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Complete Appliance Protection is the best home warranty service available. I highly recommend them.
Hi I am very sorry!! My girl friend heard me complaing about My CAR protection and confused them with CP.. Every time I call them They are there! If there is any complaint it whould be that they dont have enough people to fix all the problems!! A few times I had to find A repair man on my own..
Prior to two years ago, I didn't really believe in home warranty companies. I maintain & repair my own stuff and enjoy the process. When I bought another home last year. having a company was a requirement. So I did my research, and based on reviews and no deductible, I choose Complete Appliance Protection. Used them 3x last year, and it worked out so well that I renewed this year, including washer/dryer and refrigerator. Good thing, because my dryer went out a month later, called them up and they sent a reputable company that I had used last year. Since I'm busy with a new job, it was nice to have it fixed for me and now it was done professionally. I recommend CAP.
This company has always responded positively, professionally and speedily to any issues we've had with our appliances or pool equipment and in the past few years there have been many. Unlike most home warranty companies their contractors never charge a service call fee and on the rare occasions where they didn't have a contractor the company has always sent our reimbursement check for someone we had to call outside of the network in a timely manner. We think it's the best home warranty company out there. #loyalforlife
This is the very best Home Warranty service in America! They ALWAYS pay! Never a problem. They always pay the fair agreed to amount.
Please see above.
Fast Easy Transaction!!
Paid pool company $350. Warranty reimbursed No complaints
Jackie was awesome! As the phone rep, she was very friendly and professional. Took care of everything quickly and no hassles.
I called in for microwave repairs and unfortunately the closest technician they had listed wouldn't make the trip as we were located further out of the city limits. In response CAP allowed me to find a replacement but had the same results so they authorized me to fully replace the microwave for allotted reimbursement. The process was very effortless and reimbursement was received in a timely fashion. Be sure you know what your warranty allots reimbursement-wise prior to purchasing any replacement appliance.
The warranty is pricey but I like having peace of mind and they are great about approving repairs. I have also had appliances beyond repair and they send money to help pay for the new appliance as promised. I will continue to use them at my house.
I had a great experience with CP when our AC went out. They recommended a company near and they responded fast. Everything went smoothly.
This is the best company to deal with. I can't explain how helpful they are. I highly recommend them to anyone!
Excellent customer service, quick approvals & fast reimbursement checks. I also love that I can choose my own company for repairs. Definitely worth 5 stars.
Had my Hot water Heater replaced Before it went. CAP sent me $125 to help cover the cost. Thank you.
I have used two other service providers in the past that we were not happy with at all. Complete Protection is wonderful and we could not be happier.
They take care of you. A warranty company is no good if they don't stand behind the warranty. These guys do.
Excellent experience. My only issue is I wish there was an option you would buy a plan with full coverage of appliances if they needed to be replaced.
Outstanding home warranty company with zero hassle when requesting service or reimbursement. CAP even lets you choose the contractor!
Had trouble with serviceman contacting me back or answering phone. But once I made contact everything went smoothly after that.