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I was leaving the post office, had backed out and had put my vehicle in drive when an SUV backed into me. They weren’t looking and admitted to causing the accident. Long story short... just like many other stories here, the Adjuster found me at 50% fault. I was extremely angry! He twisted my words around even though he had a recording and told me to get my insurance to do their own investigation if I didnt like it. Allstate is horrible!

My Agent was unaware of the fact that I had to do all the work when I was hit by an uninsured motorist... I filed my claim and heard nothing until I called the main office and they said I had not contacted them to get things started. This was 4 months after the accident.

I had a good experience with Allstate Auto Insurance. No hassle and no fuss or muss! They were fair, did not yell at me like another company and they did their job. That is the value in the policy. Overall I liked their service.

I was quoted a monthly premium to change to Allstate after State Farm wanted to drop my college age daughter. It was to be for 2 months only then she would be out of the country for a year and removed from the policy. The quote dropped over $300 a month at that time. However, when that date arrived, several requests had to be made for my daughter to be removed from the policy and it only dropped $159 a month. There was no explanation and the coward agent stopped communication. The next message was from the clerk who answers his phone stating she had someone else look at the numbers and had a quote for me. They had given all my personal information to an independent agent in another city without my permission, inaccurate information regarding our needs, and often a quote with another company. Run, do not walk past Allstate and especially Jacob ** in Vestavia, Alabama.

Absolutely disgusted with this company. We were loyal customers for over 10 years then we recently switch because we saved $2000 with a different company. We received a bill from Allstate for $31 and didn't get around to paying it yet. It's only been 30 days. We now received a letter from collections. What a bunch if BS. They don't even send a warning. Most companies give 90 days and they'll warn you that they are sending it to collections. I will spread the word wherever I can on social media and word of mouth that this company is horrible.

I have the worst luck. A guy named Kenny ran in to the back of my parked SUV. He left a note so when I found it I texted him and he said he had Allstate insurance and they would take care of it and he got and became a smartass and told me not to text him anymore so I waited till the next day cause he said first thing at 12:00 pm. I texted him again a half hour later. He sent me the information and say to me I BETTER WATCH MY MOUTH and not to text or call him again??

Well for one I never called him. Here is where I deal with ALLSTATE. I call now. They have already heard what he told them so they ask about my SUV. There's not a scratch on it till Kenny hit it so I do everything they ask. Sent pic in on their app. I asked about a rental car. She, "Yeah we'll take care of all that," and she said, "If you don't have full coverage that Allstate will cover that." So that was 2-20-2019.

I can get my SUV in the shop today so I call about a rental car again. Everything is fast. Yeah. They use Enterprise car rental. Right after I got off the phone with Allstate Enterprise calls. Let me remind you it's 3:30pm in Omaha Neb. The lady ask when I need a rental. I said now. She, "I'm so sorry. There's none available." I said, "Really." She said she could get me one on Friday. I said okay then she said there's a deposit. What card would I like to have on file. I said none. I said I didn't do Anything wrong. She said she can get me a rental till I did this. I said I'll call Allstate back.

I hung up and called Enterprise. Ask for a car. They have more cars available right then so who is lying? So I said I would get back to them. Hung up. Now I called Allstate back. Anthony at the call center answered the call. I told I should have to pay anything. He said, "You have to or you won't get a rental." Or I could use Lyft and keep the receipt. Again I would have to pay for something I didn't do.

They insured Kenny. They take all the risk. They should pay for everything. In fact they should have to pay you while you get estimate, while you make phone calls. Remember you wouldn't have to go through any of this if the one they insure didn't hit you. So all my calls are recorded. I just think about this. I'm the 3 owner. My SUV has never been scratch. Now are fax all of them. Will know and when I sell it I will lose money cause of this. I'm just telling all of you things you need to know. So far this is my bad luck.

Overall Allstate Auto Insurance is great. The customer service is always prompt and they are always able to address all of my questions and concerns. They are friendly and really take the time to talk to me and find me the plan that will give me the best coverage at the most affordable price.

One of Allstate’s policyholders rear ended me going 40+ mph while I was stopped at a stop light with heavy traffic. They have 100% liability. I have a medium sized SUV with AWD and I now am unable to go to work until a rental comes. The rental they assigned me is a very small economy car although I requested a vehicle of similar characteristics as mine. Small economy cars do not drive well in the snow and ice, and we are supposed to be getting a lot this weekend. I should AT LEAST be given a vehicle of similar type to what I had before their policyholder smashed it up.

I own a 2014 F-250 which was involved in a 40-50 mph front end crash. This was not my wife’s fault and the truck just made cross country trip with no issues at all. The impact rather crash destroyed the front of the truck even breaking the tow hooks off of the frame. The auto body shop recommended by Board Ford fixed the visible damage but when we went to drive it the front end was making a humming noise, the brake cable was broken, the steering wheel was not straight and the truck began shaking. The auto shop stated they saw nothing broken so we took it back Ford. Ford stated they could not say the damage was from the crash as it could have been wear and tear previously.

We are not mechanics but this truck is so messed up it is not safe for my family. The Allstate adjuster Alex stated the broken brake cable and the alignment issues were due to worn out parts and we received no explanation for the humming noise. This was a solid truck with no issues prior to this crash and now we have been told we are liars and that all of these issues must have been present prior to the crash. Ford says they are unable to align the truck due to the amount of play. This may be true but was certainly caused by the horrific crash.

I am a former state trooper with thousands of crash investigations and it is preposterous to me that a vehicle in this sort of accident would have alignment issues due to anything other than the crash when it was fine previously. I am not able to see any worn or damaged rubber boots or leaking grease or any of the things I would associate with being obviously worn out around any of the steering components. This truck has less than 100k miles and has never been used to tow or plow. I purchased this vehicle approximately 18 months ago precisely because it felt so solid and smooth. We are very frustrated and would like our vehicle to be safe for our family to drive again. This will be a huge expense for us to fix on our own and we feel that the excuses are just that. Excuses.

The original shop should have seen these problems but ever since we pointed out the fact they didn’t even drive it after repair the blame has been on us. Besides these issues the customer service has been terrible at Ford with the service tech and manager not returning calls and even failing to submit insurance information with identifying information on it. We feel trapped in a network of dishonesty and wish for nothing other than our truck to be reliable again. We do not have the technical knowledge to dispute what they say credibly but just know that our vehicle was fine to travel across country one day and after the crash which was no fault of ours, it is not even safe to drive.

Twisted my words in getting me to say I used my tools for business and not personal tools. For one they wouldn’t talk to my wife. I am considered deaf. Have lost 70 percent of my hearing. I don’t like talking to anyone on the phone because my hearing hears what it wants to and I don’t hear right so the claim was wrong. So I received 2 hundred dollars instead of two thousand for my tools. I might not be the best person for this but I try and worked my butt off for what I have since I lost my hearing and not going on disability after coming home from Iraq.

My car received water damage. It took an adjuster from Allstate, almost a week to view my car because according to Allstate "there's not enough adjusters in NYC (the highest charged customers)." Not my problem!!! when I've been paying Allstate $420 a month for my insurance for the past 4 yrs. Each time I call for an update I can't get any real answers. It's been almost two weeks and I have no car to take my little one to school, because my car is considered a total loss and I haven't received my car cost. All I'm saying is give us what we pay for speedy, thoughtful and correct care. Allstate has made me feel like I'm not deserving of good care and all the money I have paid for my safety and others has been a waste of time. WITH ALLSTATE YOU'RE NOT IN GOOD HANDS!!!

The untold reasons but you could be dropped from Allstate. I’m hoping that this would help another motorist when you’re out looking for insurance. If you’re getting a windshield replaced and the windshield company tells you if you have Allstate it’s free not true. If it’s a Hit and run that still counts Against you. Allstate will count that against you and drop you... Regardless of the situation If you file a claim it could be held against you and Allstate will drop you. Whether it’s the other driver's fault or not. Please be aware!!!

Cheryl ** low balled me, questioned me, down talked to me for 30 minutes about my prescription glasses and other stolen property as if I was a liar. I have been a customer of Allstate for over 13 years and have never been disrespected in this manner. She mentioned there was over 20 optometrists in Arcadia and said she cannot just call and get a number, well I did just that in a matter of minutes. 3 locations gave me a price of $400 to start for noneconomy glasses with prescription, not one place but 3 and not one denied giving a price over the phone. Mind you this price is to start. I can only hope this lady doesn't nickel and dime me on all my personal belongings after getting my car stolen. Allstate get it together, this is ridiculous to have to put your customers thru after a loss... These people are stress!

Allstate states that WE as the victims of their client's negligence are held responsible for a rental car while our vehicle is being repaired. They tried to close the claim out prematurely without properly assessing the repairs and damage. If it weren't for my dispute Allstate would have sent my wife and 3 kids back on the road with MAJOR drivetrain damage. With the vehicle having to go back the shop Allstate still claims that they are not liable for the rental cost because the original case was closed 2 weeks premature. YOU'RE IN GOOD HANDS? More like, "WE GOT YOU. NOW PAY UP SUCKER!" WHAT A JOKE.

I have Allstate for a long time without problems until the day that someone crashed my car. Then, they treated me terrible since the first call for claim. Allstate was too the insurance of the driver that hit in me. They took 1 month to give solution to my case and said that It was my fault that the driver get out from a parking lot without see and hit me. I am changing all my insurance. The cheaper can become after a problem.

My representative is always friendly and responsive. They have a fast turn around time for questions that I have, and have actively worked to offer me the lowest rate and highest value possible for the package that I chose.

I've had Allstate for many years now, at least 10 years. One of my main complaints with Allstate is that my rates increase every year and I have to call in and threaten to drop my policies in order to prevent the premium increase. Customer service is usually good but it is still annoying having to play that game every year. In terms of claims I've found that Allstate was surprisingly easy to work with. I've only had one claim which came from hail damage and I was definitely satisfied with the ease of submitting a claim and the amount I was given.

I was a customer of Allstate for over 15 years and I hadn't submitted any claims during that period. However, the day I submitted a claim I was shocked they could not pay for full repair of my vehicle. I made many attempts to fix the problem, I did not get any follow-up. I even took the matter to court. Do you know they had to hire their own lawyer at 10 times the cost of my claim of $1000. I know many have experienced the same hustle in their claims. You are in bad hand with Allstate. Avoid avoid avoid.

I have been very happy with my decision to use Allstate for my car insurance needs. When I was involved in an accident, the claims representative responded to my concerns immediately and greatly helped me through the process. She showed genuine concern for my well-being and really helped to put my mind at ease. I will continue to purchase my auto insurance from Allstate.

I asked them to cancel my auto insurance because I was switching over after my six months. They send me a letter four months later stating they were charging me for the month I cancelled because they didn't get it in writing... "Why would you think I'm paying for a double policy" is what I asked them. They still sending me invoices, I wish they would fix it, I have proof of my new insurance. Customer service is clueless. Keeps telling me contact my rude agent. My agent was rude and I will never deal with them again. Seven months later and it's still not resolved.

I am writing a review about Allstate. They have been a horrible company to work with. I have had to switch to many different locations because the employees always have an attitude. Every one there is opinionated and today was simply the last straw for me. The women said some things to me that were unprofessional. Honestly how could she work in customer service if that how she speaks to people? So tomorrow I am cancelling. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder. I am switching to Triple A. They were so nice and polite to me on the phone. I cried to them how bad Allstate has treated me. :/

The women also told me taking care of my son was not a job and it just means I'm unemployed and I do work a little bit but I'm usually with my son but what she doesn't know is I went to college and am looking for a good job and in life I rather have my son than nothing else. What nerve she had to tell me I'm unemployed. I did not explain myself any further and knew in the moment I do not want to be in this environment and I rather go somewhere else. Bye bye Allstate you horrible company.

I had a terrible experience with Allstate I’d like to share to warn others. I was hit while my car was parked in a parking lot. The other driver did minimal damage to my car but my car was only 4 months old so we exchanged information as he said he wanted to do the right thing and take care of the damage. I filed a claim through his insurance, Allstate, and they instructed me to send them pics of the damage, they would give me an estimate for repairs then I would go to an auto body shop of my choice, give them the paperwork and Allstate would pay them direct. I did exactly that.

I scheduled the repair during time I would be out of town so they wouldn’t have to worry about a loaner for me. The repair shop found additional damage while working on the car and communicated this with Allstate. I got a call from the Allstate adjuster while I was away that the car would take slightly longer because of the additional damage and they were just calling to let me know.

9 days later I go to pick up my car and the auto body shop said Allstate is refusing to pay because the driver whom hit me hasn’t called to give his statement yet. Why am I just finding this out now?? How could Allstate wait until after the repairs we done to let me know if this? They said they never accepted liability so they won’t pay it. Why would they send the estimate over? Why would they negotiate and approve a supplement for additional damage if they haven’t even spoken to their insured? I ended up having to pay for the entire repair out of my own pocket just to get my car back. I would have never approved the cost of this repair but I wasn’t involved at all because the auto body shop negotiated the price with Allstate.

Allstate acts like they are customer service oriented and want to make claims quick and easy. They really dropped the ball on this case but they claim no responsibility for their failure. My vehicle should never have gotten to the point of being repaired unless they had what they needed to move forward. Over about a 20 day period no adjuster ever made any indication to myself or the body shop they possibly wouldn’t pay. The auto body shop says they have never seen anything like this before and someone at Allstate made a mistake and now this has cost me $1300 that I never authorized.

Beware Allstate gives a false sense of security however won’t follow thru with their responsibility. You never know if they are really going to follow thru with payment until it’s too late. I’ve called numerous time to find out how to resolve and now my calls are ignored. Disgusted by their lack of service and a completely broken policy they have on communication.

Most insurance companies I have dealt with in the recent past make it hard to get a claim paid. I do not like insurance, but it is difficult to live in this day and time without it. I have yet to find an insurance company that really is client friendly. We had our vintage Airstream insured and I damaged it in an accident, the process was long and arduous to get the claim paid. They basically totaled out the trailer and we bought the trailer back and had it repaired. Claim paid was much less than actual value of trailer.

Allstate a very bulling company... They seem to make settling claims not in your favor... Take it from a customer of Allstate for over 20 yrs. Recommend you find a better co. Shop around. There are companies that like good drivers if you are...

I had an accident and ripped my front fender off at supermarket. I dread calling an auto insurance company because it is a long process of saying the same story to 3 different people, being put on hold or told to leave a message. When I contacted Allstate, I spoke with an Angela. She was very nice and assured me everything would be ok and have a smooth process. She also assured me that she will stay with me to the end, and she did. It was a wonderful experience. Only had to make one call and was not on hold or transferred. She handled everything. Once my claim was complete I received a courtesy call letting me know my claim was finalized.

My wife was at a red light in a construction zone among the cattle shoot of cones so nowhere to go. She is hit from behind by a driver with Allstate and he was cited. After a month of messing around with them, multiple phone calls, visits to the body shop her car is totaled for which they "accepted liability". My wife lost work with time spent going to hearings for the bum that hit her (he challenged the ticket) and at the bank buying a new car.

I have 7 hours of time in calls and running. Allstate said too bad "that is your cost of having property" and your time has no value. You can of course sue them and based on the posts I have read they never pay anyway. So tell it to the world how bad they are and send Tom Wilson, President & CEO: Allstate Ins. Co. PO box 660598, Dallas TX, 7566-0598 as many letters as you can and tell him how horrible he is the top leader and his company is.

I've shopped around, but car insurance can be confusing with all the different deductibles and options for your policy. All I really want is a reputable company that stands behind me and won't rip me off. Allstate might be a little more expensive when I renew vs. swapping companies all the time. But, the small amount more that I pay is worth not having hassles. The local agent is pretty good which really helps. They answer the phone when I call and don't give me the runaround - a definite plus. I understand my policy and the rate that I pay. They suggest things I can do to lower my rate, like setting up email policy.

I just came to Allstate in March of this year. In June of 2018 they decided to add my sister to my insurance without letting me know stating they were a "family" insurance company. So basically anyone that had the same address on their license was automatically put on the insurance unless I could provide another address for them or proof they had another insurance. My insurance went from 150 a month to over 400 a month. When I discussed with the local agent I had no idea where she was staying. They insisted because it was my sister I knew something. I asked them to take me off automatic pay and they didn't do it.

It took me almost a month to figure out where she stayed and by that time another bill cycled around and over 400 came out of my account again along with an overdraft fee. They were suppose to give me 500 back but said they could only refund 300. This is the worst company I have ever been with and will be sure to tell everyone I know not to go with them ever.

We have old cars, because we are practical, and don't need new cars, so we always have 'liability only' auto insurance. We've been customers with Allstate for over 30 years. About 15 years ago, they 'accidentally' converted all of our auto insurance plans to full comprehensive. My wife wondered why the cost went up after a few months, and called, and they were sorry, switched them back. Today, my wife bought a used van, for her business, and she called and asked them to put the van on our insurance. They asked if we wanted it to be 'comprehensive, like the other vehicles'. She was furious to find out that they switched us up to full comprehensive on every vehicle, last year! This is an extra cost of $1200 or so. I am going to get that money back, if I have to sue.

Allstate gave me a small rental car for one week. They did not pay me for extra days. My car repair shop took another week because of the storm. They are not responsible to pay the extra rental car. I returned the small car. The company did not give another options. This company do not stick with its mission 'are you in good hands?' I was not in good hands. There is not culture value in this organization. Shame of you.

I had an accident on 5/6/18 and have full cover on my car. Car was “repaired” at an Allstate certified shop that had car for three weeks but when I picked up car it had a horrible sound, which shop and Allstate said was AC, "Go fix AC and if noise continues we will fix the car." Fix AC as stupid as that sounds. ($950) later car still has the noise. Allstate send adjuster to shop to look at car (David **). He did not look at car, did not listen to shop owner and I get a call repair is not covered because I did not take care of car, now repair is around $2700. I have been called a liar, treated like a criminal by him and he was a jerk to the shop owner too. I of course will cancel my policy and never ever go back to Allstate and I will be suing for damages to my car and all the emotional distress I am still going thru. The lack of integrity by Allstate and the feeling of big company against single woman is very upsetting but I will take it to the end.

I enjoy the fact that I can always get a hold of my agent. I also enjoy the quickness that they adhere to when I file a claim for reimbursement. However, I don't like the lack of being able to play with the coverage without having to contact the company or my agent though. I also am not a fan of the Drivewise program because I never get a bigger discount. But I have had excellent experiences with my company. I enjoy the overall friendliness and willingness they have to help me get the best price possible including different options that will give me more discounts.

Allstate says that "YOU ARE IN GOOD HANDS WITH ALLSTATE". Well after 40+yrs with them, I can say they have their hands in your pocket. Had an accident that they claim there were injuries, and there were none. Neither of the parties filed any injury claim. Allstate kept trying to give me about 40% less than my totaled car was worth. After filing with the Department of Insurance a complaint they finally settled the claim with about 20% still left on the table. But after fighting with them for 4 months, I accepted their offer. Stay away from Allstate. They "PLACE PROFITS BEFORE PEOPLE"!!!

I was paying under $100 a month for full coverage before adding my wife, it then went to $200 which was acceptable. Then I added my two daughters and the policy jumped to $800 per month. This was unacceptable but searching other companies, this was actually the lowest. These insurance companies are all for profit and nothing for their customers and Allstate is no different. All the cute and funny commercials do not make up for taking advantage of your customers.

After receiving a letter that only allowed me 5 days to respond (from the date of the letter), I tried reaching my agent. I tried several times and spoke to Allstate Corporate who also tried to reach them. After about 3 weeks, when I got a personal cell number for my agent, they said they had system issues with Allstate (couldn't get to any Allstate corporate system, including their voice mail or receive phone calls). They answered questions about the letter I had received and why.

Sent that in, however still receiving invoices from Allstate. The Corporate number said only the agency can remove the charges (didn't back date it even though I couldn't reach the agency). The agency still didn't have access to the Allstate system so couldn't do anything. Three weeks later, I've tried again. The agent is no longer with Allstate (wouldn't respond why, but I'm guessing because they couldn't do business without access to the Allstate corporate system, including getting phone calls). I've tried Corporate again to get the charges removed. They said there isn't anything they can do about removing the charges! This is not acceptable!!!

On 12/24/18, I was contacted by one of the agents employed by AllState Insurance, ** located at 8331 Winnetka Ave, Winnetka, CA 91306. He offered to provide insurance for my two vehicles (Lexus and Mazda) for $211 per month to be taken out of my checking account automatically. The initial payment was $124.34. I mentioned to him I needed to change address after I purchased the insurance on the same date. One week before my next bill is due, I noticed the fee has gone up to $297 per month. I then cancelled the auto pay, hopefully they would not charge my bank.

However, on 01/24/19, Allstate Insurance took $297 out of my checking account WITHOUT MY CONSENT. In addition, the agent ** failed to disclose to me that Allstate would charge an additional $86 per month while giving me the quote. This is misrepresentation of Allstate Insurance's pricing. On top of the that, Allstate took money out of my checking account without notifying even though I cancelled auto-pay. On 02/0/19, Allstate returned $117.09 to my checking account. They charged me $304.25 for the 1 month of service vs. the $211 monthly pricing they quoted me. Beware of Allstate Insurance Auto Policy. They are written so that they will suck money out of consumers no matter what the outcome is.

We had been with a different insurance company for years but felt we were paying far too much. We inquired with Allstate and the people there were very helpful and worked with us patiently through all the things we could have until we got it figured out. We wound up with great coverage, more than the old company, and for less money!

After 24 years of being with them they screwed me hard! This company stole $1,100 from us. They changed my policy without me knowing from $415.67 to $1,325.00 a month!!! I never got a call or notification! I paid for 1st wreck forgiveness but let me tell you that doesn’t matter if it’s someone else driving your car! This company lies, overcharges and can’t even back their programs! After 24 years all I can say is ** Allstate! Go with any company but this one! Nothing but liars and thieves!

I was rear-ended by a man who has Allstate insurance whom of which lowers the estimate from the Collision center, won't replace my rear tire, won't replace my grandkids' car seats without me first purchasing them. Why should I be inconvenienced to do so? They should just pay. None of this was my fault. It was Allstate client who was totally at fault and I'm being so very inconvenienced by this whole entire situation. Allstate is trying to pay as less as possible to someone who is being stressed out behind their client!!!

We had home insurance and Auto with them for three years and for auto we never claimed but what it looks ok, But Home is literally cheating by ALLSTATE they always try to find reasons to deny the claim. We had lot of hail damage but nothing is visible for Allstate inspection agents, Dont even consider Allstate even they give free Home insurance, I cant negative stars. That's why giving one star.

My vehicle was damaged. They didn't cover the damages. They took my payment. Gave me the runaround about when my payment would post giving them time to Bill me more as they lied and waited and then after that they cancelled my policy and kept my payment. Very unprofessional. Don't spend your money on this scam company. This has been a while. They still haven't returned any calls or money and that was also one of the lies that I would be refunded. How convenient that they couldn't post my payment until they cancelled my policy.

My vehicle suffered comprehensive damages on 09/16/2018 and a claim was opened 09/17/2018, after we determined the damage was too severe to fix ourselves. The car was inspected by the adjuster- in our driveway, which made no sense- then towed to the Toyota Dealer for complete diagnosis and we requested secondary adjustments. After being in the shop for a few days, there was no adjuster. We, along with the shop, called numerous times over the next few days and Allstate finally sent out a new adjuster. There was absolutely no communication from Allstate unless we reached out to them first. The car was deemed a total loss and we were issued initial paperwork 2 weeks after the claim opened.

Contacting Allstate's Total Loss Dept required an approx. wait time of at least 30 minutes and you'll be lucky to even think about getting a call back- even if they need something from you, you will not be contacted. We decided to keep the vehicle and it took another week for Allstate to issue new documents (issued 10/04/2018 but our rental had to be turned in 10/05/2018 despite the claim not yet being closed). Regardless, by this time, we had already had the car fixed, back in our possession and a new car purchased and added to our policy. I filled out the Owner Retained Vehicle paperwork according to the instructions and sent in the Certificate of Title on 10/10/2018, delivered 10/11/2018 and signed by "Perry". Called to follow up due to no online update and Allstate stated they couldn't find my documents. I just had to resubmit everything already sent. It has been 1 month and I just want this closed!

To top it off, when I added my new vehicle to my policy on 10/02/2018, Allstate securely emailed me a copy of the payment schedule for a total balance of $756.**; $192.** for the next 4 months- due 11/052, 12/05, 01/05 and 02/05. I sent payment 10/15 that posted 10/16/2018 for the 11/05 due date. Allstate then sent me a bill for $145.** to be due 11/02. I'm ahead on payments and paid according to the schedule they sent me, so they need to stop with the unethical billing in trying to get $345.** from me for the first month. I'll pay as owe and due. Contacting customer service did absolutely nothing. I'm unhappy with my lost time and the major inconvenience this has caused, and I cannot wait until I find a new insurer.

I've had Allstate for at least 20 years. But despite their ads, you do not get a good driver discount on the rate. Every year or two my rate has increased despite never being in an accident or getting a moving violation. I don't even want to think about all of the money I wasted, as I've never used their service. Auto insurance is a total ripoff. So it's isn't just Allstate that is tearing me a new one. The government is to blame for stealing money and allowing these companies to gouge the consumer.

Been 8 months since I bought extended warranty coverage through dealership. Contacted Allstate 3x about what's included in warranty, each time I was told a packet would be in the mail, still nothing, a complete joke!

I have been a customer for over 25 years, the increases in the past have been acceptable 2% or 3%. However, for the past two years I have been hit with increases of 10%, 11%, 15% and the last one was the one that broke the camel’s back; a bopping 24%. OMG!!! This is ridiculous! I’ll remind you, No accidents, No tickets, No claims. I know that there have been a lot of fires in California, but getting us car insurance customers to pay should be against the law. Where is our California Insurance commissioner? Sleep at the wheel? Unbelievable, I have switched to a different insurance company and I’m paying what I was paying two years ago now. To all out there, shop around!

I've had Allstate for about 6 years now. I've shopped around and haven't seen any lower prices for comparable service. Overall I'm satisfied.

I've been an Allstate customer for over 30 years (since acquiring my license at 16). My entire driving history - 1 speeding ticket (age 18) paid for. No accidents until Dec 31, 2017 (minor accident). Recent premium history renewal every 6 months. Currently own a basic Toyota Prius for 8 years (2010). Keep in mind I call to inquire on reason for increase... same song and dance... increase nationwide for ALL Allstate customers. I pay in full every renewal... July 14,2015 (for Sep renewal) = $505.56; Jan 12, 2016 (for Mar renewal) = $505.57; July 13, 2016 (for Sep renewal) = $542.10; Jan 11, 2017 (for Mar renewal) = $562.98 (start of new agent. I was not informed of to replace my old agent due to illness/retirement (?) of 10+ years); July 13, 2017 (for Sep renewal) = $609.80; Jan 10, 2018 (for Mar renewel) = $678.46.

I thought this increase was due to my accident on Dec 31, 2017. I complained of increase. All I got was 2 $10 Visa/MC credit. July 13, 2018 (for Sep renewal) = $1,393.83. Increase from my very first accident (minor accident). Will not be renewing unless Allstate can reduce by a considerate amount. Note: I had one renewal premium decrease the 8 years I've owned my Prius. All renewals were increases with no accidents/tickets with the exception of last renewal. Also, their first time "accident forgiveness" does not apply in California although they advertise on TV in CA market. Umm... it's the 21st century. There's a way to apply those specific promotions to specific markets. - Allstate's very unhappy loyal customer.

So I had Allstate car and house insurance together for over a decade and the day I sold my house I cancelled my house and car insurance together but since the payments were in auto pay they never canceled it to stop the payments and due to me having them for so long I never realized that I was getting charged for 12 extra months until I caught this mistake and I brought it to their attention. They didn’t want to reimburse me back my money!! Now there was no accidents involved. Just that they’ve been charging me for 12 extra months and they basically robbed me for my money and I can’t get anyone to even work with me as far as getting back my money. The worst company in my book. NEVER AGAIN WILL I OR MY FAMILY DO BUSINESS WITH ALLSTATE AGAIN!!

If you have a good agent, just about any insurance company can do a good job for you. The customer service and even the policies you buy are determined mainly by the quality of the agent you have. I have a good agent so I am happy.

Got rear-ended by a guy going 40 mph with All State Insurance. I was stopped at a red light minding my own business--the guy never put on the brakes. I was extremely sore in my back and neck for weeks. Could've sued for thousands. Instead all I asked was for car rental reimbursement while my GMC Yukon was in the shop. All State said, "No problem." So I drove a rental for 2 weeks and submitted my receipt. They paid me less than 1/2 claiming that the car I rented was excessive. It was a Nissan Rogue (smaller than my GMC Yukon). I am a high school girls golf coach and need at least an SUV to transport the clubs. All State didn't care. I guess what they say about insurance companies is true... they will screw you if given the chance. I was definitely "not in good hands."

My granddaughter and I were involved in an auto accident in May 2018. We were struck by a vehicle that is insured by ALLSTATE. The driver of this vehicle came over into the lane of traffic that we were traveling in and struck our vehicle. This driver immediately admitted that she did not see us because she was having a conversation with a passenger in the vehicle she was driving. I was informed by the ALLSTATE Claims Adjuster approximately 1 week after the accident that the driver of the vehicle they insured was refusing to speak with him and that he was going to give her 30 days to decide to speak with him before he did anything with the claim. I had already explained that the vehicle belonged to my daughter and that she was employed and had to have a vehicle. The adjuster refused to provide my daughter with a rental and I was informed that if I was unhappy with this I should let my insurance pay for the damages.

My granddaughter was treated at a local Emergency Room. Since this accident it a struggle to get my 4 year old granddaughter into a vehicle which the ALLSTATE adjuster and his manager were made aware of immediately. The adjuster contacted my granddaughter's father on July 6 to inform him that he was going to give my granddaughter $150. Her father reminded the adjuster that it is still a struggle to get her in a vehicle and the adjuster told him he should get her some therapy. Her father asked the adjuster if was aware of how expensive therapy was and the adjuster told him he would throw in an extra $50. As people we should treat others with the same courtesy and respect that we wish to be treated with.

We're all human and accidents happen but if we create a difficult situation for others we should take responsibility and do everything in our to power to make the situation less difficult. If you are a person with any conscience at all this is just something to think about when choosing an insurance company. OUR EXPERIENCE WITH ALLSTATE HAS NOT BEEN ONE THAT WOULD MAKE ANYONE FEEL LIKE THEY WERE IN GOOD HANDS.

Worst company I have ever dealt with for auto insurance and customer service. I switched to Allstate and had nothing but problems with my auto insurance. Paid for 6 months up front and 2 months into my contract without notification it was canceled. Got a letter in the mail after the fact billing me for a new policy at a higher price. I called them and while they admitted my policy cancellation was an error on their part and was sorry their computer would not allow them to fix it.

Since their mistake caused a lapse in my insurance, I was stuck with their new policy at a 40 dollar higher rate. Due to my time and frustration, I paid for 6 months on the new/2nd policy. About 3 months into that, again, their billing goes crazy on me again. I get 2 letters in the mail. One tells me my first policy has been reinstated without interruption and wants me to pay the money that had been refunded to me when they canceled it. (But now I have the 2nd policy.) Second letters tells me my 2nd policy was canceled. (Balance had been refunded to my checking account.) I was not going to pay for overlapping coverage. So I contacted my agent again. She was nice and understood my problem but put the blame on their computer for not allowing her to correct it.

Meanwhile I went back to my previous insurance for coverage and just needed to sort out my/their billing problems. Things were not going well and then I get an email wanting me to take a survey to rate them. (Really?) Well I gave them the worst review possible and finally I got my problems resolved. So now in the end I have an apology in writing and by phone informing me the billing errors are solved. I will stay away Allstate in the future. I was not in good hands with Allstate.

We were involved in an accident which was not our fault. The person who hit us had Allstate Insurance. They are the worst to try and get a settlement with, we are still waiting a month later to get paid for our truck which was totaled. They nickeled and dimed us and gave us way under what our truck was worth and now we can’t even get the settlement from them. I cannot believe that Allstate can even do this and still remain a legitimate insurance company. They are the worst insurance company I have ever been involved with. Do not use Allstate as your insurance company. You will be sorry. We even talked to a lawyer and he said that they were notorious for doing stuff like this. They have a reputation for being the worst.

We were Allstate customers for over 15 years. We were rear ended by a man that had Allstate as well. We have been in a nearly 3 year battle with attorneys because of Allstate's crooked ways. They've fought us every step of the way and we were hit from behind. After depositions and mediations today they offered us a settlement that left me paying for over $20,000 in surgeries and treatments. Now it must be dragged out another 6 months and go to court and fight.

Allstate does not care about its customers and does not have your best interest in heart. You are not in good hands will Allstate. I have never been treated with such disrespect. Got adjusters that kept calling trying to get me to lie over the phone about our condition. I have switched all my RVs, vehicles etc to Travelers. Stay away from Allstate.

They could do some improvement on customer service. Have lower rates, Don't lie to the customer about 30 rentals on a car after being involved in a wreck and take the rental back before the full 30 days. It's hard to get a car without them paying customers after they sign off.

I was rear ended by a client with Allstate. They refused to cover the repairs to my vehicle stating that I wasn’t paying attention. I had to spend money out of my pocket to take the lady who hit me to small claims court and Allstate hired an attorney to try and claim that I was not driving safely. The lady who hit me was instructed to lie to the judge by the attorney. I won my case. Obviously I was rear ended and they didn’t have a case. I am still waiting to be paid to fix my car. EVERY TIME I call the agent handling my claim it goes straight to voicemail. How terrible is it for this money hungry corporation to try and screw people over who have been hit by their clients.

Since 2003 I have always had car insurance. I only gave a try to Allstate month ago only because they offered lower price on my car insurance than what I originally had. But I had to cancel it within few weeks. They sold me car insurance for $124 a month and after 20 days in, I got email that my monthly payment doubled because salesperson made a mistake. Okay, so how is that my fault? "No. It's not your fault miss but there is nothing we can do," was the answer.

And this is Allstate where you are in good hands. :) Because of their mistake I ended up paying more than what I was paying before them. Basically they made mistake but you still pay and if you don't like it you can switch to other company. Which I did but that is not how company should take care of their customers. First, they sell you the policy. Now they can't help you and yes to cancel policy I had to be on the phone for half an hour because customer service for some reason doesn't know how to cancel it. If you want to avoid headache stay away from them. Worst company ever.

My car was hit while being parked in my daughter's driveway at her home, by an Allstate customer. No one was in the car, and she admitted fault. This happened on the 18th of October, it has been almost one month and still have no car. Took it to one of their shops, and the place she hit it in the back quarter panel, apparently had been bonded before, (this is a 2007). She caused quite a bit of damage to the car, so Allstate says since it had been bonded before and it cracked where she hit it they will not pay to have this repaired. It has to be replaced ($2000.00) and I have to pay for it. The shop took the car apart to get the estimate, and say they won't repair it unless I pay for the new quarter panel. I was then informed that I had to pay $138 to pay for the disassembly charges before they would release it to another shop that is willing to fix it, without replacing the quarter panel.

I did talk the shop down to $78, Allstate refuses to pay for this also. They say the hit the car took from her hitting it wouldn't have cracked if it hadn't been bonded. I say if she hadn't hit it, it wouldn't have cracked. This is my grandson's car, he is 17 so could not get a rental, so he has been getting rides for almost a month now. I requested a rental car for me, and he could drive my car. They said sure I'm entitled to one, but to this day still have no rental car. I have talked to so many different people and get nowhere with anyone. It makes no sense how your car is parked legally in your driveway and Allstate customer hits it, and you end up paying out of your pocket.

If anyone can explain this to me please do. I have contacted the State Board of Insurance, and I am filing, but they said it will be 3 to 4 months before they get to this issue. Where is the JUSTICE... All I've ask Allstate for is to cosmetically put the car back to where it was before it was hit. They have informed me also, none of their shops will fix it without me paying to replace the quarter panel, even though they agree it can simply be bonded. They also have no recommendations where to take it. I've had to do all the searching on my own with no help from Allstate...

My car was scratched in the parking lot by a guy who was insured by AllState. I had to rent a car while mine was in the body shop. I discussed with Allstate the rental because I live in the mountains and require a 4 wheel drive, which they agreed to because my car is an Audi RS5 - with 4 wheel drive. After I paid my rental they reimbursed $37 per day for an SUV rental, while it cost us $70 per day. In what world SUVs are rented out for $37???! Would not advise this company! They don't play fair and use the fact that nobody will sue them for $150, to not reimburse customers fully the amount that should be reimbursed.

I had to hang in there with them for three years because of an accident (I was slammed from behind by an uninsured, NO DL, expired tags driver) and they hung the blame on me because the office was intimidated by the owner of the other car (older linebacker of a brother of the unlicensed driver -- shouldn't have even been on the road). Long story short, if I'd switched insurance earlier, I would have paid out the ** (more than I was) and this even angered my PRIOR agent. Monthly payments dropping for three years until this last policy was almost over, then I find them claiming I had a new accident.

What? No, my vehicle was not involved in any accidents. I had to call roadside service for them to change my tire (used my donut tire) which is covered under my ROADSIDE protection that I used ONCE. Not a claim. Contacted my agent for an explanation - Nothing! I switched insurances (forty dollars less per month) and canceled Allstate. When I told her I was canceling, she asked, "Is it because of the cost?" My response was "Yep." That accident-free 6 month discount program they advertise is BS. Never saw a dime of it before the only accident I've ever had and none afterward. This is NOT an insurance company, it's a school of piranhas just waiting for the opportunity to eat you alive.

My wife was rear-ended in a highway accident by an idiot covered by Allstate. They assumed 100% fault. After 4 months of nothing being paid by them, we retained counsel. 8 months later they are still lowballing the bills for medical and trying to weasel out of any pain and suffering. They need to be investigated by the Federal Government for unfair insurance practices. Those insured by them really don't provide liability coverage to those they hit while on cellphones.

Allstate is really great in my opinion. I had an accident and they were quick to help me out of the situation, without making it any more stressful than it already was. The cost is appropriate and the best I could find in the area. Additionally, the customer service they provide is really first rate and I appreciate that they seem to focus on that so much.

This company is the worst I have ever dealt with. Hidden fees, false advertisement and or leading the consumer. And if all that ain't enough then they lie to you and continue to change prices on you. I thought a contract was exactly that. The claim was fun and easy but what wasn't was not only the way I was treated afterwards but the craziness on how they run that department. Don't trust them and if you have to go through them make sure before you sign or agree that accident forgiveness and towing is included cause they don't tell you that they no longer provide that in the deal. It’s now an optional thing.

I've had different insurance companies over the years, both brick and mortar and internet, but Allstate's rates are unnecessarily high compared to most. I can't say there's anything that made their coverage or service better in comparison to most, so I don't see a good explanation for the high rates.

I am starting to see negative things about Allstate. They did not notify me at the time of my renewal about going up $3 more on my car insurance, so I called the agency and she was not in at the time. Coworkers claimed that they will have her call me back, a week went pass so I called again recently, left a message & said it was like my second request for my agent to call me. So finally she got in touch with me later that day and apologize for not getting back to me sooner which was all good & everything. So I let her know what the situation was & she said another person had the same problem I did & it should have been on my renewal & she said she believed it was from the car being over 10 years old. I mean what difference does it make how old the car is.

I can see them going up on a brand new car, you can't win, so she says she will give me a call back the next day to assure me, that that’s the reason. They should subtract the $3 off for not notifying me, when it really doesn't make a difference cause she said they're going to go up every year at the time of my renewal, any way for them to make money they will do it. Soon as it goes to a hundred I will find another Insurance Company to insure my vehicle & my home. All these insurance companies to me is not fair. They always find some reason to go up on your car insurance. All they want to do is collect your money every month.

Wouldn't go with Allstate if it was the last insurance available. Several months ago a guy illegally changed lanes & hit my car. HE WAS CITED. I had nothing but runarounds & problems trying to get my car fixed. The person handling the claim was rude & obnoxious not only to me but to my insurance company & the Collision center where I took my car for repair. Even though I was in my own lane, not exceeding the speed limit or anything else I shouldn't be doing Allstate decided they would only pay 80% of the damages & I would have to pay the rest. WHAT? Yes, because I didn't swerve or blow my horn. With the traffic & the way the guy abruptly changed lanes it was an instant & no time for any of that.

I made the mistake of talking to them because I thought they were an honorable Co. I was wrong. Their only concern was tricking me into saying I didn't blow my horn or swerve so they wouldn't have to pay. I have never heard of anything like that. He got the ticket, he illegally changed lanes & hit me. Then the hoops I had to go through to try & make the claim was ridiculous. They kept shutting down the access to the link my repair shop was trying to send the photos of the damage to. Because their people wouldn't come out to do an estimate. It took me over a month to get my car fixed. You are NOT in "Good Hands" with Allstate, to me their hands are more like a crook with hands in your pocket.

Allstate is very pro-active and in constant communication with us about a variety of things. As with any auto insurance company, the current rates as a new customer are good. But my opinion could change after next enrollment. Will our rates go up? Will there be a problem, should a "real" claim be made? All an unknown but, with Allstate's reputation and longevity I expect things will continue to be more than acceptable. I've only had a glass claim and an appointment was made while I was on the phone with the insurance agent, which made this an easy process.

I was rear ended by one of their policyholders and it was a terrible experience dealing with Allstate. My car is older, 1969, and they didn't have a shop that would work on it so I had to find one. Then the shop was charging too much, then it was too far away, then it was taking too long. Then, as the cherry on the cake, they charged me for the rental car because "they only cover 'reasonable' rental". So I guess I am being unreasonable by needing to get to work while my car is being fixed. Terrible company!

I had put info on a site to check diff prices with different insurance agencies and I got calls at work from CYNTHIA at an Allstate location. I asked why she was calling my job, told her I never gave permission and that it was beyond rude. She said "well you should ask for insurance quotes online", then and hung up on me! She had the worst tone of voice when she said that to me. I was not able to get her info or her location info and I am beyond upset about this. DO not go on any site for a quote because they will contact you nostop and follow you where you live to send mail nonstop too. Her behavior was unacceptable. I will NEVER use Allstate after this little taste of "CUSTOMER SERVICE".

My coverage is great and my premiums are lower than other companies. I like the fact that my agent is local and can always reach him if I have a problem. I have had one claim, but it was taken care of very quickly and very professionally. I wouldn't change companies for the world.

My experience with my Auto Insurance company is excellent. They know us by name if we come in to pay our bill. They are always helpful and always care about giving us the best deal. If we need something we know we can always count on Allstate.

My car was hit by an Allstate driver in the passenger and rear doors. The police report shows it was their driver's fault but Allstate's policy is DELAY, DENY AND DEFEND with their on retainer auto accident lawyers. Allstate wouldn't send an appraiser instead making me download their app and send them pictures. They offered to pay 20% of their estimate of $600. I took the car to 3 body shops and the estimates were all above $3500. Told not to drive the car. Airbag issue and door wouldn't open. We had to go to binding arbitration where Allstate knows in NYS it's easy to get the reviewer to settle on a partial responsibility. They do this to screw their own insured too as the nice little old lady didn't get her car money either. Your wallet is in good hands with Allstate, they as a corporation should be ashamed. God help anyone who has to deal with the corporation.

I have been with Allstate since I was a teen. When my bank account was compromised I went online to change billing information well before my billing date. Apparently, changes aren't handled well on their computer system. So, as a result of this mishap on their part, my account was closed. I tried to resolve the problem but to no avail. No one would work with me to help fix it. They claimed that because I live in California, they couldn't help me because of special law in the state. I had to go to another insurance provider. To make it worse, they actually sent me to collections because they claimed I canceled my account early. Imagine that. They closed my account and then blamed me for it. Incredible.

My vehicle (while parked) was hit by someone insured by Allstate. I went and had two estimates done on the damage (at the request of the other party who initially thought he would pay for the damage out of his pocket). The estimates came to $1,640 and $1,820. Despite my having estimates from two licensed body shops, Allstate insisted that I use their quickfoto claim estimate app.

I was required to take several photos of the car (from all four sides even though the damage was only on the driver's side door). They then paid $850 to settle the claim and wouldn't even look at the estimates that I provided to them. Both body shops stated that damage to a door could not be properly assessed with photographs. Allstate will not let me appeal the settlement (I'd have to sue them) and the representative with whom I spoke in Alabama (Randall) would not put me through to his supervisor. Refuse to use their quickfoto app. It's just a scam so that Allstate doesn't have to pay the full amount to fix the damage to your vehicle.

I have never filed one single claim but my insurance continues to climb. My agent never tells me when my policy is out of date and should be changed. I have all canceled my car insurance after finding out I could get the same coverage for $1200.00 less every six months.

Great customer service with Allstate Insurance. Kind service given by those who work at Allstate corporately and locally. Their local service at Randy McKinney's local office is extraordinary and very exceptional in how they treat each individual customer. The price could be better though. The local franchise at Randy McKinney's office has no control over their cost, but if they did I am sure they would do all they could to maximize the service for the lowest cost possible.

I just signed up with Allstate Ins for my vehicles and home. Right from start I was saving money and Maria was very friendly and followed up with all my needs. It is nice to have an agent who cares and takes the time for my needs.

Allstate rewards their safe drivers with a safe driving bonus check every six months that you are claim free. Well, that's sort of true. What they don't inform you is that they will increase your premium every single year, and that increase is a doubled or tripled amount more than both "bonus checks" combined. (For the first 3 to 4 years, these bonus checks are in the $20 to $24 dollar range) So, you are not getting any real bonus, but you are actually paying more. They also don't inform you that if you make the most trivial change in your auto insurance, the previous 5 safe driving months will be tossed away and you are starting all over with a "new policy." I've been with Allstate for ten years now. I really need to have my head examined. Let me share the latest scam they have come up with to get even more money out of their clients.

My wife and I are in our late 50s and we live alone. We have three adult children, all in their 30s and they haven't lived at home in many years. Last Sept. 2018, we were informed by Allstate that "their sources indicate that we MAY HAVE a driving aged child living with us," specifically my 33 year old daughter. In the envelope was several brochures for keeping teen drivers safe and insured, and Allstate was just the company to handle all of our needs. Of course, I called my agent and explained that my grown daughter was married, with children, living in another city, has her own car and insurance, and that she wasn't even living with us when I got auto insurance with them 10 years ago. The agent was pleasant, surprised and concerned and I was assured that they would handle this problem.

The following month, an additional $155.44 was added to my ever increasing auto policy price, to cover my 33 year old daughter whom hasn't lived at home in 10 years. Yet another phone call was made to my agency, and yet another promise to clear up the problem. The following month, my daughter is still added on to my policy and I am still being charged the extra money. This time I sent an e-mail to them, and the reply sent back revealed the complete scam Allstate were up to. See if you can believe their justification for adding a grown woman to my policy. "Allstate Corporation has received an audit, and apparently the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is connected with said audit, and they reported to Allstate that my grown daughter is using my address." Gasp! Charge them people some more money at once. And they did, and are doing so.

All three of my grown children still use my address for important matters, just like millions of other grown kids. Our home is a safe and secure place for them always. So now, according to Allstate, I have to physically prove that my 33 year old daughter is not living with me. My telling them isn't good enough. I am 100% certain that Allstate has an entire team of people that are paid very well to come up with these types of scams. They keep these scams barely contained within the boundary of the laws, where they can criminally rake in millions of dollars and remain scot free about it. Of course, I will soon be terminating my auto and flood insurance policies with Allstate.

After 10 years of being a faithful, claim free customer, I don't want to be a victim of their criminal operations anymore. Of course, they are victorious after receiving my money for 10 years, and perhaps that is part of their criminal goal for profits. I pray to God that the right person reads these complaints and knows how to activate a plan to end Allstate's corrupt operations. Just think how many people have been burned by them and then just let it go. The way I look at it now, the bigger the corporation, the harder they fall.

Since January 4th I got in a car wreck and the one at fault was an Allstate policy holder. If I ever get in a car wreck and I am at fault honestly I would love my insurance policy holder to take good care of whoever I got their car damaged and not to put them into depression. It has been two months now that this company is not able to settle the payment of my car that they verbally approved the estimate of the car and never even sent an adjuster to take a look of my car prior to that.

Clearly spoke with adjuster Nikita ** and after 5 days of the car being at the shop she clearly told me to let the mechanic know to go ahead on the car and now they have a complete new adjuster on the claim that tells us that he goes by her note and they need a supplement on an estimate clearly approved by the former adjuster. They stopped paying for the rental, I got charged extreme amount of money on my card from rental. How can you schedule a rental for 5 days without even made arrangements with the mechanic of how long the repair will be etc... And I am down on Uber or catching the bus to go to work due to the fact that I don’t want to lose my job.

I am going into depression right now. Can’t do anything without my car. I don’t know what to do anymore. What would I be paying the rest of the money that I don’t even have for an accident that was not at fault. I am stuck now from my regular activities. I would not invest in this type of insurance and I know that the guy is paying full coverage. This is just unpleasant, I am stressed and I am losing it for real...

We called to find out the difference in stacked and non stacked policy, should we carry uninsured motorist? The agent explained everything in detail and advantage and disadvantage of uninsured motorist. Very, very helpful. Also, every customer service person we have talked to has answered our questions very promptly and explained our answers very well. We never had to hold on very long.

***Agent ID ** Chad from Allstate horrible person, says he doesn’t care if I contact the CEO about his behavior. He says if you all confront him about our call he will just say that he is licensed in all 50 states so he can’t help everyone. Kelly the rep I spoke with also was rude because she doesn’t know your policies. She told me to "go right ahead" when I stated I would complain about her customer service. ***

I’ve been having horrible customer service from Allstate. First they lied to me about what was covered on my insurance so they could get my bank account information. Then after the lie, they have given me the worst customer service when I try to find out what their policies are for certain coverages. They get attitudes because they don’t know Allstate’s policies, and John Fox Tampa Florida office is beyond horrible. His reps need to be fired. All of the reps I mentioned give your company a bad name. The manager Thomas I spoke to was amazing but unfortunately Chad agent ID ** refused to get me back over to him.

This company has been awful to deal with. My car was wrecked by one of their clients' cars and that has been more than 30 hours ago and I am still not getting any information about when I can get a rental. I am completely at the mercy of friends for rides to and from work and to get my daughter to and from school. And tonight my daughter is missing her dance class because me having a vehicle to drive isn't a concern of anyone but me. Thank you Allstate for not caring about the other car involved.

I was happy with the price and coverage of my insurance when I signed up and did not run into any trouble until I had to submit a claim. Claim processing seemed slow and they took some time to figure out how to get the repairs done and who would be covered. It was not very pleasant and it felt like I was annoying them by filing a claim for damage to my vehicle. They are good unless you have frequent claims and need to contact them.

These guys charged me $400 after I already changed insurance policies. Illegally took the money out of my account than sent me to collections for another $250 after taking $400 from my account. These guys are simply just thieves. On principal, I'm filing suit, don't care if it costs me 5k, just out of principle because I know this is probably a common practice and rip off a lot more people than just me. Allstate, you'll never ever get my business for any of your insurance products.

According to an email I received from my now former agency, the agency purchased after the prior owner was terminated for fraudulently applying incorrect zip codes to retain clients. I was one of them and they tried to raise my auto rates by almost 50%. So after 18 years, I was treated like garbage and forced to change insurance companies. After learning the truth about the fraud and how long it took to discover it, I probably would have left anyway.

Horrible people at claim dept Allstate! I accepted default bodily injury claim and asked agent to process it. Agent said she will process with final settlement and when I called during final settlement, she comes up with story that I didn’t accept default settlement! Unbelievable… Certainly customer is not in good hands… They need to stop lying.

This is just a follow up regarding my claim back in May 2017, it's August 19 2018 now and Allstate has not pay me for my medical bills, they also made the choice not to pay anything for my son... nothing for pain and suffering and none of the medical bills. There is no room for negotiation with ALLSTATE unless I get an attorney to fight for me, they flat out told me that they have made I choice of how much they want to pay me, what they want to pay doesn't even cover the full bill for my treatments $2000. They chose not to pay my son, in their eyes my 9 year old kid who was in the back seat at the time of the accident, didn't suffer any pain.

Talking to their agents is like talking to a wall. You ARE NOT IN GOOD HANDS when it comes to them. Other insurances are better. AAA, Esurance, are best to work with. NOT ALLSTATE. Every time I talked to them I almost got a heart attack because they were so insulting and cold as ice. When I talked to them, the agents gave me more stress that the actual accident. I spent hours talking to them on the phone, and every day I talked to them was a very draining day for me... I don't know how they let Allstate get away with this. Their clients pay thousands of dollars to take care of whomever they hurt in an accident, but ALLSTATE just want to keep all the money for them and don't care about the people at all.

The whole process of getting my car repaired was smooth, efficient and customer friendly. Called 800 claim #, appointment given to meet Allstate damage estimator at a convenient location, told person were I wanted the repairs done, garage review damage cost and coordinated direct payment from Allstate, car was fixed. My autos had been insured by Allstate for 50 years. Every claim I had to file for has always been handled efficiency. I have see the progress Allstate had made throughout the years (now with the help of computerized systems) in making the claim process even more smooth and customer service friendly. Allstate may not be the cheapest auto insurer; but they surely provide good customer service.

Coverage and price seem to be pretty similar to the other major insurance companies. I've only had one claim, and it was due to an uninsured driver who crashed into my car. The claims process was painless.

Frankly everything has been good with my company. In times that I have needed have responded as it should be, in time and form so finally I'll stay with them and I dare to recommend them. The people of attention to customers have always been kind and empathetic and they have given me excellent treatment.

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