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I originally purchased this policy because most things associated with USAA are top notch. I have a 9.5 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, which are all genetically predisposed to heart issues. When I reviewed the website for Embrace, it stated all genetically linked illnesses are covered. PERFECT. However, after sending my pet's medical records in advance for a medical review, I had different responses. Each person I spoke with, gave me a different answer. One would say, "No his potential heart murmur would not be covered, but other issues that may occur down the line will". Then the next rep stated, "Since it has not been diagnosed yet, or confirmed by a cardiologist, it should all be covered", and then finally, "No, nothing associated with his heart would be covered". I can understand why so many claims are denied when there is so much confusion on what is covered or not.

When I spoke to a rep regarding a medical review, they stated "we will review it after the 14 day waiting period, and then it will take 7-15 days". I pointed out that is after the 30 day full refund policy. She stated she would do the best she could to expedite it. Inevitably what I got was, that it depends on each claim and who is the analyst as to whether or not it would be covered. I also found out that apparently Vet Techs review your claim, and make these decisions. Personally, when it is a matter of potentially thousands of dollars, I would want a full fledged vet to review.

Since you submit your claim after the fact, you can't make a logical decision as to if you can truly afford the care. Since you don't know if your claim will be honored or not till after you made your claim. You are reimbursed. If they handle their claims like they handled my questions, it is a crapshoot if you are going to be paying out of pocket, on top of what you paid for your policy. Just seems shady and also predatory practices to sell insurance to pet lovers.

Everyone was nice and very friendly. I enjoyed everyone's company and the customer service was great and helpful and I thought the process was short and explainable.

The company is all over the place. I already have ASPCA and I wanted to look into something different. I signed up over a month ago and awaited my medical review for my puppy (11 months old). The whole process should take 30 days but it took forever as they continued to fax the wrong vet number. I called in 6 times in 30-40 days and I even had people tell me they would "watch my account and call me back with details". I never got a returned call.

After all my calls I finally got the answers I needed but the manager was just not friendly. The whole experience was bad and after reading online reviews, I was afraid I would be like the rest of the customers and also not get any reimbursements. I am happy to say that I am sticking with ASPCA as they have NEVER questioned one claim, I have ALWAYS received my reimbursement, and they process all claims within 7-10 days. I do not really write reviews but I felt inclined as many use this site to make decisions. I thought I was going to get something "better" with Embrace but what I found out is that the grass is not greener on the other side.

I was shocked when I saw so many negative reviews for Embrace Pet Insurance. I purchased a policy several years ago but didn't need to use it until this month when one of my dogs suffered from a torn ACL. The TPLO surgery cost just under $4000. Not only did Embrace pay all that I expected, but I received the money in less than 2 weeks from the surgery!!! On the several occasions that I've called, I've spoken to a real person who is both polite and professional. This insurance is everything that I hoped it would be when I purchased it.

Buyer beware. I was skeptical buying pet insurance but was encouraged to do so by our vet's office staff. Our Labrador retriever had pancreatitis previously so of course I knew that would be an "underlying condition" that would not be covered which is completely fair. However, she recently got severe diarrhea, had to be hospitalized, tests came back negative for pancreatitis so not the same underlying condition and now they've completed denied the $1,450 claim. Even our vet was shocked. I'm cancelling.

We purchased Embrace for our dog, only to find out that we would be giving a monthly investment to an insurance company that did not cover a Single claim. They always claimed there was a pre-existing condition. Our dog had had diarrhea once as a symptom in old records - and this meant that when she subsequently developed bloody stool and needed to be seen multiple times — this was a “pre-existing condition”. Despite multiple pleas from us and our vet in personalized notes describing why the two were unrelated, Embrace didn’t give us a penny. Their customer service was also horrendous. Long wait times to hear that our claims had been denied only added insult to injury. Buyer beware, don’t make the same mistake we did giving them hundreds of dollars to receive NOTHING in return.

I recommend Embrace to anyone that I ever see asking for good pet insurance companies. I have had the best experiences with Embrace. The plans are terrific and their customer service is above the rest. I even got a hand signed card when my beautiful cat passed away. Love these guys!

Embrace Pet Insurance is fast and reliable every time I file my dog's Wellness claims. The policy is reasonable. My sister-in-law even switched to Embrace Pet Insurance for her 2 dogs. Thank you very much.

My dog, Molly, had elbow and shoulder problems. The recommended treatment was really cutting edge - Stem cell and bone marrow treatment on top of arthroscopic surgery to clean out her joint. These procedures were very expensive, and I did not know if insurance would cover it. So, I called Embrace. They told me that it was probably covered, but that I should send in a pre-surgical application. I did so, and found out that Embrace actually covered it. This was such a relief, since I did not know if I could afford it. Then, when I filed the actual claim, Embrace covered some items that I didn't know were included. Absolutely wonderful.

Very quick reimbursement post veterinary visit. They make it very easy to submit forms. They are very professional and knowledgeable. Their rates are very reasonable and I would highly recommend their services.

I have Embrace Pet Insurance for 8 years on my two dogs. Their coverage is comprehensive and easy to understand. Very happy with the claims process and staff is very nice when and if I have to call in with a question. Highly recommend Embrace.

I love Embrace! Their customer service is amazing. And, the policies I have on my two kitties are easy to understand and even easier to file claims on. I've been with Embrace for a few years now and have never had an even mediocre experience and trust me, I've used my policies! I can't recommend them enough!

We got a puppy in early January and our first task was to make sure she had the proper health insurance to alleviate any of the expensive unknowns that come with a new furry friend. I enjoy Embrace because their website is well-organized with clear breakdowns of coverage and FAQs. The process for submitting a claim or other documentation has been easy. The employees I've communicated with have been knowledgeable, responsive, and helpful. The direct deposit process has made life easier. So far, we're very happy with Wilma's coverage. The only thing that could be better is a mobile app (or responsive functionality).

I can only say good things about Embrace Pet Insurance and highly recommend their services. I have submitted several claims related to my dog's cancer tumor. Embrace's representatives have been professional, friendly and helpful. Payment of my claims has been timely.

I wish I had read the reviews of this company prior to paying for their service. Partially my fault, because usually I simply trust USAA to partner with reputable businesses, and blindly selected their services. This was a mistake. Embrace has denied EVERY SINGLE CLAIM, over various dubious explanations. Find another one.

Our dog Rosie tested positive for Heartworm, it is a 2 treatment procedure to treat, each claim submitted and process, was done quickly and reimbursement made quickly! Everyone involved at Embrace was so efficient and caring! Thank you!!

We’ve had the unfortunate need for critical care for our two dogs over the last 3 years. One with anal sac cancer and the other a benign tumor that ruptured his spleen. The only reason we could pursue the life saving surgeries was having Embrace insurance. Speedy payment process and no hassles.

I've had my male Siberian on Embrace Pet Insurance for about 4 years now. Only this year did I really have to use it a lot and boy was I glad I had it. All my dealings with the staff at Embrace and the quick turnaround of refunds is awesome. I recommend them to my friends and clients (I'm a professional certified dog trainer).

This pet insurance covers nothing and never communicates with the vet you are going to. Forms get mixed up between accounts. We have 2 dogs under different policies and forms for 1 dog got put under the other. Also forms are not put under correctly and get denied always. It is been such a pain calling them to fix things they have made mistakes on. We are very dissatisfied and this company is not recommended.

After having been with Embrace going on one year I am disappointed in more things I find out now. We have to cancel the policies on Bonnie and Ellie. Last week I spoke with Xena and canceled it and she told me there would be a refund of only $23. I have not yet received the refund.

Without looking at reviews first (mistake!), we enrolled three dogs. On our very first visit, I filed a claim for one dog who had a cut paw. It was rejected. Upon inquiry, they first said it was for orthopedic issue. We literally had to explain that orthopedics had nothing to do with a cut paw. We spoke to another agent who stated that her paw COULD BE a result of a dermatological issue since it was in her records that she had an ear infection 5 months prior. Seriously? Quite a stretch, you think? After reading reviews that said the same things, we immediately canceled. They will try to use everything in your pet's vet record to claim anything is a pre-existing condition and deny your claim. Save yourself the trouble and go with Petplan.

I recently received my renewal quote and I was quite stunned to see that cost of my plan for my two dogs is going from $1292.09 to $1679.71. That's an unexpected 30% percent increase that I do not think is fair. I have read your website on what you say is the cause of premium increases, and I have read that you won't increase my premium just because I claimed (which I have for 2 separate knee surgeries for my dog Sienna and emergency visits for Lucca), but I find it hard to believe that I am being upcharged significantly just because my pets got older (from 2-3 yrs for Sienna and from 1 to 2 yrs for Lucca), or because of an increase in veterinary costs, or overall trends in the pet population.

In fact I think you are only charging me that much more because I have made significant claims the past two years. How else could you justify charging somebody 30% more from one year to the next? If you did this to all your clients you would be out of business. I am aware insurance for dogs is not cheap and I expect to pay a hefty premium to protect my dogs but I can not budget 30% increases every year. My question to you is do I have to anticipate these large increases every year from now on or can I expect more modest increases in the future? Because if you are going to up my premium that much every year I will not be able afford your insurance anymore and that would be very disappointing as I would no longer be able to have that safety net for my beloved animals.

I just need to know because last year I budgeted for a bill that would be around $1300, not one that that is almost $1700. What is the average percentage increase from year to year for all your customers? I just need to know what I can expect from year to year. If they are modest increases I can handle that, and I expect it, but you can not expect somebody to be hit with a 30% increase and not be upset. It is not fair.

I have decided to rate Embrace with 3 stars or “Satisfied with the experience” because I did have to make claims and you did help cover a significant portion of some very expensive vets bills (of which I am grateful), but I have to let you know that I am not happy with this situation. I’m even thinking of making some complaints with my local politicians and The BBB.

You can not make statements on your website that say my premiums don’t increase because I have made claims, and then charge me 30% more and then say to me its because my pet got older from 2 to 3 years old or 1 to 2 years old, or because vet costs increased. Premiums are not supposed to go up that much for anything, let alone pet insurance. Please mark me as satisfied with the experience of making a claim, but very dissatisfied with the transparency of how you decide to make premium changes for your customers. I’ll say it again, a 30% increase on anything is not fair!

Five years ago, I adopted a senior rescue dog. After hearing glowing reviews from a client of mine about her experience with Embrace, I signed up. That was one of the best things I ever did! My dog has had many health concerns (some pretty expensive) over the years and Embrace has always been there with quick & no hassle reimbursement. I highly recommend them!!

A few years ago a friend told me about Embrace and I have never been disappointed in the service I have received from them as far as responding to invoices sent to them. I will recommend Embrace Pet Insurance to anybody.

I used Embrace to mainly cover my dog's check-ups, but one day, he landed funny when jumping off the recliner and ended-up needing MPL surgery. The cost was about $1300.00 and Embrace covered approximately $950.00. Awesome.

I have had my Rottweiler continuously insured by Embrace Pet Insurance since she was a puppy starting in December 2013. The annual claim limit is $15,000 with a $500 deductible and 90% reimbursement. When I took out the policy, I was aware that premiums would increase as my dog aged. However, I was not prepared for the amount of the increases. The initial annual premium was $745 in December 2013. Her complete premium history is: 2013 - $745, 2014 - $827.56, 2015 - $1,078.41, 2016 - $1,153.91, 2017 - $1,358.10, 2018 - 1,453.18, 2019 - $1,556.74). Over my dog's life so far, I have paid $8,172.90 in premiums. I also asked what the annual premium would be today for a new policy a 10-year-old Rottweiler - $2,103.

After the first policy year, I have not had any claims. The claims in the first year were for minor things to be expected for a puppy. When asked about the history of premium increases, Embrace told me that the State of Illinois allowed an increase of up to 35% per year. Obviously there are exceptions, but I think most people would be better off setting aside money and saving it for future vet bills rather than buying pet insurance.

Once I reached out to Darcy with my information, she was able to resolve the issue. It was a miscommunication that was able to be fixed and we were able to receive money back on our claim. She was timely in responses and very helpful.

This company is extremely shady. I felt like they just used the most roundabout ways to try to say that every symptom my cat had was a pre-existing condition. I work in the medical field so I am smart enough to know that they were stretching. I would say don't waste your money. They're going to reject everything anyways. I got a pat answer response from them when I wrote a review on another site and I emailed them the following:

I wanted to reach out to you regarding a review I left on Yelp, and your subsequent comment. At this point, I have just discontinued insurance with your company, and I also do plan on writing as many reviews as possible online, as I feel the consumer should have the right to know what they're getting into. I wanted to address a comment you made. You mentioned that a pre-existing condition is any diagnosis made prior to the initiation of an insurance policy and it's associated causative clinical manifestation, which I completely understand. However I want to point out that you guys just denied one of my cases where my cat had diarrhea. The Insurance explanation is that diarrhea is a symptom of pancreatitis. Interestingly, my cat doesn't even have a definitive diagnosis of pancreatitis.

On one clinic note, a vet had indicated that his enzyme levels were slightly increased and it may be early signs of pancreatitis, though he said he was not worried. However, even assuming he actually does have pancreatitis, this is a classic example where there was no suggestion whatsoever that in this instance my cat had diarrhea because of pancreatitis. I think any educated person knows that diarrhea can happen for a variety of reasons, including eating bad food or a GI infection. It is not my intent to go out there and say bad things about a company with no cause. However I have to let you know that I find it appalling that you are preying upon innocent people who are vulnerable due to their sick pets. While an insurance company, like any business, needs to worry about the bottom line and make a profit, it shouldn't be your intent to do so in a dishonest way.

I have been completely satisfied, even delighted, with the service and support I have received from Embrace. I have insured two of my dogs and feel delighted with both. I consistently recommend Embrace to anyone who asks... I even recommend insurance to those who have not found the value yet... and Embrace in particular. Thank you for your great work and love of our pets.

Called today starting at 1215pm est. Got a recording telling me to call back during business hours 9am to 1pm. Tried both numbers. Got the same thing. Why are you guys closed 45 minutes early? Why is my rate increasing when there hasn’t been any claims? Why can I not cancel my renewal and policy that is up on 1 March on my account website? Your way you do business is unethical!!!

I am so thankful that I decided to get Embrace when my golden retriever Pal was young and healthy. Little did I expect at the age of 4 that he would develop epilepsy and have seizures. Having insurance made the medical decisions easier not having to worry about the price. We first went the traditional route for exam and treatment but are now going through holistic treatment. I have submitted pre-approvals without a problem. Every time I have called Embrace, I have been so appreciative of their kind staff and quick response. I tell all of my friends and family to get the insurance. I joke that it's better coverage than some humans have!

So far, Embrace Pet Insurance has met all our expectations. Everything we've read about Embrace is true and we are happy to be a part of the Embrace Pet Insurance team. While our Honey is young, all preventative steps we are taking are completely covered. The real test will be when she gets into her senior years, but for now we couldn't ask for anything better. Thank you Embrace!!!!

Very surprised at the negative comments. I have had Embrace for my Dog since she was a pup. Embrace has always been professional, kind and quick to respond. Two big claims we had that were 3,000 each were reimbursed quickly at 1,400 dollars. Never had an issue.

I had my Bullmastiff insured with Embrace for the last 7 years, since he was a 4 month old puppy. While premiums have been going up over the years, the increases were generally reasonable. However, I just got my policy renewal notice and my premium DOUBLED! I got the accompanying email about how they've reexamined their actuarial models based off breed, age and location. Here's the thing; I understand pet insurance is getting more expensive across the board. I would understood price of insurance gradually rising over the dog's age and could have even dealt with a 20-30% increase. But doubling the price as my dog moved into the senior category is unconscionable in my view.

They know full well that at that age, you can't shop around for another policy elsewhere. You basically have to take the price increase or drop insurance. They also know full well if they started increasing the rates a few years ago gradually, I might have shopped around and moved policies while I still good. Waiting until my dog got to this age and hitting me with a 100% premium increase has nothing to do with revised actuarial assumptions. It's getting every dollar out of an owner possible once they know you have no other options. Shame on Embrace. I will never insure another pet with you again.

Embrace has helped me make more of my life with my dog Wednesday. She is boisterous and active. I worry a lot less about her hard-headedness then I would without Embrace. I tend to get anxious over her health. Embrace helps me worry a lot less and enjoy a lot more.

I was 100% satisfied with the experience and feedback from both customer service and claiming service team when my dog tore her ACL and the process of submitting a claim and even seeing if it was covered was very very easy! I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who wants a reliable insurance company without the headache of submitting claims. Without them I would not have afforded my dog's surgery.

Our 9 y/o dog have been generally very healthy. Just this year he had a traumatic hip dislocation and elevated liver enzymes. With both issues Embrace has been quick to respond and cover both conditions. We are very pleased with the quick and simple process with submitting a claim Embrace. Very happy to have chosen Embrace for our pup's health coverage.

I have been very satisfied with Embrace pet insurance for my two rescue dogs, a cocker spaniel and a bluetick coonhound. They have always been very helpful in answering all my questions. Their customer service is excellent. I have filed two major claims which they reimbursed me for promptly and even walked me thru the process. I highly recommend them.

I completed all the paperwork and passed the preliminary wait period for my dog. When my dog had a $700 surgery after the standard waiting period, first they made my vet fill out two claims, because they said it wasn't detailed enough. Fine, but then they wanted me to go to the vet again to obtain records that my dog had visited the vet within a year, otherwise the surgery would be for a pre-existing condition (mind you, they were supposed to collect these records and contact my vet when I first signed up, and this is now the 3rd trip to the vet -- 1) drop off 1st claim form; 2) drop off 2nd claim form for more detail; 3) pick up copies of records.

Then Embrace emailed me and said that the records were not detailed enough and that I had to obtain more info from vet. With the deductible, we're talking a $350 payout, but I had done my due diligence. I never got paid and just canceled my policy. When I signed up with Embrace, I was hesitant, because the reviews were mixed. This company is extremely difficult to deal with and makes it so hard to file a claim and receive payment that I would never, ever recommend them.

When I was getting a new puppy little more than 5 years ago. I did my homework and researched pet insurance companies. I chose Embrace because the premiums were reasonable, and they said, "We pay what you expect us to pay," and they do. I never had a claim til this year when my dog got very sick. Embrace paid all claims. Had I not had this insurance, my only choice would have been euthanasia, for a dog who will be healthy again, because I would not have been able to pay the bills. I always tell people my dog is insured by Embrace.

We have had Embrace Pet Insurance for 7 years and have always had the best experience with it! When I file a claim it has always been paid as per the policy. The EOBs clearly delineate what they are paying for. The claims are processed in a timely manner and payment is made quickly. I really appreciate that we can go to any vet and use it. We highly recommend Embrace.

My Golden Retriever Ringer was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in his right hip last Feb. I was told that Colorado State was able to do Stereotactic Radiation that could possibly shrink the tumor and alleviate the pain he was experiencing. The Vet had given him 2-3 months to live. He is still here with me a year later. He had 5 rounds of palliative chemotherapy following his radiation. So far no Mets to his lungs. He is doing really well. He eats and plays and we are hopeful he’ll make it to his 7th birthday this April. I am uncertain how long I will have him. Everyday is a blessing.

Embrace was wonderful through this whole process. They paid for 80% of just about everything involved in his cancer treatments and reimbursed me in a timely fashion. This was very helpful as the cost for all the treatments was very high and had to be paid up front. I would have paid for all of myself just to have Ringer out of pain and get to spend more time with this beautiful Golden, Embrace just made a hard time a bit easier.

We absolutely love our insurance through Embrace. It's so easy to submit claims, they're super helpful on the phone if you ever need them, and there's rarely ever a wait. After our terrier mix broke a tooth and need dental surgery, we started recommending Embrace to all of our pet owning friends because the process to submit claims, and the amount that ended up being covered was absolutely amazing (almost 75% of the $4000 in bills!). Cannot say enough about how seamless things are to work with this company, 10/10!!

We definitely would recommend Embrace for pet insurance. Our 3 year old lab mix was diagnosed with a tear in her knee ligament. Embrace covered 80% related charges quickly and easily. It pays to get this insurance for our pets. For a low monthly payment and excellent service, it is an awesome program!

When I renewed my contract last year, I called on the phone to renew. I guess I waited too long, because my contract was renewed automatically several days later. I had to get customer service to delete my payment, since I had paid twice. The double payment was resolved and the over payment was refunded to my bank account. Otherwise, I always got my pet's payments back in a timely manner. Thanks.

I purchased pet insurance when my puppy was 4 months old from these scammers. I didn’t put in any claims until she was over a year old. Once I put in my first claim all the nonsense started. I brought her to the vet cause she had diarrhea one night. Which is super common in puppies. All of a sudden they labeled her as having a pre existing condition of diarrhea. The next one was for a skin allergy. Again, took her to the vet. Submitted the claim, they wouldn’t pay because it was a pre existing condition. Again I purchased the insurance when she was 4 months old. There were NO pre existing conditions!! In the year and half I paid them and had insurance, I submitted well over $900.00 dollars in vet bills. The only thing they applied to my deductible was $7.00!! Can you believe that? What a joke this company is for pet insurance. Save your money and just pay out of pocket.

We have been a client for 7 years. I have had a positive experience. When our Doberman started showing signs of a funny crab like Gaits we took her to our vet who recommended mri . We are so lucky to have Embrace insurance. Our girl receives the best possible health treatment available. We never had to make that dreaded decision as to whether we could afford treatment! What a peace of mind !! We just purchased another policy for my grandson's puppy.

I reviewed other pet insures and selected one. After contacting Embrace upon recommendation of my Auto Insurance, Geico I have been please with several aspects. Initial customer service has been excellent. Follow up by email and by phone has been excellent. I received a follow up call on Sunday afternoon in response to one of my inquiries. Embrace offers a 24/7 chat with a pet expert (appeared to be a vet, not sure about that). I chatted for about 30 minutes, all of my questions were answered, which was worth its weight in $$$$.

I was a bit concerned when I read the policy which indicated Embrace would assess my dog's medical qualifications when I made the first claim. Therefore did the following: (a) I provided my one year old GSD's medical history, (b) I have my vet complete the medical exam form Embrace sent to me and (c) I asked if there was an unknown condition discovered, after I made a claim, if they would consider that a pre-existing condition. On their 24/7 chat, they explained to me their policy- I received an immediate reply from a vet: ": No matter how you personalize your policy, Embrace policyholders are covered for: Breed-specific & genetic conditions, Congenital conditions, Chronic conditions, Cancer Exam fees, Alternative therapies & rehabilitation, Behavioral therapy ER & specialist care Diagnostic testing Hospitalization & surgery." Really awesome Insurance carrier.

I was a new customer to Embrace as of December. With a new puppy, I signed up to receive coverage. He passed puppy wellness exam and had no pre existing conditions for the 12 months prior to the day I became a customer. He passed the accident and illness waiver period. I took him in to complete an optional orthopedic waiver to reduce wait time from 6 months to immediate coverage. Found out, because of the optional waiver exam, my puppy had hip discomfort and did not score within normal limits. I did not submit the waiver request and chose to wait the waiting period.

My puppy became sick with a stomach bug and I submitted claim to Embrace. They performed a medical chart review and used the results of the optional orthopedic waiver test against me, saying it was a pre-existing condition. I am absolutely disgusted with this company. I requested all my money back because I am an absolutely dissatisfied customer. They will only prorate me the remainder of the uncovered month. So disgusted with this company.

I used Embrace because I was referred through USAA. This was a mistake. I got insurance for my new 6 month old golden retriever at a friend's recommendation whose 10 year old golden recently had to have a few surgeries for thousands of dollars. I read all the paperwork carefully, knowing that any preexisting conditions found would not be covered. I was informed that medical records would be procured from our vet to determine this. I gave them the vets information and release for them to receive the medical records.

18 months of paying for insurance later and I submitted a claim for an ear infection. I received an email stating that they found notes from prior to the policy start date that indicated my dog would not be covered for anything relating to his hips (hip dysphasia, etc, ie. any major surgery that you would want to have pet insurance for in the future). Embrace took my insurance money for almost two years without verifying that my dog could even be covered by reviewing his medical record. Customer support agents were unapologetic, defensive, and rude. It’s not just mismanagement, it’s unethical. It’s not the type of experience you expect as a USAA customer. I hope that USAA pays attention to the poor experiences their members are having with Embrace and chooses a new partner.

I've been very pleased with Embrace Pet Insurance. We've had it since our 9 year old was 4 months. Whenever we've made a claim - they've addressed it immediately. Also the submission process is super easy as well. I will not get another pet without it.

I had a bill from our vet for about $476 and Embrace covered $375 of the total in a very timely fashion. We have had other pet insurance in the past but we are very glad we have switched to Embrace. The service and the people I have spoken with are both outstanding and I highly recommend this insurance.

I cannot say enough about how pleased I have been as an Embrace Pet Insurance customer for four years. Every claim is responded to quickly and efficiently, and really brings a sense of relief during times that are otherwise stressful when my fur baby gets hurt or sick. Thank you for everything and keep up the great work!

Embrace is the best insurance for pets. I have had nothing but awesome experiences with them. Filing the claim is easy and they process them very quickly and get you reimbursed. It is a pleasure to work with a company that is so easy. Thanks Bert, Paul, James, Radar and Ruby.

I chose Embrace Pet Insurance in June 2017 for my 5 year old german shepherd. He had no history of any health problems except two ear infections, both caused by swimming too much in the summertime, and itchy skin from the chlorine water. It was my first experience buying pet insurance and probably my last because Embrace drag their feet from the beginning. I paid over $800 and they have yet to do a thing except ask for more and more paperwork, which has already been faxed to them, but apparently they toss it in the garbage and, months later, contact me again for the very same thing. I am so disappointed in their lack of coverage and the headache they have caused, and I feel duped. Today, after they are finally paying attention to my account, I have received three emails, two saying they are paying a very small amount for two of the appointments we made in August and September 2017.

They are also considering the ear infection and the fact that my dog was overweight (he's since lost 13 lbs) as "pre-existing conditions." Never mind that we had to have the dog checked by a vet for medical conditions before they would insure him. Or that they have sat on my claims for months; or the fact that they would never pay up if I wasn't contacting them again and again and still trying to get them to do something! Anything! Today, I asked for my money back. Apparently they have sent me two checks for $13, both, I believe for the very same claim! I want my money back since I have done all the work and have had additional expense for vet appointments because they insisted on the medical exam in the beginning, and seem to be ignoring the results of that exam. Please -- do not waste money on Embrace Pet Insurance!

My experience so far with Embrace Pet Insurance has been great. I have filed two Wellness claims and have received a full refund promptly. I have made calls to clarify information and staff has been great. Thankfully, I have not needed their protection with illness or accidents, yet, however I am confident they will make my experience a pleasant one.

I submitted all documents upon signing up, spoke to several reps and was told that was everything. Specifically asked about certain things, then suddenly trying to use wellness claims I was told that toothpaste and natural anti-flea and itch shampoo required a full medical report to document it was needed. Keep in mind this is not medical but for wellness. Then am told it denied because I didn’t provide this information I was before never told about. Unless you're as dumb as the people writing the policy, you shouldn’t need a vet to tell you preventing normal allergies, tartar, and fleas are something you do as a preventative measure. Embrace, your own pets must be bug infested if you don’t know this.

I found the company to be highly ethical and responsive. Angus’s cataract surgery was pre-approved and reimbursements, as requested, were deposited directly into my bank expeditiously. The Customer Service reps were knowledgeable and pleasant. Thank you Embrace for following through. Angus and his parents appreciate you being there for us.

So far, Embrace Pet Insurance has proved to be all that I hoped it would. All of the Embrace personnel I have dealt with have been very compassionate, responsive, and accommodating. They have paid all claims in a timely manner, and they kept me from having to make a really difficult decision when one of my dogs needed major surgery to remove an abscess caused by a grass awn that threatened his life. I would not hesitate to recommend Embrace to anyone.

I'm very satisfied with Embrace. Claims are easily filed by me or the vets' offices and customer service doesn't make me wait 10 minutes just to talk to a human representative. The website is easily accessible and the space dog is fun to watch while I log on. Overall great job!

We have had Embrace for 10 months now and I would highly recommend this company. The ease of submitting claims and getting payments back is great. I have never had any issues with any claims and it's a nice peace of mind knowing that I can pay for my dog's health issues and get reimbursed within 2 weeks. If you don’t have pet insurance I would highly recommend Embrace.

I have been with Embrace now for five years and I love them! I have not had a problem with getting a refund (check) in the mail for a service my dog has had. Fortunately I have not had to use my insurance for any injuries but use my Wellness account on a yearly basis. Thank you Embrace!!

These guys are great. Our dogs have been insured with Embrace since they were pups... They are 8 now, and as they are EXTREMELY rambunctious have had many scrapes along the way... and Embrace has been supporting us with paying for those scrapes every step of the way with their exceptional customer service. Can't recommend them more!

I have had Embrace Pet Insurance for a little over 8 years now. Their claims processing is extremely fast and accurate. They deposit my reimbursement right in to my checking account. I pay with my credit card and have the money in my account before the bill is due. Their customer service is excellent. Very friendly and helpful. I recommend Embrace to everyone, including strangers.

We have 2 dogs insured with Embrace. We had a different Pet Insurance before, and they were more expensive & higher deductible. Then I saw that USAA offered the Embrace Pet Insurance. On 19 May 2018 we had to rush our 12 year old Dachshund Sarah to the Emergency vet. She could not breathe. She been having heart issues & is on heart ** & ** and **. Unfortunately, she was not on enough ** and had build up fluid in her lungs. She had to stay the night. Lucky she pulled through. The vet bill was around $1060. This was our first claim. The vet filled out the forms I got from Embrace to do a claim, & faxed them over to the Pet Insurance. On 29 May we got the refund check in the mail; $725. I never expected to get a refund check so fast. Normally Insurances take a long time when they owe you money. I was very glad. I highly recommend them.

Didn't cover everything but was a huge help when my dog got sick and when my cats got fixed. Customer service was very informative and helpful with all of my questions. It was a little costly but saved me a lot of money in the long run due to unexpected injuries and requiring more vet visits and tests than were expected. Deductibles were much cheaper than having to pay the bill or visits in full and allowed me to bring my animals to the vet more often than I normally would. Filing any claim can be a hassle, but it was definitely easier than filing a car insurance claim or medical claim.

My wife and I were remiss in filing our healthcare claims for our English Bulldog and our first claim filing covered an 8 month period. The receipts for vet care totaled about $1800. Embrace found ways to avoid EVERY claim and reimburse us $0. NOTHING!! OMG!!! Now that I have had this shockingly disappointing experience, I revisited the Embrace website. WOW, talk about saying so much about nothing!! They tout about paying for "Routine Care" when it is actually only paying you back using $$ you deposit with them!!

NOW I can see through the slick marketing claims they use to dupe people into thinking they would actually be reimbursed for the healthcare of their pet. Just like the Liberty Auto Insurance commercial we've all seen. When the policyholder is denied coverage under his insurance policy, he is told that he bought the wrong coverage policy. He then corrects them by saying "No, I bought from the wrong insurance company." I feel the same way!!!