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It's a great company. They are always there when you need them. They have many discounts that get applied to my policy and they are open 24/7 which helps out a lot. When you file a claim, they are always there from start to finish. They also have a referral plan which helps out as well.

I have life insurance through my former employer. Since I've never used it, I can't recommend it. It's provided free from my former employer. I'm not acquainted with anyone who has ever collected from the insurance.

Geico saved me several hundred dollars about seven years ago and I stay with them because they continue to save me dollars since. I compare several companies every six months and none come close for the type and amount of coverage I have. I not only recommended them to others but I got a policy for my daughter in another state with two vehicles on it and no other insurance company came close to matching the premium and coverage. I have the maximum coverage available and take advantage of many discounts. Customer service has helped me ensure that I and my daughter receive the maximum available discounts.

I was looking for a simple whole life insurance that was at a lower cost since I was only covering myself. My insurance company helped me find exactly what I was searching and I have been happy ever since!

These people "GEICO" called my wife because she registered two vehicles. The state of Ma. doesn't allows no more than one uninsured car on the property. They asked "who lives in the house with you?" "My husband," she told them. "What's his name?" She reluctantly tells them my name. "What's his social security number?" At this time my wife said "I do not feel comfortable giving out his SS#" to which they replied, "We will just cancel your policy then."

Keep in mind all she did was buy an SUV and put it on the road adding it to her existing policy. No accidents, no tickets, no claim of any sort ever no nothing. He then asks her if he "meaning me" drives the Toyota, she said "no he can't drive & has not driven since 2010." "Really," the guy says, "then why do you need two cars on the road?" "WOW!!! How about "N.O.Y.F.B." "The audacity."

I'm not making this stuff up either in fact, I was so pissed off I immediately canceled the account and went to another company. This isn't even funny it is a scary, to say the least, & a clear example that companies do as they wish in America with zero fear of repercussions of any kind. I had to release some stress so that's the main reason I wrote this review & to give hard working honest people an idea of what they will be dealing with. I couldn't believe it myself. Unbelievable.

We have had life insurance policies since childhood. Then acquired life insurance thru my husband's casino job. Over the years we bought an additional policy. Then bought life insurance for our two daughters. Now that we have a grandchild we bought a life insurance policy for her and put our daughter's name as beneficiary. We felt as grandparents it was the right thing to do because my daughter is very lax and we wanted our granddaughter and daughter protected. I have life insurance also with accident insurance for my entire family. I feel better when there is no worries in our lives. Insurance is worth the price when it comes to peace of mind.

If they had a negative 5 stars that is what GEICO would get. I had GEICO 25 years ago. Switched to Metlife and had a great experience for over 25 years. After Met keep raising rates, decided to give GEICO another try. I think GEICO is cheaper because they have terrible customer relations. I would highly recommend that if you need insurance you go to anyone other than GEICO. Note: I had no claims with GEICO. They just treat people like idiots.

Well, when I got this called children I knew I had to get my life in order. So the husband and I called around until we saw the lizard on tv. Well we had to call because he was so cute. First we received a quote and saw it was good. We purchased said insurance. About a year we had an emergency. So we called our rep and was told we could NOT borrow against said policy. Wow. Were we pissed. It clearly states we can do so, but the fine print states, after being on this policy after 10 YEARS. So can you help? Think not. All of these CROOKS do the same thing. Promise and lie then after you give away your time and money they now see you as a number! And yes we've had that bs policy for 9.5 years. Mhm sucks to be us.

I am very happy with the life insurance company I am currently with. Their customer services holds the utmost experience service agents. Whenever I have questions or concerns they're available to me with no hassles, no voice recording or long hold time. Any changes I need to make it's done with no hassle. My insurance company also provides me with payment extensions if I am short a month or don't get paid by the time my payment is due. I appreciate the quality of service mostly.

We have been with Geico for years and thus far have not had to use it. They are open 24 hours a day and you select the date of the month that you pay your bill. Customer service is full of knowledge on their products and can help by answering your questions. Neither my husband or myself have neither had any kind of moving violation or ticket and our premiums are very low. We have even considered moving our life insurance to Geico. We've had other car insurances with other companies, but none of them will compare with Geico. The staff know their products and are very nice people. I rank Geico my number 1 company.

The premiums are lower in cost to me with much of the same or similar coverage as my previous insurance company. With the auto and renters it is affordable. The customer service representatives are pleasant and knowledge and very helpful. I have and will continue to recommend this insurance company to my family, friends and neighbors.

I have policy through my work and a policy on my spouse through another company but premium is deducted from payroll. The life insurance company, Colonial, is also the company that has my accident, sickness, cancer policies. I am extremely pleased with this company. I previously had a life insurance policy on my late husband and they handled it with no problems.

It's a whole life policy. I haven't had any bad experience with global life. It's paid for monthly. My wife got it in the event of my passing. What positive can I say about the insurance company other than I am covered and hope my wife can't cash it in for a long time.

Most companies charge way too much and people have lost trust in all insurance companies. I just had a very bad problem with a burial policy I have. They kept overcharging me and I had to go to bank, get a new debit card on the bank's advice, then they refused to bill me properly. They would only send a late notice not a current bill. I have cancelled them but they don't care as long as they can steal from someone else.

Very helpful, efficient and reasonable. Process claims timely. We have found that compared to all other companies that meet our particular needs at a very reasonable cost.

Have had no experience w/ the company since I set up the policy. The policy was easy to set up (through my financial advisor) and have had no need to contact them.