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GEICO Motorcycle Insurance
GEICO Motorcycle Insurance

GEICO Motorcycle Insurance Online Insurance Reviews

Over the phone is not a long wait, they are very informative and patient. Helpful with all my questions and concerns. Stay professional and polite. I did not have any claims but the process they have set up is easy to follow and quick. The website and over the phone will give you step by step when filing your claim which leaves you worry free and comfortable with these company. The policy options can be tailored to your liking. Whether you looking for full coverage of minimum and also if you are trying to stay in a certain price range they have it broke down in that way as well. The coverage I had was in the middle. It covered me in the areas I was concerned about - quality along with affordability made the choice with company easy for me and my budget.

Geico provides all motorcycle owners with more than enough insurance to give each and all motorcyclist peace of mind. With Geico, the customer, regardless of the number of motorcycles one owns, whether it be 1 or many, Geico can always make the insurance needs of motorcyclist an easy and affordable experience one will come to treasure year in and year out. The claims processing department at Geico can assist any and all customers. When one is in need of help from this insurance company, they always make sure the person or group of persons are always treated like family, with the utmost trust and respect anyone can expect from Geico.

There are many policy options to choose from for anyone and some people might be bombarded/confused, not with Geico. They make sure the customer is fully aware of its policy options and can help make the selection at ease. The coverage with Geico can very very easy to live with and can be very recommended by associates of Geico to give all of their customer's peace of mind.

The customer service is top notch so much so that I can always depend on a quick resolution to any issues I might have. I have always highly recommended this service to my family and friends. My claims processing is never hard or tedious. I always have a stellar experience. If I had any problems they were quick resolved by the customer service team. Very proud of them. The policy options are the best on the market for me and my family. I have the opportunity to review my policy and go over the options with my agent and am always treated with the utmost professionalism. Their coverage options are easily understandable and easy to choose from. My agent takes the time to explain all of the options that make it easily accessible. Would not trade this type of service.

Whenever I had an issue and contacted Geico, they always quickly resolved my issue. The customer service representatives were helpful and patient. Geico's claim processing is fast, painless, and effortless. I received quick response and notifications. I have no complaints and would recommend them. Geico has plenty of options that I could chose from. They allow me to personalize it to best fit my needs and do not force me into a set few options. Geico's insurance coverage is great. It covers whatever you need, with different options to meet the needs of different individuals. It is also clear and easy to understand.

Geico was amazing after a deer collided with me on Angeles Crest Hwy (yes, the deer struck me; just behind me on the side of my motorcycle). Luckily, I was not injured but my bike sustained significant damage. My left saddlebag was torn off, large dent to muffler and a bent subframe. The Geico adjuster meet me at dealer the next day and promptly approved the repairs. My bike was repaired in less than a week and all costs were covered without question or hassle!

Haven't used the claims yet, but the information provided seems easy enough to understand and any questions that I have are answered when I call the online phone numbers. The motorcycle insurance will not cover any more than ten thousand dollars for damages, which is a third of what my motorcycle is worth, but that's better than the other companies that I called for quotes. The value is a better rate and does offer more coverage than the other companies that we spoke with, but we know if something does happen they at least will cover a bare minimum. The company has been around forever. They gave me the answers to the questions I asked, and we're pretty informative, but as I stated we have not had to use the claims for our motorcycle yet.

The reps were helpful and knowledgeable. I don't have any complaints about them. Sometimes they weren't as friendly as they could've been. I never had to file a claim, but I had a friend who did and they resolved her claim pretty quickly and efficiently. She was very satisfied. They had a very good range of policy options and process. I was able to find just the right amount of coverage that I was looking for in my budget. Coverage was good. I found just what I was looking for. It was also a really easy process to find my coverage and get my policy started.

I'd definitely rate this customer service as a 10. They are excellent. They're always so kind whenever I call or have any questions. They're pretty great. I'd recommend this to anyone. They make it as simple as they can and stress free and I definitely appreciate that it doesn't take a lot to do the process. It's really great. I love what it has to offer and it will cover you so I couldn't ask for more. I'm totally satisfied with it. Coverage is great. I'm definitely satisfied with the coverage. It's just what I need and I'm glad they cover their customers or else I wouldn't be with them.

I was involved in a motorcycle accident wherein a semi broadsided my bike. While I escaped the wreck with nine broken bones (including 4 toes, a shattered ankle, broken tailbone, three breaks in my pelvis, a chipped L4 vertebrae, a broken shoulder blade, separated clavicle and a concussion), my bike was (obviously) totaled. I found myself pumped full of painkillers, including ** and the blood thinner **.

Dealing with the Geico motorcycle insurance company was... Well let's just say that after one call, I was about ready to jump out of my own skin. Over the course of that one call (which lasted for about 20 minutes), I felt like I was on trial at The Hague. I was accused of being a "stunter", of being under the influence of drugs, of being under the influence of alcohol, of being under the influence of both while "stunting", of being suicidal, of "not making any sense" during the deposition (imagine that, especially considering the aforementioned laundry list of medications). What irritates me above that is the fact that the company waited until AFTER the wreck to tell me "well, gee, ya know" - finger snap - "we're just not sure that you have enough insurance to cover this." In other words, "You're guilty - even before the investigation is complete. You're guilty and you'll pay for this."

The insurance adjuster, at the end of the "hearing" (that's right, "hearing"), determined that I "didn't know what I (was) talking about" and that (I wasn't) making any sense." She then hung up, refused to view the remains of the bike, and quickly tried to send me monthly bill - three weeks before the monthly bill was actually due. Yes. You heard me right...Three weeks before the bill was due. My insurance left me holding the bag on a $114,283 medical bill and a $7000 loss on my bike. All in all... I'd rather choke to death on my own vomit after being waterboarded in a North Korean prison camp during the middle of wintertime than spend another dime on Geico motorcycle insurance.

Customer Service was great. Wait times were sometimes a bit long (5 minutes?), but overall they took care of me when I needed help. Reasonable deductibles and rates. Only one claim for damage done in a parking lot. Called up customer service and they took care of everything. Could not have been any easier. You can choose your own deductible and play with the online calculator to determine a policy that is good for you without having to call a customer service representative. You can get liability and full coverage -- just like a car policy. You can get a high deductible or a low deductible based on how much you are able to lose if you have an accident.

GEICO has the smartest and most knowledgeable representatives I've ever had on the phone. They are fast and smart with anything. When it comes to claims they are fast and everything just flows so smoothly. Very fast and reliable. They are the best company we've ever had for insurance and the cheapest!! We will never ever go with any other insurance for our home or vehicles. There is a wide broad range for policy options. They are the cheapest we've ever seen. We have a large family so this helps us a huge deal. With our previous company we were paying DOUBLE for the SAME vehicles and coverage! Coverage options are great. Many to choose from and the price compared to other companies is literally insane. We have called and have had quotes down by almost every company there is and nothing compares to GEICO!

We were very satisfied with GEICO Motorcycle Insurance. To us, they were a very good insurance agency. They were always very courteous, helpful, polite and friendly. Never had a problem they couldn't solve. When they randomly raised our insurance rate, they were quick to solve the problem. They have numerous policy options, from bare bones to full coverage and everything you could possibly think of. They had options like vandalism or theft of your stereo. We had full coverage including things like theft of our helmets or stereo.

They are very helpful, caring and great! Willing to go above what is asked of them. Very responsive and they are great listeners. Quick to help when you are in a bind. It was great. They knew exactly what I needed when I needed to file a claim and provided me with some great information. EVER. IT is very clear and precise on what they need and what is in your plan. Easy to read and understand. Never had an issue with dealing with my policy. GREAT coverage. It covers everything and I am very safe and secure with this policy.

I had GEICO insuring my motorcycle. I had no problems with payments and getting the insurance cards for my needs. My motorcycle was stolen, I got a police report and GEICO paid me back (minus the deductible) relatively quickly, I believe within 2 weeks.

On March 12, 2017, I purchased motorcycle insurance, and paid 12 month premium of $191 for liability only coverage. On July 25, 2017, just 4 months into my 12 month policy, I get an email from Geico that my policy has expired, due to past due payment. I called Geico to find out why they would send me an email about past due payment, just 4 months into a policy that was paid 12 months in full. Geico said that I had added collision coverage, which doubled my premium, and only covered me for 6 months. I told them that I had no intent of adding collision, and if I did, it was by mistake while searching options online.

I also asked that even if that was the case, and my premiums doubled, cutting my coverage time in half, I should still be covered through September 12, 2017. So why would you say my policy expired in July? Hey it's only $200, I ride my motorcycle mane 2 to 3 times a year, for less than 500 miles total... I just chalk this up to a bad experience... I did however, feel like this was such a bad business practice, that I went to see a Geico reviews, and that's where I found consumer affairs reviews... Looks like I'm not the only one having a bad experience with Geico. Should have researched reviews before I bought the policy.

On Tuesday, January 31, 2012, I contacted Geico to inquire about my policy, because my daughter had just gotten her driver's license, and I wanted to know how it works if she drives my car occasionally. I spoke to Daveida, a representative, and she asked for my daughter's name, age, and where she goes to school, have she ever been in an accident before, and her social security number, after I had given her the information. She told me to take down my new policy number, and there was a rate increase on my policy. I asked if I need a new policy, when all I wanted was add her name to my policy, but if I have to do all this, then I don't want a new policy, and a rate increase.

She said she's sorry, but it cannot be redone. I then asked to speak with a supervisor, Daryl **. He came online. He is the supervisor, and that with the new family auto policy. It states that anyone who live in the same household, who has a driver's license, who will drive the vehicle, must be included to the policy. I asked where the policy of Geico is, so I can see it. He said he does not have it.

I said if you do not have it, then how can this be a policy. This is not correct information. I then got upset, and I looked to find the Geico headquarter to send an email to the president and CEO Tony Nicely, because this does not make any sense to me. You are going to change my policy because of a policy you have in place, and I can't even see it!

I called **, which is said to be Geico's corporate office, spoke with Matt **, who said that he was from customer service, and that he will try to assist me. I told him what happened, and he said that my policy covers any household member, but the reason why my rate change is because my daughter is a younger driver, and if there is an accident, they want to make sure that the policy is underwrite correctly. This just seems to be a rip off to me, because I was just told my daughter was covered on my policy, but because you think she is a risk, you can just change my policy and rate.

I asked for a copy of the family auto policy, which he stated he would send via email, and I can assure you. I received four emails, but neither have the information they state was the basis for my policy to change. I know this is wrong and I would like for this to be validated and confirmed, because I am tired of being taken advantage of this company, who thinks they can get away with treating people unfairly. Attached is the email I received.

When I go to the office the service is good, but when I phone it is less than acceptable. What I mean is that I am put on hold too long and then the phone rep doesn't seem to always understand me as well as when I go to the office in person. I wouldn't really know because I have not had a claim to process because I'm such a good rider that I have not had an accident at all on my bike. I just took the full coverage and the full options package offered by the rep in the office the day I went in to purchase the policy for my motorcycle.

They made everything moderately quick and easy. The claim took a little bit but went through smoothly and with no hassles. I have an old Harley that runs really well, so thankfully I don't need the insurance often. But when I do, they really step up for you. I have issue at times with the way they do things, but at the end of the day the insurance is pretty freaking sweet. I mean you could fall off the damn thing and bust your head to the white meat, but as long as there's enough of your brain left to know what the hell is going on (You wore a helmet, right? RIGHT???), you'll find these price process of filling a vision and collecting on it pretty to the letter.

They answer calls promptly and do not have you waiting for another representative. They are kind and extremely helpful concerning all financial situations. Fast and easy filing. If you have any questions a representative is there to assist you in any way. They do not put you on hold and having to wait. They are very prompt and courteous. Policy options are very fair and easy to understand. Any questions are promptly answered by the service professionals who always come off as nice and helpful individuals. Covers basically everything that I would want covered. To cover more cost a bit too much for me but other than that the price for coverage is not that expensive.

I have both my truck and my motorcycle insured through Geico. I will be changing companies asap! I wrecked my motorcycle over a month ago, had the adjuster at my house within a couple days. He said it was totaled and made me an offer way under what my bike was worth. I asked him about the extra coverage that was suppose to cover my accessories and was told they were not covered because the bike was totaled and not being fixed. I called Geico, just as an interested prospect and asked the hypothetical question and was told if it would be covered if it were totaled and was told yes. I was asked to jump through hoops like giving a list of all the parts that were added. I did. Then was asked for original receipts, which I did as well.

I have not heard from anyone with that company for over 2 weeks. I asked them to contact my bank to notify them my bike was totaled so I would not be responsible for paying on it.. They did not, after being told they would do it. This was their trick to get me to settle so I would not have to make a payment on it anymore. Well I paid my monthly bill, and notified them... still nothing. I was given a supervisor's # to call and find out he was on vacation. No biggie, that happens, so I was directed to his supervisor, who I have been trying to call repeatedly... Cannot get through. I am not asking for more than my bike is worth, and no more than what was covered on my accessories. Even though I have over $6000 in receipts for additional parts and only $2000 was covered. That's my own fault and I understand that. But as far as one of the largest insurance companies in the world... terrible! I feel bad that I recommended them to others.

I tried to get a quote from GEICO for motorcycle insurance. I have a new bike so I wanted comprehensive insurance. The initial quote was for just over $560. About an hour after I filled out all the forms I got an e-mail from GEICO saying that they were going to charge me $1,465 because of an accident on my record. Only thing is, I haven't had any accidents and neither has my wife (who doesn't have a motorcycle license anyway).

The e-mail provided a telephone number so I called. About 15 minutes after telling their electronic phone server that I was calling about a motorcycle policy I was finally answered by a live person who asked me what I was calling about. I repeated that I was calling about a motorcycle policy to dispute a fictional accident and was told "I'll have to put you in touch with a motorcycle specialist." That was over two hours ago and I am still on hold. This is absolutely outrageous. I have never had to wait this long, even at the DMV. Needless to say, if they are this bad even before I am a customer, I am more than wary of what they would be like after.

I filed a claim this year for a roll over wreck I had in my Can-Aam side by side. I am a new Geico customer. The wreck happened Labor Day 2016 and still to this day they are not wanting to do anything to fix my side by side. I have talked to several adjusters at Geico and they are the most horrible individuals to deal with. How they talk down to you and the no return calls or emails for weeks. I would never recommend this ins. company to anyone. I should've never left Usaa. It's October 12 now and I'm still waiting.

Geico insurance customer service is friendly and goes out of their way to make sure I fully know what my coverage entails and make it easy to file claims with a fast turn around. They offer several ways to communicate with them and regularly offer other products that are appropriate for my needs. They offer an easy claims process including making contacts where necessary. Claims go through quickly. With the great turn around it's easy to get repairs done quickly so I'm back on the road with little stress. They offer several options that meet everyone's budget. Their plans are all very reasonable on the pocket book and can be bundled with other insurances for great savings. You can get everything from the minimum coverage or customize your plan increasing amounts of coverage for less cost out of pocket for medical and loss of life as well you can add additional riders as well.

Took 10 1/2 months to settle physical claim because I argued the condition of the bike was excellent not average. My med-pay expired without me being notified during treatment. The adjusters will only phone call and will not email. The web page does not post a record of your messages.

The insurance coverage is adequate but getting a live person on the phone is often difficult. It takes multiple attempts and is frustrating but once someone is on the phone, the service is good. The claim was processed in a somewhat timely manner and it was satisfactory. There are multiple options and levels of coverage so there is a lot to chose from to fit my needs. The customer service issues are still what keep me recommending it. The coverage is adequate for the price I pay. I am happy with it but would not recommend it due to the issues getting a live person on the phone.

They are very knowledgeable and know what the process is and what are the best options for me regarding my insurance. They are easy to contact by email or by their site messaging. They know what the options are for me for if I ever got in an accident. They have great coverage and are always sure to find me the right amount of cost so I will be happy. They have good policies to ensure that my privacy is protected and so that no one can get into my accounts. They are very smart and know what is right for me. They have guidelines and great policies that are convenient for me. Their prices are some of the best you can find on the internet and they care about the customer.

Geico has provided great customer service when we've had questions regarding coverage for our new motorcycle and what it fully covers. They have friendly operators that have been able to answer all our questions. We haven't had to file any claims with Geico but we have friends who have all said that their coverage has been wonderful and filing claims and having them processed has been a very simple process. Their policy options include a wide variety of choices that were helpful for us when it comes to including motorcycle coverage. Would highly recommend using them for all types of insurance coverage. They are friendly and have been very helpful.

I didn't need it that often at all to be honest. Every interaction I did have was pretty to the point which is what I like the most about it. I didn't feel like my time was being drained from me. I didn't have very many dealings with anything here either. I more or less wound up selling the bike shortly after getting it. So as a result there wasn't much of an interaction here. The rates worked for the vehicle I had. More or less I felt things were fair and made sense. So all was in order for what I was working with in regard to the vehicle at the time. Coverage was great and made me feel as though I was getting the most for what I had paid for in the policy. Everything was quick and easy to set up which I also liked. No complaints.

Hi, I ride a motorcycle and I wear protective helmet and clothing to prevent injury. I had my first motorcycle accident in 50 years just 2 weeks ago. I tore up my leathers, but that protected me from an ambulance to the ER. If I had been injured I would have been covered but as I took precautions to mitigate that risk my protective gear is not covered. Does that make sense?

I like them. They are good place. It get service. I would not go anywhere else. I would never change for the service I get. They are good with their full coverage. I love when you can get money back too. The claim is great. I love to use the claim sheet online, it is easy and also it is quick. You have someone to call you back and let you know something. It policy is good too. They tell you stuff that you have not heard of so you know what is going on. I know that is going to be good for me to know. I love that is a full coverage. I know that they is going to take care of me if I have a rack. They help you to credit you for a new car and help you fill out your paperwork.

I have been insured with GEICO for over 10 years now with at least four vehicles on my policy as well as a motorcycle policy. I recently had an issue with my Subaru STi that was under warranty. I took my car to the shop for a squeaking belt and the dealership dismantled my engine and stole parts of my car. When I went to pick up my car, my turbo, turbo manifold, SPT intake, fuel rail and injectors, plug wires, bottom pan, and other parts were missing. I called the police before picking up the car and filed a police report. The cop only wrote the turbo and intake on the report because he was in a hurry.

GEICO sent an adjustor out and looked at the car and noted all the parts missing. Then, it turned into a fiasco. I had an inspector make accusations against me that were uncalled for and unwarranted. I have already filed a complaint over it and will be doing more. The people that have to handle the claims are beyond unprofessional and inconsiderate.

After two months of being blown off, I finally get an agent to tell me that they are only going to cover two items stolen, and he has to go by what he was told instead of going by what he took pictures of and saw with his own eyes. My car was at the dealership and was locked up. I pay insurance for anything that should happen to my vehicle. They certainly have no problem taking my money, but when it comes time to settle a claim, they also have no problem not sticking up for their customers and giving them the shaft.

Two and a half months later, still nothing. I get a call a little bit ago from GEICO telling me that after review of another vehicle I own, they can’t cover it. Because I have a snow plow attachment on the front of my truck to plow my driveway, it can’t be put on my personal policy and they want to make a new business policy and charge me even more money. I can go on and on but I am at the point of blowing up at the moment. I am so fed up with their service and the way they do business I could punch the first representative in the face if I saw one today. I will be moving my policy as soon as they finish screwing me on my Subaru. Too bad we can't get enough people together to form a class action lawsuit against these **!

Their customer service is great. They help out until it's resolved. I would tell anybody to get Geico. They're a great company to have. I have had it for years. The claim process is good. They help out and it's at a good time as well. You do have to wait like always but in the long run it's well worth your time. There's plenty of policy options to pick from. If one's not for you, there's lots more to look at and get. You will not be disappointed, I tell you that. I'm very happy with my coverage. It's a good amount and it's there if we need it. Give Geico a try, you will like it. It's fair. It's the best one out there.

When I was to know about their businesses they was on point and I'm happy I'm with them. I would recommended them to friend and family because they really do care. They really help with my problem. I did not have no trouble contact them about claimed processing. They was very nice and kind also solved my problems. I would recommended this company to anyone. This company policy options is on point. They have a lot of option to chose from and that is very good. This company have you covered by the insurance you really want and they would help you out if you want other insurances that you might want later on.

Have had a Harley Davidson motorcycle stolen and they just keep giving me the runaround! They want forms, interviews, lists of things. I feel like I signed up for a rectal exam! I'm going to sue them. I've had it with their BS.

Very helpful customer service, very little wait time, based in USA among others. Never kept waiting for answers to questions. Also always get a text at least a week before that installment being direct debitted. Never had to file a claim but from friends and relatives, I hear it is a painless process. I understand from others that the representatives from customer service are nothing but friendly and cooperative. My policy matches exactly what I had from my previous carrier, including the same liability, personal damages, and property damages amounts plus roadside assistance for far less money.

I have a motorcycle theft policy that I've been paying on for months. Reason for getting just theft is because it was stolen before but police recovered it. So immediately I got the policy. Then went got it tagged and registered in the state I was living. Well I moved and then I finally get it going and suddenly it gets stolen again. I make the claim and they tell me they can't pay it because it's registered in another state, that they will pay if I go get it registered in Missouri. Well got to get it inspected before I can register it. Can't inspect what you don't have! It doesn't say that in my policy so I get robbed twice. They say that's my fault and won't pay out claim.

GEICO Insurance answered the phone fast and gave prompt service. They had lots of policy options and allowed me to pick as I please. Moreover, their representatives were helpful and promised me what I want. After a week I had my cash which I then used to buy a new bike. They cover much and I wasn't disappoint.

I got motorcycle insurance for my Harley on October 11, 2013 with Geico. I was given a quote over the phone and verified the coverage and even agreed to getting extra coverage once the insurance representative came to my house and looked at the bike and advised to get the extra coverage due to the custom paint job (previous owner paid $4,000 for custom paint job). I witnessed him inspect the bike and verified the custom paint job is covered in the policy and with the extra coverage. He assured me it is and I agreed on extra coverage.

On July 4, 2014, I wrecked the bike, dented the gas tank, scratched the fender, and minor damage was done on the right side of the bike. Your insurance representative came out to my house a week or so later and examined the damage. He took multiple pictures and advised me to take the bike to a repair shop of my choice, Blue Bayou Harley Davidson in Monroe, LA. He advised he would turn in damage and send me a check via UPS for getting damage repaired.

This "check" never came in as he advised it would (within 2-3 weeks). Due to my work schedule, I was unable to get the bike to Blue Bayou until September of 2014. They called me last month, January 2015, and advised I would not be happy. 1-the bike is ready but it is primered for paint job (it was only allotted $500 for custom paint on the claim papers). 2-they have not received a check from you for claim and the total for repairing the bike was over $2200 the quote for repairing the bike on my insurance claim. They only fixed the damage that's on the insurance claim not including any other damage Blue Bayou found once they began repairing the bike.

I spent numerous hours on the phone with Geico one day regarding the coverage for the damage and the paint job getting repaired. None of the extra coverage that was discussed when I first got insurance with you was on my file. They claim they never sent a representative out to view the bike when I first got insurance with you. I was given a local representative's name to call regarding my claim. I have called the representative 2-3 times a week for the last month. Have to love phone records. He says he is going to go by Blue Bayou the next morning when we do talk never to be heard from. I've left voicemails for him and his message says he'll get back with me within the next hour. I haven't received a call from him since February 12, 2015. They had the best rates. But obviously the great rates don't cover custom services.

The customer service at Geico is great. The representatives are all very nice and professional, and seem to really care about their customers. We have always used Geico for insurance. The claims processing is simple and easy. The representatives really help you file your claim, and it is a very stress free experience. There is a wide selection of coverage options, depending on what you are looking for. Geico provides great coverage options, which is very reassuring in case of an accident. The coverage with Geico is very good. We were in an accident a few years ago with Geico as our insurer, and they took care of everything for us. We didn't have to pay for anything, they even provided us a rental car while our car was in the shop.

Customer service did great. They help you through everything if you have to make a claim. Their rates are low and the coverage is nice. Very fair for what you want. The claims processing is nice. It does not take long for them to take the claim info and make it right. They work with you through it all. They keep you informed on everything that is going on with your claim. The policy options they have got you is nice. They have several for you to chose from with the right price to pay. You do not have to worry about if you got the right coverage. Their coverage option range from liability to full coverage. Each set of coverage options they have for you has a different price but none are very expensive. Each option they will work with you on it.

No complaints. The few interactions we've had have been quick and easy. Sometimes the wait on hold takes too long but once call's picked up everything goes smoothly. I have not yet needs to file a claim, as I am a good driver and try to not crash it to stuff and people because crashing is bad and hurts and breaks stuff and I like my stuff. Policy options are wide and varied. Many different choices for levels of coverage. A policy is the terms of agreement between a customer and the insurer. Those terms can be varied and changeable.

Policy options experience with GEICO Motorcycle Insurance is great if they only would be faster at paying claims and paying you what you think you should get paid. It takes awhile to get someone on the phone and when you get them on the phone it takes them forever to answer a simple question and they are not very friendly when you talk to them. When you file your claim it takes a long time to process and I feel they don't give you the best when they do pay your claim. I filed one for vandalism and I got 46 dollars because my deductible was 500 and I felt I should have gotten more. I would like to make my deductible smaller but it's rather expensive. But overall the coverage is great.

GEICO's policy options are very good. It is very easy to add or remove coverage as needed and cater your coverage to your specific needs at the moment. I am very satisfied with the coverage that I receive. It makes having more than one vehicle covered so easy. Also easy to get help if you need to update account information. Very great service. Very friendly and helpful.

They have been a great company, and have supported me in every way possible. I got hit in my truck and they processed the claim even though the other guy lied and said I hit him. Also when I got ran off the road on my last bike and totaled it, they again came to the rescue and started the paperwork for the claim that same day. It took probably about a week and I was searching for my new bike!!! All in all this is a fantastic company to have my back for me 'mm. I give them six out of five stars!!!

I briefly had motorcycle insurance through Geico for my husband and was very surprised at how knowledge and friendly the customer service representatives were. I can't say that I ever had to file any claims with Geico but the customer service representatives were very helpful at finding the lowest rates. The customer service representatives were very helpful at finding the right amount of coverage needed for my husband's motorcycle and I was very pleased. The customer service representatives gave me a choice of having uninsured motor vehicle coverage or not and whether we needed comprehensive and collision insurance.