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I had been with Anthem for many years. Each year, I am sent the renewal notice, with less coverage, higher deductibles and increased cost. I opted to stay with the same coverage for 2017-18 and was sent my welcome letter. My account is set for auto pay for the monthly premiums. In March 2017, when filling a prescription, I was told my coverage was canceled. This is the 2nd time they have done this, the 1st being Sept 2016, and they reinstated my coverage after 6 weeks and apologized. I was told to send in any receipts, where they would reimburse me. It took me a long time to fill out the difficult forms necessary. I received 6 pages of paperback, no check, stating they applied these amounts to my 2016 deductible. The were to reimburse the portion I paid where I was covered.

This time I was canceled, they told me someone would be contacting me back in 4-5 days. I received no call, no mail, no email! It takes over an hour each time I phone in to reach someone. After 20 days, when finally able to reach them, they said this case was resolved 10 days ago. No contact had been made, despite me leaving them my work and cell numbers. Meanwhile, I still had no coverage, and no contact by mail, phone, or email from anyone at Anthem. After over 2 months of trying to get an answer as to why I was canceled, I have just learned yesterday, by means of the online Message Center, where you are not able to respond to any of their messages.

They attached a bogus letter from December 2016, stating because I have moved out of the service area (PS. I have not moved or tried to) they were canceling me, and I had 60 days to obtain new coverage. Since I am just seeing this letter for the 1st time, it is out of the 60 day period, where I am unable to get insurance through the open market. I am furious. I expected the to reinstated, as they had done so before. When attempting to get short term coverage today, they were able to put me on a 3way with Anthem. They told the agent, I was sent letters of the cancellation 4 times. I never received 1, and have maintained the same address, the same email throughout my coverage.

I am so angry. They deserve to be sued. They are illegally manufacturing false documents, at the expense of people's lives. Over $16,000 a year, and this is what you get! I will do my due diligence to let every consumer know, they are a horrible company, with terrible customer service and deceptive practices. They should be sued, and hopefully someone has the time and means to do this.

My family has been covered, privately, not through an employer, by Anthem Blue Cross for several years. We have rarely made claims and have had few health issues. Suddenly, out of the blue today, we learned our coverage was canceled. The phone agent claimed it was due to a lack of payment. We have never not paid a bill, but the agent could not provide any copies of bills, state any dates of missed bills, nor any explanation as to why they were missing any payments. The only thing he repeated was that we could not be reinstated until November 15. This comes at the worst possible time, as we are currently treating a sports injury and the kids' yearly check ups are coming up.

In today's age, there is no reason we could not have been easily contacted if we had indeed missed a payment, and money easily collected or a warning given before this termination. We weren't even notified by mail that it was terminated, only told over the phone when we tried to look up our recent sports injury medical info. I don't understand why we missed bills, or even if we did, nor why we can't just pay whatever might be owed and continue coverage - if I miss a gas bill I don't have to wait three months to turn the gas back on! This is after a slew of billing mishaps when The Affordable Care Act came into play and we received several bills in a row in one month, then some credits - all of which made no sense. In short, they're a mess and now they're messing up my health coverage and costing me money.

Rate hike again for the third time in two years! I want California to stop hammering on me increasing healthy care premiums for individuals that pay for the politician's golden thrown. How the ** can they agree allowing Blue Cross another rate hike while the government talks of improvements. I hate living in California because we are so used and mistreated by the inefficient political leaders. It is more cost effective to be an illegal immigrant with no money and live for free off those afraid of the government. I am fed up! ** ** Dave Jones is just another **.

My family policy was dropped by Anthem and then they offered me a policy that increased 180% and we weren't even sick. Anthem of Virginia blamed the ACA. We took out a catastrophic policy and it still is more than our previous one. Then they had our name wrong - still haven't received the corrected cards and now I sit on the phone again trying to get it straight after hours and once my name was corrected, now they somehow changed my street name. What a poorly run company as I can see from all the other complaints there is no question about it.

They have twice canceled my family's insurance for lack of payment only to find out both times it was a mistake on their end. Both times I wasn't able to get necessary prescriptions filled for days until they corrected their mistake, and numerous doctor appointments were incorrectly denied coverage. I have spent many many hours on the phone dealing with this and am currently 1.5 hours into a call while typing this complaint. Despite having canceled my insurance for lack of payment, they have now confirmed that my account is OVERPAID by $283.80. The last time they incorrectly canceled my family's insurance, my wife was pregnant.

Additionally, every month I get a letter of cancellation due to lack of payment. The first several months with Anthem I would call them every month to make certain they weren't canceling my insurance. My wife was pregnant at the time so this was a particularly terrifying thought. What I learned is they send these out before your payment is even late and it appears they send them to everyone. How is that even legal? I have never dealt with a less competent or more dishonest company.

I paid for State Wide Van to pack everything, being physically disabled. Besides being inadequate about the whole incident, two men went to pack. They never sent anyone out to view what was needed. Only thing they told me is what % of tip they get. Needless to say, 14 hours to pack, they stayed until 3 am. Since I already paid a down payment which was non refundable due to the time frame, I was stuck with them.

After 4 months in storage, I had them deliver to my new place. Well things were broke and the delivery men told me and gave me the name and number of the insurers. They said all was covered by them, since they packed. So I called Anthem Claim Management, they sent me the form with instructions. I did what they asked in the time frame they asked with pictures.

I got a letter back stating nothing is covered. I didn't send pictures. I didn't send the info in the 9 month time frame. So I called up and she said, “All you are due is $54.00.” My handicap son's TV and the lens are cracked. My wood headboard to a canopy waterbed is broke. The headboard is cracked all the way north to south. I cannot sleep on my bed. Others things that they packed are broke also.

Concurrent with data breach started getting deluged with calls from obviously non-USA numbers wanting to sell drugs and other medical items. After spending hours on hold for the "identity protection" company, they immediately transferred me to Anthem member services where a totally disinterested and unconcerned woman told me that they weren't interested because the only information they released were social security numbers, dates of birth, and names. That is certainly reassuring. Why would anyone trust a company that Anthem selects to "protect their identity"?

I have used Anthem for a number of years and would recommend avoiding them at all costs. The customer support will lie about what is covered and not have any culpability. They did to me and were not held responsible. After submitting several documents many times (after Anthem lost them or claimed they didn't receive them), I went through first and second level appeals, only to be turned down for claims that they simply lost or did not disclose phone records for. Of course they always say... "We can't be responsible for what our reps say!" Catherine ** handled all of them. She did report all the calls I made. How disgusting to be the criminal lackey for a company that purposefully leaves off information on appeals and shows no consideration for the time and effort the insured has gone through to even get the information in their hands. My experience has been that this company serves itself and no one else and does so at a high cost to the consumer.

Good plan but expensive. After writing an extreme poor review for Cigna, I must say that our old insurance plan, Blue Anthem, paid everything. They were twice the price at $1,000 per month for a single mom with two little girls; Cigna at $600/mo. has paid nothing at all. Just FYI.

I have been paying for their services for 4 months now and had to fill a prescription. The pharmacist was told not once but twice that the insurance had refused and they said I had no insurance. I was in their system with the information on the card but they would not cover my prescription. I called them myself and spent 10 minutes getting to a human! I was put on hold while she tried to find out the problem. I was then put on hold again a few minutes later while she transferred me to "someone that could help". I was greeted by Darleen, and after introductions we lost connection. My number had been taken earlier in case this happened. I have now spent 40 minutes on the phone. I did not receive a callback. I did try to call back again and started the whole mess over again. I am dropping them as my provider. My prescription was for Nexium and they now are contributing to the need for a prescription they refuse to cover.

UPDATED ON 02/03/2016: This is a follow up to yesterday's event when they [Anthem Blue Cross - Blue Shield] told me I had no coverage. My employer talked with them late yesterday and they finally put me in the system as covered. I traveled the 30 miles again to get my prescription filled. The pharmacist said "You are not going to like what they said." She told me that they had refused to cover generic Nexium and that they [Anthem] feel that I could do better with a couple of other drugs that they recommend. I was to get in touch with my Doctor again and come up with something else.

When did they become my Doctor and when did they get my medical history? I don't remember being seen by them for my condition! They are contributing to my illness. Yesterday my blood pressure was so high due to their nonsense, I could not drive my school bus thus costing me my income also. If we have to carry insurance shouldn't they cover with reasonable accommodations? I will now have to go another day without medications. Doctor appointments can't be made on the spot!

Saw a provider several times in August. They were in network but did not process claims. Not a problem - I will pay out of pocket then submit claims myself. First submission failure regarded the claim receipts. They did not provide adequate info. It appeared to me they were complete so providers office contacted Anthem. The receipts were handwritten. Got the computerized receipt and submitted claim. After 3-4 weeks Anthem processed the claim and sent reimbursement. After several inquiries Anthem indicated they had sent payment reimbursement to the provider. The receipts clearly show I paid cash and credit card for the appointments and there was zero due to provider. I think my dog would do a better job at processing the claim. So here I am in November without reimbursement for provider charges I paid out of pocket. Maybe by the time 2018 gets here I will see the refund!

Does anyone have any insight into how to get a response from Provider Relations at Anthem BCBS? We have outstanding issues that have gone unresolved for a year and a half. The Provider Relations rep who handles this area does not respond to emails, phone calls or faxes. The issues cannot be resolved without her interaction, yet she ignores all attempts to contact her. Does anyone have any ideas besides filing a complaint with the Insurance Commissioner. That is my next step.

I have never been one to complain. But after multiple calls, not to mention spending ridiculous amounts of time on the phone trying to help them understand how they overcharged me for both dental and medical, these people do not care. They get sarcastic with you, and they don't call back when they say they do. I hear they treat their employees like crap. I will go without healthcare before I ever have to use them again. Hey, Anthem ... people do have choices!

Pre-authorization has resulted in interruption of my treatment: I have been prescribed an anti-seizure medication for severe migraines for several years. Although the drug is on Anthem's list and I have two different MDs who have prescribed this medication for me and a brand new Rx from my PCP just 3 weeks ago with a 12 month refill, Anthem is now requiring a "prior-authorization." Despite numerous phone calls to my doctors, the pharmacy, and Anthem (waste of time) and numerous submissions of the Anthem forms, I have not had my medication in over 4 days. The drug manufacturer warns against abruptly stopping the medication stating that even those who have never had seizures can have them if the medication is abruptly stopped. I take 2 pills each day!

I now have a migraine and have been in bed all day. My pharmacy has offered pills to "tide me over" but unless Anthem "approves" my medication, I will not be able to continue it anyway. I am now considering stopping all medications. This is a very frightening situation. My doctor is not treating me any longer. Anthem is calling the shots on my care. I have 2 different current prescriptions from two different doctors and cannot continue my meds uninterrupted! I also learned today that this is not an unusual situation for an Anthem customer. I am a former Health Facility Administrator and I know the importance of compliance to treatment protocol. Here is the statement from the home page of the drug manufacturer: "Do not stop taking Topamax without first talking to your doctor. Stopping Topamax suddenly can cause serious problems."

I am extremely concerned, but I am at the mercy of Anthem. I have also been in bed all day with a severe migraine headache and have suffered 2 panic attacks (the first severe headache or panic attack in over a year!). This drug is not to be taken lightly and I am very worried about what might happen to me. I spoke with an Anthem representative on Friday. She just kept blaming my doctor who I have seen within the past 3 weeks and gotten a new prescription from. It's an endless circle.

When my medical group violated HIPAA and then tried to blame my insurance company, the customer service agent at Anthem was fantastic. She went out of her way to make numerous conference calls with me on the line in order to assist me and keep the medical group from placing blame on my physicians.

I need open heart surgery and was suppose to have it done on Aug. 6, 2014. My doctor called yesterday saying that he was out of network. I called Anthem and my plan does not have a heart surgeon anywhere in the State of Ohio in my network. They have cardiovascular doctors but no heart surgeons. They have no one because they pay the doctors so little that doctors don't want to be a provider. Anthem sucks.

Everyone needs so to be very careful with Anthem. I signed up for coverage with Anthem in October 2014 with a January 1, 2015 start date and they said someone would get in touch with me so I could make my first premium payment. In November I still had not heard from anyone so I called. They said I couldn't make my payment because it was still pending. I call back in December and was told the same thing. Called again in December and was told the same thing. Finally called on December 31 and they told me the same thing.

I told them I had to make the payment before the first or I would not be covered in 2015. After being put on hold they said they might be able to work something out so I could make my payment even though the policy was still pending, and then once it's processed they would send my policy and my insurance card. I made my January payment on December 31st. I never heard a word from anyone all month but on January 31st I got a bill in the mail saying my February payment is due on the 1st (the next day) and if it wasn't paid I would not have coverage until it was paid.

On February 3rd I finally got my insurance card in the mail but still no policy. On February 4th I called requesting that they use my January payment for my February payment since I was unable to use it. They told me they would not credit my account because it was after January 31st. I asked to speak to a manager and he told me it wouldn't do any good because they will tell me the same thing and it will take 24 to 48 hours for them to get back to me. He said he will have my policy sent to me. I guess that will take another month. I'm now waiting for a manager to call me back but in the meantime I'll have to make my February payment.

Just be very careful if you plan to use Anthem. They are very nice about getting you signed up but that's where it end. They take your money and leave you with no policy, no insurance card and no coverage. It will be interesting to see if they actually pay any medical bills. Next step in Consumer Affairs and Virginia SCC.

I've had Anthem for less than 3 months and have never had a worse experience with any company. For starters they issued our cards 3 weeks late, so I basically had no insurance for 3 weeks and was unable to get prescriptions without paying for them out of pocket. The benefits are absolutely terrible compared to what I was I had before (for the same price) with another company. They are IMPOSSIBLE to get on the phone for anything. I've tried multiple times and spent long periods of times attempting to get in contact with a human but have yet to succeed.

I purchased and paid for my son's health insurance through Anthem. He is not in a position to pay for it so I did in case he becomes ill. Every month, I have to call an 800 # that a machine picks up, go through a phone tree and finally get to a real person whom I can ask to take a payment. This month, I'm told that before she can take a payment, she has to have voice approval from my son. Now, how stupid is that? I suppose Anthem has a real problem with too many people calling and attempting to pay other individual's health insurance premiums! Here is the number one rule in business, Anthem. When someone hands you money, take it and ask what it's for later. Jerks!

I need help with my son's case whom is in his 40s. Oxygen is not reaching his lungs and he is literally suffocating to death. Anthem demands that he sees a neurologist first and the earliest appt. is in June to make sure that not being able to breath wasn't in his head. Anthem refused to pay the prescription for oxygen from the physician. Instead they told my son to stay on hydrocodone (highly addictive drug) because they know it makes it easier for individuals to breath when he talked with them.

They also refused to give him the medication that works for his asthma and instead placed him on something that does not work. Often now when the attacks hit, you can see the mottled from his feet start to move up his body (just as what happens when someone is dying). His feet and hands are swollen and cold, vision blurry, confusion. What can I do? Anthem said he could repeal the decision but it would take 70 days to do so and by then he would be seeing the neurologist. Even after seeing the neurologist, you are then talking about another sit back of days (month/months to be seen). I truly believe my son is in GRAVE DANGER. What can be done?

I've been a member of Anthem Blue Cross of California for about 5 years or more. I live a very healthy lifestyle and visit a naturopathic doctor once a year. My family pays about $1000 a month for insurance and hardly EVER require doctor visits or any medical expenses or prescriptions. But... when we get a routine blood test to check out hormone levels and key health trackers, insurance won't cover it! Unbelievable. I am disguised with this insurance company and the Sick Care model - they have absolutely no interest in a preventative lifestyle! And talking to Customer Service - waiting for hours, very unhelpful. Goodbye Anthem Blue Cross!!! (Thanks for reading!) The current medical model needs to change in the USA if we really want to get healthy as a nation!

First off let me say that Anthem Blue Cross has caused me more stress and has made my chronic health issues worse. I am so frustrated by the way they treat patients that have chronic auto immune diseases. I would think that they would pay for procedures done by a Medical Doctor in a hospital to make the patient's chronic illnesses better. Oh No, they make a ruling or a decision based on the procedure being experimental. (Mind you I pulled up their qualifications and I met all of them.) However, they will pay for a huge operation that would cost them thousands more. I do not understand their reasoning or thinking. I would think their concern would be for the patient and their health.

Now after getting the procedure done, I have to appeal their decision and go thru more stress and aggravation making my illnesses flare, making me go to the doctor therefore making the insurance pay out more money. Also, I tried to appeal my case by phone which it says in writing on their website and I was just informed I have to write them to start the appeal process by mail. I call customer service and always get a different answer everytime I call them. Half of them cannot speak English and when I ask them to transfer me I get cut off. Someone in this Dysfunctional government we have should look into all the fraud insurance companies are getting away with. It's insane how much we as American citizens have to pay for medical care. My medical care costs have caused my family to suffer so much. I am so so frustrated with the system!!

I'm a dialysis patient. I go to dialysis 3 times a week. I have to be there on time and I have them set my ride. Since they switch ride companies I been going late or not even going to dialysis because they come 1-3 hours late and my spot would be over. I have to be there on time because I'm morning shift. If I'm late it makes others late so they can't make others late. I guess I'm slowly dying because of my plan's ride assistance not taking me to dialysis at all. I'm only 30 and I was working to get a new kidney transplant but I can't because My health is poor due to Blue Cross Anthem Logistic care rides. I just look for a lawsuit because this been going for a month with many calls to them telling them to switch my ride company. They just call around with no change at all.

When I first enrolled in Anthem Covered CA in December of 2013, I had decent group insurance through Anthem. Unfortunately, the premiums were due to increase substantially, so I decided to switch to Anthem Covered CA. I followed the website links to "find network doctors," and found both my primary care and OB-GYN on the list for my zip code. Unfortunately, that was a lie. Neither doctors were in the network, something I didn't discover until I showed up for an appointment with my primary care doctor in February. My doctor told me it was a bait-and-switch and that he'd heard there was a class action lawsuit in place. I later learned that he was right, as the local news in my area broadcast information about this lawsuit in November 2014.

Wait times are ridiculous. I called Anthem this morning to change my plan, as the premium increase has again made it necessary for me to move to a less expensive plan. I spent 2 hours on hold before giving up. I selected my new plan on the website but was then moved to a page instructing me to call an Anthem adviser to finish up the change. How long am I expected to spend waiting on the phone?

I keep getting these "Notice of Intent to Non-Renew Due to Non-Payment" even though my payments are made and cashed by Anthem before the due date. Last month, my check was cashed and cleared on February 27 yet on March 1 they sent me the notice anyway. This had been going on for some time now and I can only imagine how many other people get these notices. That's a lot of stamps and prints to send out to people. Shouldn't the premium dollars I send every month go towards my healthcare and not towards this 3 pages notice? Shouldn't their billing system post payment to my account the moment the check is received and processed?

The billing service rep told me to send payments prior to the due date but I already am. He said it's Anthem policy to take time to "post" the payments in their systems from 1 to 3 business days. Is that a fact? Shouldn't that be written in the invoices and taken into consideration before sending the notices? I do send payment just before the due date however the payments are made and cashed before the due date.

Anthem makes up new clauses as they see fit that allows them not to pay or not to pay. Lots of my doctors won't take Anthem anymore because of their "policies," fine print and level of reimbursement. In Virginia, it's the only health care policy allowed to operate so I can't get any other insurance (I've looked).

Insurance is worthless! I have been with this insurance carrier for over 35 years, with very minimal use. You would think I would at least get a Thank You card for all the huge buildings I have helped them build. Anyhow, I recently got a diagnosis of prostate cancer. I did my research, and found several options that would give me a better quality of life, after treatment. None of the positive options I found were covered. However the ones that would insure that I would pee and, crap my pants for the rest of my life, and most likely produce cancer to other parts of my body, those were covered. Who sets behind the desk in the office, that my premiums paid for and makes these foolish decisions. Obviously no one that has prostate cancer.

35 years of caring and providing for the thousands of patients in my healthcare career, and this is my payback. I'm just going to ride this one out and let it run its course. I would have been better off to have never worked and got on Medicaid, at least I could get the care I need. Once again let me reiterate Anthem insurance is pathetic when you face a serious health problem.

At least with the browsers that I use (MS Edge and Firefox), Anthem's website fails to provide the basic service that I need: the Explanations of Benefits. So when they denied my large claim, I could not find out why. It has been 2 weeks since I notified them in writing, about this bug. With something this important, why haven't they fixed it quickly?!

Our family is self-insured. We received our "Dear John" letter from Anthem over 6 months ago. At one point I received a call from an Anthem employee asking if we had turned in the "form" to keep our policy. I asked, "what form?" The employee then stammered and said, "Oh, you must be one of the customers that did not receive a form in order to keep your plan. "HUH?" I called several times to see if we could keep our plan. Nosiree Bob!

Finally received a letter from Anthem telling us they could roll us into a Barack Hussein Obama plan for $1850 per month, $12,000 family deductible. HUH, AGAIN? I thought we were being punked. Two days before our current plan expires, we get new cards in the mail for the $1850 monthly premium plan (the Barack Hussein plan.) Received the new cards on a Saturday so I could not call until Monday (the very last day of our current plan). I called and was told I had not opted out so would automatically be rolled over into the new plan. OPTED OUT? I wasn't sent an "OPT OUT" form! Also, to make matters worse, our family's premiums are automatically deducted from our bank account and I was told the deduction was already in process. FOR $1850!! WHAT?! I called my bank and put a stop payment immediately on our bank account. The money has not been withdrawn yet so I have to wait and see if Anthem tries to retrieve it!

Dirty, dirty, dirty is all I can say. They say they have sent forms, and there are no forms. They are automatically rolling over customers into new, Barack Hussein plans without consent! If America ever digs its way out of this mess, I will never, ever, ever take medical coverage with Anthem BC/BS! NEVER EVER!

August 2014 I was without health coverage for myself and my children. I went through the state to attain original Medicaid and was only told that I would be able to get into some other form of an insurance program. I was on Medicaid until November. When November came I received a statement stating that I would be covered by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. I was very confused because I kept receiving additional letters from Anthem but yet had not received an insurance card or any other form of communication from them in regards to an actual policy number. When I utilized the service the very first time based on the letter that I was given told that I can represent it to obtain coverage or services and not be charged I was then charged an additional fee at the doctors office. According to their coverage I was not supposed to be paying any out of pocket expenses.

I finally received a bill along with an insurance card. The bill told me that because of my financial situation I was only responsible for a 12 dollar a year premium. By the way I am a single mother of four with no additional income making less than $10,000 a year as well as not receiving any type of child support or other government assistance. So I contact and dumb and I pay my premium over the phone within a matter of 2 months I needed some assistance medically I went to a facility that was inside of the network. According to my coverage guidelines this facility being in my network I was not to pay anything out of pocket, I was not to be billed for anything and all of my prescriptions were to be completely covered. Walking out of the clinic with a double ear infection and a sinus infection they tell me that I had a copay. Thankfully I had some money on me when I went into the facility though I expected to pay nothing.

I left the facility and went to the local pharmacy that I had been using. I'd spend 45 minutes in the pharmacy to learn that Anthem pulled from using them as one of their pharmaceutical providers. So here I was with a major infection, a raging headache and a fever trying to find the next closest pharmacy that I could fill the script. So I go in additional 4 miles out of my way to find out that Jewel Osco happens to be one of our providers. Over an hour of being at Jewel Osco I find out that they were changing over the Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield plan and had not informed any of their m 5-day.

After all of this the pharmacist then finds out that they would not cover my prescription. My prescription was a 5-day **. The last time I had gone in for a sinus infection I was given a three day ** to which I paid $5 for. It turns out that though this being an antibiotic they will not cover it if it falls within a 25 day grace period. Now I understand the hesitation if it was a controlled substance such as ** etc. This was an antibiotic that was much needed - being I am allergic to **, this was the only alternative that I had. The next option is surgery to which I cannot afford.

After having paid my premium for the entire year I receive an additional letter that states they have since changed my plan yet again and I am now responsible for 56 dollars a month in a premium on top of what I had already paid them. Nothing has changed in my policy. Nothing has changed as far as coverage other than them stating that I was in the healthy Indiana + plan that required me to pay nothing out of pocket if I went to any facility including no out of pocket if I was admitted to the emergency room as well.

Well let me just say this is crap because I received an additional bill from the last clinic that I went to stating that I owe them money and they have since decided to pick a primary care provider I have no idea who this person even is or where his so called office is located. Add to this I receive automated phone calls 5 times a day almost on a daily basis regarding the coverage and or if I have had myself or my children in for the continual exams. I cannot seem to get these phone calls to stop and I do not think that it is right nor is it fair to be able to get these phone calls when actually my phone is on the Do Not Call list. It doesn't matter that this is my insurance. Currently it is not like they are calling me in regards to coverage or my bill. It is more of a nuisance and maybe I should charge them for utilizing minutes on my phone wasting my time every single day.

I can also state that the state of Indiana needs to catch up with other areas in regards to these type of insurance plans. I was told that I was making too much money to still continue to qualify for Medicaid. At any given time I've offered to show them my income tax filings for each and every year to prove that I am actually living below poverty level. All I know is everyone better get their things together including Anthem or I will make a big stink. I am A fed up, overworked, underpaid single mother of 4 who has had it up to here and has no problem letting the world know about it if I am being done wrong!

Anthem covers nothing 100%. Co insurances crippling. No way to know ahead of any procedure electively what consumer has to pay and no appeal is ever in favor of the insured member. Can't understand customer service, always outsourced and they give wrong info 85% of the time. No regulation to stop the greed.

I work at Delta Faucet Company & have coverage through a group plan, like most large manufacturing companies offer. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield deducts $172 from my pay check for the best family plan! And they have deducted this since last August! To date I have not had Anthem BCBS to cover my dr or prescriptions! This was the whole reason why I got insurance! Instead I'm still paying cash for my dr & Rx but now another $173 for insurance, also! I should've just opted out & saved over $2000!! I cannot change anything unless it's open enrollment "September-October". BCBS denied my dr visits & my Rx! They stated it's because it's non-medical??!! How can an insurance company choose what is medical when it's your health & your money??!!

Then today I take my daughter to the dr for the first time since I got her insurance, EVER! The dr says my card is inactive! They call the number on it & yet it says its active insurance! The website with my member number says I have the family plan insurance also, along with the amount I pay monthly per payroll deductions!! Tried to fill my daughters Rx but they say I have no insurance!! The Rx is $123!! Then I call my doctor & the nurse says it sounds like a conspiracy; you have insurance only when you contact BCBS by phone or web, and they look up your member number. Yet reality is at the doctor & pharmacy you have no insurance!! Anyone can collect money from people & say it's going towards insurance - ANYONE CAN, then just pocket it & tell you everything is fine when reality is your money is being outright embezzled! They are just telling you lies when you call because they know you should be covered!!

BCBS is making sure to show clients what they pay for online & by phone or by paycheck deductions!! But reality is they run your card & you show no coverage!!! I am going to my Human Resources Dept tomorrow & throwing a fit until they sort this ** out! I have insurance Paycheck deductions yet stand in line at the dr & pharmacy & on the phone on hold with BCBS for an hour & half so I hang up!! So, I look them up to discover this site along with countless others complaining on BCBS!! No wonder people live off the government!! I'm working & paying for insurance that's useless!!!! How could this even be possible?? All the stories here sound like what I've encountered!! On the phone forever, pretty website yet useless!! Every procedure & Rx listed as covered on their website is in fact not! And the doctors listed as providers are not either!! What can be done???? I'm so upset!!! This is a scam!! How's this legal!?! It's not!!!

I was so excited to finally get my own health insurance last year as a small business owner through an individual plan. But to my dismay, it's been a nightmare to get coverage. I can't trust Anthem with my healthcare needs for these reasons: I was on a PPO plan last year called "pathway PPO". This means preferred provider and that I get to choose my own doctors etc. But if I want Anthem to pay 100% I have to use their in-network doctors. That being said, Anthem's Doc Finder Tool is a joke and never works properly. After spending hours online and calling Anthem directly to try find specialist and an MRI facility, I was unsuccessful. Anthem provided a list of about 10 MRI facilities, but when I called each one down the list they said they don't take my plan because it's "pathway".

When I called Anthem back to dispute they said it's up to me to verify coverage and that it's really not guaranteed because the doctor's contracts change every month. In the end, I could not find an MRI facility within 40 miles of where I live! I live in a major metropolitan area where there should be many facilities. Having no car, it was impossible so I just gave up. I guess I will really never know if I have a tumor in my brain or not. I feel there should be a minimum requirement of healthcare providers offered within a certain radius. Also the contractual obligations should not be monthly, they should at least be yearly between the insurance company and the health care provider. What a disaster! What's the point of having an insurance if you can't use it?

For the specialist, I was looking for a gynecologist. I found several on a Anthem's Doc Finder Tool that said they were in network. I called the doctors beforehand to verify coverage and they all said yes. I made appointments, but when I arrived, they told me that I was not covered because I had a "pathway" PPO plan. Therefore Anthem was providing false coverage information on their website, but wants to take no responsibility. They said it's the customer's responsibility to verify coverage. And the doctors say it's the insurance's responsibility to provide an accurate list of in-network doctors. No one cares or wants to take responsibility. FML.

Anthem told me on the phone that I have to use the "secret language" or terminology to verify with the doctors if I'm really covered or not. I was supposed to ask them if they're "contracted with my plan" since I'm a pathway PPO. Since I have pathway many doctors discriminate and don't take it. But I feel this is very unfair and should be illegal because Anthem was advertising my insurance as a PPO when I purchased it, however when I go to use my insurance it is not the same as a regular person's PPO. This is considered bad faith and I would be very interested in prosecuting if I could build a case.

Every time I call I've spent hours on the phone and online feeling very uneasy about my healthcare coverage. Every time I call, I speak to someone different in the call center with no way for me to ever speak with them again because they don't provide direct access. No one cares about me, I am just another number to them. This again should be illegal and is unacceptable. I'm contractually obligated to pay my premiums every month, but yet there is no transparency and clear line of communication with Anthem. Just. Unbelievable.

For 2017, I was considering hiring my husband under my small business just so we can get a group plan and be treated like real citizens in the insurance game. I wanted to start our group plan coverage under my company starting January 1. However I couldn't get the documents together in time and I couldn't figure out the cost comparison. Therefore I kept my individual plan as is... With even more nightmares to come. Anthem emails me and tells me that my plan will be changing to a EPO instead of the PPO starting January 1. This is verbatim the email from Anthem: "On January 1, your PPO plan will change to an EPO (Exclusive Provider Organization) plan. You can choose any doctor or hospital that participates in your plan, with no need for a referral. Care from doctors and hospitals outside your plan is not covered, except on an emergency or urgent basis."

This is extremely unfortunate, given that this notice was given on October 28th 2016 - barely enough time to plan an insurance strategy for the new year and open enrollment was right around the corner. Especially being a small business owner it takes time to do the proper research... It's a very complicated thing. To my dismay, this new plan means that I will have even less coverage because no out of network providers will be covered now. Great. Even worse, nowhere did anthem mention that my premiums would be increasing. However, just recently I received a notice on my credit card statement that my bill is now $97 more!!! How is this legal?? Absolutely mind boggling.

I just broke my arm during a ski trip ready for Christmas. Thank God this happens still in 2016. Stay tuned for the nightmare that I will have ahead of me dealing with the billing from last. I absolutely hate Anthem and the lack of healthcare and healthcare regulation that is plaguing our country. All in all, I have spent over 200 hours this last year battling this monstrosity. There should be more options, but yet these health insurance companies monopolize the market and it isn't ethical.

My husband has 2 herniated disc in his back, has already had back surgery once, and requires a second back surgery. He has failed every single conservative therapy there is including injections, medications, narcotics, muscle relaxers, physical therapy. He has done it all and has been out of work for 2 1/2 years as a result of this. He has been on a fentanyl patch for months now just to control the pain. His most recent MRI was reviewed by his neurosurgeon in which a decision was made that he needs a second surgery. He requires a lumbar spinal fusion at 36. Not something he wants but is medically necessary given his overall clinical health of his back.

His surgery date was schedule for September 12th and arrangements were made four our children only to find out the night before surgery Blue Cross had denied his surgery after a nurse review and peer to peer review with the surgeon. His surgeon was furious with the decision as he informed us the "peer" reviewing his case knew nothing about neurosurgery or my husband's needs. We found out a couple days later the reason she knew nothing was because she was a PEDIATRICIAN!!! Not even a surgical pediatrician but a PEDIATRICIAN!!!

Hours have been wasted on the phone with representatives one less helpful than the last. Multiple faxes that were "never received" yet have confirmation of delivery. Every phone call results in more contradicted answers while my husband's pain and muscle spasms escalate. His depression is worsening by the day as we have now been waiting for weeks for an appeal answer that we were told would only take 10 days and was marked URGENT. I sure hope Blue Cross is prepared for a lawsuit should my husband's worsening and otherwise preventable depression take a toll for the worse while he sits waiting for the so-claimed "medically unnecessary" spinal fusion.

My hip replacement surgery was denied as not medically necessary and my surgery was canceled, last minute. I have severe arthritis. My doctor appealed, but was denied. I also appealed, and was also denied. I made sure I answered every excuse to the letter, for example, I tried non-surgical treatments for at least three months. They say I didn’t state “for at least three months”, but I did. I was also denied in 2017, but for a different reason. It is inhumane to put someone through the pain, inconvenience and expense of preparing for surgery, and then have it cancelled. I believe discrimination is occurring, but I’m not sure why. My family has had this same insurance policy since 1992, through my husband’s union, Metal Trades Local 638. I believe BCBS has violated their contract.

This company is about one thing: money at any cost. I have had them question every prescription and visit. The latest is that I paid a doctor who doesn't deal with insurance (smart guy) $720 for 3 hour-long visits. Our contract stipulates that they are to pay 70% of this visit. They are sending me a check for $51. You read that correctly. Here's their fancy Trump math: They won't pay for the first visit, since it included a diagnosis and tests. That was the most expensive visit. It included an hour of therapy too, but because I had a diagnosis done too, they won't pay for it.

The other two visits were $185 each. I live in Seattle. According to Anthem, a "Fair and Regional" compensation for a Psychiatrist should be $36/hour. In Seattle. Of course, they don't even have a presence here, so they admit they don't know the market. But it follows some mysterious formula of pricing. My contract says nothing about testing, and certainly nothing about what they *think* it should cost vs. what it actually costs. They messed with the wrong woman. I'll see them in court. Avoid at ALL costs!

Anthem cancelled policy after payment. I paid in full Jan. 9 and on Feb. 10, when trying to pay, I was notified I had been cancelled. I was told on phone that the funds were misallocated, and I would be reinstated Feb. 14 Instead, all the accounts were closed without my request. On Feb. 13 though, it stated at my request.

Anthem is pretending this is an account, but I have a card issued by them. They want me to start another account and be without ins. until March; also pay another sign-up fee.

My local doctor and hospital were bumped from Anthem's network, no explanation. Covered lab expenses were denied then reversed after I made a lengthy appeal then denied again, due to "coding" errors. No general practitioner in their tiny network within an hour's drive taking new patients. Uninformed and rude call center operators, long waits on hold, frequent hang-ups. Overall hideous service.

I took my 17-yr-old son to the doctor to have a mandatory meningitis shot only to find out he wasn't covered! He was terminated 7 months ago yet I'm still paying premiums. After complaining to HR and Anthem I find out Anthem dropped him in error due to his info getting mixed up with another person based on birthdate only. Not once did they check to see if there was more than one person with that birthdate, didn't check social security numbers, didn't check if other coverage was in force, didn't even send me a termination notice, didn't verify that they had the right person, just dropped him. Thank God he wasn't in a life threatening situation. Total incompetence! But still if I pay for insurance I expect it to work!!!

I have an HSA that contains over $8,000 of my money, not employer contributions, my money. I left my employer and when I tried to use the funds, I was told I can't - it has to be transferred to a personal account. I have called 4 times and I still can't use the funds that I put away for medical expenses. I have had over $400 in out of pocket expenses that I've had to pay while I wait for Anthem to take the time to "process" my funds, so that I can use them. Absolutely unacceptable. I have been on hold for over 10 minutes on what is my fifth call following up on this. DO NOT USE THE ANTHEM HSA if you want to actually access the funds you have earmarked for medical expenses.

Anthem is raising my rates for health insurance by 21%.

While I have numerous issues with Anthem over the last two weeks (primarily dealing with their refusal to issue a medication authorization), I decided I should write the information received on Thursday (07/03/14) and confirmed today (07/07/14) as a service and warning to loyal ConsumerAffairs website readers. The story begins last week, when I went thru my local CVS to fill a prescription that I have been taking for a number of months, but for the purposes of this story, all of 2014. My coverage with Anthem began on 01/01/14.

Each month I got the exact same medication at the exact same CVS, and the medication was always a $0 refill. This always struck me as odd, since my Anthem plan usually has a co-pay on medications between $10 and $30. However, since I just started the plan this year, I just thought it was some sort of covered benefit. Yeah, right. So when I went thru the CVS drive-thru and asked for the refill, I was informed that the cost was a fraction over $200. Huh? I went from a $0 per month on a medication to a sudden price of $200? I told CVS that I would come back later after I had talked to Anthem.

So I called Anthem and after going thru the usual dozen levels of "phone prompt hell" to get thru to a "customer service" person, I gave my information and the particulars and asked for an explanation of the sudden price, and what I was told boggles the mind. I have been in healthcare for almost 30 years, and much of that has been in the administrative side of things, which includes insurance contract and benefit negotiation, and the story I was told by Anthem is unique and a "first" to me.

Apparently, the Anthem "claims and benefit" software had a "bug". This "bug" was such a significant glitch that Anthem apparently just found it. Six months into the year, and they just now figured things out. The "bug" was that for patients that have a deductible (mine is only $750), the Anthem system was not properly adjudicating claims in a fashion that patients and their deductible were processed properly. If you had a claim or service (in my instance, a medication), when the claim went thru the Anthem system, instead of processing it in such a fashion that the medical provider would request a co-pay to be applied to your deductible, the Anthem system ignored your deductible and just processed the claim without a proper bill to you.

Think of it this way, and I will use my pharmacy bill as evidence: I would refill a prescription, and the medication was a type that I needed to pay towards my deductible. Instead of me paying towards my deductible a little at a time from the beginning of the year (which is how deductible works), Anthem completely ignored my deductible, they paid all claims with asking for the deductible, and it took them six months to figure out the issue and start collecting the deductible. I think I got very lucky that the patient rep that talked to me even admitted the problem.

The funny thing (sadly) is that if you are an Anthem patient and go to their website and use your patient portal to look at your account and benefits, there is no mention anywhere of the deductible error and how Anthem plans on covering this as they move forward. I also worry that instead of processing deductible issues moving forward that they will go back and try and re-process all healthcare claims from 01/01/14. My deductible is low enough that I can handle it. What about patients who have deductibles that are thousands of dollars. What will happen to them? No surprise that Anthem has screwed this up. A word to the the wise who have Anthem. If you have deductible issues, you might now know why.

All I need is an insurance card but customer service just runs me around in an endless grid. It's like I don't have insurance at all without that card. They make you go to a website and an app that don't work.

Unfortunately, customer service is offshore and communication with persons who do not understand English can be quite challenging. Had a surgery and was constantly called by regarding alternate solutions for the purchase of medications, after-care if necessary and request to confer with insurance specialist regarding conditions that gave rise to surgery. Constantly calling me before a surgery to take advantage of discounted options was alarming and bothersome. Notwithstanding that I declined all offers, my medical bills were paid.

Unfortunately, in my area the top rated hospitals only take Anthem PPO plans and the premiums are expensive in relation to the deductible. Anthem is no longer offering insurance in my area commencing January 2018, and my only alternative is Blue Cross. The premium costs in relation to the deductible are the same as Anthem. For those who are lucky enough to be treated at top tier facilities with other insurance, please maintain your insurance as you are lucky.

My husband received a couple of bills from Anthem he is not aware of. One bill was for $306 and another was for $3,800 and seems like an annual bill for the premium. I called the customer service for him to clarify what that bills are for. I first questioned the representative what is the charges of $3800 for. She said she doesn't see such a bill went out to him. I asked her again to check well because I have the bill on my hand. I also asked her if it is mistakenly generated by the system, make sure the system won't wrongly billed to us again. No response. Then, without clarify about the $3,800 bill, instead, she informed me, he overpaid one month premium fee, and his old policy expired by Dec 31. I got confused a bit about this new information. I worried if he is not covered this month since his policy was expired by last month, Dec 31st. Then, she said "He has new policy and the $306 is for the bill." First, I was confused because my husband or I didn't aware that the new policy took over. I start to ask about the new policy.

The information she was giving to me was too scattered and I had to figure out what was going on. While I tried to understand the situation, she told me "Do you need to be explained again?!" "I can't talk to you anymore! You have a language barrier problem." "Forget about the $3,800 bill! Just tear it up since it is wrong bill" (Finally she gave me the answer for my initial question). "DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I'M SAYING?!?!" English is not my first language but I don't miss or misunderstand any words she said. If any case she couldn't understand what I said, she can ask me to repeat but perhaps she didn't need to. I assumed she got frustrated that she couldn't explained well to me about whole situation. But she blamed on... my accent? Their representative was very rude and unpleasant.

I'm writing this review so you will look into your coverage and where to get advice. We have contacted Customer Service, case managers, Appeal Department, Sales, and O.E. with Anthem BlueCross BlueShield Pathway program. I have been with my wife in hospitals for the last two months. She needs minimally invasive cardiac surgery and coronary artery bypass graft. If she can't she will go through hospitalization programs, costing money every day. The out of state, out of network hospital found that she needs this special surgery for her heart.

Anthem brought her to an in network hospital (Sunrise). The chief surgeon said he can't and they won't do the surgery because of her conditions, at the in-network hospital. There is an in-network doctor that will do the surgery, but with the technology involved it has to be at the out of network hospital. Still runarounds, 2nd appeal has until 1st of December to reply (how convenient). Today O.E. (operational expert) gave more information that peer to peer reviews don't apply to us because of plan. The last response from O.E.: "We will call you," so I don't have to bother them. Have a nice day!

Unfortunately we are at the mercy of Anthem Insurance! We also have appeals at Consumer Health Assistance and Nevada Division of Insurance. We have dealt with very sincere, helpful associates working at Anthem and associates who just don't care. Looking for other options. Maybe another insurance company that care about their clients, and not about The Money and not Technicalities why they don't have need to pay.

I cannot express how horribly disappointed I have been with every element of Anthem/BlueCross BlueShield's performance. This business has failed to show any aptitude in the most basic of functions required to execute in any satisfactory way the requirements of their contracts. As they know, because I have spend over ten hours on the phone dealing with, or waiting to deal with their incompetence over the course of less than 5 month tenure as a captive enrollee, my account was scheduled to close as of a date certain!!! I MOVED OUT OF STATE! I confirmed this with them and the exchange multiple times. They could not even do me the most basic service of CANCELING THIS ACCOUNT AS WE DISCUSSED OVER THE PHONE! No instead they sent me yet another bill.

No Anthem, I do not owe you yet another monthly payment for a service that I received no value from that was canceled after I moved out of state. "Who's canceling" I confirmed with your incompetent staff. There is no longer a contract between you and I. I am not longer eligible as I purchased this JUNK of a product through the exchange in CT who also communicated to you that I was no longer eligible after moving out of state. I have NEVER in my whole life been more disturbed by the abject failure of a company. I can't get my time, money, or sanity back. What has American business come to?!?

I absolute hate this company. They have been my insurance carrier for 15 years because it is the only option my employers offer. My premiums have quadrupled over that time and my benefits have decrease. The company is full of tricks to pay claims. Here are a few: repeatedly denying claims for ridiculous reasons - e.g. Denying payment for my rubella vaccine because it was "infertility treatment". After months of phone calls by me and my doctor arguing about this (I was pregnant and not infertile at the time) I gave up and paid.

My 1 year old son had a medical emergency and had to be taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital. They denied coverage for the ambulance because it was out of network (sorry I had no choice when I called 911) then they denied coverage of the emergency room doctor's portion of the bill because they were out of network. I spent hours fighting this and writing the insurance commissioner about it and go nowhere. I found out that all emergency medicine doctors in the 4 hospitals in my area had refused to take Anthem because they slow pay so I actually have no option for in-network emergency care.

The Anthem customer service reps told me I would need to get pre-authorization, then they would have covered it. My 1 year old stopped breathing! I was not thinking about calling Anthem, I was trying to save his life. Currently I have a $45 copay per dr visit, I always get extra bills and have paid over $3500 out of pocket, not including the $500 a month we pay in premiums. Despite this only $750 has been applied to my deductible so we still keep paying. Every time I call I spend at least 1 hour on the phone and get nowhere. Anthem has decided that I cannot have access to my children's EOBs because my husband is the employee (primary) on the plan. Of course I am still a financially responsible person for their care and you bet they would look to me for payment.

I called to see if they would cover my chiropractic bill. They said they would pay 50 percent of cost up to $20. I submitted bills and after a month they decided to pay $3 because they will only pay 50% of what they deem a fair and reasonable charge. They decided $6 was fair and reasonable. How they would they ever pay up to $20? I called to see coverage for a procedure for my child and they quoted me a similar coverage (all the while telling me that this could not be construed as an agreement to pay for anything, so what's the point). This time I knew to ask about what they deem fair and reasonable. They admitted they would only pay fair and reasonable amount but said they do not disclose ahead of time what that amount is. So there is no way to know ahead of time what they will cover. Again, an hour on the phone to get nowhere. It is so bad that I think I will pay the penalty for not having health insurance and still come out ahead.

Anthem would not allow me to set up auto-pay and claimed I was late when I was not, and then claimed I did not pay at all even though they refunded me the payment they said I did not make. When I checked with the affordable care market place, they said Anthem continued to accept and keep the monthly goverment supplement of $340 a month, even while denying that I was covered. This seems like fraud to me. They say I will have to wait until the next open enrollment period, which leaves me very nervous about the coming months healthwise. Anthem continues to refuse to talk to me or my independent insurance agent about this problem.

I had scheduled a colonoscopy screening at our local hospital; with an 'in Network' doctor. The doctor's office contacted me, asking me to contact Anthem/Blue Cross for an authorization to be covered for a 'preventative screening', since a 'grandfathered' policy does not cover said procedures. It took one hour on the phone with two different member "services" people, only to be told "NO! - we don't allow that. I.e. your plan will not pay for 'preventative' procedures!"

So, where we are today is like this : first pay your monthly bill of over $1000 each month; get as sick as possible as quickly as possible in the year (so you can "meet"/pay the additional $6000 deductible) - then go do a preventative screening (which will be referred to as 'outpatient surgery') and Anthem/Blue Cross might cover up to 70%.

What's wrong with this picture in today's day and age? Why do we want our people to get more sick vs. helping them to prevent getting sick at all? After seeing the number of negative 'feedback' for this company, I'm a firm believer, it's not only Anthem/Blue Cross that has it all wrong; the system does! I have cancelled my screening appointment - I'm confident I can have much more fun for $4000+, - with hopes that I'll remain healthy and sound until these 'outdated' and outrageously expensive, so called "plans" are in line with what today's people need and want.

Very angry "loyal consumer" about the rate increase. It's almost like the company waited for everyone to sign up, and then throw a surprise. I'm guessing this was all in the "hidden" plans anyways. I will sign every petition to not let this company take advantage of its "loyal consumer."

I cannot stress to people enough, DO NOT USE BCBS. I was in a very serious car accident and my back is fractured in two places. I was taking narcotics along with many other medications, and was accused by BCBS for being a drug addict and refused to pay for medicine. I thought the woman was kidding when she told me she could put me in touch with an addiction clinic! I now pretend to be self pay just so I can see doctors that are always conveniently out of network with my plan. Being uninsured is better than being insured with BCBS and that's a sad sad fact!

Terrible. Every month have to fight and be declined for medication necessary for health. This is in a top tier plan. Never renewed Dental, Cancelled Dental, and they have continued to charge me, will not allow me into my online account and the member services advises that cancellation must be in writing but they provide no address. This is an obscene abuse of patient welfare and finances.

The doctor wrote a prescription which wasn't on formulary. Went to Costco to pick it up. I have met my deductibles and annual out of pocket for the year so should be covered at 100%. Costco said nothing posted to my account. Called Anthem and they said I needed to get an authorization from the doctor, then file for reimbursement. Went through the process and was denied. More incorrect stories from Anthem. Refiled again and was denied again. Again different stories from each person at Anthem. And now an appeal. Another 30 days? The joke is on the patient!!??

My 2013 providers' bill have not been paid to date i.e end of 2014. I have been calling the Anthem almost every week and each time I get a different person. I have been enrolled in medicare advantage plan. Some uneducated and possibly stupid person dis-enrolled me from the plan even though they were getting my premium through medicare. That person does not understand simple rule of medicare that once a person is enrolled cannot be dis-enrolled until the following January by either party. I have been struggling since 2013 to get my providers paid by calling Anthem every week because the providers legitimately asking me to pay for their services. This company probably pay employees minimum wage, therefore, gets only intellectually challenged people who lacks understanding of simple rule written in English language by Medicare. After almost a year of hassling with them, I absolutely came to hate this company. Why OBAMA care did not get rid of all these cheating insurance companies? Because the politicians have been playing games with our health for decades and this will continue.

Anthem required my small company to cover all of my employees (ten) with life insurance even though I only had 3 employees who wanted health coverage (started with Anthem around 2004). One of my employees got sick in 2006, spent years getting the wrong diagnosis. Ended up dying of cancer in 2014. My company paid the premiums until he died. Anthem will not pay the 10k life insurance. Says they will return the premium. Says he was no longer an employee. ANTHEM IS NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF ** THIEVES. WARNING DO NOT BUY ANY KIND OF ANTHEM INSURANCE....YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!!!!

My policy was cancelled unbeknownst to me. End Result: No enrollment for 6 months due to Obamacare/GA law, and most likely I will pay a Federal Tax Penalty for having no insurance... because I cant sign up for it. What? I was never sent a late payment notice. I was never sent a grace period notification. Their online system does not indicate either were sent. Over numerous calls, they were confused of my termination date. One representative actually stated, pay by phone the late fees and ask for reinstatement. And when I called, I was rejected, and told I would not be able to do this.

Erroneous information points to 2/27 being the past payment, yet I made a payment on 3/13. They could not reconcile this system error. Online payment system is SEPARATE from the main site. Auto pay was unavailable so I had to manually pay every month. No email of payment due was sent. I logged in numerous times and noticed zero payment due. Previously, my premium went from $200 to $280 from 2014 to 2015. Healthy individual. Deductible from $3500 to $6800.

The sales agent who enrolled me in Anthem Empire MediBlue Plus HMO touted all the wonderful coverage I would have, compared to my previous Red, White & Blue Medicare. I was mislead that the premium cost would be in addition to my 100+ that was coming out of my SSDI. Not till I got my SSDI revised income statement did I realize that this plan took more $ out of my pocket. I filed a grievance with no resolution.

Now in the throes of urgent medical testing and treatment, I am finding the copays unaffordable, my prescription coverage a joke. Where I once paid $35.00 for an injectable (under the least expensive Humana Drug Plan) it is now $165.00. NOT COVERED! To add insult to injury, the colonoscopy I am overdue for (a most important wellness procedure) is only covered 75% plus a $100.00 copay. My former government Medicare was an 80/20.

I had enrolled in this plan, being led to believe it would give me more affordable coverage with my limited disability income. As they say, Consumer Beware. What I thought was 'compassionate counseling/sales' for better health coverage turned out to be akin to a wolf in sheep's clothing. Caught between a rock and a hard place... Food or Empire MediBlue? I wonder how these people sleep at night?

My son had an annual physical and was required an immunization. After years of having shots and annual physicals, suddenly now Anthem is not covering an immunization that is required in order to be enrolled in school. The fee for the immunization is $193.00. The physical took place in August of 2014 and now in January of 2015, I just get a bill where they have denied the claim.

I am an attorney. I come from a professional athlete family. Many of my immediate family members are physicians. Being healthy is the number one goal in my family. I am the same weight as high school - 105 pounds. I am 59 years old. I do not smoke and never took drugs. I will have a Kahlua and cream if someone begs me at a host dinner. My family has been located in the United States since Jamestown. When I moved to Virginia I reached out to Anthem during open season. I had no idea nor did the rep state to me that I was speaking with a broker. I enrolled in an individual plan and promptly paid the monthly charges.

Subsequent to my enrollment I began to receive through the mail, requests for personal information. The documents did not contain any insignia that they were related to my Anthem insurance. I made several calls and wrote Anthem asking for clarity. I was told to "throw the documents away, they have nothing to do with us." In March, while traveling in Colorado, I reached out the Anthem for the billing address to mail my April payment. I was told that I was being dropped on April 1, 2017 for lack of verification of my citizenship. (Ridiculous - I am a very rooted American.) After discussion, the Anthem rep informed me that the documentation that I was told to "throw away" was, in actuality, information required from the Marketplace, a broker. I informed Anthem that I did not utilize a broker. Anthem responded that during open season they utilize brokers because they are "bombarded with thousands of phone calls during the open season."

I asked why there was no disclosure to me during my call and the Anthem rep said: "Would you prefer to be on hold for hours or speak to a broker?" How rude!!!! So... I wrote Anthem a letter demanding coverage. By the time I received a response I was nervous about exposing myself without insurance so I reached out to another insurance carrier - a type of temporary insurance which ends in October. Not sure what happens in October - I think I will have no insurance until open season??? Awful.

Additionally, while in Colorado prior to being dropped on April 1st, I got sick and was seen by a physician. I filed a claim on or around April 6th, 2016. It is August 10, 2017 and I have not heard a thing about the outcome except one representative who thought it would not go through (phone conversation). Repeatedly, Anthem made up nonsense concerning the claim in order to not address it - e.g. the date of service was too illegible. FALSE STATEMENT! Run from Anthem. There has got to be a better way. If I am an attorney having trouble with Anthem I pity the person who is not as educated.

My older husband now age 87 signed up in 2003 for Anthem so I figured out he's paid over $45,000 for what? First off, Anthem doesn't pay in HI for the hospital visits/doctor's visits/pharmacy prescriptions only the measly $20.00 co-pay! It's DEEPLY DISTURBING as I tried to tell my ohana member NOT to keep paying almost $700 every two months since 12 years ago! What is the SENSE of paying for something that you get ZERO benefit so this company named Anthem would get a -* if you had such a category! I could buy a beautiful new car/truck for my husband with the ton of $$ he wasted over the years as I stopped him dead in his tracks to my dismay he really believed that Anthem even the Primary doctor's office thought he had the FREE BCBS insurance not paying out the nose!

Now finally he's CANCELED after the last bill sent to his rental home went unpaid so it's a Good Day in Kona Bay! I approached my ohana member asking WHAT benefit do you get with Anthem yet he didn't know only knew he was told he must "sign up" even tho' Medicare pays 100% of the bills! Except the co-pay so either way you slice it we're out at least $40,000 from the lit'l benefit of having this BOGUS company SCAM my 87 year old husband! I spoke to Anthem twice. The first time the male rep. said he paid $400 every two months then later I called back was told that the ins. had expired in May which cost almost $700 every two months! Retired on only $1,100 monthly his Soc. Sec. pension check he pays over $110.00 for Medicare which by the way will pay for his flight to Oahu for medical treatment while Anthem even IF he had it would NEVER pay a dime!

Run for your life & get RAID to get RID of a money hungry grubbing Ant Hem = Amen! Alo Ha! Mahi *If this saves one person from buying into a BOGUS scam for "health ins." then so be it. Live & Learn. I knew as soon as I heard but thought my husband in control had some type of coverage like more rehab at a nursing home I was WRONG. If I'm not WRONG I don't want to be RIGHT. Buy a new vehicle of your choice! Every person that steps into Hawaii gets FREE health ins. or gets Medicare with hardly any doctors left on the Mentally Disturbed Island of the Misfits they left! Oahu here we come! Thank God we're not under the curse a SPELL that had on my older ohana member = Yeah! I don't know how they get away with it in HI... it's not necessary, it's downright CRIMINAL!!

If you go online and try find a therapists that accepts them you will get so frustrated. I am trying to find a therapist within 10 miles of my home and work. They actually have a dead person on their list!! Even if you click accepting new patients and literally go down the list they either aren't accepting new patients or they are from all the company and want a credit card on file so they can charge you if you miss an appointment. Also they have a 72-hour cancellation policy not including weekends. Riddle me this. If you are going for therapy how are you supposed to know how you are going to feel 72 hours Monday-Friday. Completely frustrated. Getting metal shouldn't be this difficult!!!

I will from now on subscribe with other providers, anything but Anthem. I finally found a plan, a ridiculously expensive plan at that. A draft was made from our account in the amount of $1100 in December 2016. I made 2 calls to them in the same month asking to please send us the ID cards. Here it is Jan 4, 2017, I have no cards, I am sick and my daughter is sick and have no cards to go for a doctor visit. I go on their site, and it tells me that I am not a member. I have been given every number on earth only to speak to a machine. The lack of service and lack of human contact and apathy is just heinous. I am beyond frustrated. Now I am on a call waiting and they say that the wait time is 1 hour. Anthem ought to be ashamed of themselves for being such a suck ass company. I am LIVID.

I switched to my husband's insurance late May after my company had layoffs. Through his company, he is paying $98 bi-weekly, which covers him, myself, and our son... We have PPO. I went to pick up my GENERIC prescription the other day and it was $55.87. I used to pay $10/month!!! Come to find out, our prescription deductible is $5,000!!! I'm so frustrated that we are paying SO MUCH to have insurance, and the coverage is TERRIBLE!!!! Come November with my new job, we are getting the HELL off of this damn insurance. BLUECROSS can SHOVE it.

You can imagine that while writing this review, there are words that I want to use to describe their service, but for dignity's sake, I'll refrain from using them. I had spent the last 4 months trying to update my address that was in their system. I called more times than I can count, and every time I did, they either redirected me back to the automated system or to another number that nobody was available to answer, or they just kept telling me that it was updated. The ending to this story? It's been 2 months since I've tried to cancel my membership with them and decided to go with another insurance, and they're still sending me bills that I should have stopped getting 2 months ago...TO MY OLD ADDRESS! It took 2 hours on the phone with them, during which they kept redirecting me to the "marketplace" who kept redirecting me back to them. It turned into a ** back and forth tennis match, only in this game, there were no winners.

Had ongoing issues. Pay way too much monthly, plus coinsurance and copay costs! Oh not to mention everything my family needs seems to be out of network so majority still paid out of pocket. Called to search new plan options hoping to find a better fit. On hold and transferred to one person and another. After 45min of this, a lady picks up and I explain I want to figure out plan options that may work better for my family and have more providers in the network. Said she’s got people waiting to enroll and she’s gonna place me back on hold! And I explained I’ve also been waiting on hold a realllyyy long time and I’m rightfully next in line so why can’t she go over it with me now? She hung up! Ugh???

Karleah answered my call. She was very rude and disrespectful. I requested a supervisor and she transferred me to an automated system that requested a extension and then the line hung up. I called back and was placed on hold over 17 minutes just to be told again I have the wrong number. This is by far the worst customer service received and even when I called again for a third time Nancy was just as rude and nobody seems to know where a supervisor is at except in a meeting. Every time I call it is the same answer, how does anybody operate a business when there are never supervisor is available. A lot of problems can be resolved at the lowest level possible but there was no resolve to my concerns.

This rep. needs to be coached and her attitude along made me not want to do business with Anthem. Nancy was constantly antagonist and she was nowhere near friendly and did not want to understand that I am already frustrated so she chastised me like I was the problem and the last time I checked were both here to do a job and I called your company searching for answer and there was no resolve in this matter!

Do not, I repeat DO NOT get Anthem dental insurance. The company I worked for recently change dental insurance companies. And it went all downhill from there. No one informed me or my dentist, that was a 'waiting period' for things like implants, etc. I just got a call from my dentist telling me that Anthem denied covering part of my surgery, that I desperately needed!! Now I'm on the hook for another $950.00!!! Great to know your insurance company has got your back. Anthem wants nothing but your hard earned $$ before they even care to help you out!! A WAITING PERIOD?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! Anthem, you are HORRIBLE!!!

I will do my best to make sure that everyone I know stays clear of Anthem insurance!! How can you sit there and tell my dentist there's a waiting period?!?! So I guess I'm screwed if something happens in that waiting period?!?! You are the reason why people hate insurance companies. Calling you despicable would be giving you credit!!

I am under the care of one of the top cardiologists at a large University in CA famous for its medical center and medical school (Stanford). I am on two medications for heart problems I have, ** 50mg due to an ascending aortic aneurysm and pulmonary artery aneurysm, and ** 2.5mg for chronic chest pain. I had once been on ** 60mg daily and was getting so dizzy I would almost fall down at times when walking. I was taken off that medication and put on ** - I had Blue Shield of CA at that time, and there was no balking from the Blue Shield about the cost.

Flash forward - my insurance benefit provider changed last open enrollment from Blue Shield of CA to Anthem Blue Cross - no choice of mine, I was forced into it by my employer, with the only other option of Kaiser (see my previous posts about Kaiser if you want to know why I didn't opt to go with them...). Transferring my prescriptions, I discover that Anthem Blue Cross denied my ** medication, and thus my cardiologist had no choice but to put me back on **, which didn't work very well and was causing me to have significant dizzy almost fainting spells. I'm just lucky I didn't fall down a flight of stairs on the stuff.

Anthem feels that to save costs, my safety is of no concern and they feel they can dictate to a very good cardiologist at Stanford the medication I am to take for my chronic chest pain. Anthem will put you at risk to save a buck. Anthem should be put out of business. Anthem is using the Kaiser model for health care benefits. In short - Anthem Blue Cross sucks.

Anthem said they sent a letter on 12/18/2014 relaying how to pay for my policy set to begin 1/1/2015. There was no document sent with explanation of coverage details. I received no information regarding finalizing my healthcare policy and Anthem cancelled my policy 1/1/2015. I've spent weeks tracking a human down who said "re-enroll, your policy was cancelled." You're supposed to be given 90 days to pay for the insurance and I was given less than 10 days by their records of sending an UN received bill over Christmas. Obamacare doesn't allow me to re-enroll and I'm still uninsured.

I actually think it'd be better to deal with the cost of medical bills out of pocket than pay for insurance with this company. Oh wait, that's what I'm doing anyway despite having paid them thousands of dollars over the past year in case, you know, I have a medical emergency and have to go to the doctor? TL;DR - Had a medical emergency while out of state. Filed a claim with under my PPO plan. Claim was denied due to it being "an out-of-network, non-emergency" despite my having documentation to prove that it should be covered under their Explanation of Benefits.

I've literally had to file an appeal with the State of Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies to even get them to consider paying. My only real comfort in this situation is knowing that somewhere, some underpaid, disengaged, twenty-something is monitoring these reviews at whatever terrible social media marketing agency BlueCross BlueShield hired to try and bury this sort of press and hopefully picking a different insurance company for their own health benefits.

I'm writing a negative review on the pages of each of the companies: CVS Caremark, Walgreens, and Anthem for their mishandling of prescription claims. My Anthem insurance plan switched to CVS Caremark for handling prescriptions in January 2018. I went to Walgreens, my usual pharmacy, to refill my prescriptions during my coverage period. On several occasions, the prescriptions I had filled went through without a hitch at Walgreens, with my normal co-pay. Several months later, I received a $500 bill from Anthem saying I owed them for those prescriptions. They stated that since I went to Walgreens and not CVS to get my prescriptions filled, I owed them the full price of the prescriptions. However, there was never a flag at the Walgreens counter telling me I could not fill my prescriptions there. They went through and allowed them to be filled, not ever informing me they were not covered by my insurance.

Normally when a prescription is not covered, the pharmacy will not be able to process it through your insurance and you will have to pay full price. This did not happen - it went through as usual and with my usual co-pay. Anthem, CVS Caremark, and Walgreens are each passing the blame off to each other when I call them to try to get the issue resolved. I'm stuck with a $500 bill because none of them can own up to their error.

I am extremely dissatisfied with our health care insurance. They cover NOTHING. And we have paid them thousands of dollars since February. I just tried to log a complaint with someone on the phone and they let me know that their complaint department doesn't get back to clients... What kind of business is run like that? Health care is an absolute disgrace in this country.

I have been with Anthem for around 2 years. The cost of insurance that no one wants to take has increased every year and, in California, we only have two choice, Anthem or Kaiser. I live over 100 miles from Kaiser so I am left with no choices. Anthem is forced upon us. I was under the impression that marketplace meant options. ObamaCare has not helped me. The 400+ dollars a month is what I could use for a mortgage but without any cap on health insurance costs, that will not be happening. The whole health insurance industry is for profit only. Since when did health become part of big business? It is a shame.

I've not skipped any premiums. In fact, I've paid till Oct 1 according to the staff who processed my payment through the phone two weeks ago. Yet yesterday I received a cancellation notice from Anthem Blue Cross telling me that my 7 year old son's healthcare policy was cancelled due to no payment. I called the toll free and was informed that his account was cancelled. The notice said Anthem cannot reinstate our coverage and we have to wait until the next open enrollment period to submit new application. I called Anthem but nobody was around. Because the cancellation notice was received on Saturday, I have to wait till Monday to contact Anthem. What has happened to the premiums we paid Anthem? In the meantime, we risk having no healthcare coverage for him which is illegal. Pray that my son do not need any visit to the doctors. I do not understand why Anthem can cancel someone's healthcare without calling or checking our account.

I personally or including my family have been enrolled under Anthem or Anthem acquired insurance coverage since 1973. An experience this week has caused me to lodge this review. Having a recent health issue that required a specialist to diagnose, treat and prescribe medications then to have Anthem to cause 60 hour delay before approving filling of order at pharmacy. This is totally ridiculous that some phone farm occupant has the right and power to impact someone's healthcare. If I was the suing type I would find me an attorney that would get me satisfaction.

Denied a MRI for ligament tear, had to pay out of pocket to get test... never return calls. Now see orthopedics out of pocket again... Why do I pay this bill each month to not get covered!!!

My daughter, Katie, was treated on September 21, 2011 at Hillcrest Hospital Cleveland Clinic, and at the time, I had coverage to pay this bill. Apparently, you are stating she had a pre-existing illness. She went to emergency with stomach pains, and they were not related to anything else. The tests they took at the hospital were all negative. I believe it was a bad case if influenza. I want to dispute the amount that I am being billed ($4,637.55). Kindly respond to this matter.

My dental insurance was terminated due to a missing payment. After countless hours talking on the telephone, and different people saying totally different things, I gave up. In a few month I have decided to take a risk and sent a check which they cashed, and it appeared that I was in good standing if I catch up with the rest of my payments, which I gladly did and made an appointment with a doctor. Only to my embarrassment the doctor said I have no dental insurance. After countless hours talking to them again, they have decided they never should of taken my money after my account was cancelled. They returned some of it, but not all, saying they applied to some previous months.

I submitted yet another claim, using Anthem's Claim form, as I have done many times. The claim I submitted last week was rejected for "Missing or Incorrect Member ID." Of course, the rejection letter did not include a copy of the form I submitted, with the "missing or incorrect ID" circled, or marked, nor did they reference any form Block or Section (they do have Section numbers on their forms. In addition, there was absolutely no contact information provided, other than "Contact your local Customer Service").

On the back of my Insurance Card, there is a Member Services telephone number, that when called, makes one run through a gauntlet of inhuman suffering before one is permitted to speak with an actual sentient being. Once I am fortunate enough to kindly state my case, of course, it was not the correct number to call. If I am transferred, a pinball of ensuing transfers may eventually lead to someone to speak with. Often, the transfer drops, or I am put on hold until an adequate period of time has elapsed, that most mortals perish due to their finite existences. Anthem always makes claim submission, even when every 't' is crossed and 'i' is dotted, an extremely aggravating, exasperating, humiliating event. I can only assume that their business plan relies upon unsubstantiated claim rejections in hope that most people just give up.

I was told by several representatives that my out of network claim would be covered fully and paid back to me. Now, 1 year and 1 month later, I still have not seen my $200+ that is owed to me. After many messages on their terrible online message system, several phone calls, and many frustrating hours spent dealing with this, I am at wit's end. They have told me that my claim went toward my out of network deductible for the previous year, and nothing would be paid to me. Now I'm in the process of having my claim adjusted to hopefully review the previous calls where I was told I would be paid out. I messaged them today for an update and their response was simply "When inquiring about status for a claim in process, please send us the patient name, date of service, name of service provider and claim number if available. Thank you." This is by far the worst customer experience I have ever had.

I was having acute problems with my asthma and my doctor prescribed prednisone. I completed one course of the medication with little improvement, so my doctor prescribed a second round at a higher dose. When I presented the prescription to my local pharmacy Anthem refused to pay for the medication, stating it was "too soon to refill the medication," as I had completed the prior course of medication as prescribed and had a new prescription for a different dose. How can a health insurance company refuse to fill this? What do I pay my premiums for? I paid for the medication out of pocket with no help from my health insurance company. After all, I really needed to keep breathing.

For the past three weeks I have attempted to a person to review my account charges because I believe that they are not crediting me correctly. While waiting for hours there is an electronic voice that states "Thank you for calling, good bye" or "we are having technical difficulties, call again". Three weeks like this. Right now I have been waiting for two-and-one-half hours and it is close to five o'clock, so I expect the "thank you for calling". Giving these people one star is too much. The icon of a ** is more appropriate. I do not have an order number but a policy number which I am including. These people do not assign case numbers as I have not spoken to anybody

I will be 48 years old on May 1, 2012. I just received a letter from Anthem Blue Cross about increasing my monthly payment from $667 to $865 ($198 increase) after May 1, 2012. They have increased the monthly payment every year. It is a payroll check amount! Why nobody can stop them?

Due to Emerson selling a portion of its business to Vertiv, my husband was forced to accept Anthem BCBS. We pay $170 every 2 weeks, as of 4/6/17 they still cover NOTHING. They only credit your deductible with "in-network" allowed amount, but leave US on the hook for the entire billed amount. How is that even LEGAL. We weren't even AWARE that our 100% out of pocket prescription costs, are a SEPARATE deductible all together and doesn't count toward the medical insurance EVEN THOUGH THAT'S HOW IT WAS PRESENTED ON PAPER. Thanks to the CURRENT ACA LAWS, we are unable to purchase secondary health insurance so our medical bills are crippling us.

The WORST thing you can be is middle class because we get NO HELP, so essentially we are spending $400 for health insurance that applies a PORTION of our actual out of pocket expense to their deductible rate. How does that seem right??? If given a choice between Anthem BCBS and NO COVERAGE, I will choose NO COVERAGE, because I'm paying $400 a month for NOTHING.

PLEASE PLEASE NEVER SPEND A DIME WITH THIS COMPANY!! I'm very upset with the amount of disrespect I've been given with the lack of communication with this company. I purchased a health plan for my two children, husband, and myself. First, they entered our names incorrectly on our cards and in our plan, so I had to pay out of pocket when I took my daughter to a doctor. Then, I was on hold for over 3 hours to get answers as to why we don't show up in the system, but my account sure has over $1000 a month coming out of it to pay for our policy. Finally I got that situated, then had another headache. We are on the state line, and cannot go to the doctor we need to see 30 miles away. Instead, Anthem wants us to travel 2.5 hours away to a doctor in our state. I will find another insurance company today if it's the last thing I do. I refuse to hold for one more second with these people. I'm paying a lot of money for zero help.

I have literally battled non-stop with this company for the last 5 months. Blood tests that are FEDERALLY required when you are pregnant (HIV test, other STD panels) they refuse to cover and don't consider it preventative care when in fact it is and is a part of prenatal care. I recently had a genetics test to prepare myself and fiancé in case we had to go through what my uncle did, my family is a deletions syndrome carrier as well as Down Syndrome, my fiancé is a Down Syndrome carrier as well. Because of the genetic mutations on both sides, my doctor wanted the Natera test done, I was told at most I'd end up paying 200 out of pocket. Ok no biggie.

Imagine my surprise in January when I got a bill for the first set of prenatal tests and panels only to see of 1200 dollars, this garbage insurance company only covered 300, so I had to pay 900 out of pocket for the STD panels and the glucose test. 2 tests that are usually covered by any other insurance company. So over the last week I noticed a denied insurance claim. The Natera test. For the deletion syndrome and the down syndrome. 8,000 dollar bill. Yes, 8 freaking grand! So yesterday I get an email stating they'll pay 3k of it, of the 3k I have to pay 529, and I'm responsible for the remaining 5k. Excuse me? Come to find out that 5 grand won't apply to my out of pocket which my out of pocket max is 4 grand, it also won't apply to my deductible because they consider it "experimental". Actually this test has been around for quite some time and most doctors prefer it over the quad test.

I am livid. I get a bill for my ultrasound yesterday as well, of the bill, they covered 20 dollars, 20 measly bucks, I have to pay the remaining 289 of that. I'm sorry. Why the hell do I even pay this company for coverage when clearly they cover nothing. Next thing they'll say is giving birth is "experimental". I do not recommend this health insurance company. Find someone better. You may as well have COBRA for what you pay with no coverage. No matter if it's in network.

I have contacted Anthem on a few occasions to check on an order that I got through a company called Medtronics. This is the company I get my diabetic supplies through. Part of the supplies I get (or used to get) are also related to my being diabetic. The "disposable sensors" are essential to my life. They let me know when my sugar is low/high. Without the sensors, I don't know when my sugar has dropped until it's dangerously low/high. Anthem has covered them before and now all of a sudden, the senors are not covered. I can not understand why such an important part of my being diabetic and having these sensors are no longer important enough to the insurance to cover them? I'm now down to 3 weeks of sensors left, then I'm out. Please expedite this as I have been waiting for this to be decided or figured out in regards to why I can no longer get these.

Pay $607.00 a month and it don't pay nothing until I reach my deductible of $6,300 so I can't afford to use it for anything!! I just don't understand, how they can rob people of their money, and their health, while they just sit back and, and fill their pockets with our monthly payments for coverage and our deductibles when we can't even afford to see a doctor.

My family is double covered with mine being the primary which pays at 90%, Anthem which is my wife's keeps throwing this co-insurance back on us stating that every time a balance is left after mine has paid and paid a lot at that. My insurance pays the largest portion, no questions asked and with the small remainder Anthem still ** and passes the cost to us on top of our premiums. I will NOT be renewing Anthem next year, I can't do any worse by throwing darts blindfolded at a list of insurers in the dark and in heavy winds! WE HATE ANTHEM!!!

Anthem is just awful. Absolutely awful to work with. Please think long and hard before getting insurance through them. Their customer service for one thing is the worst I have ever experienced and I myself have worked in a call center before so I know what it's like and can empathize but this was just ridiculous. Not only did they not cancel my coverage when I requested it (called in, multiple messages on my account, and even wrote an official letter). Still got charged and THEN this past week not only did they not cancel my policy but they renewed my coverage with a new policy (much worse than my previous one) and much higher premiums.

How can you possibly renew/enroll a customer in a new policy without their knowledge or consent. You can be most certain that I will keep looking into this to help ensure this gets resolved and that no one else has to deal with an issue like this again either. I am so, so disappointed with my experience. I had them years ago and had an alright experience but after this nightmare I am steering as many people away as I can so no one has to deal with what I did.

Called Anthem Health Keepers (AHK) customer service regarding issue with discrepancy notice of only 1 allowed visit to a referred chiropractor between notice from AHK insurance and American Specialty Health (ASH); who notified of 30 allowed visits. I was told to call my primary care physician office. I did and found the issue was not on their end as they had noted "unlimited visits" on the referral. Called AHK back. Rep could not answer why Anthem listed only 1 allowed visit despite different information on the referral sent from the doctor's office. The rep told me that I had to speak with a representative from the 3rd party ASH medical mgt dept. I called them and had to spend even more time on the phone getting an answer.

What I found out after 40min: ASH informed Anthem always lists only 1 allowed visit despite the doctor referral indication. Rationale - This for the initial visit. Any additional allowed visits are left to American Specialty Health to determine and approve once they are in communication with the specialist office. My concern is 2-fold: 1) It took me 4 phone calls, conversations with 4 different people in a span of 40min to address a concern that was finally explained in less than 5min. 2) I don't want to be charged full price for additional visits to my referred chiropractor because Anthem listed only "1 visit allowed".

My questions to AHK: Why in the heck couldn't your first customer service rep have really looked and read my Dr office's noted referral to them (indicating unlimited visits; saw the discrepancy and referred me directly to ASH? Why don't you clearly explain the process regarding # of allowed visits in the referral notice? Why did you (AHK) mail a misleading and erroneous notice to me? The written notice informed that my PCP only approved 1 visit. This was NOT TRUE. I have been with you (AHK) for 12+ years through my employer. Several years ago, I was referred to the same chiropractor from my PCP. I never had to go through this.

I canceled the medical insurance policy back in May 2014 since it was only effective in my previous state. I did it thru their website. It was confused with another, already cancelled policy (**). They continued to bill me. I sent a USPS certified letter restating and proving I canceled the policy. That letter was refused. My member account online says "under investigation" as a means to avoid acknowledgement of the cancellation to continue to demand more premium payments.

My employer recently switched my insurance to an Anthem BC/BS plan. This plan pays for nothing. The website is completely unreliable. If you go on to find out if a doc or facility is in network, you are wasting your time. It doesn't matter that they have a green check or not, Anthem finds a way to deny the claim. For example, every doc in my GP office has a green check by their name, which means they are in network so I should just have a $10 copay. However, the clerical agency they use to process their claims is considered out of network, so I am not eligible for the $10 copay. I have to pay out of network costs which can be hundreds of dollars. So to clarify - it doesn't matter that the medical professionals who are treating you are in network. What matters is whether or not the paper pushers are in network.

Since most medical offices use outside billing agencies located all over the country, Anthem customers are screwed. I think twice about going to the doc as I can't predict ahead of time how much it will cost. This is exactly what Anthem wants. They charge an arm and a leg for premiums - God help you if you miss a payment. They don't pay for anything. Their stock prices continues to rise, their board members are gleaning record gains, CEOs are paid millions of dollars, and customers are screwed over. The premiums we pay are not for coverage, but rather to make rich investors richer.

My company has an ongoing issue with Anthem retracting claims payments. After five months of weekly calls to Anthem along with email and phone complaints to higher ups, I was connected with a person who listened and help with our problematic claims. During that time, I was asked to provide the same information multiple times, and then representatives would advise they needed to review the information with supervisors. This turned into a five month fiasco because the reps weren't collecting information or calling back. The woman that finally assisted explained that this was a dropped ball by customer service, and the company was going to use this scenario as a training tool to improve claims service.

About a month and a half later, I have another similar problem. I've attempted to get help for the past three weeks. My contact doesn't call back as promised until I've called her (after patiently waiting five business days on two separate occasions) or I've called to ask for a supervisor. I've had to begin taking my issues to the same higher ups again.

It is extremely difficult to get help from this company. I deal with UHC and Medicare on a regular basis, and I've yet to experience the level of rudeness and apathy with them as I've experienced with Anthem. My contact returned a call to me today after I requested to speak with a supervisor. She said to me, "Here you are asking for a supervisor when I thought we had a working relationship." My response was, "I thought we did too, but you aren't returning my calls or providing me any information after three weeks." She didn't have a response to that. I worked in a customer service call center for over ten years, and I know it's a tough job, but this level of non-service is unacceptable and clearly a pattern with Anthem.

My coverage with Anthem ended on 9/1/18. Since as of this date I was now on Medicare, yet on 9/5/18 Anthem took out another premium payment of $918.00. I called them on 9/7/18 to ask for a refund and they asked me if I had cancelled my coverage (it should have been automatically cancelled). I did call them in July to make sure that August 1 would be my last payment, so in essence I did call to be sure it would be ending in as of 9/1. Anyway, two weeks later I still have not received my refund. I have been told that they are saying no to refunding my money. I guess my next step is going to an attorney. DO NOT USE BCBS... THEY ARE HORRIBLE TO DEAL WITH, AND THEY LIKE TO STEAL MONEY FROM YOU.

I have my entire family covered under Anthem BCBS HDHP. I would just like to say this insurance is GARBAGE. I pay over $2,600 a year in premiums, just to have a HDHP of $4,500. I have to meet before they start paying anything. Even after the $4,500 is met, they only cover 80% for certain stuff. That's $7,100 I'd have to pay, out of pocket in a year, before Anthem starts to pay 80%. That is absurd considering that's 25% of my yearly take home income. But my current situation, my wife had our second born child recently. I called a customer service rep to see why, after the entire labor delivery, my deductible only had $600 applied to it.

After 30 minutes with a customer service rep, I come to find out that the newborn services for our newborn is not applied to my deductible (even though I'm paying $4,000 out of pocket for it). I asked the rep why this wasn't applied to my deductible and all she could tell me is that my benefit does not entail newborn care. This made me furious and I ended up hanging up on the customer service rep. I could go on and on about Anthem. But I'll keep this review somewhat short. DO NOT PURCHASE ANTHEM BCBS FOR YOUR HEALTH/MEDICAL INSURANCE!!

Anthem's phone service is absolutely terrible! Several occasions I have called to have benefit questions answered or to solve some issue. And it's always, the same, I'm on hold and told they may have to transfer me, only to be disconnected after about half an hour on hold. Usually I'm on hold for more than 40 minutes. So on some rare occasions, I'm on hold only for 20 minutes, but usually disconnected somewhere. Their phone system never gets you to the right person and is not easy to navigate. Someone needs to discuss this with them.

My son Chris has been on Aetna ppo from United Airlines from Jan1st till now. Out of the blue the Rawlings company who works for Aetna says my son has another bcbs anthem policy. They have taken all their money back and left my son to pay a 986.00$ bill. He claims he never got another policy. I had bcbs of Illinois in 2013. Then United changed the ppo to Aetna. My 2 sons and husband and myself are on this policy. At first I thought that it was a mistake and the hospital bill our old insurance. But Daniel at the Rawlings company said it was another bcbs anthem plan. Chris has no other plan.

I changed over to Anthem BCBS in January through my employer due to my previous health insurance doubling in price. Right off the bat, I got the flu in January and was very sick. I went to pick up my prescription and they couldn't verify my insurance. I heard a few people at my office had the same sort of issue so it wasn't just a fluke. In March, I got a different strain of the flu and went to my doctor and they stated that I owed $20.00 from last visit. They said they would resubmit because I had paid my co-pay each time.

In April, I got a collection letter from my doctor and now I owed $40. It's not much, but I live on a very tight budget and that is the difference between eating or going without. I emailed customer service at the first of April and never heard anything back from them. I logged into my account today and saw that someone had responded to me 3 weeks later, but she didn't email my email address. The response was just sent to sit on my Messages in account. She stated that my doctor was a specialist which was why the co-pay was $20 more. I have been going to for the last 20 years and he is now and always has been a family practice doctor. I sent another email and copied this information about my doctor (which by the way I found on their website!).

I'm sure it will be another long few weeks with another apology about their high email level and I really don't expect them to honor my plan. I would be very surprised if my doctor stays in their network if this is how they treat their providers. I know when insurance renewal time comes, I won't be continuing on with Anthem. My issue seems very small compared to some that I have read on this site, but it seems to be a standard practice of this company to not stand behind their word and lie and cheat their customers and providers. Shame on them!

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