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Have been working on a claim almost 2 months, submitting and resubmitting document after document, claim after claim with them always saying they did not receive a document after I would fax it in over and over. When they yet AGAIN requested a document, I had explained my frustration in the email stating I do not have the TIME to keep on sending in documents and that they needed to work on their communication skills within their company, I had then received an email that they will NOT replace my device after stolen. Told them to cancel ALL my policies, I will find insurance elsewhere. They should be happy they get opinions from customers so they can deliver better service! I will NOT kiss @$$ to a company just to get them to do their job, that's why they're paid!
Jasmine is alway so responsive and helpful.
i like claim is very fast
God forbid you lose your phone they will ask you for a police report . Like I have time to go sit in a precinct for hours just for to get a used phone . It’s ridiculous. I have 3 policy that I am gonna cancel. I live in New York City going to a precinct to report a lost phone is a joke . Super disappointed
They handled my case promptly. I'm happy for insuring my phone with them.
Unreliable insurance agent because of extremely late/delayed response. As I had an urgent question and claims, I asked to both of customer service web-site and email. However there no answer for 1 month. And still not solved the problem.
WAG is a great value. Make sure you check out the college PLUS deal.
Teri - Went above an beyond to help me through my claim. Really great customer service. Thanks so much for your help and patience.
My earlier login did not work; I had to re-register. So I found it difficult to look at my history of purchases. After re-registration, my son's school did not appear on the list of schools in this area. I had to click on the link provided by the school to get to the right page on WorthAveGroup.com. Lot of time and several mouse clicks were spent on just getting to the right school page! Post this, it was easy doing the check out and making payment...
I ultimately chose Worth for the price but was hesitant about the decision due to a lack of information about the reimbursement process. There was limited information about the process available on the website which made me concerned that the good price comes at a cost of difficulties in the reimbursement process if it is required.
Excellent customer service. There is not a better option for insurance on mobile phones and electronic devices.
I have dealt with many aftermarket warranty companies and was a trainer at Assurant for 13 years. What that means is I know how agents are taught to handle cases and as much as it is hard for me to truly believe, in my opinion, Worth Ave Group is honest and trustworthy. I warrant all my phones and as time goes on my computers because they have fast response times and not a lot of hassle, that is a good thing to experience when you are dealing with a malfunctioning product.
Worst service by worth avenue group. My screen was cracked and I put a claim on that, then I got a mail that you are not eligible and I put a mail and I didn’t get any response
Good product but so very hard to get answers.
Admit it, your phone is your life! Having it die would be bad enough but losing it – Devastating. And the biggest thing Apple Care doesn't cover is a lost or stolen phone. Worth Ave Group is not only a few dollars cheaper than Apple Care, it brings you back from the brink. I've had policies on my last two iPhone's and am so glad I did.
No hesitations in recommending this group - easy process and responsive
I have been with worth Avenue for a number of years and always have been very good to work with...
These guys are quick, no hassle, no delay type insurance!! Would recommend to anyone!!
didn't receive an email confirmation of purchase that I could share with school as proof of purchase
I ran into some difficulties registering our second child using the same email address. Finally gave up and used a different email for registration process.
I was refer to this company by my son. So Far I think it's great.
This is THE company to insure your electronic devices. Hands Down! My husband and my phones were stolen and they got the claims processed in a matter of days. Very happy to work with this company and will insure our new devices the moment they arrive. Thanks Worthavegroup. You guys are the leaders in this business! God bless!
I am satisfied with the insurance coverage we have on our multiple policies for our business, but the customer service is lacking. Sometimes I email customer service and I don't hear back for days, if it all. I've emailed my account rep over 24 hours ago about changing a couple policies and have not gotten a response. I have no idea if he still works there. If I were you, I would look at other companies ratings for customer service, because you can't get anything accomplished without that service.
I don't have to worry about coverage with worth ave
I broke my phone. I had purchased this policy I believe last year and you don't think you need to have something like this sometimes. But it came in very handy. My device is getting fixed. And the service Stephanie McLain gave me and getting this fixed was phenomenal period I really appreciate it when something just gets done. Quick reliable service is what I purchased and that's what I got Quick Service.... A++++ Steph McLain! Thank you very much
I did not receive welcome packet. Also I have tried to call in to this company a number of times and left on hold with no answer. I took the suggestion to leave a call back number and still nothing.
It was a very pleasant experience working with the adjuster when we had to submit a claim. It was quick and easy.
Excellent service and prontly attention.
never experienced claims procedure yet, but till now its been a month with them and everything is perfect and cool.
My service rep was Miranda Searcy, and by far, she was the BEST person I have yet to do business with thru Worth Ave Group. She was patient, helpful, and and all around great help. I had over 11 policies to go thru, and she was cheerful from start to finish. Miranda is a model employee. Hands down!
But it's hard to rate an insurance company until you have to file a claim!
Easy to purchase and great coverage and customer service
We have been with the Worth Ave Group for years! Quality customer service, all questions answered, claims processed quickly; we have had very positive experiences. Our daughter is with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps and is teaching in Pohnpei, Micronesia... she still has coverage while she's there! Would recommend them to anyone, especially the coverage for college students.
After dropping insurance with my original company when I was switching to a new carrier and bringing my unlocked iPhone 6s with me, I was unfortunate to find out they did not provide insurance for phones that someone brought their own device. After doing a lot of research I came across Worth Ave. Group, and after a couple phone conversations with their customer service reps and claims department, I felt more confident signing up with them.
The only problem I had Was that I wanted To renew a policy not purchase a whole new one and it wouldn’t let me. I don’t want to have to write all of those numbers again!!!
Our school was the one who pick this company for us to get the iPad insurance through. I can't really tell how good they are since we haven't had a claim. All I can say is that the process to sign up for the coverage was pretty easy.
I love Worth Ave Group. Ive known them for more than 5 years and I always come back to use their services. Would recommend every time.
By far the best phone insurance company out there. It's way less of a deductible if you need to replace your phone due to lossage or theft. Worth Ave Group put my mind at ease.
They met my expectations. I am on my second round of phone insurance. Thanks
Absolutely, hands down. They are awesome! Most responsive and I would highly recommend...
Price and ease of purchasing policy is great!
Super easy and extremely affordable. Don’t go with phone carrier insurance. This is superior!
Paid online and company didn't show on my account. Called twice and emailed to get it corrected. Company had changed my credit card. Everything worked out in end but disappointed since they mostly do business on net and use credit cards as payment.
Let's start out by stating this is a fraud.. they wont even cover my phone and I have full coverage.. what a the use of having full coverage if you dont agree to fix my phone.. stay away.. .worst part of it is .. I'm on contract and they wont cover my phone... smh... what they hell am I paying for ..
I have the college plan for my son. They paid claims quickly and were responsive. Jasmine G is great!
This was the best experience I ever had. I am going to enroll ALL my devices under this plan and recommend it to everyone. Great company.
When I attempted to purchase insurance for a school laptop, the website was down. I was unable to purchase insurance for days due to a website malfunction, which made the process very frustrating. I certainly hope make a claim won't be as frustrating.
I will not get my insurance coverage anywhere else there really good here. And cheap.
Purchasing the insurance online was simple. The price for what is offered far superior to anything else I have seen. However this is just a start. It remains to be seen what happens if we have a claim at some point.
Better plan than any other phone plans out there
Reasonable prices. Simple to set up your insurance policy. Excellent!
Very good. Fast turn over
This company is a joke! I would not waist your time. They will give you run around after run around. When you finally get a check( yes that's right a check) , not a direct deposit, nobody will cash it. Not even Wal-Mart! Customer service is up there with absolute worst!! As you can see from below..They post that so people think they resolved the issue. Well guess what! Nobody since this post has reached out not has any resolution been discussed. ACCOUNT will be canceled. Worth Ave Group you certainly no how to get in touch if you would like to set up a direct deposit. That is the only resolution at this point.
Excellent customer service. Claims are very easy and fast. I reccomend this company to all my friends.
I've been a Worth Ave customer since the first iPhone. I've gotten policies for my kids as well. I've had them for iPhone, iPad, MacBook...any time I've had any issues with a device, a call or email to their support and they were quick to assist in the claim process and I've never had an issue with them trying to get out of paying.
Easy to sign up, good prices, low deductible, covers theft
Fair prices for everything they insure and easy convenient payment process
Don't use these people as there the worst insurance company and will not pay out the insurance amount covered when your item is insured. I can't even order a brand new replacement of my iPhone 7 plus 256gb and they have in there policy that Loss or adjustment; i. New item of like kind and quality for electronic devices d) The coverage amount listed on your Policy Declarations page. My amount was 969 on policy documents and they give me 796.97. See the huge difference over 100 bucks this phone isn't made anymore and a new iPhone 8 plus costs the same as my old one with that storage. They are even a hassle if you have damages. Your better off with renters insurance this company is a complete rip off. This rude rep named Stephanie M. needs a new job working as a janitor where customer service ain't needing. This company mops the way for trashy customer service and doesn't pay out agreed coverage limits. Don't use them for stolen coverage at all or any loss or you will be wishing your money wasn't flushed in the toilet. I hate worth Ave group and never will insure my device again through them. I had a phone that was practically new and now I can't even get an equivalent one and lost resale value. Update 2 company still fighting over paying 178 dollars more to me and it's getting old they will be hearing from an attorney soon and better business bureau I shouldn't have to fight for my money I'm entitled to. They might have extra money to waste in court but hey they don't have brains. If you really want to fix the problem then don't be scumbags and give me my money. Hope you all experience theft and get nothing for your claim. Karma will come back to you Stephanie & Michelle. I wish you have a holiday of theft to and get nothing.
I had a question about a phone that I had on a plan with another company. They got back to me with an answer within 24 hours. So far, easy to work with.
Best customer service!!
without my acsess they charged me twice for a single policy
I had bought full coverage insurance for my lap top, I found it to be very economical now I have added my personal phone, camera etc. I like the freedom to pick and choose my premium and deductible, thank you. It is easy to apply for and it is processed right away.
Jasmine was excellent to deal with ....fast, professional and very helpful
I have their student renters' insurance. College, even while studying abroad, was much easier knowing I didn't have to worry about my belongings. I have only had to report one item: a lost wallet. It did take a lot of time to get the paperwork done, but that just means that this company is cautious and caring. There was a problem with my claim and another customer service member easily helped me out. They reply fast and try to help as much as possible.
Bad very very bad
I paid for a $ amount for insurance. When I had a claim they refused to pay out what I was insured for. Instead they found the cheapest price for a tablet that they could find on ebay and would only pay the lower amount, not the amount that I had paid almost 2 years for.
I bought iPhone insurance with Worth Ave Group, it was quick and easy to do so. Their prices are better than competitors prices. I would recommend anyone to try them out.
I really like having this insurance. I think I get way more bang for my buck. However, the time to process a claim is ridiculous. I tracked it once and it took nearly a month. But it's one of those things where the service is so good that you can over look it.
When parents are told that the laptop is covered no matter what happens. That should be the case.
Really good service and easy to communicate with the service department.
Make sure u read the fine print, don’t just click ok!
Simple to use very quick
The best insurance company in the world.They are the fastest claim settlers.i would recommend this insurance to any one who asks me for best insurance company.
I had to submit a claim for a damaged IPad. Every step of the way I was informed of the status. They covered repaired and shipped the devices pretty fast.
I sent an email a few weeks ago and never heard back. I called and was finally able to speak with someone after 2 days of calling. Last week the same thing happened. I emailed them and never got a response. Unacceptable.
Jasmine Garrett was awesome. She made the claim process smooth and easy.
I have had several policies with Worth Ave Group, including on my tablet, laptop, and several phones. I have never had to use them, until this time. I broke a screen on my s8 and I can honestly say the claims department ROCKS!!!!! Had a check in my mailbox within one week of getting the repair estimate. I am very glad I found them '
My son dropped his laptop and cracked the corner of the screen. We had a Worth Ave policy. The claim was easy to file online. A shipping box arrived a few days later with detailed instructions. The repair came back and the computer is repaired seamlessly.
Worth Ave Group is a great insurance company. Easy customer, easy sign up & filing claim process.
I pay for 2 laptop computers but that receive any confirmation for I purchased an additional 2 laptop and charice is the next day when I enquired about the original purchase the dead and found it I never received my pay back the money back then I pin spent the 1st time in short I pay from for computer insurances but only have 2 computers not happy
i submitted my claim on 4-23 still have yet to receive my claim so it would be great of someone from that company can help me
The experience I had with your company was phenominal!! I dealt with a Michele Bosler and she got back to me in a timely manner, was thorough and was great to work with. I have mentioned the insurance that you provide to many friends who weren't aware this type of insurance (for college students) existed, and I am guessing you will get more customers because I had to file a claim and had such a great experience with you. THANK-YOU - it is nice to find companies that truly value customer service!!
I am very happy . From enrollment to claim the company's energy is positive! Teri handled my claim and blew me away with her efficiency and response time. Submitted receipt; Done! She emailed me to report Claim check was written and I should receive it within 3 days. I have already recommended them to Several businesses and individuals. Great company, great people, great attitudes and spirit.
I recommend this company to everyone .
by far the best deal on phone insurance anywhere...
Simply, THE. BEST. The only company that I would utilize for insuring items in my life.
I think WAG provides a good service. They explained everything very clear to me. However, I was supposed to received an update by email and did not received.
Very easy to work with. Have had NSSI policies for both of my college students and have been very happy. Michele Bosler has been terrific to work with and has been very responsive.
Customer service is always so helpful. I dealt with Leona Chancellor. She was so sweet!
I am so happy I found this insurance. I have had to file 2 claims in less than a year and they paid promptly and exactly what I expected. Very reasonable rates too.
Best company out there! Fast,reliable, and easy to work with. Love them!
Fast reliable service.
Great value vs. the cellular carriers. Hope to never need to make a claim!
I can only review the ordering process as I have not had a claim yet. The ordering was a smooth process, no issues at all
Excellent service. Fair prices, but could be cheaper. No complaints. I use them for everything. If you're thinking about buying electronics, this is a must have. Accept no substitutes.
Worth Ave Group is excellent with customer service.
/Claims adjuster was quick to respond, very helpful in advising step-by-step procedures and the claim was approved and reimbursement quickly sent. Worth Group is excellent!
I have covered three cell phones with Worth Ave Group over the years and have had to get repairs and replacements done. The process has always been very easy and I have had my repair or replacement within two weeks or less. The $50 deductible is very reasonable and I have never had any issues with Worth Ave Group.
I renewed my insurance policy on my camera for a second year based solely on the fact that they covered repairs due to my camera being in a windstorm in 2015. This past summer I had a similar problem with my camera being in another windstorm and thus submitted another claim. I was denied based on their assertion that the claims adjuster who had supported my claim was no longer working for them and had erroneously granted my claim. However, at no point did they ever communicate this to me when I went through the renewal process. If I had known that this type of claim was not to be covered, I would never have continued my second year of coverage. There was obvious deception going on. When I asked to appeal this decision, nothing was done. I asked for a refund, and they refused. The customer service representative was very nasty on the phone, did not allow me to explain my concerns, and just bullied through the conversation by explaining "company policy." When she continued, I tried to insert a word but was verbally overpowered. I started to raise my voice after getting very frustrated, and she said that she was ending the conversation. Please do yourself a favor -- do not consider this company for any insurance needs. There are plenty of companies out there who know what "customer service" means.
Easy to purchase policy. Nice coverage and well priced. My Xs max phone broke front and back. Glass is protruding and can cause cuts. Attempted to call the worthavegroup but after waiting for 20 minutes with no reps picking up, I decided to email the company. A day later, I receive a reply telling me to go to the apple store and get documentation about the damage and cost. Submitted the requested documents the same day. 3 days later still no replies. I decided to write to them again. I’m told an adjuster will review and will get back to me in a couple of business days and will let me know if additional documents are needed. Seriously!!!! I need my phone as I have a child with special needs. I have to do all the legwork and wait this long. Never again. Not worth it unless you have time to waste. I had coverage through square trade and claims were resolved within a day.