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beYogi Online Insurance Reviews

Straightforward process. Same benefits and cost as the NACAMS plan but you also get the yoga benefits online! The best choice for me.
The only confusing thing was $159 vs $179. I had to call to clear that up but it was easy!
It was easy to sign up and immediate certificate available.
Quick and easy! Glad to be covered for teacher training g.
I have been very pleased with beYogi. The content is excellent and always helpful. I have only two years teaching experience, but my students and colleagues assume I have a lot more years. beYogi, thank you.
Super easy to sign up! I called in to make sure, got a referral from my teacher and signed up without issue!
Great material and resources! Would recommend
Remarkable tool for on-going-learning!
So far I've had absolutely no complaints. I've Only had it for a few days but have enjoyed the freebies ( books etc.)
The process and prompts were easy. Completed the application in less than 15 minutes.
Easy to sign up. However, the confirmation page stated that I would receive an email with my login info. I didn't receive said email (Yes, I checked the junk folder).
Excellent and fast professional service!
The quality of insurance for the price is outstanding. I’m a new instructor and it was very easy to find the right coverage I need.
Wow it was so quick and easy to get my policy, very easy to understand and I had my certificate within minutes. Outstanding rate for new students at $25, something that does not create a stiff rate as we are still learning and gaining experience as beginner trainers. Thanks very recommended service.
So happy with beYogi - excellent service. Thank you OM Shanti
SUPER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Excellent, no problems.
Easy to use and great benefits.
I searched and researched and I believe BeYOgi offered the best insurance. The site was easy to use and the comparuchart helped firmed my decision.
Purchased as a gift. Very happy and satisfied with my purchase.
It was simple to secure coverage and I appreciate KRI providing a trusted source for yogi insurance :). I haven't yet had much other experience with beYogi --so far so good!
Excellent and quick!~
Ease of website and features offered with the insurance.
It was super easy to apply. And I love that as a student I am covered.
The cost for excellent coverage is much less than I expected! They also cover a whole host of natural wellness categories, including students! Customer service has been great to work with as well, responding to / answering calls very quickly!
I look forward to the articles. A friendly approach.
beYogi offers a very easy insurance process.
In have not had the best of luck with Beyogi insurance. I started the process on 12-15-18 and as of today 1-7-18 the customer service department has not given me the paperwork that I need to get the job that is waiting for me. I called the representative S simpson and left several messages and email them but to no avail or response. It makes me wonder what kind of help they will give me when I really need it.
Great yoga mat ! The ease of unrolling your mat and beginning your practice is only the first part of of how much I love this mat, sure footing on the no skid towel (detachable for washing separately), rolls into it’s own mat case w/ shoulder strap for easy travel, affordable, and durable ! I would recommend this mat to anyone !
Great experience getting my insurance. Super fast and easy.
I found them to be quick and reliable.
Looking forward to having coverage and teaching with peace of mind :)
Fortunately, I've never needed your services for a claim but I feel I'm covered in the event I did need to file a claim and would be treated as a professional. Your price for coverage for a year is reasonable and fair.
Simple and easy to get insurance Good pricing thru IAYT
My purchase of a course through beYogi was easy! The course is invaluable to me as a yoga teacher. The quality of instruction is excellent. I highly recommend beYogi!
Easy, affordable, and well rated insurance!
It was quick and professional.
Lovely articles and good vibes.
Easy to sign up for insurance! Lots of good pictures and good information!
It was so easy to sign up!
I have no idea what be yogi is. And frankly could not care less.
Quick and easy to get insured!
Easy and quick . The whole process was very streamlined. Just what I wanted. No wasted time trying to figure things out.
I recently wrote a review of beYogi after an experience of difficulty obtaining my certificates. I have been a customer for several years. After writing my review, I had very rapid contact from the company. After several emails back and forth, sincere attempts on their part to fix the issues, Erica, company representative, was both able to get my certificates to me and figure out the problem. Thank you Erica for sticking with it until you solved it!
Clear and easy to maneuver.
The process of enrolling was fast and easy!!! well priced, and all inclusive. I wish you would put some information behind the choices when creating a profile. f.ex. why part-time/20 or less hours??? why full-time? other modalities might be.... additional insured: business/contractor to choose and why? have an explanation pop up or tab so it is more clear and assuring one makes the correct choice. Hope I did! Perhaps FAQ or a link to ask questions, BEFORE filling out the information.
I recently enrolled using the student discount. The enrollment process was simple and quick.
Easy process :)
I canceled the policy. I never got confirmation of the purchase in email. When calling for assistance I was told I'd have to wait until Monday to get help with the situation. On your website it says same day confirmation of insurance policy. Seem like a really sketchy company.
Only had moments to join and read ebook :) good info .
easy and user friendly! Thank you for helping me on my student journey!
Easy application process the best rates
Easy to use and pricing is competitive.
I just signed up so I do t have much feedback yet
The Certificate of Liability does not list a Description of Service (yoga, cosmetology)etc.
No much to say about it, so far so good
Very easy to sign up. I was surprised to have music downloads & discounts to many yoga supply companies! Thank you!
Easy to register.
Fortunately I'm new and haven't need to file any claim. beYogi was recommended by a friend and then I heard it again on Love Teaching Yoga podcast.
amazing emails sent with tons of great information in them, better than any yoga site that I know. Easy to renew your coverage as well love love love !
My own website?!! Oooohhhhh Yyyeeeeeessssss Thank you!
Whole transaction took 3 minutes.
I recently renewed my insurance be
Easy, fast and good to know I’m covered!
A very reasonable price for a wide array of professions. Luckily I haven't had to use it yet.
So easy to sign up!!!
Fast and easy. Best price
Inspiring stories and information. Good insurance coverage.
Easy, quick and price is right!
So easy! Affordable! Just what i needed!
Easy and quick with good coverage. Good buy!
Very fast registration and response to deliver insurance certificate Thank you
Great!!! Vicki