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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation Online Insurance Reviews

I have used Healthy Paws Pet Insurance for my 5 year old French Bulldog since she was a baby. I chose them after reading as much as I could online and comparing rates, reviews, and coverage. My dog needed a $4,000 leg operation at 6 months old (COVERED). She has always been plagued with gastro-digestive problems and they have never questioned any of the submitted invoices. They always pay 90% of operations, procedures, tests, and medicine. I only pay for office visits and vaccinations. I have paid them about $3900 in last 5 years for premiums. (She is currently $75 per month, which is not high for Frenchies!) They have given me back at least DOUBLE that amount - no questions asked!! I won't be stating they're "THE BEST", because no one should say that when they don't know for certain. But I will say for me, they are EXCELLENT and I hear it from many many doctors and dog owners.

I chose Healthy Paws because I thought it was the very best. It is not. I purchased to best coverage. I purchased policies for 4 dogs in 2014. Since then my rates have increased 62%. This year's increase alone is 25%. This insurance is terrible. They know they get you because now 4 years later my dogs would be at a higher rate if I chose a new insurance company. And any minor issues they've had in the last 4 years such as ear infections would now be considered pre-existing if I switched to a new company. Don't make the mistake I made. Do NOT choose Healthy Paws for your pet insurance. Very dissatisfied customer.

I understand increases are necessary each year. But telling me you have to increase my costs by 25% this year alone because the "insurance commissioner" won't let you charge me less is insulting. DON'T get this coverage. Healthy Paws will increase your premiums ridiculously. It is a bait and switch operation clearly. Reasonable rates when you start but not for long. And it's not due to the age of my pet. Two of the dogs I have covered are only 4 years old. Be warned. You will be ripped off by Healthy Paws.

My dog got sick with vomiting and the runs and week after Bravecto. Then I looked at the web page. 7.1% of dogs get these symptoms. Prolonged these symptoms can lead to death from kidney failure. I then took my dog to the emergency pet hospital for fluids to protect her kidneys. So far a bill of about $650 was submitted to Healthy Paws Pet insurance but they are only giving me $50 credit toward the $250 deductible. They pay for almost nothing in an emergency which is why I pay them every month. Do not get this insurance - put some money aside every month instead.

I paid into this policy for 2 years without submitting any major claims. When I finally submit a claim for my dog's recent knee surgery, which cost $3000.00, they refuse to pay! They claim it is a preexisting condition, even though it did not arise until after I purchased the policy. The bottom line is that this company will look for any reason to avoid paying out on a policy, even after gladly taking a customer's money for years. Do not buy with them, they are a complete scam!

After our first and only attempt to file a claim we could not get through to anyone on the phone. We had noticed a discrepancy in our vet’s notes where her tech had understandably written down the wrong date of the discovery of a lump. We wanted a chance to explain this issue & suggest they call the vet to clarify. After no answer and no way to leave a message, we mailed a letter explaining why the vet's date was wrong and the emergency vet's date was correct. They completely ignored the letter/never asked us more about it. Multiple requests via email to have someone call us also ignored. Beyond that, I was inundated with requests for more information when everything we had had already been sent twice. They would say they received the records and two days later I would get another email stating they do not have the records needed to process the claim.

How is this possible? We had gone to great lengths to send everything as requested with their claim forms, all previous medical history, etc - all neatly bundled together. The entire experience was a stressful nightmare. When you are paying a premium and submit a claim, you expect more than incoherent requests and you expect to be treated like a valued customer. We were not. Ultimately, the only coherent communication we received was a claim denial. I cancelled the policy immediately and have decided to set money aside in a special account each month to cover any large unforeseen animal mishaps.

I applied for insurance for my (at the time) 3-month-old female Bullmastiff. In October I took her in for a spay and Prophylactic Gastropexy. I didn't think they would cover, but there wasn't anything on their site that said they would or wouldn't. They wouldn't cover it which was fine. I understood that. But they sent me a notice saying I registered my dog as a large mixed breed. When I called them and told them I registered her as a Bullmastiff, they said I did not. I asked them to see the copy of the registration and they refused. I filled out the form on their website and I never received a copy of anything in email or regular mail. I cancelled the insurance because for a full breed dog they wanted double the price I was first quoted.

I told them since this was an error on their part, I wanted a refund for the amount that I paid them. They refused and said it was my mistake. When they answered my reviews before they always say I'm contesting the claim I filed. I AM NOT! I'm only contesting their claim that I was the one that made the error. If I did make the error, they should have sent me the sign-up form that I filled out. I filed a claim through the BBB, but HealthyPaws refused to return my money. The BBB told me I would have to file a lawsuit if I wanted to take it further. I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone.

I have been a customer since 2016. I recently filed a claim. All I am receiving is the runaround. I keep getting same messages of need further documentation. I have sent them all they need. Calling them is a hassle as they make you wait 30 minutes and they tell you that their program had to update to process that they did get documentation. A few days later, I’m getting the same messages of need further documentation. How can a pet insurance be more difficult than a human insurance? FIND A BETTER INSURANCE.

I have since had other experiences with this company which show quality of care and support. Thank you.

I’ve made various small claims ranging from $100-$500 for my 2 dogs since signing up with Healthy Paws about a year ago, and they have always paid out. Recently, we discovered one of my dogs had a defected soft palate so he had surgery to correct it at the same time as he was getting neutered. The bill including the neuter was $3,700, and Healthy Paws covered $3,500 of it. Very happy!

When you needed it, HP is there. Always paid promptly and according to plan. Even the $5300 for bloat surgery was paid as usual. Hip dysplasia and arthritis are being covered. Some alternative treatments are allowed. Premium increase has been normal. I really have no complaints. I am now taking out in payments more than I am paying in premiums.

Healthy Paws has excellent customer service, honest service, and clear definitions to what is covered in their policy. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for pet insurance. They have been honest and even sent me a check back due to a billing error I did not even catch. The turnaround time for their claim payments has been extremely quick.

The BEST decision I ever made was to insure my Havanese with Healthy Paws. I shopped for months before Jesse came to me. I don't even think Jesse was even born yet while I was shopping :), because I knew my next companion would have health insurance. Like yourself, I read reviews and I wanted to be sure I found the right Insurance company to insure Jesse's health through his years and it had to be the best. I feel everyone in Healthy Paws are awesome and I appreciate all they do to help me help Jesse!! They have been always there every time no matter. I have been a client since 2011 and OH! How time does fly!! Through the years starting with the help from customer services, they are always there when I needed a shoulder with there sincere comfort.

I have been blessed with Healthy Paws Insurance caring for my dear loving companion Jesse. You will be blessed as Jess and I have been. Open your heart and Insure your babe with Healthy Paws Insurance and see it for yourself. Don't take anyone's negative or positive remarks, you just have to be a part of the Healthy Paws family to see the sincerity from the start for yourself. Just like us, our babies need to have health Insurance and Healthy Paws has the best plans ever that are the most affordable with the great customer services. It starts from the beginning and you will be satisfied at the end. Good Luck with your decision and I hope my review gave you contentment with your choices. Thank you so much for being a part of mine and Jesse's family Healthy Paws!! God Bless you.

My dog has had multiple surgeries and hospitalization for several several severe conditions. Healthy Paws has paid out over $50,000 in claims without question or delay. My initial monthly premium in 2016 was about $30 and has only gone up to $34 per month even after paying all of the claims. The increase is nothing in comparison to what they have paid. My dog, who is only 4 years old would not be alive today if I did not have pet insurance as the total expense would be too much for my budget. Healthy Paws is not only the best pet insurance company but they are the best overall insurance company of any kind as they paid what they said they would and then they did not "jack-up" my premium. I cannot say enough good things about Healthy Paws!

My dog tore his ACL. He needed TPLO surgery. They paid 80% of the vet bill (minus deductible). Then he tore his other ACL and needed surgery on that. They paid 80% of that too. The total cost for both surgeries was over $12,000 and they paid $9,000. Payments were timely. I paid with credit card and I had their reimbursement before I had to pay my credit card bill. There was never an issue. Great company, great policy and it was a lifesaver.

I switched from a prior pet insurance company and am very happy with everything so far. About 6 months after signing up, my dog developed a soft tissue sarcoma. I opted for extensive diagnostics and ultimately went through with a leg amputation. In 2 months, I racked up a bill of close to $10,000. Healthy Paws paid its 90%, minus my $500 deductible and about $400 in exam fees. The first claim took about 2 weeks to complete/pay and once my dog was in the system, payment took about 7 business days. Customer service was pleasant and I've done most of my business with them online. Very satisfied. Be advised that you should read the policy rules and exclusions before signing up and make sure you understand everything first.

Healthy Paws checked on my dog Gracie, she’s going through cancer treatment. It’s so hard to watch her go through this she doesn’t understand. They say her blood work looks good and hopefully I'll have lots more time with her. I can’t imagine my day without her. She waits by the door every morning to go to work with me. The other dogs run to the kitchen for food, but not her she just patiently sits by the door waiting to go with me. I have no idea why. I'm not usually popular with some people, I've never been a natural beauty, but to her, I'm her world.

It breaks my heart and everything in me to watch her go through this. I know I'll never be the same without her... She has been probably the best part of my life...

I’ve been paying on pet insurance a long time, sometimes I would wonder if I was being stumped. And for years I never needed it, I would think from time to time about canceling it but, I knew if a real emergency came up I would need it. I thought if I was ever in an emergency room with my dog I wouldn’t want to have to euthanize because I didn’t have the money. Then I worried about them finding an excuse after all of these years of paying to not pay or help with a claim when it came down to it.

When I called them about my dog having cancer, I really thought negative... That there’s is no way this company is really going to come through. If they weren’t going to help I for sure can not afford this, but I can’t let my best friend down she deserves a chance. Healthy Paws shocked me and helped give me hope for my precious Gracie. They have paid all of her bills minus the deductible. Thank the good Lord I kept this policy and that they are actually an incredible company. I’m still wondering if it’s too good to be true...

My ragdoll kitten ended up having cryptorchidism. I purchased the policy way before this ever became an issue however, due to the veterinarian putting down that his testicles had not descended (which is perfectly normal at 2 months old), Healthy Paws used that as an excuse to not pay for his surgery. They called it a "pre-existing condition"! When I attempted to fight this, Healthy Paws representatives made it come off as if I was being ridiculous and was only after the $. This type of surgery typically costs $1,000 + dollars and keep in mind under Healthy Paws' "policy", Cryptorchidism is categorized as a hereditary issue - which should be covered according to their ads.

This company will look for any reason not to pay out what they advertise! Everything under the sun could potentially be considered a "pre-existing condition". If your cat has the sniffles one day and ends up with lung cancer - that's not paid for because of the "pre-existing condition" OR if your kitten has ear mites and later down the road develops a tumor - somehow, Healthy Paws will also categorize that as a "pre-existing condition". Absolute BS!!! I'm switching to ASPCA pet insurance!

I cannot say it loud enough, AVOID THIS COMPANY. They are dishonest and have zero integrity. We got a letter in early January that in 90 days they would nearly double our monthly rate due to the fact that our dog was a large breed, we’ve never made a single claim, never late on payments. Surprise, they raised our rate in the end of January! Without letting us know! When I tried to call them to talk about it, they offered no options to keep me as a customer, and I was put on hold for a total of 35 minutes. I’m sure they just wanted me to hang up. I wanted an explanation as to why they raised our rate before the 90 day period, and I just got an email saying, the “state that you live in makes certain requirements, we have to follow”... Total nonsense. AVOID THIS COMPANY. Thank God we never had to make a claim, I’m sure they would have treated us with the same grace they did here. Awful.