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I would be very happy to recommend Annuity Advantage to any of my friends and family. My agent was absolutely phenomenal. She invested a great deal of time, work and effort in order to have a clear understanding of what would be the best annuity solution for me and my family. After running several illustrations, Annuity Advantage came up with several products from which to choose. In the end, we have the ideal annuity, at the best price, with the best rating we could have hoped for. It was an outstanding experience from an outstanding company and it's representative
I Called them because of an ad off the radio. I called just to get basic information but I contacted several other companies also. This company took their time to give me all the information and also wanted me to see all the facts. It took me almost a year to decide what I wanted to do and what company I wanted to work with. I Chose Annuity Advantage because they never pushed me towards anything, They never pushed me to work with their company unlike the others I had contacted in that year. The Rep. was wonderful.
They provide good information for good decisions,are available to answer the phone and they do return phone calls. They provide many product choices. Annuity Advantage gets the job done.
my agent was wonderful. I had a special situation that had to be worked out for a mortgage and everything went absolutely smoothly. My agent informed me of all my options and help guide me to the best one. The paperwork was painless thorough and easy to return.
I don't have the time or patience to research or review the annuities and financial market offerings, so the woman at Annuity Advantage that has advised and helped me with my annuity investments has been a God-send. She has not only picked out good offerings, but has cautioned me against ones that would not be in my best interest.
My representative is an outstanding representative of her company and provides complete and excellent service!
The trustpilot was very easy to talked to and understand, sometimes he provided good imformation so the buyer can feel free to understand, I felt very easy to invest all the features of an annuity.
worked great. thanks
As a retired person I need safety in my investments A A has helped provide that.
The entire team at Annuity Advantage is wonderful. They are extremely honest and very knowledgeable about annuities. You can be sure they will put you in the right annuity for your own personal situation. Annuity Advantage is the only company I will purchase an annuities from. I highly recommend this company.
Exceptional Knowledge about Annuity Products. Answered all of the questions I had and was very Professional and Courteous.
Great service, like no where else. Very professional.
Outstanding service. Explained options in a very detailed manner. Called and clearly explained every step of application. Very personable. You can TRUST him.
The personnel at Annuity Advantage facilitate the application and make the process simple and without complications.
At first, I was a little hesitant to search for an annuity on the internet. However, my concerns were soon laid to rest. has an excellent format enabling the purchaser to easily compare different annuities. Consequently, despite my minimal knowledge about annuities, I was able to make a tentative selection. Within twenty-four hours, I was contacted by an Annuity Specialist who guided me through the process. Her patience and dedication were most impressive. In conclusion, my experience with has been great, and I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone.
Very good service.
Was given most profitable annuity.
everything went very smoothly comunication was very good paper work was easy to understand seemed very honest
Very professional! The only thing that stunned me was a fee disclosure. 2% from the insurance company to AnnuityAdvantege for doing some paperwork. Everybody would like to be in this kind of business.
[name] took all the stress and mystery out of investing. He is AnnuityAdvantage to me.
Over the last 10 years [name] of Annuity Advantage has provided me with an excellent choice of annuities that meet my financial needs. Besides identifying these annuities she has also kept track of my maturing annuities and suggested ways to improve my yield. I would highly recommend Annuity Advantage and [name] for those contemplating the purchase of annuities.
The Senior Annuity Specialist at AnnuityAdvantage, showed exemplary knowledge and experience in finding me the right annuity. The staff kept me informed of every step in the conversion process and answered all my questions. It was a pleasure doing business with AnuityAdvantage, and I wouldn't hesitate in using them again in the future.
This rep that helped me is so relIable and leaves no room for me to not understand the contracts. For this reason,I have built a trusting relationship with him and call him evey time I want to invest money. I don't feel the need to " shop around", so to speak. GOOD P R.
I have been a client of Annuity Advantage for almost 10 years. I am extremely happy with the service and the products. Everyone is very professional and pleasant to speak with. All the contracts are explained fully and I appreciate that.
Excellent Service. Very professional
Have worked with several AnnuityAdvantage reps, each one equally patient, knowledgeable, and organized. Annuities can be terrific retirement products when one is fitted with the correct product, and AA is excellent at listening and recommending best fit options. What I like best is how AA acts as liaison between us and the life insurance company -- taking care of initial payment and subsequent additional payments -- so that we don't need to queue up on life insurance company call center phone banks to ask questions or do business. Highly recommended!
The knowledgeable aid and experience from my Senior Annuity Specialist made my strategic annuity transaction with Annuity Advantage seamless. She was a pleasure to work with and will be doing more business with her in the near future.
I had great, personalized, attentive service with proper explanation of all points, including all that had to be done on the forms you sent me. I'll certainly recommend you to others in the future.
I have been doing business with Annuity Advantage for 10 years. They are the best in my opinion.
The staff are exceptionally competent and provide very comprehensive services to help me reach my financial goals.
Great customer service. Agent put a lot of effort in finding the highest rate with a highly rated insurance company. Everything accomplished in as timely manner as possible.
Excellent service, excellent representative
Always friendly, always prompt, always addresses all my concerns and questions. Highly recommended for the various annuity products.
Our AnnuityAdvantage rep is truly the best. Responsive, knowledgeable, caring, and timely with follow-up regarding our account. Could not ask for a more personable and thoughtful account rep. Thanks.
Great rates, great service
I have worked with them for years and they have always been professional, helpful and patient with someone that doesn't understand the way annuities work. I have in the past and will continue to recommend them.
got the job done as promised
Did a great job coordinating my annuity exchange/purchase between a few different insurance companies, skillfully navigating any challenges and changes that arose in the process. In the midst of it all, always helpful, friendly, and available to answer my questions.
[Name] is very personable and has a lot of knowledge on the annuities they sell. If she doesn't know the answer to one of your questions, she will always find out. It was because of her that my husband and I purchased our annuities from AnnuityAdvantage. Will always go to her and AnnuityAdantage for any future purchases. And, I feel like I could completely trust her.
I've worked with AnnuityAdvantage for many years, and they handle all my annuity needs. Professional, ethical, and accessible, I give them my highest recommendation for delivering reliable quality of service year after year.
Very helpful and interested rep.
I have enjoyed Annuity Advantage's Services for many years. They are professional, friendly, respectful and provide timely service. I recommend Annuity Advantage. Hans G. Mesch
AnnuityAdvantage is a top notch company. They keep you abreast of the latest in new product offerings. They are very personable and thorough with out being pressuring or obnoxious as some can be. As long as they can continue to provide me with top market programs in a timely fashion I will continue to do business with them with no regrets. They also have great patience in explaining their program. This is exceptionally helpful to me.
I bought a cd annuity 5 years ago and happy with broker and the Standard Insurance Annuity. I am very happy with help and follow up on my product.
My representative at Annuity Advantage has become a friend, and I trust her. If you know me, you know how much that means and how rare that is. She is an advocate who will get on the phone with other companies and force them to answer my questions ... in English! I can't rate Annuity Advantage per se, as I've only dealt with her. So the star rating is for my person. But I can say this: I wouldn't be with them if it weren't for her. Thank you for this opportunity. GOD Bless!
I've dealt with them for circa 10 years during which time I've purchased and renewed several Fixed Annuities from them. Their advice has always been first class and they have given me the confidence I needed to invest my money wisely for my retirement. I had dealt with other companies before Annuity Advantage, but when those products come up for renewal my first check is always - what do AA advise.
Excellent customer service. I have used their service for years and I have never been disappointed.
Knowlegable and friendly
Outstanding service! Reliable, timely advice, plenty of choices. I am a distance from them, but through mail and other communications devices it is as if they were next door. They have earned my trust.
Very helpful and know they work very hard for you. Have had nothing but great experiences over the year working with them. Extremely trustworthy. And that's very important when you are trying to make financial decisions.
[name] provided me with a lot of info from which to make a decision and was always available for discussions and e-mails when I had questions. I never had a problem getting to him when I had questions. He was very knowledgeable about the products. He was in a word "awesome".
My experience with Annuity Advantage has been very positive. The agent I dealt with is very good. I give the 5 star rating with pleasure.
I was guided step by step in filling out the somewhat complicated annuity application form. I was kept well informed about the process of the application.
Overall found Annuity advantage dealt with me fairly,and would recommend them to others
I have been doing business with Annuity Advantage for about 14 years and have been very pleased.
I had a 401K and pension payout. I needed to find a safe and secure spot for both of them. Rich Belugi was GREAT. He researched my options and was very helpful. I now have both of these in annuities that are safe and will payout all the money in a refund option and for my lifetime after that. Thanks for your help!
The agent was knowledgeable, listened well, and presented numerous options to consider. The agent ascertained our needs, wants, and goals. And, was always available to answer our questions and discuss relevant issues. She represents Annuity Advantage well.
I could not be happier with the level of service that I received from my Annuity Advantage financial expert! He patiently answered all of my questions and addressed my many concerns, and never once rushed me to achieve a quicker wrap-up to the process. His knowledge was unquestionable and his level of integrity, unmatched. He earned my trust and I could not be happier with the outcome. I would recommend this company and this particular financial expert, to anyone looking to place money in annuities.
I have been working with the same agent for many years now and she always does a great job for us. Her attention to detail is excellent and that is very important to me. She answers all my questions and has excellent follow through. She represents herself and her company in the best possible professional yet personal manner. We are happy with the companies and rates that have been recommended.
Very quick to provide requested info. Always honest.
From beginning to end my account representative made it a comfortable and confident experience.
Annuity advantage is a great company to deal with if you are in the market for buying an annuity! They explain everything in detail and they find solid companies, with good rates and terms. If you are in the market for an IRA annuity, they will go though everything to assure that all paperwork is in order. I highly recommend annuity advantage ! Jack Elliott
I have been working with my representative for little over two years. He is very responsive, & sincere, and has the best interest of clients in mind. I have recommended him to my siblings, and would not hesitate to recommend him to others.
I met [name] online I am very pleased with her. She is knowledgeabe, nice, efficient & fun & easy to deal with!
I made my decision to use Annuity Advantage for my most recent Annuity Purchase. I did interview representatives from 6-7 other companies before choosing Annuity Advantage. I found that most other companies were only interested in presenting the highest commisioned Fixed Index Annuities with their personal interest in mind. At Annuity Advantage I was presented with many more options including the CD type annuities that have much lower commissions payable to my representative and their company. The service was second to none and I could not be happier with my decision. Every detail was handled in a very professional manner.
staff is honest and knowledgeable
Very rapid response, friendly. I liked the gentleman I worked with.
I happened upon this company thru an internet search for annuity rates. The help I received was thorough, informative, very friendly, and very responsive in tailoring information to my specific requests. The company representative was always very available. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to explore the purchase of an annuity, without reservation. I am very satisfied with my purchase.
Love this co. Very helpful personnel and great interest Rates
Very professional
I received excellent service from [name], but the process after [name] sent my annuity in has been extremely slow. Fortunately, I found someone I can completely trust who checks and double checks everything. I go to your company because of her., as past experiences with others in this company have not been forthcoming but misleading.
I have been with Annuity Advantage for many years now and have found this firm to be ethical, efficient, and professional in every way. Service is excellent always! Thank you all at Annuity Advantage.
Sales consultant helped me in finding the EXACT plan that was right for ME, and scoured through many options before making a short list. Even after I decided, she recommended postponing a couple of times to ensure rates did not go up - she looked out for me as though it was her own money, and I truly appreciate everything she and her broker did for me. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Last year I purchased a CD Type annuity from my bank's financial advisor for a family member's trust after much deliberation because of annuity stigma. I had been looking at the AnnuityAdvantage site for over a year to follow the rates available at all of the companies offering CD Type annuities because it doesn't require any login BS like so many other sites. I also used the site to better acquaint myself with the pro's and cons of this type of annuity and since they are not FDIC insured how my investment would be protected. Having to rollover my 401k into an IRA this year I decided to go with CD Type annuities as part of my portfolio. The problem was my bank only had one company that was on the list I had printed out from the AnnuityAdvantage site offering the rates and company ratings that I was interested in. With apprehension I decided to call AnnuityAdvantage. I explained my situation and what I was looking for based upon the list. The conversation was courteous, questions answered to the point without any long winded sales pitches and the site listings were accurate. After discussing the option that I was interested in, a company brochure was emailed to me which I reviewed. I emailed a request for an application and filled it out with questions answered over the phone. They also emailed a UPS mailing label which I attached to an envelope and delivered no charge. The process was seamless with update phone calls with insurance company acceptance and bank transfers. The contract was delivered to the house in just over two weeks. I reviewed the contract and needed RMD questions answered. I called the AnnuityAdvantage rep and he called the insurance company and we had a three way conference call and the questions were answered. I was also assured by the rep that I would get a call back next year to make sure that the RMD's requirements are met. I've met with a number of financial advisors over the past couple of years and can say that I'm very pleased with the overall professional experience with AnnuityAdvantage.
Keep rates up to date.. The right product for my circumstances. Helpful to get the timeline for the offer.
No Nonsense approach to purchasing a fixed annuity, honestly and diligence in performing the purchase were very evident. I highly recommend this company!
Good communication skills and frequent updates on current products.
I purchased an annuity pretty much on my own. There is very little follow up after the transaction. It is fine but AnnuityAdvantage could benefit from an ongoing relationship with its customers.
Each of my several transactions with Annuity Advantage has been quickly and accurately executed. They are both cordial and competent. I certainly do recommend their services. ML
I have been dealing with the company for a long while now . They always go above and beyond to make sure every things goes well. It is sometimes tricky getting money moved from one place to another but Annuity Advantage always follows up to make sure of the outcome
I have been extremely satisfied with the guidance received and the many annuities purchased over the years and have NO reservations in recommending Annuity Advantage.
I have had 2 opportunities to work with the professionals at Annuity Advantage and cannot "sing their praises" enough. As far as I am concerned, they are one of the FEW businesses left on the planet that goes above and beyond in customer service!!!!
I would have to say that the financial adviser, with Annuity Advantage that I worked with went above and beyond to help me understand the differences in annuities, to help me choose the best one for me.
Annunity Advantage is very knowledgable on what they are doing. I can't ever find a rate to beat theirs. They are also very prompt.
I have been using Annuity Advantage for several years and will continue to do business with them in the future. My account representative has always given me excellent service. I would highly recommend Annuity Advantage to anybody looking for options to invest.
Sales rep was always easy to reach and responsive. He facilitated the transaction very well. I am quite satisfied with the product he recommended for the stable and guaranteed part of my retirement portfolio.
5 stars: Excellent – no reservations, I recommend this company to anyone interested in annuities.
Professional, knowledgeable and pleasant contact, with efficient follow-up.
I like the service provided by Annuityadvantage.
The person was extremely diligent, honest, knowledgeable and professional. She met all my expectations and we were very satisfied with her services. She followed -up on a very timely manners and called me overseas while I was away and answered all the questions in a timely manner. I would highly recommend her to my friends and family.
Annuity Advantage is fantastic. I recommend them highly. The agents are very knowledgeable and helpful.
So far things have been Ok.
keep in touch even on birthdays
It was a refreshing rep had excellent command of the subject and the ability to communicate it an understandable manner. He responded in a timely way and made the process of purchase without stress. I was very comfortable dealing with him as he was very professional and yet, very easy to communicate with. I would not hesitate to recommend him.
my representative is honest, detailed, thorough, clear thruout! Will not hesitate to recommend her to anyone!
AnnuityAdvantage has always been responsive to my requests, been knowledgeable about my objectives and filled my orders efficiently.
This was the kind of expert service you always hope for in your dreams. Receiving service that was and is so consistently professional, courteous, attentive, and supportive is a treat when it becomes a reality. That is exactly what I received from my representative at Annuity Advantage. He answered every question, laid things out for me to make them as easy as possible, and always made time for me. I could not have hoped for better service. It was beyond outstanding!
I like my Advantage Agent. Thanks.
Can understand all that is told and feel confident.