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Hello friends, I would like to bring you the incident that happened to me by Erie Insurance. I tried auto quote online, if married put the information comes, But there is no space I can put that. Then I called the Erie Insurance near me and she asked all the information taking my 24 minutes and she said I have too many cars and many drivers at the same home. What the hell? I have four cars and four driver in the family, she is very rude and drop the phone on me. Never go with them, you will regret. Because few of my friends told me the same thing.

They are cheap. However, if you get a scratch on your car and file a claim you will either get a love letter from an underwriter saying you are more of a risk than their typical customer or have your insurance canceled. I found out when I moved to another state that they would not insure me unless my husband and I had a policy together, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise since my agent found out and shared with me after talking to an underwriter that after being with them for 14 years they were not going to renew my policy for the next year.

Had some trouble with adjuster Darren ** in their Columbus office, who was very rude and acted put-out over a simple request to reopen a claim they had closed out. I received a call over the complaint I sent to the corporate office. It was referred to the head of the Columbus office. It didn’t appear during the phone call that the complaint was taken seriously. He essentially blew it off.

I've been with this company almost 30 years. 30. Carried three policies for years. Sometime ago, lightning hit a 60 ft. oak tree next to my house; the tree was decimated and a huge limb dangled over the roof, just waiting to fall. Erie wouldn't cover the removal. Really? They would have covered it if it FELL on the house, they said. We spent over $1,000 for a crane to remove the limb quickly, take the tree down, then proceeded to argue with Erie for some time until they agreed to cover it. My life was too busy to make a change then as I should have.

My most recent experience. My annual car premium came due; I split the payment in half, like I always do each year. They (used to) charge a nominal fee for making a second payment. But my balance due notice said I owed another $85 in addition to the other half. My agent said it's because they don't do split payments anymore. But why wasn't this made clear somehow? It was buried somewhere back in the declaration? They couldn't possibly make an exception, given my history with them and given the fact that this change wasn't clearly noted anywhere. Incredible. My residence also changed to a "safer" insurance zone but no one peeped about that. I don't care if they're rated one of the best because they aren't. I've so had it with them. My new insurance with Geico is 30% less for the same coverage.

I went with Erie because they had lower rates then my insurer at the time. I chose the $1000 dollar deductible for an even lower rate as I had a pretty clean driving record without any claims during my 16 years of driving. Once I had an accident they dropped me like a bad habit. They cited the costs of the repairs and that I was at fault as reasons for dropping me. They were not interested in investigating the accident further on my behalf as there was other factors to consider such as a faulty traffic light.

The representative's name was Justine and she was very unpleasant and clearly was not interested in following up with the information that I was given to her. She even told me that I should of taken a different route that day. My experience with Erie was great when I bought their insurance, but when I had claim they treated me like a number and not a person. This was all about numbers. Their slogan should be "We're great if you perfect!" I recommend paying more for an insurance that has your back and best interest.

Erie gave us best pricing after our old company raised our rates for no reason. Even with 2 new cars our payments were less than other major insurance carriers. Best pricing for the coverage we needed.

Have been with them for years -- my agent is great and received great quotes for home and auto. The service and the company are excellent. I received quotes and chose them four or more times different times and through my agent. Erie Insurance has been the most dependable and cost efficient company -- and P.S. many years ago worked for Prudential and sold for them -- so I know a little about insurance companies.

We have very helpful agents. Erie is quick to pay claims. Prices are reasonable. They offer discounts for good driving and multiple policies. I don't regret switching from State Farm.

I have been a customer of Erie for twenty five years. I also have home owners insurance with them. I have made two claims with Erie for autos I have had. They have never delayed payment and I can go to any, any auto body shop of my choosing. Last year when I received my renewal notice, I was a little surprised at the rate increase, around 18 percent. I requested a quote from State Farm for both policies. State Farm quoted the policies at around 20 percent higher than the new rates. This is the only reason I did not give five stars. Also they have a local office and can call from 9 to 5 and talk to a live person within two ringside of the phone. It is just nice to know the local agent whenever I have any questions, two agents over that 25 years I have done business with.

This is a Company that started small and has grown tremendously. I have been with the company for over 50 years and I have never thought about leaving them as I feel my care is their priority. My claim was handled quickly and my vehicle was taken care of. I also have my homeowners with them and filed a claim for water damage. They have great customer service and fair pricing for services.

Erie provides the best rates I have ever had in the 20+ years I have had auto insurance. They also have local offices where agents know who you are. It's nice to be more than a number in this day and age. I have never had to submit a claim, so I am unable to really comment on that, but based on what I've experienced thus far and what I have heard from others, I would expect good things.

June 7, 2017 a huge dump truck hit and totaled my car. The agent, Josh, was very professional and very prompt, and was very accurate in his response to compensate for my car. Next came Mr. **, the personal injury agent. From day one, Mr. ** was nice, but somewhat unreliable. Having been recently diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer, I was just anxious to get everything about the incident behind me. Mr. ** told me the settlement amount would be $2000, he would send me some papers to sign, I could pick up the check in 3-4 days, or he could mail it, I agreed to pick it up.

I had lots of tests and doctor appointments so it was about a week when I called to see if I could come pick up the check. That’s when Mr. ** starting talking about Medicare and that I would get the check in about 30 days. Okay, no problem. In 30 days or so I called, Mr. ** told me Medicare takes about 90 days, he had done everything he is supposed to do, if I want anything more done I can do it myself. After a few more weeks I called for updates, Mr ** informed me of no new news, and that up to $800 would be deducted from the $2000. This whole ordeal is a nightmare, and I’m telling everyone who will listen about Erie Insurance, not that it’ll do any good.

The agents are helpful but prices are definitely higher here than other insurance agencies. They don't offer as many discounts as others do and payment plans aren't as flexible as others. However their coverage is actually very good.

Erie dropped one of our policies after we've been with them over a decade. They should have kept our policy instead of sending us through the State Reinsurance Facility. We bundle with them so they acted as if our business does not matter to them. Our house, our other automobiles, and the umbrella policy should have been worth more to them than a few minor accidents that they didn't have to pay out much on. What's the point of paying insurance if they just turn their back on you!

This company has good claims response. It has a good website. You can pay your bill online. You can work with a local agent. It has low premiums. It has very good coverage. It has very low rates. It has discounts for multi policy.

The company is small. But they have great service. The representatives are friendly and helpful. Their prices are reasonable and comparable to the major carriers. There is a good discount for carrying multiple types of insurance.

We were hit in the rear by a person who had no insurance. We had to pay a "noninsured motorist deductible" to get our car fixed. Erie assured us they would pursue and recover our money. They sent a couple of letters to the address of the person that owned the car, but, shock of all shocks, this person never responded. The person driving the car did not own the car. It was owned by his girlfriend's dad, who did not have insurance. I'm not sure who Erie was sending letters to. The driver? The Girlfriend? Her dad? Anyway, nobody responded to the letters. We just, today, received a letter saying Erie had done all that they could and the 2 year statute of limitations, which we didn't even know there was a statute of limitations, is almost up.

We were told after the accident that Erie would pursue this incident until they got our money back, or the person's drivers license would be taken away. As far as we can tell, Erie did absolutely nothing. We have multiple policies thru Erie and we never miss a payment. What good is it for us to have insurance if we have to pay for our own accidents? There is an ever increasing number of uninsured motorists on the road every year and I see why. You don't have any consequences, if you are in an accident. Plus you don't have to pay exorbitant payments to an insurance company every month for fake protection. I think we are about to become one of these uninsured motorists, since that seems to be the way to go.

I have used Erie for 20 years and have never had any issues with them. They offer a variety of ways to make your payment. My Erie agent is easy to get a hold of. She is quick to return phone calls and answer questions. If she doesn't know the answer to a question she goes out of her way to find the answer.

I am satisfied with Erie because they are always available in their office to discuss any concerns or to answer any questions I may have unlike GEICO and a few other online insurance companies I have dealt with in the past. Here in Maryland there aren't any offices that I am able to walk into in my area when it comes to GEICO or Progressive. The online insurance companies have the cheaper and lower rates, whereas, Erie's rates are very high but they are easier to talk to and always available.

Hands down. Erie Insurance is the worst company I have dealt with. My vehicle was severely damaged by one of their covered drivers. It took me 4 days to merely get in contact with the claims adjuster, morning day and evening I tried. They wouldn't answer my calls or messages in any sort of timely matter. Once in contact they juggled me around and around to another representative (I had four in all) and they dragged the process as slow as possible. They were highly off point with initial estimates that I had to make it known for them the obvious undercarriage damage, and with that they dragged time further requiring their estimator to re-inspect what should have been found earlier.

I was without a rental car for two weeks though I was clearly entitled to. The main representative even threatened me with personal expensives stating that if I do not submit this claim to my own insurance that Erie would charge me for storage fees (I would have been charged my deductible and the accident was already written as the other driver's fault). As a whole ERIE is by far the worst company in general I've dealt with. It's now the seventh week without my vehicle but it is repaired. It's been on hold still with the shop since last Thursday and all because Erie's adjuster is "Not currently in my area".

My daughter slid on black ice and ran off the road. She needed minor work under the front bumper and a new bumper. Erie was great, we had no problems and they got back to us immediately. They have been great so far. I would recommend them to anyone and have done so.

Erie Auto Insurance has been my insurer for Home and auto for over 15 years and they have had great rates and always treat me like I am a person and not just a number. Every year or two, I request quotes from the other top companies and their premiums are always 3 times higher than Erie. They don’t insure high risk people, so I don’t have to make up for those people in my premiums. I have a personal agent that works in my state and is familiar with my policies. I like being able to reach someone I know. They have always taken care of me and I had the rest of my family sign up with them too, and they have all been very happy.

I had switched to Erie Insurance before I had children. Now I have 3 sons ages 21, 18, and 16. Every time I added a son to my policy, my insurance skyrocketed with only the explanation of the new MALE child being added. Unlike other insurances, Erie offers no programs for a youthful discount! Nothing to help ease the burden off the insurer! So I ended up lowering my insurance and raising my premiums to be able to afford insuring them. Of course, they had to have vehicles so we bought them what we could afford to pay cash for. We own 6 vehicles with mileage ranging from 97,000 to 292,000. But we own them all! Well, when we bought the '09 Kia Sportage it had 126,000 miles on it and I wanted to list it as my pleasure vehicle. However, we did purchase it for my younger son and my agents said I had to tell them which person predominantly drove which vehicle because it was only fair!

West Virginia, the state I reside in, has a law which I believe is called WV's Municipal Use of Vehicles Law which states that it doesn't matter who drives what vehicle, every licensed driver in that family would be covered on any vehicle. They admitted the truth of that! However, other insurances will allow you to choose which person you want on which vehicle because that law insists they're covered!

My Appalachian Insurance Agency refused to allow me to do that! When I tried they said that was unfair because it would have lowered my policy from $4700 a year to just over $4000. I contend... That was enough! But, being a believer in God's holy word, I wouldn't make those changes unless I was allowed to do so. I would not lie! Other insurances, as I found, quote you the lowest premiums based on that law anyways! So after 20 plus years being insured with Erie I left! I think they could have and should have done better by my husband and I than that! They simply didn't care to have our business!!!

Got a quote online for $185.58 and asked to call the local agent to sign up, when I called I was asked to pay $255 that is more than 40%. So I called the customer service and informed them I provide all the information correctly and accurate when I applied online, was told no one forcing me to get Erie insurance, totally unprofessional and misleading the customer, you have to be honest and transparent.

Have shopped around and prices with Erie are the lowest for my car. I have auto and home insurance and I'm well pleased with this company. Had a homeowner's claim in 2013 and was completely satisfied with settlement.

Insurance companies have a reputation of being tough when claims are submitted to them but Erie did not treat me that way. They met my expectations.

The price is competitive. The service from the agent is great. I have been with them 30 years. Whenever I had an accident they were very fair and helpful. When I was involved in a accident that was not my fault and the other insurance company was giving me a hard time my agent stepped in and resolved the problem to my satisfaction.

Good. The price is worth it. The local agent is quick to respond. I have yet to submit a claim. The renewal process is quick and easy. The website is quick and easy. The local agent cares about me.

It's a very straightforward experience. They directed me to a local body shop for the estimate, sent the check, and the body shop ended up finding additional work during job, additional work covered. Everything done well with little effort on my part. Everything was handled promptly, courteously, and taken care of.

My car was hit in a parking lot by a customer of Erie Insurance. Claim filed. No call to me in eight days. I've contacted the customer's agent and Eire directly. No return calls. When I complained to the Erie operator, he read the claim where the adjuster had entered the had called and let voicemails and that I was the one not returning calls. Total lies. Avoid this company. They are dishonest.

I was an Erie Insurance customer for 12yrs. In those years I always made my payments ahead of time. In the past few years, I leased a Honda Civic. Unfortunately, for me over the course of 3yrs. I had 3 claims. All of which were completely out of my control. The first incident, a drunk driver totaled my car in a hit and run. The second claim was due to hitting a deer. Lastly I was involved in a hailstorm. I thought that the purpose of having and paying for insurance was for instances such as these. Never mind that, I always paid my premium ahead of time. Erie decided not to renew my policy. I am not to blame for random acts of nature however, things worked out for the best. I now own a BMW as opposed to a Honda Civic. I am insured with Geico. Guess what? Geico is cheaper than Erie. I wouldn't recommend Erie to my worst enemy. Thanks Erie for the education.

Experience with Erie is extremely satisfying. With only a vehicle identification number, Erie agent asks questions to decide which & how much coverage is needed. I am now on my 3rd auto using Erie. Get wonderful friendly support from local office and have many discounts due to longevity of policy. It is less expensive than many other companies available to me. I also have an option of paying my premium yearly, bi-yearly, quarterly or monthly. But the broker's office is located in a 2nd-floor condo with no elevator access. As I am handicapped and can't negotiate stairs, their 2nd-floor location causes difficulty. But the agent brings what I need to my car & we conduct business there.

I love my auto insurance company. I have had two claims in the time I've had them and both were handled quickly and efficiently, with little involvement from me. Payment plan options are vast to accommodate whatever stage of life I'm in. Customer Service from my agent and my company is phenomenal, quick responses and work that goes above and beyond what I call about.

They have always been kind and considerate to answer any questions or concerns I may have. The price is affordable and the coverage is great. I am able to read my coverage and understand it as it has no jargon in it!

I have had no problems with Erie since I have been using them. I've only had two claims and no problems. Claims were for towing and were paid in a timely manner. I have had this insurance for three years. I have auto and boat insurance. I also had renters insurance for three years.

They have great policies and very helpful. They have always been there to work with me when I need them. It is a great company who is very friendly and very helpful. When I had an accident they were very quick to help me out and get someone out to check my car.

I'm highly pissed. They take consumers' hard earned money only to in the event of an accident leave them high and dry. A horrible company. My car was stolen and torched and till this day they leave me my wife and kids carless. Their only main concern is my wife who wasn't driving the car and her last record of driving being in 2012... where does that come from? Not the fact a family who pays their insurance on time every month and with that being said my on time payment is probably someone's paycheck and they make us suffer for almost a month now trying to turn tables and say us the suffering victims are the criminals profiling and stereotyping and only choose to talk to people who can't properly articulate so they can they ease their way out compensating paying customers.

If you know your way around reading an insurance policy they simply hang up and avoid you. Such scam artists. For all I know I think was Erie Insurance that stole my car since they are being so difficult in wanting to pay for it and being completely unprofessional. In a business the customer is the boss being as though they pay you and with no customers you have no business. I wonder how many other young first insurance policyholders they took advantage of or the older ones that are too old to understand any of the fine print completely. Horrible in my judgment.

Erie seems to have the lowest premiums I can find. Recently checked, and still no one could beat their price. I have a local agent whenever I need to talk with them with to claims, changes to policy, etc.

We had Amica before we purchased Erie. Amica was terrible, because of an internal problem, Amica allowed our cancelled auto policy go all the way to the NCDMV and what a nightmare that was. Erie Customer service was there to help us out of the problem. Erie was able to cover all of our autos and our motorcycle. We saved over 400.00 by switching to Erie. Our Rep is a jewel, she was there for us when we needed her, answering every question. Erie went above and beyond.

Erie insurance provides great premiums for good "coverage". However, the minute you're in trouble they screw you. It has happened over and over again. They have fooled my family and I twice now. Trust me. Pay a few more dollars to go with someone else. My car was in a hit and run, and hit in two places. They tried to tell me that it was two claims because it was hit in two places. Even though it was the same incident and seconds apart. Laughable, all they were trying to do is get me to pay two deductibles. Anything for them to save money. The damage was not even that extensive, and they are trying to get me to pay double the deductible.

I pay 4000 dollars a year in car insurance, and they are going all this way to save 250 bucks. It is hilarious because some of the lower level people at Erie were even shocked about this. They couldn't believe what the adjuster and his manager were trying to pull off. They had no choice, but to go along with it. What a complete disaster. I am WARNING you do not just go to ERIE because of cheap prices. When you need them, they will screw you.

My Erie agent has been very helpful with all my questions! Recently had car trouble which required towing and Erie reimbursed me in a timely manner. Rates are very reasonable and am quite happy I switched from Travelers to Erie with both my home owners and auto insurance.

I have been with Erie for less than two years and never had a problem until just recently when I had to file a claim. I have full coverage on my 2015 BMW 328i and it was set up through a insurance agency because they don't set up policies directly (red flag). 7/20 I filed a claim. I learned that I do not have rental and I have a diminishing deductible. Ok, so I pay for my own rental and after talking to Erie they said a adjuster will call me within forty eight hours. 7/23 I am contacted by a Erie adjusters who inform me that they would send a third party appraiser to approve the repairs within forty eight hours (red flag). 7/24 I am contacted by the dealership saying the appraiser was there and I would be hearing from Erie.

7/25 I was contacted by Brian and he tells me that there was a issue and the dealership would not put the car on a rack so they only approved the tires and the rims until the appraiser could look at the rest of the damage but the parts have been ordered and it won't delay anything. So I call the dealership and they insisted that the person who came never even asked for the car to be put on a rack because that definitely could have happened. I asked if they gave him the entire estimate and they said yes.

So I called Brian back and asked who told him all of the things he said and he began to back peddle and when I informed him that the dealership told me that they never asked for the car to be put on a rack and that they won't order the parts without approval of the repairs he said he would get them to go back today to correct it. Then about a half hour later I get a call from the dealership instead and they tell me that they will replace any parts they can with aftermarket parts and by doing that they can't warranty them with the warranty I got with the car.

I then call the direct number for Erie and ask to speak to someone about my claim. I was transferred three times and was told three time "let me get you someone who can help you with that." On the fourth person I got finally transfers me to a supervisor and he tells me that it is in my policy that they can replace any parts with aftermarket parts if they are available. I explained that BMW won't warranty any aftermarket parts and will void the warranty that I got with the car. He said "you should read your policy better." (WOW!) Then I said well since you used a third party appraiser and now my repair time is delayed. What about a rental. He said "there will be no rental, it's not in your policy" even if it's their fault for the delay? DOUBLE WOW!!

So I call the agent who informs me that they don't offer OEM replacement even if I wanted to add it to my policy. So in the end I am paying out of pocket for a rental while they send a third party appraiser who screwed up and the difference between the OEM and aftermarket parts so my warranty is not affected. After the repairs are done I will be looking for a new insurance company and taking the policy to a lawyer to find any loopholes so I know I am not dealing with a scumbag company like Erie Auto Insurance.

Did a quote online. Waited three days no call from an agent. When I contacted Erie Insurance company in Baltimore MD on Rt. 40 something did seem right. The agent stated she didn't need my quote number. (Red Flag). Instead needed personal information. Hours later on behalf of the agent someone else called with a $3000 6 month policy plan. With a good driver record not willing to be ripped off by this company. What's the need for a quote if you're not going to look at what the customer needs. Buyer beware! Don't buy insurance from this company.

Erie Insurance has failed to get the information needed from the dealership who owns the car that hit my car. The accident happened on Oct 8, 2011 and the owner of the vehicle has yet to show proof of ownership of the vehicle. Now if they are insuring this dealership, shouldn't the insurance company have the information on this car already? I am driving an unsafe vehicle and my tires are being worn. The frame is bent and it can not be aligned due to this, so my steering wheel is at a 20 degree angle to go straight.

I have made numerous phone calls to Joel, the insurance agent for Erie and he states that every time he tries to get a hold of Priceline Auto, the man states he isn't there. Someone in this area should go to this dealership and get the proof they need. I'm sure there are agents in this area that could do this.

They have great customer service and price, ability to bundle products and have a variety of products. They have a local agent that I can talk directly with. Payment options are easy to use.

Cheap to start. Raised auto rate $110 first year, home $150. Called local agent. Could not get in to her head. The auto numbers - she said all Co's. raise auto for no good reason. l had no claims. Then she said the same thing on the home then got upset and said, "If you don't like it you should look for other insurance co." One hour later she called and said they made a mistake and were lowering my home 50 bucks if I stay with them. Beware. They will take advantage of you in all situation. "And if you don't like it you should find a better co."

I received forms, completed them the next day, then mailed. I received check in about two weeks. I've been with Erie several years. Consider them good to deal with but not wonderful. Value is good, not great.

I had another company for decades, then I moved. Based on Erie's reputation, I'd considered it before, even though I was satisfied with what I had. So when I moved a year ago, I got Erie. It's been fine, I liked the local people, but haven't had any experience beyond setting it up last year and getting occasional mail from them.

My insurance is very reasonable and have no issues with it. I have been with this company for over 10 years and also have my homeowners insurance with it. I have an agent in my area that I can go to if I have a problem. My premiums have stayed within a reasonable range and when I have needed to make changes to my policy it was done quickly and with no hassle.

I was hit by an Erie insured truck driver and my car was totaled. The accident was the insured fault and he received a ticket at the crash site. Erie's claims adjuster has put off and put off so long that I had to claim the accident against my insurance and pay for my rental out of pocket. The adjuster will not work with my insurance company either. How can this Insurance Company get away with the way they treat people???

They are always nice when I call. They take their time with you. They make sure they understand what you want. Even if you have a hard time with the VIN numbers they are very patient with you. They are the best.

When adding my teen son to my policy who had just started driving, they quoted and sent me a reasonable contractual “add driver” quote which I was prepared to pay. Upon invoicing me they doubled the amount, making it retroactive to 6 months earlier when my son got his license even though he wasn’t yet driving and didn’t have a car. It was a large sum of money, but their customer service was AWFUL in helping me address the problem and I was escalated to the president’s office where I dealt with the rudest customer-facing person ever. Although I remained calm, he literally resorted to reading me the legalese from my policy which evidently gave them the right to charge me (rob me?) for coverage I hadn’t received whatsoever. I would never recommend Erie to anyone.

I am still battling to get a claim fully paid by Erie for the hospitalization, lost wages and property damage done when an Erie policyholder turned her car into me as I was crossing an intersection on my bike in April 2017. I had to get written statements from witnesses, video the intersection/traffic patterns and then document my efforts, injuries and condition for months. The police officer responding to the accident didn't get any witness statements and listened only to the driver's story (I was not interviewed). Since then I have made attempts to contact Erie at least once every two weeks to determine a status and push things along. I got them to admit that the driver was at fault, but they have still not covered all the costs. They do not return my phone calls, and I get excuses and delays when I do call to the agent.

I have been an Erie customer for 15 years. I have auto and renter's insurance policies through them. I have never needed to file a claim on the renter's policy. As for the auto policy, they have always served me well. I had an accident that was my fault in 2006. They covered all the damages to both cars. The adjuster was quick to file my claim and settle it. They have accident forgiveness, so my premium did not change when I renewed.

I was also involved in an accident for which I was not at fault. I filed claims with both Erie and the at-fault driver's company. I ended up subrogating through Erie. My car was totaled, and Erie gave me $500 more money than the other company. They also handled all of the communication with the other insurance company, so I did not need to put forth very much effort to settle the claim. They also handled the rental car and covered that completely. The accident had happened on a Tuesday evening. By Wednesday morning, I was in a rental car, and by Friday afternoon I had a check for the entire value of my car. By Saturday, I was driving my new car off the dealer's lot.

Lastly, I had a rock bounce up and crack my windshield while driving on the highway. I filed a claim with Erie as soon as I got home that evening. Erie scheduled an appointment for me with a mobile windshield replacement company for the next day. They showed up on time and replaced my windshield quickly. The workmanship was top notch. I have zero deductible on my comprehensive policy, so there was no out of pocket expense. To reiterate, my windshield was replaced within 16 hours of filing a claim at zero cost and I didn't even have to move my car. So far, Erie has been an excellent company to deal with. Everyone I have dealt with from there has been courteous and efficient. I highly recommend this company.

I have been with Erie for years, about 23. I like that I can do everything on their website online. They have several options on paying your bill so you can do it according to what you want. They give a discount if you have home or rental insurance with them.

They are always quick to attend to my needs and make me feel number 1. They never make you feel like a bother. They know their information in and out and will get the answer if they don't. I never have had to file a claim but have 100% confident that it would be handled above and beyond what we expect.

I think that paying $200.00 per month is way too expensive for loyal and long-time customers. I am currently looking at other options. There needs to be options which are cheaper. For someone that has a long history of a clean driving record with no accidents, 200 a month is absolutely ridiculous.

Very favorable. The insurance agent was very helpful and gave me important information about my policy as long as I had it with his agency. He assisted me in getting affordable rates for the type of insurance that I needed. He also suggested other options such as flood insurance and this was greatly appreciated. Any auto claims were settled quickly but in a professional and fair manner. All the different types of coverages such as liability, collision, medical and comprehensive coverages were explained in a clear and concise manner. I also received accurate auto insurance quotes whenever I inquired.

Erie Insurance is affordable and they have great customer service. When I had to file a claim they were very helpful and guided me through the whole process. They were also very supportive.

I have been happy with Erie insurance. I have auto, house, and umbrella coverage with them. They are very helpful with claims. My last claim was for road damage to my air conditioner. They took the initiative to contact the repair shop. They approved the claim and paid quickly.

Having been a customer for 1 year, I decided to look at alternative sources for my car & renters insurance. I requested Erie not to auto draft and they agreed. Shortly thereafter they DID AUTO DRAFT and my account was short which resulted in two $29 charges from my Credit Union. The next day they again drafted resulting in two more $29 charges! Two days later (payday), I called and paid the bill and informed them I would soon be using another Company. They stated a refund check would be processed. They deducted four $25 charges from the refund check citing the two aforementioned drafts -- they used Corporate Policy for their actions. Repeated calls to the local agent and Corporate produced no results. Beware of doing business with this Company.

I have been with Erie Insurance for over 30 years, they have always been the best insurance company. I never had to worry about being dropped and their rates are excellent. I recently shopped around to see if I could find a better price for my 3 cars and house combined. Not one competitor could come even close to the premiums I pay. I have had several claims over the years and my agent/office is always there to help. After someone ran into my car, I called my agent who told me to get a couple of estimates. I did and was able to take my car to my choice of auto body shop. They did a good job and I was very satisfied.

Erie has been Very Good. The value you get is top notch. I have been with them 5 years and have had no problems. The premiums are among the least expensive in the industry. I had a roof with shingles that got damaged from high winds and Erie wrote me up for a new roof. I had a new metal roof installed and had money left because they wrote it for shingles which are more expensive than a metal roof. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for homeowners insurance.

Used for the last three years. Husband vehicle was hit by a truck, other driver was at fault and left scene of accident, contacted our Erie agent, who was helpful, claim was filed with the other insurance company. No problems getting vehicle repaired.

When we have a claim or need them they are there for us. We have been with them for many years, probably over 30 years. I think that my mother and father in-law have also been with them for many year.

I have had nothing but pleasant experiences with our insurance company. When needed, they are always immediately available. They have also proactively contacted us to update our file & lower premiums as our children became young adults.

I've had Erie auto insurance for at least the past 7-10 years(?). Luckily, I've not needed to use it for any claims. So I'm unable, really, to tell how good/bad they are if in accident. I find them a bit pricey, up until this year. I dont know why, but my premium went down somewhat. Perhaps it does if no accidents in years? I dont know.

They are always very personalized with their service. They are quick to get back to us if we call with any questions. Unlike large companies who you speak with a different person everything you call, I talk to the same two people every time I call! Love my insurance with Erie!

I am unable to pay for auto insurance at this point in time so my parents pay for it along with other insurance as a bundled deal. I don't pay for it so I really wouldn't know but I haven't heard of anything bad from my parents regarding the insurance so I am guessing that they are a good company that follows the rules.

Very good as I been with them for over 10 year. They the best.

I was involved in a total loss accident with an Erie customer. My vehicle was non drivable at the scene, and was towed to salvage. The claims representative from Erie was less than cooperative in assisting me with my car rental in order that I maintain work. If I had not rented the car, I would have been unable to get to and from work. Finally I gave in after 3 weeks of messages and paid the bill to the rental company, and have been told that the bill may not be paid in full. I am omitting the representative's name at this time.

When I initially signed up with Erie for an Auto policy the experience and customer service was fantastic! Low rates, easy process, and everyone was accessible. HOWEVER, I filed a claim and the adjuster I was provided was sloppy, unprofessional, and falsified information. When I contacted his supervisor I was told I needed to focus on the claim and pretty much not address the issues with the adjuster.

Then I contacted the supervisor's supervisor to complain about the level of professionalism and how over a week went by and my adjuster was not returning my emails or calls. He immediately dismissed my comments and jumped to conclusions about why I was requesting another adjuster the issues with the claim I filed, Never addressing the unacceptable behavior of his subordinates. It was not until after I told him the call was being recorded he actually started treating me like a customer with an issue. An issue that should have and could have been resolved weeks ago!!!

They have had the lowest rates since I've been with them and no problems. They have sent mailings to keep me up to date with the products they sell. The agents have been very cordial and answers any questions you may have quickly.

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