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Farm Bureau Homeowners
Farm Bureau Homeowners

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I can relate to my insurance person. She deals with me one on one.

I was a loyal customer for over 10 years and never made a claim until recently when my house roof suffered extensive damage from being in a catastrophic storm zone. Farm Bureau treated my family with contempt from the very first phone conversation with the insurance adjuster and the claim dragged on for 6 months. Four other neighbors had their roofs paid for and replaced within 1 month by their insurance companies. In the end Farm Bureau wasted a ton of my time, caused a ton of stress and only paid out 40% of the cost. Don't buy Farm Bureau and if you already have them, hope you never have to make a claim.

Price was 1/2 of what I was paying to my previous provider with the exact same coverage. Agent was thorough and helpful throughout the transition process. Bill payment set up exactly as it was with the previous provider.

When a neighbor's dead tree fell on our chain link fence, FB sided with the neighbor who also had FB insurance. I had video showing the tree was dead and had been dead for several years, but I had to go even further and hire an arborist to inspect it and he came up with the same conclusion we did. I believe FB was just trying to save the $1000 deductible by charging it to our policy instead of the owners of the dead tree. FB didn't even repay us for the cost of hiring an arborist. We continue to still have problems with dead limbs from another one of their trees which hangs over the property line and may hit our house when it finally comes down. We informed FB about it when we had two previous claims, but they didn't seem to care. We no longer have insurance with this company.

It must be a TX thing because anytime I've ever had to use Farm Bureau in Crossville, TN I can't find anything but good to say. I have to say there was one time I was pretty ticked off however. We had a bad storm and the neighbor's huge tree fell in our driveway damaging 2 vehicles. If we would have had comprehensive (which was like $10 month) they would have been covered. I blame that on my agent, not Farm Bureau. It was not covered under homeowners (theirs or ours) because it was considered an "act of God". Unfortunately, I have to use them again and I have no doubt everything will go as well as it has in the past.

I've had Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance for 6 SIX years, paying approx $200/month which equals over $14k and had NO ZERO claims, not even 1 speeding ticket, yet my insurance rates keep increasing - on my 11 yo vehicle! I am even over 50. Called my agent and he said "Well, I can't explain it. Sorry. I'll even shop around for you!" Now, with spring rain and hail, noticed water around my fireplace, wet drywall, damp and paint cracking. They send out THEIR Agent, who is being paid by them thus biased. Tells me leak is from hole in siding which I should have caulked and maintained. When I told him I had a contractor out before him who said it was flashing issue, then he said "Oh, maybe flashing too." He focused on what could be blamed on me - NOT an issue they would have to pay for! FED UP! Result: They won't pay $.01 on fireplace exterior, roof or siding damage but would write me a quote for drywall repair! Ha.

Won't pay for most expensive repair and if I let them pay out $300 for drywall, they will increase my rates. Asked about hail damage and roof. He said their policy states I would get 1% of insured value for roof which is $2407.00! That's all... After I've paid out over $13k. Worst insurance company I've ever had for 30 yrs of having home and auto insurance. Going with National company who won't scam their neighbors and community! Clearly our $$ is going toward White River Park and ticket profits! They should be out of business from scamming their neighbors in Indiana.

I haven't had a problem for many years but when I did, it was handled quickly and efficiently. I am very satisfied with my insurance. I've had this insurance for 30 years with no problems. The people at my insurance company are very knowledgeable and helpful.

I also have my auto insurance with this company. I highly recommend them. They are always available to help answer my questions and problems that I may have. The staff is super friendly and helps anyway they can. I have had this insurance for years and also a lot of my family and friends have it. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

I have Farm Bureau and we had storms for 5 days where I live and it knocked my retaining wall out. They hired a engineer come out who was paid to help Farm Bureau come to conclusion that it was my fault. I've only been in my house 1 month and they won't fix my problem. Wonder how much they paid engineer to come up with for them. So if you read this people I say find another company that will actually be there when you need them. Instead Farm Bureau is just there to steal your money. Thank you Farm Bureau for not being there for me. What a wonderful company. You are a joke and scam artist.

I have Farm Bureau Ins for 25 years. This is first year I needed to use it. Paid them 877.00 dollars a year. Then the roof leaked and water poured down the light fixture in the kitchen only hole in ceiling. I called, made a claim, they told me what to do, had contractor did what claim adjuster suggested. Next rain roof leaked again pouring water on my counter and in my cabinets. I put a hole in ceiling with a knitting needle so the water would not leak down light fixture again. Called the claim department. They sent out an adjuster. He said water was blowing under the eaves and getting in. Then they had an engineer come out, he said it was the rafters coming apart and said it leaked over the sink which it did not.

They did not pay on it, didn't suggest taking out the soggy Sheetrock. Had the same contractor who repaired what the first adjuster said, to come out and fix the roof completely. A neighbor gave me the money since my husband had a stroke and can't do much. I showed the contractor what the adjuster and engineer said and he shook his head and said that is not at all why the roof leaked, it was just loose shingles. Now my cabinets are getting moldy, I think it's from where all the ceiling Sheetrock got wet.

Now they send us a statement to keep the insurance and it's 60 dollars higher and they did not even have to pay out. Please don't get cheated by Farm Bureau Insurance in Blount County TN. Like I did. I will be shopping for another insurance and hope and pray they are honest people. You would think soggy Sheetrock from a leaky roof should have been replace not by them. But the roofing contractor was outstanding.

Farm Bureau has great competitive prices and 4 years ago when I had to put in a claim I found them to be very professional, very efficient and the customer service was very impressive. I was very satisfied with how quick my problem was taken care of. Because of the great service I will be a customer for a long time.

Have a bundled policy on our home and auto insurance. Great coverage, they are always very quick to handle any and all problems or questions we may have. Handles everything for us there so we never have to go there. Everything can be done over the phone or email if need be. Our agent comes to our home if anything is ever needed.

I've had a terrible experience with Farm Bureau home insurance. I had a claim in the spring due to hail, and it's been nothing but a hassle. They did everything but call me a liar in regard to the quality of shingle that I had. It took multiple calls to get an adjuster out here. It takes forever for anyone to get back to you in regard to your questions. Nobody looks out for the customer.

I've been growing increasingly dissatisfied with this company since the 3 years or so being with them. I own an older home that I'm remodeling. I was first hit with fees for not being insured for less than a year (had another company change in that time period) then had to become a member to be insured, then a $2.00 donation was added onto my membership fee (which I elected not to pay). This year I was hit with almost a $500 annual increase. Called the agent. He proceeded to tell me it was due to my credit obligations, I didn't have a multipolicy discount, a 2.7% annual inflation increase and then he solicited me to bundle my other insurances (auto etc) to save me some money?

I have had insurance with Farm Bureau over 30 years. Very very few claims. They are all Kissy lovey when they’re taking your money. I had wreck September 2017 and right away they were showing your true colors. Had shingles blew off my house June 2018. In all those years I only had two roof claim on my house. Years ago they paid in full for a new roof. Now they want to fix one little area of my roof. I’m going to be out the $2000 deductible I’m sure. Next time something happens to my roof they’re going to consider roof as being damaged. I should’ve gotten a new roof and I’m really mad. I’m going to blog all over the Internet about how sorry Farm Bureau is!!! Should never be a loyal customer! When they kick you down it hurts more because you’ve been loyal! Stay away from Farm Bureau!!!

Farm Bureau has the cheapest premium around and believe me I did some shopping! I was unfortunate and had to make a claim, however they were quick to respond and were very helpful!

I have had home insurance through GA Farm Bureau for over 30 yrs. My policy payment was due on a certain day. I asked if I could pay them 4 days later instead of that particular day. I had been sick but they would not take that into consideration. All they cared about was the money. What would have 4 days more mattered considering my situation.

My cabin sustained damage from a wind storm in July 2016. I appreciated that the adjuster arrived in a couple of days, but has been difficult to work with. Instead of pointing out areas of damage like window screens, window cracks, and lawn furniture, he avoided noting any damage that we didn't personally point out. Every communication is like begging. The 8 year old red roof on our cabin and shed sustained considerable tree damage. The adjuster will only cover half of the roofs, even though the roofing company said the color will be off. The roofing company eventually refused the job because Farm Bureau wants to patch the roof. The adjuster has been no help in getting our property back in shape. When you sustain property damage, you need some professional help, not being treated like we are the problem. So far we are fixing a lot of the damage ourselves since reputable contractors are so busy with storm damage in northern Minnesota.

My recommendation would be to: Ask a local roofing contractor which insurance company is easiest to work with before buying insurance. Beware of "stated coverage" because it's an excuse to underpay. Also, Farm Bureau will charge you for coverage they won't cover if there is a claim. They will replace with a depreciated value no matter the overall coverage value that they are billing you for.

I never had a problem with a claim or anything with them. Great insurance reps and no hassles, they cover almost anything on and in your home. I will always use them.

Good company with good reputation and good representatives. Easy to work with and easy to get in contact with for service. Highly recommend to others and will continue to work with for years to come.

I have had only one claim on my home insurance. I needed a new roof and new gutters. I felt like they did not provide enough funds to get a long-lasting roof. I did not have enough funds left to get new gutters. The customer service was nice and I guess I should have negotiated with the agent for higher proceeds but I did not.

When I started with FB insurance they were very willing to write my policies and a great price that was in June 2018 and then in August 2018 I got a cancellation letter that they were cancelling my HO insurance, Due to "an existing hazard adjacent to the dwelling, outbuilding exposure on the premises, and physical condition that clearly present an extreme likelihood of significant loss." When I finally got an answer to why they told me I needed to paint my detached garage, they would only insure my house. Why it took them 2 1/2 months to decide this and had no problem taking my money.

We have had Farm Bureau Homeowners insurance for at least 10 years. We never had any claims. This is the first time we have had a roof damage to fix and they are not willing to pay it. They claim it is not rain or wind damage, oh what could it be? Did the squirrels chew on it. I am very disappointed with the company and I am ready to switch insurance companies. For the years we have been paying and using it I thought we are entitled to getting our roof fixed. We are going to withdraw all our insurances with them. Car, home everything. What is the use of having an insurance company if they only suck up your money and fulfill their job when you need them. :(

Solid no frills company that I've been with for over 40 years. I've had three claims in all the years I've been with them and each was handled very well.

Extremely dissatisfied with Farm Bureau. We have paid additional to get residential home equipment breakdown coverage. Our heat and air unit outside needs replacement. It has been eleven days since we have filed our claim. We have tried to contact the insurance agent several times. He does not pick up his phone and neither does he answer back. We were supposed to have an answer latest by the Friday of last week and we have heard nothing yet (today is Monday). Additionally, we have called the agent repeatedly and left him messages but he cannot be bothered to return the calls. Very dissatisfied with their extremely unprofessional conduct and handling of my claim. I will not be renewing my insurance with this company. Very bad customer service and very ineffectual insurance agents.

I've been with Farm Bureau Louisiana for one year. I am a new homeowner and did not know if I report a claim it affects my credit. Stay on my report for five years even after I PAID the cost for repairing damages. They basically screwed me over and I will never recommend them to anyone. I had my car, home and five life insurance policies. Well they knew back in August 2017 they would drop my home. However the agent did not want to inform me because the company and him was getting my premiums money for life insurance.

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