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Country Financial Homeowners Insurance
Country Financial Homeowners Insurance

Country Financial Homeowners Insurance Online Insurance Reviews

I wanted to say thank you to all the Country Financial employees who helped my account get situated, both from the customer service line and the Pooler, Georgia location. A special thanks to Ms. ** who was able to finally get the problem fixed for me. Thank you so much for looking out for me. Please award her with a customer service award for exceptional service for Country Financial customers!

I have been a customer of Country Financial for 20+ years and have never had a claim. Four months ago, my boyfriend backed into someone in my car. They raised my rates from $648.00 for full coverage to $824.00 for six months. I just cancelled today. GEICO was $564.00 for six months and my deductible is only $250.00 and not $ 500.00, along with better coverage. They even said if I take an online class that they would lower my payment to $511.00. Country Financial is company is the biggest rip-off and they do not care about their customers. I wish I would have changed years ago!!

Does not respond to claims promptly or fairly. Adjuster grossly underestimated repair costs, in fact car cannot be repaired at all. If you use this company, expect to be going to court if you are involved in an accident. They will refuse to pay for damages that you cause if you are found to be at fault.

Absolutely one of the worst experiences in my career. I own and operate my own company which I have built from the ground up. I deal with all sorts of business owners, representatives, clients and other professionals in my line of business. For this reason, I have very thick skin and understand the day to day challenges of success. I typically do not leave negative reviews but in this case I feel that my experience needs to be heard. If you are counting on an insurance company to cover your back and support you, Country Mutual is not where you want to be.

** has caused so many headaches for me and my company over the past year it is unfathomable. Time after time, I gave him understanding and patience but at a certain point enough is enough. Country Financial has let me down in the following ways; complete lack of communication of account updates, billing and responses to changing needs. Never met a single deadline. I couldn't even get a declarations page within a month. Never updated my banking account to continue auto pay for my commercial vehicles. Instead it was ignored for 5 months.

I needed to add a venue as an additional insured. 4 months later I received it (after several phone calls). ** blamed all of his/my account troubles on the prior agent. A professional would address and represent a client as their own, no matter the past. A professional would also make a client feel secure which I never did. Did I mention not being billed for auto insurance for 5 months with no phone call or any notification? I was forced to pay 2 months after leaving Country Financial which amounted to over $1,000.00. "**, why am I being issued an outstanding balance of over $1,300.00?" "Don't worry about it **, I will take care of this and alert you to any question." 6 weeks later a collection agency is calling me.

Upon calling ** and informing him of my desire to change providers, his response was "I was waiting for this call." In hindsight I should have cancelled with this guy from the start but I made the mistake of considering him a professional. Something else to note is after leaving Country Mutual, my new (and current) representative was absolutely astonished by the lack of coverage for my business. He says that I am very fortunate that no incident happened under their coverage. If you are reading this review I hope you know that Country Mutual Insurance is an absolutely terrible company. I wholeheartedly wish you never have to go through what I have gone through.

Took about 4 months to follow up with a claim. SCOTT ** was the adjuster. Have to say, I've never corresponded with someone as slow and incompetent. I'm surprised he has a career with Country Financial Homeowners Insurance in Alpharetta, GA rating his professionalism. I hope Country Financial Homeowners Insurance does something to improve their overall customer service. Looking at your stars and ratings and being a business owner I would. Probably the first day my company has received a bad review. This is directly to Scott ** at Country Financial Homeowners Insurance.

I had a life insurance policy through Country on my now deceased ex husband and with the money I had left after helping to pay off my kids college tuition and weddings and help them with a home downpayment my Insurance agent urged me to invest to make more money so that I could retire. I met with their financial services personnel and signed up and made some money while paying them several hundred dollars a month to manage it until I could see that the stock market was getting volition and I talked to my agent. He kept urging me to stay with them because I would lose all the money I invested if the stocks came up but he was not putting my money in the more Conservative stocks and I was losing at least $3000 to $5000 a day and the fund lost over 12% value before I finally pulled out. Do not allow them to talk you into their financial Services!

Haven't had any claims to handle. Price is competitive with other carriers. Happy with the service.

I had been a Count States Insurance customer for over 50 years and they got bought out by COUNTRY INSURANCE and I had a water leak claim and it took contractor over a month to fix and we were eating out because we were inconvenienced with dishwasher being out. I think these folks are nothing but out crooks. BUYER BEWARE FOR SURE. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND TO NO ONE.

When shopping for business insurance, someone referred me to Country Financial. I had never heard of them and now I know why. If you are looking for a company who is not forthright, sends false, misleading, constantly adjusted declarations/statements and patronizes their clients all the while, then this is the company you are looking for. The initial phone call was for business insurance, but I was up-sold also for home and auto. The agent made several attempts to meet with me to sign on during an extremely busy time in my life. She graciously rescheduled a couple times.

When our time finally came to meet up, she cancelled on me twice due to the sudden loss of a parent. Sympathetic, I told her I was in no hurry and to take all the time she needed. Two weeks later, I get a frantic email, she must have my documents signed immediately and how I am holding everything up with their underwriting department.

The papers she had sent me were only the final pages, the ones to be signed. I don't sign anything I cannot fully read first and because she was out of town settling family matters, I personally went to one of Country Financial's offices to retrieve ALL the paperwork. I tried at that point to change agents and sign everything right there, but they insisted I work with current agent. Tons of emails later, put quoted amount in the mail, per agent. Over the course of the next 4 months, was sent numerous adjusted premium declarations for much higher amounts than originally quoted.

Suddenly, the auto-pay I was on was taking huge amounts out of my bank account. Again, the very patronizing staff blamed this on me and how because I did not get the paperwork back to them in time, they could not pull the amount required for the month and now they were playing a game of catch-up. Adding up all the amounts taken, they were far an excess of what had been originally quoted.

Not being able to trust Country anymore, I contacted my bank and told them no more payments to be withdrawn by Country Financial and signed on with Pemco at that time. I thought all was said and done. Wrong! With not even as much as a phone call, email or bill, I received a collection notice and started being hammered with calls from all over the states. I contacted their call center in Illinois, the girl sympathized and told me she would put a 30 day stop on the collection and said not to worry, they don't report. Well again, not being able to trust anyone with Country, I got my agent's supervisor's information. Several patronizing emails later, I am again the one to blame and out so much more than what I had been originally quoted.

I will point out that they incorporate undisclosed monthly fees into their billing as well. That said, it is clear I owe the money. However, had all this been disclosed upfront, I NEVER would have signed on with them. The bill is now paid and when my business policy expires, that will conclude my business with Country Financial. To sum it up, working with these people is like working with a bunch of children. Actually my kids could run a better business! Shame on you Country Financial! Let this be a lesson to anyone seeking new insurance.

I have had homeowners insurance through Country Financial for several years. Today May 9, 2018 is the first time I read several reviews from this company. On April 27, 2018 I’ll call to cancel my insurance with Country Financial and I was told that it was done that day. Today on May 9. 2018, I called the company back to find out what’s the status of my request and I was told that my Insurance was still in effect and was not canceled. They gave me some mumbo-jumbo about how the company waits for a second call for cancellation and that they send it over to another office for them to process the paperwork. I was so upset with them that I decided to call the Better Business Bureau all file a complaint. Anyone if you’re listening, please read the reviews and go to another company do not use country financial!!!

Been with this insurance co. for 20 years. No accident. No ticket in 4 years. They were charging me almost triple of what other insurance co. would. Left them after my insurance expired and they're still wanting me to pay them because I didn't notify them. I was already insured by another co. There were no claims with this horrible co. Asked for information and they are rude and disrespectful. Do not use them!!!

Great company to work with, my agent was very professional and thorough in making sure I had the insurance coverage that I needed. You could tell they genuinely cared about me. Even when I had a claim they were fast and didn't cut corners to pay the claim and get my car fixed!!!

I had Country insurance for almost ten years. Had one claim for under 500 which agent advised me to file a claim. Now couple years later I'm in process of purchasing a home and didn't realize that claim would greatly affect me getting coverage at fair market rate. I check with several insurance companies that stated if they had been my agent they would never had advised me to file that claim. I tried to settle that matter with corporate several times. They were nasty and rude. I would not recommend this company to a dog. I will never ever use them again. The only good thing about Country Financial is they will do prompt payments but trust me you will pay for it. Hopefully they will get better. However I'm not holding my breath. Worst company ever.

Premiums go up every year. Don't understand it because the coverage stays the same. I have never made a claim and don't think my premiums should keep going up.

I have very negative experience with the company.. The company hiring unprofessional agents and using unprofessional practices.. We were lured and misled with a good rate while we were in the buying process of our new home. When all our buying process was done and we didn't have any contact with the seller then they started asking for a little details about our house (when heater was inspected and maintained) and if we didn't have that information (the information was not requested in time) they just used falsified information to increased our insurance rate.

On 10/21/16 I cancelled my auto insurance account and started a new one with Progressive. On 10/25/16 COUNTRY FINANCIAL charged my account $498.00. I have gotten the run around in regards to my refund. First I was told that the charges would be reversed in 1-2 days. That did not happen. Next I was told I will have a refund sent in the mail in a couple of days. That also not happened. I was also told that they do not track checks that they send out in the mail. Today is Nov. 2, 2016 and I still do not have a refund. Please do not consider COUNTRY FINANCIAL for insurance. They are a FRAUD. I cancelled service and they still took money from my account four days later and have not returned my funds. That is considered thief. What a company. This happened at the Belleville Illinois office.

My ex-landlord has a homeowner policy with Country Financial. His Dog Attacked mine causing injuries that require followup surgery, because the adjuster at Country Financial Heather Strong does not like the way the estimates are written (because vets computer system can only Bill not estimate future expected fees). So I cannot get the money needed to finish my dog's needed treatment. Which is less than 1,800.00 most attaches from a dog the size and as aggressive as my ex-landlord's dog. With a small blind dog would be much higher. I was willing to settle for the estimated amount and pay the difference if needed just to get him back into the vet. But it's been 2 weeks and she is still saying she needs the estimate to say exactly what the fee is for. At this point no vet can estimate and will not see him without payment. So my dog and I both suffer even more from my ex landlord's negligence.

I have been with Country Financial for 8 months and they are the WORST to work with. They entered my account number wrong in their system and because of this they did not receive my down payment or my 1st month payment. Setting me behind. I originally pay 183, but because of their mistake, I have to pay 325 a month to get caught up. When I called to complain about this problem, they said there's nothing they can do and I just have to pay my payments. BULL CRAP! This was so on their end not mine. I should have gotten a discount or something for their mistake!

Then I had someone hack my check books and my bank account was on freeze and no money could be taken out until I went to the bank to get everything cleared. I was 1 day late, I called them on the 16th (my payments are due on the 15th) to explain what happened and they told me that because I am late that they would charge an extra 25.00 for late fee. UNACCEPTABLE. Also told me that I could pay it on the 16th but they would rather me pay it when I got my invoice because "It's easier for them". THEY DO NOT WORK WITH THEIR CUSTOMERS AT ALL. THEY ARE GREEDY AND VERY RUDE.

I was contacted by mail and told my car insurance was going to be dropped if I didn't pay my farm bureau fees. I was totally caught off guard. I have never heard of the farm bureau so I contacted country and they told me "all is well on our end, just disregard that letter." So 3 weeks go by and my tags on my vehicle expires. I go to get new tags and I didn't know my insurance policy number so I called country and the guy on the phone says "here's your policy number but you haven't had auto insurance with us since February." I was angry and confused and without tags. I talked to him for a while and he told me about the farm bureau fee's and I explained to him what the other lady had said to me. He said that she was incorrect and I had no insurance and told me to call the farm bureau and get a membership set up. I call them and they tell me I have to do it through my country financial rep.

I called ** and he's in a meeting and says he's going to return my call.. never does. So I talked to another customer service person and they email me the paperwork I need to fill out so I do. I tried to turn it into my local country financial office and they won't take it, said it has to go to my reps office 45 m away. So I call customer service again and they have to personally call my local office and persuade them to fax it for me. Now they have all the paperwork and my policy should be reinstated... WRONG!!

Now they have found another issue. 2 months ago I had switched to auto withdrawal and they lost all my info leaving me with a past due amt. that they wanted right away of course. I asked if I could get temporary coverage till I got the money. I don't get paid till next week. They said "Absolutely not. Our underwriting would never approve that". In a nut shell don't go through COUNTRY Financial. You will regret it. You don't want to get in an accident and call your rep and him tell you "sorry you're NOT covered." Save yourself the headache... BELIEVE ME.

They were not efficient in communicating with me about very important details with my policy. I had to call them to find out they were cancelling my policy due to changes. I would never recommended them anyone.

It all began when I was in the job market and was contacted by Country Financial HR, as my profile matched the job description for the Financial Advisor/Agent opening in the Oklahoma City office. I invested time into application and background check information and started the interviewing process. Well, this was the most obnoxious experience ever. The initial interview with office manager, then interview with district manager, then follows up interviews, combined interview, the final interview. Overall, I probably had 6-7 interviews and wasted well over a month for them jerking me around. Finally, they extended the offer to me and requested some additional info and payment of $205.25 for processing application with FINRA.

While reading all the documents provided, I already noticed discrepancy, as it was saying about the fees being deducted from each paycheck in installment. I thought how weird that they are asking me for an upfront payment. So I just wrote them a check, thought it's not that big of a deal. I started waiting and in about 2 weeks, they called and asked to come by yet again, as additional info was needed. It resulted in them asking to fill out another form and another payment of $95 to them. At that point, I thought I better start working soon and making some money, as I was just writing checks left and right.

After a week or so they called again and invited over for another yet interview on the phone with some even "bigger boss" from corporate. I was furious at that point, but went to chat with him anyways. Needless to say that the guy was a complete jerk and didn't sound respectful and made me feel like the company is just making a huge favor to me, by giving such a "great" opportunity. I didn't feel good after that interview at all! So guess what? After another week they called me and left the message about company changing their hiring plan and they were not going to hire me anymore. Imagine my reaction to that, after being jerked around for two months.

Actually, I was surprisingly happy to hear such news, as I couldn't even imagine working for such a messed up company. My only concern at that point was getting my money back, since nothing happened. I let them know that I'd like to get my $300 back ASAP and they promised to call me back when they find out all the details. They ignored me and only emailed me back, after I was bombarding them with calls and e-mails every day. You know what they told me though? That these application fees afire nonrefundable and there is nothing to do about this situation. Great business - nothing was done, no applications were filed, I didn't get the job, and I lost tons of precious time and some money, which I could well use for my family! I can imagine poor people that do business with them on every day basis! If they ever call you for any reason or if you see their name, please beware, you might get ripped off!

They jacked up my bill over $220.00 a year for no reason. They say inflation, I say greed. They said everyone got jacked up, again I say greed. For someone that has never claimed nothing to get an increase is fraud. Inflation is caused by the insurance companies and government that get paid off by insurance companies to do what they want like jack up our bills for no reason. If you are looking for a new insurance, do not stop here! Keep looking! I have not had any claims on home owners and car insurance, as it stands I paid $1800.00 a year for both and now they decided to jack it up $220.00 more. This is so nice since I do everything I can to prevent claims. Corporate greed and fraud.

Check this out! This is not a fictitious "Stephen King” novel. This actually happened in our encounter with Country Financial Insurance Co. As a precursor to this horrid experience, allow me to awaken you to the causation of the disaster & events leading up to our complaints against Country Financial Insurance. We have owned 30+ rental properties since the mid-1980s. We have afforded thousands of dollars for insurance coverage (in accordance to Minnesota Law). We had not made an insurance claim, (regardless of the fact we had substantiated grounds to). We hired professional to resolve the problems at our out-of-pocket expenses.

We had rented one of our house properties to a couple and their children in Eveleth, MN. We dealt with delinquent rental payments & minor property damage. Okay we are sensitive to personal financial problems! The delinquent debt grew each month. The City of Eveleth notified them of water/sewage shutdowns; Minnesota Power sent notices of defaulting on electric bills; & Minnesota Energy sent warnings about arrears in heat bills. So facing the mounting bills the tenants decided to vacate the residence.

This is where this horrific/disastrous events commence. January, 2004 the tenants impulsively decided to pack up as many belongings as they could & vacate the property; loading up a U-Haul, & splitting before anyone could comprehend what happened. Here is the problem! The temperature was -45 degrees! They left the porch door & the main door leading into the living room WIDE OPEN. It doesn't take a "Rocket Scientist” nor a Meteorologist to realize that a hot water boiler, radiators, water pipes, washer, etc. will fracture, break, burst, freeze, spurt water when they are exposed & succumbed to temperatures -45 degrees!

Our Country Financial Insurance Agent said, “No Problem". He had an Insurance Adjuster contact us and schedule a time to assess the damages. I left my business to assist this particular (un-professional) adjuster to assess damages and measure room sizes and destruction. Note that I did this out of the goodness of my heart, while he abhorrently 'farted in my face'. I was writing down our measurements and held my breath while he fumigated all 3 floors of the house. Okay I withstood this 1hour of stench & frigid temps. He said he would estimate the damages & get back to us.

Within a few days we received a letter from Country Financial Insurance that our claim was DENIED! They hinted that we intentionally caused the disaster. All our rental properties, No claims, thousands in insurance premiums...And we were at fault. We hired an attorney who advised us this ignoramus decision by Country Financial Insurance would be resolved within 24hrs. We have been subjected to all litigative processes and have to hear the decision by Judge Mark **.

Despite the fact that these particular tenants, (according to public records) have a track record of vandalizing, intentionally flooding rental properties they occupied, rental payment delinquency, numerous witnesses, etc. We were determined by Country Financial Insurance to be at fault! Since when was honesty considered a crime? Country Insurance attorneys informed us that we would be liable for their expenses! Now we need a double Whammy for something we didn't initiate! We will pursue this injustice until we prevail! What would you do?

Promised protection was not met. Country insurance treated us like we were professional craftsmen. Forcing us to answer questions in a time of urgency as if we knew their job. How were we suppose to know what claims fall under? Sadly they keep unjustly escalating premium costs with no liability for the treatment and lack thereof.

Have been doing business with this company for close to 30 years. A couple of years back had to fight tooth and nail to get them to pay for a new roof after the 1st adjuster said I didn't have damage. I got angry and demanded another adjuster, when he came out, he was on the roof for 30 seconds and determined I needed a whole new roof due to hail damage. I did complain when I went to get my check, nothing ever came of it. My cars also had hail damage. I specifically asked if I should drop to liability because I did not think I could have another body damage claim. I was told that they would pay if I had a wreck, they just wouldn't pay a hail damage claim again. I hit a deer about 2 years after and guess what? They refused to pay for my hood because they had paid out hail damage previously. Believe me, hail damage and deer damage are 2 different things!!! Complained to my agent, he was of absolutely NO help. Pulled all of my insurance from them. I'm sure loyalty means something to a company somewhere, it sure doesn't with Country Financial!! Would never recommend them to anyone!! Got insurance through State Farm, better coverage and cheaper - Imagine that!!

On March 10, 2015 I was involved in an accident with a semi-truck on a city street. The semi-truck was stopped at an intersection with four lanes (lane 1 - right turn lane, lanes 2 & 3 going forward, and lane 4 - left turn lane) and he was in lane #2 (forward lane). I approached to make a right turn, stopped to check traffic and immediately the semi truck starts making a right turn and side-swipes my truck. No signal and no indication of a turn what-so-ever. I file a claim with Country Financial (the semi-truck insurer) and they deny my claim in less than 72 HOURS after the accident. They state that after doing an investigation, checking police reports and my statement and the semi-truck driver's that it is my word against the truckers. They did NOT do an investigation because if they did, they would have found the truck driver's version physically impossible (he states he was in the right lane-making the accident impossible to happen if this was the case).

I even got the claims adjuster (**) to state that they physically did not visit the accident site at all. This is a claim of less than $2000, I'll bet if there were injuries or more damage they would have spent more time on this one. If they would do a proper investigation, the true facts would come to light, and they would see that their client is at fault and would pay on my claim. Hey, I guess doing a shoddy bit of work is the proper way in the insurance industry. So I guess I contact the state insurance commissioner and see where that takes me. I understand that Country Financial keeps their clients' rates low by denying most claims right at the start. Is this fair? Is this the proper way to do business? I guess they're just hoping I'll give up and eat this one - not a chance.

I was rear ended by a Country Financial policy owner, police gave the driver a citation for following too close, ramming me from behind while stopped at traffic light. First of all the driver didn’t even report the accident to his insurance company, which is a law in the State of Georgia to report it upon accident, when police come. The adjuster came out and estimated the car, left a voicemail for me to call him back about the check being sent as well as rental car information.

When I called him back he then immediately was VERY rude to the point of cutting me off after he asked me about injury information, stating it will be a problem because it was minimal damage and that my chiropractor claim wouldn't be paid. This guy needs more training and better attitude on how to speak to people. I just don’t understand when this type of thing takes place with the insurance company, why don’t they just take care of the matter the correct way and don’t be RUDE about it. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!

We've been with Country Companies for 21 years, this year. We have had outstanding Insurance Agents; **. But these yo-yo's here in Las Vegas have had no interaction or customer follow up with us since we moved here. When we moved to Las Vegas, no one would return our call. Then the one agent who did kept screwing up the details of our policy and request. I finally had enough and told them to get me someone else. ** became our new rep. After four years, we've still never met face to face and the ONLY interaction we have had has been initiated by myself.

I'm so mad I could spit nails. And to top it off, I have a feeling we've been overcharged insurance premiums since we moved here. How can another insurance company insure our 4 vehicles, carrying the same exact coverage and a lower deductible, beat Country by 300 per month? 300.00! We have had no claims in 5 years. One claim in the last 15 years and our premiums just kept going up and up. Some case it went down, but then there was no follow-up as to why.

That's something I always appreciated about **. The fact that she has a relationship with her customer base and actually has an interest in what's best. The agents in Las Vegas need to find another occupation. We've been here 4 years and not once has my agent ever contacted us. I'm always the one contacting her. And we've still never met face to face. I find the lack of customer service here in Las Vegas, by Country, is zero to none. I'm so stinking discouraged and upset that I'm totally second guessing our decision to stay with you for so long. We have 8 life insurance policies with you and I'm really on fence on whether or not to keep them with you. I don't care how much it costs me at this point. I can pay for the difference using the money I save in auto premiums.

Honestly, I feel cheated and used. We've paid over 35k in auto premiums in the last 5 years. That's enough to buy a car! No claims, until Wednesday when a boulder hit my son's windshield. I find out that I agreed to decline the glass coverage to help reduce his insurance premiums. His premium went down last year and we never got an opportunity to go over the policy again to hear recommendations of adding what we deleted. So, after 5 years of paying out thousands of dollars, and at the moment, spending 700.00 per month for auto, I have to pay 500.00 out of pocket for a windshield. I'm furious! I'm sure there could have been a way to back the claim out or cancel, add the coverage and then make the claim.

Oh well, I'm tired of dealing with this Las Vegas office. We are moving our auto and homeowner policies to another company. I informed our agent of this decision on Thursday... no call, no email regarding our desire to leave. Probably glad to get rid of me. I don't know. I just don't understand how you let a 21 year customer walk away over a glass claim. I guess my Midwest roots are sore. I wanted to let you know the reason and I want to tell someone about this. Either represent your customers with the same exemplary service as other places or close up shop in Vegas. Someone in upper management needs to know what the heck is going on in Las Vegas. After 21 years, I just feel like I'm experiencing a bad divorce. :( I think we deserve better than this, and so do your other Las Vegas residents.

Customer service from Corp is excellent. Local agent in MO was outstanding. Local agent in AZ was replaced. Over more than 5 years I never met him and when I called with a problem he sent out the wrong people to solve a problem that didn’t exist. Could never reach directly by phone. New agent has also made no contact and apparently no record of my requesting additional coverage.

I had shower leak in the wall from frozen pipe and wall was the hot water heater so small closet warm. I had no reason to go in and check. Went to vacuum dust and the tile didn't look normal. Pulled up and water. Pulled wall down pipe was broke. Adjuster said they wouldn't cover mold. He was rude and unkind with his words. Called office I had been doing business with for 12 years. She said another adjuster would come. Never came.

Had hail damage in 2017 from storms in Minneapolis, MN. My roof needed to be replaced along with some other minor damage. Country Insurance took care of everything without a problem. Even the roofing contractor was impressed.

We have had country insurance for several years and have been claim free except for hail storm app. 4 years ago and even then they sent us a very modest check to replace the roof, with which I did and did not try to get any more from them which I could have easily done. Well then last year I submitted claim for a water leak I had found accidentally coming from my shower drain. By the time I had found it there was a large pool of water under our bath tub.

The next day a plumber with whom I worked with at Maricopa county came to our home and we fixed the leak immediately but by this time so much of the foundation had washed away I put 6 5-gallon buckets of dirt into the cavern to fill the void a get it dried up. Well 2 years later a contractor friend had came by and I was showing the damage that was now starting to be appearing noticeably. He asked if I put a claim in on and I said I had not thought about doing this. I called the insurance company and they sent an adjuster by and he took a few pictures and was gone. I had to call him a number of times before he called me back just to inform our claim was denied. And left us with a hole in the gut feeling. And all they said was that they would really like to help us out buuuuuttttttt they're sorry there is nothing they can do bottom line.

After 3 supervisors and 3-dead end roads, I said "to hell with them" and we went over to liberty mutual insurance. I am now in the middle of pleading my case with the Arizona department of insurance with hope they can help us out. There would not have been a problem if they the insurance company would not be allowed to use the ambiguous ** in the policies they sell that makes everything picture perfect. Well I'm not one to give up to corporate corruption just because they are the all and powerful oz. I have paid them a lot of money over these years for auto and home insurance and if they think that I'm just a little upset and I'll call off my efforts to what we have honestly coming and have paid for. Well that's like saying Jeffrey Dahmer had an eating disorder and his diet level out.

So here it is in a nut shell, country financial showed me the only thing they care about is their profit no more no less. There was no reason to deny our claim, they just didn't want to let go of their greedy way of ripping off people. I never asked them for one thing and when I did, I was told sorry. If anyone reads this, believe me when you hear country financial is a company not to trust. Believe it and let others not go through what I am going through. It's going to be a long fight but I'm not going to give up. So if anyone has anything to offer to help me out, it will not go unappreciated. I'll keep things posted with good news if God's willing.

Feb 20th 2017 my family experienced something unbelievable. We had a pipe burst in our home leaving us with over 10 ft of water. Called our insurance co. to file a claim only to be called back 20 min later to be denied our claim. No adjuster came out to look at the damages. No one was concerned we lost all our belongings and have no place to go. This is the worst insurance co. I have ever dealt with. Still 2 weeks later no help. What's the point of having insurance at all? My family homeless.

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