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Would give zero stars if possible. completely useless. Say that they will put you in contact with a dealer , turns out that they are the dealer !. Will not give you proof of your factory order - all you get is an email from them saying your car has been ordered. I asked them to delay delivery of my car by 3 weeks due to wanting it for new plate in September. When your delivery time gets near they do not contact you, and when you do finally get to speak to someone the car is mysteriously delayed due to it being a busy time of the year ?, but they cannot give a new date. Waited 17 weeks for a car that was due in 12, still no expected date so attempted to cancel, have told them 2 times so far, they don't seem to be able to accept that I want to cancel . Have lost all confidence in them and don't think there ever was a car on order with the manufacturer.
Best price comparison tool you will find, think the bad reviews must be made up? Have recommended to several friends who have benefited!
I bought through Broadspeed,who were also trading as ProCars .in 2011 I was trying to buy a new Mercedes Benz C200 C Class AMG .The Merc dealer in Stoke was quoting me £33K for the car.The dealer price was £33500. i got in touch with Broadspeed They quoted £26995 for a Mercedes Benz C 200 AMG with Panoramic roof ,which the M|erc dealer in Stoke quoted another £1250 .I paid £1000 on my Credit Card to Broadspeed ,The Merc main dealer on Edgware Road London rang me within an hour to confirm order Car delivered to my door ,clean,full of fuel,and I paid them £25995. I saved over £8K They tell me they order 150 cars a month from Mercedes and thats why they get such large discounts for their customer plus they are making £150 K per month too I was happy too Log book came from DVLA with me 1st owner within 7 days