (Wawanesa) Don't have a lot of happy customers by the amount of 1 star ratings and apologies you have to make for the poor service you provide.

Their insured driver hit ME and while my car was at body shop I paid for rental car expecting to be reimbursed but when it was time to be reimbursed they gave me half of what I paid for the rental. I WILL not let Wawanesa take advantage of me and I GET the money owed.

I just got my new policy renewal from Wawanesa. Once again my rates have been increased. Nothing has changed, no accidents, no tickets. The last time it changed (which was the prior 6 month policy) I was told that there is an increase in my area. Why is my car getting older, but my policy keeps getting more expensive? There is no reason to be raising my rates. If anything they should start going down. Wawanesa can you please explain this to me? Thank you.

Wawanesa Auto Insurance always answer any questions correctly the 1st time. Saved enough on premiums to get earthquake ins. Had a wind damage claim at my home the next day.

I've been with Wawanesa for over 10 years and have never had a problem until today. I found out today that when I paid my 1,400 premium in October it was only for 6 months. I've been paying 1,400 for 3 cars for several years and all of a sudden they double my premium. I can understand a rate hike... but let's be reasonable, double? Really Wawanesa? I'm so disappointed in this company. I'm shocked that they would do this. I wasn't even aware that they changed me to a 6 month policy. I'm definitely going to cancel my policy and take my business elsewhere.

I have been with this company for over 10 years. They just doubled my premium for no reason whatsoever. Perfect driving record! I was told that they had been undercharging Oregon customers for years. I believe it is because of the legalization of ** in this state. I will be taking my business elsewhere. I believe Wawanesa will lose most of their business in the state of Oregon.

Their insurance rates are very reasonable if you are a good driver. They are friendly and attentive. I have been in two auto accidents since. Do have been insure with them almost 10 years now. They have been very helpful and calming in both instances.

It took 4 phone calls and about 1 1/2 hours of phone time, but my issue was resolved to my complete satisfaction. I had my homeowners insurance reworked. I have the same coverage AND my insurance went down about $200.00 per year. Wawanesa does have some issues to work through, but if the end result is what you want, then I will remain a loyal customer.

This company is horrible with customer service. I just bought a new car and wanted to add it to my existing policy. Been trying to reach them for almost 3 weeks now and each time, I have been waiting from 20 to 45 minutes without an answer on the other end. Gonna check out Costco insurance this week.

Always correct invoice and the rates are the cheapest in USA. I don't need a rep as I just make a phone call and they answer all my questions.

I hit a deer coming home. Truck was drivable, but serious front end damage to hood and grill. I phoned Wawanesa at the time of the accident. When I said I wasn't hurt, and was mobile, and there were no other parties involved but a dead deer, they said to call in the morning. The next morning I put in my claim. Gave me a number, asked me where I was getting it fixed. Told them and they had no problem with that provider. A week later I was on the road again. I've called my agent on several occasions and he remembers details about me. I needed proof of insurance for a contract I was bidding on and he faxed it to me an hour later. On a few occasions I've tried to find a better deal, they consistently come in about 30% below anyone else.

An object hit my car while I was driving and damaged the front left end of my car. After calling Wawanesa to file a claim, they first said it was 100% my fault without even looking at the car. It took a week for the claim to even process. They are not even going to give me a rental car, so there is no way for my son to get to school. The car is still damaged and is sitting in my driveway (currently undrivable). I have paid the premium on time for the past 5-6 years, but there is no focus on the customer. They will not even pick up my phone now and they got mad at me for calling to see the progress of the claim. Extremely unprofessional insurance company. I am definitely going to look for a new one if this does not get resolved any time soon.

I am very frustrated with Wawanesa insurance. We have not received reimbursement check. Our car was declared total loss. They asked us to return the rental vehicle 2 weeks ago and they were very quick to pick up the crashed vehicle but they keep saying they overnight the check and I haven't received it. They don't care that we have been without a car and struggling to get around. Now they are not returning my call. Terrible insurance company. Had a bad experience. Very unsatisfied. I do not recommend this company.

Been trying to get a live person so I can add roadside coverage to my policy. Been on hold over 2 hours. Left my phone number so they could call me back but still no call. THIS IS THE WORST CUSTOMER NONE service I have ever seen. Maybe it's best I don't get roadside coverage from them if it takes this long for them to answer the phone. I could die if I was in a hot desert waiting for service!!

This is about the worst company when you try to reach them to do anything except get a new quote. I have been calling for the last two days now. After holding for almost an hour 1/2 I get a person p/u just to tell me that they will have to call back due to the high call volume. This is so bad. Oh and the rates are low when you jump on board with them but then they start to increase every year and not small amounts. When they send you the rate increase letter in the mail it does not explain the reason other than the monthly payment amount.

I've been with this company for 15 years and sadly it is going downhill. I paid 6 months of insurance from Oct 28 to April 28, 2017 so why did they cancel my insurance in March!!? It took me a few hours to get someone from customer service only for her to tell me she didn't know why it was cancelled but I needed to pay $510 to reinstate it and make another payment the following month. What??? I'm done!!! This is my first review on a company ever! I'm not one to complain but I wouldn't wish this kind of customer service on anyone.

Wawanesa Insurance has been my insurer for about 8 years and I've been very pleased with the cost. Last year I finally had the need to file a claim and was very pleased with the service and the way I was treated I have before, and will continue to recommend Wawanesa to my friends.

Until about a year ago Wawanesa was a good insurance company with decent customer service. They tried to force me to go to a body shop that was not close to where I live. I went to another body shop and Wawanesa is not timely with getting back to the body shop about some sort of an authorization. I have called a couple of times, and I can’t reach the claims adjuster. This is not acceptable.

I have been with Wawanesa for my auto insurance for over 30 years. Even when going through my divorce, they split the account with no problems, added my husband when I got married again and added my children when they began driving. I have had several claims over the years including needing roadside assistance without any problems. They are quick to respond, took care of rental cars when needed, once I reported a claim, I never had to deal with it again. The service is great, the people on the phone are wonderful, claims adjusters easy to work with. I will continue to recommend them. A few times I thought to check rates at other insurance companies and once they heard I had Wawanesa, they said they couldn't beat them. Love this company!!

Is it just me, but I can't stand their website! Great company for car insurance, great prices and never had a issue. Been with them for 10 years, but paying online is a nightmare!!! Please spend a little money and update your website!

I have had this Ins for years and years, was GREAT for years, small Co feel very personal. About a year ago I changed vehicles and had to call to take care of it. On hold for an hour, took days to get a person. Now I received a notice of cancellation due to non-payment, but never got a bill. AGAIN I called, on hold for an hour, hung up on once, hold forever. You have been warned. Choose at your own risk.

I've been a Wawanesa Oregon customer since March of 2017. I've not had a single problem. Customer service is fabulous. Everyone is very friendly and professional! Out of all the insurance companies I've had I'd have to say that these guys are the best! A company I can rely on to protect me and my vehicle! My hold time has never been more than 3 minutes and if prompted to get a call back they always reach out within 15 minutes of the requested call back!

What happened to Wawanesa? Use to be they answered the phone right away. Sat on hold for 30 minutes. Eventually took advantage of the option to leave name and number for call back. That was an hour and a half ago and no call back. All I want to do is transfer coverage to a new car. Glad I'm not calling for roadside assistance! Purchased insurance for new car elsewhere. Cancelled insurance with Wawanesa online. Obtaining refund for unused portion of insurance paid should be interesting. Doubt will come automatically and this company doesn't answer the phone or return calls. Wonder if this company is going out of business.

It's interesting that all the positive reviews for Wawanesa Auto Insurance seemed to be dated two years and older. Everything recent has been one star, and for good reason. I've been a Wawanesa customer for over 15 years. I too am one of those whose policy saw a substantial increase. My increase is 20%. As usual, when I tried to contact Wawanesa by phone, I was put in queue and waited 25 minutes for someone to answer. Thank God for speaker phones. I've learned from past experience that selecting the call-back feature results in no call-back. I've waited as long as 90 minutes to speak with someone, so I guess I should be feeling lucky today. I asked about why my policy went to 6 months and was told the same thing; they want to be competitive. As to why the increase in amount, the rep just said that they had two rate increases last year.

When I said that I'd like to change the deductibles for comprehensive and collision, she told me in a very polite but not too veiled threat that changing the deductibles to higher amounts now would result in a mandatory inspection of my vehicles should I choose to lower them in the future. I didn't bother changing them today as I plan to shop around for another company. I did have a claim 4 years ago. The claims department was marginal, although I did finally get the repairs completed, but with numerous calls to the claims agent. They raised my rates then.

I currently insure 5 vehicles with Wawanesa, was 6 but sold one. Now every 6 months I get a rate increase. This is with no claims or tickets etc on depreciating vehicles, get a response "we have a rate increase in Oregon". Have been with them for a while now but maybe not much longer.

My recent experience required a phone call as I wanted to speak to a live agent. Calling on a Saturday afternoon wasn't such a great idea... My holding time was about 5 minutes. At that point in time I was given a choice to continue to wait or have them call me when a rep was available. I choose the latter and within a half hour they called me back! I have been with them for 17 years.

I am extremely shocked, to be honest. They actually extended our rental to cover the delay, in getting our car approved, for its repair. When I spoke with the supervisor, today, I was all set to hear, that they couldn't do anything for us, but no. They did. This is the customer service that I expected and received. It would have been nice if the adjuster, would have put in the request, and saved us some anxiety... Either way, customer service has been provided and I will happily change my review/star rating.

I have been with Wawanesa for over 10 years. I have never had to file a claim. Their rates are very reasonable and the payment methods are very adaptable and meet my needs. I will stay with this company until there is a good reason for me to change.

I just wrote a negative review regarding the bad experience trying to get through to Wawanesa, and although it was a very poor experience with them, I am happy to report that after calling a local number for them and being able to leave a voicemail message with them, that they did call me back and everything was okay.

I have yet to determine if all will be well once and for all, once I pay my premium again, but at least they did call me back within the time frame they promised.

I have been with Wawanesa for over 20 years. I've had two claims in the past ten years and was treated with respect. I had to take the time to respond to silly comments about not paying insurance payments on time, and engine starts leaking after their car gets hit while parked. Hum, these agents are trained for false claims like that. It's people like that, that cause insurance to go up. TIP # 1 make your payments on time and # 2 tell the truth. PS make your life insurance (with any broker) payment late and see what happens. I will continue to recommend my family and friends.

Been a customer for over 10 years, with one claim on my wife's car from a driver who fell asleep. Last month my truck was hit while parked on the street. They in turn send out a appraiser who sends me a copy. The adjuster calls to say that they aren't going to pay for all everything. I call and leave messages... nothing. After a month of crap, I get a phone call from their fraud investigator that my claim has been sent to him. Remember I am THEIR customer and THEIR estimator made the estimate. Subsequently, I have already fixed it myself and have the bill. After a recorded conversation asking questions like I was a criminal, I got them to agree to pay half of what THEIR estimate was and they won't budge. So I paid the deductible, and half of my repairs. Useless insurance company. Dirty lowdown filthy company.

I was driving down a parking lot where a driver pulled out and caused our vehicles to collide. My passenger side panel and bumper and light broke leaving my car drivable but damaged. It took 4 days (and several calls with no one answering) for Wawanesa to get back to me before finally sending out a claim agent to assess the damage on the fifth day. It then called 3 more times to finally get a hold of them of which they told me they were still processing the claim and would contact me on a few days...

Fast forwards nearly another week and several more calls from myself where I finally started to show impatience in my messages before they finally got back to me. They then claimed that although their client was at fault they were only going to cover 75% due to "inattentiveness" on my part... Because apparently I should have been able to come to a complete stop in half a second when their client pulled in front of me. I told them that was in not acceptable and that they'd need to cover 100% or I'd have to contact my attorney and they still refuse to budge. They've left me with no choice but to pursue this into court. Joke of a company, slow and even when they're clearly at fault they refuse to do their job.

I recently moved out of Alberta to Ontario, I am looking to start a new insurance policy here. I phoned my broker, she informed me that it takes 3-4 weeks for me to get a simple letter of experience (which took all of an hour to receive in my email from State Farm). My broker put in a request and suggested I call Wawanesa directly and see if I have any luck with customer service, maybe they could speed it along. I have NEVER heard of a letter of experience taking more than a couple hours... When I just called (780) 469-5700, I spoke to the girl in the payments department, she was very rude. I explained that I'd like to start a new policy and need that letter so my insurance will be cheaper. She asked me which broker I spoke with, so she could call and ask why they're telling me these things (like how I should call them directly to request it). I told her I'm not going to get anyone in trouble, so she hung up on me. Awful, AWFUL customer service.

Wawanesa hands down is the worst insurance company I have ever dealt with. I was hit by one of their clients who was 100% at fault. 2 months later I have yet to receive my vehicle back from the auto body due to Wawanesa’s horrible response time. They slow play everything, don’t respond, and overall make things extremely difficult. HORRIBLE! I will be taking legal action.

I have been a member with Wawanesa for 3 years. The rate was cheap and I haven't had any problems with them until this year. All of a sudden, they rose my rate by 49% (a Whopping $400 + increase). I called and the representative could not give me a clear cut explanation as to why my rate increased so high. He kept giving me BS answers and saying all rates were going up in CA. I spoke with my boyfriend (who also has Wawanesa) and a supervisor told him the rates were only increasing by $36 bucks. So how did mine jump by $400? Complete mystery... If they can't fix this, I'm forever done with this company.

After having insurance with Wawanesa Oregon for over 10 years, I was hit in March 2017, at that time the police determined there was no fault, as I was not in the wrong, and supposedly the unlicensed driver who hit me was also not in the wrong. The claim adjuster or analyst, said the other party would not give a statement. All of the sudden my insurance DOUBLES and I call to ask why, I'm told it's because I was AT FAULT... WHAT???! No one even fully investigated the issue because the other party wasn't complying. That being said, I am searching for a new insurance company and am 1 day past Wawanesa's grace period as I did not pay my newly DOUBLED rate on time, and was hoping to only pay 1 month while I looked for other insurance. I had planned on staying with them, and paying on time until I had realized my quote was only for 6 months and not a year like usual and had increased sooo much! More than double.

Anyways, I call them today in regards to just make a stupid payment and they want to lapse me! Couldn't be more upset!!! I have always paid on time, always paid a year in advance, the one time I am "late" without receiving a cancellation letter, and they tell me I am one day too late and they can't make an exception to re-instate me! **!!!! By the way, I tried to log on earlier in the week and make said payment but their services were down... so I waited until today, my day off. They could care less. No incidents, no lapses, nothing prior, until 2017... cannot believe they treat their customers this way! I'm leaving nonetheless. You really do get what you pay for, and now that they have raised their rates, I can say you would be majorly overpaying for their services if you chose to go with them!

I have insurance to my home and my cars since 2 years. To be honest I was happy until last month. My wife had an accident in her car and she got injured and carried by ambulance to hospital. After we left the hospital we called Wawanesa Insurance and told them what happen and since the first day we ask for hospital bills and we told, "Don’t worry. Later we gonna talk." After that procedures went smooth. They contact us telling us the car is total loss and each time we asked about hospital bills the answer later. After we got the answer for car total loss the connection between us and them was lost. I was calling the adjuster called Maria almost each day leaving her messages. No response. Also sending emails asking her about hospital and ambulance bills. Also send her a copy of those bills. Also no answer like somebody was ignoring my messages.

After 3 weeks I got the call from her telling me that my policy doesn’t cover medical expenses. Also she was very rude on the phone. For example telling me to go educate myself about insurance policy and all my fault was trying to ask her to explain me my policy and trying to tell her nobody explain me my policy before. Also I asked her, "Why did you ignore me for 3 weeks". Unfortunately no direct answer. She told me what difference it make 3 weeks less or more. After that I tried to reach her manager for another whole week. Finally I got the call from her supervisor a lady called Nickol. I told her all my concerns. She promised me she gonna investigate and get back to me within a week.

The week passed still waiting the call, also we bought another car. I called them to switch the policy from our old car to the new one 'cause our policy ends in August. I been told I have to pay for the new car. I told them ok so I paid through the phone to find out that they owe me money from the car was lost. I called again. All the answer I heard that somebody make a mistake and I should pay for switching the cars and I should wait 12 days until they gonna send me my money back (as it was my fault!!!). This is my experience with those guys.

Wawanesa has the absolutely lowest rates for good drivers. I just had AAA quote my current policy and their rate was more than double. Their service is great, they respond courteously and professionally.

Unable to get through the phone for an agent to help adding a new car into existing policy. It's been week trying to call them, wait for very very long hold, even left for call back number but still have no success!! Not sure what's going on with this company?? Make me nervous! How are we going to get help if there's an accident??

I had recommended them because of the great rates, but that was because I hadn't had to make a claim. Finally when I did it took me 3 hours the night I got a flat tire to find out they couldn't help me that night even though I had roadside assistance. Even if it was my fault, why did it have to take 3 hours of me on the phone on the side of the road! To make a really long story short, I just found out 2 MONTHS LATER that they are declining my claim. Even if it's not covered, why did it have to take 2 MONTHS to FIND OUT! Horrible service and non-responsive. After 16 years I will be switching insurance. I'm glad that it was just a flat tire and not a major accident for me to realize the service is horrible.

I'm terribly sad that Wawanesa has caved and become like many other insurances. I am now on the search for new auto insurance after 15 years. My auto insurance has doubled for no reason but to charge what many other insurance are charging and that came straight from a representative working for Wawanesa. My family, parents, brother and sister are leaving as well. I am sure many other customers will be leaving as well. I hope it was worth it for Wawanesa.

I was with Wawanesa for my auto insurance for 19 years and renters insurance for 9 months. Even though my house was stripped down to studs and the foundation and rebuilt, they wouldn't insure it because it was too old on the public records but they did insure my things after I sold my house. For most of my time with them they were absolutely outstanding. I only had 1 claim.

My car was a melted pile of aluminum after the 2003 Cedar Fire. I filed my claim the next day and had a check in my hand 5 days later with no red tape. Up until the beginning of 2017 I would have given them 5 stars. However, something happened and they plummeted into a dark hole. Calls were impossible - you would be on hold easily for an hour with no connection. If you left your number to be called back, it would take days for them to return your call, if at all! And of course, the call back would be random so it was unlikely that you would be there for their call so the frustration would continue.

I moved out of state and wrote them a notification of my address change, requesting my car and renters coverage be cancelled. I didn't get my refunds but was consumed by a complicated and difficult move so I just resigned to letting the refunds go after two attempts to call them about it failed (again - impossible to reach them by phone). Then I started getting bills! I was finally able to talk to a human and she treated me like I was lying. She said there were no problems with long phone waits and that I never put in an address change!

She finally said if I could prove I had other insurance to show I really did move at that time, she would send me a refund. I did and received a bill for another year!!! I sent a letter explaining the whole series of events along with a copy of my new insurance at the time of my move and all I got was a call saying they only received a notice of address change with that letter - 6 months later!!! So no refund on either policy, no apology, no acknowledgement of any of the things I stated in my letter. I am so angry and frustrated with them!!! It's not worth those consuming emotions so I'm just going to drop it.

Bottom line: They are impossible to contact, impossible to work with, horrible with their customer service and use their incompetence to hold onto money due their customers! On top of that, at about the same time the problems started, they increased their rates DRAMATICALLY with no explanation! I am SO glad to be done with them!!! I don't understand how or why they changed so drastically but I recommend you stay far away from them.

I have been a customer for over 10 years and have not had to use any of the services for my vehicles. I recently sold a car and purchased a new one. I have been trying for 3 days to add my new vehicle to the policy. I have been on hold for over 45 minutes at least 3 times. I have left my number but have not received a call back. I can't even drive my new car because it is not insured. I contacted my homeowners insurance agent and she was able to get me a quote from AllState which is less money for the same coverage. How can Wawanesa expect to stay in business when they cannot service their existing customers?

I have been a very satisfied customer of Wawanesa Mutual Insurance company primarily because of their low premiums, good service, reliability and consistency. I have referred them to several friends and they also have become satisfied customers of Wawanesa. I have not yet found another auto insurer who can beat their rates!

Wawanesa inadvertently placed my property insurance payment of 148.00 onto an auto policy, thus cancelling the property insurance for non-payment. They made no notification of policy cancellation. I received an auto policy bill with changed policy number in feb. 2016, I immediately paid installment of 458.16, with future installments due June and September.

I received another changed auto policy, noted as 'rewrite' May 28, with payment needed of 232.96. I paid immediately, installments were due over next 8 months. I made no request for any changes. I then received notice on July 1 of non-payment for auto policy, so I called and was told about the cancellation of my property insurance, that a new policy would need to be written; and that Wawanesa had no record of my claimed payments.

I went to my bank to have the transactions researched. My bank has record of $458.16 received by Wawanesa on 2/29 and then returned to bill pay on May 28. Payment of $232.96 received by Wawanesa on 6/13 was refused and credited back to my on July 1. I decided to cancel all policies with Wawanesa for their lack of communication and poor billing. I notified them via email clearly stating all of these issues. Today (7/21), I received a bill for $119.44 for coverage provided of the cancelled auto policy. I have made no insurance claims to auto or property. They have refused and returned all payments made without notification and not in a timely manner. I should owe them nothing.

Over two years ago, I was hit. Wawanesa did not only not fight for me, they put me at fault. The adjuster told me it was because they couldn't get a hold of the other party. She assured me that it would not effect my record and it was only what they did. This year... Two years later, they have doubled my policy. And made sure that I will pay through the noose if I go to anyone else. Because they put me at fault in that accident, I now have it on my public record, and all other agencies are up-charging me. Horrible online payment system as well.

I have been with Wawanesa for 6 years. I recently fell behind on my payments due to money being tight to the tune of $489. I was told by two or three different agents after placing me hold each time to consult with a higher up to "get approval" for me paying $100 a week for 4 consecutive weeks and then a final payment of $89. I was told this was approved with the condition while the payments were being made I would not be covered. I agreed to this. Well, after all payments were made I called and guess what? Yep, you guessed it...NO REINSTATEMENT. And furthermore there are no notes in their system to the above arrangements.

The rep got a snobby attitude and tried to lecture me on the fact that this is a bill I owed...uh no kidding. I didn't lie to her. Had I known they were gonna do me like that I would've paid for repairs to have my car pass smog and got insurance elsewhere and paid them later. Then she tried to lecture me on damaging my credit. I said "Look where I'm at now my credit is secondary to survival mode." I'm done with these liars. I believe the awards they got for customer service are not merited.

This company is a junk, yes they are very cheap compared to other company, but believe me, you get what you pay for, a cheap and scam service. Someone hit on my car while it was parked in a one way street curb (hit and run) while I was traveling in San Marcos-CA. I called them to make a claim right after I saw the damage and I told them what happened and give all the information they asked for. The lady told me to wait until one of their adjustors call me. First in their website they false advertise that the people their office representatives works from Mon - Friday from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm, that's a joke and not true, they told me that they are open until 4:30 pm and after that you just get a message saying that they are closed, and if you try to reach anyone after 4:00 pm they are not in the office anymore.

Second, the guy who was designed to "help" as my adjustor called Tony was EXTREMELY RUDE unprofessional (maybe because I have an accent), he treated like trash, like he was doing me a favor. He told me he was sending an estimator, was kind fast. This guy (the estimator) came to my house and I showed him everything happened to my car, I opened the hood and I showed him all the fluid from my steering power all over my engine. He took few pics with his little camera and wished me good luck. The day after, Tony called me and told me to take my car to a body shop, but I told him my car was not driving at all. He told me to not worry about it because they would take care of it (again, extremely rude).

I took my car to the body shop and then I got the check 4 days later, then my nightmare started. My body shop guy finished his job after a week and half and I took my car to my mechanic who gave then an estimate, so they sent the estimator again who according to my mechanic stayed there for 3 min and before he started check the car, he already told him that it was not the part of the accident so my mechanic told him that how could he state that without even look at my car and he just took few more pics and left. So, this estimator took 3 days to send the adjustor my paperwork, I was calling this adjustor called Tony everyday since he never called me to keep me updated or to at least apologize for his incompetence. He was always RUDE every time I called to see if he had any updates. And one day he called me and told me very rude "if I have any news, I call you. Do you understand, I will call you. "

I have all our conversations recorded on my phone, including one that he insinuates clearly that if I had taken my car to one of their shops it would be faster. REALLY??? Then finally they denied to fix my car and one of the services supervisor called Willian, left a super rude message saying that they wont pay in any circumstance to fix my car because based in the pictures I was not saying the truth (he basically called me a liar in a kind way). I've tried to call them after that message and they never answered the phone when I called. I've called them 30 times and I left messages to 3 different people, they are cowards and refuse to even answer my calls. They know my number and they refuse to let me even argue about their decision. Every time I call, the representatives already know with who I want to talk.

THEY TREATED ME LIKE TRASH, THEY MADE MY BLOOD PRESSURE GOES UP, THEY TURNED MY LIFE INTO A NIGHTMARE AND SO STRESSFUL. Please be aware about this company. They don't care about their customers and they treat you like you are begging for a favor. What's absolutely not the case since I pay my bill every single month! They are criminals and scammers.

I am a current auto policy holder for 14 years. Never had an accident or tickets. Always multi car and very low mileage. A few days ago I got renewal offer which is only for 6 month and my premium is $ 500 up. I call and wait 45 min to be able to talk to customer service rep. I been told that I have a loyalty discount, multi car, good driver and very low driving mileage. After all this I have to pay $500 more. Seems like they are making fun of me, I feel that way, he was careless and told me to go shop around if I don't like the price. I complained to manager, was same careless respond. I am going to make an official complaint to CEO of this company in Canada and BBB.

20 years of loyalty and referrals are toast, thanks to their lack of training and unprofessionalism. Before my most recent accident my last claim with them was 9 years ago. At that time they were the best insurance company around. Always fair with strong customer service skills. In the last year things have changed. Read any review on this company in the last year. They have dropped service in exchange for numbers. I’ll spare the readers all of the details simply because every other review tends to agree to issues such as doubled rates, falsifying fault, and low ball settlements. My complaint is about Donnelle **, and Meghan **.

Concerning Meghan, she was my claims representative. She tried to handle the claim, however her lack of customer service skills was too distracting to listen too. I’ve called Wawanesa many times over the decades and figured it was a one off from the norm. I called to ask for any other claims representative and was kicked to her boss Donnelle **. This is where things get strange. Donnelle seamed to be distracted during our conversation or she just didn’t care about the lack of service skills in her people. To top things off she flat out lied to me twice, and the began yelling at me that I was calling her a liar. In my experience people who shout “Are you calling me a liar?” are almost always full of it. First thing she told me was that it was against all rules to change claims representative, UNTRUE. With one email I got a new claims rep.

Secondly and more important is their low ball scam. Wawanesa will never pay you what your car is worth. They go low and if you don’t comply they will force you into an appraisal contest that you pay for out of your own pocket. The cost can run up to $500. I asked Donnelle ** how much it normally cost to get her response after showing no interest in complaint about poor customer service skills. I had already been told by 3 Wawanesa employs the cost, so it was a bit of a test. Donnelle ** made it clear to me she had no earthly idea how much it could cost to argue the amount of the loss. I found it extraordinary difficult to believe that she didn’t have the knowledge that 3 lower employees had of the top of their head. Then after catching her in a lie she begins to yell at the customer. Long story short, after 20 years of loyalty and referrals, I’m now looking for someone else.

Where do I begin? I would like to say that I was very happy with the service I was provided two years ago and referred the company to many of my entourage. However, it all goes downhill from a month ago. I am afraid I no longer have anything good to say about this company. I made an automobile claim in early May. Only to receive a letter two weeks afterward to tell me that they were no longer going to insure me this upcoming July 9th. My claims were a cracked windshield due to a rock, a non-guilty claim (victim of a hit-and-run). And now, another that I am not guilty for, for a total of 3 claims.

Here is the problem: My vehicle is due for repair the 16th of July, therefore unable to find another company who will insure me. The file is simply not closed! Now I have called numerous times and have always acted in a professional manner since I also work in customer service. They have transferred me to numerous departments because they all calling they cannot fix the issue. Their reasons are: "I have no power over this, once the letter is sent, we cannot do anything. Let me transfer you..."

I am honestly getting very impatient and I have made a complaint with GAA. They told me that what they aren’t doing is not permitted and that they were to force Wawanesa to give me another contract of a year duration if they were not going to comply. I followed all the procedures, but was hoping that they’d make things simpler. This is so unfortunate, I feel bad for the others who have been having issues with this company, for their employees who seem to lack training and capabilities due to their system, and for everyone who I referred to the company.

I have had Wawanesa for 35 years. They have always been outstanding in customer service, low rates and I loved the 1 year policy. The last 2 years my rate for 12 months was $460, even though I had an accident 2 years ago. My new policy in July was only for 6 months and was over $300. It still gave the option of monthly payments on the statement, so I sent in the first month. Then I got a "past due" notice. I paid the balance asked for and emailed, asking why I was sent the late payment notice, and wanted to know why the 6 month policy and huge rate increase. The reply that I must set up the monthly payments by phone using my checking account, although nowhere in the billing statement did it state that when the payment options were listed. I got a "sorry for the inconvenience and misunderstanding" reply.

As for the 6 month policy instead of 12, and the huge rate increase, the reply was like others I read here: that Wawanesa wanted to be competitive with other insurance companies. That's B.S. I can't try to get other insurance for another year because of the accident on my record, but when that time is up, I will definitely be shopping for quotes from other companies. I did get a call back from a C.S. person who said to call her back and she would see if I was eligible for discounts, but they already give me a "persistency" discount, and with an accident, they won't give me any other discounts, so why bother?

I am SO disappointed in Wawanesa! In the past when I would periodically shop around for quotes, I was always told that "we can't compete with Wawanesa's low rates" but obviously that isn't the case now. Their CEO most likely makes an 8 figure salary, and they no longer want to be the best company. I hope everyone that has them goes elsewhere. Then they'll find out what their greed got them.

I have been with WAWANESA for over 15 years and I was very very happy. However in last few months I noticed the rate is going up and customer service is going down, even online is not possible to contact them. They are claiming that they are upgrading their system and it will get better. Meanwhile I haven't been able to contact them for a week. In my opinion when the company is going out of business operate like this. It's a shame that loyal customer like me who is working with WAWANESA for over 15 years and have my 3 cars and my house insured through them have to talk about them like this. Very poor customer service and high rate. I will say goodbye when my policy is expired.

Just got our auto policy for 2017-2018. It's an increase of $700--for no reason! No tickets, accidents, my wife and I are both older, we have older cars. Two of them we barely drive. If they don't lower my rates when I go over there today, it's bye-bye.

Wawanesa used to be the best company. Great rates and customer service. Now they are like loan-sharks with their six-month billing cycles. They start sending you warnings and then cancel you with the promise of renewal at a later date. I paid my two six month fees on time and started getting warning letters again. Just give me a date when something is due. I don't have time to have an ongoing correspondence with my insurance company, I don't need a pen pal. And, hey, call me if I am unknowingly driving around without insurance. Totally reckless and greedy. I left for Geico. Really sad. One of my longest vendor relationships.

I was turning left and opposite side had a red light so cars were all stop and they wave me to make my turn so I did. There was a 4th car coming on the lane that was suppose to turn right but she didn't; she just wanted to pass all the cars on the red light so she t-bone me in the right back side and then ran away and people start chasing her so she came back. She did not have a driver license and police said it was my fault 'cause I turn in front of her which I didn't since she had just pulled over from the previous exit. I had over 4 witness including people who saw her raining away and all, and Wawanesa call me to get my statement and to the name and phone number of all my witness, and I was told they will let me know when a decision is made. Car was fixed and Wawanesa paid of the claim but never really investigated nor they call any of the witnesses and after 4 month not hearing from them I call and call them that I finally got a call and was told that I was found guilty and no explanation about the investigation or anything. My guess they didn't investigate anything.

We've had our auto insurance with them for over 17 years. Last renewal they changed us to a 6-month policy which is set to expire 5/1/17. We received a letter mid-March stating we needed to call them. I've been trying consistently and never get an answer. It is now 4/6/17 and with four vehicles and drivers on the policy we are left hanging. We have always paid in full up front but haven't even been given a quote, just a "Brace for Impact" toned letter telling us we better call 877-929-2637 Ext. 5400 and look at our options. I would love to. Why send a letter telling your policy holders to call a number when there is no one there to take your call?

The rates are reasonable and agents are knowledgeable and helpful. I have not had any claims so far so I have no claims processing experience, however friends of mine with the same company have had good service on their claims.

I am saddened to write this review as I have been a customer of Wawanesa for 35 years. This company has lost its heart and soul. I was talked into getting appliance insurance to cover all my appliances. The $500 deductible is bad enough, but when I put in a claim and jumped though all the hoops over 5 weeks, just to be informed "Claim Denied". For all you people who have this coverage and have an electric glasstop cooktop, you should be informed that the glasstop is excluded from coverage. Even if it breaks for any unknown reason. It would have been simple for Wawanesa to have told me this upfront, instead of 5 weeks later at the end of the claim process. I consider this incompetence. This company is full of red tape and don't have enough people to run it properly and the people that work there don't have the proper skills to do their jobs. All you have done is raise my premiums every year only to give me the excuse that it isn't a covered claim.

I have been with Wawanesa for over 15 years and I decided to recommend it to my boyfriend - bad idea. We were involved in a car accident where it was the other party's fault (needless to say we have a police report and two witnesses) and Wawanesa is treating us like it was our fault. First, it took 3 days to get a hold of the person taking care of our case and they wanted my boyfriend to pay for the towing and junkyard storage fees just because our accident happened out of town.

They finally agreed to pay for the towing but that took for my boyfriend to talk to 3 different people. In the meantime the charges on the storage went up and they still made him pay it out of pocket. Their response was "we will try to reimburse you for that." First, if we had known that ahead of time we would have asked the towing company to take our car somewhere closer. Also why does it take for us to talk to 3 people to even get someone to answer our questions and help us. Like I said we have been with Wawanesa for 15 years and their service has gone from bad to worse. I have no idea what is happening to Wawanesa but it's sad that we are actually paying for a service that we don't receive.

When you accident no matter how minor it is be sure to get an attorney because if you don't regardless if it wasn't your fault Wawanesa still say you are at fault 100%. I don't know if they do in purpose so they can increase your premium but I noticing that everytime minor accident when I don't have attorney they told me I'm at fault 100% even obviously it was the other party fault even one time police report say that it wasn't my fault. Only that time when I show them the report and they changed it to I'm not at fault. So be careful.

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