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I had surgery on 4/18/18 and have yet to receive my payment from Colonial STD insurance. I sent my paperwork off in a timely manner and few hours before my scheduled surgery since I knew I would be on bed rest. I spoke with several reps that told me this was okay. Now I'm getting the run-around about post-op notes that need to come from the doctor. Since they must verify I actually had a surgery on the 4/18/18 date. Do they actually think my kids, bills and life revolve around them playing and dilly dallying with my money. They didn't have a problem getting my premium each month. But now I have to deal with them daily for another lie to be told to me by a rep.

Not all the reps are bad. But they're many who will try to rush you off the phone. And I'm not even about to play that game with them. I am pretty much convinced when open enrollment rolls around AFLAC or some other company will be my best bet. Because it pisses me off to know they won't return calls to my doctor's office so they can just send me my payment. I'm so over Colonial STD insurance company and their foolishness.

Bought short term policy for $50 a month. Had surgery 5/22 and even though there was a ton of paperwork to fill out and to fax, they mailed me out my check fast on 5/2. Think that was really great for me. Had no problems.

I decided to cancel this policy in early May. After my initial phone call, I was told I would receive a letter via mail within 3 days. It did not arrive and meanwhile, another payment came out of my checking account. I called again, wrote and emailed and yet still today, 6 weeks later, I got a letter confirming my desire to switch to quarterly billing, not monthly! My bank has been very helpful with blocking any further debits from this joke of a company. I am sure collecting on any disability claim would be a total nightmare!

Colonial in my opinion is the worst company with no compassion for its customers. I filed a accident claim and the total bill was 750.00. This company only paid out 50.00. My co-pay on both bills was 50.00. This claim will not even cover the premiums paid. How is that showing concern for the consumer? They put you through the ringer trying to get money that you paid into. My entire company Mecklenburg County NC is dissatisfied with Colonial Life. If I had to recommend a company for insurance, it would not be Colonial Life.

It seems like just as with any company some people are extremely incompetent and some are not. It took me 17 days to finally get my claims approved and I really really needed the money. I think the trick is to just continue asking for someone else to help you. As with all companies some people know how to do their job and some people are extremely stupid.

Supposed to receive a benefit of 1500 a month for verified work time off due to illness or injury. Even with verified completed paperwork from Dr and physician they are only paying me 350 to my surgery day. Then they say they need further verification. The information they have clearly says I will NOT be back to work until the earliest 02/12/18. So after I am cut 5 ways and in severe pain once I'm released from the hospital and if I'm not already set on the street I have to muster the strength to get them more information that they ALREADY HAVE. They debit my premiums from my pay effortlessly. They should pay my claim the same way. CANCELING ONCE THIS IS OVER AND DRAGGING THEIR NAME TO ANY AND EVERYONE WHO'LL LISTEN!

Updated on 2/9/2018: Once I complained initially to Consumer Affairs the company released a payment to me right away for the balance that should have initially been paid. However, I am still on FMLA and my leave has been extended another month and obviously I am being "blackballed" since the complaints I filed. Once again they are not paying me timely. They have received updates certification documents from my employer and physician yet are not acknowledging them, or should I say not acting on them. Therefore, now I am facing eviction. I have made them aware of this and was told this is NOT their concern.

I feel this is their concern because due to them initially misprocessing my claim intentionally, my claim payment date was offset by 7 days (which happens to be the 1st 7 days of the month when bills are due). I also asked them to send me my STD Disability policy (detailed) documents and they sent a request for payment for the documents before I can receive them. So now, I can't seek legal counsel even from legal aid because they are not paying me and charging me to get the information that breaks down my coverage. I was approved for monthly payments yet, my 1st payment was only 1 week (the offset). Why would they send me a 1 week check if I was approved for monthly payments?

Do not use this company they will debit your fund from your paycheck like clockwork, however, when you need them very unexpectedly... They will let you down. The customer service is rude and unprofessional. They also will NOT give you a supervisor... It will be another rep pretending to be a supervisor. You've been warned!

If leaving no star was a possibility, that would be my selection. I have paid monthly, out of my check, for a Colonial Life policy. The representative that came to my place of employment said if I had to miss work, Colonial Life would make it less stressful by covering my days missed after 14 days. Colonial Life has done the opposite. I had emergency surgery in October 2015. I'm being denied "for pre-existing condition". Never had gallstones in my life but somehow they find a way to say my surgery was a pre-existing condition. My suggestion to anyone considering giving money to this company - DO NOT. I've opened an account for myself and put the amount I was paying Colonial Life into this account. That way I know I'll have the financial coverage if I should ever need it again. Not sure how the employees of Colonial Life sleep at night. They should really worry about karma.

I signed up for Colonial 02/2013. Later that year, I became sick and was in the hospital. I applied to Colonial for disability and it took them almost 3 months to tell me I was denied, because my illness which kept me off work all that time was not covered. They wanted paperwork after paperwork, signed releases. No one ever gave me the same story every time I called. It seem like they didn't work in the same office. Nobody knew anything. The one was suppose to have known from the calls I made. I was told, "Oh, we have everything", then "we need one," then one more paper work again. It was again and again what they needed. Then I finally said, "Enough. I don't want this company anymore". So February I cancel my policy. It took them a month to cancel the policy. But my job kept sending them payments. My job told me normal they would get a cancellation from the company. They didn't hear anything from Colonial. So I called them 04/2014 to see why they hadn't told my job about the cancellation. I was told I had to request it in writing for them to send a stop payments to my Job. That was going to take a couple of weeks, so in that time I will still be paying them. I called today, 05/06/2014, and got a different story. I am so tired of this company. I don't want anything to do with them again.

We had a Colonial Life representative come into our workplace selling their insurance to first responders. I’ve been in the field for approximately 17 years and recently got diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. I was hospitalized for about nine days. It’s going to be a while before I get back to work per the doctor’s orders. I filed a claim while admitted at the hospital and got denied. I was never contacted by Colonial Life Stating that I was denied. I found out when I called to check on my status. I was told by my doctor that post-traumatic stress disorder is diagnosed sickness. Colonial Life refuse to accept my claim due to my PTSD diagnosis. Is there anything that I can do? Thank you.

In Dec of 2015 Colonial sent me correspondence saying I could continue my disability coverage. I called and told the rep that I was no longer at the company where I got the coverage. I was told no problem. I then told her I was still suffering from the same ailment, again she said no problem. I send in the premium, send in the paperwork, they deny it saying they had paid full payment (one year) on this claim, which they did. I am able to go back to work for a short time, can no longer work. I have a new ailment I send it in, they deny it, saying I had not worked a job since last ailment. I told them this was false, then they said, "well if you're not working now, you must have two of five activities of daily living which you cannot do and must be under regular care and you are kept at home".

This was never mentioned to me during the phone call with their rep, and was not part of their policy when I had originally signed up in 2007. I have told them either pay the claim, or refund my premiums. Since Dec, 2015, they keep changing their story from not working from last disability to the two of five activities of daily living not being able to perform. Avoid this company like the plague, unless you want to constantly be buried in double speak, paperwork. Eventually after many, many requests from my doctor, outright lies to me, they will pay for a month, then require more mountains of paperwork. Please avoid this for your own sanity.

I signed up with Colonial Life during open enrollment with my employer. The rep that signed us up, made the claims process seem very easy and hassle free. Well that's surely was not the case. Colonial Life processing time is very slow, you can't even speak with the individual who is processing your claim, you have to either speak with a call center rep, who usually knows nothing, or you have to submit an email, and wait 24 to 72 hours for a response. If they do respond by email, it's a generic email template, and your concerns are not even addressed in the email. They make every excuse not to pay you on the claims submitted. Very unprofessional company.

I would recommend cancelling all policies with this company, because you're going to very upset if you have to file a claim. If you have the opportunity sign up with Aflac, much better service and less hassles when filing a claim, Aflac pays claims within 3 days. Compared to Colonial life, it's been almost 3 weeks and my claim is still processing. Spoke with a supervisor, regarding the delay, and she was just useless as a regular Customer Service Rep. This company just takes your money, everything they promote is a lie. This company needs to be shut down, and all customers should be refunded their money, that they have paid into their policies.

WARNING!!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! Here is my story. I have been a loyal customer with this company since 2002. My policies cover my entire family (wife, 2 sons: 16 and 3 and a daughter - 17). In 2009 I added additional disability coverage for my 2 oldest kids (my 16 yr old and my 17 yr old). Both of my kids play sports and my oldest son will be playing on a Div 1 collegiate level so the additional Colonial disability injury benefit seemed perfect due to any injuries that might happen.

My horror story with Colonial begin 11/30/2015. My son was playing ball for his school and had a unfortunate knee injury during the game. Our family Dr. scheduled an MRI which revealed a torn meniscus in his right knee. Surgery was scheduled for December 17th 2015, with 8 weeks of Physical Therapy following surgery. After the 8 weeks of P.T I gathered all the documents needed to file our claim and I told my wife "No worries. Colonial will cover us."

After I faxed all the information they requested my claim was denied a couple days later. I called and a representative told me my claim was denied because the Surgeon did not put a specific date the injury occurred. He only put a month and the year. I was in disbelief due to the fact that we knew the injury didn't occur before I added this benefit (2009). I then faxed over a detailed letter from the surgeon stating when the injury occurred and the Surgeon even added additional information that wasn't requested (which was very costly for us to obtain).

Several days later I called to check on my claim and was informed that my claim was pending additional information. The Surgeon added the date we came in to discuss the surgery options and this new date is considered conflicting information as I was told. I was then informed by a representative that my claim will continue to be denied because this type of injury is considered due to wear and tear over time and could not have happened in one set time or event (now the representatives are Doctors).

I requested to speak with a supervisor and I voiced my displeasure with this company, the runaround, the cost factor I have had to come out of pocket for to get these specialized letters and the unprofessionalism every time I called. The supposedly supervisor (Angela) informed me that the representative was wrong and should not have told me my claim would be denied due to wear and tear. Angela then informed me that all would be needed is another specialized letter from our Physician stating the actual date we took our son in due to the knee pain and the date she scheduled us to see the orthopedic surgeon. I then go out and get this specialized letter, fax it over only to find out the original decision stands!!! This company is a ripoff. Please stay away. I PRAY THIS LETTER PREVENTS ANY PERSON(S) OR FAMILIES FROM GOING THROUGH WHAT COLONIAL HAS JUST PUT MY FAMILY THROUGH.

PS: we were going to use the claim payment to offset the out of pocket cost for the P.T. Since Colonial screwed us we must now come out of pocket to cover our son P.T. We have paid into our policies since 2002 at a rate of 87.00 biweekly only to find out Colonial is a big HOAX. Thanks Colonial. You were there for my family when we needed you.

I have had an accident and critical illness policy for 2 years. I have filed Wellness claims each year on myself, my husband and daughter and have had the money in my account 2 business days later. I also filed an accident claim when my husband was in a car accident. I provided all of his hospital studies and follow up visits and we were paid $665 within 2 weeks. The accident coverage has a specific amount that they pay per injury or test and it was spot on. So far, I highly recommend. I hate seeing all the negative reviews, but I do have to say that some seem to have filed the claim incorrectly?

Husband had been seen in 2015 for left shoulder pain, got mri and ** shot, pain got better, never went away. May 2016 throwing hay, heard a pop and could not longer use the arm. We thought is was just aggravation of the arthritis, however this severe pain and lack of use did not go away. 6 days later pain so bad, went back to doctor. Due to pain and the office visit where doctor doing palpitations, he did not feel MRI was necessary and felt surgery was better. Did surgery, found a tear, and did some scraping.

Colonial is denying disability and accident claim saying they are not two different things --- the kicker of this is we were not even going to submit an accident claim. They told us too, because it was an accident and we advised them he had previous issues with this same shoulder. We were more interested in being compensated for disability while out to work. So we have spent literally hours, with phone conversations, gathering med records, getting letters from doctor to support what we are saying for absolutely Nothing. Talk about a rip off - take your monthly premiums yet pay out nothing.

I have had a Colonial Cancer policy for 3 1/2 years. Opened a claim with them on 09/26/2014. With me, like you, I have sent a novel size amount of paperwork, had paperwork submitted directly from my doctor, and the Medical Records section, all VA related. I was told on my very first call to Colonial way back then that I didn't have to do anything; they would do all the legwork and get whatever they needed. Not true! I had to fill out an Authorization Form three times; they said they never received it even when I had the fax confirmation all three times in front of me. If I called 20 times, I got 20 different answers to the same question. One call resulted in the CSR telling me that Colonial and the VA share no relationship of any kind.

Today, finally, the CSR told me that Colonial has known all along that the VA cannot produce the billing that Colonial claims to need. However, they continued to collect premiums. The agent that originally sold my wife and I this policy (as state employees) knew that I used the VA but said nothing about Colonial's balking at VA claims. I will be filing a formal complaint with the Florida Department of Insurance Services. VETERANS: DO NOT BUY A COLONIAL CANCER POLICY - COLONIAL WILL NOT HONOR IT.

As I write this review, tears are flowing. I can't believe I was scammed by Colonial Life! I signed up for short term disability and life insurance for my daughter and I in January. I end up getting pregnant a month after and was happy I had signed up for short term disability because my job did not have a paid maternity leave. My son came early and because of his premature birth, I was denied my short term disability. According to Colonial Life you have to be pregnant at least 9 months and it have to be 9 months after the date you sign up. I did not chose to have my son early but it happen.

I did not receive a letter nor an email to inform me my claim had been denied. When I called the customer service line the representative did not try to keep me as a customer, she just told me the forms to fill out to cancel my polices (red flag). I've paid at least 1000 dollars to Colonial life and now I have no monies to provide for my family due to my unpaid maternity leave and colonial life scamming me. I wish I would've read these reviews before I signed up. Colonial Life is clearly a shady company and I will be telling everyone who works with me and everyone I know!

Biggest crooks & liars - they make the U.S. gov. look like angels. I signed up for 50K life insurance for me and 50K life insurance for my wife. They thought it was cute to give me 100K and my wife 100K. I never noticed it until they cancelled my wife's plan for some unknown reason. After paying in over 2.5K into my plan, I cancelled services... Which I had to call in twice to do so because they could not even cancel my services right the first time. I had mentioned my dissatisfaction on every single call... On multiple occasions and they simply do not care a single ounce. I am still surprised on how 100K each got approved when I signed for 50K each. Now that I am finally cancelled, I will have my legal counsel look further into it. I will need to call in for a 3rd time to ask for proof of me signing for 100K. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE CROOKS!

I have had a life insurance policy and supplemental (cancer coverage) with Colonial Life for the last three years... I did get cancer and thought how lucky I was to have this coverage. However, once I started filing claims, I got the run around and excuses right from the start of why they would not cover me. They have paid on some of the promised coverage’s but it is a fight every time. They use excuses that they don't have the correct forms or codes or didn't receive the fax; my favorite is "the agent that signed me up had out dated paperwork and that's why some of my claims were not covered." Claims take months and all you will get is letters saying they need more information even if you call to verify that they have everything they need.

Honestly, I suggest to everyone not to bother with these companies. In my experience, the policies aren't worth the paper they are written on. They pay only what they can get away with and I believe they try to give you the run around so you will finally get tired and quit sending in claims. I thought I was protecting my children if something ever happened to me... This was a complete joke and added stress that I didn't need when they promised that they were there to help. They will change the rules mid stream with every claim you have. In my opinion, don't bother. This is a typical insurance company that can't be trusted. I have very little confidence that if something did happen to me, that my children would see a dime of the life insurance or if they did, it would be a very small percentage of what they claimed they would pay.

My husband and I have Colonial Life accident and sickness thru our work (which comes out of our paycheck). My husband had to go in for surgery in July and we filed the claim. It is now Sept 1st AND WE STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED OUR CHECK! Claims keeps dragging their feet. They have every piece of paper from the full application to Dr visits and notes and all reports and still will not release a check. We are seriously thinking about hiring a lawyer. Don't waste your money! We told our company about this and they since then have dropped Colonial and are now with Aflac!

This company will hire you, ask you to bring new agents, train them, bring new accounts and then will terminate your employment for no reason just to steal your accounts and agents. Noel ** TM, has done many sneaky & manipulative things to drive away his agents. He has also done many deceitful things including moving managers from one to another for his own gain. He has no integrity and I cannot believe the company supports his actions. I brought in almost 100 agents and they have all left.

I had a disability policy with them for over 4 years. When I went on disability I realized then what 30 days means. You have to be disabled for 30 days before they pay anything. I was not it was for three weeks. I cancelled my policy. They took it out of pay twice after I cancelled, after the second time I called and they said they "forgot" to send the file to my employer to cancel, and I would be refunded the premiums. They finally sent a check 3 months later for only one premium and now I am being told that the first payment I will not get because they need 12 days to cancel a policy and it was only 11 days!!!

My ex-husband, husband at the time, were joint managing conservators for our grandson. Troy, my ex, took out life insurance with me as the beneficiary, to make sure our grandson would always be taken care of. Probably had policy since 2007. Troy got cancer Feb. 2014 and passed in July 2014. We divorced in 2011 and at that time asked our rep. with Colonial, Ken **, if we needed to change the beneficiary because of the divorce. Ken said, "NO, everything was still ok." There seems to be a stupid law in Texas that if the beneficiary is listed as wife and you are divorced, it is void. But of course no one tells you this and it was not our practice to read law books in our spare time. Troy and I were divorced but still together - just didn't live together. He had made me his Power of Attorney and put me back on his checking account. I was by his side when he passed.

Now of course when I filed for the death benefits, I have been denied. Jordan now has no college fund. I don't understand how they can get away with this. They are suppose to be there for their customers. Ken ** has now retired and even the new rep said there would be no problem with this claim. Not only do you have to deal with the death of someone you loved for years but you get ** on by the insurance company that you have trusted for years. They also would not pay life insurance benefits on a co-worker after her death in a car accident because Ken ** didn't make the yes box on the policy that she was a diabetic. Which had nothing to do with the wreck.

Colonial Life goes through patients files and reimburses for what ever is the least amount they have to pay. I filed for a reimbursement for a mammogram (reimbursement of $400.00). They paid instead for an office visit (reimbursement of $50.00), which I never filed for. Looks like I'm not the first and won't be the last, Rather go to some other more honest company, wherever they are. What a rackety scam!!!

One of my employees had AFLAC for many years, and they always paid claims promptly and without problems. Then last March an Agent for Colonial life convinced her to switch because they "offered more and it was cheaper." She had a complete knee replacement surgery in November and they are refusing to pay, calling it a pre-existing condition. She has sent records, appealed, had the doctor write a letter. It is now February and they still have not paid. I feel that the agent should not have sold her the policy, or the company should pay the claim. I am warning my other employees about this.

I went on medical leave due to heart and feet issues (a murmur and plantar fascitis) while pregnant with my second child. I work in surgery, so these conditions adversely affect my ability to stand; move fast; and be around patients. My first pregnancy was a breeze compared to the physical ailments that plagued me throughout this pregnancy. I began the process in late October 2012, with my last day of work being Sept. 28. It is now January 9, 2013 and I am still getting the runaround - we still need this and that, etc. They are requesting information from my OB going back to 2010. I'm not sure why. I had to provide a PCP that I haven't seen since a year and a half before my pregnancy. Again, there's no reason why. I've had the policy a year before getting pregnant.

Every time I call, I'm told all we need is this one thing. I called the doctor's office they are requesting information, and they said they sent it. Then I'm told by Colonial, "Oh wait, it's from this other physician the information we need." I was 45% of my family's income before becoming ill. I haven't brought in income since September. My Christmas, a.k.a. my birthday and my one and a half year old's first real holiday experience, was completely ruined. We have always lived modestly, never needed help of any kind. But my husband has since taken a second landscaping job on weekends just to make sure his son and pregnant wife can eat! I feel horrible and helpless and almost regret getting pregnant.

My mother's killer's murder trial has literally begun and ended between the time I stopped working and now. I will never recommend this company to my worst enemy. I will go through every relevant avenue to put their callousness and indifference to their customers on blast. Thankfully, I don't plan on having any more children. I got the policy to protect myself, but it made my life utterly unbearable. I get severe palpitations every time I call them, which are hazardous to me and my unborn daughter. Never ever use Colonial Life for anything. Even when I was in the army, I was treated exponentially better than these people. The army is less forgiving to pregnant women than American society in general - so that's saying a lot.

The WORST customer service as stated in other reviews. In addition to unprofessional and unknowledgeable customer service, they WON'T pay out for my short-term disability claim (of which I've had money taken out of every paycheck because their representatives were oh so CONVINCING at my work) that meets their standards (dependency on prescription medication). Also, they are making me jump through hoops for my APPEAL, and the supervisor said there is an appeal form to send, yet I can't find it online anywhere and customer service has NOT been helpful thus far. DON'T GO WITH THEM!!

I was offered Colonial Life Supplement Insurance through my work. The salesman gave his big sale and stated that if I wanted to cancel my policy any time, it was not a big deal. I didn't want to sign up and that was just a quote. My boss came to me last week and said I need to pay back the company for my premiums. Well, 2 months later, with no paperwork from them stating that I am covered, my premiums doubled from my "quote". I have called many times now and they are saying I can only do it during open enrollment. I am not satisfied at all with this company. Do not use them.

Extremely disappointed in the service of Colonial Life STD. I submitted a claim for a medical necessity. I had to have a hysterectomy back in February 2018. I’ve spoken with at least a dozen or so reps and one person will tell me that my claim is being processed then the next day I would call to see why they have yet to process my claim and was told they are unable to locate all my medical records that were sent.

Every day it is a different story with the reps. I ask to speak with a supervisor and still get the runaround. I feel at this point I am just being dragged through the mud. I have 3 children and a mortgage to pay for... This wasn’t some elective surgery this was medically necessary. I was told that they will not compensate me the time I was out due to being a pre-existing condition within the first year. However, I was diagnosed after applying with ovarian cysts which needed to be removed as well. They still will not compensate me.

My sales rep. did not explain this much in depth when applying for the insurance. It was told to not only myself but colleagues of mine that this was a very simple straightforward process. This has been nothing short of a nightmare. Also, they kept telling me my policy effective date was a completely different date than when I applied. Extremely incompetent, disingenuous company... I will never recommend this STD insurance to anyone. A colleague of mine had a gastric sleeve done within the year of applying for her STD with a pre-existing condition of obesity and was paid out no problem. I would like to know how this happened with an elective surgery.

I was diagnosed with cancer on Jan. 19 via colonoscopy. Colonial Life has been trying to say this is pre-existing condition? They have requested records for the previous year that don't pertain to this in an effort to avoid payment, even though I have the surgeon that will sign the affidavit saying this was not pre-existing. We were shocked with the diagnosis as I am fairly young. Next, Colonial keeps saying they never received the records, yet the doctor has assured me they sent them twice. Colonial has lied to me more than once. They claimed to have left voice messages with the medical records dept. Unfortunately, that is not an option on the voice system. I have talked to other cancer patients that have Colonial for short-term disability and they say Colonial has done the same thing to them. This company is horrible.

Colonial will look for the smallest thing to deny your claims! I had knee surgery for a torn meniscus and torn cartilage. They denied me telling me that: 1. I did not have coverage still after 10/1/15 and my accident happened 07/01/15. They later realized I had coverage since 10/01/13. THEN they tell me that neither my doctor or myself mentioned the actual date of my injury, to the actual day of injury. Any little excuse to deny benefits, please avoid at all costs!

I was never sent a copy of my policy, and when I requested one, I still did not receive it. It does not seem possible to actually talk to someone at the company, although I once did, and he (Jim **) said he would send me the forms to change my insurance policy but he never did. I am self-employed and he refused to talk to my office manager, whom I gave authority to contact them on my behalf. I am now going to cancel my policy and find a more reputable company to deal with. I suspect that if a claim needed to be filed, the treatment would be the same - neglect.

DON'T PLAN ON GETTING PAYMENTS!!!! I spent thousands on this policy only for them to deny my disability!!! I refuse to go away quietly, and hope I can stop anyone else from having false security by paying a disability insurance company named Colonial Life for excuses to deny benefits. I am going to find every blogging and review site to share my story. I have had my policy for over a year and they still deny payment due to preexisting illness, despite the contract stating you must have the policy for 1 year.

I would like to know if there is an agency that will help me to understand how Colonial Life Insurance company pays out to policy holders for their premiums. They keep telling me that they need the "CPT billing codes" and I've been going round and round with them on this. I had 3 surgeries at Cancer Treatment Centers Of America and the billing department even tried to help me on a conference call with Colonial Life Insurance and the could not answer any questions.

After reading all the complaints on this company I really think someone should start a Class Action Suit Against Colonial Life Insurance Company. I would sign up for that ASAP! They are preying on the injuries and sicknesses of others and should be held liable!!! Have any ideas or good advice for me? Please send, thank you!

20 days later still no payment - I put in a claim. I was in the hospital for 6 days. No payment, no calls even though I was promised a response in 48 hours. I sent all requested documents per our agreement. Now they are waiting on the hospital to respond per supervisor. They spoke to the hospital and don't want to pay the price for medical records. SMH. Pay me I paid for coverage... Thanks for nothing.

DO NOT BUY INSURANCE FROM THEM!!! I purchased a short term disability insurance through my professional organization with a two week grace period and a weekly premium. Prior to having surgery I called Colonial Life and received forms. I filled out my information and dropped off the forms to my physician and employer prior to surgery (less than one week prior). I of course presumed all was in order and after getting out of the hospital just assumed everything was in order.

After not receiving any notifications via email or phone and the two week grace period lapsed I called customer service. I was told I filled out the forms too early. I ** and moaned and was told they needed a return to work date. I had just gotten out of the hospital and was home on pain meds, I was told they needed new information, again about return to work. I said I have a post op appt with MD that day but that I did not expect to return to work for several more weeks. They facilitated my claim then (already two weeks late) and I received a check for 1 week and a letter starring that a "reasonable recovery period should only be 3 weeks". I just got my staples out and was still in pain, couldn't lift or bend over. They also stated they needed more info from my employer and physician. I called both to facilitate my claim as I could not--and cannot afford to not have money coming in.

2 more weeks later they still say they need more info but won't call either MD or employer. I again provided info (which was already noted on forms) and called both MD and employer (it needs to be noted that they never contacted me with any problems preferring to just deny claim). I notified both of problems and they both stated they had been in contact with insurance co and all should be in order. Still taking a direct withdrawal from my bank account but can't service my claim. Called customer service to talk to claim rep, too busy. Asked for a supervisor, too busy. Asked them to call MD and employer to facilitate claim, they can't do that. "Customer service is an incoming call center". There's nothing I can do!!!

They shouldn't be allowed to sell insurance they can't service. Currently having to sell belongings at a huge loss to just eat while waiting for them to service my claim. Totally useless. Full of excuses which change every time you call. Poor service. Better get AFLAC... filing a complaint with insurance commissioner. DO NOT BUY INSURANCE FROM THEM.

I was injured on July 29 2017, my surgeon filed paperwork in August. I sent Colonial an email to check on my claim and was told it take 8-12 weeks before I would see a check. I checked back in Dec and was told there was no record of my claim and my policy lapsed. Now I get the lapse part I let the policy expire when I left my Job in Aug, but the injury happened when I was still insured. I have refiled the claim and now I'm waiting to see what Colonial does but so far they have been very unhelpful.

I was sold this $50000 LIFE INSURANCE policy while working at Town North Mazda. Figuring that my company would only do business with a good company. Well my 10-year term life insurance went from two hundred dollars a quarter to $545.35 a quarter because I am 61 years old. Sorry, I was told that my premiums would not increase in both March and June of this year. Today, I am told that this is the way they do business and that is all that could be said. VERY VERY Disappointed in Colonial Life. WE not recommend ever again and will let everyone I know that has their policies at my job to get rid of them QUICKLY.

To work one morning and that early evening before finishing my day I apparently had a mental breakdown. From that moment my life was turned upside down. No work and insurance no good. Aug. 2004 date I have tried in past to get help but failed. I stayed locked up for month between the jail and evaluation. I never did nothing to deserve what I had to insure. I was medicated to zombie state. I could not work and my insurance said due to the nature of the illness no money was paid.

Today 2016 I have been hospital-free since 2009 but on meds. I lost my home because my insurance failed me. My car got stolen and my only income SSI was stop until I spent what my car insurance paid towards the theft. I had to live in homeless shelter a year. I truly feel like Colonial Life and accidental disability let me down when in need. Hairdresser for forty years and the one thing I felt like I was really covered on was insurance. I was mentally unable to fight for my rights at the time. If I do one thing it will be to run my mouth so no other soul person has to go through such. Make my day and send me some good news.

In January of 2012, I was at the lake on my stand-up jet ski. I had been riding for some time and hit a big wave and lost control. I fell off and the jet ski landed on my back. About a week later, I was having difficulty getting out of bed. I went to the chiropractor to have an adjustment. He wouldn't touch me until I had x-rays. He took the x-rays and discovered that I had a fractured vertebra. I then went to a medical doctor who told me to rest it for six to twelve weeks. I did so, and it got better but did not improve dramatically.

I had several more visits with the doctor over the next four months before I went to a spinal specialist. This doctor gave me several spinal steroid shots, but it still did not improve. I began to have numbness in my legs and lower body. Finally, he performed surgery and discovered that a portion of the vertebra was shattered into a dozen pieces. I have rehabbed and rested since then and am now able to work full time.

I have an accident policy with Colonial. I filed this claim with them, and after several months of bantering back and forth, they issued a decision that breaking my back on a jet ski was not accidental. If this isn't an accident, then there is no such thing as an accident. I am very upset about this. I was sold a bill of goods. It took three to four months to get an answer out of them. The salesman (who will say anything to make a sale) told me that all of these medical issues would be covered. The surgery cost several thousand dollars and I was unable to work during my rehab. I expected this claim to help pay those costs. Now, I'm stuck paying premiums for an insurance policy that is worthless.

I have the right to appeal, but the appeal is through Colonial. What are my odds of winning that? Slim and none. If anyone is using Colonial at your work, drop it immediately. Colonial is a typical insurance company. They will loan you their umbrella when it is sunny and demand for it back at the first sign of rain.

Due to my negligence, I failed to note that the disability policy I signed up for with Colonial Life (having approximately $200.00/month deducted from my paycheck) did not cover mental health issues. As an RN/PHN, I have been taught that illness/wellness is based on the health of the whole being. I can't believe I missed this disqualifying factor. I have requested a copy of the original policy I signed for review. I plan to research other companies which are more into the "holistic" approach when taking someone's health into consideration regarding disability. Also, calling their offices (2) only to find out the numbers are invalid/disconnected makes me question the financial solubility of their company.

Updated on 12/04/2018: Update on my Mass Short Term Disability- Massachusetts: So as my previous posts- this all started in August. After my second appeal was denied I got Sothers involved and the Div of Insurance. We filed a complaint with the Div of Insurance and they sent it to Colonial Short Term disability. Div of Insurance with the help of others got this out to Colonial in 2 days. I got an email from Colonial saying they received the complaint from Div of Insurance and they had until 12/11/18 to respond. I wish I could say names of officials who are helping me but can't. They have been incredible. Today I go into account and there is an email dated 11/29/18 denying my claim again based on information received in Oct. They listed all the dates from my Dr. I call the 800 line and play dumb to claim rep who proceeds to read me what the letter sent to me said while I was looking at it but she did not know that.

She reads that I was denied based on documentation from my Dr 2 months ago and documentation for Div of Insurance received Nov 13 and 14. I then proceeded to ask her where the Div of Insurance dates were in the letter and she said "right in the middle" I then told her I was looking at the letter and I did not any Nov dates that docs were sent from Div of Insurance. She was silent and then said "if you read it says the denial was based on documentation received".

I said "so tell me how you read to me the letter which is leaving out important dates about how this claim was again denied and yet you do not list the dates other than from Oct? I appealed and the exact dates my Dr sent in information yet not a word about the dates you reviewed Div of Insurance complaints (I know she was reading it as the wording was pretty like what I received other than the Div of Insurance dates). I even have Colonial email saying they received the complaint." I then asked if a copy was sent to the Div of Insurance answering their complaint and she said NO because they were not required to do so. I explained the law and once again she was dead silent. As awful as this sounds, I actually was amused about how easy it was to play her- I know the laws but I played stupid to see how far I could get and she was putty in my hands thinking she knew more than I.

The letters were printed and sent to the appropriated people. I am sure Colonial will send to "updated" letters by tomorrow, overnight to the Div of Insurance and others lol but it is too late. I filed complaint with the Federal Disability people and Federal Dept of Discrimination. I have researched the past 3 months Colonial and UNUM (UNUM owns Colonial) The lawsuits from literally years ago are incredible. I am not done at all with this. Think of it this way- if their lawyers were any good, or could open their own practice or join a good practice they would not be working for Colonial/UNUM. They mostly settle out of court. Those of you going through what I am -- call their bluffs - involved Div of Insurance and Fed Dept of Discrimination etc. Keep fighting - there a lawyers out there who will these cases based on the situation on contingency. I will keep you posted.

Original review: I am not going to get into the lack of passion and organization Colonial Short Term Disability has through GIC in MA. They of course denied my claim even after I sent them the new law. The kicker- I go into check my appeal status yesterday, I see a letter they sent me that I never got email notification about or to this day a letter dated Oct 5-2018 they FAXED a request for medical records to one of biggest hospital campus's in country. And they ADDRESSED THE LETTER TO WRONG DOCTOR- A DOCTOR I DO NOT KNOW OR SEE-. Not one person would tell what the content of the letter was. There are so many Dr's at his campus! My Dr's last name began with a letter no even close to who they sent it to. They had no documentation in my file of the letter (so they say).

I think they asked for specific information about my health and are too scared to tell me. That letter will be found and I am pretty that is going to be huge HIPPA violation and I have the right to see what they sent - so if they do not have a copy bang # 2 - We all know Colonial and Unum deny everyone but my God that could be big issues of HIPPA violations when my Dr see the copy. This is truly a scary thing and although it sounds harsh- it one of the most stupidest things anyone in medical industry could do- they are requesting medical docs and there is not double information. They faxed a new letter lol. I am laughing and waiting going on 24 hrs for the appeals person to call and read the letter... no call... It is not good but how can they be so so without knowledge of the law.

Well as we all know insurance companies are in it for one thing and that's PREMIUMS... Colonial Life & Accident Insurance is no exception. So I have a sickness claim filed. I submitted all the proper documentation, including get this the most important one of them all is the doctors portion. I was told it takes 7-10 days to review any submitted forms. On the 10th day I was mysteriously told I need more info. Now me just guessing I figured it would be an issue, lmfao!!! So I called on the 9th day and checked the status of my claim. Ironically due to them having 7-10 days they couldn't pull up in their system that I needed additional info. Now I wish I could tell you a different outcome of your stories and mine but I can’t... No one as human beings is immune to the tragedies, or disabilities, or the outcomes of life. Yet we put our $$$ into companies who could care less. In other words," **, pay us" !!!

To make a longer story short Colonial Life & Accident Insurance SUCKS!!! I wouldn't recommend them on my worst enemy.... I'm still waiting on benefits that my family solely depends on me to have because I'm the man of my household. Smh. P.s for future references try your hardest to stay healthy even tho we put our $$$ into these companies. Good luck to all.

When I was getting signed up for a hospital confinement policy, I was told by Sherrie ** that I could cancel at any point after we had our baby. To just let her know and that she'd take care of it. I was under this impression during the entirety of my policy which I had for over a year, that I could simply cancel at any point. When I tried to cancel my policy, she then said that I would have to wait another 6 months, and that she can't cancel me. I asked her why she told me and other employees who signed up at the same time that we could cancel at any time and she was evasive and wouldn't answer the question directly.

Additionally, I asked for her help on multiple occasions to help submit 2 claims, and she informed me that they were submitted and that she'd keep me posted. 2 weeks later, I asked for an update, and she said that it looked like it actually never got submitted. After that, she did a great job of following up and getting that taken care of for me. She was always timely with her responses, for which I was grateful. However, she definitely didn't tell the truth when signing me up. This has happened with other employees at my company as well.

DON'T PURCHASE A POLICY FROM COLONIAL!!! My wife and I purchased a disability policy for her in case something happened we would receive benefits if she was out of work for an extended period of time. We have paid for the policy for almost 10 years and have only been able to use the policy twice. Once for maternity leave and the other was when she had a hernia and was off work for six weeks after surgery. We have filed claims for other time off due to medical issues but have been unsuccessful in getting paid. Colonial gives the same song and dance every time - paperwork not filled out correctly, time was not within grace period, or benefits are not available based on the documents given.

She got hurt on the job and was off work 3 months, policy didn't pay a dime because it was a work related accident. The policy is one we pay for personally, it is not affiliated with her work. Even though it was an accident and she was off work Colonial would not pay anything. All insurance is a rip off, I'm going to cancel the policy and put the money in a savings account. That way if we need it it'll be there with out the hassle.

Our overall experience is horrible. We were promised health insurance to take effect on August 1st. It is now September 10th and we are uninsured--still waiting for the health insurance, health insurance cards, and the health insurance policy. This company misled my boss, telling him to cancel his existing insurance with the previous insurance company and Colonial's policy will go into effect. He cancelled and Colonial totally dropped the ball. They were very unprofessional through the whole mess. Even the corporate website's Customer Service "Contact Us" site was of little help.

I was originally told about Colonial Health Insurance in October 2010 by my employer. My employer did not directly offer health insurance, but Colonial had decided to offer a special supplemental policy for adjunct professors at my state-run community college. After talking to a Colonial representative, I signed up for Colonial's supplemental health insurance. In December 2011, I was having some back pain so I chose a "preferred provider" from the list. The preferred provider turned out to be ridiculously overpriced. The nurse practitioner there ran a few lab tests and I ended up with a bill for $660 just for the tests, in addition to the $60 I paid for the visit (incidentally, for this $720, all that ended up being wrong with me was a pulled muscle).

Lab Corp, the company that sent me the $660 bill for the tests, initially left out a number in my insurance policy when they tried to file a claim with Colonial. After I called and figured out the problem, they resubmitted the claim to Colonial. I never received a check from Colonial, but six months later I did receive a letter from Colonial asking why I hadn't cashed a supposed $90 check they had sent me, which was their portion of the payment for the $660 lab bill. Enclosed was a form to fax them if I wanted to have another check sent to me and cancel the one I had never received. I faxed them the form in July 2012, but as of January 2013 have never received the $90 check for their portion of the $660 bill.

Around the same time in July 2012, Colonial sent a letter cancelling my policy with no reason stated. By this point, I was more than fine with that as I never would have gone to such an expensive provider and racked up this $660 bill without the provider being on Colonial's list, but would have gone to CVS's much cheaper Minute Clinic instead. However, now in January 2013, I have discovered that although Colonial cancelled my health insurance in July 2012, they have still been taking money out of my checking account for an accident insurance policy that was part of their supplemental health insurance package when I originally bought the policy in October 2010.

At that time, the Colonial representative stated that the accident insurance was tandem to the health insurance (i.e. that I'm only eligible for the accident insurance because I was getting the health insurance). Hence, I think it would be more than fair to assume, as I purchased the policies together and the accident insurance was presented to me by the representative as contingent upon my enrollment in the supplemental health insurance, that when Colonial cancelled my health insurance, they also would have cancelled the attached accident insurance.

Furthermore, between July 2012 and January 2013, I received absolutely no correspondence of any sort concerning this policy I did not want and did not know I supposedly was still enrolled in. Nothing stating any updates on this accident insurance - no member ID card, absolutely no notification that it was still ongoing. Had this month's $17.92 automatic withdrawal from my checking account not come to my attention, I could easily have gone months more paying for a policy I did not know I had.

Colonial makes it difficult to actually contact a representative by phone. When I was finally able to locate a number and speak to a representative, they were condescending and gave me a runaround about the process and attempted to make me feel as if it should have been obvious they would only cancel pieces of my insurance policy. I am now requesting, in written correspondence, that Colonial refund me the full amount of money deducted from my checking account since they cancelled my health insurance in July 2012.

I do not feel Colonial Insurance has been forthright with me or communicated with me properly. I have little hope of ever seeing the $90 check or figuring out how to pay the $660 bill. In the end, I would advise anyone considering a supplemental health insurance policy with Colonial to check out CVS's Minute Clinic instead, where prices are clearly posted. It is also unbelievable to me that Lab Corp would initially file my claim wrong, delaying any possible insurance compensation; meanwhile sending me $660 bill for a few simple blood tests.

Finally, whether the lack of disclosure is intentional or not, Colonial benefits from cancelling people's health policies and then continuing to tack a $17.92 a month fee for accident insurance onto bank accounts without ever happening to mention they didn't cancel both policies. Again, from July 2012 to January 2013, I had absolutely no communication from Colonial indicating I still had a policy with them until I noticed the fee on my bank statement. Do not buy this company's insurance! They will waste your money and your time trying to communicate with them and get things sorted out later.

In 2016 I added my husband to my account. During open enrollment in 2017 our Colonial rep and I supposedly removed him, not so they said I had to remove him during open enrollment. Again during open enrollment 2018 I signed papers removing him. That was May 3rd. It is now July 24th. I received a letter stating it is a pretax deduction so I can't remove him.

Well I used to managed 2 gyms in Washington State and while I was managing we had a rep from Colonial Life come in to sell me and attempt to sell all my current members policies. The gentleman was great at his job and I gave him the opportunity to sit with me which by the end thought that "This accident policy is a no brainer" and purchased it for very little money per month that came directly from my paychecks. I also allowed him to leave his brochure and card for our current members to look at if they so choose to. Fast forward 4 months later... I was in a severe ATV accident where I had lacerations to my face, shattered my nose, tore my trapezius muscle and partial shoulder. Not only did I have to go through all of the x-rays, MRI's, sewing my lip back together much more pain than one should go through but I also had to miss weeks of work for obvious reasons.

When I finally got released from the hospital and was on bed rest I remembered I had this policy which would be able to help me with my medical bills that was not covered under my actual insurance. I gave them a call and was told multiple times that my policy is still active and that I needed to update my billing address and information before we could submit a new claim. I was sent a digital sign link with the information they requested. After I signed and filled out and sent it back the Docusigns, I proceeded to follow everything they asked such as asking for every medical bill to photos of the accident. Was told multiple times throughout three week waiting period that it was procedure and I would get approved. Well I didn't. The reasoning behind the rejection was that "the billing information from before the incident was not updated" (which my account was still paid up to current).

Obviously I was frustrated and did speak to multiple sources of management that just reinforced that it was not updated. I eventually had enough and said I just want it cancelled right now and will figure out these problems on my own. Well let's fast forward 3 months later... I just received a letter in the mail stating I owe them $70 for the last three months. I've worked in a call center, sales, insurance, management and now own my own business and will say that this should never be the level of professionalism given by any company let alone a company that is supposed to be in your corner when in great life struggle. I'm not saying to "buy them or not to buy them" but I hope by this actual recent event makes you think very very hard before doing so.

I have Disability/Accident insurance with Colonial Life. I had a fall that resulted in a fractured shoulder. Faxed my paperwork on 11-27-2013 and nothing has been paid on my claim as of today 12-14-2013. I was out of work for two weeks. All I can say is that these people are dragging their feet on this claim. I submitted all the necessary paperwork. What in the hell takes so long?

I have been paying for my insurance through my company since 2013. I had back surgery in 2015. Colonial played me for a year. Problem is doctors would not let me go back to work. I've been paying insurance out of pocket since October 2015. Had to get back surgery in February 2016. At first they denied claim stating I had lapses in coverage. Their mistake, they fixed that problem. Then I was told the surgery was the same which it was not. Now I'm getting the runaround. Colonial want your money but that does not stand by their commitment.

We had a rep. come into our work the end of September 2017 to try to switch us over to their insurance. I work for a corporate veterinary office that associates itself with Aflac insurance. I'm a newer employee so I did not have insurance but many other employees had Aflac coverage already. Many of us decided to get policies through Colonial because we either had bad experiences with Aflac in the past or didn't have insurance.

The employees that were already covered by Aflac were told by our rep. that they would be able to cancel their coverage and switch to Colonial. Come to find out he got everyone to sign up without consulting our corporate office. Our corporate policy states that the insurance plan through Aflac could not be cancelled until March when the sign-up date was. We informed our rep. of that and he came back with false papers he had printed offline, again without talking to our corporate office, stating the Aflac policies could be cancelled.

At this point everyone that had a policy through Aflac had called our corporate office to cancel their policies just to be told they couldn't until March. I myself was told my payment would be $6 a week or $26 a month for accident insurance and then received a bill for $79 for the month of August. Keep in mind, our rep. didn't even come in to talk to us until the end of September. I was being charged for 3 policies when I only signed up for 1 and for a time which was almost 2 months before I even knew about this company. We have all since attempted to contact our rep. to cancel our policies and I have not heard from him after a week of calling every day. I would save yourself the trouble of dealing with people who have no idea what they're doing.

I wouldn't recommend Colonial Life to anyone. Not only does their claims department not know what's going on, but the sales and service reps are not responsive and won't return your calls until days or weeks later. I've been trying to have a simple $80 dental claim processed for two months, but every claims rep tells me something different. After reaching out to my dentist, I found out that no one from Colonial Life has reached out to them at all regarding my account, even though CL said they'd reached out to them multiple times. I'm expecting that my next claim will be as much of a ** as the current one has been! I just asked my employer's accountant to stop payroll deductions for all of my policies, because I'm receiving nothing from this company at all.

This has to be the worst company to deal with. Mr ** from Destin Florida office came to our office, to set this up. I told him over 3 times, I have a biopsy coming up in June, and that my PSA level was a little high. He lied to me and said, I would still be covered, because I was not diagnosed with cancer yet. He had me sign up, and now Colonial Life is refusing to pay the claim. I have been fighting with them for over 7 months now, and Mr. ** keeps lying to the insurance commissioner to cover his butt. They will do anything to get you to sign up, but will then fight you're claim. This was straight out fraud, and I'm still fighting them. The only good part is that I am a manager, and can talk my employees into dropping them, and new ones not to sign up with them.

I signed up for Colonial life short-term disability back in December with my job. In March I was diagnosed with HIV and extreme depression. Colonial denied my claim saying the depression that came with the HIV diagnosis was a pre-existing condition!! I can't wait till open enrollment so I can drop these crooks!! And I'm sharing my story with everyone so they will lose potential business.

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