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More than met my exploitation.
Efinancial has been very helpful and has worked with me by keeping in touch and informing me on my status or what process is taking place while getting me set up for insurance. That is the main thing I liked was some one calling and keeping me informed. Everyone was knowledgeable, friendly, and patient. Thank you Kevin
Excellent service, very happy
Very friendly and informative personell
Two concerns. First was trying to schedule the medical exam. Second was that the company did not make it clear that quoted price was not a single yearly payment and other than that there is interest charges added
They made everything easy to deal with. I am a very busy person and I was able to do a lot of the paper work online. Thanks
Easy process. Friendly, helpful employees.
They kept good communication with me despite my busy job circumstances. They gave me really good information and walked me through which plans fit my needs!
I am very impressed with EFinancial. It is easy to get the coverage you need and the price you want.
Surpassed all my expectations
Ended up with a good rate but hit a small snag at the end.
Helpful & easy to work with.
Meghan Struzik was exceptional! Very professional and prompt. Wonderful customer service and knowledge. You won't be disappointed with her.
Great customer service. Response time was great.
First they ask questions in telephone then same questions again with a people under sales, then you repeat again to the inspector and finally they call again to do the same questions. Will be easier to fill them online and done!!
Hi it worked well For me 52 years old locked in for twenty years life insurance at a great price
They got me the same coverage for a considerable savings. Communication was great!
I've had a great experience working with all involved in my Life Insurance plan! Highly recommend.
Everyone I came in contact with, we had a very good in counter. They were very nice and helpful. I'm looking forward to being part of Efinancial Life for a long term. Thanks to everyone. Yes I would recommend this company to others.
I was treated very professionally and I appreciated all the calls and advice.
Greatly appreciated
Very helpful answer all your questions and really make you feel satisfied
Very helpful and explained everything very well.
I had a lot of issues with eFinancial. They were very difficult to get in touch with. If you need to speak to someone on the phone, you will likely be trying for days. They made mistakes throughout the process which caused it to take even longer. Very inconsistent. One person may tell you something different than the next. Way too many issues with this company. They made the application process stressful for me. Not satisfied with my experience.
Company agent was very professional, informative, and attentive to our needs.
The main issues with this process through eFinancial were: 1) Too many cooks. Talked to one person initially, they gave me a "quote." Was serviced by a second person, I often had to contact them for updates and move the process along. Finally contacted by the REAL agent, who provided a final quote that was nowhere near the original. Then a fourth person sent me documents on behalf of the agent. 2) The original quote was far less then the final quote with no good explanation of why, especially given my very good health. 3) The underwriting process took WAY too long, nearly a month, with continual new requirements that should have been ordered at the beginning. Bottom line, you all could be much better... Could be far worse, but you were not rock stars.
I got my term life insurance using eFinancial and they walked with me until I had my policy. They checked many companies and got me what I feel is a good price for my age and health. They told me what, when, & how long and that price could be higher or lower then what was first told to me base on my health. I was lucky I'm in good health and my price was much lower.
My experience from the start has been excellent, very professional to work with. Thank you for everything!
Extremely efficient and professional; prompt at returning calls/emails; courteous and pleasant.
Good company
Easy to work with and helpful with comparing rates.
Just starting with this company and they seem like a solid company. I am glad to be working with them.
Good and knowledgeable service, great job.
A very good experience with Hayley Platt. She did our job to our greatest expectations. Wish her a very good luck & I hope she would be giving her best for other customers also.
I was the pne who called to check on the status of my policy. Never got updates
Very happy with the service.
Very responsive. 100 percent satisfied.
Your people are to pushy to close...They are just like car salesman
Took a little time and some follow up on my end but everyone was responsive and they got the job done.
At first, I wasn’t sure if I was going to do business with efinancial. However, after taking to people who knew what I was looking for, it became quite easy and pleasant to do business with them. The price wasn’t too bad either for the policy. I would have given them 5 stars if the price was a bit cheaper for those who are as healthy as I am.
The process was quick and very easy. All I had to do was contact them and they started the ball rolling. Their was no pressure and everyone I spoke with were knowledgeable and polite.
This was seemless and my experience was pleasurable.
Shopped around a lot, very happy with their rates and representatives. Company is very thorough in ensuring that you are in healthy condition to give you the best rate for the amount of insurance coverage you are looking for. Very happy with them.
I got the cheapest price with eFinancial but the emails came from so many different addresses I had trouble keeping track. The medical exam was also delayed and the consultant never called to let me know she was canceling her visit to my town. When someone from eFinancial randomly called to follow up after 3 weeks (they had not left their call back number) I told them I'll travel 1.5 hours for the exam so they rescheduled.
they was great in all parts of the steps through the prosses
Efinancial is truly the middle man between insurance companies and their services were less than desirable. Everything was input incorrectly and is still incorrect on my policies, they took days to get back to me regarding things yet sent the payment form immediately. I wouldn't sign anything prior to the appropriate changes being made. After I was told they were made, I found out they're still wrong. Poor customer service and wasn't impressed with anyone. Wish I would've just searched for rates myself and done things on my own.
They were very helpful and knowledgeable. Their customer service was great.
I’m very happy to know I’m insured it brings peace of mind and also very satisfied with there friendly staffing. Thank you
Great service, smooth process! Great products, good prices!
Everyone was very helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and customer service before/after is outstanding. They found the best policy for my financial and desired policy needs. The only website I would recommend and/or use for insurance needs.
Easy going and was very polite and professional.
Great experience with professional curteos service. Constant contact and updates with progress on the application status.
Ernesto and the entire team of professionals were super helpful in walking me through my first time purchasing life insurance. They answered every question, provided support and guidance throughout the entire process. Have already recommended them to several people!
Excellent customer service. Very helpful with rates and info for insurance policy.
Great group of people from the start to the finish glade I chose them to handle my life insurance needs now my family will be taken care of when something may may happen
It was very expedient and professional
Smooth simple and communicative!
Wonderful team of employees
Hi denise thanks for everything things went smooth everyone was very nice and let me know step by step what was going on and expand everything to that i didn't understand
I was disappointed with enfinancial. They wrote me a policy on my husband and they did not explain the payout terms.
they took the longest I have ever seen to approve me on Ins.
took care of all my concerns. totally professional. no suprises.