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I'm older and was expecting to go through a hellish process. There was a process as expected but it was a pleasant experience. I was very pleased
The whole process was very easy and quick. I had to have a medical underwriting exam but they called me and scheduled an appointment to be done at my home. The policy was approved, for less than the original quote, within a few days of the exam.
The enrollment application and quote process was easy but getting logged in to the medical exam website was a bit of a pain
Easy, quick and painless!
I am new to this life insurance and so far everything is going ok hope it stays that way.
Very happy. The whole process was quick and convenient
easy to work with!
This company really simplifies the process of buying life insurance and has great rates. I can highly recommend it based on my recent experience. The website is really well built.
Obtaining life insurance was easy and efficient.

I was in the market for life insurance, and I was prioritizing swiftness and convenience. Haven Life was more than able in this regard, providing a policy in minutes at a fair reasonable price that was very competitive with others per Policy Genius.

Applied online and it was very simple and easy process, needed a physical because of the amount of coverage I requested. Nurse came to my office, she and I completed everything that was needed and in a few days my results were in and I paid my first premium and my coverage started. I picked this company because I needed coverage outside of my employer, so if I decided to leave and work for someone else I did not have to start over and if I decided to retire I would still have coverage. Very satisfied and happy I choose Haven Life Insurance company.

Haven Life is a simple, quick and painless way to get a term life policy; and their prices are very agreeable. I recommend them to everyone I know who is on the market for a term life policy.
So far, I have been very happy with Haven Life. The application was straightforward, the exam was given in my home with no troubles, and the coverage is just what I was looking for in a life insurance policy.
This was my first experience with life insurance. I've spoken to many friends who had long drawn out experiences with life insurance. This was pretty quick from exam to policy. The customer service is excellent.
Outstanding company with excellent customer service that I can rely on- prompt responses with all of my questions everytime!
They are good
Excellent company to work with. I think the questions about prior doctor visits are too broad and caused me a needless medical exam. Also, in hindsight I should have known not providing prior primary care info. might have made it harder for them to get my medical records. Aside from needing to do a medical exam, which was my goal, I'm very happy with the process, price, and coverage.
Fast, easy, great service.
Super convenient, easy process,and quick decision! Would highly recommend!
This process was just as easy as they said it would be, and I got approved and covered, at least temporarily pending the medical check, immediately on a Sunday, for $900k! Amazing! Since then I've been permanently approved, and they accepted another medical check and blood test results I recently had done elsewhere, so I didn't even have to do another one. This was the easiest and fastest life insurance coverage I've ever seen!
I was looking for a reasonable insurance for my family and did quite a researching. I found Haven Life and the reviews was great. Yes, the process online took some time but it was worth it. The quote they gave was exactly the same. Thus, far I recommend Haven Life.
Great process. Easy. Friendly.
Great and simple to use. Wish there were more details about renewal of the policy.

Navigating the website and applying online was very easy and simple. Live chat stands by to help with any issues and is friendly and helpful. There was an issue with getting the policy I wanted but after I explained my situation, the issue was resolved and I obtained exactly what I wanted - I could not be happier!!! The whole process has been the easiest I have ever been involved with - I am a very satisfied customer and will recommend this company and this online application to everyone I know!

I recently applied for life insurance with Haven Life, and it was a very quick and painless experience. Everyone I was in contact with was very knowledgeable and professional, I would highly recommend this company to anyone that is thinking about applying for life insurance. Wonderful company to deal with.
At first I thought this was a gimmick and later thought, what company would insure someone without a physical? Discovered Haven Life when listening to Stacking Benjamins podcast so I inquired. Signed up for a policy, but not before I asked a million questions to the chat function, agent was most helpful in giving me straight, focused answers. They helped guide me through the process and made the experience very easy pleasant! Would recommend, rates are very affordable.
The process was very easy and quick. As soon as I completed my exam they got back with me for clarification and eventual policy offer; it couldn't have been more seamless. The only issue I have with Haven Life is the fact that they do not provide flexibility in payment options. I personally prefer to make 1 annual payment or bi-annual payments; it helps with my budgeting but they only offer monthly installments that comes with a $6 processing fee...a very unnecessary expense if you ask me.
Haven Life was the most convenient, quickest, and least expensive option for getting life insurance for me and my wife. The entire process was extremely easy to complete and their rates are phenomenal. I have already recommended them to a few of my family and friends and I would absolutely do business with them again.
HavenLife made it so easy to check off something that has long been on my to-do list

It took over a month for them to decide. In fact it took so long I had to resubmit another application because the original one expired. I had perfect lab exam results and in spite of that the amount I have to pay each month is more than a person with health issues. No explanation on why the premium is so much, even with perfect lab results.

I was very frustrated that I had to complete a health exam only because I had no prescription medication history the underwriters could access. To me, that proves that I am healthy, but not to them. I chose Haven because you advertise no health exam for most. I am the healthiest of healthy, so I'm not sure who qualifies to skip the health exam. So I did the exam, and it was pretty simple to set up and complete. And hey, turns out I am the model of perfect health -- everything within range and exactly what it needs to be, so I qualified for the rate you first quoted me -- the lowest and best possible rate for a woman my age. I think that speaks volumes and I'll leave it at that. Also, I'd love to charge my monthly premium to my credit card rather than have it deducted out of my bank account. Most other insurance companies offer this option. Hopefully you will too and you will allow current policy holders the option to change payment methods. Thanks for listening.
Very uncomplicated process. Easiest if seen by far!
Simple, easy, explanatory, and quick!
Easy and quick. Thanks.
As easy as it could be! Smooth online interface, loved the tone of everything and how it felt simple. Price is affordable and reasonable. Only spot for improvement is the paramed service (though my husband's experience was fine compared to mine). Overall, great and would recommend.
Great resource in finding good life insurance. Process was easy and quick.
Haven really made buying life insurance easy, transparent, sensible and quick. Haven kept me well informed throughout the process, and their interfaces were very user-friendly. Change happens slowly in an industry like insurance, and for now Haven is only able to offer their streamlined process for term coverage of $1 million max, but if that makes sense for your situation, Haven is fantastic. You end up with a MassMutual policy, meaning you get insurance from a stable, well-funded insurance company.
I purchased my first life insurance policy through Haven Life. The application process was easy, and though I wasn't approved immediately, I received my decision just 4 days after finishing the medical exam. I had a few questions along the way; Paya and Luis were extremely helpful.
Rate got increased from the initial one I was given. It was just enough to notice but still more net profit for the insurer. Not a great experience as a result.
Representative was quick, efficient, and friendly. Responses were quick and received information in a timely manner.

My experience with Haven Life customer service has been very positive. Paya provides excellent customer service and very thoughtful and caring. She is professional and wonderful. Also, Luis from customer service is excellent and very responsive also. Overall, I am very satisfied with Haven Life. Thank you!

easy to get a good value on life-insurance from a reputable company
Great online support. Person on the phone was very helpful and overall - I had a terrific experience. Thanks!
Paya and her colleagues have done what I would not expect of life insurance companies. Much to my delight, Haven Life responded to my emails (e.g., questions and concerns) within 12 hours. I'm not talking about some auto responses such as "we'll do our best to get back to you." Haven Life "substantively" answered my questions (not like "let's talk about it after applying, finishing the medical or signing up"). What I'm trying to describe sounds and is too simple and maybe I should not be so excited. But, when was the last time any business addressed my questions and concerns in 1 email exchange??? I'd say "Never." There was no single occasion that Haven Life wasted my time during the whole proces of my application. They know, IMHO, what the term "customer service" really means. Thanks to Paya and Haven Life, I now have a life insurance policy which I hope will protect my family.
It was super easy to sign up and find out what your tentative rate would be. I felt Haven was misleading on the “no exam life insurance.” This was not true for me or my husband. I give it 4 stars because of this and the fact that the lab that they partner with is so booked that you are scheduled 4 weeks out. The lab also said that we didn’t need a fasting blood draw when Haven said we did. Once we had our appointment, lab results were quick and our decision followed immediately after. My other frustration was that we live on the West Coast and they are on the East Coast, so it was nearly impossible to connect with them except over email the next day. Extend your hours and consider partnering with a new lab who is available sooner and I would rate this company 5 stars.
Not simple or easy.... I don't understand how folks describe the process as simple or easy. Reminds me of filling out an application with the DMV.
The application was easy to fill in and the response was quick . I am very satisfied with my experience. I thought getting a life insurance would be very tedious but the website was user friendly. I got a good rate and the process didn’t take long. If you don’t have a life insurance you should go ahead and try this you won’t be disappointed. I would definitely recommend Haven life to friends and family
I lost my mother back in September and sadly, it was unexpected and she had no life insurance. Due to the limit of stress that was put on my sister and I to give our mother the proper burial was hard. I told myself that I would never want to put that stress on my loved ones. Haven life is a great company with an easy application. It definitely puts your my mind at ease knowing that your loved ones would be taken care of if I happen to leave this Earth.
Since this was my first venture seeking out life insurance, I followed the conventional wisdom and applied with multiple carriers (three, to be exact). I was surprised to see how diverse the application processes were. One major A+ rated carrier still uses carbon copies (no exaggeration), while another one was trying their darndest to make it into the twenty-first century using a combination of automated and hard-copy forms, though I still had to tape a paper check (remember those things?) to the application so they could draft my bank account. In contrast, Haven had the only process that was completely web-based; not surprisingly, it was also the most efficient experience of the three—hands down. In addition to the efficiency of their process, I also valued being able to fill out the application myself online. With the other two carriers, I was giving my info to an insurance salesman over the phone and hoping that they populated the application correctly. Incidentally, when their respective hard copies arrived with the paramed for my review, I discovered rudimentary errors that made me question the integrity of their process as a whole. As for Haven's process, I knew exactly what info was going into the application because I was typing it in myself, and when I did have the occasional question, the online reps were there to assist through convenient chat interfaces and email (I only had one brief phone conversation throughout the process, which was my preference); in every case, they resolved my concerns in a prompt, professional and courteous manner. Most notably, Paya went the extra mile to get a copy of my paramed results sent to me when ExamOne (the contracted company that all three carriers used) mixed things up a bit. She also worked diligently with the underwriter to ensure that I received a timely decision on my application, and she kept me in the loop all the way. Well done, Paya. If your experience with Haven ends up being anything like mine was, you’ll give them five stars, too.
This was the most convenient life insurance provider I could find. The online application process was extremely convenient and intuitive. The in-home exam was quick and easy. I was skeptical about the qualifications of someone being sent by an insurance provider to do a medical exam, but she was very professional and friendly, and she did the most painless blood draw I’ve ever had. I will recommend Haven Life to anyone I know looking for life insurance.
I needed life insurance and needed to expedite the process. Haven provided the necessary paperwork almost immediately and followed up with a wellness exam to make it official. Haven made the whole process affordable, very efficient and much appreciated.
Very easy to do business with. Backed by Mass Mutual. Worth checking out.
Haven life was very simple yet efficient way to get life insurance. The system was fast, easy and affordable. Thanks for making it easy and now we are insured.
Even though, they ask lot of questions, the overall experience was good.
Excellent service, streamlined process. I'm happy to finally have found the termlife insurance company that offers online application. Termlife application process should be simple, straightforward and easy. Thank you all and keep up the good work!!
Heard about Haven Life on the Stacking Benjamin's podcast and had a very pleasant experience through the whole process. Thanks!
Wonderful experience. Painless medical exam with a wonderful representative, and quick turnaround time for the approval of our policy.
Paya has been super helpful, reached out to the underwriter to clarify my questions. Thanks!
Excellent service, can't complain
The flow of applying and getting insurance is as simple as it could be. A huge time saver. I did have issues with their website, but their Support was very responsive and helpful and fixed it as quickly they could. Overall, had a great experience, great price, and most importantly, a great customer service experience.
Excellent customer service thus far.
After researching the many, many companies available to me for purchasing life insurance, I ultimately went with a Haven Term policy that was issued by MassMutual, which has an A++ rating from AM Best. I'm very happy with the decision. The online application took about 20 minutes to complete. The required blood work, blood pressure, etc. couldn't have been more convenient. The agent taking care of everything even met me at my office to make things easier on me. The whole process was quick, easy, and fair. I have, and do recommend purchasing your life insurance through Haven Life. Since purchasing mine, I've literally slept easier at night knowing that my family will be taken care of financially should I pass away unexpectedly.
Overall the application for the life insurance was easy. Other than a paramedic exam, the entire application process was done online. I received timely progress reports of my application and my final rate was better than what I anticipated.
I am a healthy individual overall and had a very painless and quick experience getting signed up with Haven Life. I was able to get online chat help instantly if questions arose. Simple process. Good pricing. Backed by a big company. What more can I say.... Great experience so far!
Quick and easy way to manage and initiate your life insurance!
Easy online application. Blood draw at my home. Online results with a couple of days. Result explanations better than you get with an annual physical. Application accepted within days and the price is half of what I was paying with a different company.
Fast, relatively painless - a much better process than traditional insurance sales
Life Insurance Made Easy

It was very easy to navigate Haven Life’s online application process. I loved being able to do everything from the privacy of my own home when it was most convenient for me. Their rates are competitive and entire process was quick and easy.

Great experience so far. I was covered as soon as I signed up and had a doctors appointment for my test within 3 days. My results were back a week before I expected. Now I have peace of mind that my family will be taken care of if anything happens.

I was skeptical at first because I thought the process could not be this fast and easy. It was!! This has been the easiest, painless and quickest process in purchasing Life Insurance. All of my questions were answered quickly and in a very pleasant manner. I highly recommend Haven Life!

Recently, I was laid off from my job. I had been on group life insurance for 19 years and then when my coverage ran out, I had no Life Insurance to protect my wife and kids. I did some research and shopped various sources and saw that Haven Life was very competitive and offered on-line acceptance for insurance. After filling out the initial application, I did need to have some blood work done to confirm that I was in good health. They scheduled an appointment within 2 days and the nurse came to my home. It was really easy. They had some follow-up questions that I answered and from the time I started the process to the time I was insured, it took about week or so. It was a VERY efficient process and communications were clear and concise. I received a 15 year term policy at a competitive rate in an open and transparent process. I'd recommend Haven Life to anyone looking for life insurance.
In general, communication was fast, clear and helpful. 4/5 because we had to try multiple times to get an email on the account changed, and for a while Haven emails were being split between the old email and the new one. A tech issue, not customer service.
I was able to buy life insurance on my mobile device while in the car (not driving) and gained immediate coverage without need of a medical exam! That's amazing. Let's hope the rest of my experience with the company is as pleasant.
Simple and fast
Would highly recommend Haven Life to anyone, any questions I had they answered quickly, the entire process was made very easy step by step, thanks

I was delaying getting life insurance because of the long and manual process. Life insurance was the only type that you couldn't purchase online - you could do quotes, but everything else had to be completed in person and via paper. This is 2016! I then finally found Haven Life - it was a new company, but owned by Mass Mutual which is A+ rated. Plus the rates were less than all the other "brick & mortar" companies, and the signup process was super easy! 15 minute application, instant approval, amazing process! Definitely will recommend them and hope other insurance companies take light.

Very simple application process, highly professional, great turnaround and fair price.
Thanks. Easy service!
The application process was very easy from start to finish and took a reasonable amount of time. Even when I consider I had to do the paramed exam as well. The scheduling for that was very easy. The results came back very quickly and review by Haven came shortly thereafter. You can tell they put a lot of thought into the processes.

I am a shop before I buy 60 year old man. I research reviews, value, quality and ease of acquiring my term life insurance purchase. Haven Life had the lowest quoted price on the internet, and a breeze to apply online. I quickly got email replies, then set up a health exam to my house like clockwork. Here's the best part, my checkup was so good, they lowered my quoted rate per month. I was quoted twice as much with other well known companies, even AARP sponsored insurer. I don't work for any insurance companies nor am I paid to review Haven Life, but I'm Happy and it's all for my Wife.

Easy process! Highly recommend!
The process was quick and efficient.
The online application process was thorough and easy to provide the needed information. Follow ups we're quick and they provided good instructions throughout the process.
Haven Life continually provides greater services and an easier experience than I expected, while still being an incredibly affordable option. I am thrilled with my experience.
Very easy to start a policy. Got just what I wanted with no hassle and for a pretty fair price.
It was just an all around good experience. My husband uses them too.
Haven Life's application process is painless and fast. I had life insurance to protect my family in a matter of minutes and all for a competitive price. Thank you!
It easy and convenience
We experienced a few hiccups with the DocuSign document, but nothing that a phone call and patience soon fixed.
Overall it's nice experience except I faced certain issues with Haven Life website while trying to get the quote. I didn't expect to encounter those defects on a website as a consumer. Otherwise, I liked how easily everything was done including medical test appointments.
Everything done online, but yet they are available to talk person-to-person. Great experience, and kept me informed throughout the whole process. A+
Haven Life made it sooooo much easier to find a plan that actually made sense to me and my wife!
What I really like? - Ability to complete application online (97%, as you still need to do the medical check up which is fine). - Very prompt and compelling support by Haven's staff for every question. What I don't like? 1. SSN is always displayed in the application, it needs to be encrypted, never show on the application during entry nor review, please use caution as this is a big problem with identity theft. 2. Why would you need SSN again during the medical check up? This is crazy, I almost wanted to cancel my application and walk out. 3. I got a higher rate (about 20% higher after medical checkup without any explanation on the reason why it went up?) 4. Why don't you offer monthly premium payment with credit card? I realize many companies don't offer this for some strange reason.
My experience with Haven Life had been an awesome one. They got me the lowest quote in the market for term life insurance. Paya has answered my questions promptly and her customer service was excellent. I will do business with them again.
Haven was speedy, responsive, and a good experience.
It's just like what their website says. It's a place to buy an insurance policy for your family without any of the headaches of the dinosaur companies your financial advisors tries to convince you to buy policies from. It's dead simple to use and it's backed by a solid insurance company. It's a no brainer.
The application process couldn't be easier, and I really appreciate the competitive premiums. I'd definitely recommend that anyone who is in the market for life insurance should take a look at Haven Life.
It was an easy smooth process online, decision was made in seconds for the temporary coverage, after taking my medical exam the final decision was reached in couple of days. I think the coverage is adequate for the premium charged. Overall satisfied.