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I was a passenger in a car involved in an accident with an UNLICENSED driver covered by Fred Loya. She did have a state I.D. I was called by one of their adjusters and came to an agreement on settlement. Received a check from them today for less than half of the agreed upon amount. I called and was given the name of the adjuster and called him to find out what was going on. He asked me if I had cashed the check and when I told him no (I don't trust insurance companies) I was told it was a computer error. They will send me a corrected one.

Turns out they seem to have this "error" a lot. I would like to hear what happened to the poor unknowing people that cashed the "errors" and then tried to collect the rest of their settlement. Bet there was a lot of fighting over those. Watch out for this tactic. If you cash a short check you will screw yourself out of the rest of the money. By cashing the check you are accepting their settlement even if you had agreed to more. They will argue that you accepted a lower settlement with your endorsement. WATCH OUT. I'd like to know how often they pull this underhanded crap on unsuspecting people. Why do they offer auto insurance to people who are not supposed to be driving in the first place.

My story is like everyone elses. I had to fight with them to get a car rental (8 hours on hold and being hanged up on). After my car was "fixed", the body shop did not want to give us our car because Fred Loya did not pay them. After fighting with Fred Loya for a day, the body shop agreed to release the car. After a few more days, we discovered issues with the seatbelts, it took us 3 months to get one of the seat belts fixed, with one still pending.

We called Fred Loya to get the remaining seat belt fixed but they told us that they did not find any issues with it (even though we had video of the different times it would not latch). They told us it was a manufacturer defect (the car is 1 year old and never had that issue prior to the accident). After a few weeks of fighting with them, they finally said to take it to the body shop to get evaluated and to call the Fred Loya rep while we were there. We did and of course the rep never picked up the phone when we were there but the body shop still looked at the car. We tried reaching the rep again to get the part ordered, when we finally did she said that we never called and had to go back to the body shop (30 miles away).

Till this day the body shop has not been able to reach anyone in the supplemental department. Also, they were suppose to replace our kid's car seats because they were in use when we got into an accident. They said that they would only pay a total of $110 dollars for both the booster chair and the regular car seat because I did not have a receipt for them. Who the hell saves the receipts for car seats and where do they shop to determine how much they are going to pay out.

Pros: It's a budget friendly insurance company that give you the illusion that you are covered if something happens. Cons: Miss a payment, they are calling you everyday at least twice a day to tell you that the payment didn't go through and they won't stop until they reach you on the phone even if they leave a voicemail. File a claim: Hard to reach people, on hold for hours to get someone that is not helpful at all. Every rep tells you a different story. People are constantly hanging up on you to transferring to a line that goes nowhere, hard to get them to pay anything.

Fred Loya will do everything they can to minimize their portion of ANY claim submitted to them. The adjuster refused to return calls and delayed the acceptance of fault for over a week to keep from having to pay for my rental vehicle. They eventually accepted fault, but only gave me $40/day for a rental after the accident took my 2014 Toyota Tundra 4x4 completely out of service for 3 weeks and they will only cover 2 days of rental! I am out over $1,000 for an accident that was not my fault! How is that fair?

My brother received repairs on his leased Toyota car after an accident. Fred Loya Insurance sent the payment to the shop with his name, my mother's name (lease co-signer), and Toyota Financial Services. The shop wouldn't take the check without all 3 signatures. Toyota Financial Services at the dealer would not sign the check. Fred Loya Insurance, both physical location and over the phone, refused to help or reissue the check without Toyota providing a written statement and Toyota said they've never had to do such thing. Fred Loya Insurance informed my brother there was nothing they could do to help. We are on the 6th week of attempting to resolve this issue, still in process. Because of Fred Loya Insurance's incompetence and challenging procedures my brother does not have a vehicle and cannot go to school. His on-campus college semester begins tomorrow. :(

My son was rear-ended by a man covered by Fred Loya insurance. We received a check in the mail. The check was deposited in my bank account and, when checking for it to clear, I found it had been returned and I had been charged an overdraft fee of $30.00. Vision Insurance, who wrote the check, had put a stop payment on it. After numerous calls and getting voice mails, i was told they had reopened the case and found us at fault for us being rear-ended by their client. I have never heard of a check being issued then a stop payment put on it. This insurance company is a nightmare and a disgrace to the other higher standard companies.

On 1-1-16 I was hit in a parking lot by one of their insured. I made a claim with Fred Loya. They called me back a few days later saying it was denied because their driver wasn't in a accident. I argued to finally realize they wrote the policy number down wrong on their insured. So I had to start a brand new claim and make sure they put it in right this time. I agreed to have my vehicle inspected at one of their inspection centers. It took them an additional 3 days to come pick it up. I had to constantly call and ask questions about damage and where they were with the process. The claim adjuster Marivel later told me they couldn't get a hold of their insured and that she had 40 days to give her statement!!!

I called the girl who hit me and she stated they never tried calling her. So she called and admitted to them the damage to me was her fault. Only for the idiot Marivel to call me back days later and said my claim was denied because the pictures make it conflicting stories... Wow! Also I had numerous witness statements who said their insured hit my PARKED CAR and they Marivel told me they don't take witness statements anymore. By this time they already had my vehicle fixed at their collision center and are trying to stick me with the 3000.00 bill. A supervisor won't call me back or is never in the office. Worst place I've ever dealt with. No one should go to them or get insured by them!!!

The only car on my policy with them was totaled on 11/09/14. I tried to get refunded for the days of the coverage period after the accident. Every single person I spoke to said they had the right to maintain coverage for up to 30 days even though the car was in their possession!! They would not refund me the money and went so far as to state that the Texas department of insurance has their own opinion when I told them the rep there stated they are supposed to refund that to me!

Today June 13, 2016 and I call in to make payment and they say that they are no longer taking payments at this time due to products and other stuff. Now I'm confused at this time, so I ask her (Kimberley) at the Memorial Drive office in Georgia, "So what do we do? Will our insurance lapse?" She said yes. So whoever has Loya for insurance won't have it if your payment is due this week. That means registration will be cancel subject to be pulled over by the police. Never have I heard of anything like this. Got to call the news people. Have to shine some light on this. I just can't with these folks. They are cheap but sometimes it's better to pay for what you want.

I am sure you have heard it all before, but I must share with you my recent experience with Fred Loya Insurance Company, and ask how can you allow this company to continue operating in your state. My parked car was totaled by an insured of Fred Loya Insurance, no debate on liability, but it took over 40 days since the accident to get a settlement. My totaled vehicle was left on private property for 7 days before being picked up by Copart on the orders of Loya. The accident was on July 1, but I was screaming at them daily as I live in Indiana and the vehicle was abandoned by my driver. They offered ridiculous settlement values, and had me dealing with 5 different agents who did not return calls and would always go to voice mail. I was told that they were only required to supply basic car rental at 24.00 per day even though my vehicle was a tow vehicle, an SUV, and I am in the golf cart business and require such a vehicle. This is all they would pay. It had a trailer on it when the accident occurred.

I was told they would only pay for a rental until such time as my vehicle was deemed totaled, and then that was revised to until we agreed to a settlement. This is not fair as I still did not have the settlement money to replace the vehicle. After agreeing to a settlement for less than my loss, as I had no choice, I was still un-paid and renting a vehicle. I asked for a money wire or overnight and was told they do not do that. I had a similar claim with the Hartford Insurance company last year, and I must say that the treatment was like night and day. I have read page after page of heartbreak and complaint on the internet about this company and it is disgraceful that this be allowed to continue. They pray on those who would be afraid to even file a claim, so they are just not used to paying them.

Worst company I have ever dealt with! What a fraud and horrible company! I was in an accident. One of their insured T-boned me while I was driving to work. She was liable and received the ticket. I was contacted by a Loya rep and was asked to take my car in for an estimate. So I did and they took pictures of my car and said they would contact me. Based off of the pictures that were taken the adjuster called me and let me know she would be issuing a check for $1100 and would be closing my claim. She was rude, unhelpful and could never answer any of my questions. I called around trying to get my car in for repairs and none of the auto body shops wanted to even work with Fred Loya because of being ripped off in the past by this awful company!

Finally I was fed up and filed through my insurance (GEICO) who was awesome and fixed my car in a timely manner! I've been trying to reach the adjuster who never returns my phone calls or emails! The damage was totaled at $3,580! I didn't think the $1100 dollars they came up with (just by taking a few pictures) would cover the damage to my car! Horrible horrible company. I have no clue how this place is in business. Complete joke and I would never recommend them to anyone! Marisol ** was the adjuster I dealt with absolutely no customer service and very unhelpful! Still haven't heard back from her to this day! Goodluck to anyone who has to deal this horrid company!

I have family who are current employees with this company, even they advise to not purchase insurance with this company. They are aware of the many frauds this company do to working people. When I was with them I did submitted two claims with this fraudulent insurance company. Both claims we towards my uninsured motorist coverage, which I was supposed to be insured. First claim they came up stating I didn't report to the police so they couldn't do anything. The second claim they stated I had comprehensive and collision so they couldn't help me because it was less than my deductible. Which is unlawful because there is no deductible for uninsured in the state of Colorado. Besides this the treatment they give paying customers is just trash. There is no such thing as customer service whatsoever. I don't recommend this insurance to anyone. It's the worst I've had.

0 stars... I went to renew my tag and it was showing no insurance... FRED LOYA cancelled my insurance but they have been withdrawing money out my bank account every month for 298 and when I called the office Jasmine had an attitude with me. I request to speak with a Manager several times and I was told she was on the phone several times. I had to threaten them in order to get them to push it through.

My car broke down and I had it towed to my home. Loya insurance was supposed to reimburse me for the towing. 28 days later and I'm still getting the runaround! The tow ticket was filed from one of their offices by one of their reps. The ticket had all the information on it. Every time I call claims they need this; they need that! Stop the bull and just reimburse me. I'd hate to see how they would treat me if I were in an accident. Bottom line...... They don't want to pay for anything. THEY ARE A JOKE! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!!!!!

They are a terrible insurance. I am from Denver and if you dealing with Fred Loya you are gonna have some problems. First problem that you are gonna have for sure is a pushy adjuster who is gonna make your claim pass thru a terrible experience. They use psychology system to scare you, and put you down. Second problem it's gonna take forever to them to fix your car. Third problem they always fail to fix what it was damage by the accident. They need to go out of business.

I've read some of these reviews and have come to the conclusion that most people leaving reviews are a bunch of whiny, stuck up **. I had an accident a couple of months ago and the other driver was at fault and was a Loya customer. I am NOT a Loya customer. Because I only carried liability on my car, my insurance company was less than helpful. I called Loya and filed a claim against their customer and was immediately taken care of. An adjuster was assigned to the case, my car was inspected at the tow yard and an offer was made on the car, that was listed as totaled. Because it was a 17-year-old Isuzu Rodeo with over 260,000 miles on it, I wasn't expecting a whole lot of money. I figured that anything over $1000 was going to be gravy.

Their offer was for considerably more than that, so I was pleased. Not pleased that I lost my Rodeo, but that I was able to get more than I expected. I was able to use that money towards a nice Toyota RAV4. Through the whole process I was treated with respect, I was kept in the loop and once the paperwork was filled out and sent back, I had a check within a couple of days. I am nothing, but pleased with my experience with Loya, even though I am not one of their customers and that's why they get five stars from me.

I had a policy for a couple years with Fred Loya on my 2 older vehicles. I needed a newer, more reliable vehicle and EVERYTHING went downhill from there. I am a business owner, and as I was signing the paperwork for my revised policy, I was given quick, brief explanation of the documents I'm initialing. Everything is fine UNTIL they get to the part when he tells me "This is stating you will not be using the vehicle for any business purpose at any time." Well, of course I DID NOT sign it and explained to him, "I told you from the start I am using my personal vehicle for business use" AND, AFTER he took pictures of my vehicle that has my business magnetic signs on the vehicle door!

Fred Loya doesn't insure business vehicles that want full coverage! That is all fine and dandy if it's their choice, but they were just in a hurry to write up another policy and chose to ignore what I said about my business use and needing full coverage insurance. This isn't the first time, same kind of scenario has happened before, different subject. I immediately tore up the papers and put them back down on the desk in front of him. I am angry that so much of my time was wasted, and they don't listen to what the customer is saying.

I have not one good thing to say about how they are handling my loss. I've been without transportation for two months, I asked for a rental car they declined. Signed over my totaled trucks title a month ago. It's been sold and I'm waiting for my settlement. I've lost $3000 in wages. Horrible business.

On April 30, 2015, I was hit by a Fred Loya insured drunk driver. Adjuster came and took pictures of my totaled vehicle, and an offer was made that I refused (per my lawyer) and then I got nothing!!! It's been almost 5 months and neither my attorney nor I can get a status. I've received only one rude message by phone and 2 short emails that contained no information. They didn't offer a rental or anything!!! I've been borrowing and bumming rides for my kids and I with no response from what my attorney called "bottom feeders of insurance companies".

On May 28 I was hit by a drunk driver, he has Fred Loya Insurance. He was arrested at the scene. I was given delay tactic after delay tactic before an adjuster was finally assigned to my claim. My entire front bumper and right fender were torn off. I received an estimate from Fred Loya in the amount of $800. I obtained my own estimates from 3 random collision places in town. The estimates were roughly $1,900, $2,600 and $2,700. After weeks of more delay tactics, they agreed to a supplemental payment of roughly $900.

However, after they mailed the checks, and before I received them, they VOIDED the checks and called me to notify me, claiming that they had forgotten to include the apartment number on the checks, and would thus have to void them. I instructed them not to since my name was clearly on the check, and I knew my postman would deliver them (which he did). They said, no, they would have to void the checks, and I would receive new ones by Monday of the following week (2 days ago).

On Wednesday (today), I still had not received any checks, so I called their corporate office. They kept me on hold for roughly an hour, then put a supervisor on the phone. She then told me that they had to void the checks because their adjuster made a mistake, and they could not pay that amount. They are submitting the claim to a review department where it will be assigned a new adjuster. When I asked her why I was flat out lied to when I was told they voided the checks due to the apartment number not being on the address, she said that it was because of that, and ALSO because they are not going to pay. I have desperate need of those funds and have made promises based on Fred Loya's agreement to pay and telling me the checks were approved, signed and mailed. This company is the worst and this has completely ruined my summer.

I have been with Fred Loya/Rodney Young insurance company for about 5 years, never filing a claim. Recently, I was hit in an accident and though the police report says it was the other driver who did not yield no tickets were given at the scene of the accident. It has been over a month and I have no rental car, still paying my totaled cars payment and they threw up their hands telling me that they do not have to cover me because the driver (my sister) was living with me at the time. This is completely untrue, never mentioned and now they are done. They will not even help me go after the other insurance company since the accident was their fault in the first place.

They are unwilling to help so we had to hire an attorney. They are the worst company who looks for any reason not to pay their claims!! This is truly a get what you pay for example. Please do not let this company fool you into a policy. They are horrible, rude and unwilling to help!! Look at the reviews on the internet. I sure wish I would have because they are not good either. This seems to happen to a lot of people who carry this company.

I currently walked in your store in 1201 Woodhaven Blvd. Ste 1233 Ft. Worth Tx 76112. I try to purchase insurance with you all. I got it with ** and employee that worked there. I gave her my money with no problem. So I went to show the car lot they would not accept, my insurance because do a poorly job as an company. Something that I did not know so I try to get my money back. She said no, I was like, "I just gave you cash like 30 minutes ago." I was mad that I as a customer called her manager ** and she said I could not get my money. I will never again ask for your services. I strongly feel l like I was taken advantage of. I am currently looking into legal services.

I had and excluded person to drive my car had an accident and now Fred Loya don't want to pay. If it excluded they got to pay regardless!!! My brother had a similar problem. He had accident with a car covered by them and didn't want to pay him!

This is possibly the worst insurance company I've ever dealt with. Yes, it's true. You get what you pay for. Customer service is the worst. Bookkeeping is terrible. Every month they call saying they didn't receive payment, even though my bank shows they did. While my son is in school and not working, this is the best we can do. But once he has a job a different insurance company is first on the list.

I was rear ended by one of their 19-year old customers in May 2014. I went to one of their stores and a young clerk came out and took pictures of the back bumper. He didn't even look under the bumper to see if there was any obvious damage. After a while, he said the estimate was for $660. After a week or two, I received a check in the mail for that amount. I then went to four (4) body shops and the estimates were all between $860 and $1025. They all said the young estimator forgot parts and a trailer hitch plug and bracket that was under the bumper. I then called the assigned adjuster back and said I would like a check for the difference in repair costs.

She basically said no, and that I would have to bring it to a body shop and they would pay the shop the difference. I explained that I had estimates from reputable body shops, and I would send them to her, but she didn't care. I explained that it's my business if I take it to a shop or not, maybe I want to repair it myself, and they owe me the cost of a fair market cost of repair. We went round and round about their appraiser under appraising the cost. She basically said, take it to a shop if I wanted Loya to pay anymore, but I wasn't getting anything. I said, so you're refusing to pay me what it costs to fix my bumper.... She again said, "Take it to a shop." My suggestion is be aware of these people. Get other estimates before you go to Loya's adjusters. They're not body shop people.

Previously I was a customer at Fred Loya. I had 3 claims that's still unresolved. They promised in the contract. They never came through, after sharing my information from my privacy rights on down to sharing my bank account information. They lied and betrayed my confidentiality. They withdrawn money without authorization, after not following through with the promise stated on the contract. I feel like if you got to lie and scam people for your gain for business, and don't follow through. Someone needs to file a complaint, and I am one of them to help get the job done.

Customers struggle enough to pay their own bills, and provide for the families, so why would a large cooperation like this company keep ripping people off. Also getting by and no one is dealing with Fred Loya. Example, Claim #1 I had to pay out of my pocket when I had a accident locking my keys in the car in another city. I called roadside assistance, Fred Loya said they couldn't help me. So I had to pay out of my pocket. They accidentally broke the handle off the right side of the passenger side of the door. Locksmith, I never gotten my refund back.

Claim # 2 I was involved in another accident where I back into a truck when a long wagon suddenly came in behind me. Fred Loya contract stated that I can get a rental car if I take my car in to get it fix. After taking my car in to get serviced, The manager ask me, "Who do you have insurance with?" I stated, "With Fred Loya." We called the insurance company up, ready to get my car serviced. The manager at the body shop says, "We don't deal with that insurance company. Because their credibility is not good with us." The manager further proceeded. “Ms. come look over here on our wall.” They showed me 5 different insurance companies. Yes you are right Fred Loya was on the wall.

No I am not trying to speak against this company. I am not getting paid for writing this review. But I am very disappointed and hurt, because I could have gotten hurt in another city by not being able to get into my car trusting Fred Loya when I found myself in danger by not having protection when I needed it the most. I had to pay out of my pocket for each accident, as I stated Fred Loya simply lied and betrayed my trust. My injuries I incurred seems not to matter to them like pain and suffering in another city wondering how to get my keys unlocked out of the car. I will never trust Fred Loya again.

I went to a locate office during my lunch hour so I could add my new car onto the policy and remove my old vehicle but was not allowed to since the policy is under my husband's and my name. Which I had already called the 1-800 number 3 times before going to a local office so I would know what was needed and to avoid any problems or delays since I was going during my 1 hour lunch time. Well what I got was terrible, rude service and was informed that I could not add another vehicle to the policy without adding another driver when we don't need an additional driver on our policy. The employee was very rude and unhelpful and I was not allowed to remove my old vehicle from the policy either. I was also told in a very rude manner that I was not allowed to take my old car off the policy without my husband being present.

When I had called the 800 number I was informed that I could go in and add the new vehicle to the policy and remove the other vehicle and pay my the prorated amount but I was assured that it would be that simple and that my husband could go at a later time to sign the documents since he is always working. I have always heard horror stories about Fred Loya and never really believed them until now. They are providing a service to the customer and they should be able to assist and help the client as much as possible. The representatives need training on how to be courteous and be able to provide the service that is needed to the clients. It seems like the representatives for the 800 number are better trained than the ones at the local offices. DO NOT GO TO THE EDINBURG, TEXAS location located on West University Drive. The service SUCKS!! I am seriously considering canceling our policy with Fred Loya.

I was side swiped by a Fred Loya client. The client was trying to pass off previous vehicle damage onto me. This client lied to the police officer, my insurance company, and Fred Loya insurance. I talked with Lena of Fred Loya and she told me to send in pictures and to bring the car in so they could assess my damage. The next day Fred Loya called denying my claim without seeing my car or any of my pictures. THIS COMPANY IS VERY SHADY not to mention unethical!

I tried to pay my insurance policy at midnight and couldn't reach anyone. Fred Loya representative told me my insurance had expired at midnight. I explain to her I was trying to pay it online at midnight. Most insurance give you till midnight the same day not midnight before your insurance is due. I thought that was strange and now they want pictures every time I turn around.

On May 25 my car was struck by another driver who run the red light. Needless to say that I have been insured by Fred ** Loya. Since the very next day my car has been sitting in the body shop waiting on them to get the repairs paid. My adjuster Eita has the worst customer service etiquette I have ever experienced. The supposed to be investigator Jasson good for nothing. Doesn't even know what's going on even if it hit him on the face. Do yourself a favor and never get insured by this company.

BUYER BEWARE! Fred Loya Insurance is nothing short of a scamming organization masking itself as a reputable insurance company. During the month of January 2019, their insured’s vehicle crashed into my fence causing significant property damage. Police took a report which clearly stated their insured was negligent. However, Fred Loya’s adjuster stated their insured is not at fault because their insured stated “someone” ran him off the road. Police report does not state any other vehicle was involved. They are refusing to take responsibility for my claim citing “we are searching for the other driver.” When asked how long this could take, the adjuster said it could take months or even years.

Now it’s up to me to either sue them or fix the fence at my cost. Obviously, they know the other “phantom” driver doesn’t exist and will never be identified. It’s simply a ploy to defer responsibility. It’s a shame companies like Fred Loya Insurance is allowed to sell insurance. Bottom line… I recommend NOT buying your insurance from a scam company like Fred Loya Insurance. Call the other reputable companies that stand behind their word and have much higher ratings. Note that I had to select a star rating in order to post my experience. While I chose 1 star, they actually deserve a 0.

My car was hit by their insured OVER a month ago (at 2 am while my car was PARKED outside my home) and was deemed a total loss. I've dealt with 3+ "claim adjusters" and a "total loss adjuster" and have yet to receive a satisfactory answer. They keep passing around my claim from one person to the next and all I ever get is "My manager will have to call you back." Word to the wise, if you EVER have the misfortune of having to deal with one of their "insured" - total joke - Hire a lawyer because without them you will never get a dime or an answer from any of their incompetent workers.

I have been with Fred Loya for 6 months now and they are not upfront about what their procedures for payment are. I signed with them and was told on paper that my last month to pay would be in February (2015). But as it turns out, that payment automatically renewed the contract I had with them for another 6 months. And to cancel, I will be charged $50 (I pay $66 monthly! What a ripoff!) for early contract termination which I never approved and was never notified of (the contract renewal). A representative said that they sent me a notification letter on the 7th but my account gets automatically drafted on the 6th at midnight. Does that make sense? No. They tell you after they charge you.

When I called BEFORE due date to verify if contract would be renewed, I was told no, and I DOUBLE-CHECKED with the rep and was STILL told no. But apparently it did. Too much ambiguity/lies/unclear information. I am basically paying them to rip me off. DON'T USE THIS INSURANCE! They put you on hold forever, never REALLY answer your questions, and don't do anything to keep their clients. I used it because it was cheap but I guess it's true, you get what you pay for.

I paid my insurance the day it was due, Fred Loya stole another payment the next day. Then when I called to get a refund a worker told me that all they could do was “credit it over to the next month.” Remind you I’m on a month to month plan. It took me going up there in person to act a fool in order for them to just agree to a refund. They told me it would take 3-5 business days, today makes the 5th day yet I STILL HAVENT RECEIVED MY REFUND.

I called the 800 number and they told me THEY ONLY GIVE REFUNDS ON TUESDAYS. I’ve already been patient and broke with my account sitting in a negative because they like to steal, Wasn’t able to get any formula for my infant child, lucky I have family that helped and I still needed my family to assist with a percentage of my rent, which is a big inconvenience because THE MONEY WAS IN MY ACCOUNT BEFORE THEY DECIDED TO STEAL IT & Now they want me to be patient another 4 days to receive my payment. They have by far been nothing more than an INCONVENIENCE towards me and my family. I recommend that NO ONE use this insurance company.

I had a hit and run accident. They told me to look for a shop which I did. The shop has a good reputation. They check my car and said I had to replace everything, insurance didn't approved my bumper. Now the car is done and you can still see damage in the bumper. Called the insurance and this lady said my car isn't that new even though I'm paying full coverage. She said if I want my car look good I have to buy the part and I said no way. She told me it was my fault for taking this car to a different shop that is not theirs. I told her that they never told me they have a shop and she just told me "Well we already paid a lot. You have to pay the deductible and if you want that part you have to pay for it." This is a ** joke. I'm so pissed.

First I got my insurance over the phone. I told the rep I wouldn't be back to Colorado for a few weeks, she said no problem. So I went with the insurance company. They then called me on Nov.4 to cancel my policy, OK. But now it's been 2 month, no refund check and all they keep telling me is they need more information to cut my check as it is. I'm concerned about my identity from this company when they can't even mail a letter to the correct address 3 times. I hope somebody has had the same problem with this company. And if so could somebody lead me in the right direction.

On March 3, 2012, a person who was insured with Fred Loya at that time hit my car and totaled it and the other car. Since then, the insurance has been playing me around. I want to file a complaint. Fred Loya insurance is refusing to pay me for the total damages.

So the other day a Fred Loya customer hits my truck in the front end trashing it. He got the ticket and pled guilty to it. Now Fred Loya says they have to investigate if it was their driver was at fault or not so Ian out of a truck. This happened 3 weeks ago no rental car so I am out of work. This company should not be able to operate or sell insurance to any person since they cannot cover their policy's. I really think someone like the board of insurance should take a closer look into some of these little company like Fred Loya because they are scam artists; would not recommend them to any person and if you're already a customer shame on you.

My son had his first and only accident ever, Fred Loya said his car was totaled...fine. But took almost 4 months to pay it off with me calling and calling and leaving VM after vm talking to 4 different people until they paid it!!! 2nd they called for a 10 day pay off from the lienholder OK. Then paid it a month which time the interest accrued, now for 3 more months trying to get them to pay THAT off. Still waiting!!! Meanwhile my husband and my credit score is going down the toilet because it's showing NON PAYMENT FOR 7 MONTHS!!! I'm switching insurance companies this week. I'm so done with them.

** - Employee (Female Mid 50s) at Fred Loya Insurance at 6708 S Cage STE C Pharr, TX , 78577. Very bad service from both employees, Ms. ** changed my quote price as I came into their location to purchase a quote given to me the day before. Service quality declined further after her first question which was, "Are you self employed?", to which I answered, "I own 3 online businesses and keep a full time job at **". True question should have been, "Do you use your vehicle for your businesses or to travel to your job on a daily basis?" In order to assess my use for the newly acquired vehicle. She kept on repeating that she would charge more and modify my account so no other location or agent could sell me their policy which was quoted the day before.

Apart from being rude since the moment I sat down at her desk, she did nothing to correct her behavior or apologize when I politely asked her to reconsider her modifying my original quote. I am an Architect/Designer that works from my laptop at home and I keep a full time job 44 hrs/week as an Interiorist. Ms ** modified my quote to charge me 60% more than the quoted price because she decided to take my professional services instead of my full time job. Thus increasing my quote under the argument that I use the vehicle for self employment which was her assumption (my professional services do not include any in which I travel to you, as all the services are paid and provided online from afar.) Fred Loya Insurance might be a good company however with employees like Ms. ** nothing extraordinary in terms of service can be expected if this is the way their employees treat paying customers.

My daughter was in an accident with one of Fred Loya's client. She hit my daughter in the back. When she called the police, she ask "why you calling the police?" So she calls her mom to help her pull the bumper cause she wanted to leave. By then the police came gave her a ticket. We called them the next day to give a report of what happened so we did then. They called again to give another report, we gave three. Now they saying that there was no police report when we made a copy and gave them one and now they're saying they want the original one. I personally think that Fred Loya is just taking their client's money.

Got hit by one of their insured. It took a week before they came and looked at my truck. They actually flew someone in from Texas to Colorado. The adjuster wrote the claim up and wanted to use a "Used" bumper to repair my vehicle which is 13 years old. Took it to the body shop and there was no used bumpers to be had. The body shop called Young America (subsidiary of Fred Loya) for a "Supplement" to get a new bumper. They responded with "We need pictures", which I don't understand, because they already took pictures.

A week later they wanted to come out and look at the truck AGAIN. That's when I put my foot down and called them and complained that it had been almost a month and my truck was not fixed yet. They said the supplement was approved. The body shop did not get a copy of it until I called Young America and asked them to send the body shop a copy. A week later, the body shop got the supplement check. It was a mere $19. That's right, $19. I don't understand why I had to go through all this hassle for $19. Why didn't they just write up the repair to include the $19 in the first place? Getting my truck fixed was like pulling teeth. I would never insure any of my vehicles with them. You shouldn't either.

This is the worst insurance anyone can ever have! The bar is so low that I would rate them in hell. I have been having problems with them since I became a customer to them. First they want you to pay them TWICE a month which is stupid and if you don’t they take away your “privileges.” I signed up for a 6 month policy and because I didn’t pay them twice a month but still paid them by the due date they changed my policy WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE. So instead of 6 month I’m on month to month which I have NEVER HEARD OF. So to make things easier I ask could I moved my due date and they told me I’m not allowed to because of my month to month policy that they changed without my knowledge.

On December 2nd, I asked an employee will it be ok if I paid them on December 7th and he told me it was completely fine and the only thing I had to do was bring my car to the nearest office. So I do that and paid them without any problems until they told me to sign something and come to find out they CANCELED my insurance. Their reasoning is that they don’t offer a grace period. This wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t try to take money out of my account twice a month. I’m so sick of these people and they raggedy business, it’s ridiculous how they operate! I already have plans to report them to the BBB in Dallas and the Texas Insurance Commissioner. All they're known for is getting over on people. HOW ARE THEY STILL IN BUSINESS???

I got hit by one of their customers and I had to do their job. I had to call them. I had to keep calling because every time when they were supposed to they never did. It was always next day or tomorrow. My car got totalled and they want rip me off on the price. I paid $1500 for the car and they're paying me $1300!!! Not including the price I paid to get it registered and expected. The associate over it didn't even call me. I had call him and he rude the entire time. He chuckled when I explained I paid the amount for it and I pointed that out. He ignored it like it never happened. They think amount but it's something to me since I missed work thanks to their customer and had trouble getting there cause they took so long. If I need insurance for a new car it won't be with them. Should hired a lawyer.

I unfortunately had to leave Geico because at the time I couldn't afford the coverage with them. Went to Loya! HUGE mistake. They threatened to cancel my coverage if an app wasn't signed. But before the app was signed they sent me a check. I thought I overpaid so I cashed it. Now they're saying they have to rewrite my policy because I cashed the check. Number one: who sends a check of REFUND AND OVERPAYMENTS to a policyholder BEFORE the coverage is cancelled? Only to then say "Well since you cashed it, now we need another payment and have to rewrite your policy. Not the amount you cashed but a completely new down payment". So my coverage with them will be cancelled as of today!! I'm not giving them another red cent!!

My husband was issued an insurance adjuster, claim number and a specific amount for the damage to his truck from one of their insured drivers. 6 weeks later, no check, no phone call and no letter. Turns out she wasn't insured for the damages at all. Please let us know next time. Don't waste our time.

Just like you are so worried about people being fair with our comments, that's how I feel about you service to the customers... Fred Loya you are not FAIR or ACCURATE with what you promise to provide, like you say it in your commercials. You are selfish and a big scammer. YES you are that and more... I have heard a lot of horrible stories, which i did not want to believe. Fred Loya tell me why I drove my 2015 for 3 months with no coverage after your uneducated staff told me that they would send everything to my bank handling my car loan... Just the other day called to report an accident (not at fault) and the kid had the ugliest customer service ever. Could not understand him, sounded like he had his mouth full of food. Now I know that all what I have heard is TRUE... I honestly do not know how you stay in business... BUT I sure will not stick around to experience anything else with your sad ass horrible business.

This insurance is playing with the customer. I have full coverage & I got rear end. They make it my car total loss so they won't pick up my car without pay me or make me an reasonable offer so I told them, “Why you won't pick my car,” so they send me a very low. I pay 15.000. They offer me 10.300. I went to Kelley Blue Book & price is 13.000. They still want to not give me at least 12.000. This not fair low value insurance. Never in my life I will do business again.

Well I had an incident which was that they steal my bumper in the street. It took a month that this was solved by Fred Loya and this was because I told them that I put claim in the Insurance Dept. 1.- It is horrible since you call them to report the incident and in the process they switch the adjusters like 10 times. 2.- I filed a Police report, took all the pictures and evidences and email to them and then It took one week until the adjuster come to see my car in the body shop after pushing them with my phone calls.

3.-The adjuster (**) was saying that he or she thought that I had an accident and not a stealing case. What a loser. The police gave me a report and I had pics. I guess they just trying to avoid to paid you and because that they said that they will investigate my case. 4.- I supposed to have 10 rental car days of maximum of $30 a day. The investigation took another 3 weeks and this was the worst part. They ask me what was I doing the night before of the incident (like FBI) and they called all people to confirm what I said and I cooperate but they asked for more and more just with something simple as my car was parked in front of my house and they steal the bumper.

5.- They never finished the investigation and my 10 rental car days they cut it to 8 days for no reason and I had to pay 2 weeks more of rental myself. 6.- Ricardo ** which was one the many adjusters that they switch was the worst. This man should go back to school and learn how to talk. He told me that don't bother him and call him. FRED LOYA should fire this guys. Because of customer service like him I am switching to another insurance. They don't understand that the most important is keep loyal customers for years, not losing them. I don't recommend this Insurance at all. Worst customer service and it is a nightmare. It is cheap but it's why I learn that cheap insurance at the end is a worst decision.

My daughter whom does not live with me and was not on my policy borrowed my car and was in an accident where my front bumper was damaged. I had to wait until Monday to call Fred Loya since it happened on a Saturday night. I called and made a claim and was told an adjuster would call me. No adjuster called so I called adjuster. She was very rude and unwilling to help me and straight out denied my claim and said my daughter was excluded from my policy therefore that my claim was denied and there would be nothing that she could do.

It is too late for me but if you or anyone you know is considering getting insurance with Fred Loya I strongly advise you not to! They are very quick to take your monthly payments and start texting or calling you almost a week before your payment is due but as soon as you have to file a claim on them they will find a way not to pay. I have since that incident left them and found insurance elsewhere where if my daughter were to borrow my car regardless if she is on my policy or not my damages will be taken care of. Overall Fred Loya is pretty much just good for liability insurance not for full coverage insurance. Save yourself from a nightmare and take your business elsewhere!

This is by far the worst insurance any person can have! I had insurance with them. I got rear ended & they did not cover me at all! I called to cancel & they still took the money out my bank plus a late fee! To top it off, they had me under "no license" when in fact I do have a license, so they were charging me all these 2 years even more money than I was suppose to pay because of it!

I called to get my money refunded back & I had to do all these calls & going into Fred Loya stores when it's their responsibility to do so for me! I got $160 taken out my bank & so I called to get that refunded & yesterday I received my check & only $91 was sent back! What the actual **!? I'm mindblown on how ridiculous this is! I can continue all day about how they suck, but I'll be nice to leave it at that. DO NOT GET THIS INSURANCE! THEY WILL SCAM YOU.

On May 29, 2018 a customer of Fred Loya who was at fault for the accident, he accept the guilt, hit my car and they not been paid yet. Fred Loya says that his client did not want to cooperate and that's why they did not pay me. Your client hides something. The adjuster is a spoiled person, not professional, rude and does not know how to treat people. It is the worst insurance company that exists. I have not been paid and two months have passed. My auto continuous crash and they do not pay because their customer does not want to cooperate, his customer hides something. They are irresponsible, liar, do not pay, the adjuster is a bitter and the researcher of the case does nothing. They are the worst.

My vehicle was hit by one of their insurers and they came out and gave an estimate too low to repair the damage and they still have not paid the difference. The claims adjuster is not answering or responding.

I was involved in an accident. The person that hit me was an insured of Fred Loya, on 12/28/2017, today 01/30/2018 still no car and my parents had to come out of pocket for a rental since FL does not supply rentals even if their insured is at fault. The adjuster is NEVER available (David **) his supervisor (Vienay **) is never available and neither is her supervisor (Mauricio **). Then they tell me if I’m not using one of their preferred body shops I would be responsible for getting my car towed to have it fixed plus 40% of the cost of the tow yard (mind you my car had been there over a month) so now I’m out of $939 for the rental and looking at another $400 just to get my car to a place to have it fixed and I was then informed that they would only claim 60% at fault, it was 3 cars involved.

Well the car that struck me while at a red light was struck by their insured because she pulled into a busy street from a private drive without yielding, just pulled out like she was being chased or something. They refused to take responsibility even though the police ticketed their insured for no DL and failure to yield from a private drive, the customer service was beyond horrible, they do not take pride in their job nor the company! I would never get this insurance if it was FREE!! Please please whatever you do save yourself and get real insurance, this entire ordeal has been nothing short of incompetent people that need a paycheck, I wish I could rate no stars.

I was in a fender bender with someone insured by Loya. They are non-responsive and I made sure all correspondence was in email. They went so far to lie to me about contacting my body shop and told me my shop padded the estimate. LIES. This would have been big trouble for body shop had I not investigated, my shop offered to go on a 3-way call. Loya refused. I might add they took 100% liability for the accident. I only wish enough people would join a class action lawsuit and STOP Loya from screwing people. They should be fined and/or closed for the unethical practices.

I was involved in an accident with one of their insured. I was driving on a main street and the insured was leaving a gas station and swerved into my lane causing damage to my car. At first, I contacted Fred Loya and filed a claim with them. They got back to me and took my car to one of their authorized repair centers. They said they were going to fix my car. Everything looked good up to that point.

After about a week, they called me back and declared my car as a total loss. They also declared me as at fault when it was their insured who crashed into me. I talked to the repair center and their estimate was close to $2300. Fred Loya would not pay for any damages that my car sustained, so I got a lawyer and filed a case in small claims court. Since you're not allowed to sue the insurance company directly, I sued their insured and also filed a claim with the California Department of Insurance. After about a month later, a Fred Loya claims adjuster contacted me and offered me 50% of the estimate that I received from the repair shop. If I were to accept their offer, I still would have been at fault and their offer was not even close to repairing my car. A week after that they called me back and offered me $2000 and I accepted.

Lesson learned, I hope none of you get hit by a Fred Loya insured, because collecting from this company is like pulling teeth and they will do everything they can to save every last penny. If you are ever involved in a crash with this company, file a claim with the Department of Insurance in your state and if that doesn't bring results then you'll have to sue their insured. In my opinion, a company that doesn't protect their insured from being sued is not an "insurance" company.

It seems to me every time I walk into Fred Loya, if you're not Mexican nobody wants to help you. The agent is rude or just ignores you altogether but let a Mexican walk in and people come running from every direction. This is a racist company with rude and lazy employees, it makes me sick to my stomach. The employees can barely speak English. What **

This is the worst customer service experience I have ever seen. I had my SUV stolen and destroyed. Get a hold of my insurance and have the highest expectations since I had heard they were great. So they start off of "yea well I need this and this and this and as soon as you get all this I can clear your claim and we can take care of it". So I get them everything they needed from me, police reports, signed paperwork, you name it. Call them and think finally it's over... NOT. "Well since this happens we can't continue until we get this and that. It takes time to clear claims. My boss said this. Salvage team said that. Well there too many claims." Blah blah blah. It went from "a week two weeks tops" said the adjuster to going on two months and I still don't see the light at the of the tunnel. No help. Worst people to take care of a claim. I can't wait until it's finally over. I'm not looking forward to using these guys ever again.

Was a good insurance at a good rate until I found out that they had me as married and after that my rates went up really high. I was recommending my sister for this insurance company and that's when I found out about the mistake they did. I had to quickly look for another company because I could no longer afford the insurance I had.

I hate this company! If Marla or Rochelle ever helps you... hang up the phone and run! Worst ** service and accommodations in the world!!! THEIR CLIENTS WILL REAR END YOU AND THEY WILL NOT GIVE A **! I have never been so upset or angry in my entire life. Their client rear ended me and damaged my entire car and they refuse to help because they have "STATE LIMITS". They are rude and disrespectful and have the most unprofessional people working for them. This company should be permanently closed - SERIOUSLY!

Accident Occur on 09/23/2015. This is the Insurance of the guy whom I had an accident with. He cuts me off because he was trying to avoid another car that could hit him. This is the Mexican guy who drives in Dallas without License and just a Mexican ID. His insurance was Fred Loya. All the people who answer the phone from Claims to the Adjuster Jennifer ** were unprofessional. They are taking the time to work with the injured party. Jennifer told me that the Mexican guy was not answering the phone and not contacting them so they will do anything otherwise. My day off work was ruin. My brand new car was ruin!! And all she got to say was "I can't do anything unless we talk to our Insured," which is an illegal person driving someone else POS van. This Fred Loya company should shut down by Insurance department for all these complaints.

My husband was being insured with Fred Loya for quite awhile. When he went in to cancel one of the car's policy, they told him that the policy on the car he drives daily was cancelled. No notice was given to him and he was driving without insurance and he was thinking he was insured. Then he went back and said "I want to cancel the policy on my 3 vehicles," the lady there helped him to cancel the policy. Since then, 2 months now they keep calling him if he wants to make a payment for his policy after they had deducted 2 months premium for something he didn't authorize. When he confronted them he told them the lady over there helped me. Her response was, "I see a lot of customers on a daily basis so I don't know who you are." They are such in a rush to get people in and out that they don't know what they are doing. This is what we get when we go with CHEAP INSURANCE like Fred Loya. We learned our lesson! This was in the Victorville, CA office.

My car was vandalized 2 weeks ago. I called and made a claim as soon as I noticed my car. Fred Loya made a appointment for me to go into one of their offices the same day so one of their workers could take pictures of what was done (that was the easy part). I called Fred Loya manager ** to see when they would issue me a rental car. No one called me back. I called the following day and one of the HELP said I had to wait for an adjuster to call me or send me an email. By this time I'm on my way to enjoy my weekend in Reno (no rental was approved yet). So I had to come out the pocket $467.13 on a rental due to the following Monday being Labor Day weekend.

I called every day til that Thursday when I had to return my rental that I had to purchase. I eventually talk to ** again which he's not an adjuster but did try to help my matter. I had to wait at the rental car place for over 3 hrs just to get approval to drive off. Luckily the manager at the rental car place understood I had to be at work and allowed me to drive off WITHOUT AN APPROVAL YET. Later the same day ** calls me (the adjuster) & tells me I'm approved for the rental. She told me how much the check was going to be and she'll send it out that day. A week later I get the check and a call from the rental car place and the manager said he hadn't heard from my insurance company. So I forwarded him ** information.

The next day I go to the bank to cash the check and my bank tells me I have to send it to my credit union because it need a endorsement on it because it says my name AND my lienholder's name. I'm like "Wth, are you serious?!" I forgot to mention my lienholder is on Maryland. So I called and talk to a supervisor in ** office and she was extremely disrespectful and didn't help this situation at all. All I asked was can she void this check and send me a new one that says my name OR my (instead of AND) lienholder's name. She said "NO". I was livid. I asked her now "How do you expect me to get to Maryland?"

So I had to call my lienholder and let them know what was going on. The lady said I would have to mail it in or overnight it. Plus it's going to take 48hrs to get into my account. So that mean I had to deal with the body shop and tell them verbatim what happened (they were understanding) but it cause a lot of inconvenience and bad energy that I do not allow in my life. So after I overnight the check it cost ME $44.00. Fred Loya is full of crap. I've been with other companies and they never have done business like Fred Loya... Yes, their rates are reasonable but don't let anything happen to your car. This company need to go out of business asap.

On September 2010, my daughter and I were rear-ended by a policy holder with Fred Loya Insurance Company. My daughter was taken by the ambulance to the hospital and I followed. There was a police report that stated that the woman who hit us was completely at fault and was an unsafe driver. I filed a claim with my insurance company and they paid for the rental car and my car damages, however, there was no medical coverage. Fred Loya has refused to pay the medical bills or my loss of wages, and all proof has been documented and sent to them. There is now over $5k in medical bills on my credit. They will not respond.

A Fred Loya customer hit two of our parked cars. One was my daily driver (totaled it), the second belonged to my brother in law. After following standard procedure, filing a police report, having their appraiser come out to take pictures, and giving them 3 or 4 statements, it seems like I am already getting the runaround. They wanted to tow away my car "while they investigated" but I refused to let them take it fearing they would use it as leverage to lowball me. I had a bad experience with them back in 2002 when my neighbor backed into my 98 Camry, ruining my read bumper and driver side rear quarter panel. After bullying me, they offered me $600 dollars and nothing more. They told me to take it or leave it, that was all I was going to get. The repair actually cost me much more, so I already know about their predatory practices.

In this case now, they are also asking me personal questions about their client, and myself, such as age, something I thought was a bit out of the norm. I challenged them by asking why they don't already have all that info on file considering that is their client. I am already worried that my loss is going to be great. Reading all these reviews, I am preparing for a long battle with these idiots. Apparently they fail to write down any of the info given, and after asking the same questions 3 or 4 times it almost seems like they are waiting for you to trip up. What the hell is wrong with them? I will update my post when we get more info. Thanks.

Got hit by one of their insurer. Just like everyone else have been getting the run around from the adjuster Ms **. Every time I call to check on status on the claim I get excuse after excuse. They have bad customer services bunch of people with no knowledge of the business. I finally got a hold of my insurance to do a claim. And have reached out to an attorney due to the vehicle that got hit is my business vehicle. Sorry if you ever have to deal with this sorry company. They should be embarrassed calling themselves a company.

Never have I had such a bad experience as a consumer as with Fred Loya insurance. Their client hit my car. I have 2 at-the-scene witnesses that the LOYA client was responsible for the accident when he hit my car. My insurance has reviewed the information and declared me not at fault when the LOYA insured hit my car. LOYA insurance is refusing to pay my claim stating that I was at fault despite the fact I had 2 witnesses testify that I was not at fault. My witnesses voluntarily stayed at the scene to talk to the police to declare the LOYA insured driver at fault. I will file a complaint with the Colorado Insurance Commission.

I was rear ended in an accident and multiple cars were involved. I called to make a claim and I was told to call back the next day. I called back to make a claim, talked to one rude lady only to be transferred to another rude lady whom tried to twist my words as to if the accident was my fault. I asked if they were going to send someone out for pictures she stated "we don't do that." I called on a Thursday and was promised a call back. No one called. I called back Friday. I was told that my adjuster was changed. Now it's the weekend. I am car less, and keep staring at this part to another vehicle lodged into the front of my car. I wish I would've known about their poor service and concern before now. And yet they want to recruit workers. Never will I work for a company like this!!! Awful but I must admit the locals here in Birmingham are nice. Get a real insurance company. Might be more money but it's worth it!!!

My son was in car accident with one of the insurer on 10/17/2015 on a Saturday which claim department is closed on the weekend. On Monday my son made a claim of the insurer who at first refuse to exchange insurance until my son called the police to make sure that he provided or had a police report on accident. Since the both parties agreed to exchange insurance info the police gave my son a call report case # to provide insurance. The adjuster had finally made contact until 10/21/2015 said the appraiser would be there on 10/23 no never came until I called and spoke with the adjuster claiming that she wasn't able to contact the claimant (my son) since there is no info. And then I proceeded to calling the claims dept 800 number and one agent provided a help by emailing between the adjuster.

And after I had talked to her, asked for the further info on appraiser and was given to me since the claim rep help the appraiser came on the 10/27 and made estimate along took pictured of damages. And never heard from them, called back to adjuster on 11/04 and she said it's under further investigation because it doesn't add up to what they appraiser estimate and pic of damage to my car. Before I hung up I made sure she was aware of the police claim report of call and gave her the case # they gave us and said she had the police report already. 11/05 I called the police dept to request report to see what it stated and make sure my son had a copy when I provide the case #. The officer said there is no report done just officer called log of incident and there was a $30 fee for that.

I asked how was that if Fred Loya Adjuster claimed that she had the police report with same case # and the officer verify that there was no case report ever requested because there is no report done by officer on a call record of incident. So I called Fred Loya adjuster to verify currently status on claim and said it was deny because it just doesn't add up to what her insurer appraiser and pic of my son’s car damage was done with report. I asked her, "Well they are both provide by your company and I don't understand how you denied since it was my son who had to call the police and make the claim." So asked to speak to her supv or manager and she said it was denied and that's all. Call claims dept, rep gave me her manager and supv name in phone # which now it only rings continuously then disconnects. The rep verify calling 3 way and then she disconnected my call.

It is the worst company I have ever met. File a complaint on December 12, 2015 and will be two months and the money does not appear, faxes are lost. The Bank has had to send 3 times the information and they lose... I had to wait up to 50 minutes in line... No one knows, no one returns the call... is the worst.

I am satisfied with the prices. And it's always easy to make changes but I've not had to use my insurance yet to find out what other people have told me. They are slow with the getting back to you part of the process.

What a bunch of bull. Fred Loya Insurance admitted full liability months ago but refuse to pay out to Geico or my deductible, stating it's still in subrogation. Thank God for Geico replacing my car; you won't catch me dead recommending Fred Loya or any of their related companies to anyone.

My mother in law was rear-ended by a client of Loya - many witnesses as this joker took off (one followed them and observed them before returning for Police). BOLO issued for his vehicle as he continued to evade since June 2015. Today she got a note saying that they (Loya) could not contact the client and are not honoring the claim because 'Our insured is not cooperating with us.' Wow - in other words they can't find him. I will just turn things back over to the police in hopes that they jail him on hit and run - then they wont have to worry about him paying anything to them.

On Tue Aug 2, 2016 Fred Loya Insurance violated my civil rights. When I came in on the 2nd to pay my insurance payment I was treated real bad. The procedure at this company is to go to the video desk to speak to a repersentive on video to pay your payment as I always do. This time the rep told me to wait for the agent in the office to finish me. As I was waiting a Hispanic couple walk in & the agent did not say another word to me leaving me at the viedo desk real cold, while treating the couple that just walked in real nice.

After waiting for about 25 minutes I spoke up & told the agent I was here first. She stated "just a little bit longer." Thats when I realize my civil rights were being violated. After she finished with the couple she told me she can't rewrite the same policy & that I need a bank card to rewrite a new policy. I stated that I have a bank card but it's for savings not checking. She no longer wanted to help me even though my record was clean, no accidents doing business with them for nearly 2 years. What's up with that?

Fred Loya's insured hit my car, she was found at fault and received a ticket, but Fred Loya will only pay 60% of the estimated damages, claiming "Driver Inattention" on my driver. How can you not pay the claim @ 100% when your driver was at fault?

I am amazed that this company is still in business, especially after seeing all the negative reviews online. There has got to be a way to lobby to get this company taken out of business. If a drug company were providing its customers with sub-standard drugs, they would be penalized, yet this company continues to exist? Recently one of their clients slammed into, and totaled my brother's car, and severely damaged my car. The police made a report that it was the client's fault since both cars were parked in the driveway when their client hit them. They dragged their feet with (a) writing off and issuing the check for my brother's vehicle, and (2) my car sat in the shop for almost 21 days while their "adjusters" kept going to the body shop and providing low-ball estimates. The dealer was not able to repair the car using their estimates.

I finally called my own insurance company and the repairs finally started - well over days from the accident. Problem is going to be recovery of my funds which I have paid for the rental. The rental would not have exceeded the "allowed" limit if they had written the correct estimate the first or second time, and done what they needed to do! Is there anyone who had a negative experience with this company, and would like to start a forum to get them shut down by the authorities, please let me know.

I received a letter to pay 1 amount and then when I tried to pay yesterday they refused payment at 12 PM said she would contact a manager. No manager response when I came in the office at 530. Refused to take payment. I received a call today and I owe more due to overwrite made a mistake. There was no apology. I asked to speak to manager she was rude as hell. I'm leaving. I'm begging for American Family to take me back. This company does not care about customers.

Been waiting three weeks for a $87 reimbursement! I sent all of my information to the claims rep the same day of my towing.. The towing company emailed me a receipt after paying over the phone. I called the rep after not hearing from her for her to ask me to send the information again. I already knew what I was dealing with at that moment and told her I will not do the back and forth or the run around game. I am not that customer cause I will flip my top! She told me she needed to contact the towing company to "confirm" they sent the receipt by email. After that she was out of the office for a week straight as I called and emailed with no response. She call me a week later after hearing my voicemail to tell me she still has not gotten in touch with the towing company. I call them right up and have them call her and again she could not be reached!

My next complaint will be to the BBB. The service from this company is horrible and from all the complaints I will not be the last to write something bad. Want good service? You have to be Hispanic...seriously! I do not know why Fred Loya don't cover towing anyway! I had to find my own towing company cause they didn't work with anyone to assign one. Smh.

Nobody in the San Antonio office knows anything about their job. They were not trained properly to do their jobs especially DILLION. They did not explain to me the process of getting my check here, I am 7 damn days with a rental car that I have to end up paying $400 dollars out of my pocket. I ask for the corporate number and NOBODY knows how to get in contact with corporate... BUNCH OF BS CSR REPS and a BS OWNER.

My son was rear ended by a person. That person was driving his brother's car. When my son filed a claim they said that the person driving the car was excluded from the insurance policy and they refused to pay. My son's insurance company had to pay but he is out over $500 for the car rental. They are a terrible company with terrible customer service. I said I wanted it in writing that the person was excluded and they said they needed a court order.

I purchased a policy through Fred Loya a couple of months ago and I am already very dissatisfied with the quality of service and lack of customer loyalty. My experience has been nerve racking on every level. I set my account up on auto draft to make payments for full coverage on two vehicles, because in order to get a good rate that's what you have to do. When the payment was due, I got a call from a representative who stated that they previously attempted to draft the payment, and it came back as declined, and that they would make another attempt at drafting the payment in a couple of days. I was fine with this, as I needed to check my account to ensure there were no unexpected charges that may have proved what he said to be true. I called the bank and there was plenty of cash to cover the payment three times over. I thought it was strange, but brushed it off thinking they would just re-draft again as they said they would.

A couple of days went by and again I receive a call from them stating the payment was declined once more. I called them to find out what was going on. (Maybe they had an incorrect card number on file somehow, even though payments had already been made using it.) The card number was correct, however the bank had absolutely no record of even one auto draft attempt to begin with. My bank keeps a record of every transaction and even if there were an attempt and it was declined, they would have record of it. Fred Loya expired my policy and is now requesting that I come into the office to reinstate the policy. I let them know that there was never a draft attempt even made and that I do not have the time to come into the office, as I have a full-time job. They told me there was nothing they could do because they had already expired the policy. They wouldn't even accept a payment at that time, and that I had no other choice but to do as they said.

I am highly disappointed as I had high hopes in this company and they have let me down. Whether there was a system error, or they are straight up lying about even processing a payment, it is wrong and I refuse to let them get one over on me. I should not have to suffer because they did not hold up on their end of the bargain. I am now driving around with no insurance. My next steps are to drop them and find a better insurance policy, then contact a lawyer and take them to court for mental anguish and risk of loss.

I am sick of insurance companies treating people how they want and screwing them over because it is a service that consumers have to have. Insurance is a necessity and they know that, which is why they think they can get away with so much. Guess what? You messed with the WRONG consumer. Thank you for broken promises and false advertising. From here on out, I will make absolute sure everyone I know stays as far away from this company as possible.

I was rear ended by one of their insured. All I wanted was my car fixed. You have to speak to different people in different departments (out of state) for every aspect. They have all been unprofessional. They have "regulations" on when and how you get a rental. Mind you, I was hit. They came in very low with estimate to repair my car. Of course it cost a lot more than estimated. The body shop is waiting for the supplement check from Fred Loya insurance. My car has been in the shop for over a week. They are refusing to pay any more of my rental, leaving me to pay out of pocket. This whole ordeal has caused me severe emotional distress and anxiety. I really don't know how they stay in business.

On 10//5/2014 a Loya's client hit my vehicle in the rear. 10/29 I received the very low claims check. Took my car to the shop of my choice where a claims adjuster needed to come out so another check could be cut for the remaining balance for repairs. Calls and emails to the claim adjuster were all in vain. I don't think no one who works for the company does anything at all but clear voicemails. That took another two weeks putting me at 11/12/2014. I had to get the rental myself and wait for a reimbursement check once everything was done. Car was completed 11/28 and now I fighting to get the reimbursement check. The claims adjuster now is telling me that they can only pay me for 20 days even though I had the car more days due to their unprofessionalism. This is month 2 of hell working with this insurance place because this is not a company. I guess you get what you pay for and their client don't pay anything clearly.

So got my bill taken out of account... 40.00 more... no notice... Go complain. Oh well. They pretty much laugh. Said I will cancel. Then get my notice after about the increase and it's 50 to cancel. Worst company ever!!

When I called the insurance company to let them know that their client has hit me and it was all their fault, I did not do nothing wrong, it took them more than two weeks to let me know that they actually got in touch with this person, just to find out that it they are a hundred at fault. Consequences is, I was not able to take my son to school and I missed all for my kids appointment including my own for the doctors.

I chose Fred Loya Insurance because I was assured that they were a good company to go with, however 3 weeks into my policy I was forced to cancel it since I no longer own the vehicle. When I went in to do so I was assured that I would receive my refund check minus the $50 cancellation fee within 2 weeks. It has been almost a month and I still have not received anything. When I called, I was informed that I was not entitled to a refund because they were taking out more fees than what I had been told would be taken out, which was the $50 cancellation fee. So not only am I not getting $130+ back from them, they say I technically OWE them money! Do not get any insurance from Fred Loya... Period!

I have not missed a payment in two years since I've been with them. Missed payment by a couple of days. Called over the phone to make payment and they will not take it. I have to go in a office and pay. No loyalty whatsoever.

Fred Loya has cheap insurance prices for their customers, but if you get hit by their insured vehicle don't expect for them to accept your claim, even if they were at fault. I got hit on the side of my vehicle while at a Drive-thru. This is their tactic to keep their prices down.

This insurance company is horrible. We were hit from a driver covered by this insurance company on Monday 8/28. Today is 09/05 and we are still not in a rental car, my smashed vehicle is still sitting in my carport and for my husband, myself and 2 children under the age of 9 years old, they have only offered us $500 for injury settlement. It's impossible to get in touch with your adjustor or even a supervisor. We have been given the run around from the start. They are horrible.

I was never contacted about this post, however, after 2 months I did receive and accepted a satisfactory settlement offer. My opinion about having them as my insurance has not changed. No way, but they did deliver in the end.

I called in to receive a quote. I was asked for all my personal information. I was then place on hold for ten minutes. The agent returned and told me that I was unable to receive coverage. I was given no explanation. I had one driving incident several years ago (non-alcohol related). I have multiple friends that have full blown DUIs that were able to receive coverage from Fred Loya??! I asked to speak to a supervisor in hopes of receiving some kind of reasoning for their decision. I was placed on hold for 15 minutes. The supervisor's demeanor was completely unprofessional. She belittled me and made me feel like a criminal. She said I was too big of a risk and I should look elsewhere.

I have been waiting for 6 months to get the final payment on an auto claim we repaired for a claimant to Fred Loya Insurance. I have made numerous attempts to provide them with all the documents they have requested (invoices, DTP, supplement revisions). Fred Loya still has not made payment. I would advise anyone who deals with this insurance company to hold the vehicle until all payments are received. This is the only way you will get what you are owed. The adjuster that works the Colorado area is a cheap, uncaring, under-knowledgeable in the industry. He has no class in people skills and has no idea how to repair a vehicle. He is still in the 60s as far as repair methods and experience. I will advise also if you can stop it, do not take a Fred Loya Insurance repair into your shop. The time required to just get the proper estimate on paper and then all the time to get that paid is not worth the 5 or 6% you end up making on the repair because the adjuster is so cheap. Take them at your own risk. I will never work with this insurance company again in my shop.

Last year (2018) one of Fred Loya's policyholder’s car hit my parked car and drove off. I have clarify that it was her car but she was in the passenger seat when she hit my car. I do not know who the driver was. Fortunately, I was a few yards down the parking row when I saw them hit my car so I got their license plate, and the state troopers were an aisle over so I filed a report within minutes of the accident. But the policyholder would not admit it was her and that delayed my claim for weeks. Eventually, I was able to take my car to one of their branches where an inexperienced worker took photos of the damages a month after the accident.

From these photos, an adjuster made an estimate of the damages. I took my car to the auto body shop in the town I am from (I was hit in a different city) where the shop made another estimate of the damages with supplements to the original estimate which cost hundreds more than the check Fred Loya sent. From the moment I told the shop owner who my claim was filed with, he said, "Oh, we are in for a fight with these guys (Fred Loya)." On top of this, Fred Loya did not provide me with a rental car from the day I dropped my car off at the shop (Monday). I and the shop owner had to explain that it is illegal to not provide me with a rental car. So on Friday of the same week, I received my rental. Days pass and I hear from the shop owner that all but the labor was approved on the supplements he sent.

The labor rate in town is $54/hour and the Fred Loya appraiser did not want to pay for full labor and claimed, "the state sets the labor rate and that rate is $50/hour," which is untrue. I was never able to contact the appraiser because she would not return our phone calls and/or messages. Her supervisor also would not answer his phone. I had multiple messages sent to my phone saying Fred Loya was going to stop paying for my rental car because of the dispute between them and the shop on labor rates. This is also illegal because the shop had already begun working on my car.

However, if the shop had not begun work and my car was sitting there collecting dust, this is legal. They were now telling me that the shop that we have worked with in the past and are close with the owner was now going to charge me personally for the differences in labor. On the phone, Fred Loya had already told me that their driver was at fault and they were 100% liable for the damages and will be paying 100% for the costs. If the shop's labor rates had been higher than those in the area, it could be a possibility for the owner of the car to have to pay those differences (but not in this case). I spoke with two other shops on their labor rates. One said $56/hour and the other $54/hour. I had other messages telling me I needed to choose another shop to have my car repaired which is also illegal. I had already signed the line saying that shop was going to fix my car and until they are paid in full for their labor, the shop cannot release my car to me.

I was at the mercy of Fred Loya and the shop coming to an agreement on these labor rates. The next idea Fred Loya hatched was to have my car towed 200 miles south of the town we live in to have the car repaired at "a shop [we've] worked with in the past." ("We" meaning Fred Loya.) At this point in time, my car has been in the shop for 2 weeks, has already been worked on, and the work has been partially paid for. All-in-all, these are the most crooked, insensitive, uncooperative, and dishonest people I have ever dealt with. The workers are inexperienced to the point where one does not know what another has said and there are multiple miscommunications hour-by-hour. The representatives do not speak clearly, and they will make mistakes from the very beginning when trying to spell your name. They told so many lies, they started getting tied up in their own traps.

One girl told us she had been calling the wrong phone number with updates on our rental and when prompted to tell us the number she was calling ended up reading us our correct phone number! We tried contacting the appraiser for the claim multiple times and left messages for her, but she refused to talk to us or return our calls. Her supervisor would not speak with us either. My claim bounced around from adjuster-to-adjuster. Each call we had with them lasted over 40 minutes because nobody knew what was going on and we kept getting transferred to someone else! Let this be a warning, you better get your ducks in a row when dealing with these guys and know your rights because they will try to twist your arm and feed you lies from the beginning. I do not know how the hell these guys are still in business. Good luck to all of you who took the time to read this and may be put in a similar situation.

How is it that an Insurance Company does not provide out of state coverage? How is it that when your sales agents located at Wal-Mart, or their office location have a very poor unprofessional attitude. My mother was driving her car from Texas to California when an unknown animal or obstruction on the main highway went under the car and causing damage? When arriving at the location in Chula Vista she informed them of the incident and presented to them the damages. AND THEY HAD THE AUDACITY TO STATE THAT THEY DID NOT COVER THAT OUT OF STATE? On another note their present to the public that they have poor business ethics, and use crony business practices to get people to sign up for their insurance plans.

Last but not least My mother had an accident and before the accident she informed the sales agent that she wanted full coverage on the car she was insuring, needless to say when she had the accident on a rainy day ** informed her that she only had liability insurance on her car..... What type of business practices are these? Why is the company not under investigation for conducting poor business practices and ripping off customers who want better deals and rates, but only end up getting screwed by companies like these?

Every person on this board should report the company to the BBB so that they can begin a preliminary investigation and those people who did have coverage should be paid and compensated for the damages, and suffering that they had to endure due to the company presenting a false ad, and false scam techniques to get individuals to sign up for their coverage. Food for thought leave while you can. Go to GEICO. At least they are honest...... And not scam artist, or scumbags.

Fred Loya is the worst insurance company I have ever had to deal with. I got into an auto accident on June 19th, 2017, I finally got my car back today. They did a half ** estimate the first time, and the body shop had to call them twice to do a supplemental. My claims adjuster Clarrisa ** lacks customer service skills, just as well as the customer service department, they refused to give me a rental, amen for the body shop they have me one! I hope and pray I never get into another auto accident with a Fred Loya driver!

A driver with Fred Loya as their financial responsibility hit my car on 7/15/15. Fred Loya adjuster were quick on contacting me and advising that they will be taking care of the losses but when it came down to send me the check for the damages, they played games and always jerking my chain. My car is been sitting at the body shop with repairs completed but they won't release my car till payment is made. It's now middle of August and still no payment and no car. What a joke!!

I have had nothing but problems from the start of the claim from this company. I was hit by someone that had this insurance. I've had to fight for every little thing for this claim. From the start I had to fight for a rental that would allow for my carrying kids and shipping things for work. They would only approve aftermarket parts on a 3 year old car, would not do an alignment even though I just had new tires put on and had one done and it is off. After the parts arrived at the body shop they only approved the labor for 3 days starting the exact day the parts arrived.

So after those 3 days they would not pay for my loaner car. They also blamed me for having the wrong information on the check that they sent when I specifically asked if only my name would be on the check and they said yes. So I now have to wait 2 days for the checks to be voided and resent so my car will be released from the body shop causing me to have to pay for the rental for 2 days. Nothing but stress and disappointment. I would give no stars if that was an option.

These people are the biggest frauds! They take your money and then do not start your insurance policy until the next day! I got into an accident and because they didn't activate my insurance until the next day but tell me I was covered by them the day I paid for it. They are going to refuse to pay for anything! They are horrible to deal with in general! I have gone with other companies and never had an issue and Never been told I wouldn't activate until the next day.

Had house and car insurance with them. After 1 month my car insurance jumped $200 annually. Went to office and all I got was a shrug, so I changed it. My house insurance went way up after I filed for hail damage on my roof. Their estimator didn't even get close. Had to sue them to get what I was suppose to get in the first place. I have met other people that have problems with them. One had full coverage w/ $500 deductible. They refused to pay anything on the accident and he was parked! Nationwide is not much better. Canceled my house insurance after 1 claim and did not notify me until 6 months later when I got a check in the mail. When my roof gets finished, its adios Fred, hello State Farm. Three claims later, premium still the same.

I was rear ended by a Fred Loya insured driver. I filed a claim with Fred Loya. They examined my car and said the repair would take two days. They wrote out an estimation form for me to take to the body shop. The body shop looked over the form, and luckily, since I was still able to drive my car, sent me home in it while they ordered the parts. Fred Loya will only authorize a rental car for two days, since that is all the time the repair should take. They will not arrange for the rental car, and their allowable rate is so low it will not pay for any rental car on the market that is not a weekend special, and body shops are closed on the weekends.

It took a week for all the parts to make it to the body shop. Then I took my car in and the trouble began. Some of the parts on the list were for a different model car and had to be approved by Loya and reordered. Now, my car is done, but cannot be released until payment from Loya is received. I have been calling, and calling multiple numbers (the number for the claims supervisor now belongs to a private person, the number for the next in line person to call, still belongs to him, but he no longer works for Fred Loya, another number just reaches a recording that allows you to get an estimate for a new policy. My assigned adjuster is out of the office, etc.).

I have had fairly good luck reaching a person with the 800 number. They apparently issued a check to my husband for the estimated amount of damage last Tuesday, and mailed it to our house. Every other insurance company I have ever dealt with has paid the body shop directly. Who knows when we will get the check? They just told me it was issued, not mailed. I suspect we will have to pay to get my car out of the shop, and have a lawyer deal with Fred Loya.

On October 29th, 2016 at 10:00 a.m., three employees were there. One could help. She was taking a while. I don't know why the others couldn't help. I just needed to make a payment. It was in El Paso, Texas. I was waiting about ten minutes. 9417 Alameda Ave. 79907.

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