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I called GEICO office today regarding a charge that the rental company charged on my credit card for 970.99. I was livid how I was treated and how they handled my request. I advised Care Rep Toy, how I needed a supervisor. I was at work and very upset. That was ignored but was told to the Care Rep I'm was upset. Instead when her manager got on the phone and I advised her what I needed to take place ASAP, I was given information on how they covered up the facts. They didn't do their part for my claim, and it's my fault and so what? My credit card was charge. Is this how y'all handled customer's claims when I have text messages' times, dates and who I spoken to regarding this rental company calling me every day about my claim and it was not setup right?

The commercial auto advised me this will be taken care of last month. Why did I get charged anyway? Now what puzzled me the most what Courtney ** taken up for care rep Toy and advised me that I belittled her. I'm appalled by such statement. I would like higher management to call me ASAP. If not I will go to every social networks and courts for my pain and sufferings that GEICO has put me through regarding this claim. Sad but I will be looking for new insurance company for my homes, rentals, cars, etc. I will not be treated this way by no one. To top it off Courtney didn't even care. Didn't want to give me any information to report her to her higher management. I don't understand how a billion dollar company doesn't have a complaint phone number for issues like this.

Unlike the other auto insurance companies I have used, GEICO has lowered my premiums instead of increasing them at time of renewal. The policy includes roadside assistance. I have had to use the service 3 times in 2 years. Once for myself and twice for the family member who is on my plan. The amount that I pay is reasonable and the customer service reps that I have spoken to were friendly, accommodating, and resolved any issues or questions expeditiously. The service has been prompt, usually sooner than the estimated time of arrival and the person who came was always courteous and professional.

I've been with Geico for 9 years. Always made my Payments and never been in a car accident or ever received a speeding ticket. June 1st, 2014, I was rear ended. I submitted all paperwork on a timely manner. Since the accident I've been on disability and Geico has treated me so badly. They delay on payments and keep asking me for paperwork that I already submitted and later to be told they located them which delays my payment to pay my rent and eat. They deny medication bills because their physician believes I don't need it without even seeing me. Geico tells me they mailed out my check on tenth of the month but come to find out they mailed it out on the twelfth.

Geico change my adjuster and doesn't even notify me of the change, not even a letter. I find out when I call Geico to make a complaint about not receiving certain forms that I requested such as travel expenses forms that I was told it was mailed out to me when in reality they didn't and being told that I could write my travel expenses on a plain piece of paper. When I ask Geico why I wasn't informed about being assigned a new adjuster, they were like, "We don't need to inform you." I am so disgusted with Geico and their principles. They don't care about their customers. I'm going through a very difficult time with Geico. I can't control someone's driving. I was hit in the back by another driver. Geico is treating me like I caused the accident by their customer service. They Suck. Not honest and treat people unfairly. I'm leaving Geico.

I have peace of mind with GEICO. Filed a claim for a rental car... Fast and easy. A tree went through the windshield during a storm. Geico handled everything with Enterprise. And my rate has never gone up in 5 years. My renewals are automatic and I barely notice when I roll into a new year. I'm considering moving my homeowners policy to Geico... They've offered a decent multi-policy discount. I have no reason to even shop for better service. Very satisfied.

Hit in an accident due to driver failure to yield. Claim settled after weeks of dealing with insurance company, multiple statements for accident details and assistance of personal injury attorney. Geico is okay. Typical insurance company raise rates yearly and filing a claim is difficult with an incident that is the fault of another driver. When providing accident statement seem that Geico is asking a way not to pay claim. Time to shop around for another insurance company.

Geico makes it easy pay bills, combination insurance bundles, competitive pricing. Always friendly & helpful customer service & their roadside service is 5 star on response time and service. I was surprised and impressed how quickly they got both my rental car & mine in repair shop after severe hail storm. Kept me informed throughout process as well. Overall, they are extremely better than my experiences with Progressive, State Farm, All State & Farmers.

It was good. I was young, 17 with my first car and they were my first auto insurance. They were very nice and explained everything to me and were not overly expensive. The agent was very friendly.

I've been with Geico for a few years now. I have yet to run into any problems. I've got good coverage. I couldn't really rate the claims process because I haven't had to file a claim yet. It does look easy to do though.

GEICO is scammers. They offered me a profitable insurance. I double-checked with them their offer. But when I confirmed the payment they suddenly withdrew $1560 from my bank account instead of confirmed $700. I immediately called them. I was told by a Geico representative they changed the amount due to I had a parking ticket last summer and automatically withdrew $1560. I tried to explain them it’s non-moving ticket but they answered it doesn’t matter. Ticket is ticket. Also I was told they can return my money only in 2 weeks, while they took my money for a second without any asking.

I like that you can see what you are covered for online and there are a lot of different coverage options at a lot of different prices to have something for everyone. You can also make changes to the options online and it will show you a new payment schedule based on that change. I think that they are a great value because it is hard to find insurance that is cheaper and for the service that they provide for that premium it is a really good value. Every time I have needed to contact customer service they resolved the issue and I did not have any complaints about the person that I had spoken to.

On June 27, 2014 I was side swiped by another driver. GEICO has found me guilty even after my appeal. Police Officer ** wrote I stated I was merging into the left lane causing the accident. I submitted pictures that clearly show I am proceeding straight and the other driver was merging into my lane thus causing the accident. Driver 2 stated she was proceeding straight which is a lie and can be disproved by the photos taken, however I am at fault because the officer wrote incorrect information. I asked Officer ** to amend his statement and he stated was not amending because I said I was merging. I stated she was on her cell phone however a citation was not issued and he had no comment.

I am disappointed in GEICO; they have found me guilty without examining all evidence presented. They have played judge, jury and executioner; if you preside in front of the Judge you present all evidence/proof of your innocence; a picture should speak a thousand words, why was mine ignored? I wrote GEICO a detailed step by step driving instruction once you exit the Holland Tunnel entering New Jersey. Submitting further proof (pictures) as to WHY there is no need for me to merge into lane 1. ALL of my information and evidence was ignored.

Because GEICO ignored my proof and has not reviewed the evidence provided, I have given them a bad rating. This is my 2nd year with GEICO and I WILL NOT COMPLETE the year. I do not need to be part of an organization that does not defend its clientele and look at all evidence presented. I have never been the cause of an accident and hope I never am.

Although a little on the pricey side, any problems are promptly handled by GEICO's excellent customer service team. They have a user-friendly app for bill pay, ins cards, and roadside assistance makes life so much easier. As a DJ my body is trained to be awake at night. Once I locked the keys in my car at 3 am and it was not a problem for GEICO. Within the hour I was on my way. They also send reminders every month so for us forgetful people, no policy cancellations.

Earlier this year my spouse and I were sideswiped by an uninsured motorist. My spouse and I were both injured but my injuries were more extreme. GEICO took care of my vehicle because it was totaled out but then came the song and dance for medical, pain and suffering. I asked the initial claims associate “Should I get legal representation?" from day one but she assured me that they handle all of that (far from the truth). To make a long story short, I went to my physician and chiropractor for multiple visits required. Once I told them I might be finished with my visits then came the determination of bills and pain and suffering. I got changed around to 5 different adjusters in that time.

The last had the nerve to asks me how much I thought I should receive out of the accident (stupid question right)?! Needless to say we didn't settle for anywhere near the amount. I wish I had gotten a lawyer from the start, but who figures you'd have to go after your own insurance company? Stay VERY-VERY clear away from this company. The couple bucks you save is not worth it when you really have to use them. Absolute HORRIBLE company!!! And I was with them over 10 years...their loss.

Geico was great to have for a long time. However, after a fender bender on my car and my husband's car, our rate shot through the roof! With this being was our first incident on each car, it seems like we were being punished for having insurance. Definitely went from being very happy to looking for other options.

Geico took two payments from my bank account when I only processed one payment. The amounts were even different. That took two seconds. But when I called to get the problem fixed, they said it would take five days to get an okay to put the money back. Not to mention how long it would take to actually get the money into my account. No one can tell me that they can take money out that fast but there's no way to put it back just as fast. Fix your screw ups, don't give me excuses why it can't be done. And quit taking people's money without their permission.

Worst company ever! Spare yourself. I was rear-ended by one of their insurers. He was cited by the police and they assumed full responsibility. They offered to pay my loss of wages, due to me not being able to work for the five weeks it took to get my car fixed. (I currently driving for Ride share companies, after being laid off.) I have submitted over here 400 documents regarding my pay, including weekly AND daily pay stubs and they are still saying they need more documentation! They have even went as far as to say they are going to cut my overhead by subtracting out money for gas that they feel I don't need to this month! They've Changed my car rental from a comparable SUV vehicle to a compact car. At one point they even pulled my 30 day rental reservation, telling me I only had a 24-hour pass!

My truck is in jeopardy of being repoed and my apartment complex is going to evict me. They have no care in the world! How am I losing everything when I am in no way at fault?? When I reached out to the insurer, who's been very helpful and apologetic, they flat out lied to him saying I am choosing to not work. Absolutely disgusting!

After 20 years of being a GEICO customer and never having had an accident, I had two within 3 months' time. My car was totaled, and the new-to-me car that replaced it hit a co-worker's rear bumper. GEICO settled her claim quickly, & I received a check for my totaled car quickly... In fact, the GEICO adjuster came to my home to give it to me. The best part? GEICO is still insuring me.

Horrible customer service! Don't fall for their low estimates with 3rd rate materials! I took my car by their service center for an estimate... big mistake! They quoted cheap replacement parts on their estimate and refuse to match independent estimates. I'm going through my insurance company now. You have rights... don't fall for this!!! They are at fault in this wreck and WILL pay to fix my car properly.

I've been with Geico for over 8 years now and have enjoyed their services quite extensively. Thankfully I haven't had to use my auto insurance, but they've dropped my bill in the past as well as times when I have moved and I think their services are great for the price.

For the third time in 6 months, GEICO has increased my premium citing I have additional drivers in the house. I do not have extra drivers. GEICO also increased premium after changing my mailing address from PO Box to the house. GEICO IS Unethical and shady.

I am very upset with this company (GEICO). I am so upset with this company that I have been with for 19 years, not to mention I have recommended so many people to use Geico. Family and friends. Both me and my husband were using them. What happened was this. I normally pay 231.00 per month for multi-car insurance. I went online to pay my bill and noticed they wanted 470.00 for the month on September.

So me thinking this must be an error so I called and spoke to a representative and he told me, "The reason for your increase in your bill is because of your particular area, people don't turn on their blinkers when they turn which causes accidents, also you have people texting while driving." And I said, "Sir what does that have to do with me. I have been a faithful customer for 19 years. I don't do those things and then he says, "Well let me tell you how you can lower your rate per year. All you have to do is take the defensive driving course online and save one hundred and something dollars per year." And I said, "Per year. Sir what about the fact that you want me to pay 470.00 and then 315.00 per month going forward every month." I said, "Sir I cannot afford that. Nor can I pay that." I guess this will be my exit from Geico. I told him "I already know about the defensive driving class you have online but that is not going to help me."

He then went on to say, "Well you have time to pay the money. Just pay on it as often as you can, until you get it paid." He then went on to say, "Do you have any more questions," I said no. And he said, "Thank you for calling Geico." Still in a state of shock I waited until I got off from work and I called back thinking I would be able to talk to a supervisor or a manager instead I got another representative and I told her why I was calling and needed to speak with someone who could help me and she said "Well I am the only person who you can speak to about this. We all read the same cards so what do you want me to say different than the other rep." I was gravely disappointed with her conversation as well.

I had to call Geico over a hundred times since being insured by them, and every person I have ever had to deal with was kind and courteous and they always helped me to figure out a way to work out any issue I was having. So I guess this will be the day that me and my family will exit GEICO. I have bragged about this company for many years to so many people, I am truly disappointed and hurt with the way the reps were nonresourceful if I may be allowed to create that word but that's how I feel. Like nothing was accomplished. What happened to this company which to me was phenomenal. GOODBYE GEICO I SHOWED MY LOYALTY. WHERE IS YOURS???

Great customer experience. Highly recommend as low prices in town. They are a growing company. I compared to Progressive and Geico seems to offer more discounts. Their customer service is great.

We have never had a problem with GEICO. If we have been unfortunate enough to have been in an accident, the agents we have dealt with have always been courteous. When my husband was in an accident (not his fault), we were planning on going on vacation the following week. Our agent worked with us and we were able to get the car fixed before our planned vacation. We were very grateful that everything worked out. Now that we are older, GEICO has even gone over our policy and found us some discounts, thus, saving us money. Most appreciative of this.

I think it's good insurance for a good price. Never had a problem although I have not been in an accident. I have heard good claims from people I know who have it. So overall I think it's a good insurance company.

Incompetence at its finest!! My wife and I purchased insurance through Geico back in January 2016. We did save money initially but the problems soon followed. Not a month after we started policies my wife (fiancée at the time) and I both received letters from the Arizona Department of Transportation saying that our registrations would be revoked because we had no proof of insurance for our vehicles (a matter Geico insisted they handled). I called 2 more times and Geico never resolved the issue. My wife had to take a day off work to take proof of insurance into the DMV herself.

Strike One. After we got married in September we called to renew our policies. We were told that if we combined our policies as a married couple we would save some money. My surprise when the quote sent to my email was different than the one quoted over the phone. We didn't save money by combining, our policy went up 70 dollars and the coverages/driving histories were exactly the same as 6 months prior.

Strike Two. I received a renewal notice about a month ago (nothing has changed) but somehow my policy increased by 300 dollars. Strike Three. I have wised up and moved onto American Family now, but Geico got their last laugh in today. I received a letter from the lien holder on my jeep saying that because I did not have car insurance from September 2016 to January 2017 my payment for those months was increased by 120 dollars so that they could cover basic car insurance for their vehicle. That's right, when my wife and I combined policies it increased 70 bucks and Geico never reported my new policy number to my lien holder.

Now I have to square myself with the lien holder who might potentially report my "late payments" (as I was unaware of the additional cost until today) to the credit bureaus and ruin an 800 credit score. Thank you Geico so much. I trusted that smooth talking chap with that cute green tail only to find myself dealing with stupidity to last a lifetime. I could say more, God I could say a lot more but let me end with this. NEVER EVER EVER GET YOUR INSURANCE THROUGH GEICO!!!

I had unfortunately been involved in a car accident and they were so quick to help and get me back on the road in a car as soon as possible. They also called me daily for the first week or so to ensure I was healing properly and was receiving everything I needed from them.

My car was hit by a driver that has a GEICO insurance. I was not in the car, I was not even in town. To the driver's credit, he did contact my relatives who owned the house where my car was parked in front of. He asked me to get a quote, I went to Service King and asked them to do high-end and low-end quotes. Service King initially stated that even on the low end my car may be totalled because of the extent of the damage. The Service King repair guy explained to me in detail that the extent of the damage is unknown and the quote may be more because he cannot see what damage is under the panel which would need to be removed. I give the quote to the guy and he then files the claim. Apparently, GEICO uses Service King but not that particular branch of Service King. So I took the car to another place, on the other side of town. I was 10 minutes late to my initial appointment (I got lost) and the GEICO adjuster cancelled my appointment and told me I needed to reschedule (he was sitting at his desk doing nothing).

I called, and ranted, and raved and got another appointment that same day but in another Service King. I went on the other side of town and took the car for the adjustment with the GEICO adjuster and her quote is considerably less than the initial quote ($2500 difference). I figured it would be lower but that bothered me and made me feel as though I'm not getting a fair quote. I was told that there may be additional damage but I can only get an appraisal for that if I allow them to do the repair. I feel it is only fair that I am given all of the information available to me before deciding how to proceed. Is there a way to get an unbiased opinion? I am a bit upset with this process. I don't want to get over, I just want what is fair.

My car was scratched while parked. Geico denied the claim based on their "opinion" that my vehicle was in motion when the incident happens. They don't have any evidence to establish the "fact" that my car was in motion. So they just denied it based on their own "opinion" instead of on "fact". When they know you don't have enough evidence, they will for sure take advantage of you. They are shameless and disgraceful. Stay away.

My car was rear-ended by GEICO customer. A total of 4 cars were involved. They all gave their statement to the police officers and all said that the Geico insure car was at fault. That car pushed the 3 other car. Even the Geico driver admitted that it was her fault. Well the next day she changed her mind saying that my car hit the other two cars before she rear ended my car. So Geico insurance only want to pay for half of the damage that you caused. That was 5 months ago and I am still without a car. Geico commercials advertise that they are the best answers out there but when it comes to paying up they look the other way and LIE.

I was involved in an accident on 11/09/2012. I waited to hear from GEICO and did not hear from anyone. I went and got an estimate on my own. I faxed it over once your agent called me. You requested pictures of the truck - I also sent them. I received another call and asked for pictures of the VIN, the odometer reading, and the entire truck. I have complied with each and every request. It is now the 27th of the month and I am still waiting for the results. I think that 18 days from the time of the accident is quite some time to have to wait for your adjuster. If you required more information or if I have done something wrong, please inform me. Otherwise, I would appreciate you handling the problem.

GEICO underpaid my insurance claim. My vehicle was involved in a collision and was declared a total loss. GEICO uses a company named CCC Information Services, Inc. (CCC) to appraise vehicles for insurance purposes. The report that CCC ran on my vehicle to determine its current market value was fraudulent. The vehicles used in the CCC Valuescope report were not comparable to my totaled vehicle. GEICO undervalued my claim by over $3,000.00. Even though I had $900.00 of rental car coverage, GEICO took away my rental car as soon as they made their settlement offer to me, which was within three days after the accident.

GEICO knows that most of their insured are forced to accept their settlement offer because they need that settlement check to go out and buy another car. To contest their settlement offer costs money; one would have to hire an attorney to defend you if you decide to take GEICO to court. Trying to negotiate with them did not work for me. I sent them vehicles of the same year, make, and model from dealerships located where my car was garaged to prove the value of my car and all GEICO did was come back with a counter offer of an additional $224.00. If you decide to contest the settlement offer and take them to court, you cannot cash the settlement check. If you file a lawsuit against GEICO, their lawyers will drown you in legal paperwork and the case could be in court for 4 months. GEICO is an insurance company that conducts business practices that are unfair, deceptive, and fraudulent.

I love using GEICO. Everything about the company is great. I pay my bill online. I've filed a claim through the website and also made changes to my account online. I love the convenience they offer on their website. My per month rate is great and I like being notified via email that I have a payment or new documents.

On 3/19 we were rear ended by someone who was represented by Geico. She rear ended a car that had 4 people in it. 2 of us had injuries and 2 didn't. One of the injured parties was returning to their country on a specific date. Even after being told that date twice, the claims rep still called for his info AFTER this individual left the country. Additionally, after I settled my claim, one day later another medical bill came in for $200. Prior to submitting my bills I did call and confirm that this was the final bill and was unfortunately given the wrong information from the hospital.

When I called Geico not only did they say they were unable to reopen the claim, but that I was basically stuck with the bill. When I called the California Department of Insurance they contradicted everything Geico told me, even including the fact that Geico is "unable" to reopen the claim, and told me that since the accident was 100% their fault I was not responsible for ANY medical bill. I implore everyone dealing with them, call your state's insurance regulation department first. Geico not only engages in unfair business practices, but dishonest ones as well.

I been with Geico for four years. I never filed a insurance claim. I recently filed a claim for glass replacement. I have full coverage and comprehensive damage coverage as well. I was told due to I didn’t have the glass coverage deductible waived I would have to pay the 1000 deductible or pay out of pocket for the glass replacement for my windshield. What good is it to have full coverage if the glass deductible is not included. I’m so upset I have to pay out of pocket for my windshield. I’m already paying a lot for full coverage. Geico would not work with me at all In regards to this matter. Now I’m paying out of pocket for my windshield.

They keep increasing premium every 6 months. When you ask them why, they send you "pre-compiled" auto-reply. I wonder if they lure in clients from other insurance companies with a low premium rate and then deceive them increasing premium every 6 months.

I was driving home about 9 pm. A truck turned left in front of me and my new truck was totaled. The air bag deployed. I couldn't get out of my door because the corner of his truck hit the front center of mine. My truck spun his and we ended up right next to each other. The nightmare is just beginning. Geico told me I better hurry up and settle the property damage because the rental car was eating into my settlement because the insured only had 30k of coverage. They were very difficult and very cheap. So far I have had $7000 in medical bills. Geico wants to settle the medical for $8000. Anyone who know anything about this knows that is ridiculous. So it looks like we are going to court. Stay away from Geico. While they are being cheap, the lawsuit comes back to the driver.

I really like this company, the rates are great and have remained the same since I switched over from another big company. I recently needed a tow for my car that died and it was so easy. I did everything over the app and the tow was there in less than an hour and in the shop of my choice. There was no charge for the tow and I cannot believe how easy it was. This company is definitely worth looking into for saving money and still getting as good of a value as say triple A or State Farm, etc.

The cost of my GEICO premium has gone up without any rhyme or reason, because of this unwarranted increase I decided to take my business elsewhere. My auto insurance policy was active from 06/12/13 - 12/12/13. To buy a new policy for the next six months (12/12/13 - 06/12/14), my premium was $423.19 for the first month installment. I chose not to pay this premium and instead purchased auto insurance from a competitor company. GEICO is now billing me $423.19, indicating I owe them for the new policy premium, even though I have informed them verbally and in writing that I no longer want an insurance policy through GEICO. They insist I owe them $423.19 for the new policy premium because I was automatically enrolled in a new policy, even though I elected not to pay the new premium and have purchased auto insurance through another company.

They processed our claims quickly and without any dispute. We were able to get a rental car and they paid the mechanic directly, so it made with very easy and painless. We have been with Geico for several years and it has been a good experience so far. We have full coverage on one of our cars and liability only on our older car. The full coverage include a rental, which has been extremely useful. Our car was in the shop for about a week and it was nice to still have transportation for both myself and my husband.

It is a good price and I have been satisfied with the coverage. My husband and I had a lot of speeding tickets on our records and so other companies would not insure us and it was nice to have Geico as an option, that wasn't too expensive. The people we have worked with have been helpful and easy to work with. I have spoken with many different agents and they have all been workable and helped make the difficult situation better. I have been satisfied with my interactions with Geico.

GEICO makes it very easy to file a claim. You can do it online, or you can call it in. Then they call to follow up. They have drive-in centers where you can pick up your rental car right at the same time that you drop off your car for repair when you file the claim and set up the appointment with the adjuster (also at the repair center). It's all in one and it makes it very easy and convenient. When the car is complete, you return the rental car and pick up your car. It's that simple. No need to find a ride to and from one place or another. I have never had an issue with GEICO. They are there 24/7 to help me. I never have to wait for an associate more than a minute or two. They always help me find the most savings possible on my policy. One year I had two minor claims, which I was not responsible for (my car was hit while parked in two separate locations) and my rates remained steady. Great pricing and their service is excellent. I would never go anywhere else.

I was driving to work on a very snowy day. I was merging into the highway and a tractor-trailer truck did not slow down and hit the drivers side of my car. Luckily I was not injured. I contacted my insurance company (Geico) and they handled everything for me from beginning to end. I only had to tell them what happened and they took care of my claim for me.

After being on hold and transferred over to several incompetent employees (With some exceptions) for hours I was FINALLY attended. Unfortunately, Geico also has poorly trained/mediocre employees who aren't familiar with the policies the own company who hired them (I assume the 15% or less you save is actually going to Geico's pocket) in order to keep cheap employees.

As I checked my email I immediately noticed one from Geico stating my policy has been canceled. Naturally I assumed it was a mistake, as it took me two weeks dealing with them on the phone for a previous issue where they managed to fail and update my driver's license when I moved to California from Florida. Being a sane company which, I thought was, should use common sense knowing that if I have a current policy with GEICO both for my motorcycles and cars registered in California with a valid California driver license provided at the time I insured every vehicle they canceled my policy WITH ABSOLUTELY NO WARNING.

So as I saw the subject of the email immediately I knew it was wrong or an old notice which I never received either. How such a big company like GEICO be foolish enough to repeat the same insurance nightmare over and over again with despicable customer service and treatment. For my not-so-surprise they canceled my policy for the second time WITH ABSOLUTELY NO WARNING... AGAIN.

After hours on hold and transferring over to someone who knows how to answer the phone they stated my policy was canceled for failure to pay. According to GEICO a payment of 100+$ was needed to continue my insurance and so I paid. This individual assisting me, or vice versa as I explained details similar as to speaking to a child, proceeded to tell me that I would be transferred (yes again) to a representative who would assist me with a new insurance quote.

Before I was able to ask even why, the phone transferred over without a "goodbye", "thank you" or "thanks for being a loyal GEICO customer for the past 4years". Of course after 5 min confirming my identity yet again I was able to ask what was going on and why a new policy, but I was dealing again with another trainee on the phone who didn't know how to answer a basic question. In my frustration I requested a supervisor, superior, manager or whatever they call themselves.

The woman was somewhat patient and understanding on the phone until I assured her I refuse to pay for a new policy because what they did is simply WRONG. I demanded then to continue my current/expired one and please fix their system to use the card for autopay as I had it setup. In the midst of explaining their wrongdoing the "superior" took it to herself and straight lie, manipulate and hustle me out of the situation. Being outstandingly rude raising her voice to me and talking over my concerns. GEICO claims to have sent me a notification by mail (NOT Email) about 2 weeks ago that I never received. Today I did receive my FIRST (01/26/2016) email notification stating my insurance has been canceled (It was actually canceled a week ago).

Questions I made myself after the upsetting and disturbing experience with them: If they have all my information including SSN, email, physical address, vehicle information, CEL PHONE NUMBER why did they not reach out to me for payment? If my autopay failed once, why didn't they use any other of the two credit cards they have on file which I provided last time with my previous experience? (BTW, the "superior" did confirm she had all three credit cards on file). Why are the employees so unexperienced and who is in control of quality control preventing "superiors" to disrespect the customers? (Are we "inferior"?) How hard is it for them to run a legitimate business and remember that "The customer is always right"?

Conclusions (My OWN): Geico seems to found a crack in the system to trick, scam, fraud and steal from honest hardworking people who want to be insured by finding any excuse or reason to cancel your policy WITHOUT warning in order to charge a new policy fee. Another accurate assumption would be that Agents deliberately cancel your policy in order to obligate you into a new one since agents receive a 10-15% commission on the first years premium. (Both Insurance Journal and Huffington Post claim these numbers in a 2013 report). I will definitely not be insuring with GEICO ever again and I will make it extremely clear to all my know relatives and friends to end GEICOs policy before they not only steal their money but take the pockets with them too.

This is my first consumer review/complaint and I'm hoping I was able to help some people. Being a young hard working man I was able to buy my first car at age 20 when I moved to the US and immediately insuring it with Geico 4 years ago because I saw the lizard everywhere I looked (A type of subliminal Nazi propaganda growing in my subconscious).

At 24 being a business owner thanks to the opportunities America has provided and being a hard worker for both my business and my community I will not stand being bullied and mocked by a large corporation like GEICO. They didn't just lose business I gave them insuring my first car 4 years ago, they have lost all my future business and current vehicles insured with them. But most importantly they lost my respect which I demand be given and received, no matter economic situation, education level, race, culture, ethnicity, religion and especially they lost it once they interrupted and mocked my confused and frustrated yet polite form of speaking.

GEICO not only fooled me endlessly but they have robbed me of my tranquility, my time with my family dealing with these issues, my sleep by agitating me at 3 am, and my time writing this review stealing my sleep and rattling my mind after a hard day of work. Recommendation for GEICO: Change the lizard for a Snake, it suits the companies principals better. It can prevent misleading future innocent consumers into gaining your trust.

I want to pick up my car from a body shop that Geico recommended. The car was more damaged when I got it back. It was an 8005.00 job to a 2016 Nissan Sentra SV. The car is worth $15,000 and after their repair now worth $2,000. Just started using Geico. I will be switching after this experience. It took them a month and a complaint about the rental which is still not paid. The adjuster took crappy pics of the car so you can't see the damage that the body shop did. I was told it has to be 75% value of the car to be totaled. After that it should have been. No the body shop is given a chance to fix their bull crap and I'm a month in and no car and now responsible for the rental.

My wife's car was hit in the rear by a GEICO-insured driver. The car is in her name. Throughout the whole process, I handled the claim. When I called to schedule the rental car they could not talk to me "for privacy issues". The claim adjuster gave me a check made out to her. Why they were capable of dealing with me up to that point and not subsequently is beyond me. I had GEICO on my list to consider getting a quote, but it is now off the list.

The best reputation, the best service, the best quality, reliability and cheap prices on all types of services. Quickly make their services. Recommended that all your family, friends, acquaintances.

Good experience, customer service is good. Helped with my different accidents efficiently. Hope to just grow in the area of customer service. Just also need to understand how to respond to issues with fraud with false claims a little better. Other than that I would recommend GEICO to my peers and they have a quick response. I was also able to get a good deal on a rental car for my car being serviced for a claim I put in for an accident which was awesome.

I have had claims before and for the most part, they make you feel at ease and get the job done. Even though you are very anxious about the situation, they do a good job in completion of claim. I have no problem with the coverage. I think it's a fair price and I am able to pay it quarterly and I can change my coverage at anytime online. I have Geico for a long time and I usually hear from my homeowner’s insurance company that if I switch to them for car insurance, I would get a discount, but I feel very comfortable with Geico. Like I said before the customer service department makes you feel at ease when you have a claim and very knowledgeable. They are very helpful also.

When I called in, GEICO was not nice. The person who caused the accident said she called the police to come out and they wouldn't. Her son, who worked at the police dept, came out and got on to her about running stop signs and excessive speed, reminding she was already in trouble because of it. I was dazed and shaken so I let her call the police. BIG MISTAKE. She took my info and called GEICO lying about the location and circumstances and saying I was at fault. GEICO believed her and rejected my claim. I had to get a lawyer to expose her and get Geico to process my claim. My lawyer made GEICO backtrack and paid the claim. I dropped them and I got another company. This was in Florida. If you never have an accident you do not know how your company will treat you if you do. I wish I had recorded my interactions with GEICO. I will always call the police myself even if someone has already done so.

We are retired. We do not drive to work. We use the car for errand. However, after 20 years with the company, I switch. They kept increasing my policy to a point where I couldn't afford it. I ask for review, and they would come down on the price. I went to another insurance company and I saved over $300 on the first 6 months. GEICO does not reduce rates when you are retiree. They kept increasing my policy until I pulled the plug on them. After 20 years that never put a claim they should have given me a break. No nothing it was awful.

We recently switched as we found them to be cheaper than our previous Insurance co. We have not filed any claims with them as yet, but knowing their reputation spoke loudly in our decision to change.

On early morning of Monday April 18, 2016, my area was flooded as a result of severe weather condition. I was hit by massive flooding here in Greens Point of Houston. I called Geico on same day, filed a claim on my flooded vehicle 2013 Toyota Camry. I have a comprehensive policy with this company on Camry and liability on Honda, have auto pay for the premiums, and my account has never been delinquent. After filing claims with Geico, I was informed by the claims specialist that an adjuster will be assigned to me and prior to showing up to the location of the loss, the adjuster will give me a courtesy call to let me know the date and time he will be showing up at the location.

The next day, I called the claims department to find out if an adjuster has been assigned, and still being informed to be patient that one will be assigned. According to the claims specialist, "we have massive claims as a result of the flooding in Houston area; we are flying adjusters from all over the nation to assist during this period, please bear with us." I called from April 19 - 23, and still haven't been assigned one. Then I called my attorney to precede a lawsuit against Geico and informed Geico that a lawsuit will be filed on Monday April 25, 2016 according to my attorney for delay in responding to necessary assistance needed by the company I have coverage with.

On Sunday morning April 24, 2016, while I was asleep, Geico adjuster showed up to my place, appraised my car as a total loss, however; he tried to settle me below the KBB value of my Toyota Camry. Then I informed the adjuster that my Camry is SE with full specifications and not LE. He tried to let me know that he gave me the best value for my car. I informed him that I will not agree to that, and they will be speaking to my attorney by Monday April 25, 2016. Then the adjuster reviewed the specifications on my car and came up with another figure for the value of the Camry. He then called the total loss to approve on the last one of which I disagree with; the total loss had to approve what the adjuster stated without listening to my side.

On that same day Sunday April 24, Geico had already deducted their premium for the Camry and Honda that are not operable. They cancelled the policy on Tuesday April 19, 2016 and deducted premium on April 24, 2016. Later I spoke to one of their service representatives, who stated that the premium that was debited from my account will be reversed back to my account.

In a nutshell, Geico is the most horrible insurance company to have coverage with. I don't expect anything good from Geico and same way all customers are complaining about them. Buyers, please beware. Geico doesn't care about you during loss, and will never give a dime about you and your loss. They have the most horrible customer relations when it comes to services they provide to their customers. It doesn't worth having Geico with your hard earned money. Please think twice before you make decision to go with Geico. Once again, buyers beware. Thanks.

Easy. Available 24 hours a day. Shops open to drive through for estimate or they will travel to the shop of your choice. Fast payment. Follow up to ensure everything went smoothly and to your liking. No issues that I can think of. Full range of coverages with minimum and maximum limits from liability to comprehensive to theft to collision to uninsured motorists. Also have rental car coverage in different amounts as well as roadside service that is relatively cheap. I have been a customer of Geico for more than 30 years since I was 16 years old. Only once did I ever obtain a quote from another company and they could not even compare to Geico. They have decent rates. Geico has customer service representatives available twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. There is a one eight hundred number to call and the representatives do their best to assist you.

Promises, promises, promises, all mean nothing. My vehicle was struck, while legally parked, by a Geico insured driver. The claim for damage to my vehicle apparently has been paid, however I am getting the run-a-round and ignored with a reimbursement claim for a rental car. I chose the cheapest vehicle Enterprise Rent-a-Car had, only $210 for 10 days rental. My calls to Geico get ignored and or not returned even though I'm assured that the claim is being reviewed and they would contacting me within three (3) business days. In fact the person who was the original contact, Darnetta **, has a message on her phone that she will be on vacation December 22 to December 29 and to leave a message. IT'S FEBRUARY 25! I have begun telling as many people as I can about the poor claim service provided to me. I indicated one star but only because it was required.

I carelessly paid $55.38, for an unknown so called "pass bill" to a Geico Auto Insurance representative. The initial call was to get an auto quote, and the ramification of the call was unsuccessful, and I was still left with no insurance. After calling my bank, the rep informed me it will take a long process to put a freeze on the account, and he told me to call Geico back, and explain to them what occurred, and ask them to refund my money. So, I called again, and spoke to Paula. She informed me of a non-payment, in which I clearly didn't understand, so I asked her if she can send me an invoice of the charges that accrued on an old account from 2009. "Sure", she said.

Later, she told me her colleague will send me that email, since her computer is not allowing her to do so. This is the funny part! The incoming mail says **, Brian, email address is **, with subject name Geico Statement. Now, when you open it's an advertisement sales/deals closeout for Big Lots. I shop at Big Lots, a great store, but I'm no rocket scientist, and that is nowhere near a bill invoice. Paula asked me several times if I received the email, and I hadn't, until we ended the call.

I just want the amount back into my account, and I know your fee to help me, is more than the amount spent, but that is fraud and consumers like me, shouldn't be victimized by greedy companies. Stop me if I am wrong, Geico , a big insurance company, with all their high-tech computer programs and systems with vital information on them, were incompetent in producing a well-organized invoice/statement, but was only able to send a blog advertisement page, promoting Big Lots Close out sale. Yes, that email explained everything.

I placed the claim on Monday at 1:45, while sitting in my car stuck in a ditch on the side of I-95 right outside of Jacksonville, Florida. After spinning around in a car 20 times and almost dying because of three lanes of 70 mph traffic headed right towards me, this experience was anything but satisfying. Let's start out by it taking 30 minutes to describe my accident to the gentleman on the phone (problem #1), and then FINALLY being able to be transferred to get a tow truck sent to us. After another 30 minutes of trying to tell the person on the phone that a) I didn't know my exact location because I was still in shock and b) that NO I wouldn't get out of my car in the median of a road with 70 MPH traffic on either side of me to try and find some sort of mile marker or road sign. Sorry if risking my life trying to make your minimum wage job a little easier just doesn't seem worth it. (problem #2 & #3)

THEN I ask the gentleman to please set me up to have a rental car sent because I knew my car would not be able to be driven 3 hours back to our Orlando area residence. I am then told we do not have rental car coverage on my policy (problem #4). Well, that's kinda funny, because when I set up my coverage, I told the woman to set me up with ALL the "bells and whistles" because you could never be too safe. Guess rental car coverage isn't included in her idea of "all the bells and whistles"... Anyways. I said okay, well then how about the tow truck, because he will be bringing the car back to the Orlando area, we could hitch a ride with him.

Here comes problem #5!! The woman asks me who is with me, and I told her that I had myself, my partner, and our two dogs (small show dog Boxer, under 40 pounds, and our 4-pound Yorkshire Terrier). She put me on hold... for twenty minutes (let's just make that problem #6) and then comes back to tell me that it was against policy, that only 2 passengers were allowed in the cab... I then asked her what she thought I should do, since that didn't make sense to me because what did she suppose I do with my two dogs that might as well be my children... She didn't have an answer and told me to please hold (problem #7) for another 20 minutes. (BTW, my phone is about to die at this time, and keep in mind I'm still sitting in the median of I-95.. with 70 MPH traffic on either side.. sounds just peachy doesn't it?)

After getting back on the phone, she then explained that it was "just policy" BUT (and here's the bright idea of a smart minimum wage paid GEICO EMPLOYEE) that I could leave my dogs strapped in the car on top of a flat bed truck, traveling on I-95 at 70 MPH, WITH the windows up (because it's during a downpour). Well, I wasn't aware that GEICO was a company that condoned animal cruelty, because I wasn't sure if you guys knew, that it is ILLEGAL in the state of Florida to leave a dog (just like a child) in a locked car with the windows up... (problem #8-#10). Okay, so let's keep going...

We then decide to just try and wait on the tow truck and see what he says, and if he doesn't take the dogs, then I just might have to stand on the side of the road with my two dogs and wait for a taxi to come get me, since that seems safer and more reliable than the service and the companies affiliated with GEICO... Alright, so about 3 hours pass and I start to worry... The state trooper has already left us, because he's even concerned with sitting on the median of I-95 in the middle of rush hour with 70 MPH traffic on either side... (feel my aggression yet?) I then call the 800 number back to see about the tow truck... and they tell me that the tow truck can't find us, and has returned back to the shop because he "couldn't get a hold of me" (that's a detail you should remember) even though I have been sitting in my car (and here's where I remind you) on the MEDIAN OF I-95 WITH 70 MPH TRAFFIC ON EITHER SIDE!!!

So then I call the state trooper and ask him what the mile marker was and he looked it up and gave me the numbers 335 & 336. So I then give them that information and they tell me that they're sending him "right out"... Okay, so here goes by another TWO hours and he hasn't arrived (problem #11ish). So I call back, and they tell me that he should be there in less than 10 minutes... AN HOUR LATER (problem #...12? maybe, I've lost track) he gets there and puts my partner and DOGS in the cab right away to get them out of harm's way, and safely puts my car on to the flat bed in a timely manner (THANK YOU. TOW TRUCK MAN!! ) So we FINALLY leave the accident site at 6:30. Did you add that up?

That was over FIVE HOURS THAT I WAS SITTING IN MY CAR IN THE MEDIAN OF I-95 WITH 70MPH TRAFFIC ON EITHER SIDE!! Well... That wasn't a fun experience at all, and YOUR EMPLOYEES didn't help one tiny little bit. With no help from your company I'm finally on my way home, with my two dogs and partner. Remember that detail from earlier? About the time I finally was SUPPOSEDLY had a tow truck coming my way? Well the tow truck guy randomly mentions that they did not receive the call to come out until 3:45 *screams* Ahem, anyways, I finally got back to the Orlando area around 9:30.

Here's day two, (10/08/2013 for those that haven't kept up). I call in the morning to set up an appointment to have an adjuster come out to assess the damage to the car so I can get it fixed. After talking to a woman for a few moments she tells me that they WILL NOT be sending a tow truck to pick up my car to bring to the dealership to have it accessed because they already have deemed it TOTALED (problem #12). Well, that's funny, how exactly would you know that if you haven't seen it? Humph. I then explain that the reason we could not drive it yesterday was because the front and back bumper were hanging off, AND I have two bald back tires. That does not mean it is Totaled. So then she said, "Well if it isn't totaled, YOU can drive it to the dealership (problem #13)" OH MY I wasn't aware that a car was either totaled OR perfectly safe to drive...

SO, then after her threatening to hang up on me, because I just so happen to get angry because of the way this whole situation has panned out (i.e. LOOK ABOVE) I talk to a supervisor and he sets up a tow truck to come out to the residence that the car is located to bring it to the dealership and that the tow truck should be there around 12:30 or 1:00.. awesome, things are looking up, Right? WRONG!!!

Mind you, this isn't my residence, it's my partner's, her residence is 20 miles closer than mine from Jacksonville. So I go there, to wait for the tow truck... and next thing I know, it's 3pm and I haven't seen a tow truck!! (problem #14) I call, and I'm really trying to be as patient as possible, and they tell me that the tow truck couldn't find us and apparently called but couldn't get a hold of us (no missed calls, and I'm doing nothing but sitting around waiting for the tow truck, MISSING MY WHOLE DAY AT WORK). SO, they send out another one and he'll be there shortly. Did you know that dealerships close at 5 most of the time? And that usually when you have a bumper falling off a Mazda RX 8, it's kinda hard to pick up with an everyday tow truck? Think about that for a second...

At 5:55 an EVERYDAY TOW TRUCK pulls up and I just have to laugh. I show him my car and explain that just isn't going to work, he agrees and leaves. Ten minutes later I receive a call from some lady at the tow truck business telling me that a) the reason they send out that truck was because they didn't have any flat bed trucks working that day and that the truck that was sent out was the first available slot all day. (Then why would you send one out anyways? Just for ** and giggles? Doesn't seem to smart OR efficient to me.) She insists on calling me SIR even though she confirmed that my name is CRYSTAL and did you notice what she said? The first truck available? What happened to the truck that couldn't find us and couldn't get a hold of us? Seems a little off to me.

It's been one lie after another from you guys, and I'm really tired of the runaround and really unsure of what exactly I am paying you every month for. So here I am now, with a car still sitting with busted bumpers and bald tires, telling you, GEICO, that I am VERY DISSATISFIED with your customer service, but as well, if I am not contacted by the end of the business day tomorrow (10/10/2013 if you couldn't keep up), I will not only be setting up a cancellation date on ALL of my policies that I hold with you, but as well I WILL be contacting my lawyer to seek further resolution.

We have also been waiting a month for my car now and they tried to give it back to me half **. They did the bare minimal and didn't even fix the deep scratches, just painted over them. I mean in every aspect Geico is a joke. This isn't even the half of it but I'm sure you get the picture. Every employee minus a "G" who was helpful in just calming the matter claimed to be a supervisor but yet is unheard of and I can't reach her again. Seems to me until they get papers from an attorney they could care less about anyone or anything other than collecting a paycheck (which clearly must suck) because they all seem to hate their jobs! BY THE WAY.. I know you have recorded conversations to look back through, so I'll just give you the names of the wonderful employees you should really consider retraining... Crystal (In your accident towing department), William **, Jazmine, Andrew ** - Adjuster

Brandon ** adjust with Seattle Automotive $3168 with aftermarket parts in a 4 months old Prius 2015 with 2000 miles. The only guarantee that he knows for the aftermarket rear tail light is a "lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer" (is this a joke?). I take estimates for $2750 and $2900 by myself. I feel that those adjusters are dealing in behalf of "Seattle Automotive" instead of me, because they are generous with the body shop at the same time that are saving $100 in aftermarket parts to my cost. Craig **, Kyle ** also "supervisors" are more of the same, always telling "That's the policy..." but nothing clear about official GEICO guarantee, or a quality of the aftermarket parts.

The aftermarket part where they are saving is the rear tail light. The leasing company doesn't accept any external different with the original, different color in the future, or different bright, or water inside if is an aftermarket tail light. When you call to the GEICO main number they only give the number of the supervisor David ** that is the supervisor, but never take a callback (Seattle Automotive is a recommended body shop at the GEICO website).

Geico is very rude. I was hit Nov 11. It is May and I have yet to receive payment for damages on my car. I keep getting runaround. When someone who is insured by them is getting their car fixed, I’m forced to wait and they were at fault. I got a defective equipment ticket due to this. They weren't trying to send an adjuster out. Like isn't that required? I would never get insurance with them. And I will tell anyone who has them to run. This is horrible.

I had been with GEICO for 20 years. Then I had my first accident. Their service and response time was great. I had no complaints. Then a couple months later they raised my rates. I decided to find another insurance company who could give me a better rate. Seems like 20 years of loyalty should have been worth more than a slap with a rate hike. When it was renewal time I settled my account and moved on to a company that saves me over $2,000.00 a year. I have seen nothing except the occasional "please come back to us" ad from Geico for two years. Now all of a sudden I get a notice from a collection agency saying I owe Geico money.

My insurance company is good so far. It offers lower monthly payment for our 2 cars than Progressive. I don't think other insuramce companies offer lower monthly cost. If they do then I think I can switch.

Took out a policy for non-owners auto insurance - initially called just for information, but got pressured into buying a plan right there on the phone. It cost more than insurance when I actually had a car covered through them - but because they're the only company locally that offer the service, I guess they can get away with charging more. Terrible service - they continued to charge me for coverage after I cancelled, and sent collections after me. Won't recommend, or use them in the future. Huge rip-off.

Last month I was hit from behind by a Geico insure driver. She said she hit me from behind because I wouldn't let her in when she had her turn signal on. There is no doubt she hit me on purpose because she was laughing about it. I made my statement to their claims agent and told them when it happened. When their person made her statement she failed to tell them that she said she hit me because she had her left turn signal on and I didn't make room for her to get in and she almost sideswiped me so she pulled behind me and hit me. She failed to tell him that. It was a low impact Collision but it was enough to get me a new rear bumper. The joke caused me a lot of pain and I was getting treated at my local VA Outpatient Clinic in the DeBakey Hospital in Houston.

My claims adjuster spoke to me like I was a fraud and a gold digger. I'm a retired Master peace officer with the state of Texas and US Army Airborne veteran. Honor means a lot to me. This really upset me and cost me some health conditions from my blood pressure going up every time I spoke to this person. I had a stroke last year. I talked to the adjuster and I got the name of her supervisor Matthew ** and ask to get a new claims adjuster because of how much that lady upsets me. He refused to help me out. I asked him for the name of his supervisor. He refused saying he was taking care of it. He refuted everything I said and downplayed everything to make me look like a simpleton in the conversation. I'm very aware of how people talk and act. I was a detective in the third largest shares part of the nation.

Despite how upset I was getting he refused to help me at all and getting a new adjuster. I am very upset. So upset I'm shaking but I have not lost my composure or dignity in the conversation. All the commercial that says they support and take care of their veterans, no they do not. The adjuster and the supervisor Matthew are condescending, arrogant and pompous. I've dealt with a few good people in this company including the man who looked at the damage of my truck but just people like the adjuster and her supervisor make it to the point where I never want to deal with this company ever again. The supervisor said they normally do not change out adjusters on a case like this. I told him it could be done. He said yes but he would not. They limited my ability to file a complaint to a higher supervisor that may be able to placate the situation.

GEICO is the most deceitful company I have ever had the displeasure of working with. I was misled from the beginning, starting with my quote that I received from Amber ** of the South Blvd GEICO office in Charlotte, NC (**, 704-523-AUTO) as well as the agency owner of that location (I don't have her name or info). I was forthright when I gave my information and stated that I had a speeding ticket in late 2013 (Conviction date of 10/2013). When Amber ran the quote, she said the ticket did not show up and gave me a monthly quote of $150 something and some change. I tweaked the coverage since the original quote to bring the monthly rate to $156 and some change. I was very satisfied with this and counted myself lucky that the ticket did not show up even though, again, I provided this information up front.

I was obviously very upset when I was contacted about a month after I had agreed to the service, and subsequently locking me in to service with GEICO for six months, and told that the rate would be going up to $244 per month (increase of roughly $88 per month). I was told that the MVR was pulled again and the ticket was now showing up. I tried to talk to countless other GEICO employees, only to be told that they were allowed by law to do this and would not be adjusting the rate, although it was their mistake. This is a textbook BAIT AND SWITCH. How can you lock someone in to service at one rate and change it a month later, with no new information. After all of this, I decided that I wasn't going to stand for this and the behemoth that is GEICO would not profit off of my measly account. I began to shop my insurance at other agencies.

I found a smaller, independent brokerage that is actually honest and cares about their clients - which is a welcomed sight after so much dishonesty and deceptive practices - and they will be my new provider. When I called to cancel, GEICO notified me as if they hadn't done enough already that I would be charged an early termination fee, even though they were the dishonest and deceptive ones. When I asked for this to be waived, I was told that they were unwilling to do that. I was given a breakdown of the charges ($45.60 for coverage through the 21st of June and $147.46 for the early cancellation fee). When I complained to GEICO's Facebook page, I was told something completely different. I was told that there is no early cancellation fee, only a "short rate" for cancelling early. The associate even pointed it out on an NC document.

I guess they didn't think that I would read the document, because it said that they would charge the short rate on top of a cancellation fee. When I called my local agency to have them waive the fee, they said that they could not do it, because the "fee" was charged by the state. This is three different things, from three different GEICO employees. All of them gave me the run-around and told me they would have a supervisor call me, which none of them did. I honestly have no idea how this can be legal. It might not be, but GEICO is so big that they could not care less. They can probably get it away with it either way.

My insurance is very good and they are very easy to deal with. Their customer service is decent. Whenever I had a problem, I would call up my insurance company. When I talk to a representative, they are usually helpful. Also, when I make the phone call, I am never put on hold for a very long duration. When I talk to someone, my questions are answered. Also, my coverage is also good. It makes me feel relaxed because I know I have coverage in case anything bad happens. It is reassuring.

Got hit by a distracted driver when I was on the exit lane near Dumbarton bridge, Fremont. My 2016 Subaru Outback was severely damaged for no fault of mine. Spoke to Geico claim department and dropped my car at Subaru suggested body shop in the morning. Since the other driver also from Geico, they were able to identify the claim and attached my claim against that policy. Adjuster inspected the car in couple of days and had not sent me the quote or a message. I got suspicious and called up the claims department again and learnt that the insurance was low on liablity/funds and I will have to switch over to my claim to get the car fixed. They mentioned that I will have to pay my deductibles. Adjuster visited the body shop again and gave a new quote.

I had my own doubts on how this deductible work, so called up Geico service again and the rep mentioned that as per the CA law, if the driver is not at fault and hit by uninsured or under-insured motorist, the deductible should be waived. When I called back the claims dept, they say that the manager handling the claim from other party (both are Geico in this case), has refused to release these funds sighting insufficient funds (Then why do we have this clause). Throughout the process, I spoke to many of Geico representatives who were very nice over the phone but looks like the system itself has some issues to be fixed. If the other insurance has insufficient finds, is that my fault? Why should I pay deductibles? Is that not against the CA law?

I called to get a quote to see how much it would be to add a driver to our policy. The person didn't have their license yet and I was weighing out whether they should get their own policy or we do the family. Geico without warning added her to the policy and basically raised our premium when it was just an inquiry. I did not want her added to the policy at least not at that moment. I am leaving Geico and never looking back. They are very scandalous and frustrating to do business with.

On 5/14/2017 I jumped a curve in my car to avoid hitting someone who swerved into my lane. I called Geico and the police. I had to file a claim because although I avoided hitting the car, my undercarriage and tire was destroyed from hitting the curve. As a responsible driver I avoided hitting someone, Geico wants to categorize me as at fault for avoiding the accident which raised my monthly premium $200. I now realize that they are horrible and used this as a way to raise my premium. And since this is on my record, now all the other insurance carriers will give me a high premium as well. I researched these tactics and there are several class action lawsuits describing the same unfair tactic that I experienced. They are horrible and I will be seeking legal advice regarding this matter.

Geico is cheap. They use junkyard parts and I've been without my car for a month because they don't want to pay the auto body shop. I will be sure to tell everyone not to go through you. I have 14 friends in the process of dropping your sorry **!!!!

When I first insured my car with Geico the price was fine. Then when it was time to renew, this is every 6 months, they kept increasing my premium even though I never filed any claims. I questioned them and received the reply that it was due to an increase in claims related costs. Fine. Why am I paying for that? Shouldn't it be your rate goes down when you don't file a claim. Instead Geico charges everyone more, even the good drivers because of the bad drivers they insure. This company isn't what it claims to be. I am now insured through Allstate and the premium for 12 months is less than the last premium Geico gave me for 6 months.

2017 hit me hard financially. A few times I had to call for an extension, so I would not lose coverage. The reps were always able to push the request through. Geico always came in with the lowest rate for my area. So I stay with them. Moreover, customer Service is always good with explaining discounts & different areas of my policy, in a way that I understand. Plus, they are always very friendly.

An employee had an accident and was at fault. Geico never calls you, updates you on what is going on, what the status is or anything. After multiple calls over 2 weeks finally found out that they have totaled the car. Then 6 weeks later they still have not paid the lender, so we have to continue making payments. Horrible experience.

Buy GEICO and you'll be pleased. As advertised, I saved hundreds of dollars with GEICO over my previous insurer. Service and coverage are excellent. I'm a very good driver so your mileage might vary. Always check with your insurer as to the accident and insurance coverage that different makes/models are charged.

It's very easy to do if you have a claim. Efficient and fast. If you have any questions, the representatives are very helpful as well. Loved having Geico! Their coverage is very thorough and fairly cheap for the coverage. Geico is one of the best insurance companies! They cover mostly everything you'd need. Value is pretty great for the amount of coverage you get. I'd definitely recommend to friends or family. Fairly cheap, especially if you have an honor roll student. Their customer service is very friendly and helpful. They explained anything I didn't understand in detail. Never made me feel ignorant.

A few years ago, I awoke with a painful stiff neck - turning my head was very distressing. However, I had patients to see at work, and did not want to have to cancel their visits. I backed down my driveway, and watched my garage door close. Turned my body to look down the street (there's an almost blind corner) and then turned the other way, where there's a curve, to make sure there was nothing coming from that direction. Saw nothing, Proceeded to back up - straight into an SUV sitting behind me. I did a fair amount of damage to his passenger door, as well as to my own trunk. The driver was rather upset - I don't blame him, I was, too. He became rather rude - demanding to know who I was and what I was doing in that driveway.

I responded that I lived there (still do) and had done so for 18 yrs; he was skeptical, because "I never saw you!" Anyhow, I gave him my Geico info, which he appeared not to believe. I then headed to work. When I got to work, entered my office, the phone was ringing. It was Geico - wondering why I hadn't reported it instantly. I explained that I had to get to work, that I had given him the information and had every intention of reporting the accident as soon as I took my coat off. From then on, Geico took over. His car was repaired within 24 hours. Mine took 2 days, but was a beautiful repair. I never heard another word about the event from anyone - AND I wasn't even dinged by Geico by a rate increase. Needless to say I have been a Geico fan since then.

My account is set for automatic payment on the 14th of each month. I get a reminder about 10 days prior. My reminder showed about a $10 increase. I called Geico and spoke with Eric. The only explanation he had was because of healthcare rise in Texas. Eric then offered me a $20 defensive driving course to reduce my payment. Fire the gecko lizard and then maybe humans can afford the insurance. I have no tickets or accidents for years. I have multiple vehicles insured and I'm a Sr citizen. None of that matters to reduce my payment. I'm seriously searching for other insurance.

I got a letter stating they could no longer offer me car insurance because my husband has a suspended license. I was upfront about his license being suspended and it was ok when I paid the full 6 months of my policy in full but when the renewal came around and I paid month to month it became a problem. I was sent a letter stating they could no longer offer me car insurance after my policy was up. I called to see if there was a way around it and was told if we planned on getting his license back in the next 6 months they would continue to carry our policy. Well it came time to renew my policy and now they refuse to carry the insurance. My husband doesn't drive my car and I have told them that repeatedly and they still refuse to insure me and I have been a loyal customer for about the last 6 years both before and after marriage. Now I have to find a new insurance policy.

Someone vandalized my car and I called Geico. I took the car a body repair and they said it will cost me over $1,000 but when the Geico adjuster came, he said the worth of the damage done to my car was just $350 and that is not even up to my deductible. And they further added $720 to my premium even though they did not do anything to my claim. They kept increasing my premium every 6 months without any significant reason. The company is full of trained professional con artist. They have the worst service, very rigid policy and they do not care about their customer. They are very greedy and shady, they lack integrity. I will never recommend this company to anyone. I will never use this shady, greedy company again in my life. They are con professionals and very disrespectful.

I have been a customer for 9 years. I received a cancelation notice because my credit card was hacked and payment didn't go through. I didn't get the notice until I got back from vacation. Nobody called me or emailed me to let me know the policy had cancelled. I called to renew it and GEICO required a full payment for the entire policy which is quite a lot of money to pay in one lump sum. The customer service person acted like they didn't care and wouldn't allow me to make payments for the policy... Terrible service. How can you do this to people. What if I couldn't afford it? I will be looking for a better insurance company that will care about me as a customer.

I called for road assistance. They told me someone will be there within an hour. I called 4 times the number they gave me, every time I was told in 10 - 15 mins someone should be there. No one came. It's been 3 hours. I told them I had to go somewhere and it's very important. No one came till 3 hours. Shame on their service. They were not even Sorry for this.

Several of my friends have filed claims recently. They had a very quick and easy transaction receiving check in a day or two. My policy covers every I need and even more. There are many options to choose from and a representative will take the time to go over each one and make sure you get the coverage that is right for you. Every year I review my price options with several insurance companies. I have always found Geico to be the best value. I have been with them for over 10 years. I have only needed customer service twice in the past 10 years, once when I signed up and more recently when I moved to another state. Customer service both times was professional and very helpful.

They are honest and settle claims in a timely manner. I filed an auto claim with Geico last year, and it was processed in less than two weeks. They offer enough coverage for a reasonable and affordable rate. They offered some discounts which lowered my premiums, that's all what I want. They have better value for the money than any other auto insurance company. They don't always increase their rates like other companies. They are very helpful, they listen to you, and they try to answer all of your questions and try to solve any of your auto insurance problem.

On July 18, 2013, I found my dream car for sale at a local dealership. It was brand new but last year's model and they were moving it out for a substantially discounted price. I have been insured by Geico for 15 years and never had a claim, etc. I called Geico and told them I was considering changing one of the vehicles on my policy. I gave them the VIN number of the new car and explained which car was leaving my policy. Note, my monthly payment at that time was $135 for full coverage on a 2008 and liability only on a 2005 that would be leaving the policy. The rep told me that if I bought the new car today, my next payment would be $198, Then each payment thereafter would be $239 per month. Okay, full coverage on new car vs. liability on old one, new car is high risk/expensive brand new sports car, so far I'm okay. She said she had saved the quote in the system and if I bought the car to just simply call back and tell them there is a saved quote and to enact it. I bought the car that afternoon and did exactly as instructed - I called and had them make the change. I drove out of the dealership in my brand new car and hit the town.

After the euphoria died down to a dull roar a couple of days later, I logged into my Geico account online to confirm that my changes were in order. "Next Payment Due" - $498!!!!!!!! WOW! ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW! So after I have regained the ability to breath again, I do a little math. $135 per month the old way, $239 the new way, 19 days left in the month since changing to the new way. That equals the $198 I was told verbally over the phone. Nowhere can anyone work out the numbers and come up with $498 for any single monthly bill no matter what they do given the constants here.

So I call to question them. I was told 8 ways from Sunday in all manner of double-talking, self-contradicting language how I somehow owe them $498 at the next billing cycle, then the $239 per month thereafter. I could see I was getting nowhere I needed to be so I ended the call. Later that afternoon, I called again. I asked the new rep. to please explain to me in detail the mathematical formula that produces $498 for next month and they simply couldn't. I just magically owed them $498 in about a week and a half from now and that was that.

I went online and filled out some auto insurance quote requests. I promptly received phone calls (this is all on a Saturday, mind you) from several reputable insurance companies and worked out a deal with one of them which provided superior coverage for under $200 per month with an initial payment of under $250 to get started. I selected my new insurer, got their direct contact info and told them to save my quote because they would likely be hearing from me within the hour. Now I make my third 15-minute call to Geico.......

Called Geico, gave them all of my info to verify I was really me and when they asked what they could do for me, I replied, "Yes, you can cancel my policy effective midnight tonight." She was very sorry to hear I was leaving and would connect me to someone who could take care of that request for me right away - hmmm, never offered to connect me to anyone else before now, did they? Here is why. They connected me to a tier22 talk them down off the ledge hostage negotiation specialist type. He asked if I would mind telling him why I was leaving, so I told him my story. He was very attentive and sympathetic as I explained the reasons why I was leaving. He admitted there was nothing he could do about the grotesque application of mathematics and inconsistencies between what I was quoted and what they later posted to my account that I owed but he understood that price was also a key factor here and he asked if I would at least allow him to attempt to offer me a new price for my coverage before I made my final decision stating that there might be something he could do and he just wanted to run a few things and see what he could come up with.

I said, "well, what the heck, go ahead." I agree to be placed on hold and in less than 4 minutes he comes back on with "great news": how would you like the exact same coverage for $139 per month, full coverage on both vehicles and roadside, breakdown, and rental car coverage to boot? All I have to do is stay with them and pay $230 something at next billing date, then we go to the $139 for the rest of all eternity. "Okay, what's the catch," I asked... Well, there are new discounts for your state that didn't exist when your policy was first written and I have applied them. Hmmm, very interesting. Okay, you can keep me as a customer. I went online to confirm and there are all my coverages and prices as quoted. $498 is gone, $230 something is next due, and $139 per month thereafter.

My significant other has been with Geico for 25 years, never a ticket or accident. She is the one who originally recruited me in fact. I go running down the hall to tell her what has just happened and to call them immediately to get her rates lowered as she is now paying more for one car than I am for two. She calls, spends her 15 minutes, they will not budge. Every reason on earth why she has to pay more for less than I now do - the best one being that I qualify for a multiple car discount that she does not. Can you imagine that? Because I present more of a risk by having two cars under full coverage, I pay less overall than she does for less risk!

She next contacts the agent we have our homeowner's with and gets an auto quote - really great one at that. Gets it all lined up and ready to pull the trigger and then makes the call - the magic call - the "You can cancel my policy effective midnight tonight" call. So sorry, let me transfer you to our crisis situation specialist and here we go. From $140 something per month to $89. That's it, $89 for full coverage on brand new car plus RV insurance on our camp trailer.

So, how long would Geico have charged us both such higher than necessary premiums when their pricing structure already existed to give us these prices? I think we all know the answer to that. Plus, now after reading many of you other posters' stories, I feel confident that a windstorm or rain shower or rare bird sighting in the near future will take my status from A down to Q and I will get a letter in the mail soon making all of this moot. I have already selected my next insurance carrier and am standing by to switch. But until then, $139 per month for my new 5.0!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope this helps anyone out there. If you have been with Geico for a long period of time, and are considering changing, I suggest following the steps we both did. Get quotes from others, read reviews on their quality of service, etc., make a choice, and then make the call - the magical call - the "Yes, you can cancel my policy effective midnight tonight" call. Worst that can happen, you call your new agent and say, "Let's do this!"

My experience with Geico was great, until the shop they referred me to damaged my vehicle. After that both the shop and Geico denied all damages and has left me holding the bill. Geico should not refer policyholders to a shop that performs faulty work ESPECIALLY if they are unwilling to stand behind their customer (with an A+ driving record and no claims).

I had an accident on 9/27/2018. I was at fault. I called GEICO while at the accident and they literally took care of everything. Including calling the rental car agency (who called me within twenty minutes to bring a car to me) and contacting adjusters. They were so kind and honest! I have never been treated so well by any insurance company in the 33 years I've been driving. I was so scared and shaken up by my accident and within no time at all, I knew everything was going to be okay. GEICO is amazing.

My family recently shifted our insurance policies to Geico with the main goal of saving money (recently retired) and to break my son off into his own policy. Once we were signed up and had paid our premiums in full, we have had nothing but problems with this company. Poor and ineffective communication. Misrepresentations of quotes.

Most glaring was the increase the company sent my son of his insurance premium for a minor traffic incident (there was no place on the online quote to report any dmv record information - we completed the quote fully). Three weeks later he was informed that his premium was substantially increased (237%)... To an amount he could not afford. After finding a new insurance company and canceling with Geico... Instead of refunding him based on the online quote... They refunded him based on the higher premium - resulting in a $300 delta. Completely unreasonable and unethical. According to Geico they have 60 days to adjust your premium... However, you have no grace period to find another company should you not be able to afford their ridiculous adjustment. My husband and I are now working on moving our policies again as we do not want to work this company any longer.

I was informed of the insurance quotes and the insurance agent was able to get me an affordable quote. I was able to also compare with different insurances to get the cheapest quote. There was full coverage that actually covered damage to the vehicle which I thought was important since if an accident occurs there would be compensation to get another vehicle especially since that is my only transportation. The value of having auto insurance is great because it not only helps with compensated in case of an accident but also I feel safe having it. The agents were very friendly and helpful in answering my questions and also offering information about quotes and policies of the insurance company and they were very kind. I would recommend that insurance agency to friends and family.

Auto body 'repair shop' returned my car to me without doing the repairs. Upon further investigation by Geico, in addition to not completing the repairs the repair shop requested additional parts replacement for thousands of dollars while in possession of my car, however the parts were not replaced. Geico employees and their supervisor are fully aware of the issue, however they refuse to help saying, I picked the body shop. All I can figure is the Geico employees are incompetent or involved in the insurance fraud.

After several years and in good standing, even though they kept raising my premium due to accidents (Some of which I received a ticket for, which were dismissed in court; and in the others, I was rear-ended.), I received a letter in the mail that they would not renew my policy. Subsequently with that letter came a second letter offering me the opportunity to continue the multi-risk coverage they provide, even though they could not offer me liability/physical damage auto insurance. Why would I want to continue with any coverage with them?

I made a call this morning to see if they would make an exception based on the information I provided, but they really didn't care. To top it off, I went online to research and request additional quotes from other companies, and although I did not request a quote from them, they sent me one. This has been quite the experience, great customer service, and customer loyalty.

I have never needed them for an accident or anything like that. When you need them they are very prompt and courteous. I don't think they are as expensive as other companies. I have been with them for many years.

I have been with those things 7 years. Never hit anyone or caused an accident. Always paid my premiums 6 months at a time. I was just hit for the first time. They denied my claim with no real explanation. They lied, they were very unprofessional.

I first began using this as a young driver when my father was in the military and GEICO was only available to military personnel, their families and government employees. Later, I switched but came back to GEICO when it was made available to the general public. I have tried AARP (The Hartford) as well, but have returned to GEICO yet again and am very glad I did. They really do have great coverage for very fair rates, are great to deal with, always were, and I highly recommend them, no matter what state you live in. They stand behind their product!

I didn't have any claims so far. My experience with the company concludes to few calls to a customer representative during my membership. I switched from my previous car insurance company, because Geico gave me better monthly price and a good value for the money.

Geico has been so helpful and the best deal on the market for our family. They were able to get us discounts for my young teenage drivers. Also able to change payment date as needed. They auto draft my account so the bill is always paid on time.

It usually takes them a long time to process claims and get through them but once they do it's a smooth process. I don't mind the process after the claims process but it just usually always takes so long. It covers most things but not all. They can be very misleading. Sometimes there's fees and extra little payments that you may not know about so it's good to be aware of that. The value is ok. It's not the best and I feel like I'm overpaying for what I get but it's the cheapest available for me at the moment so I deal with it in the meantime. They are always really very nice to me on the phone when I'm talking with customer service representatives over the phone. I've had no issues with their customer service yet.

I submitted two towing bills to claims service. I was told it would take three weeks. Geico took almost two months to send payment and then only paid one of the two tow bills. This is totally unsatisfactory and the worst claims service I have ever had in over fifty years of driving. You must pay them every month on the exact day and on time, yet they pay you in an untimely manner and and then nickle and dime you to death. I would say to anyone thinking of getting Geico insurance cause you've seen their TV ads to go elsewhere to buy insurance. Their claims service sucks. Get insurance from a company that provides good customer service AND DOESN'T JACK THEIR CUSTOMERS AROUND.

Good service and quick handling of claims. Wiling to negotiate settlement after accident. Rates were reasonable when I was the only person covered but became unreasonably high when I added my teenage daughter.

Good policy but too expensive. Perfect driving record and am still getting charge at a high cost. Wish they would not charge so high. Know several others who are dealing with the same thing. Currently looking for something that is a better cost effective policy when my 6 months is up.

I'm not the kind to write reviews but if it keeps someone else from being a victim of this fraud I'll take the few minutes to save the hours, days & weeks of grief. Please be aware that the information that you give to receive a quote online or over the phone is easily accessible to dishonest people involved with insurance fraud. Unfortunately Geico does not have a very good verification process when they are starting a new policy. They try and make the process easy for their customers and that is perfectly understandable but when you are working with SS#s and personal information there should be a policy in place to also protect their customers.

I could not even tell you what it would be like to have insurance with Geico after an auto accident because I am not willing to go that far... I've had to cancel my policy to protect my bank funds. Not to mention going through the process of having to cancel debit cards. I shopped around and received a quote earlier this year and have just now decided to make the switch and the first day I have insurance with them they have charged me $191 for someone else's unpaid auto policy and are unwilling to assist in any way due to the fact that their name and DOB matches mine. I'm not even sure how they are able to charge something to your debit card that you have not authorized.

Please be aware that their online service is not safe for customers. Whether this was identity theft or just an oversight by Geico when opening someone's policy it has cost me and hope you can avoid this.

GEICO was a bad company. I switched from another company, because I had just moved to a new area. Customer service was very rude and not helpful at all to my issues. I was very disappointed with the company and soon wanted to delete my account.

It is a good company with a well designed website. They always send a warning email before my payment comes out of my account. I have not had to make any insurance claims with them.

Be very careful when quoted a policy rate as they for the most part would change it on you after agreement. While at the dealership I was quoted a rate which prompted me to move forward with the lease. Well after signing on the dotted line, GEICO bumped the rate way up and offered no apologies. Even after explaining to them that me taking the car was based on both the financing company but more importantly GEICO's quote. After submitting a complaint I received a call from one of their customer service guy who spent the entire time on the phone defending the rep instead and blaming me. I'm switching my insurance first thing as the cm guy clearly made it seem as if I'm just a policy number to them.