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4 months ago we needed to add our newborn to our policy, which means old policy had to be canceled and application for new one had to be filed through HealthMarket. By mistake we created two applications, and quickly canceled the wrong one. It's been haunting us ever since. First Fl Blue tried to retrospectively cancel our policy 2 months after it was updated, because they were only seeing the canceled application and didn't see the final one. So they were trying to say that we didn't have insurance and hadn't had it for 2 months since the baby was born. By the way, we paid premiums for both months and they happily took the money. We could also access our account online and there was no indication of any problem. I spent 40 minutes on the phone with them, constantly being put on hold, and eventually they restored our policy.

Couple of months later the same situation happened again. All of a sudden our policy became inactive for no reason. Same explanation - they got confused because of our two applications. They just fixated on the wrong one and refused to see the right one, and the solution every time is to just cancel our paid for policy, preferably retrospectively. After another hour on the phone with them, they promised to fix it within two days. 5 days later our policy is still inactive. Calling again and this time they are saying that the request to fix it was only submitted the day before, not 5 days ago like it was supposed to, and now we have to wait for another 5 days.

Meanwhile, we have a newborn who has regular pediatrician visits and scheduled vaccinations, and our pediatrician office is giving us hard time, calling to inform us that they can't file claims. We pay over $1,000 a month in premiums for 3 of us, and in return we get insurance that is randomly canceled every couple of months. You would think once they were informed that one application was wrong and got canceled, they would delete it from their system and stop tripping over it, but apparently it's impossible.

Customer service is pathetic. They don't act like competent representatives of this company, but rather like a bunch of clueless random people who are not connected, don't know anything and are not responsible for anything. They tell me they don't know what the problem is and why it occurred, inform me that their computer is slow, that they are new here and don't know how things work, contradict each other, promise to submit requests and then don't do it, then can't explain why they didn't make good on their promises. Many of them don't speak good english either.

Bottom line, we pay huge premiums. They never pay a dime for anything because of our high deductible. They try to cancel our policy again and again because of some confusion in paperwork that has already been resolved and yet they can't get over it. Customer service representatives are clueless, incompetent and irresponsible.

Does anyone really do anything with all these complaints against them? In error the marketplace and BCBS opened two accounts for us in January and we have been trying to fix it ever since. They applied the payments we made every month on our premiums to the wrong account and now have cancelled our insurance and claim they are very sorry for the mix-up, however it will take at least 30 days to fix their mistake (which they have told me for over 60 days already). And now they have cancelled our insurance and refuse to pay for my prescriptions even though we paid our premiums and would not send me proof of our payments. I have my bank records showing we paid our insurance. I would like to sue them.

I have had ongoing horrific experiences with BCBS of Florida since the Healthcare Marketplace Started. I have been "Canceled" twice in one year so far. Supposedly because I "didn't send in payments correctly" that I set up through their auto billing. I fell for this the first time, and then recently, guess what? It happened again! I get so many letters weekly from them that a consumer gets completely fatigued at opening them and if you miss one letter and don't catch all of their "announcements" you could be cancelled for multiple of reasons- and trust me they are pro's at "Losing emails" and "no account info". I reinstated my policy AGAIN in February and made sure that I set up auto draft for my monthly premium amount. I supplied my banking routing number and account number. The CSR said it was all set up and I assumed I was all good.

6 months later (after going to doctor's visits and having all my billed covered from BCSFL) I get a bill saying I owe 400$? For non missed payments? I called and was on hold for over 56 min before an incompetent employee said she had to put me BACK ON HOLD for another 40 min to see what was up. She verified I still had coverage but COULDN'T SEE ANY EVIDENCE I HAD EVER MADE A PAYMENT, here we are again!...

When she returned, she said she wasn't about to "view that part of my account" from her computer and had to put me on another hold to get me to the "Correct Person" and that I should call the Healthcare Marketplace to see where the ball was dropped. So I did, and the HCMP said they had no idea. So far, now I am here with no Healthcare AGAIN, and no one knows what's going on. Listen people, YOU'RE BETTER OFF PAYING YOUR OWN MEDICAL BILLS OUT OF YOUR POCKET, than dealing with this horrifically incompetent company.

I have had MyBlue insurance in 2016. It's the end of July and I have not been yet able to see a primary doctor. Every time I am assigned one, when I try to get an appt. They are no longer accepting this plan. NOT EVEN THE COUNTY HOSPITAL'S Doctors! Last Dr assigned was a nephrologist. Not even a primary! When I got to their office SURPRISE! Customer service is terrible. This company is crooked and a bunch of thieves. Takes premiums and we have NO access to medical care!!! Do not sign up Florida MyBlue!

I recently reported a "update life change" to the Market Place as required by law. Immediately this resulted in Florida Blue cancelling my [paid up to date policy] on August 26, 2016. My Florida Blue online account was also terminated, so I had no access to my past or present medical records. All of my physicians were told I have no coverage. My pharmacy called me that I could not pick up medications ordered due to cancelation of my health policy. I called Florida Blue. I had not been made aware of the termination {no letter was ever sent to me} so I wanted to find out what happened. Florida Blue stated to me there was a glitch internally they called a "business error." I was up to date on payments they stated. This took 2 hours to discuss. I was hung up on twice, waiting 25 minutes each time to have a new representative speak with me. I was promised this termination would be corrected the same day.

The next day I was still not reinstated to my private policy. I called Florida Blue, asking that they call the Market Place with me still on the phone. The Market Place was contacted and easily navigated with me and Florida Blue online to review that I was still intact on their website as a client and paid in full. The Market Place & the Florida Blue representative discussed this at length, reviewing that the necessary notice by paper exchange of internal documents was sent by Market Place had sent to Florida Blue. I was to continue my Florida Blue policy without loss of coverage time. Florida Blue asked a Market Place document again saying they needed them. [This took four hours on the phone together.] The matter was considered corrected by the Market Place, and Florida Blue apologized to me on the phone for the error. Florida Blue called the next day to my new eye doctor about my same day visit for cataract eye exam. I attended the office call.

Next day I was still terminated by Florida Blue. So I called Florida Blue again. I was on the phone an hour today and they hung up on me. This was scaring me. I am terminated and paying for insurance I do not have intact! At this point I called the Florida Insurance Commission for help 1-877-693-5236. I lodged a formal complaint. I am hoping for the best all is cleared up with this matter. **. email: [email protected]

When Florida Blue and Florida Combined life (health company-dental company) changed their billing system they messed up a lot of people's payments. They cancelled my coverage even though I OVERPAID by a month. Now they won't cover the 2 claims I had early in December. My bank sent PROOF OF PAYMENT in January and, after 14 phone calls, they are saying the proof was "illegible" so they won't fix the policy dates!!! Basically, they want to keep my money and NOT GIVE ME SERVICE!! Calling the legal department right now.

I hurt my spine doing something at home. I was bedridden in complete agony and needed to have a Nerve root block (spinal injection). It has been a week of lying in bed in blinding pain waiting for the preauthorization to go through and I am losing a week's or more of pay from work since I am in too much pain to walk. This is an emergency. I am in bed crying all day from the pain. ERs all refuse to treat back pain because they believe that 100% of people with back pain are drug seekers, therefore the spine doctor is the only option but my insurance will not let me see them.

I called and complained to supervisors that it was an emergency and I could lose my job and have been suffering in agony for a week. They all said they cannot do anything about it unless my doctor called the insurance company themselves and spent an hour on hold to possibly never speak to somebody. Good luck getting any doctor on the planet to do that. If you have a non-life threatening emergency with this insurance, you cannot receive treatment until a week later.

I have Florida Blue HMO, I was put in a plan with a $7000 deductible. I pay full price when I go to the doctors, not copayment. It really sucks. Now I can't change till next year when the open enrollment is available again. I go to the doctor 2X/year. I will never make this deductible. My prescriptions are now $5 from $1. My advice is make sure that the person completely explains what all the health care terminology means & what it entails.

Had Florida Blue through ACA in 2016. Three months into coverage I was told my account was on "hold" for lack of payment. They somehow lost my automatic payment information. I kept the same coverage/plan trough for 2017. I received a new card from Florida Blue end of Dec./beginning of Jan. Went to go use my insurance on March 3 and was told it wouldn't go through. I then spent 2 1/2 hours on the phone till I reached someone. Twice, I was on "hold" for around 45 minutes when mysteriously the phone/line disconnects. 3rd time I got through, and I was told my plan was terminated for failure to pay, that I needed to contact to find out why. Contacted and was told they have nothing to do with payments or termination of anyone's plans.

So, I have been sitting on hold now for 33 minutes trying to get someone on the phone from Florida Blue to find out why they told me it was Healthcare fault and where/what happened to my automatic payments. I also want to know why I have been contacted about non-payment. No email, No letter, no phone call. The assistant said they have been getting numerous calls with people in my same situation. This seems like a clear deliberate attempt to deny people of Health Insurance. The deadline has passed, and I probably won't have insurance this year and will have to pay a penalty too. Florida Blue is the only insurance company Florida has for ACA. I am at a loss for words and don't know what I am going to do to get my medications.

Florida Blue has done nothing but drag me around the dirt and back through it again. They are so very unprofessional. I have had them for 3 years or more. Up until this last year they were great. This year Fl Blue has messed up my account since February all of which was their fault. They couldn't accept payments due to their system, customer service wasn't communicating with my case and much more ALL OF WHICH WAS THEIR FAULT. I tried to get to the bottom of it and pay my bill but every time they had messed things up. Finally when I fixed it they made me pay $250 for their mistake. I then canceled my account weeks ago and what happens... I get a call saying I haven't paid. NEVER GET FL BLUE OR USE MARKETPLACE.

My son and I have had repeated problems with billing since August. They switched billing systems and credited our health policy payments to our dental plans. I have just switched over to United and am trying to do the same for my son. Also, even though we are paid up, they accidentally cancelled his insurance as of January 1 and cannot fix the problem for at least 5 days. Meanwhile he has asthma and a cold and needs to see a doctor and they told me to pay it myself. I have been on the phone with them every week for about an hour trying to resolve this. Buyer beware.

I don't know where to begin, no one knows what they’re doing, I requested a simple claim information sent to be my mail and it's been over 2 months and have yet to receive anything. Called about 15 times and none of so their so called agents speak English, had to spell out every word and be their English teacher to communicate. Just horrible, they also lie to you to get you off the phone. Seems like Blue Cross enjoys making their customer's life miserable.

I cancelled an account after paying two months. They told me I would get a refund. I opened another account and was paying it without any problem. After months asking for my refund they told me they applied part of the amount to my new policy. I said I never authorized that or ask for it. They said they would refund me the whole amount. I waited the 10 days they said it would take and when I called back they said they cannot refund me the whole money because they used it to pay my next month, which is not due yet! The service rep I spoke to made a mistake and asks the refund from the old account and because it was closed and the money was transferred to my new account, they did nothing! Now they say they cannot refund me all the money, but that's fine, I'm already paid a month in advance. The thing is that I'm paying for her employee mistake. I know the money is there, but I need it with me. They don't know my finances.

I have been enrolled in Florida Blue for over 5 years and this year when we chose our plan through the marketplace we thought we would be all set. Made the payment before January and heard ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from them so we figured same cards no problem. We were wrong. My wife became very sick in the middle of January and we try to go to our Dr to get her help but we were then told unexpectedly that our insurance was inactive. I told them there was no way because we had chosen the same plan as the years before and paid our premium. I called Florida Blue who says the application was denied and that I would need to have the marketplace resend it.

Well it’s February 19th now. The marketplace has sent the application 3 TIMES. Every call I make to Florida Blue just makes me want to tear my hair out. They have no care in the world towards my situation and don’t give any straightforward answers. It’s always “oh there is another department looking into this” or “it’s just going to take some time for this to be resolved.” There is no accountability. No answers!!! I finally came to my senses after two months of fighting with them and filed an official report with the Department of Insurance against them. Now it’s time to see what stupid answer they pull out of their hat for the DOI.

This insurance was picked for me via the market place because my previous insurance Coventry One dropped out of Obama Care... The monthly premiums is definitely higher. I searched for a cheaper insurance but they were all off brand companies, I was afraid to trust them. So I kept FLORIDA BLUE HEALTH. Wednesday 8/2/2017 was my first time using the insurance. They picked the doctor from their FLORIDA BLUE CLINICS. I made an appt. Was surprised that the wait was not long at all. The staff and doctor were super nice. Went back for labs on 8/5/2017--the wait was less than an hour. The lab technician was super nice.

I didn't have any CO-PAYMENT at either appt. So far I'm satisfied with the insurance. Think I will keep it. My prescription was only $11.99. I highly recommend FLORIDA BLUE HEALTH to anyone that wants to try it (mainly because I previously had BLUE CROSS/BLUE SHIELD) with a previous employment and I was completely satisfied with them. To those that's looking for health insurance, FLORIDA BLUE HEALTH is the BEST CHOICE.

I bought the policy through in Dec. Paid my first premium in Jan and had no trouble picking up my Rxs. All of a sudden in Feb, I have no coverage and I can't pick up my Rxs. I've called and called. They admit it is their fault and that it will be fixed in 24 hours. Sure enough 24 hours pass and I still can't get my Rx. I called, the recording said there is a 3-hour wait!!

The company I retired from had Blue Cross ins. They were out of Maryland. I never had any problems with them if I needed insurance. I moved to Florida three years ago and kept the same ins. When the affordable care act came out my ins dropped me and told me to go to the open market and purchase what I want. I decided to stay with what I had (or so I thought). About two years ago, while I was on my old ins, I had a back injury. The pain was horrible and I tried everything under the sun to help it. After almost two months the doctors finally told me that I would have to have an epidural injection. I wasn't crazy about the idea but I was willing to try anything at that point.

It took three injections to do the trick but it worked and I was pain free for about two years. Now it's back and the pain is just as bad. I tried conventional methods first of course, pain pills and all the other things they tell you to do. No luck, the doctor says I will need more injections. When they tried to get the pre-approval from Florida Blue, they denied it. Said it was not medically necessary. I'm lucky to be able to sleep 3 hours a night. I can't do anything that requires me to bend or twist, can't ride in a car very long, have to be very careful not to step off a curb with my right foot. Sometimes the pain is so intense that it almost makes me vomit. Yet it is not medically necessary. They don't care about anything except money.

I am reading these reviews and apparently this is very big problem with the company. Their payment system seems to be out of order completely and the customer service department is the most apathetic and unprofessional ever. I had auto pay established where they would draft the amount automatically. Everything went well until October when they said that their systems had changed. I have proof and confirmation numbers that this money was drafted from my account and now state that I owe them 3 months. Yet, they took out the same amount twice in a month.

I called them, spend hours on the phone and then the call fails (disconnects, or they simply hang up, who knows.) I call again and get disconnected again. This is the worst service that I have ever seen. Needless to say, the most appalling and unprofessional company I have ever dealt with. And they made 407 million profit this year. I believe it, misapplying people's money and having them pay twice or maybe three times for premiums we have already paid. Unbelievable, pathetic and irresponsible.

I suffered an injury that required a physician's appointment to get a referral for an MRI and appointment with an Orthopedic doctor. The process takes months, literally. Florida Blue did not approve the MRI. Referring physician had to intervene. After 3 months I had the MRI with a co-pay of $450.00! By the time I was able to get an appointment to see an Orthopedic doctor, Florida Blue cancelled my insurance even though I paid 3 months in advance. Going on 4 months now with no care for a condition that prevents me from walking and doing normal activities. This company should be SHUT DOWN!

Had to switch to Florida Blue in January of 2017 since it is the only company on the Florida exchange. I was in the middle of having a shot procedure done for stenosis of the neck when my insurance had to change. I've been waiting since January to get authorization from Florida Blue to continue the treatment which would result in my no longer needing opioid drugs for pain. They have yet to approve the treatment, so I'm still on opioids which they seem fine with (what about the opioid epidemic that is sweeping America??). I finally reached out myself since my doctor's office can't seem to get anywhere with them and was told that they could not discuss the reason for the delay with ME!! THE PATIENT!! THE PERSON PAYING THE PREMIUMS!! ONLY WITH MY DOCTOR.

I was flabbergasted. They refused at first to give me the phone number to the central office. I had to threaten them with a lawyer to get this little bit of info. They simply said the same thing. I told them that if I didn't have an answer in 48 hours I was filing a lawsuit against them for turning me into a junkie. I will repost with the results.

I have been on certain meds for GERD and other conditions for a long time. My NECESSARY medications are excluded Florida Blue! Before getting coverage we checked on physicians, labs, imaging facilities, etc. However, after becoming Blue, we are BLUED. My main meds are excluded. It is time for National Healthcare and eliminate this unnecessary middleman that charges money in exchange for nothing but aggravation. Our hard earned money will not even go toward the out of pocket or deductible. What benefits? Shame on YOU Florida BLUE!

My daughter has been on the phone with BCBS for two weeks or longer with no satisfaction. They should be ashamed of themselves. The bank sent electronic payments to them and they claim they never received. BCBS will not talk directly with the bank so the bank sent several faxed copies of the electronic transfer of payments. BCBS claimed they did not receive the fax, so my daughter went to the bank and got a copy of the payment and faxed it herself. They still claim it will be another 7 to 10 days to process the fax. Two electronic payments sent and they want to drop her insurance. Is this because she is ready to deliver my baby grandson. Shame on them and their no service customer service.

I am beyond frustrated. It started out that I was given the incorrect effective date and I was being charged a premium higher than the plan I signed up for. Every time I would call I would get a different story. My insurance was cancelled even though I was promised it would not be while the issues were being corrected. I made a payment by MoneyGram to get it there fast; I was given specific instructions that I followed and it was rejected. Whenever I would call, no one could tell me anything. I sent another payment by Express Mail. Again, I was given specific instructions. I spent $25 and the payment should have been applied within 48 to 72 hours. It was lost; found 3 weeks later and finally applied to my account. I was with a different company through the Marketplace last year and did not have any problems. I switched over because BCBS has a good reputation and is supposed to be the best in the business.

On top of all of this, there was a spot found on my lung that I should have followed up on 3 months ago and I have not been able to because of ongoing insurance issues with Florida Blue. I am saddened by this. I don't like to bad mouth anybody but this has been a horrible experience. I'm just trying to get through the rest of the year without any more issues.

There are many, many stories of nightmares. Don't ever call the marketplace in the middle of your year. Don't do it if you get a raise, lose a job, get a new dependent. Florida Blue will cancel your account. Eventually "move everything over to new account" and charge you more. I have had too many issues with Florida Blue over the past three years. Currently I pay 14000 a year for three people and they can screw up the easiest issue. I stopped dealing with them. When I have a problem I go right to the Florida Insurance commission and file a complaint. That usually fixes things. The trauma and stress they have caused me is negligible. Class action suit??!

As a facility there have been a number of times the local plan will not forward claims to the home plan. WHY, when a follow up call(s) is made, claim has denied for a number of reason depending on the rep, most common, no NPI (Box 56 on UB) claims are sent as paper, there is no excuse for the local plan to hold claims. In turn I advise the patient to call, and when the patient calls back: 'NO claim on file'. In all this is POOR customer service for the patient (subscriber) and the facility. Question? what is Blue Cross going to do...

First problem with this company is I have advised them of my email 5 times and yet nothing fixed or added so I can get the information I need about my account especially if anything changes. Second they feel they can debit any amount of money as they did yesterday without my knowledge. I didn't approve $441 when my monthly bill is supposed to be $276. It takes hours before you can get to a rep that never has any answers. Third they can't seem to get my address correct which is the one I signed up with. They are in violation of HIPA law sending my explanation of benefits to an address I had three years ago that they have in their system from when I had Blue Cross with my ex-husband. One policy has nothing to do with the other and the old address should have been taken out which I've called about three times told it was fixed to be lied to again. I can't even go on to view my bill because they haven't sent me a security code.

This has been going on for six months. Nothing is ever corrected and they blame everything on the marketplace but wow they are quick to take money out of your account and when it's the wrong amount unauthorized that's illegal. This company should be shut down. I'm also making a complaint with the insurance commissioner. After 6 months they can't correct anything. Nobody knows what they're doing and they take the wrong amount out of my checking account. I have no other option than to cancel. They are money hungry crooks!

We updated our policy and got a real good deal. Now we paid the first amount of 200 some dollars, but they still took 600 some dollars out for the old plan even though it was cancelled on December 16th. Took my wife approximately 6 hours on the phone!!! to get a refund approved. First they said they wouldn't refund us. Are you kidding me they made an error and I have to pay over 600$ for it? So now it will take about a month to get the refund??? What the heck?! It doesn't take a month to take my money but it takes a month to refund it?

So we are considering to put a class action lawsuit together since we been told by the market place that Florida Blue did that to a lot of people. They have to reimburse for the hassle and time spend on the phone and for the time I'm unwillingly go without over six hundred dollars that are mine and that I need. That was an unauthorized payment and illegal. Please comment here if you have the same problem and we created a Facebook group to plan the lawsuit, find a law firm etc...

FL Blue has now decided to no longer cover my MS specialty drug Copaxone and none of the plans offered to my employer have this coverage. No one has been able to answer my questions, no one calls me back. I have to go through the drug support staff to get results between FL Blue and Caremark, the prescribing pharmacy and it usually takes at least a week. I am on a 40 mg injection drug, taken 3 times a week and it takes 10-12 days to get it refilled. Discovered after 2 months of inquiries and a ton of paperwork, I cannot be on this drug, the best one on the market, anymore. Just in time for re-enrollment in my employer's plan this week.

FL Blue has denied paying 5 claims, back to September, by contacting Caremark, who contacted my neurologist to tell me, some months paid, other denied, and the pharmacy cut me off. It took me 7 weeks to get a refill, and now today, is another delay of 12 days, to get authorization of a monthly refill. Third time. I have a Notice of Action to refill this prescription through 2/10/17 between FL Blue and Caremark but now they tell me they are no longer covering this drug on ANY plan. Florida Blue is the worst, customer service that transfers you to departments that can't help you and you go in circles. After an hour and a half, some girl told me I had to pick a different plan when re-enrollment comes up. Well. it's that time and now I am being told none of the plans are covering this medication.

I thought things were bad when they lost me in the system update that they did back in July of 2017... I actually thought things couldn't get any worse. But of course they did! It took them about 4 months to actually fix the problem and I was "asked" not to use my insurance during that period of time. I had kept making my payments for a few months but then was asked to stop because they couldn't figure out where to apply them. At the end of October I was informed that I should start paying my payments again, and that "BTW you owe for the 4 months that we didn't cover you, because otherwise you'll have a lapse in coverage and that's a no no." So I paid everything I owed and then some and for a few months all was right in the insurance world.

Then at the end of December I started getting notices that I owed $455... and my premiums were only $180 a month and I hadn't missed a payment. So I called and was told, by the barely understandable customer rep that he would take care of the "mistake" and not to worry. A few days later it was still messed up online so I called again, was told "don't worry"... Well to condense this novel into a few lines... that's when the nightmare of having to call every other day and being told they would fix the mess began. Then I received a cancellation letter dated 2/16/17 telling me that if my payment of $455 wasn't received by 2/1/17 (???) that I would be cancelled. I then got the escalations department working on it and they found that I only actually owed $3! (Imagine that). I was told not to worry, that I wasn't being cancelled. Well, as I'm sure you can guess... today I woke up to find that I was cancelled!

Now, after spending the day in Florida Blue hell, I have once again been told "not to worry"... ROFLMAO! So I've come to the conclusion that it's going to take a lot more action than calling and holding my breath hoping that I still have insurance. That is why I'm asking anyone who reads this that lives in the Tampa area to contact me at **. I would love to get some sort of demonstration going in front of their offices on Westshore and Kennedy, since it's impossible to reach Patrick ** who is the head monkey in the Florida Blue circus. Maybe they will stand up and take notice then, nothing else seems effective. Just because they are about the only provider left in the marketplace in Florida shouldn't give them the right to give us horrible service for our hard earned dollars! So if you've read this far I take it you're feeling the same way as I do, so please contact me! Thanks.

I have worked several years in the medical industry and I am disgusted at the service of Florida Blue. THEY will deny anything and everything even with Certified Medical Necessity signed by an active registered physician. Even when they DO pay it is below their fee schedule. They cannot even meet the UCR, Usual, Customary and Reasonable... a standard by which Medicare/Medicare sets and regulates. I am dumbfounded at the MANY times I have called and have been transferred to OUTSOURCED jobs in Jamaica, Indonesia, and The Philippines. It's not only a language barrier but then their Customer Service Representatives have NO idea what they are talking about and are basically reading a script.

I end up knowing more about the member's policy than the CSR and I feel that's disturbing. I have not only had many years of experience but I also have a degree specifically for Billing and Coding and have to maintain a TON of Medicare/Medicaid certificates that are done yearly. There is NO way that the CSRs I speak to with Florida Blue have these qualifications. IF I HAVE TO EXPLAIN what UCR is to their people then there is a problem. I suggest that if you are one of their members you look into OTHER health care. You are paying for a benefit that though it is covered, they are not paying and to me that's FRAUD.

After hours on the phone dealing with incompetence and bureaucracy I still don't have an answer as to why my prescription was denied. Impossible to find a manager, they are always in meetings. I pay $1500 a month and can't get someone with authority to call me back or on the phone.

I have had problem after problem with this insurance since January. Everything from mistakes in billing, coverage, and their customer service is terrible every time I call. They do not care about your health and they make it impossible for you to get treatment. I have wasted so much time getting in contact with them so they can fix their billing mistakes is ridiculous. They have had me waiting on the phone for long periods of time, and some reps just hang up when they do not want to search for the answer to your questions. Stay away from this insurance.

I paid on Dec 23 2016 for Jan 2017 month. I have been trying to obtain prescriptions during Jan and been told by Walgreens I am Not recognized. I spoke to a lady called Ursula who confirmed I was paid but their two Systems did and have not talked to each other. She was third person who said they would send communications to get me available for meds. This had been going on for nearly 3 weeks!!!

I have made numerous calls. Each time holding for 30 minutes then the call failed. I finally got a name from my call today, Mark, who refused to tell me where he was located. I was only asking to establish if that's why the lines kept failing. Regardless they NEVER PHONE YOU BACK!! I have now paid for a complete month of January without ANY BENEFITS. I was told by Ursula that they would move my payment towards February. If anyone has another contact number besides 1.800.352.2583, please let me know. I am desperate meds! Thank you.

Had Florida Blue in 2016 purchased through the Marketplace for $89 a month. Everything went smoothly. In October of 2016 I received a notice stating that I would have the same plan in 2017. They sent a new benefit package and new cards. When I completed my marketplace app for 2017 my plan was not listed. I called BC who advised that my plan (1490B) was no longer offered but the same plan listed as 1490 was available but now the premium was $404. While very unhappy for the 400% increase, I have to have coverage so I agreed. Go to a doctor's appointment on 1/3/2017 and was charged $50 co-pay, up from $3 in 2016.

Come home and look online at Florida Blue and see that the whole benefits package has been changed! Primary Physicians now have $50 co-pay, Specialty Physicians now have a $100 co-pay. The new plan also added a $5900 deductible for each of us (myself and my wife) as well as a $7000 out of pocket threshold (last year it was $4000). Could not afford the new premium and definitely cannot afford the new benefits.

I had a Florida Blue plan through my employer (a health insurance agency ironically) and regretted every second of it. This plan totally screwed my affairs. I've had my medications denied - after verifying the formulary, my doctor wasn't covered and I ended up having to pay out of pocket even though he was a covered physician in their directory. If you like hidden deductibles, stopping your medication for a couple days each month, and stress - this plan is for you...

I signed up with BCBS at the end of December 2013. Paid for January and February 2014. I needed to be seeing a doctor to stay within my Long Term Disability terms. I never could get a membership number even though they said they escalated my service multiple times. I had a stroke in January 2012 and was looking forward to my insurance in January 2014 to stay in compliance. Waited, called, and visited a local BCBS site in Pinellas Park and was assured I would be covered.

Finally after many promises (I have all the emails for documentation), I cancelled in February after them sending me multiple letter stating I was being cancelled for not paying. Contacted Insurance Commission 3/21 and contacted BCBS about refund again and was told again - "Check is in the mail. Probably will take a month". Barry ** would not let my daughter speak with a Supervisor, said there was none there. Would not give last name or employee number. I am now broke and took my last blood pressure medicine last night. Also, have been out of all other medicines. First available appointment I have with Pinellas County Health in May 1st. if I live that long. I didn't think they could take your money and not provide you a service. By the way, I got my "Welcome Letter" and FANCY flash key for my membership today. Still no cards...

I called ghetto company this afternoon to schedule an apt 4 times. Each time their automated service looked up and verified my account and then when I requested an apt I was disconnected. In my frustration went into the office to make an apt was told it would only be a few moments to see an associate so I waited on with only two people ahead of me and after one hour had not been addressed nor had one of the people ahead of me. Witnessed 7 BCBS employees in their glass offices not one helping a customer. Customer service in this company does not exist. My reason for wanting an appointment is because we do not receive our bills cannot get them online and actually get dunning letters because we haven't paid when we don't know what to pay. My insurance alone is over $1400.00 per month and they cannot even provide us a bill. God help us if I get sick.

I have been with Florida Blue for three years and taking the same HIV meds for seven years now. Today Florida Blue is now attempting to tell my doctor what medications I should be taking weather it is a good choice or not. I take my meds and have no major health concerns. When did Florida Blue get in the business of telling doctors what medications will work best.

I signed up for BCBS/Florida Blue to start in January. I made regular payments with a couple being late (up to 45 days on 1) without much worry because of the 90 day grace period. I went to use my plan at the ER last week only to find out I'd been cancelled back in March even though I was still receiving bills, paying them and being thanked for doing so. No cancellation notice received though they said they sent one. I have spoken with 10 representatives and NO supervisors were available when I asked. Only first names were given.

I also contacted the Marketplace and got the same runaround. I also contacted the Insurance Commissioner who said it was a Medicare/Medicaid thing (it is not). So far, I've spent almost $800 out of pocket and have a surgery scheduled next Wednesday that I will have to pay in full out of pocket including future physical therapy. They refuse to reinstate me thus no reimbursement. Will be consulting an Attorney next.

I had no idea when I signed up for BCBS that I would be limited to the experience of Sanitas, the medical facility you must use if you sign up with BCBS in Miami. You cannot call your doctor’s office, all calls go through a call center (the primary language is not English), appointments must be made months in advance and last 10 minutes. You have to go to the doctor to get a referral and referrals take weeks (sometimes months), you cannot use CVS or any other drugstore - just Walgreens. You have to use their urgent care center which is poorly run and not at all convenient.

If you have any questions for your doctor or their office, you have to call the call center and no one knows what you’re talking about. They have to get in touch with the doctor’s office which can take days. Appointments are cancelled by phone days before when you have been waiting for a month to get in. So inexcusable. If you told people this before they signed up, they would and should go elsewhere.

I had outpatient surgery on 7/9/2014. After paying over $2,000 out of pocket for the different doctors, assistants, anesthesia, supplies, etc. I received a bill from the hospital for $23,000+. I contact BCBS about the bill and found that BCBS denied the claim for 'lack of medical records' on 8/9/14. An EOB was generated on 8/21/14. The same claim was adjusted for payment on 8/26/14. Another EOB was generated on 9/11/14. The same claim was adjusted on 11/24/14 but there was no change in payment so no EOB was issued. The claim was again adjusted on 4/14/15 but again no change in payment so no EOB. The claim was adjusted again on 7/7/15 which reduced the payment BCBS paid from $2795 to $1988.

Even though there was a change in payment, NO EOB was generated. This entire time BCBS kept advising me to pay my copay of $45 which I promptly did. BCBS specifically told me not to pay the hospital any other amount. Because of this nightmare the hospital sent my bill to a collections agency. Not once did BCBS contact me to advise of their mistakes when processing the claim. I only found out about this when I began receiving calls up to 6 times a day from the collection agency. The hospital was tired of waiting for my insurance to straighten out their errors so they sent the original bill from 7/9/2014 to collections.

Now my credit rating has been affected and I am constantly receiving calls and letters for a claim that has been adjusted numerous times. I don't even know where to start. I have begun the process of filing executive complaints against the insurance company and the hospital for failing to process the adjusted claims. I have also submitted a verification of debt and request for all correspondence in writing letter to the collections agency. I have also initiated complaints through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Florida State Attorney General and the local Better Business Bureau.

This company is ripping off consumers and hoping that people get fed up with the complicated processes and just give up and pay an incorrect bill. Disgusting. I want BCBS to admit their error, contact the hospital to pull back the debt from the collections agency and correct the claim at the hospital so that I can receive a correct bill for my surgery performed over a year ago. Pay the bill and be done with this nightmare.

I had the opportunity, unpleasant opportunity to speak with a handful of "Customer Service" Reps of this company. Customer Service is an oxymoron with this company. I heard a dozen times. "I understand" and "I apologize" for the error they made; but NOT ONE person who had the authority to fix it. The INCOMPETENCE was amazing. If it was not so frustrating, it would be funny and make a great SNL skit. Anyone who uses this company for their health insurance is crazy. After hours of speaking to these people, it is clear their employees, are unskilled, untrained or simply do not care. They acknowledge their problem and do not know how to fix it. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS. This was the WORST EXPERIENCE I have had with an insurance company in my life!!

In order to comply with the provisions of the Affordable Care Act, I signed up for coverage last October. The policy was to become effective on January 01, 2014. I paid my first monthly premium in full as I signed up for coverage. In December, I requested that I be switched to a different policy, and paid the difference right away. Even though my policy has been in effect since the beginning of the month, I have yet to receive a letter confirming my coverage, my policy number and my ID card. I have sent numerous emails, letters and faxes, and I have spoken on a few occasions to company representatives after waiting on the phone anywhere between twenty-five and fifty minutes, only to be given the round-around. In one of its many websites, Florida Blue alleges that it has been overwhelmed by the number of recent applications, and that it is having computer problems. I find it odd, however, that the company was able expeditiously to take my call when I phoned to sign up for coverage and faced no computer problems in order to collect payment.

They denied a claim from my hospital back in May saying they needed the medical records from my surgeon. My surgeon's office sent them 3 times to the fax numbers provided! I’ve called BC/BS FIVE times about this claim. Two of those times, they said they received the records and they were with the Medical Review department. Today, they tell me they have never received the records and there are no notes in the system from my last two calls where the agents said they were still in review. This agent said she’ll call me back after she speaks with medical records. I’m not holding my breath – and I told her that. EVERY agent has said they will call me back and they never do. This is so frustrating - it's been going on for over FOUR months! And this was a pre-authorized procedure in the first place!

I'm tired of the completely incompetent customer service agents who have clearly been lying to me every time I call. I was also billed for my estimated portion by the hospital, which I finally paid because they were threatening sending the account to collections, but that amount would have been based on not having met the deductible yet and at this point, most of it has been met, so if/when this claim ever gets paid by BC/BC, I’ll have to fight with the hospital to get money back most likely. I can only hope that my husband's company changes providers this year because I can't fathom dealing with BC/BS much longer. In 20+ years, I've never had such problems with an insurance company!

I initiated my Florida Blue PPO health insurance on November 1, 2018 after coming off of Cobra from my last job. In preparation for the search for new private market coverage my new policy I got many quotes from health insurance companies within a Florida including Florida Blue Cross Blue Shield. After several weeks of research and firm quotes, I finally decided to go with Florida Blue Select PPO based on a quoted monthly premium of $1522.59. I was charged this amount for November and December, 2018. Beginning on January 1, 2019, Florida Blue without any notice increased my premium basically $140 a month for a new monthly premium of $1663.26. This was done without any notification by mail or e-mail.

My complaint is that after two months under an agreed to premium of $1522.59 per month, Florida Blue without any notice significantly increased my premium. In the initial negotiations in September 2018 with Florida Blue Sales Representatives they clearly made it seem as if my premium would be $1522.59 for at least a year but to my surprise, after only two months, I get this $140 increase per month which I cannot afford. The simple fact that Florida Blue May have misrepresented my monthly premium as a yearly guarantee in order to get my business to unfairly compete with other Insurance providers is totally unprofessional and is a clear misrepresentation.

No prior communication shows total lack of transparency. I made four attempts to get this resolved with the Florida Blue Billing and Complaint Departments but was either disconnected in transfers to Supervisors or told there is nothing that can be done. I find this business practice by the Florida Blue organization to be an absolute case of misrepresentation and I have already filed formal complaints with the Florida Health Insurance Commissioner and the Better Business Bureau. Stay far away from the company. Total scam...

Daughter went to Dentist first time in year. She has cavity but dentist can't do anything. Child too scared so sends to Specialists. Insurance refuses specialist charge because exam all ready done by other dentist. Have to wait six months for them to pay for her to have another exam to take care of tooth. So basically let my child tooth get bad before I do anything or pay for it myself. Why pay for insurance then.

I have had IBS-D for many years and in the past 3 years has been more severe. I have Florida Blue insurance through my employer. My prescription plan covers the drug but required prior authorization and limited quantities. My GI doctor provided two prior authorizations as well as limited quantities. 42 pills - Xifaxan (which is an antibiotic).

The prescription was denied and without getting into a lot of detail, they indicated that I needed to have been prescribed 'tricyclic antidepressants' and failed before they would approve the drug. OK - my doctor indicated no need for the antidepressants - as the thought is the antibiotic (only one of its kind) takes out the bad bacteria in your colon. I filed an 'internal appeal' and was again denied. I am continuing to move forward with an External Appeal. My question is how can an insurance company know more than my doctor?

I was sold this plan for the current year. I did check to see that my doctors were under the plan. Now I am in an emergency situation and find that they are NOT covered by this plan. And to make it worse, my 2 choices within 30 miles are planned parenthood. I live in an urban area. I pay around $500 a month and have terrible coverage. They are trying to blame the government for this. They cannot upgrade my insurance plan. So I am stuck for a year. Paying $500 a month. I will need to go to the walk in clinic and pay the absorbent fee there.

I am disgusted by the performance of this company. I have been having health issues for months but had to cancel my previous insurance through the marketplace because I just could not afford a $14,500 deductible. I did this in June of 2016. Over a month ago I realized that my family has to have the coverage so I applied through the marketplace again, chose a plan and made my payment. I then went ahead and scheduled needed dr appointments for this month when I "thought" I should have coverage. I am still not covered and have been on the phone with various people for weeks and nobody seems to be able to tell me what the problem is. In the meantime the health of myself and my family is deteriorating. I am unable to get coverage after hours of holding on the phone, of being lied to that things will be fixed within a week... It's now the 14th and I still have no coverage and no answers as to why.

I try to get my family covered by another insurance company but there are NO OTHER CHOICES!!! This is the absolute worst company I have ever dealt with and I see why there are so many terrible things such as drug abuse in this state! NOBODY can get help! I had gone into the hospitals in the area with severe problems and was sent away without explanation. I cannot get any help and it's just making me worse with all of the stress and waiting. My daughter has been sick and unless I pay a dr for the appt. I can't help her. Yet so many other children are covered and helped. She is a straight A student and can't even get helped. So messed up.

I have been trying to obtain my reimbursement for several claims that are outside this horrible FLORIDA BLUE - not only do they say they can't find it, they say they don't have a fax when I call back, and they gave me the fax number. They can't find the claim(s) and then all of sudden "OH" it was in /on another screen. I fax put the reference number and then they still can not find my completed medical claim forms. They all of sudden started asking for more detail, which I am happy to provide such as codes, and diagnosis codes etc.

I receive letters in the mail, not a call but letters over 6 months in trying to obtain $$ my payment outside of network and still no results. OR I am played on hold for an hour only to be disconnected. THIS IS ONE OF THE WORST INSURANCE carriers I have ever had. They sure want our premiums, our co-pays on the spot, but try to get money which is owed back the insurance holder - and I am still trying for almost a year! DON'T USE FLORIDA BLUE.

I had to quit my job back in March because of school. So come May I was looking for new insurance. I called BCBS as they were my old insurance company and talked to a representative about all insurance plans. He recommended Blue Select. I told him that I wanted to make sure that I will get to keep all my current doctors that I have now. His exact words were "yes, this is platinum insurance policy and there isn't anyone that doesn't accept it. It's top of the line insurance package." At over a $1,000 policy I would hope so. So come July when I had to go get my clinical shots I find out that my primary doctor doesn't take my new insurance, my pharmacy, the hospital where I will have to get surgery or my neurosurgeon. So has you guessed it I am furious that I was lied too.

I called BCBS today and spoke with two very rude ladies. One named Michelle and the other gave no name. I was told by both "we cannot do anything about it, you will have to find a new doctor that is in your network". They didn't care that I was lied to. When asked for a supervisor from the no name girl I was transferred to Michelle, who was very ** (I hate this word, but it's the best to describe her attitude on the phone with me). I asked Michelle again for a supervisor, she wanted to know why I needed one. I simply told her that poor customer service that I have received and being lied to about the policy I purchased. Her words were "I don't know how a supervisor can help you." I told her to please get a supervisor on the phone before I go off. I was on hold for 30 minutes to be hung up on.

I have been a provider of mental health services for thirty five years and have never encountered such degree of incompetence and deliberate disregard for patient welfare and well being. Prior for seeing patients, I called to confirm the benefits for my patients. For the past six months I have sent multiple claims and have been denied payment. I have spent over 20 hrs on the phone with offshore 'representatives' who have no clue.

I have been told that all the information provided on the claims is accurate and I should resubmit for faster processing but the claims keep coming back "DENIED." I am frustrated, disgusted, and having read the horrific reviews, I wonder why a class action suit against BCBS is not warranted. This action has to be initiated by patients who have been unfairly denied service.

This company, which has a damn monopoly on the horrible mess that is Obamacare, is miserable. I set up autodraft which worked in Jan. It did not work in Feb due to their incompetence. They canceled my account. I had to reactivate it. I was hung up on several time from their foreign answering service. They said, "I see. You have autodraft set up, however, it did not work"??? What the hell does that mean? Now they took 3 months payment at once, last week. I get a call today saying I owe money? When I told them they took my money, they hung up on me again. I want to strangle someone. Rude P.O.S. This company sucks. If I could give 0 stars I would. How is it a marketplace when you only have one choice?

I've spent numerous hours on the phone trying to correct a serious situation I have with Florida Blue. On February 6, 2017 I had my first appointment with my primary doctor, at which time he prescribed refills for my 4 medications. When I checked out, the receptionist told me they will send the prescription directly to Walgreens. Well, they never did send it and a week later I started calling the main number to find out why my prescriptions were not sent.

I had to call 3 different times since I was put on hold and then disconnected and when I finally find a person who was willing to listen to my situation she transferred me to other departments who put me on hold for long periods of time. When someone will finally answer they were rude and unwilling to help. After many attempts I finally got by fax a copy of the prescriptions and walked into Walgreens to have them filled. The so-called doctors that they have are ARNP ("Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners"), they have one doctor for all their clinics that qualifies for the entire company. At the end of this year I will change insurance companies, I can't wait.

No communication between MP and Fl Bl Fla Blue says they do nothing without it being done through MP... MP states opposite... wrong effective dates 3 months add my child she was never added then they back charge me as if she was... Hours hours on the phone talking to people that didn't care less about you and just tried to finish the call by the least they needed to do. Overbilled me. Would never get back to you after 10 internet messages. Wow. It was easier to quit than continue after 5 months of crazy.

My son, Ethan, was born at 34 weeks with an extremely rare syndrome called Treacher Collins. It's a craniofacial disorder where the bones in his face essentially stopped forming in utero. He has complex medical needs. He was born with no ears, no jaw joint, no cheekbones, choanal atresia (bone is blocking his nose holes), cleft palate and a severe recessed jaw. He was born without the ability to breathe at all and has a tracheostomy as well as a G-tube since he cannot eat or swallow. Florida Blue has denied my son to have pediatric nursing in our home as well as a medical crib so we can bathe him, perform his daily trach care and resuscitate him if need be. He came home for a few days before Christmas and was Bayflited back to the hospital on Christmas Day due to becoming unresponsive. He had trouble breathing and my husband and I had to bag him with oxygen over his crib rails while calling 911.

Florida Blue peer to peer review department interviewed with Ethan's neonatologist for an appeal and denied her, as well. They did not care that this crib could allow my husband and I to respond quicker and save his life faster as the side rails come down. Standard cribs sold in stores do not have rails that come down. Florida Blue has also denied his RSV prevention shot. They said it's not medically necessary for him. We are currently going through the appeal process for that, as well. I even had to send proof of making our insurance payments to the hospital billing department, as Florida Blue stated to them they do not have records of our payments.

This tedious stuff takes time away from my son and I shouldn't have to be proving payment when they clearly have a system for that. If I had another choice in my county to choose another provider for my son other than Florida Blue, I would. Every move we make with Ethan is vital and would like to not have to be burdened down with denials for things that are absolutely necessary for him to thrive.

Florida Blue is an insurance company I would NEVER recommend. First, they think they know better than specialist doctors, without doing any exams or reviews of records. They continually deny needed procedures, even when multiple doctors say they are necessary. Secondly, they tell you that if you are out-of-state, just go onto the national website to find in-network doctors. But if your Florida doctor orders a test, they deny coverage for being out-of-network because it's out of state. And even their reps don't know about this, but the lab says it happens all the time.

I'm already paying $210/month for my policy. It's the cheapest one with a very high deductible. I am stuck on a medication for the rest of my life and with the insurance deductible it costs me $200/month. I decided instead to use GoodRx coupons which I searched for on Google (only took me a couple of minutes). No membership fee, no signing up, it was just there. My meds were reduced to $100/month. Why am I paying for health insurance when my medicine is cheaper through free online coupons? Customer Service is terrible too. There's a reason why Blue Cross of Florida has 1 star. I hope too they lose business. I'm glad the government canceled the tax for those who don't buy a policy. I'm canceling mine.

I have had Florida Blue insurance for a few years now, not through the Marketplace self-pay. My payments are sent automatically directly from the bank. In July my payment was returned without any notice. I have contacted them numerous times to only be told that a supervisor will need to help, they will call me back, and the company updated their billing system. The information was sent on to the department that can give the approval to reinstate my insurance. Today is October 20, 2016 and I am still waiting on a response from them. The payment was not late and never received any notification from that the policy was being canceled. At this point my only recourse is to get a plan with another company but that means I have to start over again, be certain that my current providers fall within the plans, and probably an increase in already high priced insurance costs.

I'm not one to complain, but I am so shocked at how this company operates. I have had FL Blue for years and everything was fine. Recently, I switched from freelancing to a job with benefits. Since my new job offers benefits I need to cancel my FL Blue plan. I called (simply seeking information about the cancellation process). The women on the line wouldn't even let me finish a sentence before interrupting me and telling me to call back during business hours. (I asked her what those hours were and she "didn't know"). When I asked her name she hung up on me.

Next I tried the chat customer service feature (hoping that maybe that woman was just having a bad day). Nope, "Maurice" told me to just "not pay my bills" to cancel [see screenshots for proof]. Ummm I'm sorry what?!? My last insurance company needed a formal written letter in order to cancel. How does a "reputable" business not have a cancellation policy?! After a lot of back and forth Maurice finally admitted they do have a cancellation policy and that I would need to call back between 8-6.

I'm not unreasonable, I totally understand there is a process for these types of things. All I was looking for was information in advance so I could follow their rules and cancel correctly. Instead I was treated with a rude interrupting customer service rep who hung up on me, and an incompetent agent recommending I stop paying my bills?!? I've never even paid a bill late in my life! ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED. I always spoke very highly of FL Blue but I will NEVER be a client ever again! Disclaimer: I used to work in customer service so I always go out of my way to try and be polite to support reps but this is 100% not okay! I would have been fired if I treated people so badly!

After finding out that I was not able to renew my insurance through my job for 2017, I was thankful that I was able to still get insurance with ACA. Spent whole day looking at plans that not only were accepted by my current doctors but that would cover pain management, Florida Blue did have a plan that had both. I had a MRI late last year and was referred to pain management to try epidural steroid injections for disc herniation and pinched nerve. Everything went fine on ACA side, signed up for plan, insurance started 02/01 and my doctor's appointment was on the 9th. That is when the hell began!! It started innocent enough, I called to make my first payment and the lady said that my plan was not in the system yet and to give it a few days to transfer over from ACA website. That made sense, so that is what I did and a few days later tried again.

Different lady said the same thing, I let her know that I had an appointment on the 9th and really wanted to make the payment before the 1st, she said it would be expedited and that I would receive a call from someone. Of course no one called and now it's 02/06, so I call again. Third time, no policy yet and no payment due, best part that there is no record that someone was supposed to call me. I am really freaking out at this point so I ask to speak to her supervisor. He finally comes on after waiting on hold forever and tells me that he was able to find my policy after searching by my name. Apparently when I entered my social and birthday at beginning of the calls it was pulling up a cancelled policy that I had many years ago. Yet these idiots never thought it was strange and to look for it like he did by my name. Finally someone is taking my money!!

I explained again that I have an appointment on the 9th and need to make sure I am covered, he said payment takes 48 hours to process but yes my effective date is 02/01 and everything would be fine by the day of appointment. I go to the doctor's and give the lady at check in the information the supervisor told me, NO POLICY FOUND! She keeps looking different ways, I am trying to call them and she finally said that it is getting past appointment time so I will have to come back another day. Well it took me 2 months to get this appointment so I just offered to pay in cash since I can't spend another 2 months in severe pain. After my appointment I try again to call, yet another long hold time until I speak to someone that confirms yes payment has posted but the account needs to be uploaded, only a supervisor can do this and they are all in a meeting.

She told me that I can make the cash payment to the doctor and that I would be reimbursed, she speaks to the lady at check out and makes sure that I have the information I need to fax. She then gave me the BIN numbers to give to Walgreens so I can get my prescriptions. I go to Walgreens, everything goes fine and I think my troubles are over. It had been a week so I go to log into my online account and it is still only showing my policy from years ago so I call them, on hold for over 30 mins. This employee tells me that it looks like there was an error with the account uploading but to try to log in again tomorrow and to wait to fax information in for reimbursement.

I make a joke that the ONLY thing they have done right was take my money and that still took over two weeks. JOKE IS ON ME, because when I go get the mail later that day, there is a letter saying I did not pay the full amount, my plan has been canceled and they are sending a refund check in 15 days. The best part that the letter is dated the 9th, the same day as doctor's appointment and the day they said all I needed was to have it uploaded by supervisor. I am beyond pissed, especially since I had just spoken to them and as far as they knew everything was fine. Call again, more waiting. Tell girl that I will only talk to supervisor, wait another 45 min. She comes back on to ask my phone number in case we are disconnected, go back on hold and call is disconnected! You guessed it, of course I never get a callback.

Call again first thing in the morning the next day and at this point I'm just in tears, thank goodness I finally speak to someone helpful this time. She tells me the truth, no I am not doing something wrong, no I am not the only one, they have been having huge problems with the system and it is happening to many people. Finally an honest person! She explains that the policy would not be effective in Feb, I would get the full amount back and that I would be covered starting in March. She said I would not get the money back that I paid at the doctor's but since the appointment cost less than my monthly payment, I was fine with that. All I needed to do was wait for the check and make my March payment, she even said that she would call me herself on the 24th to take the payment.

In the meantime I get a letter saying coverage will start in March and a bill for a negative amount, both dated after the letter saying I was getting a refund but no check. The 24th comes and goes without a call from her to take the payment. I figured that since bill was negative amount and I had not got the refund that she did not call because they just applied my Feb payment to March, hopefully... Since common sense does not seem to apply to this company, I went ahead and called them yesterday since today is the 1st and I can not have this happen again. After a nice 45 min hold I talk to someone that has no clue what is going on and has zero customer service skills. I ask about the negative bill and not getting the check, she said that "Yes amount was just applied to March payment." I ask her if I definitely will have coverage starting March, and she said yes.

For some strange reason I do not trust a word they say so I logged onto my account online today. Still only has my policy from years ago, so who knows if this month will be different than last month. I just did not have the strength to sit on hold another hour today so I guess I will try tomorrow. All I know is that THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY AND I CANNOT WAIT TO GET AWAY FROM THEM! I also will be looking to see if mental health care is covered because I am going to need it after all of this, assuming the coverage starts one day.

Paid premiums and my insurance was not active. Called over 10 times to fix the problem and customer service rep said I did not make a payment. I had to show my bank statement to prove that I paid all premiums due.. Management is a joke. I hope United Health and/or Aetna will come back to the individual health market...

I have been in the medical field for over 30 years now. BCBS of Florida has turned all accounts over to the Philippines or New Mexico, we can't talk to get any patient's benefits or if they need authorizations unless we go through off shore. They are extremely rude. They don't care if they provide us with the incorrect info on our patient's cause what are we going to do. If we ask to speak to someone in Florida, they state they are no longer allowed to transfer us to Florida.

We have called our Provider Relations, Credential Department and they say there is nothing they can do. Ok, wake up, we signed our contracts with BCBS of Florida. You patients did as well and pay your premium to Florida, did you know you are calling a toll-free # but speaking to someone off shore? That is why you are receiving the rudeness and never mind your HIPPA rights. They have all your information to commit identity fraud. So if I was all of you I would call my local Insurance Commissioner as well as the Attorney General.

Even though I checked for doctors on my plan during enrollment, they all dropped my insurance come January effective date. Then after seeing 1 option for Pediatric orthopedics for my son 3X for the same issue with no benefit I tried to get a second opinion. Guess what? After calling 10 specialists in my area, no one accepts my insurance. My prescriptions are often a battle to get covered and I’m over it. Why is there only 1 option in FL? All the doctor offices say FL Blue is the worst for reimbursement. I don’t want them anymore!!!

They are a secondary to my Medicare. It sometimes takes a while before you receive your paperwork, but this is probably true of most companies. I do wish doctor's names and procedures were written out, as it is sometimes difficult to remember exactly what was done on only a date being given. It makes it difficult to check for accuracy if you don't have this information.

Bought coverage and they can't process to provide insurance. SO although insurance is allegedly effective 3/1/15 I can't go to the doctor or get medicine. I would pick an ethical company in the future - not this one.

I have been a customer for three almost four years and have paid with auto pay since the policy was created for dental insurance. Recently the auto pay process stopped working and changes were made to the auto pay system back in August/2016. I received a letter in August stating my insurance premium dropped in price by two dollars (I thought this was nice) and that their system was in the process of changing. It informed me that I had to sign into my account to update or redo my auto pay status. I setup the auto pay online and ended up processing a payment for the new monthly premium for Sept/2016. This is where the problems start.

1st Problem: A payment was never processed in July but the one in August was completed (now I am confused). After numerous calls to customer service I was finally told no July/2016 payment was ever received. I verified this while on the call with customer service by signing into my bank account online. No debit to my bank account for July. I processed this payment in the beginning of Sept online with the customer service rep still on the phone. Payment accepted.

2nd Problem: In Sept/2016 I receive my email statement and it shows my account is delinquent and the monthly premium is now $29.00 higher than my recent letter. Again back to customer service and was told the payment date and email notifications must have been crossed and she had no idea why the premium amount has changed. She also stated it was not a late fee. The account was sent to a manager for review to correct. I stated to the rep that I have only authorized a payment of what their letter has stated as my new premium and when I set it up it was correct in their system online.

Oct 13, 2016, premium due date is coming up on the 15th and I received an email for the pending auto pay for an amount of $29.00 greater than the agreed amount for the premium. I called again and spoke to Henrietta and told it would go to a manager for review before it could process. Meaning a correction to be made on the amount to be withdrawn. Today I received my email notice that the amount of the premium plus the additional $29.00 is pending. I never agreed to this amount and am on record multiple times to this statement.

I have not mentioned all the calls back and forth with customer service and no responses with management. Maybe I was lied to by customer service or maybe the management doesn't care. Whatever the reason, the surveys they ask you to take should not be taken until the reason for your calls are either satisfied or in a completed status for the policy holders. I can tell you that they talk like they care but actions speak louder than words. I have now cancelled auto pay and called bank to inform them not to process the pending withdrawal. So much time wasted to try to correct the problem, it just seems easier to cancel the policy and move on.

Wow, wish I had read this before I signed up. I call it OBAMA CRAP. I had no problems with Humana but too many high deducts. I called the office on Park Blvd. They say they will call back. Never did. So I go there. They waited on others that had no appointments & I think because I bought online (they probably don't get a commission). All people in waiting room had bottled water or was offered it right in front of me! We never had it offered. I told her they have no manners/upbringing. They finally see me & not in the computer. I am now on hold 1 1/2 hours (number they gave to call), listening to music that keeps breaking up & very annoying. Now 1 hr 45 min. DO NOT VOTE DEMS!! Or anyone that wants single payor insurance. Thanks Obama & all dems.

Let me start off this by saying I am not one of those people who posts every bad experience online. I actually have never posted a review or experience online ever. I am not someone on any type of government funding or my employer's health insurance policy that complains about everything and expects the world. I am a self employed 24 year old. I work 60-70 hours a week to be able to give my family a great life and for my wife to be able to stay home and raise our son. I signed up with Blue Cross to give my family the best. The policy I chose for my wife, newborn and myself was over $11,000 a year. And that $11,000 a year was not counting costs showing up to the doctor.

The reason I chose Blue Cross was because I wanted to deal with an established and reputable company. My entire experience with Blue Cross has been horrible. I have called Blue Cross over the past 45 days dozens of times. Every person I have spoke to had no clue how to help me with situation. I was transferred to the wrong department multiple times, placed on hold, and "disconnected" more than I have ever been from any company.

I signed up for my policy on January 7th, 2014. I then submitted my first payment for over $900 on the same day for my policy which was effective on February 1st 2014. I was told I would be receiving my ID cards prior to start date of coverage. As the date approached, I still did not have any cards and my pregnant wife's due date was approaching. I started making calls to see what the status was. I was told by multiple people that I did not have coverage and there was no trace of me in the system. I contacted my original agent multiple times with no reply back.

After spending 10 hours on the phone and being transferred multiple times I got in contact with someone who told me that the case was escalated to highest level and would be handled ASAP. After days of getting the run around and no clear answer my wife went into labor. We were in the hospital with zero insurance, no ID cards, and no idea of what was going to happen financially. Our son was born and healthy =) which was the most important thing to us at the time. After everything settled I was back on the phone to check the status of our insurance.

After spending hours and hours ago a supervisor by the name of Meredith got in touch with me. She was very nice and seemed to be the only helpful person. She informed me that we had to wait for our ID #'s to "generate". We had multiple check ups after being discharged from hospital due to some complications my wife had. Every time we went to a doctor, we had no insurance information to provide them with and had to sign documents stating we would incur all charges due to not having any insurance information. On February 13th our IDs were finally generated. The nightmare was over.... at least that's what I thought.

Meredith assured me that my newborn son's information was in the enrollment department and his information would be generating. My wife brings our son a month late for a doctor's appointment and we are informed he has ZERO insurance. The nightmare starts once again. I contacted Meredith once again multiple times but this time there was no reply. I started calling Blue Cross and was transferred multiple times to wrong departments. Finally I am on the phone with someone who seems to have an idea. She informs me that my son is not in the system and I will need to fill out a form to add him. She also states that he has to be added within 60 days of being born or he will not be covered.

I try to explain to her that the supervisor said he was enrolled and that I have the emails. She basically tells me fill out the form and the emails are irrelevant. I then asked for the forms and asked if I could fill them out electronically and send them back so he could covered immediately. She states there is only 2 options, they can mail or fax the form. I do not have a fax so I asked if they could email me the link for the form. She said she cannot do that but will check if someone can. after being on hold for 10 minutes she says, "No one can email you the link." I asked for the link and for them to mail the form. I asked her to verify he would be covered and she said it was not 100% and there's a chance he will not be covered for this calendar year. I then went home and typed the link in to fill out the form. Of course the link I was given was for the wrong form. Now the date is March 16th. My son has zero coverage and the deadline is 16 days away.

On 12/2015 we signed with Florida Blue thru the marketplace because it had all our Specialists and PCP at the University of Miami. My husband has cancer and it's on the list for a multi organ transplant so it's very important that he continues with his Doctors. In April we were assigned of PCP from a clinic by the name of Clinicasanitas. After hundreds of calls and treatments cancel because we needed referrals but they had changed our PCP. They continue to state that UM Doctors had close panels and that's the reason they changed our PCP. I called UM many times and they always stated that all their Doctor's panels are open except Dr. **.

Finally I decided to visit the office by The Falls and was greeted by a Colombian man. When I stated that my husband has terminal cancer and that he needed to see his PCP from UM, he said "That's life. My mother has cancer in Colombia and I cannot do anything." Can you believe the low standard of professionalism of this man? Finally he said that all UM Doctors were not accepting Florida Blue and like it or not we had to pick a PCP from Clinicasanitas because the PCP's of UM were not accepting Florida Blue since March. He claimed a letter was sent to the members informing us of this situation. Letter never arrived.

When I called UM they stated that this was not true that Florida Blue is the one that does permit patients to have a PCP from UM. I ask you if we picked that insurance because the PCP and all the specialist were listed in their booklet how can they change it from one month to another? Aren't they suppose to wait a year and inform you so you are aware of what's going on? Aren't they in some type of violation to the patients and jeopardizing the health of the patients? Stay away from them. They are rude, unprofessional and inhumane.

Updated 5/21/2016: After my precious accident which I reported and finally had no choice but to get a PCP from CliniSanitas. Now yesterday I went to make my monthly premium payment and I was unable to do it. They stated that I needed to contact them, which I did. Well guess what they cancelled my policy for non-payment, no letters received, nothing at all. They claimed I had made my last payment in March which is incorrect. My last payment was made directly to them on 04/28/2016. They are thieves, they don't care about their customers. Please do not get this insurance, it's a piece of **.

I cancelled my policy 3 weeks before the following month, received confirmation number and spoke to two different people to verify policy is cancelled and to stop automatic payments and was told there will be no money withdraws. Well they lied, mislead me, blew smoke up my **. They took the monthly payment after hours on the phone to verify. I was a customer for many many years and will never use this company again.

FloridaBlue failed to provide me with ID card, with an invoice, with any assistance throughout the last few months. Their failure to produce a bill, to provide (ID), failure to reinstate cancellation due to their error in billing, intentionally refusing to return phone calls as promised, Then, I read an article searching for FlBlue website. I read an article from 1-9th, 2017 edition of the Sun Sentinel (East coast West Palm Beach paper) as told by a brave FlBlue member whose child was denied access to Dr and had to pay Dr due to incorrectly losing the coverage.

I realized I was not alone. This was an Incredible article, with denial from FloridaBlue spokesperson who stated the billing issues were corrected. Compared to the tens of thousands of ongoing issues in this article mine was resolved. With documentation, patience, and, finally, the Insurance Commissioners website, I received my ID. I have not, however, received a bill. My situation was simple. Send Bill. Send ID. Help me pay my bill without disconnecting my phone call, and credit my file as having paid. I am awaiting my actual policy and plan to keep calling back until I receive it. Do I have coverage? Who knows?

Blue Cross after a week approved a MRI with and without contrast of my wife’s head but still denies her the right to an MRA which would show the anatomy and possible anomalies with her artery structures of her brain which could rule out a possible stenosis or other cause of her syncope, fainting spells, headaches, blackouts. Her symptoms are getting worse now. Then MRI should have been approved immediately and MRA also.

Buyers beware. Nobody takes this insurance first off. Second, my son broke his arm and they offered no pediatric orthopedic. This is a pretty common injury for a child! I called to get information 3 times before they gave me a short list of NON pediatric orthopedic offices! I since had my son removed and it's now taking me 5 calls and three weeks to get him removed off this bogus plan! I called today to get a list of ob-gyns since nobody takes Florida Blue and the agent rushed me off the phone saying she emailed me the list. I have no email from Florida blue and the office closed at 6!! Now I have to call them again! It's ridiculous. They don't want to pay a dime and they are stealing everyone's premium!

We purchased Florida Blue through the Marketplace. Before buying the benefits it said "35 chiropractic services". Once we got FL BLUE again they confirmed (more than one rep) that we get 35 services. Our chiropractor (and many others in network) are only able to give us 5 adjustments because ASH (the company FL Blue uses for dealing with the claims) denies us after 5 visits. Our chiropractor has 71 other patients with Blue that get denied after 5 as well. When I or my provider try to contact Blue they say, "You've got 35", BUT if you contact ASH because they deny anything over 5 adjustments they will give no reason and say they will only disclose info with Blue on the line too! Call Blue and guess what? They won't call ASH with me on the phone or at all. They say it's between ASH and my provider. Sickening.

Under our Fl Blue policy my husband and I, both diabetics, are entitled to certain lab tests 4 times a year and one diabetic retinal exam, at no cost to us with $0 co-pay. The eye doctor says we owe a $75 co-pay and the lab makes us pay a co-pay (it goes on our credit card they made us give them at the lab) for the A1c test, lipid panel and urinalysis. Those 3 tests and eye exam are $0 co-pay under the Value Based Diabetic Program. Fl Blue keeps denying our reimbursement for services we had to pay after 3 bills and a debt collector calling, saying the eye doctor and lab aren't using the right codes for them to be the $0 co-pay to us.

Last I checked, both places have not gotten this cleared up, even after they called Fl Blue. We are entitled to these benefits and Fl Blue won't help the eye doctor or lab with the correct codes, what do we do? Now they want to raise our $1,500 a month policy $243 more! This has been going on for 6 months with me calling every month to get my labs etc. paid back to us.

My family has had insurance through Marketplace with Florida Blue the last two years. No big deal - rates were ok, coverage was decent, we had insurance. The plan changed year to year which was a pain - but still no big deal. My husband is a cancer survivor so insurance of course is very important to us. For 2017 I was lucky enough to get a new job that had insurance coverage - awesome. So I went ahead and went through all the channels to make sure Marketplace wasn't renewed, called to confirm cancellation of account with Florida Blue 3 times - all saying yes all set. January 3rd - they take an automatic unauthorized deduction of $1356 out of our bank account. I have NO policy with them! I have cancelled 3 times to make sure! I call immediately - it take 4 different agents to stop transferring me automatically to Marketplace to start to get a resolution to this. I don't know about anyone else but $1356 out of the bank is huge!

Well it's January 18th now and I still have no resolution in my eyes. I have called almost daily to get an update. The update is different every single time. I can hardly understand the agent usually - and when I ask for a supervisor none are every available. When I ask for a Supervisor to call me back - they never do. I am TIRED of talking to agents that give me a different story and a different answer every time. I have recorded name and confirmation numbers but STILL I do not have my money back. There is no one to escalate an issue to, no phone number you can call, no website, email - NOTHING!! I am about to get a lawyer involved at this point. I am so dissatisfied with my experience with them. I am calling the state to formally complain as well. And I even have an agent to help and they can't get answers from their own company. VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER!!!

How convenient it is that the insurance company would lose my claim (with my original receipts) for reimbursement in the mail. Now I am supposed to fax in my information in with zero confidence that they will A) receive it; B) be able to confirm receipt and C) actually process the claim. They have no incentive to reimburse their customers. Instead they'd rather make it as difficult as possible for us to navigate their claims system than pay for what they are supposed to cover. This is so frustrating. I had to stop seeing this provider because he wouldn't submit the claims himself and I can't keep paying out of pocket without getting reimbursed from BCBS Florida.

We were asked to submit our backing details again in October as FB informed us that their bank had changed. My wife completed the form and sent a check for the payment along with a cancelled check. In December we were advised that a previously approved procedure had been denied. FB told us we never paid the premium, although funds were available. We also tried to pay by credit card which they would not accept. FB really has customer no-service. In December we enrolled in a lower cost plan for January as our plan premium increased by $300 per month. FB has cashed our check for the first month's premium but we do not have any access to the online plan details or insurance cards to show as proof of insurance. My insurance agent informed us that we are 1 of 10,000 individuals in the same situation. Seems like FB is really in a mess.

I went to a regular doctor's visit at Cleveland Clinic in Weston (largest healthcare provider in the area), in-network facility with in-network doctors. The doctor requested me to do a CT scan. Immediately after I walked out I scheduled the CT scan at the front desk next to the doctor's office and they gave me a date/time. A week after I went and did the CT scan, went back to the doctor, results ok, everything fine so far.

Last week I received a claim statement from Cleveland Clinic asking me to pay them $1200. To make a long story short, Florida Blue and Cleveland Clinic are passing the ball to each other saying that they have processed the claim properly, etc, etc. My plan says that CT scan are covered with a $300 co-payment only, but both Florida and Cleveland say that the Imaging Center which is in the Cleveland Clinic, same building, next to all the doctor's offices is a separate facility and therefore they don't cover the costs under the plan.

NOBODY ever told me, neither the doctor, nor the front desk, that a CT scan would have have such a cost, no advice, notice, nothing. THE BENEFITS AND COVERAGE PAGE OF FLORIDA BLUE WEBSITE CLEARLY INDICATES THAT ADVANCED IMAGING SERVICES INCLUDING CT SCANS ARE COVERED UNDER MY PLAN $200 CO-PAYMENT WITH AN INDEPENDENT FACILITY $0.00 DEDUCTIBLE, member pays $0.00 with an independent lab or.. 0% members pay with an outpatient hospital service. I'm sure in some little word somewhere in the Florida Blue booklet there is something about this cost. In addition, if that was the case, what formula do they apply to calculate what they pay to Cleveland Clinic and what is the remaining to be paid by the patient. THIS IS A SCAM.

I began coverage in 02/2014 with BCBSFL. Used their website to locate a Dr. who told me, after several visits, that he did not take my insurance, leaving me with several thousand dollars of bills. I made payments for February, March & April and discovered in April, when I went to refill my insulin prescription that my insurance had been cancelled on March 31. I contacted BCBSFL to discover that yes, my policy had been cancelled for non payment in April. I explained that I sent April's payment and they discovered that I had so, they stated that they would send me a refund for that payment.

Several weeks went by and I received no payment, no calls from BCBSFL. Still no letter stating that I had been cancelled. I contacted the marketplace and was advised that I had been terminated wrongly by BCBSFL so they did a review and I was told my insurance would be reinstated. I spoke again to BCBSFL, who was not contacting me mind you, and was advised that yes, my insurance was reinstated. So, back to the website to find a doctor. The address of the office was incorrect on the website and then, when I did locate it, across town from where it was listed, I was advised that my insurance card was inactive.

I contacted BCBSFL and they verified that yes, my insurance was inactive due to bills I owed for the months that they had cancelled my insurance. WHAT??? I was cancelled and had no coverage at all, how can you possibly charge me for a service that you were not providing? Terrible, bad, horrible experience. I will never deal with them again and would strongly recommend others not do business with them either.

I had Florida Blue through Healthcare Marketplace. Unfortunately my tax credit was removed for May & June because we are self employed & it took us a little longer to get our taxes turned in. I paid the ridiculous premium amount in May of nearly $1400 - thanks to help from a friend. I could not afford to do it again for June. Thankfully, Healthcare Marketplace reinstated our tax credit for June - I enrolled in a NEW policy which just so happened to be with Fla Blue & was same type of policy I had before. I called them & explained my situation. The woman was very nice & took my July premium payment & assured me it would be applied for July since it was a NEW enrollment from the Marketplace plus since I was appealing the tax credit being taken away that I had 3 months (now 2 months since June was over) to pay the June premium. She actually placed me on hold for a while so she could verify this information.

So everything was fine - I went to Dr no problems, got a few prescriptions filled with no issues. Then yesterday my pharmacy said one of my prescriptions wouldn't go through. I called Fla Blue & the guy told me because the Healthcare Marketplace did not identify me as a new enrollment - which was BS because the lady who took my payment knew I was a special new enrollment. Anyway he told me I needed to have the Marketplace send over a document saying I was a new enrollee. And since I wasn't a new enrollee they took the $ I paid for my July bill & put it towards my June bill. They were different policies!

So I call the Marketplace today along with Fla Blue who informs me that my coverage ended on May 31 but my special new enrollment began July 1. But since the computer filed me under the same member number I was still liable for the June payment even though they have me cancelled as of May 31??? That makes NO sense at all. And if I would've picked a different plan instead of the same plan this prob wouldn't have happened. So now my choices are: pay Fla Blue the almost $1400 for the June payment for which I'm not even enrolled or have no coverage for June or July & get Marketplace coverage with another company. And they're blaming this whole thing on the computer for randomly assigning me the same member # as before. Such BS.

Changed my policy in October 2015, without legal authority, which changed benefits from co-pay to co-insurance subject to deductible. Prior to and subsequent to October 2015, my plan was a $20 co-pay. I appealed this beginning in November 2015 by contacting 4 times via email and not once did they reply. In March 2016 I finally got in contact with the supposedly correct person who said he would reprocess the claims and he never did. I called back in late April and was told they would reprocess the claims. They never did. I sent a scathing email with lots of cursing and got a reply stating they would correct the problem within 2 weeks - they didn't. Called today and they are ignorant. Time to send certified letter to CEO.

Can't access online bill pay. Says "page not available". Billing statements show I owe no monthly premium so I called. They said they owe me $900. Really!? So how many months premiums is that? Didn't notify me at all to see if I wanted refund. They have too many ignorant jerks and ** who try to stonewall you because they're too lazy. Called today 5-24-16 to ask who a claim was paid to and repeated told me "the provider" despite my repeated request to know "what provider". Finally she told me but when I asked about another claim, she hung up on me.

Oh, by the way, I have never spoken to an employee who isn't **! Want to know about providers for radiology?! Don't rely on their site! Might be the Radiologist is covered, but not the facility where they're doing the imaging. They don't tell you that! So you show up to the hospital where the Radiologist is thinking you're covered and then find out you have a separate bill from the hospital which is covered by co-insurance, not co-pay. They don't explain (because they don't give a **) that you have to find both a Radiologist and facility that is covered - a task that took me 2 weeks to find when I was out of state.

Takes forever to speak to someone who can't understand or even speak English. They changed my provider to someone 20 mile away-then when I called to complain and gave my current provider they told me no such person in system. Asked then, "Who the hell have you been paying over the past year?" They couldn't tell me. Took 20 min to find her and put me back to the provider I have been seeing for 5 years. Don't try going online to view your acct. What a joke.

My first month of coverage with Florida Blue, they removed duplicate auto payments from my checking account the first day of the month, and 10 weeks later they have not resolved this. It took me 4 or 6 hours of phone work, and 2 trips to one of their offices totaling 50 miles in the car, for them to admit they had taken my money twice. This is technically theft, since it was unauthorized by me. Since then they have given me 30 or 40 different stories. To stay in good standing, I mailed them a personal check for my second month of coverage, because they refused to use the duplicate payment for the next month. Now they say that although they rec'd my check, it was never applied to my account. Again, this is MY PROBLEM to solve, not theirs.

Adding to the stress is the unconscionable wait time on the phone, with occasional disconnects after 45 minutes of hold. Since the theft of the duplicate withdrawal in January, they have never acknowledged that the mistaken withdrawal money is MINE not theirs. Now they say they DID apply it to February, and that my check to them for February was used by them but not applied to my account, and that I still owe for March. Their inconsistency and lack of records is terrifying. Thank God I don't have a serious illness, with all their confusion and lack of customer care. This is absolutely the worst company I have ever dealt with. By now I have used over 12 hours of phone time with Florida Blue and nothing is solved. And it's not that complicated!

I have been with Blue Cross Blue Shield for 30 years-across the nation. FLORIDA BLUE should not be licensed here. I have been paying over $10K per year, not even including my giant deductible and out of pocket expenses. I have literally been attempting (incessantly) unsuccessfully to get through to cancel my insurance with them--via website; phone numbers; and more. Even the website has been "having technical difficulties" since late October.

In desperation, I quickly joined another health provider before the December deadline. However, there is NO WAY TO CANCEL with this government sanctioned enterprise led by obviously very INEPT, CEO PATRICK GERAGHTY and "his" BOARD. What is America coming to if this is what Obama is doing to Americans who need and overpaying for sub-healthcare?

Called BCBS spoke to customer service & provided CPT CODES for a procedure. Was informed by BCBS representative procedure covered and responsible for $50 copay. Getting bills from doctor as stating non covered... BCBS states now that it is not covered in my policy. This BS with these Insurance Companies needs to stop. They increase our policy by HUGE AMOUNTS every year. BCBS needs to train people that work for them to give accurate information to clients of BCBS. I am tired of calling BCBS and receiving incorrect information. My husband & I started with BCBS Fl almost 6 yrs ago. Our policy was $500 month for both of us 6 years ago and is now $1300+ a month for both of us... This is BS. I have been on hold for 40 minutes with BCBS as I asked for the name of the person I spoke to previously that provided incorrect information.

Not sure if it is Florida Blue or their providers in their network. I've been charged at every appointment & should not have been. No sure FB or their providers know what they are doing. Patient is stuck in the middle of fixing mistakes. Get IT TOGETHER!

I am astounded by the amount of complaints against Florida Blue health insurance and so relieved I am not the only one dealing with it. What they are doing is illegal by accepting premium payments they agreed to and not insuring people with any coverage and making people look like criminals by not paying the doctors who perform their service. I have been dealing with a lot of the same issues that other people are having - premium amount is not the same as what I signed up for. Cancelling my plan because I did not pay my premium which I did. Cancelling my 5 year old daughter off because she MIGHT be eligible for KID Care which she is not nor did I sign her up for it. Denied claims for not being covered when told you were. Being registered under 2 plans when I did not sign up for 2 plans.

Spending countless hours talking to people overseas who have no clue what they are doing or saying. Told my coverage started on a certain date but being held hostage to a premium payment I was told not to pay because I was not covered for that month. Yet no one will get the issues resolved, only issue an escalation report. It is unbelievable that a company like this is so unorganized and someone needs to be held responsible.

I can't imagine if I had to place a claim with this company as it has been 6 months and I have been dealing with numerous calls to keep my policy instated as they have constant problems receiving my payment and debiting my bank account, due to their auto pay system having issues. No one calls back and to get a supervisor on the phone is a miracle. As I have waiting on the phone for over an hour every time I call. No one seems to know what is going on and has no information to be provided. I am just trying to make a payment and keep my policy current.

I've been told by healthcare providers that BlueCare is a nightmare. I'm wondering if the money I pay to Blue Cross is doing anything but upsetting the doctors. Also, I seem to be paying more in general for BlueCare as compared to straight Medicare. I would like someone to let me know. I was given a form from a doctor that had a list of medications on it that I was to research and find out what was covered. I didn't know the names of most of the drugs let alone the various dosages which are prescribed. I had a real struggle trying to get copay amounts from the Bluecare rep. She wanted the dosage to drugs that I had zero idea of what would be a normal dose. I had to struggle with the lady on the line to get her to give me examples of doses. Any response would be appreciated.

This company has no idea what is going on. They do not communicate between departments, they are terribly trained, usually unprofessional, and clearly understaffed. I've spent nearly 15 hours on the phone with them in just the last three weeks. Most of this is on hold but I've been hung up on, incorrectly transferred, and had to start every process request over again with each new rep.

In a nutshell, I chose a new plan via the marketplace. Everything is green lights on their end. Application was forwarded to Florida Blue and they were happy to take my premium payment money but evidently they have not been able to "upload" my application for it to be "processed" so that the insurance will be active, I can be issued a member ID, and have access to the new plan. The request to resolve has been submitted by different agents three times now (with two promises of escalation) and six weeks later... I am still cancelling doctor's appointments that I cannot pay for out of pocket and running out of medicine because there is no price reduction.

If I had known about LAST year's issue before I signed up for a different FB plan, I'd have gone with a different company. However, I didn't know until the end of December that their billing system had "accidentally" cancelled my and thousands of other customers' autopay setup, which resulted in a lapse. They supposedly retroactively applied the policy since it was their error, however, I still have an outstanding claim (had my doctor resubmit after reinstatement). So basically this company is the worst ever.

Last year I changed from FL BLUE PPO to an HMO as it was too costly for me. Since January 2017 I have been trying to get an appointment with the chosen primary Dr. Everytime I called appointments are for 2 months later. I changed Dr. in May for which I never received my new card. Now in late September I tried AGAIN to secure a new primary Dr, so that I can go in, as I have important health issues.

I checked their website for a new Dr. and chose one that is SUPPOSE to be receiving NEW PATIENTS. Called the CSR and requested the change. Made the appointment and then someone in the new office tells me the Dr I chose does not have an appointment for more than months later. This is a SCAM from FL BLUE or the Drs in their panels. They misrepresent the availability of their doctors blatantly, and they figure the patients have to take it. I will drop them and tell you, if you want a decent and considered Dr. who REALLY cares for their patients, DO NOT CHOOSE FL BLUE or any of the Doctors they offer.

This insurance company should be banned. Early January Florida Blue called to ask me if I have paid. They said that they merged computer systems and not all information was updated. Finally my payments were up to date. I received the invoice for payment due on February 1 on January 30th. It is as if they want to cancel you for nonpayment by sending invoices out late. I made an electronic payment on January 26th. Funds cleared my bank of January 27 and payment still has not been applied to my account as of February 2nd. When I called Florida Blue, they said call back in 5 business days. Again they should be banned.

At the time of the manual August payment request done by Florida Blue, I re-checked and activated the automatic option. At that time, I also requested a Billing History from January 2016 through August 2016. I was told it would arrive in 7-10 working days. Waited two weeks the document did not arrive. To make the long story short, this has happened 6 more times since, have talked to 6 client representatives and 2 Supervisors, the last one I talked to (for slightly more than 1.5 hours) Reginald told me he would personally take care of requesting this information and that he would make sure it would arrive this time. Well, it did not arrive. And even though Reginald failed miserably in following up on the case and did not honor his word, or followed up on what is supposed to be his due diligence, I am more concerned with the fact that FB is not interested in solving what is not happening with their new administrative setup.

Requesting a billing history for a client is a very simple and straightforward request. What's (not) happening within the system is really perplexing and points to the fact that outside of getting my money every month, they really do not care if they address or not the current fluke in their system so that I do get my document. Really shameful. I none of the conversations I have had with FB, have I felt their desire to solve the situation, mine of theirs! Even though I clearly indicate that requesting the billing history again the same way it had been done before will NOT solve the problem, that's exactly what they do!!! And I am still waiting for my Billing History or for someone to contact me! These are new people, it is not the same Florida Blue I used to know! Worth checking other plan options!

In the beginning of 2017 we never got the insurance we had selected and paid for through with Florida Blue. My wife at that time had a much needed complicated operation scheduled. They told us multiple times on multiple days that they fixed the problem and everything was fine. When we ran our policy numbers they had given us (with any medical establishment) we would find they had lied, we still did not have insurance. We ended canceling her operation because they denied to give us insurance.

After contacting the authorities, being mentioned in a newspaper article, and contacting state Reps someone from the company called us for the 1st time and apologized, they then signed us up for a different plan other than the one we had signed up for (they told me they would get us on a plan but when I asked them if it was the plan I signed up for and paid for they wouldn't answer me). After suffering in horrible pain several extra months and a having a slightly higher risk of death my wife was finally able to get her re-scheduled operation completed with insurance.

I had to fight them more to get the plan we had paid for and selected retroactively applied. To add we had our insurance canceled at least once in 2017 due to other mistakes of theirs and reactivated, they tried to recharge my deductibles. They also never repaid me from the overpayments for the policy that they put me on by their choice. However they did tell me there would be a check in the mail sometime ago last year, for some reason I still have not seen it.

I'm not sure where to start. Long ago, I discovered that if Florida Blue (FB) got your $ through an error in their processing, you would have to follow up and follow up and follow up to get them to do their job and make the appropriate adjustment. But this year, they've overdone themselves in their ability to pass the responsibility for resolving THEIR problems to their insurers!!

In November 2016, I took advantage of open enrollment and went to the marketplace to choose a new policy for 1/1/17. I chose a new FB policy because the one I had was pretty useless. That's a whole other story. On December 19, I called Florida Blue to set up an auto pay arrangement for the new policy and to make sure that the other FB policy and auto pay arrangement cancelled. I was specifically told that the other policy would cancel as my new one took effect. Lo and behold, FB messed that simple task up and I have been suffering ever since. I've been on the phone with FB for 30-90 minutes on 1/9, 1/16, 1/18, and 1/20. I've cancelled 4 routine annual medical appointments for my family and now have a billing mess for an ER visit and a wellness visit with my GP that have taken place since 1/1.

Each rep seems so nice yet none of them do what they say they are going to do. What the idiots did was fail to activate my new policy because they auto paid for the old policy (which was twice as much as my new policy) and kept it active. All they have to do is credit my new policy with the premiums they already withdrew!! Yet they can't seem to pull that off!! They didn't have the right to auto debit the bank account they did (I'd arranged on 12/19/16 for another one to be used) but I can't throw that request to reimburse me into the situation because I'm likely to die before they could figure out how to do that!! I was able to help each FB Rep, on each phone encounter, understand their screw up. Each understood and led me to believe that the problem was being escalated or resolved.

As of today 1/23, it's still being processed. It seems to now be in a continual state of "being processed"!!! In the meantime, they've withdrawn over two-times the amount of my new monthly premiums from an account they were no longer authorized to use and they refuse to activate my new policy until they receive payment!!! It is insane. I can't do anything to resolve this. I'm sick and tired of FB's problems being my problem. My doctors office staff should not have to deal with this nonsense either. I feel their billing operations are extremely illegitimate at this point!! Who gives them the right to take my money then claim they didn't receive payment then take forever to make the freaking adjustment when they know where they made the mistake? They should be paying me for the ridiculous amount of time I have had to spend in helping them figure out their problems.

It is not fair. I really do detest them and wish I had an option!! I am being held hostage by their inept operation. They don't deserve to be in business. Many years ago, I was a director of finance at a major NY medical center. The insights that gave me into the healthcare system will last a lifetime. Heads should be rolling at Florida Blue. They are exceeding ridiculous. I haven't even begun to talk about the meaningless correspondence they've sent me this month which their reps don't seem to understand. One was about a changed email address (apparently that one was a mistake and it was sent out to all insureds. What???). Five others had to do with me recently adding people to my policy, including me, which I had not. Of course, their website remains useless to me because they haven't activated my new policy!!! There isn't even a hint of it anywhere. It doesn't even show as pending. I'm tired of explaining.

I got a new health insurance policy. FL Blue asked me to fax proof of the new policy effective date in order to get a refund for the month I had paid for two policies. I did that 3x over the course of 2 months. Each time they told me it needed 7-10 days to process. Finally, they told me I could only get a refund if I were deceased or if I had faxed proof of the new policy 15 days before my account was debited on the 1st (I didn't have proof of the new policy until AFTER my account was debited). I still have not received a refund. I am now disputing the charge through my bank. The amount is $998.

Member services is a JOKE!!! Spent an hour and a half, most of it on hold while they look for information. They are ALL Spanish speaking with poor English skills. They are unable to access the claims in question and keep telling ME to contact my last employer for the information. I gave them all of the information needed, member number, claim number, I was able to pull it up on my computer but they say they don't have access. How can they help with questions about claims to which they are not given access??? WTH??? Such BS!!!

I'm not going to speak about the fact that they almost tripled our insurance from Dec to Jan because "Trump MIGHT take away govt subsidies for Insurance companies". I'm not going to mention that when I signed up I was given a list of doctors none of which ended up taking the insurance. I'm going to say that they are just plain evil! They took off my 5 year old daughter off the insurance without any notice, no email, nothing, She is the ONLY reason I pay for this insane insurance that doesn't care about anything except getting money.

She keeps throwing up even water for 3 days, we go to the doctor and they tell me we have no insurance. HOW?! I go online, and see that she was removed. Just gone. And you would think that a company that is charging so much money would have a customer service line... Tough luck, In their view people ONLY get sick on Monday through Friday. I truly wish the management and the owners had to go through what all of us have to go through. But they won't, they're making too much money off our families to care! Last time I walked in the entire office was empty!!!

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